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Chapter Forty-four: Comets and Cassiopaeans

Keith never dropped in to visit again.  My best guess, based on my working hypothesis, was that he was “in the light.” We had finally passed through all the lower level entities of the earthbound astral planes and were dealing directly with those who were not in need of spirit release or similar assistance.  I cannot, of course, prove that this idea was correct, but the evidence seems to support it because the character of the communication changed.  No longer were we chatting with “lost souls” seeking counsel; now they were just souls of all sorts with all kinds of views and perspectives.

Interspersed with the “dead dudes” were the “space brothers.”  One identified himself as “Jordan,” and claimed to be on a ship near Mars, having just arrived there from an orbit around Neptune.  He then went on to answer all kinds of questions that confirmed many of the theories of Zecharia Sitchin, claimed that he was a member of a “sister race” to mankind, and just generally performed like your standard “space brother.”  I was not impressed.

Jordan seemed to want to be a regular visitor, but after doing a differential diagnosis, I decided he was just wasting our time and I sent him on his way.  The notebook for that period is full of “Earth Changes” and disaster prognostications, the kinds of questions everyone was interested in asking.   Just skimming through it I can note such things as:

Earthquake in the Bahamas.

Tsunami east coast – 200 feet high.

Raising of Atlantis April 23 1994.  (That one was a loser for sure!)

Hurricane 8/21/94 barometric pressure 21.00, winds gusting at 600 mph, landfall Boston (another loser).

Earthquake California, 10/23/94, the big one, 8.9 Richter (another loser).

Economic collapse stock market drop 500 points in one day on 12/4/94.

Pole Shift 9/9/99.

Extraterrestrial contact.

AIDS will mutate to airborne virus, will be also transmitted by fleas; and so on and on.

Obviously, like the many prognostications about photon belts and Hale Bopp from so many popular sources, it was just nonsense piled upon nonsense.  I don’t think the entities were deliberately lying to us, nor do I think that they were “evil.”  I just think that Cayce was right: a dead Presbyterian is just a dead Presbyterian.  If a person dies with strong beliefs formed in the crucible of  life on earth, they take those beliefs with them.  And it seems that souls congregate with other souls of similar “frequency” or belief.  In this way, they support one another in their illusions and become convinced that what they experience is the whole banana.  In this way, they can communicate with the living, absolutely convinced that what they are saying is truth, with the best of intentions; and in the end, it can be all lies.

I didn’t want lies, however well-intentioned the source.  I didn’t want to hear the same tired old illusions that humankind has been fed for millennia that have never done anything to help us change our status on earth and in the cosmos.  I wanted one thing and one thing only: the objective truth, IF it existed.  I wanted to know how to “go home.”  Like a person playing blind man’s bluff,  I was groping for answers.


Candy frequently joined us, and we spent many hours discussing the “alien business.”  We were also attending MUFON meetings fairly regularly to see what kind of information we could pick up.  That’s where I met Terry and Jan, editors and publishers of the area MUFON newsletter.  It was a clever and nicely done little publication, and reading it gave me a good opinion of their analytical skills.  I was surprised to discover that Jan didn’t believe in anything having to do with the UFO business, but she participated in the meetings and newsletter in support of her husband, Terry.

Terry witnessed several sightings, but he was open to the idea that they could have been secret aircraft rather than off-world vehicles.  I found that I was most definitely uncomfortable with hard-shell debunkers or fanatical true believers.  Remarkably – and thankfully –  Terry and Jan didn’t fit in either category.

They drove 40 miles from their home once or twice to sit with us in the early days, but it became too tedious and non-productive to make such a drive worthwhile more than once or twice.  Nevertheless, we stayed in contact by phone and Jan kept me updated on all the MUFON news and scuttlebutt.


As I studied, the questions inside me grew larger and larger.  By this time I had read a few dozen books on UFOs and aliens, but their arguments were so contradictory and confusing that I despaired of ever making any sense of it all.

Frank and I had watched several videos starring Al Beliek and Bob Lazar, and all their supposed “answers” raised more questions than gave answers.  Sure, it was fine and dandy for Bob Lazar to say that he worked on alien craft at Area 51 and that endless reports of the phenomenon existed from thousands of years ago.  But were the “lights in the skies” and the stories of fairy abductions the same phenomena that happened here and now in our world?  If that was so, what about the alleged alien craft that Lazar claimed existed at Area 51?  The claims of cover-up and conspiracy had a certain appeal.  I really got the creeps thinking about alien critters with bug eyes and B.O.

One anonymous writer claimed that until he had hard evidence that it was not the CIA or some maverick secret government experimenting on human beings, he would continue to deny that it could be aliens.  This person wrote:

Risking reproach from a number of UFOlogists, I prefer to begin any analysis of the phenomena with the premise that it is being orchestrated by governments rather than off-world beings in fantastic lightships.

That is not to say that we are not being visited now or will not be visited in the future. I simply have seen no concrete evidence of it and, until I do, I will continue to believe first that the military and particularly the intelligence agencies are behind much of the UFO phenomena. They have the money and the motives to both create the hoax and to keep it going for years.

Despite revealing videos such as that produced by Mr. Lazar, we still don’t have any proof that the USAF or CIA has sequestered alien disks at S4 or anywhere else. Much to Mr. Lazar’s credit, he acknowledges the fact that he has no solid proof to substantiate his claims that he worked on alien disks for the government.

As badly as I want to believe the drawings in the video represented alien craft, I fear I cannot simply because I found nothing during the presentation to explain how the saucers operate while in Earth’s atmosphere or why they appear as extremely bright balls of light when floating over our cities or preparing to land in our meadows.

