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The Stargate Conspiracy

A Review, analysis, and commentary on the book by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

As most readers know, we were recently made aware of certain remarks about the Cassiopaeans made by the authors of The Stargate Conspiracy which resulted in a response by us (Ark and Laura). (See: Picknett and Prince on the Cassiopaeans)

In the previous series of comments, in response to such cavalier dismissal by said authors, we made a remark as follows:

Again, I am more disappointed in the work of two of my favorite authors rather than being offended. Nevertheless, to make such comments as they have, in a public forum, without even being aware (obviously) of the totality of the material they are criticizing, its source, its context, and the context of the matters being discussed on these pages (not to mention by whom they are being discussed), is reprehensible demagoguery of the most insidious sort.

We find, in this, the idea that these authors are free and independent thinkers, proponents of remarkable new ideas, and thorough research may have to be revised. We even begin to wonder if they are not part of the “damage control” arm of the very “Stargate Conspiracy” itself? (Even if unconsciously.)

We would here like to retract that remark – in part, that is – and state that, after having read The Stargate Conspiracy, we agree almost 100% with its conclusions, but not necessarily the reasons for the conclusions, nor even the outcome that those conclusions might suggest. However, again, we will say that it is a pity they did not more carefully examine the material on these pages; had they done so, it is our belief that the insights as to the full nature of this conspiracy, its machinations, and its ultimate objective, would have been made eminently clear – at least as far as can be done and still continue to draw breath.

In their introduction, P & P tell us that they did not originally start out to write a book of this sort; they were, in fact, pursuing their own research into matters brought forward in their previous book: The Templar Revelation. It was this latter book that impressed us so much with their determination to “get to the bottom of things.” Even though, as I read it, I could see the evidence of the “misguiding influence” in operation, time and again they were demonstrating an ability to not be deceived by using their minds and not their emotions to follow clues. They came so close.

Their conclusion was that Christianity was, essentially, an offshoot of the Ancient Egyptian religion of Isis and Osiris – something that has been stated on these pages from the beginning. They further concluded that the “most carefully hidden of all the secrets of the heretical Knights Templar” was that they believed that John the Baptist was the true Messiah, and that Jesus was, to say the very least, his usurper.

That is where they were diverted. Yes, it is true that Christianity is a “fake” religion. It was styled on the Egyptian “Holy Family” and the teachings of a certain man who lived in the regions of Palestine around the first century were quickly covered up and distorted by a “Brotherhood” whose existence has been theorized for hundreds of years, but who have forever remained hidden, creating and destroying “red herring” groups to distract attention from themselves. This group does, indeed, have an agenda.

The fact is: the imagery of John the Baptist, and all “beheaded” individuals in mythical, hermetic and occult lore, is a symbol. It is a symbol of not only an object, but a process of initiation. It is this process that the “Brotherhood” wishes to keep secret, and it is the “object” that they wish to control. Apparently, at some point in this trans-millennial game of Cosmic chess, they lost their Queen.

But, enough on that; back to the Stargate Conspiracy. Let me suggest, first of all, that the reader may wish to obtain a copy as soon as possible and read it carefully. After you have read it, go back and read the various channeled materials it discusses with the idea in mind that such material may, indeed, be being presented with a hidden agenda. And, while reading, keep in mind that one of the main tactics of the Control System is to find a means of subtly allying their message with that of the truly Positive so as to generate confusion in untrained minds which would tend on surface evidence to accept these actually contrary messages as benevolent.

The Control System does not inculcate belief by lying – at least not all the time. The lies, the subtle twists on the truth, are generally buried deeply in a soft cushion of warm and tender concern for their “chosen ones.” The Control System proceeds by the method of imitation. It APES the expression of the positive, and all the more carefully when it wishes to be mistaken altogether for truly benevolent intentions.

However, the problem is actually deeper than that. It could be said that the Shepherd cares tenderly for his flock, guarding and protecting them; moving them from green pasture to green pasture; bedding them down for the nights next to pools of cool, clear water. When they are sick, he tends them; when one of them is lost, he goes and finds them and returns them to the fold. The image of the Good Shepherd as a representation of God is brought to us from the dim primeval past; it is ingrained in us to think of our Loving Father as a Shepherd, holding the lost lamb, glowing with beneficence and kindly devotion to his flock.

But, the fact is, nobody is really paying attention to this image because, if they were, they would realize that the shepherd only tends the flock so he can shear them and/or eat them. And in times past, that included regular and numerous sacrifices to the “Gods.”

Now, just think about that for a moment.

The strategy of the Control System is to begin its work by adhering so closely to the letter of the positive as to be virtually indistinguishable to all but the most perspicacious individuals. It installs belief through a sort of rhythmic lull of entrainment which then permits acceptance of all that is said when it finally diverges slightly or greatly from the set pattern and pulls the mind of the believer along with it.

There are so many variations of the strategy that it would be almost impossible to list them all, but it ranges from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and most of the worlds religions of the present time, to the new variations being promulgated in the present time via dozens, or even hundreds, of New Age channels and “purveyors” of wisdom. It finds its fullest and most identifiable expression in the teachings of certain occultists, including those promoting ritual magick, whether they claim to be of the “black” or “white” variety. The bottom line is, as the Cassiopaeans have said over and over again: knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. And ignorance is substrate of “belief.”

“Belief” is, essentially, the “Ostrich School of Metaphysics.” The attitude taken by most New Age purveyors of wisdom is exactly this “Ostrich” mode, which is merely a neo-Augustinian dismissal of evil as a “nonentity,” or a shadow to be defined only as the “absence of good.”

This is actually a clever maneuver of the Control System to gather energy. With this idea, people think that the whole solution to the problem is to “educate” all the “negative” beings out of their contrary ways… that if they are only “loved enough” or “helped to see the error of being bad, and how nice it is to be good,” that all will become sweetness and light. Such a doctrine has no idea of what to do with an evil that is conscious and intentional and the choice of highly intelligent entities.

One of the tactics of the Control System is to propagate, expand and exaggerate the magnitude, the horror, and the despair of information so as to suggest that personal power is a chimera in the face of collective hopelessness. This results in a feeling of powerless passivity and ineffectuality. From such passivity, people are easily moved toward “sources” that seem to compensate as an “authority” or a substitute for our lost power. The authority claimed by such a source tends to make us even more subject to its depredations, and thus weak beyond resistance to any wholesale negative invasion.

Picknett and Prince began to research ancient Egypt in order to discover the purported “roots” of the Templar legacy and what they perceived as our civilization’s “Egyptian Roots.” The more they researched, the more they realized that the ancient Egyptians possessed “astonishing knowledge, far beyond that generally accepted by modern academics.”

Well, what a surprise!

But, we have to remember that they are writing their book for the mass market, so we can cut them some slack here.

As they came to this realization, they began to examine the work of some of the current “alternative Egyptologists,” such as Robert Temple, author of The Sirius Mystery, Robert Bauval, co-author with Adrian Gilbert of The Orion Mystery; and Graham Hancock, author of The Sign and the Seal. P & P noted:

These books encompass a vast range of fascinating and radical new ideas, many of which have now become so entrenched among their readers as to be accepted as hard fact. And, like most of their readers, we, too, began as enthralled admirers.

I have to agree that I was equally enthralled with the same books; that is, until the Cassiopaeans pointed out the flaws and the agendas. And those are the same flaws and agendas that P & P discovered by the simple process of studying the history and looking deeply into the connections of these individuals to certain “channeled” teachings. P & P wrote:

After many months of researching and writing this book, we still admired those authors’ energy and commitment, but as we stood back from their work, we have perceived a new and considerably larger pattern taking shape. Whether or not those authors are aware of it, their work forms an intrinsic part of what amounts to an orchestrated campaign.

Is that so? Gee, the Cassiopaeans told us the same things seven years ago. What is this “orchestrated campaign” supposed to do? Well, P & P described it:

…The idea of a long dead civilisation of Mars has also been absorbed into this campaign and – like the mysteries of Egypt – has been pressed into service to present a carefully stage-managed message. Essentially, it proposes that the ancient gods were extraterrestrials – and they’re back.

Now, where have we heard that before?

P & P next tell us something we already knew:

…The subtext is very clever: only certain, chosen people hear their words, and only certain, chosen people will be part of the revelations to come. We can hazard a guess at the identity of some of the chosen, but the others may be rather surprising.

Actually, none of the others are surprising to us, though we are most heartily grateful to P & P for the time they took to investigate certain people about whom we have already written, pointing out that they do, indeed, have some sort of agenda because we continually catch them out in behavior that is peculiarly obfuscatory and contradictory in the extreme: people like Richard Hoagland and Col. Tom Bearden, for example. We were unaware of their connections to certain channeled information and agendas. What we were aware of was that they seemed to be closely associated with the dissemination of certain disinformation from a scientific point of view. Now, the picture is much clearer!

P & P begin their work with a chapter on the Nine Gods of Egypt – The Great Ennead. After analyzing it, they come to the conclusion that the present day “agenda” has co-opted images that stood for certain creative principles. In this, they are partly right. However, they failed to consider the possibility that such “gods” did, at some time, directly interact with certain humans, just as they are doing today, in almost exactly the same context! Additionally, their knowledge of certain historical facts and esoteric subjects prevented them from realizing that the Ennead, itself, is one of the first representations of the Control System in “scientific” terms of the past.

One of the ways in which they have slipped into this very error, held vigorously in place by the knowledge filtration system of present mainstream science, is the comparison of some of the pyramid texts to a cosmology that presents the theory of the Big Bang. Had they been doing their homework on this one, they would have realized that the idea of the Big Bang itself is part of the Control System – originating in the concepts of linear time incepted by monotheism. The fact is, the Big Bang idea is only a theory, and not a very good one. There are alternative theories of the universe that not only make better predictions, but make more sense – and they are discussed among scientists today, gaining more and more support since the Big Bang theory has failed miserably in its ability to predict, and the observations are piling up which tend to contradict it.

