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The Wave Chapter 50: Shifts in the Matrix

Coming back now to our narrative, I think I will mention that, at the same time that I was dealing with the near death of my daughter, my year-old, super-duper, large-capacity, top-of-the-line washing machine broke down and the Sears repairman delivered the unpleasant news that it would cost almost as much to fix it as to buy a new one. It was, in fact, only about a week past the end of the warranty, and I was absolutely devastated by the news. Fortunately, my neighbor who worked for the appliance department at Sears also agreed with me that a washer that was so completely dead within a week of warranty end, obviously ought to be replaced, and she made sure that Sears replaced it with a new one at no charge. But, even before that item had been accomplished, my water heater also died – completely – and I was faced with needing to have a new one installed.

The point of this is that when the Matrix begins to shift, all kinds of mechanical things also go kaflooey. My best guess about this factor is that when the program is changed, and the reality is merged, any electronic or electrical devices within the sphere of the targeted individual that have a weakness simply cannot survive the reality bridge. The same conditions seem to apply to plumbing. Noting these things over time, I began to have a deeper understanding of what Gurdjieff, Sufis, Alchemists, and others meant about watching the environment for small clues and messages. Things can be lost or found; objects fall and break for no apparent reason; new batteries go dead; pets can suffer in various ways, even including death; and just a whole host of signals manifest to get our attention, which we normally sweep under the rug and say, “Oh, that’s Murphy’s Law.”

At this point, I want to back up to the end of August. There was a very strange event at the time of the death of Princess Diana that taught me something about the Matrix even if there were many other clues emerging at that time that I missed or ignored. The reader who has perused the series of emails from our July exchanges, prior to the flood in Poland, will see that not only were we coming to some idea of the trans-millennial manipulation of our reality in our digging around the issues of Rennes-le-Château, but it was at this point that the Cassiopaean website was actually born.

Prior to this period, we had a few pages – very condensed – that were posted on Ark’s website hosted by the server at the University of Wroclaw. During the month of July, along with everything else, the Internet service I had been using started to get greedy and objected to the fact that I was online so much of the time. So, they decided to change their unlimited access to very limited access, and I was constantly being cut off in the middle of transmissions. Of course, they swore they weren’t doing anything, and maybe they weren’t – maybe it was something else. But, the end result was that I canceled that provider and signed up for Internet service with the local phone company. As part of the sign-up package, we were notified that we had reserved webspace. Ark decided that it was time to put the Cassiopaean material on the web in a dedicated way. We hoped that it would help bring us into contact with others who also had pieces of the puzzle.

It was ten days before we could come back to this idea, between the time Ark left Florence, and by degrees and a circuitous route, made his way back to Poland. After he had returned and was able to assess the situation there, we decided that we would also use our webspace to try to generate interest in the flood-relief effort. There was over a million dollars in damages to the University of Wroclaw, and Ark was spearheading the drive to obtain funds for repairs and restoration.

So, we had started to work on the dual project of getting some publicity for Flood Relief in Poland as well as getting the Cs material on the Internet. I was working practically night and day to assemble excerpts into chronological subject files. It was right at that moment that Princess Diana was killed.

Frank had come over that night and announced almost gleefully that Princess Diana had been in an auto accident and was not expected to live. “She could be dying as we speak!” he intoned ponderously. I didn’t want to believe it, so I quickly logged onto the Internet and went to CNN and discovered that the announcement that she had died had almost that instant been posted. I was too upset to do anything, so I sent Frank home after a short discussion and a cup of coffee. Several thoughts were niggling at the back of my mind, so after Frank had gone, I started digging.

As I dug, I began to get the strange feeling that somehow this event actually related to our own activities, though I was unable to figure out how or why. I found a couple of references in Nostradamus that could have been construed to connect Diana’s death to the Flood in Poland as if they were interactive events. If the Cs were correct that the Flood in Poland was directly connected to efforts to thwart our mission, then somehow, everything was part of a huge, global plan, which included the activation of certain archetypes.

I knew how easy it was to fall into the trap of ego, however, so I brushed that absurd feeling aside, and just synopsized my findings in a series of emails to Ark. In the end, I assembled the text of these emails and added a few additional comments, and they became the first “Diana Page.” I had the idea that if I was correct, my posting of these ideas would send a signal, and someone would signal back. On my mind was the strange comment the Cs had made the previous May:

May 21, 1997

Q: OK, some time ago when I had the “three-dominos” dream, or experience, I asked you about this, and you said it was not an important dream. Yet, it led to an incredible series of discoveries. Why did you say it was not important?

A: What was important, the dream or the discoveries?

