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Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols Part 1

For the past few days I have been wondering exactly how to go about putting these items together without getting myself into hot water again, and I couldn’t quite see a clear path for this material. However, today the Signs team pulled up a couple of most interesting articles that just happen to provide the perfect platform for my subject. The first is a brief discussion of Ethnic Specific Weapons entitled The Mark of Doom, and the second is Did a Comet Trigger The Great Chicago Fire? Let me deal with the second article first. It tells us:

New research lends credence to an alternative explanation [for the Great Chicago Fire of 1871]: The fire, along with less-publicized and even more deadly blazes the same night in upstate Wisconsin and Michigan, was the result of a comet fragment crashing into Earth’s atmosphere. The comet theory has been around – and most often discarded – since at least 1883, but Robert Wood, a retired McDonnell Douglas physicist, said never before has the orbital parameters of the rogue comet been taken into consideration.

The likely suspect, in Wood’s eyes, is a fragment from Biela’s Comet, which had been circling the sun every six years and nine months before a close encounter with Jupiter caused it to break into two large fragments in 1845. During its next passage, astronomers noted a 1.5-million mile, 15-day gap between the two pieces. Wood said his analysis of the fragments’ positions during subsequent orbits shows that Jupiter’s gravity again affected their speed and trajectory, sending the smaller fragment on a path toward Earth that ended in October 1871. He presented his findings at a conference last week titled “Planetary Defense: Protecting Earth from Asteroids,” held in Garden Grove, Calif.

Wood cited eyewitness reports of spontaneous ignitions, lack of smoke and “fire balloons” falling from the sky to bolster his theory. If the fire had been caused by comet debris, which is believed to have consisted of small pieces of frozen methane, acetylene or other highly combustible chemicals, it also would explain the cause of the fires blazing north of Chicago, which wiped out 2,000 people and burned 4 million acres of farm and prairie lands.

The deceased included many who showed no signs of being burned, Wood said. “This would be consistent with either the absence of oxygen or the presence of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide above lethal levels,” – a rare – but not unprecedented – situation in large forest fires. In all, over a 24-hour period, an area of land the size of Connecticut was burned.

Wood speculates the main body of the comet crashed into Lake Michigan, with peripheral fragments causing the fires in Chicago, Wisconsin and Michigan. […]

“What’s important about these findings,” Wood said, “is that they show you people can actually get killed from something from out of space.”

Did you catch the two most important comments? 1) “The comet theory has been around – and most often discarded” and 2) “What’s important about these findings is that they show you people can actually get killed from something from out of space.”

You don’t say?!

Reading the above article reminded me of a few comments made by Morris Jessup in his book The Case For the UFO, as follows:

The advent of the great comets and the red spot on Jupiter in the late 1870’swas coincident with the mysterious appearance of a new crater on the moon […]

There seems to be something of periodicity in events of celestial and spatial origin. This has been called to our attention by John Philip Bessor in theSaturday Evening Post as early as May, 1949; but no one has thus far been able to catalogue and classify enough of this data to determine for certainwhether such cycles exist, much less their time period or cause.

It is not particularly astonishing that these phenomena should be cyclic, for practically everything astronomical is periodic. If periodicity could be firmly established for these phenomena, that fact alone would be proof of their reality and integration with the organic world about us.

The rush of oddities and unusual events in the decade 1877 to 1887 is very much in evidence. Perhaps it does seem to be drawing the long bow a bit if one tries to make out that the presence of the great comets, or the activity of the Red Spot on Jupiter, were influential in causing such events, but that all of these were concomitant is undeniable. […]

There is something more of astonishment, however, in finding that the astronomical observations include two distinct and divergent types of bodies: the solid, geometrically shaped structures, and the ill-defined nebulous clouds.

Both have been recorded by impeccable witnesses. Both have been shown to exhibit evidences of intelligent direction or control. Both have their parallel instances among the current observations of UFO’s seen by the man in the street, since 1947, and by our forebears as shown in historical records.

Strangely enough, however, the cloudy types have been seen really far out in space, and rather probably associated with such large comets as that of 1882. But whether seen two-thirds of an astronomical unit away or hovering over New York Harbor, they have had peculiar characteristics.

Some of those seen by Schmidt in the neighborhood of the great comet in 1882 were moving both with the comet and at right angles to it, and there were undoubtedly objects moving about within the head of the comet.

