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The Wave Chapter 53: Strange Birds

As I have already noted, after the used-soap clue played out, Ark and I were so shocked that we almost decided upon the instant to entirely terminate any future interactions with Frank. We realized at that point what the many clues throughout the years had meant, and that the Cassiopaeans were communicating with me directly in my dreams, and providing me with a series of green-language clues about future actions of Frank that would enable me to “see through.” However, there was still sufficient blocking from my conscious mind so that the drama of the dream had to be expressed in terms of Terry and Jan rather than Frank. In this way, a partner at the board was emphasized, only the future event was actually played out by Frank, the point being to show me from the dream Frank’s true role. But, at the time of the dream, I was simply not ready to consider the idea that Frank was a mole.

Of course, at the present time it relates to the fact that Frank is illegally and fraudulently trying to claim ownership of the Cs material based on his claim that there would have been no Cs without him. That is clearly not true, as the Cs themselves have made clear. Frank never was the channel. The Cs were not connected to him in any way; the overwhelming evidence is that he was actually incidental to the process, the channeling was done on enough occasions without him present to make this clear, and has continued without him. But for a long time, in my ongoing effort to try to give to Frank some sense of accomplishment, to try to use positive reinforcement to stimulate activity on his own, I would post material with the header: “Channeled by Frank Scott and [myself].” I always put myself in second place and tried to give Frank the honors because he was always ranting about how completely he had been ignored and pushed into a corner by his parents. I never dreamed that this simple act of courtesy, of effort to help him feel better about himself, would be seen by him as proof that he was the channel. But, as the Cs had already confirmed, any “energy of giving” that is given to those of the STS persuasion only fuels their descent into STS. It never converts them to STO. Never.

After many long discussions about the “Frank problem,” Ark and I both saw rather plainly that any continued interaction with him would be under the exact same conditions as we had each continued in our respective marriages even after realizing that there never was and could never be any real meeting of the mind or colinearity of souls with our former partners. The Cassiopaeans had told us over and over again that there was a mission of some sort, even if only that of sharing our information, and that it could not move to the next level as long as Frank was involved. We had observed evidence and clues galore that Frank’s path was not just different, but rather diametrically opposed to our own. It was, indeed, a real twist.

The fact is, as one reader has pointed out, manipulation and betrayal of trust is a constant in human dynamics. But in another sense, it is our choice to experience it. The Cs have said we were lured to the threshold, and once we had gone for the gold of third-density experience, we, in some sense, agreed to have our genes altered. But, in the end, it still comes down to the fact that free will cannot be abridged unless we oblige.

This then brings us to the point where we are required to address the unresolved issues in ourselves that make us vulnerable to manipulation and betrayal of trust. Indeed, as innocent children, we are programmed to feel unworthy, and because of this unworthiness programming, we repeatedly accept manipulation and betrayal of trust as our due. Another reader has written so eloquently:

I noticed very early in my life that people seemed to experience the same emotional entanglements the world over. Over and over again. (I was also painfully aware of how miserable I was on this earth at a very early age.) I wanted to know why, what was at work, how it occurred, and if there was a way out of going through such a meaningless-seeming, endless-seeming loop myself.

Naturally, I had to first experience most of these “set patterns of emotional entanglements” myself, so I could understand them from the inside-out, I suppose. Abuse of every kind, serious and life-threatening traumas, intimate relationships wrought with difficulties and codependency, etc. These were the main course of my earlier life.

Anyway, from that dark and painful abyss I learned and grew beyond what seemed possible to my woeful child imaginings, and I couldn’t be more tickled in my pleasant surprise of that. I’ve come to see that the “dark and self-serving” actually serve the “light and other-serving” quite beautifully, and in ways nothing else likely could. If, of course, one chooses to heed the call and learn from the experiences.

The Cassiopaeans have said: all there is is lessons, and until we go deep within and clear these issues, we will continue to face these lessons, and they generally escalate in order to get our attention. But again, it is our own unresolved issues that make us open to these predations. At the point when we replace our feelings of unworthiness with self-worth, we will then understand Don Juan’s remarks about right use of energy.

This right use of energy has to do with don Juan’s description of a division of seers into two categories:

“The first one is made up of those who are willing to exercise self-restraint and can channel their activities toward pragmatic goals, which would benefit other seers and man in general. The other category consists of those who don’t care about self-restraint or about any pragmatic goals. It is the consensus among seers that the latter have failed to resolve the problem of self-importance.”

At the present time, there is a gang of petty tyrants who are so overwhelmingly concerned with their own self-importance, that they seem to have no life other than to spend inordinate amounts of time and energy attacking what we are doing, trying to steal our work for their own twisted purposes, and thereby demonstrating in the clearest of terms that they are unable and unwilling to exert their energy toward pragmatic goals designed to benefit other seers or humanity.

They have no apparent interest in creating their own website where they can share useful information that they have produced themselves. Rather than spending their lives studying, creating a theory, implementing it by doing the actual work, and then publishing something original and helpful to others, they spend their time violating free will by riding on the coattails of others, stealing the fruits of other people’s work and money, plagiarizing other people’s work, falsifying credentials, and then attacking anyone who calls them on it.

As don Juan says, “Impeccability is nothing else but the proper use of energy. … To understand this, you have to save enough energy yourself.” Here we aren’t talking about just ordinary energy such as is used to run around the block or cut the grass. The energy being discussed is something different, though it can be expressed in the physical body. The energy don Juan is talking about is the energy of awareness.

As I have previously written, the most important principles that the Cassiopaeans have given us are free will and “knowledge protects.” These two concepts are inseparable. The more knowledge you have, the more awareness you have; and the more awareness you have, the more free will you have as to whether or not you will receive and disseminate lies or truth. With increase of knowledge, there can be an increase in awareness, but not always. A person can have a great deal of knowledge, but since he defines what he knows with the juvenile dictionary, he only can have “juvenile awareness.”

Knowledge is understanding of or information about a subject which has been obtained by experience or study, and which is either in a person’s mind or possessed by people generally. Awareness is a bit different. It is the fact or state of being aware, or conscious, especially of matters that are particularly relevant. So, we can understand that relevance in the present context depends upon one’s knowledge of the universe, and/or beliefs about same. A person can have a great deal of knowledge based on what is generally accepted by society at large, and based on this, he decides what is relevant and what is not. As we have already seen, this can even lead to Stockholm syndrome.

Acquiring even more and deeper knowledge of the universe, that which goes beyond what is commonly accepted, depends upon openness of the mind to observe reality, to forebear forming hypotheses until a sufficient number of facts become evident, and to then be constantly open to change the hypothesis based on new facts and evidence, rather than trying to force the facts or evidence to fit the hypothesis. In this way, relevance can change dramatically. We can become aware, or conscious, of matters that are relevant to a higher sphere of existence even if it is not part of the knowledge that is possessed by people generally. One reader pointed out a very important point about knowledge and awareness:

The two words are similar but are not of the degree of intensity. For example, I could have awareness of aliens, but not “direct” knowledge. I could be aware of physics (in my case, true) but not have knowledge of physics. If I have knowledge, I have awareness. However, one could have awareness, but not knowledge.

I know this may seem like hair splitting to some of you, but I think this is an important distinction of just how we can be led astray. Many of us – once we are aware – stop our quest for knowledge because we think we know and that is all that is necessary.

So, even though I had awareness of the higher levels of being, and some knowledge of same, as well as the workings of psychic vampires and petty tyrants, it is clear that I still did not have sufficient knowledge at the time of the realization about Frank. We knew that we had to conserve our energy, but we did not yet know that there would come a point when we would actually begin to understand impeccability in a much deeper way. “Impeccability is nothing else but the proper use of energy. … To understand this, you have to save enough energy yourself.”

We come back again to the idea that it is our own lessons that we are experiencing; that we are, in a sense, open to the predations of a petty tyrant because we feel, in some sense, that we deserve it. And yes, we may be programmed to feel that we deserve it due to simple, social and familial programming – no alien interference is necessary here. Even more, we may be carrying programs from past lives, as I was, and probably most other people as well. All of that is the bad news. The good news is this: the instant you come to the full awareness of these factors, you have the right to change your mind. You have the right to stop, right there and then, being used and subjected to manipulation and betrayal. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes:

Dark man dreams are wake-up calls. They say: Pay attention! Something has gone radically amiss in the outer world. … The threat of the ‘dark man dreams’ serves as a warning to all of us – if you don’t pay attention, something will be stolen from you! The dreamer needs to be initiated so that whatever has been robbing her can be recognized, apprehended, and dealt with.

In the Bluebeard story we see how a woman who falls under the spell of the predator rouses herself and escapes him, wiser for the experience. The story is about transformation through knowledge, insight, voice, decisive action. We must unlock the secrets and use our abilities to be able to stand what we see. And then, we must use our voice and our wits to do what needs to be done about what we see. When instincts are strong, we intuitively recognize the innate predator by scent, sight, and hearing … We anticipate its presence, hear it approaching, and take steps to turn it away. In the instinct-injured (i.e. nuts and bolts person) the predator is upon them before they register its presence. We have been taught to be nice, to behave, to be blind, and to be misused.

The young and the injured are uninitiated. Neither knows much about the dark predator and are, therefore, credulous. But, fortunately, when the predator is on the move, it leaves behind unmistakable tracks in dreams. These tracks eventually lead to its discovery, capture and containment.

Wild Ways teaches people when not to act ‘nice’ about protecting their souls. The instinctive nature knows that being ‘sweet’ in these instances only makes the predator smile. When the soul is being threatened, it is not only acceptable to draw the line and mean it, it is required. (Estes, 1997)

The remark about using one’s voice struck me and I did a search of the transcripts with this term and found several most interesting things:

February 22, 1995

Q: (L) Any information for us in general?

