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The Wave Chapter 27: Stripped to the Bone The Shamanic Initiation Of The Knighted Ones: Technicians of Ecstasy

Stripped to the Bone
The Shamanic Initiation
Of The Knighted Ones:
Technicians of Ecstasy

It may seem to you, the reader of these pages, that I have been hitting very hard on the concept that man is asleep and it is almost impossible to awaken. For some of you, this may evoke a sense of despair, or helplessness. Some of you feel confident that Love is the answer, and that everyone will be saved (which is to assume that somebody is damned) if they just have love, so we needn’t worry about it anyway. Others very likely will outright reject such an idea. Some of you are definitely certain that you are not asleep.

In a general sense, to almost everyone and including yours truly, the very idea of time traveling, mind marauding, hyperdimensional beings with full power to create and maintain a reality of illusion and restriction in which we are confined like sheep, waiting daily to see which of our number will be taken for their wool, skins, or flesh, is so horrifying a concept that accepting it as a real possibility is tantamount to being stripped of all hopes, dreams and comfort.

Like many of you, I began this work full of frustration with teachings that don’t work or don’t make sense when compared with honest observation of reality and experience. There was such a labyrinth of contradictions everywhere I searched, and I knew it was necessary to go beyond everything hitherto known or tried. I did have the idea that this knowledge had been available in ancient times, judging by the evidence of the megaliths and other incomprehensible structures all over the globe, but whether or not it would be possible to rediscover this path was uncertain.

It was very clear that there was a serious discrepancy between the observable reality and some deeper reality from which, presumably, ours derives something of its form and structure, but I knew there was something that separated “us” from “them”. Also, when searching for answers, it always ended in a maze of insupportable assumptions and irreconcilable facts. Yes, to all of you who have written to ask me if I have checked “this” source or “that” source, it is very likely I have, and more. And I repeat, when you read all of them, you find, as Blaise Pascal said:

I reject equally the religion of Mahomet, of the Chinese, of the Romans, and of the Egyptians, for this simple reason that since one has no greater marks of truth than another, my reason cannot be disposed to receive any one in preference to the rest. (Pensées, Chapter XI)

You can add a hundred other sources to Pascal’s list on my behalf. They all end in a maze of assumptions and irreconcilable “facts”.

But when the Cassiopaeans began to communicate, to say things that did explain the problems I was finding in science, religion and philosophy, and those things they told us were not part of my expectations, I became furious and railed at such a bleak picture of our existence.

I had already gone through some of this process in earlier years while reading Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, but I found that what the Cassiopaeans were saying was far more dispiriting than I was prepared to receive.

I rejected ideas that suggested our fairy tale beliefs just might be imposed on us to keep us asleep and unaware because I didn’t like them either. As time went by and evidence from other sources mounted, I raged at lessons that drove home these points in my personal life; and I have wept oceans for the loss of my innocence. So, believe me when I say to those of you who write to me struggling to grasp this, trying to reason and rationalize some way to hang on to the old, false belief systems — I do understand!

But, when all is said and done, I think I wept even more for all the years wasted in stupidity and blindness. After a time, I realized that we are only stupid and blind exactly as long as we need to be stupid and blind, and not one second longer. I am enormously grateful for all those experiences because they did teach me in a very deep way.

Now, a curious thing about the teachings of both Gurdjieff and Castaneda, both of which claim that man is food for something “other”, is the lack of really specific information about this other. Yes, Castaneda goes further than Gurdjieff in telling us some of the history of the flyer, or the Predator, but it is still somewhat vague and amorphous.

We have often speculated as to whether Gurdjieff knew the truth the way the Cassiopaeans have explicated it and just simply could not bring himself to tell anyone; or if he did tell some of his students, was this something that only those on the inside knew, and held back?

My husband, Ark, met with Henri Tracol, one of Gurdjieff’s students, in Marseilles back in July of 1986. It was a brief meeting in an airport restaurant, lasting about two hours at most. His interest was in determining if joining with such a school as the Gurdjieff Foundation in Paris would be helpful to his own awakening. He asked many questions, most particularly relating to this idea of “being eaten” by “something”. His assessment (which is highly developed from many years as both a scientist and an instructor) of Mr. Tracol’s reaction to this question was that the man was afraid to answer.

As he recalls it, Mr. Tracol glanced about nervously as though he might be overheard, though there was clearly no one to overhear, and made a somewhat vague allusion to “interdimensional beings”.

Since it is over 15 years since this meeting, it is hard for Ark to remember exactly what was said, but the entries in his journal in the days the following the meeting reflect his state of mind at the time:

Marseilles, July 21, 1986

I am an energy transformer and a converter. That is the essence of my existence. That is my only possible goal. I can choose to serve this goal or not. I can serve only as an energy transformer. So it seems to not make much difference what I do. The result will be the same.

Or, I can serve as a channel. This is the choice between self-will and discipline. What “I” do, that is “I-Personality”, is self-will. What acts through me is not self-will. Thus I wish to allow, “that which can act through me” that is not self-will. For this end I need to eliminate self-will. But, God forbid, not to eliminate control!

So I wish to eliminate self-will. I wish to eliminate identification. Eliminating identification is most important. I wish to self-remember. I wish to plan to account for each and every hour. I wish to get rid of my hump. To cease being a camel.

How? Through elimination of identification. I want to listen. And to consider internally.

July 23, 1986

All this world is vanity. A vanity which will pass. The sky will pass, earth will pass, trees will pass, and people will pass too. Human aspirations will pass. Science will pass. All that keeps me together — will pass. A goal — at this level — does not exist. To set a goal — at this level — is to lie to oneself.

Humanity, truth, knowledge — these are empty words. Words surrounded by suffering which is meaningless. When I say I want to “help humanity” — these are empty words. When I say “science”, “knowledge”, “truth”, “cognizance” — these are phantom words.

I am an energy transformer, and I need to serve as such. And that is what I can do.

Where is the way out?

Nothing will remain of what I am doing. I might as well not exist at all. To think that I am “different”? That I am “exceptional”? That I can accomplish things that no one has succeeded in accomplishing — but I will because I will have the luck? Oh Lord, that it is possible to believe these vain illusions! I will die and nothing will be left. Nothing will succeed. Nothing will remain. No goal will be reached. Only one goal seems possible — that when the end is near, suffering will be so great that I will pass with relief.

Where is the way out? What purpose do humans serve? This is an experiment! What originates in me does not count. The only thing I can do is to allow something more powerful to speak through me. To allow something more knowledgeable to talk to me and through me. To allow something more powerful to act through me. To allow something more powerful to use me. I am just a shell, I am a machine. I am a device. I am a means to an end. I am a possibility for something more powerful to be in me and to act through me. I am a place that waits to be filled. I am a carriage without a driver and without a master. True, there is brain, there are body members, there are senses. But I am just a carriage. With no driver and no master. A personality that pretends to have rights. Which play the roles — sometimes of a driver, sometimes of a master — which says “I” continuously. Yet I am just a carriage, which goes nowhere, and is doomed to crash in some ditch.

My aspirations, my ambitions, my wants — all these belong to an empty carriage and horse that is left without control. All that I am doing means nothing. All that I am doing is personality. And that comes from personality is ballast. All that comes from personality is a camel’s hump.

How to pass through a needle’s eye while carrying a hump? Personality must be left aside. Aspirations and whims — that is not me. Blessed are those who are meek. To be meek — that is what I need. Nonattachment. Eliminating unnecessary things. And also being conscious of the fact that every moment is a branching of the universe.

So, this was the state of mind produced by a single two-hour talk with Henri Tracol.

But what is it that “acts through” or controls humankind or creates the conditions of this sleep as Gurdjieff taught? Ark and I have discussed this, combing through the available resources, trying to determine if this was one of the big secrets of the Gurdjieff work, but with little result.

At the same time, I have long pondered the possible true teachings of Jesus. What we know, factually, from the available ancient documents that are generally assessed to be contemporary with the time of early Christianity, is that the Romans and about everyone else in the Pagan world considered Christianity to be an “abominable superstition”.

This is actually an astonishing statement. When you consider this fact alongside Christianity, as we know it today, it makes absolutely no sense. Christianity as it is today is simply a conglomeration of archaic religious beliefs and rites that are fundamentally no different from the cultic religions of the Pagans of the time. The crucified and resurrected savior god was pretty standard. And most of the teachings from the New Testament are just plagiarized versions of what was accepted by the Romans and their subjects as “normal”.

In fact, if you think about this period of time and what was believed and practiced, including haruspicy, which was the going thing at the time, and involved killing an animal and reading the omens from its liver, you have to think that for these people to call something an abominable superstition, it must have been pretty bizarre. And yet, nothing remains of Christianity that could be considered by the ancient Romans as superstition because it is exactly what they did believe and practice in their various cults.

So, we have a real problem here in figuring out just what these ancient peoples would have considered an abominable superstition, and the only thing that fits the definition is the teaching that man is food for hyperdimensional beings. That is pretty objectionable at any time in history!

If the early Christians were talking this way, we can easily see why the Romans, who had inherited or subsumed the Greek ideas of the heavenly pantheon, would consider this to be utterly barbaric. And, if this is what Jesus understood and expounded to his disciples in private, it is no wonder that the forces came along and completely obliterated any trace of the original teaching, replacing it with the standard Pagan rites and ceremonies and beliefs. And, if I am on the right track with this, it certainly gives new meaning to the statement: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!”

If it is true that humans are being bred and raised like cattle in a global stockyard and fed upon both psychically and sometimes even physically, we have a truly serious situation going on here, to put it mildly. As I have explained before, I have never seen a Lizzie except in dreamlike states or almost hypnopompic semi-sleep states. So, when the Cassiopaeans began to talk about them, it was truly Twilight Zone time, in my opinion!

I have also stated that, whenever the Cassiopaeans tell us anything, I work very hard to discover if there is any form of what I call vertical or lateral corroboration. Vertical data is that which is located in history at any point different from the present. Lateral data consists of collecting reports, witness information, and other data that amounts to circumstantial evidence from the present time. It is always better if the two types of data cross or intersect, but it is still not the same as having a smoking gun. When you are dealing with hyperdimensional realities, smoking guns are unlikely to be found.

In the case of the idea of man being food for hyperdimensional beings, there is an enormous amount of both vertical and lateral corroboration of all kinds. So much so that, in fact, it is almost impossible to understand why it is not generally known. Clearly, there have been deliberate efforts to hide this fact, and the fact that it is hidden may itself tell us something.

The point is, when don Juan and Gurdjieff and the Cassiopaeans and others tell us that our religions, our social structure, our values, our beliefs about our spiritual nature and condition have been deliberately created to perpetuate the illusion that we are free; that we are (or can be) “special and adored children of a loving God”; that we are or can be co-creators with God, that we can do anything at all of a positive and powerful nature, we need to carefully examine this issue.

It is work to examine it objectively, hard work, because it consists of long and difficult self-examination in order to be able to overcome the emotions that prevent us from discovering what illusions we are hanging onto, what illusions are preventing us from seeing and acting in such a way as to become free.

And yet, we can see that something is evolving here. With the maturation of the group mind, the stakes get higher and the deceptions deeper!

For many centuries, millennia even, simplistic religions and social dynamics were dominant over most of the world. This was possible because even when there was an intrusion by one of these hyperdimensional beings into our reality, when they did drop in for dinner, so to speak, it was easy to conceal because of the lack of communication between tribes and peoples.

When we sit in our comfortable homes and look at our reality, including that which is outside our windows, we see a stable front. Cars pass on the street, taking people to and from their homes in their varied daily activities; the sun shines; children pass by, talking and laughing. Everyone is involved in their life in an immediate and identified way, believing that this life they are involved in is what is.

But, once in a while, something bizarre happens to someone and they struggle to deal with this anomaly in the space-time continuum. Usually, it is sufficiently minor that they can dampen it and forget about it, which they must, because it is too aberrant in the normal accepted course of events. It must be shoved under the rug.

Once in awhile, bigger things happen in the reality — evidence of the hyperdimensional control system intrudes, or the screen breaks down in some way — and it becomes news and gets reported. Charles Fort spent many years collecting these types of things from the newspapers and magazines all over the world.

When this happens, the accepted belief system hurries to damp down the item so that everyone can go along in their respective and collective illusions. Since the events are localized, it is easy to cover it up. And, in the past, this was a lot easier than it is today.

When you read the collected information of Charles Fort, you see that the alien reality that is so widely reported today was just as active then as it is now. In fact, you see that it may even be somewhat cyclical. Just as we have cycles of food production, planting, growing and harvesting, so may hyperdimensional beings harvest us according to some “seasonal” rule.

In any event, before people began to become literate it was a lot easier to keep the lid on the matter. Then, books, papers and magazines were published and distributed. Travel became easier and information from around the world about these odd intrusions into our reality could be collected, giving an overall pattern that something was not right.

