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The Wave Chapter 23: Lucifer and the Pot of Gold or The Quest for the Holy Grail of No Anticipation

We are still asking “why?” We have peeled the onion, layer by layer, and have come to the center and found nothing there. Or, is that altogether true? It may take a little time to put the puzzle back together, and I hope the reader will bear with me because it would be completely useless for me to give the answer in twenty-five words or less. Following the trail of clues, however, will provide many opportunities for comparison, for assimilation, and for points of further investigation.

We know that this question of why is one that we don’t like to face, but when we awaken late at night, alone in our thoughts, with no distractions of daily life to fill the void, we are face to face with our existential dilemma. And it is a terrible silence. In those moments of cold clarity, the bleakness and futility of our existence in cosmic terms rises up to confront us as it has confronted all of humanity throughout millennia.

We have seen that, to escape this monstrous dark night of the soul we will accept any answer that may be offered because the cold, abyssal silence that follows the question must be filled at any cost. And the sad fact is there are plenty of people willing to try to convince us that they have the answer to all our questions. But these answers generally consist of confusing the discernment of reality with personal opinion, which results in a judgment upon reality by refusing to acknowledge it. And we have seen that those parts of reality which are refused or judged as wrong or evil have a way of manifesting in our face, demanding to be witnessed.

On the one hand, we have the Cassiopaeans telling us that the conditions of our reality are exactly like what Gurdjieff spoke about in the Tale of the Magician that we recounted in Riding the Wave. We have found similar witnesses to this version of the great question in very ancient traditions such as Sufism, Gnosticism, and perhaps even Catharism, as well as the more contemporary treatments such as the writings of Carlos Castaneda.

On the other hand we have the myriad imaginary beliefs of humankind. These beliefs are dearly held, as we can see by this note from one of our readers:

Dear friends Laura & Ark

I have read many of your C messages, the final feeling is always a sad tone of despair. Finally, I begin to question how can be gathered so many misfortunes on a little planet like earth if the universe is so big? … All the message of Cs is of the same: we are damned whatever we can do. However please think: the human race is far better than all those beings from 6D, 4D and all others dimensions, if we can have Mozart, Bach; Music and poets, mothers that care for their children and loving fathers. We are far better than all these silly things. Believe me, they are trying to confound you, and with a message as of the good guys, some truth with many lies between, and at the end we are all damned. Do not waste your time and your soul.

Whenever I receive correspondence of this sort, I do not just automatically reject it as something from someone who is not getting it. I always use it as an opportunity to reexamine everything I think in order to discover if, by some chance, they could be absolutely right and I could be wrong, and the Cassiopaean information could be just another in an endless series of disinformation campaigns designed to get humanity under the control of some dark forces by the act of making them believe in them.

In the first part of Soul Hackers, we discussed how information could be corrupted by the biases of the receiver or ignorance of the source, even if that source is discarnate. But, we still need to deal with the deeper question suggested above. How do we do this?

As the reader probably knows by now, we don’t just take everything the Cassiopaeans say as truth without a lot of checking and crosschecking and experimentation. We don’t now, nor did we ever, take it as true believer material. It sure is interesting because of the many areas that have independent corroboration, but some of it is by its very nature unverifiable.

As I have already written, there are many things we have learned, and not just from being informed, but also by having a suggestion given to us, which we then observed, experimented with, and developed more fully on our own. This is one of the keys to the Cassiopaeans: they don’t just hand it out. As I have noted before, they give clues, but not road maps. Their position is that if we don’t do something, work for it as it were, it is useless like candy: empty calories. Clearly, this approach is designed to make the practice of channeling unnecessary and obsolete. We will eventually become them. Repeatedly they tell us that leading us by the hand is detrimental; they have laid the groundwork, given us the boost because we asked (and did so repeatedly, consistently, and with dedication for over two years before the contact initiated), but that the real purpose is to get us to learn to walk on our own, aware, protected and free of fear and ignorance. Hopefully, I will be able to convey this to the reader as well. It has taken many words and hundreds of pages to get us to this point, to the moment where we ask the question, and I would like to devote an equal amount of space to building the foundation for the answer.

A: Subtle answers that require effort to dissect promote intensified learning. Learning is an exploration followed by the affirmation of knowing through discovery. Learning is necessary for progress of soul … this is how you are building your power center … Patience serves the questor of hidden knowledge … Search your “files”. … Learning is sometimes best accomplished by study and exploration… There are other clues that you can discover by your own study…

This is going to become an important point, this building your power center, so hang on to that idea.

Getting back to our reader who suggests that the Cassiopaeans are “trying to confound you, and with a message as of the good guys, some truth with many lies between… All the message of Cs is of the same: we are damned whatever we can do”.

It is a logical inconsistency to teach awareness and defense against dark forces as a means of fostering control by these very same forces. This issue has been brought up many times in the past, the most significant treatment of it being expounded by Jesus:

Then a blind and dumb man, under the power of a demon, was brought to Jesus, and He cured him, so that the blind and dumb man both spoke and saw. … But the Pharisees hearing it said, ‘This Man drives out demons only by and with the help of Beelzebub, the prince of demons’. And knowing their thoughts, He said to them, “Any kingdom that is divided against itself is being brought to desolation and laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will last or continue to stand. And if Satan drives out Satan, he has become divided against himself and disunited; how then will his kingdom last or continue to stand? And if I drive out the demons by Beelzebub by whose help do your sons drive them out? … Or how can a person go into a strong man’s house and carry off his goods without first binding the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house. … Either make the tree sound, and its fruit sound, or make the tree rotten and its fruit rotten; for the tree is known and recognized and judged by its fruit.” (Matthew 12:22-33, Amplified, Zondervan)

Curiously, the effect of the demons was the condition of being blind and dumb. The analogy also included the idea of a strong man being bound up so that a thief could come in and plunder his possessions, which is pretty much what we are finding to be the case. But, the main point was the issue of the Kingdom of Satan being brought to waste and desolation by division. “If Satan drives out Satan, he has become divided against himself and disunited: how then will his kingdom last or continue to stand?” Jesus was pointing out to the Pharisees that it was completely illogical to accuse him (Jesus) of working in concert with darkness since the effect of his work was to free the man of his demonic attack, which enabled the man to both see and speak.

In actual fact, the greatest deception of all is the teaching that there are no real negative forces. And if there are, we needn’t worry about them because if we just think nice thoughts, meditate regularly, and use our warm and fuzzy affirmations, nothing icky will ever enter our reality.

I can assure you that evil insinuates itself into our lives in the guise of goodness and truth. The difficulty in talking about evil nowadays lies not in the weird or bizarre, but rather from the insistence by our culture that religious views of good and evil are outdated. The New Age teaching that evil simply does not exist unless an individual creates it in their reality further exacerbates the problem. This is an important point because the process of evil follows the line of erosion of our spirituality through the erosion of knowledge. What better way to protect evil activities than to deny that they exist? The fact is, the “selves” who create evil and wish to perpetuate it are those at higher density levels and against whom we have no defense except through knowledge of who they are and how they work. We must learn about the lies in order to perceive the truth.

There are those who speak of fallen angels who have become the minions of Satan. However, many ancient teachings describe this attitude, this essence of evil, as existing from the beginning. This implies there has always been a pathway of darkness or Service-to-Self since the instant of creation. This means that on one side of the coin, loving all others as the mode of loving God and self exists; and on the other, the opposing philosophy of loving oneself as God and manipulating others to perpetuate this love of self is equally valid. It might even be said that without this tension of opposition, nothing could or would exist.

If we remove the terms light and dark or good and evil, we are left with the clinical terms positive and negative polarities. But even here, we have a judgment that may not be appropriate. Nevertheless, using these words as a convention, we can observe that there is a pinnacle of negative polarity and there are those entities from many realms who follow this pathway. We must understand that it is a path. It has validity in the realm of creation. If it were intended to be destroyed, could not God ease all our problems and reach out and return this energy to himself?

There are those who believe that putting one’s attention on these ideas gives them energy. This is true only if one focuses in this way with the intention of participation, even if vicariously. However, a comprehensive understanding of these forces is absolutely necessary in order to know how to give them less energy.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

But, what should good men do? What are we supposed to derive or understand about the Cosmos from all the Cassiopaeans have told us? Clearly, they are not going to give us all the answers on a silver platter; we have to figure it out! I am working on it and these pages are the result.

I am not saying that my interpretation or understanding of any of it is in any way final or absolute. And, with new information, some of my ideas may change. But for now, I am sharing what I think I have learned. If it finds resonance in the reader, if it provides a platform for his or her experiments or seeking, then it has served its purpose.

The Cassiopaeans have said that one should not “act against” the forces of darkness, but that rather one should “act for” one’s own destiny. In a very practical sense this can even include physically extricating oneself from any number of unpleasant situations, even with force if necessary. If someone is trying to kill you or someone you love, and it is your perception of your destiny, or you feel it is your responsibility to prevent that, then it is entirely within the parameters of acting for one’s own destiny to do whatever is necessary to save your life or the lives of others.

But, we are talking about this in many further subtle ways. How can one act for one’s own destiny if one has been deceived and hypnotized to think that what is good is actually evil or vice versa? And, it is not always that simple. The analogy of the Evil Magician and his flock suggests to us that, in a certain sense, the flock is being cared for. But this care has an objective: occasionally the Evil Magician comes and takes one or more of the flock for its “flesh and skin”.

We can certainly see that there seems to be a certain amount of “care” manifested for humanity by some of these forces and beings that have been proposed or identified throughout the ages. But there are certain issues about this that we need to consider with cold logic. We have the ancient legends of the Fish Gods and the Dragon cultures, the Serpent Gods and the Sumerian Annunaki and so forth, all identified as civilizing influences on humanity. But, as we have already discussed, these benefits may have a different agenda than just to assist humankind.

Q: (L) This book [Graham Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods] says that on this pyramid, at the time of the spring and autumn equinoxes, patterns of light and dark combine to create the illusion of a giant serpent undulating on the northern staircase. On each occasion the illusion lasts for 3 hours and 22 minutes exactly. What was this optical illusion created to convey?

A: Worship of serpentine deity.

Q: (L) Was it created to convey or produce any other effect other than worship?

A: The key is in the reading of the geometric cycle.