A: Listen: Now is point where all can learn more information by searching within more, rather than from without. One or two of you are already very adept at this, this way you access universal truths directly, where there is less likelihood of corruption if done properly, see? 

Q: (L) Does this mean you want us to start using a direct channeling method? (DM) Do you want us to use one of us as a voice?

A: All.

Q: (DM) Do you mean simultaneously?

A: As you wish.

Q: (L) Do you mean that you want us to, for example, gather as a group, meditate together …

A: Just ask yourselves questions, and receive answers.

Q: (L) In other words, no hypnosis, just sit and discuss and ask back and forth among ourselves and let the energy of the group interact?

A: Or in solitude as well. Then network and exchange lessons, one does this often.

The above is obviously the Cs trying, very early in the process, to move me to channeling without Frank, as well as strongly hinting that this would be the mode of less corruption. It was clearly directed at me because of the remark about doing it in solitude, and then network and exchange lessons. Then, as now, my chief activity has been networking and sharing. It’s just what I do naturally. What was also clear was the remark about “ask yourselves questions and receive answers.” That was already happening, the only problem was, as the Cs were hinting, with Frank at the board, the likelihood of corruption was ever present.

And then, another very strange reference to voice: I was discussing the dreadful situation that existed in late 1995, during which time the pressure of my ex-husband to simply give up the whole experiment was becoming unbearable. He was using every means at his disposal to make me absolutely as miserable as possible, and I was sorely tempted to just throw in the towel and go back to sleep.

December 9, 1995

Q: (L) What are the objectives of this attack aside from crushing me?

A: Secession at an inappropriate juncture to throw plans askew.

Q: (L) What plans would be thrown askew by secession at this point?

A: Voice.

Q: (L) What?

A: And all other.

The strange way the word “voice” was used made absolutely no sense to me at the time. But later, another hint was given:

June 13, 1998

Q: This Medusa idea, as I have recently learned, is part of a triad of female figures. And in this triad, the other two female figures are Cassiopeia and Andromeda, or Cassiopeia and Danae. I don’t know which set to select.

A: Select that which fits.

Q: I think that Danae and Cassiopeia could be the same entity in the mythical sense …

A: Who speaks for Andromeda?

Q: Cassiopeia … or Perseus? What do you mean who “speaks” for her?

A: If you do not know, you need more pieces before you can advance. You see, ask the mathematics teacher what happens if students fail to maintain the progression of study? But why?

Q: Because, if you fall behind, you miss a piece and can never catch up because other pieces don’t fit, so you have to find the piece that fits.

A: Is this true Arkadiusz?

Q: (A) What happens is just that they stop understanding what follows next. (L) OK, the story says that Perseus has slain Medusa and he is on his way back and came to Ethiopia. He found that a lovely maiden had been given up to be devoured by a horrible sea serpent, and her name was Andromeda. She was the daughter of a “silly, vain woman named Cassiopeia.” She had boasted that she was more beautiful than the daughters of the Sea God. The punishment for the arrogance of Cassiopeia fell not on her, but on her daughter, Andromeda. The Ethiopians were being devoured in huge numbers by the serpent – sounds a little bit like what the Lizzies are doing today – and learning from the oracle that they could be freed from the pest only if Andromeda could be offered up to the beast – they forced Cephus, her father, to offer her up. So, her mother got her into the soup and her father turned on the heat. Anyway, Perseus arrived and the maiden was chained to a rocky ledge waiting for the monster. He saw her and fell instantly in love. So, he waited beside her until the great snake came and cut off its head. They sailed away and lived happily ever after. So, who spoke for Andromeda, her mother and father, is that what you mean?

A: It is a beginning.

Q: OK, so what is the point of who spoke for Andromeda? What does that have to do with the 1/3 of 33?

A: Your searches sooner or later “net” results.

I know that many of the readers instantly see the connection, and I know that many of you are frustrated to read some of these transcripts that demonstrate how totally dense I can be. And I realize that there has probably never been so reluctant a channel, who spent so much time trying to give her power and energy away to others because she was always putting everyone else first, even to the point of personal harm. But those of you who have read Amazing Grace will have some understanding of why I have always been reluctant to attribute any special ability or quality to myself. I apologize for frustrating the reader this way. I was certainly programmed to not protect myself, and to be “nice” and I was definitely bait for the Sea Monster. But, as the reader quoted above points out: “I’ve come to see that the ‘dark and self-serving’ actually serve the ‘light and other-serving’ quite beautifully, and in ways nothing else likely could. If, of course, one chooses to heed the call and learn from the experiences.”

Right use of energy, or impeccability, is learning when not to act nice about protecting our souls. It is learning that when the soul is being threatened, it is not only acceptable to draw a line and mean it, it is required.

In the Bluebeard story, as soon as Bluebeard realizes that his wife has discovered his dark secrets, he informs her that he is going to kill her. She pleads with him for time to make her confession, to pray for her soul, and to generally prepare to die. This is, of course, a ruse. Secretly, she has sent word to her brothers that Bluebeard is going to kill her, and she is buying time until their arrival.

This is an allegory of the need to recoup one’s soul energy. Once one has become aware of the secrets of Bluebeard, one has to acquire energy to deal with him. The arrival of the “brothers” on the scene is nothing more than the reviving of the psychic, warrior energies. It is with the energy, skill and forbearance of the warrior aspect of the soul that we deal with petty tyrants – when the time is right.

At the same time, we must be aware that there can be a distinction between the persona of Bluebeard and the actual human being who is playing the role. As Ms. Estes has pointed out, “the young and the injured are uninitiated. Neither knows much about the dark predator and are, therefore, credulous.” This is an important point because it might indicate that one is dealing with a soul that is simply in the process of learning the same lessons, but is at a different point on the learning cycle. Perhaps such a soul has not chosen as many incarnations, or a different lesson path has been followed. Perhaps such a soul is one that is “new” in human form, though it has spent other incarnations in other forms. In such a case, it is wise to consider this, and to realize that such a soul may not have any evil intent – they are just learning about the predator by experiencing control by it. And it may require many lifetimes for them to come to that moment when they realize that they have been manipulated and betrayed by their own choices, and they can then change their mind and begin to conserve their own energy for escape.

In other cases, a different dynamic may be in play: an apparent human being may quite simply be an incarnated natural predator. Such an individual may look human, smell human, speak as a human, and have access to the storage capacity of a human brain which allows them to collect data and facts, assemble them, and even to present a very scholarly front. But initiated awareness sees that such a being acts in human form as an animal, twisting human principles and potentials, because such a being has no multiple assemblage points, to use Castaneda’s terminology.

There seems to be still another type of human: an extension of a higher-density negative crypto-geographic being. As the Cassiopaeans have pointed out, fourth density most often acts through its human agents, and sometimes these are like dedicated phone lines – there is no human potential present. Don Juan speaks about such petty tyrants: “According to the new seers, a perfect petty tyrant has no redeeming feature.” We will discuss these almost-humans in more depth further on in this series.

Nevertheless, whatever factors are in play, the most useful approach to these lessons about predators is a combination of right use of energy, as well as clearing the unworthiness programming. We know that the program is clear when there is no more self-importance left in us, when we are no longer personally offended by their actions. This, of course, does not mean that we no longer seek to discover, capture, and contain such predators when they appear in our lives. We are still aware that there are always going to be instances where we know that acting nice is not going to protect our souls. We must always be on guard against threats to the soul, theft of energy or free will, and just because we are no longer personally offended, it does not mean that we do not draw the line and mean it. But, as Castaneda points out, when self-importance is effaced, all of this can be done with a sense of joy and in a spirit of humor.

When our unworthiness issues are clear, we can look upon petty tyrants with compassion, we can understand that it is quite possible that they have become petty tyrants because they have suffered their own torments and programming. We can thank them for teaching us, and joyfully release them from such an agreement. And, of course, if it is a human soul that we are dealing with, they will go on their way, and both will be the richer for the experience.

However, if the achieving of understanding, the psychic releasing of the contract, has no effect, we have to consider that we may be dealing with either a natural predator incarnated into a human body, or an extension of a fourth-density STS being.

But still, even in such a case, at some level we have asked for the experience in order to learn the lesson that our soul was seeking. So we find that, again, having some compassion for robotic or predatory beings is a deeper level of healing the self. We need to understand that even fourth-density robots and predators in human form are only trying to survive by feeding on us. It is all “nature,” and it’s not our job to fix them. It is, however, our job and our right to protect ourselves.

“The instinctive nature knows that being ‘sweet’ in these instances only makes the predator smile. When the soul is being threatened, it is not only acceptable to draw the line and mean it, it is required.

“Warriors take strategic inventories,” he said. “They list everything they do. Then they decide which of those things can be changed in order to allow themselves a respite, in terms of expending their energy.” … Don Juan said then that in the strategic inventories of warriors, self-importance figures as the activity that consumes the greatest amount of energy, hence, their effort to eradicate it.

“One of the first concerns of warriors is to free that energy in order to face the unknown with it,” don Juan went on. “The action of rechanneling that energy is impeccability.”

And we come back to the present recapitulation. Is it a right use of energy? Or is it a distraction, as some would suggest? Don Juan has explained what he called a “three-phase progression.” This is the mode of approach to becoming a warrior who is free. This three-step program consists of:

1. Holding your own in facing petty tyrants.

2. Facing the unknown with courage.

3. Standing in the presence of the unknowable.

“The average man’s reaction is to think that the order … should be reversed,” he went on. “A seer who can hold his own in the face of the unknown can certainly face petty tyrants. But that’s not so. What destroyed the superb seers of ancient times was that assumption. We know better now. We know that nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable.”