Q: Well, of course the discoveries … and there really were no dominos … but it gave me a teensy idea that helped with all the rest … and one thing led to another to another …

A: Dream was not important until fulfilled.

Q: Anyway, I found at the same longitude as Oak Island, a place with the name “Percee.” This led to Fontainebleau, Chartres, and Coll du Perche and Moulins la Marche. Then, the “blue waters and white skies” led to lake Geneva and Point Perce. And this was the third “Percy” …

A: Devour newspapers for any recent news re: Percy.

Q: OK. So, then I had the thought that “Percy” was the center of an incredibly complex web. It was like what you had described for me before: mosaic consciousness. I could see connections no matter which way I looked. I mean, literally everything connects … alchemy, Rosicrucians, Masons, physics, genetics, eschatology, Cassiopaea, prime numbers, Medusa, Perseus … I mean, it is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life …

A: So far …

Q: OK. But, that led to the idea of the universe being like a sort of spider web, with the spider being at the center … kind of an expanded and more complex “perpendicular reality” idea. All the levels connected by the threads, or conduits … the gravity binder from the spider in the center … am I onto something here?

A: Stay tuned …

The following is the text of the original version of my “Diana Page” as bait that was posted later that day, September 2, and was removed five days later on the seventh and replaced with something that was more “vanilla” in flavor.

To Ark

Date sent: Tues, 02 Sep 97 06:44:07

Here is my text:


While it is still too early to make a comprehensive esoteric analysis of the death of Princess Diana, lacking certain details and developments; it is obvious that there are certain factors that deserve to be mentioned. And, it is with a heavy heart that I have decided to discuss this subject at the present moment.

Like everyone else, the all too human heart in me grieves at the loss of one so beautiful, young and gracious, in such a tragic and unexpected manner. And, I grieve for those who loved her in a more personal and familial way. Most of all, I grieve for her children. If the love of humanity in general, and the sadness at such a loss were to be counted as legal tender in the next world, Princess Diana would be one of the richest women in the etheric realms. Because, as Edgar Cayce once said: “The only luggage you can take with you out of this world, is the love you have given away.” (Words to that effect, in any event.) So, Diana had a LOT of luggage. Being as fashion conscious as she was, she would SMILE at that!

But, she seemed to know the difference between the clothes of the body and the clothes of the soul – and was a shining example of a class act in any milieu. She was, indeed, “The People’s Princess.”

Like nearly everyone else, even though I never met her in person, I felt that I knew and loved her. But, there are now other, very significant reasons, why I mourn her passing. I am going to present a few things here that are FOR THOSE WHO KNOW.

At the time of the death of the Princess, I was (and still am) deeply interested in trying to generate interest in relief efforts for Poland, which has suffered a flood of cataclysmic dimensions, in almost a media vacuum. The disaster is truly remarkable for the LACK of attention given to it by the press. My interest in this flood is related, in large part, to my work with the Cassiopaeans, and their successful efforts to bring me into contact with my “complementary soul,” who is now my fiancé – in Poland.

Nevertheless, in the middle of trying to generate some interest and support in a relief effort for the Polish Flood, I learn that Diana has been in an automobile accident, and later, that she has died.

One of the first things I thought about was the astrological aspects that might surround such an event. Having dabbled in astrology for over 30 years, naturally, I had done her chart along with any number of other well-known persons, for the sake of study. I pulled out the file, and entered the data into the computer. I had heard rumors that Diana employed either a psychic or an astrologer to guide her decisions, and I simply could NOT understand how such a set of likely aspects could be missed or ignored.

Yes – indeed – there were some rather dramatic and interesting aspects! But, as expected, they could not be taken as a direct clue to dying in a car crash … though, it was apparent that there could be troubles while traveling, and her Sun was conjunct the ascendant in direct opposition to the Moon on the descendant, which was a pretty dramatic aspect. But, it DOES look like, if she had been at home, this would have passed without serious physical harm. But, her chart for NEXT month was also VERY disturbing … so, whatever it was, it was REALLY some powerful energy coming against her.

My experience has taught me that astrological aspects are merely “doorways,” if you will, and the energy that enters is more or less like pressing icing through a cake decorating tip on a pastry tube. It has a certain configuration, but HOW it shapes depends on the surface it is being extruded to, either receptive or opposing energy.

Because of certain researches I have been involved in for the past several years, I regularly check numerous sources for implications of connections to other, very mysterious, and unnamable (at this time) situations and activities going on here on Earth. One of these is the Liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church.

Frank had commented on the severe headache I had on the morning of the crash that killed Diana. I often have them before plane crashes and other such things, but I hardly see how the death of just three people could be counted in the same category. On the other hand, I did think that this particular death could have some rather far-reaching ramifications which I will discuss in a general way.

