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The Wave Chapter 51: The Psychomantium

In the two weeks following the end of the Xth Max Born Symposium, Ark undertook the process of cleaning out his office at the University of Wroclaw, the institution that had been a home to him for thirty years. He began to pack his books and papers into large mail sacks of about one hundred pounds each, hauling them on foot, one by one, to the post office, and shipping them to me. When the process was complete, eleven big canvas bags had been mailed, but after five years, only three of them ever arrived. We were, of course, devastated at this loss, and many forms were filled out, and letters exchanged with the Polish and American postal service in an attempt to locate these bags. We could understand the loss of one or two, but to “misplace” eight out of eleven has just simply never been satisfactorily explained. We suspect that this “loss” was similar to the “loss” of the luggage on the return to Poland.

Apparently, someone was noticing the activity. On the day before he was to leave, Ark received a message from his attorney that his ex-wife had sent word that he could come and she would hand over his property that she had stolen from the luggage. Neither one of us believed it; it was a trap. So Ark left instructions for his attorney to inform her attorney that she must turn it over to him, and he would see that Ark got it. She never did.

After his return, Ark spent four months doing research sponsored by the Kosciuszko Foundation. During this period we drove to the University of Florida in Gainesville, the affiliated institution, once a week for a couple of days of meetings, but most of the work was done at home. There were a number of strange “accidents” during these drives, but nothing that couldn’t be explained in normal terms. On one occasion, a truck swerved in front of us, and a huge steel baker’s rack just jumped off the back of it and came bouncing violently in our direction with us going 70 mph. We managed to swerve and avoid being hit head on by it, but the tractor trailer just behind us and in the lane to the right wasn’t so lucky. In our rearview mirror we witnessed what was almost a multi-car pileup. We had two blowouts of brand new tires, and for some reason, the van suddenly developed an undiagnosible heat regulation problem. This led to a couple of strange incidents.

We were just tooling along and all of a sudden the temperature gauge shot up. Fortunately, an exit was just ahead, and we pulled off into a gas station. We parked to the side to wait for the engine to cool, and as we stood outside, stretching our legs, a tall young blond guy in a mechanic’s uniform came strolling up with his hands in his pockets and asked us out of the blue, “Seen any aliens lately?”

I was rather taken aback, to say the least. I had no idea what to say. I was reminded of Terry’s experience with the guy who pulled in his driveway with an overheated engine and started talking about electronic ignitions as tracking devices right at the time that he had been discussing it with a friend. Even though the event was probably set up to scare us, all it really did was make us more acutely aware of the truth of what the Cs had said at that time:

November 11, 1994

Q: (T) Can our movements be tracked through the electronic ignition systems in our cars?

A: Not necessary. You are not yet aware of the extent to which humans have been “aided” in technological advancement.

Q: (T) By whom?

A: This requires long and complicated response.

Q: (T) The object behind using the electronic ignitions, from what I have heard, whether the source is true or not I can’t say, but I had a strange confirmation of part of it.

A: Beware of disinformation. It diverts your attention away from reality thus leaving you open to capture and conquest and even possible destruction.

Q: (L) Is the information about the electronic ignition systems correct?

A: Disinformation comes from seemingly reliable sources. It is extremely important for you to not gather false knowledge as it is more damaging than no knowledge at all. Remember knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. The information you speak of, Terry, was given to you deliberately because you and Jan and others have been targeted due to your intense interest in level of density 4 through 7 subject matter. You have already been documented as a “threat.”

Q: (L) Can you tell Terry what event occurred [referring to “confirmation” of electronic ignition subject] …

A: Remember, disinformation is very effective when delivered by highly trained sources because hypnotic and transdimensional techniques are used thereby causing electronic anomalies to follow suggestion causing perceived confirmation to occur.

Q: (T) Who was the guy in the Camaro?

A: Diversion.

Q: (T) About two weeks after I saw the video tape where I heard this information, a guy pulled up out of nowhere driving a souped up Camaro … (Jan: No! It was the night we were watching it!) We had watched it before and we were talking about it and decided to watch it again. So, Gary and I had decided to go outside to take the dog around the block and we had just gotten back and put the dog on the porch and we were standing outside smoking a cigarette when the guy in the Camaro pulls into the driveway with steam coming out from under the hood. He asked to use the hose. I told him yes. He gets out wearing jeans, tee shirt and scraggly blond hair. He says, “I overheated. I’m coming back from Gulfport and was going back to Ocala and was on the interstate” when his car overheated. Now, 275 is a little ways from my house and he came all the way, passed a gas station and convenience store, turned off the main drag and then onto my street to get water … then he started talking about how the new electronic ignitions are designed to shut down when the car exceeds a certain speed so he had installed a special racing ignition but ever since his car had been overheating … we had just finished watching this movie about electronic ignitions and we were flabbergasted … What I want to know is who has the power and ability to set up these kinds of “confirmations” or synchronicities?

A: Same forces spreading disinformation: Brotherhood/ consortium/ Illuminati/ New World Order/ “Antichrist”/ Lizards.

Q: (T) But I’m just a nobody. Why would they go to all trouble to send somebody in a Camaro to drive up on my lawn …

A: Several answers follow: Number One, Nobody is a “nobody.” Number two, it is no trouble at all for aforementioned forces to give seemingly individualized attention to anybody. Number three, Terry has been targeted and so has Jan and others because you are on the right track. Number four, this area is currently a “hot bed” of activity and extremely rapidly expanding awareness.

But more than anything we marveled at the machinations of the Matrix.

During this period of time, we had a number of discussions with the Cs about the invitation we had received to travel to Mexico. We were becoming more and more aware that the children had become targets – most especially when they felt that extra caution was hampering their social life. The Mexican Gravitational Society was sympathetic to the fact that we could not attend their meeting and leave the children at home, and they graciously agreed to include them in the arrangements. We took the two most vulnerable of the children with us, and following the Cs’ advice, managed to have a safe trip even though my eldest daughter’s second auto accident occurred while we were gone.

Ark accepted an offer to teach at the University in Gainesville, starting in January and since this meant that he had to be there five days a week, we decided to schedule some planned remodeling of the house during this time. As might be expected, this turned into a nightmare of truly monumental proportions, and we ended up discovering that the contractor we had hired was not licensed and had a police record an inch thick for cocaine abuse and fraud.

It is too horrible and tedious to even describe what this lunatic tried to do to us, how he destroyed our house, and how it took six months to get it put back together. It took quick thinking and work to recover our money from this guy, and I had to negotiate with the bank to take over the job of contractor myself. This meant, of course, that I had to be there every day to estimate, price, and order materials, supervise the work, pay the subcontractors, submit the bills to the escrow agent, and just a whole host of fun activities that made me aware that a good contractor is worth his weight in gold.

I drove Ark to Gainesville every Monday morning, and went to pick him up to come home for the weekend every Friday night. The schedule and workload was crushing, but we managed to have our sessions no matter what room in the house we had to use, though some of them were rather short and personal.

There were a couple of incidents with the van during these long drives down lonely back roads, one of which resulted in a very strange glitch in the time sequence, which we discussed at the session the following night.

I had been driving along State Road 121 that runs between US 19 and Gainesville. It’s a two-lane, mostly straight shot through a planted pine forest, with almost no traffic except loggers and hunters. It’s a nice drive in the daytime, even if it tends to be a little creepy; but I sure wouldn’t want to drive it alone at night! I was just driving along when the temperature problem suddenly kicked in, and I pulled off to the side to let the engine cool and check the coolant level. By this time, we knew that there was nothing wrong with the system, the thermostat had been replaced, and it was just a “personality problem” the van had developed, and we coped as best we could.

I opened the hood to let the air circulate around the motor and the instant I did, the radiator cap exploded off, and boiling green coolant shot into the air. I was lucky to be able to jump out of the way of being scalded.

After a period of cool-down, when not a single car passed, I replaced the coolant from a jug we had gotten in the habit of carrying, and went looking for the cap. It was nowhere to be found. At this point, a truck came along the road and the guy just stopped and got out and found my radiator cap under the middle of the van. Don’t even ask me how it got there! He then got back in his truck, turned around and went back in the direction he had come! Even though it seemed like just an ordinary incident, this act made it clear that he wasn’t just “passing by.”

I then continued on my way, figuring that I had lost about half an hour. In fact, however, I had lost an hour and a half.

May 16, 1998

Q: We have been talking about this funny incident. Do I really have a problem with the time issue on the way to Gainesville, or was I just simply that late and not aware of it?

A: Awareness is the key to all learning.

Q: What caused my radiator cap to pop off the van?

A: Simply search through the “archives” for the answer.

Q: Well, what do the archives have to do with … uh … all the way up to that point, the temperature needle was fluctuating, though it never overheated exactly. Can you tell me anything at all or am I going to exhaust myself over it? If you are not going to tell me anything, just say so!

A: See the truth recorded.

Q: What do you mean? Recorded where?

A: Look.

Q: Look where? The psychomantium?

A: Archival record.

Q: What archives? And what am I looking for?

A: Clue in response.

Q: What about the guy who stopped to help?

A: How dressed?

Q: He was dressed in work clothes. He had on jeans and a long sleeved shirt – cuffs and buttons – and it seemed like he had on a vest. A hunting vest. Padded.

A: All important events reveal themselves in their construction.

Q: Well … okay. (A) Does it mean that the event was important?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Was there also something unusual on our way back?

A: Maybe other, look for clues from which to compare.

Q: Alright, when we were leaving, we had to pull over and stop for that machine to be moved. We had to sit on the side of the road …

A: Search and research until “light” goes off.

Q: Off? Remember, when we stopped, there was the strobe on top of the vehicle? Maybe they were not moving farm equipment … maybe it was a UFO!? (A) Which light?

A: That is part of the clue.

Q: Did having to stop for that farm equipment – was that part of the important event? Was it a cover for something? Was it not as we perceived it?

A: No.

Q: That was just ordinary?

A: No.

Q: Well, what was it?

A: What is “ordinary?”

Q: Well, that was as it seemed to be? They were moving an irrigator across and down the road?

A: Maybe.

Q: This is not the time to be cagey! Are you talking about stopping at a traffic light?

A: ?

Q: Well, you are gonna have to help me out here … there are a million tiny details and we could go through every one of them!

A: Not necessary to be that thorough.

Q: (A) The archival record. Is there something in the van that can be recorded? (L) The light on the tape recorder?

A: No.

Q: A light in the van?

A: Not necessarily.

Q: Not necessarily, but it could be. (A) Something in the van?

A: Or around.

Q: (A) What do we have around? A tape recorder? Around here or around the van? (L) The taillights?

A: In magnetic “sphere” of the van.

Q: (A) Are we talking about the way in or way back?

A: Both and others as well.

Q: So, what is the deal with the van here? I want you to know that I am so tired and it is utterly impossible with such a tired brain to figure this out! Help us out here!

A: We are. But you need not know answers today. If you search as usual, they will become apparent.

Q: I know! The van is a time machine!!!! It is a traveling psychomantium, complete with mirrors!!!

A: All is a “time machine.”

Q: So, when we get in the van … and that is funny, when I drive the van, it never has that bumpy business. So, when Ark drives the van it must become a time machine! Does this have something to do with the van?

A: Its occupants.

Q: Well, when the light goes out … search and research until light goes off … part of the clue … something about the occupants … search and research …

A: Take “time” to study.

Q: Do you have another clue? (A) There is no point of departure. (L) What is the point of departure for the clue?

A: Look for it.

Q: Is it in what you have given?

A: Yes.

