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Big Lies, Small Lies, Brazen Lies

We have been appalled for some time at the brazen character of the lies of the Bush Reich. (For a list of the “Top 40” lies told by the Bush Administration, see Steve Perry’s blog The Bush Wars.) The most brazen are:

1. Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction;

2. Iraq was involved in organizing and carrying out 9/11;

3. Iraq has links to Al-Qaeda;

4. Iraq was a real and immediate threat to the US.

None of this was true, of course, in spite of these arguments being the justification to invade a country that was no immediate or direct threat to the security of the US.

If these were all lies, then the real reasons for the war in Iraq were completely different. Some of the reasons given by alternative commentators include: getting rid of Saddam Hussein served the interests of Israel’s foreign policy and the oil lobbies in the US; it was a way for the US to throw its weight around against an enemy that had already been brought to its knees by over ten years of trade embargoes; the US, the neighborhood Mafia don, needed to break Saddam’s knees to show the world that it was the toughest guy on the block and was crazy enough to carry out its threats.

There may well be a whole slew of other reasons that we may never hear about.

It also seems that with the power of the neocon advisors in the Bush Reich, the US is acting in part as an arm of Israeli foreign policy. (Although this may well be a cover for the fact that Israel is carrying out the plans, perhaps unwittingly, of rogue elements within the US Government. At the top levels of the pyramid, the lines blur. See our collection of articles about 9/11 and the American coup d’état for more on this. In the world of spy vs. spy, we assume that everyone is using each other and things are not as they seem. The one thing that we can say for sure is that all of them are working to keep us in the dark, unaware, and under control.)

We agree that Saddam was a tyrant. He killed relatives, friends, and strangers who betrayed him or who he suspected of betraying him. (Note also that for Georgie Jr., the issue of loyalty is primordial. His advisors can lie, cheat, and steal, but as long as they remain loyal to the chief, they stay in power.)

But, as many people have pointed out, Saddam is not the only one with these “qualities”, and many of those who remain in power around the world, or in the Bush Reich, support US policy and continue to be supported by the US and Herr Bush, as Saddam himself was for many years, including the time when he “used gas on his own people”, as the Bushites repeat ad nauseum.

Look at Israel, a country that has ignored many more resolutions of the United Nations than Saddam’s Iraq.

The Bush Reich and their media mouthpieces never mention this.

Perhaps Saddam’s real “crime” was that he wasn’t subservient enough to Uncle Sam.

On the other hand, perhaps Saddam was carrying out US policy to the end, creating a situation for his American friends to invade and for which he was well rewarded. A recent report suggests he may have been flown out of Baghdad on an American transport plane.

Who knows?

What we do know is that behind this smokescreen remains the fact that Bush lied, Rumsfeld lied, Wolfowitz lied, Piper lied, Perle lied, Rice lied, Powell lied, Cheney lied; they continue to lie; and they lie openly, proudly, with smiles on their faces, the grin of the kid who knows he is getting away with murder.

The sick smile is a dead giveaway, yet they continue to smirk!

And many of the American people continue to believe them.

Functionally Insane Americans

In an article called Functionally Insane Americans by David McGowan, the author comes to the conclusion that people who buy into the lies of the Bush Reich have no grasp on reality and can be classified as insane:

There have been many attempts made, by both the legal and mental health communities, to define “insanity.” But it seems to me that that term can be most succinctly defined as: “a disconnection from reality.” And the severity of any individual’s insanity is a function of the degree of that person’s disconnection from reality.

That definition, of course, is entirely dependent on how “reality” is defined. From the point of view of the state, “reality” is whatever the shapers of public opinion say it is. Anyone who disagrees with the voices of authority is, therefore, insane. From that perspective, people such as, for instance, yours truly, are completely bonkers.

But if we base our definition on a relatively objective reality, then most of the people that I know are, without question, insane. Most of my relatives are insane. Most of my friends are insane. Most of the people that I work with are insane. Damn near everyone in the country is at least mildly insane. A very large majority are moderately to severely insane. And according to polls, at least a third are stark raving mad.

These people hold beliefs that are clearly delusional that have absolutely no connection to reality. And they persist in holding these beliefs even when not a shred of evidence can be produced to support them. And no, I’m not talking about people who believe in UFOs, reincarnation, and the Loch Ness Monster. And I’m also not talking about people who believe in some supreme spiritual entity.

