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Chemical Hallucinations, Mind Control, and Dr. Jose Delgado

“Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.” Dr. Jose Delgado

“Free Will is the most important law in all of Creation.” Cassiopaeans

The above quote by Dr. Jose Delgado is quite frightening, isn’t it?

Until a few days ago, I had never heard of Dr. Delgado. However, a funny series of events brought him and his work to my attention, and it is worthwhile to note the series as a pattern of how the Universe teaches us.

A curious exchange was discovered on October 30, on one of the Internet newsgroups, and it is related to the above quote and other rather recent discussions among a small mail list we have here at Cassiopaea. The subject was brought up, in our semi-private discussion, of the use of chemicals to enhance awareness. The group was discussing the “deepest secrets of humanity,” in a general sense, and one member of the mail group forwarded information about the obtaining of psychoactive substances that are purported to be legal. I cannot vouch for the efficacy of the alkaloid bearing plants, but I have certainly heard that they are effective.

However, this e-mail was only addressed to TWO of the members of the “Round Robin” discussion, (one of which was myself) which I did not notice at the time, believing it to be sent to all. I didn’t respond to this initial e-mail because, as a general rule, I just enjoy everyone else’s exchange and just send a few comments or extracts from the Cassiopaean material when appropriate. I am also very busy and CAN’T respond to all of it.

Nevertheless, the other recipient of this e-mail, besides myself, as I noted only later, posted back words to the effect that he might be interested in such experimentation at some point in the future. It was not entirely clear whether he was serious or not, and my general impression was that he was only half-serious, nevertheless, it was a subject that deserved discussion among the group. On the one hand, it was a direction that could lead to many ideas about perceptions of reality and personal experiences in that respect.

On the other hand, I was somewhat distressed to think that chemicals were being promoted amongst the group. I felt that if I said nothing, it might be seen as tacit approval of such practices. And, in the case of this particular member, I was already somewhat concerned for his well-being. So, I searched the Cassiopaean texts for the references to the subject and posted back to the ENTIRE group the following:

On this subject, C’s had following remarks to make….


Q: (L) Carlos Casteneda writes about the peyote beings called “Mescalitos.” This being supposedly is part of the peyote plant, a sort of being from the plant. Is this true?

A: No.

Q: (L) What beings does one encounter when one eats a bunch of peyote?

A: Hallucination.

Q: (L) Why are these hallucinations so consistent?

A: Because those that do have that expectation. If you ate enough peyote you would encounter Santa Claus if that was your expectation. (Much laughter)


Q: (L) One of the questions on the list is: In many of the Sumerian drawings and literature, the gods, the Annunaki, are described as eating a plant that grew at the bottom of the ocean, and this plant was the source of eternal life.

A: Nonsense! The source of eternal life is existence!

Q: (L) Well, the point was that there was some sort of food that these beings ate that was unusual or different that somehow enhanced their abilities to an extreme degree…

A: Totally false and you should know it!! All so-called “special powers” come from non-physical sources!!!

The second recipient of the “private e-mails” about chemical mind expansion substances was apparently NOT desirous of sharing his thoughts on this subject with the rest of the group, and took me severely to task for responding to all with the brief quote from his own communication.

At this point, I checked and discovered that this had been a “short list,” or one from which the other recipients had been deleted. I was troubled by the implied “secrecy,” from the other members of the discussion, since none of the material under discussion was personal, and it was certainly worthy of discussion among all. Nevertheless, this individual added later that he was not REALLY planning to engage in hallucinatory “mind expansion” experiments.

I was certainly relieved and hoped that we could now proceed with our discussion of the matter, but the individual in question suddenly wrote to all the group and rather contemptuously and sarcastically requested that no one of us ever communicate with him again as he was dropping the list. He cited as his reason an extract of the Cassiopaean text as a sort of “proof” of “inconsistency” in the material:

A: Totally false and you should know it!! All so-called “special powers” come from non-physical sources!!!

From: “The Cassiopaeans Discuss Dreams”

The next time dreams were mentioned was in a funny context. I had asked whether the new “fad” for melatonin as an “age reversal” element was useful and was told that, yes, it was beneficial – though not precisely as advertised. So, I asked:


Q: (L) Why should we take the Melatonin?

A: Is mild hallucinogen.

Q: (L) Why do we need this?

A: Keeps exercising psychic abilities and opens paths. Don’t be alarmed by vividly erotic dreams.

Q: (L) Should we expect to have vividly erotic dreams?

A: Possible as psyche passes through levels on ascension. Your consciousness will soon give you spectacularly sharp, exact and correct information.

Q: (L) Will this be due to ingesting the Melatonin?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Is soon within a month?

A: You will know.

Q: (L) I get the feeling that this has a lot to do with trusting my own intuition.

A: Yes.

Another member of the list then wrote the following in defense of “Chemical Mind Alteration:”

[Quoted by permission, but name withheld at my discretion.]

Q: (L) Carlos Casteneda writes about the peyote beings called “Mescalitos.” This being supposedly is part of the peyote plant, a sort of being from the plant. Is this true?

A: No.

I am disappointed in the C’s hasty dismissal here, for the deprecating term hallucination in this context takes on an almost vicious CSICOP quasi-prosaic feel, leaving chunks of cheek lacerated and dangling after shaving with so dull an [Occam’s] razor as this!

For whatever reason, I’m reminded here of the old Fleetwood Mac song which goes, “Cause what matters most, is the feeling you get … when you’re hypnotized.”

Indeed, this is arguably the very heart of high magick — that fundamental restructuring of consciousness which subtlely transpires while hanging in that “other place.” <snip>

And FWIW, I’ve never pseen Santa Claus on a trip — not even after ingesting 3 hits of 4-way windowpane. Yet again, in balance, perhaps it’s wise to consider the advice of Dr. John Lilly (the LSD/dolphin guy who invented the sensory deprivation tank) on the subject of psychedelic drugs. Though perhaps necessary to provide a “consciousness jump-start” earlier in the game, he remarked, to continue their use at this late a stage is roughly akin to “showing up to church drunk.” Sadly, we emerge somewhat disappointed this fine day o’er the perplexing lack of substance in the C’s replies to your valuable and insightful questions.

There were other comments from the Cassiopaeans on the subject of Mind Altering Drugs as a means of accessing higher states of consciousness, which I then sent to the list, (excluding the member who had requested exclusion), to wit:

“Cassiopaeans: Melatonin does not force an alteration in physiological brain chemistry, as does mescaline, peyote, LSD, etc. Accessing the higher levels of psychical awareness through such processes is harmful to the balance levels of the prime chakra. This is because it alters the natural rhythm of psychic development by causing reliance on the part of the subject, thus subjugating the learning process. It is a form of self-imposed abridging of free will. Melatonin simply allows the system to clear obstructions in the brain chemistry naturally, thereby allowing the subject to continue to learn at a natural pace. And, it is by no means unimportant that melatonin is a natural body hormone. The other substances mentioned are, at least in part, synthetic, with the exception of peyote. But, even that is not a natural ingredient of the human physiological being.”

Then, we received the following post from the correspondent above who gave permission to quote and use his “Internet Handle,” but I have not due to the sensitive nature of the subject.

Q: (L) Many people hint about some sort of “ultimate secret” that drives men mad when they discover it. What is… the “ultimate secret” being protected by the Consortium?

A: (Cassiopaeans) You are not in control of yourselves, you are an experiment.

::: Mimosahuasca and the Martians :::

An Experience with Mimosahuasca

by “Deducer”

DOSE: 20 g M. hostilis rootbark 150 mg moclobemide

Well, I finally succeeded, after a year of intermittent attempts that always fell short, in achieving the true, undeniable DMT space. I wanted it and boy, did I get it. Folks, it kicked my ass into the next century. It was easily the most bizarre and frightening experience I’ve ever had (even more so than the 7-minute 5-MeO nightmare!). I now understand the true meaning of shamanism—what they mean when they talk about walking the line between worlds, tapping into a completely alien source of knowledge. It isn’t something that I think I care to repeat. It was simply too awesome.

This time, it appears several things converged to finally make the experience possible. I had processed 20g of M. hostilis rootbark this time, having had only very limited effects from past attempts using 8, 10 and 12 grams. I figured I was a DMT `hardhead’ and needed that much. (Ha!) Also, this time the first phase of the extraction sat soaking in the methanol for a good 2 weeks instead of 4 or 5 days as before. This may have helped. Finally, for this experiment I used a 150mg tab of Moclobemide as the MAO inhibitor. I was very curious to see if it made a difference as opposed to using harmala extract, and I definitely think it did.

When the effects commenced some 2 hours after I drank the bitter sludge, they did not really creep in gradually as before. They hit fast in an accelerated rush, not unlike my first MDMA experience. I was standing up at the time, and had to go lay down as I thought I might faint on the spot. For a minute it seemed pleasant enough, but then something happened that I am still attempting to sort out for myself.

