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Monsters: Chicken Man, Demons, and Ica Skulls

265 years ago, a 28 year old German woman named Johanna Sophia Schmied who lived in the village of Taucha near Leipzig, gave birth to a monster that is unlike any other. This monster has become popularly known as the “Chicken Man.”

Fate magazine’s February (2000) issue recounts the facts of the case as preserved by the attending physician, Dr. Gottlieb Friderici. The physician witnessed the event and preserved the fetus in formaldehyde along with an extensive report of his autopsy, including drawings and the medical history of the mother.

During the autopsy, the doctor noted that the oversized head did not have the characteristics of hydrocephaly and the tumor like outgrowth was completely filled with brain matter. The heart did not have a pericardium, but was instead, embedded in a “peculiarly thin membrane”.

The bone structure was also very different in significant ways from that of normal human beings. Neither the lower arms nor the lower legs consisted of two bones as would be present in humans. The kneecap was also absent.

The author of the Fate Magazine article, Hartwig Hausdorf, points out some similarities in the story of the mother of this monster and modern day abductions. He asks the obvious question:

“…Do we have surprising evidence for a case of targeted genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials, abandoned when the results did not meet their expectations?”

This creature is truly monstrous, and it is difficult to even feel pity for it when observing that nothing in either its interior or exterior configuration corresponds to that which is considered to be human.

Mr. Hausdorf writes:

“There are discrepancies in number, size, and above all, certain components are entirely missing while others appear to be ‘extraordinarily developed.”

This story and the accompanying photographs, were so curious that I decided to ask the Cassiopaeans for a few remarks at the end of a session last month. I thought the comments were interesting, and maybe you will too.


Q: Now, we have this bizarre picture here of this absolutely strange creature in a museum in Germany. What is this 265 year old creature that has been kept in formaldehyde all these years?
A: Hybridized conception/gestate.
Q: Was there hybridization and genetic manipulation going on almost 300 years ago?
A: Most done this way are miscarried.
Q: Did it live at all after birth?
A: No.
Q: Who was responsible for this experiment?
A: It was not an experiment. It was the result of Reptoid “rape.”
Q: So, the mother was raped by a reptoid. Why do reptoids rape human women?
A: We have discussed motives.
Q: Yes. They feed on the fear, terror, or absorb some substance emitted by the sexual organs and/or chakra as a kind of “food,” and in some cases they are “changing the genetic program.” But, in general, when we have discussed this, it has not included impregnating human women with Reptoid sperm. How often does this activity result in impregnation?
A: Rarely.
Q: So, in this case it did, and here is the result. Pretty horrible.

Going in another direction, a photograph was recently sent to my by a correspondent. I shared this photo with our discussion group, and a number of members declared outright that it was a fake because they could “detect” anomalies.

Well, Ark and I did some experiments with photos that we crumpled and drew on the back of, and these experiments produced precisely the effects that the critics were claiming were proof that this photo was not “real.” We subjected the photo to various graphic modification filters and enhancements, and even though we are not experts, we had expert guidance. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we could not discard it as “faked.”

You can see a crease across the photo which is consistent with the fact that the story I was told was that it was carried around in someone’s pocket for quite awhile.

There are some odd geometric markings that show up with enhancement, but, as noted, we did some experiments with drawing on the back of a photo and then scanning it, and the same effect is produced. It looks like someone drew a map on the back of the photo.

Now, the thing that struck me about this photo was the hands, elbows and feet of the creature. Look at them closely and then look again at the “Chicken Man” creature in the jar above.

Is it real? Do any readers have more info on it? I would appreciate any further data if it is available.

Update August 2002: Several readers have written to inform me that the above “creature” was/is “a creature carved into the rock at Cheddar Gorge, a tourist attraction in England. The gorge system has many mythical creatures carved into its rock, and this “imp” photo has been doing the ufological rounds for ages before someone pointed out what it actually was!”

When I received the first email with this information, I attempted to confirm it with the folks at the Cheddar Gorge attraction. No one there seemed to be aware of it or the claims that it was supposed to be in the cave.

Nevertheless, another reader not only wrote with the above information, he tracked down the source of that information: Fortean Times magazine. He also forwarded an image of the article:


Even though it then seemed that we had proof that the photo was a hoaxed monster, so to say, I must add that the folks at the Cheddar Caves refute the above Fortean Times claim:

From: Cheddar Caves
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 3:39 AM

Unfortunately, this particular plaster goblin is not one of our exhibits. However we do have plaster goblins, but perhaps not as evil looking as the picture you sent! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Many thanks

Kate Walton
Personal Assistant Cheddar Caves and Gorge

So, we are at an impasse with this one. It still may be a REAL Imp!