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Has Nibiru/Planet X Been Sighted? Part 1

Is Nibiru going to appear in April, 2003 as is being claimed by certain New Age Gurus?

In a word, NO. And you can take that to the bank.

It is part of a COINTELPRO operation designed to drive believers over the edge and force legislation against alternative ideas, research, and the free exchange of information over the internet.

It is part of the Stargate Conspiracy.

Remember Hale Bopp? Remember Heaven’s Gate? Have we learned anything?

Read the following articles very carefully. Indeed, Earth will very likely experience cataclysms at some point in the future, but it won’t be because of the Planet Nibiru, and it isn’t going to be in 2003.

COINTELPRO is at work in the New Age!

COINTELPRO was the FBI’s secret program to undermine the popular upsurge which swept the country during the 1960s. Though the name stands for “Counterintelligence Program,” the targets were not enemy spies. The FBI set out to eliminate “radical” political opposition inside the US. When traditional modes of repression (exposure, blatant harassment, and prosecution for political crimes) failed to counter the growing insurgency, and even helped to fuel it, the Bureau took the law into its own hands and secretly used fraud and force to sabotage constitutionally – protected political activity. Its methods ranged far beyond surveillance, and amounted to a domestic version of the covert action for which the CIA has become infamous throughout the world.

In recent years, the FBI and other agencies have tried to clean up their image. They have engaged in careful concealment of post-COINTELPRO domestic counterintelligence operations. This effort has sold the “new FBI” to some of the most prominent critics of earlier COINTELPRO. University professors and congressional committees that helped to expose the domestic covert action of the past now deny its persistence in the present. Because of their credentials, these respectable “objective” sources do more damage than the FBI’s blatant right- wing publicists. Left uncontested, their sophistry could disarm a new generation of activists, leaving them vulnerable to government subversion.

In addition to political activists, it seems that COINTELPRO has particularly targeted groups that are seeking the truth about the interactions between the US government and Ultra Terrestrials, or so-called “aliens – denizens of hyperdimensional realities.

The COINTELPRO files show the U.S. government targeting a very broad range of religious, labor and community groups opposed to any of its agendas, and it would be foolish to not realize that this very operation extends to the US coverup of its “alien agenda.”

The presence of a COINTELPRO operation also goes far in explaining why, when the sincere researcher enters this field, he or she discovers only lies, lies, and more lies. Confusion and disinformation. And it is clearly deliberate, promulgated by Metaphysical Mavens and New Age Impresarios – COINTELPRO agents, all of them.

The objective seems to be to attack and “neutralize” those who are seeking the answers by marginalization, by conversion to wild beliefs that later “fall through,” and perhaps even by generating conditions that force legislation against alternative research. The famous Hale-Bopp Flopp is a case in point.

One more incident of wild promulgation of End of the World ideas that lead to erratic or fanatical behavior in any group of people, and the free exchange of ideas on the internet will come to a screeching, legislated halt. Count on it.

As we have delved deeper into our investigation of the series of attacks launched against us personally, and our work and our discussion/research group, the reality of continuing COINTELPRO-type attacks on progressive thinking became more and more evident. As we published these files, we received further information from other researchers that they, too, had been subjected to identical operations.

Ongoing domestic covert action is more than amply documented by The COINTELPRO Papers, Agents of Repression and War at Home. What we are discovering is that the targets are not limited to the opponents of U.S. political policies. Oh, no! They have developed COINTELPRO to an all new level of Social Shaping, Cultural Brainwashing, and this includes virtuallly anyone who is seeking the truth about the shifting realities of our world.

The cases of COINTELPRO activities against political groups are no more than the tip of the iceberg, given that the great bulk of COINTELPRO – type operations remain secret until long after their damage has been done. By all indications, domestic covert operations have become a permanent feature of U.S. politics, and Social Programming.

The implications of this are truly alarming. Those who manage to get close to the truth of these matters, despite the many obstacles in their path, face country wide covert campaigns to discredit and disrupt their research and reputations.

Clearly, COINTELPRO and similar operations under other names work to distort academic and popular perceptions of the problems facing our world. They have done enormous damage to the search for the Truth.

These COINTELPRO operations are clearly formidable and dangerous. Yet, with networking, sharing of information, and exposure of the agents, such covert action is not insurmountable. Knowledge Protects.

