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The Wave Chapter 59: An Encounter with the Unicorn

The reader now knows a whole lot more than I did in the spring of 1999 when Vincent Bridges first wrote to me, after Ray Flowers forwarded to him my post to the Ancient Wisdom discussion list. And, as the reader who has read the emails will note, I was sending him a lot more information than I was receiving. Until this period of recapitulation, I never connected the interaction with Bridges to the things that followed immediately after, but looking back, it all seems very strangely synchronous, in the same way as the black cat walking by twice in the movie The Matrix.

In early June of 1999, a correspondent wrote and asked if I would like to join a discussion group on the subject of UFOs and aliens. For the most part, I steered clear of such things because I didn’t see too much fruitful research being done, and I had also been “burned” by my interaction with the Gray-hugging crowd at Mike Lindemann’s ISCNI (“Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence”). Nevertheless, because I was asked, I went over and had a look at the discussion board, and decided to make one “trial post.” Since I was crusading on behalf of Karla Turner, I thought that I would include a quote from her writings about abductions in an effort to make more people aware of some of her conclusions.

Looking back, of course, it’s easy to see that Karla’s death on January 9, 1996, is a perfect example of how “forces” might deal with someone who was getting entirely too close to the truth. She wasn’t “martyred,” in the obvious way of Jessup and Schneider and others, she was just quietly “disposed of.” In 1995, Karla contracted a very dangerous form of breast cancer immediately following an abduction experience. She died at the age of 48. Karla’s husband, Elton, had published the following remarks, which are more timely today than ever (the first portion of this article is quoted in book one of The Wave):

We, as a race, have never been free to discover our own true identity. Every social advance we attempt is thwarted by some maniac who springs up with almost divine grace to lead us into madness. Saint Paul, for instance, seems to have taken the real message of Jesus and his earliest followers and distorted it into something that we kill, lie and cheat for. And, in spite of all that, we still aspire for redemption of our souls. The followers of that doctrine — Christians, they call themselves — are not the only ones who behave in such a manner. Every major religion has managed to find an excuse in its teachings to destroy non-believing fellow human beings. A part of me shudders every time I hear of yet another killing based on 2,000-year-old hatreds.

What law allows us to continue with such atrocities? What influence keeps such hatred and fears alive? Why are we abductees so afraid to ask for real help from our own society?

We have been INVADED — but I do not yet believe that the battle is over. Invasion with sticks, knives or guns is a human reality, not necessarily a universal one. There are very sophisticated mechanisms being used in the invasion of our world. Why should our invaders use pointed sticks against us when they can get us to sharpen sticks and use them against each other? We provide them with everything they want from us, and they take none of the blame for our misery. They just zip around in their wonderful flying machines, dazzling us with their magical abilities and filling us with awe at their insight.

Can there be a more successful military campaign than one in which no shot is (apparently) fired and in which the conquered populace gladly and openly welcomes their enslavers? We are being programmed mentally and socially to accept our invaders as saviors, not a conquering force. I truly believe we are being deceived by smoke, mirrors and sleight-of-three-fingered-hand movements. Are we going to sell our birthright to some sneaky beings who appear on our shores in marvelous ships and offer us a few glitzy baubles?

The researcher asked if I personally knew of harm that has come to anyone at the hands of, or because of, the aliens. Yes, harm has come. My early youth was damaged severely by the unconscious knowledge that I was being used by some non-human agency. It took me 40 years to recognize that the fears which guided me daily were not of my own making and that the rebellion I constantly felt was engendered by my contempt for the powerful invisible agents that forced me to do things that I knew were wrong, even as I was doing them.

For example, I did not want to marry the person who became my first wife, yet I had no control over the decision. Before we were married, we were jointly abducted and subjected to severe programming. The results brought no happiness to either of us. We both starved for love and companionship, even though we tried with all our might to find them. My son (now 25) was also one of their subjects, and is miserable and lost. He is an artistic person with so many unknowable fears that he is paralyzed. I know of abductees MURDERED by mutilations (reports of which are suppressed immediately and completely), by cancers that no physician has ever seen before, and by madness that has led to suicide. In my opinion, these acts were not caused by “brothers” of any sort.

I do not believe that all is lost, however. I have felt a guiding hand that helped me to discover happiness and inner peace amid all this chaos and misery. What I have come to understand is that that hand is only there when I take responsibility for my own happiness and do something about whatever is bothering me.

Reality left in the hands of the invaders is neither what we need nor what we want. It is time that we think hard about ourselves and what we have on this gem of the universe, our home — our planet. There are laws governing the actions of our invaders, rules guiding their actions and patterns of behavior we can discover if we will make a concerted effort to discern them. We humans have something valuable that is desirable to, and usable by the alien forces acting on us. I feel it is time we take back that which is ours, that we use all our resources to discover the laws that govern reality and become the beings that we intrinsically know we are. (Turner, 1994)

The post I made to the UFO discussion board brought about an amazing flood of correspondence from abductees desperate for more rational information. I was overwhelmed with the realization that there were so many people looking for answers, and so much nonsense being propagated.