The astronomical observations are so definite that we must leave them largely to speak for themselves, other than to point out again theirconcentration in certain years. It may be that further investigation will disclose other years of concentration, but the task is an enormous one. It is possible to say, however, that the search has been fairly exhaustive for the years 1877-86. There is reason to think that the next intensive investigation might bear fruit if concentrated around the prior years 1845-1860. [ClickHERE to download the Varo edition of Morris K. Jessup’s classic, The Case For the UFO]

At this time, I don’t want to comment on Jessup’s remarks about strange objects in the sky that seem to accompany cyclic cometary events. We are here interested in a different issue. First of all, let us ask: What “Great Comets” is Jessup talking about? There were quite a few during that period: 1807, 1811, 1819, 1823, 1830, 1831, 1843, (Great March comet), 1844, 1845, (Great June comet), 1854, 1860, 1861, 1865 (Great southern comet), 1880 (Great southern comet), 1881, 1882 (Great September comet), 1887 (Great southern comet).

Few comets are called “Great,” and those that are, are generally visually quite impressive due to a combination of factors. Far from the sun, comets are inactive and are not large enough to be seen with the naked eye. However, when they approach the sun, the icy cometary surfaces begin to vaporize and throw off gas and dust, forming the enormous atmosphere and tails that make comets “Hairy Stars.”

However, this activity by itself does not mean that a comet is a “great comet.” A comet can only become great by making a particularly close approach to the sun so that it produces enormous quantities of gas and dust, or by making a close approach to the Earth so that it dominates the night sky.

If we consider the fact that there were only two Great Comets seen in the 20th century, and both of them seemed to be tag alongs to the comets of the 19th century, we see that the above list of Great Comets – only a partial list from that century – is quite extraordinary.

One thing I would like to draw the reader’s attention to is Jessup’s reference to Jupiter. As it happens, I’m rather fond of Jupiter for a number of reasons. Those readers who have read the story of the Cassiopaean Experiment are aware that the breakthrough in the experiment that resulted in the superluminal communication from “Us in the Future” came at the exact moment the fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy began to impact the surface of Jupiter. What is even more striking about this (no pun intended) is the fact that some of the most important information received from Ourselves in the Future has been concerned with cyclic cometary bombardment of the Earth and it’s possible cause: a Companion Star – a Brown Dwarf.

When we launched the official Cassiopaea website in 1998 (though we had shared some of the information and research on earlier, primitive, free sites), among our main pages were Cometary Showers, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? and Does Our Sun Have a Dark Companion?

Even though the above quoted article says “The comet theory has been around – and most often discarded,” we have certainly been publishing research on the subject since 1998, after having begun to work on the comet problem in 1985. Based on this research, we definitely think that things coming from out of space can hurt you…

Getting back to Jupiter: We note that Jessup connected something unusual about theappearance of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter to the influx of Great Comets. Let me repeat his comment because it is important: “Perhaps it does seem to be drawing the long bow a bit if one tries to make out that the presence of the great comets, or the activity of the Red Spot on Jupiter, were influential in causing such events, but that all of these were concomitant is undeniable.”

As noted, Jupiter had an encounter with the fragments of Shoemaker-Levy (clearly NOT a Great Comet) in 1994, and we also have read many reports of the increasing “count” of satellites around the Giant Planet of the solar system which we speculate could be newly captured cometary bodies rather than “old ones” that have been there a long time but nobody managed to see them before this. We certainly know about Comet Hale-Bopp (another NOT Great Comet) and that there is an extraordinary number of “fireballs” and “mystery booms” on the planet at present. The reader might want to take a look at our collection of these events in the Signs Meteor Supplement.

Now, here’s another item to mull over at the present moment in time:

Amazing Blue Band Around Jupiter!

An Amazing Disturbance In Jupiter’s Clouds….. It is a very elongated, bluish streak that runs along the interface of the dark South Equatorial Belt.

The first hint that that something unusual was taking place in the cloudy Jovian atmosphere came from Spanish amateur when he reported that a small, bicolored feature was forming in the Southern Hemisphere a little over 2 weeks ago. NOW, this disturbance has stretched, what looks like, right around the planet!

At the moment it’s too early to be sure of the nature of this disturbance or its potential evolution. The wide band shown on the photograph could, quite easily measure, 3-4 times the diameter of the Earth!

Although Jupiter has, in the past, produced some unusual upper cloud features, nothing like this has ever been seen before!