“Terrorism is changing. New adversaries, new motivations and new rationales have surfaced in recent years to challenge much of the conventional wisdom…” Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Director of RAND, Washington

One has to wonder why anything that “challenges the conventional wisdom” must be considered “terrorism?”

And how better to “take care” of those who challenge the “conventional wisdom,” the “control system,” than by making it a crime to “think out of the box?” And how to make it a crime? Machiavelli wrote the manual. All you have to do is create or infiltrate groups that supposedly “think out of the box,” then subvert them or drive them to irrational acts, or even commit terrorist acts in their names, and there you have it!

COINTELPRO prepares the ground, so to speak, so that terrorism is more effective. You could call them the “opening acts” of the main attraction, sent in to soften up the audience. They are the “sales team” that sell the ideas upon which the later acts of terrorism depend for effectiveness. They are here, now, in our world in the guise of Promulgators of End of the World and Conspiracy Theories, and running New Age Circuses, seminars, work-shops and “methods” or techniques for “ascension,” or accomplishing any of a dozen occult or purported spiritual aims. They are the new phase of COINTELPRO.

Schools, workshops, seminars, conferences, “workings” and just a whole host of fun activities are utilized to part the individual from his money, his sanity, his free will, and in some cases, even his life.

Following the events of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in March of 1995, and the Heaven’s Gate massacre, not to mention the mass suicides of Jonestown and the Solar Cult in Europe, there exists a very real fear of Cults, and with good reason.

The only problem is, the REAL cults are sending out “disinformation artists and deceivers” who play on the vulnerabilities of Seekers of Spiritual Paths and or alternative researchers into questions that have never been satisfactorily answered by “conventional wisdom.”

Beliefs in the “End of the World,” the coming of the “New Jerusalem,” the boom of the Gloom and Doom market has produced rich psychological ground for the planting of the seeds of the general expectation for the return of SOMETHING, and thus, the need to PREPARE. And they are all ready to sell you the right technique, the right workshop, the right school course, the right rituals and accoutrements, to make sure that YOU are among the CHOSEN.

Back to the original question:

Is Nibiru going to appear in April, 2003 as is being claimed by certain New Age Gurus?

In a word, NO. It is part of the COINTELPRO operation.

Today I received an inquiry from a panicked reader who forwarded to me information about “Planet Nibiru” of Zecharia Sitchin fame. The questions were: “Is it true? Have they sighted Nibiru? Is it coming? What shall we do?”

I undertook an inquiry into the matter, carefully perusing the referenced sites and articles, and discovered that, once again, someone is pandering to the public’s demand for sensationalism.

Zecharia Sitchin has been quoted as saying:

There is one more planet in our own solar system, not light years away, that comes between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years. People from that planet came to Earth almost half a million years ago and did many of the things about which we read in the Bible, in the book of Genesis. I prophecize the return of this planet called Nibiru at this time. The planet is inhabited by intelligent human beings like us who will come and go between their planet and our planet. They created homo sapiens. We look like them. I call them the Annunaki.

There are a few problems with these ideas that I would like to address. Reading The 12th Planet produces a feeling not unlike that apparently felt by the old lady on the television commercial who orders a hamburger from a fast food joint only to be forced to ask the question: “Where’s the beef?” And the fast food analogy can be carried a bit further in saying that the Earth Chronicles are immediately gratifying, having been pumped full of fat and chemicals, thrills and chills, but leave us mentally malnourished = lots of theory, no substance and no validation.

The entire body of work is so full of glaring inconsistencies that it is sometimes difficult to decide where to start in sorting it all out. Sitchin claims to have documentary evidence that a tenth planet exists as part of our solar system and that a race of superior beings, originating on this planet, once inhabited our world, genetically engineering mankind for purposes of slavery. However, a few words ought to be said about the kind of evidence that Sitchin and many of his followers like to use: pictographic. Mythological concepts which involve the heavens, deification of the Sun, Moon, or Venus cannot be called astronomy if one is not also willing to count as hydrodynamics the existence of a belief in a storm deity or the personification of a river. Also the denomiation of conspicuous stars or constellations does not constitute an astronomical science.

Yet that has not stopped Dr. Sitchin from astronomical interpretations of great specificity based upon little more than epigraphic evidence. Sitchin and those who follow his lead see great astronomical truths in every objet d’art of ancient times, never supposing for an instant that there could be far more prosaic explanations for many of these things. For example, the famous cylinder seal that set Sitchin on fire: a stylized star surrounded by 11 bodies on a cylinder seal.