One thing I noted right away was that Diana died in August. For THOSE WHO KNOW, this is immediately significant. Not only in August, but on the feast day of Saint Raymond Nonnatus. And, the page of the mass for this date is 1233! Nonnatus means 9 and 1233 add up to 9 and Diana was 36, which is also a 9!

This was even more significant due to the recent researches I have been doing into the alterations of the Zodiac as well as the changing of the numbers of the degrees on the circle. This action was taken by certain organizations under the influence of beings at higher densities, in order to further conceal certain knowledge and confuse and obfuscate those on the “Quest.” Additionally, the actuality of the frequency effect of certain numbers on the essential nature of our reality makes this a particularly nasty event, because the dominant number of our realm is “9,” which is the number of sickness, endings, decay and destruction and death. Nothing EVER prospers under the influence of the number 9. And, for the Questors, note that the number 666 adds up to a 9.

So, we have a powerful influence of the number 9 surrounding the death of the Princess. This is, as far as I can determine, the signature of the 4th density beings of STS.

Anyway, this Saint Raymond (c. 1204-40) was a pioneer member of the Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the redemption of Christians enslaved by the Mohammedans! And, she died in company of an Egyptian whose father was named Mohammed. I think that this connection of things present with things past is a little more of the signature of the 4th density.

Another thing that struck me as odd was that Diana is descended from a family which had important players in certain events of history that were very significant in terms of present day speculations about secret societies and bloodlines, though the current literature does not even come close to the solution to the problem. That may be deliberate misleading, or it may be that the authors simply do not know. (See Lincoln, Leigh and Baigent’s Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and The Messianic Legacy.)

Nevertheless, I and my fiancé in Poland also had ancestors involved in these dramas. In fact, my ancestor probably murdered hers if some of the genealogists are correct and her line of Spencers descends from the Despensers. What I do know is that the Spencers and Percys later connected, and by virtue of that connection I am something like 13th cousin to Princess Diana. But then, so are a WHOLE lot of other people – probably half the people in the U.S.! So, if there is anything to the idea that DNA can communicate with other DNA, then it is no wonder that there is so much grief over Diana’s death. Probably a lot of people feel it in their very bones because of their literal genetic connections.

But, what is most curious is, Roger de Mortimer, my ancestor, was the lover of Isabella of France, daughter of Philip the Fair who ostensibly brought down the Templars! Searching for the roots and fate of the Templars has become something of a popular pastime in recent years, though it is being done by persons who have little, if any idea, of the true nature of reality and the nature of the manipulations from higher densities. Thus, for every answer they THINK they have, three new questions emerge. So, this is a peculiar thing – even that Diana should die in France, in Paris, in August, the month of the Perseid Meteor Shower, which has played so important a part in all of these mysteries, including the relationship of the name of Perseus to Perceval to Percy, and that a Mortimer married the Granddaughter of Henry III, and their daughter married a Percy! The bloodlines that came together in Henry Percy and Elizabeth Mortimer included all five of the so-called “lines of Odin,” including the blood of the last of the Welsh kings, the line of Llewelyn the Great.

And, of course, we notice that, although 4 people were in the vehicle, only 3 died. The dead included an Egyptian, a Spencer, a Frenchman, and ONLY THE WELSHMAN LIVED.

Well, the next thing that I noted was that Diana’s accident was immediately compared to the one that killed Princess Grace, whose death was purportedly described by Nostradamus. Just recently the Cs had urged me to be on the lookout for any mention of the name “Ranier,” also – in any context, including volcanic! So, I immediately made the connection that Grace was married to Prince Ranier. The Nostradamus quatrain reads:

With blood and famine even greater calamity;

seven times it approaches the seashore.

Monaco, from hunger, captured in captivity.

The great golden one caught, in an iron cage.

The author of The Further Prophecies of Nostradamus, Erika Cheetham, comments:

“Princess Grace, of the Golden Movies, the golden hair and golden life died in the iron cage of her crashed car. However, whether she could really be described as “great” I feel to be in question. Monaco, after all, is a very minor principality, and she achieved nothing that could be honestly called of international worth except for the few films she made in Hollywood. … But since the death of the Princess, I have received such a remarkable number of letters from readers who were convinced of its meaning, that I include it for the readers’ interest, if nothing else.” (Cheetham, 1985)

Well, if anything, I would say that Diana would fit more the criteria of the “Great Golden One caught in an iron cage,” particularly since she died in a tunnel, supposedly pursued by seven photographers! But, if this is anything, I would think it was a prediction that this event may be the “marker” of the beginning of that which is described in the first three lines. On the other hand, I think it is stretching to apply it to either of these events! However, while flipping through these things, I did note another interesting reference, which may be the reason I was stimulated to search through Nostradamus. The quatrain reads:

Seven times the British nation will be seen to change,

Soaked in blood in two hundred and ninety years.

