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Schwaller de Lubicz and the Fourth Reich Part 1

Many readers have written to me asking about the work of Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, and why I have suggested that work based on his ideas is misleading. I have before me the lovely boxed set of his magnum opus, The Temple of Man, in which Schwaller makes all kinds of claims about the “pharaonic intelligence” and thought, which we must take as true simply because he says so. Oh, indeed, he does attempt to dazzle the ignorant and easy believer with his mathematical and “symbolique” feats of cerebral derring-do, but when his sentences are examined carefully for content, one makes the most distressing discovery that the word density of Schwaller is quite low. And he helpfully informs us at the beginning, in case we don’t get it, that if we don’t get it, it’s going to be our fault because we aren’t bright enough to get it.

Schwaller de Lubicz settled in Egypt in 1938 and for the next 15 years studied the symbolism of the temples, particularly Luxor, finding what he considered to be proof that the ancient Egyptians were the ultimate examples of Synarchy, because the were ruled by a group of elite initiates. He failed to point out that the Egyptian civilization was static and limited. What’s more, it caved in on itself, and never managed to produce any significant work of benefit for humanity, as mathematician Otto Neugebauer showed. In fact, Neugebauer made it clear that the Egyptian civilization was a hindrance to the development of mankind. The Pharaonic lifestyle was that of a small group of the “elite,” served and worshipped by everyone else – and that all others were, essentially, expendable.

But let’s back up a bit and review some history.

Clement of Alexandria established the idea that the “true philosophy” was Hebrew, and that it was preserved most closely in the Egyptian “Mystery Schools.” I would like for the reader who has not done so, to stop right now and read my series of article entitled Who Wrote the Bible? for a better understanding of why this single point is so important.

The Ten Commandments declares from the start: “I am the Lord Your God.” But that’s only half the story. A reading of the full verse shows how belief in the God of Torah is predicated on the Exodus experience: “I am the Lord Your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt from the house of slavery.”

The Jewish people have survived for thousands of years, against all odds, because, as they say, “we knew clearly the truth of Torah.” When the Jews who lived during the times of the Crusades chose to be burned at the stake rather than convert, they were certain that they were not dying for a god and a religion that was based on lies. Many Jews nowadays, in reaction to “biblical revisionism,” claim that to suggest otherwise is to insult the millions of Jews who have died for their beliefs. If Torah isn’t true, what were they dying for? And if Torah wasn’t true, on what is the “New Covenant of Christ based?

What is more, to say that the Bible is composed from four different texts, and that we have an idea of how it was “invented” or from what other traditions the stories may have been borrowed with a greater or lesser degree of distortion, does not deal with the central issue. When we have taken the whole thing apart and have ascertained, as much as possible, the approximate legitimacy of each element, there still remains another question that actually constitutes the essence of the matter: What are the main trends of the whole? What are the lines of force running through the ideological field in which the details are placed?

Well, that started to bug me. I thought about the fact that the Jews are not the only ones who die for their beliefs, or who are dying right now for their beliefs, including many Palestinians. I would also like to point out that, because of the beliefs of the Jews, and the consequences of those beliefs, including the creation of Christianity, which was founded on the platform of Judaism, many multiplied millions of human beings have died. Out of the deaths that were the result of World War II, the deaths of Jews constitute only one tenth of the total. It could be then said that 55 million other human beings – most of them Christian – died for the sake of the beliefs of the Jews.

It struck me forcibly that something was wrong with this picture.

I then further considered the matter: as a result of Christianity, which evolved out of Judaism, we could begin to count the numbers of Native Americans, Hawaiians, Africans, South Americans, and a host of other peoples of a dozen or more other faiths that have given up their lives to the depredations of monotheism.

The saying of Jesus, when he was accused of casting out demons by the power of Satan kept sneaking back into my head and whispering: “By their fruits you shall know them.” And it was pretty evident that this idea that any one group had the hotline to God was a tree that bore very bitter fruit. It then struck me as strange that, automatically, I was using a saying of Jesus as a yardstick of reality in which I was trying to determine the reality of Jesus and all that went before. I realized how deeply this system pervades the psyche of the Western mind, and how nearly impossible it is to even formulate a coherent thought without it. Nevertheless, as a yardstick, the “fruits agenda” seemed to be useful. It suggested an empirically observable way in which we might evaluate our reality. We know, for example, that very often a beautiful plant, with succulent appearing fruit, can be deadly poison. Contrariwise, some plants that are really ordinary in appearance, with unattractive fruit, are quite tasty and beneficial. So, I decided that the “fruits agenda” could safely be employed as an evaluation criterion.

I tried to imagine a situation in which monotheism – the idea of one, and only one, universal god with a “chosen group” of followers and priests – was not the arbiter of our reality. I tried to imagine a world where religion was not the reason people would consider themselves more special or “chosen” than other people, or more “right” or having a monopoly on the “real” Universal God, in the “right” context, and with the “right” rituals and modes of worship. I tried to imagine a world where “saving” others from their errors was not a priority, and I suddenly realized that such a world, where everyone accepted everyone else’s view of god, or gods, or worship as being right for them, would be a far more pleasant world. And suddenly, I realized that Judaism is the trunk of the tree that bears bitter fruit, and monotheism is at the root of all the religions that dominate the Western world today.

During Passover and on Good Friday of this year (2001), the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled Doubting the Story of Exodus. A number of Jewish commentators wrote scathingly that the “the timing was typical of the insensitivity often shown in mainstream media to religious Jews and Christians.” This insensitivity was compared to publishing an article on Martin Luther King’s extramarital affairs on Martin Luther King Day.

I had to wonder when I read that remark if the writer was even conscious of the comparison he was drawing: that there are “dirty secrets” behind Yahweh’s claim to be a liberator and a “good guy?” And what is so “insensitive” about TRUTH?

The main complaint of the Jews regarding the findings of the scholars (in this case, archaeologists in particular) that the Exodus never happened, is that their whole religion and claim to Palestine is based on Exodus. If the Exodus never happened, then there is nothing to Judaism. And, they have a point.

But that is what the evidence shows: that the story of Exodus, as told by the Bible, simply never happened. Every effort and attempt to juggle the times, or suggest real historical explanations that might fit, end in failure. And believe me, I have read a lot of them looking for the one that might really fit myself! I admit that I have been as desperate as anyone to discover the “truth” of the Bible.

One of my favorite arguments, for a rather long time, was to denigrate science as being full of anti-religious bias to begin with, and then I would point out all the accounts of scientific theories that have been proven wrong in order to support my argument. I would sneeringly remark that, since scientists can’t make up their mind about anything, or since they often change their theories based on new data, that we ought not to believe any of them about anything until they finally give us the final and complete answer. Meanwhile, we are better off believing Yahweh and/or Jesus since they do claim to have the final answer!

I would then point out how the Big Bang proved that God created the universe, and that scientists didn’t like this theory because of that very reason. The fact of the matter is that now I have studied the Big Bang theory in some detail, and I realize that a more materialistic theory of the origins of the universe has never been invented, and it is actually not a very good one. The Big Bang theory, despite the best efforts of many scientists to “cook the data” and make it work, is slowly being overturned as a useful theory. Does that prove that we ought to believe the Bible, and that we ought to stop looking for answers?

And yet again, I am reminded of a parable of Jesus! The story of the Pearl of Great price where the guy knew that there was a field with a treasure buried in it, and he sold all he owned to purchase the field.

Well, of course, that parable is used repeatedly to symbolize giving up everything you own to have salvation by faith. But what if that pearl is Knowledge and “giving up everything you own” means to expend all efforts in the pursuit of knowledge? What if it relates to the Parable of the Talents and “burying one’s talent” is equivalent to not taking the risk and buying the field? What if not going after the pearl is the act of stopping thinking, to stop trying to learn and discover? What if it is equivalent to stop knocking and asking at the door? And if we stop, if we do not trade with our talents, and if we do not exert all our efforts to purchase that knowledge, if we sit down and bury our talent by settling on a belief and stopping thinking, will we possibly be cast into outer darkness?

In fact, Jesus said: “You will know the Truth, and the truth will set you free. The only problem is, different groups have their own version of the truth, and each group thinks that the version it has is the right “truth.” Is it so that only one group gets to be right in the end? And if so, which one? And if not, then what is everybody dying for?

Regarding the general consensus that has been reached among scholars, after many years of hard work and painful attempts to prove Exodus, they simply had to be honest with themselves and admit that they couldn’t find what they were looking for. Those who accuse them of “anti-religious” bias don’t know much about archaeologists. Many of them enter the field because they want, more than anything, to prove the Bible to be true. But thankfully, most of them are honest, even if it hurts. And it certainly has to be painful to report discoveries when they know they will face vicious attacks from true believers. One Jewish commentator on the matter wrote:

According to the book of Exodus, the Israelites spent only 40 years in the desert over 3,000 years ago. What could possibly remain from a mere 40 years in a desert 3,000 years later? And since when does the alleged lack of physical proof mean something never happened or doesn’t exist?

Apparently this writer failed to read the evidence carefully. Evidence was most definitely found of individuals in the desert. Some of this evidence was even older than the times of the supposed Exodus. Some evidence was from later times. The point was that there was NO evidence found in the time period in which the Exodus was supposed to have occurred, and certainly NO evidence of the vast hordes of Israelites that were supposed to have been members of the forty year wandering party. And the archaeologists involved even went to great extremes in allowing as wide a window of time as possible to cover any and all possible scenarios.

No Exodus; no Cigar.