Q: (L) On page 80, the book talks about these statues at Tiahuanaco on Lake Titicaca. It says: “Carved in red sandstone, worn and ancient beyond reckoning, the statue stand about 6 feet high and portrays a humanoid, androgynous being with massive eyes and lips. In its right hand it clutches something resembling a knife with a wavy blade like an Indonesian kris. In its left hand is an object like a hinged and case-bound book. From the top of this book, however, protruded a device which had been inserted into it as though into a sheath. From the waist down, the figure seemed to be clad in a garment of fish scales.” Okay, there is another statue with an object in its left hand that is like a case bound book, but from it protruded a forked handle. The right hand object was roughly cylindrical, narrow in the center and bigger at each end. It appeared to have several different parts. I would like to know what these objects, or devices, carved into these ancient statues represented?

A: Conductor for Quartzine energy from atmospheric source.

Q: (L) What was this energy used for?

A: All. When one harnesses free energy, no limitations need apply.

Q: (L) Why were these beings depicted with these fish-like garments?

A: Reptoids [4D STS Lizards] have that genetic profile to varying degrees.

Q: (L) According to the Sumerian traditions, this was like the god Oannes. In the night time, he would plunge back into the sea, but in the daytime he would converse with men, giving them insight into letters and sciences and every kind of art. But, it was noted that he was never observed to eat. It says that he taught men how to construct houses, temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometric knowledge. He made them distinguish the seeds of the earth and made them gather fruits. In short, he instructed them in everything that would tend to soften manners and humanize mankind. From that time, so universal were his instructions, that nothing has been added materially in the way of improvement. The surviving images of Oannes on Babylonian and Assyrian reliefs clearly portray him as a fish man. Is this another similar profile?

A: “El legato.”

Q: (L) Was this Oannes fish man similar to the Quinotaur that was supposedly the half-father of the Merovingian royal line?

A: Only if one considers losses in the translative quarry.

Q: (L) Here it says: “The Spanish Conquistadors and missionaries destroyed nearly everything that we could possibly use to learn about the South American civilizations. A sixteenth century eyewitness says that there was an emerald idol that was completely fantastic. Father Benito took this idol and had it ground up, stirred the powder in water, poured it on the ground and stomped on it.

“Cortez was given two circular calendars, one of gold and the other silver, as big as wagon wheels, with all kinds of hieroglyphs on them, which he immediately had melted down and cast into ingots. All over Central America, vast repositories of knowledge, accumulated since ancient times, were painstakingly gathered, heaped up, and burned by the zealous Catholic missionaries.

“In July 1562, for example, in the main square of Monte, in the Yucatan, Father Diego de Landa burned thousands of Maya manuscripts, paintings and hieroglyphs inscribed on rolled up deerskins.” He said: “We found great numbers of books written in the characters of the Indians, but since they contained nothing but superstitions of the Devil, we burned them all, which the natives took most grievously, and gave them great pain.”

Hancock says: “Not only the natives should have felt this pain, but anyone and everyone then and now who would like to know the truth about the past. Diego de Landa participated in Spain’s satanic mission to wipe clear the memory banks of Central America. In the marketplace at Texcoco, they built a vast bonfire of astronomical documents, paintings, manuscripts, and hieroglyphic texts, which the Conquistadors had forcibly extracted from the Aztecs during the previous eleven years. As this irreplaceable storehouse of knowledge and history went up in flames, a chance to shake off some of the collective amnesia that clouds our understanding was lost to mankind forever.”

So, having read this sickening description about “Spain’s Satanic Mission” to destroy the past, I would like to have a comment on what was motivating the Catholic Church, the Catholic Missionaries, and Spain itself. Could you comment?

A: You should not need commentary, as we have told you much about the desires of 4th density STS to obscure truth by manipulating 3rd density STS.

Q: (L) Well, yes. But Lord have mercy! It just makes a person sick to think about it… all of this and the Library at Alexandria too! Was this the kind of stuff that was being done in Europe during the so-called Dark Ages?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And that is why the Dark Ages are dark. The Catholic Church destroyed everything that did not sharpen their axe.

As William Bramley noted in his book, The Gods of Eden, when we consider history, we can clearly see that the drive of human beings to have peace is as strong, if not stronger, than the drive to have war. But, when the issue of war is examined, one realizes that most often the trigger for war and related inhumanity to man is that the drive for spiritual freedom is twisted by manipulation.

It’s easy to look back on history and see where this or that group was misled in their beliefs and thereby fell into errors of thinking that led to the perpetration of unspeakable horrors. We can point to the genocide advocated by the God of the Hebrews, or the religious-zeal-run-amok of the Catholic Church when it instituted the Inquisition. We can see the twisted version of the genetic superman that led to the holocaust. It’s easy to discern these errors of the past, because we know more now. Well, isn’t that an interesting thing? We know more now. How much more can we learn?

It almost seems as if the game has just gotten more and more complex, but the same essential errors keep being repeated. What is at the root? (Aside from the fact that we notice the above examples all relate to monotheistic exclusivity.)

Human beings have a sort of built in drive for spiritual knowledge. And over and over again we can see that this drive is what is being manipulated. When genuine spiritual knowledge is distorted while, at the same time, the inner desire for salvation is constantly being stimulated by various religious teachings, a great many people can be led into doing a lot of cruel and stupid things. The need to save souls is a prime example of how such a seemingly positive polarization can be suddenly shifted to do the exact opposite of what the religious teachings explicated. And this is an important point to remember.

Zecharia Sitchin and William Bramley, following Von Dåniken, have postulated that the ancient evidence demonstrates the actual, physical presence of an extraterrestrial race who came to earth to implement controls over humanity, with possible plans to return and harvest the fruits of their efforts. In both cases, their studies have indicated strongly that this extraterrestrial race does not have humanity’s best interests at heart! These guys did a lot of work, gathered a lot of facts, and were not listening to some bug-eyed Gray alien who was trying to convince them that “this is for you! We are here to help!”

But, those same aliens we find today, zipping about, sliding in and out of our reality like slippery eels, gazing and probing and communicating all kinds of excuses and scenarios to explain what they are doing based on how gullible or ignorant their victims are, this must be considered also. In other words, what Sitchin and Bramley fail to factor into their arguments is the continuing evidence of interaction and domination from another realm of existence.

The Annunaki, as defined by Sitchin, and the “Custodians” as defined by Bramley, did not come as physical beings (in our terms) to occupy, dominate, and then leave for some obscure reason. The evidence of those, now numbering in the multiples of thousands, claiming alien abduction and contact with aliens and even visions of the Virgin and other miracles throughout history, contradicts this view. It seems far more likely that the ancient stories indicate a cultural openness that permitted perception of such beings, acknowledged their reality, and merely made the distinction between them and ordinary human beings by referring to them as “gods”.

William Bramley also chronicled considerable historical evidence of a relation between the sightings of UFOs and the sudden onslaught of deadly diseases or plagues. We have similar concerns in the present time, which indicates that this is not a new thing, but merely part of a cycle. The Annunaki (4D STS) have never left, and the Brotherhood of the Serpent (the secret government or Consortium) is still with us, active and growing stronger by the day.

As noted, a number of modern contactees and abductees claim the aliens are here to help humankind, to eradicate disease, to bring us health and happiness. The historical evidence does not support this. Though in some individual cases it may be true, wouldn’t it make sense for those of the darkness to care for their agents?

In their attempts to warn us, to educate us, to wake us up, the Cassiopaeans have told us many dreadful things. Why?

The above reader sees this as “we are all damned in the end”. But is that what the Cassiopaeans are saying? Are they not really saying that we need to wake up to what is under the surface of our very contradictory reality? That we need to become aware and alert and see the unseen? Are they not telling us “Satan can appear as an angel of light”? Are they not telling us that we are “strong men” who have been “bound” so that what is ours can be stolen? Are they not telling us to “drive out the demons” and open our eyes and begin to speak?

It’s a little bit curious that just those two terms were used, omitting the “ears” as something that might be opened by the casting out of demons. The fact is, most of the distortions of our reality come to us by listening rather than observing. Deception and error of perception would have far less influence on us, and we would have no illusions if we would look at the face value of objects and see things for what they really are. Most of humankind’s illusions are the children of the ear and hearsay. My beloved grandmother always told me to “believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see”. This is very good advice. If we open our eyes and look at the problem as objectively as we can, forgetting all our beliefs and assumptions, and all the things we have been told we might be able to draw some conclusions.

A problem is defined in terms of two categories: objects and operations. The objects are the things that the problem-solver has to manipulate. They may be people, things, or situations. The operations are the steps by which object A is transformed into object B. Solving a problem is a process of understanding the sequence of transformation. To do this, we try to understand the differences between object A and object B. These understandings lead us to the choice of operations. Those operations, which will add to the transformation process, will be retained; those that will diminish the process will be eliminated.

I believe that we can come to some understanding of our reality problem in this way. I would suggest that the alien Control System demonstrate adherence to the process described above, but with time travel capabilities, it is possible for them to effect their manipulations in such a way that we have great difficulty perceiving them. With a broad historical perspective, careful examination of the cycles and events within the cycles, we can see the fingerprints of these elusive controllers of our reality. We can see human beings as the objects, and the events of history as the “operations”. When we observe these things, the events of history and how they have affected humanity, and where humanity is today as opposed to yesterday, we begin to have a clue that we certainly are not in Kansas anymore!

What is even more interesting is that we come across some of those very strange periods in history where a great darkness descends. And before this darkness humankind was going in one direction, and after this period, humankind is going in an altogether different direction. You probe into these periods, and you discover that very strange things were going on. Not only that, you discover that a seemingly concerted effort was made afterward to assure that documentation of the period was destroyed to as great an extent as possible. In other words, somebody was busy on a global scale, and whatever they were doing, they definitely did not want it made public. Two of these historical periods really stand out. The first is the time in which the national history of the Jews was supposedly in full development. The second is the period of the transition from Paganism to Christianity. Both of these periods are called Dark Ages. Maybe that should give us pause! The idea that humankind is being manipulated and controlled like an experiment then becomes not merely what the Cassiopaeans are telling us, but also what we can see ourselves if we exert the effort and care to look.

The point of all this is that it seems the only criteria we may have by which to judge any phenomenon is the fruit it bears, since it is possible for things to be represented as positive and not be so, in fact. But in this case, the fruit can only be seen in a very broad historical perspective.

To synopsize: an alien presence has been noted at many points in history of great disaster or mass death and cultural darkness. Examination of the few records and documents has led some scholars and researchers to conjecture that many of history’s darkest hours have been created by this alien presence. The laws of probability tell us that, without any intelligent control, fifty percent of the time events would occur leading to great good and benefit. Factoring in intelligent decisions to do well would bring this average up to about seventy percent Yet we can clearly see that this is not reflected in our reality. Why not? Who or what is influencing things to the negative?

