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The Wave Chapter 42: The Tradition

During the course of our experiences with the Cassiopaeans in the two years before Ark’s arrival on the scene, we had many other experiences with attack that resulted from our association with individuals who were what we had begun to call agents. I have recounted some of these in the Wave Series, including the research I was doing at the time which, little by little, made me aware that something seriously interesting was going on with this communication with Cassiopaea.

Up to this point in time, there were a number of esoteric traditions that were available to seekers of higher knowledge, all of which emanated from secret societies, and groups that required oaths of secrecy, rites and rituals, or periodic or permanent withdrawal from the world in order for a person to achieve higher consciousness – which was, of course, promulgated as the means by which the ultimate goal was achieved; this goal being either power over the forces of life, or escape from life itself.

Ark and I both have investigated these paths to some greater or lesser extent through our searches, but neither of us ever felt sufficiently inspired by their exoteric cloaks to do more than give them academic interest. “Control over the forces of life” via magic and ceremony never appealed to either of us, and abdicating responsibility to life and other people also never appealed to either of us. What we had both independently recognized was that George Gurdjieff had brought to the world “fragments of an unknown teaching” that resonated deeply in our souls.

Gurdjieff’s work is evidently deeply rooted in an ancient tradition that predates all other known teachings promulgated by any of the so-called secret societies. Some have suggested that it points toward Egypt, but we believe that we clearly demonstrate in our book, The Secret History of the World, that its origins are precisely where Gurdjieff said they were: deep in Central Asia.

Even though he had received his initiations in the Tradition of the Ancients, Gurdjieff was clearly breaking with the tradition by opening it up to the world at large. No one has any clear answer as to whether he was charged with this mission, or whether he decided on his own to take the responsibility for gambling on awakening mankind at large, but the result was that he came under intense criticism and castigation by both initiates and the uninitiated.

Interestingly, in his last book, Life is Only Real Then, When I Am, Gurdjieff makes a very revealing statement. He describes certain abilities of the mind which he possessed directly relating to “the power of telepathy and hypnotism.” He voluntarily gave up the use of these abilities to manipulate others, but also “made a reservation that my oath should not concern the application of it for scientific purposes. For instance, I was very much interested then, and even now my interest has not entirely vanished, in increasing the visibility of distant cosmic centers many thousand times through the use of a medium … ” Relating this to what we have said about Thought Centers in the previous chapter, we begin to see that Gurdjieff was engaged in activities and goals very similar to our present work.

Gurdjieff seemed to be acutely aware that the conditions of life had become so abnormal that only a desperate gamble might avert a certain catastrophe. He introduced a practical esoteric method into a system of initiation that taught that life itself was the great initiator. He hoped that he would be able to stimulate enough people to undergo the adventure of self-awakening so that the world as we know it might not be destroyed.

Gurdjieff himself said that “the teaching whose theory is here being set out is completely self-supporting and independent of other lines and it has been completely unknown up to the present time.”

That does not, of course, mean that it did not exist for millennia before Gurdjieff was charged with its exposition in these times.

The significant things about what came to be known as the Fourth Way was that it was not a religion, there was no dogma, no belief system, every idea and practice was to be verified by one’s own intentional observation and experimentation. What was essential to it was not devotion or belief, but effort, self-study, self-sacrifice in the true sense of the word, and understanding. What was more, the effort had to be completely voluntary.

The central theme of Gurdjieff’s work was that the individual could awaken through special efforts, utilizing the uncertainty, shocks (to one’s beliefs, preconceived notions, and habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving), suffering and negativity of real life, to produce the ability to extend intentionally the inner processes of the conscious absorption of impressions for the purpose of stimulating and enhancing awareness at multiple levels of being. This effort was aimed at developing a special quality, a wading through the processes of the psychological and organic self with a view to preparing the ground for the development of the higher self that was more than the sum of its parts. This quality that was sought was that of the higher mind that could impartially observe the self as it is – not as it was imagined to be, or wished to be – so as to “grow the mustard seed” of the essence so that a higher-being body could be formed and a soul crystallized.

