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The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man I

Part I: Preliminary remarks

The Quest for the Holy Grail has been the subject of innumerable books, essays, movies, scholarly papers, and assorted other treatments since its formal delineation in the twelfth century AD; its popularity has not diminished one bit in almost 800 years. It is an utterly fascinating subject with something for everyone! There are kings and queens; there is loyalty and betrayal; there are gallant knights coming to the rescue of damsels in distress; evil monsters; cryptic clues to an elusive mystery that can “save the world;” and a whole host of major and minor characters sure to excite the senses, delight the mind, and feed the soul!

When one seriously begins to examine all of this literature, the complicated approaches of the various works and their contradictory results, one tends to hesitate to add anything to so vast a body of erudite composition. There is almost nothing that hasn’t been said or written about it from one perspective or another.

The present writer was always attracted to the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. This was only natural, considering my patronymic of birth: Knight. Thus, a great many books on the subject were read and digested at a very early age. But, my general opinion of them was that they were fantasies or children’s stories. There was no “real” grail; it was just a pretty tale. They were nice to read and imagine in times of idleness, but I felt that I needed to get about the REAL work of “finding God.” I didn’t realize that, in a very real sense this is the true nature of the Grail quest.

In any event, I concentrated many years on this “finding God” business. For me it was as essential a thing to do as it was necessary to breathe.

I started in pretty basic ways: believing nothing, testing everything; and over the years I gradually worked my way through the hard sciences to the “soft” sciences to the “para-sciences.” I analyzed and categorized everything as I went and, at the “end,” I thought I had pretty well run the gamut. My categories were more varied and extensive than those of many people, but they were categories nonetheless – and I was pretty satisfied with them. At the end, I had more or less reconciled myself to never really knowing God except through “mind” – in a sense that is broader than “thinking” and includes transcendant emotional states – and mind was, after all, as far as I could see, the beginning and end point of everything. Cogito ergo sum. And because I think, I feel. That was all we could know.

And that is where matters rested until the events described in Amazing Grace. It was through the interaction with “myself in the future” that the most important clues began to manifest. I will be presenting many of these clues and the discoveries they pointed to as we go along. But just for the moment, let me highlight one of the more interesting “break-throughs.” On December 14, 1996, after almost two and a half years of “preparing the ground,” the following exchange with the C’s (myself in the future) took place:

Q: (L) […]OK, let me jump over to this other subject of the number 33 and the number 11. Is there anything beyond what was given on 11-11-95, that you could add at this time, about any of the mathematics or the use of these numbers?

A: Prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics. Q: (L) What do you mean, “prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics?”

A: Self-explanatory, if you use the tools given you. Q: (L) How can a number be a dwelling?

A: Figure of speech. [Planchette spirals several times, vigorously] And how interesting that we have a new “cell” phone company called: “Primeco.” Q: (L) And how does a cell phone company called “Primeco” relate to prime numbers being dwellings of mystics?

A: Not for us to answer. [Word association by group: encryption, cells of monks, prisons, prime number divisible by one or self] Q: (L) Is encryption the key?

A: Oh, there is so much here. One example is: “Snake eyes” is not so good as 7,11, eh? Q: (T) They are all prime numbers, too; seven and eleven. (L) What kinds of documents or writings… or what would be applicable…

A: No, Laura you are trying to focus, or limit the concept, my dear. Think of it, what is the Judaic Christian legend for the creation of a woman? Q: (L) That woman was taken from the rib of Adam. That Eve was created from the rib of Adam.

A: Ever heard of a “prime rib?” Q: [Groans] (T) I hate being in kindergarten and not knowing what the subject is. Ok, prime rib. We have a prime rib, so…

A: What happens in a “Primary.” Q: (L) An election. You narrow down the candidates. What happens in a primary?

A: Who gets “picked” to run? […] “Prime Directive?” […] “Prime time?” Q: (L) The first, the best… and…

A: Not point Q: (L) I know that’s not the point! Is what we’re saying here, is that we can use these prime numbers to derive something out of something else?