I’m talking about people who believe that ‘weapons of mass destruction’ have been uncovered in Iraq . . . who believe that ‘weapons of mass destruction’ were used against our troops over there . . . who even believe that ‘weapons of mass destruction’ is something other than a arbitrary term cooked up recently by Uncle Sam to describe weapons systems possessed by our ‘enemies,’ regardless of the actual destructive capability of those systems.

The functionally insane also believe that Iraqis were among the hijackers who allegedly commandeered the planes on September 11, 2001. It is difficult to fathom, but these people are so crazed that they have actually taken the government’s already fanciful conspiracy theory, which is itself totally disconnected from reality, and they have made it even more ludicrous by adding some Iraqis to the mix. I’m betting that a few years down the road these same people will also believe that there were a couple of Liberians on one of the planes, as well as an Iranian guy, a couple of North Koreans, a Syrian, and perhaps a Cuban or two. Maybe even a French couple.

Accepting McGowan’s definition of insanity, that the severity of any individual’s insanity is a function of the degree of that person’s disconnection from reality, it is clear the great majority of Americans are, as he says, insane. They have no grip on objective reality.

Can you imagine how they would react to the news as it is presented on Signs of the Times?

These people live in a virtual world of TV, movies, computer games, and manufactured news, a virtual world that is far removed from the real world. They do not work to see behind the veil, to put together the pieces that are available that allow one to SEE, to perceive and understand the dire straits in which we are caught. They prefer to allow others to do their thinking for them. Their response to being confronted with the terror of the situation is often: “Do you know what your problem is? You think too much.”

For as long as these people choose to buy into the lie of the virtual world and turn their backs on the real world, they are part of the lie. They are responsible for its continued existence.

The illusory world in which most Americans live can be maintained for a certain time, as long as the US can pay for it, and for as long as the US is able to isolate its citizens from the rest of humanity through scare tactics about how the rest of the world “hates” America because of its “freedoms”; through news that only discusses other countries, their people and their problems and successes in items their of relevance to the United States; through portrayal of the “foreigner” as a cancer that is communicable; through the tightening of the borders so that only the most antiseptically clean, pro-American “foreigners” are allowed entry, through projects such as the one to impose biometric passports.

The American who through whatever quirk of fate or karma develops an interest in the rest of the world will have to work for himself to learn about the “Other”. And for the typical American, the rest of the world is “Other”. That most Americans expect others to speak English and don’t learn other languages themselves adds to the complications.

To prevent them from having the desire to learn about the rest of the world, the American is offered a world of diversions, of entertainment, of drugs and alcohol, that is, sleeping aids.

Sleeping aids on a mass scale can be supplied as long as the US has the economic power to exploit the world unfettered by trade restrictions, “hostile governments”, that is, governments that wish to maintain control over their own resources and economies, or competitors. The North American Free Trade Agreement, the agreements now being extended to certain Latin American countries, the GATT negotiations, as well as the scuttled MIA negotiations, all have as their goal the free movement of capital, of money, for corporations to be able to challenge and override the laws of the host countries if the corporation believes the law impedes on their “right” to conduct business.

The multinational corporation thus usurps the rights of governments and of peoples to govern themselves. This is a form of one world government, only the America firsters are so busy looking at the UN that they don’t see that it is the US itself that is putting the one world government into place.

Events since 9/11 have underlined that liberalization in the circulation of capital is not a question of the free movement of people. The Bush Reich is doing its best to isolate the American public from the rest of the world. This is the logical conclusion of western history since the Second World War.

Erecting the Featherbedding Curtain

Following the end of the war, Winston Churchill, speaking in Missouri, spoke of an Iron Curtain that had descended upon Eastern Europe. While the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki marked the beginning of the hostilities of the Cold War, it was Churchill’s speech that came up with the catchphrase that would seal an epoch.

But the Iron Curtain served a double purpose. Not only did it serve as a metaphor to describe the tyranny of the Communist block, it also served as a justification for the lack of hard news that was allowed to enter the US from the Eastern Block. The US media could say nothing about events behind the Iron Curtain and blame it on the Eastern Bloc censors. Neat trick.

