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RCA founded. Within a year of its foundation, engineers began publishing papers and organizing the study of long-range radio communications.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s work in the natural sciences begins, with support to the National Research Council to establish fellowships in physics and chemistry. More than $4.5 million is expended over 33 years to train more than 1,000 individuals.

During a strenuous speaking tour through the Midwest and the Far West to promote the League of Nations to the American people, Wilson collapses from fatigue and nervous tension. After returning to Washington, he suffers a paralytic stroke. But he doesn’t give up the presidency. Only his wife and his doctor are allowed to see him. When Secretary of State Robert Lansing presumes to call Cabinet meetings, Wilson promptly dismisses him. He refuses to allow his vice president, Thomas R. Marshall, to take charge.

Franklin Roosevelt is a strong believer in the League of Nations. He and Ohio governor James M. Cox as vice presidential and presidential nominees, go on nationwide tours, speaking for the full entry of the U.S. into the organization. Roosevelt makes more than a thousand speeches.

The Senate refuses to ratify the Treaty of Versailles. Warren Harding votes against it.

Governor Coolidge gains national prominence when he summons the state guard to keep order in Boston during the police strike. He says: “There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.”

The U.S. embassy in London cabled Washington in the fall, about Messrs. Lubovitch and Rossi “representing American-Russian Industrial Syndicate Incorporated – What is the reputation and the attitude of the Department toward the syndicate and the individuals?” To this cable State Department officer Basil Miles replied: . . . Gentlemen mentioned together with their corporation are of good standing being backed financially by the White, Sinclair and Guggenheim interests for the purpose of opening up business relations with Russia.”