A: We told you about the mystics. Q: (L) Oh, ok, I get it. So, mystics… the mystics, the mystical secrets… dwell in the prime numbers if used as a code.

A: Name the primary mystical organizations for key to clue system.

There had been other clues along the way that hinted at the secrets of Alchemy being the great secret of the Holy Grail and Early Christianity, that, in fact, the so-called “crucifixion” was actually a metaphor for the Alchemical transformation, but it was the clue above: “Prime Numbers are the Dwellings of the Mystics” that really got my attention when, several years later I learned that the semi-legendary alchemist, Fulcanelli, had penned a book with the title: “Dwellings of the Philosophers.”

By this time, I was already quite familiar with the story of Fulcanelli and his book: Le Mystere des Cathedrales so that when I was told about this second book, my interest was most definitely piqued! After some time and effort, I obtained copies of both books, and there was a particular passage in Dwellings that struck me as entirely applicable to my lifetime of studies followed by the dynamic interaction with the C’s – myself in the future. Fulcanelli writes in The Dwellings of The Philosophers

“With their confused texts, sprinkled with cabalistic expressions, the books remain the efficient and genuine cause of the gross mistake that we indicate. For, in spite of the warnings… students persisted in reading them according to the meanings that they hold in ordinary language. They do not know that these texts are reserved for initiates, and that it is essential, in order to understand them, to be in possession of their secret key. One must first work at discovering this key.

“Most certainly these old treatises contain, if not the entire science, at least its philosophy, its principles, and the art of applying them in conformity with natural laws. But if we are unaware of the hidden meaning of the terms – for example, the meaning of Ares, which is different from Aries – strange qualifications purposely used in the composition of such works, we will understand nothing of them or we will be infallibly led into error.

We must not forget that it is an esoteric science. Consequently, a keen intelligence, an excellent memory, work, and attention aided by a strong will are NOT sufficient qualities to hope to become learned in this subject. Nicolas Grosparmy writes, ‘Such people truly delude themselves who think that we have only made our books for them, but we have made them to keep out all those who are not of our sect.’

“Batsdorff, in the beginning of his treatise, charitably warns the reader in these terms, ‘Every prudent mind must first acquire the Science if he can; that is to say, the principles and the means to operate. Otherwise he should stop there, without foolishly using his time and his wealth. And so, I beg those who will read this little book to credit my words. I say to them once more, that:


…or through the means of a good and faithful master; and since there are very few of them to whom God has granted this grace, there are also very few who teach it.’

“…Other reasons for the difficulty that we encounter in deciphering the enigma: ‘here is the first and true cause why nature has hidden this open and royal palace from so many philosophers, even those gifted with a very subtle mind. Because, straying since their youth away from the SIMPLE PATH OF NATURE through conclusions of logic and metaphysics, and DECEIVED BY THE ILLUSIONS OF THE VERY BEST BOOKS, they imagine and swear that this art is more profound, more difficult to know than any metaphysics, although ingenuous nature advances in a STRAIGHT AND VERY SIMPLE STEP IN THIS PATH AS IN ALL THE OTHERS.” [Fulcanelli, 1964, 1999]

Truer words have never been written. And that is why it is important to read all of this series (as I get it written, that is) because the answers truly are simple! And, in a sense, I knew them long ago. Only I didn’t believe them or understand the inner workings and hidden mechanisms because of the very fact that it was right in front of my face!

At approximately the same period of time, I had an unusual dream that I discussed with the C’s. The date was, interestingly, 8-8-98:

