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Companion Stars and Cometary Showers: Doomsday?

It’s been another busy week at QFG HQ. I haven’t had much time to write, but today I’m going to make up for it. There are a couple of items in the news that I want to talk about, but first I want to give some background.

Yesterday, someone posted in our forum the following:

I have been noticing trend in the design of the signs website. There is no longer the HEAVY Cassiopaean presence. I have nothing against Cassiopaean but, when I previously tried too show anyone this site they are like ” Cassiopaeam= cULT”, OR THIS IS WAY TO OUT THERE FOR ME. Now it is more in line with the flash video of the site.

Best news gathered from all over

Top notch commentary and highlighting of key points

Monthly roundups of news


A fair and objective view on the world news and how things are going and why. We do not need it to be heavy relating to Cassiopaean, you can relate the news to cassiopaean on the cassipean site/yahoo group. You would have a much better target audience for it there. WE should be trying to get a target audience here of the GENERAL public. The Cassiopaean aspect of site use to dissolves any of the credit the site had. I love it now i can cite the site to everyone, no one thinks it some whacked out crazy persons site anymore.

Now, I know some of you might be mad at me for saying this, but we should continue this trend on the site.

Well, it’s certainly gratifying to know that this individual realizes that we do have the BEST news gathered from allover, that our commentary is “top notch,” and that he really likes the PodCasts. (They are going to be even better in the coming months – we have some great guests lined up for later in the summer). I’m even somewhat in agreement with him about the de-emphasizing of the Cassiopaean Experiment. Yeah, I know that there are people that can’t deal with “the strange and mysterious” on any terms, but there are other people who, while not particularly interested in strange phenomena, could have benefitted from our work in other areas, but were “warned off” by the COINTELPRO that was launched against us almost as soon as I began publishing the material.

As it happened, another forum poster responded to the above quoted comments as follows:

…it sounds like you’re embarassed about the basis of the work presented here, and since you don’t grok it, you want that aspect to ‘go away’ so you can link the site to your friends without having to ‘not explain’ the Cassiopaean aspect. I find that absolutely fascinating since without the Cassiopaeans, none of us would be here presenting or discussing these topics today.

That is kinda the crux of the matter. All of that great news gathering, commentary, podcasts and so on would not even exist if it were not for the underpinning of the Cassiopaean perspective on the world which can be boiled down as follows:

Life is religion. Life experiences reflect how one interacts with God. Those who are asleep are those of little faith in terms of their interaction with the creation. Some people think that the world exists for them to overcome or ignore or shut out. For those individuals, the worlds will cease. They will become exactly what they give to life. They will become merely a dream in the “past.” People who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the “Future.”

But again, I do understand the first poster’s point of view. Since we do have the best, cleanest, most objective news and commentary site on the internet, bar none, it IS a good idea to appeal to a wider audience and to keep in mind that the masses of humanity are still under the sway of the Mind Control Machine (Official Culture) that makes our total open-mindedness and willingness to go “where angels fear to tread” a bit unsettling.

As it happens, Ark and I are admirers of the celebrated British mathematician, William Kingdon Clifford whose books, papers, and research made important contributions to the enormous scientific progress of the 19th century.

Bertrand Russell noted in 1945, that, besides being a mathematician, Clifford was a great philosopher who: “saw all knowledge, even the most abstract, as part of the general life of mankind, and as concerned in the endeavour to make human existence less petty, less superstitious and less miserable.”

Among William Clifford’s many friends were Thomas Huxley, George Eliot, Lord Morley, Frederick Pollock, John Tyndall, and Leslie Stephen. Among his academic contemporaries were James Clerk Maxwell, Lord Kelvin, Arthur Cayley, J.J. Sylvester, Oliver Lodge, Karl Pearson, H. J. S. Smith of Oxford, C.F. Klein, H. von Helmholtz, Hermann Grassmann, Ludwig Boltzmann, J. Willard Gibbs and C.S. Pierce.

Clifford was, at the beginning of his career at Cambridge, an ardent High Churchman. His belief in Catholic theology was a result of his family background and his studies of St. Thomas Aquinas at King’s College in London. Clifford participated in religious debates in which he attempted to reconcile advances in scientific thought with traditional Christian beliefs. As time went by, he found his early formal Christian faith becoming eroded, and his skepticism grew. By his third year at Cambridge, he had become an eloquent and zealous advocate of agnosticism, and later, of atheism.

In a certain sense, you could say that we, too, are athiests. After all, the C’s do not purport to be “angels,” but rather “we are YOU in the future.” It is all purely scientific. And we fervently believe that there is no possibility of solving the world’s problems without pure and true science. We are further convinced that scientific methods ought to be applied to religion and belief systems. After all, if it were shown that the basis of all existence is consciousness, as the Cassiopaean communications tell us, and that the three main monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are merely control systems set up to create “us against them” scenarios to further the purposes of the global elites, then people would see the “man behind the curtain” and turn away from the war mongering in disgust.

Getting back to Clifford: he studied literature, history, and languages including Arabic, Greek and Sanskrit; he was very much interested in “all methods of conveying thought.”