One answer that we are given is the ever popular New Age channeled teaching that the reason things are so bad is because we were an experiment in free will that went bad. We have screwed things up so badly that now we need help to haul ourselves out of the soup. And the aliens, in their infinite wisdom and mercy, are going to do that for us if we will just let them! Further, if we just think nice thoughts, nothing bad will ever enter our reality. And we must not look at evil because it just doesn’t exist unless we believe in it. This is a dangerous and cunning lie. What better way to protect the forces of darkness at higher levels than to deny their very existence?

My work as a hypnotherapist has shown me that the vast majority of people want to do good, to experience good things, think good thoughts, and make decisions with good results. And they try with all their might to do so. With the majority of people having this internal desire, why the hell isn’t it happening? In my experience, when the surface or screen memories of an individual who has had abductions has been probed in a competent way, this individual reveals memories of events so chilling in their implications that the “love and light” interpretation must be looked at carefully. Yet, the aliens somehow convince the experiencer that it is for their good or for the good of the planet or the enhancement of the human race.

Q: (L) The whole point of this article is to say that ETs who abduct people are here to help us evolve and that it is only us, if we have dark and dirty unconscious minds, who perceive them as negative.

A: Wrong, you do not need “help” evolving, nor does anything else.

What does this mean for us in practical terms here on Earth today? It means that alien intelligences throughout history have very possibly controlled and influenced the leaders of our societies to guide us down a particular chosen pathway, chosen by them. They are here; they are playing cat-and-mouse with us to keep us confused and off balance. They are feeding philosophical lies and distortions into our culture to lead as many astray as possible. They control many of the lions of industry, government and culture so that what exists in our world is perverted by a twist, a peculiar upside-down, disjointed, askew perspective governed by deception and falsehood.

We are living in a frightful, topsy-turvy world where everything we instinctively cherish as good, noble, honest and right has been disrupted, soiled, deformed and made ugly. And, more horrible than this, we accept it as normal.

This control system, this infrastructure, is a subtle, goal-seeking phenomenon and it is our purpose here to discover that goal. The Cassiopaeans have given us many clues, but the answers are up to us to figure out. And we are not just interested in finding out the goal, we are interested in finding out our proper response to it.

If what the Cassiopaeans are saying is not true, will we lose anything by entertaining the possibility? Is truth so fragile that it cannot withstand scrutiny? And if what the Cassiopaeans are saying is true, what might we lose if we don’t consider the possibility?

On the one hand, the correspondent quoted at the beginning of this chapter is clearly saying he believes there are dark forces that seek to deceive and bind us. But, would those very dark forces do this by telling us that there are dark forces seeking to deceive and bind us, warning us to check things out ourselves, even them? As noted, that is logically inconsistent.

On the other hand, what must we think about the many forces of light who say there are no dark forces except in our minds, that we create them by believing in them? Which naturally puts the onus for the creation of darkness on humankind. They say that if we cease our participation in the belief of darkness, it will be overcome and made null and void. One New Age writer put it this way: “Evil is energy out of sync with the creator.”

Logic tells us that anything out of sync with the Creator would, of necessity, imply error on the part of the Creator that would lead to the conclusion that the Creator is, itself, limited in omniscience or omnipotence, which then leaves us in an even worse ontological dilemma than before.

This writer goes on to say that evil is:

…energy that was cast off from humankind’s energy when we first learned how to establish ourselves as spiritually apart from the all-life. It is an accidental creation. … The energy of evil … comes from the human race.

Well, heck! Let’s just blame it on Eve, why don’t we?

I repeat: it is logically inconsistent to posit an all-knowing, all-loving omnipotent Creator, and then to suggest either accident or rebellion. But how else can we explain it?

How can we understand the apparent fact that we are in an environment of which seems designed to imprison us; to make us little more than cattle kept in a pen to feed ravening monsters from hyper-dimensional space that we can’t even comprehend, much less resist? If we don’t call it a mistake or a fault or an error, what are we going to do with it?

By seeing it as a mistake, we at least give ourselves the hope of changing it, or believing in some Messiah who has taken the fault away from us, so we don’t have to bear the guilt for the aeons of suffering of humankind that we observe. But that is a costly solution in the long run because it leads to ontological answers which are unbearable. But if we have arrived at the point where we can no longer support the inconsistencies of such a view, we are left with the deeper question of how can we understand the ontological existence of such a state?

In other words, if what we perceive to be darkness and evil or Service-to-Self is not a mistake, is not an error, is not something that can or should be fixed in the realm of creation, then what is it? How can we ontologically justify it? Or, leaving aside justification, how can we just simply understand it?

One thing we note at the beginning here is that the Cassiopaeans have said human beings chose to experience this reality for a reason.

Q: (L) Are human beings entrapped in physical matter?

A: By choice.

Q: (L) Why did they make this choice?

A: To experience physical sensations. It was a group mind decision.

Q: (L) Who was in charge of the group?

A: The group. […] It must also be mentioned here that everything that exists in all realms of the universe can experience existence in one of only two ways. That would be defined as a long wave cycle and a short wave cycle. Going back to your previous question about why humans are “entrapped” in physical existence, which, of course, is voluntary and chosen, this was due to the desire to change from the long wave cycle experience of completely what you would call ethereal or spiritual existence, to the short wave cycle of what you call physical existence. The difference is that a long wave cycle involves only very gradual change in evolution in a cyclical manner. Whereas a short wave cycle involves a duality. […] The necessity to form the short wave cycle was brought about through nature through the natural bounds of the universe when the group mind of souls chose to experience physicality as opposed to a completely ethereal existence. […] The positive byproduct is an increase in relative energy, which speeds up the learning process of the soul and all of its one-dimensional and two-dimensional interactive partners, in other words, flora and fauna, minerals, etc. All experience growth and movement towards reunion at a faster rate on the cycle through this short wave cycle physical/ethereal transfer.

In our overview of the conditions of the reality in which we live, we are forced to think in new ways about purpose. How can it be good to live in such an environment? Sure, it’s fine and dandy to say that “all experience growth … at a faster rate” and all that, but what does that really mean when we are faced with some of the factors we have been discussing in these pages?

And remember, we have not been talking about just channeled material — we have been collecting facts and observations throughout this examination of our reality. And, because of the many letters I receive from readers, I can assure you that it is not just my reality, or even just a minority reality. It’s a fact, and, as don Juan would say, “a damn scary one”!

Many individuals in the present time are convinced that the New Age paradigm is going to unite all of humanity into one big happy family with the amalgamation of the common threads of belief that run through all the great religions. They point to the messages from this or that source that claim this is the great plan put into place by higher beings millennia ago, so that all different types of human beings could grow to maturity, each in their own ideal environment, much as different areas of a garden are more or less suitable for different types of plants.

Very often, such people cite the “great new research” that supports this view, that man is creating a new reality. Paul von Ward writes in The Solarian Legacy:

Patterns are created by consciousness that have the power to shape apparent nothingness into tiny quanta of something. … The use of conscious intent is a more effective route to human participation in a creative life process, including maintaining health, than purely mechanical manipulation. … Modern research evidence has been found to support the conclusions of many cultural traditions that human consciousness communicates with and influences the behavior of other life forms. … Assuming there is an ongoing, reciprocal flow of such behavior-influencing communications among local concentrations of mind (animals, plants, and individual cells), how does the conscious being deliberately intervene in the natural flow to bring about a desired end? The answer — at this point an intuitive one — involves clarity of focus grounded in definite emotions. The process appears to work in a manner analogous to the progression from “gas” through “liquids” to “solids”, i.e., from “amorphous” through “evolving” to “definite”. (von Ward, 2001)

So far, so good, right? We can see (though this is greatly abbreviated) that there seems to be a real principle behind the idea that “you create your own reality”. So, let’s keep going here:

After someone had the first “clear” idea of a candle, it entered the “potential” phase as soon as there was real intent to create. The movement to gather materials placed the pattern in the “becoming” phase. The “actualization” phase of the idea was ignited by fire. The same sequential process applies to all fields of human life: agriculture, food preparation, health, psychokinesis, sports, politics, or economics. The idea of democracy first starts with clarity about a few basic assumptions. Only when a number of individuals attach emotional support to the ideas does democracy have real potential. That emotional energy translated to action results in the practice of democracy. A vision of health must be underpinned by emotional commitment in order for the cells to get the message to do their part and for the individual to eat appropriately. To facilitate the bending of metal through conscious intent, one focuses the idea on the metal, the metal’s atoms become agitated, and when as a result the material softens, only a slight pressure will bend it.

Recognizing the power of this natural process, it is foolish to assume specific limits to creative powers exist in natural law until they have been tested and re-tested. Currently perceived constraints may actually be due to false or limited interpretations of cosmic law. If a clearly focused thought is more than a fleeting mind game, emotionally energized to a level of potential, will it be realized? Or, are there certain thoughts that cannot be actualized in space-time? When we learn the answers to these questions, we will realize our fuller power as cosmic beings. … Given the research highlighted here, and similar work, it is now justifiable for a prudent person to accept that mind does communicate with and influence matter at the subatomic and cellular levels. Through the mechanism of thought, consciousness or mind likely shapes reality in more ways than we can currently conceive. (von Ward, 2001)

Well, Mr. Ward certainly has synopsized the popular view of the “new thought” movement incepted during the nineteenth century. But, he has also pointed out certain problems that most people who hear the basic idea of “you create your own reality” do not notice. They hear an idea, which appeals to their emotions, and don’t pay much attention to the caveats. Mr. von Ward continues:

It is important to remember, however, that human consciousness — individually and collectively — can shape microcosmic reality only within limits, due to certain characteristics of our phenomenal realm. One of these limits appears to be the direction of the stream of arrow of time. … This seems to indicate that we cannot arbitrarily change the nature of a phenomenon while a particular directionality is maintained. To change a vector (velocity combined with magnitude and direction) of anything requires the application of a greater force. … Only a power beyond our universe can mitigate the influence of its inherent arrow of time. (von Ward, 2001)

Hmm. Have we discovered something here? Let’s go back to a clue the Cassiopaeans gave:

The necessity to form the short wave cycle was brought about through nature through the natural bounds of the universe when the group mind of souls chose to experience physicality as opposed to a completely ethereal existence. It was a group mind decision.

Right here we have some clue to the restrictions on “creating your own reality”. If an individual seeks to do so in opposition to the “natural bounds of the universe”, which is a manifestation of the “group mind” decision, they are going to run into some serious problems.