Apparently, one of the members of that discussion forwarded my post to a woman named Eve Lorgen, who had been working on a book titled The Love Bite, about the very types of situations described above by Elton Turner, wherein people are “programmed” to marry the wrong people, and then, because of the religious programming we receive from infancy, remained in marriages that were quite simply designed to diminish their capacity to grow as human beings. This is where we encounter a problem.

Over the years, as I had read about many instances of “personal growth” and “self-realization,” accompanied by a complete breakdown and restructuring of the life of the individual, most often including divorce, the idea nagged at the back of my mind that “if this is a good thing, how come so many people are getting hurt by it?” Until I had faced my own realization that “love” (as human beings think of it and try to manifest it) really has nothing to do with real spiritual love at all, I was stuck in the idea that a manifestation of enlightenment ought to confer on a person the almost magical ability to “fix” anything or anybody! If they were married to a monster, their “enlightenment” ought to enable them to “soothe the savage breast.” If they were in a state of some kind of suffering for financial or health reasons, their enlightenment ought to show them the way out and back to physical and fiscal health. And, of course, it ought to all be accomplished without anybody getting hurt! There should be no divorce, no breaking of promises and commitments, and most of all, they ought to all be just dancing around the Maypole and gazing into one another’s eyes in mutual admiration and delight.

By this time, I already knew that didn’t work. In fact, continuing to support those on the STS pathway only fueled their descent into deeper STS, drained the energy of the “codependent STO” person so that they had nothing to share with those who were like them, which prevented the establishment and growth of an STO dynamic, and effectively only continued to feed and perpetuate STS energy in our lives and our world. But Eve was now talking about “alien-orchestrated human-bonding dramas.” In short, she was saying that a lot of what we call “falling in love” is merely being chemically manipulated for nefarious purposes.

So, Eve wrote to me and wanted to talk shop. We did, extensively. She described her work, and her forthcoming book (, and I was very interested to discover that there were some few — very few — people who had a handle on some of these things, and were putting some of the pieces of the puzzle together in interesting ways.

A few days later, seemingly out of the blue, I received the following:

From: REngelm@….

Date sent: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 22:46:02 EDT 

Subject: Being a guest on my radio program

My name is Ron Engelman.

I do a four-hour radio program on the Talk Radio Network from 2-6AM PDT, Monday through Friday, in 29 markets across the country. I have read small portions of your web site and I would be interested in having you as a guest on my show. I would be more than happy to allow you to promote any publications you may have, your web site, or any books you have in publication.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I wasn’t too sure I wanted to do such a thing. I had the idea that just putting the material on the website, letting those who were actively looking to just “find it,” and leave it at that. I wasn’t interested in any kind of promotion or hoopla (still am not), and even if I had been told that I had a talent for public speaking, it wasn’t among my favorite things to do. Yes, radio isn’t exactly “public,” but I had done it and all that had resulted in was Frank pouting and criticizing for weeks afterward, apparently because he hadn’t been asked to be a guest on a radio show. I didn’t see it as part of our “mission,” whatever that was, and I didn’t want to offend him.

Yes, I know, I was being manipulated by such emotional pressures, but it just seemed easier to “keep the peace” than to explain to Frank that nobody invited him to do anything because he didn’t do any work, had nothing interesting to say, and when he did start talking, rambled so much that everyone in the room was soon fidgeting and wishing to be somewhere else. When you feel sorry for somebody who is constantly complaining that everyone has always been mean to them, and no one has ever listened to them, it’s kind of hard to tell them that maybe there is a reason for it. Of course, you always think that if you just tolerate all the glitches, help them build up their self-esteem, that eventually they will become that dynamic and interesting person they say that they have always wanted to be.

But, rather than just say “No,” in the event that the Universe was in favor of this radio interview, I decided to leave it open, but still register my reservations. Maybe if I acted hesitant, the guy would say “Forget it,” and the decision would be out of my hands anyway? I wasn’t even sure how he thought I could do this. Did I have to travel somewhere? If so, never mind. Funny how we play these mind games with ourselves. I wrote back to Mr. Engelman:

To Ron Engelman:

Date sent: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 19:51:28 -0400


Thank you for your interest. I would like to know what the format is and the general “trend” of the subjects you cover. I would also like to know exactly HOW such an “appearance” would be engineered?