According to Mr. Lazar, the saucer should appear as something similar to a comet standing on its tail until it becomes fully energized, at which time it should become invisible as it jumps into another dimension or star cluster such as Zeta Reticuli or Proxima Centauri or even to the dark side of the moon. All that is wonderful narrative but it doesn’t tell us what glowing balls of light are flying the skies of this planet.
Until someone kills a real alien and lays its cadaver on my doorstep, I will continue to believe ‘Grey Aliens’ are USAF or CIA personnel dressed up in funny costumes.  I will continue to believe that our comrades are being abducted and murdered by government agencies [and] that telepathic contact experiments are being conducted by the same government agencies.  If aliens are not humans in costumes, they are at least darklings built by human DNA tinkerers in some of those secret underground laboratories.

I have a great deal of trouble accepting the story that aliens have been conducting genetic experiments on humankind for 10,000 years.  That would suggest that we are really little more than their livestock, they actually ‘own’ us, just as we believe we ‘own’ beasts of the field and fish of the seas and birds of the air.  It also suggests they have an extremely long attention span unless they are moving through time and aren’t really ‘going anywhere!’

We tag sea turtles in the North Atlantic and track them by satellite to see which way they go.  We tag birds and fish and elephants to follow their migrations.  Are we supposed to believe creatures from Zeta Reticuli are doing the same to humans?

Friends!    Why would beings who can travel sixty-six zillion light years through space and time in any direction at any time, want to concern themselves with something as stupid and boring as tagging and following the migration and sexual behavior of humans (who would be the equivalent of primeval slugs to them)?  What is the point?

To capture, examine, impregnate and tag human females to carry their crossbred children?  If they are as wonderful and advanced as some say, they should be able to grow their children in canning jars on their own planet!

To cultivate us as food?  If they are twenty billion years more advanced than we, why haven’t they figured out how to grow synthetic protein in culture dishes in their own labs on their own planet in their own star cluster?

If we are nothing more than experiments of an advanced race of beings, no more than bacteria on a cosmic glass slide, that means there is no God, no law, no rules, no leaders, no followers.  …There should be no trials or punishment for “crimes” because the concept of crime and punishment would be null and void if we belong to funny-looking grey creatures from Zeta Reticuli.

If we have no more rights than a common housefly, then we’ll have to do away with ownership of property as well.  If we believe that, we’ll have to do away with governments and public minions, dismantle the military and let anarchy reign supreme, laying about until one of the owners comes round to lop off an arm or leg for dinner or grind us into sausage and stir us up in a big vat somewhere in Nevada, USA.

But wait!    Why would creatures who can jump from Earth to Zeta Reticuli in a heartbeat keep their food supply in Nevada?  Why don’t they take it with them?  “If you were able to jump from one town to another or one state to another by thinking it, and you wanted to paint a house in say, Texas, would you keep the paint bucket in New York and jump back and forth every time you had to load the brush just because you could jump back and forth?  If you could jump to the grocery store, would you jump forty times to buy forty items or would you get everything in one jump so you wouldn’t have to bother?

People!    That’s why we have refrigerators and pantries!    So we don’t have to get in the car (flying saucer) and drive to the store (Nevada) every day!    I can’t believe we’re more intelligent than our grey owners!    They must be humiliated.

But if all this nonsense is being orchestrated by an agency of Earthlings who wants you to believe in UFOs and funny-looking grey aliens, then it all makes sense, doesn’t it?  Humans are being abducted for medical experiments.  Humans are being contacted telepathically to sort out the ESPers.  Human females are carrying the seeds of a future race of cosmonauts.  They may be producing embryos which are sent into space aboard the shuttle to see if they live or die in a weightless environment, the evidence of which will be applied to the technology of future manned excursions to the planets of this solar system and beyond.

Lab rats simply won’t provide the needed information, you see. (Unknown Author)

The above is, in a nutshell, the view of the hard-shell skeptics.  Putting aside the hyperbole and evangelistic style of writing, the guy has a point.

So, such an argument sounds pretty reasonable at first glance.  It was only when I thought about it a bit longer that I realized the problem with such an idea.  If the government is behind all the abductions, surely they would have screwed up at least once in 45 years and we would know that fallible human beings were doing it!    The fact that not one single incident, not one single abduction, not one single purported kidnapping event has ever resulted in a screw-up that led to anyone seeing the “man behind the curtain,” not one, should give us pause to think.

This guy expects me to believe that the US government can pull off an enterprise of this kind, with evidence of world-wide activity, for over 50 years, involving possibly millions of individuals, the logistics of which make the machinations of WWII look like the planning for a Sunday afternoon picnic?  I’m sorry.  I can’t buy that.  And so, even though he has many points about the phenomenon that beg for explanation, I think that we have to look for a hypothesis that explains and predicts the phenomenon better than what he has suggested.  And part of that hypothesis may be that the ideas he is proposing are deliberately planted in the mind of the public for the very purpose of producing certain behavior and/or hiding a dreadful and sinister secret.

We can also see that, if the government is not involved, then public officials would be most interested in maintaining the cover-up.  As the guy pointed out: to admit certain possibilities could lead to world-wide chaos and anarchy.  If we are, as Charles Fort was wont to say, “property,” if we “belong” to some race of advanced beings who use us for food and resources, then there is no point to anything we believe in at all.  It is all a lie; a sham; a grand illusion; an enormous cosmic fraud.  Who can live with that thought?

So there was no answer.  Only clues to be followed.


Following the clues, based on my work with spirit release and exorcism, I had an idea about why the purported aliens really wanted human beings.  It had nothing to do with regenerating their race by stealing embryos or using human beings in their version of Hamburger Helper.  From reading the cases, from the information about Candy’s supposed alien abductors, and a few other cases I dealt with, I had the idea that their food was a type of energy: the energy of negative emotions.

The stories told about a “gazing process,” where the abductee was subjected to a sustained and intense eye contact that generated a form of “life review.”  This drew forth extreme emotional response as the chief feature of the experience.  And afterward, the victim often became ill, feeling drained or depleted in a significant way.