Q: Okay, I dreamed that I was in this castle type place with many rooms and many people. In one of these rooms, a sort of main room, there was a ‘Head of the Family.’ I understood that all the people present were ‘members of the family’ with greater or lesser connection to the head. This person was in a large chair and all these people were there and all this activity was taking place, and it was going on around him, but he was not paying too much attention to anything. I couldn’t tell if he was bored, or sick. There seemed to be some sort of plots and sub- plots being whispered all around, and I became aware of a plot to kill this ‘Head of the Family.’ I was horrified and I made a decision that, no matter what, I had to go to him and tell him this and offer my help. When I did, it was almost like it gave him new life. He perked up and became more interested in all his surroundings because of this information I gave him. He invited us to go to a private room to have a meal together. The funny thing about this guy was that he kept alternating between being black and white. One minute he was a pure Aryan type, and the next he looked like an Egyptian. One thing that was outstanding was the clarity of his skin whether black or white. So, we went to this room, a small, intimate room with a pair of windows, and two little twin children, seemed to be girls, came with us. I was aware that they were his children. They too alternated between being black and white. We sat at the table and there were simple plates and simple food. I was surprised that it was so simple and plain and I wondered about it and asked a question. I was told that pomp and circumstance was only for the impression on those who do not know anything, but that it is the responsibility of the ‘Members of the Blood’ to be careful in what they eat and their personal habits. We ate and then I was told that I would be escorted back to our vehicle because I must return for the time being to prepare myself for some task. It was also said that because of my decision to do ‘what was right’ that I had demonstrated that I was the ‘chosen’ one who would become the ‘heir’ in some way. Now, our vehicle had been left at the end of a road… a road that we had traveled and had then run out and we had been ‘taken’ to this castle by some miraculous means so that we had to be taken back to our vehicle. We were warned that there would be dangers in returning. There was some sense of danger in our travels back home, but we made it and then there was the sense of waiting for some sign that would come in the future. The rest was unclear and I woke up. What can you tell me about this dream?

A: Near death experience indicates resolve.

Q: Whose resolve?

A: Try to interpret laterally.

Q: What does ‘laterally’ mean?

A: Patience charts course, not pressure. Q: Another funny thing is that, a few days later we bought this book about the Holy Grail and it talks about dreams of people switching between being black and white, and about birds that represent this concept such as the magpie, the balance between good and evil and so forth.

A: Theme presents itself in balanced cycle. Search for grey middle ground when tempted to choose either black or white.

Q: Anything else on this?

A: No.

These remarks were curious and obscure as has been the case for the most productive of the clues from “myself in the future.”

How does one interpret a dream “laterally?” The term itself means to more or less go off in an “oblique” direction. For example, a branch of a tree is considered to be a “lateral” part of the tree. In mining, a vein of ore that drifts off of the main lode and then runs parallel to the main vein is called a “lateral.” So, if I was to interpret the above dream “laterally” I should think that it was a sort of “parallel reality” to my own. Either that, or I was to await the “sign” and then I, myself, would move onto a “lateral path.” There was another most interesting passage by Fulcanelli in his opening chapter of Dwellings of the Philosophers:

Yet we know that art, the higher expression of civilized humanity, can freely develop only under the cover of a stable and sure peace. As it is with science, art cannot exercise its genius in the atmosphere of troubled societies. This applies to all elevated manifestations of human thought; revolutions, wars, upheaveals are disastrous to them. […]

Such strong reasons urge us to accept, with great circumspection, the medieval events recounted by History. We confess that the description “of a sequence of calamities, disasters, and accumulated ruins over one hundred and forty-six years” seems to us truly excessive. Something is inexplicably amiss here, since it is precisely during this unfortunate One Hundred Years’ War which lasted from 1337 to 1453 that the richest buildings of our flamboyant style were built. It is the culminating point, the apogee of form and boldness, the marvelous phase where spirit, the divine flame, imposes its signature on the last creations of Gothic thought. […]

Great Adepts give hermetic truth a new soaring flight… What ardor unfolded in all the branches of human activity! And what wealth, what fecundity, what powerful faith, what trust in the future transpire beneath this desire to build, create, search, and discover in the midst of a full-fledged invasion in this miserable country of France submitted to foreign domination and which knows all the horrors of an interminable war!

In truth, we do not understand…

And thus is elucidated the reason why our preference remains vested in the Middle Ages as it is reveald to us by Gothic buildings rather than in the same period as it is described by historians.