I very much enjoyed P & P’s understated commentary on the state of current “mainstream Egyptology,” as follows:

Indeed, mainstream Egyptologists seem curiously blind to the achievements and beliefs of the very people they have chosen to study.

They then, quite rightly point out that, in reaction to the realization that our religions and sciences and cultural norms are NOT providing a satisfactory explanation of the Order of the Universe, that a counter-cultural revolution of the mind is taking place wherein people of all walks of life have decided to search for the answers themselves.

Well, that’s good, right?

It could be. Except for one fact: most people simply are not aware of the Control System. They are not aware that they are, essentially, pouring new wine into old bottles. The forms and structures of belief are inculcated into human beings so cunningly, based on the millennial old Control System plans, that even when they seek to discover for themselves what is “really out there,” most people only manage to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. P & P note:

However, many – but not all – exponents of the New Orthodoxy who dare to ‘publish and be damned’ appear to be motivated by something more than a sense of solidarity with a culture that is rarely given its due. The wave of new books is not just a timely recognition of ancient Egyptian genius (although of course there is an element of that, which must be applauded). As we discovered, something else is involved here, something deeply unsettling.

…Through the mass media, these writer-researchers have promoted what is essentially a belief system that is not only just as rigidly dogmatic as the academics’, but which seems… to have quite another agenda. The promotion of certain ideas and the fact that the same ideas occur in several of the most high-profile books about ‘alternative Egypt’ led us to believe that there was a prearranged, orchestrated move to create a new belief system.

Now, where have we heard that before? Can it be possible that the Cassiopaeans have been saying the same thing for seven years; that we, (Ark and Laura), have been desperately working day and night to present this idea to the public? What’s more, that we have augmented these statements of the Cassiopaeans with hard research since we do not think that substituting one channeled message for another is in any way conducive to the gaining of true knowledge.

Nevertheless, P & P said about the Cassiopaean material “Like all such material, it is an insult to our individual and collective intelligence. Who needs it?”

Yet, the Cassiopaeans are saying the same thing they are saying. What is wrong with this picture?

In order to understand how this “orchestrated belief system” has been promoted, by researchers and writers with an agenda, the reader really needs to have a look at The Stargate Conspiracy. The commentary on Robert Temple, Robert Beauval, Graham Hancock, and others, is well worth the read.

Fact is, we have had some peripheral interactions with followers of these folks ourselves. And, in all cases, we withdrew from association once we discovered that they were not as open-minded and sincere about their search for truth as they claimed.

What is of most compelling interest is the information on Andrija Puharich and the possibility that there was a “program” in effect for a long time designed to teach very psychic kids to learn to “project” thoughts into the minds of others so as to convince them that they were channeling extraterrestrials. This is also something of which we are aware, only it was very recently that we were apprised of Puharich’s possible role in such activity. The Cassiopaeans very clearly told us that there was an “army of psychic projectors” which they designated as “Thor’s Pantheum,” which was being used to influence individuals in positions of power and in the creative arts so as to have them produce books, movies, television shows and series – all with an agenda in mind: the same agenda identified by Picknett and Prince.

P & P go on to describe their research findings – how various channels, researchers, writers, and other individuals of some influence in the subject – have had CIA connections, and all seem to circle around the same “circle.” Circles within circles indeed! And quite a few of them have impinged on our lives as well – generally quite negatively. For a long time, we thought it was simply because we were “strange” and involved with such an “off the wall” thing as channeling. Now we realize that most of them were also involved with channeled messages – of a very different sort. And it is most definitely clear after reading the excerpts of some of this material as dug up by P & P, as well as learning about the backgrounds and connections of these individuals, why our work has been marginalized and discounted by these very same people with their own “channeled” agenda.

In fact, the reader may be rather surprised to discover just who’s on first in this one! People you would never guess to have any connection to “weirdness” such as channeling, apparently do – including high government officials. (We aren’t going to tell – you have to read the book!)

In the end, however, P & P bring it home to the channeling of The Council of Nine, connecting it to Andrija Puharich, James Hurtak and his Keys of Enoch, mind programming projects such as MKULTRA, Enochian Magick as promulgated by MacGregor Mathers and Aleister Crowley, possible political manipulations of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, various orders of “Melchizidek,” and “Guardians” of various extraterrestrial sources, including Ashtar, Sananda, and so on. They make a powerful and convincing case.

What is even more interesting is that they point out that the groundwork was being laid very early on by such luminaries as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey. Well, we knew that, also. How? The Cassiopaeans told us and, following their clues, we researched it and discovered it to be true. And, in general, that has been the pattern of the C’s. They give us a clue and send us out to do our homework because they don’t ask us to just believe what they say.

And, of course, the main issue that was missed by P & P was that of monotheism and its control on the minds of the Western world, softening us up and setting us up to receive a “New God” at some point in the not-too-distant future.

At a C’s session of August 1, 2001, the following exchange took place:

Q: (One of our egroup members) has been reading some channeled material that suggests that this planet is a breeding ground for aliens, and the life cycle of the aliens, as in the reptilians or whatever, may mimic something like a preying mantis. This material also alludes to the suggestion that the underground of the earth is kind of a dormant stage for the female and that it is the male that is returning, or that does return at the end of each epoch, and that the focus of this appears to be the Great Pyramid. Is the earth a breeding ground for some kind of aliens as suggested in this passage?
A: No.
Q: So, this stuff is just another diversionary channeled message designed to keep people confused. It looks like the guy has made up messages out of our worst nightmares, putting the worst possible spin on it imaginable. So, we can forget this idea?
A: Yes.
Q: What is the source of this kind of material? What kind of energy is behind it?
A: STS mind control signal.
Q: What is it designed to do?
A: Reach those that are programmed to receive.
Q: Let me ask you this: if some of these STS programming signals that are going out, I mean, I’m assuming some of them come from 3rd density, is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: Do they actually have, like, some place on the planet where these guys sit around and read science fiction books and get these really crazy theories and stories that they assemble with some sort of fiendish glee, and then convert them via computer into the programming signal code that gets beamed out into people’s heads, while the guys who are making up all the space brothers scenarios in some secret military base or whatever, just fall down on the floor laughing at what they have just done? That people will believe anything? Is this possibly something that is going on?
A: Yes.
Q: That’s sick. (A) Well, if you had their agenda, wouldn’t you do it? (L) If I was as sick as those puppies, and had the money and facilities, yeah – I guess that’s what they are doing. They have probably taken whole H. P. Lovecraft novels, converted them to programming signals, and beamed ’em out for the New Age crowd to channel and believe! And then they say “My God! The space brothers or guardian alliance told me! It’s just like Lovecraft said! He must have been a prophet! Oh my God! Can you imagine?” (A) But it works. (L) It sure does.(A) You see, what this guy R___ is telling us about, the musician who is working on laser light shows in conjunction with certain music, is that it is capable of inducing prolonged altered states of consciousness, and that it will be used for massive, grand scale programming via the entertainment arts. He’s telling us about another phase of the program. And it’s coming pretty soon, according to him.

And then, we followed up with additional questions on August 10, 2001 which will be presented in the final chapters of The Secret History of the World, along with the research, exposing the agenda and the true name and nature of the “God” for which all this global preparation is being made.

There is another significant point missed by P & P: and that is that the nature of our reality is truly not what it appears to be in literal, material terms. It is in understanding this that we have any hope to be able to discern what may or may not be beneficial for those who seek higher knowledge. And, in this sense, we have to realize that even those channeled sources that P & P discarded as having an agenda, do very often tell the truth – when it suits their purposes. Of course, they generally do so with such a subtle twist so as to have the listener perceive a meaning that is completely opposite to what is true. In this sense, P & P have tossed the baby out with the bath water and have missed some of the most important clues.

For example: they make a strong connection between the Ra channeling and the Council of Nine. They fail to take into account that, due to certain factors that we have analyzed here on these pages, there was a transmission of positive information via the Ra source. We have said before, and will repeat it here that we do think highly of much of the Ra Material – that which was received prior to the death of Don Elkins. And again, I point out that the death of Don Elkins was the end of Ra. The obvious question to ask is: if he was the “agent” of The Nine, and he was doing such a good job, why would they allow him to die? The answer is obvious: Don’s internal orientation was positive; his “consciousness directors” brought information through that was contrary to the agenda of the Control System. It is easy to read this material and identify which is which. And that leads to the conclusion that Don’s death is not evidence of the negativity of the contact; on the contrary, it is the chief evidence for the positive nature of it.

And here I must point out that there have been bleed-throughs of the negative energies in the Cassiopaean channeling also during the earliest days. That this might happen was clear to us from the beginning and we took many steps to avoid or circumvent it. And we scrutinize the material carefully – and do the research – before it is presented. Fortunately, such instances have been quite rare and, of the body of material that exists, most of that which could be classified as incorrect consists in the assumptions of the attendees whose remarks and comments are included in same. And, very often, one or another reader (including yours truly) will believe that an item is clearly wrong, and time proves it to exactly correct.

In point of fact, since the dynamics of the group have changed in the past year, it seems that a new level of cleanness has been achieved even if there was one instance of garbling due to inappropriate choice for operator.

Again, unlike other channels, we act as a group channel. And we constantly monitor and scrutinize the material, watching for signs of corruption, and ultimately putting it to the test of research for final evaluation. It would be unconscionable to just receive a bunch of material and dump it out to the public without checking and evaluating first.

Having said all of the above, what are we to make of P & P’s book in light of the Cassiopaean material? I think that, in order to make it clear what a vast difference exists between the Cassiopaean material and the productions of a myriad of channeled sources of more recent times, as well as the so-called research of various authors as documented by P & P, we would like to present here a little “back and forth” commentary.

One of the most influential books ever written about the mysteries of Egypt is Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, originally published in 1976. As P & P point out, this book spawned much of the current “New Orthodoxy.”