An Amazing Disturbance in Jupiter’s clouds the likes of which has NEVER been seen before. I don’t think it is stretching it too much to suggest that this wide, blue band is as interesting as the Great Red Spot.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot seems to be a giant hurricane-like storm system rotating with the Jovian clouds. Observed in 1655 by Italian-French astronomer Jean-Dominique Cassini, over 300 years later it is still going strong. Systematic observations of the Great Red Spot began to be made in 1821. (For a general discussion of the weather on Jupiter see: Jovian Activity & Nomenclature)

Fascinating, eh? Let’s poke this tar baby and see what sticks.

What else happened around the time of the appearance of the Great Red Spot? As it happens, the Maunder Minimum – a sort of mini-ice age – a period of virtual absence of sunspot activity prevailed between 1645 and 1715. (The reader might wish to revisit my discussion of the Maunder Minimum included in the article entitled: Independence Day.)At the present time, there is some considerable discussion of an impending descent into a new Ice Age and we wonder if there is any relationship between the sudden appearance of this atmospheric disturbance on Jupiter and said Ice Age. We are, of course, repeatedly told that Global Warming is the cause of the coming Global Climate Flip-Flop. If that is the case, then it seems highly unlikely that disturbances on Jupiter would have anything to do with our weather at all.

But what if that is not the case? What if “Global Warming” is driven by an entirely different engine? In this respect, let us consider the so-called Sun Spot cycle. It was noted that there was almost total suppression of Sun spots during the period of the Maunder Minimum, the same period during which the Great Red Spot on Jupiter made its debut. Does that suggest a connection between atmospheric disturbances on Jupiter and the activity of our Sun?

In The Moon and The Planets, A Catalog of Astronomical Anomalies, a review of professional scientific papers compiled by William Corliss, we find a chapter entitledJovian Atmospheric Phenomena, which outlines the subject of the progress of Jovian observation. The excerpts I have selected represent the abstracts of a series of papers, presented chronologically, so as to show the development of the various ideas:

The variable features of Jupiter – the cloud patterns, ephemeral spots, changing colors – confirm for us watching from the earth that Jupiter has a form of “weather,” alien weather perhaps, but gross atmospheric changes analogous to the earth’s. […]

The strong Jovian magnetic field may play an important role, as might also bizarre chemical reactions. From all the telescopic and spacecraft observations of the restless atmosphere of Jupiter, only one class of data seem worth focusing on at the present time: the apparent cyclic behavior of the planet’s surface features, particularly the size, color, and motion of the Great Red Spot.

Many have suggested that solar activity modulates Jovian weather. […]

Perhaps there is an unrecognized force that affects both Jupiter and the sun and forces them to dance to the same tune. […]

A more recent study of Jupiter’s color variations: When the short-period variations were compared with sunspot activity, it was found that when sunspots were numerous, the belts were generally a dark brown; when they were not numerous, the belts had a tendency to be orange. Because of the similarities of sunspot activity to the short-period color fluctuations, it is suspected that the color changes may be influenced by solar corpuscular emissions […]

The relation between solar activity and the rotational periods of surface features on Jupiter were investigated over the period 1880-1968, [showing] that the mean rotational periods of the features display a double-maximum relationship in the course of the 11-year solar cycle. […]

[E]xamination of the sun spot cycle and the relative brightness of the Jovian red spot reveals … a correlation. […]

The variation of the visibility of Jupiter’s red spot does have a component dependent on solar activity. […]

It is interesting, however, that subsequent values exhibit a completely different correspondence which does not fit into the previous period… Nevertheless, considering the behavior of the red spot from 1894 to 1945, as revealed by the present analysis, it is difficult to conclude that there is no correlation between Jovian and solar activities.

Jupiter’s Red Spot begins to show a clear inconsistency around 1947. It is interesting to note in this connexion that this is also the time when the Sun showed an unexpected large enhancement in sunspot numbers. […]

From 1892 to 1947 a clear correlation was present. A dearth of sightings in the seventeenth century, along with the Maunder Minimum, further supports the relation. An anti-correction, however, from 1948 to 1967 removed support for such an effect.

A conversion reaction of Phosphine gas to triclinic red phosphorus crystals is a reaction dependent upon solar UV radiation. It may explain the striking appearance of the Great Red Spot… The Maunder Minimum was a period when few if any sun spots were apparent.