I don’t really have anything to “promote” except my website, which is a total mess today after I was making changes.… And, I don’t really think there is much of a market for my husband’s latest book: Conference Proceedings of the Xth Max Born Symposium, “Quantum Future.” It’s not exactly gonna be a best seller!

And, I ought to tell you that I DID a talk show once in Tampa… WFLA…everyone agreed that it was a tremendous success… lots of callers and all that… but the Deejay was “terminated” very soon after and has never worked in radio again. He is now selling real estate. Of course, it COULD be unrelated… but he had a good “following.”

And then, there was the television appearance… the newscaster who decided that I would be an interesting person to interview for a “human interest” segment on the evening news ALSO is no longer employed in the media. The only one who has survived interviewing me is a St. Pete Times journalist who has not finished the writing project, so nothing is yet in print. And may never be.…

I would like to think about it after I have some more information, if that is okay.


Laura Knight-Jadczyk

I feel guilty to this day for Johnny Dollar getting canned from WFLA in Tampa back in 1995. The way it all happened was that I had a hypnosis client who came for the standard “relaxation” therapy. He turned out to be an executive at the corporate offices of a radio station conglomerate that owned, at the time, most of the radio stations in the area. It now owns all of them, or so I understand. In any event, this client, in addition to having a lot of fun with hypnosis, was very interested in all the other things we were doing and asked many questions. Over time, he came to know the full range of the material and the Cassiopaeans’ perspective, and he just decided one day I ought to talk on the radio. I told him I didn’t think I could do it, and he said he was sure I could, and he would set me up with a real pro who would manage everything so smoothly that I wouldn’t have to do a thing!

Since Tom French was still hanging out with us, and I had been pretty much sworn to secrecy about his project, I thought I had better ask him what he thought about it, since I didn’t want to have anybody “scoop” him, so to say. I had committed to his project, and if that meant I had to turn down other things, that was fine with me.

Well, Tom, of course, didn’t want me to mention his research, but he was excited about the idea of me doing a radio show. He wanted to be there.

Frank, as usual, started a major program of instructing me on what to say and not say; it was pretty clear from everything he was saying that he must have been convinced I was an idiot. I think he still thinks so. But, at the time, I figured that he was just feeling threatened, and being in the “save Frank” mode, I was more inclined to try to find ways to appease him than anything else. I said that I would only do the radio show if the whole gang could go with me. Frank beamed. He was already dreaming of radio stardom. I decided, if that is what makes him happy, I’m going to try to finagle it so he can talk on the radio. I was told that the space in the room that the broadcast was done was limited, so with Frank, another group member, Tom French and Cherie Diez, the Times photographer, it was going to be pretty tight; and, as my friend in the business confided to me: Better keep Frank off the air or he would make all of us look stupid. I was a little bit offended on Frank’s behalf, but I knew exactly what he meant. Frank had to be protected even from himself. But, I didn’t have to tell him that. He could still go and be there for the show and have a little fun. Terry and Jan agreed to listen and tape the show from home.

When we arrived at the station to do the show, I was surprised to discover that Johnny Dollar had made a sort of “event” out of it. He had made arrangements for Mike Lindemann and some other woman to be participants via telephone, and it somehow ended up being a debate over whether or not aliens were here to help us or not. A good segment of the show was devoted to the subject of the alien autopsy film, and at the end of the debate, the consensus was that I had made a very respectable presentation. I was just glad that I hadn’t gotten all tongue-tied and hadn’t made a fool of myself. The main thrust of my comments were that the alien reality was a hyperdimensional one, and it seemed, based on the evidence so far, that humanity was not at the top of the food chain. Even Johnny Dollar was convinced.

And the next day, without warning, he was fired.

My friend, the executive at the station offices, still stays in touch and visits occasionally. He is still convinced that Johnny was fired because of that show, and both of them still talk about it on the occasions when they have lunch together. The only way my friend managed to keep his own job was because he arranged for Johnny to invite me himself, and he was never “connected” to the event.

But back to the story. Summer of 1999: Eve Lorgen had suggested that I might want to get in touch with the fellow who was publishing her book, a Mr. Hank Harrison, to inquire about publishing the Cassiopaeans’ material. I wrote to him, and he wrote back giving me a website address. I checked his site and noticed that he had published a book or two on the subject of the Holy Grail. I was intrigued. After a few more exchanges, I ordered his book. He then suggested we talk via telephone and sent his number. We played phone tag for a few days and finally connected for a discussion.

Meanwhile, Ark and I were watching the fascinating parade of sometimes-crazy antics of guys-with-brains on the “Sarfatti” list. There was a guy on the list named Dick Farley, who I had been introduced to some years ago by my friend Blue. Blue had told me that Dick Farley (a.k.a. “Cloudrider”) was as close to “Deep Throat” as anybody in the UFO community could get, and that his “take” on subjects connected to same, as well as covert intelligence, was very insightful. I had my doubts about anybody who would talk about such things openly really being an “insider,” but I usually did find Cloudrider’s commentary to be interesting, if not downright entertaining on occasion. At this point in time, Dick made some remarks that qualified as both:

Date sent: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 10:28:25 -0700

Subject: Re: Tabloid disinformation, but a question about context…anybody?

