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The Wave Chapter 17: All There Is Is Lessons, or Wandering Around in Third Density Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Wandering Around In 3rd Density
Can Be Hazardous to Your Health!

We’re going to back up a bit here and focus on another line of events that were occurring parallel to the events of the previous section, involving some of the same people and occurring just prior to my decision to distance myself from the Reiki/Metaphysical Church crowd. This series of “lessons” involved the fact that Louise took her Master Level Reiki initiation. This happened in a funny way.

As I said, the Reiki Master who had initiated all of us was one of Takata’s students — an elderly lady who was quite well known among the Virginia Beach metaphysical crowd. She traveled to Florida for these Reiki seminars as soon as Louise would assemble enough eager students, and would spend three days teaching and doing the attunements. She was careful, thorough, and a veritable encyclopedia of Reiki knowledge. She had in her possession copies of Takata’s diaries and personal writings, as well as books that have since been written about Reiki that were annotated by several of Takata’s actual students. It seemed, from this information, that there had been a definite split in the Reiki teachings with certain persons taking it upon themselves to alter or add to the original work (claiming “inspiration” from God or some channeled source, as far as I have been able to determine).

Louise was very anxious to have her Master Level initiation, but for some reason our Reiki Master was unwilling to give it to her. I have no idea on what she based this decision, but it was apparent that Takata was also very choosy about who she gave the Master Level initiations to. Having been taken into Takata’s confidence, our Reiki Master told us that after Takata died, a couple of her students, to whom she had denied the Master Level attunements, had persuaded Takata’s heir to issue an “Official List” of Reiki Masters personally initiated by Takata, but that this list was doctored to include them. It was suggested that money changed hands but further than that I cannot say because it is, after all, hearsay and not hard evidence. But, I listened to many things about this matter told to us by our Reiki Master, and I had no reason to think that she would make this story up.

The upshot of the whole affair was that there were people claiming to have received not only their Master Level initiations directly from Takata, but also certain secret teachings who had not, in fact, done so. Our Reiki Master stopped short of calling these people liars and frauds, but her meaning along that line was pretty clear. She told us that these same people were the ones who had changed and added to the original material and techniques even adding new levels of initiation so as to have more initiations for which more money could be charged. Further, many people were apparently giving Reiki seminars wherein a person could become a Reiki Master in three days or less! Our Reiki Master was very clear on this: the initiations must be given over a period of years or they would not “take” properly. Each level had to be observed by the Master to determine when and if the next level could be assimilated.

So, there it was: Louise wanted the Master Level and had been told she was not ready yet. She was working as hard as she could to gather students and arrange seminars for Reiki classes, and felt somewhat put out because the Reiki Master would not respond to all her hard work by giving her the Master Level initiation. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

There was a Reiki Master down in Clearwater who had been initiated into the lineage of one of the persons who was reputed to have altered and added to the Reiki teachings. (In fact, as I understand it, due to extreme promotional efforts and books, etc., this person’s teachings are the most widely known version of Reiki in the country today.) So Louise became resentful at the refusal of our Reiki Master and decided to go to this other Reiki Master of the altered line for her Master Level.

After she had obtained her Master Initiation, she offered to give me, Candy and Tim the Second Level attunements at a tremendous discount. Okay. Sounded like a good deal to me. I couldn’t imagine how there could be anything wrong with it because I wasn’t even sure what was done or how. I agreed.

Along with the Second Level initiation, a little booklet was provided which included the symbols that the Second Level student was now “empowered” to use. I was reading through this book when I came to a page that was headed “Power Exercises”. It began:

The Reiki Alliance form of teaching involves using the body as an energy channel to pass the attunements. Usui Traditional Reiki does not use this method, or the power exercises given here. The advantage of these exercises is that with them you need to pass the attunement only once to transmit the Reiki degree.1

I didn’t really notice the distinction between “The Reiki Alliance” and “Usui Traditional Reiki” as I was reading this the first time, so I continued on. The instructions for the “power exercise” for women began: “Sit with legs open, so that you can press the heel of one foot against your vagina and clitoris. Use a firm, steady pressure… You may experience sexual stimulation or orgasm.”

I have to admit that warning bells went off in my head with this one. Believe me, I am not unaware of Tantra and certain Kundalini stimulating practices, nor the benefits to be gained from them, but after studying these things in some detail, I knew that in such ancient traditions, the student is carefully led through many stages of instruction and preparation before being introduced to such a practice as was being described in this Reiki manual; and “sexual stimulation or orgasm” is not encouraged in these traditions; at least not in the early stages of training, which can take years! This kind of exercise can actually be quite dangerous if you don’t really know what you are doing!

But, I continued to read. A page was included that showed the method for using the Reiki symbols to basically “bomb the Earth with love and light.” Well, at that point in my education, it didn’t seem like a bad idea. I had even considered doing remote Spirit Release on all the members of Congress!

But then I reached the back of the book where there was a page headed “Alternate Reiki Symbols (Usui Traditional Method.)” I had a look at them and then I went back to the symbols that the “Reiki Alliance” was teaching and compared them. Not only were they very different, one of them, the “Power symbol”, was completely reversed.

Now that disturbed me in a big way! I had a sort of visceral understanding of these symbols as being a Cosmic or interdimensional language, or electromagnetic circuit diagram, and here I was seeing that somebody had not only altered them, but also had even reversed one of them.

If these symbols are, as I was understanding it, a sort of cosmic microchip that can be installed in the body to enable a flow of energy from other dimensions; if they are a language that tells the body something in a deep, objective way, and then somebody changes them, what are they now “programming”? What is being said to the body? What are the circuits being routed to do?

I called Louise immediately and pointed out to her that she had apparently “gone over” to the group that our Reiki Master had been talking about, though none of them had ever been named by her. Louise was not only dismissive of my concerns; she was actually contemptuous of my idea that there could be a real problem here. As I remember her saying, “If you believe they will work, they will! It’s all a matter of what you believe. If you don’t believe they will work, they won’t. If your spiritual development is weak or backward, of course, nothing will work for you.”


Wow! What a cut! Now I was spiritually retarded because I had a problem with people altering symbols and maybe corrupting information. Hmmm… How often has this manipulation been used to jerk questioners back in line?

I didn’t buy it. My experience with Reiki had been that it was something that was truly objective — it did not require “faith” or “belief”. That was the truly unique and amazing thing about it. At that moment, I decided that Louise simply wasn’t getting it. But I figured that my initiation from her was still good even if she didn’t know what she was dealing with. Surely the method of transmission was still the same and worked? I decided that I would just use the Usui Traditional Symbols and maybe experiment with the others to see what they were really doing.

There was already a problem though, even if it took awhile for it to repeat often enough for me to take notice: the heat that generally would manifest so powerfully when I touched people seemed to have dissipated and now, instead, I was actually feeling an iciness that was of the kind that can be felt as heat unless you have been used to real heat. I commented on this to Candy and she said that this was normal. She said that our Reiki Master had told her that the body knows what kind of energy it needs and when you have the Reiki attunements the body will naturally send the right energy to whatever person you are channeling it to. That seemed like a reasonable explanation.

But to give an example of what I mean about the changes made in the symbols, take a look at the following examples:

Above left, we have Diane Stein’s reversal of the “power symbol”. On the right, is the original rendition.

On the left, we have Diane Stein’s “adjustments” to the “etheric connection” symbol, that she called the “distance healing” symbol. On the right is the more traditional version.

As time went by, I noticed that my energy was really low and I had some occasional aches and pains that would pop up and force me to slow down. It was nothing really severe, just annoying. I wrote it off to needing to relax a bit. And that is where the matter stood through the time period in which the Cassiopaean contact was finally established.

I thought the whole idea of these symbols and their use was fascinating and, for some reason, it made perfect sense to me. In order to make this clear, I have to talk about Reiki a little bit more so that the reader can follow my thinking as the events unfolded. The following is an amalgamation of my notes for a Reiki manual I have been meaning to write for some time:

Have you ever watched a Martial Arts demonstration where the Master decimates an entire stack of boards, bricks or blocks with a single blow? If you have witnessed enough of them you know that there is no fakery involved. But, how is it done?