For it is easy to fabricate texts and documents out of nothing, old charters with warm patinas, parchments and archaic-looking seals, even a few sumptuous books of hours, annotated in their margins, beautifully illuminated with locks, borders, and miniatures. The Montmartre district of Paris delivers to whoever desires it, according to the price offered, the unknown Rembrandt or the authentic Teniers. […]

Falsification and counterfeiting are as old as the hills, and history, which abhors chronological vacuums, sometimes had to call them to its rescue. [Dwellings, excerpts, pp. 24, 25, 26]

At the point in time that I read the above, I was already well prepared to recognize a series of comments by “someone who KNEW.” The many clues given by the C’s that I HAD followed with diligence, had already taught me that it is not enough to be skeptical of a given source, but that one must certainly have the nature of a bull terrier to obtain any TRUTH in this reality of lies and cover-ups.

We know that this question, “why is life the way it is?” is one that we don’t like to face. But, when we awaken late at night, alone in our thoughts, with no distractions of daily life to fill the void, we are face to face with our existential dilemma. And it is a terrible silence. In those moments of cold clarity, the bleakness and futility of our existence in cosmic terms rises up to confront us as it has confronted all of humanity throughout millennia.

Looking back at history, we see that, to escape this monstrous “dark night of the soul,” human beings will accept any answer-any religious belief or philosophy-that may be offered, because the cold, abyssal silence that follows the question must be filled at any cost. And, the sad fact is, there are plenty of people willing to try to convince us that they have “the answer to all our questions.”

These blind leading the blind can be found in the pulpits of nearly every church across the land, and in the seminars and lecture circuit of the New Age. But, these answers generally consist of confusing the discernment of reality with personal opinion which results in a judgment upon reality by refusing to acknowledge it as it really is. And those parts of reality that are not acknowledged have a way of biting us.

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

At the present moment in history, everybody and his brother are either looking for King Arthur and the Holy Grail, or are waiting for aliens to land on the White House lawn so they can kick the tires of the UFO Cadillac. I have hundreds of books on these subjects, and over two dozen recent books, all of which claim to have discovered that the two subjects overlap and that the Holy Grail is really a bloodline, and that this bloodline of “special people” are offspring of alien beings, alternatively good guys or bad guys, depending on the orientation of the writer.

Most of the conclusions of the current raft of researchers point to aliens from Mars having come to earth in the distant past, and that they are the real “Gods.” The current fad of focus on the pyramids and the sphinx have led them all to conclude that the root of all of this is the great mysteries of Egypt – that the Egyptian gods are the original and true “gods.” They are advanced and superior beings from the “stars,” i.e. Mars, and they originally had a great civilization there that was destroyed and they came to earth and gave impetus to the formation of our own early civilizations. The stories then sort of bifurcate between these gods being truly physical as humans are, or being “Neters” or principles, as in purely ethereal beings who occasionally deign to manifest on earth.

Meanwhile, the opposing parties either declare the “Serpent race” to be representative of a benevolent scaly gang of civilizers who have humanity’s best interests at heart, as in Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. This group promotes a reptilian bloodline of Christ, and proposes that a descendant of this line is going to come along, a New Christ, who will lead us all to true enlightenment if we prepare ourselves according to any number of bizarre proposals. This group tends to see the alleged hyperdimensional Reptilian race as physical like us and not, (as we maintain), as being hyperdimensional creatures of variable physicality.

The other groups tell us that these reptilians are purely demonic, ethereal beings, who can “descend” into a person, or a human being can “host” a reptilian and “shape-shift” into this form (only if they have the genetics, mind you), and become temporarily reptilian themselves. The Queen of England and many of the leaders of the world have been listed as being of this latter type, with tales spun around them that pass the bounds of bizarre into lunacy.

There are any numbers of variations on these themes, with just about every preferred belief system from A to Z represented. In all cases, they have the chief feature of designation of this or that group of physical human beings as being conspirators or guardians, (Masons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Illuminati, take your pick), or a strict ethereal conception of the conspirators or guardians. In the first case, humanity is divided into “good guys” and “bad guys.” In the second case, people are encouraged to place their faith in the “ethereal good guys,” in order to be saved from the “ethereal bad guys.”

At the end of it all, there is the strangest thing I have ever observed: they all seem to be focused, in one way or another, on “finding the Holy Grail.” Just as Hitler was obsessed with discovery of some material object that would give him total and complete power over all the world, so do these different groups have a similar objective in mind: discover the Grail!

