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Laura Answers Questions from Readers: Cassiopaea in Russia

Update: July 17, 2005

Since April 2005 we are in friendly contact with a website in Russia that shares with us many interesting ideas. The website is in all Russian: HIDENS.NET. Here, as an example, we would like to provide an English (machine) translation of a part of one of the recent posts there:

2012 – The Wave – or why do we need it all ?

[…] But there is one additional very interesting theme. Theme Of Wave, following, this is, roughly, speaking one of the processes which they must occur soon (to 2012).

It is possible to note that we love to use their material. Reason is contented it is prosaic – their infos influence very easily and usefully our HD (High Density) digestion. So here is the Wave – this process, according to the idea, must transfer that part of humanity, which has specific F – to another level (4 D) this in no way means that good into the paradise and poor into hell – in HD there is no such term. Everything depends on power engineering or more precise on F (Frequency).

Recently we became to note and “to see ” that in HD occur the specific processes. We do not know if this is the Wave, but it appears “familiarly “. For sure, something, after all, takes place, unimportantly how “it” is called. But to us what is interesting is why, and, the main thing, what for? How this will influence each of us and if they will be what that consequences – as it is possible process to change or to monitor?

And here – for achievement of the desired result, is required the knowledge of all mixed in the process factors. But they thus far to us are not known. ; -)”


My name is Alex and I am your dedicated reader.

Actually I found your webpage following the link from Rich Hoagland’s page some three months ago. Well, I can tell that this is all really fascinating to say the least. The most incredible thing I feel is that all this channeled stuff seems to be THE TRUTH, the one that is out there!

This is a good one. And the bad one is that other people do not consider ANYTHING channeled to be a 100% (or even 1%) truth. Unfortunatly, sir Peter Gersten, director of “Citizens Against UFO Secrecy” replied my email with something like “nope,I’m not a big fan of channeled info…” when I tried to attract some attention to your website. Well, you can be a non-fan but other people deserve to know, right?

Anyway, I am grateful to all you people for what you are doing to keep us informed. Convey my hello to our 6th density dudes 🙂

Hi Alex!

We are all pleased that you are being inspired by the material and the Cassiopaeans and maybe even the rest of us here! And, we will certainly convey your greetings at next Saturday’s session (Sept 25)! I just want to remind you to never forget that the main thing going on here is an encouragement to think for yourself, find the power inside you, and question EVERYTHING! Even the Cassiopaeans!

By the way, is there any way to directly or indirectly communicate to the C’s? I guess we all could use a little education, to say so, from them just like you guys have.

Someone recently asked that question and here was the reply, that surprised us a great deal:


Q: (B__) Is there any way I can contact you guys directly?
A: Well, B__, only if you present yourself into the presence of these 3rd densities here. Remember, their request was hard earned, and one of them has been channelling throughout this incarnation, much to his detriment. Those neighborhood kids usually do not respond favorably to psychic awareness, now do they? Another one here has literally turned the world upside down in search of the greatest truths for all of humanity, much to her potential peril. And the third one here had to endure almost unimaginable hardships and tests of stamina in order to realize his destined path of bringing your 3rd density realm to the brink of 4th density transitional adjustment. So, the path is open to you. Wanna follow?!?

Another remark along this line was:


Q: (L) Are we going to be able to develop some sort of technology, to help other people, or to protect ourselves in some way? In this really bizzare stff goin on on our planet?
A: Too much, too soon, my dear. Curiosity killed the cat.
Q: (L) Well, satisfaction brought him back!
A: Not in this case!!!
Q: (T) You have had so many terrible things happen to you and you have been protected… now your protection is being stepped up to a higher level because of Ark.
A: Maybe, but there is so, so, so much more in store than that!!!!!!
Q: (L) Stop!… Is that an ominous, ‘maybe, but there’s so, so, so much more in store?’ Or is that a positive, there is so, so, so much more in store?
A: Why would you think it ominous?
Q: (L) Well I don’t know.. because I’m scared of what I don’t know!
A: What have we helped you to discover so far? Would you rather discontinue this operation?
Q: (L) Oh, heck no! (T) After two years, you know she’s always going to ask those kinds of questions!
A: Not two years, eternity. We have helped you build your staircase one step at a time. Because you asked for it. And you asked for it because it was your destiny. We have put you in contact with those of rare ability in order for you to be able to communicate with us. Again, because you desired it, in order to realize your path. By now, you should recognize the signs… Those who display thinking patterns which in many ways deviate from that which is considered ordinary. The more unusual, the more telling. They have past lives on 3rd density earth, but not recently, but for this one. And they are not oriented to the earth frequency vibrations.

[Group discussion ensued on the last response]

Q: (L) Are we not talking about Frank and the group being able to communicate with you?
A: He is one, but not the only one, just the one who awakened your sense of recognition.
Q: (L) I can’t help but ask: what is this staircase, what is this destiny?
A: Discover.

Well, I tried! But we still don’t know. Apparently there are others involved, which is one of the reasons for this website: to find them, or help them to find us.

And, of course, I have a question to them ready. Here goes: I want to become an STO candidate. Not just for fun. I know that this is not that simple. I feel a compelling need to help the others, by request, of course, no need to abridge Free Will! So, the question is: are there any rules, understandible on 3rd density level, that an STO candidate should take into consideration? Or is it just your soul defining your orientation as an STO or STS independant of your Free Will?

I think it is a soul configuration, but also Free Will at the soul level is involved. You might want to have a look at the response to Caroline’s question above. It goes into this much more deeply. Also, see Linda’s comments below.

Thank you once again and goodbye.

THANK YOU! It’s nice to know that we have dedicated readers in Russia!


Originally Published 2005_06_17