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Fallout Around the Breakfast Table

At our house, some of the best discussions take place at the breakfast table. You see, we eat our biggest meal of the day in the morning which is according to the dietary protocols we have researched, experimented, and consider to be optimal for human health. We eat a selection of meats – bacon, home-made pork and turkey sausage patties, hamburgers, fried ham, etc – with buckwheat cakes and lettuce available for those who want to make sandwiches. Often we include other vegetables and deep fried (in duck fat) sweet potatoes. It all takes about an hour to prepare for 10 to 15 people (depending on how many guests are in residence) and naturally, such a robust start to the day invites robust thinking and conversation. These Breakfast Table Talks range from politics to religion to history to physics and usually are kicked off by discussions of current events or whatever any individual happens to be reading at the time. We’ve been told by some guests who are professional academics that our breakfast table talk is the equivalent of post-grad lectures in any of the given topics we may cover. We just consider it normal conversation.

Around the breakfast table this morning, the discussion was rather somber for several reasons. The first reason is the death of our neighbor two days ago. Yesterday evening, we spent an hour with the bereaved husband and son, sitting in the bedroom with “Francesca” (a pseudonym) laid out in her burial clothes on the bed. We already knew the story of their 56 years together and the circumstances that led to her death at 74, but we listened again with fascination as “Jean-Luc” re-told the tale; it’s hard not to be fascinated when the subject of discussion is laid out there in front of you looking to all the world like she might open her eyes at any moment and join in the conversation.

Francesca was, in a few words, dedicated to her good health and good looks. Her parents lived into their nineties (her mother died last year) and there was every reason to believe that she would as well. She ate low fat, lots of vegetables, did 15 hours of vigorous work-outs every week, never smoked, and drank only a little wine once in awhile – preferring to stick to diet soda loaded with aspartame. At the age of 72, two years ago, she had the face and figure of a woman in her prime. She was, literally, a knock-out. We were enthralled to see her doing daily laps on the drive around her spacious home nearly every day for the numerous years we have lived here – until 18 months ago when something changed.

According to Jean-Luc, she actually began having symptoms 15 years ago: changes in her personality, paranoia, forgetfulness, restlessness, outbursts of anger. He didn’t want to take her to a doctor because he was afraid they would put her in a hospital for the insane, so he dealt with the situation privately, keeping a close eye on her and tolerating her outbursts with endless patience.

Then, three years ago, major signs appeared: she could no longer remember common words for everyday objects. The first occurrence Jean Luc remembers is when they were having a meal together, Francesca was about to ask for a plate, she raised her arm, started the sentence but was unable to finish it no matter how much effort she made. She began making terrible mistakes while preparing meals such as forgetting proportions of different ingredients. He said she once put an entire bottle of olive oil on a small salad. He continued to keep the problem to himself even though her behavior had caused her children to distance themselves; apparently, they were targets of her paranoia and anger and they didn’t understand what was going on. At the time, I remember that she asked me repeatedly if I had a terrine (ceramic baking dish) belonging to her that she used to prepare foie gras. I reassured her repeatedly that I did not and just wrote it off to her having a “senior moment” which is pretty normal for everyone.

In 2007, Jean-Luc bought Francesca a new car. The reverse gear in this car was in a different position than the reverse gear in her former car. She remembered the previous gearbox grid but was seemingly unable to learn a new one; a minor accident was the result. This was the beginning of the end. Francesca was hospitalized and many tests were done. What was noted was a pronounced shrinkage of her brain. She wasn’t told about this, of course, but she was told she had a “condition” and was put on several medications. Jean-Luc told her that it wasn’t safe for her to drive while taking these medicines. That didn’t stop her from her obsessive diet and exercise program. Instead of driving to the gym she now would walk the five kilometers. Seeing her walking energetically on the side of the road became commonplace for about six to eight months. She locked herself out of her house a few times and one of the SOTT guys would go over and climb in the window and let her in.

In the spring of 2008, I had surgery myself and ran into her several times at the physical therapy center in town during that summer. Apparently, she was beginning to have severe joint pains and wasn’t liking that one bit. A month or so later, a rug salesman came to the house and I called Francesca to come over and have a look at the carpets and advise me on the price and quality. She was a bloodhound bargain-hunter the way some men hunt big game. The two of them came over for an aperitif not long after. I’ll always remember how beautiful she was and how pleased she was when I told her that she was looking particularly lovely. That was the last time she came to our house.

In the fall of 2008, during a number of “over the fence” conversations when Francesca was hanging out her washing, it was noted that her speech was deteriorating badly. By February of 2009, she was unable to speak at all. We would talk with Jean-Luc over the fence with Francesca standing beside him and all she could do was nod when spoken to. There was a strange look of terror in her eyes that I’ll never forget. Jean-Luc was taking her to his office with him every day because after she left the house and got lost wandering back roads, he could no longer trust her to stay at home safely even with a housekeeper coming in every day.