“The miniature art of the seal cutter is of peculiar social as well as aesthetic interest. The idea of making personal identity marks by impressing intaglios on clay sealings began, as we have seen, in Protoliterate times and was later extended to tablets. Seals were thus from the first associated with commerce and quite soon, if not from the first, with private ownership. This association with trade is proclaimed not only by their use in Mesopotamia itself but by the appearance of specimens in Egypt, the Indus and then, in the second millennium, in Mycenaean Greece and the Aegean. Possibly Mesopotamian merchants sometimes entrusted them to their agents in these distant lands. A personal seal remained an essential possession down to the later days of Babylon: Herodotus said of the Babylonians of his day, ‘everyone owns a seal’.” (Hawkes)

Basing a cosmological theory on a cylinder seal is kind of like describing planet earth by Prudential’s Rock of Gibralter logo. Imagine some future archaeologist defining our beliefs by examining the RCA dog and gramophone or the flying windows of Bill Gates.

It is certainly true, in our opinion, that the evidence for extraterrestrial visitation and even intervention is all but overwhelming but that is no reason to trade off one god concept which must be accepted on faith for another. From time immemorial men have recorded sightings of mysterious objects in the skies and they have been impressed enough by them to hand them down through traditions, artifacts and written documentation. Many legends are based on fact; but it is hard enough and often impossible to decide whether the facts are based on what seems most reasonable or whether they are lying buried in time, under a mass of buildings, mythological elements or psychological hyperbole.

In his prologue to The Twelfth Planet, Sitchin plainly states his bias:

“In the ensuing years, as I have learned the languages and history and archaeology of the ancient Near East, the Nefilim became an obsession.”

An obsession it surely is. An obsession is defined clinically as:

“…an uncontrollable desire to dwell on an idea or an emotion, or to perform a specific act. It is not uncommon among normal persons, but if not banished may become all compelling, developing into a compulsion neurosis.” And, a compulsion neurosis is “an obsession or psycho-neurosis urging one to perform an absurd act or to say something silly.”

In the case of the Earth Chronicles, this is too sadly true.

On the first page of The Twelfth Planet Sitchin sets up his obsession by saying:

“Archaeological finds and the deciphering of Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Canaanite and other ancient texts and epic tales increasingly confirmed the accuracy of the biblical references to the kingdoms, cities, rulers, places, temples, trade routes, artifacts, tools and customs of antiquity. Is it not now time, therefore, to accept the word of these same ancient records regarding the Nefilim as visitors to Earth from the heavens?”

Well, I have no objection to accepting the Nefilim as visitors to Earth from the heavens. But there is some question as to how far one can go in accepting the Bible or other ancient documents in a literal or absolute sense when developing complex, comprehensive theories. Aside from this is the fact that many other sources have given quite different explanations for the issues Sitchin addresses. And, often these other explanations fit the facts as we know them far better. Not only that, but it is NOT true that the Bible has been “confirmed” as an accurate historical source. Quite the contrary, in fact. [See: Sitchin’s Mesopotamian Rocket Ships: How to Ignore Ancient Mesopotamian Dictionaries – by Michael S. Heiser, author of The Façade, Ph.D. candidate, Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, University of Wisconsin-Madison]

Nevertheless, there is much circumstantial evidence to support the idea of an alien race visiting earth; of ancient, advanced civilizations and perhaps even genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens. In fact, at the end of the day when all the material is analyzed, such ideas are the only ones that seem to stand up to scrutiny. Professor John A. Mason of Pennsylvania University cites the oldest Peruvian traditions and refers to the “habitable qualities of the stars” as mentioned by the texts centered on the “descent of gods from the constellation of the Pleiades”. The legend is that the first Peruvians were born from a bronze, gold and silver egg which fell from the sky.

Some scholars think that the Peruvian city of Tiahuanaco was built around 16,000 years ago on the ruins of something built by the “fair-haired giants” 200-250,000 years ago, as mentioned in native legend.

“Once men could fly” we encounter again and again in the legends.

“Everything was sufficiently light and big stones were lifted…” (Mysteries of Ancient South America, Harold T. Wilins)

The Haida Indians of the queen Charlotte Islands retain the tradition of “Great sages descended from the stars on discs of fire”, and the Navajos tell of “creatures who came from the sky and stayed a long time on Earth but finally returned to their world”. Most of the legends around the globe make frequent allusions to the descent of a divinity from the Stars, not from a tenth planet within our solar system.

