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EgyptAir Flight 990, Sacred Geometry, Y2K, Origins of the Tarot, Schools of Ascension and other Disinformation

Session date: November 13, 1999

Laura’s introductory remarks at the beginning of the session: We have a lot of questions to get through tonight, and I have sort of organized them so that the ones that will go quickly are in the top of the pile; but we know how THAT goes! Could be a BIG mistake! We could be here all night on just one of them! Okay….

Q: The first question we have here is from a correspondent who asks: “Have the Cassiopaeans ever mentioned the significance of numbers?” She was particularly interested in the number 666, and I answered that there was already some discussion of this on the website. I also mentioned that there is some good material on the subject that I have not posted yet because I have not gotten to it in the proper context. But, she did ask a couple of questions that we had not covered before, so I wanted to get them in here. She asks about this “magic square of the sun.” In other words, gematria. Does this have any deep symbolic meaning?

A: Mathematics is organized such that one can construct what one wishes.

Q: Are you saying that Professor Eco was correct when he wrote: “With numbers you can do anything you like… the universe is a great symphony of numerical correspondences…” and that the works of man “reproduce in their structures, unconsciously, the harmonies of the cosmos. …If there is a secret, it is much more profound…” and that those who write about such things remain simply on the surface, “discovering with their incredibly tortuous methods a straightforward truth. …The true initiate knows that these are metaphors, masks, conventional lies or, at most, pathetic surrogates, for an ancestral forgotten force.” [Foucault’s Pendulum, Umberto Eco]

A: Yes.

Q: Okay. She says it’s all Greek to her. And it is certainly all Greek to me! Then it’s a good thing that it’s Greek to both of us! Next, she heard something along this line and asked: “Do crop circles use geometry and gematria to send us messages?

A: Messages? Yes. Geometry and “geometria? If one so desires.

Q: Okay. I think we can use our brains to figure out the rest of it. Next question; a reader writes:

“In [certain teachings], man is viewed as a composite entity comprised of one being, supposed hopefully to be “in charge,” and an enormous number of separate entities in various states of consciousness/unconsciousness, not completely dissimilar to the description given in Ouspensky’s “In Search of the Miraculous.”

A: The Grand Pulsation makes individuality a temporary state of being.

Q: By saying that the Grand Pulsation is only a temporary state of individuation, this means that all are One and return to the state of Oneness.

A: Yes. And if so, it is always true. All are ultimately “god.”

Q: But they don’t evolve as a god by remaining individual in the upper reaches of evolution?

A: What would be the purpose?

Q: I guess they are hung up on remaining individuated and becoming as “gods” for power and control issues… sort of ulitmate STS.

A: Maybe that would work if time and linear reality were correct, but…

Q: Next question, and I think this one will be quick: can you make any comments on the liklihood of this Y2K situation getting out of hand and bringing on the “New World Order” or causing the institution of Martial Law, or causing people to need to store food, guns, ammunition and take all their money out of the bank? There is an AWFUL lot of hysteria out there about this…

A: Ask them what happened on November 7th.

Q: Oh, you mean the big Hoagland prediction that something was going to strike the earth… supposedly revealed to him by a “confidential informant” who somehow proved his “reliability,” by having “inside information” and so forth. In other words, another spate of disinformation?

A: Yup!

Q: Okay. Another reader asks what really happened to Flight 990?

A: Pilots lost control when windburst tipped plane. Autopilot was disengaged after beginning of dive. Centrifugal force prevented soon enough correction in attitude to prevent structural damage to wings and struts. When plane was reascending, stresses sheared off right wing. No radio contact was made due to the desperation of the situation requiring all attention of the flight crew.

Q: Did you mean “altitude?”

A: We meant “attitude.”

Q: Oh. In other words, the flight conformation. So there was really nothing mysterious about the crash of Flight 990.

A: Mysteries are subjective.

This is a most interesting remark that I failed to pick up on during the session. Ark remarked that he didn’t think they had “wind bursts” at the altitude Flight 990 was cruising – at least not without something anomalous going on. And, of course, since I didn’t pick up on the remark, we didn’t ask “what caused the wind burst?”

