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SOTT-Cassiopaea: Anti-Cult, Anti-Defamation and Psychopath Free Zone

Imagine our devastation when we learned recently that, a mind-warping, data-mining psy-ops disguised as an alt. website, was knocked offline. The story being put out there is that infighting arising from a severe case of “internet gang stalking” resulted in this pathetic pity ploy appearing on GLP’s homepage while the site was down:

“at what point does the personal sacrifice become too great?
when you put the life of my friends and family at risk.
I will not allow this website to cause my friends and family to live in fear
you won
hope you are happy
the last light of the world has been extinguished.”

As one of our forum members succinctly put it: “A day without GLP is like a day without diarrhea.” This website, more than any other, has played host to the most puerile, vicious slander and egregious defamation against Laura Knight-Jadczyk and her work, including this website, for nearly a decade. Others have connected the sinister dots behind this “conspiracy forum” that point to its being psy-ops…

Godlikeproductions is Psy-Ops

Godlike Productions (GLP) Controlled Opposition/Gatekeepers: BANS (SRI) & Tavistock postings

…but from our perspective proof that it’s psy-ops is the almost 300 pages of libel and defamation on a 6 year old thread, that they permit to be posted about Laura and our work.

Who would host such baseless filth unless they were confident the legal system would protect them from lawsuits? And who would be so confident unless they had “connections” to back them up?

But, there is more.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant!

Well, we’ve had enough. Following consultation with our attorneys, and in honour of our defamers’ insistence that we constitute a “cult”, we’ve decided to create an anti-defamation website called On it you will find in-depth refutations of the lies written about us by Vincent Bridges, Jay Weidner, Stormbear Williams, Colleen Johnston and their cohorts over the past decade. (There will be a special on Andrew Rowland soon so stay tuned!)

You’ll also find testimonials in support of Laura, Ark and their extended family, all of whom have been subjected to filth over the years, even Laura’s then-minor children. These testimonials have come from members of the Cassiopaea forum, many of whom are involved on a voluntary basis in some way or another as participants in one of the working groups that support our various interrelated projects – from the editorial team here at to our women’s support group to the growing international team of Éiriú Eolas instructors. As you will see, we come from all walks of life and have all benefited from the Knight-Jadczyks’ monumental efforts, their kindness and their grace under fire. The foundations that they laid have already benefited thousands of people in dramatically positive ways. The constant defamatory attacks do not affect Laura and Ark’s personal life a bit, but we are aware of their negative affect in terms of blocking this knowledge from reaching the countless others who would otherwise benefit from it. As Joe Quinn writes:

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a slanderous accusation? Some slur which, while in no way true, somehow ‘stuck’. Maybe you simply know someone to whom this happened. The thing about liars is, compared to someone who is telling the truth, liars are at a distinct advantage. Think about it; if someone suddenly starts a ‘hate campaign’ against another person, spreading all sorts of malicious and unfounded rumors, some of the lies will likely ‘stick’. The claims of the liar, coming from the position of complete untruth, gain credibility when none is due. The innocent party on the other hand, loses credibility when he or she has done nothing to deserve it. Very often, liars have nothing to lose by telling lies, especially if they are inveterate liars with no apparent conscience.

So what’s my point? Well, the above paragraph describes exactly the situation as regards the ‘cult’ accusations against Laura, Ark, their family, work and friends. Me included. Using entirely manufactured and demonstrably false allegations, certain individuals have waged an almost 10-year defamation campaign against us. The culprits are well known to us. I have, at times, considered that they must suffer from some classic mental illness such as schizophrenia. On the other hand, I am faced with the fact that, while very few in number (counted on one hand) they are possessed of an almost pathological persistence and determination to attack and defame us that is uncharacteristic of any classic or common mental illness. This fact has led me to an alternative speculation on their malaise: they’re not mentally ill in the strict clinical definition of the term, but instead provide the best evidence I have seen for the existence of mind-control.

Whatever the true origin of their particular psychological issues may be, the fact of the matter is that they are, beyond any doubt, inveterate liars. […]

The background of the defamer-in-chief, Vincent Bridges, aka ‘Dr. Strange’, is rather enlightening. Bridges claims to be an ‘Enochian Magician’. ‘Enochian magick’ has its origins in ancient Egypt and the various cults that existed at that time. Many of these ‘Enochian magicians’ see themselves as tasked in some way with triggering the end of the world or ‘cosmos regeneration’ as they call it. ‘Cosmos regeneration’ is to be achieved through ‘magickal workings’ using various ‘ancient’ and ‘sacred’ techniques.

Among the more colourful techniques used by such types we find: ‘Calling down the cube of space’, aligning the celestial poles’, ‘opening the portals’, ‘celestial mechanics’, ‘sacred science,’ ‘sacred geometry’ and ‘the raising of the djed’.