But this did not explain certain other reports filtering out here and there about aliens feeding on human blood, or bathing in ghastly vats of body fluids and parts to “absorb” nutrients.  If they were creatures that fed on energy, what were they doing partaking of material nourishment, no matter how the process was accomplished?

Again, there were more questions in my mind than answers.


On July 16, 1994, at our weekly Saturday evening sitting, we were all a bit excited at the latest news from space.  Fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy were soon to begin a series of collisions with the planet Jupiter, an extremely rare cosmic event.  The impacts were supposed to continue for the next seven days, and I was very interested to see if this would have any noticeable effect on Earth as some rumor mongers were suggesting.

We had added a new element to our experiment: Reiki symbols.  Candy had recently taken her second level attunements and had brought the printed symbols.  They reminded me of certain elements in crop circles.  For a long time I had thought about the crop circle phenomenon in terms of printed circuitry similar to computer chips.  What if we placed these symbols under the board itself?  Would it be like installing a chip that expanded the function of our computer interface?  One of the Reiki symbols was designated an “Ether Tube Connector,” and another was said to “increase power.”  Well, that sounded like the right circuit combination to me!    I decided to add a little RAM and processing speed to the process.

I drew the symbols on a piece of paper with a black marker and slipped them into place aligned to the North.  The three of us sat around the table.  Candy told us that we were supposed to speak the names of the symbols to activate the energy.  Supposedly, this sounding would imprint the energy circuit in the frequency field of the body.  It also occurred to me that sound vibration could play a part in brain entrainment, and by doing this, we would be linking our brain energies which might amplify them to penetrate the veil.  We chanted away while visualizing a spiralling energy tube passing through the darkness into the blazing light of Truth.

After a few minutes we were out of breath and feeling pretty silly.  Obviously, nothing was going to happen.  We sat back and relaxed, drinking coffee and dunking cookies and spilling drops on the board.  I was verbally puzzling over Bob Lazar’s statement on video that the aliens refer to humans as “containers.”  What did this mean?

We were just sitting there with our fingers lightly on the planchette, the “question” inside me growing larger and larger, when suddenly the planchette began to move in slow, deliberate circles in a way we had never before experienced.

We jerked our fingers away!

I asked Frank: “Did you just do that?”

“No,” he replied indignantly.  “Put your fingers back.  Let’s see what’s going on!”

A funny pinching feeling and a tingle started at the back of my head that ran down my arm.  The planchette began to move again slowly in a spiral.  Spiral in and spiral out.  We did the usual thing and said “hello!”

Slowly, the planchette precisely and deliberately spelled “Hello.”

That was not exactly usual.  The usual response to “hello” was for the planchette to go to “yes.”  It always took a bit for each entity to get “warmed up” and be able to move comfortably around the board.

As unusual as that opening was, we were not prepared for what was about to happen.

We were not recording either.  In the transcript that follows, the questions are reconstructed from memory.  The answers, however, were written down as received.

Q: Do you have any messages for us?

A: Keep doing what comes naturally.

Q.  (L) In what respect?

A: Study.

Q: (L) What is your name?

A: Mucpeor.

This was an unusual name.  Up to this point in time, the names we had been given had all been, more or less, familiar.  Names like “Dave” or “John” or “Mary” were not uncommon with the “dead dude” crowd.  Some of them even used archaic, but still familiar names like “Agamemnon” or “Aquila.”  So, a completely unfamiliar name with no known connection was another first. However, part of the name was familiar to me: “Peor.”  It is the name of a mountain in the Bible, and is related to the “Heresy of Peor.”  Baal Peor was a divinity who was worshipped at that mountain peak.

If Pe‘or is connected to the Hebrew stem p‘r ‘open’, used both of mouth and bowels, it might mean ‘opening’ and so Ba‘al Pe‘or could mean ‘Lord of the Opening’.  Despite the fact that the Bible attempts to portray Peor in as bad a light as possible, there are curious remnants of the worship in the Song of Solomon where it says:  “My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him.” (King James Bible Cambridge Ed.)

The line of the Aaronic priesthood was justified in the Bible by the actions of Phinehas, grandson of Aaron.  A man — the Israelite Zimri, the son of Salu — brings a Midianite woman into the camp in the sight of Moses (whose wife was also a Midianite and whose father-in-law, a Midianite priest, apparently was the source of Moses’ great knowledge), where the people are weeping because of a plague.  The story that was created by the writers of the Bible has Phinehas rising up with a spear, following the man into the chamber and thrusting the spear through both the man and woman, who were evidently in the act of copulation.  According to the Bible (which was polemic against literally everything that wasn’t under the control of the psychopathic Yahweh) tells us then that the plague, from which 24,000 had died, then ended and the Aaronic line of priests was justified by this “holy” act of Phinehas.  Of course, from the point of view of the writers of the Bible, Baal Peor is evil and has been further reviled in disgusting ways in rabbinic literature.  That poses the interesting possibility that Peor may have been a very positive influence. An ancient Aramaic inscription, found at Dier Alla, identifies Balaam as a prophet of Shamash, a semitic sun-god, and consequently, it could well be the case that the unidentified Baal of Peor is Shamash. If Peor’s connection to Pi-Hor is factual, then the Baal of Peor may be the Egyptian god Horus.  It was also identified as the Moon Goddess in some areas.

So, all in all, this name provided some interesting speculation for me.  Now, back to the exchange.  Since we had already been visited by a spate of “space brothers,” the next logical question was:

Q: (L) Are you an alien from another planet?

A: Alien from your perspective, yes.

That was a funny answer.  They were not “aliens,” but were “alien” from our perspective?  Well, Jordan and the other space brothers had belonged to one “alien” group or another.  The Cosmic Confederation or the Galactic Brotherhood or whatever.  So the next natural question was:

Q: (L) What is your group called?