Dr. S,

The supermarket tabloid “Weekly World News” (WWN) has long played an easily demonstrable role in disinformation, often government-related, and with excellent timing disclosing or obfuscating pending releases of previously secure information, for deflections. “UFOs,” parapsychology, psi-spying and exotic physics are routine.

The current issue has an uncharacteristically interesting “disclosure” related to the topics frequently discussed on your list. I’m just tossing it out for informal assessing by anybody interested. It suggests “time travel,” with the usual WWN chaff & fluff.

The story claims the FBI is holding a “time traveler” from our future at a remote farm, apparently in New England. The story, ostensibly reported by “Australian journalist Theodore Dumane,” claims that a male, age 47, “appeared” on 24 Jan 1999 next to a dumpster at a supermarket parking lot in Woburn, MA. His “time machine” had had a breakdown, and his appearance in our time was “an accident.” He was stuck here.

The guy reportedly showed up at “a Harvard research facility,” where security people believed he could be a spy and called in the Feds. The FBI is said to have located the guy in Boston, where he was taken into custody and remains today, WWN says.

Of course, the WWN story suggests the FBI is grilling the guy and learning all sorts of cool stuff about the next 423 years, since the fellow reportedly came back from Year 2422. Although not up there with the “Bat Boy” and “Hillary has alien baby,” the piece is fascinating in terms of content analysis in context with previous WWN stuff which later related accurately to eventual “mainstream” disclosures. (Lockheed’s “stealth ship” is one example; Dr. Leo Sprinkle, UFO/abduction therapist in Laramie, Wyoming being “outed” on WWN’s cover, in 1988, is another, as was CIA “psi/spy” story breaking in WWN disinformation context to deflect mainstream “retail” news.)

Some of you folks on this list are apparently ready to “do the math” that establishes the theoretical basis for what WWN is suggesting and confabulating, so if past is prelude to the future, somebody might be getting “too close,” or stumbling into areas where “mad scientists” from contraband programs are institutionalized and, in this case, one may have “gotten loose.” Hey, it’s happened before. (And then there were the Marconi “suicides” in the U.K., and last week’s “suicide” of Australia’s topmost intelligence official in this country…but those are other stories, for other times.)

If you have any insights into this, or contextual information, it would be appreciated. Thanks, Dick Farley.

P. S. — The issue of WWN of which I speak is easy to find. The cover story this week is that somebody “dug up” Elvis, and the body in the grave at Graceland wasn’t his!!!

P. P. S. — Personally, I wondered whether the “time traveler” might not have been a Dan Smith clone, sent back from the future to locate the “real” Dan Smith now-time. But seeing that someone at least using Dan’s identity is still transmitting messages, that theory will have to fall to one perhaps somebody on your list will put forward. DF

The initial reaction of the physicists on the list was that the story was probably false, but that the idea ought to be investigated. Jack Sarfatti wrote:

This is an interesting story. Probably fiction. If true FBI and or CIA should have me and my people interview the guy ASAP. But consider the source. It’s probably not true. It may be part of a disinformation effort to debunk what I am doing in which case we should expect such things to really happen with increasing frequency. This is part of what Dan Smith calls the “Eschaton.” Jacques Vallee has described it more scientifically in his books.

Dick Farley wrote back in response to Jack’s comments:

Dr. S.,

I agree that it’s most likely false, but your sensitivity to the possibility that it may be indirectly targeting the spheres in which you’re exploring is an excellent reflex. Back in 1988, when some friends (and benefactors) and I were approached by Linda Howe about funding a video on the “Mars Face,” we had an encounter with the WWN.

Linda arranged for us (three, including myself) to accompany her to The Analytical Sciences Corporation (TASC), near Boston, where Dr. Marc Carlotto was working on image analysis, and where the “Mars Face” photo-interp had been done. Our team had interest in something scientifically balanced, at least raising the questions but at the same time including Marc’s “caveats” about the image density and uncertainties.

Even more interesting, to us and to Marc at that juncture (August 1988), was what he was exploring about fractal analyses when applied to the larger Mars field of view. He had just identified several other possible anomalous formations. That in itself was scientifically intriguing for any movie…but Linda and her cadre of handlers didn’t see it that way, apparently. Even though “our team” had agreed already to fund half of the $95,000 Linda had said she’d need to do the film, the deal “fell through.” Seemed to me that she and her handlers preferred the “sensationalized pseudo-science” of Dick Hoagland and other disinformationists, feeding into the more bizarre and mystical of theories as we’ve seen promulgated in the intervening eleven years.

