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The Wave Chapter 43: The Head of Bran

The two months that Ark was here in early 1997 were packed with interesting events which slowly began to reveal a strange situation that made me rather nervous and still gives me the willies when I think back over it. The Hale Bopp comet was in the sky heralding mass suicide, UFOs were hovering over Arizona, strange people with strange agendas were trying to lure us into traps, and the Cs were dropping hints and clues all over the place.

For the first month of his research in Gainesville, we rented an efficiency apartment that specialized in providing housing for visiting professors and researchers. With the USF libraries so handy, I spent most of my time doing research on things the Cs had indicated would lead to revelations, keeping a research journal of my findings and thoughts as I worked.

Ark was assigned an office in the Mathematics building, just a hop away from the offices of the colleagues with whom he was working. One of them lent him a bicycle so as to solve the parking problem (there were generally no places to park!) and he enjoyed cycling around the campus for exercise and reflection.

The second month, we were offered a chance to share a larger house that was made available as accommodation for visiting professors. It was located in a wooded area that was very quiet, and this was the primary attraction. The apartment had been in a very noisy location.

There were several other visiting researchers in the math and physics departments, and our host very much enjoyed taking us around to the various restaurants where everyone talked physics and math, and I mostly just listened.

At one point, our host decided that we should all go canoeing on the Ichetucknee river, one of Florida’s most scenic rivers with giant Cypress and Live Oak tress, many types of water birds and turtles, and undoubtedly a few alligators lurking, though we didn’t see any. Since Ark had spent many hours kayaking when he was growing up, and canoeing had been a popular activity when I was a teen-ager, we found that we were a great team in a canoe, and I am happy to report that we didn’t capsize even once! Afterward, we all visited my aunt and uncle who have a large farm near to the river. They were happy to set a table for a phlock of physicists, and the foreign guests very much enjoyed good Southern food and hospitality. On the drive back to Gainesville that evening, we stopped on the side of a dark country road and got out to gaze at the Hale Bopp comet. It was magical.

Meanwhile, strange things were brewing. The Matrix was locked on our frequency and began firing weirdness like heat-seeking missiles.

Out of the many strange emails Ark received, among the strangest was one from something called The Institute of New Physics, which proposed to finance Ark to do research in nanotechnology. The email had been sent to his institute in Poland from an individual named Sue Brana.

March 1, 1997

Q: (L) Now, Ark got an email from some organization called the Institute of New Physics, informing him they were financiers, and was he interested in joining? Could you tell us who or what is behind this Institute of New Physics?

A: Well, perhaps it would be better to help you to tell yourselves. Where did the message come from?

Q: (L) We don’t know … (A) No, there is something, because there is, some info – GAIN – and I looked on the Web, and there are many institutions which have “Gain,” you know, in their name. And I don’t know if this is just one … (L) Well, don’t you think it’s kind of funny that it has “gain” in the name, and you’re in Gainesville? (J) Yes, that’s what I thought, too … (T) WWW dot … well, no it’s email, so it would be … (J) Oh, “gain,” and they’re financiers …

A: What do financiers do?

Q: (L) What do financiers do? They give you money. They finance you … (J) They help you “gain” … (L) Yes.

A: Do they do this for no reason … ?

Q: (L) Of course they don’t do this for no reason! They have an ulterior motive. They want something.


Q: (L) Ahah!? (T) Yes, they’re the money store! (L) Well, all right. We’ll play it by ear, and see what they want …

A: Do they have an agenda?

Q: (L) Of course! No doubt, they have an agenda. Everybody that’s been writing to us lately has an agenda! You know, we’ve been getting these …

A: What may this be?

Q: (L) Well, their agenda … (J) They want something from him, obviously. (A) When I get back to Poland, they said that they will have some printed material on this New Institute ready, that we could read, that they will send it to me … (T) Where is the New Institute located? They didn’t say? (A) No, they didn’t say. (J) Ohh, I think you have a right to know that! (L) Well, I’d say, just let it float, and see what they say … (J) They had to wait until you were back in Poland before they’d send you anything? (A) Well, if this is just in the stage of organization, so perhaps, it’s a big something, which until now, was working in a certain field, getting money from, I don’t know, from something, and now, they want to expand and to invest in nanotechnology, or whatever.

A: When you are getting close to something, there are always those who wish to distract, disrupt and track for later plans … Anything worth getting must be sought.

We decided that we needed to dialogue with Sue Brana a bit more. During the course of these exchanges, she revealed that one of the groups she represented had financed the writing of the book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, by Nick Begich. It seems that this was shared in order to suggest to us that they were “good guys” and definitely open to unusual thinking and approaches.

Ark decided that openness and directness were the best policy, so he told her that he was not much interested in doing nano-tech, but that he was very interested in funding for crop circle research. She seemed to be interested in this, suggesting that it might lead to some kind of technological applications.

But having been warned by the Cs, we continued to dig. At that particular time, my daughter worked for a private investigator, so we handed what info we had over to her and she discovered some rather disturbing things about Gain Systems, the company that was supposed to be financing The Institute for New Physics. It seems that the whole company was a front. But a front for what? Indeed, the California Department of State had the corporation filings, with contact addresses, and there were several layered corporations, but all of them led back to a single individual: Sue Brana.

It became clear, after a bit, that Sue Brana may have thought that Ark was still in Poland because all of the exchanges were made through his email address at the Institute there. She wrote that she would be attending a meeting in Poland because her group was planning on investing in hemp farming, and when she was there, could they meet?