A: Corsas.

Q: (L) Where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Where is that?

A: Near Orion.

Q: (L) I heard that the Orions are the “Bad guys.”  Are the Orion group bad?

A: Some bad.

The word “corsas” was odd too.  The only thing I ever found on that was that it is a genus of moths from the Noctuidae or owlet family.  Many moths from this family have the unique ability to be able to eat and thrive on poisonous plants that would kill other species.

I had read so much about different purported groups of “aliens,” most of whom pointed the finger at a slew of them from somewhere in Orion who were here to do all kinds of nasty things.  So this was certainly a “test question.”  The fact that the Cassiopaeans did not jump on the Orion bashing bandwagon was interesting, though they did say that some were “bad”.

Candy had recently read a book on the channeled Ra Material which explained a concept of determining “good guys” from “bad guys.” This consisted in asking if the entity served self or others.  So, that was the next logical question:

Q: (L) Do you serve self or others?

A: I serve both.

Q: Are you bad or good, in our terms?

A: Good.

Q: (L) What is your philosophy?

A: One.

Q: (L) What are you here for tonight?

A: Prophecy.

Q: (L) What prophecies?

A: Tornadoes Florida – several.

Q:  Where else?

A: Also Texas and Alabama.

Q: (L) When?

A: Sun is in Libra.

Q: (L) What planet are you from?

A: Carcosa.  {Misspelled in the notes, scratched out and re-written}

The term “Carcosa” was another sign that we were dealing with something a bit different here.  Up to this point, none of the discarnate entities we had dealt with had been able to read our minds.  But here, there was a funny reference to a word that had been playing through my mind all day.  I was a bit startled by this remark.  It was from Jacques Vallee’s book, “Revelations.”  At the beginning of each section, there are quotes from Cassilda’s Song in The King in Yellow, Act 1, Scene 2, by Robert W.  Chambers.  After the session, I opened the book to re-read the quotes.  The Song goes:

Strange is the night where black stars rise,

And strange moons circle through the skies,

But stranger still is…  Lost Carcosa.

Songs that the Pleiades shall sing,

Where flap the tatters of the King,

Must die unheard in …  Dim Carcosa.

Along the shore the cloud waves break,

The twin suns sink behind the lake,

The shadows lengthen…  In Carcosa.

It was rather haunting and had be playing through my mind all that afternoon.

More interesting still, to those already familiar with the Cassiopaean material, is the reference to the “twin suns” that appears in this little poem.

Q: Where is that?


The planchette had begun to move very fast and we were not able to keep up.  The last remark was lost and only a few of the letters written down. “DILOR” is only part of that response.

Q: What was that again?

A: You pay attention.

Q: (L) What else do you have to tell us?

A: Seattle buried; Japan buckles; Missouri shakes; California crumbles; Arizona burns.

Q: [Unknown question.]

A: Go to Denver airports.

Q: (L) When is all this going to happen?

A: Scandal – Scandal – Denver Airport.

Q: (L) What about the Denver airport?

A: Scandal.

Q: I don’t understand.

A: New Denver airport.

Q: I don’t understand.

A: Pay attention.

Q: Okay, we are paying attention.  What are you trying to tell us?

A: Denver new airport big big big big scandal.

Q: (L) What kind of scandal?

A: Government.

Q: (L) Specifically what?

A: You will see Dallas airport is secret base Orlando too  Miami too.

Q: (L) What about Denver airport and how does it relate to prophecies?

A: Denver reveals the government  Look for it  Pay attention.

Q: (L) What else do you have to tell us?

A: Montana: Experiment with human reproduction  All people there – rays – radon gas.

Q: (L) How are they doing this?

A: Compelled – Don’t trust Don’t ignore too strong urges sinister plots.

Q: (L) What do you mean?  I don’t understand?

A: Strong urge is directed by sinister plot.

Q: Plot by whom?

A: Consortium.

Q: (L) Who are the members of the consortium?  Aliens?  The government?  

A: All.

Q: (L) All who?

A: Government and other.

Q: (L) Who is the other?

A: Unknown.

Q: (L) Why can’t you tell us who is the other?

A: You know who.

Well, all this was very interesting.  Finally, an entity that could spell and didn’t spend any time wandering around looking for the letters.  Now was my chance, so I decided to ask the question that had been bugging me all day.

Q: (L) Bob Lazar  referred to the fact that aliens supposedly refer to humans as containers.  What does this mean?

A: Later use.

Q: (L) Use by who?  How many?

A: 94 per cent.

Q: (L) 94 per cent of what?

A: Of all population.

Q: (L) What do you mean?

A: All are containers 94 per cent use.

Q: I don’t understand.

A: Will be used 94 percent.

Q: (L) Used for what?  

A: Total consumption.

Q: (L) What do you mean by consumption?  Ingested?

A: Consumed for ingredients.

Q: (L) Why?

A: New race Important 13 years about when happens.

Q: (L) Why are humans consumed?

A: They are used for parts.

Q: (L) We don’t understand.  How can humans be used for parts?

A: Reprototype Vats exist Missing persons often go there and especially missing children.

At this answer, I was in shock.  What kind of being was telling us such things?  What kind of awful reality must such information proceed from?  I was torn between terminating contact that very instant, and working my way through it to find some resolution.

Q: (L) Do we have any protection?

A: Some.

Q: (L) How can we protect ourselves and our children?

A: Inform them Don’t hide the truth from children.

Q: (L) How does truth protect us?

A: Awareness protects Ignorance endangers.

Q: (L) Why tell children such horrible things?

A: Need to know.

Q: I don’t know how knowing this helps.  This is awful.  Why tell children such things?

A: Must know – ease pain with meditation.