Jump to WWN!

A few short weeks after our visit to TASC, when it appeared that the “Mars Face” in context would get a viewing in the video WE were interested in helping to get made, the WWN launched a series of cover stories about the “Mars Face Talking to Earth!” Imagine the impact of that on mainstream interest? My sense has been that Linda is part of the cadre which spins such yarns, acting either as an asset for “intell” or she is a dupe. She was too good of a reporter to fall for the whole thing, at least initially. But she is now well hooked, if her behaviors at Rockefeller’s JY Ranch symposium (which I’d had a hand in organizing when I was with the Human Potential Foundation, 9/13/93) are any indication. Since then, she’s worked for Bigelow and with Art Bell?

So, the WWN has an uncanny sense of timing when it comes to highlighting REAL scientific breakthroughs or potentials therefore, in areas which touch on the sensitive.

Heads up!


Dick Farley

My head was certainly up and I was definitely paying attention to that thread! Time travel? Linda Howe being co-opted? And, of course, we see some of the early hints about the Stargate Conspiracy. The next couple of posts were somewhat confusing, however. Obviously, a conversation was taking place over my head:

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 16:14:04 EDT 

From Ira Einhorn

Dick wrote:

As for Jacques and Colin, both of whom I respect immensely and in Jacques’ case, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and exchanging information with for a time, it must be remembered that both of them play for the same team.

Ira wrote:

What team? I can’t speak for Jacques [Vallee] any more, BUT we were real close back then and he played for no team to my knowledge.

Colin [Wilson] and I are still close and TEAM? Please define the parameters better.

Thanks for the info. on Linda whom I know not at all and not a line of her work. I know she got screwed; that is all. She has spent time with my closest friend who felt she was an alien.


Who was this Ira guy? What did he know, having been “close” to Jacques Vallee and still close to Colin Wilson, a writer whose work I admire? The response from Dick Farley to Ira’s post was puzzling in the extreme:

From: Dick Farley

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 16:14:04 EDT


So, what’s an “alien” THESE days, eh? An honest American?

Regarding Linda being “an alien.” Having read the book “about you” (The Unicorn’s Secret, albeit with caveats to you that as a writer, I could see through the chaff and half-told stories, glosses, etc.) and some of your remnant stuff still in circulation, I’d suggest that while you’re whiling away your time in France, you consider a new front of consideration. Kind of the “poetic” side of the quantum-entity thing, which is not a far cry from Vallee’s and Wilson’s thoughts about this.

From Jacques I learned about Phyllis Schlemmer and her earlier experiences with monks, who used her gifts to aid in their (monks) discernments about whether certain folks coming to the monastery for help (“personality” problems) were maybe “possessed” (i.e., resident entities).

Vallee’s published stuff has led the UFO discussion in this direction for thirty years, and it is what attracted me to him and caused me to solicit his participation in the early aspects of Laurance Rockefeller’s “UFO Disclosure Initiative” to the Clintonista White House, which I staffed from October ‘92 until I departed on my own accord in April of ‘94, information which I provide only for chronological context.

Jacques came east and consulted a couple of times, then met with Rockefeller (and John Mack), but then told us (me, personally, etc.) he was uncomfortable with the direction those other folks wanted to take it…i.e., they were taking it like “true believers.” I’ve not shared that “online” as my CloudRider persona, but what we were and are dealing in, as you WELL know, is “something that’s real,” (although pushing the definitions of reality), and which powerful oligarchs and their court wizards are desperate to control or at least be the interlocutors of planetary and interdimensional contact. That would be spelled “P-R-I-E-S-T-H-O-O-D” if we were having a cultural anthropology chat, eh?

What the primary “trap” is for those who engage interdimensionality as an operant or contextual paradigm for scholarship and analysis, is that we can “handle it” with our three-dimensional egos and a dash of creativity and intellectual “wild west” bravado.

I suggest your own experiences, even as described by your friends interviewed and I acknowledge undoubtedly selectively quoted or misquoted by the author with a bias, describe someone essentially “out of control” and tumbling through hyper-space with no gyroscope to point the way to “consensus reality” where there WAS none to find. Add in the psycho-cybernetics and pharmacological enhancement experimentation, and to use a sailing phrase, you were sailing downwind in a full gale also in full sail.

When I got to the same place, albeit without the pharmacological component at that juncture, I “reefed” my sails, hove to and let the storm blow itself out.

And my family and I almost didn’t make it, anyway. We took a lot of “green water over the bow,” as the Dark Side did its damnedest to derail and destroy us. We’ve survived thus far, still right side up and pointy end going first…which is about the barest one needs to still be considered “sailing” and not shipwrecked.