Not at all free through German connections

Aries fears for the protectorate of Poland.

We have now two quatrains that talk about “seven times” and “blood” and that struck me as curious. Cheetham writes:

“The great problem for this verse is to find the date from which to calculate the 290 years and the seven great changes which affect Britain. If the year 1603 is taken as the starting point, quite arbitrarily, the whole verse fits including the last line which clearly links Poland with Britain in some manner connected with a war.” [This is assumption on her part] …

“Nevertheless, Nostradamus indicates that there will be a critical state of affairs in Poland at the same time as Britain faces a great crisis connected with Germany. It also implies that the royal family on the throne at that time will be the last British dynasty of any note. This may mean that Prince Charles, a Battenberg by origin, will be the last king on the English throne.”

It almost seems as though these repetitions of the number seven in the quatrain about the “Golden One,” as well as this one that connects the end of the domination of the British nation under the German Usurpers of the British throne (the current royal family) after 290 years, in conjunction with fears for Poland that are connected to Aries, are all part of the same piece of the puzzle. Well, this made me curious. So, I did a little rapid calculation and discovered that 290 years ago from 1997 was 1707. Did anything of note happen then that ties all of these elements together?

As it happens, it does fit! Queen Anne, in 1707, the last Stuart Sovereign, sealed the Act of Union between England and Scotland, thus forming Great Britain, which was immediately given to George I, the first of the German Hanoverian dynasty, which is the origin of the present royal family. This act deliberately passed over the superior hereditary rights of the Stuarts (whose rights were inferior to the rights of the Mortimers and Percys), and gave Great Britain to those who had no real claim to the throne other than statutory. Because Anne signed it over!

So, we have the passage of exactly 290 years from the beginning of the German domination of Britain, to some event that is connected to Poland. Well, as I was flipping through more of Nostradamus, I noted this:

Salon, Mansol, Tarascon of six arches

Where is still standing the pyramid,

Shall come to deliver the Prince of Denmark,

A shameful ransom shall be paid into the temple of Artemis.

Well, Nostradamus is funny. It seems to be written in code. But this one again connects us back to the 290-years-ago Act of Union, because Queen Anne was married to the Prince of Denmark, and “Artemis” is another name for Diana. Also, we note the names and the “arches” of the tunnel in which she died. Most interesting is the mention of the “pyramid,” or something very like a pyramid – the Eiffel Tower. And, significantly, she was in the company of an Egyptian! Was Diana’s life paid to ransom England from the action of Queen Anne almost three centuries ago?

If it is so, as it seems to be, that Nostradamus foresaw a connection between the tragic death of Princess Diana as a crisis in the British Monarchy, and the flood in Poland, about which we have heard almost nothing in the media, perhaps there is a deeper reason into which we ought to inquire? It is most peculiar that both the Pope and President Clinton paid visits to Poland just prior to this disaster. There was no lack of coverage for those events! At this point we cannot know what Nostradamus may have intended, but we can know that there is a symbolic connection.

What about the “Aries fears for the protectorate of Poland” reference? The constellation of Cassiopeia is one of the side-pieces of the zodiacal sign, Aries. The earliest associations we can find are that Cassiopeia is associated with the Celtic Goddess Danu, and also the Goddess Danae, the mother of Perseus. And, as it happens, the Cassiopaeans have made most curious remarks about the flood in Poland!

Well, it is all connected. The truest thing I ever read was something that Franklin Roosevelt was quoted as saying: “Nothing in politics ever happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” And, it is amazing what a different view one can have of things if this is taken as a postulate. It causes one to look at things quite creatively. However, the problem is always assuming that the planners of such events are human … if one also does away with that restriction, then things actually begin to make sense.

This is where so many have a problem. They do not know or understand the different levels of density, and how the events in our world are but a reflection of manipulations at other levels. One who labors under this delusion will never find the connections between the clues!

What does the death of Diana, the Beloved Princess of Wales tell us? In my opinion, by her death, she has guaranteed the beginning of the downfall of the British monarchy. Nothing Charles ever does will redeem him now.