Well, the very suggestion of frightening my children with such horror stories practically sent me into a fit!    But, again, I was torn.  More than anything I was curious as to what kind of being would be saying such dreadful things.  The negative entities I had encountered most definitely had never said such things; in fact, they always presented themselves as really good but misunderstood and persecuted.  Finding excuses for their evil was the hallmark of beings of darkness.  Were we now addressing a different kind of dark being, one that was so dark it didn’t care how many awful things it said?  Or, were they telling me things designed to galvanize me – me, the mother of five children -to ask more questions designed to protect our children?

Q: Why are you telling us this?  It’s awful!

A: We love you.

Swell.  But what kind of love would tell us such awful things, I wondered.  And then, immediately I realized that I was always warning my children about dangers.  Even if I didn’t like to admit that the world was a dangerous place, I knew that I had to tell them such things in order for them to be aware – to preserve them. Why?  Because I loved them and wanted them to survive in a dangerous world.

Q: Are we supposed to tell others?

A: Don’t reveal to public.  You would be abducted.

That was a reasonable answer and certainly didn’t suggest that they had an agenda for us to go around scaring people.  I was curious about the so-called “project” mentioned as being completed in about 13 years, for which this being was saying so many terrible human sacrifices were made.  Even if it was an evil being, maybe I could get enough information in a hurry that I could tell others and maybe it would make sense to some of those who were more familiar with such details. ( As to whether anything that gives a sign of some completed project in 2007, 13 years after this statement was made, might be noted in the events of 2007, that is still open.)

Q: (L) What is the purpose of this project?

A: New life here.

Since I had formulated my idea that the aliens feed on human emotion, I decided on this for a test question.  An alien who fed on us would very likely deny it unless, as I already thought, we were being addressed by a being of such insouciant darkness that we had never encountered its ilk before.

Q: (L) Are the aliens using our emotions and energies?

A: Correct; and bodies too.  Each earth year 10 percent more children are taken.

They weren’t going to let that missing children issue alone.  It was too horrible to contemplate.  Why did they keep saying something that upset me so?  I was a bit distraught, as a mother, and in a shaking voice I asked:

Q: (L) Do they suffer?

A: Some.

Q: (L) Do they all suffer?

A: Some.

Q: What happens to souls?  Is this physical only?

A: Physical – souls recycled.

Q: Where do the souls go?

A: Back here – most.

Q: Do some go elsewhere?

A: And go out of planet human.

Again, just in case this monstrous story was true, I wanted details – something I could check.

Q: Who is responsible for this?

A: Consortium.

Q: (C)  This is totally sick!    I don’t want to do this any more!

A: Sick is subjective.

Q: (L)  But what you are telling us is so awful!

A: Understand, but all does not conform to your perspective.

And with that answer, I realized that what we were being told, as crazy as it sounded, just might be the truth.  But again, what kind of being tells such truths?

Q: Why is this happening to us?

A: Karma.

Q: (L) What kind of Karma could bring this?

A: Atlantis.

Q: (L) What can protect us?

A: Knowledge.

Q: (L) How do we get this knowledge?

A: You are being given it now.

Q: (L) What knowledge do you mean?

A: You have it.

Q: (L) How does the knowledge of what you have told us help us?

A: Gives great defense.

Q: (L) What knowledge gives defense?

A: Just gave it.

Q: (L) What specifically?

A: Don’t ask that not important.

Q: We don’t understand.

A: Knowing about it gives psychic defense.

Q: How do we tell other people?  And who should we tell?

A: Inform indirectly only.

Q: (L) How?

A: Write.

Q: Should we use hypnosis to uncover such memories?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Have any of us been abducted?

A: Yes.

Q: Who of us sitting here?

A: All.

Q: (L) How many times?

A: Frank-57; Candy -56; Laura-12.

Q: (L) Why has Laura not been abducted as much?  (Laura laughs)

A: It is not over.

Q: (Candy laughs.)

A: Candy was abducted last month.  Laura – 33 – [years of age or years ago?]

Q: (L) Who is abducting us?

A: Others.

Q: (L) What is the name of the group?

A: Different names.

Q: (L) Are we all abducted by the same group?

A: Mostly.

Q: (L) What did they do to us?

A: Gave false memories.  Made you inhibited child – headaches – sick at school.

Q: (C) Where is my implant?

A: Head.

Q: Frank?

A: Same.

Q: Laura?

A: Same.

Q: (L) What are the implants for?

A: Study device.

Q: (L) To study what?

A: Soul composition.

Q: (L) Do any of the rituals we perform provide protection against further abduction?

A: Don’t need protection if you have knowledge.

Q: (L) How do we get this knowledge?

A: Deep subconscious.

Q: (L) When did we get it?

A: Before birth.

Q: (L) Is there anything else we can do for protection?

A: Learn, meditate, read.

Q: (L) Are we doing what we need to be doing at the present?

A: So far.  Need awaken.  Must go now.  Out of Energy.  I must go.

I didn’t know what to think.  But, indeed, again there was that injunction to learn.

I was traumatized by the information given; that was a certainty.  How was I supposed to process that?  Over the years I had become so sensitive to the sufferings of others that I had to look away if we were forced to pass an auto accident.  I had to leave the room if there was a sad story on the news.  If a movie became sad, I couldn’t continue watching it.  If I read a story about an ill or abused child, I would become depressed for days afterward.

I had five beloved children of my own, and I was a sort of vicarious mother to every child on the planet.  I didn’t see grubby little boys as bratty kids, I saw them as the beloved child of their mother; and I identified with all mothers.  I would take as much care for the child of a stranger as for my own; and would be grateful for any other mother to feel the same about my children.  My children were my life.  So why did they push this issue about children being taken and experimented upon?  Was this designed to hurt me specifically so that I would feel bad and the entity, whoever he was, could feed on the energy of my suffering?  Or was I being driven to learn something important; something crucial for all humanity?