I have been thinking repeatedly today of what Morris Jessup wrote:

“Planes seem to hit something which crushes them or tears them apart, which is nevertheless invisible, and which strikes with such suddenness that the pilots do not have time to make an outcry via their ever-live radios. …From such analysis we come by easy stages to conceive of a force, ray, or focal point in some force field either unknown to us, or at least not understood, which produces rigidity in a localized or sharply delimited volume of air, or possibly in space itself… Do the space dwellers have a force which produces this temporary rigidity in the air, or even possibly in the gravitational field itself? …A pilot flying a plane into such a body would have no warning. Yet if such a thing were a few hundred yards in diameter, its mass in resisting the plane would be thousands of pounds, perhaps tons. The analogy of a ship hitting an iceberg would be very close. …Oxygen is a magnetic substance… sufficiently magnetic that it can be separated from the other constituents of air by means of a magnetic field.” [Morris K. Jessup, The Case for the UFO]

But, the question as to what caused the “airburst” will have to wait until next session.

Q: Were there any mysterious personages aboard this plane, such as persons involved in the “HOR project” in Egypt?

A: Probably not. But even if so, do some of your correspondents think everything is a conspiracy!?!

Comments inserted November 17, 1999Clearly, the implication here is that the HOR project and the idea that the plane was destroyed because of it, is NOT one of the “conspiracies” about which we need to be concerned. But, we have received information in the past about certain activities that may or may not be classified as “conspiracy.” And, as things are developing in regard to this Flight 990 crash, it is clear that there IS something going on.

But, even in those terms, we don’t need to all jump on the bandwagon and declare the government and all officials guilty of some terrible cover-up. We have to remember that nearly every one of us has a relative or friend employed by the government. They are just like everybody: people doing their jobs. If there IS a renegade or “maverick” element conspiring subversively to “take over the world,” they are as hidden from the vast majority of government workers as they are from the rest of us.

And, the most important factor to remember is the nature of the True Conspiracy, i.e. Fourth Density!

Nevertheless, I notice a curious thing about this Flight 990 business: in this morning’s paper (and yesterday the hints were already flying on CNN), wherein we discover that the investigation is being turned over to the FBI because, as the paper says: “NTSB Chairman Jim Hall declined to discuss details about the pilots but he said investigators have found no evidence of mechanical problems or weather difficulties that could cause the crash. That leaves the focus on the pilots. Either they made an incredible series of blunders or they deliberately crashed the Boeing 767, killing all 217 people on board.”

Now, don’t you think that is odd? In former crashes, the authorities usually hem and haw and avoid making any kind of statement at all. They eschew anticipatory speculation to an extreme degree. But HERE, almost from the very beginning, there is this rumor that the pilots deliberately crashed the plane… planted rather cleverly for the poor investigators to grab onto as a straw to palliate public opinion that the plane was “shot down” or otherwise deliberately destroyed for some dark purpose; and that there is NO OTHER EXPLANATION for the bizarre behavior of the plane! They point to the muttered prayer of the pilot as “proof” that he had suicidal intentions.

But, the Egyptian officials disagree about this interpretation of the “religious comments” on the cockpit tape saying: “There are significant differences in the cultural interpretations of some expressions on the recorder.”

Well, the pilot WAS an Egyptian… wouldn’t another Egyptian know better than we the implications of such remarks? I mean, if we translate our own colloquialism “he was beside himself” into another language and culture, a person from that culture might think any number of strange things including multiple personality disorder, cloning, or whatever. How do you translate colloquialisms? It is almost impossible because, in many cases, we don’t know where or how they originated ourselves! My grandmother used to say “I was walking on my eyebrows!” which meant that she was worried! How do you explain THAT in another language?

I am reminded of a gal I once knew who told a story about being on a narrow bridge and confronted by a speeding truck coming directly at her, with no room to pass, and that, at what she perceived as the “last moment,” she uttered a prayer. She laughed when she told the story because her point was that prayer was an internal utterance and the words didn’t matter. What was her prayer? She said: “Oh, SHIT!” Miraculously, she found herself on the far side of the truck with its taillights in her rearview mirror, at which point she began to mutter thanks to God for saving her from certain death.

Now, we have Egyptians telling us that the cultural interpretation of this muttered prayer in the cockpit of Flight 990 is different from what our investigators have inferred. Maybe we ought to listen to them? Why? Well, maybe our investigators are being a bit too anxious to cast blame on the pilots and eliminate any other cause as being contributory to this tragedy because they have all the screamers in the public and on the internet rapidly spreading seditious rumors that beg to be answered before things get out of hand.