Before Charles Fort, there were a few people who already smelled a rat, but Mr. Fort kindly shoved it right under our noses and the reaction has been quite interesting. The cover-up machine went into full operation through the most effective vectors of mainstream science and religion.

But, the rat had been smelled and some people couldn’t just shove it back under the rug. The stench kept wafting in the open window. And so, certain people began to start searching for the source of this stinky rat. They began to gather knowledge and information.

We can even note how the cover-up machine began to do this damage control. When you study the history of social and religious movement and change, you can see the control system morphing with every discovery or realization made by human beings. As they outgrew the old religions, the simplistic explanations, new religions were put in place. At exactly the right time — the period of scientific expansion and growing knowledge of the nature of reality that brought the old religious views into serious question — the whole spiritualist movement began, leading to channeled information that was designed to patch up the holes in the control net. Newer and more elaborate explanations of the higher realms came into our reality. With each new question, the control system had a new answer to help everybody calm down, relax, and stop asking questions.

At the present time, this is even more amazingly evident. A few years ago, when we first began sharing the Cassiopaean information, many of the issues we dealt with were not even addressed by these other sources. But, with everything we release, the other side brings some new candidate forward with new explanations to patch the holes we are tearing in the fabric of their reality. And, of course, since Ark is a physicist with degrees beyond Ph.D., some of these new sources are becoming more educated and articulate as if to counterbalance and damp down what we are presenting here.

For me, the idea of connecting the dots has always consisted of using everything available to me in terms of peeling that blasted onion right down to the center. If I have to spend weeks buried in books about genetics to verify or disprove something the Cassiopaeans have said, I will do it. Not only that, I will write to known experts in the field using my husband’s cachet in the scientific world to get in the door and get the latest, most up-to-date inside information so that I can be sure what I am sharing is as accurate and balanced as I can make it.

Over and over again I come to the idea that all of these things were known long ago, and that we were sent a message in a bottle so to say, in the form of myths and archaic practices that were drilled into the participants who have long since forgotten the meaning.

Of course, it does seem that many of the ancient schools and mystical paths kept some of this information intact. But, for the most part, even that was faded on the page due to the long period of time since such things were known and acknowledged. Even then, there are those who have seen the contradictions in our reality and our beliefs and who have sought in these ancient teachings to discover what might be known. And many of them have made discoveries that, when considered with information from many other fields, assists us in this essential discovery of our true condition and purpose.

Gurdjieff was one of these.

And so, because he did it, he made it possible for others to do it.

Even though it seems that each person who makes progress in this discovery gets damped down or obfuscated by their followers, each person who blazes a trail makes it easier for the next traveler to follow in their footsteps. Of course, each trailblazer is in the position of having to cut and slash their way through the thickest and most dangerous jungle surrounding the truth, and this takes them only so far. But, having arrived at a new vantage point through this great effort, they can see more of what is ahead, in the center. Perhaps they can only get glimpses, but these glimpses at least assure them that they are on the right track. On the other hand, they may even see the whole picture and, in keeping with the maturity of the group mind in their time period, attempt to express the revelation in terms understandable to that generation.

Gurdjieff’s teachings became known as the Fourth Way as opposed to the three ways that had existed within and utilized the very religious and social structures in place to keep us imprisoned. This is what Gurdjieff meant when he said that many are hypnotized into believing they are men or magicians. The problem with these three ways, as we have already discussed, is that they concentrate on only one of the three centers in man: bodily discipline, mental development or the way of the heart — love. Gurdjieff’s way incorporated all of these through a form of conscious labor and intentional suffering.

What did Gurdjieff mean by these things? No two of his students have given the same answer. The only thing we can think about this fact is that the understanding of his students was based upon their effort, experience and level of being.

Conscious labor quite obviously does not refer to digging ditches or breaking rocks, though it could. It refers to efforts we are not accustomed to making in our ordinary lives. Intentional suffering obviously cannot be present if a person is asleep because it depends on conscience and, according to Gurdjieff, until an individual is awake, they are neither conscious nor do they have a real conscience. For Gurdjieff, conscience and consciousness cannot be separated.

There are now many Fourth Way methods scattered around the world, all of them partial and incomplete, it seems. But, the point is: Gurdjieff made a big step, he cut away a great deal of the obstructions in the path of finding ways to bring the technology back to the awareness of the group mind, and because he did, those who came after him were able to go even further in this effort.

Unfortunately, the Control System immediately put damage control into operation to patch the holes of revelation, and fences of secrecy and restriction were erected so that if anybody in the organization had the deeper knowledge, it became so hidden that it was likely the process of distortion and corruption would proceed on its normal course there as well.

Even so, we have to see each of these things as steps. We can’t leave out Sufism, Alchemy, Catharism, and other persecuted systems of knowledge that were the stepping-stones before Gurdjieff. By looking at the overall picture, we can pretty safely say that when a revelation is seen to be useful, that it helps the people who are involved in it to lead fuller, more meaningful lives, the powers that be will immediately go into overdrive to destroy or conceal it. And, if they cannot do that, they will ensure that it is distorted and corrupted by putting their own agents in place on the inside to see the job done. Witness the development of Christianity via the Catholic Church.

Yes, Gurdjieff may have achieved the level of a true sage himself, leaving us a legacy of process and application, but our job at present is to go further. And, as we do, we must expect a continuous effort to counteract, to obfuscate, to corrupt and co-opt the concepts from all quarters. Gurdjieff addressed these very problems:

“The humanity to which we belong, namely, the whole of historic and prehistoric humanity known to science and civilization, in reality constitutes only the outer circle of humanity, within which there are several other circles…

“The inner circle is called the ‘esoteric’; this circle consists of people who have attained the highest development possible for man, each one of whom possesses individuality in the fullest degree, that is to say, an indivisible ‘I’, all forms of consciousness possible for man, full control over these states of consciousness, the whole of knowledge possible for man, and a free and independent will.

“They cannot perform actions opposed to their understanding or have an understanding which is not expressed by actions.

At the same time there can be no discords among them, no differences of understanding. Therefore their activity is entirely coordinated and leads to one common aim without any kind of compulsion because it is based upon a common and identical understanding.

“The next circle is called the ‘mesoteric’, that is to say, the middle.

“People who belong to this circle possess all the qualities possessed by the members of the esoteric circle with the sole difference that their knowledge is of a more theoretical character.

“This refers, of course, to knowledge of a cosmic character. They know and understand many things which have not yet found expression in their actions. They know more than they do. But their understanding is precisely as exact as, and therefore precisely identical with, the understanding of the people of the esoteric circle.

“Between them there can be no discord, there can be no misunderstanding. One understands in the way they all understand, and all understand in the way one understands. But as was said before, this understanding compared with the understanding of the esoteric circle is somewhat more theoretical.

“The third circle is called the ‘exoteric’, that is, the outer, because it is the outer circle of the inner part of humanity.

“The people who belong to this circle possess much of that which belongs to people of the esoteric and mesoteric circles but their cosmic knowledge is of a more philosophical character, that is to say, it is more abstract than the knowledge of the mesoteric circle.

“A member of the mesoteric circle calculates, a member of the exoteric circle contemplates. Their understanding may not be expressed in actions. But there cannot be differences in understanding between them. What one understands all the others understand.

“In literature which acknowledges the existence of esotericism humanity is usually divided into two circles only and the ‘exoteric circle’ as opposed to the ‘esoteric’, is called ordinary life.

“In reality, as we see, the ‘exoteric circle’ is something very far from us and very high. For ordinary man this is already ‘esotericism’.

“‘The outer circle’ is the circle of mechanical humanity to which we belong and which alone we know.

“The first sign of this circle is that among people who belong to it there is not and there cannot be a common understanding. Everybody understands in his own way and all differently.

“This circle is sometimes called the circle of the ‘confusion of tongues’, that is, the circle in which each one speaks in his own particular language, where no one understands another and takes no trouble to be understood.

“In this circle mutual understanding between people is impossible excepting in rare exceptional moments or in matters having no great significance, and which are confined to the limits of the given being.

“If people belonging to this circle become conscious of this general lack of understanding and acquire a desire to understand and to be understood, then it means they have an unconscious tendency towards the inner circle because mutual understanding begins only in the exoteric circle and is possible only there.

“But the consciousness of the lack of understanding usually comes to people in an altogether different form.

“So that the possibility for people to understand depends on the possibility of penetrating into the exoteric circle where understanding begins.

“If we imagine humanity in the form of four concentric circles we can imagine four gates on the circumference of the third inner circle, that is, the exoteric circle, through which people of the mechanical circle can penetrate.

“These four gates correspond to the four ways described before.

“The first way is the way of the fakir, the way of people number one, of people of the physical body, instinctive-moving-sensory people without much mind and without much heart.

“The second way is the way of the monk, the religious way, the way of people number two, that is, of emotional people. The mind and the body should not be too strong.

“The third way is the way of the yogi. This is the way of the mind, the way of people number three. The heart and the body must not be particularly strong, otherwise they may be a hindrance on this way.

“Besides these three ways yet a fourth way exists by which can go those who cannot go by any of the first three ways.

“The fundamental difference between the first three ways, that is, the way of the fakir, the way of the monk, and the way of the yogi, and the fourth way consists in the fact that they are tied to permanent forms which have existed throughout long periods of history almost without change. At the basis of these institutions is religion. Where schools of yogis exist they differ little outwardly from religious schools. And in dif­ferent periods of history various societies or orders of fakirs have existed in different countries and they still exist. These three traditional ways are permanent ways within the limits of our historical period.

“Two or three thousand years ago there were yet other ways which no longer exist and the ways now in existence were not so divided, they stood much closer to one another.

“The fourth way differs from the old and the new ways by the fact that it is never a permanent way. It has no definite forms and there are no institutions connected with it. It appears and disappears governed by some particular laws of its own.1

“The fourth way is never without some work of a definite significance, is never without some undertaking around which and in connection with which it can alone exist.

“When this work is finished, that is to say, when the aim set before it has been accomplished, the fourth way disappears, that is, it disappears from the given place, disappears in its given form, continuing perhaps in another place in another form.

“Schools of the fourth way exist for the needs of the work which is being carried out in connection with the proposed undertaking. They never exist by themselves as schools for the purpose of education and instruction.

“Mechanical help cannot be required in any work of the fourth way. Only conscious work can be useful in all the undertakings of the fourth way. Mechanical man cannot give conscious work so that the first task of the people who begin such a work is to create conscious assistants.

“The work itself of schools of the fourth way can have very many forms and many meanings. In the midst of the ordinary conditions of life the only chance a man has of finding a ‘way’ is in the possibility of meeting with the beginning of work of this kind. But the chance of meeting with such work as well as the possibility of profiting by this chance depends upon many circumstances and conditions.

“The quicker a man grasps the aim of the work which is being executed, the quicker can he become useful to it and the more will he be able to get from it for himself.

“But no matter what the fundamental aim of the work is, the schools continue to exist only while this work is going on. When the work is done the schools close. The people who began the work leave the stage. Those who have learned from them what was possible to learn and have reached the possibility of continuing on the way independently begin in one form or another their own personal work.

“But it happens sometimes that when the school closes a number of people are left who were round about the work, who saw the outward aspect of it, and saw the whole of the work in this outward aspect.

“Having no doubts whatever of themselves or in the correctness of their conclusions and understanding they decide to continue the work. To continue this work they form new schools, teach people what they have themselves learned, and give them the same promises that they themselves received. All this naturally can only be outward imitation.2

“But when we look back on history it is almost impossible for us to distinguish where the real ends and where the imitation begins. Strictly speaking almost everything we know about various kinds of occult, masonic, and alchemical schools refers to such imitation. We know practically nothing about real schools excepting the results of their work and even that only if we are able to distinguish the results of real work from counterfeits and imitations.

“But such pseudo-esoteric systems also play their part in the work and activities of esoteric circles. Namely, they are the intermediaries between humanity which is entirely immersed in the materialistic life and schools which are interested in the education of a certain number of people, as much for the purposes of their own existences as for the purposes of the work of a cosmic character which they may be carrying out. The very idea of esotericism, the idea of initiation, reaches people in most cases through pseudo-esoteric systems and schools; and if there were not these pseudo-esoteric schools the vast majority of humanity would have no possibility whatever of hearing and learning of the existence of anything greater than life because the truth in its pure form would be inaccessible for them.

“By reason of the many characteristics of man’s being, particularly of the contemporary being, truth can only come to people in the form of a lie — only in this form are they able to accept it; only in this form are they able to digest and assimilate it. Truth undefiled would be, for them, indigestible food.