“The seers of [the Conquest] couldn’t have found a better ground. The Spaniards were the petty tyrants who tested the seers’ skills to the limit; after dealing with the conquerors, the seers were capable of facing anything. They were the lucky ones. At that time there were petty tyrants everywhere.”

As we have written in our online article, “The Taste for Things That Are True”:

There is another factor involved here: the Internet as both a boon and a bane to mankind.

On the one hand, the world wide web is a marvelous opportunity for open exchange of ideas, experiences, growth and harmony. On the other hand, it is a mask behind which some of the most atrocious predation I never hoped to witness takes place.

In recent weeks, we have heard many remarks from readers and members of our egroup about other groups that have been “invaded” by these predators. A fruitful and worthwhile discussion among a hundred or so people from around the world, taking place in almost real time, can be utterly destroyed by one or two bad apples. We have watched one discussion group after another close its doors and fade into oblivion because of this factor, and we simply cannot understand what drives a person to behave like pure embodied hate.

Would these people behave this way if they met each other in the flesh? Does the Internet just simply enable psychosis and neurosis to thrive and multiply? Is it going to become the den of cyber-mafia and virtual vampires? Are decent, hardworking, honest people going to be driven off the Internet?

Or is it just because we are engaged in paranormal research? Is it only in the effort to bridge science and metaphysics that we find ourselves the objects of abuse by cyber-trash?

During the past week or so, we have had to sit down with our children, show them the terrible, hurtful lies that are being written about us by these contemptible, solipsistic, malignant, and lawless people. We have had to show them that these people have no compunction about writing about the children themselves, using their names, possibly endangering them, certainly embarrassing them, and most definitely hurting them psychologically and emotionally. We have had to explain to them about people who choose conscious evil; people who are malicious, evil-minded, envious, obnoxious, and loathsome. We have had to explain to them about people who are so twisted that they derive gratification from deceiving other people and hurting other people. And we have had to explain to them that these people pose as “good and helpful and friendly” when they meet you and when you have something they want, or something they wish to destroy, whether they are being directed by some nebulous Control System, or their own internal deficiencies and general failure at life. What is more, we have had to explain it to ourselves.

And of course, the children have asked us: Why do you even do it? Why not just walk away from the world such people inhabit? Why not just go back to “normal life,” and forget about it. Let the world do what it wants to do, let everybody just go away and leave us alone?

And frankly, as I write this, I am hard pressed to answer that question. Why, indeed?

I was most certainly giving a lot of energy to my own self-importance. My emotions were in motion, my programs were running amok, and more than anything I was just purely and simply hurt that people could behave in such vicious and manipulative ways. Not only was I asking myself “why?” I was asking, “What is the proper action to take?” The standard teaching is to “ignore it, rise above it, turn the other cheek, don’t waste your energy on such trash.” But as members of our e-group combed the Internet, as we read messages from readers of the site, we realized that there was, indeed, a concerted effort being made to connect the word “Cassiopaea” to “doomsday cult” in such a way that many people who might be helped by reading these pages would not venture to even visit the site because of this vicious propaganda. And, in fact, one reader made this crystal clear by writing that she had almost decided not to have a look based upon such rumors, but was now glad she had the second thought to just take a peek, because she found that not only was the rumor not true, but that she had never before experienced such a profound relief to realize that others were spiritually skeptical, and bringing powers of reason and research to issues of the soul.

At that moment, I picked up and reread Castaneda’s passage about petty tyrants and I knew the answer: why indeed? Because this lesson is going to keep coming until you learn to hold your own. I knew also that the right use of my energy at this point would be to not only explore the lesson for myself, but to share it with others. In this way, I could fully activate my choice of what kind of seer I wish to be. Remember, don Juan said there are two kinds: those who are willing to exercise self-restraint and can channel their activities toward pragmatic goals, which would benefit other seers and man in general, or those who don’t care about self-restraint or about any pragmatic goals.

In short, by exercising self-restraint, by refusing to engage in a flame war or giving any direct energy or response to the petty tyrants, and by re-channeling this energy into sharing of my recapitulation, my taking of inventory, recounting the events, the people, the thoughts, the facts, all the while attempting to remove my subjective judgments – or at the very least, clearly identifying them when they were present – I could transform the entire situation into something pragmatically useful to not only other seers, but humanity at large.

At the same time that one exercises restraint, one must also draw the line and mean it. In dealing with petty tyrants and predators, one has to learn not to act nice, to forget about being sweet, and to discover, capture and contain the predator.

And so it is that the present strategy is that I am using my energy in a very pragmatic way, designed to rid myself of my own self-importance, and to share the process with other seers who are on the same path of becoming free. Don Juan tells us that utilizing this strategy is not only crucial for getting rid of self-importance, it also prepares us for the final realization of impeccability. And in the end, that is what counts. Impeccability is simply another term for respecting free will.

As don Juan suggested, the present series is also a “deadly maneuver.” The petty tyrants are “like a mountain peak” and the attributes of the warrior – control, discipline, forbearance, timing – are the climbers who meet at the summit.

Finally, I’m having a lot of fun writing this series! When don Juan wrote about his own experience with the petty tyrant, and how the maneuver was directed by his benefactor, he made some rather amazing remarks:

“I’m sure that I could have done it myself, although I have always doubted that I would have carried it off with flair and joyfulness. My benefactor was simply enjoying the encounter by directing it. The idea of using a petty tyrant is not only for perfecting the warrior’s spirit, but also for enjoyment and happiness.”

“How could anyone enjoy the monster you described?”

“He was nothing in comparison to the real monsters that the new seers faced during the Conquest. By all indications those seers enjoyed themselves blue dealing with them. They proved that even the worst tyrants can bring delight, provided, of course, that one is a warrior.”

And this was another of my realizations about my hurt feelings. I wouldn’t be having hurt feelings if it wasn’t for the fact that I was just simply taking myself too seriously. Because, of course, when we take ourselves too seriously, we also have to take the petty tyrant seriously as well. We worry all the time about saying this or doing that because it might hurt their feelings, or it isn’t nice, or isn’t love and light, or it doesn’t look compassionate!

Notice that all of these concerns are actually based on our worries about how someone else will perceive us!

We worry about someone else’s hurt feelings because if we hurt their feelings, they will think we are bad. We worry about just simply speaking honestly from the greatest truth we know, because they might think we are not “nice” or “sweet” or “Christian” or “compassionate.” And all of that is related to self-importance!

We may be having the strongest instinctive reaction of our lives that just screams that someone is a predator, but we shove it under the rug because it’s “not nice.” And then, when they are poking a stick directly into our eye, we are constrained to say, “Please, I’d like to bring it to your attention, if it is not too much trouble, that you have a stick in your hand, and somehow (and I am sure it is not intentional), the stick has managed to find its way into my eye. It is causing me considerable difficulty – even pain – but I have tried to restrain myself from pointing it out because I am sure that you are just being yourself and have every right to be yourself, and if in the course of being yourself, you have accidentally poked a stick in my eye, perhaps it is my fault for having my eye annoyingly in your way. Having said all of that, the fact remains that the stick is in my eye, and if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, would you kindly see if it would be possible to withdraw it – assuming that it doesn’t violate your right to be yourself, that is – because I am, naturally, very compassionate toward others, and being yourself is okay by me … but still … the stick … my eye … ”

Acting from natural instinct, the instant the stick begins to approach our eye, we would slap it away and be damned to the niceties. And so it should be in matters of the soul.

Don Juan explained that the mistake average men make in confronting petty tyrants is that they do not understand that reality is an interpretation we make, and that interpretation is based on knowledge and awareness. The plain fact is: petty tyrants interpret reality according to the juvenile dictionary. Petty tyrants take themselves with deadly seriousness while warriors do not. Warriors interpret reality according to the theological dynamic, and utilize the psychological substrate as the instrument of implementation of the four attributes: control, discipline, forbearance, timing.

What always exhausts a petty tyrant is the wear and tear on his self-importance. He is so full of it, and false pride, that he is internally ripped apart by being made to feel worthless, which he only feels because of his self-importance and his need to feed and sustain it. It is self-importance that will drive a man to falsify his credentials, to claim knowledge and experience he doesn’t have; and it is self-importance that will drive such a man to fight to his last gasp to preserve that false self.

And this last is the clincher. The petty tyrant is so concerned about what other people think that they will spend endless energy trying to maintain a false image, to continue to act the role, to attack that which threatens their self-importance either violently or with subtle viciousness.

The object of the warrior is, of course, to utilize whatever is necessary to stand against such attacks, to draw the line and hold it, and – if necessary – to strategically and systematically harass the petty tyrant until they are drained of energy, and with their last, desperate burst, they do something so stupid, so destructive, that finally, due to the forbearance of the warrior who knows the nature of the predator, the petty tyrants receive their due – generally at their own hands. And thus the dynamic ends.

One of the chief things I am realizing about self-importance, with each grueling confession about my own ignorance and stupidity that I must make in public, is that we are controlled by our fear of admitting that we have made stupid mistakes, that we allowed ourselves to be used and manipulated – whether at a human level or from a hyperdimensional level – that we are in the process of learning. We are ashamed to discuss these things publicly. We are exhausted by trying to keep it quiet or shove it under the rug or trying to find a way to rationalize it, to think that we deserve it, that we are not free to simply change our mind, and learn a new strategy for dealing with such things. We are programmed to be so concerned about our self-aggrandizing feelings, and the self-aggrandizing feelings of others that we commit the fatal flaw – we take ourselves too seriously! We think that our emotional reactions to the cruelties of others is evidence of our spiritual nature. We think that our concern for the feelings of others who are hurting us is evidence of our superior spirituality. We think that saying something like, “Well, consider the source and ignore it,” or “One should not get the messenger and the message mixed up,” is some sort of pronouncement of great spiritual wisdom.