The evidence suggesting strongly that celestial visitors came to earth and probably played a large role in our early development — even including genetic engineering is extensive. But, that they came from a 12th planet in our own solar system which ferries them along for a short shuttle every 3,600 years is preposterous. This concept is excruciatingly outdated based on reports of modern day UFO activity and what we know about the alleged capabilities of same and their “alien” occupants.

Sitchin writes on page 89 of his second volume, The Stairway to Heaven:

When Marduk invaded our solar system, it brought with it the seed of life. In the collision with Tiamat, some of the seed of life was transferred to its surviving part – Planet Earth. As life evolved on Earth, it emulated evolution on Marduk. And so it was that when on Earth the human species just began to stir, on Marduk intelligent beings had already achieved high levels of civilization and technology.”

If Marduk was close enough to a large body for it, or one of its satellites, to collide with said body, and if Marduk itself was as enormous as claimed by Sitchin, then the said proximity would have caused a slowing to near stasis of both bodies and consequent disruption of the entire surfaces of both bodies, reducing both to rubble and equality in terms of evolutionary life forms. In other words, a couple of rocks inhabited by slime. And then, if Marduk were to continue on its way, supposedly evolving life as it went, one of the fundamentals of Sitchin’s very own theory, the 3,600 earth year orbit equalling one of our years here on Earth, negates the idea of a civilization more advanced than our own.

Why? Well, it is actually rather simple. If one of Marduk/Nibiru’s years is equal to 3,600 of earth’s, and the inhabitants age far more slowly than we do, then they would naturally evolve equally slowly. In fact, rather than being more advanced than we are, they would still be amoebas! The same problems of evolutionary theory on earth hold true for Marduk/Nibiru. Life begins with protein chains each made up of amino acids. There are 20 possibilities for each “link” in the chain. Even if a new combination were tried every millionth of a second, it would take longer than the life time of the earth to form a chain associated with life — odds against it are a 1 followed by 95 zeros. Thus, we are left to conclude that, obviously life on earth got a boost from somewhere, but it could not have been from another planet in our solar system that started out with the same potentials, but was slowed by its incredibly long life cycles!

Another problem with this theory lies in certain observations of quantum physics which seem to hold true for larger electrically charged bodies: a body of the solar system large enough (but not beyond a certain ratio) to break apart the earth probably could not do so because when two electrically charged particles approach each other they come under the influence of their mutual electromagnetic fields and the forces operating between them cause disturbance which is transmitted in the form of photons or electrical discharges. The exchange then causes the two particles to Fly Apart. No impact can occur.

Sitchin argues that the mythical tales were actual stories of the doings of the Nefilim. And, while he is insisting we must take them literally, we must trust him to tell us which parts to take literally! Obviously the part of Enki and the World Order where it says “He lifts the penis, ejaculates, fills the Tigris with sparkling waters,” is subject to interpretation!

I would like to give Sitchin credit for many of the interesting deductions he has made, but if we want to know the truth, I think we have to look for the common threads in numerous sources. Sitchin leaves too many holes unfilled, too many contradictions to both material science and long established mystical traditions, and too many questions unanswered. I nearly laughed myself into hysterics when I read his theory that the Pyramid was built as an artificial mountain to show the ancient astronauts the way to go home. I can see one of our “primitive” astronauts peering through the window of the space shuttle and saying, “better put on the brakes I see Disney World!”

But, getting back to our problem of the putative Planet Nibiru.

The relative importance of an idea and the implications of the conclusions that can be drawn from that idea, ought to determine the level of attention given to the idea. The fact is, the idea that something may be whacking through our solar system at periodic intervals is a concept of such importance that it simply cannot be overstated.

Zecharia Sitchin analyzed the myths of the Sumerians, concluding that they referred to a massive unseen planet, and further, that all of the stories point to a cyclical return at intervals of 3600 years. I believe that Dr. Sitchin is onto something with this matter. But, perhaps not exactly what he thinks.

The Russians theorized in the 60s that there may be not one, but three planetary bodies existing in our solar system beyond Pluto. Aberrations in the orbital motion of Neptune and Uranus have convinced many of our own scientists that there is a strong likelihood that some kind of large body exists in solar space beyond Pluto and exerts strong gravitational attraction on the outermost planets. So we conclude along with Sitchin that, if a definite cycle exists, one of the most logical explanations for it is that it is caused by a planetary-like body making regular, predictable appearances. But NOT into the inner solar system.