Observation of the self, and the world, as it is, brings a kind of suffering that only impersonal truth can evoke. And doing it repeatedly can crack the shell of the Matrix.

Castaneda had obviously either read Gurdjieff’s work, or had tapped into a similar current either through his own psyche, or literally through the teachings of a group of seers, or Naguals, as he claimed. Dr. C. Scott Littleton, Professor of Anthropology at Occidental College, Los Angeles (author of From Scythia to Camelot), with whom I have personally discussed the issues of Carlos Castaneda, wrote to me:

Yes, I’m convinced that there was indeed a prototype of don Juan & that he was probably a Yaqui who moved rather freely between the Tucson area and northern Sonora. I also recall Carlos telling me that he never saw the guy again, at least in the flesh, after he, Nestor & Pablito jumped off the Ixtlan cliff at the climax of their initiation. He also said that his mentor died shortly thereafter.

I did hear through the grapevine that FD conned him into believing her account of her relationship with a South American shaman & managed to get him to write the foreword to her book, which, I’ve been told by persons I trust, is pure BS. Actually, this credulity on Castaneda’s part is thoroughly believable. He was a “trickster” who often tricked himself into accepting other people’s lies. …

I do know that in the late ’80s & early ’90s Carlos & his disciples, most of them Indians in the country illegally, were engaged in collective dreaming experiments from their base in the Mojave Desert. These included “voyages” to “planets in nearby star systems,” as he described it in the last guest lecture he ever gave to one of my UCLA Extension classes, ca. ’89. …

Finally, as I’ve said before, I suspect that most of the guy’s experiences reflect a UFO connection, despite the absence of clear-cut UFO imagery in his writings. … Yes, I did raise this possibility with Carlos on several occasions, and he told me that he’d “look into it.” Whether he ever did is a moot point.

In other words, hyperdimensional teachers may not be so crazy an idea. And if so, the Cassiopaeans seem to be of the same extremely ancient “Tradition” of Gurdjieff, and to some extent, Castaneda.

It is truly only in this sense that the Cassiopaeans can be understood. Their method of teaching, frustrating and trapping us in reactions, all the while urging us to not identify, to become free of our reactions, is a mode of self-development of conscience and understanding and true individuality that enables one to become free of the service-to-self hierarchy.

Gurdjieff taught that, since we are all One, what each of us does for ourselves in terms of self-development and awakening, we do for others, because when we withdraw from the feeding dynamic, we are then able to assist others to withdraw. We are the protectors of our inner life, the essence of the Divine, and as we protect it from the predations of those who would seek to devour it, to use it, to abuse us, we are protecting and defending that Divine spiritual part of us that seeks full manifestation and “birth” into this world – thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. This Divine self, this essence of God that is the seed of the soul, is hidden, buried in a shell of false personality that consists very often of “niceness” and seeing only “good” all around, when in fact, the reality is one in which very little of “goodness” is truly manifested because it is a Matrix control system that feeds on the energy of suffering that comes from beliefs in such illusions that are regularly and repeatedly violated.

The Matrix teaches us to be long suffering and to never revolt against the control system, to turn the other cheek. It teaches us to be food. Since we are all one, each time we allow ourselves to be violated, we are allowing all others and life itself to be violated. Each time we placate the Predator, we are feeding it not only with our energy, but enabling it to continue to consume others. Each time we keep silent or turn away from confronting lies, we feed the predator and we enable it to feed on others. Each time we are not truly ourselves, each time we do not choose from a position of freedom, because we are unaware, so are all others to whom we are connected and responsible deprived of free will. “Use the present to repair the past and prepare the future,” Gurdjieff said. And this is exactly what we have learned from the Cs.

For people who have a serious interest in the path of awakening and becoming free according to this most ancient teaching that has been hidden for long ages until the present time, there is no clear and explicit source of information. Because of its very nature, it has no center, no lectures, no seminars and those that have been formed since the death of Gurdjieff are, like any teaching that becomes codified, somewhat suspect. Gurdjieff himself said, “Since I had not, when in full strength and health, succeeded in introducing in practice into the life of people the beneficial truths elucidated for them by me, then I must at least, at any cost, succeed in doing this in theory, before my death.” He had dissolved his school, and devoted himself to writing. He finished the final draft of his manuscript of All and Everything before 1930, but he would not authorize its publication until 1950. Four years later Fulcanelli authorized a second edition of his Le Mystere with the added Hendaye chapter. My guess is that the two events are not unrelated.