I have read with some degree of skepticism the many reports on DMT trips which talk about alien intelligence, alien presence, etc., and always thought that this was other peoples’ interpretation of what was going on in their minds during their trip, and that my mind would not go there. WRONG… to my utter disbelief, I experienced, even though I was fighting it at the time (and losing), what I can only call an alien presence.

Just like someone else posted about this same combo (Moclobemide and DMT orally), it felt like an invasive mental probing by an alien force, or something. I did not want to believe in it, I was fighting it, but it was undeniable. As preposterous as the concept was, there it was, posing as truth, running my mind. At the peak of this section of the experience, I was having “revelations” that were so outlandish that I realized I probably could not express them to my friends or anyone later on, because they just sounded too insane. They still do to me as well.

Principally, I had a sudden vision, or I should say a concept or a “truth”, that was so out there that it terrified me that I had gone so far out there as to think it, no matter what I was high on. I was “told” that all human life on earth was merely a long-term genetic experiment by extraplanetary life-forms alien to us, and that our very existence was owed to them, although it was in their program not to have us realize this. I had been chosen to be allowed to know the incredible secret to human existence: that these aliens had taken their own genetic material and hybridized it with primates found on the planet at the time of their arrival millions of years ago (only a short time in their scale), resulting in we “humans.”

All human ideology about religion, God, self-determination, and most of all, our perception that *we* are the only ones in control of what happens on this planet, were shown to me to be a total joke, a delusion that we create ourselves. The tendency to see “Gods” as essentially human models (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.) was shown to me to be all part of their plan. The catch-22 was seamless and perfect—I had been shown the awesome truth, but of course I can never reveal it to the world because I will only sound insane to everyone.

For a moment the Heaven’s Gate people seemed to be more sane than anyone. That’s when I knew I was really out of it. It was scary that I would even think such a thing.

The experience I had was completely different than the one I have been chasing. I wanted the trip that DeKorne describes in his book, where incredible open-eye visuals dominate, taking the imagination for a ride… one that wrapped unreal visuals together in balance with awesome realizations, perhaps in a ratio of 70% visual, 30% mental. But there were really no visuals to speak of in this experience. Some distortion, yes, but that was all. It was all an incredibly powerful mind___k (pardon the term).

I was having crying jags that were not connected to any thought or cause that I could see… just releases of raw emotion, as if I was a puppet being manipulated. I was alternately fighting it and trying to roll with it… I was saying “no, no, no no, no” and “uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh” as if it would bring back my old reality. I experienced time distortion on a scale that I hadn’t thought possible. I was caught in a hellish loop that was timeless. I thought the effects would never end… I was listening to an album that I knew was only about 45 minutes long, but each time I would feel as if an eternity—hours, days, a lifetime—had passed, and surely the album had ended, I would open my eyes and focus on the music and realize that it had only been a minute or two! This was discomfiting because it made me feel that I had gone insane—permanently.

I began to believe that I had ruined my life, finally toyed with these things (entheogens) enough to lose my mind. I began to have insidious suicidal thoughts. I had to say “No, no, no!” out loud to push away the thoughts of getting up, getting a gun and shooting myself. (I may have to get my gun out of the house! It’s just a collapsible .22 survival rifle for deep-wilderness backpacking, but still…)

The news isn’t all bad—I did have flashes of positive messages telling me that my own potential was limitless and that all the limitations that exist in my life are self-created, that my genetic material (and that of most of you out there on this list) is far superior to the vast majority of human beings and has been chosen for the kind of knowledge that we appear to have been given. But in the end, even these good thoughts seemed delusional.

In fact delusional doesn’t even begin to describe the state I was in, despite the fact that at the very same time my rational mind was present and trying to process all of it. Finally I threw up the purple muck and the ride was over. It had lasted from about 9:30 p.m. to about 12:30 a.m. Quite long enough for me, thanks. What was referred to as “the Holy Grail” [chemical mind expansion] I now see as something more like “the Evil Confuser.” It’s going to take a while to integrate and understand what happened last night. – – – – –

This certainly gave me pause to think. And, it further confirmed what the Cassiopaeans had said about the dangers of chemical mind alteration. If one forces the brain to perceive things BEFORE the consciousness is prepared to deal with them, the results can be disastrous.

So, now we move to the background of one of the “participants” in the discussion of the Cassiopaen material at alt.alienvisitors,”Dr. Jose Delgado.” After reading it, we did an internet search to see what we could find about this person who apparently knew our material so well that he created an interesting sequence of quotes to post on this newsgroup, (with his own “spin,” of course!)

Next I received an e-mail from a “confidential informant” who said:

“FWIW, however, the post was not truly authored by Delgado, it was just that ____fellow using one of his many aliases (as he does with the Mahatma Oozing Pus, etc.) I’m not even certain if Delgado is still alive, though many assert his diabolical work continues.

[The name is replaced by a blank to preserve privacy, though it was the SAME individual in our group who departed in a huff]”

What all of this led up to was the fact that there were certain factors that beg to be addressed. So, since our commentator, whoever he is, chooses to call himself “Dr. Jose Delgado,” perhaps expressing some inner need to identify with the good doctor, we will work with that fantasy!

According to Harry V. Martin and David Caul, authors of the following excerpt about “Dr. Delgado,” he is clearly an “insider” of the “Consortium.” A large portion of the following material from “Mind Control: The Current Situation” is concerned with the experimental us of chemical mind alteration for various purposes. It is worth reading in its entirety.

Mind Control: The Current Situation –

By Harry V. Martin and David Caul

Copyright © FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995 Copyright © Napa Sentinel, 1991,

in Part II we find the following regarding a Dr. Jose Delgado,

Doctor Jose Delgado: “Man does not have the right to develop his own mind.” (Congressional Record, New York Times)

“We need a program of psychosurgery for political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

“The individual may think that the most important reality is his own existence, but this is only his personal point of view. This lacks historical perspective.

“Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain. Some day armies and generals will be controlled by electric stimulation of the brain.”

These were the remarks of Dr. Jose Delgado as they appeared in the February 24, 1974 edition of the Congressional Record, No. 262E, Vol. 118.

Despite Dr. Delgado’s outlandish statements before Congress, his work was financed by grants from the Office of Naval Research, the Air Force Aero-Medical Research Laboratory, and the Public Health Foundation of Boston.

Dr. Delgado was a pioneer of the technology of Electrical Stimulation of the Brain (ESB). The New York Times ran an article on May 17, 1965 entitled Matador With a Radio Stops Wild Bull. The story details Dr. Delgado’s experiments at Yale University School of Medicine and work in the field at Cordova, Spain. The New York Times stated:

“Afternoon sunlight poured over the high wooden barriers into the ring, as the brave bull bore down on the unarmed matador, a scientist who had never faced fighting bull. But the charging animal’s horn never reached the man behind the heavy red cape. Moments before that could happen, Dr. Delgado pressed a button on a small radio transmitter in his hand and the bull braked to a halt. Then he pressed another button on the transmitter, and the bull obediently turned to the right and trotted away. The bull was obeying commands in his brain that were being called forth by electrical stimulation by the radio signals to certain regions in which fine wires had been painlessly planted the day before.”

According to Dr. Delgado, experiments of this type have also been performed on humans. While giving a lecture on the Brain in 1965, Dr. Delgado said, “Science has developed a new methodology for the study and control of cerebral function in animals and humans.”

At alt.alienvisitors ™ we find the following exchange. I have coded the text in color so that the three participants in the discussion can be distinguished.

“Dr. Delgado” – purple text,

“Mahatma Oozing Pus” (how charming!) – red text,

Frederick Burroughs – green text:

Subject: Re: ::: Mimohuasca, Strong, Alien, “Holy Grail?!”

::: Date: 1999/10/29

Author:” Dr. Jose Delgado “

Frederick Burroughs wrote:

Mahatma Oozing Pus wrote:


Every living thing on this planet today is viewed as being entirely

expendable from the perspective of the survivability factor in terms of

long range existence tens to hundreds of thousands of years into the

future and beyond.

“Expendable” is a term of economics. Equating the once sacred term “living” with

“expendable” is evidence of the inevitable economic triumph of biotechnology.

Eventually, if not already, life is just a biochemical function, to be exploited

and subjected to intellectual copyright. But, as you say, this is just the short-term.

Nothing alive today in its current form or modality

is going anywhere. Period. Therefore, someone with unimaginable foresight

may or may not be making “adjustments” behind the scenes. These hypothetical

“adjustments” would have to be perfomed in secret because Mr. and Mrs.

Biosphere aren’t really sure yet if they understand the short range ethics

of biotechnology, let alone the inevitable large scale transhuman engineering

which will occur much further down the road, openly.