But, WHAT other cause could there be? Keep in mind the alleged underground Montauk base in the area of these notorious crashes, including JFK Jr.’s:

Cassiopaeans: Why do you suppose there are roads around Dulce NM where people have become confused when traveling on them? Because the 4th density vibrational frequency emanating from the nearby base more and more frequently resonates on surface. Then going to 4th density: road seems straight as seen in 4th density, when curved in 3rd.

Q: (J) It seems straight when seen in 4th, but it’s actually curved in 3rd? (SV) In other words, accidents! (J) It changes configuration from 3rd to 4th! (T) When people drive those roads out there, as the fourth density frequency seeps out, they become confused because they’re moving between 3rd and 4th. As the road curves in 3rd, and the car, which is in 3rd, should be curving with the road, the driver sees the road as straight, and drives off the road, because he’s confused by what he sees.

A: Exactly.

Q: (T) Now, we’re back to perception of reality!

A: In 4th, you see full circle from any vantage point.

Q: (T) So the road looks straight, because you’re seeing it from all angles, therefore the road looks straight. But, it’s not really straight in 3rd, and you drive off the road.

A: The entire New Mexico region is on verge of moving to 4th density permanently! Because of the bases. […] the bases are already there, pity the host regions. Why do you think there is so much activity seen there! […]

Q: (L) Does this mean that when that whole region goes to 4th density, that it’s going to, for all intents and purposes, disappear from 3rd?

A: No.

Q: (T) Why is there so much UFO activity there? Tell me.

A: Bleed through. […]

Q: (T) Now, this opens up some questions. First question. You made the statement “But the bases are in 4th density.” What happens when the 3rd density base, which is vibrating itself into 4th density, runs into the 4th density base that’s already there?

A: Merge. […]

Q: (T) What do you mean by “They will merge?”

A: To same density. Bases are partially 4th density already, and always have been. It is the surroundings that are in for a massive change. […]

Q: (T) Are we talking about the fact that it’s been there so long, that that section of third density is now resonating itself to the fourth density frequencies, and that this is not exactly what the [human element involved] wanted it to do, but it’s a side-effect of the fact that they’re there?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Did they know that it was going to happen?

A: The 4th density STS did, but not 3rd. […]

Q: (L) So if the region goes into fourth density, will the people living there also be in fourth density?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Will they notice that anything is different? Those who are within it?

A: Are you kidding? Tremendous reality shock will occur when it crosses the border. […] suggest review driving skills, for but one example! […] Picture driving down a highway, suddenly you notice auras surrounding everything…. Being able to see around corners, going inside little cottages which become mansions, when viewed from inside… Going inside a building in Albuquerque and going out the back door into Las Vegas, going to sleep as a female, and waking up male… Flying in a plane for half an hour and landing at the same place 5 weeks later… […] Picture driving to reach New Mexico by car and “skipping” over and arriving in San Diego instead, or… driving to the grocery store in Santa Fe, and winding up in Moscow, instead. […]

Q: (L) Can people come in and out of it?

A: Yes. […]

Q: (L) So, in other words, this is going to create a situation where people on the planet are going to become very confused and upset over this situation.

A: Imagine being an N.S.A. official and shivering at the prospect!

Q: (L) Why would they shiver at the prospect…

A: Concealment.

Q: (J) In other words, trying to cover up what’s going on! (T) Well, they’re not going to be able to cover up what’s going on. That’s what I’m getting at. (J) People will be talking a mile a minute about all the stuff… (T) People are going to find out, they’re not going to be able to cover it… From place to place, and it’s not the only place it’s happening!

So now, with Flight 990, imagine these poor pilots flying into a “bubble” of 4th density space, possibly similar to what happened to Flight 19 many years ago… and imagine this poor pilot trying to deal with something like that … imagine him muttering a prayer… taking evasive action against a 4th density “windburst” or that a 4th density windburst is NOT like a 3rd density windburst. Further, imagine the second pilot coming in and trying to help… only HIS perceptions are equally distorted in this 4th density region of space/time…

A: 4th density frees one from the illusion of “time” as you WILL to perceive it.

Q: (L) OK, if you’re freed from the illusion of time, going into fourth density, would you then go into one of these regions and perceive a time period and sequence of events as you expect to perceive it?

A: As you WILL to perceive it.