For more than 5,000 years the Chinese have practiced Martial Arts. Secrets of retention of vital energies to develop internal power were passed from father to chosen son. The first stage of the practice was to get the warm current of energy to open the channels of circulation so that the internal power could be circulated freely. One then had to learn how to strengthen one’s vital organs and to “pack” the energy for use when needed. The Martial Arts fighting styles were not effective without this internal power. […]

During the present century the West has witnessed a phenomenal growth of interest in “Wholistic/holistic” health disciplines. At the same time science is finding that deeper realities bear a striking resemblance to the classical worldview of the major oriental religions and Martial Arts practices. The increased interest has manifested in multitudes taking classes in Yoga, Martial Arts, Macrobiotics, Tai Chi Chu Chuan, and a host of other variations on these themes. We have become comfortable with meditation and yoga and Buddhism. But, what do we really know about these traditions other than a few fragments of the wisdom of the I-Ching, the Tao Te Ching and a few other pieces of disconnected knowledge?

In the sixth century BC, Lao-Tse began his classic essay, the Tao Te Ching, with this admonition: “The Tao which can be spoken of is not the Tao.” In early Chinese writings, the Tao implied an understanding of life, which stressed individual harmony with the forces of nature. The practice of Reiki is rooted in the same way with the forces of nature. This energy works independently of any particular belief or scientific concept. It is not related to any religious practice that has grown up around it. It is, in brief, a subtle but verifiable life energy, “chi,” flowing through the body in a specific pattern. This “Chi,” as it is known in Chinese, or “Ki,” as it is known in Japanese, was known by the ancients, and its secrets have been attainable throughout all ages by those who were willing to put a great deal of time into the prescribed practices. The limitation has always been the fact that it was only available to those who were willing to train for long hours daily for many years to alter the flow so that the body could make active use of this energy.

The applications of Ki/Chi in daily life are virtually limitless. It is the most important building block of transformation. If a person can master the circulation of the healing energy, everything else proceeds more quickly. Opening this energy channel is like being given the tools to do all other things. Without the flow of the Ki/Chi, the individual will find it difficult to advance to higher levels in other disciplines. You could spend years in other disciplines with less direct methods in order to achieve the same end, or, even a lifetime. However, a person could study hundreds of volumes in a dozen languages without ever learning how to awaken the much-poeticized healing power of the Tao. There are those who have read the thousands of volumes and received the valuable oral teachings, which have been shrouded in secrecy the same way medieval alchemy was hidden in Europe, who still have not achieved the mastery of this energy and the power to direct it. What many today do not know is that there is a method of awakening and utilizing the Ki/Chi by initiation. That is, it is like starting a car with a battery rather than a hand crank!

This secret is rooted in the “language” of the body. The body comes into being by virtue of the Electromagnetic pattern that is determined at another dimensional level. These patterns are expressed on the other dimensions as symbolic figures. It is an entire language of its own, the language of the cosmos which is expressed in the body via the axiom: As above, so below. Without a language, one cannot create words, sentences, paragraphs, or develop simple or complex ideas. These symbolic figures convey knowledge, alter energy with this knowledge, and are essential conduits between our reality and higher realities.

The symbolic figures of Reiki manifest knowledge that speaks to the “soul”.

The Reiki Master makes use of higher energies expressed through symbols to clear the routes and raise the level of chi production. The current of the Reiki initiation or “attunement” is like installing a new circuit board or computer chip into the system.

The important thing is that, as soon as I saw the Reiki symbols, I knew that they were a language — a soul language, so to speak. We began to utilize them in our channeling experiment, inscribing them in the air over the board, or drawing them on sheets of paper and putting the paper under the board. It was within a few weeks of this implementation, after two long years of sitting with intent, that the Cassiopaeans came through as described elsewhere, with a series of very loud thunderclaps over my house, so strong that they literally shook the house like an earthquake.

So we can see that all of the previously described interactions had a positive side and a negative side. And, in the end, they were pretty well balanced. Not only was my health restored in a miraculous way, but we received a tool thereby that assisted in our contact with the Cassiopaeans. On the negative side, I nearly got myself killed and certainly suffered some really unpleasant experiences. These experiences were what we came to call “attacks”. But, in a very real sense, these “attacks” are both Lessons and initiations! If the universe is balanced, as we are told, and which seems to be self-evident upon deep reflection, then it is almost necessary to experience both aspects in any learning experience. It is what you do with the “attacks” that makes them either lessons from which you learn, or troubles from which you suffer. And it is in this sense that awareness plays the major role of transforming attacks into lessons; awareness being the thing that you acquire with knowledge, which then enables you to see the realities behind the Symbol System, so that you can choose the most harmonious option of those offered to you in the Masked reality in which we live. There is also a further consideration as was brought up by a member of our discussion group, DD, who commented:

I am wondering if the problem with Reiki is that the attunements that give the healing power work regardless of the level of spiritual development of the person in question, and that the attunements not only give us the ability to facilitate healing, but give other psychic powers as well, powers that can be used either for good or for ill. Reiki in the hands of a really negatively oriented person might be a dangerous thing.

I agree. And the energy can certainly be used negatively. That is probably why Takata was so choosy about who she initiated as Masters and why my Reiki Master would not give the attunements to Louise. She clearly saw something there that was not obvious to others.

Naturally, the conditions surrounding us at the time the Cassiopaeans came through became the main subject of our questions. We were awash in a sea of conflicting information about UFOs, aliens, contradictory New Age teachings, and a whole host of confusing elements. But what we haven’t talked about very much is what we call the “Attack Syndrome”, which is really at the crux of the control system of our reality.

These questions were asked not particularly for the sake of getting the right answer, but more in the line of tests. They were part of the challenge process that I felt was the right and proper way to deal with any source claiming to have knowledge to share. I wanted to ask many questions on many subjects so as to assemble a body of information that could be tested and examined for accuracy, perspective, consistency, and so forth. Before I was going to decide whether I believed the Cassiopaeans were who they said they were, I was going to “put them through their paces.”

In one respect this was a useful thing, but in another it led to later problems in assembling the material in any useful order. I would jump from subject to subject trying deliberately to confuse or disorient them. I would stick trick questions in and ask them rapid fire to see if I could trip them up. I had enough experience chatting with dead dudes and elementals and even demonic type entities that I was using all the tricks I had learned in exposing such types to see if there was anything of that orientation in the Cassiopaean responses. I’m just glad that they had a good sense of humor, were patient and understanding throughout this period!

So, we come to some of the personal issues of “attack” with which we challenged the Cassiopaeans. Things happen for a reason, and this information was to prove to be invaluable to us as we proceeded with the project. At the very first solidly identifiable Cassiopaean session, I tossed in some questions about abduction as it related to us personally. Candy was present at this session. Keep in mind that the early sessions were reconstructed from the notebooks. At that point we had not begun to tape the sessions so they seem to be a bit choppy and brief.

July 16, 1994

Q: (L) Have any of us been abducted?

A: All.

Q: (L) How many times?

A: Frank-57; Candy-56; Laura-5.

Q: (L) Why has Laura not been abducted as much? (Laura laughs.)

A: You fight it. It is not over. (Candy laughs.) Candy was abducted last month.

Q: (L) Who is abducting us?

A: The other. [Referring to the Consortium of STS aliens and humans which was identified at the beginning of the session.]

Q: (L) What is the name of the specific group?

A: Different names.

Q: (L) Are we all abducted by the same group?

A: Mostly.

Q: (L) What did they do to us?

A: Gave false memories. Made you inhibited as children. Caused headaches and sickness at school.

Q: (L) Do we have implants?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where?

A: In the head.

Q: (L) What are the implants for?

A: Study device.

Q: (L) To study what?

A: Soul composition.

Q: (L) Do any of the rituals we perform provide protection against further abduction?

A: Maybe some Crystals with energy fields. Don’t need protection if you have knowledge.

Q: (L) How do we get this knowledge?

A: It is deep in the subconscious.

Q: (L) When did we get it?

A: Before birth.

Q: (L) Is there anything else we can do for protection?