The observed relative brightness variations of Jupiter may possibly be directly related to variations in the sun’s ultraviolet energy output

The relative brightness variations cannot be accounted for by variations in the total energy output of the sun since variations of Jupiter’s distance from the sun appear to have little effect on the relative brightness of Jupiter. Some sort of triggering effect of solar radiation is suggested. […]

The observed long and short term fluctuations in longitude of the Red Spot are indeed the actual phenomena, as well as the fluctuations of the B-termand of cometary discoveries. We show relationships: (a) The quasi-simultaneity of rises and falls of long term fluctuations of the Red Spot, ofterrestrial rotation and of cometary discoveries with periods approaching that of the period of great aurorae. (b) The coincidence of the period and the phase of the three monthly oscillations of the Red Spot with inferior conjunctions of Mercury and the indirect relationship of their amplitude with the degree of the alignment of Mercury on the Sun-Jupiter axis. All of thesemultiple coincidences may be purely fortuitous even if the probability of that is very small.

As we see, relating the appearance of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter strictly to solar activity doesn’t seem to hold up very well, though it seems evident that there is SOME sort of relationship. Then, the material diverts off to discuss a relationship between the Red Spot fluctuations, terrestrial rotation, and cometary periods that is maddeningly vague. What is clear, however, is that this subject has been an item of research for some time and certainly, somebody has some ideas that changes on Jupiter are indicative of changes on Earth.

When we consider a possible relationship between Jupiter and cometary cycles and solar cycles, the comment at the beginning of the chapter seems prescient:

Perhaps there is an unrecognized force that affects both Jupiter and the sun and forces them to dance to the same tune.

Obviously, the Earth is caught up in this dance as well.

As I speculated in Independence Day, the Maunder Minimum just may have been the “calling card” of our Sun’s companion, a Brown Dwarf. If that turns out to be the case, it may then be significant that this was when Cassini first noted the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. Another Sign?

This leads us to now consider just what might be causing the enormous blue band? I would like to draw the reader’s attention to an excerpt from my article Picknett and Prince on the Cassiopaeans that may provide some necessary clues to answer this question:

Picknett and Prince: The [Cassiopaeans state that the] dominant gas in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn is ammonia: Both are 99 per cent hydrogen and helium. Jupiter has a tiny amount (a fraction of one per cent) of ammonia.

Laura responds: P & P confidently state that the composition of both Saturn and Jupiter are “99 per cent hydrogen and helium.”

First of all, when astronomers speak about the composition of the entire planet, they say “It is believed that ….”, and then, sometimes they give the reasons why they believe so, and sometimes not. Second, composition of the entire planet is different from composition of the atmosphere. Third, composition of the upper regions of the atmosphere can be completely different than composition of the lower regions. Fourth, concerning “expert opinions” on the composition of planets, here is a selection; spin the bottle and pick one:

Opinion 1 Jupiter, on the other hand, may well be fluid throughout, although it could have a small solid core (say up to 15 times the mass of Earth!) of heavier elements such asiron and silicon extending out to perhaps 15% of its radius.
Opinion 2 4% of the planet’s mass is in a rocky inner core.
Opinion 3. The core of a planet is its central, spherical portion. It can be divided in two regions: the inner region is made of a mixture of nickel, iron, and sulphur, while the external portion is made of silicates. The composition of Jupiter’s core resembles the composition of Earth as a whole.
Opinion 4: Jupiter has rapid rotation and a large metallic hydrogen core
Opinion 5: At the center of the planet may be a core of rocky material massing around 10 to 15 times that of Earth.
Opinion 6: It is believed that Jupiter has a small rocky core but is mostly a giant ball of liquid hydrogen and gases.
Opinion 7: According to a theory formulated in 1958, the interior of Jupiter includes alarge core of metallic hydrogen.
Opinion 8: A strong concentration of mass is located in the center, or core; it is thought to be made up of rock and ice contain compounds of metals, oxygen, silicon, and heavy volatile elements.

Now that you have made a selection, you can write a book and declaim your “expert opinion” to be the only correct one as Picknett and Prince have done.