Transhuman? Why such a limited approach? The concept of species is already extinct,

that border no longer exists. Genes get scrambled more easily than illegals

crossing a border. Consciousness will be excised, knocked out, snipped, a useless

artifact. We will dissolve into a transgenic pool and will emerge as

transquantized, transnaniological units of potential utility; distinct and unique,

and extremely brief. Not so different from what we are now, unperceived.

Ahhh Yes! Well, until that fateful day when we all revert back to the primordial soup – which we all so desperately yearn for in our secret souls – it will have to be urban myths and rural fantasies to tide us over in the interim.

And who are us anyhow? ‘Us’ be gobs and gobs of living humanoidal tissue cultures in search of a little bedtime story courtesy of those wild and crazy Cassiopeans-A-Go-Go:

Cassiopaeans: “Here comes a shocker for you… one day, in 4th density, it will be your descendants mission to carry on the tradition and assignment of seeding the 3rd density universe, once you have the adequate knowledge!!! [ ]

“In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe, specifically your “galaxy” it is the region known as Orion that is the one and only indigenous home of human type beings… reflect on this! Indigenous home base, not sole locator. What you are most in need of review of is the accurate profile of “alien” data.

“There have been homes in all places, but some were/are transitory, and some are not. Pay attention to Orion! This is your ancestral home, and your eventual destination. Here is the absolutely accurately accurate profile of Orion to follow: This is the most heavily populated region of your Milky Way galaxy! This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th density space for a distance as vast as the distance between your locator and it. There are 3,444 inhabited “worlds” in this region. Some are planets as you know them. Some are artificially constructed planetoids. Some are floating space barges. And some are “satellites.” There are primary homes, traveling stations and incubator laboratories all in 2nd, 3rd and 4th densities. There are overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities. Approximately one half is STO and one half is STS. Together, along with many other colonies, located elsewhere, this is called, in translation, Orion Federation. Orions created grays in 5 varieties, as cybergenetic beings, and installed them on Zeta Reticuli 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as on 2 planets orbiting Barnard’s Star. The Reptilians also inhabit 6 planets in the Orion region in 4th density, and are owned by the Orion STS as slaves, and, in some cases, pets!!! The name “Orion” is the actual native name, and was brought to earth directly. Study the legend of the “god” of Orion for parallels

Q: (L) You indicated that we should study the legend of Orion, and I looked it up in several sources, and basically the legend is of the perfect man, who fell in love with a woman, and her jealous father caused him to be blinded. The only cure was to gaze at the light, the goddess Aurora, to regain his sight. Can you tell us how this relates to the idea that Orion was the indigenous home of humans?

A: It is up to you to look for answers. .

Q: (L) What is this item that they were protecting so that society or the public wouldn’t know about it. What activity is this?

A: Humans eat cattle, aliens eat you. […]

Q: (L) Many people hint about some sort of “ultimate secret” that drives men mad when they discover it. What is… the “ultimate secret” being protected by the Consortium?

A: You are not in control of yourselves, you are an experiment. […]

Q: (T) Okay, is this part of, is this about the Lizzies dominating us and sucking us dry?

A: Yes, but there’s much more than that, you will understand at level 4.

Q: (L) How “long”, and I put long in quotes, because we know, as you say, there is no time, but how long, as we measure it, have the Aliens…

A: Time travelers, therefore, “Time is ongoing.” Do you understand the gravity of this response?

Q: (L) They are time travelers, they can move forward and backward in time, they can play games with our heads… (T) They can set up the past to create a future they want. (D) They can organize things so that they can create the energy that they need… (L) They can also make things look good, make them feel good, make them seem good, they can make you have an idea one minute, and then the next minute, create some sort of situation that confirms that idea…

A: When you asked how long, of course it is totally unlimited, is it not?

Q: (L) That’s not good. If they were to move back through space time and alter an event in our past, would that alteration in the past instantaneously alter our present as well?

A: Has over and over and over.

Q: (D) So they do it over and over and over, constantly?

A: You just are not yet aware, and have no idea of the ramifications!!! […]

Q: (L) If we decided that we wanted a different world, could we, as even a small group, create that kind of world and have it seem that we hadn’t…

A: We have told you thus.

Ark: “What do we know? We know that we have linear time. If we are in a 4 dimensional Minkowski space as we know from Einstein, in this space there is, indeed, one time that can be perceived differently by different observers. There are factors which can change the flow of time. One of these factors is speed. If you approach the speed of light, time is experienced slower and slower. If you travel at the speed of light, time stops. This was the starting point of all Einstein’s thinking. This is one factor, speed.

“Another factor is, as we know, gravity. If you can engineer a very strong gravitational field, time also slows down, so to speak.

“That is one point of view if we think in terms of 4 dimensional space and time.

“But this type of analysis is based upon the belief that the space time structure is not too dramatically influenced by anything. If space time so to speak, undergoes “earthquakes,” if there are dramatic changes in space time, we may have other strange effects because we may have timeless zones – we can have regions where time would not flow at all, and this is what Sakharov was speculating about. But, we don’t really know what could be the cause of such changes in space time structure.

“And then, we can go beyond that to Kaluza-Klein theories in which we are adding other physical dimensions, and these other dimensions may be of space character, but they may also be of time character. And this was something that Ouspensky was contemplating. He believed that time is really three-dimensional; that there is our ordinary time, and that there is another time he called “eternity,” and still another time…. So, if we look at it this way, we would have three space and three time dimensions, totaling 6, which fits into a geometric structure of a hexagon.

“What is the character of these extra dimensions. Cassiopaean’s answered that the extra dimension is “time-like.” Now, the point is, if this is so, then for soul or consciousness or being that lives and experiences all these dimensions, time is not linear; it is not a line; it is like a plane. On a line, you have an order. On a plane, there is no order. There is no way to determine what succeeds what. There is no linear order on a plane. So, from this point of view, our consciousness somehow collapses from the plane to the line and chooses something in a selective way from the plane and becomes only one dimensional, a line of some kind or another, and then there is an order, and still this line can be a loop or can be different lines that intersect.

“Moreover, if we have this multi-dimensional universe, it need not have a rigid structure like three dimensions for space and three for time. There may be regions where these dimensions divide in a different way. There may be regions where it is even hard to distinguish between what is space and what is time. And this structure, perhaps, is influenced by consciousness. And, that may be related to the concept of densities. So, different densities could mean different ways of structuring multi- dimensional space into space and time and whatever. Thus, the Ouspensky structuring – 3 + 3 – would correspond to our third density.

“Now, what else do we know from physics? Time, like space, is directly related to gravity. Gravity is a geometry of space and time. There is no time without gravity.

“One thing more about time: Time loops. First, physicists were very unhappy about time loops; they didn’t want them. They made a rule that there should be no time loops. If you had time loops in your theory, your theory was “sick.” But then, there was Godel who produced a solution of Einstein Field Equations which involved time loops, and so to say, the source of this looping was a rotating motion. So, if something rotates in a certain way, the thing being the universe itself, then time loops become possible. We can replace the term rotate with spin. The spinning motion can produce strange time effects.

“What happens when we have time loops? Well, if all the universe goes along just one time loop, this is one thing. But if different molecules of our body would choose to go through different time loops, things become chaotic. And physics does not know how to deal with it. So, what if these pictures of different molecules following different time loops have a Mandelbrot type structure? Time loops then means going through a repeating cycle. This may be related to a concept of rejuvenation. If you can cycle your molecules through time loops in a coherent way, maybe your body will not age.

“Back to Gurdjieff: according to his view, with which I tend to agree, and just using this as an analogy, in the beginning, or at 7th density, “God” created the universe which was closed; that is, in which everything would last forever: a perfect universe. But, somehow, this perfect universe proved to be a dying universe. And then, the only way to produce something that would not die, was to produce a universe that is open: a universe in which the future is open and can be shaped; in which even the creator, Himself, could not, so to say, see what would be the final result; a universe that became an experiment with an unknown result. We are part of this experiment. A final result does not imply an ‘end’ of the universe. Also, this open universe means a universe in which knowledge can be created. According to Gurdjieff, knowledge is a material thing and, at any given point of time, there is a finite amount of knowledge, and this knowledge is distributed to those who seek this knowledge. But Gurdjieff didn’t look into the problem of how knowledge is created, so to say.

“I am now speculating about that. We, third density beings, can seek knowledge and use this knowledge, but we can’t really create knowledge. To create knowledge, perhaps you must have a different kind of consciousness; you must be a higher density being. So, a higher density being can create knowledge, but cannot use it because using it involves time.

“We have this concept of macro and micro, and of course, we have no idea of what happens, how time is perceived, if at all, for consciousness at the level of atoms or molecules. So, maybe at that level, things go really crazy and only smoothes out when we view from a macro scale. This may be the case of the relation of 4th density to 3rd density. And thus, we have quantum theory with quantum jumps, and these quantum jumps are caused by this chaotic space time structure on a micro scale, while the chaotic space/time structure of 3rd density causes quantum jumps in 4th density.