A: Learn, meditate, read.

Q: (L) Are we doing what we need to be doing at the present?

A: So far. Need to awaken.

In the following week, Candy, Louise and I had gone to visit another Reiki Master in Tampa who lived just north of the airport and who had shown us what she claimed to be the “real” Reiki symbols which were still another variation! She also regaled us with a story about the individual who had instituted the “New Reiki”.

The tale was that this woman was part of a metaphysical/New Age group touring Egypt and she had actually stolen an item from a shop in a bazaar because she felt the price was outrageous. She was later “taken for questioning” by the Egyptian police. Extraordinary efforts were exerted in her behalf to get her out of this dangerous situation, (in Egypt, they cut off the hands of convicted thieves!), and baksheesh was liberally applied to ensure that no formal charges were lodged against her. The story was funny and well told, and if true, really made you wonder about the energy behind this Reiki faction.

As we were driving home, we spotted a triangular arrangement of lights hovering in the airspace of the flight path of the landing airplanes. Since there was a lot of aerial activity going on, we were unsure if it was anything strange at all. Candy was driving and decided to accelerate so that we could “catch up” to where this object was. As we got closer, we could clearly see that it was staying in the same place because several planes passed by it rather closely in their landing approach, and the object remained stationary. It had a big, bright light on each corner of the triangle, and a series of mediumer lights inside the triangle shape on the bottom of the craft in some kind of circular arrangement. I was certain that it must be a helicopter, but I couldn’t figure out why it would just sit there in that rather busy and dangerous airspace! Dumb pilot, I figured.

So, we got to close to it, almost directly under it (it was right over a busy 6 lane road) and as we did this, it moved a little to our right and hovered over an apartment complex. At that point, I could distinctly see it doing the “falling leaf” maneuver. Candy screeched around the corner of the driveway into the parking lot of the complex and slammed on the brakes while I stuck my head all the way out of the window to look directly up at the object. I was puzzled because I couldn’t hear any noise such as you would expect being right underneath a helicopter that was only about 300 feet up; there was no sound at all but the passing cars. I only had a few seconds to look directly up at it before it shot away — whoosh! There one instant, gone the next. I did manage to see that it was definitely a triangular, black object. I would guess the size to be about 30 feet per side, with a very bright light on each corner, which was strange because it did not illuminate the parking lot!

We turned around and continued home, but we were very interested in seeing what the new source had to say about that! (Keeping in mind that we are still in the early phase and did not consider the session worth recording.)

July 30, 1994

Q: (L) Do you have messages for us?

A: Be careful.

Q: (L) Of what?

A: Aliens.

Q: (L) Which Ones?

A: Orions.

Q: (L) What do they do?

A: Follow you.

Q: (L) Did Louise, Candy and Laura see an alien craft last night?

A: You better believe it.

Q: (L) Whose craft was it?

A: Orion.

Q: (L) Was it there because of us specifically?

A: No.

Q: (L) Do they know we saw them?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did they leave because we saw them?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Were they planning to abduct somebody?

A: Maybe. You are next.

Q: (L) What?

A: To be abducted.

Q: (L) Who?


Q: (L) By whom?

A: Orion.

Q: (L) When?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Why?

A: For Knowledge monitoring. Craft above now.

Q: (L) Above the house?

A: Absolutely.

Q: (L) Is it good for me to be abducted?

[There was a lot of confusion in my mind about this subject since so much material is being promulgated by “experiencers” who claim that the aliens are here “to help us” and we just don’t understand it, nor can we because they are so much more advanced than we are.]

A: Neutral.

Q: (L) Will I be abducted because I saw them last night?

A: Partly. MF and K*** have reported you.

[This was certainly a shocking answer! MF was the “hotshot” UFO investigator that Candy was becoming very “attached” to during this time, and K*** was, of all people I knew, so anti-alien that I could not imagine him being abducted! He was, in fact, a follower of the works of Zecharia Sitchin.]

Q: (L) What? Are they in cahoots with the aliens?

A: Not knowingly.

Q: (L) How, then?

A: Subconscious. Implants.

Q: (L) Do we have implants?

[A medium “trick” question since this had already been asked.]

A: Two implants; one monitor.

Q: (L) What is the difference between a monitor and an implant?

A: All are monitors. Implant is permanent. Frank and Laura have permanent implants. Candy got monitor three months ago. Next is implant.

Q: (L) Why?

A: To watch and observe you.

Q: (L) Why?

A: You are all higher-level beings. Frank implant: 4 years old. Laura implant: 5 years old. […]

Q: (L) Are we chosen?

A: What is chosen? Only you can choose. The choice comes by nature and free will and looking and listening. Where you are is not important. Who you are is and also what you see.

Even if I didn’t like some of the things the Cassiopaeans were telling us, I was at least satisfied that they weren’t using our egos to capture our allegiance. So many cases that I had looked at had been led into corruption because of that very factor. A source will tell their channel that he/she is “special” or “chosen” or whatever. The Cassiopaeans were definitely not playing the “ego stroking” game here nor were they telling us what we wanted to hear!

What was most interesting to me, in the above excerpt, aside from the unverifiable claims about aliens and implants and all that, was that people’s minds could be manipulated, tapped or utilized in some way subconsciously, regardless of their conscious attitude toward the “alien reality”. The two people mentioned had almost nothing in common whatsoever except, actually, a certain form of fanaticism. One was a Billy Meier devotee and the other was certain that Sitchin was the only one who had a clue. But the remark that they had “reported” us was puzzling in the extreme! What, exactly, could be going on here? Did human beings live on more than one level and did this conscious level of which we are most aware, constitute some sort of completely programmed fantasy?

At about this point in time we discovered The Ra Material and I was pretty interested to see that Ra’s “take” on the situation was quite similar to what the Cassiopaeans were saying even if it was couched in cumbersome terminology. The upcoming quotes from Ra are from The Ra Material by Elkins, Rueckert and McCarty. I have removed some of the convoluted multiple words and replaced them with single words that represent conventional usage, keeping (I believe) the meaning intact. I have also combined the question that was being asked with the answer so as to simplify the excerpts for the present purpose. Those who have not read the Ra books are urged to do so as they are an invaluable source — one of the few available on the planet — for information about the true nature of our reality.

One of the comparable points of The Ra Material was the statement that the motivation of the “aliens” who abduct and probe and examine humans, and, for the most part, are those sighted by many people the world over, is to conquer the Earth and enslave its people. Ra said that the aliens sought out, specifically, people who were influential in some way so as to subvert them for their own use — this use being to enslave even more people.

[The purpose of the Orion STS] is conquest… their objective is to locate certain [individuals] which vibrate in resonance with their own [frequencies], then to [use these contactees to] enslave the [masses].

The obvious inference is, of course, that our political leaders, the heads of state, industry, finance, and so forth are likely targets for this contact. What Ra did not say, but which I also inferred from the above, was that many, if not most, of the “experiencers” and “contactees” who have come forward with their versions of the alien reality are being cleverly used as “Pied Pipers” to lead humanity into enslavement. Just exactly how this is done was described:

[The Orion STS who come to this planet for mind control purposes] follow the Law of One observing free will. Contact is made with those who call. Those then act to disseminate the attitudes and philosophy of Service to Self. These become the elite. Through these, the attempt begins to create a condition whereby the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved by their free will.

What I think Ra is saying here is that the Orion STS are the ones most generally contacted by those who attempt to channel, he says “contact is made with those who call”, and that teachings are being promulgated that seem to be of “love and light” and a positive nature so that people will willingly follow them, not realizing that, at some point, a trap will snap shut on them because they have not, as the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins describes, “filled their lamps with oil (knowledge).” These “contactees” then publish books, conduct seminars, promote the alien agenda, and just generally become popular and garner huge followings of devotees. As Ra said: “people are enslaved by their Free Will!” They choose it! And you don’t think they would choose it if they knew that was what they were choosing, do you?!

Of course, Don Elkins wanted to know who these people were, (including the obvious category of social and political leaders) but neither Ra nor the Cassiopaeans will tell. This is one where we have to make choices, it seems.