Soon after his arrival at Cambridge, Clifford was invited to join the Cambridge Conversazione Society, founded in 1826 and known as The Apostles. Frederick Pollock’s father had been a member and provides a description of The Apostles that sounds amazingly like our Quantum Future Group:

Their number was very few, and their mode of election was the most remarkable I have ever known. The vacancies were exceedingly rare – perhaps one or two in the course of the year – and the utmost care and study were bestowed on choosing the new members. Sometimes months were given to the consideration of a man’s claim.
Rank neither told for a man nor against him. The same with riches, the same with learning and, what is more strange, the same with intellectual gifts of all kinds. The same too with goodness; nor even were the qualities that make a man agreeable any sure recommendation of him as a candidate… The man was not to talk the talk of any clique; he was not to believe much in any of his adventitious advantages, neither was he to disbelieve in them – for instance to affect to be radical because he was a lord. I confess I have no one word which will convey all that I mean; but I tell you that above all things he was to be open -minded. When we voted for a man we generally summed him up by saying, “He has an Apostolic spirit in him” … no honour ever affected me so much as the being elected, as a youth, into that select body … and some of the foremost men of the time belonged to that society.

This society was a group through which, as Henry Sidgwick, the great nineteenth century moral philosopher described it, members acquired “a belief that we could learn, and a determination that we will learn, from people of the most opposite opinions. ”

This accurately describes the “spirit” and composition of the Quantum Future Group.

William Clifford enunciated his ideas about the necessity for science to alleviate the sufferings of humanity in story about Sir Walter Raleigh, delivered as a dramatic dialogue at the age of twenty-four. He said:

Now, as then, there is a Dorado, meant for the good of all men, the gift of Him who sends rain upon the just and upon the unjust. The student of science lives in the consciousness that at any moment that may be revealed to him which shall change utterly the whole face of society, and alleviate in an enormous degree the physical miseries of mankind. And now, as then, there is the danger lest that which is meant for the good of all should be perverted into an instrument of evil; lest, after all, the only result should be that another portion of conquered Nature is cursed for the sake of man.

Ark advocates that everyone should act as if the fate of the universe depends on his actions even in the most trivial of situations. To do the “right” thing requires knowledge, perspicacity, and concern for all humanity. This is the principle of non-linear dynamics that is best expressed in the story of the Butterfly Effect.

The “Butterfly Effect” is often ascribed to Lorenz. In a paper in 1963 given to the New York Academy of Sciences he remarks: One meteorologist remarked that if the theory were correct, one flap of a seagull’s wings would be enough to alter the course of the weather forever. By the time of his talk at the December 1972 meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C. the sea gull had evolved into the more poetic butterfly – the title of his talk was ” Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas?”

Well, as mentioned above, it does seem that the “Powers That Be” saw the Cassiopaean Experiment as just such a “Butterfly Event” that must be damped at all costs. Even though we have sidelined the Cassiopaean material itself, our websites nevertheless represent the fact that we are dynamically living the precept that “Life IS religion,” and that it is knowledge that protects, and paying close attention to Objective Reality – and acting based on knowledge – binds one to the future.

STILL, having said all that, I want to talk about a few things here that are of some importance relating to the Cassiopaean Material.

Over the past few years, we have been saying repeatedly that there is something up in the Cosmos, and it isn’t going to be just business as usual for the next few years. We have even speculated that whatever it is, the Powers That Be are somewhat more aware of it than the general public, and that, in fact, they are hiding a lot of things from the masses of humanity.

First of all, there is the issue of so-called UFOs. Let’s deal with it and get it out of the way because there is something important to get to today.

Almost thirty years ago, I received my first formal training in hypnosis. Over the years, I not only sought out additional training, I employed this skill on behalf of many troubled individuals. Until 1994, I had never encountered what is popularly known as an “abductee” – that is, an individual claiming to have been abducted by alleged aliens. I have to admit that when I did, it presented certain problems both in terms of having a well-established technique to deal with it, as well as my own categories of what is or is not possible.

I often tell people in a sort of joking way: of all the people who never wanted to know anything about aliens and UFOs, I deserve a place at the head of the line. Very few people really understand how deeply serious this remark is. When I opened the door to consider the possibility – quite remote as I thought – of the possibility of “other worldly visitors, life as I knew it ended. That was eleven years ago. But then, a completely new life was born from the ashes. And so, here I am producing a book about UFOs and aliens. The road from there to here has been difficult, to understate the matter, and complicated by all the High Strangeness that seems to surround the subject.