After the loss of speech, deterioration of other physical functions followed rapidly and she was soon unable to walk without assistance. That was 18 months ago. Around-the-clock nurses came to care for her. Instead of seeing Francesca jogging around the house we saw nurses coaxing her to take just one more step and then another around the terrace. Jean-Luc had asked Dr. Segura if she knew of any therapy that would help. Dietary changes and detoxing were suggested but he pooh-poohed such ideas as being “fringe” and declared that he had the best doctors in the world working on her case and if they couldn’t solve the problem, nobody could. And yet, those doctors could not even diagnose the condition. None of them had ever seen anything so aggressive as this; every successive scan showed the brain literally melting away inside her skull.

When she finally became unable to walk at all and was bed-ridden in the fall of 2010, this was soon followed by the loss of the ability to swallow. We visited her several times through this period and it was shocking to see the wasting of her body – she became little more than a skeleton. Nothing medical science had to offer seemed to be able to stop – or even slow – the horrifying ravages of whatever it was that was literally dissolving her brain. As each part of the brain disappeared, so did the functions related to it.

Finally, last Friday, April 1st, she fell into a coma; it then only took three days for the part of the brain that controls autonomic functions to melt and despite the feeding tube and respirator, Francesca died at four in the afternoon on the fourth day of the fourth month, 2011.

So, there we were, yesterday evening, sitting in her bedroom looking at the wasted body – all that remained – of a vibrant, beautiful health conscious woman who only ever did what the received wisdom of the acknowledged medical experts of our society promote. She should have had 20 more years or more, considering her devotion to staying fit. Instead, her brain melted inside her head probably from lack of proper fats and certainly from ingestion of toxic aspartame, soy, and other toxic foods. Not only that, but the process had begun many years ago because, generally, by the time signs of deterioration begin to appear externally, the internal process is already well-advanced. Nevertheless, had she changed her diet to one of high proteins and good animal fats, elimination of gluten and dairy, even then, she could have possibly stopped the process and regenerated some of her brain cells.

But she didn’t know; such dietary protocols – the way our ancestors ate – are rejected by mainstream science which tells us that our diet has little to nothing to do with our health and wellness. As a result of this, in a couple of hours, I’ll get up from my desk here and put on a black dress and attend the funeral of a lady who should still be jogging around her house instead of being carried to her grave.

At the breakfast table this morning, after discussing and analyzing the elements of the case, we all agreed that corrupt science murdered our neighbor Francesca, and is similarly murdering millions of other people who believe in the pronouncements of their pharmaceutical-company-trained doctors and the edicts of the American Surgeon General and Department of Agriculture. This is so in France as it is in the rest of the world: the Americans have always led the charge of declaring what is or is not good for us, and the people of the world, as a whole, do not seem to be able to take onboard the fact that the health of the peoples under the influence of Western medical/health science is going down the toilet in lock-step with these pronouncements. That, of course, led to the next topic of conversation: the Japanese nuclear reactor situation.

In this morning’s newspaper there was an article informing us that “… the presence [of iodine 131] has been shown: the Valence d’Agen air measured 4.8 +/- 0.8 mBp/m3 from March 25th to March 30th and in Montauban’s rain water with 0.7 +/- 0.4 Bq/l from March 27th to March 31st…” (La Dépêche du Midi/ Tarn-et-Garonne edition on Wednesday, April 6th 2011)

One Bq is defined as the activity of a radioactive material in which one nucleus decays per second.

Nuclear decay is the process by which an atomic nucleus loses energy by emitting radiation.

So, the higher the Becquerel level, the higher the number of decay events, then the higher the radiation.

Concretely : “… in Montauban’s rain water with 0.7 +/- 0.4 Bq/l from March 27th to March 31st..” means that between March 27th and March 31st, in 1 liter of rain water (i.e. 1 kg of water) there was an average radioactivity of between 0.3 and 1.1 becquerels i.e. 0.3 to 1.1 nucleus decays per liter of water and per second. or .0003 to .0011 nucleus decays per gram per second.

Actually, 0.001 Bq/g is the limit level for water from a nuclear plant to be considered as non-contaminated by French authorities; that’s why this information was published, the measured levels were higher than the contamination limit.

For comparison soft water is 0.0001 becquerels per grams. So published levels in Southern France at the end of March were between 3X and 11X times higher.

However becquerel levels only quantify the speed of nucleus decay but doesn’t provide any data about the nature of the decay. So, as far as Becquerel level is concerned one decay per second of one relatively harmless element like carbon 14 (only emitting bétâ rays) is not equal to one decay per second of a more harmful element like iodine 131 (which emits X rays and the highly mutagenic gamma ray).