P & P point out how Temple claimed CIA interference in his research and his life, as well as the fact that the clues to his research were given to him by high Masonic sources.

We agree with P & P that the “interference” was designed to convince him that he was “on the right track” and to “validate” his work for a very different and hidden agenda.

One of the claims of the “New Orthodoxy” is its re-dating of the Sphinx of Giza (and the pyramids).

John Anthony West discovered, in the works of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, the suggestion that the sphinx was weathered by water. His book was entitled Serpent in the Sky. He proposed that this weathering was done by flooding and that the last flood took place around 10,000 B.C. He considered this to be proof of Atlantis as well as the Biblical Flood.

The issue of the sphinx was brought to the attention of Dr. Robert Schoch, a geologist from Boston University. Schoch concluded that the erosion on the Sphinx had, indeed, been created by water. His work has been confirmed by other geologists. Egyptologists refuse to accept the evidence of science, preferring the delusions of their cherished theories.

As climatologists can pinpoint the times of rainfall in the past, this has been used to redate the sphinx. Schoch writes:

Lawton and Ogilvie-Herald (page 313) agree with me that the current arid climatic regime of the Giza Plateau began approximately in the middle of the third millennium B.C. (circa 2350 B.C. by one standard dating scheme) and there were various periods of relatively heavy rainfall from about 10,000 or 8,000 B.C. up until the onset of the predominant aridity that has existed in the area for the last 4500 years or so.

Now, why is this an issue? Because the New Orthodoxy wants to insist on a date of 10,500 BC for the date of the Sphinx and the pyramids.

P & P, of course, have shown that there was no eleventh-millennium BC wet period, but that does not disprove that either monument was built then. But, their arguments on this point are weak. On the one hand, they want to show that mainstream science is abysmally slow in realizing what is really going on, but on the other hand, that’s where they go for their proof that any portion of the New Orthodoxy they don’t like is not true. Most peculiar.

Nevertheless, they have a point. Why all the concentration on 10,500 BC, or “Zep Tepi,” as Bauval and Gilbert have written?

The Cassiopaeans have indicated that the date of the building of the pyramids and Sphinx coincided and that this date was 8,649 B.C. we will soon present the research on this date in the The Secret History of the World which strongly supports such a date and casts serious doubt on any of the dating of the Egyptian dynasties by the “mainstream experts.” And, we are using climatological and geological data, not “channeled” material, though the Cassiopaeans did give the clues about what to look for and when!

As it turns out, P & P certainly demonstrate that Bauval’s “star alignment,” as he has set it up, is a complete hoax.

The bottom line is: P & P discover that all of these “high profile” New Egyptologists are desperately trying to prove that 10,500 BC is, in some way significant, even when the facts indicate otherwise. Again we ask: why? Why do they require the minds of so many readers to be “focused” on this specific time period?

P & P propose the eminently reasonable idea that, since the day of the first heliacal rising of Sirius was the New Year’s Day of the Egyptians, and that throughout most of their history, the sun rose in Leo on this day, that it would only be reasonable for them to have the sphinx represent “feline energy” and face the dawn – much as our Statue of Liberty represents freedom and faces Europe, from whence most Americans came.

Is there some secret, mystical power relating to the day the Statue of Liberty was put up? How about the year? Shall future “Americologists” speculate wildly about the mythical significance of Lady Liberty? I mean, if you have the ability to manipulate stone the way those guys did, how hard can it be to just whip up a handy stone lion to decorate the landscape?

Suffice it to say that, while we agree with P & P that Bauval, Hancock, et al are really mucking things up with their wishful thinking and some kind of Control System agenda behind them, we also think that P & P may have tossed the baby out with the bathwater on this one too. There may, indeed, be something that the pyramids and sphinx can tell us about these ancient times. And they may, indeed, warn about times to come! Just not in any sense that has been heretofore considered.

In this sense, P & P note that Hancock and Bauval’s seem to be utterly driven to “forge a link between the ancient Egyptian First Time – zep tepi – and the Age of Aquarius… and Mars. Everything they have written so far appears to us to be geared to making that connection, with the distinct impression that soon a great secret will be revealed, and that they are its guardians.

Hints about the nature of that agenda may be gleaned from the increasingly messianic tone of their recent postings on the internet…

…An intrinsic part of the [agenda] is the announcement of the return of the ancient Egyptian gods. This may be merely some poetic turn of phrase or a kind of metaphor; but part of the plan we have uncovered demands that the gods are real, and that they are returning.

Well, amen! That’s what they ARE doing. And that is what the Cassiopaeans have been telling us that they are doing. And what’s more, the Cassiopaeans have been telling us not only who these “gods” really are, but that they do NOT have our best interests at heart!

P & P tell us that Robert Temple suggests that the ancient amphibious gods, the Nommo, who are now in suspended animation somewhere in orbit around Saturn, are about to return to Earth. He says darkly that ‘these matters… may affect us all sooner than we think.’ ”

And indeed, Temple is very likely telling the truth – from his perspective, and based on the plans of the Control System. That he and the others do not realize that they are dupes of this control system is the biggest part of the tragedy of what will happen if… well, we can only wait and watch.

To their credit, P & P are doing their best to point out the danger. Unfortunately, they have no idea how serious it really is.

P & P tell us about the fascinating interactions behind the scenes of the discovery of the “Face on Mars.” These structures were seized upon as evidence of an ancient Martian civilization by, among others, Dr. James J. Hurtak, then Professor of Oriental Studies at the California Institute of the Arts who, later, carried out some very secretive work in the Great Pyramid.

…The potency of Giza as a symbol for disparate creeds …is, in itself, something of inestimable value, especially for those whose business it is to exploit the power of belief systems.

Of all the players in the Giza game, most can be seen to have definite and easily discernible motivations; for example, Hawass (the head Egyptian archaeologist) wants to be the world’s leading Egyptologist, Joseph Schor and ARE (the Cayce people) want to find the Hall of Records (as predicted by Cayce), and so on. The motivations of certain individuals and organisations who have played key roles are not so easy to define, such as the enigmatic Dr. James J. Hurtak and SRI International (the remote viewing, CIA connected gang), who seem to have been working together at Giza in the 1970’s. Far from fading from the picture, Hurtak has recently gone into partnership with Boris Said (a filmmaker involved in the plot) in his Magical Eye production company, being listed as their scientific adviser. [P & P]

My my! Doesn’t the plot get thicker! The famous Dr. Hurtak and his magical Keys of Enoch! And here he is connected up with SRI and remote viewing and CIA types and the promotion of the idea of the face on Mars having been left there by a “Martian civilization.” Strange bedfellows if you ask me. The reader will probably be very interested to discover the strange connections between Dr. Hurtak, Richard Hoagland, Col. Tom Bearden, Gene Roddenberry and a host of players too interesting and numerous to mention.

Intriguingly, Hurtak was already referring to the Face as ‘Sphinx-like,’ making an immediate and emotive connection with Egypt. Even more intriguing is the fact that Hurtak had predicted the existence of a Sphinx image on Mars in 1965, the year before the Viking pictures had been taken. [P&P]

Well, the reader is probably already having a few suspicions that such a “prediction” could easily have been made to “come true,” by the very organizations that later denied it was a “face,” simply in order to put power in the hands of Hurtak so as to enable him to promote his Enochian agenda.

Nevertheless, on this subject of an ancient civilization on Mars, again, P & P miss the boat. Instead of realizing that the facts are probably NOT what the Control System are promoting, they offer lame suggestions ending with the following:

The least likely solution, given our current understanding of Earth’s prehistory, is that they are the work of an advanced civilization that originated on Earth and traveled to Mars. [P & P]

P & P might wish to increase their “current understanding of Earth’s prehistory” pretty damn quick. And we can assure them that all the clues are out there for the individual willing to dig for them.

But, getting back to Dr. Hurtak, Hoagland, Bearden, SRI, CIA, Puharich, and the gang, all of whom seem to be impressed by the idea not only of the “Nine Gods,” the “Council of Nine,” but also the Elohim! We asked the Cassiopaeans about this once, and, considering our own indoctrination into these very same ideas, their answer was rather shocking. I mean, after all, when you have been brought up on the Bible, and the Elohim and all that, what are you going to do when you are told that such guys may not be what they present themselves to be and worse still, they may not have your best interests at heart! (And for P & P who think that all channeling consists of just telling people what they want or expect to believe, I can guarantee that this has never been the case here!)

Q: (L) Who were the Elohim of the Bible?
A: Transdefinitive.
Q: (L) What does that mean? Transcends definition?
A: And variable entities.
Q: (L) Were the Elohim ‘good guys?’
A: First manifestation was human, then non-human.
Q: (L) Well, what brought about their transformation from human to non-human?
A: Pact or covenant.
Q: (L) They made a pact or covenant with each other?
A: No, with 4th density STS. (Control System)
Q: (L) Well, that is not good! Are you saying that the Elohim are STS? Who were these STS beings they made a pact with?
A: Rosteem, now manifests as Rosicrucians.
Q: (L) What is their purpose?
A: As yet unrevealable to you.

Another sacred cow shot down by the Cassiopaeans was the whole idea of Thoth Hermes being a “good guy.” Now, of course, those who are “into” this sort of thing (as we were, indeed), can suggest that it is the Cassiopaeans leading us astray. Sure, we thought about it. It was always in the back of our minds that anything that was ever said by any channeled source could, and most often was, either lies, useless psychobabble, or disinformation. However, with this detailed expose by P & P, I don’t think that such an idea about the Cassiopaeans holds water anymore.

