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The Wave Chapter 10: The Truth Is Out There, But Trust No One!

1999: As I write these pages, the e-mails come fast and furious with questions. I recently received a communication from a correspondent that said, in part:

After all your efforts and all the information [the Cassiopaeans have given you], have you yourself come up with a synopsis of what we can expect more or less? Here’s mine:

Aliens will invade in some form or other between now and 2018 [the actual date given by the Cassiopaeans was 18 years from 1994, or 2012] or something, causing even more fear and confusion than there is already, then try to take us over or annihilate us or let the earth changes do that and then seed earth with their own race. About the same time this is all happening The Wave will strike and half of the world or more (people and landmass) is wobbling in and out of 4th density and then transitions completely. Those of us who have not been wiped out by earth changes or the busy Lizzies and gone to 5th density dead zone (there to decide what to do next) will find ourselves in 4th density earth which will look very weird to us and will take some getting used to, only to find ourselves in the same situation environmentally, [with] 4th density Orions or Lizzies trying to manipulate and control us there as they have been doing here for millennia.

In short, as you said to the Cassies, the picture looks ugly. They said that you seem to think that only good experience is useful, well no, but at least there is usually a mix of good and bad but in their scenario we are all for the high jump with no mat on the other side though. (Splat)

They are asking us to accept the fact that we are the spirit and that our bodies should not matter and we shouldn’t be worried about dying horribly en masse. OK, to come to this realization about ourselves is possible I believe, but for the whole world to try to do it by 2018!! [2012] This is asking a bit much! I mean we haven’t as a race really made any inroads into this way of thinking at all!!

The biggest deal for me is to conceptualize all this. Say for a second that I decide that all this makes sense to me and I’m buying it, it is gonna happen. I then look up from my computer bleary eyed and look at my fellow earthlings (!) and look at the world outside and say…no way!! I mean, there is nothing in what I see around me that is even hinting that any of this could be happening!

This smacks to me yet again of the type of blind faith needed for the Christian church! Blind faith is a con. If [something] exists, then we should be able to experience it. For me that is a much better way to get people to act: give them something to act on, not a story that requires belief without any proof.

An example is that Sahaja Yoga is gathering more and more people because it is an actually experienceable phenomenon, people can feel their own spirit and are prompted to pursue further. Why can’t we have some proof?

For the most part, the questions I receive are questions we have already asked the Cassiopaeans, only I have not yet managed to transcribe, edit, and otherwise clean up and publish all the material. Personal names and other details need to be removed, typing errors corrected, and so on.1

Other questions are of the kind that really can be answered by us, with no intervention, if we will just take the time to study the matter and think. I will never forget the occasion when the Cassiopaeans responded to a general melee of rapid-fire group questions with the following:

January 14, 1995

We are trying to tell you something important, and you keep asking questions. Now, please, silence for a moment!!!!

We have told you many times to communicate with each other and network and share ideas, because that is how you LEARN and PROGRESS! But, you are beginning to rely on us for all your answers, and you do not LEARN that way!!!!!!!

Now, try this, you will be thunderstruck with the results: Each of you has stored within you unlimited amounts of factual and “Earthshaking” information. This information was put into your consciousness in order for you to retrieve it in order for you to learn. Now just start by holding a discussion about the last series of questions you were trying to ask us, and “let it flow”.

In and amongst our group, we have learned gradually to implement this type of activity. Yes, it means that we have to put forth effort, and much material must be researched and compared, but it has strengthened our confidence in our abilities to evaluate and make choices based on hidden variables.

Many of the questions I have received have been about other sources of information whose scenarios or interpretations of our reality vary somewhat from the Cassiopaean presentation. I have avoided talking about these things for a variety of reasons, the main one being that each individual learns something from every interaction and we all seem to learn best when we directly experience something for ourselves. In fact, in terms of our reality, each and every source of information has its place and purpose. Everyone who is seeking is at some point on the learning cycle. The old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” is appropriate in this respect. It would do no good for a child in second grade to work with a teacher who specializes in sixth grade material — he or she simply would gain nothing from the interaction but confusion. The Cassiopaeans have commented on this factor:

January 10, 1995

Q: (L) Now, I have some articles in this magazine here: This is Lyssa Royal and she has “channeled for thousands around the globe since 1985.” Her books and magazine articles are published in six languages worldwide, etc. She writes here: “The human consciousness is roughly divided into three different areas for the sake of this illustration: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind.” Now, are these labels generally correct?

A: Roughly.

Q: (L) She says: “The unconscious mind is a link to your greater self, it is also used as a wasteland where scary, dark things are stored that you really don’t want to bring up.” Is this a fairly accurate statement?

A: Semi-accurate.

Q: (L) Is there anything you can say to make the statement more accurate?

A: The unconscious mind is also a conduit for connecting with the higher self, other selves, and the universal mind.

Q: (L) Lyssa also says: “When you are a child and have a traumatic event, the subconscious not only finds a way to immediately process the information and store it, but also to protect you from further fragmentation. It must seek to create a balance.” So, she says, the “very intense raw energy that is generated from trauma gets stuffed into the unconscious mind.” Is this true?

A: Close enough.

Q: (L) She then goes on to say: “When an extraterrestrial looks at us, we seem like multiple personality cases to them because of our mind divisions.” Is this true?

A: Irrelevant.

Q: (L) Why is that irrelevant? Is it because when a higher density being looks at us they know what they are looking at?

A: Yes. They know and understand the separations of your minds quite precisely. That would be like saying “when a human looks at a rodent, they notice that they are excessively furry.”

Q: (L) She goes on to say: “The ET often does not know how to communicate with a fragmented human. Sometimes they fly their ships by and few people may see them, but the greater percentage do not see them as that data gets sucked into the subconscious and the triage occurs.” She means triage in the sense of the mind being so flabbergasted that it immediately shunts information into the unconscious. Is this true, that ETs are having problems communicating with us because we are the ones blocking contact?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is it true that some people may not see ETs or UFOs because they block it from their own minds?

A: This can happen or the blockage may be inspired by the alien.

Q: (L) Now, she says: “For the most part, the average person in society does not know how to interpret telepathic contact… (Lyssa’s alien talking) in the moment you start perceiving us reality starts shifting because, remember, you are one frequency and we are another.” Is this true?

A: It is irrelevant.

Q: (L) Why is that irrelevant?

A: This is not an obstacle, as suggested by this statement.

Q: (L) Anyway, the article goes on: “So an ET walks up to you in your backyard and for a fragment of a moment you may perceive us. But what commonly happens is that the human will suddenly shut down usually by becoming very sleepy and falling into a sleep or type of trance state such as one that is produced by alpha or theta brain waves.” Is this true? When a person sees an ET do they just turn off from the shock? Is this why most ET contact is not remembered?

A: It can happen but does not usually.

Q: (L) It says that when you start clearing out the stuff in your subconscious mind that the first layer that comes out of the subconscious is simply the top layer of priorities that were given to your subconscious mind to store and process. For the most part the first layer is not scary. It represents procrastinated perceptions that are waiting for processing by the conscious mind… then you start peeling off more layers through hypnosis or meditation and then…

A: We do not wish to further critique this as we can give all relevant and related information when needed. You are “comparing notes” which is fine if in moderation, but remember, separated sources are subject to variable corruption.

Q: (L) What is a separated source?

A: That which is separated from yours.

Q: (L) Somebody different from us? Okay, let me work on this. Our source is you, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, the source this person is getting her information from is separated from you?

A: From you, thus unverifiable.

Q: (L) Well, I don’t exactly get what you mean. The whole point of this article is to say that ETs who abduct people are here to help us evolve and that it is only us, if we have dark and dirty unconscious minds, who perceive them as negative.

A: Wrong, you do not need “help” evolving, nor does anything else.

Q: (L) Well, the thing that concerns me about this particular point of view is that a lot of people are using this to rationalize seeing the ETs and the abductions… Can I read you just a little more?

A: Overall gist is enough for us.

Q: (L) This other woman here, Dorothy Ann, claims she channels dolphins and whales. Dolphins and whales are telling her that they are here to keep frequencies and to awaken energy centers on the earth, and that they are very high level beings, for eons they have kept the electromagnetic grids in the oceans, they follow the old paths, etc. The grids are now in the process of being reset and the whales will be instrumental in this change of the vibrational patterns on the planet.

A: No.

Q: (L) The dolphin kingdom has been empowered to communicate more easily with humans; the whales are awakening to their mission of greater contact and communication with other beings…

A: Nonsense.

Q: (L) So, I don’t really need to go on because all of this is nonsense. Now, this guy here who channels this being called Kryon writes an article about the metaphysical Christ. I read this article and really liked it. It made me feel nice and good and pleasant. Well, I’m not even going to ask you because I like him. It says here on another page that the Milky Way galaxy is part of a system of loosely twenty other galaxies. Is this true?

A: Too vague, all systems can be measured thusly if desired.

Q: (L) So that is too arbitrary.

A: Also a system of every conceivable combination.

Q: (L) In any event, it says that all of these universes expand at the rate of 90% of the speed of light. The ultimate central sun of it all is what we vaguely call God.

A: We have already covered these areas and “God” is “Everything”, not a central sun.

Q: (L) Well, he is talking about this 25,000-year cycle where the earth passes into a photon belt that circles the Pleiadean system, and, when this photon belt hits us it is going to make all kinds of changes and it one of the small cycles, and the harmonic convergence is…

A: Fragmented channel.

Q: (L) This guy is a fragmented channel? Is there such a thing as the harmonic convergence?

A: If you wish to converge harmonically, you may.

Q: (L) So there is no photon belt circling around the Pleiades that hits us every 25,000 years?

A: If this was true, don’t you think we would have informed you by now?

September 2, 1995

Q: (L) Now, could you talk to us a little bit about the purported “Photon Belt”?

A: The key issue remains one of interpretation. The messages are genuine; interpretations are variable in their accuracy. So, when one speaks of the “Photon Belt”, one may really be thinking of a concept and giving it a name.

Q: (L) So, you mean that various persons are seeing something and only describing it within the limits of their knowledge?

A: At one level, yes.

In other cases, the comments have indicated that the channel is not clear, as it were, saying that this or that individual is working with a fragmented transmission. I would think that this means that the channel is getting valid information mixed with noise or even deliberate disinformation. On other occasions, comments have been made that this or that channel is simply making it up at some level in their subconscious minds, even if they are sincere in their conscious thinking. In a couple of instances, the individuals in question were described as agents of disinformation and agents provocateur. Rarely have we found the answer to be that the individual was just simply acting fraudulently for purposes of monetary gain, though that has come up a time or two.

July 11, 1998

Q: (L) I want to ask about the Dan Winter web site. He uses a lot of keywords that are very familiar to us. His whole site is devoted to pyramids, golden ratio, geomagnetic grid, geometry, bees, bloodlines, etc. The question is: everything that happens, I consider that it happens for a purpose. What is the purpose of being directed to this site? Is this all his own nonsense, or is he channeling this?

A: Extract.

Q: (L) He extracts his stuff?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And we should extract from there the pertinent information?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, he seems to be real hung up with this Drunvalo Melchizedek guy…

A: No. No good.

Q: (L) Drunvalo is no good?

A: Yes.

July 4, 1998

Q: (L) Now, we want to ask about this “Zeta Talk” web material [by Nancy Leider].

A: Specifics.

Q: (L) Okay, we wanted to know if it was a legitimate source but corrupted by a lot of noise, or if it is a major disinformation campaign?

A: Not legitimate.

Q: (L) What is the energy behind this woman who claims to channel these Zetas?

A: Ego.

Q: (L) Well, from what I read, it is pretty much an amalgamation of stuff from other sources… I mean, there was nothing that would validate it as higher density material… There was stuff from Sitchin, Velikovsky, Cayce… There is nothing there she couldn’t have gotten from other sites. Ra, our stuff…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And it is just a mishmash of all this stuff along with erroneous stuff that must have come right out of her own head.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And, there is a huge amount of garbage coming out of her own head…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) But, as Ark pointed out, it is a very well organized site, mirror sites, she obviously has supporters and fans and all of that.

A: Any one seeking this can accomplish it. Do you really believe the “Zetas” would expend energy warning humans about impending earth changes?

Q: (L) Well, if they wanted humans to perceive the gray aliens as the good guys they would! That’s what occurs to me when I think about it.

A: How much energy do you expend warning squirrels about fires?

Q: (L) Okay, point taken. None.

August 5, 2000

Q: (L) I do have a question. It says here in this Top Secret document penned by the so-called Nexus Seven:

“The bottom line is, ARC has discovered that it is very possible that confirmation, validation and consensus scientific acceptance equals an open invitation to invasion. Think about it. Denial may be one of the most powerful measures we have at our disposal to prevent the overt acceptance of the reality of advanced alien presence into the consensus consciousness. Denial is a munition.”