At this point, we were just simply interested in getting to the bottom of this mystery. Just because the Cs warned us about it, didn’t mean we were not going to check it out as far as we could go.

Ark let her know that he was in the States, and since she was in California, it might be easier to arrange something sooner that would be more convenient. As soon as Ark wrote that, talk about your fast backpedaling! All of a sudden the schedule was very tight. Sue Brana would only be able to meet with Ark in Poland. This struck us as singularly odd. Nevertheless, since we were trying to find our way in terms of being able to do the necessary research, we certainly did not think that we ought to discard what might be a legitimate opportunity. And, since she had brought up the fact that she had been instrumental in financing the book about HAARP, surely there would be interest in a similar research project into Crop Circles? We decided to ask some more questions:

March 29, 1997

Q: (L) All right, now, let me get my questions. The first question I want to ask tonight is about SB who has been corresponding back and forth with Ark … OK, what is the source of the funding behind them?

A: We know this, but, any guesses?

Q: (L) OK, they want us to play 20 questions. Do we have any guesses?

A: Ask Lindemann.

Q: (L) Well, we know who’s behind it now … Rockefeller! So we’re talking Rockybucks and his bunch.

A: Are we? Or, is that unsubstantiated rumor?

Q: (L) Well, yes, it could be unsubstantiated rumor, we don’t know that it’s the Rockefellers behind Lindemann. OK, let me ask this. Is it the United States government?

A: There is no such.

Q: (L) Well, let me try this another way. Is this SB a legitimate source of funding for …

A: It is “legitimate,” as it can indeed provide unlimited funds. But, the real question is: Do you want to take advantage?

Q: (J) What is the price tag attached?

A: Depends upon results of experimentation.

Q: (L) No, I asked what’s the price tag? Does it depend upon the results of our experimentation, or theirs?

A: Ours.

Q: (L) Yes.

A: If you discover something truly “earthshaking,” well …

Q: (L) In other words, if we discover something truly earthshaking, the price might be very high. Is that it?

A: Maybe. Or, you could be sequestered.

Q: (T) In other words, put out, taken away … caged and used! (A) Anybody can be sequestered away from what is necessary …

A: It is possibility.

Q: (L) OK, do you have any other comments to make about SB? What did they say now, that maybe the same funding as Lindemann was behind them also? How about, what would you call it … the Quorum. Is the Quorum behind it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, is the Quorum the group we’re supposed to be looking for? (T) We have to go back and ask about the Quorum. We’ve got so many characters, it’s worse than X-Files!

A: No, more interesting.

Q: (T) Yes, it is, definitely!

A: World banking conglomerate.

Q: (T) World bank. (L) I do not wish to be “owned” in that way …

A: Not easy to avoid.

Q: (L) Well, I know it’s not easy to avoid.

A: Will become even more difficult soon.

Q: (L) Well, they didn’t say impossible … they just said difficult. But, on the other hand, I don’t know if I want to do “more difficult” … well, we’ve got so much difficult … (T) … that it’s easy now!

A: Many interesting things to happen.

Q: (L) To happen? Where, when, how, why, and to whom?

A: You. And everyone else in your realm … Expect revelations.

Jumping ahead just a bit, after Ark had left to go back to Poland, I had the idea that names might lead to some sort of understanding about people in a subliminal way, or might show some relationship to the hyperdimensional reality. Just to see if anything synchronous would turn up, I decided to search for the word “brana” on the Internet. I came across a lot of strange things, the most interesting being related to a Swedish bioengineering company that did genetics research. Other searches turned up mythical relationships to Celtic gods, an area I hadn’t studied, and that is one of the things that opened the door to my realization that the grail stories were just redacted tales about the “head of Bran.” Well, of course, I was pretty excited with this information, not realizing that anybody who was really familiar with those themes already knew it!

April 12, 1997

Q: (L) One of the things I was doing last night was a little web search on the word “brana,” because we have a particular interest in finding out if there is any significance to this. I found some very interesting things about this word. I discovered that it was an Old English word for a blackbird or crow. It can also be a name in Yugoslavia and Russia. It was also the name of a great Irish king. Anything further you can add to that list?

A: What does this tell you?

Q: Well, that maybe the source of funding is not in this country. Maybe Russia?

A: Beware of unexpected assistance.

Q: We can be wary and still utilize it, can’t we?

A: Up to you.

Q: If, in fact, there is a power mad clique running the world, what difference would it make if you got money from one country or another?

A: That is not the point: who is “running” the “power mad clique?”

Q: (L) So … (V) The Lizzies, the Lizzies …

A: Okay …

Q: So you are essentially indicating in a roundabout way that we ought to ditch this offer?

A: Not so. We are indicating in a straightforward way that you should strive for objectivity at all times, and especially at junctures such as this, and not let subjectivity or emotions or hastily thought of ideas or decisions rule you!

Q: Could it also be possible that this source, this “brana,” is in contact with the alleged Orion group?

A: Excuse us?

Q: I mean the Quorum as you have described?

A: Always be vigilant so as not to perceive a tangled web as a neatly constructed loop.

Q: The suggestion was made in another session that we need to devote some time and energy to the crop circle problem.

A: Yes …

Q: And finding funding to do this in the correct way, as in networking and so on, is difficult, to say the least.

A: Patience pays … “Haste makes waste.”

Q: Well, we would not be doing it primarily to develop technology, but for information of a more cosmic or theoretical nature. Now, whether that would lead to technology is another question.