The point here is, however, if Gurdjieff was unable to succeed in transmitting the system, or inspiring awakening by direct teaching, do we suppose that second-hand sources are doing a better job than he did himself?

That was, of course, our own dilemma. As I have noted elsewhere, Ark sought out Henri Tracol in order to determine whether or not he ought to join with such a school as those formed by some of the students of Gurdjieff. He realized after an hour of conversation that there was simply no point.

At the present moment, we have a large body of text, delivered for the most part as a direct interaction between myself and the Cassiopaeans. As I have noted, I had come to the same conclusions that Ark did, that there was no other place on the planet where the deepest teachings that fed the soul of those seeking to be free could be found. And so, I formed the theory of accessing the information directly. The theory, the drive, and the dedication to bring it into this reality was mine, and the presence of Frank was almost immaterial. If it had not been him, it would have been someone else. If it had not been done the way it was done, it would have been done another way. As the Cs themselves noted:

Q: (T) After two years, you know [Laura’s] always going to ask those kinds of questions!

A: Not two years, eternity. […] We have helped you build your staircase one step at a time. Because you asked for it. And you asked for it because it was your destiny. We have put you in contact with those of rare ability in order for you to be able to communicate with us. Again, because you desired it, in order to realize your path. [Frank] is just the one who awakened your sense of recognition.

And Frank had an agenda. His psychological agenda was to become a rich and famous New Age star, with me as the beast of burden doing all the work. The theological reality behind him was that of self-serving forces which sought to distort and corrupt, steal or destroy this work. And at the present moment those forces are active in pursuit of this goal. The Evil Magician-Matrix will do anything and everything to put the sheep back under hypnosis so he can take their skins and flesh whenever he likes, even including hypnotizing agents and convincing them that they are eagles, or channels or magicians.

We come back now to Ark in Budapest. He spent a week there and as soon as he returned to Poland, he began his final preparations to come to the U.S. As the day we would finally meet in the flesh came closer, I thought I would be a nervous wreck. But, in actuality, I was quite calm. I did have all the concerns as to whether we were making a big mistake, and all the rational excuses that the mind constructs as defenses, but the Cs had said that I had nothing to worry about, so I just didn’t worry. What I was worried about was my house being clean. I had heard that Polish ladies were outstanding housekeepers and I was terrified that my housekeeping would be found lacking. I was pushing myself daily to clean places in my house that hadn’t been cleaned since we bought it and did all the cleaning before moving in when there was nothing in the house to get in the way. As a result of this activity, I fell three times, under strange circumstances. These falls aggravated my already compromised physical condition, and I was having some difficulty functioning.

Ten days before Ark was to arrive, we had a session in which a completely strange remark was made. It was attended by the regular group, with the addition of V** who only was occasionally present due to her class schedule as well as that undercurrent of antagonism toward her from Frank. At this session, a series of rather disturbing comments were made by the Cs that only recently, with Frank’s revealed agenda, became clear in their intent.

We had been sitting around before the session discussing new information that Terry had obtained about future plans of the Secret Government for the institution of a global control system, the so-called New World Order. I was having a hard time concentrating on such topics when my whole personal life was sort of in a major transition, but the Cs evidently wanted to communicate something extremely important.

February 1, 1997

Q: Have you been listening to our discussion?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have any commentary you would like to make on the subject?

A: Well, more specific than that, please!

Q: Well, I’m not going to ask any questions about munitions. I don’t know anything about munitions, and I couldn’t ask any intelligent questions …

A: Your conversation covered a whole lot more than just munitions.

Q: Yes, it did. Now … (T) What did they ask? What did the discussion cover? (J) … our conversation “covered a whole lot more than munitions.” (T) Yup, it did! (L) OK, well, if we’ve got these … these … well, I don’t even want to get on the subject, because I just … it … (T) Then, well, let’s talk about something else.