“If it does exist, and it does reappear cyclically, why doesn’t science know about it?” The skeptical reader will ask.

This issue of the cycle of this purported “return” is of the utmost importance to our eschatological theme. If we take seriously any of the prophecies of the end-times in any terms whatsoever, we find ourselves facing the idea that the world is either due shortly for great geologic and meteorological events, or it is not. If we consider the remote possibility that this is going to happen, and if we are interested in human destiny, it behooves us to investigate whether or not there is a correlation between cyclical geologic changes in the earth’s past and the future, and what that cycle might be. What is more, there is also compelling hard scientific evidence that our planet has relatively recently experienced cataclysmic geological changes. It has only been in recent years that some of the more convincing evidence of this kind, such as ice core samples and tree ring analysis, has been revealed.

If we, for one second, think that there is even a one-percent possibility that such events are cyclic, and that we may be approaching such an event, we ought to be putting the whole force of all our science and all the great minds of our civilization into researching the matter. But that does not seem to be the case. Are the leaders of our nations so stupid that they cannot think that far ahead? Or are they so greedy and power hungry that they don’t care? Do they intend to “get while the getting’s good,” and then when the final curtain comes, they will think that they were the stars of the show? This poses a peculiar problem. How do we assess who really knows what?

Over and over again, as we have pushed deeper and deeper into our research, we find that investigating these matters is problematic for a lot of reasons. On the surface, what we see is that academic and professional geologists, glaciologists, geophysicists, paleontologists, oceanographers, astronomers, astrophysicists, physicists, mathematicians, archaeologists, and so on, do not take kindly to intrusions into their private little worlds. They have their gods of convention, whom they worship, and god forbid that anyone should criticize the acceptable protocols of the conventional interpretation. They are warm and safe and their career is protected by their covenant with the scientific Thought Police who are, in turn, high priests to the Matrix Control System.

And this is where we discover the problem. The Matrix Control System, via the offices of its high priests of science and social control, ensures that glaciologists do not cross over into astrophysics and that geologists do not cross over into archaeology. In this way, there is no such thing as Comparative Science, and this is most especially true in the United States where the lines between disciplines are most strongly demarcated, patrolled, and enforced by the Scientific Thought Police.

These conditions bring our problem into sharp focus. As we have attempted to get to the very bottom of many of the claims of the experts in the various fields, we have discovered that there is much data that is completely suppressed by this system. There is also a great deal of data that falls under the control of government agencies, and access to it is severely limited. I discovered that there is, indeed, an effort on the part of various government agencies to investigate these cyclical returns and cometary impact matters, but that the results are generally unavailable to the public. They consist of technical papers, stored on microfiche, buried in research and special collections sections of university libraries. Some of it makes its way into print, but the volumes are so costly that the researcher in these fields must be well-financed to be able to afford them. Those things that make it to print in technical journals, are couched in such amazingly obtuse and opaque terminology that one must be as sharp as a Damascus sword to cut through the nonsense. And it is almost a given that only a trained scientist who knows the “hidden jargon” will be able to decipher the code.

In this sense, we are fortunate. Ark has this training, and he is a world-class mathematician. When he finds numbers and theories and results, he can wade through the nonsense, reproduce the calculations, and make some headway in discovering just exactly what it is that is being hidden.

I must also tell the reader that, for weeks on end as we have ordered and read technical papers, books, files of data, reports and so forth, the enormity of the problem of suppression of information has become overwhelmingly evident. Every night, after a long day of analysis, calculations, plugging numbers into formulas and compiling results, we would prepare for bed, both of us shaking our heads and muttering over and over again: “lies, lies, lies; nothing but lies.”

And so it is. Not only are the separate scientific disciplines most often unaware of developments in other fields which may have important data that would help their own studies, they are also conditioned – programmed – to consider it scientific blasphemy to compare their own conclusion with the data from other fields. And somebody is controlling this system of suppression.

The terrestrial axis is currently inclined at 23.5 degrees. The early Greek philosophers viewed this tilt as an “irregular condition,” and not something that had been fixed since the beginning. Anaxagoras wrote:

In the beginning the stars moved in the sky as in a revolving dome, so that the celestial pole which is always visible was vertically overhead; but subsequently the pole took its inclined position.