But, returning to the issue of the atmosphere of Jupiter, the temporary “facts,” as they are presently understood, are:(emphases, ours)

From: SolarViews “Galileo Probe Suggests Planetary Science Reappraisal”

Preliminary analysis of early data returned by NASA’s historic Galileo probe mission into Jupiter’s atmosphere has provided a series of startling discoveries for project scientists. (…)

The amount of helium measured was about one-half of what was expected.(…)

The composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere offered some surprises, according to project scientists. It contains significantly lower-than-expected levels of helium, neon, and certain heavy elements, such as carbon, oxygen and sulfur.(…)

During the probe’s high-speed, atmospheric-entry phase, deceleration measurements high in the atmosphere showed atmospheric density to be much greater than expected. (…)

Some indication of a high-level ammonia ice cloud was detected by the net flux radiometer. Evidence for a thin cloud which might be the postulatedammonium hydrosulfide cloud was provided by the nephelometer experiment.

From JPL:

The light blue region to the upper left of the Great Red Spot is the first ammonia ice cloud positively identified on Jupiter.This unusual cloud is produced bypowerful updrafts of ammonia-laden air from deep within Jupiter’s atmosphere.

From JPL Press Release October 24, 2000


An unusually pure cloud of young, fresh ammonia ice has been found on Jupiter by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft, the first discrete cloud of ammonia ice ever seen, though the planet is known to contain ammonia gas.

The spot, first discovered during Galileo’s first orbit of Jupiter, may be in the cross-current of opposing paths of uncommonly strong wind, which pulls up ammonia gas from below, forming a large cloud of ammonia ice. Scientists have named the spot theTurbulent Wake Anomaly because it lies downstream from Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, a 300-year old storm two times as large as Earth. (…)

Planetary scientists have known that Jupiter contains lots of ammonia gas, because the gas absorbs certain wavelengths of light. Scientists would then expect that the low temperatures in Jupiter’s outer atmosphere would cause the ammonia gas to condense into ice. Until now, localized ammonia ice clouds have never been seen, despite the cold temperatures and the abundance of ammonia.

Closer examinations by Galileo’s spectrometer instrument in May 1999 and May 2000 revealed that the spot was a heavy concentration of ammonia ice particles.

The cloud, which may be as much as 15 kilometers (over 9 miles) thick, is the first concentrated cloud of ammonia ice seen on Jupiter. Baines said that the ammonia cloud is located in an especially turbulent area, in the northwest corner of the Great Red Spot. A current flows around the Great Red Spot from east to west. Behind it, the current eddies and whirls, just as a rock in a stream creates whirlpools and whitewater behind it. Another powerful current moving in the opposite direction of the Great Red Spot’s current may intensify theTurbulent Wake AnomalyThis constant tumultuous motion pulls up ammonia from below the cloud level, creating fresh, dense clouds of ammonia ice. (…) There is a whole host of materials seen in the upper atmosphere that cannot be explained”

Laura: In other words: scientists are finding new surprising data that are not in agreement with their expectations based on standard mass spectrometer estimates. One of the recent surprises, as we could see above, consisted of discovery ofa 15 kilometers thick cloud of ammonia ice. The future can easily bring more surprises in this respect.

The first mention of the importance of ammonia on Jupiter was made on December 9, 1995 from Us in the Future, well in advance of the scientific discoveries listed above. This was, of course, only one of the many scientific clues obtained by our “unorthodox” method of inspiration for research – superluminal communication with ourselves in the future. But as we repeatedly stress in our work, “inspired material” is only ten percent of the equation: hard work and research is the other ninety percent. Without the scientific facts to back it up, the Cassiopaean comments about ammonia on Jupiter would mean nothing – they would stay in the realm of “unproved assertions.”

Now, returning to the nice blue cloud of Ammonia ice, we notice that it was apparently caused by extremely stormy conditions even by Jovian standards. We also notice that these observations of the ammonia ice cloud were made in 1999 and 2000.

Taking our clue from the color, let us theorize that the enormous blue band on Jupiter is evidence of some great turbulence that is churning up ammonia ice in monstrous quantities. One then might wish to ask just what could cause such monumental storminess?

Connecting the dots, we come back to the great Chicago fire that may have been started by an exploding comet during a period of time when a lot of Great Comets were being observed, as well as changes in the weather on Jupiter. At the present period, we notice another MOST significant weather phenomenon on Jupiter, more comets reported to be on the way, a lot of fireballs in our own skies, as well as a few actual asteroid hits on the planet, and nobody is sitting up and taking notice?

Let’s turn in a slightly different direction now.