They are saying that as long as the whole idea of alien presence remains “in the realm of the fantastic and kooky, the implausible and mentally ill” that it is a line of defense against aliens. They see this as just a little “guided free will” to protect consensus belief using “popular deployable psychological munitions of belief.”

They are saying that denial is a psychological weapon, a “deterrent of aliens into mainstream reality since the aliens seem to respect the stance of individual and group consciousness and acculturation free-will more than military might and power. Therefore, we can, by accepting alien presence and existence above board in enough mainstream public, unwittingly turn off the restrictions against overt contact the aliens are following. The overt invasion trigger is our general human acceptance.”

Could you comment on the idea that denial of the reality is protection? Is that, in fact, so?

A: No. Protection comes from awareness, not the other way around.

Q: (L) That was an interesting idea to me, so I did want to pose it. Another idea in this document was that the patriarchal, monotheistic religion brought some measure of blanket protection. From this assessment, as soon as the patriarchal monotheism was installed on the planet, the alien presence withdrew. Is this a valid concept? Does the patriarchal monotheism act as a deterrent of alien intrusion into our reality?

A: This is a confused concept. Why would aliens install monotheistic principles if the result is to close off the contact opportunity?

Q: (L) That’s what I thought myself. I mean, what better contact opportunity than under the guise of God, Jesus, angels, or the Holy Ghost. Alien intrusion into our reality was, in my opinion, facilitated via the monotheistic religions. But, they did note that after the institution of monotheism, the apparent alien contact became much less, thus the conclusion they drew.

A: The two events are either coincidental or inaccurately measured.

Q: (L) Well, it is clear that the whole monotheistic religion was a perfect front for the alien contact to continue to feed on humanity within the holy of holies of the temples. It did not stop, as this document suggests. The whole animal sacrifice thing, the offerings to the gods, the chanting and praying and all that; it just gives a whole new meaning to cattle mutilations! Sheesh!

Okay, there is something very interesting in this document.

“What is the final ontological matrix of hidden truth? What elucidates all the aspects of the true-to-life UFO phantasm in our past, present and future? What are the critical goals of Echelon beyond information suppression and technological catch-up? What are the hyper-intelligence focal points for the future?

“The sun, our sun, is dying, and too soon.

“This was caused by regional dimensional vortex shutdown some 90,000 years ago. Solar instability can cause much life on Earth to be unsustainable in 40 years. Ancient astro-theology calendars all end around now. There are also dangerous interplanetary bodies, with civilization threatening capability due to cause more serious damage to Earth in another 150 years.

“One way or the other we are slated to leave Earth, sooner or later, or else. This is a prevailing secret truth. Those in control would rather save themselves and a few elite than worry about the whole of mankind, despite the presence of a few well meaning but deluded true human patriots amongst the bunch.”

Is, in fact, our sun dying?

A: Yes, and so is everything else.

Q: (L) Is it going to do it in 40 years?

A: You do not understand our attempted allusion. What is not dying?

Q: (L) Well, I know that, but they are saying that our sun is dying too soon.

A: No. What is “too soon”?

Q: (L) Well… (A) Forty years is certainly too soon!

A: Why?

Q: (A) Because scientists would normally give the sun much longer…

A: But do “scientists” really know?!?

Q: (L) You are not helping here! Are you saying this guy is right?! I don’t want to talk about it anymore!

A: Be patient, Laura, this is a lesson.

Q: (L) Is our sun slated to burp and blink out in 2012 with the Mayan calendar?

A: We asked YOU a question. It is impolite to not answer!

Q: (A) Well, no, scientists don’t really know; but they conjecture.

A: Ah hah! Conjecture!

Q: (L) So, what’s your point?

A: Our point is: what is too soon and why?

Q: (L) Too soon would be… well, I guess that in completely objective terms, there is no such thing as “too soon”. When things happen, it is exactly the right time for it to happen. When something happens, everything is perfect.

A: Okay.

Q: (L) So, in the deepest sense, nothing is ever too soon… However… (C) What situations would have to be in place for this to happen within forty years?

A: There are unlimited numbers of situations…

Q: (L) Are any of the situations that would have to be in place for the sun to burp and go out in forty years actually present and activated in our present time-line?

A: Burp?

Q: (L) Well, you know what I mean! Expand, become a red giant, burn out, run out of gas, go supernova…

A: Some of those possibilities are always present, especially when combined with multitudinal external factors.

Q: (L) What would the external factors be?

A: Energies, or cosmic forces present in space at various locators which the sun would pass through in its journey through space, for one example.

Q: (L) Are we slated to pass through any of those energies or forces?

A: Wait and see.

Q: (L) You guys can’t do that to me!

A: Yes we can!

Q: (L) Well, let me ask the next question on that subject. Does any of this have to do with dimensional vortexes that were shut down 90 thousand years ago in the area of Sirius?

A: We are interested in knowing the “dimensional shutdown of vortex process”. Could you explain, please?

Q: (L) Is there such a thing as a dimensional vortex?

A: Semantics.

Q: (L) What would you call a dimensional vortex?

A: Once again, this is not flowing because you are navigating haphazardly through subjective proclamations.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that all of this analysis of what the deep ontological truths are, is just subjective proclamations. Was there ever something that happened that might have been perceived by the person who wrote this material, as a dimensional vortex shutdown 90 thousand years ago?

A: What is that?!?

Q: (L) So, basically, you are trying to point out that there is no such thing as a dimensional vortex shutdown. But, you have said that the planet Kantek exploded between 70 and 80 thousand years ago, right?

A: If so, that is not what the writer is attempting to portray.

Q: (L) Could it have been a supernova?

A: Look here! This is pointless.

Q: (L) So, all of this stuff is nonsense?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are you telling me that I am too dense to get what you are trying to say here?

A: We would normally not suggest something as harsh as that.

Q: (L) Well, the only thing you didn’t say was “but”.

A: Okay; “but”.

Q: (L) So, I am really missing the point here. Okay. What I am getting from what you are and are not saying, is that this person is clearly trying to portray something, and that there is something behind what he is saying, but I am just too dense to figure out the right question so you can download the answer.

A: Dense? No my dear! You are just learning, as are we all.

Q: (L) 90 thousand years ago. Is the 90,000 a parameter for something? Can I start there?

A: We doubt it!

Q: (L) Now, I did have a thought that this 90,000-year cycle could be the period of the companion brown star you have said is on it’s way into the solar system. Is that what they might be talking about?

A: Closer.

Q: (L) So, what they are really talking about, or may have seen in some way, is the companion star, rather than the death of our own sun. (A) Let me just ask a simple question. Can you estimate the likelihood that the sun will die in 40 years?

A: That is unlikely.

Q: (L) Well, what a relief! (A) We are done! How unlikely?

A: There is one chance in 189 million.

Q: (L) Well, when I read this Top Secret document and they said this business about the sun, I just really wondered where they were getting all this! I mean, does the secret government really believe this crap? And if they do, and all their actions are geared around that, then that would explain a lot. But, if they don’t believe it, then they might even be responsible for putting out this kind of disinformation just to make people panic and get even more anti-government so they can have more excuses to clamp down on the masses and take away more freedoms! This Nexus Seven says right up front: “This document is a clear and present danger to the mental health of unstable persons!” Well, they did warn us! (Laughter.) (A) Well, it’s a Val Valerian source! The fact that one or more things are wrong does not mean that everything is wrong!

A: Arkadiusz is right on the money!! There is much accurate information there and some disinformation mixed in!

Q: (L) Yes. I figured out that as long as the Nexus Seven guys were talking about the secret government echelons, the ideas of the compartmentalization, the views of the different factions about how to manage the alien threat, and so on, he was on pretty safe ground.

But, when he launched off onto the many things that were clearly borrowed from a number of channeled sources, including Billy Meier, he really missed the boat.

But, it made me aware that there are people in the government who really are following channeled material, who are using it to make their assessments, because they really don’t have much choice. They are as much against a brick wall as most everyone else in figuring out the whole scenario! I guess that Billy Meier and now this Anna Hayes, are their favorite guys because it appeals to their STS hierarchical mindsets.

But, when they start to rely on channeled sources for their explanations, they run off the road because most of that sort of information is put out by the very beings they are trying to second guess, who clearly, from all their behaviors, have a serious vested interest in remaining behind the curtain, so to speak. It’s hardly likely that they are going to go to all the trouble doing wicked things in secret, and then blab all their secrets to every Gray-hugger on the planet who sits down with a pyramid on their head!

And, when the abductors come and “take you to their leader” to “explain the facts of life” to you, because you have been “demanding answers” all your life, don’t expect them to tell the truth. It’s like the Wizard of Oz when he finally was unmasked: he was still a humbug and gave out fake hearts, fake diplomas and worthless testimonials. There is a deep lesson in that scene!

If the aliens are maintaining a covert operation, but then do contact people, do they expect them to tell the truth? Sheesh! You’d think these big shots in the military would figure that one out! It’s pretty standard intelligence maneuvers!

I think that Nexus Seven runs afoul of his objective, unless his objective is disinformation. I would like to know: what is the possibility for Sirius to go supernova?

A: Sirius is indeed a supernova candidate.

Q: (L) Well, it’s about 8 light years away. I don’t think the human race would survive that one!

A: In the words of a wise philosopher: you would fry!

Q: (A) That’s a wise philosopher. (L) What is the likelihood of Sirius doing the supernova number in the next hundred years or so?

A: Not good.

Q: (L) So, we can forget that one for now.

Now, it’s all fine and good for the Cassiopaeans to say this or that in regard to other sources, but the question then becomes: how reliable are the Cassiopaeans themselves? If a person were to write to me and ask about their weekly “channel o’choice”, and I were to inform them that the Cassiopaeans had said that the individual was just patching together their own theories about things from their reading and presenting it as channeled information (which was the explanation in the Zeta Talk case), what would be the point? If the reader likes that source and likes their material, and further, based on their knowledge at the time (which may be greater or lesser, depending on the amount of research they have done into the subjects being talked about by their chosen source), believes it to be an accurate representation of reality, even if what is being talked about is a hidden reality, then they are perfectly right to adhere to their choice of belief systems.

If, however, after a certain period of time of studying any such material, doing corollary research and comparisons to what can be observed and known through other disciplines, they discover that the presentation by the given source no longer holds up to scrutiny, then they are perfectly right to discard that belief system and expand their scope of understanding.

This is why I say repeatedly that it is our responsibility to do the work, examine the material, observe, research in the fields being discussed, compare, and most of all, think. When you strip away all the lies, what is left is Truth. And, in some teachings, you find that when you peel the onion, there is nothing in the middle!

The question then arises: can and do benevolent sources at other levels of reality lie?


I can hear the sharp gasps of horror and negation at this statement. I realize that many people have had channeling experiences with beings of “love and light” who infuse every word, every contact, every interaction with insuperable sensations of “love and well-being”, which amounts to “proof” that their source is a truly higher being. And then, how often have I heard the story from hypnosis subjects who have come to me for help, telling me that when they began their channeling experiments, performing the prescribed exercises of “surrounding the self with love and light” and “calling on my guides and higher self for protection,” the resulting contacts and information were “transcendent” and truly “love oriented;” and then something “went wrong”? Something turned around and there were energy drains, the messages that initially were so positive and beautiful soon became oddly different or off key. In some cases, it turns ugly and intervention is necessary. In others, the percipient is convinced that they must suffer the side effects for the sake of the work, and no intervention is desired. But at the same time they wanted me to fix their stress problems or help them work on their energy levels, or find out if the real problem was in them, their past lives, or anything other than the fact that they were hooked up with vampiric “guides”.

Sometimes the percipient doesn’t have such problems as this. The problem becomes apparent in other ways. Their source tells them that they are special or chosen in some way — that they are really a great teacher who is a “walk-in” or an “incarnation” who was stimulated to awaken on the day they serendipitously decided to “channel my higher self”. They are given titles, such as “Lord Ramananda” or “Lady Krishnagupa” or whatever. They are given to know that they are to be the new purveyors of the long hidden science of “Keyturn” or whatever, and the dance begins. The words pour forth in awesome syntactical matrices of great profundity and beneficence. And all the listeners agree that they are somehow changed or “uplifted and inspired” by the presence of so great a master in their midst. They follow the teachings, invest their time and money in predicted events of “mass landings” or “photon belts” or cometary companions who are going to airlift them to glory, and then — what? The predicted rapture goes kaflooey, and the excuses begin in an effort to find someone or something to blame for the disappointment.