Q: (L) At one point we were told that time was an illusion that came into being at the time of the Fall in Eden, and this was said in such a way that I inferred that there were other illusions put into place at that time.

A: Time is an illusion that works for you because of your altered DNA state.

Q: (L) Okay, what other illusions?

A: Monotheism, the belief in one separate, all-powerful entity.

Q: (T) Is separate the key word in regard to Monotheism?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is another one of the illusions?

A: The need for physical aggrandizement.

Q: (L) What is another of the illusions?

A: Linear focus.

Q: (L) Anything else at this time?

A: Unidimensionality.

Q: (L) The veil… (J) The perception of only one dimension… (L) Were these illusions programmed into us genetically through our DNA?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Can you tell us a little bit about how these illusions are enforced on us, how they are perceived by us?

A: If someone opens a door, and behind it you see a pot of gold, do you worry whether there is a poisonous snake behind the door hidden from view, before you reach for the pot of gold?

Q: (L) What does the gold represent?

A: Temptation to limitation.

Q: (L) Was limitation presented as a pot of gold when, in fact, it was not?

A: What is snake?

Q: (T) The Lizards?

A: Result of giving into temptation without caution, i.e., leaping before looking.

Q: (L) So what you are saying to us is that the story of the temptation in Eden was the story of Humankind being led into this reality as a result of being tempted. So, the eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was…

A: Giving into temptation.

Q: (L) And this was a trick.

A: No! Tricks don’t exist!

Q: (T) Okay, no trick, a trap?

A: No! Traps don’t exist either. Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged.

Q: (T) Now wait a minute. I am losing the whole train here. What were we before the Fall?

A: 3rd density STO.

Q: (T) We were third density STO at this time. Was this after the battle that had transpired?

A: Was battle.

Q: (L) The battle was in us?

A: Through you.

Q: (T) Okay, we were STO at that point. You have said before that on this density we have the choice of being STS or STO.

A: Oh T, the battle is always there, it’s “when” you choose that counts!

Q: (T) This must tie into why the Lizards and other aliens keep telling people that they have given their consent for abduction and so forth. We were STO and now we are STS.

A: Yes, continue.

Q: (T) We are working with the analogy. The gold was an illusion. The gold was not what we perceived it to be. It was a temptation…

A: No temptation, it was always there. Remember Dorothy and the Ruby slippers?

Q: (T) Okay, we were STO at that time, before we stepped through. We didn’t have to step through. It’s always there… (J) It’s there now… (T) The Lizards…

A: Yes, think of the Ruby slippers. What did Glenda tell Dorothy???

Q: (L) You have always had the power to go home…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, we always have the power to return to being STO? Even in third density?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) The door has always been there. The temptation has always been there… (J) Is there… (T) Has, is, will be… is always.

A: “When” you went for the gold, you said “Hello” to the Lizards and all that that implies.

Q: (T) So, the concept is that, as STO beings we had the choice of either going for the gold or not. By going for the gold, we became STS beings because going for the gold was STS.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) And, in doing so, we ended up aligning ourselves with the fourth density Lizard beings.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Because they are fourth density beings and they have a lot more abilities than we at third density.

A: You used to be aligned with 4th density STO.

Q: (T) But, by going for the gold we aligned ourselves with fourth density STS.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) And by doing so we gave fourth density STS permission to do whatever they wish with us?

A: Close.

Q: (T) So, when they tell us that we gave them permission to abduct us, it is this they are referring to?

A: Close.

Q: (J) Go back to what they said before: “Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged.” (T) We, as the human race, used our free will to switch from STO to STS. (L) So, at some level, at some point, we have chosen the mess we are in. We fell by falling into that door, so to speak, going after the pot of gold, and when we fell through the door, the serpent bit us!

A: But this is a repeating syndrome.

Q: (L) Is it a repeating syndrome just for the human race or is it a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation?

A: It is the latter.

Q: (L) Is this a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation simply because it is the cyclic nature of things? Or is it as the Indians call it, Maya?

A: Either or.

So, again we come up against the issue of the constraints against creating our reality. We have chosen the school we wished to enter, and the natural bounds of this school is the STS Control System. As third density beings aligned with Service-to-Self beings, we have chosen these constraints. We agreed to have our free will abridged.

Q: (D) I have a question about… Mankind has found it necessary for some reason or other to appoint time… The only reason I can see is to have a means of telling, like in verbal or written communications.

A: Control mechanism.

Q: (T) Is there a way for us to break the control mechanism? Besides moving to fourth density?

A: Nope.

Now, just exactly what is the “pot of gold” used in the analogy above? What event brought about the Fall from alignment with Service-to-Others to Service-to-Self? Well, the designations STO and STS give us a clue, but there is more. At several points I returned to this issue for clarification, and I hope that my efforts will help to make it clearer for others:

Q: (L) Where did the souls come from that entered into the bodies on the planet earth? Were they in bodies on other planets before they came here?

A: Not this group.

Q: (L) Were they just floating around in the universe somewhere?

A: In union with the One. Have you heard the super ancient legend of Lucifer, the fallen angel?

Q: (L) Who is Lucifer?

A: You. The human race.

Q: (L) Are the souls of individual humans the parts of a larger soul?

A: Yes. Close. The One. All who have fallen must learn “the hard way”. You are members of a fragmented soul unit.

Q: (L) Are you saying that the act of wanting to experience physical reality is the act of falling? What is it about wanting to be physical is a fall?

A: Pleasure for the self.

Q: (L) Prior to the Fall, did the human race live in an Edenic state, where they were able to use bodies and still have a spiritual connection?

A: Yes. But not long. No addiction takes long to close the circle.

Q: (L) So, mankind was addicted to pleasuring the self?

A: Became quickly.

Q: (L) How long from the time of the moving of souls into bodies did the Fall in Eden occur?

A: Not measurable. Remember, Laura, there is no time when this event occurred. Time passage illusion did not exist at that point as well as many other falsehoods.

Q: (L) So you are saying that the Fall in Eden was also the beginning of time?

A: Yes.

So, here we have a little bit of a clue. “Pleasure for the self.” But this remark does not mean that pleasure in and of itself is strictly Service-to-Self. It became clearer with further questions:

Q: (L) Does it hurt a plant when we eat it?

A: Does it hurt you when a “Lizzie” eats you?

Q: (D) If we hurt plants by eating them like the Lizzies hurt us when they eat us, how are we to survive without eating?

A: When you no longer crave physicality, you no longer need to “eat”.

Q: (L) So part of the Fall into the physical existence and part of the Fall from Eden story where it says “you shall eat by the sweat of your brow”, has to do with being physical and needing to eat?

A: Lucifer, “the fallen angel”. This is you.

Q: (L) So, “falling” means going into physical existence wherein you must feed on other life, other beings, is that it?

A: Yes.

Now, we need to remember the story of Lucifer, that he was an angel of great beauty and glory. The Cassiopaeans have suggested that the legend of Orion is closest to the original version of the story.

A: In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe, specifically your “galaxy” it is the region known as Orion that is the one and only indigenous home of human type beings… reflect on this! Indigenous home base, not sole locator. … Approximately one half is STO and one half is STS. … Pay attention to Orion! This is your ancestral home, and your eventual destination. The name “Orion” is the actual native name, and was brought to earth directly. Study the legend of the “god” of Orion for parallels.

I am not going to delve into a full-scale analysis of the Orion legend here, but I will give the fullest account I have been able to put together so that the reader can play with the concepts as we go along. According to Edith Hamilton, it goes like this:

He was a young man of gigantic stature and great beauty, and a mighty hunter. He fell in love with the daughter of the King of Chios, and for love of her he cleared the island of wild beasts. The spoils of the chase he brought always home to his beloved, whose name is sometimes said to be Aero, sometimes Merope (one of the Pleiades). Her father, Oenopion, agreed to give her to Orion, but he kept putting the marriage off. One day when Orion was drunk he insulted the maiden, and Oenopion appealed to Dionysus to punish him. The god threw him into a deep sleep and Oenopion blinded him. An oracle told him, however, that he would be able to see again if he went to the east and let the rays of the rising sun fall on his eyes. He went as far east as Lemnos and there he recovered his sight. (Emphasis added)

A more complex treatment derived from several ancient sources goes as follows:

The parentage of Orion has been matter of dispute, but some have said that Orion’s father was Hyrieus, son of Poseidon and his mother was Alcyone, one of the Pleiades. It was said that Hyrieus’ father, Poseidon, came to visit him, accompanied by Zeus and Hermes. Hyrieus sacrificed a bull for the occasion. To show honor to Hyrieus for his hospitality, the gods offered Hyrieus a gift of his choosing. Hyrieus was a very rich but childless, so he asked his visitors for a child. The gods urinated in the hide of the sacrificed bull, buried it in the earth and from it Orion was born. In time Orion grew tall as a giant, and he was granted by Poseidon, his grandfather, (or father in some versions) the power of walking on water.

Orion fell in love with Merope, the daughter of King Oenopion of Chios, son of Ariadne and Theseus or Dionysus. But her father disliked the idea and he made Orion drunk, put out his eyes as he slept, and then cast him on the beach. Others have said, however, that Orion came to Chios and, having drunk heavily, raped the girl, this being the reason why he was blinded and expelled from the island. He then came to Lemnos, where Hephaestus gave him his servant Cedalion to serve him as a guide. Orion set him on his shoulders and bade him lead him to the sunrise, and when they arrived Orion was healed by the sun’s rays.

Orion believed himself to be the best of hunters and once said that he was able to kill anything the earth produced. It was then that Gaia (Earth), angered at this boast, sent the Scorpion that killed him. But others have said that Orion was killed by Artemis who was challenged by Apollo to shoot an arrow into a black object in the sea, which she could not see, and that later was discovered to be Orion’s head. How the goddess could commit such a mistake has not been explained. Still others say that Orion was killed for challenging Artemis to a match of quoits, or shot by her for raping Opis, one of the maidens who had come from the Hyperboreans. But others have believed that Orion died because the gods were jealous that Orion was the lover of Eos. For this, they allowed Artemis to kill him.

Odysseus saw Orion when he descended to the Underworld. Apparently, down there he had the same occupation as when he was on Earth: “…I marked huge Orion driving together over the Plain of Asphodel wild beasts which himself had slain on the lonely hills, and in his hands he held a club all of bronze, ever unbroken…” (Odysseus. Homer, Odyssey 11.542)

Yet Orion is considered to be immortal since Artemis, who mourned him, placed him among the stars. To prevent him being alone in the sky, the Dog (Canis Major) was later added to the stars to keep Orion company in his hunting.

