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Signs of the Times Attacked by Psy-ops!

Signs of the Times is one of the very few news and information portals on the web that remains uncorrupted in any way and is staffed by a group of people who are dedicated to one thing – bringing the Truth to the general public. We are able to do this because we rely solely on support from our readers and our own hard work: book sales.

As many of our readers are probably aware, we had a little “to do” with a gang we consider to be agents of Pentagon psy-ops – and friends – last night. We were up until 3 a.m. dealing with the backlash from this situation…

As many of our readers are probably aware, we had a little “to do” with a gang we consider to be agents of Pentagon psy-ops – and friends – last night. We were up until 3 a.m. dealing with the backlash from this situation.

What is clear from this Stealth Attack that ran amok is that Signs of the Times is probably the most dangerous site on the internet from the perspective of the Powers That Be. For them to take the risk of exposure as they did (and did they get exposed!) only convinces us that the issues in question are of such importance that they will pull out all stops to defame, harass, stalk, and intimidate us with the ultimate goal of destruction. They want to see SOTT disappear from the Web, that is certainly clear and it is now becoming even clearer just WHO is behind it.

It was only this morning that we understood that this event was supposed to be a “stealth” attack. We were never supposed to see the letter from’s attorney, Wayne C. Jaeschke, Jr. of Morrison & Foerster LLP in McLean VA . It was sent to our host server, not to us. In fact, after the ridiculous letters claiming “copyright infringement” that I published on my blog back in January, it is clear why: ATS knew that such nonsense – even if written by an attorney – would not fly with us because they do not have a legal leg to stand on. Writing a critique of an article is NOT making a “derivative” work – and if journalists, scientists, scholars in all fields, are denied the ability to critique nonsense such as the article published by – there is no future for any intellectual progress in our society. We might as well declare science, journalism, research of any kind, dead and buried.

In any event, this stealth attack intimidation letter was sent not to us, but to our site host. It was probably only because the tech’s were so upset that they sent it to us. And of course, once I had it – the “smoking gun” so to say – you bet I published it!! Here was proof positive that Joe Quinn’s article debunking the debunking of the Pentagon Strike was seen as a BIG THREAT! Within FIVE minutes, poor, pitiful Wayne knew that he had shot himself in the foot and was on the phone to the server screaming that he was now getting death threats because I published his contact details!! Well, hell’s bells… it’s public info on the internet! Click the link and visit Wayne – see his friendly face.

Possibly utilizing the “special psychological knowledge” of the psychopath that Andrew Lobaczewski describes in his work on Ponerology,good ole Wayne did such a number on those poor tech guys that they folded instantly. They took the site down again. So, we were back on the phone with them again pointing out that, when we chose their company, we explained the nature of our site and the nature of the likely attacks that would come out of the woodwork against us and they had declared that it was NO PROBLEMO. So, knowing that and seeing that Mr. Jaeschke still managed to intimidate the heck out of them really makes you wonder just what kinds of things he said to them on the phone? Geez! Didn’t Hannibal Lecter convince a guy to swallow his own tongue? But I digress… what happened was that the server techs were so scared, they took the site down again. They told us we had to remove Wayne’s letter from the forum where I had published it. We pointed out that there was no way we could do that without having access to the forum which we didn’t because they had pulled the plug on our site. So, they agreed to put it back up so I could make the adjustments.

I was IN THE PROCESS of doing it, trying to upload the changes, when the site disappeared again!

Back on the phone. Apparently, poor Wayne was so frantic that a few minutes were going by with his connection to exposed for all the world to see that I just wasn’t doing it fast enough and he had to dial up those poor guys and terrorize them some more.

Well, we patiently explained that Wayne is just a cointelpro agent and internet psy-ops game player using his position as an attorney to intimidate them. They were REALLY scared! So, after they got calmed down a bit, the site went back up and they stayed on the phone until I gave them the signal that the letters had been removed from all three threads.

I actually felt sorry for those poor fellas! And that kind of terror is what psychopaths count on and that is why it is so important to study psychopathy, to know them fully and well so that you are not susceptible to their maneuvers and manipulations! In this day and time, a course about psychopaths ought to be required for anybody in a position to be intimidated or coerced by such blatant strong-mouth manipulation. But I digress again.

What is evident is that what Wayne was really upset about the publication of his close association with – after all, as one of the posters to our forum points out: “MoFo is a heavyweight law firm. Sort of like the Mercedes-Benz of law firms. These aren’t ambulance chasers. Their meat and potatos are IP law and other big corporation stuff. Intel retains them, among others. They don’t usually bother with harassment suits, but as long as your coin is good (and plenty), they’ll do whatever you want. Whoever is behind this has a lot of coins to throw around.” Having said that, there are two Wayne Jaeschke’s at MoFo (is that name symbolic?), most likely father and son, of which our Wayne is the son. It seems that while MoFo might be the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of law firms, Wayne junior isn’t up to much other than intimidating customer support at server companies and trying to find new ways to build bigger and better speakers, probably so he can listen to a recording of his own voice telling himself what a big, powerful lawyer he is.

This brings me to something else most interesting, the whole so-called Project SERPO hoax that – with the gleeful assistance of attorney Wayne Jaeschke – has been running on the internet since last fall. There is a discussion about that on our forum also, and on this page of that discussion you will see a very interesting image about half way down.

This is an image of an email that Bill Ryan of Project SERPO sent to me claiming that it had been sent to him by “friends” who were on the list of recipients. When I published it, I blacked out the name of the sender because I wasn’t at all sure that a respectable attorney with a reputable law firm would actually be doing what this email suggests he is doing: creating disinformation to propagate via But now I can tell you who wrote that email because his involvement with ATS is now on the record: it was Wayne Jaeschke of Morrison & Foerster LLP in McLean VA.

Gee, isn’t that right down the road from the CIA?

In short, this high-end corporate attorney is VERY thick in the whole Abovetopsecret gang activity. Funny, QFG only ever had ONE attorney member and he only lasted about a week.

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Originally Published 2006_03_23