Fortunately, in July, Ark received an offer to work for a Defense Contractor, and we were able to settle down to a more stable level of activity. During this period, I was busy creating files of material to post on the website, each of which was an assembly of text that dealt with a given subject. It seemed more logical to publish it this way because so many follow-up questions had been asked about any given subject at different intervals, that I realized it would be difficult for most readers to have the patience to read through all of the text and connect the dots, so to say.

But still, at this point, I was just posting the material, and was not even attempting to explain any of it, except just briefly with an inserted paragraph here and there to set up the background. Doing this made me acutely aware of how much more research I needed to do, and I began to follow the clues given by the Cs in a more dedicated way.

With Ark home and available to help me with the HTML programming, the website was growing and changing. I experimented with a number of formats, designs, and had a little fun at one point including musical selections on each of the pages. Bit by bit I was learning to make the site as easy to navigate for the reader as possible, considering the complexity of the material we were trying to publish, and I removed all the bells and whistles out of consideration for those who may have had less powerful computers because it took up too much space and required long loading times. I experimented with different size fonts and appearance, trying to find the right look and feel. Readers offered feedback and advice, and I tried to accommodate their requests.

Meanwhile, the readership was growing apace. In the earliest days, we were happy to have 50 visitors in a 24-hour period. At the present, we have a steady stream that averages 5,000 page hits per day. The increase in visitors presented a new problem: correspondence. We were being deluged with email from readers who recognized the truth of the Matrix-reality explanation presented by the Cs. They all had questions, and what’s more, they all felt isolated and in need of knowing that they were not alone or crazy for being able to see the unseen. What was most encouraging was the realization that most of our readers – those who got it, so to say – were highly intelligent, articulate, stable and productive members of society. We do, of course, get a few messages from lunatics and people who are clearly unstable. But for the most part, those people who contact us are people who have a well-defined work ethic, a history of success in dealing with “real life,” and a questing nature that motivates them to look deeper into our reality because, all the while they have been living their “normal lives,” they have also experienced things that suggest to them there is more to this world than meets the eye. Also, a significant number of them have spent their lives battling an ongoing series of attacks that seemed designed to wear them out, discourage them, and generally prevent them from having sufficient time and energy to actually do the research they would like to have done on these matters of the soul.

But, they all had questions, and they all felt isolated. I felt then, and continue to feel, that each person who writes is special and their concerns are very likely the concerns of others, so all deserve whatever I can give in response to their asking. But, I also knew that I couldn’t spend every waking moment answering all of these emails individually. Ark and I, and the website, were the one point of contact that all of them shared, so I decided that a good thing to do would be to create a discussion group where all of them could be introduced to one another and they could then discuss these many subjects with like-minded people. And so, our egroups were born, though in the beginning, they were just a list of addresses that each person had to paste in, and it was often inconvenient and produced double messages, or someone’s address would be omitted.

At this point in time, I was still trying to get Frank to be more involved in this work. I would print stacks of email from readers to share with him before the sessions, and he would avidly read those that praised the Cs, pointing out that he was the one to thank for such glowing letters since he was “the channel.” I was happy to just let him go on about it in this way since I felt so sorry for him because he had no computer and was out of touch other than what we were able to do for him on Saturday nights.

But when any readers posed questions, or presented problems for discussion, especially if they were questions that posed doubts about the material itself, he would toss those emails aside with contempt and remark that I ought not to waste my time trying to answer such questions. This was a very disturbing thing to observe and I tried to explain to Frank that our philosophy was that sharing what we had learned when we were being asked was one of the more important things we could do as service to others. It was somewhere at this point that Frank began to drop hints to us that we ought to be paying him to attend the sessions because, obviously, he was the channel and if there was going to be public attention, he deserved to be compensated as well as given star billing on the website! I didn’t agree. I referred to all of us on the website as “The Group.” I did think that it would be alright to have a little page of bios of the different members of the group, and I asked Frank to write whatever he wanted to say about himself, and I would type it up and post it. Month after month I would ask him, “Did you write your bio yet?” And he would deliver the list of excuses as to why he hadn’t, and then suggest that I should write it. At this point, since Ark and I were doing literally everything else, I began to resent the fact that Frank did so little, complained so much, and expected to be carried like a baby to fame and glory. I refused to write his bio for him. I told him to come a couple of hours early on one of the session nights, or any other time during the week, and sit down at my computer and write it. He never had time.

The fact that Frank was so resistant to making any kind of contribution was really starting to bother me. All the while he was proclaiming what a high spiritual being he was, that he was most definitely the most STO being on Planet Earth, there was simply no evidence to support it. The Cs had said that an STO being was one who “gives to those who ask.” Well, I was asking Frank to help with organizing the material, with spell-checking, with writing a little bio, with answering questions for readers, with editing, and other things that certainly would have taken only an hour of his time a day. But he stubbornly and steadfastly failed to do one single thing. When I would point out that his excuses didn’t hold water, he would just laugh and point out that by now, I ought to realize that this was just the way he was, and I had better get used to it.

As a result of all this, I was becoming less and less sure of Frank’s exact role in the process. Since I had finally caught up in the transcribing, and was in the process of going through all the sessions and trying to get spelling errors cleaned up, cross-checking them with the notes and sometimes the original tapes, I was becoming more and more aware of just how clever the Cs were in their communications to us. With a broader overview, I was able to begin to see that Frank was not the channel in the sense that he “was the Cs.” I also realized that the Cs had been gently agitating for a long time for me to disengage from Frank and undertake a more direct form of communication, which excluded trance channeling (which I knew to be iffy at best), one which suited my particular make-up far better – the psychomantium.

The subject of the Psychomanium was first bruited by the Cs, right out of the blue, on January 17, 1997, exactly 25 days before Ark came to the States for the first time. It is always interesting to go back over the sessions and see what the general discussion and flavor is that sets the tone for what sorts of things come out later. Somehow, it always seems to be interconnected.

On this particular evening, we began the session with a discussion of an individual who had been present the previous week. This woman is described in volume two of The Wave; the one who experienced the “reptoid rape,” and who was later to behave in so strange a way that it was absolutely frightening. The entire group witnessed her bizarre behavior on more than one occasion, and Terry was extremely concerned that she was programmed to be physically violent. The Cs had warned of “grave, grave, danger” when she was present, and we had all thought that it referred to her. In was only later, during the week, after we had a chance to discuss it, that Terry pointed out quite logically that the Cs were warning us of danger in this woman’s presence.

Q: (L) Also, I am very tired. This has been a very long day.

A: Time to consider construction of psychomantium.

Q: (L) What is a “psychomantium?”

A: Use Latin knowledge. [group discusses possible definitions]

Q: (L) Is it something that you use your mind to direct or control or power?

A: Chamber for viewing other realms, possible futures and entities residing in other densities. Need clear depth … such as large polished mirror on stand, which can be adjusted as to angle … walls must be completely covered in black, so as to eliminate reflection … soft, low, indirect lighting.

Q: (L) Wasn’t it Dr. Moody that did the life-after-death thing? (T) He’s got a room with the mirror with the black velour walls and the comfortable chair that you can look in the mirror without seeing yourself …

A: Yes, and it is real and it works. In the clear depths, you can even see us, on occasion!

Q: (L) Didn’t we ask once about what this guy was doing, having people staring into a mirror, that it was opening them up to attachment, and was that not confirmed?

A: Attachment is merely a function born from a lack of knowledge … something you have enough of now so as not to worry.

Q: (T) This psychomantium, isn’t it in essence a way of opening up a doorway to other realities and other levels and densities?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is that something you really want to do?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why?

A: Because you are ready now … and besides, what do you think you are doing here?!?

Q: (L) Is it a doorway that can be as Castaneda described it, where something can walk in, or walk out?

A: Possible … but … if you recall, what was the missing factor with Castaneda’s story?

Q: (L) He didn’t have knowledge. Is that it?

A: Not enough.

Q: (L) Is this something that can or ought to be done as a group, or singly … what’s the deal?

A: Both.

Q: (T) So we’re going to really construct one of those here? (L) Do we really want to do this at this house? Don’t we want to buy something out in the country, where people won’t be watching our bizarre behavior? (T) It doesn’t really matter, we’re watching everybody else’s bizarre behavior, how bizarre can it be?

A: They won’t watch, unless you invite them in.

Q: (L) OK, we’ve got all of these little things that need to be done; we’ve got a hole in the cellar that needs to be dug, that’s still sitting there, we’ve got a pool that’s supposed to be built, now we’re supposed to build a psychomantium.

A: This is not a daunting or costly project … materials: felt of the type you used for your charts, mirror and soft light, or candles. [TR describes a portable version that can be set up when using, and taken down when not needed.]

Q: (L) Is this basically the way that it is done, as TR has described it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) How long is it necessary to sit and stare into the mirror before one experiences …

A: Varies, but not long.

Q: (T) It’s going to vary from person to person … (L) OK, what advantage is there to using a psychomantium to using the board, I mean, is it going to replace the board?

A: No. Visualizations clarify and unite images.

Q: (L) OK, what images would we wish, or would be suggested to unite and clarify, and particularly in the term unite? You’ve used the term “unite” on a number of occasions, and in unusual ways.

A: Anything and everything in transcripts, for example … and all else.

Q: (L) OK, so we would be able to see all of the things told about in the transcripts. Would we also be able to, by seeing a fourth-density reality, be able to generate some sort of unification between ourselves, in some sense, and this new reality ?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is this part of the way and means of bonding oneself to fourth-density reality.

A: Helps.

Q: (L) Can one also use this to visit other parts of the globe in real time?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Visit the past and the future?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) There’s other things on the other side. Can they come through?

A: Only if used ignorantly.

Q: (L) Is it the mental blocking technique that we are familiar with what prevents entry of something else?

A: Close.

Q: (J) “Knowledge protects!” (T) Well, this is easier than digging out under the pool, and building a reflecting pool, and finding 75 square feet to build a labyrinth. (L) It sounds like a damned amusement park! (J) Yeah, “LauraWorld!!!” (T) It would give a whole new meaning to an “E” ticket ride!

A: “Amusement” denotes fun!

The most significant points about the above remarks were 1) the use of the mirror would clarify all the things in the transcripts that had remained unclear to this point, which obviously meant that there was something about the present process that was unsatisfactory; 2) the use of the mirror would strengthen the bonding with the higher reality, which, as we already knew, would “hasten the receiving of assistance;” and 3) there was no need to be concerned any longer with the possibility of negative experiences because the knowledge energy field had been solidified in me and was, essentially, impenetrable; 4) Frank was not being proposed as the individual who ought to do the work. He was, effectively, excluded.

But, by now, the reader knows me. I had resisted all other suggestions to change the mode of the channeling up to this point, so just because the Cs suggested it, didn’t mean I was going to do it! Besides, it wasn’t brought up again until that ill-fated August after the flood, and just before the death of Princess Diana. But, the reader may recall that odd remark in the session about the flood, during July of ’97:

Q: What is a “collinear wave reading consciousness unit?”

A: Suggest you “look in the mirror.”

In retrospect, of course, it is easy to see that once I had been “awakened,” to some extent, and once Ark had been brought into the picture, the process of changing gears, advancing the process, and eliminating Frank from the picture had begun. That it was intended to be utilized by Ark and myself was strongly hinted in the following, which included the “carrot” that answers of a personal nature would also be obtainable by this method.

August 9, 1997

Q: OK, I was reading something that related to mirrors. What was said was: “Negative existence is the silence behind the sound, the blank canvas beneath the painting, the darkness into which light shines. Emptiness is the stillness against which time moves. Negative existence enables a man to be what he is. It is the mirror of mirrors. Non-anticipation is non-interference, and allows the most perfect reflection of creation.” I thought that this was a nice way to express it. Could you comment on that and how it applies to other things you have told us?