Somewhere along the way I received the following e-mail reproduced here exactly as I received it except that I have left out the name of the correspondent:

Under the Law of Synchronicity I have been put in contact with Sheldan Nidle. For very deep personal reasons I stayed with him before and after the “photon belt affair”.

Recently a friend of mine send me the address of your site. I read Earth Changes. Very interesting indeed. To be honest though, I did not appreciate the fact that your Contact made a singular comparison between Nidle and Bo and Peep [the leaders of the Heaven’s Gate cult].

Now let me ask you a direct question. Your Contact is from the 6th density. Nowhere in your transcript have I seen any mention of Love. Cycles, numbers, dates, no dates, time, no time, jokes sometimes, funny by the way, mention about bases, a very and extremely complicated series of scenarios of what is coming: a cold and cruel pessimism involving giants and monsters, sort of Clyde Barker Movie or even worst, the infamous War between Good and Evil, sort of cosmic western that reminded Star Wars, Dune, or Lovecraft for instance. The Lizards, awful creatures that ruin our hope to transcend because they are just waiting for us to eat our ass alive. Wow! No love, no hope, a peculiar definition of what STO is all about with a total disrespect for the Spirits we are under our skin. Where is God (us) doing in that kind of business?

Something is wrong somewhere cause I know hope and love are making the world and all the Universes what they are and there is no love coming out from those Cassiopaeans. Who is conducting disinformations here? You or Nidle. My mind is set on that. All you need is love is the answer. As far as I am concern, Love can get anyone out of commission and we will proceed as planned, for us, for Us, and for All.

I wrote back and simply asked where was the love in promoting mass landing rumors and photon belt rumors that resulted in the suicides of 39 people? Further, where was the love in presenting aliens as saviors of mankind, when clearly, that was not the case? I received no reply.

In the book of Joel, the prophet talks about the End Times in the following way:

I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And I will show signs and wonders in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. (Joel 2:28, 30, 31; Amplified, Zondervan)

In the book of Acts, this prophecy is declared to be activated in the Christian context (about which I have my doubts!) with some slight amplification:

And it shall come to pass in the last days, God declares, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all mankind, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy — telling forth the divine counsels — and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams… and they shall prophesy — telling forth the divine counsels and predicting future events pertaining especially to God’s kingdom. And I will show wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth beneath, blood and fire and smoking vapor; the sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood, before the obvious day of the Lord comes, that great and notable and conspicuous day. (Acts 2:17-20; excerpts; Amplified, Zondervan)

At the same time, 2nd Thessalonians says:

The coming of the Antichrist is through the activity and working of Satan, and will be attended by great power and with all sorts of miracles and signs and delusive marvels — lying wonders — and by unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception for those who are going to perish because they did not welcome the Truth but refused to love it that they might be saved. Therefore, God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false… (2 Thessalonians, 2:9-11; Amplified, Zondervan)

In Matthew 24, when Jesus was asked, what will be the sign of the end — the completion, the consummation — of the age? He answered:

Be careful that no one misleads you — deceiving you and leading you into error… And many false prophets will rise up and deceive and lead many into error… for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect… (Matthew 24:4,11,24; Amplified, Zondervan)

So, we have some ancient traditions about this time of the “End”, (or so we suppose it to be due to our many current observations about the state of the world), that support the idea of many, many channeled teachings and messages being “poured out” on the Earth in that given time. We note, in the first place, that it is described as a “pouring out of God’s Spirit on all flesh” so that many are inspired to prophesy or have dreams and visions.

Okay, that’s all fine and good. But then we are told that a lot of this will be “unlimited seduction to evil and with all wicked deception” brought through by false prophets and wonder workers. Further, it is clearly stated that this influence is as a result of that very same Spirit of God when it is stated: “God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion to make them believe what is false…” The final piece of the puzzle is “false prophets will arise, and they will show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive and lead astray, if possible, even the elect…”

It’s pretty clear, I think, that the Elect, whoever and whatever they are, must be considered to be the prime targets of this activity, so we have to consider that it is not going to be an easy task to sort the wheat from the chaff! We can expect the deceptions and delusions to be very subtle and clever.

Again, I would like to call your attention to the remark: “God sends upon them a misleading influence, a working of error and a strong delusion…”

Don’t you think that this is an astounding statement? I do. It certainly makes it understandable why so many sources can come across as teachers of “love and light” when, in fact, they are purveyors of error and “strong delusion”. In effect, we are being told that these are tests!

And how do you pass a test? A really difficult one? At the very least, you have to have some knowledge of the subject. In most cases, it requires a great deal of study and effort.

The point is: there is an ancient tradition that tells us that deception is going to be the keynote of the times. Those who have not done their homework, and who are not aware of this, look upon the expanding spiritual concerns of the New Age movement as a sign that the world is going to be transformed by love and light and the aliens are here to help us, and we should all embrace every new avatar that comes down the pike showing us signs and wonders or telling us that we are special and chosen, as our savior and way-shower to the Elysian Fields of sanctity and bliss.

According to the Koran, God is the “Best of deceivers”. In Chapter 231 of Ibn al-’Arabi’s Futuhat, (“Unveiling”), which is entitled “On Deception”, there is a long description of the various forms that God’s deception may take. It is said that God’s deceptions appear as the wiles of Satan and the lower soul which often consist of:

The continuation of favors in spite [of the servant’s] opposition [to God’s command]. [God allows the “state” to continue] in spite of the servant’s discourtesy in the manifestation of miraculous signs without divine command and without being punished.

In our own view, God’s deceiving “the servant” is that He should provide him knowledge which demands practice, and then deprive him of the practice; or that God should provide him with practice, and then deprive him of sincerity in the practice. When you see this in yourself or recognize it in someone else, know that he who has such an attribute is the object of deception.2

In this chapter, Ibn al-‘Arabi discusses various manifestations of deception, especially as it affects the general spiritual seeker, the “elect” and the “elect of the elect”. These last can be the ones who are tempted by the desire to convince others by manifesting “signs”.

To attempt to sidestep the natural laws of the world in which we have our being is considered to be a very great discourtesy toward God because it suggests a judgment on the creation or a breaking of the natural laws without a direct command from God. It seems that, as a test, God bestows upon some people the “power to break the laws of nature,” and then places within such a person an urge to manifest these signs in such a way that he is unaware that this is a deception. Hence, he is inspired in his soul to manifest the signs as a kindness to “attract the creatures to God.” Such a person does not understand that, by so doing, he is depriving the witnesses of “acting upon insight”.

In other words, such a person has deprived his devotees of Free Will.

The dangers come, of course, when a person deliberately seeks to channel higher beings or the higher self before being well educated in the history and forms and results of such activities. Such practices become, in effect, a “piercing of the veil”, or as Ibn al-’Arabi calls it, “unveiling”.

The experience of unveiling opens up an infinite expanse of previously unseen realities to the heart of the spiritual seeker. The realm into which the adept first enters is, after all, the World of Imagination, whose byways never end. It is the domain of the Satans and other deceiving forces. The traveler needs to keep a clear head during his journeys and not be misled by the swirling forces, which lie just beyond the horizons of stability and balance.

Nowadays most people interested in the spirituality of the East desire the “experience,” though they may call what they are after “intimate communion with God.” Those familiar with the standards and norms of spiritual experience set down by disciplined paths are usually appalled at the way Westerners seize upon any apparition from the domain outside of normal consciousness as a manifestation of the “spiritual”. In fact there are innumerable realms in the unseen world, some of them far more dangerous than the worst jungles of the visible world. No person familiar with the teachings of Sufism would dare lay himself open to such forces…3

On a number of occasions, the Cassiopaeans have referred to other sources of information and have suggested that we read them so as to save time in dealing with specific concepts. The two sources are Elkins, Rueckert and McCarty’s The Ra Material and Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn.

Yes, they have mentioned that other material is connected to The Wave, but with varying degrees of corruption and distortion imposed by the recipients’ wishful thinking and assumptions. Apparently, these two, mentioned here, have suffered the least from distortion — but it doesn’t take long for the negative forces to act upon those who are in tune. As the Cassiopaeans have said: “Remember all channels and those of similar make-up are identified, tracked, and ‘dealt with’.”

In this respect, I think it is the long period of training I underwent in the areas of spirit release, depossession, exorcism, and identifying and dealing with STS/negative/demonic energies that may, initially present themselves as STO sources that has helped to prevent this very same corrupting element that worms its way in and gives that slight twist that derails the most positive of channels.

I studied for over 30 years before I began to “practice” anything. In the beginning, my practice consisted of prayer and meditation, the object being to achieve Divine Insight rather than to experience anything of a material manifestation. In 1985, when I was 33 years old, I began to meditate as an adjunct to my studies. Those who have read Amazing Grace are aware of some of the results of this period.

During this same time, there was a great deal of what could only be called psychokinetic activity. Many people saw this as a sign of spiritual achievement.

I didn’t.

To me, it was useless and distracting. My studies had shown me that most, if not all, such events were a result of “short circuited” kundalini type forces; energies of the soul, entering via the basal chakra, diverted by the brainstem into the environment. I was distressed that they were being diverted at this juncture, rather than flowing, as was proper, in the Shepherd’s Crook configuration to the third eye.

It was then, only by following the path as it developed, that the channeling experiment commenced (bringing to an end the PK activity, I should add). Even at this point, the experiment was more an attempt to bring up to conscious awareness, and then merge, the conceptualizations and possible insights of the subconscious mind. We did have the idea that our experiment might be a path to contact with truly higher beings, but we felt that this could only be accomplished via this “merge of conscious with subconscious” and clearing away the detritus of contradiction between the two.

I guess it would be safe to say that, until I had studied for 40 years, I did not feel competent to attempt channeling. Many people, apparently, do feel competent to do it with very little study — perhaps a weekend workshop or seminar at the local New Age Emporium — or because they have been contacted and told that it is their destiny. I am afraid that if I had been thusly informed that I was going to be doing such a thing, it would never have happened! (I guess I am a rebel at heart!)

At the same time, I don’t for a minute delude myself by thinking that we are immune to corruption. On the contrary, I am always on the watch for information that is “off”. I expect it, watch for it, and take all measures possible to prevent it on a continual basis. I am convinced that the instant this kind of vigilance is relaxed, you can pretty much say “goodbye” to objective channeling.

Nevertheless, Barbara Marciniak apparently tuned in and her first book, Bringers of the Dawn, contained a good percentage of useful material.

In the case of the Ra Material, this was also a group effort as is ours, which also began with a somewhat scientific perspective. When analyzing their material, it seems that Don Elkins was the contact with Ra, and Carla, the channel, was merely a sort of conduit. Another way to describe it would be that Don was the tuner/receiver and Carla was the speaker.

When Don died, Ra came no more.

This brings up the question that many people have written to ask me: if the Ra Material was such a good source, as the Cassiopaeans state, why did Don Elkins commit suicide? If Ra was supposed to be Serving Others, why didn’t he4 help Don?

Good question.

The problem, as I see it, was the distortion of judgment placed on the receiving of the material. In many ways, it was a very useful thing that this group was so aware of possible corruption, and took so many precautions. But, it may have been, in fact, these very limitations that they deliberately placed on what could be communicated rather than how it could be communicated that was responsible for Don’s deteriorating mental state and, ultimately, his decision to end it all.

There was the circle ritual that was instituted for Carla’s comfort. She did not feel safe otherwise. This ritual and feeling of safety may have been related to the group’s idea of what was and was not acceptable in terms of subject matter. Or, it may simply have been Carla’s own bias.

Carla wrote honestly about this:

That Ra worked with these deeply ingrained biases within me is, to me, a signal characteristic of this unique source. I felt loved, accepted and cherished by having these items placed near me, and that they thought this out was a constant blessing during this contact.

From all the reading I have done in these side remarks of the group, a great deal of activity revolved around Carla’s biases. It was a major operation just to get anything through at all! But then, there was the bias as to what was acceptable in the way of questions and answers:

Early in the Ra contact we received answers to our questions which fell into a controversial portion of our third density illusion.

The following information falls into this category and resulted from a follow-up question Don asked about UFOs and their sources. You will note Don’s incredulous attitude throughout this portion of his questioning.

It was our decision to remove this information from Book One of The Law of One because we felt it to be entirely unimportant and of a transient nature since knowing it adds nothing to one’s ability or desire to seek the truth and the nature of the evolutionary process, whether the information is true or not.

I have to say that the above remark astonished me to no end. Here they are talking about seeking the truth about the evolutionary process, and information pertaining to same has been deemed “entirely unimportant… whether it is true or not.” We notice in the next paragraph how easy it is to begin to classify truths according to human criteria.