To name those involved is to infringe Free Will. We request your contemplation of the fruits of the actions. In this way you may discern for yourself this information.

Of course, there are those who do not seek contact, who just sort of end up getting messages inside their heads. Ra discusses this as well:

Many of those seen in your skies are of the [Orion STS] group. They send out messages. Some are received by those who are oriented toward Service to Others. These messages then are altered to be acceptable to those entities while warning of difficulties ahead. This is the most that self-serving entities can do when faced with those whose wish is to serve others… If the entity is oriented toward Service to Others, [he/she] will begin to receive messages of doom. If the entity is oriented towards service to self, the [Orions STS] do not find it necessary to lie, and will simply begin to give the philosophy they are here to give.

So it seems that this “broadcast” is pretty widely disseminated and can be picked up by many people, including those who are internally oriented toward Service to Others. What then happens, as Ra states, is that after reception of the information from the STS faction, the individual’s mind will alter the information so as to make it acceptable while “warning of difficulties ahead.” I sort of infer that this means much of the information about coming cataclysms is merely the re-forming of the information about alien conquest and domination into more general, global/geological concepts. It may also mean that a lot of psychics who are not “into” the “alien scene”, are getting information from these beings that are then being transformed in their brain circuits to be of a different nature. The last category however, those who are oriented to Service to Self, will be the ones presenting the aliens as our “saviors” or “helpers” or “brothers”.

So we seem to have a number of general categories of disinformation being described here. Two of them are worth particular focus for the deviousness of the propaganda. The first is the “cataclysmic” school from those who are STO, yet still sleeping; and the “alien rapture theorists” from those who are STS and part of the enslavement machine. Ra goes a bit further into this last category:

The contacts which the [Orion STS] group finds most helpful to their cause are those contacts made with entities whose orientation is towards Service to Self… Through telepathy the philosophy of… Service to Self is promulgated. In advanced groups there are rituals and exercises given and these have been written down just as the Service to Others oriented entities have written down the promulgated philosophy of their teachers.

Don Elkins had the idea that this must refer specifically to practitioners of magick, and Ra affirmed that this was a part of this mode. But he suggested that there was a lot more to it and that the observer must use his/her own judgment. The one thing that comes to my mind as being the closest to what Ra is describing as a “written body of material” with advanced groups with rituals and exercises, are the books and higher methods of processing employed by the followers of ritual magick. But then, of course, the whole gamut of formalized religion falls entirely within this category as well. Enough said. Let those who have eyes to see, see; let those who have ears to hear, hear.

Ra did give additional clues as to the specific processes involved:

The philosophy [of Service to Self] concerns… Manipulating others that they may [serve another through manipulation or trickery, i.e., enslavement] thus through this experience becoming able to appreciate Service to Self. These entities would become oriented towards Service to Self and in turn manipulate yet others so that they in turn might experience the service towards the other self [via enslavement].

What Ra seems to be saying is that by this, is that by engaging an individual, through manipulation or deception, to “follow” or “serve” a “master”, whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Lord Sananda, or being saved via a copyrighted and patented “technology”, the person is being conditioned to accept the Service to Self pathway and to think that it is Service to Others! It becomes like a hierarchy where one is encouraged to deeply desire advancement in the levels so that they, too, can someday achieve the proffered carrot of “salvation” which they can then offer to others “below” them. This is reflected in the beliefs of many Christians that they will be among the “chosen” who will “stand at the right hand of God” and “judge the quick and the dead” along with their “elder brother, Christ.” The same sort of thing is going on in other religions. There is a saying, “The oppressed become the oppressors,” that applies here and it is a rather transparent psychological ploy.

Upon initial inspection, one might have the idea that the serving of others that is being called forth in the STS manipulation is little different from serving others in the STO paradigm; but there is a key difference — manipulation. Manipulation implies that the service is induced or coerced by deceptive tactics; that the individual is serving something or someone that is a lie or an illusion. This “serving of a lie or an illusion” is the dynamic that locks the person’s energy flow into the implosive, contractile mode of a draining of energy rather than an exchange where something real, i.e., truth or reciprocity, is being exchanged for the service.

A very simple way to explain it would be that it is like an investment scam where many people are tricked to give their money to a con artist who has convinced them that he is a representative for a legitimate investing firm or plan. They give their life savings; the con artist puts it in his pocket, and then moves on to the next sucker. The thing that occurs with the STS mode of investment scams is that they take place over a person’s entire life and it is generally only after many lifetimes, or at least, at the end of any given life, that the person being scammed realizes that they have been “taken for a ride”. They die with their soul energy depleted, entrapped by the STS faction, unable to progress in any significant way. The old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”, applies here. Salvation as is taught by Christianity; the Alien Rapture theory where aliens are going to “airlift” their true believers off the planet during coming cataclysms; ascension by application of simplistic “rituals” or “initiatory meditative exercises” that can be done if you just attend the seminar, buy the book, (a bargain at $29.95!), or wander around in muddy mazes with a blindfold on, all fall into this category. Caveat Emptor!

But, in the case of the Orion STS, we have a special problem. They have capabilities of control and deception that we cannot even imagine! Ra tells us:

You must plumb the depths of fourth-density negative understanding. This is difficult for you. Once having reached third density space-time continuum through your so-called windows, [the Orion STS] may plunder as they will, the results completely a function of the polarity of the, shall we say, witness/subject/victim. That is due to the sincere belief of 4th density STS that to love self is to love all. Each other-self, which is thus either taught or enslaved, thus has a teacher that teaches love of self. Exposed to this teaching, it is intended there be brought to fruition an harvest of 4th density negative or self-serving beings.

As if it weren’t enough that they can deceive us via time and space manipulation, they can also mislead us through the teachings that come to us from the “astral planes”! This information was particularly interesting to me in light of the attachment that had been discovered hanging with Candy who had been “sent by a magician”!

The Orion STS have aided many negatively oriented entities… and there are many upon your so-called inner planes which are negatively oriented and thus available as inner teachers or guides and so-called possessors of certain souls.

Then there is the problem of people channeling without “tuning”. An individual of completely pure intent and STO nature can produce material that is deceptive disinformation due to their lack of ability to discern which is a result of lack of knowledge.

It is entirely possible for untuned channels to receive both positive and negative communications.

Another problem in being able to figure out the machinations of beings with space-time manipulation capabilities is that of proof. Over and over again we read about miracles and apparitions that are taken as proof of some sort of divine contact. People don’t seem to get the very simple fact that if you believe because you have proof, you are not choosing from Free Will! You believe because you have no choice not to believe. What sort of energy could be behind such a thing, despite the lovely appearances, the miraculous healings, the celestial harmonies, or deeply emotional responses of the witnesses? Borrowing from the discussion of Ann Haywood in High Strangeness:

“One night the Lady took me back in time. We were in a foreign country and the people wore old- fashioned clothes. The Lady took on the appearance of a beautiful woman in a blue robe. She performed miracles for them…

Ann Haywood, the human host of the above-described entity (many aspects of this case are startlingly similar to the Betty Andreasson Luca case2), apparently was punished for this revelation to the media.

Suddenly Ann’s face turned ashen and she asked to be excused. Her scream of pain was heard from the bathroom where she had taken refuge. When Ann came out, she was sniffling and holding her abdomen. The Lady had savagely attacked her for revealing that down through history, creatures like the Lady have taken the form of saints. They then use the gullibility of humankind to misguide and misinform people so that they believe they are seeing miracles performed. Ann begged the newsman to delete that portion of the interview.”3

Hmmmm? We are beginning to get a picture of a contrived reality that is positively Machiavellian in its manipulations and deceptions. Ra says about it:

Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards Service to Others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the Orion STS who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

I was recently reading a book that is devoted to miracles down through the ages, most particularly apparitions of the Virgin including the “miracle at Fatima”, and so on. The one thing I noted over and over again was the “bidding process”. Such entities will ask for something to be done — prayers, build a church, repentance, or whatever — and the witnesses, being overcome by the miraculous nature of the appearance, immediately set about complying with these wishes. In some cases, there is a deal whereby the entity (usually the Virgin and assorted saints or members of the “Holy Family”) offers some sort of compensation for the required observances. In one case it was victory in battle, in another it was a good harvest or rain.