Q: (L) Who was Hermes Trismegistus?
A: Traitor to court of Pharaoh Rana.
Q: (L) Who is Pharaoh Rana?
A: Egyptian leader of spiritual covenant.
Q: (L) In what way was Hermes a traitor?
A: Broke covenant of spiritual unity of all peoples in area now known as Middle East.
Q: (L) Who did Hermes betray?
A: Himself; was power hungry.
Q: (L) What acts did he do?
A: Broke covenant; he inspired divisions within ranks of Egyptians, Essenes, Aryans, and Persians et cetera.
Q: (L) What was his purpose in doing this?
A: Divide and conquer as inspired by those referred to as Brotherhood in Bramley book you have read.
Q: (L) Is this the Brotherhood of the snake Hermes formed in rejection of unity?
A: Hermes did not form it; it was long since in existence.
Q: (L) Who was the originator of the Brotherhood of the Serpent as described in the Bramley book?
A: Lizard Beings.

P & P go to some lengths in describing the hoopla behind the announcing of “life on Mars” by NASA and the involvement of Hurtak and Hoagland, et al. Most curious indeed, since the Cassiopaeans have definitely stated that this event was part of a planned progression of events designed to lead to the introduction of “Martians” as our “gods.” The C’s have said that the real, original inhabitants of Mars were never any such thing:

Q: (L) Was Mars ever inhabited?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) By whom?
A: By those you now know as Sasquatch or Bigfoot.
Q: (L) Do they now live on this planet as a result of being brought here by other beings?
A: They are transitory. Do not inhabit on a permanent basis.
Q: (L) Well, how do they come and go?
A: They are the slaves and “pets” of the Lizard Beings.

Q: (L) OK, what’s the scoop on this Mars Rock? (This session was held during the week of the “great announcement.”
A: Vague as can be!
Q: (L) Is this rock from Mars?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) How long have they known that rocks from Mars are on the planet?
A: 12 years.
Q: (L) OK, Why all of a sudden are they revealing, or releasing this information about this Mars Rock? In such a big and manipulative way? (T) You just said it!
A: You have already figured it out yourselves.
Q: (L) Well, Sheldon Nidle, the author of ‘Becoming a Galactic Human’…
A: No.
Q: (T) Not Sheldon and the Galactic Humans! (L) Well, I know they said no, but they answered my question before I got it out: Sheldon has made an announcement which was put out on the Net…
A: No.
Q: (L) So, there’s not going to be a massive UFO landing between August 29th and December 31st of this year? (T) Only if you go and see Independence Day!
A: No comment!
Q: (L) Well, OK, but is this Mars Rock, and is this opening of the doors concept, is this leading up to some definite, overt interaction with aliens? (T) They told us, we know it, yes!
A: Gradually.
Q: (T) That’s what it’s all about. They’re opening it up, and they’re going to take the money… If they want to go to Mars to look for civilizations and stuff, which they’re going to lead up to, and back to the moon here, and all this, and they’re going to make Hoagland feel really good, because he’s right! They’ve already done that!
A: Notice how you heard nothing about the Mars Probes until the rock announcement?
Q: (T) This is the new stuff?
A: The excavation robot spacecraft. One Probe is already on its way, another to follow. No further explanation about “loss” of Mars Explorer.
Q: (L) What did happen to the Mars Explorer?
A: Blacked out. You see, ‘Too risky.’ And too much too soon, due to pressure from Hoagland and others.
Q: (T) My own opinion is that they’ve already been there, and they know what’s there.
A: No. Microbes are easier to swallow than humans in togas!
Q: (T) Cleopatra and Anthony are not going to go over real big this week! Especially with the Bible scholars. (F) And the scientists! (T) OK, you just mentioned that somebody from this planet already launched a Mars Probe. A new Mars Probe, that no one in public knows about. Because it’s never been talked about. So, it’s a secret probe. Who does it belong to?
A: Was secret US government.
Q: (T) Was it something that one of the Shuttle missions put out?
A: No.
Q: (J) When did it go up?
A: September of 1995.
Q: (T) Last September, a year ago. So, it’s gone for a year. It takes it a year, two years to get there? Maybe not that long. So, it’s over halfway there at this point.
A: Yes.
Q: (T) What’s it going to do?
A: Next year.
Q: (T) Next year for the next probe?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Is this going to be one of those public ones?
A publicly announced one?
A: They both are.
Q: (T) What is the purpose of these probes?
A: Excavation to display living organisms.
Q: (T) Display? (L) Yes, for public consumption. In other words, not only do we have a rock now, that shows evidence that there was… (T) Oh, display, as when they find it and dig it up, they’re going to show it on camera! (L) Yes! (T) Connie Kourek will interview it! (L) Right! (F) First they said they found no evidence, then they said it was inconclusive… Now, who the hell knows what they found! In revealing things, we’ll start with fossilized life, and then move on… (L) So, they’re going to display the discovery of living organisms on Mars to take the next step to acclimate…
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, in other words, this process is going to be something of an ongoing thing, and that all of these people who are cranking around about, you know, alien landings…
A: No faces, though.
Q: (L) There’s not going to be any ‘Faces On Mars?’ They are not going to show us…
A: Won’t be revealed, what do you think happened with Mars Explorer?
Q: (L) Well, what did happen with the Mars Explorer?
A: Hoagland forced their hand.
Q: (T) What do we think happened to the Mars Explorer? I think they switched channels. They just moved it from one communication post to another, and it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing. And they did it in such a way, that the NASA people really didn’t know what happened, so that when they were asked, they could say, ‘We don’t know what happened to it!’ Because they really don’t know what happened! (L) When we’re talking about attack, as we were before, as in plane crashes, the Olympics, all these different things – this dealing with these Mars Explorers – is all this stuff, or most of this stuff, coming from the 4th density manipulations of human minds, rather than…
A: Yes.
Q: (L)… rather than actual, physical entry and doing of deeds? Is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) I have a question. They’re going to display live organisms, like, how did they put that ‘Living organisms’? How big are these living organisms going to be? How advanced?
A: Teeny-tiny.
Q: (T) So, we’re still talking about microscopic organisms here?
A: Yes.
Q: (J) So, they won’t wave at us!
A: But these will be alive. Can’t you see the progression here? “Don’t want to scare Grandma Sally Bible Thumper/Stockmarket Investor!”

Q: (T) Is the government planning to stage an invasion by aliens to cause the populace of the world to go into such a fear state that they will accept total control and domination?
A: Open. But if so, will “flop”.
Q: (T) Why?
A: Many reasons: 1. Visual effects will be inadequate and will have “glitches”. 2. Real invasion may take place first. 3. Other events may intercede.
Q: (T) Such as what?
A: Earth changes.
Q: (T) Am I correct in assuming that some of these hotshot, bigwig guys in the government who have plans for taking over the whole world and making everything all happy and hunky-dory with them in charge, are just simply not in synch with the fact that there are some definite earth changes on the agenda? Are they missing something here?
A: Close. They are aware but in denial.
Q: (T) Are these earth changes going to occur prior to the arrival of the cometary cluster?
A: No. But “time” frame is, as of yet, undetermined.
Q: (T) Am I correct in saying that if they knew what was really going to happen that they would still continue with their stupid little plans to make money and try to control the world?
A: Yes. Greed is a sickness.
Q: (T) Is there such a thing as “alternative three” the plan to take all the brains off the planet?
A: No.
Q: (T) Is that more disinformation?
A: Yes. So is Mars landing but not Mars monuments.
Q: (TL) Who made the monuments on Mars?
A: Atlanteans.
Q: (T) So, the Atlanteans had interplanetary ability?
A: Yes. With ease. Atlantean technology makes yours look like the Neanderthal era.
Q: (T) Who created the structures on the moon that Richard Hoagland has discovered?
A: Atlanteans.
Q: (T) What did they use these structures for?
A: Energy transfer points for crystalline power/symbolism as in monuments or statuary.
Q: (T) What statuary are you referring to?
A: Example is face.
Q: (T) What power did these crystals gather?
A: Sun.
Q: (T) Was it necessary for them to have power gathering stations on Mars and the Moon. Did this increase their power?
A: Not necessary but it is not necessary for you to have a million dollars either. Get the correlation? Atlanteans were power hungry the way your society is money hungry. […]
Q: (T) Are the top echelons of the human race all the fools that they seem?
A: Subjective.

Question is: are the Cassiopaeans telling the truth? Well, again, except for the fact that they give answers relating to the total Control System that has dominated humanity for millennia, what they are saying is exactly what Picknett and Prince are saying. Only thing is, the Cassiopaeans said it first.

But, I do understand the position of P & P. It’s one thing to pursue conspiracy theories and to find them and track them and think that there are some very naughty folks here on the Big Blue Marble. It’s an altogether different thing, after one has tracked enough of these theories, to come to the realization that they are all just different parts of the same elephant, and that the critter is really thousands of years old. When that fact smacks you in the face, either you run screaming in denial, or you begin to step back from the truly BIG picture, the global-millennial picture, and you see that there is a very stinky rat somewhere. Having arrived at that point, you realize that such a conspiracy could not be carried out by human beings – at least not alone. And then you have to face the most difficult task of all: asking yourself who or what could be behind it.

Having asked that question, you realize that you simply cannot answer it unless you open your mind to a whole constellation of possibilities that you would formerly never, ever, in your wildest dreams have considered. Then, if you work very, very hard, you may discover the “truth” that THEY want you to believe.

But, if you are very lucky, and you seek help based on the knowledge you have acquired that such help can and does exist – only we generally do not have access to it because we are too easily duped and manipulated – then you might begin to learn the rules of communicating with higher minds than our own. And doing that, then there is some hope of sorting out the mess. But it isn’t easy, and it can’t be easy.

Will P & P be able to make that leap of consciousness? It’s hard to tell. They keep dancing around it in their books, they do some truly interesting research, but it just seems that the awareness of what is truly going on is still blocked from them. There’s a dead elephant on the living room floor and they don’t even seem to see it. P & P ask:

Are ‘they’ [the secret gov and its dupes] looking for a Stargate, wither a physical or hyper-dimensional portal through which they could more easily reach Mars, and perhaps even make contact with Martians? More importantly, do ‘they’ really believe that such a thing exists?