In fact, knowing and continuing to seek this kind of information can become a major stumbling block to one’s spiritual journey because it removes one’s attention from the eternal truths which may serve anyone’s journey…at any time…and places it upon that which is only of fleeting interest and of little use spiritually.

Concentrating on conspiracy theories and their participants tends to reinforce the illusion of separation and ignores the love that binds all things as One Being. If we had continued to pursue this particular line of questioning, or any other line of questioning of a transient nature, we would soon have lost the contact with those of Ra because, as Ra mentioned in the very first session, Ra communicated with us through a “narrow band of vibration or wave length.”

The fact seems to be that the contact with Ra was, indeed, lost because sufficient questions were not asked about those very things that might have served to protect Don.

Let’s go back to the remark I already noted:

It was our decision to remove this information from Book One of The Law of One because we felt it to be entirely unimportant and of a transient nature since knowing it adds nothing to one’s ability or desire to seek the truth and the nature of the evolutionary process, whether the information is true or not.

As much as I admire the material and the group and their efforts, I have to say that the above remark was clearly a judgment. When you start judging, you begin constriction and limitation of what may or may not come through according to your idea of truth. Yes, indeed, one must evaluate the intent and nature of the entities transmitting, but one must not judge as unseemly any material, which is, in fact, a fact! If there is corroboration from other directions, even scientific or historical, yet you judge it to be not worthy of discussion, you have effectively closed down a receptivity to truth.

As we have discussed in Riding the Wave, all knowledge is knowledge of God. At whatever level it exists, it is a manifestation of the Faces of God. Carla writes that they made a decision to remove this information because they felt it to be “entirely unimportant… whether true or not.”

This is one of the cleverest deceptions going in the modern New Age teachings. In effect, it promotes the subjective and wishful thinking version of reality, suggesting at the same time that learning about the world as it is, is somehow dangerous.

This is similar to the Christian Fundamentalist teaching that you never need to read any book but the Bible — everything you need to know is there. They contend that knowing anything outside of that, as Carla wrote about knowledge of anything outside of “love and light” questions, “adds nothing to one’s ability or desire to seek the truth and nature of the evolutionary process.”

Yet, it is abundantly clear that knowing such things is crucial to understanding the truth of the evolutionary process! It may not add anything to the “desire”, but it adds everything to one’s ability to seek the truth. And that truth might have saved Don’s life.

Carla wrote:

In fact, knowing and continuing to seek this kind of information can become a major stumbling block to one’s spiritual journey because it removes one’s attention from the eternal truths which may serve anyone’s journey…at any time…and places it upon that which is only of fleeting interest and of little use spiritually.

I certainly agree that “continuing to seek” this kind of information can become a stumbling block. But knowing it in the first place is essential to navigate one’s way on the spiritual journey. And, in point of fact, the negative existence, the STS hierarchy is part of the “eternal truths”, and is therefore, of considerable interest, spiritually speaking.

The next remark:

If we had continued to pursue this particular line of questioning, or any other line of questioning of a transient nature, we would soon have lost the contact with those of Ra.

At this point in time, it is clear that the restricted line of questioning this group did follow ultimately led to the loss of the contact with Ra through Don Elkin’s suicide even though they thought that their precautions would produce the opposite result.

Our own experience has shown us that pursuing the very lines of questions that the Ra group eschewed has been our only source of defense against the forces that have sought to destroy us. Had the Ra group also pursued this line of information, Don might have had the means of evaluating what was happening to him in the crushing psychic attack he underwent, and would thereby, very likely, have been able to resist the assault.

I can tell you that the psychic attack, the mental pressure, the emotional manipulation, that one undergoes in this kind of work can be utterly brutal. There are no words to describe it. But it seems that doing it and surviving it are essential to broadening and deepening the communication band.

Carla wrote: “as Ra mentioned in the very first session, Ra communicated with us through a “narrow band” of vibration or wave length.”

This remark of Ra’s undoubtedly referred to the restrictions placed on the conduit as a result of Carla’s fears and biases, and the very judgments expressed in the above comments. I hardly think that such an entity as Ra claimed to be would be confined to, or experience reality as a “narrow vibration or wave length.” It would, therefore, stand to reason that the “narrow band” was at the receiving end. The band of communication might very well have been broadened at the receiving end if such judgments and choices had not been made as those we have examined.

The Cassiopaeans commented on this broadening of the channel on one occasion. In one of the earliest sessions, we were told about the experiments being performed on children by “aliens”, and this was truly a horrible thing to be discussing. I later asked why such a thing was being told to us. Like Carla, I was of the opinion that a good source would only say nice things. I was horrified and my first reaction was to terminate the contact immediately. But I didn’t, and later I came back to ask about this initial shocking material.

October 20, 1994

Q: (L) We got some information from an early session which said some awful things about bits of children’s organs being removed, etc. What was the source of that information? Did that come from you guys?

A: Yes. Sorry for shock but necessary for broadening channel.

On the subject of rituals, the Cassiopaeans are very clear that, for the most part, they, too, are restrictive.

July 16, 1994

Q: (L) Do any of the rituals we perform provide protection against further abduction?

A: Maybe. Some crystals with energy fields. Don’t need protection if you have knowledge.

Q: (L) How do we get this knowledge?

A: It is deep in the subconscious

Q: (L) When did we get it?

A: Before birth.

Q: (L) Is there anything else we can do for protection?

A: Learn, meditate, read. Need to awaken.

The following was one of their earliest explications of “Knowledge Protects”.

October 22, 1994

Q: (L) Are there any rituals that can be performed to provide protection for one against intrusion by the Lizzies.

A: Rituals are self-defeating.

Q: (L) Are there any technological means we can use?

A: The only defense needed is knowledge. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have, the less pain you have, the less stress you feel, the less anguish you feel, and the less danger you experience of any form or sort.

Think of this very carefully now for this is very important: Where is there any limitation in the concept behind the word “knowledge”? Being that there is no limitation, what is the value of that word? Infinite.

Can you conceive of how that one concept, that one meaning frees you from all limitation? Use your sixth sense to conceive of how the word, the term, the meaning of knowledge can provide with all that you could possibly ever need. If you think carefully you will begin to see glimpses of how this is true in its greatest possible form.

Q: (L) Does this include knowledge learned from books?

A: This includes all possible meanings of the concept of the word.

Can you think of how it would be that simply with one term, this one word could carry so much meaning?

We sense that you are not completely aware. You can have glimpses of illumination and illumination comes from knowledge

If you strive perpetually to gain and gather knowledge, you provide yourself with protection from every possible negative occurrence that could ever happen.

Do you know why this is?

The more knowledge you have, the more awareness you have as to how to protect yourself. Eventually this awareness becomes so powerful and so all encompassing that you do not even have to perform tasks, or rituals if you prefer, to protect yourself. The protection simply comes naturally with the awareness.

Q: (L) Does knowledge have a substance or an existence apart from its possession or its acceptance?

A: Knowledge has all substance. It goes to the core of all existence.

Q: (L) So acquiring knowledge includes adding substance to one’s being?

A: Indeed. It includes adding everything to one’s being that is desirable. And also, when you keep invoking the light, as you do, truly understand that the light is knowledge. That is the knowledge, which is at the core of all existence. And being at the core of all existence it provides protection from every form of negativity in existence. Light is everything and everything is knowledge and knowledge is everything. You are doing extremely well in acquiring of knowledge. Now all you need is the faith and realization that acquiring of knowledge is all you need.

Q: (L) I just want to be sure that the source that I am acquiring the knowledge from is not a deceptive source.

A: If you simply have faith, no knowledge that you could possibly acquire could possibly be false because there is no such thing. Anyone or anything that tries to give you false knowledge, false information, will fail. The very material substance that the knowledge takes on, since it is at the root of all existence, will protect you from absorption of false information that is not knowledge.

There is no need to fear the absorption of false information when you are simply openly seeking to acquire knowledge. And knowledge forms the protection — all the protection you could ever need.

Q: (L) There are an awful lot of people who are being open and trusting and having faith that are getting zapped and knocked on their rears.

A: No. That is simply your perception. What you are failing to perceive is that these people are not really gathering knowledge. These people are stuck at some point in their pathway to progress and they are undergoing a hidden manifestation of what is referred to in your terms as obsession. Obsession is not knowledge; obsession is stagnation. So, when one becomes obsessed, one actually closes off the absorption and the growth and the progress of soul development, which comes with the gaining of true knowledge. For when one becomes obsessed one deteriorates the protection therefore one is open to problems, to tragedies, to all sorts of difficulties. Therefore one experiences same.

October 28, 1994

Q: (L) The ideas of candle burning, salt, sage, shamanistic rituals and so forth? Is all this useless?

A: Maybe. You are learning; remember when we say “good: no ritual”?

Q: (L) In other words, your knowledge and your strength, which comes from your knowledge and knowing, are the point and the protection?

A: Precisely. This is extremely important. Ritual drains directly to Lizard beings.

Q: (L) Even our saying of the Lord’s Prayer?

A: It is okay to pray. Why do you think organized religion is obsessed with rituals?

Q: (L) Is the same thing true of shamanistic practices and so forth?

A: Exactly.

The following excerpt shows us how focusing on the positive aspects can be as limiting as focusing on the negative. Once you know what the situation is, how it developed and came into being, you can then more easily control your own reaction to it. This excerpt also deals with the issue of sharing information. You might even say that, at this point, I was experiencing much of the type of attack that Don Elkins undoubtedly experienced, though my way of dealing with it was to ask more questions and get to the bottom of the problem.

July 23, 1995

Q: (L) Why have I been under such severe physical, material, and emotional attack in the past six months? Frank thinks that I am under such attack because I work and move too fast in the gathering of information and attempts at sharing it; that I charge ahead and do things, thereby exposing myself to retaliatory attacks.

A: That has the potential for being partially correct in the sense that you disseminate information, perhaps less carefully than you should. The gathering of information holds no potential for attack from any particular realm. However, dissemination DOES, because those whom become aware, become empowered. And, in any struggle between opposing forces, there is always danger in allowing anyone to become empowered without realization of the ramifications.

Q: (L) So, I can continue to seek information, as long as I keep it to myself?

A: You have free will to do that which you please. But, when you are framing it in terms of the question: where is the danger, this presupposes that you are concerned about dangers to yourself. And, if this be the case, we will be happy to give advice where and when needed.

Q: (L) Well, right now it is needed. I am almost completely debilitated physically and materially, which creates a severe barrier to focus and concentration, and also my ability to assist other people.

A: Well then, perhaps it is true that you should be careful as to how you disseminate the information and how you disseminate knowledge gained, and where, and when. This is not to say that you must stop, but rather to think carefully before you do it, as to what the ramifications will be. And then your instincts will lead you in the proper direction. The dangers are always that when one proceeds too quickly, the instincts may be overrun and become confused with other thought pattern energies, and thereby opening one up to attack and other unpleasant possibilities.

Q: (L) Well, if I promise not to tell, make a vow, can’t we just stop all this other?

A: It is not necessary to stop, it is just to be careful as to how one does it. The flow of information is never a harmful thing. As we have previously described, the Service to Self involves the constriction and restriction of energies, and the focusing within. The Service to Others orientation involves an outward flow of energies, the focus being from within to without. Therefore, the passage of information, or dissemination is very helpful and is of Service to Others orientation. But, one must also be aware of the dangers involved. One must not lose control of the flow and the possibilities that can result. This is where you need to be more careful. You need to regulate.

And, attack can come from any number of sources for any number of reasons. It is not always for the same reason. And, of course, there is the short wave and long wave cycle. The short wave cycle is one which closes rather quickly. The long wave cycle is one that closes more slowly, therefore take a longer amount of time, as you perceive it, to close. Therefore it also involves a more complicated issue. This is just one example as to how attack can be the result of what we were just describing.

Q: (L) Can attack be a left over from another cycle?

A: That is one possibility, certainly.

Q: (L) Can you give us any advice as to how to navigate our way out of such situations?

A: That is a VERY vague thought concept.

Q: (L) Well, I seem to repeatedly face the financial flow issue, and it seems to be one of the primary modes of attack against me at this point. How can I overcome this?

A: Are you asking us how to make more money?

Q: (L) Yeah!

A: My dear Laura! You are already in possession of literally thousands of possibilities to accomplish that end, are you not?

Q: (L) Everything takes money!

A: There goes that prejudice again. We have given much food for thought in that area to help you to learn, to contemplate, to meditate.

Q: (L) It is rather difficult to do that when one is worried about how to keep the lights on and feed the children.

A: That is interesting. You can’t meditate or contemplate when you are worried about your next meal. I guess then that this means that no one on third density has ever been able to contemplate or meditate while worrying what was going to be eaten at the next meal. Hmmmmmm.