Personally, I could have been you, not to paraphrase Linda Tripp, but in all seriousness. I identified considerably with your excesses and ego-overdrive as you confronted and became enmeshed in a “reality” that is excruciatingly enthralling and exciting when compared to “standard 3-D now.”

And the sensual overloads, the powerful intuitive and “psycho-sexual” components (which seem to be an “occupational hazard” for certain male types exploring in these realms…I mean in all seriousness, which ought to be explored and is rather well so in Janet & Chris Morris’s “The Stalk,” which I’ve mentioned in past postings), all of these are consistent with my own experiences and not a few other men I’ve known.

Without the discipline of a philosophical and psycho-physical context, we Westerner types were tumbling in that interdimensional milieu like a cat in a clothes dryer. It’s all warm and fuzzy, but terrifyingly so…and we can’t make it stop when we’re scared.

Others, like Leary, Murphy and now-aging “counter-cultural” explorers who now are “the Establishment” New Agers and marketers of “,” got off the elevator at “ladies lingerie” or “sporting goods.”

Guys like you kept pushing, climbing, seeking up and up, above the tree-line, as it were. Eventually, you were rock-climbing onto the highest Himilayan ledges and ridges, looking for God or whoever it is the Dalai Lama and others are communing with as they seek guidance and carry out orders of the “King of the World,” (spelled “priest-kings”) and following threads in a tapestry all but invisible to the rest of us uninitiated. Power untamed and undisciplined is deadly!

Which brings me to something that helped me develop a working vocabulary, albeit one which is heavily loaded with semantic and cultural baggage…but which once I’d worked it though, proved helpful. A dentist-turned-hypnotherapist-cum Ph.D., a man with great compassion and keen insight, plus a lot of inherent integrity (at least in the early stages of his work, and still so for the most part now), took a clean, fresh look at some of the stuff Roger Woolger and others were doing. His name is Dr. Bill Baldwin, and he developed his doctoral thesis into a “Spirit Releasement Therapy & Past Life Regression Manual,” which is available. He and his wife Judith do the usual trainings and teaching sessions, but have avoided the “cult-like” self-adulatory styles of so many others who come upon useful operational paradigms. You may find Bill’s book interesting, perhaps helpful, as there is a rather extensive, well-indexed series of clinical and anecdotal narratives, session transcripts and contextual information. It goes where Vallee and Wilson have pointed, is consistent with a lot of what “The Nine” and variants have described, but it remains VERY “human centered” and solid.

Bill’s approach is, “Hey, it doesn’t matter whether you ‘believe’ this or not, it’s simply my clinical experience.” And some of the results he’s achieved were independent of the client’s “belief system” or theological context, actually in most of his cases are.

The point? Linda Howe’s perhaps being “an alien” is not a joke, in the sense that she may have…indeed, my sense after spending various amounts of time with her over the years, in very different contexts spanning now twelve years…opened herself to a kind of “attachment” of the sort Baldwin describes, especially in the “E.T. context.”

Baldwin puts phraseologies into this context that transcend all of the old Catholic or “demonic” biases, although he’s very clear about the right of humans NOT to have to be manipulated or have energy drained by attaching or embedded entities of various energies and intentionalities.

With your encyclopedic background, I recommend this. Baldwin’s book is most readily available from Headline Books, Inc., which took over publishing of it after the Human Potential Foundation Press foundered at the demise of that foundation. Publisher Bob Teets also has a couple of other books you ought to have, if you don’t already: “UFOs and Mental Health,” (1997), to which I and Walt Bowart contributed in addition to Bob’s breezy but focused narratives; and “West Virginia UFOs: Close Encounters in the Mountain State” (1995), an excellent, very readable journalistic style narrative of various stories…mostly firsthand, not the old rehashes of Gray Barker’s and John Keel’s stuff (although Keel liked the book and is complimentary of Bob’s (et al.) work… and which has more than just UFO stories in it.

Bob’s (and my) experiences working with Bill Baldwin color his approach to what he wrote in “West Virginia UFOs,” and the mix is a fascinating exercise in what we called, “Applied Jacques Vallee.” In short, Baldwin’s approach is “good armament.”

Give it a try. Give Bob a shout, or have somebody stateside do it:

Headline Books, Inc.,

P. O. Box 52, Terra Alta, WV, 26764.

Order 1-800-570-5951.

Tell ‘em Dick sent you. Ask for some back issues of “The American UFO Newsletter,” also. It’s NOT your average “UFO rag.” Bob’s read a lot of your stuff also, and knows I was tracking “their” tracking of you since at least 1988. Why? Because of what I described to you in the preceding…I recognized some of what happened to you, then and subsequent.