The world was neatly divided with each side able to use the fear of the “Other” to isolate and control its population.

Perhaps the broad lines of this policy were worked out at Yalta, each side agreeing to use the Other to keep their people in terror and reigned in.

The last fifty years has seen the long struggle of the US to sink its major competitor, the Soviet Union. From the point of view of the US, the Cold War was designed to push the Soviet Union into an arms race that it couldn’t afford. The long term goal was to bankrupt the country by forcing it to spend so much on arms that it couldn’t meet the needs of its people. This was done not to guarantee Peace Among Men, because Soviet leaders repeatedly made offers of mutual arms reduction to the US, offers the US refused. It was done to promote hatred and fear and the eventual, uncontested mastery of the US internationally. The American Empire.

The US needed to dominate the rest of the world because it needed to develop and maintain the virtual world it was imposing upon its own people.

Think back to the fifties and the sixties. Think back to the “Communist scare”, the fear that there was a red under every bed, the fear that the commies were on the verge of overrunning America, the fear of nuclear war.

The virtual reality said, “Be scared, be very scared. They are coming to get you. They are not human like you and me. They are monsters.”

The real world shows that there was never a real possibility of invasion. There was never a real possibility for a Communist takeover of the United States. The whole show was choreographed and stage-managed by the US Government to scare its citizens into submission.

Where have we seen this recently?

The Red Scare and the race towards nuclear armaments laid the scene. The foundation stone of the New Virtual Order was set into place. People were scared into line. The mind set is seen clearly in science fiction movies of the fifties where alien invasions substituted for the Reds (Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Invasion from Mars are but two examples).

This was also the period of the transformation of American life through the TV, that device we laughingly refer to as the “idiot box” without thinking about what it really means. Today, over 80% of Americans get ALL of their news from the television, and a large proportion of those get it from Fox News or CNN. The broadcasters are the propaganda arm of the Bush Reich. These newscasts focus on the United States from the point of view of the ruling elite. References to other countries, other than for a natural catastrophe or war reports, focus on that country’s relationship to the United States. The rest of the world, as seen through the eyes of US TV, exists solely as an appendage, secondary players, in the drama in which the US has the sole starring role.

Erecting this virtual world, assuring every American with TVs, sound systems (from 78s to LPs to 8-track tapes to cassettes to CDs), multiple cars, computers, and the other technical means by which the world was erected, was costly.

The United States has been able to maintain this virtual world for years through its looting of the world. The looting ensured the docile complicity of the American people. They bought into the lie, thereby aligning themselves with the liar. By believing the lie, they could keep the living room filled and their heads empty.

But the financing of the virtual world cannot continue indefinitely. Bush, in his years as President, has brought the US to the edge of a severe financial crisis. His deficit is enormous. The military budget is larger than the next twelve countries combined. His tax cuts are a means to transfer more wealth to the most privileged members of the American elite.

Somebody is paying for this. It has long been the rest of the world; in recent years, it is the American people themselves, those that are not part of the Bush elite.

We saw the collapse of Enron, of WorldCom, of the boom. How many small American investors lost everything they had been saving? How many pension funds lost the money that many Americans were depending upon for their retirement?

If you are an American, how many people do you know who are better off now than they were ten years ago, or even five years ago?

It looks like it is only going to get worse.

And when the collapse comes, the virtual world will collapse, and Americans will be confronted in one crashing moment with the world as it really is? The stark or horrifying realization that they have been lied to.

What will happen then?

The Coming Catastrophe

One of the important areas of research here is the study of the cycles of destruction that hit the Earth. The records of these cycles can be found through the study of dendrochronology, the study of tree rings. This study indicates there are several cycles of restricted growth of trees in differing parts of the world that reappear regularly.

The study of craters on the Earth’s surface, as well as the measurement of iridium in the geological record and the discovery of layers of fused glass indicating explosions of great intensity, indicate that there exist cycles of cometary encounters with the Earth. One of the most deadly of these cycles appears to be about 3600 years.

For more details on this, take a look at Laura Knight-Jadcyk’s article Independence Day. It contains our most up-to-date studies.

From our research, it appears that the most recent appearance of this 3600 year cometary cluster occurred about 1628 BC. This coincides with the eruption of Thera, a volcano in the Greek islands. It also coincides with the collapse of the Bronze Age.