A: Build a psychomantium.

Q: We are going to. As soon as Ark gets here …

A: Answers re: divorce, career, et cetera, come through that medium, as they are personal and thought center reflective.

Q: So, maybe I will build it before he gets here …

A: Or, use the mirror, and Ark too.

Q: Ark could also use the mirror?

A: In a darkened room, mirror pointed away from your reflection, indirect light, preferably candle, meditate …

Q: Anything further? I can just do it in my room?

A: To start.

Q: How long will I have to meditate?

A: Open.

Q: Approximately? Day after day, or the first time?

A: Try it.

What was hinted at, but not clearly stated, was that the answers regarding the mission would also be “seen” in the mirror. And later in the session, the parameters of the mission itself were somewhat defined. Again, the flavor and texture of the question that was the platform for the introduction of a certain topic is interesting to consider.

This session was right at the point in time that I was still digging into the Templars, the relation of the Templars to my own ancestors, as well as the discovery of the possibility that the first Knight in my line had been the illegitimate offspring of Roger de Mortimer and Isabella of France, the daughter of Philip the Fair, the French King who brought down the Templars.

At this point, I knew only that the child had suddenly appeared in Winchester with a surname that was, at that point in history, a function and not a name. I assumed that he could have been born in France. It was only later that I discovered some documentary evidence that the child had been born in the Tower during the year that Isabella was in residence there, at the same time that Roger was a prisoner. Roger later escaped, being the only person (or one of the few) to ever escape from the Tower of London. It was pretty obvious that he had been helped, very likely by Isabella and Adam Orleton, who was later made Bishop of Winchester in 1333. It is even thought that Adam was ultimately the one responsible for having Edward II murdered, so it is evident that his loyalties were with the ancient Welsh bloodline.

So, of course, with all the strange bits and pieces of the puzzle floating around this issue of Perceval of Wales, the Mortimers as the carriers of the Welsh royal line, the Templars as guardians of the Grail, and Adam Orleton being clearly in the camp of the Templars, and right on hand to take charge of an infant born of such a union, I was naturally curious if there was any significance to these clues as being a possible template for present events. I had the idea that Edward II, the first “English” Prince of Wales had been murdered for symbolic reasons as much as anything. So, that is the doorway that was opened which resulted in the following remarks about the mission.

Q: Next question: is there any relationship between the fact that Roger de Mortimer, the carrier of the last of the line of the Welsh kings, was the lover of Isabella of France, who was the daughter of Philip the Fair, the destroyer of the Templars, and the murder of Edward II, the first of the English Prince of Wales?

A: Templars are a setup, insofar as persecution is concerned. Remember your “historical records” can be distorted, in order to throw off future inquiries, such as your own.

Q: I know that. I have already figured that one out! But, it seems that no one else has made this connection. I mean, the bloodlines that converge in the Percys and the Mortimers are incredible!

A: You should know that these bloodlines become parasitically infected, harassed and tinkered with whenever a quantum leap of awareness is imminent.

Q: Whenever a quantum leap …

A: Such as “now.”

Q: Did Isabella and Mortimer have a child while they were in hiding in France?

And it is at this moment that the most bizarre shift of subject took place.

A: No. Here is something for you to digest: Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???

Q: And what is this obvious thing?

A: Even if speed of light travel, or “faster,” were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space “ark,” living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.

Q: Is this, in fact, what has happened, or is happening?

A: It could well be, and maybe now it is the time for you to learn about the details.

Q: Well, would such a race be third or fourth density in orientation?

A: Why not elements of both?

Q: What is the most likely place that such a race would have originated from?

A: Oh, maybe Orion, for example?

Q: OK. If such a race did, in fact, travel to this location in space-time, how many generations have come and gone on their space ark during this period of travel, assuming, of course, that such a thing has happened?

A: Maybe 12.

Q: OK, that implies that they have rather extended life spans …

A: Yes …

Q: Assuming this to be the case, what are their life spans?

A: 2,000 of your years.

Q: OK, assuming such a bunch have traveled …

A: When in space, that is …

Q: And what is the span when on terra firma?

A: 800 years.

Q: Well, has it not occurred to them that staying in space might not be better?

A: No. Planets are much more “comfortable.”

Q: OK … imagining that such a group has traveled here …

A: We told you of upcoming conflicts … Maybe we meant the same as your Bible, and other references. Speak of … The “final” battle between “good and evil … ” Sounds a bit cosmic, when you think of it, does it not?

Q: Does this mean that there is more than one group that has traveled here in their space arks?

A: Could well be another approaching, as well as “reinforcements” for either/or, as well as non-involved, but interested observers of various types who appreciate history from the sidelines.

Q: Well, swell! There goes my peaceful life!

A: You never had one!

Q: Well, I was planning on one! Is this one of those items we should not put on the Net, or are you addressing it because you want it on the Net?

A: We will leave that until a bit later.

Q: Any other comment?

A: You chose to be incarnated now, with some foreknowledge of what was to come. Reference your dreams of space attack.

Q: OK, what racial types are we talking about relating to these hypothetical aliens?

A: Three basic constructs. Nordic, Reptilian, and Greys. Many variations of type 3, and 3 variations of type 1 and 2.

Q: Well, what racial types are the “good guys?”

A: Nordics, in affiliation with 6th density “guides.”

Q: And that’s the only good guys?

A: That’s all you need.

Q: Wonderful! So, if it is a Grey or Lizzie, you know they aren’t the nice guys. But, if it is tall and blond, you need to ask questions!

A: All is subjective when it comes to nice and not nice. Some on 2nd density would think of you as “not nice,” to say the least!!!

Q: That’s for sure! Especially the roaches! Maybe we ought to get in touch with some of these good guys …

A: When the “time” is right.

Q: Speaking of time – any further comments?

A: Just pay attention to the signs, please! It is not helpful to place yourself in a vacuum of awareness.

Q: I don’t think I am in a vacuum of awareness. Now, this Jason Dunlap is printing a lot of stuff that reminds me of the Hale Bopp incident. There is a lot being said about the sightings out in the Southwest area. They are saying that this is the “new” imminent invasion or mass landing. Can you comment on this activity?

A: Prelude to the biggest “flap” ever.

Q: And where will this flap be located?

A: Earth.

Q: When is it going to begin?

A: Starting already.

Q: Is this biggest flap going to be just a flap, or is it going to be an invasion?

A: Not yet.

Q: Not an invasion?

A: Yes.

Q: So, it will just be inciting people to frenzies of speculation …

A: Invasion happens when programming is complete …

Q: What programming?

A: See Bible, “Lucid” book, Matrix Material, “Bringers of the Dawn,” and many other sources, then cross reference …

Q: Well, if something is fairly imminent, we are not gonna have time to do all the things you have suggested that we do!

A: Yes you will, most likely.

Q: Well, we are supposed to build a pool, a maze, a psychomantium, to build a database, get a Nobel Prize … a lot of things in the works here … This just sort of takes the heart right out of me!

A: Not so!

Q: Well, are we going to have time to do all these things?

A: All these things were suggested for this reason, among others.

Q: So, all the things you have suggested are to get us ready for this event?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, we better get moving! We don’t have time to mess around!

A: You will proceed as needed, you cannot force these events or alter the Grand Destiny.

Q: I do not like the sound of that! I want to go home!

A: The alternative is less appetizing.

Q: Sure! I don’t want to be lunch!

A: Reincarnation on a 3rd density earth as a “cave person” amidst rubble and a glowing red sky, as the perpetual cold wind whistles …

Q: Why is the sky glowing red?

A: Contemplate.

Q: Of course! Comet dust! Sure, everybody knows that! Wonderful!!! Anything further?

A: Stay tuned for all pertinent information.

The question, of course, is why did the consideration of the events of that period in history open the door to information about a group of beings who had traveled here to “patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable”?

I was already getting the idea that time loops were somehow important, and that there were big loops and sub-loops, and that there were periods of history that gave evidence of manipulation by virtue of their connections to other periods in history, but how it all connected I wasn’t sure. All of this thinking went back to the three-dominoes dream. I could see that, at certain points in history, an event had been changed or manipulated in some way, and this change acted liked a domino in a long chain of events. I had even discovered that there was some sort of mathematical law that related to the third domino. This law posits that in a row of dominoes where the first one is knocked over to hit the second and third and so on, that no matter how fast or slowly the first domino falls, the rate of fall of the third domino is the same as the rate of fall of all the rest. Somehow, I had the emerging idea that this was connected to three periods in history that were the “dominoes.” But there were many other connections as well, that was just the one that worried me.

I started to think a bit more about the psychomantium, though obviously not a whole lot. I remembered that Nostradamus had used a similar method, looking into a bowl of water or something, that Jakob Boehme had used a polished brass bowl, and that Dr. John Dee had utilized a polished stone. I read a magazine account of this event and my question was based on the information in this account.

November 22, 1997

Q: John Dee supposedly had a vision of the Angel Uriel who gave him a highly polished black stone which was convex, and into which he gazed to communicate with other realms. This sounds very much like a psychomantium. OK, these beings would appear on the surface of the stone and reveal all the secrets of the future. This was not an imaginary stone because it now resides in the British Museum. However, he later hooked up with Edward Kelley who was, apparently, a complete con artist. What kind of beings did Dee and Kelley conjure through their polished stone?

A: Fourth Density.

Q: STS or STO?

A: Both.

I wasn’t particularly interested in following this up because the history of the contact was such that it was pretty clear that the STS entities were dominant. John Dee was led on a merry chase by these beings, and the fact that the material was later used by MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley was sufficient to indicate to me that the fruits of the work weren’t what I would consider positive by any stretch of the imagination. Interestingly, much later the issue of Dr. Dee was brought up in a most unusual way. Vincent told me that he believed he was the reincarnation of Dr. Dee and it was his job to finish Dee’s work, which Crowley and later Mathers were was unable to do. However, at that point, I did take the trouble to read his material and realized that poor Dr. Dee was as duped by Edward Kelley as I had been by Frank and later, others. But, we will come to that.

The next mention of the psychomantium (the Cs were really hitting it hard, considering the fact that they kept coming back to it again and again), was at the time I have described above, when we were in the midst of the house renovation disaster which had followed directly on the heels of my daughter’s third auto accident, the one that had totaled her car. It was another shock and, after having had so many in so short a time, I wasn’t sure how much more I could tolerate. On top of the psychological trauma of the very fact that my child had been in an automobile that was now completely destroyed, but which she had walked away from, thank God, was the fact that she had not increased her insurance coverage as she said she would, and we were faced with absorbing the loss. Curiously, again the date was January 17, exactly one year after the psychomantium had first been mentioned.

January 17, 1998

Q: First question: why are we in the middle of such a horrible mess? Things were supposed to get better?!

A: Do you not expect there to be turmoil in accompaniment with a level one quantum life change?

Q: A level-one quantum life change? Do you mean the change we have already effected, or the change we hope to effect?

A: Both and transition between.

Q: So, this is a level-one quantum life change of some sort. […]

Q: Now, on Ali’s car. What happened to this guy who hit her car? It destroyed her car and thereby her life.

A: Did no such thing.

Q: Well, I know that! But she is crying and thinks her life is over. We are completely lucky, in my opinion, to have her still with us. Why three accidents in a year’s time?

A: The dark forces always attack the weakest, or most vulnerable, links in the chain.

Q: Did the guy actually fall asleep?

A: Close. Hypnotic state.

Q: Alright. What can I do, any of us, Ali, or whoever, to derive the proper lesson from Ali’s car being totaled?

A: Refer to standard response.

Q: Knowledge Protects.

A: Yes.

Q: OK, anything in particular about the line of attack through this construction project?