The proposed parentage of Orion is as follows:

a) Poseidon & Euryale. Euryale was said to be the daughter of King Minos of Crete.

b) Hyrieus & Clonia. Hyrieus owned a treasure inside a building built by Trophonius and Agamedes, which had a stone that they could take away from the outside, thus robbing him, until one of them was caught in a trap made by Hyrieus. Clonia was one of the NYMPHS.

c) Bull’s hide

d) Gaia (by herself)

It’s easy to see how the legend would be transposed into the Biblical story of Lucifer, and why there would be associations with the Morning Star, or the act of letting the first rays of sunlight, the Goddess Aurora, fall upon his eyes for healing.

But, it is interesting that the same images presented in the allegory given by Jesus about the “strong man” being “bound” or cast into a deep sleep, and “blinded” by demons are also present in the story of Orion. Perhaps it was a deliberate allusion to Orion?

The story of Osiris being tricked into his coffin by Set is another variation of the strong man being bound, though in this case, we have the additional detail of the body being ultimately dismembered which seems to be the allegory of the “fragmented soul unit”. The Egyptians know the constellation of Orion as Osiris, and the dog companion is his sister-wife, Isis.

But, the issue here is: how did Orion take the fall? It is said that he got drunk and insulted or raped the maiden of whom he loved. Afterwards, he was then made drunk or was “put into a deep sleep” during which his eyes were put out. Whatever it was, apparently he was not in full possession of his senses as a hunter when he was put out for the operation.

The story also is reflected in the Biblical legend of Samson and Delilah. Samson was a Nazarite with a vow to never cut his hair. Delilah had him “sleep upon her knees” and while he was sleeping, she called a man to come and “shave off the seven braids of his hair”. And his strength went from him. He was taken and his eyes were put out. The clear connection of this to the Orion legend makes it altogether likely that this is merely the Hebrew variation of a very ancient story! I was curious about this hair business, so I asked:

Q: (L) I have an idea relating to the ancient gods and heroes… They all had these massive amounts of hair, and it seemed that cutting off the hair caused them to lose their strength in some way. Was this totally symbolic, or was it actually believed that they had to grow their hair?

A: Symbolic.

Q: (L) What was the hair symbolic of?

A: Virility.

Samson was deprived of his virility by losing his hair. For all we know, losing one’s hair could be an ancient euphemism for having an orgasm. Maybe in the weakened condition after this petit mort, one is less aware and therefore more susceptible to being put into a sleep or made drunk again? To be drunk, or intoxicated, is to be in a condition where one has lost control over one’s faculties. It is also a term that means overcome by emotion. Do we have another clue here? Well, I asked more questions:

Q: (L) I have this book, Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, by a woman named Marcia Schafer. One thing she says is: “The snake is associated with the sign of wisdom and higher learning, and is often regarded quite highly in mystical circles.” I would like to have a comment on the idea of the snake as a “sign of wisdom and higher learning”. Does this, in fact, represent what the snake symbolizes?

A: Snake is/was reported in context of the viewpoint of the observer. Maybe the observer was just “blown away” by the experience. If you were living in the desert, or jungle, about 7,000 years ago, as you measure time, would you not be impressed if these Reptoid “dudes” came down from the heavens in silvery objects and demonstrated techno-wonders from thousands of years in the future, and taught you calculus, geometry and astrophysics to boot?!?

Q: (L) Is that, in fact, what happened?

A: Yup.

Q: (L) As I understand it, or as I am trying to figure it out from the literature, prior to the Fall in Eden, mankind lived in a fourth density state. Is that correct?

A: Semi/sort of. 4th density in another realm, such as time/space continuum, etc.

Remember that they have already said we were formerly third density aligned with STO fourth density. This suggests that to be third density STO and in contact with fourth density STO entails significant positive interaction and bleedthrough between the two densities as suggested above. A very different realm indeed!

Q: (L) Could you describe to me the true meaning of the Osirian cycle? What was the symbology of the killing of Osiris and the cutting up of the body?

A: Removal of knowledge centers in your DNA.

Q: (L) So, the breaking up of Osiris’ body represents the breaking up of the DNA in our bodies?

A: Partly. Also means knowledge capacity reduction.

Q: (L) What was the symbology of the throwing of the phallus into the river and its being eaten by three fishes?

A: Sexual violence energy introduction.

Q: (L) What did Isis searching for her lord Osiris symbolize?

A: Separation of female energy from male energy union.

Q: (L) Does this have anything to do with brain activity?

A: Yes. The separating of the hemispheres of the brain.

Q: (L) Was this achieved through DNA modification?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What did the son of Isis, Horus, represent?

A: New reality of limitation.

Q: (L) What is the meaning of Horus avenging himself upon Set, the murderer of his father, Osiris?

A: Beginning of perpetual conflict energy to limit humanity.

Q: (L) Who did Set represent?

A: War.

Q: (L) Okay, so this realm changed, as a part of the cycle; various choices were made: the human race went through the door after the gold, so to speak, and became aligned with the fourth density STS faction after the right-brain/female energy consorted with the wrong side, so to speak. This resulted in a number of effects: the breaking up of the DNA, the burning off of the first ten factors of DNA, the separation of the hemispheres of the brain…

A: Only reason for this: you play in the dirt, you’re gonna get dirty.

Q: (L) What was the motivating factor for playing in the dirt? What essential thing occurred? You said once that it was “desire-based imbalance”. What was it a desire for?

A: Increased physicality.

Q: (L) What was the objective sought for in this desire for increased physicality?

A: Sensate.

Sensate is derived from a Latin word, sentire, which means “to feel”. This suggests not merely physical sensations, but also emotions. The root of the Latin word is, curiously, the Indo-European root, sent, which means, “to cause to go, to find out, to discover”.

Q: (L) How was sensate experienced so that these beings had an idea that they could get more if they increased their physicality?

A: Not experienced, demonstrated.

Q: (L) Demonstrated how, by whom? Demonstrated in what way? Did they say, “Here, try this!” Or did they demonstrate by showing or doing?

A: Closer to the latter. More like: “You could have this.”

Q: (L) What seemed to be so desirable about this increased physicality when they said, “You can have this”?

A: Use your imagination!

Q: (L) Was there any understanding, or realization of any kind that increased physicality could be like Osiris lured into his own coffin by Set? That they would then slam the lid shut and nail him in?

A: Obviously, such understanding was lacking.

Q: (L) Sounds like a pretty naive bunch! Does the lack of this understanding reflect a lack of knowledge?

A: Of course. But more, it is desire getting in the way of…

Here we have another clue to the ways in which we can be manipulated: desire gets in the way of knowledge. But, we will come back to this.

Q: (L) Okay. The Fall occurred. It seems like, and some of the archaeological studies indicate, that for many thousands of years, there was a peaceful existence and a nice agrarian society where the goddess or female creative forces were worshipped. At least, this is what a lot of present-day books are proposing…

A: No. These events took place 309000 years ago, as you measure it. This is when the first prototype of what you call “modern man” was created. The controllers had the bodies ready; they just needed the right soul matrix to agree to “jump in”.

And this brings up a very interesting solution to particular problems in terms of the Reptilians being touted as the bringers of civilization and their association with the Goddess religions, promoted in the present time as being the peaceful partnership way of agricultural paradise. Apparently, that was not exactly the case.

If we remember the story of Cain and Abel, we find the original conflict between the shepherd and the agriculturist. Cain and Abel, being the two sons of Adam and Eve who have been cast out of Eden, merely symbolize the two main forms that the control system took in order to perpetuate conflict. Both ways contain within them implicit ownership of something, either cattle or land, and both suggest the use and manipulation of the earth for their own benefit, and to the detriment of the Great Mother. The only reason Abel was glorified by the Hebrews was because it was their way of life. But that leads to another whole line of investigation, so we will leave it for now.

Q: (L) So, prior to this time, this prior Edenic state…

A: Was more like 4th density.

Q: (L) But that implies that there was some level of physicality. Was there physicality in the sense of bodies that look like present-day humans?

A: Not quite.

Q: (L) Does this mean that the bodies we possibly would metamorphose into as fourth density beings, assuming that one does, would also be too complex for us to understand? You are saying that this sort of fourth density pre-Fall state, or third density aligned with fourth density STO, in terms of the physical bodies, is too complex to understand. If going back to fourth density is anything like coming from fourth density, does that mean that what we would go back to is something that is still too complex to understand? This variability of physicality that you have described?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, was there any kind of worship of God, or religious activity in this pre-Fall state — this Edenic, semi-fourth density state?

A: No need when one has a clue.

Q: (L) What I am trying to get at here, what I am trying to understand, is the transition from the goddess worship to the god worship; the change from the understanding of cyclical time as expressed in the feminine cycles, and as expressed as the goddess; to the concept of linear time, expressed as the masculine principle.

It seems to me that these were stages of inversion of concepts which gradually led to the ideas that have been imposed on us, and it seems that bringing these ideas to fruition is a project fourth density STS beings have been working toward for millennia — the dominator experience which expresses as: “Believe in something outside yourself that will save you, otherwise you are damned because the world is going to end, and you are going to get judged.” That is the whole monotheistic concept I am trying to deal with here.

Okay, we had these guys; they fell from Eden, but they were still fairly close to the original concepts, in some terms. Once they jumped into the physical bodies, as you put it, what was their level of conceptualization regarding the universe? Did they still retain some understanding at that point?

A: Kind of like the understanding one has after severe head trauma, vis a vis your normal understanding in your current state.

Q: (L) So, they were traumatized; they may have had bits and pieces of ideas and memories, but they may also have lost a great deal altogether. They may have had big gaps. There may have even been a sort of “coma” state of mankind for many millennia. But, after they woke up, with the bits and pieces floating around in their heads, they may have begun to attempt to piece it all together. So, they started putting it all back together. What was the first thing they put together regarding the cosmos around them?

A: Sex.

Q: (L) What did they decide about sex? I mean, sex was there. They were having sex. Is that it? Or, did they understand the cosmos as sex?

A: More like the former. After all, that is what got you guys in this mess in the first place! Just imagine the sales job if you can: “Look how much fun this is! Want to try it?!? Oops, sorry, we forgot to tell you, you cannot go back!”

Q: (L) I really fail to understand — and I know it is a big issue that has been hinted at and alluded to, and outright claims have been made regarding sex in all religions and mythologies — but I fail to understand the mechanics of how this can be the engineering of a fall. What, precisely, are the mechanics of it? What energy is generated? How is it generated? What is the conceptualization of the misuse of this energy, or the use of the energy?