It was a time of great destruction, when cities and empires fell, when large populations, those who survived, were displaced.

Can you imagine a similar scene today?

As we mentioned, we have reason to think it is a 3600 year cycle. The last one was about 1628 BC.

Do the math.

We don’t think that we are the only group of people on the planet to have figured this out. There are scientists and researchers with much more money than we have working on these issues. The last few years have seen a steady trickle of articles about comets, earthquakes, volcanos and supervolcanos in the mainstream press, as if the information is being slowly released to get people accustomed to the idea.

But in such a way as they don’t really think about it, understand the significance, and start demanding accountability on the part of their elected officials.

Let us pose a question. Is it possible that there are people in positions of power who are aware of this historical fact, the recurring cycles of destruction on parts of the Earth, a fact rudely expelled from the curriculum at school like an Arab from the US? Could this be why the uniformitarian idea is so ardently promoted, the notion that history, man, and the planet evolve slowly, peacefully, with no interruptions, no leaps, no “catastrophes”?

We know in physics there are such things as “quantum leaps” where a body changes state in an instant. We know from our own lives that moments of quiet growth can be followed by transitional periods of chaos, leading to a new level, a new state, a new stability. As we cull the news for the Signs of the Times page, we see the Earth’s weather undergoing a period of chaos, and the geological record suggests that such periods have happened many times before. A very radical shift in state can occur over a relatively short period. And there is no going back.

With these examples from our own lives and elsewhere, why should we think that other aspects of nature are exempt? Especially as there is evidence for just such upheavals and quantum catastrophes in the Earth’s history, if one goes looking for them and ignores the official history.

The cometary impact in the Yucatan that many researchers believe is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs is one example. But even this discovery is minimized. People still put this hypothesis in doubt.

Maybe someone doesn’t want you worrying about it?

They sure have gone to a whole lot of trouble to keep it secret, haven’t they?

The stakes must be very high.

A Scenario

We have seen the Bush Reich descend to a level of lying never before seen in the US. The story on the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has morphed from “He has them” to “He hid them” to “He sent them to Syria” to “He had the potential to produce them quickly” to “He destroyed them all but he kept the programs to manufacture them later.”

Today there was a report that they had been moved into Lebanon, with the help of Syria, of course. The next target is being set up.

There has never been any evidence that Saddam supported Al Qaeda.

The 19 Arabs blamed for hijacking the four airplanes on September 11 were not listed on the passenger lists. But they were produced very quickly as suspects, along with Mohammad Atta’s passport, found in perfect condition on a pile of rubble not far from the World Trade Center.

Bit of luck, that was, wasn’t it?

We then rationalize it away by saying to ourselves: “Governments lie.” We tell ourselves that the US is no different that other governments in this respect. How well we’ve been programmed.

But it is at the point that not only are all the top members of the Bush Administration lying over and over again, the members of the Bush Reich don’t seem to care if they are caught out. They tell the wildest stories, obviously false, with a broad smile on their faces.

Isn’t this odd?

Why do they no longer even give the appearance of caring if they are found out, if the lie is discovered?

What if they know that time is running out? What if they believe that they will never be held accountable?

Esoteric Ramifications – “Do with me what you will.”

When you believe a lie, you are binding yourself to the liar, handing over your free will to them. It is a sort of a pact.

It follows that the bigger the lie, the more outrageous the lie, the greater the bond that ties you to the liar. If you believe outrageous lies, it shows you have stopped thinking, stopped using your brain, your ability to reason, to think, to reflect upon the world. You do not care.

You are handing over your destiny to the liar. “Do with me what you will.”

In the case of the Bush Administration and the invasion and destruction of Iraq, we see the majority of Americans handing over their free will to the psychopath in the White House.

“Do with me what you will.”

Bush is clear about what he “wills”. He is God’s warrior, here to fulfill Biblical Prophecy, here to bring on the second coming of Jesus.

Others, those pulling the strings, may have a better understanding of the reality facing us: potential destruction of millions if not billions of lives due to:

  • Cometary impact;
  • Nuclear winter due to cosmic dust;
  • A new ice age due to global warming;
  • Potential nuclear winter due to super volcanic activity, such as the super volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park;
  • Increased volcanic activity and earthquakes;
  • Possible methane poisoning from a cometary impact in the oceans.