There but for the grace of The Force, God or whoever, could have gone I. Maybe still. One must keep up one’s discernment and screen for “dark ones,” wherever it may be that “they” germinate…i.e., in the provinces of the mind…or “someplace else.” Keep up your guard…Guard your mind!

And remember, humor is a sign of “sanity” yes? It all goes toward the “weird” elements reported variously as happening to Kit Green & Pat and those guys, at the fringes. And it’s what the “debunkers and skeptics” are perhaps well-intentionedly working so hard to keep from being considered seriously.

“Who” killed Holly? Perhaps the answers reside somewhere “in there,” as described. Baldwin’s work with Vietnam-era veterans is “worth the price of admission,” and I’ve heard his audio tapes he uses in his training sessions, (one of which I’ve completed).

Whatever is going on, and something IS going on, if you explore without considering what Bill’s developed for protections and appreciations of the “dangers,” it’s like free-climbing a sheer face. It may be a macho thrill, but it’s a VERRRRY long way down.

As noted, I was somewhat confused by all this. I didn’t “get it” that Dick was suggesting to Ira that he was possessed. There were references being made that were obscure to me, but the one thing I was certain about was that I agreed with Dick’s assessment of the UFO/alien reality as having something of the “flavor” of demonic possession, though I wanted to emphasize to them that it would be dangerous to think that this was all there was to it. I wrote back to Dick privately with these concerns, and then, since this fellow “Ira” seemed to be connected in some way, I copied to him also. I quoted some of the Cassiopaean material on the para-physical nature of the hyperdimensional reality, and thought that would be that. A day or so later, I received a private communication from Ira to me, via Ark.

From Ira Einhorn

Subject: Re: For laura

Date sent: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 14:23:52 -0400

I would to be happy to dialogue with you, after going through your comments more carefully, as I think we are essentially in agreement.

I lived through years of the most fantastic phenomena without ever buying the mythology attached to them. The phenomena were very real and of almost daily occurrence; the myth attached to them was pure projection, BUT the unknown frightens people and living in vanilla reality forces people to project, so when the paranormal becomes the daily reality the desire to have an explanation grows exponentially.

It began almost 30 years ago in a very different social climate, and the intell. groups were initially freaked. If that different context is not understood, the rest becomes very confusing.

There is so much noise about that the signal tends to get lost which is unfortunate for those who establish real connections with sources: a byproduct of our particular moment in time, alas.


Meanwhile, I had received an email from Ron Engelman who assured me that, since he had stayed online with David Koresh during the Waco event — and that the government hadn’t shut him down over that, though they tried — I could be certain that he was not easily intimidated, and if he wanted me on his show, I didn’t have to worry about him losing his job. The show was scheduled for July 2. I wrote back to Ron that the info about Waco was interesting, maybe he would like to read the Cassiopaeans’ comments on it. I enclosed them, including the subsequent comments about O.J. Simpson, just because they had proven to be correct and were of general interest.


Q: (L) Did the United States government deliberately murder the Branch Davidians at Waco?

A: Close. Led them to destroy themselves.

Q: (L) How?

A: Psychological warfare tactics.

Q: (L) Did the US government set their compound on fire?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who set the compound on fire?

A: Branch Davidians. Drove them crazy.

Q: (L) Were ELF or subliminals used?

A: Yes. As well as other means.

Q: (L) Did OJ Simpson kill his wife?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did he take the murder clothes and weapon to Chicago and leave it there in a bag as some people are saying?

A: No.

Q: (L) Where is it?

A: L.A. dump. One of them.

Q: (L) Is OJ Simpson going to be found guilty?

A: No.

Next, I finally connected with Hank Harrison to discuss publishing matters. During the course of the conversation, I brought up the subject of hyperdimensional realities, and he snorted something about “Ira Einhorn.” I was taken aback, and asked him did he know the guy, and if so, what was the story?

Hank proceeded to enlighten me about Ira, and claimed to have spent time with him while Ira was in hiding in Ireland. Hank went on to talk about his close friendship with Jack Sarfatti, which surprised me; and Ira was, it seems, a convicted murderer on the lam and, as far as Hank was concerned, he was guilty and no amount of claiming “the CIA set me up” was sufficient to ameliorate that guilt.

I pointed out that Eve’s ideas about “alien orchestrated dramas” might lend credibility to Ira’s theory, and Hank went off about Eve’s book in a very negative way, which surprised me since he was supposed to be publishing it. At the end of the discussion, I was sure of one thing and one thing only — Hank Harrison was not the person to handle the Cassiopaean material, and I wondered why Eve was letting him handle hers. But, more than that, having all of these strange things connecting in some kind of crazy circle was disconcerting, to say the least.