The above writer would certainly demand some physical proof if he was charged with a crime in a court of law! And the point is that it seems that religion is, indeed, guilty of a crime. The fruits of the religions of man are horrible persecutions, multiplied millions upon millions of deaths, and we still persist in saying that we don’t need some sort of evidence that our beliefs are appropriate? Maybe it’s true; maybe we can never have any “proof” of the physical kind that they are true, but we certainly have circumstantial evidence, and it all points to monotheism as being guilty of a terrible crime perpetrated against humanity.

The arguments for the Exodus, as described in the Bible, descend rapidly to some of the most absurd comments I have ever read. One writer snidely remarked:

I have no doubt that many of the archaeologists who are so certain that the Jews never wandered out of Egypt are quite sure that there is intelligent life somewhere in the universe. But on what basis? Despite decades of highly sophisticated probing, we do not have a shred of evidence to support the belief that intelligent life exists anywhere else. They choose to believe it because logic suggests to them that intelligent life exists out there. Well, logic suggests to many of us that Jews were slaves in Egypt and that there was an exodus. For thousands of years Jews have been retelling this story. It is possible that it is all a 3,000-year-old fairy tale, but do logic and common sense suggest this? Why would a people make up such an ignoble history? Why would a people fabricate a myth of its origins in which it is depicted so negatively?

There is no parallel in human history to the Hebrew Bible’s negative depiction of the Jews’ national origins. The Torah’s depiction of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt to Canaan portrays the Jews as ingrates, rebels and chronic complainers, undeserving of the freedom G-d and Moses brought them. Moreover, aside from Moses, the heroes of the story are nearly all non-Jews. It is the daughter of Pharaoh who saves and rears Moses (later Jewish tradition actually holds her to be his mother); it is a Midianite priest, Jethro, who tells Moses how to govern the Jewish people; and the two midwives who refuse the pharaoh’s order to kill all male Jewish babies are almost certainly Egyptians. As for Moses himself, he is depicted as being raised an Egyptian. That is one of the three reasons I am certain of the Jews’ slavery and exodus. Any people that makes up a history for itself makes sure to depict itself as heroic and other peoples as villains. That the Torah’s story does the very opposite is for me an unassailable argument on behalf of its honesty.[3]

Aside from the ridiculous comparison of probing outer space – to which we have no direct access – to the study of archaeology, which is definitely a hands-on activity with many tools at its disposal, the argument about the “ignoble” beginnings is actually specious. In fact, using a history of slavery and suffering to induce a people to unite into a certain mode of action is a rather common Machiavellian trick. In fact, it is precisely the argument Hitler used to rally the Germans to throw off the yoke of the Treaty of Versailles. What is more, such an argument is also a backward way of saying: “See how special we are? We were ingrates and stiff-necked, and we fought Yahweh all the way. But he chose us, so what can we do? We are the ones, the only ones, that he has chosen thus, and therefore it must be because there is something wonderful and special about us, and nobody else on the planet is as wonderful and special as we are!” And in fact, I have found that both arguments are used by Jews – either one will do when it is convenient. Allow me to point out that this is not a “Jewish” trait, it is a human trait. What is more, the Jews are not the only ones who claim an origin as slaves!

But, there is something more to Judaism than meets the eye. Another commentator pointed out that the Jews have preserved the Torah and observed all of its meticulous laws for thousands of years, under the most adverse circumstances, with minimal deviation, after being scattered all over the world.

The argument that this is proof of the validity of the Bible says that the various theories of the “Biblical scholars” as to when, where and by whom the Bible was allegedly composed do not explain how the “stubborn, stiff-necked” Jewish people (as described in the Bible) were tricked or coerced into accepting a purported monumental hoax. Nor do the experts have any rational explanation as to why the Jews have clung so tenaciously and meticulously to the commandments for so many centuries and through so much persecution!

They ask: If the Exodus never happened, how did it become so deeply ingrained in the collective Jewish psyche? How is it that no natural Jews, however secular they may be, can trace their ancestry back further than four generations without running into a solid line of believers in Torah? What would cause generation after generation to endure so much suffering for the sake of some phony hoax some Israelite ruler put over on the ignorant multitude? The experts have no answer as to how the entire Jewish people (including the so-called “Ultra Orthodox”) all agreed to go along with a weird scheme and kept it up for century after century even when easier and more popular schemes came along.

Good points, yes? How in the world could so many people be fooled for so long by a purported hoax, when all of them are so obviously superior in mental and spiritual qualities?

Well, I think we can find the answer to this question, though the reader will need to bear with me here. First, let’s take a look at a story told to P.D. Ouspensky by Georges Gurdjieff about an evil magician.

There is an Eastern tale which speaks about a very rich magician who had a great many sheep. But at the same time this magician was very mean. He did not want to hire shepherds, nor did he want to erect a fence about the pasture where his sheep were grazing. The sheep consequently often wandered into the forest, fell into ravines, and so on, and above all they ran away, for they knew that the magician wanted their flesh and skins and this they did not like.

At last the magician found a remedy. He hypnotized his sheep and suggested to them first of all that they were immortal and that no harm was being done to them when they were skinned, that, on the contrary, it would be very good for them and even pleasant; secondly he suggested that the magician was a good master who loved his flock so much that he was ready to do anything in the world for them; and in the third place he suggested to them that if anything at all were going to happen to them it was not going to happen just then, at any rate not that day, and therefore they had no need to think about it. Further the magician suggested to his sheep that they were not sheep at all; to some of them he suggested that they were lions, to others that they were eagles, to others that they were men, and to others that they were magicians.

And after this all his cares and worries about the sheep came to an end. They never ran away again but quietly awaited the time when the magician would require their flesh and skins.”

In order to awaken, first of all one must realize that one is in a state of sleep. And, in order to realize that one is, indeed, in a state of sleep, one must recognize and fully understand the nature of the forces which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis. It is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from the very source which induces the hypnosis.

Theoretically, (a man can awaken),but practically it is almost impossible because as soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming that the is awake or awakening.[5]

When I first read this story in 1985 or 86, I was so enraged at the suggestion that the god of my religion was an evil magician, that I actually threw the book across the room against the wall. I fumed and stewed and I’ll bet that steam literally issued from my ears. I was hot! After awhile, when I had calmed down a bit, I examined the idea in my mind, and a still, small voice asked me: “what if it’s true?”

I was so shocked at such a traitorous thought in my own mind that I literally clutched my head to drive out the demon! If ever there was evidence of how Satan works, that thought creeping into my brain was it! I resorted to a frenzy of prayer to blot such an idea out of my awareness.

But it wouldn’t go away. At that point in my life I had spent years searching for the ways and means to justify and “prove” my religion, my faith; and here I was being presented with about the most controversial thought imaginable: what if it wasn’t just wrong? What if it is a system that is deliberately contrived to keep people blind?

Well, heck, that’s sick! Isn’t it?

At about that point in time someone gave me a copy of the Gnostic texts of Nag Hammadi. I was pretty sure that I was going to read these very ancient writings – older than most of the copies of the original Bible we have – and that they were going to give me clues that would provide a path to inerrancy and faith. Here, surely, we would find the truth that had been distorted by millennia of translation and editing. These guys lived back then, they must have had a clue about what was going on. The Gnostic writings were going to give me the keys to reconcile my faith questions.

Guess what? The idea of the Evil Magician as god was right there at the center of gnosticism. What’s more, their version has barely come down to us because the Catholic church saw to it that nearly all the copies of such heresy were destroyed and anybody who subscribed to it was burned at the stake. Right there, right then, I sat up and took note. Something was wrong with this picture. And I have spent the last sixteen years trying to come to some conclusion about which idea stands up as truth after it has been tested, tried, challenged, investigated, and essentially taken apart and put back together.

Yahweh didn’t do too well up on the rack in the stress tests. Neither did Allah. Christianity did only slightly better, and then, only when I removed the obvious gloss of the Egyptian resurrection myth and left in the clearly Gnostic teachings about the “God of this world” being an “evil magician!” When the reader is fully informed about the variations on these two themes, it is almost pathetically easy to read the New Testament and see what might be original to “Jesus,” and what was added by the “creators” of Christianity as we know it.

What was even more interesting was the fact that the only writings contemporary to the times of early Christianity, which mention it specifically, remark that it is a “vile superstition.” Yet, what we have as Christianity today, is nothing more or less than the same religious practices of the peoples who branded it a “vile superstition.” Obviously something very strange happened between the times of the early Christians, and the times in which Christianity became the established religion. And whatever it was that happened, changed Christianity from a “vile superstition” to an acceptable, all-inclusive, monotheistic device. In short, it seems evident that “true Christianity” has completely disappeared from the world stage and those individuals who call themselves Christian are not, in fact, Christians in the original sense of the word by any stretch of the imagination.

The question that comes to mind is: what would the peoples of that time have considered a “vile superstition,” when one is aware of what they considered normal religious practice? The only thing that seemed to fit the bill, so to say, is the possibility that whoever was the figure around which the Jesus legend was wrapped, was teaching that the “God of this world” was an “evil magician.” Not only that, but that he probably suggested that man is the manifestation of God, and all creation is the “body of God,” and that there was no point in praying to an “external god” at all. Now that would have set just about everybody back then on fire! To suggest that sacrifice to the gods, that appeasing the gods, that honoring the gods, that praying to the gods, that expecting to be saved by or cleansed from sin by any of the gods, was a waste of time would have been absolute heresy to all of the many religions! For them, such an idea, and only such an idea, would have been most definitely a “vile superstition.”

In fact, we have something of a parallel in some remarks about Pythagoras. He was accused of believing the “vile superstitions” of the barbarians, that a soul is born over and over again into different bodies. That is clearly NOT an Egyptian belief as we will soon see.