A: No.

Q: Well, when I fire this guy, is he gonna give me a hard time?

A: Some. […]

Q: OK. Any advice on how to go about getting the permits I need?

A: Look at easement.

Q: What?

A: Reexamine courthouse records for interesting anomalies which should work in your favor.

As it turned out, the Cs were right. The guy had no license, and had a criminal record.

At this point, Ark wanted to ask about the “work” we were supposed to be doing. It was pretty clear that all we were doing was spending our time keeping our balance in the face of repeated assaults from every quarter. While teaching at the University was a blessing, it also took up a lot of Ark’s time, and we were so tired from the constant traveling back and forth, that what little time we did have was spent trying to catch up, and we were getting very little sleep!

Q: (A) When I was coming here I hoped that I will do some work and you guys will be helping us and that we will doing things that are important, and, until now, with all this teaching that I have, the fact is that all the forces work in such a way that I can do just nothing. Is there any hope?

A: Yes, of course. But you must accept that it will unfold step by step, and you will not have the luxury of knowing well ahead of time what will happen. All is lessons. You may choose to look upon it as adventure or as torture … Have faith and get more sleep!! The lack of this is breeding a chemical imbalance within, thus leading to depression.

Q: (A) Well, I always like to be sure, and maybe I should take some steps before the end of life happens?

A: Sarcasm becomes you not! All will work out well for you, and we would not say this if we did not know it to be so.

Q: There is a meaning and a purpose in this attempt to integrate this into physics, and because the concept of density seems to have something to do with psychic and consciousness, I cannot find, until now, how to put it, how to relate it …

A: It has to do with perception, and the ability to perceive, which is in larger measure determined by genetic makeup. Your realm is created by your ability to understand it. The Wave comes as so many seek “graduation.”

Q: Are you saying that we are actually, in a sense, creating the Wave?

A: And vice versa.

Q: Are these densities something that can be defined in terms of physics, as in divisions of reality that some significant change occurs at, say, the boundary of one density that signifies the beginning of the other?

A: This, as with so much else is so difficult for you to understand because of your limited view point. Remember, you see the densities below yours perfectly well. But they don’t perceive you as what you are.

Q: (A) They said that, in physics, we have one seventh of the equation … (L) When they said that, he was talking about matter and the direction in time of an anti-particle, which was referred to as the one-seventh. (A) But, what I mean is, animals, minerals, they are described by just one physics that we learn in school. We do not see that this is a different density.

A: Only because you know it is there. You cannot measure that which is above your level of perception, when you are using measuring tools which only can measure that which you perceive.

Q: (A) We are the form makers. I mean it’s not Nature that is creating, it is us seeing order in potential disorder. And we see more order than animals, so it seems. Is this what is meant by higher density, being able to see more order?

A: Well, close, maybe, but you are attempting to employ a mirror to see outside.

Q: What we are trying to understand is: you have described seven densities. Three physical densities, three ethereal densities, and the one in the middle, the variable density. What we are trying to find out here is some way to express this mathematically. Some way to understand this in the universal language of mathematics. Because, if we could do that, mathematically speaking, that would help our understanding and perceptual abilities.

A: Yes, but first you must unravel the part of the puzzle which has nothing to do with mathematics. You would have your best luck finding the mathematical formula while in a “dream state,” or under hypnosis, or in meditation before a psychomantium.

Again, it was made clear that the mission could not proceed until the two of us began to employ the psychomantium. And again, Frank was being excluded. It seems that the true “meeting with the Cs” could only proceed without Frank. But I was still not ready to make so drastic a change. What happened next was very curious.

[At this point a low-flying helicopter apparently begins to circle overhead and this sound continues until the end of the session.]

Q: (A) Now, I want to come back to physics. We have this paper from the French guy who speaks about anti-gravity and relates it to a double structure of the universe; that antimatter is just located, not in our universe, but in another universe … [sound anomaly on tape for the next few seconds]

A: The two are exchangeable, much like an ion exchanger.

Q: (A) The two are exchangeable, but it’s about us. We are apparently made of matter rather than antimatter, or there is another us that is made of antimatter? I don’t think that we are exchangeable. We are apparently living in a universe of matter rather than antimatter.

A: Exchangeable.

Q: (A) The loop dimension of Kaluza-Klein … when I was asking about extra-dimensions, the answer was that there were no “extra” dimensions, but forget terminology, there is this theory of Kaluza-Klein that there is this loop dimension, this fifth dimension and the question is: this is a way toward UFT, and I would like to have a hint if adding this loop, or cylinder dimension, is the right step?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) OK, that is enough.

A: Okay, we sense probing of you now, or interference, so must go, Good Night.

Again and again, the deeper questions were denied in Frank’s presence, and we were being urged to undertake a different mode of communication.

The next reference to the psychomantium was, again, in response to questions relating to physics. Over and over again, the idea was being brought back to the original statement about gravity waves: “We mean for you, Laura, to meditate about unstable gravity waves as part of research.” It didn’t matter how many times I attempted to include Frank in the processes and projects, the Cs kept blocking it.

January 31, 1998

Q: (A) I want to ask about monopoles. Do monopoles exist?

A: Yes.

Q: My thought was that if monopoles exist, the only way they can exist is that if somewhere, under some conditions, the opposite of the pole exists … I mean they cannot exist in third density without being a duality … (A) Yes …

A: And third density cloaks so many truths.

Q: Do you say cloaks in the sense that it cloaks the monopoles from our observation?

A: Measurability.

Q: Cloaks them from our measurability.

A: Psychomantium.

Q: OK, is a psychomantium something that utilizes monopoles? When you use the mirror are you seeing the other “half” of them?

A: Window to many vistas.

Q: Well, I am working on it! I have to get the house put together first! (A) And to get the house put together first we gotta work on these monopoles, get the Nobel Prize for these monopoles …

A: Spreading yourself too thin.

Q: I know I am spreading myself too thin.

A: But, you are happier now. […]

Q: (A) Long ago you advised that I should return to something that I was doing long ago, and that I abandoned, like many other things. Monopoles was one of the things, and recently I discovered another, automata. The universe is like a computer and, in the beginning, there was the “word.” Should I just do the monopoles temporarily and finish, or is it something that is worthwhile to pursue? Help, please.

A: You need study time.

Q: What is the clue to be derived from “study time?”

A: Both efforts bring results when pursued simultaneously. Weekends provide this, so do evenings soon to be in new environment, if pursue correctly. Basically on the right track, just have patience and faith. Now, we suggest that future sessions delve more fully into matters of universal importance, then personal problems dissolve, or at least ease!

So it seems that study time and the psychomantium were the pathway. But our lives were, at that moment, so disordered that it would have been impossible. The house didn’t even have a roof on it at that moment and all our furniture was piled in the centers of all the rooms, covered with plastic sheeting. The walls were torn out, the electrical wiring and A/C ductwork was dangling everywhere, and so on. It was so bad that it had become the final straw that motivated the older girls to move out on their own. Ali had told me, “Mom, I can’t work and go to school in this environment.” And I knew she was right. Even if that was only part of her reasons, it was hard on me when the first chick left the nest. Yes, she was 20 years old already, but to me she was a baby. Everything was a disaster and we were struggling just to survive it, and Ali blamed the whole mess on the Cs. If there had been no Cs, there would be no disasters. From her perspective, the Cs were to blame for the loss of her beloved red Volvo.

Well, not having a roof on the house was a serious issue since it continued to rain in impossible amounts. I brought the strange weather up the following month, and again the issue of the psychomantium is related to some future events of significance.

February 28, 1998

Q: (L) I want to know something about this weird weather. There have been a lot of sightings in Gulf Breeze and falling fireballs out in Colorado, strange weather, but, to open the door to this, is there any more to be said about the increased UFO activity and the weather and all the other things going on at present?

A: Review early transcripts and predictions, leaving aside “time” frames.

Q: One of the earlier sessions made the statement “space invasion in 4 to 6 years.” That was said in 1994, which is 4 years ago. What is the deal on the space invasion situation?

A: Lessons are to be learned by observation closely.

Q: So, you are not going to give us any more on this idea of the space invasion?

A: See last answer, then wait and see.

Q: Well, I just keep wondering: are we supposed to be doing something?

A: What you are doing … Carefully reread transcripts in regard to questions about special efforts and whether they should be undertaken or not.

Q: Well, if you try to force things, you just mess it all up. You are supposed to be patient and let things fall into place …

A: Close.

Q: Well, we are getting close to getting the house ready so we can have our psychomantium in the other room. Hopefully we won’t be invaded and wiped out before that happens.

A: Major dramatic change comes with addition of psychomantium.

Q: Well, okay, we are pushing for it. I gotta really get this house finished!

A: Will be finished smoothly now … and on that note, Good Night.

The Cs were oh, so right, that a major change would come with the addition of the psychomantium. We just had no idea that it would be the means of revealing the unseen in ways we hadn’t yet considered.

The universe gave me a great gift at this point: Danny. This guy was a construction genius. All I had to do was describe what I wanted, point in the direction I wanted it, and he executed it perfectly. He was a master craftsman. Gradually the house started coming back together.

A few days later I found a wonderful cheval mirror in a specialty store that had a ding in the frame and was marked down less than half price! I brought my find home in triumph. In our bedroom, I set up a backdrop of black felt that I could roll up and down like a window shade, placed the mirror so that it reflected the felt, and dragged a chair into place. Voila! Instant psychomantium! But I still didn’t have a clue about what I was supposed to be doing with it!

March 13, 1998

Q: And we have purchased the psychomantium mirror. I practiced last night. How long is it gonna be before I see something?

A: As soon as you are content to see or not to see.

Q: Yes, I know that I have to get there – non-anticipation. I was getting close. I was seeing little flashes of light and movement, almost like looking at something going on in a fog. (A) How does one get information using this medium? (L) I don’t know! Should you do it with a question in your mind, or just wait to see what comes without direction?

A: Best to experiment for stronger learning.

Q: I don’t like the sound of that! My strongest learning comes when I really do something stupid!

A: Not always, and on that note, Good Night.

I wasn’t able to really motivate myself to do it, however. I was always so busy, there was so little time, and besides – as long as we were continuing to use the board, I didn’t really feel that I needed to apply more than occasional effort to the project. I was gripped by channeling inertia! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

March 21, 1998

Q: Now, I have tried the psychomantium. So far, no luck. I don’t think it is gonna work.

A: Head must be clear, has not been so far.

Q: Well, how can my head be clear when you won’t give me the answers about how to take care of this Noah guy and all the other things going on so that I can clear my head?! I have all these worries! I know! I’m just joking!

A: Good!

Q: (A) In my opinion, this mirror is too narrow, it is not the right shape and it will not work even if the head is clear … (L) I love this mirror! (A) I know that you like this mirror …

A: Mirror is fine.

Q: (L) See?! (A) So, the problem is in the head! Too wide a head?! You must narrow the head!

At this point, some strange effects began to manifest. The instant I would sit in the chair before the mirror, I would begin to feel very hot, and a sensation of tremendous pressure – like the barometer was falling – would come over me. I knew something was going on.

April 4, 1998

Q: Alright, I have been practicing with the psychomantium. I once had a little flash of light. Another time there was the sensation of pressure and of course the rising heat. Are there any actions that I can take that will optimize the process?

A: Blacken the room.

Q: So, it will help to be in a completely blackened room?

A: Oh yes!!

Q: So, that will make a difference. You did say that there would be a dramatic change once the psychomantium was in place. Now, I haven’t seen any dramatic changes and I am almost afraid to ask because the last time you said something like that I was in an automobile accident!

A: That was not the change we were speaking of … We suggest you direct your gaze ahead and a little to the left!

