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A Course in Knowledge and Being, Part 1

– a multi-part video series by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Differential Diagnosis in Spirit Release, Part 1

Knowledge & Being
In this fascinating introductory talk Laura looks at the history of the modern spiritual movement and the pitfalls and traps awaiting any would-be “channeler”. Laura also provides a look at the events that led to the beginnings of the “Cassiopaean experiment”.

DISCLAIMER: The use of any of the techniques or information contained in these videos is at the risk of the individual concerned. No responsibility can or will be accepted by Laura Knight-Jadczyk or the owners of for any physical, psychological, emotional or other injury that may result from the use or misuse of the information in these videos.

We hope that you profoundly enjoy this entertaining and educational multi-part series. We give it to you free of charge, and encourage you to share it with friends and family who may be interested.

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August 15th 2009


Q: (L) Okay. Well, we have people working on this breathing and meditation program, and some people are having some unusual experiences physically, and other people are having extreme tiredness, and there’s just really the whole gamut going on there. I guess there’s really not a clear question about that because that’s more or less what we expected: each person is in individual, and the way that they apply the program I guess depends on their level of knowledge…

A: It would be best if you could teach it directly. But under the circumstances with so many in such great need, and the system often restricting their funds and thus their ability to travel and compensate you for your time and energy, it is the best way so far. Some will find their creativity expanding and thus their ability to make more direct connections as a result of the practice!

Q: (L) Why do you say “their ability to compensate me for my time”?

A: We have spoken before about the necessity for energy to be balanced. It is correct for you to make this program available according to the individual ability to compensate. But all must remember that it is STO to GIVE [planchette circles board] ALL to those who ask. You have given all REPEATEDLY and many still do not understand the value nor do they compensatorily give in return. Those who have difficulties with the program may find that they are not giving “all”. And that does not always mean money either. It can also mean commitment. …Those individuals who still think that you can get something for nothing will find themselves blocked.

Q: (L) Well, what is the nature of this kind of thing? I mean, what do you mean “blocked”?

A: It can take 2 main forms: In the STO candidate, it can be blocked by the subconscious process that knows there is an imbalance. In the “others” it is simply that they are not on the correct frequency to receive. Remember “receivership capability” and also capacity.

Q: (L) In other words, somebody could conceivably pay a million dollars for the program and if they were a billionaire and it was a drop in the bucket to their income, or even if they were doing it manipulatively to gain for the self, they would still not be able to get anything out of it even though they had made an exchange because they would still not be at the frequency to understand. Is that correct?

A: Yes. Remember the “widow’s mite”.

Q: (Joe) The Widow’s Mite? (L) It’s a story in the bible. It’s a small amount; the rich man who gave a lot and thought he would buy salvation, and then the poor widow who gave a little bit but it was all she had; she gave all. So the principle is giving all, but not necessarily in the sense of money. Is that what we’re getting at here?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. Well, we have a whole other list of questions…

A: No, that must wait. The world is hurtling through space in its move toward destiny, and many of those questions are of little consequence. Besides, our interaction with you is not to pass messages to others of a more or less trivial nature. Additionally, for many of these questions to be answerable, a similar frequency issue comes into play. You, PERSONALLY, in your mind, must be seeking the answer, and it must be important to your path of destiny. Otherwise it is no more or less accurate than any old “psychic”. And “any old psychic” you AIN’T!

Q:… (L) Well, what’s important to me right now is: we’ve dealt with some of the issues of the breathing program – that maybe some people are having problems because they aren’t inputting a commensurate amount of energy in order to receive the benefits – maybe they’re not on the same frequency or the right frequency – and that frequency block could be because they have not committed, or they are still maneuvering or manipulating, or it could be they’re STO candidates and they simply haven’t opened the frequency channel. So, those issues have to be dealt with on an individual basis, I’m assuming. But I think there is more to that problem than meets the eye.

A: Yes there is!!! We said that this practice MUST be accompanied by a commensurate effort to constantly gain knowledge by effort.

Q: (L) Well, I was planning on doing these teaching videos that were going to kind of boil things down for people. Does that mean that I shouldn’t be doing that?

A: Oh no!!! You should be doing that and moreover, you should make these videos all inclusive in terms of scope of subject matter.

Q: (L) What do you mean “all inclusive in terms of subject matter”?

A: Tell what you have discovered and let the individual once again compensate according to ability to do so.

Q: (L) Well, obviously we can’t be sending out videos without getting the cost of making the videos covered. I mean, this kind of puts me in a funny position because…

A: Never fear. People will rapidly discover that it depends on the “frequency” of the exchange.

Q: (L) What depends on it?