Getting back to Clement of Alexandria, the Jews who lived in Alexandria in the centuries after its foundation sought to show that, although they were ruled by the Greeks, Jewish writings and teachers had inspired much of Greek culture. They claimed that the mythical Greek singer Musaeus was really Moses. Aristobulus, an Alexandrian Jew of the second century B.C., wrote verses that he attributed to such famous Greek writers as Sophocles, showing them to believe in a single male God such as that of the Jews. He asserted that Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato had studied the books of Moses and believed that the world was sustained by the God of the Hebrews. He claimed that “Plato followed our system of law, and clearly worked out every detail in it.”

To explain how Plato was able to learn from these Hebrew writings, Aristobulus said he used a Greek translation of the Bible. Never mind that this was several centuries before the first known Greek translation existed!

Clement of Alexandria was writing at a time when the Christian church was engaged in a struggle with the predominantly Greek pagan culture. It was necessary for him to take a very hard line and write some serious propaganda. Clement claimed not merely that Greek culture was borrowed but that it was stolen. “They not only stole their religious doctrines from the barbarians, but they also imitated our [that is, Jewish] doctrines.”

During these periods, Egyptians were eagerly telling visiting Greeks that the greatest Greek thinkers depended on Egyptian instruction. It might be seen as a way of asserting the importance of their culture, especially in a time when they had little or no political powers. The Greeks were willing to listen to what they were told because of their respect for the antiquity of Egyptian religion and civilization, and a desire somehow to be connected with it. However, there is no real reason to believe that Greeks derived their philosophy or learning from Egypt! At least, not Egypt as we know it today. [For more details on this matter, please read the series Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols ]

The story of how the myth of a Greek appropriation of Egyptian philosophy reached the twentieth century is quite instructive. Many modern researchers and authors of books on the many subjects surrounding the renewed interest in Egyptian religion and its possible relation to great secrets hidden somewhere on the planet, have made the mistaken assumption that, from early times, there was such a thing as an “Egyptian Mystery System,” based in Egypt, as we now know Egypt, which is what is supposed to have led the Greeks to come to Egypt to study in the first place.

As it happens, there is no acceptable evidence for this idea. The works from which this idea derives are either works that are not philosophical or works of Greek philosophy written by Greeks who did not know their own history. They created a genre of literature which declared that their ideas were based on authentic Egyptian mysteries. This certainly may be true, but what is crucial to know is that it wasn’t Egypt as we know it today.

During the Renaissance in Western Europe, such works were suddenly “discovered” and became the rage among “occultists” and “alchemists” and purveyors of all mystical wisdom who also did not know the true history of Egypt. They were taken to be literally true, and representative of Egyptian mysticism – from the Egypt that they knew – and it is from this confusion that the idea of “Egyptian Mystical Supremacy” was created. It didn’t hurt that this “philosophy” was also connected to the pyramids and sphinx, never mind that the probable true architects of those monuments, and their civilization had absolutely nothing to do with Egypt as we know it from the archaeological record.

The myth of Egyptian mysticism took a serious blow in the nineteenth century following publication of the evidence of the spade and the translation of real Egyptian writings. [Note also that so-called Egyptian texts are dated much later than the pyramids or the sphinx and there is probably no connection at all between the builders of these monuments and the later occupants of the country and their writings.] However, the facts did not seem to make any impact on the masses of “true believers.” The greatest promoter of this invented Egyptian mysticism were the Freemasons who adopted the fraud in the eighteenth century. Their version assumed not only the existence of an Egyptian Mystery System but one that was connected to a great system of “moral education.” The source of these ideas was a fictional, three-volume novel called Sethos, based on “Unpublished Memoirs of Ancient Egypt,” published in 1731 by a French priest, the Abbé Jean Terrasson.

Following the ancient convention, the author pretends to be translating an unknown manuscript written by an unknown Greek of the second century A.D. that is ostensibly describing the Egypt of the thirteenth century B.C. Terrasson portrays a world of advanced science, technology, art, law, and educational institutions such as would delight the imagination of an enlightened eighteenth-century European gentleman. Access to this ancient science requires the comprehension of a complex system of mysteries, that can only be penetrated by long preparation, including study, moral purification, and a mystical initiation ceremony. Well, that certainly may be true, but again let me mention that this undoubtedly had nothing to do with Egypt as we know it today.

Father Terrasson’s novel became very popular and powerfully shaped the beliefs, practices, and rituals of the Masonic movement, whose reliance on a mythical, mystical, Egyptian tradition is perhaps most widely known in its depiction by Mozart in his Magic Flute. This picture of ancient Egypt was soon totally discredited by the discoveries of scientific Egyptology. But, it remains today as a “secret mystical tradition,” that is “rejected” by mainstream science. This problem would, of course, be neatly solved by understanding that the true mystery of the “Egyptian Tradition” had nothing to do with Egypt as we now know Egypt.

At the present time there is a veritable frenzy of publishing books purporting to reveal the “Greatest Secrets” of all time. A number of these books have to do with alchemy and devote sections to the semi-legendary alchemist Fulcanelli, speculating at great length about what Fulcanelli did or did not mean, or who he may have really been. All of them seem to have a similar, general trend, which is to support a certain “derivation” of the mysteries in terms of Egyptian secrets, technology, and religion. This trend is the subject of the book by Lynn Pincknett and Clive Prince, The Stargate Conspiracy, which is a useful overview for the novice in terms of achieving a basic understanding of the fact that there is, indeed, something very mysterious going on all over the planet in terms of shaping the thinking of humanity via books, movies, and cultural themes.

Picknett and Prince suggest that the central theme of the conspiracy is the “manipulation of beliefs about the origins and history of human civilisation, in particular of beliefs about the existence of an advanced civilisation in the ancient past and its influence on the earliest known historical civilisations, primarily that of Egypt.”[1] What Picknett and Prince fail to note is that the beliefs about the origins and history of human civilization have been manipulated for millennia to keep humanity in the dark. Anyone who doubts that this is often done quite consciously and deliberately ought to have a look at a few remarks of Cornelius Tacitus about the Roman Raj in Britain:

The following winter was spent on schemes of the most salutary kind. To induce a people, hitherto scattered, uncivilized and therefore prone to fight, to grow pleasurably inured to peace and ease, Agricola gave private encouragement-and official assistance to the building of temples, public squares and private mansions. He praised the keen and scolded the slack, and competition to gain honor from him was as effective as compulsion. Furthermore, he trained the sons of the chiefs in the liberal arts and expressed a preference for British natural ability over the trained skill of the Gauls. The result was that in place of distaste for the Latin language came a passion to command it. In the same way, our national dress came into favor and the toga was everywhere to be seen. And so the Britons were gradually led on to the amenities that make vice agreeable – arcades, baths and sumptuous banquets. They spoke of such novelties as ‘civilization’, when really they were only a feature of enslavement.[2]

If anyone cares to suggest that this sort of manipulation has not continued down to the present day, I suggest an in-depth examination of some of these periods of history wherein great “advances” manifested, including the personal writings of the individuals involved, as we will be doing further along in this volume. It is quite a revelation to discover that a great “idea” has been imposed upon us simply because the alternative view, which had more supporting evidence, was not believed by the “authority” due to religious prejudices.

What is taking place at our present moment in history is what is known in popular intelligence parlance as “damage control,” a vast COINTELPRO operation against the revelation of Truth in its proper context. In place after place, in all fields of scientific study, discoveries are being made that contradict what we have been taught to believe about our world, our history and origins. And it seems that at the present, a very powerful and concerted effort is being made to divert these discoveries into a framework that will continue to serve the agenda of the Control System Matrix.

Picknett and Prince rightly notice that the “alternative history” that is being proposed by the current spate of books, gurus, New Age mass market workshops and symposia, utilizes ideas and concepts born in the “occult world.” Unfortunately, they fail to distinguish the fact that what is “occulted” comes in two flavors: truth and just more and trickier lies.

In the past several few years we have indeed been deluged with a tidal wave of books about ancient mysteries that have enthralled the world. The most widely promulgated of these books are by authors such as Henry Lincoln, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, and John Anthony West, Robert Temple, Laurence Gardiner, and a supporting cast too numerous to mention. Picknett and Prince astutely note that such writers may not be conscious participants in the Damage Control system, but that they are most definitely being provided with the grist for mills of a massive cover-up operation – a shell-game of reality with moves so dexterous that unless the reader understands from the beginning that the hand is, indeed, quicker than the eye, they will be lulled by the obvious truths so that at the point the lie is introduced, they will swallow it at once without noticing that it is a lie. And make no mistake about it: these lies are intended to be a deadly poison, slow acting, but 100 percent lethal, as we will discover by the time we reach the end of this survey.

We would like to note here that Picknett and Prince, with their powerful reaction against anything that threatens the status quo belief system, may be similarly unconsciously manipulated. Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen, but Picknett and Prince do seem to have pushed far enough into the mystery to have revealed one of the chief pegs upon which the Cover- up is suspended: the work of Rene Schwaller de Lubicz.

Most of the current “Alternative Egyptology” is based on the works of RSL as discovered and promoted by John Anthony West. R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz (1887-1961), was an occult philosopher who, in the 1940s and 50s, wrote several books in French about the religion of ancient Egypt. RSL believed that the Sphinx was attributable to Atlanteans and that it predated the known ancient Egyptian civilization by many thousands of years. He made the observation that the erosion on the Sphinx’s body and the walls of the enclosure appears to be the result of exposure to water, rather than wind-blown sand, and argued that it had been caused by a great flood – the flood that destroyed Atlantis – the mythical Flood of Noah.

There is much evidence that strongly suggests that the more ancient date of the Sphinx must be accepted, as well as the likelihood of an ancient advanced civilization, for example, the work of geologist, Robert Schoch. However, Picknett and Prince recoil in horror at such an idea, proclaiming that Schoch’s work, and his conclusions are still very controversial and the subject of debate. At this point, Picknett and Prince begin to swallow gnats and strain at camels in their efforts to dislodge this one single issue of the redating of the sphinx and the possibility of an ancient civilization on Earth.