“Besides, a grain of truth in an unaltered form is sometimes found in pseudo­esoteric movements, in church religions, in occult and theosophical schools. It may be preserved in their writings, their rituals, their traditions, their conceptions of the hierarchy, their dogmas, and their rules. (Ouspensky, 1949)

As I hinted in the previous chapter, circumstantial evidence points to the existence of a secret fraternity unknown in its entirety to the human race. Other so-called “secret” groups (Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Modern day Templars, Priory of Zion, etc.) are generally red herrings to distract and divert the seeker. Gurdjieff points out that these groups do serve a useful function because the very idea of esotericism reaches people through the pseudo-esoteric systems that such groups promote. And so it is that I say most if not all of the great religions of antiquity were symbolic representations of the alchemical work.

During the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries a considerable number of alchemical adepts traveled around Europe, appearing and disappearing at will. According to tradition, these adepts were immortal and kept themselves alive by means of the Elixir of Life, which was one of the goals of alchemy. That such mysterious men did exist there can be little doubt, as their presence is attested to by scores of reliable witnesses.

This brings us to the most interesting remark that Gurdjieff made above about the inner circle:

The inner circle … consists of people who have attained the highest development possible for man, each one of whom possesses individuality in the fullest degree, that is to say, an indivisible ‘I’, all forms of consciousness possible for man, full control over these states of consciousness, the whole of knowledge possible for man, and a free and independent will. They cannot perform actions opposed to their understanding or have an understanding which is not expressed by actions. At the same time there can be no discords among them, no differences of understanding. Therefore their activity is entirely coordinated and leads to one common aim without any kind of compulsion because it is based upon a common and identical understanding. (Ouspensky, 1949)

And we are reminded again of the alchemical maxim, “Like attracts like”.

When a candidate has developed virtue and integrity acceptable to the adepts, they will appear to him and reveal those parts of the secret processes which cannot be discovered without such help. Those who cannot progress to a certain point with their own intelligence are not qualified to be entrusted with the secrets which can subject to their will the elemental forces of Nature.

So, certainly some process must be followed to achieve the requisite level for attracting help.

When we dig as deeply into all of these matters as possible, over and over again we come upon the idea that self-knowledge is the key. It is not the end, but it is the means; the first stage in self-development and the beginning of awakening from sleep is to be able to know the self in an objective way so that the Predator’s mind can be controlled. Note very clearly that I say controlled and not merged.

Gurdjieff said that we have many “I’s” and at the same time, we have an animal and a spiritual nature. Self-observation and other disciplined efforts were taught as the means of crystallization of a single I. William Baldwin thought that the real source of these many “I’s” was the spirit attachment problem. In working with this, he found that his techniques could assist the person in eliminating this barrier manifesting the true self, in the effort to grow the will.

The downside of it is the failure to encourage the assimilation of other knowledge as a means of having a context in which to place the discoveries that the self makes in the processes.

But what good is this knowledge when it seems that all the Cassiopaeans have to say is that we are helpless in the face of so great a deception? The fact is, they have said or suggested a lot more than that. More importantly, if we understand the Cassiopaean communication properly, we see that it is truly a Fourth Way work, and that the Cassiopaeans are the teachers who appeared to reveal the parts of the secret processes that could not be discovered without help.

What is that big secret?

Gurdjieff refers to the evil magicians. The alchemists said the same thing. Eugene Canseliet, in his preface to the second edition of Fulcanelli’s Dwellings of the Philosophers, writes:

Philippe de Mallery engraved with a delicate touch: ‘Image of the World, in which Calamities and Perils are emblematically presented along with the opposition in feeling between the Love of God and that of man.’

The first emblem straightforwardly points to the original, if not unique, source of all ills of our Humanity. It is also underlined by the Latin inscription which, in the parenthesis, is another pun of phonetic cabala: ‘Totus mundus in maligno positus est’; the whole world is established inside of the devil. (Fulcanelli, 1999)

What is this world inside the devil? It is the world of lies and confusion:

“‘The outer circle’ is the circle of mechanical humanity to which we belong and which alone we know.

“The first sign of this circle is that among people who belong to it there is not and there cannot be a common understanding. Everybody understands in his own way and all differently.

“This circle is sometimes called the circle of the ‘confusion of tongues’, that is, the circle in which each one speaks in his own particular language, where no one understands another and takes no trouble to be understood.

“In this circle mutual understanding between people is impossible excepting in rare exceptional moments or in matters having no great significance, and which are confined to the limits of the given being. (Ouspensky, 1949)

To many of you, it may seem that the Cassiopaeans offer nothing but repeated statements that we are “damned no matter what we do”, as one correspondent suggested. But, that is not entirely the case. Yes, it is true that up to this point I have presented mostly the information that relates to these matters, attempting to penetrate and tear the veils of illusion under which humankind has been hidden from his higher nature or potential. But this has only been done with the intention of having a relatively clear view of what possibilities of doing we may actually have. Actually, I have been trying to accomplish something else, something deep and essential. For those who are asking, I have been trying to help you find your free will.

The point is, I am trying to shock you. I am trying to make you think about things in new ways. I am trying to get you to look at yourself, study yourself, discover your illusions and then apply yourself to becoming free of them. If humankind has any hope of surviving, it will have to have a major change of mind, or metanoia, which is incorrectly translated in the New Testament as repentance. For a change of mind to even be possible, it has to know itself.

And this brings us to that all-important remark made by a member of our group, TR:

What we have been told … is that this universe was created as a Free Will Universe. It was created specifically to allow all souls to do whatever they wish to do; they have complete choice about what they wish to do. The Grays, the Lizards, whoever they are who abduct and put implants in people, have the right to do that because it’s their free will to come here and do that to us. And, they have the right to tell us whatever they want to tell us to rationalize their behavior. Our right is to not believe what abducting entities tell us. We have free will to believe or not believe them. If they tell us in one lifetime that they have the right to do this to us, and we choose to believe them then, and then, in this lifetime, they try the same tricks and we choose not to believe them, in each case, we are exercising our free will and so are they. This is a Free Will universe. We can change our mind. They are trying to convince us that we have no choice in that, whether we believe them or not is our choice.

In the view of the monotheistic religions, as expounded by Aquinas and Descartes, free will involves the power of the will to choose or not to choose. That is, we are free insofar as we can choose among alternatives as being either good or evil.

In other words, you can choose good, or not. And if you do not choose what is presented to you as good, you have by default chosen evil. There is only one good option. You can take it or leave it. That is what constitutes your free will. It is, in the words of a Mafia Don or Nazi Officer, “an offer you cannot refuse” because the other option is clearly unpalatable and will subject you to unpleasant consequences. This view makes a mockery of the essential idea of free will.

Clearly, in our reality, we are in the face of this very teaching from one religion, philosophy, New Age channeled source or another. Once we understand that the reality itself, the illusions of what is or is not good or evil, are masks, or symbols of something deeper, we begin to realize that the two alternatives presented to us are clearly not equal. “The thirsty person chooses water, not oil; the hungry person, bread not tree bark; the poor person, the dry patch under the bridge, not the bench in the rain.”

Some choice. By this definition, free will becomes little more than a joke, a logical inconsistency. It is also the chief mode of the Service-to-Self pathway — to induce choice by “weighting” it.

This view of free-will-that-is-not-free becomes the chief mask of those seeking to deny free will.

Any religion, philosophy or teaching that sets itself up as the only way a man can be saved has immediately aligned itself with the Mafia/Nazi/STS school of free will. You can easily see that a person who chooses to love or send love and light because it might gain salvation for them, or even because it feels good, is really in the position of the thirsty person choosing water and not oil to drink. And further, if they think this is the only thing they can do because the entire social and philosophical structure has been designed to make it seem this is the only viable choice in line with God’s will, they are still in the same position. But, the chief thing about it is that they believe the illusion, the lie, that this choice is to drink water and that choice is to drink oil. In fear, they don’t even consider that they don’t have to choose either.

There are other definitions of free will that are interesting to speculate about. I am not going to engage in a lengthy monologue on the views of the philosophers because, even though some of them are quite fascinating and really make you think, that would be counterproductive to the issue at hand here.

The short version is that Hobbes and Tolstoy suggest we are free insofar as we may do as we wish without hindrance or constraint. Locke and Hume extended Hobbes’s freedom-to-do-without-restriction to the power to do or not as one wills. Spinoza’s view was that we are free insofar as we alone determine our behavior. We are not free when others dictate or hamper our decisions, or for reasons of illness or incapacity we cannot determine our actions.

When we consider being able to do what we choose without hindrance or restraint, and defining free will in this way, we have to then consider not only whether our free will conflicts with the free will of others, but also whether our free will itself may be less free because of unconscious psychological or physiological forces. And, if the issues of government mind-control programs and hyperdimensional beings enter the equation, whether we may be under the absolute control of external forces must also be taken into account. In the first case we may choose to rob and steal because of extreme poverty, a broken home, and an ineffective educational system. In the latter case, we may choose to “go postal” because some fiendish government programmer’s toast got burned that morning or because some lurking Lizard being thought Suzy Smart was getting too close to the truth, and she needed to be eliminated on her morning trip to buy stamps.

So we begin to think that we are not so free after all. In very real terms, all of us are under the influence of external forces or programming of one sort or another.

If we are free in this way, the issue of free will, in third density terms, becomes meaningless. This is a very shallow interpretation because it means that freedom is defined as whether a person can do what he chooses, not to the choosing itself. It refers to the freedom of the action, not to the choice of action, because all of your choices are programmed. Yet, whatever the individual decides to do, even if programmed to do it, it is considered that he has free will if he can do it.

What a cheap shot!

These concerns highlight the issue of the many forces that may restrain or compel behavior against one’s will, which, if one was aware of them, one might or might not choose otherwise. The point is: we are not free if our potential or actual choices are restricted. Locke makes an example of a man locked into a room in which he prefers to stay. The man desires to stay in the room, is able to do so, and is thus free by Hobbes’s definition, but the man does not have the power to leave the room and is thus not free according to Locke.

It is in exactly this sense that most people are deceived by the Control System to believe that they have free will. The room in which they are locked is the illusion that their beliefs and objectives are the full reality of creation, and their choice to remain in the room is acquiescence to beliefs imposed on them from the outside.

Most of humanity spend endless lifetimes locked in this room. But the fact is, after a period of time, the confinement of the room and the sameness of the experiences become objectionable because, all the while the prisoner is lulled into inactivity, something may be growing inside him, some urge to see what is outside the room. But, until this inclination is fully developed, he may make no effort to even check the door. And, once he does check the door and discovers that it is locked, he may not yet have sufficient drive to do anything more than return to his position and continue to wait for something to happen. After a bit longer, the drive grows, and this, with the realization that he is locked in may drive him to discover how to get out. But this process can take many lifetimes. And to attempt to open the door of the prison in which another is held when they are not ready to come out because they are not strong enough, will only frighten them, will only deprive them of the building force that is inside them that could, given time to develop, sustain the effort to emerge from the room on their own.

In such terms, whether or not a person has the power to do as he wills remains a fundamentally empirical question. He may think he has complete freedom to do or not as he wills, yet, his will, his choices which are based on his awareness, may be determined subconsciously or physically by things of which he is not aware. In this sense, any choice or act that is based upon lack of awareness, must lead us to discover the source of the lack of awareness as the causative factor, not the choice of the chooser.

In other words, if a person is programmed, whether via government experiments, alien abductors, religions created and imposed by hyperdimensional beings, then who is ultimately responsible?

Is it the programmers, or is it the person who has effectively chosen to be unaware?

Yes, the individual may be unaware due to fear of reprisals by God, demons, or his alien or government handlers. He may be afraid for his body or his soul or the body and soul of someone he loves. But these fears are beliefs that constitute the locked room in which he has chosen to remain not realizing that his own choice is the lock!

If the person is unaware, not because of fear, but simply because he is asleep is he then responsible for his lack of awareness?

According to the Cassiopaeans, yes. It is his choice. He has chosen it for a reason at some level, and he is entitled to it. He has chosen his environment; he has chosen his grade and his lessons. Perhaps chosen in the conscious sense is an inappropriate term. It is more like he is there because that is where he “fits”. He is a consciousness unit, and he is learning. Only when he reaches a certain level will he begin to wake up. Only when something has grown in him. Will.

Gurdjieff seemed to have the idea that a will could be nurtured in a man and accelerated, so to say. He made the following remarks with this in mind:

“To awaken for a man means to be dehypnotized. In this lies the chief difficulty and in this also lies the guarantee of its possibility, for there is no organic reason for sleep and man can awaken. Theoretically he can, but practically it is almost impossible because as soon as a man awakens for a moment and opens his eyes, all the forces that caused him to fall asleep begin to act upon him with tenfold energy and he immediately falls asleep again, very often dreaming that he is awake or is awakening.

“… Only a man who fully realizes the difficulty of awakening can understand the necessity of long and hard work in order to awake.

