Show #16: Dr Colin Ross Interview: CIA Doctors and the Psychiatry Scam


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Nicolas said:
There is over 5 hours of an in-depth interview of Dr. Colin Ross by Gnostic Media here:
It looks like there are three interviews there with Ross altogether -- in the second one, the host mentions Plato's assertion that you can control the population via a low-fat diet, at around 48:40.


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That was a very good show. Dr. Ross was a great guest...and a very good palette cleanser after the Judy Wood interview.


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Thank you so much for this excellent interview! What a joy to listen to someone intelligent, calm and considerate person as Dr. Ross. There were a few surprises to me: Ross not convinced about the genetic factor in psychopaths, him being at the Greenbaum speech(!), him having no problems with questioning 911, and him putting a lot of work into researching the "beaming" aspect of mind control.

His latest book sounded interesting, so I ordered it right away (along with Iron Elephant and Where Did The Towers Go).

I also had a look at the YouTube video 'Britney Spears alter ego' - wow, that sure is a weird reaction she gets!


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Came across a couple of things related to C. Ross. The first is a 6 part series by C. Ross

Part 1/6


Uploaded on Apr 2, 2010

Paper by Dr. Colin A. Ross explains how to measure the eyes electromagnetic energy
The second reference is by Hank Albarelli Jr. and he discusses what Ross talked about, so was wondering about the Ross book of October 2011 'CIA Doctors', which is along the same lines as Albarelli's book, 'A Terrible Mistake - The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA's Secret Cold War Experiments, and then his video presentation' (have not watched them all): you can read briefly on Olson on this SotT article, too.

With Frank Olsen, he says he spent near 10 years interacting with Olson's family in writing this book; which i've also not read.

Part 1 RIR-Albarelli-MK-Ultra,Dr.Gottlieb&Occult Government Studies 1/6


Publication Date: July 1, 2009
Following nearly a decade of research, this account solves the mysterious death of biochemist Frank Olson, revealing the identities of his murderers in shocking detail. It offers a unique and unprecedented look into the backgrounds of many former CIA, FBI, and Federal Narcotics Bureau officials—including several who actually oversaw the CIA’s mind-control programs from the 1950s to the 1970s. In retracing these programs, a frequently bizarre and always frightening world is introduced, colored and dominated by many factors—Cold War fears, the secret relationship between the nation’s drug enforcement agencies and the CIA, and the government’s close collaboration with the Mafia.
You can see that he introduced this more than 2 years before Ross and speaks about the LSD production facilities and events in France, which Ross seemed to say the exact same thing. Albarelli seems pretty clear in speaking, yet have not read much from him or put a good lens to what he is saying.

Albarelli also wrote a book called 'A Secret Order' - "Investigating the High Strangeness and Synchronicity in the JFK Assassination".

Anyway, have not delved into Albarelli's workings, so if others have, would be interested in hearing.


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Loved this show!

Approaching Infinity said:
ashu said:
Great show guys :thup:

Glad to hear that Dr Ross was 'normal' (as in not like Dr Wood).

A few books were mentioned written by Dr Ross - does anyone have a recommendation?
Some of the books mentioned:

The CIA Doctors
Military Mind Control
The Rape of Eve (on the 'three faces of eve' case, which Cleckley wrote a book about)
The Great Psychiatry Scam
The Osiris Complex (on MPD)

Gotta say that was a great show!
What's the name of the book Cleckley wrote about 'the three faces of Eve'?

Shijing said:
Nicolas said:
There is over 5 hours of an in-depth interview of Dr. Colin Ross by Gnostic Media here:
It looks like there are three interviews there with Ross altogether -- in the second one, the host mentions Plato's assertion that you can control the population via a low-fat diet, at around 48:40.
Interesting assertion by Plato. Going to check this interview out. I also watched the Britney Spears mind control videos on Youtube, that is a weird reaction. Mariama, I too have experienced dissociation with full awareness of being spaced out from a very young age. I think I still do at times of emotional stress even now so my current focus is integration of the past.
For the french readers, you will find some great infos in Alexandre Grigoriantz's book : "La manipulation mentale au service du renseignement" that has just been published : _

Alexandre Grigoriantz is a very interesting author who wrote other books about the history of the Caucasus, biblical history, myths, and healers.

- Etrange Caucase (1978)
- Jean Martin, compagnon tailleur de pierre (1989)
- Le siège de Pékin (1989)
- La Montagne de sang (histoire, récits et coutumes des peuples du Caucase) (1998)
- Les Damnés de Russie (le déplacement de populations comme méthode de gouvernement) (2002)
- Le Gourou de la Riviera (2004)
- Entretiens au désert (histoire des prophètes) (2006)
- Les Caucasiens (aux origines d'une guerre sans fin) (2006)
- Prête-moi ton âme (récit véridique pour aider ceux qui ont perdu un être cher) (2009)
- Rencontres avec des guérisseurs remarquables (2012)
- Guérisseurs et exorcistes de notre temps (2012)
- Nous sommes tous des guérisseurs (2013)
I recommend his books on healing and healers.