Why? Because, indeed, they have found evidence of something malicious and sticky moving like a hungry beast, smacking its drooling lips behind the scenes of these presentations.

Picknett and Prince then take great pains to viciously attack Edgar Cayce and other psychic sources because, of course, if he is saying that there were ancient civilizations – some of the same things that those who are promoting this political agenda are saying – then he must be part of the conspiracy, too!

But, in the way of all Damage Control and Disinformation, this is a typical ploy. If someone has discovered something of truth about the Matrix, the agents are sent in to associate with that person, to try to subvert or co-opt their work, and then to twist it into something that supports a negative agenda. Then, they deliberately set up a situation where the conspiracy is exposed as negative, and the original speaker of truth, by association, is discredited.

Picknett and Prince are right about the fact that there is a lot of so-called occult, psychic, New Age channeled material that is purely evil – part of this conspiracy to cover up the failures in the old belief systems. But they are wrong to believe that the system that is in place, the beliefs that have been promulgated on humanity for millennia are the benevolent results of natural human evolution, or a benign and omniscient God who has our best interests at heart. In fact, Picknett and Prince do not even seem to notice the fact that the present Matrix of beliefs is crumbling, and this is what has necessitated this co-opting and perversion of truth. If there was no failure of the old system, there would be no need for a new one. P & P recoil in horror at the Conspiracy they have uncovered, but they do not realize that the old system is exactly the same and that they have fallen for the oldest of Machiavellian tactics: create an enemy by demonizing your opponent, and then step in as a savior to do exactly what you have accused the opponent of planning. P & P do not seem to be fully cognizant of the subtle nature of disinformation tactics and how cleverly it has been used throughout the millennia to deliver lies wrapped in truth. As a result of this, again and again they toss out the baby with the bathwater.

P & P go to some considerable trouble to outline the history of the occult Synarchist movement without even coming to the realization that this is precisely the system that is in charge of our world and has been for a very long time. Essentially, Synarchy advocates government by secret society, a group of “enlightened initiates” who rule from behind the scenes. It’s pretty evident that political history and a broad overview of the forest is not P & P’s strong suit. As Gary Allen put it in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, it doesn’t matter which political party gets elected, those who pull the strings of government – all governments – remain unknown to the masses.

P & P tell us that Synarchists identified three key pillars of society that, once under the control of his elite, would allow them to rule without the population even being aware of their existence. These were the political and social institutions, the economic institutions and the religious institutions. Surprise, surprise! P & P need to wake up and smell the coffee! Those three pillars of society have been under the control of a hidden group for a very, very long time, and there is plenty of evidence to support that fact. As FDR said, “Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Nevertheless, the Synarchy philosophy of Joseph Alexander Saint-Yves d’Alveydre (1824-1909), the culprit identified by P & P, developed in the early 1870s, was formed around certain mystical and occult ideas. St-Yves believed in the existence of spiritually superior beings that could be contacted telepathically and that the ruling elite ought to be made up of people who were in communication with them. He himself claimed that he was in touch with these beings, and that they actually gave him the principles of Synarchy.

Okay. Let’s stop right here and look at this. It seems from a rather mountainous pile of evidence to be a fact that “spiritually superior” beings do exist. But “superior” in what sense? Superior in power? Knowledge? Insight? Abilities? All of these things ought to be taken into account when one is considering the idea of “spiritually superior beings.” As I have discussed elsewhere, it does seem to be evident that “ethereal” or “para-physical” beings do exist, but whether or not they have mankind’s best interests at heart is something that has to be very carefully determined. For too long we have labored under the implanted delusion that just because a being is not “like us,” in certain terms, it is “better” or “good” or “angelic.” Dr. John Dee made this error when communicating with what were clearly negative beings who he mistakenly called “angels.” And many others have made similar errors because of the cunningly implanted lie that “spiritual” is necessarily positive.

So, we have no argument with communicating with “spiritual beings.” We merely wish to point out that one must be careful to analyze the ideas – determine the lines of force – presented by these beings in order to determine what their unstated agenda might be. In the case of Synarchy, we should like to point out that any beings who suggest the creation of an elite, hierarchical gang of rulers who must be served and worshipped can’t be the “good guys.” But then, this has been the case throughout history as evidenced in our standard religious systems.

Saint-Yves’ ideas were taken up by Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891), followed by Alice A. Bailey (1880-1949), and promulgated in any number of “secret societies.” But again, in all of these cases, we have to note that lies will not be swallowed unless they are wrapped in heavy sugar coatings of truth. And in these cases, there is much of truth and value to be derived that can never happen, of course, when one tosses the baby out with the bathwater.

But P & P do this with gusto. And because they have a pre-formed opinion about the evil nature of any and all such groups, when they begin to examine other sources that may not be connected to this operation at all, they look for clues of conspiracy that simply are not there, believing that they find it in situations or words that have a completely different meaning when taken in the proper context. For example, P & P write:

Significantly, the third member of the trio, James Allen McCarty, who joined L/L Research in 1980, had already worked closely with a group in Oregon who had claimed to channel the same entity as Edgar Cayce. [Source cited: The Ra Material, by Elkins, Rueckert and McCarty, p. 47)

As I understand it, Cayce never channeled any entities. He claimed to read the “akashic records” which is quite different from channeling an “entity.” But there is more. What is actually said in the Ra Material cited above by P & P is “In the fall of 1980, he (Jim) traveled from Kentucky to Oregon to work with this group which was supposedly channeling the same source that Edgar Cayce had channeled in deep trance. …After only two months in Oregon [Jim returned.]”

Not to put too fine a point on it but changing the word from “source” to “entity” smacks of prestidigitation. Not only that, but two months sort of doesn’t fit “had already worked closely with a group…” as the sentence is constructed by P & P. How many other “well researched” items in this book have been similarly twisted so subtly? And that, of course, makes one ask the question: what is THEIR agenda? “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, we do understand the position of P & P. It’s one thing to pursue conspiracy theories and to find them and track them and think that there are some very naughty folks here on the Big Blue Marble. It’s an altogether different thing, after one has tracked enough of these theories, to come to the realization that they are all just different parts of the same elephant, and that the critter is really thousands of years old. When that fact smacks you in the face, either you run screaming in denial, or you begin to step back from the truly BIG picture, the global-millennial picture, and you see that there is a very stinky rat somewhere. Having arrived at that point, you realize that such a conspiracy could not be created or sustained by human beings – at least not alone. And then you have to face the most difficult task of all: asking yourself who or what could be behind it?

Having asked that question, you realize that you simply cannot answer it unless you open your mind to a whole constellation of possibilities that you would formerly never, ever, in your wildest dreams have considered. Then, if you work very, very hard, you may discover the “truth” that they want you to believe.

If you work very, very hard and are very, very lucky, you will realize that you need help, and you will seek this help based on the knowledge you have acquired that such help can and does exist – only we generally do not have access to it because we are too easily duped and manipulated – then you might begin to learn the rules of communicating with higher levels of consciousness than our own. Having learned the rules by doing your homework, you just might be able to ensure that your “source” is not just another “evil magician.” At such a point, following such an approach, there is some hope of sorting out the mess. But it isn’t easy, and it can’t be easy. If it was easy, it would have been done hundreds or thousands of years ago and the world would not be in the state it is in today.

Getting back to the Synarchists and Occult secret societies, P & P have most definitely tripped over the elephant’s trunk and have followed it to it’s end, even if they have ignored the body it is attached to in the other direction. It is becoming increasingly evident that the secret societies that are already running our planet have an agenda that is clearly not to our benefit, and indeed, they are manipulating economics, religion and politics to serve that agenda. What seems to be the case about the so-called New Age is that the emergent ideas of contact with “higher beings” has been regularly co-opted for nefarious purposes.

Saint-Yves’s Synarchy ideas became very influential in the occult circles of Europe. P & P remark that “Some of the greatest figures in subsequent occult history were devotees of Saint-Yves, which is not surprising because occultists, with their love of hierarchy, tend to be naturally totalitarian and unegalitarian.”

It is most definitely true that occultists of the negative variety are big on hierarchy and totalitarianism. But that is most certainly not the case with the positive variety that P & P have included in their chop job. In fact, the presence of a hierarchy is chief means of identifying the lines of force of negative groups, and is the modus operandi of nearly every formalized religion on the planet, which ought to give P & P pause. It is also very evident from our own experiences that either a great many individuals in control of society are involved in these occult secret societies, or that the societies themselves are being set up as decoys to distract attention away from the real “gang” who runs the show.

P & P connect Papus (real name Gérard Encausse, 1865-1916) to Saint-Yves. Papus was an enormously influential figure in the world of esoteric secret societies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They also connect the Martinists to Saint-Yves, and through them, the modern day Templar and Rosicrucian societies and the New Kid on the Block, the Priory of Sion. Lest the reader ask the question, indeed, P & P have connected them all up with the Freemasons! Toss in the OTO, the Golden Dawn and assorted Satanists, and you have a nice row of decoy ducks who are busily working for their masters, none of them realizing the Machiavellian nature of the drama, and that the “agents” of a coup are always the first to be destroyed. After all, if they betray their own kind, they will betray the new master.

P & P tell us that such groups are behind the coming “New World Order,” in specific the “United States of Europe.” P & P point out that Synarchy favors undemocratic and totalitarian regimes, and then they rightly connect this movement to the development of Fascism and the suggestion that Synarchists were behind the Nazi ideology. All of these groups are implicated in social, religious, political and economic conspiracies, and most curious of all, they ALL seem to be looking for something.