How about this: the agenda of The Council of Nine, as channeled by Schlemmer et al, and other related channeled information, are simply the instructions of these racist, “gods” to their human “agents” to do the legwork designed to “lock” something in place so that they can “move in and take over.” As the Cassiopaeans have said:

Q: (L) I read the new book by Dr. David Jacobs, professor of History at Temple University, concerning his extensive research into the alien abduction phenomenon. [Dr. Jacobs wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the history of the UFOs.] Dr. Jacobs says that now, after all of these years of somewhat rigorous research, that he KNOWS what the aliens are here for and he is afraid. David Jacobs says that producing offspring is the primary objective behind the abduction phenomenon. Is this, in fact, the case?
A: Part, but not “the whole thing.”
Q: (L) Is there another dominant reason?
A: Replacement.
Q: (L) Replacement of what?
A: You.
Q: (L) How do you mean? Creating a race to replace human beings, or abducting specific humans to replace them with a clone or whatever?
A: Mainly the former. You see, if one desires to create a new race, what better way than to mass hybridize, then mass reincarnate. Especially when the host species is so forever ignorant, controlled, and anthropocentric. What a lovely environment for total destruction and conquest and replacement… see?

And how many New Age folks will be like the cute little crowd of Gray huggers on the top of the skyscraper holding out the welcome signs in the movie Independence Day?

P & P tell us:

Few of the enthusiastic followers of the Face on Mars story realise that the ideas of both Richard Hoagland and James Hurtak – the main advocates of the Mars/Giza connection – are largely shaped by a highly influential cultish group who claim direct, telepathic communication with extraterrestrial intelligences. These alleged non-human entities have, we were to discover, adopted many different aliases over the course of several decades, but today are most often known as the Council of Nine, or simply ‘the Nine.’

…As we progressed in our investigation… we were astonished, not to say disturbed, by the influence exerted by the people who believe in the Nine – and ultimately, the Nine themselves. We gradually uncovered evidence of the extraordinary hold that these alleged non-human intelligences have over top industrialists, cutting-edge scientists, popular entertainers, radical parapsychologists and key figures in military and intelligence circles. We were to find that the Nine’s influence even extends to the threshold of the White House itself.

Richard Hoagland’s influential Enterprise Mission had two directors of operations… David P. Myers and David S. Percy. Both had significant roles in the promotion of the Message of Cydona. American writer and former US Navy officer Myers joined the team in 1989, and London-based film producer Percy went on board shortly afterwards. Both left the Mission together in 1992.

It was Myers who ‘discovered’ many of the key measurements and angular relationships of the Cydonia monuments on which Hoagland bases his decoding of the Message. And it was Percy who surveyed the stone circle of Avebury in order to establish its relationship with Cydonia, as well as with other English sites such as Stonehenge and Glastonbury Tor. However, the source of Myers’s ‘unique insights’ (as Hoagland calls them in his acknowledgment in the Monuments of Mars) is neither mathematical skill nor deductive reasoning: he and Percy are part of a network of people who believe they are in direct contact with a group of advanced godlike extraterrestrials.

It turns out that Myers and Percy hung out with The Nine. More than that, James Hurtak claims to have been in touch with the same extraterrestrial source of wisdom since 1973. Hurtak has told two different versions of how he was “chosen to receive” the teachings that became The Keys of Enoch. In one version, he tells how the prophet Enoch appeared in his room one night. But he later told Jacques Vallee that he was “programmed” with the info one night by a “bright light” hovering over his car.

Hurtak’s work, like that of Myers and Percy, describes a system based on a hierarchy of intelligences that rule the universe, and explains how they have intervened throughout the history of the Earth.

The Keys of Enoch is a …self-consciously religious work… Subtitled A Teaching Given on Seven Levels To Be Read and Visualized In Preparation for the Brotherhood of Light To be Delivered for the Quickening of the ‘People of Light.” …It even looks like a Bible with the Hebrew letters for Yahweh – YHWH – embossed in gold on its white-and-gold cover, and its text displayed in two columns and divided into short numbered verses. This book evidently believes itself to be very holy, very sacred, taking itself extremely seriously indeed. The sixty-four ‘Keys’ of spiritual wisdom, covering all aspects of ethics and history, are presented in resounding quasi-Biblical language, although it is virtually impenetrable. For example:

The key to the end of our consciousness time zone is the violation of the spectra of color codes and in the geometry of radiations which will explode gel forming capacities. For this reason, the Host of the Living Light comes to deliver those who are living under and within the Light of Righteousness. [Hurtak, quoted by P & P]

Wow! Did you get that? I’m sure glad to have such a clear explication of – well – of something. Sorry, when I read stuff like that, my brain turns off. I guess it’s because I’m not one of the chosen ones.

Have the Cassiopaeans said anything about such matters as described by Dr. Hurtak?

Q: In a previous session I asked a question about the ‘sons of Belial’ and the ‘sons of the law of One,’ as explicated by Edgar Cayce, and whether these were philosophical or racial divisions. You said that they were initially racial, and then philosophical and religious. Now, from putting the information about religions together throughout the centuries, I am coming to a rather difficult realization that the whole monotheistic idea, which is obviously the basic concept of the ‘sons of the law of One,’ is the most clever and devious and cunning means of control I have ever encountered in my life. No matter where it comes from, the religionists say “we have the ONE god, WE are his agents, you pay us your money, and we’ll tell him to be nice to you in the next world!”
A: Clever if one is deceived. Silly truffle if one is not.
Q: Well, I know! But, uncovering this deception, this lie that the ‘power’ is ‘out there’ is unbelievable. So, the Kantekkians were the ‘Sons of Belial,’ which is not the negative thing that I interpreted it as at the time. So, the ‘Sons of the Law of One,’ was perverted to the monotheistic Judaism, which then was then transformed into the Christian religious mythos, and has been an ongoing theme since Atlantean times.
A: Woven of those who portray the lights.
Q: And that is always the way it has been. They appear as ‘angels of light.’ And, essentially, everything in history has been rewritten by this group.
A: Under the influence of others. And whom do you suppose?
Q: Well, the Orion STS.
A: Sending pillars of light and chariots of fire to deliver the message.

Q: (L) That’s heavy! Okay, what is the source of the ‘Keys of Enoch’ teaching? James Hurtak claims that he was taken up to the higher realms and that the ‘Keys’ were programmed into him…
A: Disguised reality.
Q: (L) The place that he was taken to?
A: Not the place, the message.
Q: (L) What is the source?
A: Various. Research.

Q: (L) One of the questions on the list is: In many of the Sumerian drawings and literature, the gods, the Annunaki, are described as eating a plant that grew at the bottom of the ocean, and this plant was the source of eternal life.
A: Nonsense! The source of eternal life is existence!
Q: (L) Well, the point was that there was some sort of food that these beings ate that was unusual or different that somehow enhanced their abilities to an extreme degree…
A: Totally false and you should know it!! All so-called “special powers” come from nonphysical sources!!!
Q: (L) Carlos Castaneda talks about the “Eagle’s emanations,” the Eagle being, I suppose, Prime Creator that emanates down through all the densities, and that the Nagual who can “see,” sees the Eagle as a large black and white object. Are they seeing the source, or are they seeing something on just another density?
A: Source? There is no such thing.
Q: (L) You mean there is no Prime Creator, no origin or source of our existence?
A: You are Prime Creator.
Q: (L) But that is so esoteric… I am talking about…
A: The point is: stop filling your consciousness with monotheistic philosophies planted long ago to imprison your being. Can’t you see it by now, after all you have learned, that there is no source, there is no leader, there is no basis, there is no overseer, etc… You literally possess, within your consciousness profile, all the power that exists within all of creation!?! You absolutely have all that exists, ever has, or ever will, contained within your mind. All you have to do is learn how to use it, and at that moment, you will literally, literally, be all that is, was, and ever will be!!!!!!!!
Q: (L) That is all fine and dandy and sounds wonderful, except for one little item. You also say that the monotheistic concepts were IMPOSED on us to prevent us from knowing this. So, if we are all that is, how can something exist that can impose something so unpleasant on us?
A: Choices follow desire based imbalances.
Q: (L) If that is the case, why can’t any one just turn off the lights, end the illusion, and everything becomes nothing?
A: Well, first of all, everything does not become nothing. Secondly, some have already become everything.

Q: (L) Are these 6th density beings what the Bible describes as a “gathering” of angels as in the story of Job where “Lucifer” came in before the Lord…
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, there are STS and STO at 6th density which balance? And they are just there, they exist?
A: Reflection for balance.
Q: (L) Is there any kind of hierarchy to this thing? Do these beings come before some kind of “Grand Council” and make plans and discuss things, and make decisions and implement them?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, how do things happen? Do things just sort of happen as a natural interaction of things and energies?
A: Yes.

P & P introduce us to The Nine through the agency of Andrija Puharich who, by the way, was also interested in drug induced altered states of consciousness. Most of the readers, by now, know how the Cassiopaeans feel about that sort of thing:

Q: I want you to know you have lost a fan because he was not happy with what he considered to be “internal inconsistencies” in that you were NOT favorably disposed toward hallucinations produced by substances such as Mescaline and Ayahuasca, but yet you recommend Melatonin because it is a hallucinogen. Then, you said that spiritual powers could not be obtained through chemicals or plant type means, but then said that Melatonin exercises psychic abilities. Could you comment on this?
A: Several comments: First of all, “fan” is short for “fanatic.” Secondly, melatonin does not force an alteration in physiological brain chemicals, as do mescaline, peyote, LSD, etc. Accessing the higher levels of psychical awareness through such processes is harmful to the balance levels of the prime chakra. This is because it alters the natural rhythms of psychic development by causing reliance on the part of the subject, thus subjugating the learning process. It is a form of self-imposed abridging of free will. Melatonin simply allows the system to clear obstructions in the brain chemistry naturally, thereby allowing the subject to continue to learn at a natural pace. And, it is by no means unimportant that melatonin is a natural body hormone. The other substances mentioned are, at least in part, synthetic, with the exception of peyote. But even that is not a natural ingredient of the human physiological being. And besides, we have already discussed the importance, or lack thereof, of those who pass judgment upon this exercise, or communication.