So each pilot has a somewhat different perception… and responds to the situation differently. The plane dives, then ascends. We can only conjecture about what the pilots were perceiving… resulting in a strange picture of flaps being moved in two different directions at once as though there were a “struggle.” And, the result is tragedy.

I would like to point out a couple of possible relations between Flight 990 and Flight 19. According to the story, a radioman in the Fort Lauderdale tower heard a frantic message come over the waves.

“Calling tower… this is an emergency… we seem to be off course… we cannot see land….”

The tower radioed back: “What is your position?”

“We are not sure…” answered Taylor, “we seem to be lost.”

“Assume bearing due west, ” directed the tower.

“We cannot be sure which way is west… everything is wrong…. strange… we canot be sure of any direction…. even the ocean doesn’t look as it should…”

For the next forty minutes, according to the story, the tower heard the planes talking with one another. They were apparently in sight of each other but all shared the same confusion. It was evident that there was growing hysteria and Lieutenant Taylor requested the pilot of the other instructor plane to take over command. That Marine Captain, George Stivers, then relayed the last message: “It is 1625 hours… we are not certain where we are… must be about 225 miles northeast of base… looks like we are…. (static) entering white water. We’re completely lost!”

The search plane that was sent after them radioed there position in a normal way several times and stated that they could find nothing at the presumed search site. Then nothing.

Late in the night, a radio operator heard over the radio “FT…. FT…” and nothing else. But, these were part of the call letters of the missing Flight 19. But, it was impossible for any of them to still be aloft as they would have run out of fuel at least two hours previous to this broken message. Yet, no other plane would have used those call letters.

The story is probably pretty familiar to most people, so I won’t recapitulate it from this point. My purpose has been to remind the reader of the possible confusion and disorientation of the pilots. In the one case, there was radio contact and a long period of strange interaction. In the case of the search plane, contact was normal until there was NO further contact at all. It just ended with no warning or clue. And, there was the strange little blip of a message hours after Flight 19 could no longer be flying – by 3rd density rules, that is. This brings up the issue that data and voice recorders in such situations, could experience time distortions as well.

We are clearly dealing with a phenomenon here that cannot be explained by our normal processes of perception.

“Pity the host regions,” as the Cassiopaeans said.

Now, to return to our session of November 13: Q: Next question; a correspondent writes: I am wondering if you could ask the Cassiopaeans about the ORIGIN of the TAROT CARDS. Do they represent the esoteric knowledge that the god Thoth – an Atlantean High Priest – wanted saved at the time of the sinking of Atlantis?

A: No.

Q: What do Tarot cards represent?

A: A method for sensitives to tune in with. Or for less psychically endowed persons to “play” with.

Q: Were they carved by the god Thoth on transparent crystal tablets according to principles of sacred geometry?

A: If so, why did Thoth not get a “copywright?”

Q: So, they were not carved on transparent crystal tablets?

A: No.

Q: Did the Atlantean high priests bring them to Egypt?

A: No.

Q: Did they come from the Druids?

A: No.

Q: Who invented them?

A: Greek origin, refined in Roman times in France.

Q: Well, I guess that takes care of that! Now, there is a rather desperate couple of letters from a correspondent who writes:

“About 5 years ago , I had a reading from a very good trance channel. The female voice that came in said I was from Andromeda and she was my Tracker. She explained my lineage and evolvement there. She also said I had been to many ascending planets. I assumed that what I did was assist in that process.; she did not say that. I have now enrolled in that spiritual school of ascension. They say that I am an information broker. That means that I have unconscious agreements to provide ascension information to Andromeda. That does not sound bad, it sounds like service. It’s not. It keeps me from ascending. It also creates karma for me, because I have been instrumental in taking other people’s information without them knowing it. I need information on this phenomenon. I hope you will help me. No one knows how to break the contract effectively. The school says that the Andromedans have engineered THEIR ascension. is this true? I wish to cancel my contract and get my information back, how can I do that? Information brokering is causing those involved to not ascend, even when they do not consciously know it. Can the Andromedans not read the information without depleteing our ascension gridwork? We ask that something be changed so that we ar e not depleted. We ask the Cassiopaeans to assist. This is a call to assist in returning information and canceling contracts. that affect our information. All help will be appreciated. I do not have a clue about which Andromedans are involved.”