What are they looking for? Well, call it the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, or the Head of Baphomet, or the treasure of the Templars, Cathars, the body of Christ, or whatever – all of these seem to be the cover stories that have been created to engage the populace at large in both the concept, and the activity itself. It took me a long time to realize this, but once I did, it all made perfect sense. These groups are missing a big piece of their set of dominoes. They try to pretend that they have it, or that they know where it is, or that it is this or that, when it is actually something else. All the while, they are promoting “global treasure hunts” and informal “think tanks” among the populace in hopes that somebody will figure it out and make the discovery that they haven’t been able to make for 2000 years or longer.

Does the reader remember the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark?” Well, it wasn’t just a movie. It was the promulgation of a concept, a challenge, to amateurs to engage in the quest, in hopes that one of them might discover the key. How many readers are familiar with the excitement surrounding a purported “secret” of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Priory of Sion? Well, that’s just a variation on the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” It is a real live stage set, created to induce interest and research, in hopes that some amateur will be able to do what these secret societies have not been able to do for these many thousands of years. Researchers come along, dig and dig and track ideas and things all over the planet. They make amazing discoveries because something has, indeed, been set up for them to discover. And then they write the great new book that has “solved the mystery.” They crow and pat themselves on the back that they, of all the researchers working on the problem, have discovered the answer. And how do they know that? Well, because their path was “aided.” They experienced so many “synchronicities” and amazing connections along the way that surely that is proof that they found the right clues!

That would be very nice to believe if it weren’t for the fact that we seem to be dealing with a hyperdimensional system that is capable of producing such effects for the express purpose of leading researchers astray and it happens to all of them.

Again, I repeat, they are looking for something that they believe to exist, and they have an idea that finding it will give them ultimate and total power over the forces of life and nature. And they are using the public to do their leg work, constantly monitoring them for any fruitful directions to follow.

Does such an object exist? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Perhaps it exists, but it is not at all what they think it is. And perhaps, like the sword in the stone, it can only be found and wielded by the “right person.” So, perhaps they are looking for that person, also?

Returning now to the disinformation campaign incepted by the Occult secret societies with their ostensible motive as we have just described, even if it is true that Synarchic goals are negative to humanity, the likelihood is that those negative goals are wrapped in layers of truth about humanity and human history – for a reason. And P & P missed that one. The fact is, if many of the ideas and teachings of such groups about human history prove to be correct, how easy it will be for them to claim that since they are right about those things, they are also right about their political, social, and economic aims? And that is how the most effective disinformation works.

By the same token, if P & P are proven wrong about their claims against the alternative history aspects of the conspirators, then their related claims that there is a conspiracy will likewise be ignored. And that would be a terrible mistake.

Synarchist groups have been implicated in terrorism in the pre-WW II years. In the years leading up to the Nazi takeover of Germany, a Frenchman named Viven Postel du Mas wrote a notorious document called the Synarchist Pact, which became their manifesto. In 1932, a society called the Synarchist Empire Movement was founded in France, which was described as ‘a secret society with very specific and limited membership, following a definite politico-economic programme’. P & P discovered that this group was behind right-wing terrorist gangs such as the CSAR (Secret Committee for Revolutionary Action), and that most of the CSAR membership were also part of the Synarchist Empire Movement. In 1941, a police report in Vichy France exposed a plot by Synarchists to take over the government, noting a close relationship between the Synarchist movement and the Martinist Orders.

It seems that after WW II, the Synarchists went even deeper underground in order to work on Plan B, since Plan A (Hitler’s agenda) didn’t pan out. In recent years Synarchist groups have come out into the open both in Europe and in Britain, and this leads us to P & P’s major research find: the connection between R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and the Synarchist movement. Picknett and Prince write:

Given the nature of Synarchy one would probably never know the names of even the most powerful. But we do know quite a lot about one of them: R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz. It is curious that Schwaller de Lubicz has become the ‘godfather’ of Alternative Egyptology even though few have read his works first-hand. His ideas mostly come to us through the books of Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and, of course, John Anthony West, all of whom have expressed their admiration for this scholar. They refer to him as a philosopher, or as a mathematician. What is interesting to us, however, is that, although Schwaller de Lubicz was those things, they never call him an occultist – which he was. And the never call him a Synarchist – which he was. [.]

A leading figure in the Paris Theosophical Society, he broke away to form his own occult organisation, which he called Les Veilleurs – the Watchers – specifically in order to carry his esoteric ideas into the political arena. Perhaps it will come as no surprise to discover that he has been described as a ‘proto fascist’. He even claims to have designed the uniform for Hitler’s SA (‘Brownshirts’). Although it is not certain that his claim is true, Schwaller de Lubicz clearly had no problem with people thinking that it was. One of Schwaller de Lubicz’s ‘Watchers’ was Vivien Postel du Mas, the man who wrote the Synarchist Pact of the 1930s. Through du Mas, Schwaller de Lubicz had a particular influence on Hitler’s Deputy, the tormented and complex Rudolf Hess. Schwaller de Lubicz was anti-Semitic and racist – and, like the Nazis, thought that women were inferior to men. For example, he taught that women were intellectually incapable of understanding the Hermetica. All this is important, because it is impossible to separate Schwaller de Lubicz’s political, Synarchist beliefs from his work as an Egyptologist, the work that certain authors so admire.[3]

We find it fascinating that these aspects of Schwaller de Lubicz’s life are seldom – if ever – mentioned. Schwaller de Lubicz was born in Alsace-Lorraine in 1887, which puts him in the age group to have been involved in the Parisian occult scene in the early 1900’s, at the exact time that the alchemist Fulcanelli was becoming a legend. Schwaller de Lubicz also claimed to be an alchemist, and it seems that the idea that he, himself, was Fulcanelli has been bruited at several points. The writing styles and focus demonstrate that this is not the case. And here we come to the item that interests us: the disinformation diversion of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz directed against the work of Fulcanelli.

You see, Schwaller de Lubicz claimed that Fulcanelli’s book, Mystery of the Cathedrals, was based on his own idea that the Gothic cathedrals encoded alchemical symbolism. He further claims (there is no evidence to support these claims and much evidence to suggest they are false) that he often met with Fulcanelli to discuss the transmutation of matter. He even tells a story about Fulcanelli that sets up his claim that Fulcanelli stole his work. Schwaller says that one day, Fulcanelli told him about a manuscript he (Fulcanelli) had stolen from a Paris bookshop. While cataloguing an ancient book for a bookseller, Fulcanelli discovered a strange piece of writing: a six-page manuscript in fading ink, describing, Fulcanelli claimed, the importance of color in the alchemical process. But, said Schwaller, when it came to alchemy, Fulcanelli was a materialist, and so he didn’t grasp the true nature of color. Schwaller, of course, enlightened him, and then enlightens us that he enlightened Fulcanelli.

Yup, Schwaller sounds like a real alchemical master alright! R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, occultist and Synarchist has just told us that Fulcanelli is a thief and didn’t have a clue. How do we know this is true? Well, because Schwaller de Lubicz says so! Schwaller de Lubicz, the guy who has no problem with being thought to have designed Nazi uniforms, and who taught that women were incapable of comprehending hermetica.

Schwaller gives us more exciting “insights” into the work and life of Fulcanelli. Certain of the attention of his breathless audience, he next tells us that he moved to Grasse, in the south of France, where he invited Fulcanelli to join him in an alchemical retreat, and Fulcanelli, of course, made haste to join “the master.” How do we know? Well, because Schwaller tells us so! Again, there is no evidence except the claims of Schwaller himself. There, so Schwaller says, after much work, they performed a successful opus, involving the secrets of “alchemical stained glass.” But it is claimed that there was tension between the two. How do we know? Because Schwaller said so.

Supposedly, at this point, Fulcanelli returned to Paris and against Schwaller’s advice, tried to perform their work again. He wasn’t successful. This was, Schwaller claimed, because Fulcanelli left out essential ingredients known only to him (Schwaller). Ignoring Schwaller’s warnings, Fulcanelli persisted in performing the work in Paris. But his strange death from gangrene, a day before he was to reveal the secret to his students, brought an end to his opus. Or so Schwaller has claimed. Schwaller is directly quoted by author Andre Vandenbroeck:

He was too materialistic to appreciate the laboratory events, but that never got in the way of our collaboration. He was able to devise a procedure for any operation one could propose, and that was his importance, as a manipulator. His practice was fabulous, and I had it in my service. He did all the manipulations. But the ideas that moved those hands, the ideas always came from me. Remember, when I say ‘Fulcanelli’, I mean that whole group of literati and puffers: Canseliet, Dujols, Champagne, Boucher, Sauvage; they all contributed to give shape to Fulcanelli’s production, once he had spread my ideas among them. He used my cathedral work as a vehicle, and a lot of talk about operations he has had contact with, thanks to me, but whose function, whose form, whose nomenclature he doesn’t understand. And then the glitter all around it, the fantastic erudition, much of which can be traced to Dujols and some to Canseliet; add the artwork of Champagne, and you have a very salable book. They made a career out of it, but in the process, they missed the moment, they missed the Word…

They did me a favor, though; they saved me from identifying my work with cathedral symbolism, which kept me available for Egypt, for Al-Kemi instead of alchemy. It is the same work of course, only in the language of our time, whereas Fulcanelli speaks in the language of the great medieval alchemical renaissance. But what we must be involved with now is not a renaissance, it is a resurrection. The Great Work is a work of resurrection…

I was saying that Fulcanelli took it upon himself to publish what he had advised me not to bring out, as well as what he had sworn to keep to himself. You see, one good thing about observing a vow of secrecy is that you will not talk about what you do not understand. In Fulcanelli’s case what came out in print is hopelessly garbled, full of unnecessary obscurity and certainly of no use to any seriously practicing adept although it gives much ammunition to puffers with its nice-sounding phrases.[4]

Having had direct experience with a COINTELPRO operative who insinuated himself into our lives, and who tried to steal the corpus of our work, including the notes for the very words you are reading, who was exposed and ejected from our association, who then began to write defamatory diatribes about us and our work, we are familiar with the TASTE of this activity. We recognize it immediately in the words quoted above from Schwaller de Lubicz. It is quite easy to see his objective. It is to trash the work of someone who actually did it, and to promote the agenda of Fascist Synarchy under the guise of Alternative Egyptology. In fact, the similarities of tone, style and semantic content are so identical to other COINTELPRO operations, that it makes one wonder if they don’t have a computer program that composes this disinformation?