Speaking in general, what is necessary to awake a sleeping man? A good shock is necessary. But when a man is fast asleep one shock is not enough. A long period of continual shocks is needed. Consequently there must be somebody to administer these shocks. There is also the possibility of being awakened by mechanical means. A man may be awakened by an alarm clock. But the trouble is that a man gets accustomed to the alarm clock far too quickly, he ceases to hear it. Many alarm clocks are necessary and always new ones. … Alarm clocks must be wound up; in order to wind them up one must remember about them; in order to remember one must wake up often.

“… But there is very little chance of a man doing all the work of winding up, inventing, and changing clocks all by himself, without outside help. It is much more likely that he will begin this work and that it will afterwards pass into sleep, and in sleep he will dream of inventing alarm clocks, of winding them up and changing them, and simply sleep all the sounder for it.

“Therefore, in order to awaken, a combination of efforts is needed. It is necessary that somebody should wake the man up; it is necessary that somebody should look after the man who wakes him; it is necessary to have alarm clocks and it is also necessary continually to invent new alarm clocks.

“But in order to achieve all this and to obtain results a certain number of people must work together. One man can do nothing. If several people decide to struggle together against sleep, they will wake each other. It may often happen that twenty of them will sleep but the twenty- first will be awake and he will wake up the rest. It is exactly the same thing with alarm clocks. One man will invent one alarm clock, another man will invent another, afterwards they can make an exchange. Altogether they can be of very great help one to another, and without this help no one can attain anything. Therefore, a man who wants to awake must look for other people who also want to awake and work together with them.” (Ouspensky, 1949)

Clearly Gurdjieff was aware of the damage control factor of the Control System and how quickly it moves in to damp down any rips in the fabric of the illusion. His idea that we must continually invent new alarm clocks is a clear indication that he knew that his method would have to be reworked, revised, added to and expanded. His hope to accelerate the awakening of man seems to have been the driving force behind everything he did, and he was aware of what might happen to his work. It wasn’t just the idea of distortion; he knew that it had to be constantly reinvented to keep pace with the evolving Control System.

Can we accelerate the awakening?

The Cassiopaeans have indicated that, yes it is possible:

Q: (L) Is there a tool that enhances free will?

A: No tool is needed because all there is is lessons. The learning cycle is variable, and progress along it is determined by events and circumstances as they unfold.

Q: (L) So, when a person is being hypnotized and controlled from outside, because that is the matter of concern we were discussing earlier, they are hypnotized and controlled until they learn to stop it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, using the analogy of the pigsty, they just have to wallow in it and suffer until they have had enough?

A: Using your analogy of the bicycle: Is there a tool, which makes it unnecessary for the child to learn how to ride the bicycle, in order to know how to ride it?!?

Q: (MM) Don’t you get more free will by assimilating knowledge?

A: Yes!! Yes!!

Q: (L) So, in other words, knowledge and awareness makes you aware that you have free will, and also makes you aware of what actions actually are acts of free will, and therefore, when you know or suspect the difference between the lies and deception and truth, then you are in a position to be in control of your life?

A: Yes. Remember, you learn on an exponential curve, once you have become “tuned in”. This means that you become increasingly able to access the universal consciousness. Please learn to trust your increasing awareness. All who are present here are at one point or another on that cycle of progression, some further along than others. If you properly network without prejudice, you may all wind up at the same point on this cycle.

What does it mean to be “tuned in”? We return again to the issue of “Like attracts like”.

“When a candidate has developed virtue and integrity acceptable to the adepts, they will appear to him and reveal those parts of the secret processes which cannot be discovered without such help.

“Those who cannot progress to a certain point with their own intelligence are not qualified to be entrusted with the secrets which can subject to their will the elemental forces of Nature.”

The Cassiopaean transmissions are just such an “appearance”. The process is best described by Eugene Canseliet in his preface to the second edition of Fulcanelli’s alchemical masterpiece, The Dwellings of the Philosophers:

“According to the meaning of the Latin word adeptus, the alchemist has then received the Gift of God, or even better, the Present, a cabalistic pun on the double meaning of the word, underlining that he thus enjoys the infinite duration of the Now. …

“In the Kingdom of Sulphur there exists a Mirror in which the entire World can be seen. Whosoever looks into this Mirror can see and learn the three parts of Wisdom of the entire World.”

After thirty years of study and two years of dedicated experimentation, detailed in my autobiography, Amazing Grace, the Cassiopaean communications began.

“We are you in the future”, they said. “We transmit “through” the opening that is presented in the locator that you represent as Cassiopaea, due to the strong radio pulses aligned from Cassiopaea, which are due to a pulsar from a neutron star 300 light years behind it, as seen from your locator. This facilitates a clear channel transmission from sixth density to third density.”

Through this “gift of God” I have been enabled to look into the “mirror in which the entire world can be seen” from my own omnipresent self, in a state of full awareness. In short, based on all the details, the Cassiopaean transmissions are a true Fourth Way work, and exactly as Gurdjieff described, the first order of business of such a work is to network, to teach and train others.

“Schools of the fourth way exist for the needs of the work which is being carried out in connection with the proposed undertaking. They never exist by themselves as schools for the purpose of education and instruction.

“Mechanical help cannot be required in any work of the fourth way. Only conscious work can be useful in all the undertakings of the fourth way. Mechanical man cannot give conscious work so that the first task of the people who begin such a work is to create conscious assistants.” (Ouspensky, 1949)

So, learning, networking with others who are further along on the cycle of progression, and doing this without prejudice can make a difference, it seems.

What is the specific purpose of the Cassiopaean work? Let’s stop and consider that. At the beginning of World War I, Ouspensky speculated to Gurdjieff that the war was a consequence of life in the industrial age, wherein humans were becoming more mechanized and had stopped thinking for themselves because they had things too easy. Gurdjieff replied:

“There is another kind of mechanization which is much more dangerous: being a machine oneself. Have you ever thought about the fact that all people themselves are machines? … Look, all those people you see are simply machines — nothing more. … You think there is something that chooses its own path, something that can stand against mechanization; you think that not everything is equally mechanical.”

At this point, Ouspensky raised what would seem to be a most logical objection: “Why of course not! … art, poetry, thought, are phenomena of quite a different order.”

Gurdjieff replied: “Of exactly the same order. These activities are just as mechanical as everything else. Men are machines and nothing but mechanical actions can be expected of machines.” He then continued:

“[Western civilization] armed with ‘exact knowledge’ and all the latest methods of investigation, has no chance whatever and is moving in a circle from which there is no escape.

“That is because people believe in progress and culture. There is no progress whatever. Everything is just the same as it was thousands, and tens of thousands, of years ago. The outward form changes. The essence does not change. Man remains just the same. ‘Civilized’ and ‘cultured’ people live with exactly the same interests as the most ignorant savages. Modern civilization is based on violence and slavery and fine words.

“… What do you expect? People are machines. Machines have to be blind and unconscious, they cannot be otherwise, and all their actions have to correspond to their nature. Everything happens. No one does anything. ‘Progress’ and ‘civilization’, in the real meaning of these words, can appear only as the result of conscious efforts. They cannot appear as the result of unconscious mechanical actions. And what conscious effort can there be in machines? And if one machine is unconscious, then a hundred machines are unconscious, and so are a thousand machines, or a hundred thousand, or a million. And the unconscious activity of a million machines must necessarily result in destruction and extermination.

“It is precisely in unconscious involuntary manifestations that all evil lies. You do not yet understand and cannot imagine all the results of this evil. But the time will come when you will understand.”

Again we note: Gurdjieff was speaking at the beginning of the First World War, in the opening rounds of a century of unprecedented warfare. And now, almost a hundred years later, humanity is on the edge of a precipice and no one knows what feather will plunge us into the abyss.

Wilhelm Reich wrote about the same problems that concerned Gurdjieff and Ouspensky:

“Why did man, through thousands of years, wherever he built scientific, philosophic, or religious systems, go astray with such persistence and with such catastrophic consequences? …

“Is human erring necessary? Is it rational? Is all error rationally explainable and necessary? If we examine the sources of human error, we find that they fall into several groups:

“Gaps in the knowledge of nature form a wide sector of human erring. Medical errors prior to the knowledge of anatomy and infectious diseases were necessary errors. But we must ask if the mortal threat to the first investigators of animal anatomy was a necessary error too.

“The belief that the earth was fixed in space was a necessary error, rooted in the ignorance of natural laws. But was it an equally necessary error to burn Giordano Bruno at the stake and to incarcerate Galileo? …

“We understand that human thinking can penetrate only to a given limit at a given time. What we fail to understand is why the human intellect does not stop at this point and say: ‘this is the present limit of my understanding. Let us wait until new vistas open up.’ This would be rational, comprehensible, purposeful thinking. …

“What amazes us is the sudden turn from the rational beginning to the irrational illusion. Irrationality and illusion are revealed by the intolerance and cruelty with which they are expressed. We observe that human thought systems show tolerance as long as they adhere to reality. The more the thought process is removed from reality, the more intolerance and cruelty are needed to guarantee its continued existence.” (Reich, 1949)

Who or what is responsible for this state of humankind is a major issue, most particularly if we assume a benevolent God and a hierarchy of benevolent beings guiding the destiny of humankind. Gurdjieff commented on this in the following way (edited for clarity):

“We must remember that the ray of creation… is like a branch of a tree… growth depends on organic life on earth. … if organic life is arrested in its development, in its evolution, and fails to respond to the demands made upon it, the branch may wither. This must be remembered.

“To this ray of creation, exactly the same possibility of development and growth has been given as is given to each separate branch of a big tree. But the accomplishment of this growth is not at all guaranteed. It depends upon the harmonious and right action of its own tissues.

“Organic life on earth is a complex phenomenon in which the separate parts depend upon one another. General growth is possible only on the condition that the ‘end of the branch’ grows. Or, speaking more precisely, there are organic life tissues which are evolving, and there are tissues which serve as food and medium for those which are evolving. Then there are evolving cells within the evolving tissues, and cells which serve as food and medium for those which are evolving. In each separate evolving cell there are evolving parts and there are parts which serve as food for those which are evolving. But always and in everything it must be remembered that evolution is never guaranteed, it is possible only and it can stop at any moment and in any place.

“The evolving part of organic life on earth is humanity. If humanity does not evolve it means that the evolution of organic life will stop and this, in its turn will cause the growth of our ray of creation to stop.

“At the same time if humanity ceases to evolve it becomes useless from the point of view of the aims for which it was created and as such it may be destroyed. In this way the cessation of evolution may mean the destruction of humanity.

“We have no clues from which we are able to tell in what period of planetary evolution we exist. We cannot know this but we should bear in mind that the number of possibilities is never infinite.

“At the same time in examining the life of humanity as we know it historically we are bound to acknowledge that humanity is moving in a circle. It one century it destroys everything it creates in another and the progress in mechanical things of the past hundred years has proceeded at the cost of losing many other things which perhaps were much more important for it.

“Speaking in general there is every reason to think and to assert that humanity is at a standstill, and from a standstill there is a straight path to downfall and degeneration.

“A standstill means that a process has become balanced. The appearance of any one quality immediately evokes the appearance of another quality opposed to it. The growth of knowledge in one domain evokes the growth of ignorance in another; refinement on the one hand evokes vulgarity on the other; freedom in one connection evokes slavery in another; the disappearance of some superstitions evokes the appearance and growth of others; and so on.

“A balanced process proceeding in a certain way cannot be changed at any moment it is desired. It can be changed and set on a new path only at certain ‘crossroads’. In between the crossroads nothing can be done.

“At the same time if a process passes by a crossroad and nothing happens, nothing is done, then nothing can be done afterwards and the process will continue and develop according to mechanical laws; and even if the people taking part in this process foresee the inevitable destruction of everything, they will be unable to do anything.

“I repeat that something can be done only at certain moments which I have just called ‘crossroads’ and which in octaves, we have called the ‘intervals’.

“The process of evolution, of that evolution which is possible for humanity as a whole, is completely analogous to the process of evolution possible for the individual man. And it begins with the same thing, namely, a certain group of cells gradually becomes conscious; then it attracts to itself other cells, subordinates others, and gradually makes the whole organism serve its aims and not merely eat, drink and sleep.

“In humanity as in individual man everything begins with the formation of a conscious nucleus. All the mechanical forces of life fight against the formation of this conscious nucleus in humanity, in just the same way as all mechanical habits, tastes, and weaknesses fight against conscious awareness in man.

“Can it be said that there is a conscious force which fights against the evolution of humanity?” Ouspensky asked.

“From a certain point of view it can be said,” said G.

“Where can this force come from?” Ouspensky asked.