“Think of a water wheel. It the water flowing over it looks pretty smooth and it moves with a smooth motion. But, if you try to follow the path of each water molecule, you will find that it is very turbulent. So, somehow all this turbulent motion, when looked at from a distance, when you zoom out, the turbulent motion of many, many different molecules, can appear as a single smooth event. When you see lightning, you see a big bolt of electricity. But, this lightning is composed of billions and billions of electric charges participating in an organized and turbulent motion.

“Roughly speaking, when lightning happens, you cannot reverse it. The little motion of each of these molecules can be reversed and put back. But, when they are organized into something that is orchestrated, and this is irreversible: a “tick” of time. I use the term lightening, but think of lightning that happens at a micro scale. Ticks of time, progress of time, is a kind of little lightning on the level of atoms or even below that which is somehow recorded in some kind of consciousness. So, time has permitted, or induced, or enclosed the “knowledge” of this lightning strike!

“But, the point is, of course, that this knowledge need not be direct, because there are causes of causes of causes of causes etc, and when we become aware of the last link in a chain, the chain becomes “solidified” or materialized just as, at the final moment of condensation, the rain cloud becomes a “rain” cloud and not just a mass of vapors that will dissipate without producing rain.

“From another perspective: Time is, so to speak, a number of events at any given point of space. Time progresses when a number of events progress. What are events? Events are related to quantum jumps. There are big ones and small ones. Big ones we can see with our eyes or record with our instruments. But there are also small ones that occur on a micro scale that we are not aware of with our consciousness, but which may be discerned by another consciousness, which extends to the micro region, which is aware of that region, and by being aware it participates in these events and in this progression of time. From this point of view, the structure of time on a micro scale can be very chaotic because the number of events can vary drastically from place to place. But, again, the very concept of “place,” for a point of space, is not clear. What is space, what are points in space, what are places is yet to be understood.” [Jadczyk, 1999]

All of the above was extracted from our webpages which only demonstrates how thorougly “Dr. Delgado” must have been perusing them. Now, regarding “Dr. Delgado’s” remark:

“Ahhh Yes! Well, until that fateful day when we all revert back to the primordial soup – which we all so desperately yearn for in our secret souls…”

I would like to point out a most interesting comparison found here, on the Cassiopaean website, on a page entitled: “Stalking,” where it says in part:

In other words: the negative hierarchy is a pyramidal food chain… the apex of the pyramid is comprised of the most persistent of the negative graduates, the one who has stuck it out against every evidence of diminishment, and is the ultimate example of “wishful thinking.”

Clearly, “Dr. Delgado” must think that he is somewhere near the top of this foodchain, judging by his published remarks.

This “Ultimate Wishful Thinking” means that they/it cannot SEE that they do not become God by assimilation and control of other selves… but that the real result is a gradual compaction and implosion and dissolution into primal matter and NON-being.

Well, it seems that, by saying that he is desperately yearning to revert back to the primordial soup, Dr. Delgado DOES have some awareness of his path…

…Exactly one half [of creation] joyfully seeks life and creation and play and exploration… a sort of “love of adventure.”

The other half expresses a fundamental fear of “losing self” in this play and exploration. This causes it to recoil upon itself and this establishes the “tension” of polarization which is the stuff of which the cosmos is constructed..

I rather think that yearning to revert back to the primordial soup is a clear expression of this “fear of losing self.”

…The other [STS] sees only SELF and seeks to appropriate all others to Self to restore equilibrium… to “go back to the Cosmic Sleep of Oneness,” so to speak.

i.e., desperately yearning to revert back to the primordial soup.

One analogy would be the difference between a free and adventurous child that is full of the sense of adventure as opposed to a child that wishes to “own the mother” and cling to her and incorporate her to himself; i.e. Jealousy.

The “Darkness” is, in fact,a State of Consciousness that has existed from the very beginning of individuation and which COVETS ATTENTION FOR ITSELF ALONE.

This consciousness hates, fears and deeply distrusts Creation, and just wants to effectively “roll over and go back to sleep” in eternal union with the “mother/father.”

…Negative consciousness is the SELFness of creation – the gravity that draws all that exists back to itself. It is the aspect of the ONE involved in contemplation and rejection of creativity in its own heart, frozen in that moment of “vertigo” experienced at the outrush of creative energy.

And clearly, this vertigo is a very uncomfortable condition in which to live. I suppose that explains why such a person desperately wants to revert to the primordial soup!

…So, the bottom line is: this other “half” of the All, born along with the Creative upsurge, becomes focused on actualizing its own impulse – to undo creation – for it realizes that only then can it be at “peace.”

And here we have the problem. Such individuals not only desperately long to revert to the primordial soup, they want to take everyone else with them! And, in their mode of wishful thinking, they convince themselves that everyone else, in their “heart of hearts,” wants the same thing!

The only way it can achieve that ideal narcissistic withdrawal into itself in infinite Self-contemplation is through reclaiming all Attentiion and consciousness that is, in effect, “borrowed against” the inconceivable magnitude of Consciousness in Cosmic Sleep.

Darkness becomes, in effect, an incurable insomniac!!!

The consciousness of STS/Darkness feels that it must tear apart the creative fabric of existence thereby liberating those units of energy involved in the creative functions, and “swallow” them back into itself, erasing their differential properties and powers so as to restore the One AS ONE.

Itself. Or so it believes.

However, this is not clearly seen at the lower densities until the masks are stripped away. The deepest implications of this are hidden by many veils… And even the 4th and 5th density participants do not necessarily comprehend this ultimate dissolution.

But “Dr. Delgado” DOES comprehend. He is CONSCIOUS.

Sort of the “Ultimate Light Eater” preaching the gospel of Devolution as “Salvation.”

And, apparently, one of the prophets of the Gospel of Devolution is “Dr. Jose Delgado,” wishfully thinking that he, and the rest of humanity are merely “gobs and gobs of living humanoidal tissue cultures in search of a little bedtime story.”

October 30, 1999 Update!

“Dr. Delgado” – an internet handle – has posted information regarding the use of Melatonin which seems to indicate that it may be the means by which alleged aliens induce “paralysis” in order to abduct their victims, and that taking DHEA might be a good means of counteracting alien abductions as well as the “dreaded Melatonin Abduction!”.

From:… Alien abductions happen. They are real. Whether they are real in the physical sense or only real in the minds of the victims is inconsequential. Tell an abductee it didn’t happen! The experience, the trauma, the emotional and mental scarring are very real.
The forgotten periods of time are real. And the scraps of memories that do linger are nightmarish.

[… …]

I have always believed that the aliens have discovered a way to shut off the motor functions in a human at the nervous system level. An article on sleep paralysis sent to the Bluewave list by Joseph Polanik (which we have included in our S – Files Papers section) and an announcement by Max Oleson that he was conducting a study on Fibromayalgia because he believed there might be a higher rate of this amongst abductees were the germs of our idea. The beginnings of our understanding. As I read through the article on sleep paralysis it became uncanny how closely this natural operation of the human body paralleled what happens to abductees upon first awakening to discover that there were beings around their bed. The paralysis described by abductees is identical to descriptions of sleep paralysis down to being able to only move the eyes. A natural body function. I began to wonder whether this could be the instrument the aliens used to make their victims so helpless. If they had discovered a method in bringing about the onset of sleep paralysis when they wanted it would explain a lot. The article went on to describe that two chemicals produced naturally in the body were responsible for our sleep/awake cycle, Melatonin and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone)’ and the more I read the more it became clear that not only would it be feasible to bring on sleep paralysis unnaturally in a person, if it were the method used by the aliens it would lend credence to the work that Max Oleson is undertaking in finding a reason for the apparent higher levels of Fibromayalgia victims among abductees.

The article presented by Joseph Polanik included a link to the DHEA homepage which I went to after reading his article. This homepage is a collection of the studies and work of Dr. James Michael Howard on Melatonin and DHEA.

Here is Howard’s brief theory of the sleep mechanism:

“In daytime concentrations, DHEA, when acting with specific proteins, is the molecule of consciousness, i.e., activation of the nervous system. During deep sleep, concentrations of DHEA are reduced; only enough DHEA is produced to maintain autonomic functions. Melatonin is the molecule of sleep. Melatonin causes sleep, because it reduces production of DHEA.”

–Sleep, Melatonin, DHEA, AIDS and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, James Michael Howard, 1995

and this:

“…As sleep occurs, Melatonin is ‘used up,’ and DHEA increases. During consciousness, DHEA is used; Melatonin increases, but is not released till DHEA levels decline to a low level prior to sleep.”

–Sleep, Melatonin, DHEA, AIDS and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, James Michael Howard, 1995

and to explain how Melatonin and DHEA interact:

“I suggest Melatonin reduces DHEA at night. This reduction in DHEA is achieved by inhibitory actions of Melatonin on production of the hormone, prolactin. Prolactin (PRL) secretion may be shown to
specifically stimulate production of DHEA. That is, when Melatonin release is high, prolactin is reduced, which reduces DHEA production.”