None of us can know what the relationship truly was like. So, we cannot judge. The only thing that is certain is, had there been no divorce, Diana would not have been being hounded to quite the same extent by the paparazzi while in the company of an Egyptian playboy. Thus, it is possible that she would still be alive. And, the point is, a lot of people will see it this way. They will think: no divorce, no trip to Paris and riding in fast cars with drunken drivers, therefore, no crash, no death. No matter what he does now, he will never be able to fully redeem himself. Both his public and private lives will play out to the end, in the shadow of a dead princess, forever young and beautiful.

I read a remark in one of the news reports that someone had said that Di was saintly, so I thought that we can expect a lot of miracles to soon be attributed to her, and there will be a cult, and probably demands for canonization! And, this leads to the problem of the present dynasty. I am going to quote at some length from the work of Lincoln, Leigh and Baigent, so I humbly request the indulgence of same. No one else has put the subject so clearly.

“For the past century and more, organized religion has suffered increasingly severe blows to its credibility. But the religious sense of ‘the sacred,’ of ‘the numinous,’ of a coherent pattern transcending one’s personal experience – remains, for a great many people, essentially intact. The traditional custodians of ‘the spiritual’ may have been compromised or have compromised themselves. … And yet, for a great many people, ‘the spiritual’ remains a reality, even if organized religion no longer speaks on its behalf.

“There is an entire facet of twentieth century thought and culture which reflects an aspiration towards meaning and the ‘spiritual’ outside the context and framework of institutionalized religion. … Thus, more and more individuals, recognizing the bankruptcy of prevailing systems, have sought one or another valid means of synthesis for reintegrating a fragmented reality.

“[Carl] Jung’s overriding concerns were ultimately religious in nature. His concentration on universal experience and his use of the crucial instrument of synthesis, rather than analysis, springs from his desire to reassemble the world, to imbue it again with meaning. What is more, he sought to do so not in purely theoretical (or theological) terms, but in terms which might be directly experienced rather than merely accepted as articles of faith – which translated into psychological dynamics, might be practically viable not just on Sundays, but throughout the individual’s life. …

“Jung did not see psychology and religion as incompatible. On the contrary, he saw them as complementary, each aiding the other to generate a renewed sense of meaning and coherence. And Jung understood religion in its broadest, most profound and most valid sense – not as a mere edifice of conceptual dogma, not as one particular denomination or creed, but as something encompassing all of them, a basic element in the make-up of the human psyche. In consequence, Jung proceeded to synthesize, to compare and establish common sources, common denominators, common psychological dynamics, shared patterns – not only in the world’s major religions, but in much of man’s other activity as well. The result was something that could indeed function as a viable religious principle for the modern age – a mode of thought and understanding which did indeed confer meaning, while at the same time fostering tolerance, flexibility and humanity.

“Are there any established institutions … that are genuinely archetypal, that impinge even if only subliminally on the collective unconsciousness and thereby function, at least in some measure, as a repository for meaning? In some of its aspects, at least, monarchy can be seen as such an institution.

“At its worst, as exemplified by numerous autocratic regimes of the past, monarchy can be synonymous with tyranny. At its best, however, monarchy can indeed be seen as a repository of meaning – which, albeit in a circumscribed way, does perform at least a semi-religious function. Certainly monarchy rests on an archetypal basis. Kingship in itself is an archetype. … Whatever the form of government under which one lives, the psyche, from childhood on, will still be populated by kings and queens, princes and princesses. However ‘republican” one may be, such figures are part of a collective cultural heritage, with a psychic validity of their own. In the absence of genuine dynastic royalty, we will endeavour to create a surrogate royalty from, say, film stars, pop singers or from families such as the Kennedys. Yet such surrogates are always pale imitations of the originals on which, deliberately or otherwise, they are based. …

“The essence of such a monarchy is that it rests on the basis [that] the king ruled but did not govern. In other words, he was ultimately a symbolic figure. To the extent that he remained unsoiled by the tawdry business of politics and government, his symbolic status remained pristine. … In other words, his currency resides in what he embodies as a symbol, rather than in anything he does, or in any real power he might or might not exercise. The most potent symbols always exert an intangible authority, which can only be compromised by the more tangible forms of power.

“During the German occupation of Denmark in the Second World War, all Danish Jews were ordered to wear yellow stars on their coats, thus facilitating the process of identification and deportation to concentration camps. In contemptuous defiance of the power occupying his country, King Christian took to wearing a yellow star himself, as a gesture of sympathy and solidarity with his Jewish subjects. In support of their king, thousands of non-Jewish Danes followed suit. The effect of the gesture was more than symbolic. Anti-semitism and denunciations of Jews dwindled and countless lives were saved.” (Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln, 1986)

This echoes the Arthurian legends, the Grail stories, and, ultimately – the Alchemical Quest for the unveiling of Isis and the restoration of Osiris. But here, in considering Charles and Diana, we have an archetype of a man who may never be king because he has “killed” the queen. And the queen symbolizes the source of knowledge, light and life. Whether it is conscious or not, this is the essential imprint that will form in the minds of the people; to the destruction of the institution of the monarchy in England.

