Session 9 December 2017

Q: (L) We have a pretty good little list of questions here tonight, so I'm going to try to do the possibly short answer ones first before we get into anything lengthy. First thing I want to know: Was there any foul play involved in the death of Andrew Breitbart?

A: Loaded question indeed. Let us just say that as long as Hillary Clinton was seen as a viable candidate, a word carried weight with those agents with access to "advanced assassination tech."

Q: (L) Like triggering heart attacks from some kind of beaming technology or something like that?

A: Yes

Q: (L) If Hillary felt threatened, or any of her minions were threatened, she would say that word kind of like she said, "Why don't we just drone Assange?"

A: Yes

Q: (L) And I guess Assange is only safe because he's... Why would he be safe?

A: Limited access to correct parameters for tech activation efficacy.

Q: (L) Oh, we've got a smarty tonight!

(Joe) Might have to be out in the open. Where was Breitbart when he died?

(L) I don’t know if it's out in the open, but maybe just the right situation. Maybe it has to be close.

(Joe) Your man - what do you call him - Robin Cook? He just died in 2003 when he was against the Iraq war and he was revealing who Al-Qaeda was and stuff, and he was out walking...

(L) So basically the ones who've succumbed to this particular type of sudden death have basically been out in the open.

(Joe) The Robin Cook death, they said there was someone not far away manning something... like microwaves or something.

If i remember right (a short time before his death assassination), he was about to make a disclosure about the operations of the Deep State agenda and those associated with that agenda.

Thank you for another fascinating session.

Andrew Breitbart REVEALS The Exact Incident That RED PILLED Him
Sep 7, 2017

Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure, narrowing of artery, coroner finds
May 16, 2012 | 3:04 pm
Breitbart collapsed near his Westwood home March 1.

He was 43. Paramedics found Breitbart unable to breath and shocked him with a defibrillator four times. He was in full arrest and paramedics were administering CPR when he arrived in the emergency room at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

The report noted that despite heroic efforts, Breitbart was declared dead at 12:19 a.m. In the report, authorities said that a year before, he had a congestive heart failure and began a course of diet and exercise. The report notes that Breitbart had flu two weeks before and "has been under a lot of stress."

His goal, he often said, was to "destroy the institutional left."

Breitbart's mother-in-law, Alison Mills Bean, called Breitbart "one of the most genuine people I’ve met in my life.... He always spoke the truth of his heart and no matter what people agreed or disagreed with him he never wavered.

The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart / 31:44
Identified as one of the ten most important people in the media that nobodys ever met, Andrew Breitbart details why leftward-leaning Hollywood is dangerous for America and why the people who run it are uninteresting, vitriolic, and vicious. Segueing from Hollywood to the Internet, Breitbart explores why the right dominates talk radio and the left seems to do better on the Internet and how the decline of print media is changing the nature of the national political conversation
If you don't mind me asking, what is the hormone reset diet? I see many books about it out there, are there any you would recommend on the subject?

I also did a search on the forum, but it didn't return any hits other than this thread.
Interesting session.

The hallucinogen question confirms the cointelpro agenda.
Before the hippie movement, they were researched for psychological therapies.
Then cointelpro pushed this spiritual idea with drugs, pretty much a red herring for those who were against major religion. Instead they got sucked into their own wishful thinking.

Meanwhile the possibility of it being used for therapy has been destroyed because of the extreme experiences from the pseudo-spiritual movement!
Aragorn said:
If you don't mind me asking, what is the hormone reset diet? I see many books about it out there, are there any you would recommend on the subject?

I also did a search on the forum, but it didn't return any hits other than this thread.

This is the book I was referring to.

I think it is mainly for women.

Jack Kruse has some similar reset plans for about anybody in his book "Epi-paleo Rx: The Prescription for Disease Reversal and Optimal Health"

Both are excellent resources to have on hand.
Q: (Pierre) The beliefs. It reminds me of a question I wanted to ask for months. With Artemis and the guys here, we made this game here in the kitchen where we put our hands on someone's head. And then you concentrate and we were repeating something like 10 times or whatever. Then we put our fingers under the knees and armpits of the subject, and we lift them up. So maybe my first question is: Am I mistaken to think that in some cases, the gravity or the weight of the individual was really reduced?

A: Yes. Coral Castle.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah, exactly! So, through intention... Well, what I want to mention now: There were some cases where the consensus of the belief - maybe concerning the subject... It was with Atreides. He's heavier than the rest of us. He didn't seem to believe it. We did the same procedure, and it didn't work. He was the same weight, and we didn't manage to lift him. So if we didn't manage to lift him, is it because he didn't believe the experiment?

A: Active resistance.

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so he was not into it, or it was scary or whatever, he was not into this state of mind and we didn't manage to lift him.

(Andromeda) Sometimes there are people who don't necessarily believe it, but they're not actively disbelieving it.

(Pierre) Fighting against it.

(Andromeda) Right.

(Pierre) But in this case, he was opposing. We were not on the same wavelength.

This reminds me of the YCYOR facade. Being that thought can have an effect on reality. It brings to my mind perhaps the true implications of STS wishful thinking, but it also means that thinking can have an effect on reality. I'd add that it doesn't mean "you create your own reality" (maybe only in the context of STS wishful thinking) but that we are capable of so much more, as thought is unstable gravity waves, and gravity being the binder of the physical and ethereal.

This leads to the question: what are we truly capable of, STS shenanigans aside (rhetorical question :lol:)?

Thank you for another wonderful session. I met a guy years ago who claimed to be in the CIA and he told me they have a device that looks like a pen that they could aim at you and cause a heart attack. I didn't know what to think at the time, but reading this session makes me wonder...
Also, how does the subconscious or unconscious work in these different fields? Decoding information if you're not consciously attentive to it?
Some more interesting connections mentioned in the past by the C's that clue us in on the hallucinogens not being spiritual but of the subconscious/unconscious mind:

From Session 6 July 2010:
(L) The machine elves that Terrance McKenna saw during his hallucinogenic excursions, and I've seen something similar but not under the influence of hallucinogens. I was just extremely exhausted. My theory was that they were metaphors for energy.

(Burma Jones) And my thought was that they were metaphors for aspects of the mind.

A: Energy is closer, but that energy is also connected to a consciousness, i.e. "cryptogeographic" being.

Q: (L) We know about those cryptogeographic beings!

A: Remember "Operators and Things".

Operators and Things by O'Brien was an interesting insight into a schizophrenic mind that lead her to healing herself.
I think "cryptogeographic" might be a word game from the C's: crypto- study of hiding information geographic- of the location. So where does our mind hide information, in the subconscious/unconscious!

So it seems that the things that we were attributing to some external source is actually a feature of the human mind!
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