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Charles Lindbergh is the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

Josef Stalin comes to power in the former Soviet Union.

Romania. A cylindrical object flew over a Rumanian village at an altitude of 200-300 m from west to east. Smoke gray in color it was an estimated 15-20 m in length and had a diameter of 3-4 m. It was not illuminated and passed soundlessly.

Australia, Fernvale. A disc-shaped object with a dome on top was seen to light up a valley as it landed one evening. The witnesses returned the next day and discovered a circle of scorched grass about 10m in diameter.

Albert Mitchell-Hedges discovers crystal skulls in Central America. The clearing of the ancient Mayan city in the tropical jungles of the Yucatan peninsula (it’s today’s Belize) in 1924 preceded the discovery. It was decided to burn down thirty three hectares of forests that covered the ancient buildings. When the smoke finally lifted, the expedition saw an unbelievable scene: stone ruins of a pyramid, of the city walls, and an enormous amphitheater that could hold up to several thousands spectators. During the excavation of the ruins, Mitchell-Hedges discovered the crystal skulls. His find became the most mysterious discovery of the 20th century.