Recently, I read a transcribed lecture by Daniel Quinn, author of the phenomenally successful little book, Ishmael. The title of the lecture was The Great Forgetting. In this talk, Quinn poses a certain problem:

I wonder if you’ve ever considered how strange it is that the educational and character-shaping structures of our culture expose us but a single time in our lives to the ideas of Socrates, Plato, Euclid, Aristotle, Herodotus, Augustine, Machiavelli, Shakespeare, Descartes, Rousseau, Newton, Racine, Darwin, Kant, Kierkegaard, Tolstoy, Schopenhauer, Goethe, Freud, Marx, Einstein, and dozens of others of the same rank, but expose us annually, monthly, weekly, and even daily to the ideas of persons like Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, and Buddha.

Why is it, do you think, that we need quarterly lectures on charity, while a single lecture on the laws of thermodynamics is presumed to last us a lifetime?

Why is the meaning of Christmas judged to be so difficult of comprehension that we must hear a dozen explications of it, not once in a lifetime, but every single year, year after year after year? Perhaps even more to the point, why do the pious (who already know every word of whatever text they find holy) need to have it repeated to them week after week after week, and even day after day after day? […]

Have you ever wondered why it is the duty of the clergy of so many sects to read the Divine Office – daily? Why the same affirmations of faith are repeated word for word in so many religious communities around the world – daily?

Is it so difficult to remember that Allah is One or that Christ died for our sins that it must be reiterated at least once every day throughout life? […]

Anywhere in the world, East or West, you can walk up to a stranger and say, “Let me show you how to be saved,” and you’ll be understood. You may not be believed or welcomed when you speak these words, but you will surely be understood.

The fact that you’ll be understood should astonish you, but it doesn’t, because you’ve been prepared from childhood by a hundred thousand voices – a million voices – to understand these words yourself.

You know instantly what it means to be “saved,” and it doesn’t matter in the least whether you believe in the salvation referred to.

You know in addition, as a completely distinct matter, that being saved involves some method or other. The method might be a ritual-baptism, extreme unction, the sacrament of penance, the performance of ceremonial works, or anything at all.

It might, on the other hand, be an inner action of repentance, love, faith, or meditation.

Again in addition, and again as a completely distinct matter, you know that the method of salvation being proposed is universal: It can be used by everyone and works for everyone.

Yet again: You know that the method has not been discovered, developed, or tested in any scientific laboratory; either God has revealed it to someone or someone has discovered it in a supranormal state of consciousness. Although initially received by divine means, the method is nonetheless transmittable by normal means, which explains why it’s possible for a perfectly ordinary individual to be offering the method to others. […]

But all this barely scratches the surface of what is meant when someone says, “Let me show you how to be saved.”

A complex and profound worldview is implicit in such a statement.

According to this worldview, the human condition is such that everyone is born in an unsaved state and remains unsaved until the requisite ritual or inner action is performed, and all who die in this state either lose their chance for eternal happiness with God or fail to escape the weary cycle of death and rebirth.

Because we’ve been schooled from birth to understand all this, we’re not at all puzzled to hear someone say, “Let me show you how to be saved.” Salvation is as plain and ordinary to us as sunrise or rainfall.

But now try to imagine how these words would be received in a culture that had no notion that people were born in an unsaved state, that had no notion that people need to be saved. A statement like this, which seems plain and ordinary to us, would be completely meaningless and incomprehensible to them, in part and in whole. Not a word of it would make sense to them.

Imagine all the work you’d have to do to prepare the people of this culture for your statement. You’d have to persuade them that they (and indeed all humans) are born in a state in which they require salvation. You’d have to explain to them what being unsaved means – and what being saved means. You’d have to persuade them that achieving salvation is vitally important – indeed the most important thing in the world. You’d have to convince them that you have a method that assures success. You’d have to explain where the method came from and why it works. You’d have to assure them that they can master this method, and that it will work as well for them as it does for you. […]

At this point, Quinn’s ideas diverge significantly from those based on our own Quantum Future research but that is not so important at this point. What is important is the manner in which he has outlined the method of CULT-ivation of humanity.

As the Signs Team wrote yesterday:

Cover of Le Nouvel Observateur no. 2051, week of 26 February – 3 March, 2004

We think that there are extremely dangerous cults in the world who focus on death. They not only focus on prophetic claims of the end of the world, but they are in a position to bring about the death and destruction of millions, if not billions, of people. The French newsmagazine, Le Nouvel Observateur, ran this cover on last week’s edition. The title says: Evangelicals: The Cult that wants to conquer the world.