A: Review from whence and how this offer originated before you “leap into it,” lest you become the fish that is attracted to the really shiny and tasty looking lure!

Q: Well, then …

A: Review for insight … it will come!

Just to see what would come out of it, Ark did agree to meet with Sue Brana in Poland on April 22nd. He described Ms. Brana as tall and blonde, nervous and talkative, and most definitely playing games with words. After he explained to her the needs and costs of the kind of research we were proposing, including the fact that we would not agree to a proprietary contract, Ms. Brana said she had to think about it and call him later. Ark wrote to me about the meeting:

Subject: yesterday’s talks

Date sent: Tue, 23 Apr 1997 07:35:37 +0100


I do not like “I will call you later” – I expected to have a definite answer now. And in fact it seems to me that I was close to getting it – but it was like that: warmer, colder, warmer, colder … We will see. She brought me a book by Schnabel on remote viewing and Discover magazine. I was completely open with her – so she knows the essentials of our story. She can be a banker (most probably she is), a spook, a representative of a secret government or an alien. This I do not know. She knows surprisingly many things. Around 4th May she will be back in States and then we will know more …

As there was also talk about quantum theory – there is a chance that before (or instead…) of venturing into CC research we can get a grant for writing a book on EEQT with nice computer software … I can’t say now what will be the result …

Ah, and apparently she is investing millions into “industrial hemp” in Poland. […]

Two years ago, when I had described this little episode to some friends, one of them did a little research and found the following interesting item:

Western Producers, March 16, 2000

Little Homework Done on Hemp Company

By Roberta Rampton, Winnipeg Bureau

The hemp industry should have done more homework before doing business with Consolidated Growers and Processors Inc.

That’s the opinion of Gero Leson, an environmental consultant from Berkeley, California, who was CGP Inc.’s first president. CGP recently closed its offices in Winnipeg and announced it intends to declare bankruptcy.

Leson said he knew little about Susan Brana, the majority shareholder and chair of CGP Inc., before he went to work with her in 1997. “I’m to blame, and so is everybody else,” he said in an interview at the recent Hemp 2000 conference. Leson first became involved with industrial hemp when he helped organize an international symposium on the crop in 1995.

Brana contacted him the following year as a venture capitalist interested in funding hemp projects. She hired him to do some consulting work, and paid him for his work, Leson said. Together with Winnipeg hemp store owner Martin Moravcik, Brana and Leson formed CGP Inc. in the summer of 1997. The goal was to jump-start hemp production and processing, Leson said, and to take the company public to make money.

The emerging industry was short of capital, he said, and he thought the economies of scale Brana sought would be a good idea. But over time, Leson said he came to realize Brana was most interested in profits from company shares. She wanted to promote the company’s big vision, but Leson said he was uncomfortable with hyping too much, too quickly. “Sue Brana thought I was too negative,” Leson said.

By April 1998, Leson wanted to leave, but couldn’t agree on terms with Brana, and was fired. A difference in management philosophy and style helped lead to his departure, he said.

Brana has not responded to repeated requests for interviews. Throughout CGP’s time in the spotlight, Brana did not give interviews to reporters. Brana, 46, grew up on a farm in Ohio, and still keeps a residence in the state, according to sources. Her biography in CGP documents lists experience with several banks between 1975 and 1989.

More recently, Brana ran a stock broker/dealer firm called Alt Capital Inc. out of an office in Los Angeles. The office address and phone number were shared by Gain Integrated Systems, a shell company owned by Brana.

The same address was used for CGP Inc., along with a North Hollywood address for Dugan and Associates Construction Management Inc. The North Hollywood address was also used for Ntech Corp., a start-up nanotechnology development company with which CGP had joint venture projects.

Persuasive Personality: Brana was convincing in her vision to increase hemp acreages quickly, said Leson, even though he believed she tried to grow CGP Inc. too large, too soon. “You never quite knew if you were right, or if Sue Brana had found somebody to buy 10,000 pounds of oil,” Leson said. “You always think maybe there’s something you just don’t know.”

Since his time with CGP, Leson said he has learned about the obstacles for hemp in the pulp and paper and textile sectors. “It’s much more complicated to get into those markets.” He was alarmed when he learned last summer how much hemp CGP had contracted for 1999. “I thought it was misleading to do that.”

Leson said Brana gave the impression through anecdotes that she had considerable experience starting and running businesses. Not all her stories were rosy, said Leson, making her track record seem realistic.

Leson said he doesn’t believe CGP was a fraud or a scam. But he does think industry leaders, including himself, should have done more checking into Brana’s work experience. “I think we’re all to blame on not really insisting on seeing a résumé.”

Pretty interesting, eh? And we see that, but for the grace of the Cs, we would have been sucked into a rather embarrassing series of activities. All things considered, it seems pretty obvious that Ms. Brana was a front for somebody, otherwise she wouldn’t have been spreading so much cash around; the only question is: who? And why were we targeted for the dangling of a lure of big bucks to do something that really wasn’t an area of particular interest to us, and would most certainly have diverted our time and resources, if not resulting in being totally discredited? Another good question is: what was the deal with the HAARP book?

Yes, we found out that they did finance Nick Begich. But that begs the question: to what purpose? Who are these people and what are they trying to do? All of the current ideas about HAARP are “out there” as a result of Begich’s book, and he was paid to write it by this same group. Just like these folks wanted to pay us to do their idea of research on crop circles and possibly technology derived from it and they kept trying to plant ideas in our heads about it and point out this or that person who they thought was on the right track, and we could see that they weren’t, perhaps the same is true about HAARP as presented in Begich’s book?