.Hi, my name is Rene Schwaller de Lubicz. I’ve always been fascinated with alchemy, though for some reason (unknown even to myself), I’ve always indulged in this passion under strict secrecy, though now that I am a master, I don’t have to keep secrets anymore, and since the other principle party is dead, I’ll tell you all his secrets and my secrets.. Some years back, I wrote a little book entitled “The Mystery of the Cathedrals ” but Fulcanelli stole it from me. As a scientist, I came up with a small idea, which I called the “theory of relativity”. Well, It wasn’t much of a theory, but Albert Einstein stole it from me and took credit for it.

It should be noted that Andre Vandenbroeck and his wife Goldian, are, according to them, both “elite members of an emerging category of authority appropriately understood as planetary tribal elders. Both studied directly with R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, unarguably one of the greatest Hermetic adepts of our age.”

Remember him? R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, the guy who designed uniforms for Nazis and taught that women couldn’t grasp hermetica? The guy who hung out with Synarchists and occultists who promote the rule of the masses by secret societies in cahoots with “higher beings” who are very likely the Evil Magician described by Gurdjieff. And now we have an “emerging category of authority” called a “planetary tribal elder?” Excuse me? Where was I when the tribe cast the ballot for that one?

The Vandenbroeck’s are busily promoting the idea that Fulcanelli’s highly acclaimed work, The Mystery of the Cathedrals, was stolen outright from Schwaller. They support this claim by saying that “Such an allegation appears highly credible considering Schwaller’s later work on the architectural symbolism of the Egyptian temple at Luxor.” They then go on to promote Schwaller’s magnum opus, The Temple of Man, as “the result of 15 years of on-site study at the Luxor Temple that exposes Egypt’s deepest esoteric wisdom. The release of Schwaller’s masterpiece has been hailed as the publishing event of the decade. It is a dense and demanding study of number, harmony and geometry that serve the supporting metaphysical foundations of ancient temple design.”

And it is pure unadulterated disinformation intended to lead the reader away from the work of a real master alchemist, Fulcanelli. Anybody with two neurons in contact with one another can read Fulcanelli and then read Schwaller and see the difference. But Schwaller’s work is further designed to support the Stargate Conspiracy as identified by Picknett and Prince. His ideas are the current “scientific peg” upon which all of that nonsense about “Egyptian mysteries” are suspended.

These allusions are sinister because the Third Reich was an early attempt at a “New World Order,” and the Anglo American business elite was involved with that up to its ears. Are these fascist allusions coincidental? Or, is the elite coming out of the closet?

Schwaller was an occult Darwinist. He believed that the substance of the Universe was mindless, that consciousness only comes about via evolution of matter – that man “creates” god only after he has sufficiently evolved to examine the broad “principles,” or “neters” of nature and to use those principles to “accelerate” his “spiritualization” of his flesh, so to say.

One thought of the transcendent power compels one substance of the universal substance – passive, awaiting any seed – to become a specific product, an inheritor, a world that follows upon a world. One sole power in one sole substance works through all the transitory finalities toward the foreseen finality: man.

And at the end of humanity comes man without body, substance within power. [.]

The finality for each phase of genesis is the innate consciousness of that which precedes it. For humanity, the finality of genesis is man; for wisdom, it is Cosmic Man liberated from the genesis of his element: total, innate consciousness.

Thus the Universe is incarnate in man and is nothing but potential Man, Anthropocosmos. And man is the blueprint, the cosmographical map on which wisdom reads the Univers, the genesis, the functions.[.]

The causal energy becomes mineral, mineral becomes plant, plant becomes animal, animal becomes man, and man becomes Cosmic Man, the saint, Buddha, Jesus. The mineral has suffered scission from the cause, the plant has suffered the mineral, the animal has suffered the plant, man has suffered the animal, and Cosmic Man will have suffered humanity. Vital suffereing is consciousness undergoing the process of surpassing itself. [.]

Man is the transition, the realized mean term that dissolves back into the Idea.

And man will have eaten, that is, returned to its source, all that the Universe knows, from mineral to animal. [.]

The Anthropocosmos is a reality, an indisputable foundation. The Universe is neither an “imagination” nor a “will,” but a “projection” of human consciousness. [.]

In short, Schwaller was promoting a program that would result in increased “mechanization” of humanity, the material projection of the Predator’s mind.

The ultimate consciousness is the consciousness of negation. [.]

The West is ignorant of that serenity of which all of Ancient Egypt bears the imprint. The tombs of the leaders of this people are consecrated to their profession of faith in the survival of the soul. [.]

And Schwaller has already told us that the “soul” is merely the “evolutionary by-product of evolution.” We are told by Schwaller that we are to admire this civilization and emulate it because the abysmally primitive Egyptian art showing endless head-smiting and the worshipping of men as gods is the “imprint” of a “profession of faith in the survival of the soul.”

The open-minded thinker ought to really consider the purported mysteries of Egypt in terms of the fact that they were so ignorant that they devoted a huge amount of energy to their “cult of the dead.” The whole Egyptian schtick is focused around preserving dead flesh for future or otherworldly reanimation. The very fact that there are so many of these dead bodies for Egyptologists to dig up is the clearest evidence that the Egyptian beliefs were nonsense. Schwaller tells us that this was evidence of “profession of faith in the survival of the soul.” Horse hockey. There were other cultures that taught reincarnation and because they clearly understood that it was a “soul matter,” cremated their dead, or buried them in symbolic “womb shaped” jars, because they knew that the soul would not use the same body over again.

But, in Egypt, the focus was on the dead flesh – the ignorant belief that it would be reanimated – the attachment to the material body – and the desire to get it back again at some great “resurrection” in the future; an idea we find strongly present in fundamental Christianity, modeled on the ignorant Egyptian conceptions of the cosmos.

And this brings us to another strange idea of Schwaller:

In the principle of purusa, or Anthropocosmos, .. man is not the component part but the final product. He is not part of the Whole but the living expression of this Whole. [.]

Each human being is a whole, each is in himself an assemblage of defined qualities. May the breath of the herald bestow the coat of arms that will be the emblem, the star one must follow, and the motto that dictates the conduct to which one must conform.

Totemism has been greately minsunderstood [.] In the West, we have a heraldry that in its original “esoteric” sense is a form of totemeism. There is an esoteric science of heraldry, a pure symbolism of the particular qualities of an individuality. [.]

The human embryo passes through all the phases of animal genesis, and one more than any other of these phases influences the man’s animal type. All nature is in man, and a kinship between a man and a particular aspect of Nature marks him, that is, “specifies” him as an individuality among men. [.]

The individuality of a human being is only the human “finality” of this particularly marked type, of this branch on the universal trunk of cosmic genesis. The animal does not have to become conscious of this moment of universal consciousness; it is itself the animal aspect of this moment. This turning back upon itself of consciousness, a repetition of creation’s “self before itself,” is the characteristic of man. [.]

Not only is the totemic and heraldic particularity not an obstacle to this return, but its recognition, on the contrary, is an exceptional means of hastening this return. [.]

It is not sufficient then merely to recognize the symbol of one’s lineage; more than that, one’s life must be adapted to it, and above all, one must seek to live all its aspects throughout all of Nature.

Let us set aside the word God, so misunderstood, and set aside even the God that we call the Eternal, and call it the Unique instead, in whom the neters, the powers of functions of Nature are merged and annihilated. The Unique is, but It ceases for us when we look upon the stages of consciousness in their perceptible aspects, that is Nature. [.]

It is with the reversal of consciousness, with the consciousness of consciousness, the superior human state, that a break in the natural cycle may interven in the form of Art, through the power of negation that marks this turning back of consciousness. To deny appearances, to deny polarity, to deny faith in sensorial reality, to descend voluntarily into the hells of destruction, in order to rise on the third day – all has been told to ears that hear not. [.]

We must learn to join that which is opposed in such a way that the elements thus joined cease to exist separately within the new Unity. [.]

We must therefore turn toward the known and present, final cosmic fruit – the human being – to know the forces of the environment from which he arises. [.]

All pharaonic Egypt, from beginning to end and in all its achievements, is but a ritual gesture.

Thus the pharaonic empire presents itself. And this explains the reaction of the Greeks in Egypt, who, believing that they were confronted with a tradition of knowledge “emptied of the reaons” for its formulations, sought to find reasonable causes, a fact that gave birth to the dialectic philosophy that the West has found so seductive – as if intellectual arguments could substitute for knowledge of the cause of life. [Schwaller, The Temple of Man]

We see from this selection of remarks a most curious phenomenon in action: all the time he is decrying Western Science and Greek rationalism, Schwaller de Lubicz has based his Cosmology on the foundation of evolution and uniformitarianism turned backward! In short, focus on and effective worship of, the physical universe is being presented as the “way back.”

Indeed, following Blavatsky and others of that ilk, Schwaller has created a system in which the ascent of man is merely a mechanical process, and man himself, is the terminus point of biological evolution as the mode of “genesis” for “Cosmic Man,” or “spiritualizing” matter. And the way to do this is to “activate” the “neters” within the self.