“There are two processes which are sometimes called ‘involutionary’ and ‘evolutionary’. The difference between them is the following: An involutionary process begins consciously in the absolute but at the next step it already becomes mechanical — and it becomes more and more mechanical as it develops; an evolutionary process begins half-consciously but it becomes more and more conscious as it develops.

“But consciousness and conscious opposition to the evolutionary process can also appear at certain moments in the involutionary process.

“From where does this consciousness come?

“From the evolutionary process of course. The evolutionary process must proceed without interruption. Any stop causes a separation from the fundamental process. Such separate fragments of consciousnesses which have been stopped in their development can also unite and at any rate for a certain time can live by struggling against the evolutionary process. After all it merely makes the evolutionary process more interesting.

“Instead of struggling against mechanical forces there may, at certain moments, be a struggle against the intentional opposition of fairly powerful forces though they are not of course comparable with those which direct the evolutionary process.

“These opposing forces may sometimes even conquer.

“The reason for this consists in the fact that the forces guiding evolution have a more limited choice of means; in other words, they can only make use of certain means and certain methods. The opposing forces are not limited in their choice of means and they are able to make use of every means, even those which only give rise to a temporary success, and in the final result they destroy both evolution and involution at the point in question.

“Are we able to say for instance that life is governed by a group of conscious people? Where are they? Who are they?

“We see exactly the opposite: that life is governed by those who are the least conscious, by those who are most asleep.

“Are we able to say that we observe in life a preponderance of the best, the strongest, and the most courageous elements?

“Nothing of the sort. On the contrary we see a preponderance of vulgarity and stupidity of all kinds.

“Are we able to say that aspirations towards unity, towards unification, can be observed in life?

“Nothing of the kind of course. We only see new divisions, new hostility, new misunderstandings.

“So that in the actual situation of humanity there is nothing that points to evolution proceeding.

“On the contrary when we compare humanity with a man we quite clearly see a growth of personality at the cost of essence, that is, a growth of the artificial, the unreal, and what is foreign, at the cost of the natural, the real, and what is one’s own.

“Together with this we see a growth of automatism.

“Contemporary culture requires automatons. And people are undoubtedly losing their acquired habits of independence and turning into automatons, into parts of machines.

“It is impossible to say where is the end of all this and where the way out — or whether there is an end and a way out. One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man. (Ouspensky, 1949)

Carlos Castaneda puts the problem another way:

“You have arrived, by your effort alone, to what the shamans of ancient Mexico called the topic of topics. I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico. … They took over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. Just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops. Therefore, their food is always available to them…

“I want to appeal to your analytical mind’, don Juan said. ‘Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradiction between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behavior. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal…

“In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver — stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now…

“Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them.” (Castaneda, 1998, 213-220)

This, of course, takes us to Gurdjieff’s story of the evil magician, which we have already discussed. We should pay particular attention to this remark made by Gurdjieff:

“The evolving part of organic life on earth is humanity. If humanity does not evolve it means that the evolution of organic life will stop and this, in its turn will cause the growth of our ray of creation to stop.

“At the same time if humanity ceases to evolve it becomes useless from the point of view of the aims for which it was created and as such it may be destroyed. In this way the cessation of evolution may mean the destruction of humanity.”

In short, based on an objective assessment of the world around us, we are in deep trouble. In another place, Gurdjieff makes a rather spooky remark:

“There is a definite period”, he said, “for a certain thing to be done. If, by a certain time, what ought to be done has not been done, the earth may perish without having attained what it could have attained.”

“Is this period known?” I asked.

“It is known”, said G. “But it would be no advantage whatever for people to know it. It would even be worse. Some would believe it, others would not believe it, yet others would demand proofs. Afterwards they would begin to break one another’s heads. Everything ends this way with people.”

Gurdjieff gave other hints about this, though I expect he didn’t fully know the details since his own work was that of one who prepares the ground and plants the seeds that are crucial to us now when considering the Cassiopaean mission. In this passage, Gurdjieff returns again to the subject of evolution, which, as he pointed out, has stopped in humanity.

“Everything I have said till now I have said about the whole of humanity. But as I pointed out before, the evolution of humanity can proceed only through the evolution of a certain group, which, in its turn, will influence and lead the rest of humanity.

“Are we able to say that such a group exists? Perhaps we can on the basis of certain signs, but in any event we have to acknowledge that it is a very small group, quite insufficient, at any rate, to subjugate the rest of humanity. Or, looking at it from another point of view, we can say that humanity is in such a state that it is unable to accept the guidance of a conscious group.”

“How many people could there be in this conscious group?” someone asked.

“Only they themselves know this”, said G.

“Does it mean that they all know each other?” asked the same person again.

“How could it be otherwise?” asked G.

“Imagine that there are two or three people who are awake in the midst of a multitude of sleeping people. They will certainly know each other. But those who are asleep cannot know them. How many are they? We do not know and we cannot know until we become like them.

“It has been clearly said before that each man can only see on the level of his own being. But two hundred conscious people, if they existed and if they found it necessary and legitimate, could change the whole of life on the earth. But either there are not enough of them, or they do not want to, or perhaps the time has not yet come, or perhaps other people are sleeping too soundly.” (Ouspensky, 1949)

Gurdjieff was right that it was not the right time then. Based on observation and research, it is apparent that humanity has now reached a great historical crossroads. We have come to the end of a two thousand year history of intolerance, cruelty and stupidity, which has created our present state of global, collective madness. Humanity, as a collective whole, is arriving at a state of collective spiritual bankruptcy, or “death”. And yet, we cannot assume that this is meaningless.

Those who understand the principles of electricity will comprehend when I say that this present global estate is the way nature works and is the establishing of sufficient contact potential difference for the inflow of energy of cosmic light. But just as it is in the case of the individual, when that point is reached — that dark night of the soul — there is a choice that becomes apparent: the soul is offered the way “up” or the way “down”. In order for this coming inflow of energy to act in positive ways, to create a new reality of free will and balance, there must be a point of contact that can conduct the energy. There must be human “micro-chips” or “circuits” sufficient to sustain this energy or all of humanity will perish. This means that only the development of human beings of a certain sort — with a certain wiring, so to say — will result in the global capacity to confront the energies of the crossroads.

The only other turning point in history that can be compared with the present one is that of the Great Flood. Thus, we come to the idea that the search for the Holy Grail and the alchemical work of distillation of the Philosopher’s stone is also the building of an Ark in order to pass over into the New World.

That is the Fourth Way work of the Cassiopaeans.

With all of this in mind, we want to now return to Kant’s definition of free will.

Kant defined free will as the ability to initiate a new causal series. For Kant, freedom is independence of the influence of motivations, character, and external causes. It is more than just the power to choose. Freedom is the power to exercise will as reason directs, to be a first cause of events, regardless of physical constraints.

This means the ability to choose freely between at least two alternatives. It means that these (at least two) alternatives must not be weighted to one side or another in intrinsic terms. That is, there must be nothing that compels the chooser to choose one over the other. In fact, it seems to be that the choice is more potent if it is made in an act of deep and pure faith, in opposition to all that is evident in material terms.

Freedom, thus defined, captures the essence of the choice between STS and STO. To be thus free means we can see with our reason all or most of the influences that are imposed on us by the many forces acting in our environment, and we can then choose based on knowledge of those forces, irrespective of them.

Our physical bodies are phenomena subject to natural third density causality because we are part of the third density world and subject to its laws. Our actions, based on third density interpretations alone, are then subject to the same empirical third density causality, and because causal series are continuous in time (each event has a prior cause which is an effect of another prior cause), we have no freedom at this level of phenomena.

The totality of the fourth density field of possibilities is veiled from us and leaves us with no more freedom than the causally simple stimulus-response theories of the behaviorists. Our actions are a result of causal processes, controlled and devised at the fourth density or noumenal level of reality, and freedom at this third density level is impossible unless we access the fourth density causal level by seeing via the clues apparent in third density. If we can see the true field of options, we can choose our alignment. But, alignment choices seem to have far-reaching effects in terms of third density empirical experience.

What this means is that, as long as we do not engage in disciplined efforts to widen our perception, we appear to have little freedom within the field to behave other than we do. The more aware of the noumenal or causal realm we are, the more free will we can have. And this is because we are overcoming the damping effect of matter and the Predator’s mind. By doing this, we are increasing our polarization.

What can be, what might have been, or what should be are ideas that can be dealt with via reason even if there are no apparent manifestations of them in the reality. And this is where the mind — consciousness, awareness — comes into the picture in disciplined effort to envision what has not (apparently) existed and does not (apparently) exist, but which must exist by virtue of the fact we can conceive it.

In the deepest terms, reason is more than the domain of possibilities; it is also the realm of possible empirical worlds, of analytic constructions, of alternate conceptions, and of potential frameworks for the very conditions of experience. Because we can think about things that we have never experienced with any of our senses, and understand that reason, making use of knowledge and awareness, can be independent of the “real world”.

Therefore, it is also possible that reason, supported by knowledge and awareness and followed by choice, stands in causal relation to phenomena.

In other words, if your knowledge and awareness of the reality lead you to the conclusion, via reason, that the reality is controlled, and you are not free within it, yet you can develop or comprehend the idea of a world that is not controlled, that is not limited. You can choose to align yourself with such a possible world in a deep and conscious way. This choice of alignment then becomes your connection to a thought center. And the stronger your connection to the thought center, which is in the causal realm, the more it will manifest in your reality.

Kant is concerned only with whether an action can be both causally necessary and free at the same time. His answer is yes, if we are aware. Kant also argues that this is possible because we can have two different perspectives simultaneously on the same action.

To be free in Kant’s sense gives us the power to create a new world, to redo the old, to change ourselves and correct our deficiencies with awareness, which then puts our choices into an entirely different category. We can see it as an ordinary action, a choice brought into focus because of the forces around us, or other choices in our past; and at the same time we can be aware of all of those factors and choose from that position of awareness in a completely different “platonic reality” than the ordinary world.

We can argue that whether or not we have freedom is unprovable (Kant argues that the “how and why” of our possible freedom is unknowable), but given its possibility through reason we can presume freedom to exist. And once we presume it to exist, we can then make choices based on this presumption and observe the results empirically.

Reason is the crucial concept in Kant’s approach, and it is here that he makes the critical point. Reason is distinct from what we can know through our five senses, because it deals with the possibility and not actuality of experience.

What do I mean by that? Well, let me try to explain it this way. A correspondent recently wrote of his despair when he realized that what the Cassiopaeans were saying truly did do a better job of explaining the order of the universe and the meanings behind the experiences and symbols of reality.

[Tonight] we had a … big annual fireworks presentation that is synchronised with a radio broadcast … the whole thing is massive and hyped up. There’s lots of flashing lights (people even joined in and flashed their house lights), lots of aerial traffic and lots of flashing fireworks. All this backed by a radio broadcast that is impossible to escape since everyone is playing it. As beautiful as it is, I got immensely depressed. All that I know so far, all the knowledge in me just caused me to [be unable to] escape the awful feeling of alienation and despair.

All these people, the kids, the elderly, the mothers and grandparents — they are all screwed — most likely including me. We’re like sheep — we’ll be happy with a bunch of flashing lights and then we’ll go off to earn more money. To run the program. I think the most disturbing moment was when I saw this really gorgeous boy — five maybe seven. He had an incredibly smooth face; he was watching the fireworks and clapping his hand in happiness. Pity that Lizzies might eat him tomorrow. … It’s just too much to handle on your own!

We will be taken over with no problems at all. This is our destiny and only a small percentage of us worldwide will have any clue as to what is happening when the sky turns red. The rest will get burned in the packed-out churches. And what can I do?

Well, not much … it’s like one of those prophetic dreams — they happen and you can’t change anything. Yeah, I tried but my acts led to the dream FULFILLING it. So either way — whether you do something or not, little difference will be made. It makes no difference how many people I help. It makes no difference how many old ladies’ days I make. It makes no difference how many books I read and how many riddles I solve. It is all predestined anyway. I’m tired of giving already!

And so the night goes on. I am alone, with no one to truly see what I mean in a face-to-face conversation. All the people I’ve ever met had something wrong with them (and there’s literally thousands of them). No amount of unconditional love could turn them normal. I’m running out of possibilities here (maybe there’s something wrong with ME then). I’m tired of fighting, asking, probing, observing and not being able to share properly. It’s a doomed existence and I’m here to watch. Whatever happened to love, compassion and understanding? Where on Earth (HELL) has the internal beauty gone? Is all this bickering ever going to end? Enough already! [Name of correspondent withheld for privacy]

Indeed! And how passionately eloquent. Having been there, more than once, my heart bled for him. And, which is worse: to see what he is seeing as a young man with his whole life before him? Or to see what there is to see in middle age, with five children for whom you have given most of your life; seeing not only that you have been lying to yourself by believing lies and deception, but that you have conveyed those same lies to the people you love the most? What do you do when you realize that most of your life you have given away your free will and, at the same time, have taken away the free will of those dearest to you? More horrible still, what do you do when you realize it has all been done in the name of love?