Now, as P & P proceed through the most interesting history of The Nine, they make a comment that I really have to mention here:

Another group came from a background of paranormal research. In 1976, after reading Puharich’s biography of Geller, Uri, former airline pilot Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert went to Ossining to meet him, then accompanied him to Mexico to study the psychic healer Pachita in 1977 and 1978. Elkins and Rueckert, who ran a Kentucky based group with James Allen McCarty, were already deeply committed to the concept of alien intervention by the time they met Puharich. Elkins began in the mid-1950s as a UFO investigator, then in 1962 turned his attention to extraterrestrial ‘contactees,’ at which time Carla Rueckert began to work with him. They founded a group called L/L Research in 1970, specifically to study such phenomena. After their Mexican trip with Puharich, Rueckert began to channel another emissary from the Nine, a group entity called Ra. Significantly, the third member of the trio, James Allen McCarty, who joined L/L Research in 1980, had already worked closely with a group in Oregon who had claimed to channel the same entity as Edgar Cayce. [Source cited: Elkins, Rueckert and McCarty, p. 47)

As I understand it, Cayce never channeled any entities. He actually “left his body” to “ascend” to read the “akashic records.” Somebody correct me if I am wrong on this one, but I have read that more than once. Do P & P have information that the rest of us do not? Or do we lay such a claim at the door of the Ra group?

The fact is, what is actually said in the Ra Material cited above is “In the fall of 1980, he (Jim) traveled from Kentucky to Oregon to work with this group which was supposedly channeling the same source that Edgar Cayce had channeled in deep trance. …After only two months in Oregon [Jim returned.]”

Not to put too fine a point on it: changing the word from “source” to “entity” smacks of prestidigitation. Not only that, but two months sort of doesn’t fit “had already worked closely with a group…” as the sentence is constructed by P & P. How many other “well researched” items in this book have been similarly twisted so subtly?

But P & P were not satisfied with that little manipulation. They firmly associated Ra with the Nine by writing the following:

L/L Research continues to promote the spiritual teachings of Ra, who spoke of a body called the Council of Saturn, based somewhere in its rings, which protects the Earth and keeps it in a kind of quarantine. From a session on 25 January 1981, Ra explained (with very proper godlike disdain for mere earthly grammar and syntax):

“In number, the Council that sits in constatn session, though varying in its members of balancing, which takes place, what you would call irregularly, is nine. That is the Session Council. To back up this Coucil, there are twent-four entities which offer their services as requested. These entities faithfully watch and have been called Guardians.”

P & P handily leave out the preceding lines of this excerpt which say:

The members of the Council are representatives from the Confederation and from those vibratory levels of your inner planes bearing responsibility for your third density. The names are not important ecause there are no names. Your mind/body/spirit complexes request names and so, in many cases, the vibratory sound complexes which are consonant with the vibratory distortions of each entity are used. However, the name concept is not part of the Council. If names are requested, we will attempt them. However, not all have chosen names.

Yeah. Sounds like real “godlike disdain.”

The fact is, the Cassiopaeans have also talked about the “Zendar” or “Zindar” council of Saturn. And there is nothing about this council in either the C’s material or the Ra material that suggests the Nine as promoted by Schlemmer, Hurtak, et al. In fact, I know personally that Carla’s opinion of the Nine is not far different from ours, only she is more diplomatic about it.

However, that such entities – of both polarities – exist at hyperdimensional levels of reality is clearly beyond the pedestrian minds of such as Picknett and Prince who clearly belong to the Dr. Watson school of investigation.

The fact is: just because a person was interactive with Andrija Puharich, does not mean that they are automatically suspect. In fact, I have it on very good authority that the burning of Puharich’s lab was the result of the fact that he finally realized what the conspirators were up to and withdrew his support in horror, refusing to do any further work for them. He was burned out and hounded until he died rather mysteriously in a fall down the stairs.

The Nine according to Puharich, in the days before he “woke up,” were “directly related to man’s concept of God.” He further claimed that the “controllers of the Universe operate under the direction of the Nine. Between the controllers and the untold numbers of planetary civilizations are the messengers. The Nine themselves – speaking through Dr. Vinod – said: ‘God is nobody else than we together, the Nine Principles of God. There is no God other than what we are together.” [Quoted by P & P]

Well, even if they are 6th density beings, supposed to be at the level of Unified Consciousness, one “level lower” than The One, the Cassiopaeans have never made such a claim in those terms.

Q: (L) Al-Arabi describes unified thought forms as being the ‘names of God.’ His explication seems to be so identical to things you tell us that I wonder…
A: We are all the names of God. Remember, this is a conduit. This means that both termination/origination points are of equal value, importance.
Q: (L) What do you mean? Does this mean that we are a part of this?
A: Yes. Don’t deify us. And, be sure all others with which you communicate understand this too!

So, even though they have stated an identity with the level of the Names of God, as explicated by the Sufis, they then insist that this is not a point upon which “deification” rests – that human beings as the “termination” points are of equal value to any such communication.

Cassiopaeans: All there is is lessons. This is one infinite school. There is no other reason for anything to exist. Even inanimate matter learns it is all an “Illusion.” Each individual possesses all of creation within their minds. Now, contemplate for a moment. Each soul is all powerful and can create or destroy all existence if [they] know how. You and us and all others are interconnected by our mutual possession of all there is. You may create alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate of the universe within which you dwell. Your mind represents all that exists. It is “fun” to see how much you can access.
Q: (L) It’s fun for who to see how much we can access?
A: All. Challenges are fun. Where do you think the limit of your mind is?
Q: (L) Where?
A: We asked you.
Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no limit.
A: If there is no limit, then what is the difference between your own mind and everything else?
Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no difference if all is ultimately one.
A: Right. And when two things each have absolutely no limits, they are precisely the same thing.

Somewhere in there, Puharich was involved in research regarding psychic surgery. This was an interesting connection because it brought in the reference to Henry Belk, who I met once at a lecture I gave. He was not only rude, by talking constantly throughout the lecture, but he was actually hostile to what I was saying when I remarked that the so-called “extraterrestrials” were NOT here for our benefit. I later learned about his interest in psychic surgery and watched a film he made in the Philippines. Afterward, we asked the Cassiopaeans about this phenomena:

Q: (L) Well, obviously since we don’t want that kind of thing to happen anymore, the choice is already made. Okay, I would like to know, recently I watched a video at J__ H__’s on psychic surgery. This, obviously, was the real thing. Am I correct in that assessment?
A: No.
Q: (L) No?! What was happening?
A: Fakery and “demonic” influences to delusion, now, strict warning: avoid at all cost!!
Q: (L) Avoid what at all cost, psychic surgery?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well, that is pretty heavy duty. (F) They almost never say anything like that.

And it is true. That was one of the few occasions that the Cassiopaeans issued such a warning. It certainly made me wonder about what sort of things this Henry Belk was really into. And now we see that he was associated with Andrija Puharich in this research, and there is also a government connection going on there. I guess I was lucky to get away from those people unscathed!

Now, I will point out that I noted several items delivered by The Nine, quoted by P & P that have come up in our own research in a peculiar way. Again, this is historical work and will be included in the revised The Secret History of the World, so I won’t go into it specifically. But P & P gleefully pounce upon each perceived error as proof of the lying nature of the contact. Again, just because they may not have our best interests at heart, and on this point, regarding the Nine, I most heartily agree, it still doesn’t mean that they are lying on obscure points that may or may not be subjected to research of a deeper kind.

So, again, P & P have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. As the Cassiopaeans have said, regarding Whitley Strieber and his Gray alien, reptoid controlled inspired revelations:

Q: Whitley Strieber and Art Bell have published a book about a “global superstorm.” Is any of the information they have given in this book fairly accurate?
A: Derived from non-human sources known for stark accuracy, when convenient.
Q: What makes it convenient at the present time for them to be “starkly accurate?”
A: Fits into plans.
Q: Plans for what?
A: Do we not know already?

And, indeed we do.

Of course, as time passed, Hurtak decided that his “source” had to be higher than “The Nine.” By this time, The Nine had made a few embarrassing predictions that didn’t pan out, and a number of people were having serious doubts about them. However, that is a minority compared to those who subscribe to the racist, dominator, patristic system of the Nine which is, in fact, very similar to the tone of Val Valerian’s new “Final Incarnation” nonsense.

According to Hurtak, The Nine are the intelligences that govern our solar system only and that there are higher authorities known as the Great White Brotherhood with whom he, and only he, is in contact.

Well, again, this was a pretty sacred cow. We asked about it one night and I was highly offended when the Cassiopaeans sort of whizzed past it as though it were nonsense. Well, I am now beginning to see why.

Q: (L) I have read a number of things recently purportedly channeled by the “Great White Brotherhood.” I would like to know if there is such a thing?
A: No.
Q: (L) There is no “Great White Brotherhood?” (SV) How come Edgar Cayce talked about it?
A: Not as such.
Q: (L) What is it that they have been calling the “Great White Brotherhood?”
A: Various STO.
Q: (L) Do they identify themselves as the Great White Brotherhood?
A: Sometimes.
Q: (L) If they are not the “Great White Brotherhood,” what are they?
A: Fourth density STO.
Q: (L) What is their purpose or work?
A: Complex, suggest you wait and see.
Q: (L) Are we going to be contacted by the Great White Brotherhood?
A: Maybe.

The previous remarks suggest that the true “Great White Brotherhood” may not, in fact, identify themselves as such very often. And, knowing what we do about the tricks and traps of the Control System, they are far more likely to identify themselves that way so as to deceive. In fact, other than the above specific mention, every other time the word “brotherhood” has been used by the Cassiopaeans, it has been in a negative context. Here are a few examples:

Q: (L) Who was the originator of the Brotherhood of the Serpent as described in the Bramley book?
A: Lizard Beings.