A: It is simply the introduction of the concept of self-gratification of a physical sort.

Q: (L) On many occasions you have said that the ideal thing is to have perfect balance of physicality and spirituality. Now, I don’t understand how it can be that gratification of a physical body can be the mechanics by which one is entrapped. Is it not gratifying to look at something beautiful? Is it wrong, sinful, or a form of a fall, to look at beauty, to hear something beautiful such as music, or to touch something that is sensually delightful such as a piece of silk or the skin of a loved one? These various things that the human being derives pleasure from very often elevate them to a spiritual state.

A: Possession is the key. In STS, you possess. If you move through the beautiful flowers, the silk, the skin of another, but do not seek to possess…

Q: (L) It seems to me that it is possible to experience all of these things, including sex, without the need or desire to possess, only to give. In which case, I still don’t understand how it can be a mechanism for a fall.

A: If it is desired, then the mechanism is not to give. Do you eat a piece of chocolate cake because it is good to give to the stomach? In STS, which is your realm do not forget, one gives because of the pleasant sensation which results.

Q: (L) Could it not be said that, if everything that exists is part of God, including the flesh, that if one gives to the flesh, without being attached to the giving, that it could be considered a giving to the all?

A: Explain the process.

Q: (L) For example: at one extreme there are some people who like to suffer, because they believe that the flesh is sinful. For centuries the monotheistic religions have made this big deal about sex and anything that might be considered pleasant or desirable, that it should be denied, and that a person should suffer, and revel in their suffering.

A: If one seeks to suffer, they do so in expectation of future reward. They desire to possess something in the end.

Q: (L) What I am saying is: if a person can avoid self aggrandizement in either direction, and to simply be, in the doing and being of who and what they are, in simplicity; to become involved in doing everything as a meditation, or as a consecration, whether they are walking down the street and being at one with the air, the sunshine, the birds and trees and other people; in this state of oneness, doesn’t that constitute a giving to the universe as giving oneself up as a channel for the universe to experience all these things?

A: Not if one is “feeling this oneness” rather than being it.

Q: (L) Well, if people would just relax and be who and what they are in honesty, and do what is according to their nature without violating the free will of others, is this a more pure form of being than doing things out of any feeling of expectation, or desire; to just be, not want… just be?

A: Yes, but STS does not do that.

So, we see that the issue is not sex per se, or really anything in specific about the third density environment so much as it is a certain generation of emotion via physical processes that have to do specifically with possession. What is it about desire to possess that brought about a Fall?

Well, let’s just have a look at some other ideas here:

Q: (L) What was the Fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that was supposedly eaten by Eve and then offered to Adam?

A: Knowledge restriction. Encoding. Eve is symbolic of Female energy.

Q: (L) What did it mean when it said Eve, or the female energy, ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. What act was this?

A: Consorted with wrong side.

Q: (L) What does consorted mean?

A: Lost some knowledge and power. Limitation. Conceptually limited.

Q: (L) I want you to know that this does not make a whole lot of sense.

A: Yes it does. Think carefully. Laura you are missing the obvious.

Q: (L) In what sense would the fruit of the tree of life be limiting?

A: Believing that one source contains all knowledge is contradicting reality.

Q: (F) If the concept was the eating of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge provides all knowledge, then one is being deceived, because no one particular source can provide all knowledge. Therefore, when one believes in the deception, one has now trapped oneself within parameters. And, forevermore, the human race, will be poisoned by the very same problem which is reflected in several different ways: one is always seeking the truth through one pathway instead of seeking it through a myriad of pathways; and also believing in simplistic answers to very complex issues and questions.

Q: (L) Where was Eden?

A: Earth.

Q: (L) The entire Earth was Eden?

A: Yes.

Now, we are getting somewhere. “Believing that one source contains all knowledge is contradicting reality.” It is “conceptually limited”.

Over the years, many scientists have studied the effects of head and brain injuries. These studies were aimed at understanding the physiological and psychological effects and used a number of experiments to map the brain. The results have led to theories about two different modes of thinking or styles of thought, which are generally attributed to the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

In general, the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. According to the test results and the developing theory, the right brain is most often associated with direct sensual experience of the five sense organs as well as the sixth sense of intuitive thinking. Feelings are also associated with this side of the brain, and these feelings are often observed to be the result of the person’s sensation of the environment. This sensation of the environment can be the external world or the internal state of being. Also, we must note that the right brain, as the observer of the external and internal environment, only perceives now.

The left brain is associated with the process of conceptualization and imagination in its many forms, including the powers of symbolic imagination and those functions related to the symbols we know as language such as labeling, categorizing, following verbal rules and rules in general. The left hemisphere mode of operation is much like a computer screen on which the whole range of concepts of the mind are portrayed and manipulated in the mind’s eye. One of the main concepts we utilize is time as in time-future and time-past. Have a look at the chart below to see how the different hemispheres seem to operate.

Left Hemisphere Consciousness

Right Hemisphere Consciousness
Conceptualization, imagination, dogma, time-future, time-past. Sensing, perceiving directly via observation, empiricism, now (no time).
Theoretical imagination. Physical connection.
Linear logic. Nonlinear logic.
Ritual, habit, fixed roles, repetition, fixation. Creativity, spontaneity.
Morality, judgment. Compassion, acceptance.
Superstition derived from imagination; often misuses limited direct observation and experience. Science based on collecting of data, direct observation; can create theories with proper use of theoretical imagination.
Asceticism, sense deprivation. Celebration.
Theology: Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Greco-Roman Religion, Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Mysticism: Taoism, Tantrism, Yoga, the “Mystery Traditions,” Gnosticism, Alchemy.

Now, this is enormously important to grasp: religions, philosophies, beliefs in general, through which we view the world and by which we interact with the world also fall to one hemisphere or the other in terms of how they activate our consciousness. There are teachings that place emphasis on the sensual right brain, and there are teachings that place emphasis on the abstract, imaginative left brain. Belief systems organically reflect one or the other of the two kinds of human consciousness.

The sense-oriented traditions encourage direct interaction with the physical environment. This has been often corrupted to gala sensuality of physical pleasure. Nevertheless, the pure mystical traditions tend to identify spirituality with the Cosmos itself and urges its followers to seek their unity with God through the physical world.

On the other hand, concept bound theologies tend to forbid sensual experience and observation, relying instead on imagination to support certain beliefs. In this mode, spirituality is equated with conceptual constructs, images, symbols and words that must be pictured in the mind’s eye, or upheld in an abstract thought of imaginary belief so that the person is effectively attempting to impose an imaginary construct on reality rather than observing reality and allowing the observations to form the abstraction.

This is why the central issue in Christianity, to use just one example, is whether or not one believes in Jesus Christ. What one is being asked to do is to imaginatively support the church’s conception of Jesus: that he was the son of God, that he died for remission of sins, and so on.

Each theological construct has its own cast of characters and its own plot, and each one demands that the followers believe in these imaginations. But the point is: the various symbols themselves are less important than the fact that the common act of conceptualizing, or imagining and making real that is central to theologies, is the left hemisphere mode of thought.

Left hemisphere thought also tends to assign religious authority to different writings or permanent scriptures and words. It also has a hierarchy of clergymen and priests who are designated to administer or interpret those words.

The left hemisphere mode of consciousness is opposed to direct observation, scientific progress, and discovery. It focuses on ritual repetition of established ideas and traditions. The words of the scriptures and the traditions of the interpreters of these words are given more authority than the natural world itself. The Cassiopaeans have often commented on ritual.

Q: (L) What ritual do you want us to do?

A: None.

Q: (L) Does ritual enhance or prevent communication?

A: They constrict energy flow.

Q: (L) Are there any rituals that can be performed to provide protection for one against intrusion by the Lizzies?

A: Rituals are self-defeating. Ritual drains directly to Lizard beings. Why do you think organized religion is obsessed with rituals?

Pure universal knowledge includes everything, and if you establish a ritual, that means you are adhering to one line of thought, one mode of thinking, one idea structure, and excluding all others. As noted, mystic traditions identify spirit with the Cosmos itself. They have no sacred traditions or priesthood. The authority to discover God is suggested to be within the power of each individual and they are encouraged to make direct and personal observations.

Q: (L) Are there any technological means we can use [for protection]?

A: The only defense needed is knowledge. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have, the less pain you have, the less stress you feel, the less anguish you feel, and the less danger you experience of any form or sort. Think of this very carefully now for this is very important: Where is there any limitation in the concept behind the word “knowledge”? Being that there is no limitation, what is the value of that word? Infinite. Can you conceive of how that one concept, that one meaning frees you from all limitation? Use your sixth sense to conceive of how the word, the term, the meaning of knowledge can provide with all that you could possibly ever need. If you think carefully you will begin to see glimpses of how this is true in its greatest possible form.

Q: (L) Does this include knowledge learned from books?

A: This includes all possible meanings of the concept of the word. Can you think of how it would be that simply with one term, this one word could carry so much meaning? … You can have glimpses of illumination and illumination comes from knowledge.

If you strive perpetually to gain and gather knowledge, you provide yourself with protection from every possible negative occurrence that could ever happen. Do you know why this is? The more knowledge you have, the more awareness you have as to how to protect yourself. Eventually this awareness becomes so powerful and so all encompassing that you do not even have to perform tasks or rituals, if you prefer, to protect yourself. The protection simply comes naturally with the awareness.

Knowledge has all substance. It goes to the core of all existence. […] It includes adding everything to one’s being that is desirable. And also, when you keep invoking the light, as you do, truly understand that the light is knowledge. That is the knowledge which is at the core of all existence. And being at the core of all existence it provides protection from every form of negativity in existence. Light is everything and everything is knowledge and knowledge is everything.

…If you simply have faith, no knowledge that you could possibly acquire could possibly be false because there is no such thing. Anyone or anything that tries to give you false knowledge, false information, will fail. The very material substance that the knowledge takes on, since it is at the root of all existence, will protect you from absorption of false information that is not knowledge. There is no need to fear the absorption of false information when you are simply openly seeking to acquire knowledge. And knowledge forms the protection — all the protection you could ever need.

Q: (L) There are an awful lot of people who are being open and trusting and having faith that are getting zapped and knocked on their rears.

A: No. That is simply your perception. What you are failing to perceive is that these people are not really gathering knowledge. These people are stuck at some point in their pathway to progress and they are undergoing a hidden manifestation of what is referred to in your terms as obsession. Obsession is not knowledge; obsession is stagnation. So, when one becomes obsessed, one actually closes off the absorption and the growth and the progress of soul development which comes with the gaining of true knowledge. For when one becomes obsessed one deteriorates the protection, therefore one is open to problems, to tragedies, to all sorts of difficulties. Therefore one experiences same.