I thought about this for a long time. Why in the world is there this obsessive concentration on Reptilian beings and the Holy Grail? Is it a distraction, or is it an agenda? If it is either, what is driving it? I realized that the only way to come to any ideas about it would be to investigate the matter carefully.

As we have attempted to get to the very bottom of many of the claims of the experts in the various fields, we have discovered that there is much data that is completely suppressed by this system.

There is also a great deal of data that falls under the control of government agencies, and access to it is severely limited. I discovered that there is, indeed, an effort on the part of various government agencies to investigate the matters the C’s had indicated as being important, but that the results are generally unavailable to the public. They consist of technical papers, stored on microfiche, buried in research and special collections sections of university libraries. Some of it makes its way into print, but the volumes are so costly that the researcher in these fields must be well-financed to be able to afford them.

Those things that make it to print in technical journals, are couched in such amazingly obtuse and opaque terminology that one must be as sharp as a Damascus sword to cut through the nonsense. And it is almost a given that only a trained scientist who knows the “hidden jargon” will be able to decipher the code in the various disciplines.

At the same time that one begins to deeply investigate this matter, one comes across, again and again, what can only be described as COINTELPRO.

The presence of a COINTELPRO operation also goes far in explaining why, when the sincere researcher enters this field, he or she discovers only lies, lies, and more lies. Confusion and disinformation. And it is clearly deliberate, promulgated by religions, Metaphysical Mavens and New Age Impresarios – COINTELPRO agents, all of them.

The objective seems to be to attack and “neutralize” those who are seeking the answers by marginalization, by conversion to wild beliefs that later “fall through,” and perhaps even by generating conditions that force legislation against alternative research. Of course, we come back to Fulcanelli’s declaration:

“it is easy to fabricate texts and documents out of nothing, […] Falsification and counterfeiting are as old as the hills, and history, which abhors chronological vacuums, sometimes had to call them to its rescue.” And from this, we realize the compelling truth of the statement: THEY WILL NEVER LEARN THIS SUBLIME SCIENCE BY MEANS OF BOOKS, AND THAT IT CAN ONLY BE LEARNED THROUGH DIVINE REVELATION, HENCE IT IS CALLED DIVINE ART […] there are very few of them to whom God has granted this grace…

It is clear only in retrospect that the Cassiopaean Experiment has been Amazing Grace. And again, the very terms of the dynamic are described byEugene Canseliet in his Preface to the second edition of Fulcanelli’s The Dwellings of the Philosophers:

According to the meaning of the Latin word adeptus, the alchemist has then received the Gift of God, or even better, the Present, a cabalistic pun on the double meaning of the word, underlining that he thus enjoys the infinite duration of the Now.[…]

‘In the Kingdom of Sulpur there exists a Mirror in which the entire World can be seen. Whosoever looks into this Mirror can see and learn the three parts of Wisdom of the entire World.

“We are you in the Future,” the Cassiopaeans said. “We transmit “through” the opening that is presented in the locator that you represent as Cassiopaea, due to the strong radio pulses aligned from Cassiopaea, which are due to a pulsar from a neutron star 300 light years behind it, as seen from your locator. This facilitates a clear channel transmission from 6th density to 3rd density.”

As part of my own process of Initiation, I began to write the Wave Series (available on this site). The writing of this historical review of religion, metaphysics, and general “occult knowledge” attracted some extremely negative attention to me. There were clearly forces that did NOT want me to proceed either in informing others of what I had discovered, or proceeding with my own quest. Observing and experiencing the “operations” that were activated against me actually led to a deeper level of initiation which is recounted in the Adventures With Cassiopaea Series (which has now been included as a continuation of The Wave, available on this site).

Failing to co-opt or corrupt our work, the agents of disinformation (who, curiously, have made a cottage industry of claiming to be the “revealers” of the work of Fulcanelli) resorted to trying to destroy us professionally and personally in with libelous accusations of “cult” and “criminal activity.” These attacks clearly had one main objective: to sidetrack and sideline the Quest. I had to choose: spend all my time defending myself, or simply ignore them and finish the job I had already started. I began to understand clearly why the adepts of old had operated in secret.