Well, things proceeded on their very weird course. Jan kept joking that we had to raise the measure of bizarreness daily in order to keep up with it.

At this point, something rather strange began to occur. Right up to this point in my life, I had always been a deep sleeper. I would not only sleep deeply, I rarely moved or changed my position during the entire night. If I did become uncomfortable and needed to shift my posture, I always woke up briefly, made the adjustments, and then could go immediately back to sleep. Noises – unless they were extreme – did not bother me. Lights didn’t bother me. Once I was asleep, I was asleep and that was that. Of course, sometimes I did have trouble getting there since my thoughts were always entertaining and were often difficult to slow down so that I could go to sleep, but over the years, I had developed strategies to deal with this, and unless I was extremely stressed, I could manage to go to sleep within 20 or 30 minutes of lying down, and stay asleep through all kinds of things.

I never talked in my sleep, I never did anything unusual.

But now, all of a sudden, that changed. Within a week or so of our taking up residence in the private home in the wooded area of Gainesville, something began to disturb my sleep. I was fighting and struggling in my sleep, and Ark was having a time soothing this disturbance and getting me to wake up from these events. For about a week or so, he spent a lot of his sleep time staying awake and watching over me so that he could intervene at the first sign of stress.

Right at the point that this problem began, we brought it up at a session that was mostly taken up with discussions of subatomic particles. But, a peculiar thing happened right in the middle of this session that later connected in a funny way.

March 15, 1997

Q: So, a proton is a little manifestation of the consciousness of God?

A: No.

Q: Well, that would be what I would understand as the ultimate sense. Correct me please.

A: Too complex.

Q: (L) OK. (F) Spider! (A) Indeed! A spider! [It seems that at this precise moment, a spider descended from the ceiling on a thread.] (L) Teensy weensy spider … (A) It’s a spy! (F) Yes, but a second density one. (A) But it has a lot of protons! (F) That’s its connection with seventh density. [The spider is rescued and put elsewhere.] (L) Now, back to the questions. […] (L) The last few nights I have been having very strange things happening to me while I sleep. Waking startled or fighting or feeling something touching me … What is going on?

A: Burial ground.

Q: You mean the place we are staying used to be a burial ground?

A: 400 years ago.

Q: Swell! Just what I needed to hear! Is there anything I can do to limit this activity?

A: No.

Q: Is it particularly harmful or just annoying?

A: More the latter.

Q: (L) How come it bothers me and not Ark?

A: Sensitivity profile.

As it happened, though we were not aware of it, at precisely the time of the descent of the spider, during these same days of sleep disturbance, something strange was happening out in Arizona. There were multiple UFOs in the sky over Phoenix. The image that came to my mind when I later learned about these sightings was the part in the television movie series V, where the alien ships are approaching earth, and all the animals that are normally preyed upon by serpents were going crazy in their cages. Later still, I read a book by a woman name Marcia Schafer, wherein she promotes what amounts to a reptilian agenda. She reported a major abduction at around the same time I was having my extremely unusual sleep experiences, and I decided to bring it up at a session (though this was much later).

August 28, 1999

Q: Aside from most of the absurdities in this book, there was one thing that did disturb me: On March 19, 1997, she says that she had a major abduction. She remarks that “I recall being present at a meeting with hundreds of other humans. In retrospect, this bothers me. We were told that we were being tested to see how well we could recall specific training we had been given over our lifetimes to work their technology. Each of us had a partner and we were assigned to activate small 3-seater spacecraft. I don’t know what the other people were told, but I do recall what happened to me. They had a lot of information and it was given in pieces. I was informed that I would no longer be allowed to dismiss or repress my work with others not of this planet. They said that the time had come, and I must have complete recall. They showed me a life review. They revealed all the visits and interactions I had in this lifetime. As they were about to start this, I recall arguing heatedly with them. In fact, I remember saying, ‘No f***ing way! I’m not going through this.’ In retrospect, I find this kind of funny in a juvenile type of way, that I swore at them. I received back the telepathic response: ‘Way!’ In other words, I had no choice and this was going to happen. Generally my wishes were respected in things of this matter. But, not now; they said it was ‘time’ and I was being brought into ‘full activation’ in accordance with schedule, whatever that means.”

It just so happens that this event occurred at about the same time of the major UFO sightings out in Phoenix, and, if I remember correctly, you commented at the time that things were really getting ready to heat up, though we were unaware of these sightings then, being so busy with traveling back and forth to Gainesville. You did indicate that this had something to do with the fact that Ark and I were together, finally, and the beginning stages of some grand destiny were falling into place.

[We had a session on the night of the 15th, and I asked the question about what had made me so violently sick the previous night, and for several nights previous to this, I had awakened startled and fighting, feeling presences in the room and things touching me. Also, on the night of this session, the spider descended on the table in the middle of asking our questions about protons.] Is there any relationship between what was occurring with this Marcia Schafer, and what was occurring with us?

A: Well, best to consider this book, and the author, as an amalgamation of things read and things imagined.

That didn’t really answer my question about my own experience, though it gave us a clue about the disinformation of this “Galactic Anthropologist.” A bit later, the situation must have changed because the Cs brought up the subject again in a curious way at the end of a session.

March 29, 1997

Q: (L) Anything that you wish to convey to us, consider the question asked!

A: Energies at your Gainesville locator.

Q: (T) What about the energies there?

A: Negative.

Q: (L) Yes, it’s pretty and all, but …

A: No. The house!