Q: (L) The point is that a constant state of worry, another crisis every day, the perpetual worry, eventually wears a person down to the point where one can no longer focus on any other issues.

A: Perhaps one can solve the crises by focusing on other issues? You see, when you constrict the flow, you constrict the channel. And when you constrict the channel, you close down possibilities. And, you make it difficult, if not impossible for you to see that which is there. In other words, the obvious becomes oblivious because of constriction of the flow.

This is why we have recommended against all rituals, because ritual restricts the flow, thereby restricting the possibilities. And, what you are describing is a situation of “dire straits,” as you call it — and pressures of great magnitude — which is restricting you.

But actually, it is your concentration on same that is restricting, not the situation itself. And we realize that it is difficult for you to focus your attentions, or, more importantly to open up the flow of the channel. But, it is certainly not impossible. Especially for an individual as strong as yourself. It is what you choose to do, not what you MUST do. It is what you CHOOSE to do.

Indeed, I spent so much time worrying that I could hardly think about anything but how dreadful things had gotten in my life since the Cassiopaean communications had begun and I had been sharing the material. And so it was that I could not see any solution at all.

A practical example of this is the well-known PMS syndrome. I had a friend who used to joke that “For years I suffered from PMS. Then I went through menopause. Now I realize I never had PMS. I’m just a natural bitch.”

Well, that’s pretty funny, but it emphasizes something important. Many women have remarked how much easier it is to control their PMS reactions knowing what is going on. Before the defining of this syndrome, many women suffered horribly at the hands of friends and family who thought they were crazy or just simply bad tempered. When you know it is the hormone mixture in your body affecting the permeability of cell membranes, which affects the electrical balance or synaptic response, it is a lot easier to say to yourself, “This will pass. I am only seeing things through the distortion of hormonal influences.” It is also a lot easier to concentrate on normalizing your actions and reactions when you know you have to compensate for a physiological condition.

The same is true in terms of psychic attack — whether it comes from third, fourth or fifth density sources. Once you know how these things work, when it happens to you, you are aware, and thus able to withstand the assault and put your attention where it belongs — on continuing to operate in a stable and clear-headed way — which you now know is going to require extra exertion on your part for a period of time — so that the attack passes much more quickly and with less damage.

For example, consider an individual who is under attack from a purely third density source — say, an ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) transmitter is nearby causing severe fluctuations in their physiological system which then leads to internal sensations and perceptions that are distorted. So, the person goes to church to pray or gets out the sage and lights it up and waves it around. This may or may not have an effect.

If, on the other hand, they become aware of the ELF transmitter, or the possibility that it could be of such a nature, then their knowledge, combined with application — such as putting up some kind of shielding device or moving away from the transmitter — might have better results.

August 12, 1995

Q: (L) We would like to know a bit more on the subject of rituals, which you have warned us are restricting on many levels. Why is this?

A: If one believes in one’s activities sincerely, to the greatest extent, they certainly will produce SOME benefit, at SOME level. But, merely following patterns for the sake of following patterns does not produce sincerity and faith necessary for ultimate benefits to result.

So, therefore, as always, one must search from within, rather than from without, to answer that question. Do you understand?

To give you an example, to be certain, you meet this all the time. If you read material in the pages of a book that advises one form of ritual or another, and you follow that form of ritual because you have read words printed on the pages, does that really give you the true sense of satisfaction and accomplishment within yourself to the greatest extent possible?

Whereas, if you, yourself, were to develop an activity, which one or another could interpret or define as a ritual, but it comes from within you, it feels RIGHT to you, and you have a sincere and complete faith in it, whatever it may be, does that feel right to you?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: Have we answered the question, then?

Q: (L) Yes, thank you.

Note, however, the caveat in the above comments: “SOME benefit, at SOME level.” In the end, knowledge of the true nature of the attack, and specific actions formulated in response to that knowledge, will be the most effective “ritual”.

Now, in the case of the Ra channeling experiment, it seems that the rituals put in place to make Carla comfortable certainly were of benefit to her. But, the question that must be asked is: did Don believe in them? If he had, then perhaps the protection would have extended to him as well. But, either he didn’t believe in them, or they were objectively ineffectual.

Knowledge of the methods of psychic attack, knowledge of negative experience in this density, and how to deal with it by being aware, would probably have saved Don’s life. We asked the Cassiopaeans about it, specifically, at one point:

July 24, 1999

Q: (L) I have been having a dialogue with a fellow on the net in the last week or so who is very well versed in the Ra Material. He sent me a large chunk of Volume 5 of the Ra books, which was material that had not been released earlier.

It seems that during the times that Don Elkins was asking some questions about different conspiracies and the nature of the fourth density STS manipulations and some other rather grim subjects, there was some sort of judgment made by this group, or members of this group, that such subjects were not appropriate lines of questioning for an STO channel. They were, apparently, considered to be a “focusing on negative aspects”, therefore they were not of “love and light”. Such questions and directions of questions were, therefore, discouraged or agreed by this group to be not desirable to pursue. Don Elkins did, however, commit suicide. Can you tell us why?

A: Suicide is a chosen pathway for the purpose of close realization of shutting off the noise.

Q: (L) I would like to understand. Here, these folks had this marvelous contact with Ra.

A: Contact with Ra does not preclude the possibility of attack.

Q: (L) Why did Ra not convey to him the information necessary to understand that he was under attack, and what kind of attack it was, and how to deal with it?

A: The questions were not asked.

Q: (L) Why were the questions not asked that would have protected him?

A: “Love and Light” focus.

Q: (L) So, because they were so focused on the love and light aspects…

A: There is no positivity without negativity. There is always negativity present, whether acknowledged or not.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that if it is not acknowledged, placed on the table, so to speak, that it sort of “bites you” no matter what? That, in some way it will manifest, and if a person goes to an extreme in terms of love and light, the negativity will come in the back door?

A: Close.

It is such a tragedy that this happened to this groundbreaking, trail-blazing group. But, it is a lesson for all of us to realize that when you begin to deal with the realms of knowledge of the cosmos, and you start to limit or place your subjective assumptions in the way so that the information is constricted or limited, that energy/information that you filter out still exists, objectively, and is still a part of you.

It is not true that evil is created by the mind of man except insofar as the mind of man is the mind of God and all else.

A simple way to understand this is: when you have a current of energy, it normally is a wave with crests and troughs — up and down, positive and negative. Those sources that focus on any one aspect of the energy become like a diode, which converts alternating current to direct current. The current can flow through the diode only one way, and part of the current is blocked and is converted to heat. This is, essentially, the process of a DC converter and it is also why DC converters have to be frequently replaced: they burn out.

The “heat” produced in Don as a result of the diode function of Carla was that which “burned out his circuits” because the information being transduced in Don was so much greater than that which could be received and channeled by Carla.

I understood this instinctively when I was studying the Ra Material. Yes, I had many of the same biases as Carla in the beginning, but I was also aware of something else — something that was crucial to my understanding and which had resulted from my work in spirit release and exorcism — and that was a simple principle which amounts to this: putting attention on negative forces does not make them stronger if the intent is to diminish them. And one can only learn to diminish darkness by learning exactly what is of darkness. And that amounts to, as we have already discussed, learning to identify our reality through its symbols, and learning to give each thing its due.

In another respect, a focus on love and light can, in some cases, reflect an inner fear of the darkness. And that fear will attract unpleasant experiences and events into one’s life. Only knowledge can dispel that fear.

In our own channeling, do we have a diode functioning? Do we filter the information?

It is clear that, in the early days, Frank played the role of the ground wire, the actual conduit of the material into this realm, and that the connection to the Cassiopaean nexus is something that takes place through my physiology. I never hear anything in my mind, I am always as interested in having the comments read back to me as everyone else; I am constantly conscious and active, while Frank is generally in a sort of semi-conscious state.

For a long time, we thought that this meant Frank was the source. But then, gradually, through experimentation, we discovered that, yes, Frank can channel just about all the time by virtue of his uniquely neutral nature and physiology. He was the clearest and cleanest open channel I have ever encountered or heard of.

But this condition presents unique problems. Being an open channel means exactly that: an open channel — empty — and it is the question of what person he is channeling with that determines what is channeled through him. When he channels alone, he is subject to the whims and forces of everything and anything in the psychic atmosphere. He seems to have no diode function. He merely connects and amplifies like a radio tuner and set of speakers. This was, of course, very fortunate for me.

In the image above, that I have already discussed in Riding the Wave, notice that the bright glow on the right is my left hand. The glowing image on the left is Frank’s right hand. Note the gap in the flow in the area of Frank’s wrist where some of the flesh shows through. This photo seems to indicate some level of blockage on Frank’s side, but it was minimal.

What does this mean? Well, it is interesting the ways in which we have come to these conclusions. In the early days of the experiment, we noticed a curious phenomenon: if there were persons present who had strong emotional agendas or assumptions, these things would color the transmission. It was as though Frank were picking up on bleed through from the particular individual sort of like cross talk on a radio or telephone when another conversation is being heard in the background. When he channels alone, having no orientation of his own, Frank is as subject to pure STS information as STO. His function as a tuner and speaker means that he can be connected to any transmission source. It also makes him uniquely able to do individual psychic readings by simply tuning into the individual with a clarity unsurpassed by any other psychic I’ve ever known.

For many years, prior to our association, Frank was channeling. He began doing it as a young child when he discovered that using a stick to beat out a rhythm could entrance him, and then his mind would receive endless streams of information. We experimented with him doing this alone, and examined the material produced thereby, and it was exactly the type of mindless psychobabble that comes through so many other sources.

It was clear that Frank was definitely a conduit, but he was not connected to any particular source. One way of describing it would be like a radio tuner constantly running the scan function. This can produce problems when people are present at the sessions who have strong biases or emotional agendas. Doing the channeling under such conditions is rather like trying to watch television with the vacuum cleaner running. The static manifests as certain turns of phrase or grammatical constructions that are not usual, and even certain slants on the material. In some cases, it has resulted in the Cassiopaeans declining to answer some questions at all because the guest was only asking for confirmation of a subjective opinion.

On a couple of occasions it was pretty obvious to me that they were declining to answer because the individual was an STS “mole”. These answers usually come as “open”, “up to you”, or other non-answers; but not always.

At one point, I started counting the number of non-answers and relating it to the people present, and I began to realize that we had a real problem with this. I then began to try to screen guests before they were invited to attend a session. But, even with screening, you don’t really know until you do it. There are many people who say all the right things to get invited to a session, but once there, the energy sort of forces them out in the open and their biases become quite evident. I had to laugh on one occasion when the participant was blocked over and over again by the Cassiopaeans who were hinting that he had some strange affiliations. The man became more and more uncomfortable and actually turned quite rude and aggressive thinking that to attack would divert the attention.

The man in question was a director of a MUFON group with the initials G.B. and the following is the excerpt of the strange responses in question:

February 25, 1995

Q: (GB) I had a very strange experience when I meditated a while back. Was that positive or negative?

A: You have had many “strange” experiences. Would you like to share any with those present, GB?

Q: (TM) I think I know which one you are talking about. (L) What was the nature of that experience?

A: Entity reflection through curtain.

Q: (GB) Was the entity reptilian that I manifested behind me? Or was this a positive or negative energy?

A: Both and neither. Reflection. Projection.

Q: (L) What was it a projection of?

A: Complicated.

Q: (L) What was the source of this projection?


Q: (GB) What were the loud whacks behind my chair? What did they try to tell me?

A: It was not a message, it was a “curtain breach”.

Q: (J) Kind of like a dimensional sonic boom. (GB) Well, I heard a tremendous crack behind my chair when I asked for a sign. About seven large whacks on the floor. (J) Was there an entity standing behind his chair?

A: Yes, but again, GB has had a most interesting life, apparently he does not want to divulge this.

Q: (L) Well, three times they have hinted about this! (Laughter.) (BP) And I thought I knew you! (TM) Yeah, he doesn’t even know about it! (BP) Is GB a so-called “abductee”?

A: In more ways than one.

Q: (BP) Please clarify.

A: That is up to GB.

Q: (L) There are about six different kinds of abductions ranging from physical to telepathic contact and triggering.

A: And there are human abductions too.

Q: (L) You mean humans abduct people too? (J) Have humans abducted GB?

A: Up to GB.

Although Terry and Jan were the first to notice and bring up the subject that Frank’s function was other than being the source contact, I wasn’t too sure. (I tell the whole story in Petty Tyrants and Facing the Unknown.) However, a curious exchange occurred at one point that began to give me a better perspective on what was going on.

It was shortly after my husband, Ark, found me through the Cassiopaean material, and, at that point, we were really pressing the C’s for answers as to exactly what was going on; what was our purpose, and so forth. The obviously “maneuvered” connection with Ark — a physicist — certainly made it clear that this was not your ordinary, garden-variety channeling. It was becoming more and more evident that there was a purpose even though the Cassiopaeans declined to suggest as much, preferring to leave such realizations to our own pathway of discovery.