But I also had an internal “moral imperative” to break the hold of the NECESSITY of secrecy. Fulcanelli tells us:

The obelisk of Dommartin-sur-Tigeaus is the tangible, expressive image, absolutely conforming to tradition, of the double terrestrial calamity, of the conflagration and of the flood, on the terrible Judgment Day. This monument seems to be erected on the plane of the ancient hexagram; a figure composed of the water and fire triangles, which is used as the signature of the physical Great Work and of its result, the Philosopher’s Stone.

Two sides of the pyramid are exactly aligned on the highway’s North-South axis. On the Southern side, one can notice the image of an old oak sculpted in bas-relief. If we question the oak of stone, it can answer us that times are near, because it is its figurative foreboding. It is the revealing symbol of our times of decadence and perversion; and the initiate to whom we owe the obelisk, carefully chose the oak tree as a frontispiece for his work, in the fashion of a cabalistic prologue, in charge of pinpointing in time the ill-omened period of the end of the world. The characteristics of this period, which is ours, are clearly indicated in the twenty-fourth chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew.

These frequent geological tremors, accompanied with unexplained climatic changes are symbolically expressed by the oak. This word, whose French pronunciation (“ch?ne”) is lisped, phonetically corresponds to the Greek word (Khen), and designates the common goose. The old oak tree, because of this fact, takes on the same value as the expression the old goose and the secret meaning of the old law, heralding the return of the Ancient Covenant or the Reign of God Saturnalia, Paradise and of the Golden Age.

In the time of the Golden Age, the regenerated man knows no religion. He respects, honors and venerated God in this radiating globe which is the heart and brain of Nature and the dispenser of earthly goods. In the midst of the radiating celestial body, under the pure sky of a rejuvenated earth, man admires the divine works, without outer manifestations, without rites, without veils.

The Golden Age, a solar age par excellence, has for cyclic symbol the very image of the celestial body, the hieroglyph that has always been used by the old alchemists, in order to express the metallic gold or mineral sun. On the spiritual level, the Golden Age is personified by the evangelist Saint-Luke. The Greek (Luchas, from (Luchnos), light, lamp, torch, (lux, lucis in Latin, brings us to consider the Gospel according to Luke, as the Gospel according to the Light. It is the Solar Gospel esoterically conveying the journey of the celestial body and that of its rays, back to their primary state of splendor. It marks the dawn of a new era, the exaltation of the radiating power over the regenerated earth and the return of the yearly and cyclical orb.

[W]e consider accurate all the descriptions that have been made of the earthly Paradise, or, if you prefer, of the golden age; but we are not going to dwell on the various theses aimed at proving that the refuge, inhabited by our ancestors, was located in one well defined country. If we deliberately don’t specify where it was located, it is only because, during each cyclic revolution, there is only one thin belt left, that is respected and which remains fit for habitation on its earthly soil. However we emphasize it, the zone of salvation and mercifulness is located sometimes in the Northern Hemisphere, in the beginning of the cycle, sometimes n the Southern hemisphere at the beginning of the next cycle. [Dwellings, Fulcanelli]

And in the mysterious Hendaye chapter of Le Mystere des Cathedrales, Fulcanelli further says:

[W]e learn that a country exists, where death cannot reach man at the terrible time of the double cataclysm. As for the geographical location of this promised land, from which the elite will take part in the return of the golden age, it is up to us to find it. For the elite, the children of Elias, will be saved according to the word of Scripture, because their profound faith, their untiring perseverance in effort, will have earned for them the right to be promoted to the rank of disciples of the Christ-Light. They will bear his sign and will receive from him the mission of renewing for regenerated humanity the chain of tradition of the humanity which has disappeared. For it is by fire and in fire that our hemisphere will soon be tried.

