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Anam Cara said:
Already I can see though that I can slip into an 'anticipatory' mindset without even realising it - looking at 'the signs of the times' and feeling that there isn't enough time to make a make a difference. However, seeing the great efforts by the folks on the EU farm in particular, has been very inspiring for me. It is easy to think we are all doing enough, contributing in our own way - but personally I know I have more to give, and sometimes I have to remind myself that it is ok to ENJOY the process also! :)
Absolutely, I feel like there is always more I could be doing. That feeling of there not being enough time seems to me to be a way of justifying to ourselves why there is "no point" in doing something. It would be a shame not to start something just in case we all got smashed to bits by comets tomorrow. I think it's much better to start something and take the chance of only getting part of the way in. At least there would be something learnt from the experience before the SHTF than nothing at all because we were all dragging our feet.

Martina said:
lainey said:
Imagine a big communal eating area at the centre and a space for group EE. Rearing pigs and lots of chickens and goats!!!! My dream! :lol:

I share your dream :). I always wanted to have a big and happy family and to live on farm.
Well the only way to achieve our goals is to put the work in and focus on service to others and self development. I believe we will be drawn naturally to where we are meant to be if we continue to put the effort in. Good luck to us all!


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I saw this scare-mongering video this morning about crack-down on back to the landers in Colorado.

I take the FOTCM rights section (6.7) to include the right to be free of EM toxicity, so long as not interfering in the rights of others to bathe in it. It would be easier to assert this right as a community, I think. I can't imagine Federales backed utility vendors going into Amish settlements for installation of grid-meters.
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