The term “high strangeness” is attributed to Dr. J. Allen Hynek who addressed the United Nations on the subject of UFOs on November 27, 1978 in the following way:

Mr. Chairman, there exists today a world-wide phenomenon… indeed if it were not world- wide I should not be addressing you and these representatives from many parts of the world. There exists a global phenomenon the scope and extent of which is not generally recognized. It is a phenomenon so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought that it is frequently met by ridicule and derision by persons and organizations unacquainted with the facts.[…]
I refer, of course, to the phenomenon of UFOs… Unidentified Flying Objects… which I should like to define here simply as “any aerial or surface sighting, or instrumental recording (e.g., radar, photography, etc.) which remains unexplained by conventional methods even after competent examination by qualified persons.
You will note, Mr. Chairman, that this definition says nothing about little green men from outer space, or manifestations from spiritual realms, or various psychic manifestations. It simply states an operational definition. A cardinal mistake, and a source of great confusion, has been the almost universal substitution of an interpretation of the UFO phenomenon for the phenomenon itself.
This is akin to having ascribed the Aurora Borealis to angelic communication before we understood the physics of the solar wind.
Nonetheless, in the popular mind the UFO phenomenon is associated with the concept of extra-terrestrial intelligence and this might yet prove to be correct in some context. […]
We have on record many tens of thousands of UFO reports… they include extremely intriguing and provocative accounts of strange events experienced by highly reputable persons… events which challenge our present conception of the world about us and which may indeed signal a need for a change in some of these concepts. […]
Mr. Chairman, any phenomenon which touches the lives of so many people, and which engenders puzzlement and even fear among them, is therefore not only of potential scientific interest and significance but also of sociological and political significance, especially since it carries with it many implications of the existence of intelligences other than our own. […]
Speaking then for myself as an astronomer, and I believe for many of my colleagues as well, there is no longer any question in my mind of the importance of this subject. […]
Mr. Chairman, I have not always held the opinion that UFOs were worthy of serious scientific study. I began my work as Scientific Consultant to the U.S. Air Force as an open skeptic, in the firm belief that we were dealing with a mental aberration and a public nuisance. Only in the face of stubborn facts and data similar to those studied by the French commission… have I been forced to change my opinion.[…]
The UFO phenomenon, as studied by my colleagues and myself, bespeaks the action of some form of intelligence… but whence this intelligence springs, whether it is truly extra-terrestrial, or bespeaks a higher reality not yet recognized by science, or even if it be in some way or another a strange psychic manifestation of our own intelligence, is much the question. We seek your help, Mr. Chairman, in assisting scientists, and particularly those already associated with the many formal and informal investigative organizations around the world, by providing a clearing house procedure whereby the work already going on globall

I would like to draw your attention to particular remarks made by Dr. Hynek in the passage quoted above:

…a global phenomenon … so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought… it carries with it many implications of the existence of intelligences other than our own … [It] bespeaks the action of some form of intelligence… but whence this intelligence springs, whether it is truly extra-terrestrial, or bespeaks a higher reality not yet recognized by science, or even if it be in some way or another a strange psychic manifestation of our own intelligence, is much the question.

These remarks address the “High Strangeness” factor. “High strangeness” describes those UFO cases that are not only peculiar, but can often be utterly absurd. In some cases, there are events before, during, and after the “sighting proper” imbued with elements of time and space distortion, bizarre synchronicities, strange states of consciousness, beings that act absurd, strange ‘creatures’ associated with the sighting, but not necessarily part of the sighting, anomalous phone calls, electronic glitches, paranormal events including poltergeist type activity, and what are popularly known as MIB – Men in Black.

French scientist, Jacques Vallee writes in a paper about High Strangeness:

A primary objection to the reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena events among scientists is that witnesses consistently report objects whose seemingly absurd behavior “cannot possibly” be related to actual phenomena, even under extreme conditions. […] Skeptics insist that superior beings, celestial ambassadors or intelligent extraterrestrial (ETI) visitors simply would not perpetrate such antics as are reported in the literature.

In one case, a farmer in Minnesota, Mr. Simonton, claimed that a craft hovered in his barnyard and strange swarthy oriental looking men offered him a jug which he filled with water and they gave him pancakes. Dr. Hynek had the little cakes analyzed and found they lacked any salt content. French Scientist Jacques Vallee noted that saltless cakes are often a feature of fairy myths.

Another case was that of a Belgian farmer who saw a UFO land in his field. He approached the craft and a small “alien” came up to him and asked him for the time! The farmer replied with the requested information. The alien told him he was wrong and pointed a wand at him which paralyzed him until the alien had departed in his craft. When the authorities investigated the case, they found a circle of destroyed flora on the landing site, and it was reported that even the soil was damaged from something like extreme heat exposure.

When you read enough raw data from the many thousands of cases, you get the deep impression that the witnesses are telling the truth about what they have experienced. Why would a couple of farmers make up such ridiculous, nonsensical stories? Testimony was obtained to show their mental stability and competence. They never made any money from their stories, and they certainly weren’t after fame. In fact, they suffered more from telling their stories than if they had just kept quiet.

Such cases are not isolated. There are many with such bizarre elements. Something is certainly happening to these people and it is something that has both physical and psychological components. Nevertheless, this High Strangeness factor is a problem because it’s all too easy to dismiss or ignore such “reports” because of these ridiculous claims. One has to wonder if this “High Strangeness” isn’t deliberate – and for that very reason. This brings us to consider the signal to noise factor.