At this point, Danny came to the rescue. He built me a large closet to use as a psychomantium. I had decided that Terry’s idea of a sort of box lined with felt might work, and I needed closets anyway. So while Danny was building closets, I had him build me a special L-shaped affair around a corner of one of the downstairs rooms that would accommodate a mirror offset to the left, and space for a reasonable chair. I purchased sufficient black felt to completely line the little room (there was no way I was gonna paint any walls in my house black!), and voila again! Psychomantium!

The next few occasions when it was brought up were effort to establish some sort of protocol.

May 2, 1998

Q: We have our psychomantium built. I am of the opinion that the candle must be obscured completely and you should only be able to see the black depth of the mirror. If you put the candle in front, all you see is the candle … you see the candle light on the walls. You said very plainly: clear depth, indirect lighting only, that nothing ought to be seen, no walls, no reflection, nothing. Frank says that we should put the candle in front.

A: Must be able to distinguish mirror.

Q: OK, that is gonna be difficult.

A: Try the swivel mirror.

Q: Well, Ark says that it is not wide enough – it is too narrow. He didn’t like it.

A: Try it. If straight on, and tilted upward, should work.

Q: How long is it gonna take me … can you give me an estimate? Say, a theoretical person like myself, in my position, condition, and all things considered, how long would it take that person to see something?

A: As soon as their psyche is clear of anticipation/prejudice.

Q: With me, that could be a long time!

A: Or it could be a short time.

Q: Yes, but you have given me such a build up over the last couple of years – that seems impossible …

A: No.

Q: Well, it is gonna be hard …

A: No.


May 14, 1998

Q: Can you give me any advice about the psychomantium? I try to not try and it is pretty hard. I mean, my eyeballs fall out of my head. Should I change my breathing?

A: Meditate, do not anticipate.

Q: When you say that, do you mean that I should not anticipate being able to see something?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, I feel pretty stupid doing that. I mean, the obvious reason one goes into a dark room with a mirror and a candle is to see something! It’s kind of hard to sit there and not think about seeing something when you are in a room that is obviously designed to see something!

A: No. Meditate; clear head.


May 30, 1998

Q: So, it is not altogether as he is saying. Ark wants to use the psychomantium. Are there any suggestions for him to follow that would be different from instructions for me? But, then I am not an example to follow because I haven’t been having a whole heck of a lot of success!

A: Keep experimenting with an open mind … do not anticipate.

Q: Well, I am really trying to get rid of this anticipation business. (A) I want to know whether this light is important – whether there must be a light or whether it must be total darkness?

A: Must be some light.

Q: (A) Should something be seen in the mirror … (L) I asked whether I would see something in the mirror or in my mind’s eye and they said both …

A: Yes.

Q: Yes, I didn’t know whether it would be a holograph or something in my own head … any special technique for Ark to use? (A) Yes, because I think that I do everything different from other people. Must I just go into some kind of a trance state, or can I do it my way?

A: Yes, just keep up the experimentation. You will see …


June 27, 1998

Q: One final question: I have to start scheduling time for the psychomantium. Can you suggest the optimum time or optimum schedule?

A: Mid-evening and nearer to full moon and new moon.

Now, I want to add in this next little clip, even though it is off the subject of the psychomantium. I had been reading Dr. David Jacobs’ book, The Threat, and based on many clues in there, Frank fit the profile of an alien hybrid. He had always claimed to be special, and this book seemed to confirm that claim. The only problem was, according to Jacobs, these hybrids were not positive beings at all, even if they could produce that impression.

August 1, 1998

Q: (L) I want to ask about Frank’s type B-negative blood. Is Frank an alien hybrid?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Well, that’s real encouraging!

A: Best to discover.

Q: (A) What is the test of being an alien hybrid. One is this blood type, what is another?

A: No criteria, but subjects of this nature seem “off-center” by terrestrial standards. However, the truest nature of this subject is as of yet undiscovered.

In this last remark, I wasn’t quite sure if the Cs meant the subject of alien hybrids in general, or if they were referring to Frank when they said “this subject.” But, since they said “subjects of this nature,” meaning individuals that are hybrids, it stands to reason that the following remark, “the truest nature of this subject,” was referring to Frank specifically. The instant this was transmitted, a shiver traveled through my body, though I immediately shoved the warning sensation under the rug. In point of fact, I had thought many things about Frank, but the one thing I had never thought was that he had been deliberately sent into my life to harm me. The above remark is completed with the remark made on January 10, 2002:

A: He was programmed for the specific purpose of “downloading” from you secrets coded into you before birth of your present body. He failed because you were incorruptible. He is now charged with the mission, in concert with Vincent Bridges, of destroying your ability to accomplish your mission.

Getting back to the psychomantium, finally, after months of trying with no real success, being stuck in a claustrophobic little closet that became hotter than an oven in a very short time with just a single candle, I decided that this was not going to work. There was no way I could even get comfortable, much less survive such an ordeal a sufficient number of times for anything to manifest!

August 8, 1998

Q: (A) OK. Now, I want to ask a question about the medium. We have been repeatedly told that we should get a better medium which can convey more information. We were experimenting with psychomantium without success …

A: Because you did not do it correctly.

Q: I thought I was doing everything that had been suggested.

A: Light must be placed properly so as to illuminate black depth sufficiently. Also, chamber must be large enough to stimulate relaxed meditative state. And no seams or ripples must be evident in reflection. Lastly, patience must reign supreme, with as little anticipation as possible.

Q: So, you are saying that the closet we are using is not large enough …

A: We never suggested a closet.

Q: How large should the chamber be?

A: 10 by 10 by 8.

Q: (L) Well, that’s almost a whole room!

A: Yes. One room idly sits …

Q: (A) I have the idea that one should go with a given question and then come out with an answer instead of waiting and waiting …

A: My dear Arkadiusz, by now, you know imagination is the bridge to the Akashic.

Q: (L) So, you are saying that his idea is a bridge to the Akashic, and when he gets such ideas, they are important clues?

A: Good!

Well! How about that? Nothing like letting me spin my wheels doing all that closet business when, all the while, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to work. But heck, by now I knew that the Cs very often let me do such things just to make a point. And yes, there was an idle room in my house. But I darn sure wasn’t going to paint a whole room in my house black! Also important to note was the comment about imagination being a “bridge” to the Akashic records.

In the second half of 1998, after the house was put back together, and our sessions were held in a little more comfort, there was a building tension with Frank. Ark was paying very close attention to his behavior in regard to me, and was noting that any prolonged contact with Frank generally resulted in negative effects on my health. This was not something I had previously paid any attention to, because I had been in such poor health for so many years. The definite relationship between Frank’s presence and my physical condition had never been noted. But Ark noticed, and watched for several months before he even mentioned it to me. He began to take action to limit this draining, making sure that Frank was not able to focus his attention on me, redirecting conversations and interactions in a subtle, but firm way.

This cutting off the flow of energy from me to Frank had the most interesting result in the fact that Frank began to become quite rude and obnoxious toward Ark in an attempt to overtly manipulate me to “take his side.” At the time, I excused his behavior with the idea that he was just simply so socially backward that he didn’t realize that he was being offensive. One night he began a long monologue about Ark’s accent. Pontificating at great length about his own masterful command of the English language, he ended his spiel by saying to Ark, “If you ever want to amount to anything in this country, you had better learn to speak English!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Not only was it rude beyond enduring, but Frank seemed to have completely forgotten the fact that he was employed as a telemarketer, and Ark was employed as a defense subcontractor. Accent or no, Ark’s income was much above Frank’s. Even more, Ark had endured struggles and attacks that Frank had never even dreamed of, succeeding in his chosen field against many obstacles. Frank couldn’t even go through a book and circle spelling errors for me.

Nevertheless, we continued to make nice, and ignore Frank’s ever increasing personal attacks on Ark that were becoming less subtle by the day. Ark decided to bring up the issue of monitoring again.

August 15, 1998

Q: (A) I want to ask whether this channel is being monitored, and if so, by whom?

A: Only effective monitoring so far is by direct 3rd density observation and enticing some to share data, then “spill their guts” with “shaky” correspondents.

Q: (L) So, it’s only when I get enticed to share what ought not to be shared, or when someone is present who is a monitor, that we have been monitored?

A: Close. It can be monitored in other ways, but so far, these have been only seldom necessary. All STS always seek the path of least resistance first.

Q: (L) You once said when Terry and Jan were here that we should imagine the words appearing on a screen somewhere as they were being delivered on the board. Now you say that this is not necessarily the lengths to which they have gone. Was that because they were present?

A: Seldom does not mean never.

Q: (L) If such a thing was to happen, would it be because of the presence of someone, such as when you said PZ was a monitor?

A: PZ, yes definitely!

In the above remarks, naturally, I felt very guilty because I was always sharing what I was learning with correspondents and on the website. And Frank was constantly telling me that I ought not to be sharing the material so freely because I was going to bring fire down on our heads. It never occurred to me that he was the one doing the monitoring. Since Frank was so certain that any monitoring was from Terry and Jan, I decided to ask about the comment that had been made when they were present about the “words appearing on a screen.” The answer was noncommittal enough to be taken either way. But what was most significant was the fact that they said that extreme methods of monitoring had not been necessary; that STS seeks the path of least resistance. It completely eluded me that this meant that the reason extreme methods of monitoring had seldom been necessary was because we had our own, built-in mole. In a strange sort of way, this almost suggested that Terry and Jan’s presence was what had necessitated other methods of monitoring because Frank’s monitoring activity had been blocked by their presence.

Getting back to the psychomantium, a new plan evolved: a tent that was the exact dimensions, that could be suspended inside the room like a liner, and taken down when not in use. I went to the fabric store and checked out the felt. I drew my design on paper, figured my cuts and yardage, and ordered two bolts of heavy black felt. I had designed rod pockets into which I could insert rope for suspension, so I purchased that. Then I went to the hardware store for window weights to put at the ends of the ropes at each corner, to be hung over hooks drilled into the ceiling. They didn’t have any, so I improvised by using PVC pipe filled with sand and capped.

August 22, 1998

Q: Now, we are in the process of constructing a psychomantium tent, a 10 by 10 by 8 foot tent, to suspend from the ceiling in the bedroom. After what you suggested about the time and mode of meditation, and the fact that “one room stands idle,” I thought that trying to use it in the early evening in the back room would be almost impossible. However, setting it up in the bedroom, it will be better all the way around. Lying on the bed to meditate makes for much more comfortable conditions. I would like to know if this is going to be … I know that you don’t want to tell me, but it just seemed to be the ideal place to put it, in the bedroom – for comfort and quiet and a lot of different reasons. Can you comment?

A: Good.

Q: Well, would it be better in the back room? There are a lot of reasons why that would be unpleasant …

A: Trial leads to realization.

Q: Any further advice about the psychomantium? I am getting kind of excited about trying it this way. It is going to be so much better and more comfortable …

A: Yes.

It took a couple of months to get it finished. I don’t know how many people have ever tried to assemble a rather large tent sewn out of heavy felt, but the fact is, as each panel is added, it sort of grows like the blob in the old Steve McQueen movie. It gets larger and heavier, and more difficult to manage. On top of that, I realized that all of the seams would have to be triple stitched with reinforcement just to support its own weight. I also came to the idea that this was not going to be something that would be easily put up and taken down. It was just too big and unwieldy. So, I made it with overlapping flaps on all four sides, joined in the corners, so that the flaps could be tied up when not in use. As the thing began to acquire its final form, Ark had to gather it up and hold it off the floor while I ran the seams through the machine. In the end, it sort of looked like a medieval tent with a peak in the center.