This lady wrote in an earlier letter that this “School of Ascension” was run by folks who call themselves “Lord and Lady Agape and Lord and Lady Athena.” I thought you might address this directly, aside from the fact that the only contract I can see that needs to be cancelled is the one to pay any money to attend this “school.”

A: Dabbling in such nonsense is not necessary for one to ascend. Two more comments: in this case, a “good trance channel” is defined as one which tells the client that which the client wishes to hear. Comment two: What?! No “godsparks?”

[“Godsparks” is a humorous reference to another “psychic” of which we are aware, who was assigning “godspark levels” to her clients in a completely nonsensical cosmology designed to separate the client from their money and make them feel important by feeding their egos.]

Q: Next question, or series of questions; this correspondent wrote:

“If the Cassiopeans are correct in that Humans came from the 7th density via Lucifer/the fall, why did they choose this? If we came from 7th density we would be aware of the knowledge of the Cassiopeans and more, and as time has no meaning above the 3rd density, then we would have known what would happen to us, including the takeover by the STS group. This can be explained by the Grand Cycle, as we would have known that we would need to do this, but then where is free will? It would seem as though we are caught in an endless loop, which is ultimately futile. On the other hand, if there is free will then, as time does not exist, we should not even be here as all would have happened in an instant as everything progressed to 7th density in a single moment of thought! Since this does not appear to have happened, then everything must in fact be changing continuously. 7th density is union with the One, as stated by the Cassiopaeans. This would equate to the ultimate expression of our existence, as we were, are and will be there. Why leave? As this requires an orientation to STO, then our decision to leave could only be a benefit to all, as opposed to being “cast out” for the desire for physicality. To me, this can express an attempt to go beyond 7th density! Why leave unless there was an something more to be learned in this existence! But what could that possibly be! The Cassiopeans, who claim to be what we were/are/will be, perhaps could shed some light on this subject. Another possibility is that we are attempting to change the Lizzies by letting them change us! As much as they have given us their brain, they are taking samples of us to incorporate into the Greys and possibly themselves. Hard to get more Machiavellian than that! Last thought. If we at 7th density did make a mistake by coming down to 3rd density, then couldn’t the Cassiopaeans, at 6th, be just as prone to error? The reason I have gone into these lines of thought are that I want to understand a bit of the BIG picture. Understanding motives goes a long way to understanding our world/reality. I would like to try to understand our motives for being here, as has been pointed out, knowledge is all and we are ultimately in charge of our own destinies regardless of whatever influences there are. I admit I would like to ascribe some higher motives to our presence here out of ego, but wouldn’t it make more sense as well?”

I suppose you want me to break this down into questions?

A: Yes we do.

Q: Okay. “If humans came from 7th density via the “Fall,” why did they choose this?”

A: Not choice in a sense as understood by 3rd density STS.

Q:” If we came from 7th density we would be aware of the knowledge of the Cassiopeans and more, and as time has no meaning above the 3rd density, then we would have known what would happen to us, including the takeover by the STS group.”

A: Who said that humans descended from 7th density?

Q: Well, you said that human beings are a “fragmented soul unit” that, before they came into the bodies here on earth were “In Union with the One.” And, Union with the One is 7th density as you have so often said.

A: We have also said the the end is the beginning and vice versa.

Q: Well, that brings us to the next question: “It would seem as though we are caught in an endless loop, which is ultimately futile.”

A: It would seem that way if one is transposing 3rd density linear thought from a physicalized standpoint upon that which is infinitely more complex.

Q: “On the other hand, if there is free will then, as time does not exist, we should not even be here as all would have happened in an instant as everything progressed to 7th density in a single moment of thought!”

A: See previous answer.

Q: “The reason I have gone into these lines of thought are that I want to understand a bit of the BIG picture. Understanding motives goes a long way to understanding our world/reality. I would like to try to understand our motives for being here.” So, he wants the big picture: why are we here? Why does ANYTHING exist?

A: This cannot be understood from your perspective. But no need. Patience, please. Lessons are learned sequentially. And, of course we can make errors. After all, we are still learning too, Ken!