So, when dealing with radioactivity two correlated but distinct factors should be taken into account:

1. the nature (X, alpha, bétâ, gamma…) and quantity of radiations
2. the quantity and the nature (plutonium, uranium, fluoride) of released radioactive elements (which are the source of radioactive radiations)

As far as health is concerned those two factors have very different impact. For example, when we go for X rays, we can cope quite well with reasonable levels of radiation because we are not directly exposed to radioactive elements (the radioactive atoms, source of the X rays, are confined in the equipment and don’t go into the patient’s body).

The Fukushima disaster is totally different: allegedly 200 tons of water is poured daily on the nuclear plant in order to cool it down. Therefore 200 tons of water loaded with radioactive elements bleed out of the plant daily (contaminated liquid water leaking in the ocean and steam released in the atmosphere).

So, in this case, the worldwide population is exposed to radiation (which in most cases is not extremely high) but also to radioactive particles (in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat).

Healthwise, the introduction of only one radioactive particle released by Fukushima (like plutonium or uranium) can be disastrous.

That’s the reason why after the Chernobyl accident thyroid cancer and lung cancer went through the roof in Europe despite moderate global radiation levels: the particles that were released were absorbed by human beings and caused the disaster that is now part of history.

Reading the numerous news items about the Japanese tsunami/nuclear disaster, it’s difficult to come to any firm conclusion about what is going on. There have been a number of whistle blowers who have come out and said that we were all lied to about Chernobyl, and the authorities are lying now about the levels of radiation.

Well, thinking about that and the fears about nuclear fallout from a power-plant meltdown made me ask the question: why didn’t anybody get excited about all the nuclear bomb tests that were being done all over the planet since WW II? I mean, just take a look at this time-lapse map of every nuclear explosion since 1945 and ask yourself if that is not one heck of a lot of radioactive fallout to be dumping on our planet – sometimes right in our back yard – and nobody was saying a thing about it? Say what?


So then I started thinking: well, heck, that explains a lot! If the nuclear pollution from one power plant meltdown can be as dangerous as they are now saying, (all the while they are saying that the levels are very low everywhere except Japan, so not to worry), then a whole lot of conditions that the human race has been suffering from in greater numbers and more serious degrees, can most logically be attributed to the poisons that our fearless leaders have been subjecting all of us to for the past 66 years in the form of arms racing! I once read that John Wayne’s lung cancer was NOT caused by smoking but rather because he worked on a movie that was filmed in direct line of the fallout from numerous U.S. nuclear bomb tests right in our own country!

In short, while I think that what is happening as a result of the Japan nuclear reactor disaster is a lot worse that the authorities are saying, I don’t think that is any reason to get hysterical right now. The time for hysteria was long ago. You are already poisoned and don’t know it. Why do you think they have such a huge anti-smoking campaign going on all over the planet? It’s to cover up the death-dealing damage that they have done to you from their irresponsible – no, criminal – deployment of nuclear technologies. I mean, really! Notice that there is so much less smoking due to draconian laws but, at the same time, so much more illness – even of the kind generally attributed to smoking! And since getting people to stop didn’t stop the cancer and heart disease rate, they went after that ridiculous explanation: second-hand smoke! So, they are locking down the planet so that nobody will be smoking anywhere, but now they have the Japan disaster to blame for the same illnesses that are developing in ever increasing numbers due to all of the nuclear pollution that has been spread over this planet for decades!

And if you think that your handy-dandy home radiation detector is going to warn you, think again! Such gadgets have undoubtedly been calibrated so as to NOT tell you the truth because if they did, they would have told you the extraordinary level of radioactive pollution that has been in our atmosphere for years killing us slowly, but surely.

In fact, who knows? My neighbor, Francesca, could be a victim of Chernobyl and nuclear bomb test fall-out. But it’s a certainty that her diet didn’t help her body to be able to detox that radiation. You need an active and healthy liver for that and to have an active liver, you need lots of animal fats and proteins going in. You also need to assist your body in detoxing because, believe me, we did not evolve with this level of pollution in our environment and if you aren’t detoxing, you are dying!

So, that’s what we talked about this morning at breakfast. After we had finished our liver restoring repast of bacon, sausage, deep fried (in duck fat) buckwheat cakes, we all dutifully took our daily dose of kelp and some of us even downed that disgusting spirulina. A high dose of Vitamin C every day also really helps to keep the liver in shape. This is what you should be doing normally, not just because you think a drop or two of radiation from Japan is going to fall on you. Yeah, it is, but it’s only a drop in the bucket compared to the toxicity you’ve been breathing for all your life if you are younger than 66 years old.

Now… I have to put on that black dress.