Thus, we see from the clues, the signs, the synchronicities, that the death of the Princess of Wales, Diana-Artemis – was undoubtedly chosen by her before the birth of her soul into the body of Diana Spencer. It was only a potential – but became a reality as each decision was taken by those around her. It is part of a Grand Pattern – a symbol of the stupendously complex Mystery, designed to awaken those who know. We are grateful. We wish her God Speed in her flight to the Stars to become a member of the Court – Tuatha de Danaan.

Ark, of course, had his own theory about the death of Princess Diana.

To: Laura

Date sent: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 14:56:13

And after Mother told me the news version of the Diana death I am more convinced that the “Scorpio’s theory of Diana death is true”.

Scorpio’s theory is this: there was a little plot to replace the chauffer by a security man. This security man was totally controlled and chemicals were injected before suggesting he was drunk at the time of the crash. Mind control devices were used to brainwash the car passengers. Who was behind the plot? Perhaps it is better not to know and not to want to know. Why? Too many reasons. Will it cause decline of British monarchy? That I do not know. There are many factors and it is hard to guess which option will win. This is what comes to mind. That there is such a possibility.


To: Ark

Date sent: Tues, 02 Sep 97 16:51:33

> I am more convinced that the “Scorpio’s theory of Diana death is true”.

Well, I think I agree, now that you put it so plainly. Especially considering the stuff in this book I am reading The Messianic Legacy. Also, there was a lot in the Bramley book. Seems that there are a LOT of people who might be interested in the elimination of the British royal family – for varied reasons.

> Who was behind the plot? Perhaps it is better not to know and not to want to know. Why? Too many reasons.

I agree. The point is, I think, that this death is a “marker.” It is symbolic and archetypal. I am not exactly sure of the precise dynamics, but it is very deep. And, once again we have an example of how “knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.” This poor girl is dead and her poor children are without their mother. And that cowardly nincompoop she was married to simply doesn’t have a clue!

> Will it cause decline of British monarchy? That I do not know. There are many factors and it is hard to guess which option will win. This is what comes to mind. That there is such a possibility.

I think it is almost a certainty. Why? I am not sure either. There is whoever is behind the creation of the “Prieure de Sion,” which is more of a “front” organization designed to lead people astray; and there is that bunch of Lunatics that Bill Mann is hanging out with – the Sinclairs – who have their agenda which is to say that they think that one of THEM ought to be king …

I think that the archetypal “Priest-King” is an important concept, but I don’t think that it can necessarily be hereditary. The Tibetans have a good idea with the Dalai Lama. He is just a symbol, more or less, but they replace him by searching for the “incarnation.” The British royal family has produced so few – if any – significantly beneficial monarchs, that it is almost like a family of idiots. They have been, in general, morally bankrupt and intellectually deficient as a whole, not to mention arrogant and absurd in their eccentricities! The whole concept is, in my opinion, a joke. I even had a dream one night about Queen Elizabeth – I told her that I could not allow my children to play with hers because her children were corrupt!!!

So, this poor Diana was drawn into this nasty mess and it certainly killed her!!!

Anyway, I am still reading this book. Seems these guys came to much the same conclusion about the Prieure de Sion that I did … though there are some FUNNY elements to the story. Seems they have had a couple of similar experiences to mine, only they know NOTHING about other density manipulation, so they are only baffled and impressed! I see immediately that they are being led astray by this confusion!

Now, I hope you can get our Diana page up today. Now it is a HOT topic and will bring a LOT of people to the Cs pages. If you don’t have time, tell me what to do the make a header, change the color … add a counter and link back to the main page … etc. I do think we ought to put the Percy Lion on there … offset the header to the left and put the image of the lion on the right …

Because, as I am reading this book, the “Scorpio Theory” is making a LOT of sense. Only I can’t see the objective yet. I think that we can believe Roosevelt when he said that “nothing happens by accident.” And just see things as intended, and then try to extrapolate backwards.

I am even wondering if this Sinclair bunch that Mann is connected to is involved? Even if as only another “false clue” to lead people astray. This is what MOST of this stuff is!


To: Ark

Date sent: Tues, 02 Sep 97 19:26:52

Honey, Do you notice the tail of the Percy lion is like a “spear?”