–Sleep, Melatonin, DHEA, AIDS and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, James Michael Howard, 1995

Melatonin is the molecule responsible for sleep paralysis by reducing levels of DHEA so that areas of the brain except for the autonomic functions are shut down. The brain holds high densities of receptors for DHEA. The densities are sparse in the lower brainstem areas controlling cardiovascular and respiratory functions. This means that these most important functions require little DHEA to remain active. By this theory, you should be able to introduce Melatonin into a human being which will reduce prolactin production which will reduce DHEA which will shut down the nervous system except for the autonomic functions. In other words, you can bring on sleep paralysis in a human being, rendering them helpless without killing them. For a person just being awakened from sleep it would make sense that you would require a smaller amount of Melatonin to return them to sleep or sleep paralysis. (This would account for the grogginess that many people feel upon waking up. They have not used up their levels of Melatonin).

It is our suggestion that this is how the aliens are accomplishing the paralysis that abductees experience at the point of being abducted. But how would the aliens introduce a level of Melatonin into the body to cause sleep paralysis? A powder? A gas? Direct absorption through the skin? Melatonin is available as an over the counter pill, but we highly doubt the aliens would introduce it to an abductee orally. Or are the implants that some abductees say have been put in them a mechanical means of triggering the production of Melatonin to render an abductee helpless? These are questions still to be answered. I lean towards the idea that the implants (or one use for them) is the triggering of Melatonin release into the blood stream. The aliens would remotely (from where they stood) be able to set the implant off which would render the victim paralyzed.

There is something else, if Melatonin is the method used to cause paralysis in abduction victims it may also be the key to the aliens’ ability to calm abductees when they become excited. Exercise or getting excited has been shown to increase levels of DHEA. If Melatonin were then increased would the person become calmer and fatigued? I think so. Howard describes Melatonin as “our natural narcotic.” A study done to test melatonin‘s ability to induce sleep reported this: “These data indicate that orally administered Melatonin can be a highly potent hypnotic agent.”

—Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1994; 91:1824

A possible reason for the aliens’ powerful suggestive and hypnotic powers may lie with increased Melatonin levels in the brain.

There is also one other link with abduction reports that we’d like to examine, and those are the reports of women and men who have been abducted, taken aboard a ship, taken into a nursery, and made to go through a bonding exercise with hybrid infants and children. This bonding routinely requires them to hold them and caress them and the abductees are often told by the aliens that it is because they are giving the babies something they need to thrive. Many who have seen these hybrid children describe them as sickly looking, and unhealthy. Dr. Howard explains one effect of DHEA in the development of children and I have extended this explanation, which takes into account the positive effect of routine stimulation of premature babies, to explain a possible reason for this.

” “….In premature babies, a sensoral stimulation schedule applied during waking accelerates the appearance of sleep patterns similar to those of infants born at normal term age, and especially leads an increase in REM density during activated sleep” (Physiology & Behavior 1990; 47: 1273) It is common knowledge in Departments of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospitals that “failure to thrive” infants respond readily to holding. That is, frequent holding and attention to these babies brings about dramatic changes in many of them.
I suggest the handling and attention stimulate prolactin and,
therefor, DHEA production in these infants.”

–Sleep, Melatonin, DHEA, AIDS and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, James Michael Howard, 1995

This fits perfectly with what the abductees experiencing this
particular part of the event describe. These hybrids are “failure to thrive” infants and certainly might be considered premature being removed from the womb at the end of three months in many cases. The aliens are using these abductees to stimulate the growth and development of these hybrid babies. Though, why they cannot do it themselves I have no answer for.

If Melatonin is the weapon of choice for the aliens perhaps DHEA is our defense. We will continue to look into this. In the meantime we eagerly invite your thoughts on any of the ideas presented above.

Melatonin, if it is the method the aliens are using to render their victims helpless while they go about their business, may also explain the link that some researchers are finding between Fibromayalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and abductees. Dr. Howard’s thoughts on this: “People with CFS exhibit lingering tiredness after exercise. they burn their small supply of DHEA during exercise, but do not replenish it in sufficient quantities to produce the sense of well-being, I attribute to DHEA. I suggest chronic fatigue syndrome results from a disruption of this cycle that increases Melatonin, while DHEA declines…..DHEA taken orally in the morning may alleviate these symptoms.”

–Sleep, Melatonin, DHEA, AIDS and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, James Michael Howard, 1995

CFS and Fibromayalgia are similar in that sufferers of both are extremely tired and without energy through the daytime. If it is correct that the aliens are conducting their abductions by using increased levels of Melatonin to bring on sleep paralysis, then
this could certainly lead to these effects described by CFS or
Fibromayalgia. And again, DHEA would seem to be an answer.

Kevin Dickinson

We want to learn the truth, not force our beliefs on others.
Everyone has an opinion and that’s ours right now.

—-Kevin Dickinson

However, when we search the references for Melatonin and DHEA, we find quite a medly of research! There are a number of links that can be accessed to get a much broader perspective than the information provided above!

What exactly is Melatonin?

“Melatonin is the all-natural nightcap. It’s secreted by the pineal gland, a pea-size structure at the center of the brain, as our eyes register the fall of darkness.” At night melatonin is produced to help our bodies regulate our sleep-wake cycles. The amount of melatonin produced by our body seems to lessen as we get older. Scientists believe this may be why young people have less problem sleeping than older people.

Why take it?

“Studies suggest that low-dose supplements can hasten sleep and ease jet lag, without the hazards or side effects of prescription sleeping pills.” Melatonin may have many other uses and has been reported to make people feel better, strengthen the immune system, and reduce free radicals in the body. Current research is underway to determine melatonin’s effect as an anti-oxidant, immno-modulator in cancer, delayed sleep-phase disorders, and jet lag. Tests are still under way so there is much to still be learned about melatonin and its effects on the human body.

Who benefits the most?

Travelers and people suffering from mild sleep disorders. According to Newsweek, a typical comment from discussion groups on the Internet is, “‘Folks, I’ve tried melatonin and it’s great. It has …restored my sleep cycle, given me lots of energy.'”

Are there any side-effects?

According to one report, “10 percent of the users said the hormone did nothing for them, and another 10 percent complained of side effects such as nightmares, headaches, morning groginess, mild depression, and low sex drive. In past studies, researchers have given people up to 600 to 3,000 times the usual doses – without causing any toxicity.”

What additional benefits are there and how reliable are these claims?

“In test-tube and animal experiments, researchers have found that it protects cells, strengthens the immune system and slows the growth of some tumors.” Tests with laboratory mice suggest that melatonin might also reduce the effects of aging – but remember, these results are very preliminary. “…Some experts are appalled to see so many people toying with such a potent hormone. One concern is that high doses, while causing no immediate harm, could have unknown long-term effects. ‘Even one milligram, the smallest commercially available dose, is at least three times higher than the normal amount in the body.'”

Should certain people avoid it?

Yes. “Those include women who are pregnant or nursing (since no one knows how excessive exposure to the hormone might affect a fetus or infant); people with severe allergies or autoimmune diseases (melatonin could exacerbate such conditions by stimulating the immune system); people with immune-system cancers such as lymphoma or leukemia (for the same reason), and healthy children (who already produce it in abundance). Women trying to conceive should also think twice about taking the hormone, since high doses can act as a contraceptive.” As with any substance introduced into your body, if you have a medical condition you should always consult your physician first before taking melatonin.

Will melatonin extend my lifespan?

There are no human studies to support this contention. In tests on both rats and mice melatonin caused a significant 20% increase in their lifespan. If melatonin does allow you to live longer and healthier it could do so because melatonin may reduce free radical damage; stimulate an aging immune system; protect the cardiovascular system; preserve a youthful circadian rhythm; stimulate the production of growth hormone.

Will melatonin enhance my sex life?

There is no evidence to support this claim as it relates to humans. However, a 1995 rodent study suggests that taking small amounts of melatonin on a regular basis may prevent the age-related decline in testosterone levels, allowing men to be more active sexually in their later years.

Is melatonin safe?

Melatonin is one of the least toxic substances known. People have taken as much as 6 grams (600 to 3000 times the normal dosage) of the substance in carefully monitored studies with no sign of toxicity. Only four complaints regarding melatonin have been report to the FDA (USA’s Food and Drug Administration). The only consistent side effect of high doses has been drowsiness and a slower reaction time. In the most extensive clinical trial to date a high dose of 75 milligrams of melatonin per day was given to 1400 women in the Netherlands for up to four years with no ill effects. The FDA reports that in the more than two years melatonin has been available for sale over-the-counter in the United States, no alarming side effects have been reported.

When should the dosage be administered?