Q: (T) What’s causing the negative energy at this house?

A: Poltergeist.

Q: (L) Will we be all right for the little time we have left?

A: Maybe.

Q: (A) Yes, but the last time we asked about that, they said that it was an old cemetery, but that it was not important. (J) Ask if that has changed.

A: Yes. Beware of possible leg fracture.

Q: (L) For whom?

A: Laura.

Q: (L) Well, obviously, it’s not going to be you, Ark! I’m the one that’s always falling! So, it’s obviously a good idea for me to go and stay in the office all day long.

A: It is a good idea for you to watch yourself!!

As it turned out, the man who owned the house we were staying in came one day while everyone was out and was doing some repairs. He fell and broke his leg. This was the second time that the Cs had mentioned a health issue in relation to me, that later manifested in someone else with whom I was in contact.

During the same time period, Tom French and Cherie Diez, the journalist and photographer, had been up in Ohio, I believe, doing some wrap-up interviews with the man who had been the husband and father of the three women who had been murdered several years earlier. This was one of the threads in Tom’s project – the Rogers Murders – and when he later decided to write about it separately, it won a Pulitzer Prize.

But, strangely enough, it happened to be right at this point in time, after their trek to Ohio, that they came to Gainesville to spend some time with us, and the subject of the Rogers case was discussed briefly. Both of them were somewhat overwhelmed with all the depressing information they had gathered on this story, and as he often did during this period, when the stress of the subject matter became too much, Tom would find out where we were, and visit for a sort of “recharge” of his batteries.

On that same night we had a discussion of the crop circle-type image that had appeared in my ex-husband’s driveway many years before. For some reason, I connected it to all the strange things that had happened when we lived out there in the woods. I had the idea that it was a sort of warning sign, though I was unable to formulate any clear idea about it.

One of the many synchronous things that had happened during the years Tom was gathering his material to write about us was the fact that all three of us (including Cherie) went through similar divorces at precisely the same time. It was actually sort of comical in retrospect, since Tom had been afraid to tell me that he was getting divorced. I actually dreamed about it just before Christmas of 1995, and told him about my dream. I’ll never forget the strange look on his face. But, even at that moment, he didn’t say it was true or not. It was only after I told him that I had made the decision to divorce myself that he heaved a sigh of relief and ’fessed up. I think he had the idea that I would judge him in some way, and nothing could have been further from the truth. But, after that, when Cherie also announced her intent to divorce, we all found it so odd that each of us, for different, yet similar reasons, were going through the exact same traumas at the exact same time. And all three of us had been, prior to our decisions to divorce, fully and completely committed to commitment. That is what made it so traumatic. Three people who believed in True Love, and full commitment, and who weren’t cry babies by any stretch of the imagination, facing the same hard lesson that sometimes, love isn’t love, and quite often, love isn’t enough.

So a sort of bond was formed, and we mutually supported one another through the process. It was a rough ride, but we all made it through.

Tom and Cherie attended the last session with Cs before Ark returned to Poland and some of these threads all sort of came together at that point.

Another curious thing happened in March of 1997. On March 25th, Ark and I took the afternoon off to go to a local Gainesville park and hike about for some much needed relaxation. The park’s claim to fame is something called the Devil’s Millhopper, and is a huge sinkhole surrounded by trails, and wooden walkways, and a little bridge over the stream that runs out of the enormous depression in the ground. It seems that we were there alone, and as we strolled about, we came to the bridge and I recounted to Ark some marriage customs I had been reading about where one of the requirements are that the couple must stand in water while saying their vows. Ark pointed out that we weren’t exactly standing in water, but we were standing over water, would that do? It did.

The next day there was the shocking news of the mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate cult members, and I was just furious with all the people I knew on the Internet who had been so busily promoting the Hale Bopp affair as the precursor to a mass landing of aliens, or the harbinger of the Alien Rapture. We had been interviewed about it by a little ezine put out by a guy named Jason Dunlap, and he was not happy that we flatly stated that it was all rumor mongering and hysteria. Ark had even taken the trouble to contact a professional astronomer, a friend of a friend, for the inside scoop, and we asked the Cs about it, and repeatedly called attention to what they said about it, as well as the results of our own investigations. But we simply were fighting a forest fire of rumors with only a single bucket of water.

When we arrived home late that Friday, my daughter excitedly announced that a reporter from the New York Times had called and wanted to interview me about the Hale Bopp affair. I was completely taken aback. Why would anyone want to interview me about it? What’s more, even if somebody did, how did they get our phone number? At the time, the phone was unlisted, and the account was in my mother’s name. I asked if she had taken a number, and she said that when she offered to have me call him back, he said “no thanks,” he would call back himself.

But, that wasn’t the only mystery. At the time, our “website” consisted of just a few articles that Ark hosted on the Institute server in Poland. Every weekend he would access the server and download all the statistics logs of visitors and what they were reading. So on the weekend after the Hale Bopp suicides, we were simply taking care of business and we noticed something very startling: the visitors to our site had not just doubled, they had increased quite literally a thousand percent! What’s more, nearly every one of them was either from a .gov, .mil, or industrial aviation site, as in Boeing. There were also a large number of visitors from that very strange bioengineering site in Sweden that I had discovered when I was searching the term “brana.” But what was strangest of all was the fact that the peak had been hit the day before the Hale Bopp suicides. What’s more, the term did not even appear anywhere on our little collection of pages at that time. So we wonder, just what the heck was going on?

