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John Maynard Keynes publishes The General Theory of Economics. So-called “Macroeconomics” is born.

The Olympic Games are held in Berlin. African American track and field star Jesse Owens wins gold medals.

A UFO crashed near the city of Freiburg, according to some sources. It is said that the UFO was retrieved, and that German scientists attempted to understand the UFO’s energy system and propulsion systems.

Herrlee Glessner Creel, sinologist and archaeologist notes in a paper that the tombs of King Wen – to whom tradition ascribes authorship of the I Ching – and his sons King Wu and the Duke of Zhou were located on the ancient plateau previously visited by Robert Sterling Clark in 1908 and Harry A. Franck in 1923. He located the place northewest of modern-day Xi’an, north of the Wei River in Shaanxi province and about four miles north of Xianyang. He described the tumuli as flat-topped earthen pyramids. Yet in his later work, (1970) a book about the Zhou dynasty that Kings Wen and Wu founded, he never mentions the burial mounds again. Nor does any other scholaly archaeological text on China mention the subject after this point.