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The Man Behind the Curtain – Operation Pincer Memorandum

I am Oz the Great and Powerful!

I have to admit that I felt fiendishly gleeful when the reports came out that Hugo Chavez had exposed the CIA’s little political destabilization game in Venezuela by getting his hands on the“Operation Pincer” memorandum and publishing it! What a hoot! It was just TOO priceless that the Man Behind the Curtain was exposed as less than the “Great and Powerful Oz,” being instead, a gang of petty crooks in positions of power trying to again manipulate the public into believing their lies.

Of course, at the same time, we here at SOTT are all observing France and wondering if the same tricks that are obviously being played on the French will work considering France’s higher educational and literacy level compared to the U.S. where the game obviously has already been won by the Man Behind the Curtain.


While contemplating these issues and waiting for the other shoe to drop, I came across Mark Curtis’ book “Unpeople: Britain’s Secret Human Rights Abuses” where I read this utterly fascinating passage that exposes the methodology of our global “Man Behind the Curtain” (even if Curtis is speaking about British policies in particular):

The principal victims of British policies are Unpeople – those whose lives are deemed worthless, expendable in the pursuit of power and commercial gain. They are the modern equivalent of the ‘savages’ of colonial days, who could be mown down by the British guns in virtual secrecy, or else in circumstances where the perpetrators were hailed as the upholders of civilization.

The concept of Unpeople is central to each of the past and current British policies considered in this book. Through its own intervention, and its support of key allies such as the United States and various repressive regimes, Britain has been, and continues to be, a systematic and serious abuser of human rights. I have calculated that Britain bears significant responsibility for around 10 million deaths since 1945including Nigerians, Indonesians, Arabians, Ugandans, Chileans, Vietnamese, and many others. Often, the policies responsible are unknown to the public and remain unresearched by journalists and academics.

In this book, I aim to document for the first time the secret record of certain episodes in government planning. The declassified files to which I refer are instructive not only for the light they throw on the past. They are also directlyrelevant to current British foreign policy surrounding Iraq, military intervention and the ‘war against terror’. British interests and priorities have changed very little over time; essentially, the only variation has been in the tactics used to achieve them.

Of the basic principles that guided the decisions taken in these files, there are three which seem particularly apposite when considering current events.

The first is that British ministers’ lying to the public is systematic and normal. Many people were shocked at the extent to which Tony Blair lied over Iraq; some might still be unable to believe that he did. But in every case I have ever researched on past British foreign policy, the files show thatministers and officials have systematically misled the public. The culture of lying to and misleading the electorate is deeply embedded in British policy-making.

A second, related principle is that policy-makers are usually frank about their real goals in the secret record. This makes declassified files a good basis on which to understand their actual objectives. This gap between private goals and public claims is not usually the result, in my view, of a conscious conspiracy. Certainly, planned state propaganda has been a key element in British foreign policy; yet the underlying strategy of misleading the public springs from a less conscious endemic contempt for the general population. The foreign-policy decision-making system is so secretive, elitist and unaccountable that policy-makers know they can get away with almost anything, and they will deploy whatever arguments are needed to do this.

The third basic principle is that humanitarian concerns do not figure at all in the rationale behind British foreign policy. In the thousands of government files I have looked through for this and other books, I have barely seen any reference to human rights at all. Where such concerns are invoked, they are only for public-relations purposes.

When Curtis points out that members of the British government have “a less conscious endemic contempt for the general population”, I don’t think that he realizes that he is describing the attitude of pathological deviants among the human population toward normal human beings and how they tend to band together because of their similar natures. In other words, the Unpeople are you and me and the rest of the masses of humanity under the rule of the pathological deviants who, like scum, always rise to the top.

To give just a small example of the kinds of things these people talk about when they are plotting their propaganda and manipulations of We, The People, have a look at this quote from the book The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry, by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed.

“Dealing with Islamist extremism, the messages are more complex, the constituencies we would aim at are more difficult to identify, and greater damage could be done to the overall effort if links back to UK or US sources were revealed.” (William Ehrman, Director-General, Defence & Inteligence, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London, April 2004)

Ya don’t say? You mean you guys are concerned that the people might figure out what it is you scum are really up to?

These two quotes are very revealing in the context of the “Operation Pincer” memorandum. From the above, we learn the CIA and their globalist pals are very interested in doing their dirty work in Venezuela without being found out as they recently were. We also can surmise, from the Mark Curtis observations, that there is nothing humanitarian about the CIA’s activities and that the whole opposition against Hugo Chavez is manufactured. We can also guess that the same type of operation is being run on behalf of Nicolas Sarkozy in France, a country that has, for years, enjoyed many of the benefits that Hugo Chavez seeks to bestow on the people of Venezuela. Sarkozy, of course, is trying to take those benefits away.

The December 2nd referendum in Venezuela is, as other commentators have pointed out, not just a vote – it is a pivot point in history. The same could be said about how the people of France respond to Sarkozy’s attempts to take apart the French socialist system by stealth. I do hope that this little revelation of The Man Behind the Curtain in Venezuela is not lost on the French.

Behind the propaganda and the right wing control of the media, the situation in France and Venezuela represents the struggle of the people – the 96% majority of human beings on this planet – who are not pathological deviants – against that 4% minority of psychopathic deviants who consider all of us “Unpeople.” As long as normal human beings continue to seek a government Of the people, By the people, and FOR the people, the Oligarchs all over the world will feel threatened. The referendum in Venezuela and the strikes in France cut right to the roots of the Disaster Capitalist’s fears. If a humane, socialist a government exists anywhere, it acts as a beacon of hope to the rest of humanity and the deviants know that they will never be safe as long as a normal human and humane government exists on the planet.