What so many people don’t realize is that to respond to a command of any kind, the “bidding”, whether it is to pray or build a church or paint a sign on your shield or even to erect a monument by piling three stones on the side of the road, one has accepted domination! One has tacitly agreed to serve the one who has made the request or issued the command. A psychic bond is immediately established, and the dance begins. The tricky part comes in when the requests or commands are either couched in terms that make them seem useful or good, or they come by way of pity or manipulation.

June 9, 1996

Q: (L) My question is: is the information we are receiving similar to what Al-‘Arabi calls an “opening”?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) You say that you are unified thought forms in the realm of knowledge.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Al-‘Arabi describes unified thought forms as being the “names of God”. His explication seems to be so identical to things you tell us that I wonder…

A: We are all the names of God. Remember, this is a conduit. This means that both termination/origination points are of equal value, importance.

Q: (L) What do you mean? Does this mean that we are a part of this?

A: Yes. Don’t deify us. And, be sure all others with which you communicate understand this too!

Q: (L) What quality in us, what thing, enabled us to make contact. Because, obviously a lot of people try and get garbage.

A: You asked.

Q: (L) A lot of people ask!

A: No they don’t, they command.

Q: (L) Well, a lot of people do ask or beg or plead, but they get all discombobulated with the answers.

A: No, they command. Think about it. You did not beg or plead… that is commanding.

That “begging and pleading” or maneuvers designed to evoke pity are “commanding” is made a bit more clear in the following from the Cassiopaeans:

August 5, 1995

A: Remember, for quite some period of time now, as you measure time, we have tried to inform you to the effect that your third density environment has been completely controlled and will be controlled by forces that seek only to serve themselves for a period, as you would measure time, exceeding 309,000 years.

And, many, many times in your current life existence, you have reflected upon the questions involving the beneficial or otherwise existence of individuals or an individual IN this environment, the pros and cons of continuing such existence, and what is involved with it. And, you have correctly perceived the conclusion that this is, primarily, a negative experience.

But, not that good things do not come from a negative experience, but that the basic indicator that it is a negative experience, should also indicate to you that it is an experience related to a chain of command involving Service to Self. And, therefore, Service to Self is a manipulative action rather than an openly beneficial action. It is a withdrawing and taking motion rather than an expanding motion. And these statements can answer for you, not only simple questions, but the very nature of your existence to begin with as well.

Q: (L) This leads to a couple of our other questions. What are the criteria to be a fourth density candidate?

A: There are no criteria. A criterion implies a judgment system, which implies that an individual or individuals are watching over the progress of other individuals. It is merely part of the natural process of learning, which you are in total control of from beginning to end, in one sense.

In that sense, you choose to be in the environment you are in, which does not indicate any recommendation of the environment by any higher source, or, conversely, any condemnation of the environment by any higher source, but merely the existence of the environment and your choice to exist within it.

Therefore, being a candidate merely means that you have chosen to be a candidate for ANY level of density, be it first, second, etc. It is a choice of the self to continue that learning pathway.

So we have a clue here: one of the indicators that something is of an STS orientation is the presence or evidence of a Chain of Command!

Now I would like to bring up the subject of those individuals Ra has designated as Wanderers. Ra describes them as follows:

When a [soul] has achieved its complete understanding of its desire, it may conclude that its desire is Service to Others [in the form of] reaching their hand [figuratively speaking] to any entities who call for aid. These entities whom you may call the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow move toward this calling of Sorrow. These entities are from all reaches of the infinite creation and are bound together by the desire to serve in this way.

…The number [of Wanderers incarnated on Earth at this time] due to an intensive need to lighten the planetary vibration and thus aid in harvest… approaches sixty-five million… The largest number of Wanderers… are of the sixth density.

The desire to serve must be [of] a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery. The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom of which it had incarnated to avert (the destruction).

…Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, Wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation that is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and [physical] ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.

…The energies of the Wanderers, your teachers and adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest.

The problem seems to be that of “waking up” to the nature of the mission and this presents special problems. Ra gives us several more clues:

Wanderers become completely the creatures of third density in mind/body complex. There is just as much chance of [them being subjected to Orion STS mind programming attempts] as to a mind/body complex of [strictly third density]. The only difference occurs in the spirit complex which, if it wishes, has an armor of light, if you will, which enables it to recognize more clearly that which is not be desired by the mind/body/spirit complex. This is not more than a bias and cannot be called an understanding.

So we begin to understand that even the purest of the pure are subject to corruption and deception. They do seem to have a bit of help in separating the wheat from the chaff, but Ra describes it as “not more than a bias and cannot be called an understanding.”

The problem is, the “bias” often comes into direct conflict with the mind programming efforts of the Orion STS and a lot of suffering and torture can result. And there is also a special weakness of those who are configured to STO — since they don’t have meanness and deception in their own hearts, it can take almost forever for them to see it in others who are being used to keep them from awakening! Ra remarks on this as well:

Furthermore, the Wanderer is less inclined to the deviousness of third density and therefore does not recognize as easily as a more negative individual would, the negative nature of thoughts or beings… [If the Wanderer is successfully co-opted by the Orion STS it would be] caught into the planetary vibration and, when harvested, possibly repeat again the master cycle of third density as a planetary entity.

Ra also confirmed Don’s remark that those with missions, Wanderers, are “high priority targets” of the Orion STS faction. That’s a scary thought!

What it means is that if a person comes into incarnation from a higher density with a mission to serve, not only are they enveloped in the “veil of forgetting”, they become special targets for a bunch of Intergalactic rapists and murderers who are only restrained in their actions by some sort of vague Law of Free Will which still allows every imaginable trick and deception to be perpetrated on them so that they will engage in relationships, beliefs, actions or reactions designed to “bring them down a few densities,” so to speak!

And they only get a “bias” toward what is Truth, and not a clear understanding!

So with all of this information we are trying to put together about what is out there just waiting to trap and deceive us, how in the world are we supposed to have a clue as to what is going on? Just who are the Good Guys here?!

[In terms of STO contacts from the higher densities] the infringement upon free will is greatly undesired. Therefore, those entities, which are Wanderers upon your plane of illusion, will be the only subjects for the thought projections that make up the so-called “Close Encounters” and meetings

Ra seems to be saying that only the “Wanderers” have any hope of being in contact with the higher level “Good Guys” because they are, ipso facto, already of STO configuration and therefore, contact is not an infringement upon their free will as it would be if the STO contact came to a third density being who has not yet graduated to the higher densities.

Of course, they all look alike here on the Big Blue Marble, and they are all mostly engaged in living relatively normal lives side by side with one another. And they do have to be “awakened”! Also, there is a special condition under which Wanderers may be contacted, it seems, that pretty much eliminates your “weekend seminar” in channeling. It seems that there is an almost mathematical law involved in being able to communicate with higher density beings:

The calling of a group of people whose square overcame the integrated resistance of those unwilling to search or learn…

If we just stop and think for a moment about the nature of most people on the planet who do not want to search or learn; they do not want to think or do the necessary work that prepares a “vessel” for the inflow of higher knowledge; they want to be “saved” with as little effort as possible, then you begin to understand the odds against contact with truly higher density STO beings. That is the operation of the Law of Free Will.

The majority of beings of third density are STS — they would not be in this density otherwise. By this choice, they have also chosen the illusions that are part of this “con job”. Yes, at a very deep level, it is a choice to experience in order to learn, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

By the very fact that this is the choice of the majority, the few who might truly wish to perceive the truth are overruled by the mass choice according to the law of Free Will!

Even if the being is a fourth or sixth density “Wanderer”, by entering this density, they have chosen to “play by the rules” and cannot abridge them!

Thus, in order to penetrate this “veil of forgetting”, extreme effort is required in a mathematical ratio. A consistent “call” by a group, must go out. And the energy required to penetrate the veil must be built up over a period of time in order to meet this requirement. This principle is expressed in two of the purported sayings of Jesus: “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name…” and you must “ask and keep on asking, knock and keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you.”