Hesiod discussed the cyclical conception of time in his Works and Days, saying that the human race had five ages: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron. The Heroic age is seen by many scholars as an addition to an earlier scheme meant to accommodate Greek history. During the first of these ages, mankind lived under the rule of Kronos, or Saturn, and were on friendly terms with the gods, and were free from hard work, pain, and old age. Plato wrote about a periodic reversal of the rotation of “the world,” his intent probably being the entire “cosmic machine,” rather than just the planet, being the cause of the end of one age and the beginning of another. He tells us that all the stories of the changes in the rising and setting of the sun and planets originate from the same event in cosmic history: the usurpation of the rule of Chronos by Zeus.

When God was shepherd there were no political constitutions and no taking of wives and begetting of children. For all men rose up anew into life out of the earth, having no memory of the former things. Instead they had fruits without stint from trees and bushes; these needed no cultivation but sprang up of themselves out of the ground without man’s toil. For the most part they disported themselves in the open needing neither clothing nor couch, for the seasons were blended evenly so as to work them no hurt, and the grass which sprang up out of the earth in abundance made a soft bed for them.

But this age came to a close and the gods of that age gave up their benevolent governance, turning the rule of the world over to something “other.” Plato describes the close of the era in terms of Pole Shift:

The gods of the provinces, who had ruled under the greatest god, knew at once what was happening and relinquished the oversight of their regions. A shudder passed through the world at the reversing of its rotation, checked as it was between the old control and the new impulse which had turned end into beginning for it and beginning into end. This shock set up a great quaking which caused – in this crisis of the world just as in the former one – destruction of living creatures of all kinds. Then, after the interval needed for its recovery, it gained relief at last from its clamors and confusion, and attaining quiet after great upheaval it returned to its ordered course and continued in it, having control and government of itself and of all within it.

Herodotus seems to be quoting from the same source that Plato utilized when he reports:

Thus in the period of eleven thousand three hundred and forty years they said that there had arisen no god in human form; nor even before that time or afterwards among the remaining kings who arose in Egypt, did they report that anything of that kind had come to pass. In this time they said that the sun had moved four times from his accustomed place of rising, and where he now sets he had thence twice had his rising, and in the place from whence he now rises he had twice had his setting; and in the meantime nothing in Egypt had been changed from its usual state, neither that which comes from the earth nor that which comes to them from the river nor that which concerns diseases or deaths.

Both Herodotus and Plato are explicit in saying that the phenomenon is dual natured, that something happens “out there” in the Solar system and the results on the earth are cataclysmic. Herodotus says that it happened four times in an 11,500 year period, and Plato says that it is an ever-recurring phenomenon. Modern interpreters of these passages generally divide into two groups: the catastrophists and the uniformitarians. The catastrophists suggest that the description is that of a literal 180 degree flip of the earth. The Uniformitarians like to talk in terms of “world ages” according to the “Precession of the Zodiac.”

In his Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton demonstrated that the precession of the equinoxes is the result of the earth’s oblate spheroidal shape which causes it to spin in something less than a perfectly aligned motion. In short, it inscribes a very gradual circle in relation to the celestial axis and, according to Newton, the period in which this entire circle is completed is 26 thousand years. This means that not only does the sun rise in a slightly different location, but the terrestrial axis points to a different area in the heavens as time goes by.

As it happens, the general area of the heavens pointed to by the terrestrial pole, does not have an abundance of visible stars to consistently have a pole star. So it is only occasionally that it really has one, and even then, the pole star is not quite “on the money.”

Twelve thousand years ago, the time at which many occultists point out that one of the stars in Draco, Thuban, was the pole star, it was actually less of a pole star than the current one if we take into account the decreasing angle of the axis of the earth. That is assuming, of course, that present observations can be extrapolated backward.

Most of the occult or psychic speculations link the Pole Shift with Noah’s Flood and the destruction of Atlantis, the fabled ancient high civilization. But, the uniformitarian view is also well represented in the occult literature. Sampson Arnold Mackey, a shoemaker in Norwich, England, formulated a grand theory of the ages of the world that is pretty much based on De Louville’s gradual diminution of the angle of the terrestrial axis to the plane of the ecliptic, but also incorporating ideas based on the precession of the equinoxes. And here is where we find the first fully expounded idea that the precession itself is important as a clock that strikes the hours of world ages.