We are so terrified by our fear of taking the bull by the horns, that we exhaust ourselves trying to think of ways not to do it.

And it is really quite simple: just do it.

At the present moment, the above mentioned gang of petty tyrants, consisting of Vincent Bridges, Jeff “Storm Bear” Williams, Frank Scott, and a support team of clappers, as well as assorted others with whom we have had no significant interaction, but who, nevertheless, feel moved to contribute their energy to the activity, are engaged in many and varied activities designed to provoke our self-importance.

In a very real sense, this is a Tempest in a Teapot in global terms, but in another sense, understanding nonlinear dynamics, to refuse to draw the line and hold it could have far-reaching effects. As don Juan pointed out, to act in anger, without control and discipline, to have no forbearance, is to be defeated, and the most important thing of all is to feel joy throughout the exercise.

And so it is, this present series that consists of recapitulation, sharing the process with others, and utilization of the strategy of the warrior, is one of the most effective uses of my energy I could ever have dreamed of – and I certainly cannot take the credit for having thought of the unique combination of features myself – well, at least not myself in the present. And I will certainly admit here and now that it is astonishingly effective in rooting out any of my own self-importance, which has resulted in an enormous feeling of true joy!

But now, we must return to that period of time when I was still in the process of acquiring the knowledge about this process: the period of time when there was the realization that Frank was, indeed, a petty tyrant, albeit a very teensy weensy one.

I was, of course, extremely upset about this realization. I was very attached to Frank – at least I was attached to the image of Frank I had created in my mind – and I began to go through a grieving process that was exactly as painful as if Frank had died. Because, in truth, my illusion had died. For so long I had done so much to make it easy for him to blossom as the great soul-friend I wanted him to be; and that was the problem: I “wanted.” I wanted him to be on the same path we were on; I wanted him to have similar goals and aspirations; I wanted him to be a part of our work and our lives as we rode off into the sunset, so to say. And I was facing the realization that this would never, ever be possible.

As I struggled with my emotions about the loss of Frank, my mind kept trying to find ways and means to rationalize his behavior over the years; to make excuses; to understand what was the proper response; to find my way. I knew that even though it was very much like the illusion of my marriage, at least Frank was not someone I had to interact with every day, and that did put a different slant on the matter. When a person is “one” with another human being, it is crucial that this oneness be of similarity of mind and soul and goals. When there is no colinearity, it is almost impossible to interact intimately without severe draining of energy. But without the complication of intimacy, there did seem to be a possible solution: we would simply severely limit the contact, meanwhile we would begin to work on the new mode of communication: the psychomantium.

Along with the realization about Frank – after putting together of all the clues – there was the realization that Frank was not, and never had been the channel. He was just another body occupying a chair at the table, just as dozens of other people had done. At that point, I realized why it was really pointless to continue channeling with Frank in any serious or significant way: his presence was only blocking the full flow of the Cassiopaean communications.

That led to an even more startling realization: the only reason it seemed to work well with Frank was because he would almost literally go to sleep during the sessions, and that meant that only Terry and I had been active in the motion of the planchette. Frank was as inert as a mannequin. The Cassiopaeans were me; they were also Terry; but they never were Frank and that was why there was almost zero interaction between him and the process. That is why he wasn’t interested in the questions. That is why he had almost never asked any questions, and that was why he wasn’t interested in any other aspect of the work. He wasn’t interested in networking; he wasn’t interested in sharing. He wasn’t interested, because it wasn’t part of him.

Of course, that meant I had to ask myself if I was just making it all up? Obviously, the answers that were being spelled out on the board were coming from me, in response to my own questions. But why would I be so suspicious of channeled information from myself in the future, if I was willing to entertain the idea, even only occasionally, that Frank was the channel? Why, if it was supposed to be Frank, was it “channeling,” and if it was me, then I had to think I was “making it up?” Why did I have such serious doubts about the level of the contact on the occasions when it had been just Terry and myself at the board? Had Frank managed to brainwash me into believing that we could only channel when he was present? Unfortunately, that seemed to be the case. He had proclaimed it so loud and so often that I had come to think it might be true in the face of all the evidence to the contrary. Terry had never believed it, and had expressed this opinion to me time and again. I had found myself in the position of having to defend Frank, when Frank was actually indefensible. I was like a kid who is being told by a parent that hanging out with unsavory persons was not a good thing, and the kid knows it somewhere inside, but because their “friend,” who has attached to them via sympathy, is being “attacked,” they feel that they have to defend them too, and close their mind and eyes to the truth. And now I saw that Terry had been right all along. (In fact, the clarity and level of coherence of the communication without Frank is dramatic evidence that Frank never was the channel, as the reader will see when I present the relevant 2001 and 2002 sessions in the course of this series!)

And then there were the cases where Frank’s emotional overlay was involved and I remembered with startling clarity what the Cs had said on April 18, 1995 when I had suspected SV of being the source of the attack:

Q: (L) Have we ever had a person in our group or in our room here, who was sent here deliberately to break up our interaction?

A: If so, that is for you to discover for purposes of learning and growth. … Remember one can be manipulated by another. … We mean that one can appear to be an “agent” when in actuality, control is originating elsewhere, this is especially true when the apparent “agent” is one of a good and simple and seemingly stable nature.

I realize only now that Frank was an FRV pied piper. He was an EM vector. He was a focuser of direction in the sense that he probably sat there in his semi-sleep state at the board, basking like a reptile in the warm energies that he was absorbing, and emitting signals all the while that befuddled the minds of everyone present, unless, of course, they were of the same type, in which case, their energy augmented his, and the corrupting effect was amplified.

May 3, 1997

Q: Reading through the session of May 23, last year, when Tom was also here, and the issue of his being in O’Brien was addressed, you asked who had begged him to stay there, then there was a remark about an EM vector. The way I understood it is that a person can be an EM vector. Is that possible?

A: Vector means focuser of direction.

Q: Could that mean that EM waves can be vectored by a human being simply by their presence? I also noticed that several of us have been involved with persons and relationships that seem designed to confuse, defuse, and otherwise distort our learning, as well as drain our energy. Basically, keeping us so stressed that we cannot fulfill our potential. Is there some significance to this observation?

A: That is elementary, my dear Knight!

Q: One of the things I have learned is that these individuals seem to attach via some sort of psychic hook that enters through our reactions of pity. Can you comment on the nature of pity?

A: Pity those who pity.

Q: But, the ones who are being pitied, who generate sensations of pity, do not really pity anybody but themselves.

A: Yes … ?

Q: Then, is it true as my son said, when you give pity, when you send love and light to those in darkness, or those who complain and want to be “saved” without effort on their own part, when you are kind in the face of abuse and manipulation, that you essentially are giving power to their further disintegration, or contraction into self-ishness? That you are powering their descent into STS?

A: You know the answer!

Q: Yes. I have seen it over and over again. Were the individuals in our lives selected for the extremely subtle nature of their abilities to evoke pity, or were we programmed to respond to pity so that we were blind to something that was obvious to other people?

A: Neither. You were selected to interact with those who would trigger a hypnotic response that would ultimately lead to a drain of energy.

When considering how to deal with Frank, we discussed whether or not we ought to just tell him how we felt, what we had noticed, and why we were concerned. We agreed that this would be the most logical thing to do since it would give him a chance to “explain” himself, or to adjust, if possible. So, we decided that we would try to approach the subject a little at a time and gauge his reaction before going the next step. I tried to talk to him about it, and soon found that there was no possible way to do it. Every approach to the subject that I tried, he blocked with his sympathy ploys, resurrection of his suicide ideas, and general energy-draining tactics.

In short, he was poking a stick in my eye, and I was trying to politely ask him to remove it. And when he began to manipulatively assert his right to poke a stick in my eye, I subsided and withdrew my request.

At the same time this was transpiring, the website was growing, and the correspondence was increasing. I was finding myself spending almost every waking moment answering questions from readers, and this usually involved having to research the subjects they were asking about and quoting the long pieces of text that I would find, along with further information on the subject from the Cs.

At this point, the answer of how to deal with Frank became apparent: there was no way we could do the research, get the material posted, and be drained every week at the session. So, we just simply informed Frank when he called and asked if we wanted to do a session that we had decided to cut back to one session a month in order to have time for research and handling the questions of the readers of the website.

We thought that we could balance things by allowing Frank only limited opportunities to poke the stick in our eyes. Yes, I know, that is really stupid, but there it was. That was the program, and that is what we are all taught to do: to compromise, to see free will as a sort of balance of permitting the free-will choice of another to abuse you to continue, but only occasionally!

I continued to want to give Frank opportunities to contribute out of a sort of despairing hope that we were wrong. I would print letters from readers with questions and ask him to do a little research, or write a reply. His uncaring attitude about other human beings in difficulty, people who were writing and asking for help, repeatedly shocked me. I continued to ask him to write a bio for the site. Every month throughout 1999 when we had our monthly session, I would ask him, “Did you get your bio written?” And he never did. At one point, I even thought that I would give the who-is-receiving-the-Cs question a sort of blind trial. I asked Frank to please begin to experiment with channeling on his own, to write his results, that I would type them up and post them. He never did.

This went on month after month in the background of 1999.