So, just by thinking about this very simple Law of Free Will and its implications, we come to an understanding that the likelihood of the many “sources” of information that purport to have “serendipitously” contacted this or that channel who was just humming along one day and — ZAP! — along came Swami Whosits or Koot Hoot or Lord Sandyando or whoever, are very likely victims of the deception — possibly even Wanderers being “neutralized” by STS forces, or simply those who are “agents” of the STS forces, including those programmed a la Greenbaum.

Ra did give us a figure: 65 million Wanderers on the planet at the time he was speaking. That amounts to about one person out of every hundred on the planet. But how many of them survive the attacks? How many of them actually do, can, or will wake up? Particularly when we must expect them to be objects of special “attention” in terms of “attack”?

But, apparently all is not lost! Those Wanderers who have struggled and worked or survived the attack/lessons to the point that something inside them is ready can awaken via subtle “contacts” or inner urgings:

The feeling of being awakened or activated is the goal of this type of contact… The methods used to awaken Wanderers are varied. The center of each approach is the entrance into the conscious and subconscious in such a way as to avoid causing fear and to maximize the potential for an understandable subjective experience that has meaning for the entity. Many such occur in sleep, others in the midst of many activities during the waking hours. The approach is flexible and does not necessarily include the “Close Encounter” syndrome.

So we are given to understand that such “wake up” experiences can be varied. Considering the deceptions and manipulations of the Orion STS that have already been described, we also must consider that there will be many efforts to block, obfuscate, or mimic such awakenings. Again, only knowledge can give us the tools with which to discriminate. Again Ra brings up a special class of attack that can occur to those who are on a destined mission, as the Cassiopaeans call it:

Wanderers do have “Close Encounters” with Orion STS, though it is rare. [Such] occurs either due to the Orion entities’ lack of perception of the depth of positivity to be encountered or due to the Orion entities’ desire to, shall we say, attempt to remove this positivity from this plane of existence. …A mistaken Orion STS contact with highly polarized positive entities can wreak havoc with Orion troops unless [they] are able to depolarize the entity mistakenly contacted.

This occurrence is almost unheard of. Therefore, the Orion group prefers to make physical contact only with the weaker-minded entity… The most typical approach of Orion entities is to choose what you might call the weaker minded entity that it might suggest a greater amount of Orion STS philosophy to be disseminated.

So now we begin to understand the special traps set up for these Wanderers wherein human agents are used to manipulate and control them. If they cannot be corrupted directly, the strategy is to corrupt those around them — including family, friends, spouses and associates of all kinds. While I would never claim to be one of these “Wanderers”, even if the profile does fit (since I am not inclined to “true believership” in anything), there was a curious exchange with the Cassiopaeans at one session which included another individual who also fits this profile that gives some clues as to how this occurs:

May 3, 1997

Q: (L) Reading through the session of May 23, last year, when TK was also here, and the issue of his living in isolation from the rest of the world was addressed, you asked who had begged him to stay there even though he wanted to move to a place where he could have more contact with other people and more opportunities for growth and stimulation. The answer to this question was that it was his wife who insisted on remaining even though it was clear that he was unhappy in the environment. Then you made a remark about an EM [Electromagnetic] vector. The way I understood it is that you were saying that a person can be an EM vector. Is that possible?

A: Vector means focuser of direction.

Q: (L) So his wife is the one who controls the focus of his direction. But how? Could that mean that a human being can vector EM waves simply by their presence and that these EM waves are part of the control system that manipulates people? Can it be that such “agents” are used as EM vectors in the sense that they emanate a special frequency that literally affects the mind in terms of shutting down clarity, or even actually transmitting pre-coded thought loops?

A: Precisely.

Q: (L) I also noticed that several of us have been involved with persons and relationships that seem designed to confuse, defuse, and otherwise distort our learning, as well as drain our energy. Basically, keeping us so stressed that we cannot fulfill our potential. Is there some significance to this observation?

A: That is elementary, my dear Knight! […]

Q: (L) Were the individuals in our lives selected for the extremely subtle nature of their abilities to evoke pity, or were we programmed to respond to pity so that we were blind to something that was obvious to other people?

A: Neither. You were selected to interact with those who would trigger a hypnotic response that would ultimately lead to a drain of energy.

Q: (T) Well, it is a fact, because my energy is sure drained. (L) What is the purpose of this draining of energy?

A: What do you think?

Q: (T) So you can’t concentrate or do anything. You can’t get anywhere with anything.

A: Or, at least not the important things.

Q: (T) Is that why my concentration is so low?

A: Yes. You are dealing with a no-win situation!! As you know.

Q: (T) So, if I don’t get out, I will just keep going down. Is it the area or the person?

A: Both. One is wrapped within the other. […]

Q: (L) Is it true that being in the presence of such people, that one is under the influence of an energy, an emanation from them physically, that befuddles the mind and makes it almost impossible to think one’s way out of the situation?

A: It is the draining of energy that befuddles the mind.

Q: (L) Where does this energy drain?

A: 4th density STS.

Q: (L) These people we are associated with drain our energy from us and fourth density STS harvests it from them?

A: “They” do nothing!!!! 4th density STS does it all through them! […]

Lesson number 1: Always expect attack.

Lesson number 2: Know the modes of same.

Lesson number 3: Know how to counteract same.

When you are under attack, expect the unexpected, if it is going to cause problems… But, if you expect it, you learn how to “head it off,” thus neutralizing it. This is called vigilance, which is rooted in knowledge. And, what does knowledge do?

Q: (L) Protects! I guess that a person just has to come to the full realization that virtually everything that happens on the planet — no exceptions — is a symbol of some interaction of STS vs. STO energy at higher levels.

A: Yes, and for most, that is not as of yet realized. It must be part of a natural learning process.

Q: (L) Well, I guess that all of us tend to keep one or another area sacrosanct and think that it is not subject to attack, or that we can use logic and third density thinking to explain it. Until a person realizes that attack can come through even one’s self, wives and husbands, children and parents, friends — virtually anybodynobody is exempt.

A: The block is a lack of faith in the concept. Remember, when one has been indoctrinated by religion, culture and/or science, they are predisposed to view all things in the sense of the measurable physical reality exclusively. One must be cured of lack of faith in the reality of nonphysical attack.

One major thing we see from the above is that our associations can be crucial. Of course, if we are aware that anyone and everyone can be used as an “EM vector” to modulate our frequency or behavior or thinking, then we have some protection. But to be unaware of it, to be in close association with those who are unaware themselves, and therefore subject to this manipulation, is to be firmly “in the trap”.

But suppose one person in a relationship begins to “wake up”, and becomes aware (even if only vaguely), that all is not as it seems. They will have continual glimpses of the reality, mostly when not in the presence of the other individual. They may clearly see that something is not working, that it is not right, and may even make decisions to change it or to leave. But the instant the other person is physically present with their EM vectoring capabilities, the glimpses of truth are “damped” or even shut down and the waking person begins to feel schizophrenic or crazy in some way for having such conflicting and opposing thoughts. Add to this the social and religious enculturation to “turn the other cheek” or “suffer because it’s noble and holy,” and you have the recipe for cooking the Wanderer’s goose!

Another of the factors in the control system is the “self-destruct” program. Obviously the aliens have no problem abducting and killing and eating many people who are still lost in the initial choice for STS/third density. But there are the special cases of the Wanderers who, obviously, the STS invaders don’t want to tangle with at that level, as described above by Ra, so they have a rather clever way around this little stumbling block to their machinations: the suicide game.

This is a very cunning setup, I can tell you! It can follow a variety of lines in the lives of different people, and it seems that the STS Orions take some sort of fiendish delight in designing variations for their entertainment pleasure, but the gist of it is this: a Wanderer is born. Obviously they have to be born somewhere, to some family, with certain genetics. It is also equally obvious that the choices probably don’t include having Wanderers for parents or siblings, (though there are exceptions). There they are, innocent little babies, volunteers for a great mission, surrounded by potential EM vectors and Lizzie agents! And the game begins!