Very funny. And, I think this is a MUCH better image to use … for THOSE WHO KNOW. I am not sure who they might be. But, I think this is a somewhat subtle signal to the “others.”

Also, the building in the background is Alnwick Castle in Northumberland where the 62 alchemical manuscripts are stored that nobody seems to know anything about.

And green IS the appropriate color for the subject.

There is the Celtic legend of the “Green Man,” which was also the “Head of Bran,” and the origin of the Holy Grail. The picture of Danae is funny too, if you take any time later and examine it. Note the rose by her hand which is entwined with a fabric … indicating the concept of the “weaver” or “tentmaker” which is related to the Cathars as well as gnosticism in general. And, the “platter” or “grail” that is raining gold down upon her and that it is spilled about her thighs showing the “transdimensional atomic remolecularization” properties of the genitive organs as well as the creative act itself.

The image is supposed to represent Zeus impregnating Danae with a “shower of gold” or “light” from other densities.

Also, the rose has TWO blooms, note the condition of the two.

This “Green Man” makes me wonder about the mention of “chlorophyll” that they made when I was asking about the “blessing” given to Esau by Jacob. “The leaves of wrath.” And the idea that the elimination of the chlorophyll … means that the harvest is near.


Laura responds to Ark

Date sent: Wed, 03 Sep 97 20:45:14

> Marek told me that there is a theory propagated by Kadaffi that it was a murder because her fiancee was an Arab.

Yes, I heard that in the Sunday paper … the Iranians are calling her wicked, too. (They will find themselves COMPLETELY without friends if they keep THAT up!)

Anyway, I think the Scorpio theory is the correct one. And, I read some things in this book last night where Poland is STRONGLY connected to this secret society business … so, I decided to add a couple of things to the page … just hints and questions!!! But, hopefully, will start people thinking!

In reading all this history of these dynastic battles … it seems that it is simply an ongoing reflection of the same dynamics over and over again. There seem to be 3 main players and the representatives at the present time could be seen as: 1)The Sinclair/Jacobite group 2)The Hanoverian/Windsor group and 3)The silent Percy/Mortimer group.

One thing I have noticed is: when a person dies by being pierced in the eye, it is almost a certainty that he has been symbolically killed by the “Assassini.” So, all these other people are simply on the wrong track with this one! I found another with this symbolic death: William Rufus, the son of William the Conqueror.

And, the time period when the Templars were “destroyed” is the key event that gives the clues to the present dynamics. I have GOT to make a timeline chart so that it will show this. It is all in my head, and I can see it … but it needs to be demonstrated visually. The series of events at that time are so incredible that no intelligent person would ever deny the “controlling” element from higher densities after having seen it.

And then, the death of Mother Theresa? Two of three of the Triple Goddess image?


To: Ark

Date sent: Sat, 06 Sep 97 07:18:14

I think I caught a fish …

There was an editorial in today’s paper by an English journalist. There are a couple of paragraphs he writes that sound like they were lifted almost verbatim from our Diana page.

But then, he says this: (About Prince Charles) “Both his public and private lives will play out, forever, in the shadow of the dead princess, forever young and beautiful. Imagine a circle of deadly sharp, inward pointing daggers: in the center is Charles.”

In this, the quote from our page is almost word for word!!! Is it a message???

Now, this guy’s name is Rupert Cornwell, and he writes for the “Independent” in London.

This paragraph made the hair on my head stand up because he also used the “buzz words” about circles, daggers etc.

Is it possible that this guy read my piece, and – perhaps this is some sort of message … or is he just reacting unconsciously?

And, the name “Cornwell?” All the references to “corn,” goddesses of the corn, harvest, the woman being the source of the corn, spikenard being like corn … picking ears of corn on the Sabbath … and then, “well,” and Hagar at the well, the “springs” etc. …

Well, it was just TOO strange … So, we will see. I’ll see what the Cs have to say.


September 6, 1997

Q: We would like to know if there is any significance to the fact that Mother Theresa and Princess Diana both died within a week of each other?

A: Vague.

Q: Why didn’t you tell us that Princess Diana was going to get killed in an auto accident? That’s pretty big news!

A: You would not have benefited, and, besides, it was not predetermined. Just one possible future.

Q: Why was this particular future the one that manifested?

A: Because it was chosen.

Q: Why?

A: No escape any other way.

Q: For whom?

A: Diana.

Q: Escape from what or who?

A: Judgment.

Q: Judgment by whom?

A: You pick. She was damned if she did and damned if she did not.

Q: (T) Let me ask: is she dead?

A: Yes.

Q: Was there any factor involved in her death that could be connected to any secret groups on the planet that wish to bring down the monarchy?

A: No.