A: Yes, we do suggest you do get on to the subject.

Q: (L) All right, then, you guys go ahead and ask your questions, because you know what to ask … They want you to get on to the subject …

A: No, Laura, you do too!

Q: (L) Well, I don’t …

A: You don’t know anything about Illuminati? Or secret government? Or future plans to institute changes?

Q: (T) Yep, that’s what we were talking about …

A: Or, how this may, let us make that, will, affect you?!? It would be wise to learn, discuss, and network quite a bit about this, for your own good!! Especially since we have noticed a distinct change in your “tone” since Arkadiusz came into your life … you have become somewhat “euphoric” about this turn of events, and your perspective on the prospects for your future. But it would be most decidedly unwise to let your temporary feelings obstruct the bigger picture, especially since the addition of Arkadiusz will have a stunningly profound effect on the course of events and all that implies with regards to the coming of the Wave and the turmoil that will precede it!!!

This was a startling remark. How in the world could our little group, our little reality, our insignificant lives have a “stunningly profound” effect on the course of events? Oh, indeed, they had hinted about many things, but I always just took them with a grain of salt, and tried to avoid ego hooks of thinking that anything we did was so tremendously significant. As the group discussed it, we naturally tried to minimize it to merely a local significance.

Q: (T) [A]nd it’s not that we’re anchoring it in New Port Richey … (L) It’s the planet … (T) … we’re anchoring it to the planet. And, there are other groups, anchoring frequencies. Maybe different frequencies, maybe the same frequency. They alluded to that, too, they said that there were other groups … (V) Yes, that’s something I was wondering about, for the last month, was one of the first times that I sat with you and Frank, they had said, what, that there were about ten people on the planet, that they were … (L) They said about 100. And they said that 10 were getting similar … (V) I was wondering whether that’s grown in the last two or three years … (J) Good question! (T) Well, I think the Gulf Breeze Six people were hooked into it and they didn’t make it. A lot of the groups are not going to make it. (V) Well, a good way to gauge is to the interaction … (T) They can’t depend on just one group to do it. They’ve got to have a whole bunch of different groups trying to do it. That way, at least one will make a connection. The more the merrier. The more groups, the stronger it becomes. (L) The whole thing is, is to survive. I mean, after we’ve had some of the bizarre things …

A: Start the flow again, Laura.

Q: (L) Which flow?

A: You don’t know?!? They said, incredulously …

Q: (T) The frequency, the flow, what we’ve just been talking about. (L) OK … (T) Start the flow again. Is that what you’re talking about?

A: Yes.

Q: When Ark gets here, this particular group is going to increase …

A: We meant to restart questions …

Q: (L) OK, start the flow …

A: … regarding the subjects at hand.

It was definitely startling that the Cs were suggesting that the flow was dependent on me. But, it certainly fits with Frank-as-the-well-pipe analogy.

Q: (L) OK, they want me to start the flow again … (T) Start the questions … (L) All right. To start the flow of the energy, let me ask this: You have said, on a number of occasions, that somehow, some way, what we are doing is going to play some role in these upcoming changes, turmoil, etc. And then, you’ve also, on other occasions, made allusions to secret government, and to the Illuminati, and so on and so forth. And you have also said that our knowledge is going to increase to, I think it was 30 to 35% of what the Illuminati possesses, but that would be like individually, each of us individually, so added together, it would be a lot more than that. Can we think, or ask, if there’s going to be a general tendency for our activities to be more closely scrutinized in the not too distant future?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L & T) Of course! (L) Let me ask; is there going to be any attempt to further attack or harm us in any way?

A: Well, let us put it this way: the future is fluid, as you know. Knowledge protects you. But, it would be wise to picture these letters appearing on a screen somewhere, at the same moment that they are uttered!

Q: (L) Is it the uttering that … (T) Uttering, or spelled on the board? (L) … “the moment they are uttered” … is it the uttering that is the key?

A: Does not matter, in all reality. The key is what the expectation is as to how they are intended to be put to use.