This is why all major scientific progress has been associated with mysticism. What we call modern science was derived directly from the alchemists of the European Renaissance, such as Newton and Paracelsus who were part of the historical attitude of empirical scientific inquiry fostered by the earlier mystical traditions. Mircea Eliade writes:

Everywhere we find alchemy, it is always intimately related to a “mystical” tradition: in China with Taoism, in India with Yoga and Tantrism, in Hellenicism, and Gnosis in Egypt, in Islamic countries with hermetic and esoteric mystical schools, in the Western Middle Ages and Renaissance with Hermeticism, Christian and sectarian mysticism, and Cabala. (Eliade, 1978)

It is not just science that is the child of mysticism, but creativity in general:

The great periods of art and culture are always connected with an erotic-mystical revival. (Daniélou, 1992)

So how are we to interpret this seeming contradiction that a sensual experience led to the Fall, and yet the right hemisphere, which relates to sensual experience, seems to be the mode of consciousness that is concerned with gathering knowledge and seeing things as they are? How do we interpret the fact that the left hemisphere—patriarchal—dominator theologies point to this sexual fault repeatedly, which the Cassiopaeans have also confirmed, and then the Cassiopaeans then go on to say that this fault was the actual door for the imposition of the monotheistic left brain domination?

I think that we may find some clues in the comparison of the legend of Orion to the stories of King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail. What does Orion have to do with the Grail Quest? A great deal, I think. The similarities between the stories of Orion and Arthur, in essential terms, are many.

The Arthur of the Grail Quest is not, in a certain sense, a real flesh and blood man, but an archetypal complex of images. Arthur is other and more than the sum of his appearances in literature, and he is present in myths, stories and images that have no direct mention of him.

Arthur is present in the myths of all the sacrificial kings, dying saviors, and heroic slayers of dragons from time immemorial. His story grows with every episode we study, and after a time, we realize that Arthur himself is only a clue. He is a clue to the mythology of Fall and Redemption: The Once and Future King. He is the symbol of the lost Eden and his story has branches that reach out to embrace all the ideas of cyclical changes and power over the environment.

The Myth of the Golden Age: a period when the pole was oriented differently; when the seasons were different; the year was different — a primordial paradise where time had no meaning. Joscelyn Godwin writes:

The memory or imagination of a Golden Age seems to be a particularity of the cultures that cover the area from India to Northern Europe. In the Americas, the most fully developed mythologies of history were those of the Mayas and Aztecs, for whom there was no past era unclouded by the threat of cyclical destruction by fire of flood. Nor does the philosophy of Buddhism have any place for nostalgia, although in practice it absorbed the idea of declining ages from its Indian surroundings. But in the ancient Middle East there is an obvious relic of the Golden Age in Genesis, as the Garden of Eden where humanity walked with the gods before the Fall. The Egyptians spoke of past epochs ruled by god-kings. Babylonian mythology, as reported by Berosus, had a scheme of three ages, each lasting while the vernal equinox precessed through four signs of the zodiac; the first of these, under the dominion of Anu, was a Golden Age, ended by the Flood. The Iranian Avesta texts tell of the thousand-year Golden Reign of Yima, the first man and the first king, under whose rule cold and heat, old age, death and sickness were unknown.

The most fully developed theory of this kind, and probably the oldest one, is the Hindu doctrine of the Four Yugas. A modern scholar describes the first of these ages:

“In the first Krita Yuga, after the creation of the earth, Brahman created a thousand pairs of twins from his mouth, breast, thighs, and feet, respectively. They lived without houses; all desires that they conceived were directly fulfilled; and the earth produced of itself delicious food for them, since animals and plants were not yet in existence. Each pair of twins brought forth at the end of their life a pair exactly like them. As everybody did his duty and nothing else, there was no distinction between good and bad acts.

“After the Krita or Satya Yuga, things get progressively worse: each successive yuga sees the human race falling into increasing unhappiness and evil, until at the end of the Kali Yuga, the world is set on fire, deluged with water, and then reborn.” (Godwin, 1996)

In order to see the relation of Arthur to Orion, and their respective quests, we need to understand at the outset that stories can be translated both linguistically and culturally to provide meaning to their new owners. There is a story found in the History of Herodotus, which is an exact copy of an original tale of Indian origin except for the fact that in the original it was an animal fable and in Herodotus’ version all the characters had become human. In every other detail, the stories are identical. As R. E. Meagher, professor of humanities and translator of Greek classics remarks: “Clearly, if characters change species, they may change their names and practically anything else about themselves.”

The truth of the Holy Grail, the quest of the Arthurian knights, the finding of which would restore Arthur to the throne is the same as Orion’s quest for the cure for his blindness. Arthur represents something other than just a British Dux Bellorum; he represents a long ago Golden Age, a time of social harmony and wise government, a time of ethics and morality, a time of the way of former kings. The theme of the lost Golden Age is so potent that when Geoffrey made Arthur a sort of Messiah, combining Welsh myth and tradition with genuine history, he touched something so deep in the human psyche that the Medieval Soul took flight in hopes of the restoration of the Kingdom on Earth which could only be restored by the discovery of the Grail.

The story of the Grail is the story of the creative potential of the human race in very real, though esoteric terms — the power to re-create the Golden Age — a pathway to knowledge of an ancient technology that gave rise to the great megalithic monuments for which no rational explanation exists — a power that has been hidden from us for ages past.

In discovering the true Grail we may also find the source of the Control System that has operated on our planet for the past many thousands of years, keeping humankind in bondage to time, history, misery, decay and suffering.

We note above that the left brain rules by conceptualization, imagination, and dogma. We then note that the right brain rules by sensing, perceiving directly via observation.

When the story says that Orion raped his love, the meaning is clear: the left-brain took over the function of the right brain, which was the direct conduit to universal powers of creation within the individual. Eve consorted with the wrong side.

In the prologue to Chrétien de Troyes’ romance on Perceval, Le Conte du Graal, we are informed that there was once a paradise on Earth. There were two aspects of reality: an inner and an outer nature. Events took place not only in a real location in the material world; they also simultaneously had an existence at another level of being, a realm of archetypes. The everyday world and the twin otherworld were twin universes running parallel to one another.

In this paradise, maidens lived by sacred grottos, wells and springs. It was at these points that the two worlds were believed to meet, overlap, or bridge; that one could cross over to the other side. This is a symbol of the feminine potential, or the functions of the right hemisphere of the brain.

The Maidens of the Sacred Wells would feed wanderers and travelers from golden bowls and cups. This symbolized the creative potential of the right hemisphere, and that it was through this wellspring of creativity that one could literally create reality and all that was needed — plenitude, abundance.

The maidens served all wayfarers and the realm was at peace and fertile until one day an evil king, Amangons, ravished one of the maidens, held her in captivity and stole her sacred bowl. Amangons’ followers took example from their king and began finding and raping the well maidens. Soon, there were no maidens serving at the wells. From that time onward, earth was the wasteland. The wells and waters dried up and the land became infertile. The barren wasteland was the condition of the loss of contact with the otherworld.

Now, this happened so long ago that we can only put together what it must have been like by comparing it to other mind rapes of more recent historical times. Regina Schwartz writes in The Curse of Cain about the relationship between monotheism and violence, positing that monotheism itself is the root of violence. In her chapter on covenants, she states that collective identity, which is a result of a monotheistic covenant explicitly narrated in the Bible, is:

…An invention, a radical break with nature and with the past. A transcendent deity breaks into history with the demand that the people he constitutes obey the law he institutes, and first and foremost among those laws is the requirement that they pledge allegiance to him, and him alone. (Schwartz, 1997, p. 18)

This is what makes them a unified people as opposed to the “other” (as in all other people), which leads to violence. For the sake of these covenants, “in the “Old Testament,” vast numbers of [the “other”] are obliterated, while in the “New Testament,” vast numbers are colonized (converted)” (Schwartz, 1997, p. 19).

She also talks about the idea of the provisional nature of a covenant, and that this means that it is conditional. “Believe in me and obey me or else I will destroy you.” That’s all fine and good, and the chief thing that occurs to me is that this belief business in religions or whatever constitutes a sort of permission, if you will, to take the vengeful action if the agreement is broken. The Hebrew phrase for “he made a covenant”, is karat berit, or literally, he cut a covenant. In the covenant with Abraham in Genesis, animals are cut in two and a fire passes between them in a mysterious ritual. Then, there is the cutting of the flesh at circumcision, and the Sinai covenant where the laws were cut into stone. So, these covenants are apparently what constituted Israel as a nation. The entire foundational frame of Israel, which is the basis of Christianity, is framed by the severed pieces of animals, it seems.

In ancient Near Eastern rituals, the cut made to the animal is symbolically made to the inferior who enters into the covenant with a superior. (Schwartz, 1997, p. 22)

At the making of the Covenant at Mt. Sinai, there were a bunch of sacrificed animals. Moses took the blood and, dividing it in half, he cast one half on the altar. Taking the book of the covenant, he read it to the people, and they said, “We will observe all that Yahweh has decreed. We will obey”. And then Moses took the blood and cast it on the people saying, “This is the blood of the covenant that Yahweh has made with you containing all these rules”.

We are … heirs of a long tradition in which monotheism is regarded as the great achievement of “Judeo-Christian” thought… [M]onotheism is entangled with particularism, with the assertion that this God, and not any other gods must be worshipped, a particularism so virulent that it reduces all other gods to idols and so violent that it reduces all other worshippers to abominations. … The danger of a universal monotheism is asserting that its truth is the Truth, its system of knowledge the System of knowledge, its ethics the Ethics — not because … any other option must be rejected, but because there simply is no other option. …[They] presuppose a kind of metaphysical scarcity… a hoarding belief, hoarding allegiance, and even hoarding identity. Because there is a finite supply — of whatever — it must be either contained in whole or protected as a part. … [It] suggests limit and boundaries. (Schwartz, 1997, p. 33)

What they are doing is developing mental boundaries. They are creating an image of the world in the left hemisphere mode of thinking. It is fixed, limited, and most of all, prevents discovery, change and spiritual evolution. Worse than that, it blocks creativity in a cosmic sense; it is the desire to possess knowledge in a limited form; to own what cannot be owned and place limits on something that is in reality infinite.

The Christian church is the triumph of monotheism/left-brain domination. At that point in time, there were still adherents of the true mystical tradition, and it is very likely that Jesus was an initiate of the Grail and the only hints we can find to his true work are in the Gnostic writings and sects that continued to exist. At the very heart of Gnosticism lies an essentially feminine right brain view of the cosmos and this was the inspiration of the Cathars and alchemists.