Dr. Hynek wrote in a paper presented at the AIAA 13th Aerospace Sciences Meeting Pasadena, Calif., January 20-22, 1975, entitled “The Emerging Picture of the UFO Problem”:

But one element that is common to all scientific endeavor is the problem of signal-to-noise ratio; in the UFO phenomenon this problem is a major one. The UFO problem is, initially, a signal-to-noise problem. The noise is, and has been, so great that the existence of a signal has been seriously questioned. Isaac Asimov, whom no one could accuse of lacking in imagination, writes:

“Eyewitness reports of actual space ships and actual extraterrestrials are, in themselves, totally unreliable. There have been numerous eyewitness reports of almost everything that most rational people do not care to accept – of ghosts, angels, levitation, zombies, werewolves, and so on… The trouble is, that whatever the UFO phenomenon is, it comes and goes unexpectedly. There is no way of examining it systematically. It appears suddenly and accidentally, is partially seen, and then is more or less inaccurately reported. We remain dependent on occasional anecdotal accounts.”

In the December 14, 1974 issue of TV Guide, a media magazine with a very great circulation and hence powerful in forming public opinion. Here we see a very important part of the UFO problem, that of the presentation of data to men of science, and to men, like Asimov and others who excel in writing about science. Scientific efforts can be seriously hampered if the popular image of a subject is grossly misleading. Funds can be curtailed and good men of science who wish to give time to the subject are apt to face misrepresentation whenever their work receives any public attention. Ball lightning is just as much an unkown as the UFO phenomenon, yet scientists can openly discuss these “balls of light” but are likely to be censured if they talk about similar unidentified lights which last much longer, are brighter, and move over greater distances, but are labeled UFOs. Proper presentation of the UFO phenomenon to the media may not seem an integral part of the UFO problem, per se, but its effects loom large. The signal-to-noise aspect of the UFO problem is aggravated to a high degree because the signal is a totally unexpected signal, and represents an entirely new set of empirical observations which do not fit into any existing framework in any of the accepted scientific disciplines. One may even contemplate that the signal itself signals the birth of a new scientific discipline.

I return to the out-of-hand dismissal of the UFO phenomenon by persons like Isaac Asimov, in part, because of the poor presentation of the data to such persons. This is an important facet of the UFO problem itself and must be taken into account if we are to make any progress with the study of the signal. An analogy may be useful here: In the isolation of radium, Mme. Curie was obliged to work through tons of pitchblende to obtain a minuscule amount of radium. Yet there was no question of the signal in the “pitchblende noise”. The radioactivity of the pitchblende was unquestioned. Let us suppose that instead there had been a rumor – an old wive’s tale, or an alchemist’s story – that there existed a miraculous unknown element which could be used in the transmutation of elements, and which had miraculous healing powers and other exotic properties. Would any scientist, on the basis of such an alchemist’s tale, have done what Mme. Curie did to lift the signal out of the noise of tons of pitchblende ? Hardly. Mme. Curie knew that there was a signal – it wasn’t a rumor. And although the labor was immense, there was a definite, scientifically accepted methodology for separating the signal from the noise.

Now, in the UFO problem we did not know at the start that there was a signal – there were merely tales, unacceptable to scientists as a body. Only those of us, through a long exposure to the subject, or motivated by a haunting curiosity to work in the field and to get our hands dirty with the raw data, came to know there was a signal.
We know that we cannot find a trivial solution to the problem, i.e., a common sense solution that the phenomenon is either entirely a matter of misidentification, hallucinations, and hoaxes, or a known phenomenon of nature, e.g., of a meteorological nature. We know that there exists a subset of UFO reports of high strangeness and high witness credibility for which no one – and I emphasize – no one, has been able to ascribe a viable explanation. But the Isaac Asimovs and the trained scientists, as well as large segments of the public, do not know this. And we cannot expect them to know this unless we present data to them properly, and thus provide motivation to study the subject. We who have worked in the UFO field are somewhat in the position of Einstein who wrote to Arnold Sommerfeld in response to Sommerfelds’ skepticism of the General Theory of Relativity:

“You will accept the General Theory of Relativity when you have studied it. Therefore I will not utter a word in its defense.”

Emotional defense of the UFO phenomenon is pointless; the facts, properly presented, must speak for themselves. With the noise level so high, and with the popular interpretation of UFOs as visitors from outer space rather than simply what their initials stand for, Unidentified Flying Objects – an unidentified phenomenon whose origin we do not know – it is very difficult for one to be motivated to study the subject. The noise in the UFO problem is two-fold. There is the obvious noise, and also the more “sophisticated” noise, which might even be part of the signal. The obvious noise is akin to that well known to any scientist. An astronomer recognizes the noise of errors of observation, of instrumental errors, or that introduced by atmospheric distortion, by photon statistics, etc. In our problem the noise is likewise comprised of errors of observation (though to a much greater degree), but also to wishful thinking, deliberate substitution of interpretation of an event for the event itself, as, “I saw a space ship last night” for “I saw a light in the sky last night”, and the totally extraneous noise of the unbalanced imaginations of the pseudo-religious fanatics who propagate unfounded stories and who uncritically accept anything and everything that appeals to their warped imaginations. […]
The question of whether the UFO phenomenon is a manifestation of some type of intelligence, whether extraterrestrial, “meta-terrestrial”, or indeed some aspect of our own, is a critical one.