What this means is that man must turn in on himself – consciousness viewing its own history – and “merge” these elements. The way he proposes to do this is to learn to re-vivify the animal characteristics of “emotion.” Schwaller tells us that “The animal does not have to become conscious of this moment of universal consciousness; it is itself the animal aspect of this moment.” And selection and activation of a “totem” is important to this process. Schwaller writes:

There is in man a cerebral intelligence and also an innate intelligence called intelligence-of-the-heart. [Read: Predator’s Mind] The latter comes into being through a fusion of the cosmic Cause which is contained in its materialization with the same Cause which is in us. This is possible because the nature of both Causes is identical. [.]

In other words, “cosmic cause” and material existence are identical. Matter creates consciousness, not vice versa.

Our common origin is by no means remote. It does not take us back into the primeval darkness: It is present and constant in that man feeds directly or indirectly on all the kingdoms, and thus enters into constant exchange with their particular natures, and, finally, by way of the mineral origin, with the cosmic energy from which everything arises. [.]

Cerebral intelligence, which we see developed in the higher animal aspect of man, is strictly limited by the boundaries imposed on the senses. Intelligence-of-the-heart belongs to the great complex called life. [.]

Each organic being (and even each cell of the organs of an organized being) has its part in the general life which is its personal specification. Man’s heart is not alone in beating rhythmically like a motor: there are aquatic beings that are entirely a heart of this kind and represent the awakening of the consciousness which will become “heart.” Another consciousness will become liver, another will become lung, and thus each function has its organ. [.] Such an organ is the incarnation of a consciousness, of a cosmic function which has received corporeal life. [.]

Each animal, each species of plant, each mineral group, is a stage in the process of “becoming aware” of the cosmic cause, culminating in the complete organism of human man, the microcosm – man in His image.

In short, the development of consciousness is a by-product of evolution, and once it has been developed, man ought to use it to turn right around and go backward and fully develop in himself the life principles in nature – as read in its physical manifestation.

The whole, thus formed into a complete living being, is a language that speaks. It expreses itself ceaselessly in its living function, and represents the basis of intelligence-of-the heart, which is the fact that remains related to all of Nature and consequently knows Nature. [.]

Obviously, therefore, we must be able to transcribe what is in us into our mental and objective consciousness, by establishing a relationship between the life in us and observation of that life in Nature. This we find supremely well expressed by the ancient Egyptians. It is a knowledge of magic, pure and sane, which can lead rapidly toward the spiritual goal of our lives, owing to the fact that we can evoke, by means of the sympathy of analogues in our surroundings, the consciousness of the heart latent in us.

Intelligence-of-the-heart, which establishes the relationship between innate consciousness and observation of fact, is identification.

Identification means to live with and to live in the oserved fact, to be that fact oneself, to suffer it, to act in it, rejoice with it. It is sympathetic consciousness. [.] Innate consciousness is inscribed in the nature of the organism, meaning that the motive power of its function is the impulse of its necessity, the Idea, or principle of harmony. In man, as already in the higher animal, this creates emotivity.

In short, one is to identify with the observed world completely, to live in it, to be it, and so on. And that leads to “emotivity,” or the feeding of the Predator’s mind. Note that his “innate consciousness” is directly related to the “animal part” of humanity.

The greater the sensitivity of the emotional faculty, the better innate consciousness can express itself. [.] The inscription of innate or sympathetic consciousness is vital of functional, if life as such and function as such are considered the very principle of living Nature. This principle is a reality beyond corporeal matter, but it assumes a body; it incarnates by means of the harmony of the ambient elements. [.]

The incarnation in man of all the necessities of functionsal orders of world harmony is the temple, where the original creative energy connects the intelligence-of-the-heart’s innate consciousness with the universe. [.]

Evolution is also real, starting from the original energetic impulse, but it obeys a “law of universal genesis” and not fortuitous conditions.

Surely the function does not create the organ. How could it act before existing? [.]

And here Schwaller clearly denies creative consciousness that lies behind the material world. Just as all the Darwinists, the proponents of ideas such as those presented by Richard Dawkins and others, Schwaller just blithely ignores the necessity for consciousness to exist PRIOR to the material world.

The experience of life inscribed in matter is called innate consciousness, the specific character of each thing, the quality that is pure spirit in Nature.

In other words, spirit is a byproduct of matter. Experiences of random molecules jostling in the primordial soup create patterns that are “inscribed in matter,” and this is “consciousness.”

When one beholds the emotional reactions of the animal – envy, hate, fidelity, love, joy, sadness, devotion to his master to the point of self-denial – one says that an animal sometimes seems human. This is a mistake: it is man who is still an animal. [.]

Reason is the intelligence-of-the-heart which allows us, in love, to be the thing, to be inside the thing, to grow with the plant, to fly with the bird, to glide with the serpent, to be that “way of a man with a maid” which the Proverb says cannot be known; to become cubic space with the cube. [.]

At the level of the human animal, all possibilities of the evolution of material consciousness are exhausted. It then becomes a question either of a physical continuity (the legend of the Wandering Jew) or of a new baptism of spirit, allowing the original radiance to reliberate itself from matter, all experiences exhausted, meaning no further selection is to be made in the materialization of this radiance: it is received into its universality. [.]

In short, Schwaller is denying levels of being above man. Man is the ultimate product of biological evolution, and the only option is to liberate the mindless creative energy from matter. It’s the end of the line. Now the only right thing for a man to do is to become a “food processor” for “universality.”

Awakening is the awakening of intelligence-of-the-heart. Reason is born with us. If we give it preponderance over cerebral intelligence, over the mental, it will tell us everything, for it is the intelligence of the universe. [..]

And now Schwaller has introduced a big twist, and this is the point on which so much New Age disinformation is hung. He equates “reason” with “intelligence-of-the-heart” that he has already told us is to be “identified” with the material world. And of course, he tells us that everything in the material world IS the intelligence of the Universe. He is completely unable to grasp the point that the material universe we experience is only the shadow on the wall of a cave, and he is teaching, in the most devious ways, that we should see those shadows as real, and should never, ever, seek to discover the source of the shadows in truly ethereal terms of higher consciousness and the realms of pure thought. He is telling us that the only “higher consciousness” that exists is that which manifests in the world of nature, of prey and predators, of the Self Serving, consuming, material world. And for God’s sake, don’t use the intellect to reach into higher realms of thought where a world that is not presently evident – a world where there is symbiosis and sharing – can be conceived and created!

The stages of this liberation are therefore stages of fusion. The inscription is no longer seminal; it is only a degree of detachment. Mastery of the body and all its members, mastery of thought, mastery of the passions, are only stages of a liberation which allows this soul, as in natural sleep, to live in full consciousness, without the material instrument, outside the definitive sleep of our present body.

To succed in “sleeping” thus in a waking state is the true clairvoyance of intelligence-of-the-heart. [.]

In short, stop thinking, fuse with the Predator’s mind of Nature, put the soul to sleep because then you will be able to live in full Consciousness – the consciousness of the Predator – the mechanical consciousness of the material world. And in the following, he fully develops his theme, his Darwinian Esotericism that promotes the “eating of consciousness,” and the assimilation of light to make it available to the Crypto-geographic beings of 4th density STS.

Intelligence-of-the-heart is what enables man to make his way toward liberation. It is to intelligence-of-the-heart that the scripture or oral tradition of an esoteric teaching is addressed, and phrased in a manner most comfomable to that faculty, even at the risk of seeming irrational.

If we are able to prevent the invervention of reasoning – that faculty distinguishing us from the animal properly so-called, and which we constantly abuse – then simple cerebral intelligence does no more than translate innate consciousness, as in the case of animal instinct. [.]

To know innate consciousness, we must hearken to it, make use of the spiritual sense which is Hearing. [.] In every life situation, we experience an emotion. This emotion must be heard; we have to center the hearing on the emotion in order to be conscious of our instinctive attitude. [.]

Thus the purpose of initiatory texts is far less a logical one than it is to provoke shocks, emotional reactions, or to grate against the cerebral need for sequential logic. Paradox, improbably images, the juxtaposition of unconnected phrases are freely employed. The texts appeal to sensation, to a feeling of emotive sensitivity. [.]

Indeed. To persuade people to stop thinking, to confuse, to break the mind into disconnected, chaotic “packets,” and to produce emotional reactions upon which the Dark Hierarchy feeds. Over and over again in our study of psychopathy, we came across the fact that one of the observable symptons was “disharmony between the content of patient’s words and his emotional expression.” And here we see Schwaller actively promoting this primary symptom of psychopathy and schizophrenia. Why? Well, Topper provided the answer:

Such beings are associated with darkness because the light- knowledge is drawn into the cavernous “black hole” of their congenital emptiness. [.] All the massive, cosmic project they are engaged in in full consciousness and on the grand scale, is ultimately a means of “cornering the market” on energy, monopolizing all the known fields of light or light potential. The expanding order they attempt to impose, the totalitarian control over increasingly large numbers they attempt to exert, is the fantastical and internally self-contradictory project of coercing everything in creation to work for them, to cultivate and keep the fields of their energy-reserves and to furnish self-replenishing “herds” of emotional source-nutriment which can be converted into useful energy or light-capital. Since the negative beings can’t generate an important light-energy source themselves, they they use the reserves of the beings effectually harnessed in thrall to them. [.] [Topper]

And this is the agenda of Schwaller de Lubicz. We gather some interesting clues from his further remarks, suggestions that he was promoting black magic and sexual activity as the means of attaining higher consciousness. And, considering his promotion of identification with the “natural world,” one can only guess what kind of sexual activity he might advocate.