For Ark and me, our time together was racing by, and we avoided thinking too much about the fact that Ark would soon have to get on a plane and we would be separated for six months. The closer the day approached, the more my sleep was disturbed, only now it was happening at home. All Ark’s research was done, and we had a few days to relax before he had to leave. At this point, I had the “experience.”

I was fighting and struggling and Ark had awakened and was talking to me through my sleep, asking me to describe what was happening, what I was seeing and experiencing. I could hear his voice as though it were coming to me from the top of a very deep well. I was way at the bottom of the well, and I knew that there were important things buried at the bottom of this well, and that when I rose up out of it, I would not be able to remember since the properties of the place were necessary to comprehend what was there.

But I desperately wanted to remember, and I knew I needed some sort of device, or clue, and that if I could bring that back with me, I could follow it to the answers. I struggled with all my might to be able to speak from the depths of the well, to communicate from that place before I left it, and I managed to utter “Three Dominoes. Don’t let me forget! Three Dominoes.” And I shot up out of the well like a rocket and woke up with Ark holding me and asking what had happened.

April 5, 1997

Q: A little change of subject. Last night I had a bizarre experience, I don’t think I would call it a dream, but it was similar to what happened a couple of weeks ago. Out of this experience, I was only able to bring up two words: three dominoes, which seemed to be extremely important. But now, they make no sense at all. Could you give me some clue as to what the three dominoes means and what these experiences are that I am having?

A: One possible meaning: 3 Dominos pizza outlets in Gainesville!

Q: All right, what is another possible meaning?

A: Three dominos missing from your dominos set.

Q: OK, another one?

A: Your turn!

Q: Whatever it was, it was from a very deep level of the subconscious and I knew that if I did not get it out, I would lose it. OK, when these events occur …

A: Not an important dream, Laura.

Q: Well, maybe it was not an important dream, but it was accompanied by some very serious … what was I doing? (A) You were fighting. (L) And that was what I was doing before. Struggling and fighting. And, to my knowledge, I have never done this before in my life. I am considered a monophasic sleeper. (A) How do you know? (L) Because I have been told. I used to go to sleep in one position and wake up in exactly the same way, and not even the covers would be messed up.

A: House is “affected.”

Q: This house is affected?

A: No.

Q: The house we were in at Gainesville?

A: Yes.

Q: Did it carry over from there?

A: Yes.

Q: What is it related to?

A: Oakwood Drive.

Q: The house we used to live in out in the country …

A: Turned around in bed.

Q: That refers to the night I woke up and found myself reversed in the bed, my nightgown wet from the knees down, and there was simply no way I could have turned around because I was sleeping against the wall and there just wasn’t enough space. Are you saying I am having memories of this coming to the surface?

A: Motor memories.

Q: Memories in the body?

A: Close.

Q: Ark and I were talking the other night about the symbol that appeared in [my ex-husband’s] driveway many years ago.

A: Winged Sceptor.

Q: (A) We wanted to know why you related it to Grays, but would not say whether an abduction had taken place, and later you said that L [my ex-husband] had never been abducted. So, how does that relate? What is the connection?

A: Connections are not necessarily “time tracked.”

Q: Well, Ark remarked that it may not have related to L at all, but that was a message to us in the present. What was the message and who was it for?

A: Not a message. A marker.

Q: Is this a marker in the same sense as you described relating to memory awhile ago?

A: Close.

Q: Who was this marker supposed to affect?

A: Not correct concept.

Q: What is the correct concept?

A: All events are synchronous only when perception becomes a catalyst for learning.

Q: (TH) What is the meaning of synchronous in this context?

A: Only discovered when the lesson is completed.

Q: (TH) Do they mean that all events exist somewhere outside of time and that we just experience them sequentially?

A: Close, Tom.

Q: And why were we discussing that particular item at that house in Gainesville … [TF’s notebook computer indicates that its batteries are getting low by saying: Hasta la vista, Baby!] (TH) There’s your answer! Deus ex machina! (L) Why did the discussion of this symbol come up, and more or less synchronistically related to my battling dreams, and then you mentioned motor memory and the incident at Oakwood Drive …

A: Contemplate. Please do not leave just yet, Mr. French!

Q: Why do you not wish Tom to leave?

A: We may have some things to say to him.

Q: What?

A: Not yet.

Q: Cherie is the one who has to go. She is having allergic reactions to smoke.

A: Really? What do you feel about things, about changes we referenced for you in our last communication to you?

Q: (TF) It was necessary. Glad that it … that last year’s over.

A: It is not over.

Q: (TF) Yes, there are some more things to do …

A: There are many changes yet to come.

Q: (TF) That’s true. (L) Is Tom going to feel positive about at least 50% of them?

A: About 100%. When the conclusion is reached you see, Tom, this “struggle,” or “challenge,” relating to the perceptions of the coming ending/beginning of the millennium, was really a doorway opened by your subconscious to begin the necessary process of examining the metamorphosis of your own being.

Q: (TF) So, I had subconscious motivations of my own when I decided to follow this subject? It was for me?

A: Yes.

Q: (TF) Well, there has certainly been a lot of pain involved.

A: With pain comes renewal.

Q: (TF) What about the sickness I had at the beginning of the year?

A: Purging of built up “poisons” of an emotional/spiritual nature.

Q: (TF) I can certainly see that! Yes, that’s very true. But, you have indicated more. What more can happen?

A: Now, finally, you will be able to move ahead and make significant progress, including ways not yet imagined!