The patriarchal priests of Rome, probably as agents of the Control System at fourth density, unleashed a horrendous persecution of the Gnostics and Cathars and any others that did not adhere to their dogma. It has been estimated that the cost of bringing Europe under the domination of Christianity was about ten million innocent lives.

By their fruits, you shall know them.

The Grail Hero, who can be anyone, is one who must discover the meeting place between the worlds where he can reestablish the links between feminine creative sovereignty and the kingship of the material realm. The loss of communion between the divine feminine rulership of the inner land and the rightful kingship of the outer realm is what we are concerned with here. The right brain rules the land or the material reality only by right of his true union with the feminine principle and championship of her freedom.

Springs and wells are symbols of the most powerful outward expression of life-giving abundance. Finding the Grail is the reestablishing of this creative power. In the Grail stories, we find that our hero, Parzival, has to go through three stages on his quest. The first is innocent and unquestioning acceptance of what others tell him. This is a state of unconsciousness of actions. The second is doubt. Parzival rebels against all he has been told because he has seen that it only causes him more trouble. The third stage is when he begins to believe in nothing but the love of a woman. This only means that he finally sees that what is natural and real is more trustworthy than a God who is an unreal, supernatural construct of the left brain. And it is at this point that magic begins to happen.

Central to the Grail legend is that renewal must be preceded by a ceremonial cleansing, a purging, rather than just a purification. There must be a radical departure from what was past. The old world dies in order for the new one to be born. The principle is “The King is dead, long live the King”.

The essential theme of the Grail, repeated in all the Celtic accounts, is that of a union of the two principles of the Goddess and the Hero King. This is the foundational condition of paradise.

But man wishes to create paradise to his own specifications which contains all the desirable elements and none of the undesirable. Yet, every time Parzival lets the reins of his horse loose and relaxes into the saddle, accepting that wherever he goes is fine, it turns out for the best. But, the moment he tries to take control and “change things”, to impose his “superior vision” upon the natural order, he promptly becomes lost in the Wasteland.

When we come to the Lovers in the Tarot, the whole underlying message of the Gnostics, the Cathars, and the Grail finally fits into place. The Lovers is the card of balance and harmony and wholeness reflected in its twin card: Temperance.

And the path to the Light in the little landscape at the bottom left of the card lies between the two peaks — Perce a Val. Parzival has remained loyal to his true love, true to the quest to find something bigger than himself and to find his way out of the habits of being unable to truly see our true predicament in life. He has trusted in the natural order of things and has learned to observe and think for himself. He has stopped dividing life into Black and White and trying to change one to the other and he has learned to accept life as a seamless whole of nature including himself as both a spiritual being and a man of flesh with a family.

The new metaphysical age in the West has become a supermarket place for spiritual wares. All seekers are desperately trying to transform themselves. Every guru, therapist and preacher tells us that with only a little more effort, sending a little more love and light, we can attain whatever particular goal we desire, be it Moksha, Liberation, return to God, Higher Consciousness, Psychic Enhancement, or Enlightenment. (Godwin, 1994)

What is wrong with efforts to send love and light, the achieving of the goals of world peace or personal prosperity? What is wrong with wanting a return to God, or higher consciousness or any of the touted experiences that are guaranteed to initiate a person to whatever they desire? The problem is anticipation. When you seek any of these things by holding the thoughts in the left-brain in anticipation of making it real, you are raping the maiden of the well.

What if you are just trying to believe it is now? Belief is a function of the left brain; it blocks the manifestation of creativity because the creative right brain is also the empirical half of the brain that observes the dichotomy between the belief and the reality.

Desire is anticipation. Anticipation is read by the right brain as in the future, therefore not right now, and the right brain can only create now. When we desire, we have a future object in mind. The right brain only knows now.

If we desire to love God, we have a concept (left brain) of the future goal of loving God. It can’t exist now. Therefore we experience struggle to constantly love God, against the ongoing now of not loving God.

If we desire to win the lottery, and produce in the left brain future image of money flowing into our life, it isn’t now. So now continues moneyless.

If we desire happiness, and create the concept in the left brain, we have future happiness in mind. And the right brain reads it as unhappiness now, and this can manifest in thousands of unhappy experiences.

By the same token, if we send love and light to any directed recipient, we are holding a concept of future fixing that signals a state of brokenness now to our right brain, and the repercussions are felt in our life. In a larger sense, we may be signaling the collective right brain that a future state of peace is desired, and therefore, now is not peaceful. And so the right brain creates now. The perception of linear time constantly projects rewards into the future, blocking access to the present, like a donkey chasing a carrot for all eternity.

Q: (L) If someone wanted to win the lottery, for example, what would be the correct approach? What should they do, or be, or think, or say?

A: Completely pure intent, i.e., open. Nonanticipatory.

Q: (L) Anticipation constricts the channels of creativity?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) A person has to be completely uncaring whether they get it or not, so to speak?

A: Happy-go-lucky attitude helps.

Q: (L) So, worry, tension, anticipation, and attachment to the idea, we constricts the flow?

A: Yes.

But you noticed, I hope, that intent is not considered to be anticipation or desire. The words themselves may provide a clue.

Anticipate: ante — before + capare — to take. To look forward to; to expect; to make happen earlier, precipitate; to foresee and perform in advance, etc.

We see clearly the connection between anticipation and time.

Intent: firmly directed or fixed; having the mind or attention firmly directed or fixed; engrossed; strongly resolved; a purpose or objective; will and determination at the time of performing an act.

Do we see a subtle difference? Even if it is somewhat semantically, it is sufficient to make us think about how to deal with our creative potential.

Of course, we see that completely pure intent is a pretty tall order. Thus we see that the key becomes acting now with intent, but no imaginary anticipation for the future. A goal, with applied will of action, which necessitates left brain conscious preparing and planning, via the heightened awareness of the right brain, which deals directly with the present conditions, will result in an opening of life changing creative potential.

Q: (L) Okay, we’ve been talking earlier this evening about intent, and of course, our own experiences with intent have really been pretty phenomenal. We’ve come to some kind of an idea that intent, when confirmed repeatedly, actually builds force. Is this a correct concept, and is there anything that you can add to it?

A: Only until anticipation muddies the picture… tricky one, huh?

Q: (L) Is anticipation the act of assuming you know how something is going to happen?

A: Follows realization, generally, and unfortunately for you, on 3rd density. You see, once anticipation enters the picture, the intent can no longer be STO.

Q: (L) Anticipation is desire for something for self. Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, so it’s okay to intend something, or to think in an intentional way, or to hope in an intentional way, for something that is to serve another…

A: And that brings realization. But, realization creates anticipation.

Q: (L) Well, how do we navigate this razor? I mean, this is like walking on a razor’s edge. To control your mind to not anticipate, and yet, deal with realization, and yet, still maintain hope…

A: Mental exercises of denial, balanced with pure faith of a nonprejudicial kind.

Q: (L) Okay, so, in other words, to just accept what is at the moment, appreciate it as it is at the moment, and have faith that the universe and things will happen the way they are supposed to happen, without placing any expectation on how that will be, and keep on working?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) We have discussed a lot of concepts about shaping the future. In our discussions, we have hypothesized that it is something like an intentional act of shaping something good, but without defining the moment of measurement. In other words, adding energy to it by intent, but not deciding where, when or how the moment of measurement occurs. Like a quantum jump: you know it is statistically likely, but not definite, so you cannot expect it, but you observe so that you can notice when it occurs on it’s own, and in it’s own way.

A: Yes. Avoiding anticipation. That is the key to shaping the future… When it hits you, it stops.

Q: (L) When what hits you? The fact that it’s happening? That you are doing it?

A: Yes unless you cancel out all anticipation.

Q: (L) Well, this is very tricky.

A: Ah? We have doubts… And yes, you create your own reality!

Q: (L) Well, but you have also said that anticipation messes things up, and so I don’t want to have any anticipation.

A: Anticipation is not creating one’s own reality.

If non-anticipation opens the door to the creativity of the universe, what closes the door to negative occurrences? Can it be that we have a clue here as well?

Cassiopaeans: “Just remember that anticipation is the “mother of preparation”, and defense.

Lesson number 1: always expect attack.

Lesson number 2: know the modes of same.

Lesson number 3: know how to counteract same.

When you are under attack, expect the unexpected, if it is going to cause problems…

But, if you expect it, you learn how to “head it off”, thus neutralizing it. This is called vigilance, which is rooted in knowledge. Knowledge protects.”

So, it seems that the answer to this part of the problem is that when we are connected to the Cosmos via the right brain, and are not blocking the ability of our Cosmic Connection by limiting the forces with boundary forming imagination or images or illusory concepts, we allow the perfect manifestation of our own frequency resonance to occur. By the same token, when necessary, we can close the door to manipulation of our minds by constantly running a sort of computer scan of possible breaches of our security system in the left brain. We must marry the left brain kingship of the material world to the right brain queen of the inner realm.

Yet, it was only when Parzival rejected all of the advice, the exhortations, when he quit seeking to be a great knight on a sacred quest to save the world; only when he rejected God as the pure and good all-father that … it found him.

What is the wasteland? That we cannot accept the world and all within it, including ourselves, as being perfectly natural and perfect just the way it is — with all the good and evil it contains as part of the natural and necessary balance — the whole of existence is natural and as it should be at every moment. When you accept that all is perfect, when you cease holding God hostage by usurping the power of the right brain feminine principle with the images in your left brain, then the world will be perfect and fertile and you will heal the wound of the wasteland in your own heart.

If only we can act spontaneously, without being programmed into someone else’s belief system, we can ask the real question of ourselves; ask with no preconceived notion of what the answer will be; ask with no anticipation.

Then, miraculously, for one moment the vessel of the Grail is empty… and in the next it is filled with the wonder and glory of all and everything.

The Spirit of the Valley never dies. It is called the Mystic Female. The Door of the Mystic Female is the root of Heaven and Earth. (Lao Tzu)

And the Mystic Female is the infinite Sea of potential. It is God in the not aspect that only can be when expectations, anticipations, assumptions and obsessions are completely left at the door.

Negative existence is the silence behind the sound, the blank canvas beneath the painting, the darkness into which light shines. Emptiness is the stillness against which time moves. Negative existence enables a man to be what he is. It is the mirror of mirrors. Non-anticipation is noninterference, and allows the most perfect reflection of creation. (Lao Tzu)