So, there we were, asking questions about the plans of the fourth density STS forces with the objective of trying to get a handle on our proper response. The questions were focused on activities in alleged underground bases:

August 31, 1996

Q: (L) What do these guys plan on doing?

A: This is where “The Master Race” is being developed.

Q: (L) And what is the time frame they have planned for this activity?

A: Never mind.

Q: (L) Is Ark going to be able to help us with technology, to help other people, or to protect ourselves in some way? In this really bizarre stuff going on on our planet?

A: Too much, too soon, my dear. Curiosity killed the cat.

Q: (L) Well, satisfaction brought him back!

A: Not in this case!!!

Q: (T) He’s coming to protect you. That’s what he said.

A: Maybe, but there is so, so, so much more in store than that!!!!!!

Q: (L) Is that an ominous, “maybe, but there’s so, so, so much more in store?” Or is that a positive, there is so, so, so much more in store?

A: Why would you think it ominous?

Q: (L) Well I don’t know… Because I’m scared of what I don’t know!

A: What have we helped you to discover so far? Would you rather discontinue this operation?

Q: (L) Oh, hell no! (T) After two years, you know she’s always going to ask those kinds of questions!

A: Not two years, eternity. We have helped you build your staircase one step at a time. Because you asked for it. And you asked for it because it was your destiny. We have put you in contact with those of rare ability in order for you to be able to communicate with us. […]

Q: (T) It is destiny for you to find out what your path was, and you had to make this contact, because it was what you were supposed to do. (L) Are we talking about Frank in terms of being put in contact with someone who enables me to communicate with you, so you can put me on my path, which is building the staircase, etc.? Is that what we’ve got going here?

A: He is one, but not the only one, just the one who awakened your sense of recognition.

So, we studied that passage and came to the realization that Frank does, indeed, have a rare ability to act as a “broad-band frequency transducer”. But his tuning is entirely dependent upon the strength of the vector, which, respecting the Cassiopaeans, seems to be me.

But, getting back to the Ra Material, Carla made the remark, “Concentrating on conspiracy theories and their participants tends to reinforce the illusion of separation and ignores the love that binds all things as One Being.”

I agree that one should not concentrate on “conspiracy theories”. The Cassiopaeans have said as much. But the fact is, they are a very real part of our world, and conspiracy is part and parcel of the STS pathway, and the reality in which we live. It is also apparent that we are here to learn the lessons of this reality as completely as possible in order to graduate. To consider this aspect of our world as being “outside” or “not a part” of God, is doing the very thing Carla was trying to avoid: in effect, by not learning about such things, she was reinforcing the illusion of separation and ignoring the love that binds all things as One Being — including conspiracies and their participants.

To this day, Carla focuses in that direction, and suffers incredibly from many physical ailments and, seemingly, other mental/emotional torments. She has stated in her writings that these sufferings are the price she must pay in her efforts to hold her focus on love and light. This is very commendable, but misses the point, I think. As we have talked about already, it is not that a person is supposed to manifest negativity in their lives in a deliberate way. There is always choice. That is the key. But it is in judging the negativity to be an error or a mistake or something to be “fixed” in others or the self that one goes astray. And when you exert effort to “create love and light via focus on same,” it becomes a tacit admission that there is some lack of it in your reality.

Folks have a lot of problems in distinguishing between “judgment” and “assessment and personal choice”. I can look at and assess any number of things as negative and choose to act otherwise, or, in other words, learn to give negativity its due by non-participation. But, I don’t have to think that I must impose my choice on anyone else, nor do I have to think that the negativity needs to be fixed or done away with. It is the choice of some beings to follow that path. They have the right to choose it just as I have the right to choose what I choose. And, the only way I can choose is to know the difference! And I cannot know the difference if I do not have the deepest knowledge possible about every aspect of the reality in which I live.

And that is not to say that we can ever fully know the truth. But it is our job to Love the Creator, and we cannot love the Creator/Self without knowing Creator/Self. When we deny fully half of Creation, we are choosing to love only our image of what the Creator should be, according to our judgment. And by blocking, or ignoring information that would instruct us about the many Faces of God, we are actually taking action against God. We are judging and carrying out a sentence of exclusion. And that which we exclude from acknowledgement comes back to us over and over again in our lessons in life.

Now, having talked about the Ra Material source in some detail, I want to suggest that those who have not read it try to get a copy because it is a rare and amazing thing what this group did, in spite of the pit they fell into and the tragedy that resulted. Don paid a very high price for the purity of the material and it deserves first place in the higher-level transmissions.

Here are some of the comments of the Cassiopaeans about the Ra channeling:

October 23, 1994

Q: (L) We want to know about the Ra Material by Elkins, Rueckert and McCarty. Where is the Ra Material coming from?

A: Sixth Density.

Q: (L) Would you say that the Ra Material comes through a clear channel?

A: Yes.

August 11, 1996

Q: (L) Okay, since the Ra Material is considered to be a kind of primer to the Cassiopaean material, could you give us a percentage on the accuracy of this material?

A: 63.

Q: (L) 63%, well, that’s pretty good, considering… (T) A lot of it is very good stuff… (L) Can you talk to us a little bit about the concept of Wanderers? In the Ra teaching about Wanderers, it is said that Wanderers are individuals who feel alienated in the world system…

A: Yes but they can partially adapt.

Q: (L) Okay, do they also sometimes have physical…?

A: Revulsion to physicality.

Q: (L) Okay, is that always a clue?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) Revulsion to physicality, does that refer to a dislike of the fact that in third density all is physical, and it’s fixed, as opposed to upper densities, where there are variables?

A: 3rd density is not “all” physical.

Q: (L) I think that what they’re getting at is like a fine division between somebody who focuses on physical sensation as opposed to spiritual or mental or emotional sensation as being the point of reference.

A: Yes. 3rd density natives tend to concentrate and, to an extent, revel, in the physical.

Q: (J) I think the point that I was trying to make was, having to stay in third density, would they miss the variability of physicality? (L) Well, Wanderers, remember, are sixth density beings.

A: The lack.

Q: (T) The lack of physicality?

A: Yes. Is missed. Not so much “miss,” as much as difficulty of adjustment.

Q: (T) If you were used to the freedom of non-physicality, and then became limited by being physical, you’d miss the non-physical state.

This is another area where there are some misunderstandings in the spiritual life. Many seekers believe that their inability to function in the real world is like a badge of merit — a proof of their great spirituality. Physical ailments, loss of function, inability to manage ordinary daily affairs, and so on and on are all excused because the person is so “spiritual” that they cannot be expected to be bothered with such things.

Well, that’s all fine and good but wouldn’t you think that a person who is supposed to have graduated to higher spiritual realms did so because they mastered the lower ones? And, if that is the case, what is so hard about remembering those lessons and activating them at a higher level of competence this time around? If you have graduated to sixth grade, surely you can ace all the tests of third grade?

In Amazing Grace, which chronicles my path toward the C’s, I have written about my specific work as a hypnotherapist and the things I learned as an exorcist that gave me insight into the ins and outs of the spiritual realms. I’m not going to go into that here except to say that I knew what I was dealing with when we began the channeling experiment.

For those who have asked the questions about my spiritual hygiene, I can assure you that I used some pretty sophisticated techniques to maintain a state of psychic cleanliness at the inception of the project, throughout the past 15 years or so, and at present. I constantly monitor the flavor, feel and “fruits” of the contact — making adjustments or shifts to accommodate. And, most of all, we look on it as “play”. We don’t now, nor did we ever, take it as true believer material. It sure is interesting because of the many areas that have independent corroboration, but some of it is, by its very nature, unverifiable.

There are many things we have learned, and not just from being informed via hard work, but also by having a suggestion given to us, which we then observed, experimented with, and developed more fully on our own. This is one of the keys to the uniqueness of the Cassiopaeans; they don’t just hand it out. As I have noted again and again, they give clues, but not roadmaps. Their position is that if we don’t do the work to gather the detailed knowledge, it is useless; like candy: empty calories. Clearly, this approach is designed to make the practice of channeling ultimately unnecessary and obsolete. We will, eventually, “become” them. Repeatedly they tell us that leading us by the hand is detrimental; they have laid the groundwork, given us the boost because we asked (and did so repeatedly, consistently, and with dedication for over two years before the contact initiated), but that the real purpose is to get us to learn to walk on our own.

Most channeled sources want folks to channel just so they can channel more and more and on and on. The Cassiopaeans have actually been becoming less and less communicative, preferring to tell us “you have the tools, we have taught you, now figure it out yourself!”

A lot of people don’t like that. They want to have everything handed to them. They don’t want to think or work or do anything except just lie down and have everything poured into their heads. Then, they just “believe” and get eaten alive (which generally manifests as all sorts of physical, emotional, mental and relationship type problems).

There is another curious thing about channeling and current day channeled material, and that is the excessive, archaic, or convoluted syntactical verbiage! As Michael Topper described it:

Consider, for example, the most common means of establishing the “inner plane” or channel connection: meditation.

This is the method most recommended both by channelers and the given channeled source.

Meditation is of course, as we should all know by now, a means of stilling the mind so that our ordinary thinking faculties are temporarily vetoed. This provisional silence of the otherwise constant “interior monologue” is the means whereby the one meditating is supposed to bypass the conditioning screen of (culturally programmed) concepts. In so doing he becomes ideally receptive to holistic dimensions otherwise recessed into the unconscious beyond the focus of ordinary “notice”.

However, as the very object of channeling, out of those ostensibly more holistic zones of being comes charging: more verbiage!

Out of the meditator’s mouth issues another voice.

In fact, the phenomenon is so prevalent that it seems every other face has “someone else’s” voice coming out of it (although this is apparently such a commonplace of Filmland that “channeling” seems more a logical extension than an abrupt break).

And a great deal of the content of such channeled information from coveted “higher sources,” is composed of odd syntactical constructions, inflected in the upper registers of nasality, extolling the virtues of meditation!

This of course can only mean one thing, ultimately, (amounting to a largely unnoticed metaphysical tautology), and that is: you’re being encouraged to meditate in order to still the noise of the verbal mind, thus putting you in the properly receptive condition to pass a sonorously rolling Voice, (not your own) around the glottis, in elicitation of a Speech which invariably extols the virtue of meditation, as means of extracting a verbal instruction that tells you…

As Topper notes, that is really SPOOKY!

Many people who read the Ra Material complain that they are irritated by the strange syntactical constructions and unusual word use. There seem to be extra and redundant words; there are confusing definitions, and so forth.

This is not the same thing as occurs in other channeled material where there are endless ramblings that go on and on and on consisting of nice, pleasant sounding words that say, in effect, nothing of significant value.

People send me reams of this stuff. They will find a new web site that posts such “wonderful channeled messages” from Swami Beyonda or Coot Whosits or whomever, and they will download entire files and then send them to me to discover if I am aware of this great information and will I please read it and offer up an opinion; or surely I should join forces with these people because, clearly, we are all saying the same thing!

So, I open the files and begin to read what different people send me.

Now let me say up front here that I am not perfect in terms of grammar, word selection, punctuation, or even spelling. I’m pretty good, but there are many people who are excruciatingly correct! I’m not one of them. But, I do have a great love and respect for language and its ability to communicate marvelous ideas so that people can be more intimately connected in this density which is, I think, one of the lessons before us and a major point of being in this density. I also really detest misuse of the language that results from carelessness and lack of concern for the spirit of communication. Furthermore, I can say that one thing I do know is the difference between subject and verb and how to diagram a sentence. (Thank you Miss Thompson and Mrs. McCurdy for making me do it in 9th and 10th grades!)

So, one of the first things I do when I start reading these “great” channeled exposés, is to take some sentences at random and diagram them to determine what they are really saying. I was amazed to discover, over and over again, such great contradictions and misuse of terms that, in effect, most of these passages consist of what is politely termed “word salad”. We jokingly refer to it as “salad shooter channeling”.

In a recent example, the material contained the following remark: “Our karmic purification is speeding up as the positrons that we hold in our bodies release and collide with their corresponding electron twins.”

Having a husband who is a physicist is very helpful in sorting out a lot of this mishmash. Ark replied to the individual who wrote to us inquiring about the above channeled message, as follows:

Dear ________,

I was reading this Nibiru stuff with some amusement.

I am open towards unconventional thinking but sometimes it is just funny. Positrons are antiparticles and they annihilate rather soon. So there is no way there can be any positrons in human bodies, unless they are constantly created by highly energetic processes!