And indeed it was true. Tom didn’t know it then, but the Pulitzer was in the not-too-distant future, and I suspect that there is more to come.

The day finally came when we had to get up in the morning, knowing that every minute had to be concentrated on preparations for Ark to leave. We both knew that we were going to have a difficult time of it. Two months after a lifetime of looking just wasn’t enough. And even though we had our plans made, that it would only be a temporary separation, we both knew that many things can happen and we might very well never see each other again.

I wept as I packed for him, tears splashing on everything I put in the suitcase. I had washed all his clothes and packed them carefully. He had a tape I had made for him on which I sang some of his favorite songs. There was a large envelope full of photographs of me and the children. Some of them were the only copies in existence. I packed his current journal on top, and some papers of the correspondence between him and Ms. Brana. I packed his vitamins and whatever little things I could think of to tuck in so that when he unpacked, he would have surprises. Finally, I made sure his passport and tickets were all in order in his jacket pocket, and that he had plenty of cash for any incidentals on the way. We loaded everything into the van, everybody kissed everybody goodbye, and he drove us to the airport. I tried not to think about having to drive home alone.

I watched him through the boarding trolley until he turned one last time to look at me, and was out of sight. I rushed up to the roof of the airport to watch the plane itself and when it lifted off the runway into the air, I burst into tears right there. Finally, I was able to calm down and drive home. It was terrible, but I had promised not to cry every day, and I meant to keep my promise. I had resolved to do as much research as possible to fill my time up, and I already had a calendar set up to cross off the days. Each day had a number on it telling how many days I had to wait.

Of course, things got weird right away. Ark had to make a connection in the States to fly to Frankfurt, Germany. From Frankfurt, he made another connection to Warsaw, and from Warsaw, he was booked on a train to Wroclaw. When he arrived in Warsaw, for some reason, his luggage had disappeared.

After doing all he could to get them to locate it, he left his contact information and took the train to Wroclaw where he called me and explained the situation. I immediately got on the phone to the airline and started jacking them up from this end. Suddenly, they “located” his bags. The explanation was that they were put on the wrong flight from Frankfurt and came in on a later plane, but I didn’t buy it. They were going to fly them to Wroclaw and have a courier deliver them to Ark, and he explicitly told them to bring them to the Institute. They didn’t. They delivered them to his estranged wife. And when I say “estranged,” I do mean estranged!

I need now to give just a little background about the situation over in Poland. I can’t talk about his ex-wife because I never knew her. I only knew her by what she had done, and much of that is personal, so I won’t go into it. But the reader may have some idea of what kind of person she is by the fact that, two days after he told her he wanted a divorce, she went to the bank where all their money was and drew it all out, and it has never been seen since.

Now, we aren’t talking about just a little bit of money here. The reader should remember that Ark spent most of his career traveling and working at some of the world’s most prestigious European universities. He was well paid, and expenses in Poland were low (as was the pay). He habitually lived economically so that he could put as much money in the bank as possible, often existing on hot dogs and instant potatoes for weeks on end to save money. Because of the favorable exchange rate, he managed to accumulate what amounts to a considerable fortune. He paid for an apartment in a high-rise, had two cars, and essentially was considered to be a wealthy man. On top of all that, he was awarded a Humboldt Prize in 1995, and it was a significant chunk of cash.

And it was all gone. She didn’t say a word, simply went to the bank and took everything. When he went to the bank on his lunch hour to cash a check for pocket money, he was told that he no longer had any accounts, no CD’s, nothing. All gone.

Well, naturally he was curious and wished to know where 30 years worth of money accumulated by his self-denial and careful management had gone. She told him that she gave it all to the church to pay for masses for his soul since he was being evilly influenced to ask for a divorce. No mention was made, of course, to any of her contributions to his desire for a divorce. She had always been perfect. So I won’t describe the 30 years of entries in his journal that chronicle her behavior, except to mention the fact that she hired a private detective to follow their daughter’s husband around because she didn’t like him and wanted to discover something that she could blackmail him with in order to force him to agree to divorce her daughter so she could resume control of the daughter’s life. We’ll just leave it at that.

In any event, Ark was without money, and she worked herself up to such a state of frenzied violence that he knew (from experience) that she was going to begin mutilating herself so she could run outside and scream that he had beat her. So, to forestall that possibility, he knew that he must never, ever, be in her presence alone. He left with the clothes on his back, and went to live with his mother. From that point on, his ex-wife refused to appear in court when over half a dozen hearings were scheduled. She refused to hire an attorney. She repeatedly sent doctor’s notes that she was “unwell.”

You can’t divorce somebody you can’t get into court. And without getting her into court, nothing could be decided about the equitable division of property. Ark was advised by his attorney to press criminal charges against her because her theft of his money was a crime. Since he had announced his intention to divorce, it had been illegal for her to take anything until the court ruled on who got what. Ark couldn’t do it. As he said to me, it was worth a fortune to find me and escape from her. He had spent the entire winter before he came to the States, trudging through the snow while his soon-to-be ex-wife drove by in the new car he had bought just a few months earlier. She even refused to allow him to retrieve any of his clothes. So that is where the matter stood when he returned to Poland.

And the airline delivered his luggage to his old home address on file when the tickets were purchased.

April 12, 1997

Q: Who was responsible for the lost luggage?

A: Polish authorities.

Q: Let me go back to the luggage. The Polish authorities, as in which branch?

A: Secret police.

Q: What were they looking for? Just anything?

A: Yes.

Q: Did they satisfy themselves that there was nothing subversive in there?