I went on a search for information about Ira Einhorn, and after discovering the details of his crime, I was pretty shocked. I was also really curious: He was declaring vociferously that he didn’t do it, that he was set up. I could certainly admit to such a possibility even if the evidence in his case really made him look guilty. I decided to just leave that alone and wait and see what happened if he ever wrote back to me.

The very next thing that happened was that Ron Engelman called to tell me that for some strange reason the time he had slotted for a show had been canceled — the whole schedule had been switched around and he had no idea what was going on. I just said: “I told you so!” Ron said: “I’ll tell you this, you will be on the air, and soon. I promise.”

Meanwhile, Eve wrote about a whole series of disconcerting events in her life related to her book. Her computer crashed, she started getting the “bum’s rush” from some former supporters, and just a general melee was going on in her life. I decided to ask the Cassiopaeans about this very strange series of oddly connected events. Why was it that the instant Eve and I began comparing notes, all of these strange little “connections” popped up? Why did it all circle around Ira Einhorn?


Q: I would like to find out what was the deal with this radio show? Ron Engelman invited me to be on his show, and the day before it was scheduled, he called telling me his schedule had been changed and I had been canceled. Why was it canceled?

A: Maybe others complained.

Q: Who were these others who might have complained

A: Others scheduled to appear.

Q: What did they complain about?

A: Your purported agenda.

Q: What agenda did they object to?

A: Us, my dear.

Q: Well, that does seem to be true. We do get more than our share of attack. I just want you to know that, for the most part, it is a thankless task.

A: Which means you are on the right track.

Q: [Laughter] Well, if the Gray Huggers don’t bomb us, or the scientific types don’t bomb us, then somebody else does! Okay, recently there were some serious questions being brought up on one of the mailing lists about Linda Howe being ‘co-opted’ for disinformation purposes. A number of seemingly reputable people have pointed out coincidences in clear disinformation and her work. I have always felt that, of all the people out there doing research, she was truly sincere and clear headed. Could you comment on that possibility?

A: Linda is not co-optable.

Q: Why is she hanging out with folks who do seem to definitely be co-opted and promulgating such clear disinformation?

A: The “modus” is not to be confused with the “operandi.”

Q: There was a strange little series of events last week involving Ron Engelman, Eve Lorgen, Hank Harrison, Dick Farley, and Ira Einhorn who wrote me a couple of e-mails. I would like to know, what is the deal with Ira? Either this guy is completely crazy to have lived for 18 months with a dead body in his apartment, completely egotistical, and believes nobody else is as smart as he is, or the whole deal was planted to shut him up, or he was Greenbaumed. Now, did I miss any possibilities, is it one of these, or is it something else altogether?

A: Maybe he did what he did, and then convinced himself that he did not a la O.J. Simpson.

Q: In this whole situation, who or what was the portal connecting all of these things?

A: To find portal, retrace steps until you find the ray peeking through the blinds.

Q: (A) Was it coming through me?

A: No.

Q: Well… it all started when I began to communicate with Eve.

A: No. It was not Eve. She is under attack for her revelations.

Q: (L) Can you give me another clue? “The ray peeking through the blinds…”

A: Yes.

I was a bit startled at the mention of O.J. Simpson, since I had included the Simpson clip in the email to Ron. But, more than anything, I wanted to know what was the “connector.” The Cassiopaeans said to “retrace steps until you find the ray peeking through the blinds.”

I was completely baffled. The whole thing seemed like so improbable a series of odd connections that I knew there was something at play here. I just couldn’t figure out what. And, in fact, until I began to analyze things in terms of the chronology, I just didn’t get it. The “ray” peeking through the blinds?

Of course: Ray Flowers and Vincent Bridges. The “portal” connecting all of these things.

Now, if my brain had been firing on all cylinders at the time, I would have immediately known the “connecting principle.”

Another odd connection that occurs to me as I write all of the above is the fact that I had my last communication with Karla Turner at about the same time as I did the radio show with Johnny Dollar. In the above series of events, it was a post about Karla Turner’s work that led Eve Lorgen to write to me, followed almost immediately by the email from Ron Engelman about another radio show. Then, there was the Ira Einhorn thing right in my face, connected to time travel and co-opting and people being manipulated by other forces. Oy. The Universe speaks to us in oh, such mysterious ways!

Again, I want to make it clear that it is impossible for me to say whether or not human beings are “conscious” in these Theological Dramas. In many, if not most, cases, I think that everybody is just doing what they have to do according to how their internal circuitry is laid out. And, some people love light, while some people love the darkness.

So, in order to freely explore this strange connection that only today begins to make sense, in terms of the activation of the crypto-geographic being in the Secret Games of the Gods, let’s have a look at the Unicorn. We will see that there may indeed be an archetypal connection between Ira Einhorn, Vincent Bridges and the entire subject of psychopathy that we have been exploring.