Abuse — physical, sexual, and psychological — comes into play to “set them up” for a later fall — if in fact they are not just simply killed by same right at the beginning. But the special characteristic of the Wanderer type is that they continue to “shine” with a sort of “inner purity” of the questing spirit even in the face of such treatment. As a result of this abuse, they can be attached by any number of “dead dudes” or elementals or even demonic-type entities that enter in through wounds in the psychological/psychic shield like cosmic bacteria.

The usual next stage in this drama is to cause the Wanderer to be attracted to a particular type of person who is a sort of “false image” of STO. This can be what researcher Eve Lorgen calls a Love Bite relationship where a great “cosmic love” is simulated, only to fall flat as soon as the EM vector is turned off.4 The intended result of this betrayal is to induce suicidal feelings or to set the Wanderer up for the next variation of the game.

What happens now is that the Wanderer is set up by the previous dramas to seek out marriage or love partners who are also abusive either overtly or covertly. And, of course, the Wanderer’s special characteristics of being unable to really understand negative thinking because it is not a part of their own make-up, prevents them from seeing exactly what is going on. They always seem to attribute the same high motives and ideals to others that are in themselves. They endlessly excuse abuse and hurt to themselves and others with the idea that if they just love the other long enough, hard enough, pure enough or stand by them through thick and thin, that the abuser will overcome their hurts/wounds which are the cause of their abusive behavior, and they will then be able to be whole, which, of course, the Wanderer believes to be a person similar to themselves!

Gee, sounds like the Way of the Monk, doesn’t it? Perhaps that “way” was created just to trap such positive individuals and to use them as energy food for STS.

Then there is the constant projection of the suicide program by the many EM vectors that the Wanderer finds in their environment. It takes careful observation to determine who these individuals may be, but it can be done! The natural feelings of being lost and alone and alienated from this environment are intensified and twisted so that the Wanderer begins to focus solely upon the idea of getting out from under this enormous psychic pressure. Spirit attachments can also be used in this respect, attacking the Wanderer from the “inside”, so to speak.

April 15, 1995

Q: (L) [You have mentioned attack.] Is this physical danger or just harassment danger?

A: Mind attack for purpose of self-destruction.

Q: (L) Is there anything that can be done to shield against this kind of attack?

A: Yes. Knowledge input on a continuous basis.

Q: (L) And what form should this knowledge take? Does this mean channeled information, books, videos, what?

A: All and other. Networking of information now, warning!!! All others will very soon experience great increase of same type of attack, two of you have had episodes in past from same source for similar reasons, but now your association puts you in different category!! Remember all channels and those of similar make-up are identified, tracked, and “dealt with”. Suicidal thoughts?

Q: (T) So, we have the knowledge and that’s all we need to do to prevent the attacks from being nasty?

A: You do not have all the awareness you need! Not by any means! Remember, all there is is lessons. Daily prayer helps.

Through it all, the Wanderer never whines or complains that others are “doing it to” them; they always tend, first of all, to seek in themselves the cause of the events or the treatment they receive. They react with the idea that somehow they are not giving enough or in the right way, though they are entirely naive about what “giving” really is because, as mentioned, they have been brainwashed by the erroneous ideals of the third density STS environment which are manipulations to induce service to an illusion.

With this enculturation, the most difficult thing that the Wanderer has to face and do is to learn to not give in some instances, because this not giving is actually a form of giving at the soul level. Ra exemplifies this in a curious series of comments:

For many of your centuries, both the [STO group] and the [STS group] busied themselves with each other upon planes above your own, shall we say, planes in time/space whereby machinations were conceived and the armor of light girded. Battles have been and are continuing to be fought upon these levels.

…Picture [your mind] in total unity with all other minds of your society. You are then single-minded and that which is a weak electrical charge in your physical illusion is now an enormously powerful machine whereby thoughts may be projected as things.

…In this endeavor the [STS group] charges or attacks the [STO group] armed with light. The result, a standoff, as you would call it, both energies being somewhat depleted by this and needing to regroup; the negative depleted through failure to manipulate, the positive depleted through failure to accept that which is given.

…[To explain “failure to accept that which is given”]: At the level of time/space which this takes place in the form of what you may call thought-war, the most accepting and loving energy would be to so love those who wished to manipulate that those entities were surrounded and engulfed, transformed by positive energies.

…This, however, being a battle of equals, the [STO group] is aware that it cannot, on equal footing, allow itself to be manipulated in order to remain purely positive, for then though pure it would not be of any consequence, having been placed by the so-called powers of darkness under the heel, as you may say. It is thus that those who deal with this thought war must be defensive rather than accepting in order to preserve their usefulness in service to others. Thusly, they cannot accept fully what the [STS group] wishes to give, that being enslavement.

…The only consequence which has been helpful is a balancing of the energies available to this planet so that these energies have less necessity to be balanced in this time/space, thus lessening the chances of planetary annihilation.

So we see here a guiding principle of balance. For those who believe that it is Love to “accept enslavement” — which is to respond to manipulation and thereby serve the STS faction, it becomes clear that to do so is to neutralize their effectiveness as an STO candidate because they are then no longer “purely positive”! By accepting the manipulations, they become part of the other side!

The bottom line here is this: if you are duped or sucked into the illusions of the machinations of STS, you are effectively “one of them”, no matter what your intentions, and you thus further contribute to the unbalanced energies. This neutralizes the true nature of Service to Others.

Getting back to our story now, we remember that I was beginning to wonder if human beings live on more than one level and our conscious level of existence was sort of “mini-drama” that caricatured the real action at some other level of existence. We continued to probe for answers.

The very next session, at that point, was almost entirely taken up by Candy’s personal concerns with her divorce proceedings and how best to maneuver financially since she was sure her soon-to-be ex-husband was stashing money in offshore accounts. But, even these personal issues of hers brought out some interesting information about the attack/lesson syndrome.

Candy was certain that aliens were manipulating her life (with a tendency to think that it was for her benefit, and who is to say that it ultimately wasn’t?), and her questions pushed those issues. I will include only the parts of the session that are useful to our subject here:

August 8, 1994

Q: (L) Is this situation involving [Candy’s divorce] engineered or caused by the aliens?

A: Not entirely.

Q: (L) Did aliens do anything to create emotional turmoil here?

A: They always do.

Q: (L) Is there anything that can be done to help this situation?

A: All is learning. […]

Q: (L) Why has [Candy’s husband] gotten himself into this situation with the accident, the divorce and everything else?

A: Karmic lessons for him. And you think about it Candy. Did you not value moneymen too much once before? Remember your first husband, where did love of money lead him? [Candy’s first husband was involved with the “Mob” and was murdered in jail leaving her a rich widow at a very young age. Candy was very indignant at this remark.]

Q: (C) I married for love! It wasn’t very pleasant to have your husband die at that age and I sure had a struggle after he died.

A: Lesson is for Candy. Karmic destiny.

Q: (L) Is this because she may have loved money too much in another life?

A: Extending into this one.

[Candy was actually reluctant to address questions directly to the Cassiopaeans and would whisper to me what she wanted to know and I was obliged to ask for her.]

Q: (L) Candy thinks she has learned this lesson by now.

A: Not yet.

Q: (L) Candy wants to know what she can do to end this pattern and stop these awful things from happening in her life?

A: Up to you. Stop loving money so much.

[Candy kept insisting that what the Cassiopaeans were saying about this was not true.]

A: It is subconscious. And what about the first time?

Q: (L) She insists that she married for love.

A: Thought you did.

Q: (L) But what about her present husband? He didn’t have money when she married him like the first one did.

A: [Candy’s husband] was recognizably money oriented. You knew this subconsciously. [Candy used her money to set her second husband up as a stockbroker. He did very well until he became involved with fast cars, faster women, and drugs. These things were the crux of the divorce battle.]

Q: (L) Well, if all this is subconscious, what can she do about it?

A: Learn to change. Candy must come out about her previous relationships. She must open up and be honest with herself and others to begin to clear the karma. She must soul search. Come to your senses. Find that out yourself.

Q: (L) We don’t understand what you mean that Candy must come to her senses.

A: It is complicated. All is part of lesson.

[At this point I brought up the subject of the “hot shot” UFO investigator that Candy was dallying with since her husband had moved out.]