The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hour-glass, symbol of time run out, and the scythe, reproduced in the figure seven, which is the number of transformation, of destruction, of annihilation. The Gospel of this fatal age is the one written under the inspiration of St. Matthew. Matthaeus means science. This word has given study, knowledge, to learn. It is the Gospel according to Science, the last of all, but for us the first, because it teaches us that, save for a small number of the elite, we must all perish. For this reason the angel was made the attribute of St. Matthew, because science, which alone is capable of penetrating the mystery of things, of beings and their destiny, can give man wings to raise him to knowledge of the highest truths and finally to God. [Dwellings]

As Fulcanelli has told us, it is in the clash of ideas that the letter dies and the spirit is born. That is to say: the knowledge is in the meaning, not in the words. Time after time the esoteric Tradition is misunderstood in this way and so it dies. Then, when the time is ripe, it must be either restored or rephrased. In the meantime the meaning is kept alive in communities or schools symbolized by the name ‘ark,’ of which Noah’s ark was one.

‘THEY WILL NEVER LEARN THIS SUBLIME SCIENCE BY MEANS OF BOOKS, AND THAT IT CAN ONLY BE LEARNED THROUGH DIVINE REVELATION, HENCE IT IS CALLED DIVINE ART, or through the means of a good and faithful master; and since there are very few of them to whom God has granted this grace, there are also very few who teach it. [Dwellings]

I realized that to interpret my dream “laterally,” I was facing a choice that had to be made by me and me alone in the ambience of my own time. Every era is an “ambience” which holds within it the solution to the problems specific to it. Man can choose his response according to the level of his understanding and Being. And so, the ambience that exists at the present time, at the end of an Epoch, opens up possibilities for man on all planes. As the adept of my time, I could clearly see that it was MY responsibility to initiate a non-linear action of Truth and openness. This was explicated by Fulcanelli when he said:

On the spiritual level, the Golden Age is personified by the evangelist Saint-Luke. The Greek (Luchas, from (Luchnos), light, lamp, torch, (lux, lucis in Latin, brings us to consider the Gospel according to Luke, as the Gospel according to the Light. […] It marks the dawn of a new era, the exaltation of the radiating power over the regenerated earth and the return of the yearly and cyclical orb.

Luke was the “Beloved Physician,” and “bringing light” to the world mandates “shining in the darkness,” even though the darkness “comprehends it not.”

Because it so happens that, at this particular point in history, in this particular reality that so many of us seem to be sharing, there are these communicants from the future, calling themselves the Cassiopaeans, who just “happened” to arrive on the scene after a lifetime of searching for the way back to God by yours truly.

And, as it happens, yours truly is a being of a particular make-up with certain inner characteristics that just happen to include a powerful will and drive to serve others without violating their free will. She also speed reads, has a near photographic memory and picked up the skill of typing fairly rapidly along the way. Sounds pretty much like the ideal person for said beings to contact, right? If you want to get the message out, hook up with a walking-encyclopedia-workaholic-blabbermouth. They do, and they did.

At the same time that this was happening, a world class physicist of similar make-up was searching the globe for the same answers, though in a different but complementary mode.

So, at this particular moment in history, scientist and channel meet and find extraordinary similarity of being, from their respective internal “drives” right down to skin tone and eye color. It is almost as if they are two halves of the exact same being.

Not only that, but she is quite taken with the idea of “metamorphosis” of the earth and he knows the “howtos” of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems. She is looking for the “spiritual Ark,” and he is Ark. He is looking for the essence of existence, the “aether,” and she is L’aura, or “the air.” He’s in Florence; she’s in Florida. He’s working on gravity waves; she’s looking for explanations of gravity waves. He decides to create a webpage with an image of Magritte’s Le Chateau des Pyrenees right there in your face; and she is looking for secret alchemical masters in the Pyrenees, led on by a painting of Arcadian Shepherds, urged by said Cassiopaeans who tell her that her life will change suddenly and dramatically once she gets hooked up to the internet. And his full name is Arkady.

Can those guys get any funnier?

And what is even more important, both of these individuals are constitutionally incapable of taking anybody’s word for anything. And if they don’t like the way something is, they find out why, and then DO something about it. In a nonlinear way.

So we find ourselves at that point on the jagged edge of the two crustal plates where there is a moment of critical energy influx and we know that there is going to be an explosion. And the results are unpredictable – a “lateral vein” or “branch of the universe?”


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