Q: (L) Well, do you have any suggestions?
A: World will soon have nothing but credit and debit have you not heard of this new visa debit cards this is the future of money as controlled by the world banking system i.e. the brotherhood i.e. Lizards i.e. antichrist.
Q: (L) If I don’t have a credit card then I don’t have to belong to this system?
A: No. You will have no choices: belong or starve.
Q: (L) What happened to free will?
A: Brotherhood aka Lizards aka antichrist has interfered with free will for 309000 years. They are getting desperate as we near the change.

Q: (L) And who is this Beast?
A: New World Order aka Brotherhood aka Lizzies aka antichrist.

Q: (L) What is the true source of the brotherhood of the snake in terms of human members?
A: Adam and Eve.
Q: (L) Were Adam and Eve real people?
A: No.
Q: (L) A group of people?
A: Thought pattern change not a giving into temptation.
Q: (L) What or who were these people? What country did they live in?
A: All people. Realm border crossing.
Q: (L) You mean this occurred at a time when realms crashed or crossed each other?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Did this involve a war of some sort between one group of beings and another group?
A: Realm crossing has many manifestations.

Q: …What I want to know is who has the power and ability to set up these kinds of “confirmations” or synchronicities?
A: Same forces spreading disinformation: Brotherhood/ consortium/ Illuminati/ New World Order/ “Antichrist”/ Lizards.

But getting back to the Nine. It seems that, after awhile, The Nine announced that they were the supreme high god of the Egyptians, Atum. As the “Nine Principles of Egypt embodied as One,” the Nine claim to be returning to Earth to help mankind at a critical stage. The Cassiopaeans said something about this once:

Q: (L) Next question: I would like to know what is the “Council of Nine,” as I have read about in several books. Now, there was an ancient council of nine, and then there is the one talked about by Phyllis Schlemmer Are there any references on the council of nine that you can give us?
A: Partial deception.
Q: Partial deception in the ancient references, or the modern ones?
A: Take ancient references and interpret modern accounts according to current events profile.

As P & P note: “Suspending disbelief for the moment, the disturbing possibility is that they are simply stating the truth.”

No kidding. But I can guarantee it isn’t to “help us.”

One of the chief concepts of the Nine is that the Earth was an “experiment in free will” that went wrong and if we just hold our mouth right, they will come in and fix things up for us as they have over and over again. This is, essentially, the idea that is being presented by dozens, hundreds of channeled sources. Here is another one:

Q: (L) Now, I have some articles in this magazine here: This is Lyssa Royal and she has “channeled for thousands around the globe since 1985. Her books and magazine articles are published in six languages worldwide. Etc., etc.,” She writes here: “The human consciousness is roughly divided into three different areas for the sake of this illustration: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind.” Now, are these labels generally correct?
A: Roughly.
Q: (L) She says: “The unconscious mind is a link to your greater self, it is also used as a wasteland where scary, dark things are stored that you really don’t want to bring up.” Is this a fairly accurate statement?
A: Semi-accurate.
Q: (L) Is there anything you can say to make the statement more accurate?
A: The unconscious mind is also a conduit for connecting with the higher self, other selves, and the universal mind.
Q: (L) Lyssa also says: “When you are a child and have a traumatic event, the subconscious not only finds a way to immediately process the information and store it, but also to protect you from further fragmentation. It must seek to create a balance.” So, she says, the “very intense raw energy that is generated from trauma gets stuffed into the unconscious mind.” Is this true?
A: Close enough.
Q: (L) She then goes on to say: “When an extraterrestrial looks at us, we seem like multiple personality cases to them because of our mind divisions.” Is this true?
A: Irrelevant.
Q: (L) Why is that irrelevant? Is it because when a higher density being looks at us they know what they are looking at?
A: Yes. They know and understand the separations of your minds quite precisely. That would be like saying “when a human looks at a rodent, they notice that they are excessively furry.”
Q: (L) She goes on to say: “The ET often does not know how to communicate with a fragmented human. Sometimes they fly their ships by and few people may see them, but the greater percentage do not see them as that data gets sucked into the subconscious and the triage occurs.” She means triage in the sense of the mind being so flabbergasted that it immediately shunts information into the unconscious. Is this true, that ET’s are having problems communicating with us because we are the one’s blocking contact?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is it true that some people may not see ET’s or UFO’s because they block it from their own minds?
A: This can happen or the blockage may be inspired by the alien.
Q: (L) Now, she says: “For the most part, the average person in society does not know how to interpret telepathic contact… (Lyssa’s alien talking) in the moment you start perceiving us reality starts shifting because, remember, you are one frequency and we are another.” Is this true?
A: It is irrelevant.
Q: (L) Why is that irrelevant?
A: This is not an obstacle, as suggested by this statement.
Q: (L) Anyway, the article goes on: “So an ET walks up to you in your backyard and for a fragment of a moment you may perceive us. But what commonly happens is that the human will suddenly shut down usually by becoming very sleepy and falling into a sleep or type of trance state such as one that is produced by alpha or theta brain waves.” Is this true? When a person sees an ET do they just turn off from the shock? Is this why most ET contact is not remembered?
A: It can happen but does not usually.
Q: (L) It says that when you start clearing out the stuff in your subconscious mind that the first layer that comes out of the subconscious is simply the top layer of priorities that were given to your subconscious mind to store and process. For the most part the first layer is not scary. It represents procrastinated perceptions that are waiting for processing by the conscious mind… then you start peeling off more layers through hypnosis or meditation and then…
A: We do not wish to further critique this as we can give all relevant and related information when needed. You are “comparing notes” which is fine if in moderation, but remember, separated sources are subject to variable corruption.
Q: (L) The whole point of this article is to say that ET’s who abduct people are here to help us evolve and that it is only us, if we have dark and dirty unconscious minds, who perceive them as negative.
A: Wrong, you do not need “help” evolving, nor does anything else.
Q: (L) Well, the thing that concerns me about this particular point of view is that a lot of people are using this to rationalize ET’s abductions… can I read you just a little more?
A: Overall gist is enough for us.
Q: (L) This woman here, Dorothy Ann claims she channels dolphins and whales. Dolphins and whales are telling her that they are here to keep frequencies and to awaken energy centers on the earth, and that they are very high level beings, for eons they have kept the electromagnetic grids in the oceans, they follow the old paths etc. The grids are now in the process of being reset and the whales will be instrumental in this change of the vibrational patterns on the planet.
A: No.
Q: (L) The dolphin kingdom has been empowered to communicate more easily with humans; the whales are awakening to their mission of greater contact and communication with other beings…
A: Nonsense.

The Cassiopaeans’ have said: “Remember, free will is the most important law of consciousness in creation.” That doesn’t sound like Earth as the “Only Planet of Choice” and now we screwed it up for everybody! Of course, that begs the question of why we are in such a mess as we are now.

Q: (L) You have said on occasion that free will is the most important law of consciousness in creation. Why can we not exercise our free will and refuse to be abducted and experimented upon?
A: Those who abduct are exercising their free will in doing so.
Q: (L) Why does their free will have precedence over our free will?
A: Why does your free will have precedence over density 2 and 1 beings?

And that is the crucial point. We are cattle to these beings. Nothing more, nothing less. And like cattle, we are “cared for” and fed or culled when the herd gets too large. And that brings us to our next point: racism. Again, it is raising its ugly head in the teachings of The Nine, as well as many other channels, including, as P & P point out, older ones such as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

How does the Control System “cull the herd?” Why, war, of course. And how do they select who gets to be culled? Probably based on who has the most spirit of resistance – the ones that keep running away or who cause problems are the ones that get noticed and singled out for the slaughterhouse. In our case, it is always vast numbers of our fellow human beings.

But, getting back to the issue of racism: the Nine say that the seeding of Earth was an experiment by the Nine (and the Hoova) to see how “the originals” (the black races) would evolve in comparison with “those that colonized.” The black race was, then, a kind of “control,” as P & P put it, and they are not like all the other races who are – essentially – space gods.

Well, I guess this is another point on which the Cassiopaeans differ, and which is supported by scientific evidence as written about in the Wave series. The first point of major divergence is that the Cassiopaeans say that the whole “Hoova” thing is nonsense. But, they do confirm the strange appearance of the Aryan type on the planet as being an unusual event – but that this was merely the result of the destruction of a fifth planet in our own system and refugees from that planet were brought here in an emergency.

And why did that planet suffer destruction? Because the people on it – Aryans – were so negative they destroyed it. Does that sound like an edifying bunch of space gods to you? Sounds kind of crazy too. But, nevertheless, they are here and it is most definitely true that geneticists have a hard time explaining any of it, especially the disappearance of Neanderthal at the same exact time. Scientists also claim that there were no modern type humans on the planet before the appearance of these “homo sapiens sapiens,” but the archaeological record does not support their claims, try as they will to filter the information and control what “outsiders” discover. For but one example, have a look at Michael Cremo’s book “The Hidden History of the Human Race.” And don’t listen to the rabble rousing “academics” who scream “foul” over this book. Read the book and then go to the original sources. Use your own judgment when evaluating the evidence provided by the mainstream scientific community as opposed to the “revisionists.” I am certain that anyone who accepts this challenge will be convinced that man has been in his present state of development for a lot longer than any of us have been taught to believe.

We asked the Cassiopaeans about the “racial” issues:

Q: (L) Are the Aryan/Celts who came to this planet from the other one that was destroyed, were they, when they came, in any way superior to the humans already here?
A: Somewhat.
Q: (L) What was the nature of this superiority?
A: Durability.
Q: (L) Physical or mental?
A: Physical.

Now this, right here, is a complete reverse of what racial supremacists would like to claim. The Cassiopaeans have clearly stated that there was NO mental superiority to the Aryan group. What’s more, the next question will clarify it further.

Q: (L) Well, blond haired, blue-eyed people seem to be somewhat more delicate or thin-skinned compared to, say, the blacks.
A: In this environment on surface.