Q: (L) Well, I have warned her about MF. I think she is playing with fire there.

A: Of course. MF thinks any woman will come under his spell.

Q: (L) Is he trying to manipulate Candy as I suspect?

A: What do you think? It’s working.

[Candy was, of course, getting more and more irate with the way this discussion was going.]

Q: (L) Well, Candy thinks she can handle the situation and there is a lot she thinks she can learn from MF.

A: He is not telling the truth.

Q: (C) But he seems to have so much knowledge. He says he can help me!

A: That is part of the spell. He knows how to visualize. Powerful man.

Q: (L) Well, is this power something he gets from attachments or alien help?

A: Both.

Candy continued to insist that what the Cassiopaeans were saying about her marriage, her affair, and her attitudes in general were not correct. It was pretty much at this point that she made the decision to believe her UFO investigator paramour against what the Cassiopaeans were telling her and against my advice that she ought to check his background and use reason and not emotion to make her choices. The bottom line was that she was being told that she needed to do some real work to clean out her subconscious, face her issues, and overcome her “programming” in order to bring her attacks/lessons to an end. She chose not to do so. And shortly thereafter, the incident of the Candidiasis of my daughter occurred and I terminated contact.

Frank and I continued to pursue some of the attack issues of our own in between the many universal type questions and my passion for historical subjects. One night, we had been asking a series of questions about Jesus and I had read earlier, when preparing the questions, that there was an incident in the Bible where Jesus is depicted as blowing on his disciples to “transmit the Holy Ghost” to them. Since this blowing is part of the Reiki initiations, I had the idea that Reiki was connected to the healing miracles of Jesus which the Cassiopaeans said were real events, even if the person they identified as being “Jesus of Nazareth” was someone quite different from the usual tradition or even some of the modified traditions.

September 30, 1994

Q: (L) Was [Jesus] able to literally heal with the touch of his hand?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is Reiki the method he used to heal, or something similar?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there any way to enhance the Reiki energy to make it powerful enough that one could do in a very short time what now takes quite a while?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What can one do to enhance the Reiki energy?

A: Attain lofty spiritual purity.

Q: (L) I have here two sets of Reiki symbols; which set is the correct or most powerful set: the first set or the second? [Holds up two sets of symbols.]

A: The second set.

Q: (L) It says here that the ones you have identified are the Usui Traditional symbols. Are these the original Reiki symbols as given to Dr. Usui?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Are the Reiki symbols in the possession of [the Reiki Master in Tampa] the correct symbols?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are the symbols that Louise is using correct?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is Louise able to transmit the initiation in a full and powerful way as she claims?

A: No. V*** has strongest ability.

[This was an of off-the-wall comment about one of the other Reiki students of Louise. It sort of surprised me.]

Q: (L) Does this mean that V*** has the strongest Reiki ability of us all?

A: Yes. Candy has no ability. Crosses yours out.

Q: (L) Are you saying that Candy has been giving me Reiki that has canceled my own Reiki out?

A: Precisely.

Q: (L) Is there someone I could go to for the correct initiation?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do I know that person?

A: No.

Q: (L) Whom do I know that may know that person?

A: H*** D***.

That was pretty upsetting, to say the least! Not only to know that I had taken my Second Level attunements from a Reiki Master who had no ability to transmit them, but also that there was the possibility that the corrupted form of Reiki could cancel out the beneficial Reiki! What’s more, the person named as knowing someone who did have the proper Reiki lineage was so unlikely that I was completely incredulous! HD was an elderly psychic reader down in St. Petersburg who was a friend of a friend of mine and I had only been to see her once out of curiosity. She had made something of an impression on me because of her ranting against Reiki as being a completely useless “New Age Scam” because she believed that anybody who had “the gift” could heal without paying big bucks to somebody to do “hocus pocus” on them. So having the Cassiopaeans specify her in particular as a path to the “right” Reiki initiation was bizarre in the extreme!

But, the whole point of all this “testing” was to see if the Cassiopaeans really “had a clue” about anything, so I called HD the next day, feeling completely stupid, to inquire if she, by some miracle, knew a Reiki Master.

Her reply was funny. She said, “Well, you know I don’t put any stock in all that nonsense — waste of money if you ask me! — But, yes, I do know a couple of gals who swear by it. They are both Reiki Masters, so let me look up their numbers and call you back.”

A little bit later she called me back with one name, SB. The second Reiki Master had moved away, so it ended up that she only had a connection to one. I took down the name and number and called to see what I could find out.

As it turned out, the Cassiopaeans were right! This lady had the same lineage as the Reiki Master who had given me my First Level initiation, with only one added “descendant” between her and Takata. And, she also had the same material passed to this line from Takata and knew my original Reiki Master. She knew the same stories and inside information that is held by this lineage, and so on. So, the Cassiopaeans had a “hit”. I made arrangements with her to retake the Second Level attunements to correct the damage done by Louise, in her ignorance, and a year later I took the Master Level attunements from SB. I can guarantee that when she did the job, the sweat broke out again, and my “Reiki heater” was turned back on! What’s more, we had still another set of Reiki symbols, different from the previous three I had seen. I presented them to the Cassiopaeans:

November 19, 1994

Q: (L) Now, we went to the recommended person to take the Reiki initiation, do we now, at this point in time, have the true Reiki initiation?

A: Getting there. Must allow energy to solidify. Do you understand the concept of imprinting?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: Then you know.

Q: (L) Practicing Reiki is the thing that will solidify the force?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Are there symbols for Reiki that are even older and stronger than the ones we have been given?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are the original symbols in Sanskrit?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Where are we going to find them?

A: You are not.

Q: (L) And the Reiki Symbols we learned from SB are the closest we can get?

A: Yes. Good enough.

Later, a funny incident occurred in which I was made aware of the potential for the Cassiopaeans to “draw” things if there were a pencil attached to the planchette. I had made a statement that I “understood” something and they responded:

December 3, 1994

A: You do??? [Inscribed giant question mark on board.]

Q: (L) Do what?

A: You said you understood concept. Really? Learn.

Q: (L) Well, since you guys can do that, why can’t you teach us power symbols that will enhance our Reiki?

A: You are not ready.

Q: (L) But if we work on the Reiki will you teach us more power symbols?

A: Okay, we’ll give you one. [Pencil is attached to planchette that draws symbol.]

Q: (L) What is this symbol called?

A: Anuki. Pronounced: AH — NEW — KEY.

Q: (V) And, as it applies to Reiki, what does it do? What does it represent?

A: Retention of energy at location most in need. All Reiki you have as yet learned involves passage of healing energy, this one involves prolonged retention for strengthened power, thus results.

Q: (L) Where are you getting this?

A: Access is Universal.

Q: (L) Did Dr. Usui also receive this and then not remember it? I mean, the story is that he received a lot of symbols, but as far as I know, there are only half a dozen or so being passed down in the teachings.

A: Usui did not reveal all to Takata.

Q: (L) Why?

A: He was told that the knowledge was priceless and must not be wasted by too much dissemination particularly to those who do not have the burning desire for truth. Those who did, as you do, would find some way of accessing knowledge.

It was not lost on me how similar to some crop circles the Reiki symbols are, so I brought this up:

Q: (L) Is it true that crop circles are a kind of grand Reiki being given to the planet?

A: But also messages and lessons.

Q: (L) Well, could it also be said that Reiki symbols as applied to the body are etheric messages to the etheric body?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do they communicate information into our field, so to speak?

A: Everything that exists at all levels is just lessons.

Q: (L) Well, in the case of Reiki, what I specifically want to know is if, say an individual is psychically, spiritually, karmically, or otherwise wounded or discombobulated, does the application of Reiki symbols give messages to the electromagnetic field to re-form or rearrange the pattern in the perfect pattern intended?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And can repeated application of this, can not only physical things, but also etheric things, be healed? That is karma and so forth?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So that our continual use of Reiki and application to each other and ourselves literally would cleanse us from our karmic burdens, memories or scars of the soul?

A: Yes.

No wonder Reiki fell under corruption almost at its inception in this country!

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