We erected it in the bedroom, and fell in love with it. It was the neatest sleeping tent imaginable. It was like being in the Arabian Nights. Only thing was, sleeping in a black felt tent, with a mirror standing at an angle in the corner, led to some strange events.

One night, some time after we had gone to sleep, I was awakened by an electrical-like explosion. Since it woke me up, I couldn’t be exactly sure from which direction it had come. I opened my eyes and stared into the blackness, listening. Again, there were popping and crackling noises just like you hear when an electrical cord is shorting out, snapping and sparking and buzzing. The next thing I knew, an Egyptian guy had stepped out of the mirror, walked around to my side of the bed and kissed my cheek, and then walked around to the other side of the bed and sort of merged with Ark. The incident was so weird that I could hardly credit my senses. Ark woke up right then and I told him what I had seen and he asked me who did I think it was. Well, I told him that I had no idea, and we went back to sleep. I didn’t want to talk about this event too plainly in front of Frank.

October 3, 1998

Q: (L) OK, I have been hearing funny popping and crackling sounds in the psychomantium at night. The other night I even saw an Egyptian guy walking back toward the mirror along the side of the bed where I was. He looked exactly like one of those carved images with the funny perspective. It seemed that he must have come out of the mirror, interacted with me in some way, and I was awakened by his presence as he was going back … We have been sleeping regularly in the psychomantium and there is a huge increase in frequency and clarity of dreams. There is an interesting energy in the tent. Who or what was this being I encountered?

A: Find out.

Q: (L) Is there anything we can do to enhance this process? We sleep in it and are trying to just be used to it being there without expectation.

A: Good.

Q: (L) Is it a doorway that can be used while we are sleeping?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do we use it while we are sleeping?

A: Probably.

Q: (L) Anything you want to add about the psychomantium?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is everything progressing as it ought to?

A: Oh, Laura!

Q: (L) What does that mean? Are you just frustrated with me for asking a silly question?

A: Close.

I wasn’t the only one having remarkable dreams sleeping in the psychomantium. Ark had one so intense one night that he woke me up to tell me about it. In his dream, he had even heard angelic music, and he had been amazed at these celestial sounds. Again, neither of us wanted to describe the dream to Frank. With the growing awareness that the Cs were communicating in code, that there were things that Frank could not know for some reason, we were being ever more careful what we did talk about in front of Frank. So Ark asked his questions about it in a veiled manner.

October 10, 1998

Q: (A) I want to ask about the meaning of my dream, which was so vivid … about Elohim and Seraphim. What was the meaning of this dream?

A: Peace torch.

Q: (A) What is peace torch? From whom?

A: Not from. All considered before decision on judgment.

Q: (L) That makes no sense at all.

A: Yes it does.

Q: (A) Who were the Elohim?

A: Elohim refers to past, as a connection to future as envisioned in your dream. It is the connector that counts, see?? Ruling council of Od; Odiem.

Q: (L) What about the Seraphim?

A: Council in clouds … We are speaking of advanced insight here.

Q: (L) Why were there 300 Elohim and 301 Seraphim?

A: Who is the odd one out?

Q: (A) Who is the odd one out?

A: Check your roots. Od, odiem, odd, could we spell it out any clearer for you? Not without abridging free will!

Q: (L) Who is Sara?

A: Roots.

Q: (L) Who is the “King of the Angels?”

A: No more spoon-feeding. Gerber’s is out of stock!

The “odd one out.” The dream had been about me, and my name was Sarah, and Ark had added his presence to the 300 Seraphim, becoming my husband, which had resulted in the defeat, or displacement of the Elohim. I knew that the message was that Frank was the “odd man out,” and I was beginning to get a glimmer about the “Third Man Theme.”

July 19, 1997

Q: Well, I found some connections between some tombs in Rome, Nicolas Poussin, and some tombs in England, the processions of “angels” on the Canary Islands. The connection seems to be these funny lights, or Candles, with “peculiar wicks,” as they are described, which are “eternal flames.” I am wondering if this is what you meant by connecting them by the frequency of light?

A: “Eternal flame” adorns the tomb of JFK. Connection?

Q: Yes. I also found the Solloi priesthood and the priestesses called Peleiades. They seem to be involved with urns, birds, tinkling bells, urns that can be struck and which then set up a particular resonance in other urns, oak trees, and some other peculiar references that relate to laurel trees …

A: Siren song.

Q: What about the siren song?

A: Greek mythology.

Q: I know that. What about it? What do the sirens represent?

A: Laura, my dear, if you really want to reveal “many beautiful and amazing things,” all you need to do is remember the triad, the trilogy, the trinity, and look always for the triplicative connecting clue profile. Connect the threes … do not rest until you have found three beautifully balancing meanings!!

Q: So, in everything there are three aspects?

A: And why? Because it is the realm of the three that you occupy. In order to possess the keys to the next level, just master the Third Man Theme, then move on with grace and anticipation.

The Third Man is a classic film noir. The action is set in Vienna’s bombed out buildings and underground sewers. Post-war Austria was politically divided into different sectors controlled by the U.S., England, France and Russia. Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), an American author, arrives in Vienna where he has been promised work by his old school friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles). Upon his arrival, Martins discovers that Lime has been killed in a suspicious car accident, and that his funeral is taking place immediately. At the graveside, Martins meets a Major Calloway (Trevor Howard) and an actress, Anna Schmidt (Alida Valli), who is weeping copiously. When Calloway tells Martins that the late Harry Lime was nothing more or less than a thief and a murderer, the loyal Martins is at first outraged. Gradually, he not only discovers that Calloway was right, but also that Lime faked his own death and is still very much alive (he was the mysterious “third man” at the scene of the fatal accident). Calloway wants help from either Anna or Holly to flush out Lime. Blindly loyal, Anna refuses. Martins does likewise, until Calloway shows him the tragic results of Lime’s black market in diluted penicillin. Arranging a rendezvous with Lime at the huge Ferris wheel in the centre of Vienna, Holly listens in barely concealed disgust as Lime casually dismisses his heinous crimes. Feeling particularly brazen, Lime offers not to kill Holly if the latter will go into business with him. Thus the stage is set for the famous climactic confrontation in the sewers of Vienna – and the even more famous final shot of The Third Man, in which Martins pays emotionally for doing the right thing.

It’s another of those bizarre things that the plot of this movie so accurately represented our real life dynamics right down to my loyalty to Frank, and Ark’s arrival on the scene and his initial refusal to see what Frank was really doing at the deepest levels. Even though Ark and I were now at the point where we knew that something was seriously amiss with Frank, we continued to want to try to find ways to help him adjust to the fact that he was valued and accepted, but that he was not going to be allowed to willfully manipulate either of us, and control games were not going to be tolerated. Frank had issues – deep ones – and we knew it. I had always known it. But now we were coming to the realization that the only one who could fix Frank was Frank.

We tried to approach the problem in terms of behavior modification. On all the occasions when I would have been inclined to let rudeness pass, or to make nice when Frank was clearly in the wrong, to agree for the sake of peace even when I knew he was twisting things, Ark was undertaking the process of letting him know when he was rude and behaving unacceptably, as well as clearly pointing out the fallacies in his logic. Frank had been accustomed to dazzling everyone with his fine voice and big words. Frank used words as others use algebraic signs. He was meticulous and precise, sculpting the emotions of the listener with finely tuned reverberations of pain and love and fear.

Over the years, I had noticed that he watched other people carefully while he talked to them, and I often caught him actually peeking to see what effect he was having. If the effect was satisfactory, he continued on a given approach. If the effect was not what he wanted – and I wasn’t sure what it was – then he would adjust his word choices until they achieved the desired effect. His ability to mimic was obviously very useful in this way because he could make his words and vocabulary resemble that of his target so that they were very quickly entrained. There were only a very few people he was not able to manipulate this way. He did it to me, but I knew he was doing it to some extent, and because I cared for him, I allowed it.

The only emotions that seemed to be really “real” to Frank, the only emotions he expressed, were rage and hurt and inordinate humiliation and fear, which he expressed in reaction to slights and injuries, real or imagined. I guess it could be said that his emotions were reactive, and not active. The curious thing about it was that even though he could rant for hours in rage at his parents, someone who had insulted him when he was a child in school, a stranger who had offended him, his sister (one of his favorite rants), he disdained feelings and emotions in other people. He pronounced anyone with healthy emotions to be “weak” and therefore to be derided. He would pontificate for hours about how superior his own approach to life was because he, only he, was completely free of petty human emotions!

Frank was obsessively afraid of sickness and pain. For Frank, any experience of pain brought on an onslaught of memories of every other pain he had ever experienced, and the listener was forced to endure hours of recitation of the multiple levels of agony he had experienced at all the different points in his life. This subject of his pains was an inexhaustible source of verbiage, and I had been subjected to it for years. And now, Ark would no longer allow it. When Frank would start on such subjects, Ark would ask him: why are you so focused on your pains of the past when you can see that Laura is so exhausted she can barely sit up?

As much as I hated to admit it, I was slowly beginning to realize that Frank was not just a poor wounded bird; he was overtly pompous, grandiose, repulsive and contradictory. There was a huge discrepancy between who he thought he was, and claimed to be, and what he really was. He didn’t just think he was superior to everyone else, it was an accepted fact in his mind, an all-pervasive reality that made him certain that he was entitled to special treatment and outstanding consideration because he was the most unique human being on the planet. He knew this to be true just as he knew that he was surrounded by air. This superior identity was more him than his body. And as long as I allowed myself to be controlled by him, I was allowed to breathe this superior air. But when the control was broken, when Ark exerted his protective influence over me, an abyss opened between me and Frank that grew wider every day.

Frank was quite brilliant at insulating himself from the truth about himself versus what he thought he was. His brilliant rhetoric was used to isolate him from the pain of facing reality. It allowed him to continue to inhabit the fantasyland where he was the ideal of perfection and brilliance. Frank wasn’t, and isn’t evil in any strict sense. In point of fact, what we call the dark side, or STS for the sake of convention, ought not to be reviled. It just simply is. Most people on such a pathway consider themselves to be good and compassionate people. They even help people professionally or voluntarily. But they only do it to gain something, to get attention, adulation, admiration, money, power or whatever.

But Ark wasn’t going to let him get away with it anymore. Frank was certainly entitled to be any way he wanted to be, or to just be. But when it created physical, psychological, or psychic problems for us, he wasn’t going to be allowed to do it in our house. He had more than met his match, and he didn’t like it one bit.

As we became more aware of the problem, we naturally discussed if we ought to do something more about it, what it might be, and came to the conclusion that the simplest solution was to work with the psychomantium for the deeper questions, and continue the board work as the group channel, for simple questions and issues that did not require complex answers. Frank seemed to be aware of this and several times accused us of planning to ditch him. The fact is, that wasn’t true, since we hoped that he was going to stabilize so that we could continue on both levels. But it seemed that the more paranoid he became about it, the more he behaved in ways to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As Ark continued to block Frank’s attempts to drain energy from me, his health began to deteriorate. Frank had always been a hypochondriac and a germophobe, but now he was having what seemed to be acute gallbladder attacks. He thought it was his heart and his mother paid for him to go and have a complete cardiac work-up. Nothing was found. The next was a complete gall bladder check, including the most advanced testing available. Again, nothing was found to be wrong with him. At the same time, all his teeth were rotting away visibly week by week. Not just one or two of them, but all of them.