And we have to remember that these people are suggested to have come from a much colder planet which received less light from the sun. And so, it was only natural for them to choose to live in areas that were extremely cold and inhospitable to the natives of this planet.

Q: (L) Which race on earth is the oldest?
A: All are same.
Q: (L) Even the Aryan/Celts from the other planet?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Why are there different races?
A: Many reasons. Experimental creations. Partly.
Q: (L) Where did the Orientals come from?
A: Same as all others. Result of experimentation.
Q: (L) Did they originate on this planet? Are they native to this planet?
A: Both. Orientals reserved for souls most advanced; Aryans most aggressive; Negroes most naturally attuned to earth vibrational frequency. So are “Native Americans”.

Q: (L) Is Caucasian different from Aryan or Celtic?
A: Aryan subgroup Caucasian.
Q: (L) Who were the blue skinned people written about in the Vedas?
A: Aryans.
Q: (L) Were the Aryans originally blue skinned?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why did the Vedas talk about blue-skinned people and why are there blue skinned people in remote areas of the Appalachians?
A: Are whites real “white”?
Q: (L) Were there ever any really blue people?
A: No. They were perceived as blue due to thinness of skin and contrast with native population.

Q: (L) Are the Orion STS the infamous redheaded Nordic aliens?
A: Yes, and all other humanoid combinations.
Q: (L) Okay, if it started with the Nordic types, and that is where the other humanoid combinations came from, what genetic combinations were used for human beings? Black people, for instance, since they are, in appearance, so unlike “Nordics?”
A: The Nordic genes were mixed with the gene pool already available on Earth, known as Neanderthal.
Q: (L) What was the genetic combination used to obtain the Oriental races?
A: Orientals come from a region known in your legends as “Lemuria,” and are a previous hybridization from 7 genetic code structures from within Orion Union, designed to best fit the earth climate and cosmic ray environment then existent on earth.
Q: (L) Okay, what about the Semitic and Mediterranean peoples?
A: Each time a new flock was “planted,” it was engineered to be best suited to the environment where it was planted. Aryans are the only exception, as they had to be moved to earth in an emergency.
Q: (L) If races are engineered on earth to be “best suited,” what factors are being drawn from or considered regarding the Semitic race?
A: They are not engineered on earth, but in Orion lab as all others. They were “Planted” in the Middle East.
Q : (L) What genetic type were the Atlanteans?
A: They were the same as the “Native Americans.”

Q: (L) I want to get back on my question that you have not answered… I want to know who, exactly, and why, exactly, genetically engineered the Semitic people, and why there is such an adversarial attitude between them and the Celts and Aryans.
A: It is not just between the Jews and Celts, if you will take notice. Besides, it is the individual aural profile that counts and not groupings or classifications. But, to answer your question: there are many reasons both from on and off the planet.
Q: (L) Why was Hitler so determined, beyond all reason, even to his own self-destruction, to annihilate the Jews?
A: Many reasons and very complex. But, remember, while still a child, Hitler made a conscious choice to align himself with the “forces of darkness,” in order to fulfill his desires for conquest and to unite the Germanic peoples. Henceforth, he was totally controlled, mind, body, and soul, by STS forces.
Q: (L) So, what were the purposes of the STS forces that were controlling Hitler causing him to desire to annihilate an entire group of people?
A: To create an adequate “breeding ground” for the reintroduction of the Nephalim, for the purpose of total control of the 3rd density earth prior to elevation to 4th density, where such conquest is more difficult and less certain!
Q: (L) Do you mean “breeding ground” in the sense of genetic breeding?
A: Yes. Third density.
Q: (L) Did they accomplish this goal?
A: No.
Q: (L) So, the creation of the Germanic “Master Race” was what they were going after, to create this “breeding ground?”
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, getting rid of the Jews was significant? Couldn’t a Germanic master race be created without destroying another group?
A: No.
Q: Why?
A: Because of 4th density prior encoding mission destiny profile.
Q: (L) What does that mean?
A: This means encoding to activate after elevation to 4th density, thus if not eliminated, negates Nephalim domination and absorption. Jews were prior encoded to carry out mission after conversion, though on individual basis. The Nazis did not exactly know why they were being driven to destroy them, because they were being controlled from 4th density STS. But, Hitler communicated directly with Lizards, and Orion STS, and was instructed on how to create the “master race.”
Q: (L) And they were going to use this as their basis to introduce a new blend of the Nephilim… (RC) And the New World Order… their version of it. (L) Well, what is the plan now?
A: We cannot tell you this yet, as you would seek to reveal it prematurely, leading to your destruction!!!!

Q: (L) I have thought about my question from the last session and I want to ask it this way: You have said that Hitler received instructions from higher density beings about creating a ‘Master Race.’ Why were the Aryan genetic types seen to be more desirable for creation of this Germanic ‘master race?’
A: Both, similarity and ancestral link most unblemished from Orion 3rd and 4th density stock.
Q: (L) So they were essentially trying to breed a group of people like themselves?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay. They were preparing this breeding ground, so to speak. Obviously this was for the introduction of some other genetic strain. What was this?
A: Nephalim.
Q: (L) Well, if the Nephilim are coming in ships, 36 million of them, why bother to create half-breeds here?
A: Yes, but having an “advance party” makes 3rd density conquest much easier.
Q: (L) So, this Master Race was supposed to get everything ready…
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay, what is it about the Semitic genes that was considered to be so undesirable in the creation of this ‘Master Race?’
A: Would blemish genetic characteristics inclined to ruthlessness and domination.
Q: (L) So, you are saying that there is something, some genetic tendency or set of genes in the Semitic type that would counteract this?
A: Close.
Q: (L) But isn’t the nature of a person determined by their soul and not the physical body?
A: Partially, remember, aural profile and karmic reference merges with physical structure.
Q: (L) So you are saying that particular genetic conditions are a physical reflection of a spiritual orientation? That the soul must match itself to the genetics, even if only in potential?
A: Yes, precisely.
Q: (L) So a person’s potential for spiritual advancement or unfoldment is, to a great extent, dependent upon their genes?
A: Natural process marries with systematic construct when present.
Q: (L) Well, if that is the case, and the aliens are abducting people and altering their genes, can they not alter the genes so that higher level souls simply cannot come in?
A: Not incarnative process, natural biological processes. Incarnative involves strictly ethereal at 5th density and lower, and thus is enveloped in triple cycle “veil” of transfer which is impregnable by any means. However, any and all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th processes can be manipulated at will and to any degree if technology is sufficient.

We see in the above a clear statement that all races are “created” or “manipulated” and “seeded.” ALL of them. And this is supported by genetics research which suggests that all human beings go back to just a handful of “mothers.” Now, of course, one of those “mothers may very well have been an original DNA “pool” in a laboratory on some floating space barge.

But, we see the Nine – and many other popular sources of today who focus on “bloodlines” – and so forth, laying the groundwork for a new kind of racism. Are they planning to cull the herd again?

And we see, of course, why they want to focus on their pure Aryan types – ruthlessness and domination, eh? Just like them. And let’s not have any peaceful mixing of the genes here! That might produce people who are too balanced and difficult to control!

Ah, what tangled webs they weave!

P & P tell us:

By now it is plain that the Nine are behind the messages of Giza and Cydonia, and that all three are now inextricably entwined in a sort of inescapable juggernaut of the ‘truth.’ It is impossible to have one without the other, thanks to the sterling work of the intelligence agencies, who ensure that this new belief system is constantly being topped up with new rumours and counter rumours, so that we will never fail to be gripped by the unfolding story. But welded firmly on to a very reasonable interest in the mysteries of Mars and the secrets of ancient Egypt lies the insidious presence of the Nine and their ever-eager disciples.

…The same individuals play major parts in all three stories. The prime example is James Hurtak, the ultimate guru, who channels the Nine, was Puharich’s second-in-command at Lab nine, was the first perso to make the Mars-Egypt connection public, and was – and still is – also a major player in the events at Giza.

There is also the involvement in all three stories of SRI, an organisation with intimate connections with defence and intelligence communities in the United States. SRI crops up in Giza, in the Mars story, and, through its involvement with Puharich, in the events surrounding the Nine.

Thanks to this complex, often covert, input from clever men and women, what seems to be happening under our noses is the creation of a new belief system that efficiently brings together many different elements in order to broaden its appeal as much as possible.

…This is a conspiracy of enormous proportions, so successful that it is impossible to pinpoint any one person or group as the real controllers, although we have catalogued those they use. We have seen how the Nine’s circle were and are supported by very wealthy people, such as Barbara Bronfman and Joyce Petschek, but it is unlikely that they are in on the secret; they are too easily identified.

On this point, I believe that P & P are exactly right. And when we look at a conspiracy of this magnitude, that has operated, essentially (if P & P had done their homework, they would realize this) for millennia. And all the “front men” are just that: red herrings to draw our attention away from the true source of the manipulation: the 4th density Matrix Control System Programmers.

And then, we have “damage control” specialists like P & P who come along and “tell the truth,” and even lay it at the door of some of the truly conspiratorial parties. But over and over again, in certain terms, P & P demonstrate a real lack of depth in their perceptions and their research. They also demonstrate that most peculiar habit of disinformation artists of giving things only a very slight twist so that the percipient is certain that they are telling the truth, but the “truth” that is perceived is subjectively manipulated.

But, before I give away the whole book, which is jam packed with fun facts and jolly rumors relating to the plans of the Control System to unite us into a one world religion under the benevolent creator race from Mars, with the kind assistance of Richard Hoagland, Tom Bearden, James Hurtak, the Nine, Andrija Puharich, the CIA, NSA, and probably even the BSA if the truth were known, let me just say that if pedestrian materia-minded thinkers like Picknett and Prince have a clue that something “not quite right” is going on behind all this, even if they threw the baby out with the bath water, it does not bode well. The veil is gradually slipping away…