Q: So, this wasn’t part of a plot to bring down the monarchy?

A: Soul mates.

Q: She and Dodi were soul mates?

A: Yes.

Q: And they decided to leave together …

A: Yes, at another level.

Q: Is there any special significance to the fact that they were soul mates?

A: No, only way out, and valuable lessons learned by everyone else.

Q: So, this was a gift?

A: And STO. And the same with Mother Theresa who waited for the proper timing, so that others would notice what you did.

Q: (T) Well, things usually happen in threes … who is next?

A: Usually threes is an old wives tale.

Q: So, from one perspective, the death of the Princess is nothing more than a tragic accident?

A: We did not say that.

Q: So, she chose this because it was the only way out … (T) Was she helped along? Was there more to it than choosing the time and the way?

A: There always is.

Q: Can you list some of the other factors involved?

A: Lessons, that is all there is!!

Q: (T) Was she murdered?

A: Would murderer agree to be crushed to death?? What future is there in that line of work?

Q: Well, there are some Middle Easterners who think there is a lot of future in that line of work … suicide bombers and so forth as well as persons programmed to do that sort of thing … Was anybody or any other thing behind this?

A: No.

Q: Was the driver drunk?

A: Yes.

Q: (AH) Would she like to tell us something?

A: Statement as such would not benefit this work.

Q: Did Dodi give Diana the purported ring as an engagement ring?

A: Yes, but that is incidental to the “bigger picture.”

Q: What is the bigger picture?


Q: You are saying that this was an STO act? (T) That’s what they said …

A: No.

Q: That’s not what they said. They said that this act would make others realize what we did and would start thinking about STO.

A: Yes.

Q: Are you saying that this was done by Diana as a service to others?

A: Part.

Q: I get the feeling that there is something we are not getting here …

A: Maybe we are waiting for you to figure it out on your own!

Q: When I read the article by Rupert Cornwell and there was a paragraph that was identical to what I had written on the original web-page, and then he made the remark about the circle of daggers surrounding Prince Charles, that he was in the center of a circle of sharp daggers … that struck me as a rather bizarre thing to say. With all the theories going around about the various families and bloodlines killing each other off from time to time … and this is connected with all this other underground business, CIA, KGB, God knows what else … Is the way the press plays the event a capitalizing on a circumstance on behalf of such conspiratorial groups?

A: If so, that is nothing new.

Q: Was this Cornwell saying in this article that the “dagger men” are gathered around Charles and that they are going to use this event to bring him down?

A: No.

Q: (T) Were the deaths, in addition to generating feelings of STO, also to speed up the process of the changing of the systems, the entering the new realms …

A: Close.

Q: There is still something we are not getting. And, they are waiting for me to figure it out – OK. But, give me a clue!

A: You will do so when it is appropriate.

Q: OK, there is an issue here and it is just not the appropriate time to address it. Jan asked about the significance of the circle of daggers …

A: Circles are always significant.

Q: (T) Well, the only way out of a circle of daggers is through the center … (L) Or up … (T) The daggers may not be pointed at him to take him out but to limit him … or to move him to the center … (L) Once before you told …

A: Seven.

Q: Seven what?

A: Ask your question.

Q: Well, I was going to ask … once before you told us that the monarchy in England was going to come to a halt and that Charles would never be king … what are the probabilities that one of the sons will?

A: Are you trying to coerce a response?

Q: No, I’m just trying to be sneaky! [My mental question that was asked when the Cs said “seven” was “how long before the end of the monarchy?]

A: Well, forget it!!!

Q: (T) Does this have to do with getting Charles … is this whole thing designed to get Charles to take charge the way he is supposed to … to get his center back …

A: You are making a mountain where the universe sees a molehill.

Q: OK, change gears: I read the other day that the word “Iscariot” means “from Sikarios,” and this connects the Jesus story directly to my Paran Sikarios … the Percys, piercing, PS, etc. Could you comment on the fact that Judas Iscariot was “from Sikarios.” Was he a member of the Paran Sikarios, the Assassini, a dagger man?

A: You are not to be told some things yet, because of your tendency to share before realizing the ramifications it can bring to your doorstep.

I realized that I had found my “Percy” in the newspapers. I also understood that maybe I had gone too far. I had “tested” the Matrix, and found that it was, indeed, paying attention. Or somebody was. No point in waving a red cloth in front of the Bull.

I took the Diana page down.

But it was already too late. Within ten days the first attempt was made on my eldest daughter’s life, and 20 days later, my second daughter nearly died. And in both cases, it’s pretty clear that FRV modulation was at work – that the Matrix had downloaded agent programs and had gone to work.