Ask yourself, are you going to take seriously anything that issues from the mouth (or keyboard) of a person who thinks he is divinely tasked with a mission to ‘call down the cube of space’ in order to usher in the end of the world?? Even more disturbingly, there exist strong links between the ‘Enochian Magick’ that Bridges claims to practice and ‘Satanism’. Anyone can confirm this by doing an internet search using the two terms.

Many of these ‘magicians’ (Bridges included) organise trips for believers to ‘sacred sites’, often in Egypt, where apprentices are bilked of their money in return for the opportunity to listen to the nonsensical ramblings of the ‘great magician’ (sitting atop an unhappy looking camel). On a more humorous note (depending on how you look at it), in regard to the above mentioned ‘raising the djed’ – it seems that anyone involved in this activity immediately becomes a ‘djedi’ and from various sources we find that the time when these ‘djedi’ perform their ‘magickal working’ will be the time of the ‘return of the djedi’.

As is common with many new age grifters like Bridges, the benefits he offers to any adherents he manages to con are grandiose:

“When we experience our own connection between the two (matter and spirit) a resounding “Yessss!” will synaptically ricochet throughout the global brain, the morphogenetic field of the planet, (and the Internet.) Our conscious reconnection with the wisdom of our own origins, and the rediscovery of the archaic celestial/terrestrial technologies, initiates us into “whole” consciousness.”

Or better still:

“Attune yourself to the blissful energetic current of the joyous goddesses as you enter their abundant world of passion, ecstasy and enchantment. Learn how to open yourself to the magical world of the senses, awaken your Kundalini energy, experience the sacred nature of your sexuality and fill yourself with the fertile, life-enhancing nectar of the Sensuous Goddess.”

I’m not making this up, this is precisely the kind of nonsense that our defamers have built their ‘reputations’ on. This is what they claim to believe! So I ask you, should I, or anyone, take anything such people say seriously? Obviously not. They really belong in some new age travelling show, complete with scale models of their ‘cube of space’ and a bearded lady. In a normal world, we wouldn’t even have to bother with the rantings of such types because their pathology and deviant view of the world would be clearly discernible. But we don’t live in a normal world it seems, and due to the aforementioned pathological persistence of our detractors, we are forced to actually take the time and effort to counter their attacks. We do this, not so much to protect ourselves, (because there is nothing such people can do to harm us) but rather to protect the valuable information we have to share and the rights of all to have access to it, free from the threat of being attacked and defamed.

Henry See, another well-known writer for SOTT states:

In 2008, I had a chance to open a book store. My mother owned a book store. You might say it is in my blood. Laura and Ark supported me in this undertaking. Without their support, it would never have happened. And yet I have read a report from someone attacking Laura and Ark, who accuses them of running a cult, who claims that I came into conflict with them, left the “Cult”, and have ceased all contact!

Really, what are you going to do when there are people making up stories about you? How do you counter it other than by saying, “Hey, buddy, I was there. You’re totally wrong. Why are you making this stuff up?”

The extent of the divergence of the facts from the slander would be funny if people weren’t being hurt. But people are being hurt, and so I have to wonder about the motivations of a person who is willing to lie to serve his own needs, who cares so little for the truth that he is willing to slander people to get what he wants. Is it an example of … emotional thinking … or it is something worse?

SOTT editor, Beau Christiansen writes:

Sadly, their are people who do not want to see such a thing as a world where people help and support each other. It fills me with great sadness to read the defamatory material that is posted on the Internet about Mrs. Jadczyk. I have seen and experienced what a kind person she is and how giving she is to those who are in need. To see what others are saying, it is such a stark contrast from the person who I’ve come to know over the years, someone who has been the exact opposite of some kind of cult guru with a diva-like disposition. It would be comical if it didn’t cause so much pain and anguish.

All I can say now is that I stand behind Laura against her attackers. Her special efforts to shed light on what’s going on in the world are invaluable and I am a first-hand witness to the goodness she brings to the lives of others.

SOTT editor Gena writes

I think the specific term ‘cult’ is an accusation meant to incite feelings of fear and hatred among all those who hear it. In addition to that, it is completely untrue.

I have never been someone who was interested in joining groups or in being a follower. I’m still not. What I have found in this community is understanding, patience and honesty – not only in terms of how I am treated, but how I treat myself. What a priceless gift!

The truth of the matter is that Laura is genuinely “good people”. In fact, that’s what I like about her the most – her openness, even when it hurts to be open, speaks to me. That she has been hurt and continues to be and yet consistently faces it with such grace is an amazing example to all who wonder how to walk that line.