And of course, we didn’t even get it. The use of the term “utter” was curious; but again, it makes sense with Frank as the well-pipe, attempting to extract information from me. The fact that it was given in response to the question about whether or not there would be any attempts to attack or harm us, the key being how the words that are “uttered” were intended to be used, suggested that now that Ark was becoming involved, we might be considered as more problematical to the “powers that be.”

Naturally, in later times Frank opined that the remark was made in reference to Terry and Jan. Since it was impossible for me to consider the possibility that it might be Frank himself, I was willing to entertain the possibility, so we decided to ask about it over a year and a half after the above remark, in August of 1998. The Cs basically nixed the idea that Terry and Jan were the monitors, and the way the answers were delivered is truly strange in light of recent events.

August 15, 1998

Q: (A) I want to ask whether this channel is being monitored, and if so, by whom?

A: Only effective monitoring so far is by direct 3rd density observation and enticing some to share data, then “spill their guts” with “shaky” correspondents.

Q: (L) So, it’s only when I get enticed to share what ought not to be shared, or when someone is present who is a monitor, that we have been monitored?

A: Close. It can be monitored in other ways, but so far, these have been only seldom necessary. All STS always seek the path of least resistance first.

Naturally, I had the immediate idea that I was the guilty party since Frank had repeatedly told me that the only reason I was ever attacked was because I shared too much of the information with others. He wanted to keep it secret so that people could be induced to pay for it and it aggravated him to no end that we were giving it away for free. What is even more amazing is the fact that there were segments of the transcripts that the Cs suggested we ought not to share for safety reasons. Yet, in recent times, Frank, claiming to be the channel, has illegally claimed that he has the right to authorize Vincent Bridges to publish all of the material, including personal names and the passages that the Cs specifically said ought not to be shared. If anything ever demonstrated that he is not in any way the channel of the Cassiopaeans, that act alone clinches it. If he were, as he claims, the “authorized representative,” one would think that the directions given by the Cs would be honored. That he has neither honored the free will of those present at the sessions to not be identified, nor the request of the Cs that certain material not be published, completely invalidates his claim to be the channel. His behavior and actions are so out of range of the Cs’ teachings that there is no longer any realistic basis on which he can stake a claim to any of the material whatsoever.

At the time, I was feeling that maybe the remark was meant for me, but we now see that the precise way the Cs described it: “Only effective monitoring so far is by direct third density observation and enticing some to share data, then “spill their guts” with “shaky” correspondents,” applies exactly and precisely to Frank in the current time. The further remark that other ways than direct third density monitoring could be used, but “so far, these have been only seldom necessary. All STS always seek the path of least resistance first,” was a dead giveaway! Since we already know that Frank’s mind was the battle where it was in question as to whether the dark forces or the forces of light would win, it’s pretty obvious that Frank was always the path of least resistance for purposes of monitoring. He had been programmed for it; specially prepared for it. And it was probably only during those few times when he was blocked by our efforts from his link to the STS forces, that other means of monitoring had been utilized.

Q: (L) You once said when Terry and Jan were here that we should imagine the words appearing on a screen somewhere as they were being delivered on the board. Now you say that this is not necessarily the lengths to which they [meaning the controllers] have gone. Was that because they were present?

A: Seldom does not mean never.

Q: (L) If such a thing was to happen, would it be because of the presence of someone, such as when you said PZ was a monitor?

A: PZ, yes definitely!

Returning to the February 1st session when the idea of a monitor being present in our midst was first proposed, we find even more clues pointing in Frank’s direction.

Q: (T) Remind me, I’ve got another observation to make about the people on the other end … (L) Is there an internal configuration or frequency level that makes it so that the persons who are selected to do this monitoring, or to be involved in any of this kind of activity, such as you have described, as in the words appearing on the screen, etc., so that they are definitely selected because of their STS orientation?

A: This process takes place naturally. Now, a warning for you. Frequency resonance modulations of vibration rate can be altered or modified from outside if one is not cautious and/or aware enough, and thus takes necessary precautions.

We were not quite sure what this last remark meant, but it was a warning clearly directed at me, personally.