Now, I want to go back for a moment to the “used soap” session of January 2, 1999. This comment was made in reference to our thought that a Nobel Prize might provide the necessary cachet to enable us to do the research that the Cs were urging, to share our results widely, and not worry so much about either money or attack. We had the idea that we must always fund everything we did ourselves, and that the only true sharing was if we could just give everything away for free. So, in order to be able to make enough money to do this, we decided that increase of income-potential ratio per hour was advisable. That way, Ark could work fewer hours for the necessary money to provide enough for us to live on, maintain the website, buy all the books and materials we needed, and maybe even pay someone to help us with keeping track of everything. He would then have free time for the research itself instead of spending every waking moment trying to meet company deadlines in order to keep the bills paid.

It was pretty obvious by this time that we were not going to get the help we needed from Frank, and Terry and Jan had already bought their longed-for home in Tallahassee and had opened their long-dreamed-of antique business. Jan finished the job of formatting the transcripts through 1998, but at this point, they were too busy to continue to give the time to the material that it required. I was swamped with the work, Ark was swamped with his work just to keep the bills paid, including in books and materials needed to deal with the research questions from readers. We wanted to be able to make the material available to as wide an audience as possible, and that required money – a lot of money.

We did not want to try to publish the material through a regular publishing house where some whacked-out editor who didn’t have a clue would cut the Cs to ribbons. We wanted to make any printed copies available at cost, and we knew that in order to do this, we would have to make more money, make it faster, and have more time to do all the editing and cleanup work on the transcripts that was needed. It was an enormous job, and we were simply overwhelmed.

And we weren’t getting any help from Frank. He wouldn’t even go over the text and correct spelling errors or add personal notes.

As I read through the “used soap” session, I see that there is another very strange remark:

January 2, 1999

Q: (A) Are we on the right track with our public activities? […]

A: Be careful about being overeager to share the information you receive in this communication too widely.

Q: (L) We are being careful. Where this communication is concerned, we have only shared some philosophical things. I don’t think we have …

A: It is you, my dear, that gives us some concern. This will not be a pathway to “fame and fortune,” unless and until it is balanced.

Q: (A) Which communication are we not supposed to share? Cassiopaean?

A: Yes, but we did not say: do not share. We mean to be careful. Snakes in the grass lurketh.

Again we are faced with a conundrum. This was not the first warning to be careful not to share too much, too widely. Such warnings are scattered throughout the text. Yet, at the present time, Frank has declared that he is the channel, and has illegally issued permission to Vincent Bridges to freely publish and distribute the unedited transcripts, in direct contradiction of what he has claimed to channel!

There is also the odd remark that the material would not be a “pathway to fame and fortune unless and until it is balanced.” This remark is especially strange since neither Ark nor I had any ideas of fame and fortune for any reason at all other than to be able to better perform our perceived mission of researching hyperdimensional realities, and sharing the Cs material and whatever research we had that contributed to the expansion of knowledge. The reader ought to know that, for both of us, interacting with the public is an act of service that constitutes a form of conscious suffering which, all things being equal, we would certainly choose to do otherwise.

So, the question is: why was this remark made? Is it an overlay of Frank’s desires? Or, on the other hand, is it another clue the Cs were giving about the fact that Frank was the odd man out and that nothing would proceed until he was out of the picture altogether? Considering the way things have played out, I tend to the latter interpretation, especially considering the added remark about “snakes in the grass.” One automatically thinks of “nurturing a serpent in one’s bosom,” and that certainly seems to be what we were doing with Frank, and later, others.

Another factor in the early months of 1999 was my concern about my two eldest daughters who were completely unhappy about the whole Cassiopaean thing. It was a source of deep embarrassment to them that their mother was publishing the material on the Internet, not to mention their awareness, followed by denial, that there might be something to what the Cs were saying. They just wanted a normal life. Well, I could certainly sympathize with that. I wanted a normal life too.

I just wanted to be able to read and study, and write a little when I felt like it, work in my garden, take care of my beloved husband and children, my house, and for God’s sake, have a little peace after all the years of bone-grinding struggle. I didn’t want to think about aliens or ultraterrestrials being at the top of the food chain. I didn’t want to have to deal with the fact that anybody with a brain could see that something strange and predatory was moving on our planet. I didn’t want to have to wake up in the morning and think about all the suffering of humanity for millennia, and that it was very likely only a precursor to what was to come in the not-too-distant future, whether it was due to ultraterrestrial manipulation, or simply human greed and ignorance. I just wanted to dig in the dirt, arrange flowers, comb through thrift stores for rare or unusual books and odd things that I liked, take the girls to the hairdresser or dance class or sewing lessons, and live like a normal human being. Was that too much to ask?

I wept for the world that I would like to live in. I wept for my daughters and the certain pain they felt in facing this same question. I wept for all the others I knew who had faced it as well.

But weeping is not the way of the warrior. Beware of those who cannot stop weeping when they realize their true condition, for they have realized nothing. As don Juan and Gurdjieff tell us, there are untold dangers in the path of knowledge for those without sober understanding. Seers have to be methodical, rational beings; paragons of sobriety and yet free and open to the wonders and mysteries of existence.

“It is natural to be scared and to control fear is wrong and senseless,” don Juan tells us. Fear is the opposite of Love and to be truly balanced one must experience, on a continual basis, equal manifestations of both. True contact with expanded awareness can bring on unspeakable melancholy. It is a mixture of pure longing for the depths of perception plus an absolute fear of their chilling solitude.

Don Juan remarked that in the life of warriors it was extremely natural to be sad for no overt reason. … Whenever the boundaries of the known are broken, a mere glimpse of the eternity outside is enough to disrupt the coziness of our controlled awareness. The resulting melancholy is sometimes so intense that it can bring about death. … The best way to get rid of melancholy is to make fun of it.

I realized that there is nothing lonelier than eternity. And this is the human dilemma. There is nothing cozier than to be a human being. We can live forever behind veils of illusion, suffering our blindness, and dying in our ignorance. And, until some aspect of that human has had its fill of suffering and death, there will be no desire to venture into the absolute loneliness of eternity. It is only the soul that is ready for this definitive journey that becomes a warrior, willing to risk the soul-chilling fear and the unspeakable joy of traveling into the unknown. If you can’t handle the fear, you cannot know the love at the “higher” levels.

Now, in the next several chapters, we will enter the world of counter-intelligence operations both of the human variety as well as the cryptogeographic, hyperdimensional type. I will begin listing the dramatis personae of the years 1999 to the present. The reader will see the “circles within circles” of the Matrix Control System.

In the very earliest days of my Internet experience, I had encountered a web personality who went by the handle of Density 4, and signed all his messages “Blue Resonant Human.” It was sort of a humorous dig at those who followed the Mayan calendar. Blue, as I began to call him, and I hit it off immediately, and I have entire disks full of email discussions we carried on through the years 1996 to 1999. In the very early days, when I was attacked by the crowd on Mike Lindemann’s ISCNI discussion board for daring to suggest that aliens might not have our best interests at heart, Blue jumped to my defense, and I witnessed words being used in a way I had never thought possible – literally like swords. The Lindemann harpies fled in terror, and I decided that participating in their discussions was a waste of time and energy. But Blue and I chatted on, and I have him to thank for many, many enlightening posts. I was naive in the extreme, and he undertook to protect me and educate me in matters that were crucial to my survival.

Blue was very interested in the strange twists and turns of my life, and when Ark first made contact with me, he was naturally concerned that I was going to be hurt by an Internet predator. We had a number of long phone conversations, and Blue attended a few sessions with Cs via telephone.

During 1997 and most of 1998, Blue was intensely involved in building a massive website, a hub for information on secret government projects, mind control, aliens, secret societies, and all of their connections to black magick and satanism. Very early on, Blue had stumbled on the connections written about in Picknett and Prince’s book The Stargate Conspiracy, and he was putting all the information together. We discussed his finds at great length, as well as his plans to try to get inside and find out who was really on first. The folks that Blue was particularly interested in included numerous members of what is popularly known as the “Aviary.”

The Aviary has been described by Dan Smith and Rosemary Ellen Guiley, directors of the Center for North American Crop Circle Studies, in their article, “The Aquarium Conspiracy,” as “An important link in the communication chain between the civilian population and the intelligence community in regards to UFO matters … This is the final link next to the public network, and so it must be heavily disguised by its own surrealistic smoke screen. The Aviary functions best by amplifying people’s own misconceptions about the paranormal. It does this by helping to over-inflate individual pieces of the puzzle so that particular investigators get pushed further into their own blind alleys.”

According to the popular mythos, this organization was said to hand out disinformation on UFO research. It consisted of various ex-spooks and military types and the following is a general list of those who were claimed to be the interface with the public:

THE SPARROW – Richard Doty – AFOSI agent.

CONDOR – Robert M. Collins – Former Captain USAF.

OWL – Dr. Harold Puthoff – Parapsychologist/Director of Psi-tech.

FALCON – C. B. Jones – Parapsychology/psychotronics, Navy Intel, DIA, MUFON (1989), as a consultant.

PENGUIN – John Alexander – Former Army Intel on the board of Psi-tech.

PELICAN – Ron Pandolphi – CIA.

BLUEJAY – Dr. Chris Green – CIA.

NIGHTINGALE – Dr. Jack Verona – Liaison between Capitol Hill and Los Alamos.

SEAGULL – Bruce Maccabee – Photographic expert, MUFON consultant, MUFON state director 1975.

UNKNOWN – Bill Moore – Alleged intelligence agent.

PARROT – Jacques Vallee, Ph.D. – Formerly an astrophysicist working with Paris Observatory and the Space Committee (nothing to do with UFOs), later moved to U.S. as principal investigator with Defense Department computer network projects; worked with famed astronomer and dear friend Dr. J. Allen Hynek who left and denounced the military’s Project Blue Book as a disinformational smokescreen; prolific author on UFO subjects.