Is there light at the end of this tunnel? Is there “Balm in Gilead”?

Yes, many times I experienced what my correspondent described so well. And it is only in the past few years that I am able to see it for what it was: a series of initiations. Step by step I was led through one level after another, stripping away all my beliefs and expectations until I had no more illusions in which to hide. And what I was being taught by the universe was the deepest and most essential thing to know — about myself.

When the last illusion was stripped away and I was left with nothing but the skeleton of my being, I reached what Kafka describes as “Von einem gewissen Punkt gibt es keineckkehr mehr. Dieser Punkt ist zu erreichen.” There is a point of no return. This point has to be reached.

When you have been stripped of all your illusions, when you have nothing left to believe in, there is no one there at all but yourself. It felt rather like falling endlessly in icy, black, meaningless space. No rhyme nor reason, no truth nor beauty, no anything that I had ever believed in could be seen anywhere. I had peeled away the layers of all the warm, fuzzy, comforting beliefs and found that it was all a lie, a deception, a mask for feeding and manipulation. And by believing the lies, I had participated in the feeding and manipulating to so great a degree that my grief and regret became an ocean in which I was drowning. No wonder we resist giving up our beliefs. Without them, we have to face the truth about ourselves. And, as much as we think we are loving, caring, giving beings, when we see the truth, when we see that most of our ideas about loving and caring and being have been manipulated to deprive us of our free will and to pass the infection on to those we love the most, it is like looking into the pit of Hell.

And when you look into the pit of Hell and realize that you have been feeding that black and bloody, sucking and gaping gore-filled maw waiting to swallow you, and that you have taught those you love to feed it as well, the horror of the realization is enough to drive you mad with grief and despair. And you search for a meaning, some little point of illumination, and there is no light anywhere, not even a single candle to dispel the darkness.

But, while falling in this dark, empty space, something begins to form inside you. In the beginning it is very small, but it catches your attention and, since it is the only thing that is different in the sucking, feeding darkness, you become riveted on it. You cannot be sure exactly what it is at first, but your attention gives it energy and it begins to grow inside you.

What you have found is your will.

And once you have found your will you see “the choice”. Choice is a function of will. Where will exists, choice comes into being. You can choose.

What you see is that you can choose the orientation of your soul.

The thought came to me as: “Well, okay, I don’t see any light or love or truth or beauty anywhere; and the universe may just blink out one day without it ever having really existed. But that would be a tragedy.” Desolation overwhelmed me and I felt so great a pity and love for what might have been — for what radiant and sublime dreams may be in the mind of God that might never be fulfilled; because the deceptions are so deep, and the reality is so monstrous — who can really see it and survive? And I became aware of the feather-like weight of my inclination, my true will to be. It was not more than an inclination, a propensity, a preference. But as I noted it and focused on it, it became firmer and more purposeful.

And I realized, “I am just one single, solitary, lone being in the darkness and there really and truly might never ever be anyone or anything in existence of real love, truth and beauty”. The sadness and despair vaulted from my soul into darkness that enveloped me. But nothing answered. And my attention was drawn back again to this small thing that was growing inside me, which had now begun to glow and give off warmth in that soul-chilling blackness. Somehow my thoughts were making it grow. My thoughts were aligning me with it. Resolution and steadfastness began to blossom. And then I realized it was connected to some greater source of light and by my penitential love for the dream of love and Truth, the light was growing.

And I understood that this darkness was also God; creation; Existence.

Disasters, misfortunes, tragedies, ruin, destruction, adversity, suffering, pain, anguish in all the varied manifestations we find them in our world are expressions of the idea of nonexistence. I understood that the idea of nonexistence exists only as an idea, and only because in a realm of infinite possibilities, even the potential of nonexistence exists as Non-being. In the two fundamental ideas of Being and Non-being, all creation is manifested. In the act of creation, the out rush of creative energy; half of the consciousness of God formed itself into a reflection of this idea of Non-being as part of the grand experience. And this reflection of Non-being is matter — it is only the half of the consciousness of God gone to sleep to offer itself as the clay from which the cosmos is formed.

I also understood that, in that eternal instant of falling asleep there was a sensation of loss in this half of God that “volunteered” for the role of matter, and that this sensation is expressed as a recoil, a contraction upon itself. It is this contraction in flux interaction with out-raying creative consciousness. This establishes the tension of polarization, which is the dynamic by which the cosmos is manifested. And, in third density terms, this recoil or contraction is the essence of STS; those who choose this mode recycle into sleeping matter.

The creative consciousness half of God uses the matter that is formed by the recoil of the other half of God to take on form, to engage in exploration of all the ideas in the mind of God. This results in an increase of its relative energy. This using of matter to increase energy is felt by the sleeping consciousness or matter as fear of loss of self. To assuage the fear, the matter-oriented consciousness must circumscribe, limit, and restrain. It must believe that the grand constructions of illusion are not only real, but also all that exists. Physicality becomes the standard, the measure, and the object of veneration. The physical universe is, in effect, God. This is the essential dynamic of all physical or partly physical realities, including the hyperdimensional fourth density STS.

And I finally understood the reason for the masks and mazes of our world: it is “The Parable of the Sower”.

A man went out to sow, and as he sowed, some seeds fell by the roadside, and the birds came and ate them up. Other seeds fell on rocky ground, where they had not much soil, and at once they sprang up, because they had no depth of soil; but when the sun rose they were scorched, and because they had no root they dried up and withered away. Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them out. Other seeds fell on good soil and yielded grain, some a hundred times as much as was sown, some sixty times as much, and some thirty. He who has ear, let him be listening and consider and perceive and comprehend by hearing.

… To you it has been given to know the secrets and mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given. For whoever has to him will more be given and he will be furnished richly, so that he will have abundance; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

While any one is hearing the Word of the kingdom and does not grasp and comprehend it, the evil one comes and snatches away what is sown in his heart. This is what was sown along the roadside. As for what was sown on thin, rocky soil, this is he who hears the Word and at once welcomes and accepts it with joy; Yet it has no real root in himself, but is temporary — inconstant, lasts but a little while and when afflictions or trouble or persecution comes on account of the Word, at once he is caused to stumble… and he falls away. As for what was sown among thorns, this is he who hears the Word but the cares of the world and the pleasure and delight and glamour and deceitfulness of riches choke and suffocate the Word, and it yields no fruit.

As for what was sown on good soil, this is he who hears the Word and grasps and comprehends it; he indeed bears fruit, and yields in one case a hundred times as much as was sown, in another sixty times as much, and in another thirty. (Matthew 13:3—23)

Our reality is masked as a medium for growth. And what we are growing is our will which, when aligned with a given thought center, allows that thought center to manifest its will in our reality to the extent we are in alignment and can be amplified. To be in alignment with the STO thought centers results in an increase of spiritual consciousness and a diminishment of the sleeping consciousness of matter. To align with the STS thought centers, as we currently are by circumstance, results in an increase of the sleeping consciousness, or wishful thinking of matter, and a diminishment of spiritual consciousness.

Karl von Eckartshausen tells the tale of the Path to the Temple of Secrets:

The Temple of Secrets is located on a high mountain, and everywhere thorns are covering the path leading to the Temple. The inconceivable, mysterious height of the mountain is the reason why many people doubt the existence of the Temple of Secrets. Some think of it as a Fairy Tale, some consider it an old Myth and others believe it to be the Truth.

“At the entrance of the narrow path stands Ignorance, with her sisters Stupidity and Laziness, and they tell awful tales to the travelers and of horrible adventures the travelers will encounter if they set foot on this path. That is how lazy Human Beings and fearful Human Beings can easily be persuaded to turn back.

“There are a few Human Beings on which ignorance attempts her deceptions in vain. They climb up the first part of the thorny steep path, and when they are about half way up the mountain, they reach a plateau on which they find the Temple of Self-Love. Next to this Temple stands Self-Conceit, Pride and Know it-All and they offer the traveler a cup, out of which he drinks his own Self in great gulps and thereby becomes intoxicated with himself, with his own “I”.

“These travelers then become so intoxicated with themselves that they imagine that their Temple, the Temple of Self-Love is the Temple of Secrets and there is nothing, but nothing, above them. The inscription on this temple, the Temple of Self-Love, reads as follows: The Sanctuary of the Wisdom of the World.

“Desires, passions and wantonness are the servants of these priests. However, those whose heart searches for the truth will not find any satisfaction with this and they will keep on searching.

“A few thousand steps from this Temple you will find a very secluded little hut, inhabited by a hermit, with the following inscription above the door: The Residence of Humility.

“The man who lives here guides the strangers to the residence of humility, which in turn leads them to Self-Recognition. This Divine Beauty becomes the traveler’s companion, and with her, he conquers the inaccessible mountain. Whosoever tries to reach the Temple of Secrets without this Divine Beauty can very easily be misled by his Self-Love, and as a result, will follow the wrong path. His greed for knowledge will lead him to the Temple of Curiosity. The inhabitants of this Temple are: fraud, seduction and deception, the founders of most of the secret societies, and those Human Beings who, in search for the Truth and for the Temple of Secrets will, if they join these Secret Societies, be robbed of the ability to see with their Soul. They are then led to the top of the mountain, where they fall into the abyss or into the labyrinth or maze, in which they will walk in circles for eternity without finding the Truth.

“Humility alone is the best guide. This alone will lead the seeker to the Master of Teachers of all secrets. This Master Teacher is the pure will.

“This pure will becomes the friend of the highest of knowledge and they enter into a bond of eternal union.

“The knowledge of the effects of the Eternal Light of godliness in all created beings is True Magic in Theory.

“The conception of this Light, or the transition from the intellect to the will, is True Magic in Practice.” (von Eckartshausen, 1788/1989)

Now, note the sequence above; those who align with the thought centers of STS manifest ignorance, stupidity and laziness in the sense that they believe awful tales and horrible adventures of travelers, and they are easily persuaded to turn back. That is to say that they are persuaded that knowledge will bring them to grief, or that asking questions is a “lack of faith” that will earn them condemnation at best, and a quick ticket to Hell at worst. The comparison between this analogy and the Parable of the Talents in which the servant who buried his talent because he was afraid and was cast into outer darkness are interesting, especially when we consider the end result of the STS alignment, which is to recycle into primal matter. I would suggest that people such as these are eaten rather quickly just as the seeds that fell by the wayside were immediately consumed by the birds in “The Parable of the Sower”.

Then, we have another class of STS alignment. They aren’t easily put off by terror tactics, so special deceptions are set up for them. They do reach the “plateau on which they find the temple of self-love. Next to this temple stands Self-Conceit, Pride and Know it-All and they offer the traveler a cup, out of which he drinks his own self in great gulps and thereby becomes intoxicated with himself, with his own ‘I’.” We can see that these are the ones that achieve the higher levels of STS orientation. The key in the analogy is that they become so intoxicated with themselves that they imagine that their Temple, the Temple of Self-Love is the Temple of Secrets and there is nothing, but nothing, above them. This is what the Cassiopaeans have described as “ultimate in wishful thinking”. And, of course, these are the purveyors of most of the deceptions in our world today because one of the things that these individuals most wishfully think is that they are the purveyors of the wisdom of the world!

Von Eckartshausen tell us that “desires, passions and wantonness are the servants of these priests”. We know from this that these individuals may be very high in the STS hierarchy of the Control System themselves. And they use the nature of hunger within humanity, the Predator’s mind, to do their will.

Q: (L) It says here: In 1979, Project Phoenix, with the assistance of the Grays, was successful in producing a mind amplifier. This was used in conjunction with putting people with exceptional psychic or mental capabilities under drug influence, hooking them up to this machine and keeping them in a state of pre-orgasmic sexual excitation wherein they were able to create some type of physical form. They say: “The fire within man that is characterized as passion is the secret that can be utilized. The secret to all things is passion. With passion all things are possible. The amplification experiments of the Phoenix Project have been explained as having amplified brain waves. In fact, it amplified the passion of the subject. It was that ‘inner will’ of the subject that was amplified, that inner spirit within all of us is that driving force is manifested as electrical energy. Master that force and you cannot be controlled, the universe is yours. Master the inner spirit and you shall master the physical.” Comments please.

A: “Passion” does not set one “free”, quite the opposite!

Q: (L) But what if your passion is for knowledge? What is it that gives some people this drive, this steamroller compulsion that they are determined to get to the absolute bottom of everything and strip away every lie until there is nothing left but the naked truth? What is the source of this desire?

A: That is not passion, it is soul questing. It is simply that one is at that point on the learning cycle. At that point, no drive is needed.