For instance: several positrons have certainly been created in me today because I was in the lab and pretty close to a high-energy neutron source. Some of these neutrons went into my body and have been captured by Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and whatever. Then my atoms created energetic photons; then these photons created pairs: positron-electron, and then these positrons annihilated again. But once I was out of the lab, there were no more positrons in me.

Making a universal Galactic story out of the positrons is just disinformation. It misinforms all who are not physicists. And it is a typical disinformation pattern: truth between lies, and lies between truths.

It is true that that electron-positron pairs annihilate, emitting photons (sometimes two, sometimes three). It is a lie that positrons (in any significant number) are in our bodies (except temporarily for those people who are exposed to energetic radiation as I was in the lab today). Thus all the justifications of the “photon belt” are disinformation and traps.

Which brings us back to the problem of assessing different material. At one point we really wanted to nail this problem down. Ark decided to “interrogate” the Cassiopaeans about it.

December 31, 1997

Q: (A) Now, at some point you said when we asked about the Ra Material, you gave the number that it was 63 per cent accurate. Do you confirm this now?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Now, I want to know exactly how you got this number 63, how you computed it, why is it 63 and not 62 or 64?

A: The divination process always breaks down to mathematical processes, as this is the only true universal language.

Q: (A) But, I want to know what mathematical process you were using to get this number 63?!

A: Add the total number of words published; divide the sum by the number reflecting accurate conceptualizations.

[Note: the original transcript reads “divide by” rather than “divide into”, which serves pretty well as an example of possible distortion due to non-universality of meanings.]

Q: (A) Okay, if we have 100 words, and 25 are used in the description of a concept that is accurate, is that what you mean?

A: Close.

Q: (A) How do you determine if a given word is accurate?

A: By the verity of the issuer.

Q: (A) So, words, even though words can mean different things, the verity of the speaker can give…

A: Yes, because if monitored in a state of pure non-prejudice, the accuracy level will be perceived correctly.

Q: (A) Okay, I want to read a sentence: “the first, the Great Pyramid was formed approximately 6,000 of your years ago.” I want to go through this word-by-word. The word “the”, accurate or inaccurate?

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) “First”.

A: Inaccurate.

Q: (A) “The”.

A: Neuter.

Q: (A) “Great”.

A: Accurate, in this case because of conventional agreement.

Q: (A) Now, you describe a word as neutral, but in the mathematical algorithm you gave for computing the numbers, you didn’t mention neutral words, so, what do you do with neutral words?

A: They belong to the 37 percent, as they cannot be counted subjectively as accurate.

Q: (A) “was”.

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) “formed”.

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) “approximately”.

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) 6,000.

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) “of”.

A: Neuter.

Q: (A) “your”.

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) “years”.

A: Accurate.

Q: (A) Okay, if we apply the same formula to the C’s, your material, what percentage would you give?

A: Not up to us to measure.

Q: (A) Okay, you gave, concerning the pyramid the following sentence: “The Great Pyramid was built 10,643 years ago.” Is it accurate? (L) Yes, I think there is a problem. You confirmed the Ra Material on a point that contradicts what you gave yourselves!

A: Problem is not with “us,” problem is trying to compare to different frames of reference. Look for clues in terms of definition.

Q: (A) I don’t understand what you are saying. Either it was built 10,643 years ago or it was built 6,000 years ago.

A: Formed/built… you think it means the same thing, eh???

Q: (L) It was built before it was formed? (A) According to this Ra Material, was never built at all, it was formed by thoughts…

A: If your house is remodeled, then it takes a new form. Now, reread sentences in question carefully.

Q: (L) “The first, the Great Pyramid, was formed approximately 6,000 of your years ago. Then, in sequence, after this performing by thought of the building or architecture of the Great Pyramid, using the more local or earthly material rather than thought form material to build other pyramidal structures.” Now, C’s say: “The Great Pyramid was built by Atlantean descendants 10,643 years ago.”

A: No, Laura, no, no, no, no!!!!! If your house is remodeled in 1998, is that when it was built?

Q: (L) No, that is not when it was built. Okay, I get your point. Subtle clues have to be discerned. Can we use this process to analyze all the material?

A: You can, but senior citizenhood awaits its completion.

Q: (L) Is there some issue about asking this question of accuracy that needs to be addressed? One main thing we note is: Some sessions were more accurate than others depending upon who was present…

A: You got it!!!

Q: (L) Therefore, it would be difficult to assess an accuracy rating for the C’s themselves…

A: Bingo!

Q: (L) But, we can assess the material itself up to the present, keeping in mind that some parts can be more accurate than others…

A: 71.7.

Q: (L) Okay, that takes into account corruption from different people, long passages of comment from the participants, typos, reconstruction, and so forth. And, the same applies to the Ra Material… (A) Okay, suppose I have a sentence that “the Great Pyramid was built 10,000 years ago,” but really it was built yesterday, and you would give 70 per cent accuracy to this statement?

A: No.

Q: (A) But only one word is inaccurate… (L) No, only four words are accurate. If you have “The Great Pyramid was built 10,000 years ago,” you have eight words. Of those eight words, the only ones you can consider to be accurate are “Great Pyramid was built.” The word “the” is neuter, and “10,000” is inaccurate, so you divide the six words into the total and you have an accuracy rating of 75 percent. I think that, in the case of the problem you propose, it says it pretty well!

A: You are searching for a concrete formula within a vacuum of abstraction. The only way to get an accurate measurement is to wait until you can include the sum total of all the words, and then determine accuracy as a percentage of the total. With the total of all words, and each individual word as the unit of measurement.

Another way to consider this problem that the C’s are trying to convey to us in the above is to look at two nearly identical sentences.

1) There was rain over my house today.
2) There was no rain over my house today.

In different contexts, each statement can be true. But on a given day when it rained, to say that there was no rain would be a false statement. And yet, except for the single word, every other word in the sentence is “accurate”. You could say that it is 87 percent accurate, but it is still completely false in its context!

The bottom line seems to be: use your brain to figure it out!

Getting back to the Ra Material, we have discussed the filtering and the judgments of that group, and we have discussed a process by which percentages of accuracy can be divined, with the result that The Law of One still holds a very high place as one of the first, if not the first, Sixth Density Communication into our realm that was maintained over a consistent period of time in our modern era. So, don’t sell it short because of the unusual verbiage; apparently there was a reason for it.

It is my opinion that Ra spoke as he did because it was necessary in order to get the information through the various constrictions and biases of the channel. Otherwise, I cannot justify why a Sixth Density being would not be able, considering their “lofty attainments”, to communicate in terms that are more generally comfortable to the Third Density mind. As I said before, if you are in 6th grade, it shouldn’t be too hard to go back and do 3rd grade stuff. It may take a little adjustment period, but it can be done.

Yes, in the beginning of the Cassiopaean contact, there were some rather archaic and stiff sentences — but as time passed and the channel grooved, the communication became more natural, and even gently humorous. I asked the Cassiopaeans about this:

November 11, 1995

Q: (L) I noticed that in the beginning of these transmissions that the language was very formalized, and that as time has gone by, the language used has become more colloquial. Why is this?

A: Formalized? Colloquial? Define your judgment, please!

Q: (L) Well, what I meant was, that in the beginning it seemed that certain colloquial expressions that we are accustomed to were unclear to you. And now, not only is there great familiarity with our expressions, but you seemed to often come up with rather clever and original witty sayings.

A: Familiarity breeds contentment!

Q: (L) Okay. I want to get on with the questions for tonight…

A: Do you not wish to reflect upon our witticism?

Q: (L) (Laughter.) Yes! I thought that was a very clever witticism!

A: It seemed as if you were not impressed?!? Give us a break, Laura?!? We’re only sixth density!

We have also discussed our own material and its flaws and shortcomings, and even with awareness and constant monitoring, we are only making a little over 71 percent — at least that was the figure at the time. I am certainly working on ways of improving and purifying the material all the time. In regard to this, the Cassiopaeans have many times commented on the need to actively learn and acquire knowledge. The effort put forth in this respect is sort of equivalent to exercising your soul/mind muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets:

Subtle answers that require effort to dissect promote intensified learning. Learning is an exploration followed by the affirmation of knowing through discovery. Learning is necessary for progress of soul… this is how you are building your power center… Patience serves the questor of hidden knowledge… Search your “files”… Learning is sometimes best accomplished by study and exploration… There are other clues that you can discover by your own study… (Cassiopaeans)

This is why the many sources that drone on and on in such extraordinary detail, even if some of what they are saying is truth, can be doing a great disservice to their devotees due to the fact that they are not encouraging them to think for themselves.

So, what’s the difference, other than the obvious? Some people would say that they “learn differently” — that it is “right” for them to learn by simply “receiving the inflow of information”, and because they receive it in this way, that makes it right.

Well, I am not going to say that this is not possible, for sure! My experience has been that there are people who have “done the work” in many lifetimes prior to this one, and at some magical moment, they hear something or see something, or something happens and the key gets turned and it all opens up! This is why the Sufi masters talk about some seekers who can begin the process and rapidly achieve enlightenment, and others can “stand at the door and knock” their entire lives and it is never opened to them. On the surface it seems unfair, but behind it is a reality of long and diligent labor on the part of the soul who “achieves” so quickly.

I guess you could apply the same principle to persons who demonstrate great artistic talent — they didn’t just get it without a reason; it was the result of possibly many lifetimes of work as an artist before the present one. So, it can and does happen!

We still have to be concerned about this because, in some cases it can be true, and in others it may not be true! My experience has been that this can be used as a stumbling block, and very often the concept is utilized to assure the recipient that the channeled information is true or STO, simply by virtue of the fact that it is channeled, when, in fact, it is not true. In the end, the only way to validate any information is by work — reading, studying, research — exercising the gray matter!

As I write this, I have received another e-mail from a reader asking about still another source of channeled teachings. He writes that this information “can be difficult to understand because it is written in such a way as to be accessed through the emotional body and if you aren’t in touch with that you won’t get it.”

That, right there, sets off warning bells in my head. Information that requires emotion to understand is, by definition, distorted. As I have already mentioned, any woman of childbearing age will tell you that emotions are chemical and very definitely color how you think. A very neutral personality trait that could be described as “slowness to act”, can be seen as either commendable caution or cowardice depending on which hormone is in the upper ranges of distribution in the female body at the moment. A mild joke can be funny or tragic depending on what day of the month it is!

So, if emotion is what is necessary to understand the referenced work, I don’t think it has much objective validity. The Cassiopaeans have made many comments about emotion, but the following one is, I believe, most appropriate in regard to the idea that emotion is necessary to learn truth:

November 21, 1998

Q: (L) The question is: in reality, what is it that really exists? What are things that really exist?

A: Gravity is the key. Now, plug in your wave functions.

Q: (L) How can you describe gravity mathematically?

A: Must be possible! Review texts re: gravity.

Q: (L) We did… and either we are so dense, or we can’t get it…

A: Not dense, emotionally clouded. When one is in a defensive mode, all is “skewed,” including this conduit. Review texts and meditate to clear consciousness of emotional poison!

The correspondent further writes, “Apparently one of the agenda’s the ET’s have is to recover and reintegrate [themselves] with their wills that they denied and separated from long, long ago.”

So, we begin to understand the motivation… it is an apologia for the nasty critters invading our world and an attempt to garner sympathy for them. This is further amplified with:

One of the books in the series is about original cause that was the trauma experienced when God split into male and female and that the trauma from then is still affecting us now. A point made is that we can not get to that trauma with our minds alone because Mind did not exist then and as far as our minds are concerned this trauma never happened and doesn’t exist!

Well, that was a curious statement and I decided to go to the web site in question and see if I couldn’t get a bit of clarification on that idea. I won’t describe the gory details of the story of creation presented there, I will only say that the upshot is that, once again, our reality is being described as the result of an error or mistake; something that has to be “fixed”, and, again, it is basically attributed to the female. Of course, this source is going to teach everybody to channel so they can “fix things”! This is really just a variation on what David Icke writes:

November 21, 1998

Q: (L) David Icke says: “The imbalanced consciousness that I will call Lucifer is not an essential part of the positive/negative balance. He is a disrupting, disharmonious aspect of consciousness, which is not necessary for human evolution. More than that, Lucifer’s efforts to close off the channels that link humanity to its higher understanding have blocked, not advanced, our evolution.” Is this a correct assessment of this Luciferian Consciousness, that it is not part of the positive/negative balance of the universe, and that it has blocked our evolution?

A: No. It is part of the lesson plan.

Q: (L) That was my thought as well, but he says that because of this problem with the Luciferian consciousness, the “higher levels of creation began to intervene because Lucifer was imposing its misunderstandings on others and breaking the universal law of free will. Is this true?

A: No.