At the head of this cult stands George W. Bush. Bush has said that he gets advice from God, friendly and helpful advice such as orders to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. We wonder whether Bush’s God has an office next to Rumsfeld’s at the Pentagon.

This is a cult that believes their savior is going to return very soon, that they, themselves, will be saved, whisked off to safety before the bombs start to fall, and those left behind will face the Tribulations. They believe that by aiding in creating the conditions for their savior’s return, that is, by bringing on Armageddon, the “End Times,” they are doing “the Lord’s work.”

How sick is that?

Yet a man who fervently believes these fairy tales is at the head of the most powerful country in the world, a country that spends more on arms than the next twelve combined!

Ah, the Lord works in mysterious ways.

To understand what is happening on our planet, we need to understand the hyperdimensional character of our reality. It is science that can help us understand this reality, science married with work on the self, a joint raising of one’s knowledge and one’s being so that one has the understanding necessary to put into practice one’s knowledge.

The explanations that such scientific work deliver, such as the possibility that there are many different realities coexistent with our own, and many different dimensions, both above and below our own, may appear completely crazy, especially when slander campaigns and disinformation attempt to reduce this scientific understanding to the level of a tabloid by associating it with vulgar stories of “space brothers.” When these slander campaigns areorchestrated by the same powers that buy into the Christian “End Times” scenario, one is forced to admit that things are completely upside down, reason has been thrown out, and we are facing a horrible mass hallucination that has taken in most of the people on the planet and threatens to destroy the world as we know it.

Why is it that scientific work attempting to explain the truth of our multidimensional universe is debunked and ridiculed while the entire monotheistic worldview is accepted by billions without question?

Note that monotheism comes complete with miracles, prophecies, God parting the waters to set his people free, covenants thousands of years old used to justify genocide today, teachings that being a martyr for one’s religion will bring you to the side of God, which depends upon BELIEF, and no means to verify any of it! It may have to do with the educational system, the media, consumerism, and our economic structures, but, hush, don’t talk about it, because you can be accused of being a “terrorist.”

As I wrote in Is the World Coming to an End?

Here is where we come to a special problem. It is very difficult for me to say: “yes, the observable records of our planet suggest that catastrophe comes, and regularly,” because that is automatically branded as a “cult” declaration and nonsense. It is certainly by means of “end of the world” claims that the monotheistic cults keep everyone in line. It is also the means by which the New Age offshoots of monotheism attract their followers. And it is also apparent that the many claims of the impending end of the world that did NOT transpire may have been generated just for the purpose of creating an “automatic knee jerk response” to any mention of the subject, no matter how much evidence there is to back it up.

The question we have to ask is: could it be that there is a reason that aREALISTIC assessment of probabilities based on evidence must be demonized by the Powers That Be?

It is certainly interesting that George Bush and his cronies can believe in the End of the World and act in ways designed to hasten it, and the Pentagon can predict another kind of “End of the World” that seems custom made to “scientifically support” the Bush Reich agenda, and the New Age crowd can endlessly promote “mass landings” and “photon belts” and “Planet X” scenarios, but absolutely no one can ever breathe a word of possible cataclysm based on scientific assessment or real research into the history of this planet in a reasonable way without being branded a “cult.”

It’s a knee-jerk reaction and certainly, there will be those reading these words who will say “Oh, well, Laura and the C’s are a cult because she is suggesting that there is a cyclical cometary bombardment that may kill a lot of people… just like the other cults that have said the world is gonna end… ” blah, blah. And then, they will go back to sleep just as they have been programmed to do by the cult “sensitization” official culture party line.

Keep in mind, folks, that this material is painstakingly pieced together from many hours – even years – of dedicated research, and we are only estimating probabilities. It is clear that we cannot attach a date to any of it for a lot of reasons that we have covered elsewhere on the site. But what IS important is the fact that the SIGNS are all right in front of us that something is definitely amiss on the Big Blue Marble. It’s what’s REAL! It’s HAPPENING right now! And, at the same time, there are horrible plans being implemented in the Secret enclaves of the Powers That Be, behind the scenes – soon to play at a city near you, with the masses of humanity in the starring roles!

Now that I have bored all the agents and those who really don’t want to know anything or who want to get it from me without at least taking the time to read through the process of discovery, let me get to the next item on my list of odd connections: Mongols.

“What,” you may ask, “do Mongols have to do with anything?” Well, just bear with me here and you will soon see.