Table of contents :


1 - Les premiers projets de la CIA dans le domaine de la manipulation mentale
Opération Blue Bird (Oiseau bleu) et Artichoke
Le programme Paperclip
Le projet Blue Bird
Le projet Artichoke (1951-1953)

2 - Sydney Gottlieb, "Le magicien des ténèbres"
3 - La CIA et l'aventure du LSD
A la recherche du sérum de vérité
La découverte du LSD par Albert Hoffman
Des tests effectués par la CIA sur des détenus et sur des malades mentaux
Un coktail très spécial au café Le Select à Paris

4 - L'agent fédéral George White
et ses amies prostituées, au service de la CIA
Curriculum vitae de George White

5 - Le Projet cubain ou l'opération Mangouste
Des présents pour Fidel Castro
Premier projet d'assassinat de Fidel Castro

6 - La chair des dieux
Clement Duncan
Les sociétés écrans de la CIA
Gordon Wasson, un banquier amateur de champignons
La deuxième vie en Amazonie du colonel J C King.

7 - Les travaux de recherche de la CIA à Fort Detrick
Le projet MK NAOMI et les travaux de la CIA dans le domaine de la guerre bactériologique
Le Comité Church et l'affaire des toxines de coquillages
De quelques moyens techniques utilisés pour l'injection ou la dispersion dans l'air, de poisons ou de toxines

8 - John Gittinger psychologue de la CIA
L'évaluation des personnes, études sur l'alcool et sur les drogues
L'art du lavage de cerveau
Quelques méthodes de Mind Control étudiées par la CIA

9 - L'hypnose au service du renseignement et de la manipulation mentale

10 - Le "candidat mandchou", Miss Colgate serait-elle devenue l'agent idéal ?
L'énigmatique Luis Angel Castillo, qui fut programmé Zombie 1, Zombie 2, Zombie 3, et Zombie 4
Le contrôle de Candy Jones par la CIA, "Miss Colgate" serait-elle devenue un agent idéal ?

11 - Le docteur Cameron, voleur de mémoire
Le projet Knock Out et le projet Brain Concussion
La chambre du sommeil et le psychic driving (l'entraînement psychique), un concept du docteur Cameron
Le projet Knock out
Sous-projet n°43, "Combinaison de drogues, d'hypnose et de privations de perceptions sensorielles"
Le projet "K" ou Knock Out
Des tiques au service de la CIA
Projet "Commotion cérébrale"

12 - "Acoustic Kitty", le chat espion de la CIA et "Tusko", l'éléphant mort d'une overdose
Tusko, l'éléphant mort pour la science
"El Nergo", le taureau du docteur Delgado
"Acoustic Kitty", le premier chat espion

13 - John Lilly, l'homme qui parlait le langage des dauphins
Puka et Kea, les deux dauphins qui étaient partis faire du surf
Comment Godzilla fut métamorphosé en Brigitte Bardot
Zico, le dauphin de la Navy mort en mission dans le Golfe

Epilogue, Annexes, Bibliohgraphie, Index
It is well-written and very interesting on many aspects of the history of drugs. It's amazing that so many current drugs are linked to CIA research.

Google translation:

In this new book , Alexander Grigoriantz reveals several projects , among the wildest , launched by the CIA at the time of the Cold War in the areas of mental manipulation and control of behavior , known as Mind Control. The author has made ​​several trips to Washington , where he consulted with thousands of pages in the declassified CIA archives, explored the National Archives as well as the New York Times, Life magazine and other newspapers and periodicals this time. The fruit of this wonderful exploration is delivered in a dozen investigations with themes : the use of LSD in interrogations , the use of new drugs on clients of prostitutes working for the Agency plans to destabilize Fidel Castro with the complicity of the American mafia , research on the sacred mushrooms , plants and roots to the very special properties , etc. . He takes us inside Fort Detrick , where biological weapons were being prepared , and the famous " sleeping rooms " Dr. Cameron, for deprogramming the brain. It also unmasks the behavior observation techniques using SAP Dr. Gittinger and those of hypnotism by Dr. Eastabrooks , both used for intelligence . Finally , we will make the acquaintance of Acoustic Kitty, the cat CIA spy , and discover the story of the liberation of two dolphins Puka and Kea, trained for strategic missions.


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Those videos are not listed by YouTube. I found them using annotations at the end of other Psychetruth videos.. If you invite Colin Ross again, Sott radio team should also raise up a subjects about interrogation techniques, big pharma, psychiatry and academia, HAARP, military abductions and technology addiction.
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