SOTT editor JoAnn Siglin writes:

I stumbled upon Laura Knight-Jadczyk work in the August of 2000. I had only had my first computer since that May. I am a hairdresser and I really didn’t think I had much use for a computer. Most people I knew only used a computer for shopping, games, and e-mail. I had no interest until I realized how much information I could access. I had been an avid reader of metaphysical, history, philosophy books and more. I was searching for knowledge. I wanted to know and make sense out of the world.

So, armed with my new computer I literally did a search on “The Truth”. I was very disappointed in the results (lol). I joined a David Icke discussion group and anytime someone suggested a link, I followed it. One day someone suggested, I clicked on a random chapter of The Wave and read it. I thought hmmm, that is very interesting! It was going against some of what I THOUGHT I knew from reading other books, but it made more sense then anything I ever came across. I read another random chapter, then I knew I needed to start at the beginning. I had found what I was looking for. I soon joined the Cassiopaea discussion group.

Laura’s work is so prolific, well researched and fascinating. I feel I have received a better education then I could ever have received going to a University. I figure she has saved us all from having to read over 10,000 books that she had to, to connect all the dots.

The insane attacks against her are what prompted Laura to begin to study psychopathology. She needed to understand what kind of people do these things and, as a result, millions of people have benefited from her research.

The psychopath counts on our “goodness” and twists and manipulates that goodness into something horrid and deformed.

We have to ask “Why?”, why would someone, or some group, expend so much energy to destroy not only the life’s work of someone, but to also destroy their private life as well? If people don’t agree with Laura’s ideas, they can ignore them. Many people do. What kind of pathological need can there be to get vicious and personal?

Laura is accused of being paranoid for thinking that there is a cyber-gang after her, but listen: when you start getting death threats, your family and friends get threats and are harassed, you realize that she’s not paranoid. In fact, considering all that’s been said and done, I don’t think she’s paranoid enough because she repeatedly is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, and she certainly never says anything about anyone else unless they have FIRST attacked her. And even then, she will often wait to see if that person was just having a bad day!

All Laura has ever been doing is trying to make available her research to others. She ain’t in it for the money, because there is none, nor for the glory, because what she gets is infamy, threats, and attacks. She wants to give others the possibility to see the world through different eyes. And she is forcing her ideas on no one.

Why is that so dangerous that she must be destroyed? Why do they go so far as to attack her children? What kind of people would do that?

SOTT editor Timothy C. Trepanier, BSc. Pharm, writes:

If anything, Laura is the very definition of anti-cultish and would probably laugh harder than anyone if someone were to try and deify her in any way. She is a real person who works hard and cares about the truth in all aspects of life. Having visited them in France several times over the years, worked closely with them as a researcher myself, my overwhelmingly positive opinion of them has only strengthened and I not only consider them good friends but feel as if they are part of my family.

I can’t urge strongly enough that anyone who doubts the sincerity and honesty of these fine, upstanding people read for themselves everything that Laura has produced that relates to these accusations of “cult” and “fraud”. The real story is available to all for free on the internet. Their lives are an open book and the truth is there for anyone who takes the time to read. In my opinion, Laura and Ark are involved in doing some of the most important research in the world today, and I will continue to support and encourage them in all their endeavours.

And finally, Statement by Sonrisa, B.A., J.D., Attorney for 25 years

I have been reading books and articles written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk and the writers for the Signs-of-the-Times (SOTT) news site, for four years. The information presented in those books and articles is very well-researched and analyzed. Since the underlying point of most of the articles and books is to expose the political and historical lies that humanity has been told for hundreds, even thousands of years, it would be very surprising indeed if the people who want to continue to perpetuate those lies did not vehemently attack the information presented, and the messengers presenting it.

The lies told to humanity span the gamut – from religious lies, to the re-writing of history to cover up of important facts (and to protect the guilty), to the political lies that allow the people who control the levers of power to continue their illegitimate control to wage brutal and illegal wars, impoverish the masses, and economically and psychologically enslave the world. Laura and the SOTT team write about and expose it all. So of COURSE the messenger, and the message, is attacked. The powers in control can’t stand being exposed for what they really are!

I have also been reading and interacting on the Cassiopaean forum for a similar number of years, and the information, analysis, and critical thinking there is no less formidable. In my profession as an attorney, clear thinking and keen analysis are extremely important to success, as well as impeccable research, logic, and reasoning. The facts must be supported by evidence to be deemed credible. The information presented on the Cassiopaean forum, and the analysis, validated references, and discussion of that information, meets all the criteria necessary for me to consider it an incredible source of truth, wisdom, and training in the ability to SEE and UNDERSTAND what is really going on in the world, and to become truly healthy in mind, body, and soul. […]

There are many, many more testimonials with detailed insider info about Laura and Ark.
Read for yourself, you be the judge.

Originally Published 20011_02_09