There was only one thing to do: get some facts.

I thought it would be a relatively easy thing to buy a world almanac and discover what the statistics on missing children were: how many were missing, how many were successfully returned to their families.

Nope.  Not that simple, apparently.

Okay, plan B.  I made calls to local law enforcement agencies.  What government department kept track of such statistics?  I was passed from one to the other and back again.

How about plan C?  I called agencies and said I was a freelance news reporter doing an article.  In this country, that’s a fair way to get public information.  No special credentials are required.

But it didn’t matter.  No one knew much about missing children.  Nobody could give me the answers I needed.

There are now dozens of organizations and agencies that are devoted to “missing and exploited children.”  The only problem is, you still can’t get a straight, single answer to a simple question: how many children go missing every year and how many are returned safely and where’s the proof?  Everywhere you look you get a different figure, though, over time, a sort of “standard” figure has evolved.  But getting any kind of hard copy on hard statistics with data to back it up is, as far as I have been able to tell, impossible.  Nobody wants to talk about it in those terms.

And I began to ask myself “why?”

What’s more, during that week of trying to get answers to this one particular issue, I began to get a feeling that something was definitely not right with our world.  Something was horribly wrong and nobody was admitting it, much less talking about it.  I had no proof that what the communication from the board had told me was true.  Yet I most definitely had been obstructed in trying to prove it to be false.

Maybe he or she was telling a simple truth.  And wasn’t that what I was after?  Even though I was asking for Truth, like everyone else, I still had the idea that Truth ought to be “nice.”  The fact that Truth might not be all sweetness and light was not lost on me even if I still had that prejudice that “higher beings” would say only “lofty” things.


The next session, on the last day of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy impacts with Jupiter, the barrier between realms collapsed, quite literally with a thunderous crash.  It was July 22nd .

We were a bit curious whether the strange communicant from the previous week would return.  Again, Candy and I were quietly pronouncing the words of the Reiki symbols to create a circuit in the frequency of the body for an “etheric connection.”

The planchette spelled out: “Frank say it too.”  So, Frank joined us in the gentle repetition of these “energy words.”

Suddenly, we heard three very loud and very close thunderclaps – crashing sounds –  directly above the house, so strong they made the building shake.  It sounded like a plane exploding right over the top of us.  Fearing imminent destruction, we dashed madly to the door to see what was happening in the skies overhead.

The sky was completely clear, stars twinkling, nothing .  After looking around and listening for a bit, we decided this must be one of those “out of the blue” lightning strikes we had heard about, even if there had been no flash of light accompanying it.  We would have noticed the light with the windows open.

We returned to the table and began to sit again, talking about this strange thunder and paying little attention to the board at all.  Again, the planchette began to move in slow, deliberate spirals.  And again, I said “Hello!”

A: Hello.

Q: Is anyone with us?

A: Listen, Look.  Learn.  Stop eating.

Candy was having a snack.

Q: What is the problem with eating?

A: Not good connection.

Q: (L) What is your name?

A: Ellaga.

Another unusual name; I was intrigued.

Q: (L) Are you discarnate from earth?

A: No.  

Q: Are you from the same group we communicated with the other night?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are you from another galaxy?

A: No.

Q: (L) Where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Is this the constellation we know as Cassiopaea?  

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What can we do for a better connection?

A: Less noise.  

There was distracting activity in the next room because the children were in there.  We shut the door.

Q: (L) Do you have information for us this evening?

With this question, the planchette took off and I started calling out the letters for Candy to write, trying desperately to keep up.  They were delivered in one long string with no word breaks so that we had to study them after to divide them into words.  It was impossible to try to follow word by word, putting the letters together in the mind, so I gave up and just pronounced each one as the planchette dashed around the board.

A: Space invasion soon.  Four to six years.  Battle between forces good and evil Wait near Look far Listen Mexico fall Ethiopia quake September both New Near January Paris bomb London Blizzard 109 die Plane down Tahiti Cholera Montana January 1995 government US behind California quakes Three soon Oklahoma political abduction February 95 Big news.

The curious thing about this last remark is that on February 25, 1995, we were given a warning of a terrorist bomb attack within a month.  Connect that to Oklahoma “political abduction,” the word February followed by “big news,” and we find a curious relationship to the April 19, 1995 Oklahoma bombing of a federal building in which at least 168 people lost their lives.  Later convicted in the bombing, Timothy McVeigh, a Gulf War veteran, told reporters he was under the control of an implant in his hip, and that he believed he had been abducted and programmed by the government.

Q: (L) What is causing the earth changes?

A: Electromagnetic wave changes.

Q: (L) Can you be more specific?

A: Gap in surge heliographic field.

Q: (L) I don’t understand.

A: Put Frank on processor channel open.

Q: Do you mean that Frank can channel on the computer?

A: Yes.  Do it now.

I thought this was an attempt at side-tracking the process.  I had the feeling that such a request was coming from Frank, who was not very enamored of the board process, though he patiently went along with me, or from some other source that would have very much liked to divert us from our method.  We had certain feedback loop tuning control.  From wherever the request came, I was determined not to accede to any requests and just said “no” and pushed on.

Q: (L) Is a meteor or comet going to hit earth?

A: Open.

Q: (L) What are the effects on us of the comet striking Jupiter?

A: Further field imbalance.

Q: (L) Was that comet meant for earth as some psychics are saying?

A: Open.

Internet rumors at the time of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy impacts on Jupiter held that this comet had been meant to hit earth, but a certain group of aliens, and I don’t remember which one, had decided to “save” the earth by redirecting these comets to strike Jupiter instead.  Naturally, all of mankind was supposed to be grateful to this particular group for saving our buns from the fire!