The rumors suggested that the Aviary was an actual organization, financed by the U.S. Government or Lawrence Rockefeller who was rumoured to be throwing a lot of money at UFO research. This organization was supposed to be infiltrating UFO groups such as MUFON and spreading disinfo, which, as we will discover, is true – though not in the way that is supposed. The Aviary-inspired disinformation was not (as some suggest) to create the UFO mythology out of whole cloth as a distraction (i.e. UFOs don’t really exist except as a government mind control experiment). Rather, it was to cover up what the UFO/alien reality is really doing.

Blue, as a growing Internet presence, sought out many of these individuals to interview them, chat with them, and seek answers to the burning questions we both had about who was who and what was what.

I was naturally concerned that he was going to get into some kind of trouble doing these things. The one thing we had never quite agreed on was the nature of the alien presence. He was having a really hard time grasping the hyperdimensional nature of it, and he wanted very much to find that it was all just a mind-control, social-programming experiment. At the very most, if there were any aliens involved, they must be physical creatures like us, and any weird stuff had to be consigned to the etheric realms of spirit possession.

The following clip was the Cs’ answer to Blue’s questions about several of the above individuals. I’ll let the reader guess who is who:

November 7, 1998

Q: (BRH) What about Phil?

A: Try not to be misled.

Q: (BRH) I mean more specifically about his alleged interstitial hoodlums. (This is in reference to a description of aliens that Blue was fond of quoting, Ephesians 6:12, the idea being that the aliens were demons, or strictly ethereal beings. Apparently, this was the theory of someone on the “inside” whose name was Phil.)

A: “Hoodlums” are not leading, they are led.

Q: (BRH) Anything you can tell me about Ron, John and Victoria and Dr. V that would be good for me to know?

A: We see one with a plight. One secretly holds the light. Why not run with his program? Because it is missing some data. But, who supplies the data? Someone reaches out, but if this one grasps your hand, they will not let go.

After a period of very close interaction with some of these people, Blue came to a certain conclusion and posted on his website the opinion that the Aviary was merely an “ad-hoc dysfunctional family of disparate military/intelligence spooks who share an interest in UFOs and parapsychology yet often work at cross-purposes and frankly don’t even get along with each other all that well. Extremely weird birds.” There were, of course, a few of them he really liked, and considering what was to happen later, one has to wonder if this “liking” was not manipulated.

On December 25, 1998, Blue forwarded an email to me for Ark (see Appendix B). Ark was certainly intrigued at such a discussion and did some websearches on the participants. I was pretty intrigued to see that there were a number of members of the so-called Aviary on board, including Ron Pandolfi, John Alexander, Bruce Macabbee and Hal Puthoff. Also on the Sarfatti discussion list were Joe Firmage, Uri Geller (Involved with Puthoff, Targ and Ingo Swann in SRI research), Stan Krippner, Russel Targ (SRI remote viewing with Puthoff and Swann), Ed Mitchell (Astronaut and Founder of The Institute of Noetic Science), Eric Davis and, of course, Blue.

The reader may also be interested in doing a little research on their own to discover that there are other links between some of these individuals and other organizations. For example, John Alexander and Jacques Vallee work for Billionaire Robert Bigelow who created an organization called the National Institute of Discovery Science ( or NIDS for short.

Segue to the present: Additional research by our research team reveals to us that there is a curious New Age/science crossover organization called the Axiom Visiting Faculty ( visitingfaculty.html). Here we find the following:

Drunvalo Melchizedek,

Mitchell (NIDS, Sarfatti),

Castaneda followers,

Deepak Chopra,

Fred Alan Wolfe,

Greg Braden,

Joe Firmage (Sarfatti, on the Institute of Noetic Sciences board),

John Mack (Rockefeller sponsored NDE and Alien abduction hypnosis researcher),

Laurie Monroe (Monroe Institute),

Rabbi Michael Lerner,

Peter Russel (Institute of Noetic Science/Mitchell’s (NIDS) private organization),

Russel Targ (Remote Viewing pioneer along with Puthoff and Ingo Swann at SRI in the ’70s and ’80s),

Steven Greer (Rockefeller funded UFO researcher),

Zecharia Sitchin.

As the reader can see, there is a loose sort of network emerging with some players figuring prominently. What is even more interesting is the fact that there is a link between the Axiom Faculty and something called the Sangraal School of Sacred Geometry.

Back to the past: There were a couple other interesting members of the Sarfatti discussion group: Ira Einhorn and Hank Harrison, father of grunge diva Courtney Love. Hank claims to be the world’s expert on the Holy Grail, and he played an interesting part in the drama that year, but not to get ahead of myself, we will leave him for now.

Our own little discussion group was busily discussing the clues the Cs had given about the Grail Quest, a subject which bored Frank to tears, and on February 6 I found that there were several websites devoted to the subject of Rennes-le-Château. By following several links, I found myself on a page about “ancient wisdom.” There was a semi-scholarly discussion group that was closed – you had to submit a sort of little résumé to be accepted – so I figured it would be better if I signed up both of us, which I did. A few days later, we were accepted for membership, and I had my first taste of a real Internet egroup.

Meanwhile, on Sarfatti’s mail list, all the guys were just tearing poor Ira Einhorn apart. I didn’t really know anything about him, or the crime he was accused of committing, or why he was hiding in France, but when he wrote a long explanation that he was set up to take the fall because he had learned “too much” from the insiders, I certainly knew that this was something that was easy enough for regular humans to engineer, not to mention hyperdimensional beings. I expressed these ideas briefly, and found myself having a private chat with the guy on the side. We will also come back to Ira in the next volume.

In mid March, Ark and I took the kids on a little vacation to the Pensacola UFO conference where we attended lectures by Whitley Strieber, Michael Lindemann, Lloyd Pye, and Linda Moulton Howe. We purchased copies of Howe’s books, and I have described the events of this conference briefly in volume two of The Wave.

After the conference, when we were at home, I had a brief exchange with Lloyd Pye about his strange skull, and the possibility that it could be evidence of an alien presence on the planet. I was doubtful because it did sort of look like the skull of a hydrocephalic child. But I was most interested in any results he obtained by testing.

Right around this time, I received a threatening series of emails from one of the multiple personalities of the woman discussed in the Reptoid-rape chapter of book two of The Wave, but she subsided rather quickly.

Now that I was turned on to this e-group discussion thing, I joined a couple of other lists, thinking that this was the correct way to network and share information. One of them was discussing the history of Atlantis, another was devoted to researching the Priory of Sion (or so they claimed, but really all they wanted to do was talk about drinking Merovingian blood – I unsubbed pretty quickly!).

Meanwhile, I was busiest on the Ancient Wisdom list. Well, it wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but I found a few opportunities to share some of the Cs information there and to do it exactly the way the Cs had suggested – you know, “Here is what we received, make of it what you will.” Of course, I was hoping that this would inspire others who might have pieces of the puzzle to contact me, and we could get down to business solving this problem of why things were the way they were, and what kind of a mess were we in, and how do we get out of it! Mostly, however, I got slammed for even daring to mention channeled material. It was definitely not welcome among academic discussions!

Nevertheless, quite a number of people from these various lists began to correspond with us privately, and it was getting to be just a regular circus!

At this point, I noticed that Nick Herbert was on the Sarfatti discussion list, and I thought that this was really synchronous. Back in 1985, when I was doing the research for the first version of Noah, I had read Herbert’s book Quantum Reality. He seemed to be someone who might be able to answer my questions about Cosmic Metamorphosis, so I had written to him, and we exchanged several enlightening letters via snail mail. Several years later, due to my relationship with Keith Laumer, I had occasion to chat with a well-known fantasy writer whose books cover entire walls of book stores. We engaged in a long correspondence that covered all the years prior to, during, and after the Cassiopaean contact, right up to the time of my divorce, at which point I stopped answering his letters because I was just too depressed. Shortly after, Ark found me, and I was too busy to write. At the time of the Santilli session, I wrote to the fantasy author and shared this info with him, and a couple of physics questions came up in our debate. I decided that since Nick Herbert had been so kind as to answer my naïve questions several years before, that he might be a good one to ask to settle the hash. So, I dashed off a letter to him, mentioning the discussion I was having with the writer.

As it happened, Nick was a real fan of this writer, and he was more than happy to help with my questions if only I would help him get an autographed copy of a book to give as a gift! I was more than happy to introduce him to my writer friend, and they had a nice little correspondence, I assume.

So, here was Nick on Sarfatti’s list. What a coincidence!

Well, Ark and I were both a bit curious about Jack Sarfatti and just exactly what this list was supposed to accomplish. I figured that Nick wouldn’t BS me, and he sort of owed me a favor, so I wrote to him to ask for the inside scoop on Sarfatti, as well as to discuss some other interesting items that had come up in his remarks to the list. Nick wrote back:

On 18 Apr 99, at 16:50, nick herbert wrote:

First: I have been associated with Jack Sarfatti for a very long time. In my opinion he is a third-rate physicist with a tremendously overvalued sense of his own worth plus a lot of passion. He is indeed a con man but one that fervently believes in his own con – hence very persuasive to those who know little physics. I do not think that there is any deeper conspiracy behind him (Jack would like to think so). He is just a childish bozo – charming in short doses, boring after a while. I stay in touch with him because I am in love with novelty and he has sometimes turned me on to new paths I would not otherwise have traveled – including perhaps this one.

Second: thank you for your part in connecting me with [name deleted]. It enabled me to give one of my Muses a unique “magic” gift for her birthday.