A: Whether or not the knowledge you share can be assimilated. Naturally it will be necessary for the student to cover your cost of production so we suggest that it be made available for a minimum donation. Those who are able can give more. Those who buy demonstrate, to some extent, a frequency match. This brings up another matter. The “traditions” speak of the advantages to be obtained by the direct teachings of a “master.” There are no “masters” in an STO network, but there are “elders”.
(G***) One thing that has been on my mind is how many things seemed to be learned in a living network here in our interactions that are not so easily explained in a virtual network, and perhaps our ability to teach these dynamics here in a virtual network is what’s needed.

A: How much of this could be learned at a distance?

Q: (Joe) None. (C**) Almost nothing. (A***) It’s the interaction. (G***) We’ve discussed about this… (Joe) You need direct experiences. (Allen) One huge different between this house and anywhere else in the world is you’re here in non-hierarchical relationships that, outside, no matter how benevolent they are, no matter how altruistic they are, you still have that same sort of hierarchy outside that doesn’t exist here. (Joe) A good question, another way to ask that, is how much could you teach a child by having them sit at a computer and you instruct them via the computer? Because that’s what we’re dealing with in ourselves…

A: There is more to it than just that: there is the matter of frequency once again. Think of the individuals who have had the same opportunities and yet have learned little or nothing? Why do you suppose that is?

Q: … (PL) Does it mean that if you’re not on the same frequency, even if there are many teachings, you do not have the capacity to receive it?

A: That is partly the answer.

Q: (A***l) Can I take a stab at something? How do we help them change their frequency?

A: They must first learn to give when asked.

Q: (L) But that doesn’t seem to be such a simple thing. I mean, in order to do that, you have to learn how to stop being manipulated and manipulating… (Allen) But maybe we’ve got a feedback loop. They’re talking about all these people having the opportunity to give all with this breathing program and then they can learn more, maybe. If they start giving there then they’ll learn more, and then they’ll get more ability…

A: Bingo! But even more than that, they will have the opportunity via video to experience the transmission of frequency almost directly.

Q: (PL) The voice. (Allen) And the face. (Joe) Is this the videos that are already made, or is this in relation to other videos?

A: Videos yet to be made. These have always been in the plan, but you only thought in terms of a “ouija” video. There is so much more of great importance that can be taught by us through you than that!!!

Q: (Ark) I think that some kind of teaching on psychology – even though we don’t know if psychology is science or not – would be useful, stressing some important points. For instance, we were reading today about these narcissist people. So, everybody is a little bit narcissistic in the sense that we love our junk. We have a lot of junk, and we love it, and we are scared to get rid of this junk because we think that the body will implode. There will be nothing, so we keep this junk because that’s the only thing. But you cannot change if – at the same time – you still want to be the same. So you have to get rid of this junk. You have to stop doing many things cold turkey as a symbolic declaration to the Universe. And don’t be scared. (L) If you want to change, you have to change. (Ark) And don’t be scared that you will collapse and you will be nothing, you see?

A: This can be so much more effectively conveyed by video than just writing. In a video something of the soul is transmitted. Now, think again about those who have not been able to receive.

Q: (L) Receivership capability, is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what determines receivership capability?

A: Partly genetic and partly effort.

Q: (L) So there are those who either get it or they don’t?

A: Partly. Repeated exposure to frequency resonance can generate shifts if there is sincere desire. Also, a series of videos that signal soul replication can help those who are sincerely asking.

Q: (Joe to Laura) So, are we talking about a series of videos, essentially video lectures by you on many topics?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) For example?

A: How about starting at the beginning and talk about “in the beginning…”?

Q: (L) Well, I… What would I say?? (Joe) “In the beginning was the word?” And the word was delivered one letter at a time! (laughter)

A: You just sit in front of the camera and do what you do best: connect the dots. And know that, as always, your connection to your higher self in the future will assist your explosive insights.

Q: (Ark) I think what would be useful is to have like an exposition of a coherent system. Because people know a part from here, a part from there, a little bit about STO, a little bit about this and that…It all needs to be put together.

A: All that will be a part of the series that we have planned.

Q: (L) What you mean YOU have planned, I thought I was planning it? (laughter)

A: We are you and vice versa!!!

Q: (A***l) I have a question. They talked about genetics making it so that people can’t receive things. Is there something that people can do that would help change their genetics in some way that would help them become more receptive?

A: You can’t change, but you can activate it if it is latent.

Q: (L) In other words, a lot of people have a lot of genetics going on that they aren’t using. (Allen) And those genetics can be activated. (A***l) So how do you activate it?

A: Effort counts for a lot. And effort can lead to knowledge which does what?

Q: (Joe) Protects!

A: For example, the recent issues of brain chemistry: this understanding has come about due to effort and the growth of knowledge! The result will be activation of additional DNA! Notice how the knowledge is now growing exponentially with networking and experimentation!

We hope that you profoundly enjoy this entertaining and educational multi-part series. We give it to you free of charge, and encourage you to share it with friends and family who may be interested.

QFG Counts on the support and aid from our committed members and readers, so please feel free to help support QFG with whatever amount you can give!