Q: [Unknown question, probably relating to missing children.  I think I had brought the subject up again to “test” and see if we couldn’t get a more “nice-nice” answer.  Well, if that was what I was expecting, that was not what I got!]

A: Bits childrens organs removed while wide awake – kidneys crushed – then next feet – next jaw examined on table – tongues cut off – bones stress tested – pressure placed on heart muscle until burst.

Q: Why are you saying these awful things?!

A: Must know what consortium is doing.

Q: What children are they doing this to?

A: Done mostly to Indian children.

Q: Why am I getting this horrible feeling while you are telling us this?

A: Because subject is distressing.

Q: Why do we need to know these things?

A: Very big effort on behalf of Orions and their human brethren to create new race and control.

Q: (L) Where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Where do you live specifically?

A: Live in omnipresence.

Q: (L) What does that mean?

A: All realms.

Q: (L) Can you tell us what your environment is like?

A: Difficult.

Q: (L) Well take a stab at it.

A: What stab?

Q: (L) Do you serve self or others.

A: Both.  Self through others.

Q: (L) Candy wants to know the details of her abductions.

A: Do you?

Q: (C)  Yes.

Are you sure?

Q: (C)  Yes.

A: Soon, vibrations not right at this time.

Q: (L) Does this mean Candy’s vibrations are not right to receive this information?

A: Right.

Q: Why was information about our abductions given last time?

A: Was not I.

Q: And who are you?

A: Ellaga.

This last response only became clear later.  We were soon to learn that each session brought forth a different “entity.”  As each “moment” in space time was totally unique, so were the energies surrounding us and our questions.  Thus a different name of the communicating entity designated a different frequency relating to something like an “information field”;  we were told that there were really no “separate” entities communicating.  Each session was unique in its question-answer energy exchange.

Since my cousin, Sam, had been so devoted to the ideas of Zecharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet, I decided that a couple of questions along that line might be interesting.  Sitchin claims in his books that a superior race of alien beings once inhabited our world.  He claims that they were travelers from the stars, that they arrived eons ago, and genetically engineered mankind to serve as their slaves.  He claims that the “Sons of Anak” mentioned in the Bible are the Annunaki, and also that they are the same as the Biblical Nefilim.  They are a race of gold-seeking giants from a renegade planet in our own solar system, known to the Sumerians as the “Planet of the Crossing.”  This planet “crosses” the plane of the ecliptic every 3,600 years, and when it gets close enough, these beings make a “hop” to earth to check up on their creation.  Supposedly, this will happen again soon.  The title comes from the fact that Sitchin proposes 12 houses of the zodiac for 12 “planets.”  He includes the Sun and moon in his count because they are zodiacally significant.  But, in actuality, it is really a 10th planet, excluding the Sun and Moon.  He also fails to note that the Earth is excluded from zodiacal considerations due to the fact that astrology is geocentric.  Since Sam was so “sold” on the Sitchin scenario of ancient astronauts, and I was equally convinced that it was a theory that was full of errors, I thought that this would be another good test question.

Q: (L) Is there a tenth planet as described by Zecharia Sitchen?

A: No.[Okay, no point in pursuing that!]

Q: (L) Was Venus ejected from Jupiter?

This was proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky as an explanation why ancient astronomers and myth-makers claimed that Venus was born from Jupiter.

The reader will most certainly wish to read Worlds in Collision because it is one of the most rational books ever written.  Even if Velikovsky was wrong about some of the conclusions he drew regarding myth and legend, his observations and proposals of a new way at looking at the cosmos have yet to be fully appreciated.  And, according to the Cassiopaeans, he was, at least, partly correct.  But, in response to the question: was Venus ejected from the planet Jupiter, the answer was:

A: No.

Q: (L) Did Venus follow a cometary orbit for a time as theorized by Velikovsky?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did Venus appear in our solar system, from the area of Jupiter, coming from deep space as suggested by Velikovsky?

A: That is correct.

Q: (L) Was Venus the  pillar of smoke by day and fire by night as seen by the Jews during the Exodus?

A: No.

Q: (L) What was seen by the Jews?

A: A Guideship.

Q: (L) Were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed by nuclear weapons?

A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) How were they destroyed?


Q:  (L) What is “EMP?”

A: Electromagnetic pulse.

This remark about “Electromagnetic Pulse” energy was made long before any of us at the table were aware of anything called EMP.  It was later described in some detail by Col.  Corso in his book The Day After Roswell.  But that was a few years ahead of us at this point in time.

Unfortunately, after the previous two years of mostly nonsense spirit interactions, we were not yet in the habit of taping and we did not know if this communication was a fluke or not.  So, we only have notes from the first half dozen or so early sessions.  After a couple of weeks of repeated contact and apparent strengthening of the communication, I bought a special tape recorder to tape the sessions.

From this point on, we began what I intended to be a far more rigorous “testing phase” of the communication.  This consisted in rapid questions that jumped from one subject to another across a broad range of categories.  I was checking consistency, trying to confuse the source, and also trying to determine range and limits.  I was most especially interested in questions relating to “unsolved mysteries” and spent days going through books looking for particular “mysteries” to ask about.

In one sense, this was a good thing, and in another it was not so good.  One thing that became very evident during this process was that there was no way possible for any of the information to have been “beamed” into our heads from any human source.  The questions were so random and the answers were so rapid, many of them checking out after later research.  We had to really dig for the answers that invariably confirmed that the Cassiopaeans could tell us things that were most definitely not part of our own subconscious minds.  More than this, if the information had been “beamed” via a satellite, whoever was there reading our minds in zero time, or tuning in to our questions, must have had the fastest “look-it-up-quick” crew on the planet.

The Cassiopaeans were fast on the draw.  And they soon began doing their own punctuation, accurately I might add, so that if anyone was ‘beaming info” into our heads, they were a stickler for grammar, as well as the fastest at looking up answers in the world’s biggest library!