Third: My basic general hunch about psychic experiences of the sort you mention is that the self and the environment are not as separate as we usually assume.

I have also had uncanny experiences where the (conventionally) “outside world” seemed to reflect what was going on “inside my mind”. Jung writes about similar events under the name of “synchronicities” and by providing such a label perhaps encouraged us to pay more attention to the possibility of such self/other indistinguisabilities. A very good book on this topic (with lots of examples of synchronicities) is “Science, Synchronicy & Soul-Making” By Victor Mansfield.

Fourth: I believe that the really New Science of the 21th century will truly begin when we learn how to AMPLIFY the magnitude and extent of these accidental connections with nature. I call this new science Quantum Tantra and fancy myself its prophet much as Frances Bacon was a forerunner of Newtonian physics.

Fifth: I have not yet written a book on alchemy (tho I believe it features the same assumption as quantum tantra – that the chemist is not separated from the chemistry: are there reactions that only work if you pray?). Perhaps this book is waiting for us somewhere in the future.

Sixth: Some of my work is alluded to on my website. I will be giving a presentation of Quantum Tantra at Henry Dakin’s Lab in San Francisco on May 25 Sponsored by the long-running Psychic Research Group. This work is so new and so far removed from conventional notions of science that I mostly keep to myself and my favorite Muse – the Pacific Ocean – trying not to contaminate my thinking with too many old notions.

Let’s keep in touch. I’m sure we all have parts of the puzzle but I fear that a very large piece (or pieces) is still missing and at present NO ONE can make a coherent picture – let alone a science of what we know now.

At this point in time, I had finished reading Linda Howe’s books, and there were several things in there that I shared with our little discussion group of which Blue was now a member:

Therein lies the rub: knowledge. The “Photon Belt Phiasco” is a prime example. Somebody came up with this idea and it spread like wildfire to channel after channel … became all the rage, incorporated with the “Mass Landing” theory and the “Alien Rapture” hypothesis, then interwoven with Hale-Bopp … resulting in a mass suicide as well as a HUGE amount of energy.

When I first read it a number of years ago, in a magazine … all laid out in pseudo-scientific terms … I nearly had a gag attack! I mean, if the folks promulgating the idea as well as the ones reading it, had a CLUE about what the intrinsic nature of a photon was, they would not have fallen for this one … and NEVER MIND about all the “psychic technobabble” about these “special photons” and how the sources had to use terms that were “close” to something we poor ignorant humans could grasp or that were available in the vocabulary of the channel … the whole thing was poppycock! I said so then, repeatedly, the Cs backed me up when they came along, and so far, the knowledge of what photons are and what they do has held up! I mean, don’t these guys know that the earth is bombarded with TONS of photons every day … it’s called LIGHT … and if there was an increase such as they suggested … it would REALLY transform the planet … to a CINDER!

But, on the other hand, on the low side of probabilities, maybe a photon belt DID hit and all the “good folks” WERE airlifted off the planet! Then, I guess we are all in trouble!

So, it is a VERY good idea to have an extensive knowledge base when dealing with this stuff … BUT, there is a point at which even this sort of “runs out” because we are dealing with levels of reality about which we have no clue whatsoever. Many times the Cs have told me something that just completely and totally OFFENDED what I thought I knew … I would be outraged with them! And then, some few months down the road, something would come out in “mainstream science,” or some new author who had been working on a specific problem, or some work that I had not yet examined would come along verifying to the last comma everything they said. That sort of thing just gives you the “chills” and so forth.

I have to admit that I was completely offended by the idea of aliens “eating” human beings, either emotional energy-wise or literally … but then, I came across research and documentation of at least a strong circumstantial kind that pretty much supported this.

Also, I was pretty hot on the Velikovsky ideas and I was pretty much unhappy that the Cs did not admire this theory as much as I did.

Most often, with channeled material, one finds that the answers are sort of “confirmations” of what the channel him or herself believe or WANT to hear … But, in this instance, we can frankly say that the Cs don’t seem to care much what we believe or want to hear. They don’t coddle us … but they DO become VERY VAGUE when a person is present or asks a question who is unable to bear the blunt truth. I did an analysis of the “vague” answers once and discovered that there was a direct relationship between the number of them and the personalities of the people present including their pre-formed belief systems.

So, the bottom line seems to be: if a person is EMOTIONALLY tied up with what they WANT to hear … they are respected and will not be told anything that they cannot handle …

There is SO MUCH GARBAGE out there … and much of it is written to evoke and appeal to the emotions, and it is CLEAR that emotions are chemical. Yes, there ARE “soul” emotions, so to speak, but they are so radically different from what one experiences when “interfaced” with the body that there is almost no comparison.

And this is my idea … to raise awareness of this “battle,” so that people can be objective and non-anticipatory and be able to SEE CLEARLY without emotion, thereby reducing the amount of “food” the aliens can milk from us. Each one of us who wakes up and smells the coffee, so to speak, makes it that much easier for others … Hundredth Monkey Syndrome and all that … and THEN, there is the possibility of effecting a change. Cs repeatedly say that the future is “open.” But, unless one knows what the present conditions are and where they can lead, probabilities and so forth, they have no hope whatsoever of contributing to a group effort to direct our future.

Linda Howe writes:

“An Air Force intelligence officer once told me about an elderly colleague, a Colonel, who supposedly spent time with an extraterrestrial biological entity retrieved from a crashed silver disc in New Mexico. The Colonel said the being explained telepathically that this is not the only universe. He said, ‘Imagine a large island of white sand and that each sand grain is a different universe separated from the others by an electronic membrane. And surrounding the island is a cold, dark, sea.’

“I asked the intelligence officer what the dark sea was and he answered, ‘You don’t want to know. It would change you forever.’”

Now, this may seem “upsetting” to hear, but one has to consider the perspective of the “intelligence” conveying this information. If we take as a given what the Cs said about the STS perspective, that they “worship the physical universe,” then we understand that the “cold dark sea” perceived by the being is “non-delimited consciousness,” and, to them it IS SCARY! Unlimited creative potential! Pure Creative Consciousness. And this is how they view it … as a “cold dark sea.”

Col. Corso writes in The Day After Roswell, “These creatures weren’t benevolent aliens who had come to enlighten human beings … ” Linda Howe asks, “What do other intelligences want from humans and our planet? One government agent told me his superiors hoped to be dead before the ‘true story’ erupted … ” (Howe, 2001) Then, she received a letter via an intermediary, purportedly from some DOD guys which said, in part:

“Our misguided program directors cling to the false belief that we can control or manipulate the [aliens], when in actuality, the reverse is occurring – we are the ones being manipulated and deceived.

“ … forces being utilized by [aliens] to interact with us in a bizarre, confusing manner, designed to divert us and draw our attention from the true purpose of their actions: manipulation and deception.

“People are now busy chasing ‘secret-government’ projects, satanic cults, and UFOs, while the actual perpetrating agents go unsuspected [i.e. beings from other densities].

“[There are those] within the government hierarchy who [have] convincingly fed [to Linda Howe] the false ET scenario propagated as disinformation by those who are in charge of the [alien] projects. Many variations of this exist, and all who are privy to a particular variation are convinced they have ‘the answer.’ With our society as it is now, the core truth of the situation is such that the public really could not handle it.

“The ultimate diversionary tactic to this point (and diversions will begin to increase in frequency, degree of strangeness, and in a more overt fashion, visible to greater numbers of observers) is the UFO abduction scenario.

“The concept of these events, real though they are, being the result of extraterrestrial beings, is a masterful piece of disinformation to divert attention away from the real source of the [aliens]. Our information as to the true nature of these events does not negate the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but, the causal source of the UFO and UFO abduction phenomena is NOT EXTRATERRESTRIAL.

“The aliens being dealt with in our psi “mind control” weapons development, and who are apparently allowing themselves to be used for a time, are neither benevolent nor neutral. It was our feeling that very few could understand this concept.

“Your comments and thoughts concerning ancient civilizations and their contacts with the [aliens] need to be considered in light of the bigger picture of the deception of mankind as a whole. If this grand deception is taking the course it seems to be, then it makes sense to analyze the false gods of ancient civilizations in light of the current level of deception. It is only logical that, given their non-human, other-dimensional nature, the [aliens] would be able to foresee the need to establish a foundational base, the facts of which could be slightly twisted, or distorted by the fog of antiquity and forgotten cultural distinctiveness, to seemingly establish themselves as the bringers of all good things to humanity.

“Explore Jacques Vallee’s ‘Passport to Magonia’ again, for more close parallels between the ‘faerie’ manifestation of the [aliens] and current events. And look very closely at ‘Messengers of Deception,’ Dr. Vallee was so close to the truth of the situation, with the exception that the ultimate manipulators are not human.”

On the 4th of May, a fellow named Ray Flowers posted to the aforementioned Ancient Wisdom discussion list:

Alchemy, Fulcanelli and the Great Cross

A Monument to the End of Time reveals the truth behind the mystery of Fulcanelli: The alchemical transmutation of the soul and the most dramatic event in human history – the end of time as we know it. A Monument to the End of Time unveils the greatest alchemical secret of all – that history is an initiatory process. And the final stage of that initiation is about to occur.

Check out Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner’s new research from Southern France.

Well! Talk about your major Doomsday pronouncement! I wandered over there and had a look. There was a whole lot of historical research, and I read through the ideas of the book and wrote back to the Ancient Wisdom list:

I wonder if this “new research” was in any way stimulated by the most interesting book “Refuge of the Apocalypse: Doorway Into Other Dimensions; Rennes-le-Château, The Key” by Elizabeth Van Buren ??? Certainly a MUST read for anyone “into” the R-L-C business.