I have been a fan of Louise Hay for many years, finding her little book, Heal Your Body, to be an invaluable resource. The Cs had confirmed on a number of occasions that physical disease does not manifest unless there is a psycho-spiritual cause, and I knew that these causes could be very deep, often relating to past life experiences. I had used Louise Hay’s book to examine my own mental and psychological state, and had spent a great deal of the previous four years in physical therapy, including deep tissue massage, acupuncture, and several other Oriental modalities. I knew how valuable this multifaceted approach was for identifying and helping to release deeply buried issues in order to aid the healing process. My own health had been steadily improving as a result of this work, and with the cessation of energy draining I was feeling better than I had felt in 25 years or more.

I wanted Frank to be fixed. I wasn’t ready to give up on him. I wanted him to feel good too. I wanted him to stop this grandiose “I am so special; I am the Channel; I am the answer to the world’s prayers!” nonsense. I wanted him to just, for God’s sake, get real! I was sick of nurturing, giving, feeding him, with no evidence that anything was ever going to change. I thought he could heal all of this; he could heal his body as well as his soul. So I pointed out what Louise Hay had written about dental problems and gallbladder disease. I then suggested a variety of therapies that would have helped to release the blocked energy or psychic trauma that was certainly to be found at the root of his various problems.

He was highly offended that I would think that there was any comparison between him and ordinary mortals! How could I even suggest that he get on a massage table and allow anyone to touch his hallowed person? Had I lost my mind? Had I learned nothing in all my years of association with him? Wasn’t I yet fully convinced that he, above all people, was not like anyone else on the planet, and none of the rules applied to him!

Well, if you are so damned superior, how come your teeth are falling to pieces in your mouth, and how come you are suffering from that most common of all mortal ailments, gall bladder attacks? We will ask the Cs, I told him! Then you’ll see!

October 10, 1998

Q: I would like to ask if there is any significance to the fact that Frank is being afflicted in the area of his gallbladder, considering the relation to the word “gall?”

A: Only significance is that this is an unnecessary organ, much like the appendix.

Q: You say it is unnecessary. Was it ever necessary?

A: In earlier models … When one receives message of pain there, could it be symbolic of advancement of neo-physicality?

Q: Are you asking me? I have known a lot of people who had pain there who are just unhappy people.

A: But why unhappy? Think, my dear … And remember, your consciousness operates on four levels, not just one!

Q: And what are these four levels?

A: Physical body, consciousness, genetic body and spirit-etheric body.

Q: Are those the four composites of the human manifestation in third density?

A: 3rd and 4th. One leads oneself, through physical actions, as well as psychic ones, to develop these “problems” when one is preparing to “bump it up” a notch.

Q: Very interesting …

A: Now, a gentle warning: soon you too, Laura, will experience something similar!

Q: How similar?

A: Exactly similar!

Q: Is Ark going to be sick too?

A: Not likely, as his chemistry bypasses it. In other words, his gallbladder is functionally obsolete, it is comatose, as a result of diet and psychic nature.

Q: Alright now, anymore on this before we go in another direction?

A: Well, what do you think of that?!?

Q: I think that he must have bumped up a notch or two already.

A: Maybe … but you are all advanced … Why do you suppose you have adopted the dietary practices you have?

Q: Because they seem to be the only ones that work to keep me from being sick. I can’t eat like other people … never have been able to.

A: It will be interesting to see what happens post removal …

Q: After the removal of Frank’s gallbladder?

A: Yes, and …

Q: Now, listen here! I don’t want to go in the hospital! I’m scared of hospitals! I’m scared of doctors. I don’t want needles stuck in my veins. I don’t want to be put to sleep, and I don’t want anybody cutting on me! I swore I would never do it again!

A: That will change when nature starts singing her song. We suggest you start now to concentrate on weight-loss, as this will make the process much easier on you!!!

Well, that was interesting. As it happens, I have had no gallbladder problems, and probably won’t. However, the Cs certainly confirmed that Frank was unhappy. They were also conveying some deep information about Frank when they said that he was preparing to “bump it up a notch” that meshes exactly with what was later said on January 10, 2002:

Q: Quite a few years ago, there were several remarks made on two or three occasions regarding Frank’s battle with the dark forces, and the issue of whether or not he would be able to resist their domination. Was it always known that he would fail?

A: He is not a failure.

Q: What do you mean?

A: From the perspective of STS he is a success.

We had been told on enough occasions that advancement could be made as STS or STO. So we may assume that the higher self in STS terms was activating his program for success. Another thing that strikes me in retrospect was the remark about Ark: it seems that the Cs were indicating that he was already operating from neophysicality. We can certainly see the Cs giving warnings in the above, wrapped in Frank’s wishful thinking which directed a warning at me. He was indeed advancing to his new state of being. It just didn’t happen to be STO.

We moved onto other subjects and he settled down; until Ark began pressing the physics questions again.

Q: (A) When I was asking about UFT, you said I should go back to 1969. I went back to 1969, but I don’t have any notes from then, so the only thing I can remember that I was doing then which could relate, was that I was thinking about certain algebraic machinery which tells us that there is a kind of perfect symmetry between matter and antimatter. Was this the clue?

A: Yes!

Q: (A) I was looking for the connection between the square root of 13 and phi, and I couldn’t find any. So, my question is, when you say square root of 13, do you mean an ordinary square root, or using one of these p-adic number fields?

A: Latter.

Q: (A) But, if so, then last time I took the calculator and computed the ordinary square root of thirteen; yet you did not stop me at this point, but ask me to subtract from this ordinary square root, the number phi. So, if it is not an ordinary square root, as you suggest, I would expect that you would not ask me to subtract from the wrong number!

A: We did not ask you to subtract from the “wrong” number. Besides, you did what you are supposed to do; think!! This quest is for you. Our prime channel is becoming weak and fatigued, so we must now go!

“This quest is for you!” And the instant that had been transmitted, Frank “woke up” and we see the manipulation of his wishful thinking. Again, we see the fact that the real answers were not to be delivered in Frank’s presence. The answers to such questions, locked away from him and his vacuum operation, only came when Ark and I were working alone. And somehow, since he could not access them, he realized that he was not the “Prime Channel,” though he had to maintain the fiction right to the end.

A couple of weeks after this, I had a dream. Keep in mind that, at this point, we are sleeping in the psychomantium. The dream was very disturbing. As you read this, just remember the dream about V** where it turned out that my subconscious was sending my conscious mind a message, but my conscious mind didn’t want to hear it, so the characters were switched. Of course, in this following discussion, the reader ought to also keep in mind that it is likely that some of Frank’s prejudices against Terry and Jan were present. But still, the Cs managed to do a pretty good job telling me something in code. And pay very close attention to the mention of the “used soap.” It was the key.

October 31, 1998

Q: I would like to address a couple of things before Ark gets on to his questions if any. First of all, I had a dream the other night about Terry and Jan. In the dream, Terry was at my house and it was the old house up in Hudson. He was going through the house claiming that I had things that belonged to them, such as books, which I did not have. In fact, they do have books which belong to me. Nevertheless, since he could not find anything that was theirs, and I spent some time allowing him to look through everything to prove the point, he began collecting all sorts of little things such as bars of soap, even used soap, cosmetics, and an old book that he claimed because I could not identify it as mine, and it was damaged by water and useless. He kept going around the house saying, “Isn’t that mine? Isn’t that mine?” and on and on. Finally, I got mad at my time being endlessly wasted and the fact that he did not believe me, and I ordered him to leave my house and never come back. He left reluctantly and soon was back with Jan. Jan was then trying to placate me and being all sweet and huggy and said, “I heard you had a little tiff with Terry,” and she did not realize that it was not a little “tiff,” I had simply had it with both of them. I was boiling mad, and she was saying, “I know you have stuff that belongs to us,” and she started poking around here and there, and they even went to the opening to the attic and started pulling down the insulation in the roof to see if I had hidden stuff that belonged to them up there! They just couldn’t find anything, but they kept saying that they were sure that I had something that belonged to them, and it seemed to be mainly books. Could you tell me what this dream represents?

A: Your reflection of them.

Q: My reflection of them?

A: Yes.

Q: In what sense? I don’t understand what you mean?

A: Your view.

Q: So, my view of them is that they are trying to take something from me that doesn’t belong to them and insisting that it does?

A: Close. Maybe something you do have.

Q: Trying to take something from me that is mine by claiming that it is theirs?

A: Yes.

Q: Any other comment on this dream? This was rather threatening to me and I thought I ought to examine it because it was so realistic.

A: There is a karmic “twist” between you and them.

Q: What is the karmic twist?

A: Just as it is … Unresolved issues, like kids playing in the sand box.

Q: Is there any indication from this dream that they are going to swoop back into our lives?

A: Well, they probably will, will they not?

Q: I don’t know. I thought it was singularly unpleasant.

A: You fascinate and frustrate them.

Q: It is pretty bizarre. Now, the other night, in front of the psychomantium, I did not exactly have a vision, but something came into my head, and the idea was that prime numbers are important because the principle that they are only divisible by themselves and by one is indicative of the fact that they are direct links, channels, or conduits to seventh density, or first density, or something …

A: How about all densities?

Q: OK, that is sort of what I mean, that they are, in a sense, gateways – would that be a good term?

A: Close.

Q: How does one utilize the energies inherent in prime numbers in this respect? Do they represent frequencies or frequency relationships?

A: Verities.

Q: Is there any formula, or any thing about prime numbers that makes it easier to find them … anything about them that is unique?

A: Pyramidal.

Q: Pyramid relationships would help one find prime numbers?

A: Graph.

Q: A pyramid-type graph. OK, anything else about prime numbers? When you said that they were the “dwellings of the mystics” I had an idea that a prime number could be a dwelling of a mystic because the individual would express in some manner a frequency that related in some way to a prime number. Is that somewhere along the line … ? That mystics can traverse all densities because of frequency?

A: Something like that.

Q: My next thought was that it could indicate actual places or locations in space-time on the planet that would be represented by coordinates.

A: Zuber.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Research. [Die Zauberflöte – the “magic flute” by Mozart. So perhaps it is related to sound and “magic”.]

At this point, because I was still disturbed by my dream, I decided to come back to the subject of Terry. After the months and months of Frank’s repeated derogatory remarks about Terry, and now with the dream on top of it, I just wanted a straight answer. Was Frank right? Was Terry the bad guy? After all, the dream had been about Terry, right?

Q: Now, I have long wondered about something you said to Terry, about him being connected to a thought center called Neormm, and that it was related to orimulsion, and this is some kind of a fuel. I wonder if you could clarify that remark. What is Neormm?

A: Not yet.

Q: You also made a remark to Terry once, “Oh Terry, the battle is always, it’s when you choose that counts.” What do you mean by “when you choose.” I thought that time did not exist, so why did you make this remark to him?

A: Remark was for him.

Q: Did that indicate that he was not choosing something, or that he ought to choose? I know I am poking into his business.

A: Yes, you are.

Q: But in the sense of his interaction with us, it would be useful to know if he was a robot person, programmed to disrupt, a psychic vampire, or something other.

A: The issue here is not him per se, but the blend in a karmic sense. Obviously, these people hold an inordinate level of your consciousness. So why is this? If you seek answers, it is wise to not leave doors unopened.

Q: What kind of doors? Leave the door open to Terry and Jan?

A: No, it is the quest we speak of. One cannot find clues without understanding the interpreter.

Q: Could you be a little bit clearer? I am just not grasping this!

A: Why do Terry and Jan enter your dreams? Do you suppose it is because you have no interest?!? We think not!

Q: What doors … am I leaving some doors closed?

A: Yes.

Q: What could I do to open these doors in a practical sense?

A: Look within.

Q: Is there something I can or should do to disconnect?

A: Explore the issues.