Q: (L) I have read about this “decision to intercede” by higher levels of consciousness who look down upon mankind and feel sorry for our terrible suffering, and that somehow, if something isn’t done, the whole universe will be overcome by this evil… so it has got to be “stopped”. A number of sources promote this idea, which then leads, generally, to claims that this or another alien group is part of the “good guys” or “bad guys”, or whatever. Is any of this idea accurate?

A: No.

Q: (L) So, what is is, and we only suffer exactly as much as we need to learn? Is that it?

A: There is more to it than that, but at this point, you would be unable to comprehend.

Q: (L) Icke says, “This Luciferian consciousness is a large aspect of Divine Consciousness which chose to work against the Source.” Is this true?

A: Not really. It is balancing where needed.

Q: (L) He says: “Other volunteers, aspects of very highly evolved consciousness, came into the universe and this galaxy in an effort to restore harmony. They did not incarnate in physical bodies on the earth, they arrived in spacecraft, some of them miles in length, while others simply manifested themselves here. These were extraterrestrials who came to bring knowledge to this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago.” Is this true? Yes or no?

A: Neither.

The point is: it is all about balance, and cycles and timelessness. To believe in error or something that needs to be fixed, even if that fixing is to be managed by ignoring, is to further add to the creation of that reality. Remember what the Cassiopaeans have said about belief:

Most all power necessary for altering reality and physicality is contained within the belief center of the mind. This is something you will understand more closely when you reach 4th density reality where physicality is no longer a prison, but is instead, your home, for you to alter as you please. In your current state, you have the misinterpretation of believing that reality is finite and therein lies your difficulty with finite physical existence. We are surprised that you are still not able to completely grasp this concept.

The crucial point to understand here is this: if you believe that something is broken, that something needs to be fixed out there, that is exactly the reality you will experience.

If you spend your days and nights saying prayers and mantras, sending love and light here and there, or visualizing change or something different than what is at the given moment, if you assign a day to “pray for peace” or “heal the Earth”, or “converge harmonically”, you are, effectively, acting from the belief that there is something wrong, broken, needing change, needing peace, needing healing, or needing harmony. You are proclaiming, in a clear and present way, what is is not acceptable, God screwed up.

Now, let’s deal with that. Obviously, there is a lot of stuff that goes on here on the Big Blue Marble that we don’t like! There is death and decay and darkness. There is poverty and want and suffering. There is war and pestilence and disaster after disaster. What kind of a crazy person would want things to continue that way?

Not me.

But I know something from experience that gives me a different perspective. I know that the Universe is a self-regulating mechanism of which I, as a third density human being, am only a tiny, insignificant part. I also know that when I keep my judgments out of it, (remembering that judgment conveys the idea of taking some action), the Universe knows better what is needed at any given point in space-time than my limited, feeble human brain could ever conceive. Further, I know that when I get myself out of the way, when I sit back and observe what is with appreciation, with awe and wonder; with curiosity as to what clever and wonderful thing “God” is going to do next in this marvelous, endlessly changing reality in which we have our existence, I am never disappointed.

Nevertheless, at this point, I would like to comment on the idea that “in the beginning,” mind did not exist. This is quite contrary to what the Cassiopaeans say, which is, in fact, that the only thing that is real is mind.

February 25, 1995

Q: (GB) Could you explain the process of the soul?

A: Soul is consciousness, period.

October 18, 1994

Q: (L) Are you part of the collective subconscious, unconscious, or consciousness? Are you part of our higher consciousness?

A: So is everything else.

November 16, 1994

A: There is no time, as you know it; it’s all just lessons for the collective consciousness.

Q: (L) So at the closing of this grand cycle everything will just start all over again?

A: Not exactly. You see; there is no start.

November 13, 1999

Q: (L) Next question; a reader writes: “In [certain teachings], man is viewed as a composite entity comprised of one being, supposed hopefully to be ‘in charge’, and an enormous number of separate entities in various states of consciousness/unconsciousness, not completely dissimilar to the description given in Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. One of the critical differences between what the Cassiopaeans are saying and what is given as fact in [those teachings] is that, in [the referenced teachings], one is taught that one is not ultimately One, that an individual remains an individual to the upper reaches of evolution, and evolves as a “god”. [I cannot vouch for this being the actual teachings of the mentioned source; I am only reading the question as the reader wrote it.]

A: The Grand Pulsation makes individuality a temporary state of being.

Q: (L) By saying that the Grand Pulsation is only a temporary state of individuation, this means that all are One and return to the state of Oneness.

A: Yes. If so, it is always true. All are ultimately “god”.

Q: (L) But they don’t evolve as a god by remaining individual in the upper reaches of evolution?

A: What would be the purpose?

Q: (L) I guess they are hung up on remaining individuals and becoming as “gods” for purposes of power and control issues… sort of ultimate STS.

A: Maybe that would work if time and linear reality were correct, but…

May 27, 1995

Q: (L) What is the link between consciousness and matter?

A: Illusion.

Q: (L) What is the nature of the illusion? (T) That there isn’t any connection between consciousness and matter. It is only an illusion that there is. It is part of the third density…

A: No. Illusion is that there is no link between consciousness and matter.

Q: (L) I got it! The relationship is that consciousness is matter.

A: Close. What about vice versa?

June 7, 1997

Q: (L) All right There are a lot of people teaching that there are divisions of ethereal being such as spirit, soul, consciousness, etc. What is the difference between the spirit and the soul?

A: Semantics.

But, curiously, going back to the former statement that consciousness is matter and matter is consciousness, the Cassiopaeans have defined four “bodies”, so to speak:

October 10, 1998

A: And remember, your consciousness operates on four levels, not just one!

Q: (L) And what are these four levels?

A: Physical body, consciousness, genetic body and spirit-etheric body.

Q: (L) Are those the four composites of the human manifestation in third density?

A: 3rd and 4th. One leads oneself, through physical actions, as well as psychic ones, to develop these “problems” when one is preparing to “bump it up” a notch.

October 23, 1999

Q: (A) The question is: is this theory that I have been developing with Blanchard for the past ten years or even more, is it a step forward; can it be made a step forward by completing it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, if it can be a step forward, the main question that we don’t know the answer to is: what is classical? Gravity or consciousness or something else? What? Or, perhaps everything is classical…

A: Classical [physics] negates consciousness, regarding the mind as merely a function of chemical functions and electrical impulses occurring within a vacuum, rather than being interfaced with the rest of creation at all levels of density and all dimensions, which is of course, the case.

Wheeler writes:

“The universe viewed as a self-excited circuit. Starting small (thin U at upper right), it grows (loop of U) to observer participancy — which in turn imparts ‘tangible reality’ to even the earliest days of the universe”

“If the views that we are exploring here are correct, one principle, observer-participancy, suffices to build everything. The picture of the participatory universe will flounder, and have to be rejected, if it cannot account for the building of the law; and space-time as part of the law; and out of law substance. It has no other than a higgledy-piggledy way to build law: out of statistics of billions upon billions of observer participancy each of which by itself partakes of utter randomness.”5

Gravity is the “glue, which binds all aspects of reality, physical and ethereal. Nothing would exist without consciousness to perceive it. Classical physics assumes, among other things, that consciousness and the brain are one and the same, or that one exclusively facilitates the other. In actuality, the brain is merely that conduit which facilitates conscious expression in the physical state of human third density states and similar manifestations.

December 9, 1995

Q: (L) Carlos Castaneda talks about the “Eagle’s emanations”, the Eagle being, I suppose, Prime Creator that emanates down through all the densities, and that the Nagual who can “see”, sees the Eagle as a large black and white object. Are they seeing the source, or are they seeing something on just another density?

A: Source? There is no such thing. You are Prime Creator.

Q: (L) But that is so esoteric… I am talking about…

A: The point is: stop filling your consciousness with monotheistic philosophies planted long ago to imprison your being. Can’t you see it by now, after all you have learned, that there is no source, there is no leader, there is no basis, there is no overseer, etc. You literally possess, within your consciousness profile, all the power that exists within all of Creation!?! You absolutely have all that exists, ever has, or ever will, contained within your mind. All you have to do is learn how to use it, and at that moment, you will literally, literally, be all that is, was, and ever will be!!!!!!!!

Q: (L) That is all fine and dandy and sounds wonderful, except for one little item. You also say that the monotheistic concepts were imposed on us to prevent us from knowing this. So, if we are all that is, how can something exist that can impose something so unpleasant on us?

A: Choices follow desire-based imbalances.

Q: (L) If that is the case, why can’t any one just turn off the lights, end the illusion, and everything becomes nothing?

A: Well, first of all, everything does not become anything. Secondly, some have already become everything.

December 19, 1998

Q: (L) If, at fourth density, there is variability of physicality, and the Lizzies, as you have previously said, are engineering new bodies for themselves to occupy in some sort of mass transition at the time of this realm border crossing; in this state of variability of physicality, why do they need to engineer new bodies for themselves? Why, in point of fact, are Lizzies, Lizzies? Why do they look like Lizards?

A: They do not.

Q: (L) Well, why do we call them Lizard Beings? I mean, you named them that!

A: We label in accordance with your familiarity. If we had called them “Drachomonoids,” what would be your point of reference??

Q: (L) What do they really look like? You said they resemble upright alligators with humanoid features, six to eight feet tall…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, why do they look like that?

A: Biology.

Q: (L) Does biology exist at fourth density?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Yet, it is a variable physical density, right?

A: Yes, but what is your assumption here?

Q: (L) I don’t know what my assumption is. I guess that I am assuming that if it is a variable state, they could have a different biology very easily. Isn’t that the case?

A: No.

Q: (L) Can they appear as something else? Change their physicality?

A: Temporarily.

Q: (L) When you say “temporary”, what exactly do you mean? Temporal relates to time.

A: We have explained before that the biggest single factor regarding densities is the awareness level.

Q: (L) Okay, how does that relate to them only being able to temporarily change their appearance. Is this because they can control our awareness?

A: Closer. Are you not yet aware that absolutely everything, we repeat: everything is an illusion?!?

Q: (A) They say here that everything is an illusion, and on the other hand they say there is consciousness and matter. Everything is an illusion? Even this?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) God is also an illusion?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Illusion to whom?

A: To those not on Level Seven. Your learning naturally dictates your experiences. Once you no longer require something, you naturally move beyond it. However, you retain it as a function of understanding.

Q: (A) And I am also an illusion! And understanding is also an illusion! (L) Back to my question: who created Lizzies as Lizzies? (A) Our illusion…

A: Everything is real; therefore, illusion is reality.

Q: (L) If everything is an illusion, from what does this illusion spring, and into what space does it spring?

A: Your consciousness.

Q: (L) Where did this consciousness originate?

A: Consciousness is the absolute, the center point.

Q: (L) Where is it centered?

A: Within the Access. The prompt that begets energy.

Q: (L) Of what is this energy made?

A: The consciousness.

Q: (L) Was there ever a time when this consciousness did not exist?

A: No, but there never was a time.

Q: (L) What prompted this consciousness to dream up all these illusions?

A: Need for balance. Energy cannot exist within a vacuum, therefore it must pulse. Hence you have waves.

Q: (L) What was the impetus for the need for balance?

A: Not a need, per se, just a natural function.

Q: (L) Well, when you have a pulse, you have a wave, and if you have a wave, that implies time.

A: Therein lies the crux of your 3rd density illusion. Why assume that any given aspect of the pulse is not occurring simultaneously with any other. And if any are, all are. Until you once and for all break free from the illusion of time, you will not advance.

Q: (L) Well, back to my question…

A: No, your question cannot be answered unless you stop assuming the range of acceptable answers.

See how easy it is to get off the track and switch from the subject of “accuracy” to “consciousness”? But, I think that I will just go with the flow here, and make some final remarks. It is good to read and study many things. As a member of our discussion group has said:

So read the Bible. Read the Koran. Read the Three Little Pigs. Read EVERYTHING! You’ll be certain to read a lot of silly things, but you’ll also stand a chance of seeing bits and pieces of TRUTH.

1 In fact, after a series of events described in Petty Tyrants and Facing the Unknown, these unedited transcripts were stolen and published illegally on the Internet, violating the privacy of many individuals. I am currently in the process of putting the complete transcripts — minus any personal information about guests to our sessions — on my forum:

2 William C. Chittick, The Sufi Path of Knowledge (Albany: State University of New York Press, 1989).

3 Ibid.

4 While the being(s) known as Ra present themselves as a “social memory complex”, much as the C’s present themselves, I have referred to them as “he” for the ease of the reader.

5 J.A. Wheeler, “Beyond the Black Hole”, in Some Strangeness in the Proportion, Ed. Harry Woolf (London: Addison-Wesley, 1980).