Mackey assumed the precessional cycle to be 25 thousand years. He also accepted the gradual diminution of the axial orientation at one degree every 6 thousand years. He assumed (from where, we don’t know), that each completion of the precessional cycle diminished the angle of the earth axis by four degrees. Therefore, it will take four more precessional cycles to get to the “Golden Age,” at which time the terrestrial axis is aligned with the celestial axis. Four more precessional cycles equals 150 thousand years from now.

Helena Blavatsky adopted some of Mackey’s ideas during her short term of membership in a “secret society” called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, which taught Mackey’s doctrine in an essay called “The Hermetic Key” composed by Thomas H. Burgoyne, secretary of that order. However, the H B of L made some “adjustments” to Mackey’s ideas so they would better fit some other scheme of their own. They altered the degrees of change per cycle from 4 to 3’36” so that a complete cycle takes one hundred turns. They also changed the precessional period from 25 thousand years, to 25,920 years, coming closer to Newton’s original figure.

Mackey believed that he had discovered in astrology, the key to universal mythology. His entire scheme was based on certain mythological interpretations, and the H B of L claimed Mackey as a member, but of course, only after he was dead. This seems to be a common practice of many secret societies that seek to align themselves with certain ideas or people for one reason or another.

Nevertheless, the adoption of this precession idea by the H B of L, later taken up by the occultists Papus, Barlet, Guenon, Reuss, Kellner and Steiner, ensured that it would become a foundational philosophy among groups such as the Ordo Templi Orientalis, the Theosophical Society, the Golden Dawn, and so on. Most of their ideas are founded on this uniformitarian, cosmic clock of precession and slow, spiraling movement of the earth’s pole in a grand, shifting circle that reverses the polar directions every two million years or so.

There is another interesting motion of the earth’s axis called the Chandler Wobble. The Chandler wobble, discovered by astronomer S. C. Chandler in 1891, is a variation in the earth’s axis of rotation amounting to 0.7 seconds of arc over a period of 435 days, or about 14 months. This means that the earth’s poles wander a bit as the planet spins, describing an irregular circle ranging from 10 to 50 feet in diameter. There’s also nutation, an aggregation of sub-wobbles, the most significant of which has a period of 18.6 years and results from variations in the distance of the moon.

Scientists have been particularly intrigued by the Chandler wobble, since its cause has remained a mystery even though it has been under observation for over a century. Its period is only around 433 days, or just 1.2 years, meaning that it takes that amount of time to complete one wobble. The amplitude of the wobble amounts to about 20 feet at the North Pole. It has been calculated that the Chandler wobble would be damped down, or reduced to zero, in just 68 years, unless some force were constantly acting to reinvigorate it. But what is that force, or excitation mechanism? Over the years, various hypotheses have been put forward, such as atmospheric phenomena, continental water storage (changes in snow cover, river runoff, lake levels, or reservoir capacities), interaction at the boundary of Earth’s core and its surrounding mantle, and earthquakes.

Researcher Michael Mandeville has charted and analyzed the Chandler Wobble and suggests that it is progressively shifting the location of the poles at an accelerating rate. His conclusion is that something is “driving” this change – possibly some interaction between the earth and the Sun and/or Moon. Whatever is driving it, it seems that the result is a heating up of the interior of the earth with consequent El Nino, and accelerating earthquake activity.

The fact that the Earth’s magnetic poles have changed many times in “history” is now a well accepted scientific fact. But this actually says nothing at all about the planet itself “flipping.” It just signifies a reversal of the magnetic field. As we now know, the Sun reverses its magnetic field regularly and cyclically with no apparent cataclysmic effects. So, a simple reversal of the magnetic field cannot be used in support of a physical and literal “Pole Shift.”

The Pole Shift idea was described as the “ultimate disaster” by John White in his book appropriately entitled Pole Shift. White listed numerous psychic prophecies that are clearly describing a Pole Shift and attempted to relate them to scientific ideas. One source claims that the Hawaiian Islands will rise and become peaks of a great mountain chain on a new continent that will rise in the Pacific. Another source predicts that the Hawaiian Islands will sink beneath the sea. Such contradictions among psychics are often handily explained with the “branching universe” theory with a twist: both are true, they just refer to different periods of future history.

As it turned out, most of the psychic predictions analyzed by John White concerned the period right around the year 2,000. Well, it has come and gone, the pole didn’t flip, and we are still here.

Naturally, many of the psychics and channels of the space brothers say that we ought to thank their “guides” or “guardians” for that fact since they all pulled together to keep us from falling into the pit. Nice try, but, as the Cassiopaeans have said: “Tales are easy to sew/sow, when the past is yours only to know.” And how true that is.