In Venezuela, we know that the constitutional changes being voted for in this referendum are not about “unlimited presidential terms” as the CIA is trying to propagandize. As James Petras has written:

The reason for the popular majority is found in a few of the key amendments: One article expedites land expropriation facilitating re-distribution to the landless and small producers.Chavez has already settled over 150,000 landless workers on 2 million acres of land.

Another amendment provides universal social security coverage for the entire informal sector (street sellers, domestic workers, self-employed) amounting to 40% of the labor force.

Organized and unorganized workers workweek will be reduced from 40 to 36 hours a week (Monday to Friday noon) with no reduction in pay.

Open admission and universal free higher education will open greater educational opportunities for lower class students.

Amendments will allow the government to by-pass current bureaucratic blockage of the socialization of strategic industries, thus creating greater employment and lower utility costs.

Most important, an amendment will increase the power and budget of neighborhood councils to legislate and invest in their communities.

The electorate supporting the constitutional amendments is voting in favor of their socio-economic and class interests; the issue of extended re-election of the President is not high on their priorities: And that is the issue that the Right has focused on in calling Chavez a dictator and the referendum a coup.

In France, we know that the strikes are not really about the special retirement provisions of a small group of people. As Simon Davies has written:

M Sarkozy is attempting to manipulate this ignorance and foster an exaggerated self-interest and jealousy that is anathema to the French psyche. While loath to admit it, many of the middle class supporters of M Sarkozy are motivated by jealousy. They are jealous of the employment benefits enjoyed by state workers and are being manipulated by M Sarkozy into supporting policies that would strip state workers of those benefits. What the middle classes fail to understand is that in supporting government action against the working classes now, they are setting themselves up for similar treatment in the near future.

In both cases, the referendum and the strikes, the issues are about the rights and needs of the masses of humanity everywhere: the rights to social security, the right of the people to be free from discrimination and oppression, the right to a life of reasonable work for reasonable pay that provides a decent life; the right to a free education for all who are capable and want it; and the right to health care. In short, the real issues are the rights of the people to live and determine their own destiny.

It is, in effect, a true Clash of Civilizations – just not the kind of clash that the Right Wing propagandists proclaim. It is a struggle between the ideals of humane and human government and Overt Fascism. It is a struggle to prevent a Holocaust the likes of which the world has never seen and to expose the Hidden Holocaust that is part and parcel of covert Fascism.

This term [Hidden Holocaust] conveys the reality of a campaign of global homicide, murder, whose scale and enormity is such that one feels that the word “holocaust” does, certainly loosely speaking, apply. It is “hidden”, in the sense that, although experienced by millions of people around the world both historically and today, it remains invisible, officially unacknowledged.

This “hidden holocaust”, is escalating, accelerating, intensifying; according to all expert projections from the social and physical sciences, it may culminate in the extinction of the human species, unless we take immediate drastic action, now. […]

In early 2007, then Prime Minister Tony Blair described the War on Terror as “a clash not between civilizations”, but rather “about civilization.” The War on Terror is, he proclaimed, a continuation of “the age-old battle between progress and reaction, between those who embrace the modern world and those who reject its existence.” [“A Battle for Global Values”, Foreign Affairs (January/February 2007) ]

But the “hidden holocaust” is not an aberration from our advanced civilization that represents the peak of human development, requiring only some reforms. Rather, the “hidden holocaust” is integral to the very structure, values and activities of our civilization. It is part and parcel of the “global values” of the international political and economic order that underpins industrial civilization. And unless we attempt to transform the nature of our civilization, we will all perish in a holocaust of our own making. (The Hidden Holocaust – Our Civilizational Crisis)

The fear of the U.S.-Zionist Imperialists is that the Venezuelan referendum and the French strikes will give heart to people all over the world when they realize that the majority of Venezuelan citizens and French citizens support a true government Of the People, By the People and FOR the People. The Oligarchs intend to make examples of the French and Hugo Chavez.

The fear of the U.S.-Zionist Imperialists is that a real democracy will continue its development in Venezuela and the French democratic principles will survive the assault from the right wing propagandists and instigators working behind the scenes on their various “Operation Pincer” programs that have infiltrated the French unions and universities.

Make no mistake about it: the Global Ruling Elite are determined to crush humanity, to make slaves of everyone and they will use any lie, any fraud, any dark and evil deed to accomplish this goal. Never forget that, for a Pathocrat – a Global Pathological Elitist – the biological, psychological, moral, and economic destruction of the majority of humanity is a “biological” necessity. Any and all means serve this end for them, including instigating class struggles between normal people so that this internecine warfare will devastate and debilitate the very power jeopardizing the Pathocrats rule: the masses of normal human beings.

What is at stake in Venezuela is either the establishment of a humanity-centered socialist government or Fascist overthrow. What is at stake in France is either the preservation of, and improvement of, a well established socialist state with very few problems, or a Fascist take-over.

For the Venezuelans and the French, there can be no hesitation. Knowledge of the evil strategies of such as the CIA and other globalist secret services is necessary. A strengthening of the popular organizations in both countries is essential – communication and networking – because you can be sure that this “Operation Pincer” memorandum is only the tip of the iceberg, and it is not just going on in Venezuela. (Tens of millions of dollars have been, and are being, spent on propaganda, COINTELPRO, agents provocateur, wherever normal human beings seek to establish their rights.)

And finally, now that we have a clearer view via the Operation Pincer memorandum, spread the word and thank Hugo Chavez for exposing The Man Behind the Curtain.

Originally Published 2007_12_01