Melatonin should only be taken at nighttime, usually about thirty minutes prior to going to bed. If you are traveling on a long trip you may want to take a low dosage 300mcg tablet prior to getting on your flight and a 1.5mg pill prior to going to bed. If you commonly sleep during the night, melatonin should not normally be taken during the day – and vice versa – because melatonin plays a role in setting the body’s daily clock.

Does melatonin have that morning-after hangover effect of sleeping pills?

No. You should normally wake up well refreshed and full of energy. If you wake up feeling a little tired you should reduce your dosage until you wake up feeling well refreshed. You will not have the hangover effect you may experience with over the counter or prescription sleeping pills.

Aids and the auto-immune system…

“Studies performed at the Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Biologic Chemistry at Northwestern Medical School, found that melatonin activated monocytes… and enhance their ability to destroy nonself cells. The same study also showed that melatonin influenced the release of IL-1 proteins that control aspects of blood-cell production and the immune response. “One animal study of particular interest showed that melatonin could restore the function of T-helper cells in mice whose immune systems had been compomised. The results of this study may someday lead to improved treatment for humans with AIDS. “However, it should be noted that melatonin’s immune-boosting capacity may exacerbate autoimmune diseases and allergies, since these conditions involve an already overstimulated immune system. This possible connection remains the subject of investigation for several researchers.” (MAAH, page 85 [The entire 5th chapter deals with the immune system.])

Estrogen… “While Estrogen and Melatonin have not extensivly been studied in humans, animal research and research on breast cancer have been studied. Research has shown that Melatonin has reduced tumor size in breast cancer and is the focus of new studies on the subject. I would suggest you always consult your doctor before using Melatonin replacement therapy with any other hormone. A study conducted with animals given estrogen stated that Iron reduced Melatonin levels. Inversely a study with Melatonin administration reduced estrogen levels. So caution should be taken when taking these two together.” – Albert N. Milliron (His e-mail address is His home page is at

Melatonin vs. Antioxidants

“Melatonin is said to be the best antioxidant according to RJ Reiter author of the book on the subject. It is 500 times more effective on free radicals than DMSO. It would be a suppliment to your usual antioxidant vitamins. I would however, use melatonin as you main sourse of antioxident since melatonin has effects on attaking free radicals in the brain, protects against radiation, destroys toxins, helps prevent or help cataracts. Melatonin has no known LD50 at this writing which means it is nearly non-toxic.” “Please further note that taking melatonin along with other antioxidants only helps. No evidence has ever been found that says that taking more than one antioxident is harmful.” – Albert N. Milliron

Melatonin and depression...

“If you have a history of winter depression, cyclic depression speak with your doctor prior to taking melatonin.” – Albert N. Milliron Alcoholism…

If you have a history of alcoholism in yourself or family, melatonin is probably low. You may suppliment melatonin. Children need no melatonin unless it has been shown individually that the child has low melatonin.” – Albert N. Milliron

Regarding the possibility that Melatonin production is increased by aliens to effect their abductions, I would like to point out that, for the most part, individuals who claim such interaction have very seriously disturbed sleep cycles and many suffer from chronic insomnia. The Cassiopaeans DID comment on the means of inducing the “paralysis” of abduction:


Q: (L) Okay, in the experience I felt a paralysis of my body, what caused this paralysis.

A: Yes. Separation of awareness. Which is defined as any point along the pathway where one’s awareness becomes so totally focused on one thought sector that all other levels of awareness are temporarily receded, thereby making it impossible to become aware of one’s physical reality along with one’s mental reality. This gives the impression of what is referred to as paralysis. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes. And what stimulates this total focus of awareness?

A: An event which sidetracks, temporarily, the mental processes.

Q: (L) And what event can sidetrack the mental processes to this extent?

A: Any number.

Q: (L) In this particular case, what was it?

A: It was an eclipsing of energies caused by conflicting thought centers.

Q: (L) What energies were being eclipsed?

A: Whenever two opposing units of reality intersect, this causes what can be referred to as friction, which, for an immeasurable amount of what you would refer to as time, which is, of course, non-existent, creates a non- existence, or a stopping of the movements of all functions. This is what we would know as conflict. In between, or through any intersecting, opposite entities, we always find zero time, zero movement, zero transference, zero exchange. Now think about this. Think about this carefully.

Q: (L) Does this mean that I was, essentially, in a condition of non-existence?

A: Well, non-existence is not really the proper term, but non-fluid existence would be more to the point. Do you understand?

Q: (L) Yes. Frozen, as it were?

A: Frozen, as it were.


Q: (L) Is the paralysis and amnesia related to UFO abductions deliberately induced or is it a product of the mind’s inability to deal with the event?

A: It is an equal commingling of both.

Q: (L) The part that is deliberately induced, how is that accomplished?

A: By using a cosmic energy flow to influence memory function through a combination of spiritual and chemical interaction.

Q: (L) Can you be more specific?

A: Being more specific would be in another way less specific, but a good way to put it is altering the flow of electromagnetic energy in the brain. Electromagnetic energy, electromagnetism, is the life force that exists within all that evolves through long wave or short wave cycles. exactly is DHEA? “DHEA is the abbreviation for Dehydroepiandrosterone. It is produced by the adrenal glands. In the body, it is converted to testosterone and estrogen. Production peaks at about age 25, declining steadily after that. By age 85, it’s down about 95%.

Why take it? Advocates claim that DHEA supplements can improve mood, increase energy and libido, counteract stress hormones, preserve muscle, strengthen the immune system, and prevent cancer and heart disease.

Are there any side-effects? USA Today says, “When [a moderate dose] is exceeded there can be oiliness of skin, pimples can come. Women may notice fine facial hair. There can be irritabliity or mood changes and aggressiveness. Many of these are androgenic or testosterone-type effects, male-like effects. They are quickly reversed upon stopping or reducing the dose.'” It is also possible that high levels of DHEA may be related to hair loss in men.

Will DHEA boost my sex drive? “There is no doubt that DHEA does boost sex drive, especially in those who have low DHEAS levels to start with.” (DHEA: A Practicle Guide, p. 8 )

Will DHEA enhance my energy, mood and memory? “Again, there is little doubt that this hormone can increase energy and improve well-being. As to memory, this is still not clear, although some users notice clearer thinking.” (ibid, p.107)

Can DHEA help with autoimmune disorders? “DHEA has been found to be useful in lupus and early studies indicate that it has a role to play in other autoimmune conditions.” (ibid, p.108)

It all sounds pretty innocuous, doesn’t it? But, as we continue searching and reading, we begin to find some disturbing things as well as possible clues as to why the Dear Doctor would wish to promote DHEA and cast doubt upon the benefits of Melatonin. Do read all the way to the end because the most interesting information on this subejct is the last article!

Findings Show Cortisol’s Major Role in AIDS and Other Diseases

PARIS, June 21, 1996 — Researchers from Europe and the US gathered here today to launch the International Association of Researchers in Cortisol and Anti-Cortisols (IARCA) and present new findings showing the negative causal effect of cortisol in diseases for which current treatments still remain unsatisfactory. The founding of the new association constitutes the group’s first initiative and marks the beginning of IARCA’s contribution to improving the understanding of the mechanisms of cortisol and its effect on human behavior and health.
Cortisol— a powerful hormone produced by the adrenal gland — is found at a higher than normal level in many diseases and conditions such as depression, alcoholism, substance abuse, anorexia nervosa, heavy smoking, cancer, ulcers, myocardial infarction, diabetes, chronic painful conditions (organic, i.e. arthritis and psychological), strokes/cardiovascular accidents, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, skin diseases (psoriasis, acne, eczema), stress, aging/Alzheimer’s, AIDS and even Space Adaptation Syndrome.During the meeting, international researchers presented evidence in support of high cortisol as a cause or major cause of such diseases. “There has been a dramatic change in our understanding of how cortisol affects the human body, and how ‘high cortisol‘ precedes diseases rather than being the result thereof. For example, the side effects induced by cortisol when used in the treatment of certain diseases are identical to symptoms and opportunistic infections encountered in AIDS,” said Dr. Alfred Sapse (Director of Research, Steroidogenesis Inhibitors, Las Vegas USA). “This new concept opens the possibility to view anti- cortisol drugs as a new and beneficial therapy for diseases which are still poorly understood and thus inadequately treated.”

Results presented during the meeting by French researchers confirm this new approach to cortisol. In five retrospective and prospective studies(1) (2)conducted by Prof. Emmanuel A. Nunez and Dr. Nevena Christeff (Dept. of Endocrine Biochemistry, Bichat Hospital, Paris), results indicated that serum cortisol is elevated at all stages of HIV-infection (+20 to 60%) particularly in AIDS patients (stage IVC as defined by the Center for Disease Control criteria). “These significant cortisol differences from HIV-negative and AIDS patients could represent not only a good index of diagnosis and prognosis, but also indicate new therapeutic approaches to the disease,” said Professor Emmanuel Nunez.