Certainly, in those close encounter cases in which creatures or occupants, ostensibly the pilots of the craft, are reported, intelligent behavior of some sort seems obvious. Even if the occupants are robots, a more distant intelligence is implied. The almost universally reported response to detection by these occupants is an important part of the picture; upon detection the creatures are reported to disappear quickly and take off. Except in certain cases, there appears to be no desire for any involvement with the human race. […]

Given the elements of the present picture of the UFO phenomenon, it is clear that any viable hypothesis that meets these picture elements satisfactorilly will be, according to present views, “far out”. There have been other times in the history of science when striking departures from classical concepts were necessary. Since new hypotheses must in some way use present knowledge as a springboard, it is a sobering thought to contemplate that the gap between the springboard of the known and a viable UFO hypothesis might even be so great as to prevent the formulation of an acceptable hypothesis at present. Thus, for example, only a century ago, an inconsequential period of time in total history, the best scientific minds could not have envisioned the nuclear processes which we now feel certain take place in the deep interiors of stars. The question of energy production on the sun capable of maintaining the sun’s prodigious outflow of energy for hundreds of millions of years – a time period demanded by the fossil history millions of years – was simply not answerable by any hypothesis conceivable to the scientists of a century ago.
It is indeed sobering, yet challenging, to consider that the entire UFO phenomenon may be only the tip of the proverbial iceberg in a signalling an entirely new domain of the knowledge of nature as yet totally unexplored, as unexplored and as unimagined as nuclear processes would have been a century ago.

Dr.Hynek is often referred to as the father of rigorous scientific UFO investigation. He was a scientific consultant for the Air Force’s UFO investigation, Project Bluebook which later research shows to have been intended to debunk the subject. But after studying so many credible cases, Dr.Hynek was to go on to found the Center For UFO Studies (CUFOS). He also invented the classification for UFO sightings, terming the phrase ‘Close Encounter.’ He is the author of the landmark UFO book, The UFO Experience: A Scientific Study. Dr.Hynek served as director of CUFOS until his passing in 1986.

Regarding Hynek’s idea that we may be dealing with “an entirely new domain of the knowledge of nature, his friend and associate, Jacques Vallee has interesting comments to make:

[…]current hypotheses are not strange enough to explain the facts of the phenomenon, and the debate suffers from a lack of scientific information. Indeed, from the viewpoint of modern physics, our Cosmic Neighborhood could encompass other (parallel) universes, extra spatial dimensions and other time-like dimensions beyond the common 4-dimensional spacetime we recognize, and such aspects could lead to rational explanations for apparently “incomprehensible” behaviors on the part of entities emerging into our perceived continuum. As it attempts to reconcile theory with observed properties of elementary particles and with discoveries at the frontiers of cosmology, modern physics suggests that mankind has not yet discovered all of the universe’s facets, and we must propose new theories and experiments in order to explore these undiscovered facets. This is why continuing study of reported anomalous events is important: It may provide us with an existence theorem for new models of physical reality.

Much of the recent progress in cosmological concepts is directly applicable to the problem: Traversable wormholes (3-dimensional hypersurface tunnels) have now been derived from Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (Morris and Thorne, 1988; Visser, 1995). In particular, it has been shown that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity does not in any way constrain spacetime topology, which allows for wormholes to provide traversable connections between regions within two separate universes or between remote regions and/or times within the same universe. Mathematically it can also be shown that higher-dimensional wormholes can provide hypersurface connections between multidimensional spaces (Rucker, 1984; Kaku, 1995). Recent quantum gravity programs have explored this property in superstring theory, along with proposals to theoretically and experimentally examine macroscopic-scale extra-dimensional spaces (Schwarzschild, 2000).
Thus it is now widely acknowledged that the nature of our universe is far more complex than observations based on anthropocentric self-selection portend. […]
No experiment can distinguish between phenomena manifested by visiting interstellar (arbitrarily advanced) ETI and intelligent entities that may exist near Earth within a parallel universe or in different dimensions, or who are (terrestrial) time travelers. […] If we must formulate a view of the problem in a single statement at this point, that statement will be:

Everything works as if UAPs were the products of a technology that integrates physical and psychic phenomena and primarily affects cultural variables in our society through manipulation of physiological and psychological parameters in the witnesses.