A: Yes.

Q: Why, then, did they cause the luggage to be delivered where it was?

A: Honest mistake.

Q: (L) Was this mistake stimulated by the Lizzies?

A: In that vein, there is little in your STS locator that is not, ultimately.

Q: What was the reaction of the recipient of the luggage?

A: Stunned.

Q: Was I correct when I thought that there was rushing off to find someone to translate the tape?

A: Well, it was more like rushing off to “find my lawyer.”

Q: Is this information going to be used in a detrimental way against him?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the luggage going to be returned?

A: Wait and see … “Stay tuned, fasten your seat belts,” etc. …

Q: Anything further you can give to help me sleep tonight?

A: Ask …

Q: Is it going to prolong the proceedings?

A: Open.

Q: Will she show up at the hearing?

A: Will most likely ask for a delay, based upon “new information,” to be entered into evidence.

Q: Would it be a good idea for him to suggest that he can get an American divorce?

A: Good idea!!

Q: Should it be let out so that she will hear of it?

A: Why not proceed discreetly?

Q: Would it be advisable to pursue the money issue?

A: It might be advisable for A to simply concentrate upon his new beginning as opposed to the old, dead past …

Q: Does that mean that he will not be able to get the legal affairs straightened out in Poland?

A: This is a complicated situation which will unfold in a proper way if handled in a positive, forward looking manner.

Q: Forward looking would be looking to the future?

A: Yes.

Q: Does that mean looking out for some of his interests?

A: See previous response.

Q: My original thought was that he should just walk away from it, let her have it. There are other opportunities.

A: Look ahead, not back.

Q: I think that the pictures and tape will be gone when he gets the luggage back.

A: Wait and see. [I was right.]

Q: Why was she stunned at what was in the luggage?

A: Think of all that was in the luggage, and you will know the answer to that question.

Q: Was it the pictures?

A: See previous answer, obsession aideth not, my dear!

Q: I am not obsessed! I am curious.

A: Worry not, just sit back and enjoy the show!

Q: I can’t enjoy myself if I think she is going to make him suffer!

A: No more on this!

It was two days of phone tag before he discovered what had happened. He knew that he had to retrieve his luggage, and he made arrangements with another professor and friend at the institute to accompany him to get his possessions.

After an unpleasant scene, he was finally able to open his suitcase and unpack. The customs seal was intact, so it was a certainty that no one had opened the bag. Yet, the tape, the journal, the manila envelope of photographs, and the pages of correspondence with Sue Brana were all missing.

And the Cs were right on the money. The next hearing was scheduled for June 17, on the very day Ark was scheduled to leave for Dijon, followed by a stay in Gottingen, and then on to Florence. But even before that, he was scheduled to spend two weeks in Bielefeld. Meanwhile, he was working very hard on the details of the upcoming Xth Max Born Symposium that he was organizing with two colleagues, sponsored by a list of luminary organizations in Poland, Great Britain and Germany. He certainly had his hands full with such an exhausting travel schedule, and every day was an uphill battle to keep the ship of the upcoming conference on course. With 25 of the world’s most eminent physicists scheduled to speak, coordinating the schedule, arranging for their travel and accommodations, making sure everybody’s needs would be met, was an overwhelming task. Ark delegated as much as possible to his staff, but in the end, he had to make the call on the big decisions.

When the day of the hearing finally arrived, again, the soon-to-be-ex-wife did not appear. Again she sent a letter asking for a delay. However, the court was getting rather impatient with these manipulations. Ark described the event in an email:

Subject: news 

Date sent: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 09:52:06

A did not appear. She sent a letter and asked for 4 months of delay because of “psychic health” reasons. The Court did not agree arguing that everybody divorcing suffers psychic tensions. Rescheduled for July 22 when the session will be held even in absence of A.

A admitted on paper that she has the Journal and tapes!

Her letter states, in part, that I have been taken over by a mind-control cult because of my “interdisciplinary interests,” i.e. anything she thinks is “strange.” She wrote:

“These interests (my interdisciplinary) in recent times, i.e. since June 1996, through the Internet, became continuous contacts with a group of people which, as they claim, have contact with extraterrestrial civilization, that is with Cassiopaeans. In this way he got to know a woman, named Laura, and he remains under her influence.

“From this time on he tells his colleagues about his love for Laura, his plans of living together with her. He says that he wants to have a child with her and also take care of her five children.

Proof: [names of witnesses]

“In his journal he describes his emotional states and his supernatural love which he feels towards Laura. He seeks advice from her, she is giving him horoscopes, sends him cassettes with “motivating” recordings. From his notes it also follows that he is financing enterprise of this Laura and the group of people contacting the Cassiopaeans.”

Proof: [journal from October-November 1996]

My God!

Bernard, his wife and two other friends will witness for A that I was proposing to give her apartment and car and half of the money if she agrees to the divorce.

Then she argued (on paper) that she stole the money to save it from being given to a “group” …

Somehow she is totally unaware that the fact that she has taken these things from my luggage makes her guilty without any doubt to everybody including her attorney. And that alone is a sufficient reason to ask for a divorce. She seems to be also totally unaware (and her attorney was not able to explain it to her) that the fact that she prevents me from spending my part of the money however I wish is another sufficient-in-itself reason to ask for a divorce.

Marek noticed these two things instantly.

I believe the judges also noticed. The main judge was very nice, flatly dismissing the demand to wait for four months.

And so the next hearing was scheduled for July 22, come Hell or High Water.

As it happened, both came.