Q: (L) Well, OK, we know that. So, in other words, not only the information channel …

A: Yours can, ours cannot! [tape off]

Q: … and they’re letting them go and do it, because they figure it’s going to be great, because everybody’ll think it’s just TV, it’s just phony. And they are hoping it won’t go. The whole thing all goes together. It’s all linked together. Somebody’s watching this stuff, it’s disseminated through their organization, too. (L) I want to ask a question …

A: Now, remember technology can be used to “zap” you in a number of ways. For example … beware of any episodes of sudden storminess that may occur between you and Ark.

As it happened, one of the first things Frank tried to do after Ark had arrived was to plant seeds of division between us. So, again, we see that the Cs were telling us things that we never thought to apply to Frank, yet all the time, Frank was the spider at the center of the web. At this point, I wanted to get in a quick question about my falls that were so very strange.

Q: (L) Let me ask this quick, before anything else happens, just hold everything. I want to get it in. I have had, in the last couple of weeks, three very difficult falls, almost as if something was done. Now, Ark and TA perceive this as a deliberate attack on me physically. Is it, in fact, an attack on me physically?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the purpose of these … well, it’s pretty obvious. It’s to put me out of commission. Is this the chief way that I generally get attacked?

A: Yes. And we are warning you now!!! Do not get distracted any further by worrying over details of preparations to this house for Arkadiusz’s arrival. This is ridiculously unnecessary, and furthermore, diverts your energy and awareness to such an extent that it can leave you open to even the ultimate “hit”!!!!

I was just a trifle unnerved to think that somebody out there wanted me dead.

Ark’s arrival in the U.S.A. on my grandfather’s birthday – the second Wilbur – was exactly two years to the day from the episode of the “Two Wilburs” and the two copies of Velikovsky. We had two months to be together before he had to return to Europe to fulfill a series of obligations that had long been in the planning stage. During this two months, he was required to be in Gainesville doing research. This presented certain difficulties for us since it was only natural that we wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

My mother lived with us, and this ameliorated the problem somewhat. Without her presence with the children, it would have been impossible for me to even consider spending several days a week away from home. We worked on the schedule and it was set up so that we could go to Gainesville on Monday mornings or late Sunday nights, and then drive home on Thursdays or Fridays, depending on the activity. One of the first items we had on our list of things to do was to buy my eldest daughter a car so that during any period of time that we were gone to Gainesville, there would be a car at home for the use of the family.

We had promised my daughter that she would receive a car as a graduation gift. She had worked very hard, and completing her first year of college classes at the same time that she finished her last year of high school under a special program for gifted students. She had also held down a job for the same period of time, so she had more than proven her responsibility. We went car shopping.

Since we aren’t rich, we had set a limit on how much we were going to spend, and we wanted to find the best buy for our money. We also wanted to make sure that whatever we found, we could buy it outright because I didn’t want her to be burdened with making a big car payment every month. She had worked hard enough that I thought she ought to be in a position where she could just finish college and not worry about having to work full time to pay a car loan.

We had already been looking and test-driving cars for weeks before Ark arrived and had narrowed our search down to a couple of dealers who seemed to be where the best buys were to be found. As it happened, on this particular day when we were ready to make a purchase, they had just put a nice little candy-apple red Volvo out on the lot. My daughter fell in love with it. The only problem was, after we dickered through the cash bargaining process, it was still half again as much money as I had allotted for the purchase of a car. Ark thought she ought to have it and so he paid the difference out of his own pocket.

Fine, everything was settled. And it was a good thing, because as things turned out, the attack forces began to try to hit us through the children. The Volvo saved my daughter’s life. But, we will get to that.

Having spent over two days on trains and planes to get here, Ark was totally exhausted, but we decided to have a session anyway. Ark wanted to “meet the Cassiopaeans.” It was also my 45th birthday. Frank was in rare good humor when he arrived; Ark’s presence was a confirmation that the Cassiopaeans were a valid source, and of course, this was going to contribute immeasurably to his cachet as a New Age star once everyone acknowledged him as the channel. Of course, I only see this in retrospect. At the time, I just thought he was happy that the group was expanding in such an amazing way.

Whatever Frank’s motives and agenda, the Cs themselves were happy that Ark had finally made it through the red tape to get here. Ark, on the other hand, was the scientist examining up close a new phenomenon about which he was very curious, but regarding which, he also had many doubts.