[ Incommensurability, Orthodoxy and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena: Jacques F. Vallee and Eric W. Davis , National Institute for Discovery Science , Las Vegas, Nevada ]

Recently, someone asked me what I thought about the alleged “relationship” between the “Secret Government,” or “National Security State” and so-called aliens. I responded that I didn’t think there WAS a relationship, that such a purported relationship was most likely the product of COINTELPRO. Since Richard Dolan has documented that the US government is still scrambling jets to chase and try to shoot down UFOs, it seems pretty apparent that there is NO relationship. If you combine that fact with the “noise” factor that Hynek describes above, which is most certainly produced by COINTELPRO debunkers and mass media vectors, the situation that is suggested is quite disturbing. There are certainly elements of the government that know more than the general public does, and that they have chosen this course of action: creating noise while continuing to pursue the subject themselves, and behaving as though the UFOs are definite threats, does not bode well for anyone. As for the so-called “contactees” of the New Age, you can write them off as Hynek did as the totally extraneous noise of the unbalanced imaginations of the pseudo-religious fanatics who propagate unfounded stories and who uncritically accept anything and everything that appeals to their warped imaginations. In this respect, they are certainly part of COINTELPRO as well, even if many of them are unconscious of this fact. Certainly, considering that the US government IS as interested in UFOs as it obviously is based on the fact that the subject is still classified Above Top Secret, if any of the New Agey types were REALLY having contacts with aliens of any sort, they would be picked up, sequestered and interrogated. Nowadays, that might even include torture…

But they aren’t. They are allowed to publish and promote their nonsense unmolested. They don’t even get branded as “dangerous cults.” It’s only when people like us come along and seek to study the whole thing scientifically, and at the same time, are able to produce material such as the Cassiopaean Transmissions that expose the whole UFO/Secret Government non-relationship that the “dangerous cult” label gets hauled out.

As I have written in my books and publications on our website, and elsewhere, I have NEVER seen an alien that I know of. I certainly have as good an imagination as the average person if I need it to solve a problem, but after raising five children, there is little “imaginative flying” going on in my head and a lot of being practical and finding out what is really going on.

Until I was 41 years old, I never saw anything that I might have thought – by any stretch of the imagination – could be a UFO, and when, at that late date, I finally did see something of such extraordinary configuration and behavior, I immediately tried to find a “plausible excuse” for it so I could “go back to sleep.” But, as Hynek said, there are certainly things for which we cannot find a common sense solution. It is at such a point, when all avenues of identification and explanation have been exhausted, that the individual who is “motivated by a haunting curiosity” goes to work in the field, gets their hands dirty in the raw data, and realizes that there is, most certainly, a signal even if it is a signal that suggests an intelligence so strange and foreign to our daily terrestrial mode of thought that we are stunned by the implication. That implication can be shattering to our sense of safety: that the UFO phenomenon may be signalling “an entirely new domain of the knowledge of nature as yet totally unexplored, as unexplored and as unimagined as nuclear processes would have been a century ago.” After a certain amount of research, after facing the High Strangeness factor repeatedly, I understood clearly something that Jacques Vallee proposes in his paper cited above:

The cognitive mismatch or Incommensurability Problem between human and ET cultures will guarantee that the latter will develop communication techniques other than radio. ET cultures may be sending radio and optical signals to Earth now but they may also be sending signals in a variety of other forms such as holographic images, psychic or other consciousness-related signals, modulated neutrinos, gamma ray bursters, wormhole-modulated starlight caustics, signals generated by gravitational lensing techniques, modulated X-rays, quantum teleported signals, or some quantum field theoretic effect, etc.[ibid]

Vallee has touched upon the very issues that my husband, Arkadiusz Jadczyk, has discussed in his own writings. Most of what Ark has written on the subject was published by him long before Vallee wrote the above paper, though it seems likely that Vallee was moving in this direction for quite some time as evidenced in his book: Forbidden Science. In the Epilogue of that book, Vallee talks a little bit about physics, parallel realities, hyperspace etc.:

“Cosmology now recognizes the possibility, indeed the inevitability, of multiple universes with more than four dimensions. Communication and travel within our universe are no longer thought to be absolutely constrained by the speed of light and a constant arrow of time. Even travel into the past may be considered without necessarily creating insurmountable paradoxes. This is a tremendously exciting development. It opens up vast new realms for theoretical and experimental endeavor.”

Then he continues:

“If we look at the world from an informational point of view, and if we consider the many complex ways in which time and space may be structured, the old idea of space travel and interplanetary craft to which most technologists are still clinging appears not only obsolete, but ludicrous. Indeed, modern physics has already bypassed it, offering a very different interpretation of what “extraterrestrial” system might look like.”

And finally he adds:

“For some time various knowledgeable friends have urged me to take my research behind the scenes again. I intend to follow their advice. I cannot justify remaining associated with the field of ufology as it presents itself to the public today. Furthermore, I suspect that the phenomenon displays a very different structure once you leave behind the parochial disputes that disfigure the debate, confusing the researchable issues that interest me. The truly important scientific questions are elsewhere.”[ Jacques Vallee, Forbidden Science, ISBN: 1556431252, Publisher: North Atlantic Books (August, 1992)]

While it is true that Dr. Hynek, Dr. Vallee, and my husband, Ark, were working for years in the direction of these ideas, what is amazing is that the Cassiopaean Communications – myself in the future – also discussed the same things in considerable detail with me, an amateur whose driving interest was in finding out why the world was the way it was and what is the role of humanity within it. Certainly, this is often the same driver that operates in scientists – those scientists who actually do “good science” with an open mind – but it necessarily has different results from the efforts of the layperson in most cases. In my own case, however, the results have been quite similar: scientific theories and mind-expanding concepts regarding an “entirely new domain of the knowledge of nature”. This was the gift of the Cassiopaeans. This is what undepins all our work.