In the end, the chief problem of all the theories is that of the “trigger mechanism.” What is driving the machine? What is changing in our solar system that we are not being told about? Why are the rumor mongers and the theorists of such things as “Planet Nibiru” or “galactic alignment” or “precessional ages” allowed to promulgate their nonsense, while the real data is being so carefully hidden?

In order to form any ideas about a “trigger,” it is important to try to sort out the data that we can get and decide if a Pole Shift is a gradual, uniformitarian event, or if it is sudden and cataclysmic. There are endless descriptions of possible scenarios and none of them were ringing any bells until I discovered the ideas of Immanuel Velikovsky. Indeed, John White devotes about 20 or so pages to Velikovsky’s ideas, and in general, he merely used them to support the idea of past Pole Shifts, pointing out that Velikovsky made no predictions about future events of this type. We might also note that Velikovsky must have hit a real nerve to have been so viciously vilified. The Scientific Thought Police went into overdrive to suppress him!

Velikovsky was condemned because he denied that the orbits in the solar system were stable.

When reading Velikovsky’s blow-by-blow interpretation of the events of the Exodus as recorded in the Bible, the result of the close approach of a cometary Venus, I realized that these events mirrored, almost word for word, the events described in the book of Revelation. What is more interesting is that the book of Revelation was written long before the current craze of End Time Prophecies. It is sort of the Mother of all End Time Prophecies. (And I will soon be writing more about this specifically, so stay tuned!)

As it happens, there are many individuals who have noted the evidence in ancient myths and legends. We are not the first. Sitchin is not the first. Theories of the earth encountering a comet did not originate with Velikovsky either.

In 1882, Ignatius Donnelly, a Minnesota congressman and scholar of all-things-Atlantean, wrote a book entitled Ragnarok, wherein he proposed that a giant comet had passed close to the earth in past ages. The intense heat from the comet had set off huge fires that raged across the face of the globe. He suggested that the comet had dumped vast amounts of dust on the earth, triggered earthquakes, leveled mountains, and initiated the ice age. He even explained some of the miracles of the Bible in terms of his comet, proposing that the standing-still of the sun at the command of Joshua, was possibly a tale commemorating this event. Donnelly’s readers were thrilled by his descriptions of the “glaring and burning monster” in the sky, scorching the planet with unearthly heat and shaking the land with “thunders beyond all thunders.”

Possibly inspired by Donnelly, Camille Flammarion wrote The End of the World in 1893 in which he recounted a fictional collision between the earth and a comet fifty times its size. Flammarion’s lurid prose ensured that his book was an immediate sensation!

For thousands of years, comets have been associated with disaster and misfortune. They are harbingers of plagues, earthquakes, floods, natural disasters and wars. In fact, the passing of a comet followed by war has been so frequent as to earn for comets the soubriquet “The Swords of Heaven.” Tradition has assigned responsibility to comets for death and destructions, disease and decay, defeat and dissolution, the deaths of kings, and the fall of empires. It could be said that no celestial phenomenon is so widely and generally feared. Velikovsky believed that this fear had a foundation in fact: it was a sort of global subconscious memory of actual encounters between the earth and other cosmic bodies that were so devastating that the fearful reality of the event was suppressed into the collective subconscious, and only a “comet phobia” remained in evidence.

In 1857, an anonymous German astrologer predicted that a comet would strike the earth on June 13 of that year. The impending catastrophe became the talk of all of Europe. The French astronomer, Jacques Babinet tried to reassure people by stating that a collision between the earth and a comet would do no harm. He compared the impact to “a railway train coming into contact with a fly,” His words, apparently, had little effect. The Paris correspondent for the American journal, Harper’s Weekly, wrote:

Women have miscarried; crops have been neglected; wills have been made; comet-proof suits of clothing have been invented; a cometary life insurance company (premiums payable in advance) has been created… all because an almanac maker… thought proper to insert, under the week commencing June 13, ‘About this time, expect a comet.’

Naturally, by the time of dawn on July 14, it was apparent that there wasn’t going to be a comet. The point is: an astrologer’s “prophecy” had terrified millions in the total absence of any evidence that there was a comet anywhere near the planet. And this type of scenario has occurred more than once, even down to our own day and time when the Heaven’s Gate cult members committed mass suicide in response to rumors and prognostications regarding comet Hale Bopp.

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