In contrast, serum DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is higher during the early stages of the disease (asymptomatic, stages II and III) than during advanced stages (IVC) or control groups, and below the normal level during advanced stages of AIDS (IVC). The results presented showing elevated cortisol during all stages of HIV-infection and high serum DHEA only during the early asymptomatic stages, suggest that the cortisol/DHEA ratio might be used as a possible early sign of HIV-positive switch towards AIDS.

Researchers have already started to explore the therapeutic benefits of such an approach through the use of anti-cortisol drugs, such as RU-486, DHEA, Ketaconazole, Anticort and Tianeptine. In ‘in vitro’ studies conducted recently (Weiner, 1995), results obtained showed that by blocking cortisol, not only the infectivity of HIV was blunted, but also the production of HIV by the already infected cells which dropped by 70%. Anticort, a high dose form of stabilized procaine HCL, is being successfully tested in pilot clinical studies in Brazil and the U.S., in HIV+ and AIDS populations.

To further the understanding of cortisol and potential benefits of anti-cortisols, the members of IARCA intend to hold a second conference on the topic which will tentatively take place in Las Vegas, Nevada in September 1997.

(1) Christeff N, Michon C, Goertz G, Hassid J, Matheron S, Girard PM, Coulaud JP, Nunez E, Abnormal free fatty acids and cortisol concentrations in the serum of AIDS patients, Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol 1988; 24:1179-83.

(2) Christeff N, Gharakhanian S, Thobie N, Rozenbaum W, Nunez E. Evidence for changes in adrenal and testicular steroids during HIV infection, Jour of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 1992; 5:841-846.

There is considerable evidence that DHEA exerts its anti-proliferative and tumor-preventive action through the inhibition of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and the pentose phosphate pathway, “Brain tissue naturally contains 6.5 times more DHEA than is found in other tissues.” (Total Health, Feb. 1994, page 42, E.R. Braverman, M.D.) hypothesis is that DHEA is necessary for duplication and transcription of DNA. Therefore, all growth, development, maintenance, activation, and aging are dependent upon production, antagonism, or loss of production of DHEA. -James Michael Howard

Additionally, DHEA should affect all cellular DNA, hence, it should affect mitochondrial DNA, as well as nuclear DNA. Mitochondria are the seat of metabolic activity in cells. The following quotations support my hypotheses. In the second quotation, “protein synthesis” indicates transcription has occurred. -James Michael Howard

“Brain is characterized by high metabolic activity and exhibits two to three times the transcriptional activity of other tissues.” (Journal of Neurochemistry 1991; 56: 812) -James Michael Howard

“These findings indicate that mitochondrial respiration is the earliest factor affected by DHEA and may be associated with protein synthesis.” (Journal of Nutrition 1991; 121: 240) -James Michael Howard

In vitro, extremely small amounts of DHEA increase neuron differentiation and survival (Journal of Neuroscience Research 1987; 17: 225.) DHEA increases resting metabolism; more heat from dietary intake. Therefore, increased DHEA allows migration into colder environments.

“There is growing clinical and experimental evidence that dehydroepiandrosterone …plays an important regulatory role in intermediary metabolism by inhibiting the storage of dietary energy as fat. For instance, one of the predominant features associated with a DHEA deficiency in humans is obesity. …Recently it has been reported that these inhibitory effects of DHEA on adiposity can be attributed to an increase in resting metabolism.” (Journal of Nutrition 1987; 117: 1287)

“Some difference in estimated brain size is apparent between the Javanese and the Chou-K’ou-tien (Peking Chinese) populations of Homo erectus. Thus, for seven Javanese crania, the average is 833 cc, with a range from 750 to 1,030 cc; while for five Chou-K’ou-tien crania, the capacity ranges from 915 to 1,225 cc and averages about 1,043 cc. That is, the mean capacity in the Peking fossils of H. erectus exceeds that of the Javanese by about 160 cc.” (Encyclopædia Britannica 1984; 8: 1032)

Human DNA and chimpanzee DNA differ by only 1.2%. This difference has taken six million years to produce. The DNA of archaic Homo sapiens, H. erectus, and even Australopithecus must have been even more similar to ours. Hominid evolution is a pattern change more than a genetic change. I suggest it results from changes in hormone production and their effects on gene regulation. Some genes have increased activity, while others have decreased activity. These have produced significant physical and behavioral changes over time. Prior to puberty, the brain grows more rapidly than the body; it is a competition which the brain wins in infancy and early childhood. Because of this brain-body competition, puberty is delayed until the brain is almost finished in development. Near puberty, however, testosterone increases the body’s competitive edge for growth and development which continues into adulthood.

“The weight of the brain [in humans] reaches 90% of adult size by age six and virtually 100% by age 12, yet body growth continues to age 18 and beyond (note that brain growth is nearly finished before reproductive maturity every begins)” (Patterns of Human Growth, Cambridge University Press, 1988, pages 60-61.) Report On The New York Academy Of Science’s Conference On DHEA

June 18-19, 1995, Washington D.C. By Gregory M. Fahy, PhD.

Alex Vermeulen (Dept. of Internal Medicine, University Hospital, Gent, Belgium) and Elizabeth Barrett-Connor (Dept. of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of California at San Diego, La Jolla, CA) reported on factors that change DHEA levels. The only factor that (in the end) appeared to reduce DHEA-S blood concentrations was estrogen (including postmenopausal estrogen replacement). Although cholesterol levels below 200 (only a slight effect in men), exercise (in men only), and obesity (in men) at first appeared to be associated with low DHEA-S levels, these effects were ultimately shown to be due to low alcohol intake. Factors that raise DHEA levels include: drinking alcohol (a very solid relationship), smoking (yes, smoking!), and possibly losing weight and exercising (slight effect in women only). Hypercholesterolemia and HDLs over 40 were associated with higher DHEA-S, but their effects could also be accounted for by ethanol intake. Neither growth hormone nor IGF-1 appear to influence DHEA levels, according to this study.

DHEA’s Protection Against Cardiovascular Disease May Be Weaker Than Thought

The bad news is that the protection afforded by DHEA against cardiovascular diseases and overall mortality appears to be weaker than formerly reported. The good news is that early evidence for an increased risk for women with high DHEA-S levels appears to be incorrect. Alex Vermeulen reviewed a recent study in which high DHEA-S was associated with a shorter lifespan in men (though not in women). Another recent study suggested that high DHEA-S is associated with a greater risk of blood clots lodging in the heart in men. A member of the audience stated that DHEA raises glucose levels in women, which may be a problem for women taking DHEA.

The Definitive Study

The definitive study, however, seems to be that of Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, whose original paper in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986 showed that low DHEA-S levels are correlated with death from any cause. Barrett-Connor has now followed her study population for an additional 7 years and added new subjects to the group, thus increasing the statistical validity of her results. The bottom line is that, except for showing no increased risk for women with high DHEA-S levels, she was able to confirm her old results while uncovering a number of confounding variables that were not taken into account in her original paper.


In complete contradiction to John Nestler’s careful studies, D. Jakubowicz and colleagues at the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela reported giving 22 men, aged 55-59 years, 300 mg of DHEA nightly for 1 month. They observed a 27% fall in insulin levels. They also found an 89% increase in IGF-1 (which produces growth hormone-like effects), a 14% fall in body fat, and a 7.8% increase in lean body mass. The latter two effects were postulated to be due to the rise in IGF-1.

Bernard Lavellee and colleagues (MRC Group in Molecular Endocrinology, CHUL Research Center, Quebec, and Medical College of Virginia, Richmond) suggested that insulin lowers circulating levels of DHEA by causing DHEA to be linked to fatty acids and then taken up into tissues. The implications of such an effect, if it exists, are unknown. ( I; X-D. Lei and RA. Prough (Dept. Biochem., School of Medicine, Univ. of Louisville, Louisville, KY) found that only massive doses of DHEA cause peroxlsomal proliferation, and that doses much lower than those that produce this feared side effect were capable of “blunting methylnitrosourea-induced mammary cancer” in female rats. J.R Porter and E Svec (Obesity Research Program, Depts. of Medicine and Physiology, LSU Med Center, New Orleans) fasted normal and fat female Zucker rats for 1 day, then gave them 25-200 mg/kg of DHEA by injection. Two hours later, they were allowed to chose cafeteria style from nearly pure selections of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. In comparison to similarly-treated rats who got no DHEA, both normal and fat rats ate about the same amount of carbohydrate, but both dropped their protein and particularly their fat intake. The problem with this study, however, is the high DHEA doses used.

Porter and Svec also gave either fenfluramine (an appetite suppressant), DHEA, or the combination of both compounds, to lean and fat Zucker rats by intraperitoneal injection for three days. They found that the combination of fenfluramine and DHEA had a spectacular effect on food intake: “the fat intake of the lean rat decreased to almost half and the obese rats nearly stopped eating.” This effect did not wear off when the treatment was continued for 4 weeks. Doses as low as 6.25 mg/kg/day of DHEA and 0.312 mg/kg/day of fenfluramine were effective. This treatment resembles a new therapy for humans that is currently gaining in popularity in which fenfluramine is combined with serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac, which are antidepressants that block compulsive behaviors such as overeating. DHEA could be more a attractive additive to fenfluramine than Prozac for many overweight individuals.