At the same time, there is much in the Cassiopaean Material that is strikingly similar to philosophical concepts native to certain esoteric teachings, most particularly Sufi and ideas brought forward by Georges Gurdjieff and Boris Mouravieff. Both of the latter claim to be presenting something called “Esoteric Christianity.” What I have discovered in my own research – aided by clues from the Cassiopaean Transmissions – is that this “Esoteric Christianity” is quite similar to Archaic Siberian Shamanism, the degraded remnant of what must have been the “religion” of the Northern Peoples – the Megalith builders – in prehistoric times. I have traced these developments and laid out all the clues in my book The Secret History of The World.

How we view our world and our place in it is entirely dependent on what we know about what went before. What became overwhelmingly apparent as I continued in my research was that the true history of man has been so distorted by “official culture” as to make it almost impossible for the average person to really understand why the world is as it is, and what possible role humanity may play in the grander scheme of things.

Tracking the processes of history certainly gave me an uneasy feeling that there was some sort of “pattern” to it which certainly could not be a conspiracy in human terms. Until I opened my mind to the possibility of “hyperdimensional interactions with humanity,” and began to consider the many implications of such ideas – most particularly time loops and alternate universes – nothing about the history of mankind made any sense at all.

Now, having said all of the above, I want to turn to some events of recent times that directly relate to things the Cassiopaeans – myself in the future – have discussed in some detail.

The first is an article entitled: Evidence Mounts that Our Sun May Have a Companion

NEWPORT BEACH, CA — The Binary Research Institute (BRI) has found that orbital characteristics of the recently discovered planetoid, “Sedna”, demonstrate the possibility that our sun might be part of a binary star system.

A binary star system consists of two stars gravitationally bound orbiting a common center of mass. Once thought to be highly unusual, such systems are now considered to be common in the Milky Way galaxy.

Walter Cruttenden at BRI, Professor Richard Muller at UC Berkeley, Dr. Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana, amongst several others, have long speculated on the possibility that our sun might have an as yet undiscovered companion.

Most of the evidence has been statistical rather than physical. The recent discovery of Sedna, a small planet like object first detected by Cal Tech astronomer Dr. Michael Brown, provides what could be indirect physical evidence of a solar companion.

Matching the recent findings by Dr. Brown, showing that Sedna moves in a highly unusual elliptical orbit, Cruttenden has determined that Sedna moves in resonance with previously published orbital data for a hypothetical companion star.

In the May 2006 issue of Discover, Dr. Brown stated: “Sedna shouldn’t be there. There’s no way to put Sedna where it is. It never comes close enough to be affected by the sun, but it never goes far enough away from the sun to be affected by other stars… Sedna is stuck, frozen in place; there’s no way to move it, basically there’s no way to put it there – unless it formed there. But it’s in a very elliptical orbit like that. It simply can’t be there. There’s no possible way – except it is. So how, then?”

“I’m thinking it was placed there in the earliest history of the solar system. I’m thinking it could have gotten there if there used to be stars a lot closer than they are now and those stars affected Sedna on the outer part of its orbit and then later on moved away. So I call Sedna a fossil record of the earliest solar system. Eventually, when other fossil records are found, Sedna will help tell us how the sun formed and the number of stars that were close to the sun when it formed.”

Walter Cruttenden agrees that Sedna’s highly elliptical orbit is very unusual, but noted that the orbit period of 12,000 yearsis in neat resonance with the expected orbit periodicity of a companion star as outlined in several prior papers.

Consequently, Cruttenden believes that Sedna’s unusual orbit is something indicative of the current solar system configuration, not merely a historical record. “It is hard to imagine that Sedna would retain its highly elliptical orbit pattern since the beginning of the solar system billions of years ago. Because eccentricity would likely fade with time, it is logical to assume Sedna is telling us something about current, albeit unexpected solar system forces, most probably a companion star”.

Outside of a few popular articles, and Cruttenden’s book “Lost Star of Myth and Time”, which outlines historical references and the modern search for the elusive companion, the possibility of a binary partner star to our sun has been left to the halls of academia.

But with Dr. Brown’s recent discoveries of Sedna and Xena, (now confirmed to be larger than Pluto), and timing observations like Cruttenden’s, the search for a companion star may be gaining momentum.

Now, you may want to read the Cassiopaean Transcripts on this subject: Binary Stars:Does our Sun have a Dark Companion? which I published in 1998. If you search for the term “elliptical orbit” you will find the following remark:

And if it has an elliptical orbit… would it, maybe, like, “come and go?”

And then, further on:

Q: (A) I am trying to write down some things about a cosmology, and I have some questions mainly about the coming events. First there was the story of the sun’s companion brown star which is apparently approaching the solar system, and I would like to know, if possible, details of its orbit; that is, how far it is, what is its speed, and when it will be first seen. Can we know it? Orbit: how close will it come?