The asexual character of the Christian myth has colored its entire teaching with a sort of sexual inhibition which places the Christian cabala apart from the contingencies of life here below. Further, its purely moral character smothers the basis of gnosis, which is as complete here as elsewhere.

This is in striking contrast to the Atlantean black cabala, based entirely on sex, that is to say, on the sexualiztion or dualization of the causal Cause, God. It is tempting, especially in the Christian world, to label this theology black magic, the magic of evil, which is as inane as condemning our parents to hell for having conceived us in sin. If the first Christians had followed Saint paul’s counsels of chastity, no one would have remained to propagate the new faith. [.]

He seems to be entirely ignorant of the evidence that this was precisely what the Cathars taught. In this next remark, Schwaller reveals the agenda again: fusions, assimilation, control and domination. To have an idea of what the Egyptians were really up to, have a look at some of the “art” that is generally NOT made available to the public:



The badly damaged Turin Erotic Papyrus is 8.5 feet long and reads from right to left. On the first third of the papyrus, animals are shown engaging in various human activities. The rest of the papyrus are vignettes of extremely graphic erotic scenes showing a brutish man using a woman sexually in a variety of postures, some of which suggest force, and all of which definitely suggest lust without love – animal sex. We are certainly reminded of Ira Einhorn’s journal entry:

Sadism – sounds nice – run it over your tongue – contemplate with joy the pains of others as you expire with an excruciating satisfaction. Project outward the vision of inward darkness. Let no cesspool of inner meaning be concealed. Reveal the filth that you are. Know the animal is always there. Beauty and innocence must be violated for they can’t be possessed. The sacred mystery of another must be preserved – only death can do that.

We so carefully hide the blackness of our soul from all those around us (even ourselves) we forget so easily the impulses of power which unconsciously control so many of our actions! A book like Venus in Furs reminds us of what we are – blackness and light. To beat a woman – what joy – to bite her breasts and ass – how delightful – to have her return the favor in our sensitive areas. How is life to be lived? That is what the book asks unknowingly. Should we subjugate or be subjugated. Realize our darkness or at least become aware of it. Can I love Rita as she is or must I break her spirit. Does she provide me with what I want. Often I think not. Investigate – plunge deeply – leave no stone unturned. You are one of the rare free spirits do not be saddled by one who isn’t. Life to be lived at its full must be lived freely. Let nothing stand in your way to getting what you can – not even the illusion of love which you know to be so transitory. [quoted by Levy, emphasis, mine]

Schwaller: Esoterism is not a particular meaning hidden in a text, but a state of fusion between the vital state of the reader and the vital state of the author.. Thus esoteric teaching is strictly evocation, and can be nothing other than that. Initiation does not reside in any text whatsoever, but in the cultivation of intelligence-of-the heart. Then there is no longer anything occult or secret, because the intention of the enlightened, the prophets, and the “messengers from above” is never to conceal – quite the contrary. [.] [Schwaller, Esoterism and Symbol, emphases, mine]

There is an immediate psychic bond produced by belief in rituals or lies of any kind. This “state of fusion” that Schwaller describes is precisely the result of “bidding” as described in Adventures Chapter 36, as experienced by Whitley Strieber. There is an instantaneous linkage and interpenetration with the individual who has chosen to believe a lie. The higher-dimensional beings have subtle, vertical filamental axes fixed on human beings. Those subtle nerve-networks process radiant-energy values, drawn in through the etheric “chakras” of the higher-dimensional systems, represented by the pineal/pituitary glands.

The “contributions of consciousness” consist effectively of the energy a soul would otherwise utilize to encompass objective knowledge with reason. Each time they choose a lie over the effort required to dig down to the truth, or the effort required to adjust their own psyche to adapt to Truth, that “love” energy is effectively transferred to the individual who is producing the lie in which they are believing, without effort on their part to ascertain its truth for themselves.

The subordinates of the negative hierarchy are all connected like tiers of an immense structure, functioning as regimented extensions and mind/body “parts” – organs and processes as exactly described by Schwaller, serving the negative agenda from their respective levels – feeding the Overarching Apex, the “Eye of the Pyramid.” The beings at the different tiers do not perceive the object of the Ultimate Objective because it is a characteristic of the Negative hierarchy to deliberately mask and distort that which is higher and more comprehensive from that which is lower and more “specialized.” And this is why they seek to “break up thought” into tiny packets, to shock the senses, to generate emotional reactions that put the soul to sleep.

The Negative hierarchy is oriented toward the consuming of radiant light energy in a one way flow. The progressive power that devolves from the “capture” and incorporation or radiant-light sources serves to feed and enhance an exclusive subjectivity of consciousness – the “identification” described by Schwaller – since the effort is toward the subordination of all things to the magnified narcissism belonging to devout ego consciousness as represented by the much touted “Neters.”

Those of you who have read the material in these pages, especially the discussions of the nature of emotions, emotional programming, addiction to emotion and brain chemicals, will immediately recognize the sometimes not so subtle “twists” in the above quoted passages. Schwaller is, effectively, proposing that one should discover their “animal totem,” or “Neter,” and activate it in all its primitive emotional glory. In other words, rather that utilizing the mind that man is born with that separates him from the animal kingdom to reach for ever higher Cosmic Emotion via the use of reason and reflection, one is supposed, instead, to turn back on the example of Nature, and align oneself with the “Cryptogeographic” beings of the animal kingdom, the the 4th density STS hierarchy. In short, Schwaller is actively promoting the negative agenda.

In contrast to what Schwaller has said about the “assimilating” and expressing of animal natures as the “intelligence of the heart” nonsense, the C’s have suggested that one ought to understand that it is by used of knowledge that we grow the vessel for the higher emotions to manifest. We are, indeed, at a crucial transition, but not one where we ought to believe ourselves to be the acme of some sort of Darwinian development of consciousness as a byproduct of evolution, but rather that we are consciousness FIRST, which then manifests form in order to gain experience and learn lessons.

The whole issue of the excitement over Egyptian civilization is the belief that they had some power to control the forces of life because they built the pyramids and we can’t. And has it never occurred to anybody that the existence of the pyramids in conjunction with the worship of an elite group of human beings, while everybody else was wearing loincloths and sweating in the hot sun, might suggest a relationship between the two? The fact is, the Egyptian civilization seems to have been the chief example of a vast chasm between the haves and the have nots, and they managed to do it longer than anybody else. Indeed, it seems that these secret societies want to promote that idea that so they can do it again. It’s that simple. And they are working like crazy to prepare the minds of the public to accept this as a GOOD thing!

It would be a labor of Hercules to clean out the Augean stable of this man’s work, and there are minds who are attracted to these concepts of elitism and hierarchy, just like an entire town was convinced to agree that the Emperor was fully clothed. R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz was a small-minded, intellectual raider and poseur. He was prejudiced and fanatical. He was a racist and a chauvinist. And this is the man revered by most of the researchers in Alternative Egyptology.

But here, again, we find the Tar Baby that will trap us. Schwaller de Lubicz and others who say that the Sphinx was built by people from Atlantis and is much older than mainstream Egyptologists think, may be close to being right. Schwaller de Lubicz and John Anthony West believe that the erosion of the Sphinx was caused by a flood, or series of floods, whereas Schoch found that it was caused by centuries of exposure to rain. West and Hancock argue that the Sphinx was built by a lost civilization, not by the ancient Egyptians. It seems more likely that they were built by the remnants of a Lost Civilization which was the beginning of the Egyptian civilization which is far older than current Egyptological experts will admit. P & P then make the biggest mistake of all. They say:

We may think that we can accept [Saint-Yves] and Schwaller de Lubicz’s historical ideas and reject the politics, but they simply can’t be disentangled. It was never intended that they should be. If you accept one, you are tacitly swallowing the other.[5]

And that is the double barbed hook of disinformation. It is set up so that the historical information will prove out to a marvelous extent, so that the political ideas will be piggy-backed on that proof. By the same token, P & P’s frenzied warning that it is a conspiracy will be discarded because they are inextricably intertwined with the system that is presently being deconstructed.

Since we have suggested that Schwaller de Lubicz is part of a vast COINTELPRO operation with millennial objectives, we need to consider here the fact that the very things he criticizes about Fulcanelli may be those to which we ought to pay the most attention, assuming that the reader is not reading this book to discover the means of obtaining control over the forces of life, but is rather seeking the Truth that will set man Free.

Schwaller offers brutal criticism of Fulcanelli’s cabalastic exegesis in The Mystery of The Cathedrals. He denounces Fulcanelli’s clues that connect the French language to ancient Pelasgian Greek which is vitally important as I have explicated in Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols. He ridicules Fulcanelli’s ideas of cabalistic expression, the so-called “language of the birds.” Schwaller then promotes the very ideas of Fulcanelli as his own, having effectively removed the mode of achieving them. He suggests that what is required for cabalistic interpretation, for intensified perception, celestial grace is what he calls the intelligence of the heart which can only be achieved by embracing one’s “animal nature.” He promotes this view while criticizing Fulcanelli’s academic expositions, claiming that they are hopelessly over-etymologized, missing the point that it is in these very studies that the cerebral connections are established that enable amplified consciousness, and thus lay the circuitry for the receiving of “celestial grace.” Fulcanelli writes in The Dwellings of The Philosophers

With their confused texts, sprinkled with cabalistic expressions, the books remain the efficient and genuine cause of the gross mistake that we indicate. For, in spite of the warnings… students persisted in reading them according to the meanings that they hold in ordinary language. They do not know that these texts are reserved for initiates, and that it is essential, in order to understand them, to be in possession of their secret key. One must first work at discovering this key.[6]

And the key is in the language, in the variations of the myths, in the archetypal expressions of the myths, and the words that connect one myth to another in layers and semantic content.


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