February 12, 1997

Q: (L) Alright, questions …

A: You are the one has the questions!!

Q: (L) Me?

A: Did we mean singular? Or plural?

Q: (L) Ask a question. (A) Me? I didn’t think about a question … I can’t think of one …

A: Arkadiusz, you have racing thoughts, thus making you tired and wide awake at the same “time.”

Q: (A) Yes …

A: We see those thoughts … Be not reluctant to seek relief. A question not asked leads to a problem unresolved, as all your many years of training, education, research, and networking have taught you.

Q: (A) My first question is: I want to understand what is this “predestined mission,” what it consists of?

A: It consists of following the path that has confronted you.

Q: (A) OK …

A: We do not tell you of your predestined mission, because then it is no longer “predestined.” You learn by experience, and as you sense, you are on the threshold of a rather profound experience.

Q: (L) What kind of experience? (A) Yes! What kind?

A: We could well ask you the same!

Q: (A) So, we don’t know what kind of experience …

A: Yes we do!!

Q: (L) We who? We here or we/you on sixth density?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L) Quit teasing me! (A) What do I think? OK … (L) Is this experience going to be something that involves interacting with external sources, an internal experience, a learning experience, can you give me a hint here? (A) Yes …

A: We would prefer Arkadiusz ask these questions … We were always most impressed with his skills in this area. Do you remember being caught in a cold rain on the “long walk,” and how through your upset, you had an insight that “opened a new door?” We remember 1966 as a turning point. Well, this is another, Arkadiusz, and the emotions feel strangely familiar, but this time you have the aid of others on 3rd density.

Q: (A) Um hmm. I would like to know if physics is of any use, or if this is something completely different. I am supposed to concentrate upon what we are supposed to concentrate on, and does this require abilities in physics or some completely different abilities?

A: Can you not combine?

Q: (A) OK. I could combine. But what are the other abilities? I have no idea.

A: Not so, my Arkadiusz. You have reluctance, much like a small child learning to walk. But no lack of ideas. Before, when fear crept into the picture, you had the wisdom not to “look back,” even though you had the temptation to do this. Look what has happened!

Q: (A) OK, I don’t believe there are any dangers because I think I know how to avoid danger; I think they are illusions. I don’t want to be … I just … I don’t believe them. I’m safe. I don’t believe that there are dangers which I do not see. Now, are there any dangers that I am not aware of? Something new?

A: It would be nice if those on third density could always be aware of all dangers which exist, but, then again, the learning would be hindered, would it not?

Q: (A) OK. It is nothing. Essentially nothing. They are just avoiding answering questions. This much I could explain myself. I asked if there was anything new, anything that I am not aware of!

A: You are presently in less danger because of your physical locator.

Q: (A) OK, so that’s new. Why?

A: Why, you ask? Well, because the grooved vectors of attack for you lie in the locators where you have established your principle connections.

Q: (A) I want to know if they can tell me what I should really do during these two months that I am supposed to be here? That I should work on this problem of phase of the wave … of whatever wave … electromagnetic or gravity or whatever … phase … phase …

A: The answers for this connection will come to you with surprising clarity, and will “unfold in front” of you with greater and greater intensity with each passing day.

Q: (A) OK. Very good. This is something that will be going on. (L) Then why did you ask? (A) Because I thought that there would be … (L) Because you thought they were going to just hand it to you on a little silver tray … (A) No, no, no! I wanted a hint! But there is no hint! (L) Well, they did say “unfold” and “in front of you.” (A) Sure! In front of me and not behind me! (L) Well, let me ask: is there a hidden meaning in those terms? Unfold in front?

A: Maybe.

Q: (A) There are clues in front of me. Waiting for me. Very good. Perhaps I should not ask any more. OK, I pass. Because there is nothing complete … I mean this was a complete question. I thought that there would be a complete answer.

A: You hold back questions which you would love to have answered. The clarity of the response is based upon the level of specificity of the question!