A: Flat eliptical.

Q: (A) But how close will it come?

A: Distance depends upon other factors, such as intersecting orbit of locator of witness.

Q: (L) What is the closest it could come to earth… (A)Solar system… (L) Yes, but which part of the solar system? We have nine planets… which one? (A) I understand that this brown star will enter the Oort cloud… (L) I think they said it just brushes against it and the gravity disturbs it…

A: Passes through Oort cloud on orbital journey. Already has done this on its way “in.”

This last remark brings me to the next item that has had my attention for some time: the increase of comets, asteroids, meterorites, fireballs, etc. This is not a subject that you would have been reading about, say, back in 1985 when I first realized that there was a good possibility that the Earth might be bombarded with cometary bodies. Back then, meteorites were small and infrequent. At most, they were “meteor showers” that gave us light shows at certain periods of the year. But, as our Comets, Meteors, Asteroids and NEOs Supplement, produced by that same SOTT team that brings you the greatest news selection on the internet, shows, this is getting to be so frequent that it is amazing.

C’s: Ok, change of direction: Oort cloud and comet cluster and sun twin occasionally passing through the former like a bowling ball through pins.

Q: (L) How does the dark star passing through the Oort cloud relate to the comet cluster?

A: Cause and effect. … Now, think of how your Biblical prophecies speak of a very terrifiying period, followed by an apparent renewal of normalcy, followed by the “End.” Your Biblical prophecies speak of a period of terror and chaos followed by calm, and then, unexpectedly, amidst seeming overwhelming peace and renewal and prosperity, the end. What would happen if the brown star that is the sun’s twin were to get close enough to be illuminated by the sun?

Q: (T) Well, if it were close enough to be illuminated, the obvious result is that it would be SEEN. People would panic…

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Governments would fall…

A: And terror and chaos. And when it departs again?

Q: (L) Everything will seem to be fine! But, they won’t realize that the Oort cloud has been hit! Oh, sugar!

A: And then what?

Q: (L) It is not the Oort cloud or the comets that is going to cause all this terror and carrying on, it is going to be the seeing of the illuminated brown star, which will go away, and then no one will see what is coming! And this IS talked about in both the Bible and Nostradamus – but it was incomprehensible before! Okay, how long will it take the comets to get from the Oort cloud to here?

A: Let us just say that the cluster travels much faster than the usual cometary itinerary.

Q: (T) And this is because they are traveling in the wake of a large sun sized gravity well…

A: And we have spoken of the comet cluster before, and we have told you that this time, it rides the Wave.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to the Near Earth Object Program page where we note that Schwassmann-Wachmann cometary fragments are listed and analyzed.

As a side note: There has been some discussion on our forum about Eric Julien AKA Jean Ederman who is doing a real “doomsday rant” all over the place declaring that the planet is gonna be smacked on May 25th by one of these fragments. Well, Julien/Ederman has been more or less laughed out of France because of his wild stories and strange behavior and the New Age doomsday types in the US have adopted him. Take it from me, Julien/Ederman is NOT a “French Military Source” nor does he have access to same.

Nevertheless, there is something a bit strange about the above Near Earth Object Program. If you look at the page listed above, and look at Schwassmann-Wachmann fragment 3-BD, you will notice that this page lists its minimum distance on May 11 (that’s in just a few days, folks) as being 33.7 Lunar Distances.

However, if you take a look at this other Near Earth Object Program page, you see something else: the Miss Distance here is listed as being between 33.7/0.0867 and 0.04/0.00010 .

That’s a hell of a range, don’t you think? Between 33 Lunar Distances and .04 Lunar distances??? Strikes me that what this reveals is that the NEO people really don’t have things pinned down as securely as they would like us to think.

Now, I’m not doing a doomsday scenario on you or suggesting that there’s gonna be a “hit”. The point is that there is a lot of very strange stuff going on in the solar system right now and it just may relate to all the crazy stuff going on here on the Big Blue Marble. I also want to point out that it is surpassingly strange that the Christian cultists who prophesy armageddon and the return of Christ and the deaths of most of humanity, and are doing everything they can to facilitate such a scenario, consider these kinds of speculations, supported by science, to be “doomsday ranting.” I guess that most of humanity getting killed off by atomic bombs dropped by their hero, George Bush, are not a “doomsday scenario,” while talking about the cosmos, (i.e. “God”) and its natural processes, including periodic comet clusters slamming through the solar system, and supporting such ideas with science, IS “doomsday ranting.”

Nevertheless, it does seem that if the C’s were talking in such terms about the Companion Star back in 1996 – ten years ago – and we are now catching up in terms of the real science, maybe we ought to take another look at what the C’s have said about other things? After all, it was ten years ago that the C’s were talking about the attempted takeover of the planet by a Neo-Nazi Cabal. We see that happening right now with George Bush and the Neocons.

Indeed, the C’s seem to be racking up some pretty significant hits.

And THAT is why Signs Of The Times is the best news and commentary site on the internet – probably on the planet.

Originally Published 2006_05_18