These are but a few of the possible scenarios we have uncovered during the last several months while compiling the Signs pages. There is, of course, the daily growing possibility of a war in the Middle East.

It is also possible that several of these possibilities happening at the same time, as one creates the conditions for another.

The Signs of the Times point to an oncoming nodal point of some sort. It is a “catastrophe” in the mathematical sense, a point when a quantum leap will be made, when the current chaotic state will settle into a new equilibrium.

How will this occur? Are we “victims” of this event, or is there a way to ride the collapsing wave through the discontinuity?

We do not know.

Our work, however, does permit us to speculate.

Transducing Energy through our Higher Centres

The Fourth Way, also known as Esoteric Christianity, teachings that we suspect are much older than the man known to us as the Christ, indicates that man is endowed with three lower centres and two higher centres. Through work on oneself, the alignment of the lower centres to form the magnetic centre, and the subsequent establishing of a link with the higher centres, one is able to forge a link with the Creative Principle, the consciousness that is the basis of all existence.

As we establish this connection, we are able to transduce this Creative energy and bring it into this world. We honour our Creator by becoming creators ourselves, in all we do.

Those who do not develop the higher centres do not transduce this Creative Energy. Rather than transducing energy, they fall further and further into a state of Entropy. Entropy is the default position, the direction one goes when allowing oneself to be buffeted around by outside forces.

One chooses whether to align oneself with the Creative Principle or with the Entropic Principle. One must actively choose Creation. No choice at all is a choice for Entropy.

If we imagine that the nodal point is a moment when the wave of our existence collapses, only to be reformed afterwards dependent upon the state of consciousness prior to and held during the quantum leap, then it seems very possible to us that the outcome of that leap will differ according to whether one is transducing the energy of Creation, the fundamental Consciousness behind all of existence, or whether one is being carried along, buffeted by the wave with no awareness of what is happening.

If the character of our new reality is dependent upon this choice , we begin to understand why the forces of Entropy in the world are using the Big Lie.

They are seeking to bind the greatest number of people possible to the Entropic Principle for the coming collapse of the wave. Those who give themselves up to the Big Lie will find themselves tied to the descending evolutionary cycle, the Entropic cycle, the furthest point of descent on which is rebirth as primal matter, from whence they will once again begin the evolutionary cycle.

Bush, of course, has no idea that he is the front man for Entropy on the planet, the Entropuppet.

But that does not matter, for he, himself, is caught in the Big Lie, the Lie of Christianity as it was deformed and twisted into a control structure for just this moment.

But, of course, we cannot be sure that this is the case, that this scenario is the most likely or even a somewhat likely outcome of the signs we read today.

Perhaps, yes. Perhaps, no.

There will be no “proof” until the final moment, the moment when the leap is made and the state changes. And it must be this way, for the test of the Grail is whether or not one SEES and is willing to act upon that SIGHT.

It is, therefore, up to you to decide for yourself.

And to act upon that decision.

It is your choice to believe the lie or to choose to defend the truth.

And this is the case whether or not we face such a catastrophe as we discuss above. We may be entirely wrong about this.

What it boils down to is that even if none of the above or any other possible catastrophes occur, that is, whether or not we face a new ice age, a comet catastrophe, supervolcanos and earthquakes, or any other form of physical or natural catastrophe, the fact is that we do face at this very minute a gang of rapacious, neo-fascist, lying monsters in Washington who have, at best, capitalized upon the tragedy of 9/11 to implement the removal of the basic rights of Americans, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq to bring their resource wealth under the control of American corporations, or who, at worst, planned, organized, and were complicit in the carrying out of these horrific events for the purpose of using the “War on Terror” to bring the American people and the planet as a whole under their complete control.

We work here at Signs of the Times central to bring together the news to help ourselves and our readers to see objective reality. If you are a regular reader of these pages, you may have noticed how your way of SEEING the world diverges from that of many of your family, friends, neighbors, and workmates.

You see the terror of the situation.

They don’t.

You reject the lie.

They don’t.

One way or another, what choice do we have? Either we stand up for the truth, or we are bound to the lie.

The choice is yours.

Originally Published 2003_08_27