“Obviously, these people hold an inordinate level of your consciousness. So why is this? If you seek answers, it is wise to not leave doors unopened.” In fact, the only issue that had been left unexplored was the idea that Frank could have been deliberately sent into my life to vacuum information out of me and drain me of my life force. Every single other possibility had been considered. I had gone from thinking that Frank was a sixth-density STO being sent to help me, to thinking he was a wounded fourth-density STO being, to thinking that he was just a guy with problems, and those problems made him uniquely suited to be a well pipe in a channeling experiment. The Cs couldn’t have said it any plainer when they said, “One cannot find clues without understanding the interpreter.” Without having the understanding of what Frank really was, I was unable to see so many, many things that later became crystal clear. I was refusing to open the door to the possibility that Frank was just simply on the STS path, and that it was his free-will choice, and none of the fixing I was trying to do was going to work.

Fortunately, however, with Terry so nicely disposed of, Frank’s control issues went quiescent and we managed to continue in a reasonable way.

Q: (A) I was trying meditate and I have discovered that I don’t think it will work for me. I don’t know how to do it …

A: Remove ripples, adjust light.

Q: Do we need to move the light backward, forward, or dim it?

A: Back it up and dim.

Q: In general, is the structure as we have it adequate? It seems to have really good energy.

A: Getting there.

Q: Well, it has the size, and the lines of the structure seem to concentrate energy, and there have been a few interesting experiences in there …

A: Sparks, yes, but no flame yet.

Q: (A) I was thinking that for me it will not work at all unless I can write something down, because otherwise, it is not recorded … (L) I think that is a good idea to take a pad and pen and write whatever comes to you …

A: Yes.

Q: (L) You don’t have to see what you are writing …

A: Writing has always worked for Ark.

Q: (A) Well, if it is true that writing has always worked for me, is it also true that this psychomantium environment will help?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Just write in bed, in the tent, every night before you go to sleep. (A) Is there any way we can improve or change the way we are having our sessions with the board?

A: Room.

Q: We are working on changing the room.

A: Okay.

Q: I know that back room is a better room, and maybe I should just clean it out so we can use it. (A) Why is the other room better?

A: Energy vector.

Q: (A) Why is the energy vector in the other room better than in this room?

A: It is conduit.

Q: Where does the conduit extend from, above or below?

A: Both. Like static electrical charge.

Q: (A) What about conduit in the bedroom where we have put this psychomantium?

A: Psychomantium utilizes one’s own psychic body, thus is portable to a greater extent. But, if you were to place the structure there, it would enhance things …

Q: It would enhance things psychomantium-wise or board-wise?

A: Each.

Q: Well, the only problem with putting the psychomantium there is there is nothing to sit in as comfortable as it ought to be …

A: As of now.

Q: What are we supposed to do? Have a whole complete room for it?

A: That is how it is generally done. Just ask Michel de Notredame.

Q: Then, I just need a different house! I need a dining room and new kitchen!

A: Have you had this since 1990?

Q: No, and it is a real pain!

A: Oh, the pain, the pain.

Q: So, what you are saying is that you want me to take the psychomantium, set it up in the back room, put the table back there, get some comfortable chairs …

A: We don’t “want” anything. Suggest? Oh yes, we do this. […]

Q: (A) Now, apparently, everything is going well, and for a while, I think I will have more time to start some real research, and I would like some advice because we don’t know how long I will have this time. What would be the first priority for me to work on for now?

A: The journal, to start with. One’s objectives should be outlined. The scientist usually begins with this for “fine tuning.” We see more opportunities coming though. We led you to the garden, and you planted the beanstalk. Now watch it grow, Jack!

For those who keep writing to me saying, “I’m Jack!” please notice that the Cs were addressing Ark in this last remark.

Q: (L) That doesn’t mean there is going to be a giant going around saying “fee, fie, foe, fum” does it?

A: The giant is in the meaning.

Q: You mean we gotta kill a giant?

A: No.

Q: (A) I also wanted to ask if I should be more active and ask more questions in future sessions, or to ask less questions and work more on my own?

A: Questions open the doors, Arkadiusz.

Q: (L) I want to go back to this beanstalk!

A: Well, what of the fable?

Q: (L) Well, Jack got these beans and planted them and they grew. He climbed the beanstalk and figured out how to transform or kill the giant, and got the treasure, and ran away and chopped the beanstalk down so the giant couldn’t get him. (F) I remember that he used the beanstalk to get to the same level with the giant. (L) Well, which does it mean? Does he use the beanstalk to rise to the level of the giant, get the treasure and live there, or does he run away with the treasure and chop down the beanstalk?

A: Take your pick.

Q: (L) Well, the essence of the story is that Jack was successful. He planted these magic beans and they really grew, like overnight! He woke up the next day and the beanstalk reached all the way to the clouds – that is how fast it was. I guess that what you have been doing in this job is planting magic beans that are gonna take off and grow like crazy and be a ladder you can climb to some giant success! If I remember correctly, there was a harp involved.

At this point, Ark decided to try and get the subject right out in the open.

Q: (A) I want to ask if these sessions we are having are affecting Frank’s health in a negative way?

A: No, but as always, the channeling is a wee bit draining. No harm done, but the following hours provide a needed regeneration sequence.

Q: (A) It seems to me that I notice that when I ask some difficult or mathematical question, that Frank becomes instantly very tired. Is there anything to this? How should I ask these questions to get answers and not to make Frank sick?

A: This does not make Frank sick.

Q: (L) We notice also that when we hang out without doing the channeling. The last couple of weeks when we did not do a session, we all became very tired, so that even the next day, it was like being completely drained. Was this because of his recent sickness, or because we weren’t channeling and we were supposed to … (A) Or because there were some energies around?

A: A, B, C.

Q: What were the other energies?

A: There are always other energies near you because your work attracts them.

Since the Cs had suggested that the energy in the back room was better, and since I was having trouble staying awake in the psychomantium, we decided to move it, and that way, we could just have our regular sessions inside it, though without dropping the side panels. I had the idea that it would accumulate energy this way.

Now, I love thrift shops. I stalk bargains the way big game hunters stalk their prey. When I find a good one, I am sure that no successful stalker on safari is more ecstatic than I am. So, what happened was that I found a really fine old organ in a thrift shop for practically nothing. I bought it, and after the shop manager and helper loaded it in the van, I drove home in triumph with my great buy.

Ark looked at it, looked at me and asked the obvious question, “Where are we going to put it?” Well, we already had a piano and a big electronic keyboard. We have wall-to-wall book cases, and there was just nowhere to put this thing but in the back room where the psychomantium was. So, that’s where it went.

Not too long after, we bought a treadmill and it ended up in the back room also. (This room used to be a dining room and we call it the back room because it is in the back of the house.) A few days later, Tom French came to visit and wanted to know if I had finished my psychomantium. “Indeed!” I proudly told him. After all the trouble it took to make the blasted thing, I was enormously proud of it! I started to lead him to it, and as I reached the door I realized that I had a room in my house where there was a 10-by-10-foot black felt tent, a six-foot cheval mirror, a silver candelabra on a pedestal behind the mirror, an organ, a treadmill, and a table in the middle with a spirit board on it covered with plexiglass. It did not look good!

Tom took one look at the set-up and burst into hilarious laughter. As it happened, there were also Barbie dolls, clothes, furniture, and other signs of the girls taking over the room to play, along with the vacuum cleaner standing on the treadmill with the cord dumped in a pile beside it.

“I know you aren’t doing anything weird in here,” Tom gasped out. “There’s a vacuum cleaner!” And he collapsed into laughter again.

November 14, 1998

Q: (L) OK, you notice that we have the psychomantium up. Do you have any suggestions for improvement of this marvel of engineering?

A: Try it.

Q: (L) Well, of course we are. Are we supposed to do it all together, or what? What’s the deal on this thing?

A: When needed.

Q: (L) What would be the clue that one needs it?

A: Pangs of psychic hunger. […]

Q: (L) Let me insert another question here. If part of the use of this psychomantium is to bring the earth to the point of fourth-density transitional adjustment, is part of that project also an opening of a doorway for Jesus, who is in the state of suspended animation as you have previously described, to reemerge into the world?

A: Or reemerge into the consciousness.

Q: (L) Of who or what?

A: All 4th density inductees.

Q: (L) Well, you once said that he was actually in a flesh body in this “time warp” in a state of suspended animation, so to speak, or a place of no time …

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is something going to happen where this singular individual, Jesus, is going to …

A: No need for that.

Q: (L) So, at the point of this fourth-density transitional adjustment, what will Jesus, in his state of suspended animation be doing? Will he continue in that state forever, or will he make some shift of his own?

A: The shift is yours. Afterwards, you can see that which you cannot yet see.

Q: (L) Sure! But, the big problem seems to be getting to the point of that shift! That seems to be the mission, the quest, the objective of all of this … or am I off base here?

A: Not “objective,” just is.

Q: (L) Why does it seem that you indicate from time to time that the three of us here, and perhaps others, play some sort of role in this activity? Is that not true for many people?

A: Not true for most.

The astute reader of the session files will note that we faithfully held our sessions once a week all through 1998. In spite of our awareness of the Frank issue, we were willing to maintain the schedule in hopes that the regular contact would be of benefit to him. But in 1999, the frequency was reduced to once a month. We almost terminated the sessions altogether because something very strange happened.

Remember the dream about Terry and Jan, the searching for books, and the bar of used soap?

Well, Frank arrived one evening for the regular session, and he began to examine the books in the bookcases. He was pulling out one book after another saying, “Isn’t this mine? Didn’t I lend this to you? I had this exact book and now I can’t find my copy. Are you sure this is yours?” and so on and on.

I nearly froze with the sensation of déjá vu. Now, one thing I am very faithful about is returning other people’s books. In fact, I would prefer to buy my own copy than borrow a book. Unfortunately, not everyone is this way and I have many, many books that are still missing because I will lend them out to someone who swears that they will return them, and then I forget who has them, and until I look for the book later, I don’t even realize that it was never returned.

Every single book Frank pulled off the shelf and suggested was his, was not. And in fact, most of them had stickers on them from the two or three used book stores I like to sweep through now and again to pick up copies of things that I think will be useful for research, and if they are good, an extra copy to give away.

Well, Frank finally found an old tatty book that he insisted was his. By this time, his rudeness had just simply gone beyond endurance and I just said, “Sure! It might be yours! Keep it.” He seemed satisfied, and gave up the hunt. I was disturbed by this little display that was so like my dream. But I brushed it aside, and we settled down for the session.

January 2, 1999

Q: (A) My first question is: I was thinking about what could be the optimal situation for us, for me to work and to proceed, and I decided that the best situation is to have a lot of money, so that we are independent. So, I started to think about how to make a lot of money, and it came to me that the best thing is to get the Nobel Prize next year. So, I started to think about how to get a Nobel Prize, and the best possibility is through computing this Fine Structure Constant. This is in my reach, and it can be done in one year, and it is safe to get a Nobel Prize for this. Am I hallucinating here?

A: Your goals are reachable, but the Nobel Prize is politically charged.

Q: (L) Yes, but it gives sufficient influence that one can do what one likes, and it certainly is not the money that you get as the prize that is so significant, as it is the offers you get after you have it that are significant. I don’t think that, in and of itself, it is such a huge amount of dough. It is a chunk of change, but not to set one up for life unless one is very frugal and careful. (F) One bar of soap every nine months.

Right when Frank made the above remark, after the whole scene of searching my bookcases for anything that he could claim as his own, and now the mention of the used soap, the hair stood up on my head and I knew.

Q: So, my view of them is that they are trying to take something from me that doesn’t belong to them and insisting that it does?

A: Close. Maybe something you do have.

Q: Trying to take something from me that is mine by claiming that it is theirs?

A: Yes.

But I didn’t want to believe it.

The dream was not about Terry and Jan; it was about Frank.