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Also the overreaching thought of sacrificing lifes pleasures for the past 7-8 year above a 40hr work week to earn the money to then just invest it and it being taken away by fraud over and over again......
Perhaps beginning today I'd forget about investing and put that money into saving instead. Or pay off any debts you might have, then save.


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Perhaps beginning today I'd forget about investing and put that money into saving instead. Or pay off any debts you might have, then save.
I am fine financially the loss of money in and of it self is not what started the negative thinging thoughts it was the facts of sacrifice being for not and having things out of my control pushing me farther from my aim...But thank you all for the words and links I have a better outlook. Sleep paralysis and these black orbs figures in my life to me are now warnings that my thoughts are not on the right path. These entities are able to enter into my reality when I am not on my life path or going down the wrong road. They are actually helpfull if you think about it. To me it means I have to stop think and check in with myself.


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In the past 6 months I have had 4 cases of sleep paralysis. 3 times I know 100% for real and the 4th time I am not sure if I had a dream about it or if it really happened.

I have had sleep paralysis and orbs floating above me at night before i nthe past but very infrequent. This freqency is crossing a line as I need proper sleep to perform at work to make money to live. To me this is a form of tortious interference. The freqency is the problem here for me.

1st case December 2020: I was sleeping on my side and felt hands massaging my back my eyes opened and I was unable to move after some quick struggle I was able to use my voice to make a noise for it to go away.

2nd case April 2021: I was sleeping on my back and woke up to the feeling of being paralysed and something ontop of me (it was a black blob figure) I was able to say Hello? and then flop my arms a bit and at that time the black blob moved over my stomach and went to the ground

3rd May 2021: I am not sure if this was in a dream or not. I was sleeping on my stomach and felt like something was trying to hold me down I was able to squirm out of the sheets and the dream/or real sleep paralysis ended.

Last night June 2021: As soon as I went to sleep I had a dream that hands were slowly going around my body and pushed me down onto the floor at the time I woke up to sleep paralysis. I was able to speak and asked "what do you want" then I was able to kick my leg laying in bed and I heard something hit the floor. The black figure on top of me transformed into a large orb and then down to a smaller orb. It was floating over me as I kept looking at it in the dark and then it dissapaeared.

At this point I am tired and annoyed as I have a job that requires sleep. If I had sleep paralysis 1-2 times a year I wouldnt care but this is going on once a month...What is this exactly? Can I put anything by the bed to prevent this? What does this mean is it trying to tell me something? Is there something to learn from this...

Thanks in advance.
I used to get those every other night throught, very frequently thoughout my life, I notice i get them 100% if i oversleep or im sleep depraved
If i sleep twice or more than 7 hours in a 24 hour period i will get sleep paralysis.
If i don't sleep for more than 24 hours I will get them
Sometimes when i used to overeat and immediately go to bed i would get them.

But the frequency is much higher when i oversleep, makes me think that if i am energized and try to force sleep i wont go fully into sleep, if you are doing a bioenergetic breathing and end up with alot more energy thay might be it. Try cutting down or do it at another time in the day and see how it goes.

It could be a chemical imbalance.
If you get them, something that helps me snap out is
1) breathing as deeply as possible and fight it obviously.
2) there is a feeling when you know it will happen prior to, if you can spot the sensation in time move one foot like when you are trying to get warm. (Imo, in that state the brain gets confused between physical and mental sensations, that helps my brain reshuffle the attention back to recognize physical and mental) you are controling your foot moving so by moving you are preventing the paralysis because your muscles are awake.

Black figures or obrs or dark humanoids can mean something lurking in your psyche or environment. It never hurts to be vigilant regardless.
It is natural to feel fear, but then fear is an emotion of a certain frequency, a frequency can attract energies of the same frequency.
Or we resonate with whatever unsolved problems we have inside, like a bell, it is has all the potential to resonate a certain way, and when you hit it that potential is expressed, i.e. resurfaces in pure expression. So it goes back to the idea, is there something bothering you? Or lurking in your mind?

I've only had 3 or so instances in all these years of there being dark figures or sensations.

When I did not fight the paralysis it once, i saw a white light and an almost a seizure like feeling. Not fun.

Hope any of this helps.
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