Some pages on site have huge 'blank' space below the title


The Living Force
Here's a heads up to admins - some pages (a lot of them) have a huge empty portion at the very beginning of the page, right below the title, creating the impression that the page is completely empty.
For example:
Also, almost every chapter of the Wave books, below are listed the first ones:
Same 'blank space' is at the beginning of those Wave chapters discussed recently on Cassiopaea Forum Reading Workshops - Public, as well as on the one scheduled for discussion today: The Wave Chapter 29: The 3-5 Code: The Journey From Jerusalem To Oak Island Via the Pyrenees.

Since I haven't seen any mention of this on the Forum, it might be there's something 'wrong' with my web browser. On the other hand, apologies if this issue has already been brought to your attention.
I can see it as well in Firefox.
After the first title or caption <h1> there is a second <h1> with an <a> with an <img> inside. The img has a class aligncenter which has clear: both. If I deactivate the clear: both then the h1/a/img moves to the top.

on some pages its h1>a>img, on others it is p>a>img, but in both cases it's the img clear:both.
It's fixed when looking on my cellphone browser, and other parts of K&B also.
Maybe try to shift+refresh the page?

Scottie probably fixed something in the meantime. Or Wordpress people. Or Firefox. Anyway, it works now.
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