Q: (L) So, you more or less are there because some critical mass has been reached that “jumps” you to the point where seeking truth is simply who you are? It defines the parameters of your being?

A: Yes.

However, there is a kind of person who has some sort of inner inclination for truth. They are simply unable to accept anything else. They cannot be satisfied until they have peeled the onion to the very core. And these keep their eyes on the goal of truth.

The seeker of truth continues to gather knowledge in the same way the servants in the “Parable of the Talents” continued to invest their money. Gathering knowledge without prejudice inevitably leads to humility. Humility combined with knowledge inevitably leads to self-recognition. And self-recognition becomes the companion that enables us to navigate the emotions and illusions that seek to distract us and blind us! Finally, self-recognition, which is the ultimate state of humility, leads us to pure will.

Now, notice, I didn’t say strong will, just pure. A person’s will to be is his natural frequency. And when you marry will to knowledge you have the hope of using your will in a particular way. This will is the mustard seed of the Biblical parable. Again: will to be, or orientation, is frequency.

Application of will via knowledge to choices produces frequency resonance vibration in the consciousness, which can then manifest in the individual’s experience in very particular ways, as I will try to explain.

Any given system has a natural frequency. A human being has several frequencies. They relate to the atomic signature of the cellular structure, etheric body frequency, and the frequency of the consciousness, which is a function of will or orientation.

If you record a pure tone, you can connect the output line that would normally connect to a speaker to an oscilloscope instead. In this way, you can see the sound rather than hear it. As you observe it, you will note that it oscillates. You are seeing a wave. Frequency is the number of crests of a wave in a designated unit of time. That is what determines frequency. More units in time mean higher frequency. Frequency is in inverse ratio to the length of the wave. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wave. (It is important to note here that a unit of time is an arbitrary measurement, so assigning a number to a frequency is merely a matter of convention.)

Frequency resonance vibration is directly related to what is called forced oscillation. Any wave system may be driven by a force from the “outside”. Whenever a system is made to vibrate by a periodic force, the resulting motion is called forced oscillation. An example would be the glass that shatters when an opera singer hits the right note.

Forced oscillations take place with the frequency of the driving force rather than with the natural frequency of the system. The amplitude of the response depends on how the driving frequency is related to the natural frequency. If these frequencies are nearly the same, even a very weak driving force can, in time, feed enough energy into the system to give it a large amplitude of motion. This condition is called resonance.

Everybody has probably pushed a child on a swing. What you notice is, after a series of very strong pushes to get the swing going, you can stand there and just give an occasional push or tap to keep the same swinging motion going. But, as every parent knows, it has to be given at exactly the right instant. The tap must be applied in the same direction, and at the very instant of the swinging away motion for it to work. If you give a push at intervals instead of at every return, you will find that an increase of force is necessary depending on how many times you let the swing come and go before applying another tap. If you set up a series of every other return before pushing, you will have to apply the exact same force at each of these arbitrarily determined intervals, which will be a multiple of the force you would have to apply if you pushed with every single return.

These intervals of pushing at arbitrarily designated returns are submultiples of the natural frequency. And, as you see from this example, they can also produce the same resonance. The frequency resonance vibration is the swinging that results from being pushed.

If the pushes continued and if the swing had long enough ropes and a brave enough child, a regular series of pushes could eventually launch the child into outer space!

But, you will notice that if the pushes are not given at the right moment, if they are not constantly delivered either with every swing or in a submultiple, if no periodicity is maintained, the swing will slow down and stop. You will also notice that if you do not apply the pushes in a fixed period, the motion of the swing is erratic. And you will definitely notice that if you push at the wrong moment, or against the swing direction, you will cause it to slow down. In such a case, you are taking energy away from the system.

The very same principles apply to forced oscillation of any wave, whether it is a sound wave, radio wave, light wave or whatever. In fact, it could be said that light produced is forced oscillations of atoms. All things in nature, which are a response to a stimulus, are forced oscillations.

A human being could be considered a series of forced oscillations.

And here we come to the problem:

“Besides depending on how close the driving frequency is to the natural frequency, the amplitude of response of the forced vibrations of a system also depends on the strength of the damping. The less damping there is, the greater the response of resonance. The resonance frequency is always lower than the natural frequency but gets very close as the damping is reduced.” (Freeman, 1973)

Now, as we have said, a human being is a combination of frequencies of the cellular structure, the etheric or genetic body, and the consciousness orientation. If these different frequencies operate in harmonious submultiples of a certain fundamental frequency, we say that the system is in harmony. That is to say, there is harmonious frequency resonance.

We can also say that by changing one of the frequencies and amplifying it, the others may be brought into harmony by the process of forced oscillation if the natural frequency of each is a harmonic of, or is close to, the driving frequency.

At the same time, the act of changing any of the frequencies can be accomplished by forced oscillation from the “outside”, whether in harmony or not. That is to say, if the forced oscillation is not close to the natural frequency there will be less amplitude.

Now, a human being, in general, is under the powerful influence of the matter of which his body is constructed. Matter is the result of the STS. The thought of Non-being or sleeping consciousness of God. Therefore, by being in third density, to a great extent, man is asleep. He is under the influence of the frequency of the STS polarity. His frequency resonance vibration is STS, or that of matter. The Predator’s mind.

But, man has a possibility of changing frequency, aligning with STO polarity, if he can find that part of him that is truly of Service-to-Others and amplify it through the process of frequency resonance vibration, resulting from the forced oscillation of alignment with the STO thought center. It is only his will that can do this, and it is only when it is married to knowledge so that he can truly know what his choice is and how to implement it. These choices are the pushes of the swing. If sufficient amplitude is achieved, all of his other frequencies will also gradually be forced into frequency resonance vibration.

Of course, this process is not only dependent upon the natural frequency of the individual, but also upon the dampers that may be in place that can restrict the amplitude. The fewer dampers, the greater the amplitude that can be achieved with the least application of energy.

We have to discover and remove the dampers to our systems.

Again, it is in the gaining of knowledge through which we can remove the dampers, little by little. It is hard work and it is painful. But as we do this, we come, step by step; to the position of humility and self-knowledge that enables the alignment of the will. If the natural frequency of STO is present in the moment of choice, this pure will becomes the “friend of the highest of knowledge” and they “enter into a bond of eternal union”. One is then able to connect with the eternal creative light within, which then becomes the forced oscillator that changes the frequency resonance vibration in dramatic and life changing ways. This amounts to giving up self-will to allow the greater will of the thought center to manifest. The manifestation of this in one’s daily life via choices become pushes of the swing of the etheric body and the atomic signature of the cellular structure, which then changes the entire reality.

When we finally achieve self-recognition and humility, we understand that it is implementation of our choices at this third density level that increases the amplitude of our frequency resonance vibration, which is, in actuality, our polarization. Amplitude constitutes our ripeness” fo advancement to the next density. What we are choosing is, in effect, which part we will play in the next cycle of creation. What we do now determines our course into either consciousness that creates or the intensely contractile thought of Non-being that goes to sleep as primal matter. Neither of them are higher frequencies, they are simply different.

Mass and “spring constant” are the determinants of frequency in material terms. Using the principle of “As above, so below”, we must assume that similar constructs apply to spiritual frequencies. The spring constant is the measurement of the force needed to extend the mass by an arbitrary measure. Mass, since it relates to matter, in spiritual terms is analogous to sleeping consciousness or ignorance. This means that the fundamental ignorant or sleeping nature of the STS orientation equates to greater mass and spring constant. Greater mass and spring constant require greater strength of forced oscillation to produce frequency resonance vibration even if the natural frequency is very close to the frequency of the forced oscillator. Thus, since the natural frequency of the human being is that of matter to the greatest extent, it is more inclined to be influenced by the STS polarity’s forced oscillation.

Less mass and spring constant are the result of knowledge. Knowledge is a function of consciousness and all knowledge that isknowledge and not assumption, prejudice or illusion, increases consciousness.

Q: (L) We have been discussing memories and how memories of, say, past lives are stored, and that leads to the question of what is the structure and composition of the soul? How does the soul remember? How does it carry its memories from lifetime to lifetime, from body to body, whether simultaneous or sequential? How does the soul “store” them?

A: Has to do with atomic principles. These with gravity present the borderland for the material and the nonmaterial. Which theoretical atomic particulates would you think form the basis here?

Q: (L) How about tachyons?

A: Maybe neutrons? Neutrinos.

Q: (A) Neutrinos are funny particles because they are massless. But, some people don’t believe that neutrinos exist. Do they exist?

A: Okay, we are going to throw caution to the “winds”, and say yes. [Laughter.]

Q: (L) In terms of these neutrinos and soul composition, how are memories formed or held or patterned with these neutrinos?

A: Contained within for release when and if suitable.

Q: (L) Memories are contained within the neutrinos?

A: Sort of.

Q: (L) Are they contained within patterns formed by the neutrinos?

A: Closer.

Q: (L) So, that means that if one “consciousness unit”, or soul has more memories or experiences than another consciousness unit, it would have more neutrinos?

A: No.

Q: (L) What’s the difference?

A: More data per unit, sort of.

Q: (L) Does that mean that an individual neutrino can be, in and of itself, more “dense” in data, so to speak?

A: So to speak.

Q: (L) Does this increased density of data change the nature or function of the individual neutrino?

A: Maybe it changes the function of the awareness, thus the environs.

Q: (L) Is there a specific number of neutrinos that constitutes a consciousness unit, or soul?

A: Number is not quite the right concept. Orientation is closer.

Q: (L) What are the orientational options?

A: Vibrational frequencies.

Q: (L) Do the vibrational frequencies increase or decrease with density of data?

A: Change; better not to quantify.

Note that the nature of the soul is fundamentally altered not only by a change in the orientation of the basic units, which has to do with changing frequencies. This process is also dependent on increasing the data within the basic units; vibrational frequencies change with increase of the density of data.

The increase of data changes the frequency in a natural way from the orientation of STS to that which is closer to STO. This results in a reduction in mass and spring constant, which means less energy must be input from the forced oscillator in order to produce frequency resonance vibration.

This is why it is easier to increase amplitude via the STO alignment. This is why it is easier to graduate to fourth density via the STO alignment. This is also why all the dampers and controls are held so tightly in place. The Control System does not want humans to graduate to fourth density and that is why they create beliefs and illusions and controls designed to induce us to make STS choices no matter what we do. As long as we believe lies, we are aligned with STS. As long as we are aligned with STS, our mass and spring constant make it impossible for us to increase our amplitude for graduation.

And this brings up another fact. In order to graduate to fourth density via the STS pathway, several conditions must be met. First, nearly all of the dampers to STS for the individual must be removed and all of the STO inclinations of the individual must be removed to increase the potential for amplification.

Second, the natural frequency of the individual, which we already know is a function of choice, must be so close to the pure STS frequency as to be almost identical for the forced oscillation from the higher density thought center to have any effect at all. This means that the degree and depth of depravity, malignity, malevolence, degeneration and contraction must be extremely pure in the individual.

A: We wish to review some things… The concept of a “master race” put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a “trial run” for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.

Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a “vehicle” in third density, so to speak?

A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.

Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are “programmed”, could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS fourth density — sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?

A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.

When you “grok” the level of STS that has to be present in an individual in order to graduate to fourth density STS, the purity of the evil — the consciousness of it — well, it is a pretty horrifying thought. It’s like Ted Bundy, Albert Fish, Ed Gein, and Jeffrey Dahmer all rolled into one and amplified exponentially! Not only that, smarter!

Such beings would not have the damping effect of any STO frequencies on the STS frequency. Efforts would be made to reduce, or eliminate entirely, any residual STO inclinations that might act to expose them in their moments of STO “weakness”. That is truly scary and is something we need to keep in mind.

Such a being would be able to act in any way they chose, without glitches that give them away, and be able to disarm and deceive to get their prey exactly where they want them.

Unfortunately, a mixture of STS and STO choices do not add up to graduation to fourth density STS. All they do is damp each other, thus making it less likely for any amplification will occur. The person who wishes to pursue the STS pathway with the intent of graduating has to give up any and all thoughts of experiencing love or kindness that is freely given. Yes, they can be in love relationships and can act kind. But, at this level, it is all pure manipulation for the purpose of owning or subsuming to the self the energies of others. Yet, there are those to whom this path is attractive.

However, this is not clearly seen at the lower densities until the masks are stripped away. The deepest implications of this are hidden by many veils. And even the fourth and fifth density STS participants do not necessarily comprehend the ultimate dissolution at the end of their philosophies. This is why there are so many higher-density sources that are convinced they are teaching love and light and truth and beauty, and why so many on third density are deceived by these teachings. Those who are deceived believe in these teachings because they “feel” good, or because they “want” to. This belief that is sustained in the face of all empirical evidence to the contrary amounts to wishful thinking. It is seeing what one wants to see, rather than what is: ultimate wishful thinking.