The very bad thing about my “testing phase” is the fact that there is almost no part of the material where the subjects do not just jump all over the place.  Indeed, we would come back and ask follow-up questions at later times, but any one session could jump from higher cosmic realms to the perception of house cats.

Nevertheless, even though I was taking the experiment a bit more seriously, I still had no idea what I had done here.


This was the beginning of what has become known as the Cassiopaean Transmissions.  It was also the beginning of the manifestation of Amazing Grace in my life to such an extent that if it had not happened to me, if someone else had told me such a story about their lives – as mine proceeded from this point onward – I would simply find it impossible to believe.  I had no idea that the events during that seven-day period would bring me together with a mainstream European scientist with a thirty year career in mathematics and physics, who, like me, had been looking all his life for “The One.”  I did not realize that all my dreams and impressions of Nazi Germany were past-life drivers that compelled me to keep searching, to keep working to overcome obstacles that ultimately led to being reunited with my husband from that time, my lost love, my “other half” in most literal terms.

I did not realize that, by virtue of remaining true to an Ideal in the face of all evidence to the contrary, by asking and continuing to ask, by knocking and continuing to knock at the door, it was being opened to me, and the Guardian at the Door had beckoned me to enter.  Over the next two years I was initiated into realms of knowledge that few people ever encounter.  All of my life up to this point was a preparation for this understanding, a test to determine if I truly loved Truth enough to continue to ask for it, and to recognize it when it was presented to me. I began my own experimental work in this area with a major attitude of skepticism.  That was good because, as it turned out, having started as a skeptic, I was quite taken aback to discover the reality that the so-called astral planes are a veritable jungle.  Even though I conducted my sessions with extreme care to avoid any possibility of contaminating my subjects, I discovered that all was not well in the “higher” realms.  That led, of course, to the question: Why is so much nonsense propagated by religion and so-called channeled sources who are clearly in many instances lying?  In other cases, they are at the very least guilty of such serious lack of attention to these matters that it amounts to a horrifying crime of omission.

The lack of knowledge about the true nature of our reality is one of the chief reasons for the sufferings of humanity.  How “good” is a religion or a channeled source that does not inform us of these conditions?  Religious believers have been indoctrinated with the idea of “faith” without question as the answer to all problems, and the so-called “New Age” movement has been  heavily inculcated with the idea that one must not ever think about negative things.  As a result, they are, above all other people, most subject to the predation of Evil.

It is in the identifying of the true Evil Magician who controls this world, and the ways and means to escape this control, that the Cassiopaeans have been invaluable – initiating us into these deepest secrets of the Universe.  In the process of testing and validating what the Cassiopaeans have told us, has it been possible to get close to the original teachings of Christianity, considering the millennia of corruption, distortion, destruction of material, and brainwashing of the masses of people?

Indeed, there are many clues.  In the Gnostic gospel of Thomas, the disciples ask Thomas what Jesus told him when he withdrew and “told him three things.”  Thomas said to them: “If I tell you even one of the things he told me, you will pick up rocks and stone me.  Then fire will come forth from the rocks and devour you.”

What in the world was so controversial about what Jesus was saying in private that even some of his closest followers could not be told?

At another point, Jesus says to his disciples, following a rendition of the parable of the sower: “This is also how you can acquire the kingdom of heaven.  If you do not acquire it through knowledge, you will not be able to find it.”

Repeatedly throughout the Gnostic texts, the seeking of knowledge being opposed to belief in salvation from a “god out there” was emphasized.  That was truly heretical in those days.  In fact, it is heretical now.  But even in the canonical gospels, these truths bleed through.  If “three day deaths and resurrections” of savior gods was so commonplace throughout the Middle East, why was Jesus saying:

You miserable people!    You unfortunate ones!    You pretenders to truth!    You falsifiers of knowledge!    You sinners against the spirit!    Why do you continue to listen when from the beginning you should have been speaking?  Why do you sleep when from the beginning you should have been awake, that the kingdom of heaven might receive you?  I tell you the truth: it is easier for a holy person to sink into filth, and for an enlightened person to sink into darkness, than for you to reign.

At one point, in the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus makes a rather astounding comparison:

They saw a Samaritan carrying a lamb and going to Judea.  He said to his disciples, “Why is he carrying the lamb around?”  They said to him, “So that he may kill it and eat it.”  He said to them, “He will not eat it while it is alive, but only after it has been killed and has become a carcass.”  They said, “it cannot happen any other way.”  He said to them, “So also with you: seek a place of rest for yourselves, that you may not become a carcass and be eaten.”

I persisted in my search through obstacles that would have destroyed the mind and will of many people.  And there were many more obstacles to come.  Some of them nearly cost me my life during the first two years of initiation via the Cassiopaeans.  It was clear that forces opposed this initiation, and it was entirely up to me and my exercise of will to overcome these forces.  The Cassiopaeans could give me the knowledge to do this, but they could not directly interfere.

And in the end, when the first stage was completed, when I had passed many tests and Amazing Grace manifested in my life in so many wonderful ways, I realized that I had begun to experience the removal of the hindrance, or the revealing of the mystery of God in my own life.

For now, let us just say that at this point, “Through many dangers, toils and snares.we have already come.  T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far, and Grace will lead us home.

Amazing Grace.


NOTE: This is the end of the original printed version of “Amazing Grace.”  The reader may now wish to begin reading “The Wave”, also posted on this website, which now also includes “Adventures With Cassiopaea” for many more details of the progress of the Cassiopaean Experiment.  As for “Amazing Grace,”  I think I should continue it because the reader who has traveled through all that pain and suffering (and I skipped a LOT of details) really deserves to get to the part where it’s all made clear and one learns that knowledge really does protect and there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and Love IS everlasting… and it was all worth it. Stay tuned!