Q: Okay, now this next correspondent writes:

“I decided to listen to one of the C’s suggestions about Melatonin. What the heck, after all I might meet Santa! Curiously, It was rather hard to find it in our stores. It turns out that only a herbal/natural version of it is allowed for sale but I don’t think that it’s any different. Well, I must say it is all that I ever thought it would be. I have gone through the stages described in your transcripts and now am at a rather odd stage where everything seems like a TV broadcast Last night I had a very unusual dream about an asteroid impacting Earth. I must say, I do not necessarily subscribe to this theory. I have been reading A LOT about this so it could be my subconscious mind playing tricks on me. The impact took place in the vicinity of the north pole with the approach path from the south. But there was this curious red line extending up and over the pole after it had taken place. I don’t know what it meant. Before, I also dreamt about there only being one more pope, the Japanese being involved with the Grays and I had some dreams with religious conotations. But what really blew me away was a dream couple of nights ago. I dream that I was lifting up from my bed, through the chimney (which I do not have) into a space ship! I could actually see myself lifting off the bed. Then I was on some sort of a raised surface with a short BEING with long arms and A HUMAN DOCTOR beside me. The little fellow seemed rather upset and tried to calm me down even though I was at peace, waving his arms to stop doing something. Then the doctor tried to do something to my lower back but I woke up. Now get this – I woke up turned around – with my feet on my pillows, on my back which I rarely do. When I got up, I actually noticed that the sheets weren’t messed up at all – when I toss in my sleep, the sheets are always kicked off half of the bed. I don’t know what happened, I know it sounds suspicios but I am very sceptical. In my case it is probably more of a wishful thinking than anything else. Regardless of what had taken place, this particular hormone resulted in a lot of research material.”

I want to ask about this dream that our friend had under the influence of melatonin. There has been something of a controversy about it recently as one group claims that melatonin is stimulated in the brain by aliens in order to cause the paralysis that overcomes the victim and thereby enables them to go about their nefarious abducting activity. Is that, in fact, the case? Is melatonin part of the paralysis factor of alien abduction?

A: No.

Q: What chemicals are stimulated in the body to cause this paralysis?

A: That is not the method used.

Q: What IS the method used?

A: Electronic wave diversion.

Q: They are diverting the electronic waves of our brain or our physiology?

A: Closer.

Q: Okay, what about our friend’s dream; was this a memory, a dream or an abduction?

A: Etheric body abduction.

Q: What was the purpose of abducting his etheric body?

A: Study.

Q: Who abducted his etheric body?

A: Orion STS. Melatonin only serves to make one more aware of processes in this context.

Q: So, lots of people are being abducted, physically, etherically, or in other ways, and simply are not aware of it at all?

A: More often etherically.

Q: Most abductions are etheric, but people are not aware. The melatonin is what enables them to be aware of what is happening by removing the blocks to awareness and memory that the aliens put in place?

A: Precisely.

Q: And, by becoming aware, do they have some chance of stopping the abduction process by their awareness?

A: Or more importantly, limiting the damage. Knowledge protects.

Q: Well, that’s bizarre. Now, our friend also writes:

“I’d like to mention one more thought that I had the other day. Actually, it ocurred to me while watching a trailer for “Cliffhanger”. In that trailer Stallone was jumping out of the frozen pool of water with heaps of ice flying up in the air. At that point, I thought about the different states of energy. Ice is frozen water. From what I remember of my physics classes, freezing is like taking kinetic energy out of vibrating particles. The absolute zero is when the particles stop vibrating at all. Now, vapour goes the other way round – the extra kinetic energy is added and the particles escape their gravitational bounds turning into steam. Well, what if the ascension is like adding some extra energy. The the gravitational or other boundaries become meaningless since each individual vibrates on a higher level. What if you keep increasing the energy levels and the vibration is so rapid that you cannot be located – you are basically EVERYWHERE at any given point in “time” – the differences between the individual particles disappear and you become ONE/UNIFIED. Now, WHAT IF THAT ENERGY IS KNOWLEDGE?? The more knowledge you add, the more energetic your soul becomes.”

Is this going in the right direction? Is knowledge energy or is energy knowledge? When you add knowledge, do you have more energy?

A: Energy is a component of knowledge, yes.

Q: Now, as you know, Richard Hoagland and others had this big thing going about something that was going to impact the planet. It didn’t. Nevertheless, these folks and their ilk now have a new circus going on, including rumors about the HOR in Egypt and so on. Are there any upcoming situations that we should be aware of? Is there anything in particular that we need to pay attention to? There is so much going on with these earthquakes and so on… it’s pretty busy out there!

A: Just watch and learn. We do not like the notion of joining the prognosticator soup! And on that note, good night.