The deepest implication of wishful thinking means that those who adopt this view of reality cannot see that they do not become God by what amounts to assimilation and control of other selves; but that the real result is a gradual compaction and implosion and dissolution into primal matter and Non-being. The negative hierarchy is a pyramidal food chain; the apex of the pyramid is comprised of the most persistent of the negative graduates, the one who has stuck it out against every evidence of diminishment, and is the ultimate example of wishful thinking.

And this is the most important point of all. It is a way home because, at the eternal moment when those that return to the light do return, those that hold the idea of Non-being, or darkness also return. In an eternally instantaneous unification and disbursement act that was, is and always will be, the energies of darkness and lightness fall into their respective roles eternally. When you realize that it is never going to end, that neither path will take you to “heaven” and “eternal bliss”, or oblivion or any of the illusions perpetrated upon humankind, it then becomes simply a matter of preference. And that preference is only an inclination. It literally has the weight of a feather.

And that, my friend, is the choice that I faced. The possibility of Service-to-Others in a realm composed of matter, which is by its nature Service-to-Self, under the control of higher density beings who are oriented by Service-to-Self. That’s where we are. That is what is in this realm.

And, by understanding that either choice ultimately leads back to God, since there really is no back to God because in real terms there is no separation from God to begin with, we find that we have an unweighted choice.

That’s it. The whole banana. That’s the choice. Either way, nothing is going to come to an end with union with God because the instant there is union with the one, it all starts over again. That’s what is. Our choice is to actualize what is in us; To choose our orientation and begin to discover how to amplify it.

Of course, that means we have some details to hammer out here. Like the fact that every single day we make choices and every one of these choices either amplifies our frequency resonance vibration, or damps it. The Control System wants to damp all our choices so that we will neither be able to polarize nor increase amplitude. They have a nice little thing going here and they will do anything to keep it going.

So, we need to get down to the nitty gritty of what is really Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self.

In the simplest of terms, Service-to-Others is a creative impulse. It is to find delight and satisfaction in variety and change. It is to serve God in others, which means to give all others the right to be what they choose, to give them the right to their own free will. It does not mean to give them your energy, your love, or any part of your creative force unless there is willing exchange. In an STO exchange, all parties give freely to all others and therefore all are sustained and grow.

Service-to-Self is, at the deepest level, just the thought of Non-being that manifests as fear of losing self in the act of creation. Thus, difference, variety, change, spontaneity, and all creative functions are feared and must be carefully controlled.

Service-to-Self naturally forms itself into a controlling hierarchy where each level is narrower and more exclusive and contractile than the level below it. It is a process of consuming conscious awareness and stuffing it into the black hole of the thought of Non-being in an effort to fill up that hole, thereby assuaging the fear evoked by the thought of Non-being. The thing that happens, though, is that a consciousness which has been subsumed into this thought is then defined by it and contracts and contracts until it becomes, eventually, primal matter.

One of the problems we face is the fact that, very often, the desire of human beings at this third level of density to experience light and love and truth and beauty; to be One in a harmony of similar goals and objectives of peace and tranquility, kindness, devotion, respect and concord, is manipulated by those beings who live in fear of losing self, twisted and distorted to mean a contraction into sameness rather than harmonious variety.

In human terms, this fear of losing self and need to become One is not always expressed by overt domination or subjugation. It is often expressed by the dynamic of absorption of other consciousnesses into a single ideal, narrowly defined by human terms of love and light. Very often the ideals of love and light are twisted to mean denying the free will of others to make their own choices.

In fact, the idea that evil is a rebellion, a fault, a thing to be done away with, is the twist in all the teachings of history that have laid the groundwork for domination and absorption by the forces of Service-to-Self. In terms of monotheism, this idea of saving the world has manifested the fruits of the many slaughters that have been instituted in the name of unity, and love. Because of this perceived need to fix or change or transform other people or situations, those whose inner inclination is actually STO are induced to damp their own STO frequency. If, in the act of giving or sending love, or any act whatsoever you deny the free will of another, you are damping your STO frequency resonance vibration.

And remember, we are not talking about free will in the simplistic terms of being able to do as one chooses without restriction. So we aren’t talking about not putting criminals in jail for breaking the law. In fact, putting a criminal in jail so that he can fully enter into his freely chosen lesson can be pure STO. It’s the old don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time cliché. By doing the crime, the individual has chosen the consequences at some level.

Each and every time we participate in wishful thinking, we are polarizing to Service-to-Self because wishful thinking is the essence of the constructed defense against the fear of Non-being. Thus, when we live in illusions we are, by default, electing to be part of the STS food chain.

The illusions in which we participate are generally projections of higher density STS beings, and are set up to produce the negative polarization energy of those on third density, which supports and maintains the fourth density STS beings so that they can continue to project the illusion. This results in the inability of human beings to see what is truly of STO, which prevents their making STO choices, which damps their frequency resonance vibration and keeps them in the cycle.

The work of developing free will is to stop believing lies. At the same time, the only way to really learn this is to try on the lies until the external evidence mounts so high that one is forced to the ultimate choice of choosing to continue with the lie in the face of the evidence that it is a lie, or to choose to see only the truth.

Such a choice is a causal act of polarization. It is an alignment of choice.

Making the choice only comes to those who are ready, those who have reached that point on the learning cycle. None of us can skip this step, and none of us can make it for others. In fact, the greatest gift we can give to save another is to release them fully into their chosen lessons.

And so, the choice comes, you are face to face with what you truly are, in the blackness of the abyss, and you choose. I realised that in terms of any action I might take in this reality, I had no free will except in terms of my response. I could choose how I responded. I could choose my frequency. That was it. In my case the thought came:

I will offer myself as one who has chosen to be this light, love, truth and beauty. By being it, I am giving it to God. I will strive for as long as I am present on this Godforsaken planet, as long as I am separated from my source, drifting in the darkness, to be as much of love and truth and beauty as I can manage to manifest.

I no longer cared whether that made me a prime piece of meat for the Control System; I didn’t care if they were going to eat me tomorrow or even if they ate everybody I loved and the whole universe ended in a bang and I was blotted out of existence for eternity.

I figured that for whatever it was worth, which may have been absolutely nothing, when it was all over and the stars all blinked out, there was going to be that one little memory in the physical universe’s brain; the memory that one person responded with love to the right of the universe to be exactly as it is, even if what it is is nothing but a dark, devouring mouth that consumes its creatures as soon as they are created, including me. My response to seeing was to sound the tone of love, beauty and truth so that it would have existence in me.

I chose to end the illusion of wishful thinking about life in the flesh and all the ways we are deceived. Finally I understood the dynamics of third density Service-to-Self. And I understood why it was that everywhere I looked there was darkness. And I understood my choice. And I made it. Yes, there is no candle to illuminate the darkness that I can see — so the only solution is to be my own candle.

I decided that whatever I had to do at this level in order to discover how to respond to life in order to do and be that truth and beauty implicit in the unconditional love of free will, I was going to keep searching until my last breath. If all my efforts failed, at least my response as one who held to the ideal of truth, love and beauty, from the very depths of my soul and in the face of whatever horror I faced in my search, would have existed.

I realized that this truly was the only thing that I had to give, and I was ready to give it. And the fact is it was everything in me — little though it might have been. But it was my all. And I chose to give this response as a pure, clear tone, to God with the full awareness that there was nothing I could expect to change it There was no anticipation that it would make any difference at all, and the greatest likelihood was that I would be drowned out or devoured rather quickly.

So, like a battered and bloody soldier on a battlefield with all the odds against him, like a Berserker who had lost all care for, or consciousness of, the weakness of the flesh, I picked myself up and set my eyes firmly on the center of the action, and started to walk in that direction. And I never looked back.

And for me, the universe changed in that instant.

In my own moment of choice, I was dealing with a possibility that was not an actuality. It is impossible to be a true STO being in an STS world. For me, it was such a pity, such a sadness that once I penetrated the illusion I found nothing but darkness.

I could see that real truth and beauty just simply could not be found in our reality once one began to peel away the layers of lies and deception and illusion. To realize that love given to someone or something in order to change it was clearly a judgment, and that nearly all love practiced in our world was clearly done because it was a manipulation designed to gain, whether it was salvation or to be loved in return or to feel good, all of which feed Non-being. This produced in me such a sensation of sadness and love for creation that, in that moment, the choice to manifest love and truth within, despite the fact I could know nothing of it through my five senses and third density experience, was a choice to make a possibility real.

I was able to see with my intellect the influences that are imposed on us by the many forces acting in our environment, but I then chose irrespective of them. I could see, after all the years of stripping away veils like flesh from my very bones, that the whole grand scheme of things in third density merely amounted to choosing the lesser of many evils. It was a system of dampers.

For me to have to choose that way was not a choice, it was a compromise. I was no longer willing to compromise. You could even say that I chose rebellion over compromise with the forces that control our environment. The reason and intent for the choice was above this control and was made with full awareness that it may be impossible to ever do anything to effectively implement the choice.

In other words, there was no weight to the choice. I was seeing that over and over again I had been told I must drink the water and not the oil because it was the only rational choice, and I was rejecting that control. I was essentially choosing to drink neither, preferring to seek further for the ideal “living water”. And it was only in myself that I found it. It was in my power to choose to continue to create rather than seek return and oblivion.

Jesus answered [the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well], If you had only known and had recognized God’s gift … you would have asked Him and He would have given you living water. … Whoever takes a drink of the water that I will give him shall never, no never, be thirsty anymore. But the water that I will give him shall become a spring of water welling up continually within him unto eternal life. … A time will come when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in true reality; for the Father is seeking just such people as these … God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth. (John 4:10—24)

The deepest realization of this choice hits home when you understand that the greatest illusions that are chosen by us are those of our closest relationships. Jesus said:

Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth; I have not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to part asunder a man from his father, and a daughter from her mother, and a newly married wife from her mother-in-law; and a man’s foes will be they of his own household. He who loves and takes more pleasure in father or mother than in Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves and takes more pleasure in son or daughter than in Me is not worthy of me; And he who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever finds his [lower] life will lose the [higher] life and whoever loses his [lower] life on My account will find [the higher life]. (Matthew 10: 35—39)

Every situation or dynamic in which we find ourselves demands a response. To not respond is, of course, a choice to accede to the dynamic as it is. This means that the only true response we can give is to be more fully and strongly what we have chosen. Consciously. And only by doing this do we progress to the next level.

We come then to the problem of how to do this. I realized that it was a matter of growing stronger in terms of polarity. At the level of third density, the animal man is far stronger than the spiritual man. Third density is the point at which the process of division takes place. Some will follow the unification into Oneness that leads to the “new” descent into primal matter, and some will become the consciousness that loses itself in the clay of creation for the joy of learning and experience. There are those that find the door to the inner circle of creation, and those that descend to become matter.

And on that note, I will close this volume of the Wave with the words of Gurdjieff:

“The inner circle is called the ‘esoteric’; this circle consists of people who have attained the highest development possible for man, each one of whom possesses individuality in the fullest degree, that is to say, an indivisible ‘I’, all forms of consciousness possible for man, full control over these states of consciousness, the whole of knowledge possible for man, and a free and independent will.

“They cannot perform actions opposed to their understanding or have an understanding which is not expressed by actions.

“At the same time there can be no discords among them, no differences of understanding. Therefore their activity is entirely coordinated and leads to one common aim without any kind of compulsion because it is based upon a common and identical understanding.” …

“Everything I have said till now I have said about the whole of humanity. But as I pointed out before, the evolution of humanity can proceed only through the evolution of a certain group, which, in its turn, will influence and lead the rest of humanity.

“Are we able to say that such a group exists? Perhaps we can on the basis of certain signs, but in any event we have to acknowledge that it is a very small group, quite insufficient, at any rate, to subjugate the rest of humanity. Or, looking at it from another point of view, we can say that humanity is in such a state that it is unable to accept the guidance of a conscious group.”

“How many people could there be in this conscious group?” someone asked.

“Only they themselves know this,” said G.

“Does it mean that they all know each other?” asked the same person again.

“How could it be otherwise?” asked G.

“Imagine that there are two or three people who are awake in the midst of a multitude of sleeping people. They will certainly know each other. But those who are asleep cannot know them. How many are they? We do not know and we cannot know until we become like them.

“It has been clearly said before that each man can only see on the level of his own being. But two hundred conscious people, if they existed and if they found it necessary and legitimate, could change the whole of life on the earth. But either there are not enough of them, or they do not want to, or perhaps the time has not yet come, or perhaps other people are sleeping too soundly.” (Ouspensky, 1949)

1 In my opinion, the ancient ways that Gurdjieff claimed no longer exist were, in fact, the “Fourth Way” as he described it, though more “permanent”.

2 This is certainly what happened to Gurdjieff’s work.