This book begins with a discussion of the Cross of Hendaye …

“There is a small town in the Basque country of the Pyrenees called Hendaye. A stone cross stands there, displaying curious symbols which the famous alchemist Fulcanelli states relate to ‘millenarianism.’ This is the doctrine of belief in the millennium and the cataclysms that are preordained to precede it.

“On the transverse arm of the equi-armed cross is an inscription which consists of two lines of raised letters. These spell out words which are joined together: OCRUXAVES PESUNICA.

“If the ‘S’ at the end of the first line is taken as the first letter of the second line, the following phrase can be read: ‘O CRUX AVE, SPES UNICA’ ‘HAIL, O CROSS, THE ONLY HOPE.’

“Fulcanelli points out that the rules of Latin grammar have been ignored, for ‘pes’ is masculine, and therefore requires the adjective ‘unicus’ which is the masculine, and not ‘unica,’ the feminine form of the word.

“Because of the misplaced ‘S’, the inscription can be read as a secret message. By reading the Latin words as phonetic French, and rearranging the words to form another sentence, the following strange statement is arrived at: ‘IL EST ECRIT QUE LA VIE SE REFUGIE EN UNSEUL ESPACE’ or ‘IT IS WRITTEN THAT LIFE TAKES REFUGE IN A SINGLE SPACE.’

“Fulcanelli tells us that this message refers to a place of safety at the time of the terrible catastrophe, a Noah’s Ark where death cannot touch one. He told the alchemist Canseliet, ‘The time will come, my son, when you will no longer be able to work in alchemy, when it will be necessary for you to search for some country rare and blessed, privileged without doubt, and situated towards the south, beyond the frontiers.’ To others, Fulcanelli indicated that the place was Rennes, in the Aude.

“ … Fulcanelli points out that the letter ‘S’ which has been misplaced, corresponds to the Greek khi (key) (X) and has the same meaning esoterically. Is this the ‘key’ to the mystery? Can we read the message as ‘Spes unice,’ or the ‘key’ is the one-and-only (feminine) foot? Does the ‘X’ symbolize this ‘foot?’” (Van Buren)

I think that it is interesting to note that the name “Plantangenet” is derived from a root meaning “foot” … and “platter” is similarly related … the “foundation” of a thing connected to “gene” which goes to the same root from which we get yoga, yogi, joint, jugular, conjugal, knee, and even knight … the “Desired Knight” of the Grail Stories, Perceval.

And, if no one has ever noticed it, in the Shepherds of Arcadia, there is a rather prominent display of knees and elbows … JOINTS.

Martha Neyman says that the shadow of the arm on the tomb, when looked at upside down, is the image of a horse … but it also looks like a heart when taken WITH the arm itself … but either view is interesting.

It is also interesting that the legends surrounding the origins of the Plantagenets are almost identical to the legends of the Merovingians …

Merovee is an interesting word in itself … going back to Mer which can mean both Sea and Horse …

So, I guess I shall order this book and see what these guys have to say.


On May 7th, I received an email from one of the guys doing the above mentioned book, Vincent Bridges:

Date sent: Fri, 7 May 1999 11:49:03 -0500

Subject: RE: Hendaye

Dear Laura,

What a nice comment on our AMET website, and so perceptive too!

Yes, we are aware of E. Van Buren’s fascinating book, and, as you supposed, are deep into the RLC thing. However, our starting point was Fulcanelli’s book Le Mystere des Cathedrals and his chapter on the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye, which EVB quotes at great length in her preface to Refuge. In fact, EVB does little but quote Fulcanelli, giving only one piece of new information. “He told the alchemist Canseliet, ‘The time will come, my son, when you will no longer be able to work in alchemy, when it will be necessary for you to search for some country rare and blessed, privileged without doubt, and situated towards the south, beyond the frontiers.’ To others, Fulcanelli indicated that the place was Rennes, in the Aude.”

You just don’t know the anguish that little teaser has caused us in the past year or so. The problem is that Canseliet, as far as we can determine, never said that in print, so it must be a private conversation between EVB and Canseliet. When and how did they know each other? And who could the “others” be to whom Fulcanelli identified Rennes in the Aude as the refuge? Did EVB know Fulcanelli?

There is of course nothing else in the text of Refuge to indicate that EVB understood the monument at Hendaye or its symbolism in any direct way. But whoever told her about it and gave her the information on the Serpent Rouge and the Rennes zodiac certainly did. But why put the information in such a distorted form, why the insistence on Rennes?

Frankly, none of it made any sense. I had been working on RLC for a long time before the Fulcanelli stuff came along. I was interested in King Rene as far back as Grad school in the mid seventies; I thought he was the prime candidate for the author of the classic tarot deck. Still do, even more so with 25 years of research behind me. But EVB and the Fulcanelli connection threw everything that I thought I knew about RLC into a whole new perspective. (Lest ye doubt that I am indeed an RLC freak, let me just note that I own a piece of the original church, circa Bigou’s reconstruction.)

So we knew that RLC was important and connected somehow to Fulcanelli and Hendaye, we just didn’t know how, exactly. Then another friend, Bill Buehler out in Crestone CO showed me a piece of landscape geometry linking Hendaye, RLC, St. James de Campostella and Edinbourgh Castle in a big T. Hendaye was at the cross point of that T. Wow, things began to click after that.

See, Hendaye is like the loose thread in the Kmart tapestry of history. Keep tugging on it long enough and the whole damn thing unravels right before your eyes. We had already unraveled the astro-alchemical secrets of the Cross, but suddenly there was another whole pattern coming into view. We had always joked about the Cross being the Holy Grail, we just didn’t know how close we were to the truth.

On the base of the Cross are four images, reading from west around to north, the sun, the 4 A’s, the eight-rayed star and the moon-boat. We found that they also pointed to four locations in southern France directly connected to the true history of the grail family. By simply locating these spots, the story unfolds, if you know what to look for. Going back to Fulcanelli, we found a very sly series of references that supported our theory, and strangely enough, led us directly to Michel Nostradamus, the Seer of Provence, and that renaissance genius, Leonardo di Vinci.

So with the Fulcanelli book 90% done in first draft, we headed out to France to find some answers. The result is our second book, which I am working away on while my co-author, Jay Weidner, is finishing the final draft of the first book.

Without going into the whole story, here is what we feel the truth is about RLC.

Let’s work backward. What did Saunier find? He found conclusive proof of the survival of a group of early Christians related to the Holy family whose Christ was another St. John, the son of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. This information had been passed to local families in the early fourth century CE when the refugees from the Jewish Christian province of Glanum Livii arrived in the Aude. Glanum Livii is the Blue Fruit, or Blue Apples of the cypher, and the Mort epee is also a pointer to Glanum through the Black Sword of Tristan and Jason the Argonaut. Glanum, of course, turned out to be the home town of Nostradamus, who alludes to his ancient bloodline in several quatrains.

Why did this make Saunier rich? There seems to have been an ancient treasure, perhaps the gold of the Visigoths or the Merovingians, because Saunier did antiquities deals all over Paris. This supplied some money, but most seems to have come from the Hapsburg-Lorraine heirs, who interestingly enough, would have the best claim to descent from any Provencal connection through King Rene. In the wake of WWI, everything fell apart, until some group in the 1950’s revived the mystery of RLC as a way of revealing or deflecting attention from the bigger picture.

Sigisbert IV did return to Rennes and probably was the lost Merovingian heir, so that part of the story is true. We also know that the legend had currency in the Middle Ages, hence Godfrey de Boullion and the Grail legends, but exactly how it all relates together is a carefully obstructed mystery.

But, your guess about the Plantegenets is right on the money. Your word play would make you right at home with Fulcanelli, that old master of the Green Language. The Plantegenet’s rise to power was aided by unseen political forces that correspond to the early Priory of Our Lady of Sion, the precursor to the Templar Priory, founded by Pope Sylvestor II and the mad Caliph Hakim in Jerusalem in 1002. Henry II was a Templar, in the sense of Wolfram’s Parsival, that is a man of unknown, or at least unspoken, heritage who ruled through a combination of modern power and ancient right. Henry’s interest in the legends of King Arthur is no accident, but an attempt to legitimize and [sic] ancient heritage that was essentially heretical. No wonder their origins, Merovingian and Plantegenet are so similar. They were clues for those in the know as to the true heritage of these kings.

But enough obscure medieval history. If you really want to figure this out, I would suggest that, while waiting on our second volume, you find a good translation of Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parsival and read it through a few times. Then take a map of southern France and map out the places he mentions, taking him at his word about time and distances, and you will find that whoever Guy of Provence was, he truly knew the story of the Grail. It’s all there, and the story itself turns out to be somewhat true and datable to the ninth century.

Well, I’ve probably confused you worse by trying to hint and condense things. Sorry, I am working on the complete version and I hate to give to much away to soon. But I found your e-mail interesting in that I haven’t found to many folks who have even heard of Hendaye, much less make such provocative connections.

Stay tuned to the website. We will be putting more stuff up from time to time and will be announcing the first book in June for a July ship date. Hope you like it, and if you want to chat further on this, just e-mail back.


Vincent Bridges

Wow! Was I ever excited! Thank God! At last there is someone who isn’t a whacko, someone who could answer all my questions! Somebody who was not only a scholar (must be a scholar, he went to grad school!), but open-minded! Somebody who had done all that research posted on the Sangraal site! I’d better get back over there quick and download all of it and study it!

And so I did. Every scrap, every word, printed and bound in a cover, sitting there on the bookshelf, a monument to my wish that somebody would come along and give me the answers.

Life gives back to you exactly what you put into it.

There is no free lunch.