Q: (A) So, they are asking me what are these questions. Genes, unified field theory, relativity and time. OK, those are the questions. What else? On the one hand, it looks like that what one needs is to do something clearly spiritual, to be spiritual and one doesn’t do this by equations and mathematics. And the suggestion was, and what I understood was, that there is no use for physics or mathematics … (L) Who said that? Not the Cs! They have said that mathematics is very important! (A) Yessss … okay. This is what they said. But when I asked them what kind of mathematics … they said something which … I mean, the technical answer to this question … (F) Well, maybe if they gave you answers that did not make sense at first, you ought to examine it further and you may discover something important lying under there. It’s like a treasure hunt. Buried treasure. We don’t learn if they just give us answers. Yes, they may be very specific, and maybe more specific than we think. But, the answers in and of themselves have to be examined very closely. (A) Um-hm. (L) Let me ask a question. Earlier they said something about being on the threshold of an experience. And now they say something is going to unfold in front of you. Are the two response “threshold” and “unfold in front of you,” connected?

A: Of course!!!

Q: (L) OK, he is on the threshold of some kind of experience. Is there some way that we might identify this experience? Is it going to be so outstanding that you can’t miss it? Or, is it going to be something that you have to pay attention to or you might miss it?

A: What does “threshold” imply?

Q: (L) Well, a door. It’s a door. Does this mean he is going to go through a door, psychically, spiritually, physically? Going to someone’s house?

A: It does not just imply a “door,” but also one’s positioning, and a sense of inevitability.

Q: (L) Is there something I can do to help?

A: Have you not helped already?

Q: (L) But, I mean specifically in this “threshold” and “unfolding” experience?

A: Yes! And, by the way, Arkadiusz, science is most spiritual indeed!

Q: (L) Well, considering certain other elements, I was just wondering if our pathways are supposed to now be parallel or diverge … how they relate from this point …

A: Seems to us that your pathways are intertwining!

Q: (L) The use of the word “intertwining” is curious. You used that in regard to the relationship between EM and gravity. Is there a parallel?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) Well, I am tired, Ark is tired, so is there anything further you would like to tell us this evening?

A: Combine energies in pursuit of answers, and the rest falls into place.

Q: (L) One last question: you say “combine energies.” Is there any reason why this will facilitate the pursuit of answers?

A: Complementary souls.

The last two answers say it all: “Combine energies in pursuit of answers, and the rest falls into place. [This will facilitate the pursuit of answers because the two of you are] Complementary souls.”

In retrospect, it is clear that this was the beginning of the implementation of the learning that would lead to the unfoldment of the mission, whatever it is and however it is supposed to manifest. It is also clear in retrospect that the Cs intended for us to understand that Frank was not a part of it, that his function of “awakening my sense of recognition” had been fulfilled, and it was time to move on.

But neither of us was wanted to do this. We continued to try to shove it under the rug and maintain the status quo. I wanted Frank to be happy with us, to have a place in our lives and work. But over the next two and a half years, the Cs repeatedly gave hints and urged us on to other things, and only in retrospect do we understand what they were trying to tell us. For example, just ten days after the first session where Ark was first physically present, the following remark was made:

February 22, 1997

A: Bio and cyber/genetic humanoid types now increasing exponentially in general population. You may have already encountered one or two during the past 10 days.

Q: (L) You, who? You, as in me, you as in Frank, who?

A: Reflect upon activities, and power and influence centers for answer.

In its context, there is no other explanation than that the Cs were referring to Frank and had used this mode of delivery to try to alert us, even if we would only realize it now. The exact number of days between the sessions was ten, and the Cs specified the ten day period. When we reflected on our activities and “power and influence centers,” there was no real-world application for this remark. But in retrospect, Frank’s behavior as a channel, in terms of the well-pipe function, acted as an agent for STS power and influence centers, and our activities in interacting with him during that period of ten days (the two sessions), is the only thing that fits. The only question in my mind is: does this mean that Frank is a cyber/genetic humanoid? As we go along, I will show where the clues were given that this is, in fact, the case. But one step at a time. We were learning, and it took time.

Little by little, step by step, the seeds of the clues were being dropped into our minds. But for the moment, we were only interested in that very short two month period that we had to be together before a six-month separation that I knew was going to seem like six years.