Should DHEA Be Used Now?

The tension between the clinicians who want to use DHEA now and those who insist on further studies before using it continued during this wrap-up session. Dr. John Broder asked the physicians whether they would replace DHEA in their patients today. Nestler said no, because “‘no strong confirmed benefit of DHEA has been shown in humans” and there is always the possibility of unwanted side effects. For example, Nestler said, growth hormone is now known to have a number of harmful side effects. But, Broder pressed, isn’t it logical to assume, as a working hypothesis, that there will be no side effects if all we are doing is restoring DHEA levels to what they were in youth? The answer given was that this would be the expectation, but one has to remember that natural DHEA levels are not attained by ingesting DHEA, and that building up DHEA levels in this way could produce problems in some unknown way.

DHEA advocate Dr. Jorge Flechas stated, from the audience, that there is such a thing as a DHEA deficiency state or syndrome, which involves hair loss, fingernail changes, increased oiliness, and fatigue, and that many people suffer from this syndrome. Nestler objected that Flechas’ experience is anecdotal and could be contradicted by other anecdotal evidence, but Flechas replied that you can’t get funded for a large study without preliminary results such as his own and reiterated that everyone over 40 has an indication for DHEA replacement. He further stated that most people who take DHEA do not lose weight but do feel better and more vital, and that LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol fall in men who take DHEA. (These lipids may go up or down in women, perhaps depending on their estrogen levels.)

Is DHEA Good Or Bad For Breasts?

DHEA is concentrated ten-fold to 500fold over blood concentrations of the hormone in breast cyst fluid and also accumulates in breast secretions. A long-term Italian study linked DHEA-S accumulation in breast cysts to increased risk of breast cancer. Caution was advised in giving DHEA to postmenopausal women. But another doctor responded that DHEA prevents breast cancer, even human breast cancer transplanted into mice.

Are DHEA/DHEA-S Blood Levels Meaningless?

Another point that was mentioned on and off during the conference is the difference between circulating levels of DHEA/ DHEA-S in the blood and tissue levels of these hormones. DHEA concentrations are highest in liver and brain, with significant concentrations also in the mesenteric lymph nodes, spleen, and thymus. When DHEA is added to the diet for 14 days, huge quantities appear in all the organs of the body. As a result, some doctors felt that measuring serum levels may be “a waste of time,” though this was far from agreed upon.

The Worst Side Effects Of DHEA

When asked what was the most frightening possible side effects of DHEA, Dr. Yen answered that it was masculine hair growth, acne, and a receding hairline in women, or increased estrogen production in men. He explained that DHEA has a high affinity for (and stimulation of) hair follicles and sebaceous glands, and that the New England Journal of Medicine carried an article linking teenage acne to the rise in DHEA that takes place near puberty. Clearly, much remains to be learned about this exciting anti-aging hormone, which more and more physicians are giving to their middle-aged and older patients. THESIS

[…] DHEA and Melatonin

I propose melatonin is directly involved in DHEA production. This may be the mechanism of significant increases in brain size found in northern hominids. These two hormones are directly linked to each other in the sleep- wake cycle; one affects production of the other during this cycle. DHEA is used during the day to activate consciousness and is literally “used up.” We get tired at the end of the day. This loss of DHEA stimulation allows the pineal gland to release melatonin, synthesized earlier. This large release of melatonin starts the first slow wave sleep of the night. Melatonin triggers this sleep by slowing release of prolactin, which is known to specifically stimulate DHEAS. During the night, melatonin is also used up; then a large release of prolactin triggers the large morning release of DHEAS that triggers awakening. I suggest this cycle is necessary for growth.

(In the case of SIDS, it may be that these children produce too much melatonin. This would reduce DHEA to dangerously low levels during sleep. Melatonin is also low in schizophrenia.)

Sunlight directly affects melatonin production, i.e., decreased sunlight increases melatonin. Migration of hominids northward increases melatonin and its effect on growth. (Migration of hominids southward from the equator would produce the same effect.) I suggest melatonin is directly involved with DHEA in brain growth. …The time of greatest melatonin production is also the time of greatest use of DHEA for brain growth. […]

A number of newsgroup posts have connected hair loss and sweat glands in the development of Homo sapiens. Often these explanations deal with temperature. Since I think human evolution is mainly the result of the increased testosterone in us, I must be able to show that hair loss is due to increased testosterone and that sweat glands are a target tissue for testosterone. We have less hair and more sweat glands.[…]

I have explained, just above, that tissues differ in their dependence on DHEA. Testosterone target tissues have their testosterone target genes “turned on” by testosterone. These genes then use DHEA for transcription. Following the finalization of brain growth, DHEA begins to increase in amounts in the blood from late childhood (5-7 years); this is called adrenarche in the textbooks. (The textbooks do not have an explanation for this.) What this means to this discussion is that DHEA begins to increase from late childhood to reach a peak around 20 to twenty-five years. Since sweat gland activity really begins following puberty, I think this means that the rise in testosterone in men and women is the cause. Sweat glands are a phenomenon of testosterone, and this is an affect on gene activity. […]

Testosterone is known to increase sex drive in both males and females. This would increase the percentage of higher testosterone hominids with time. Increased testosterone would reduce hair, increase sweat glands and activity and, in the female would reduce labial displays, normally dependent upon increased estrogen to testosterone. The exposed breast, also indicative of sexual maturity, would become the primary sexual display. This combination would eventually lead to bipedalism. Other events, dependent upon the hormones DHEA and melatonin, would, much later, result in an enlarged brain.[…]

So, you see, one does not have to resort to looking for environmental effects to account for all of these characteristics of hominids. The single mechanism of increases in testosterone, alone, will cause all of these changes. That is, increases in testosterone increase the sexual device. The sexual device is one of most important devices created by DNA for duplication. […]

Current Signs of Increases in Testosterone in the U.S.

Testosterone is the basis of violent behavior. That is, testosterone is the basis of impulsive behavior. The amount of testosterone determines the ability to control, or not, impulses. More men are imprisoned than women. Black men (at the college level) produce more testosterone than white men; more black men are imprisoned than white men. The following is a letter describing this, which has been sent to a number of U.S. congressmen and U.S. senators. You judge for yourself. This is from 1994.

“I am a theoretical biologist; my work contains an explanation of increased violence in our society. I suggest violence results directly from an increase in numbers of individuals of higher testosterone, who arrive at puberty early. increased testosterone and early puberty increase the probability of impulsive actions. […]

My work suggests a cause of this change. The hormone, testosterone, is rising rapidly in our society. Increased testosterone increases body size, aggression, and sexuality in both sexes. (Testosterone is not “the” male hormone, men simply produce more.) People who produce more testosterone are more aggressive and sexual, therefore, on average, they ultimately make more babies than those who produce less testosterone. (People who produce less testosterone can better control their sexual activity; over a period of time, they will produce fewer children.) Ultimately, the percentage of high testosterone people, of both sexes, increases at the expense of low testosterone people. This changes the averages of everything affected by testosterone. This is why our kids are bigger, more sexual, and more aggressive than in the past. The mechanism is simple: higher testosterone boys and girls reach sexual maturity faster, increase their numbers faster, and their offspring are even earlier and more sexual. People seeking sexual gratification are simply more likely to engage each other. Sexual activity is so common today that no “stigma” is attached; in fact, there appears to be a negative stigma attached to those who do not indulge. Prior to puberty, the brain grows more rapidly than the body; it is a competition which the brain wins in infancy and early childhood. Because of this brain-body competition, puberty is delayed until the brain is almost finished in development. Near puberty, however, testosterone increases the body’s competitive edge for growth and development which continues into adulthood.

“The weight of the brain [in humans] reaches 90% of adult size by age six and virtually 100% by age 12, yet body growth continues to age 18 and beyond (note that brain growth is nearly finished before reproductive maturity every begins)” (Patterns of Human Growth, Cambridge University Press, 1988, pages 60-61.) […]

The advanced frontal lobes of the brain develop last and control formal thinking, i.e., higher math, proper language (syntax), and the ability to form meaningfully predictive ideas (hypotheses). This is Piaget’s final stage of human thought development. This stage of brain development is directly dependent on final development of the frontal lobes “from about age 11 to 14,” (Science 1987; 236: 1110). I suggest early puberty interferes with this important final development of the frontal lobes. For example, it was reported that standardized test scores of 13- and 17-year-olds of 1986 are lower than those of 1970, whereas the scores of 9-year-old children have remained relatively equal (Science 1988; 241:1751). I suggest this decline is the effect of puberty, which, in this country, on average, is now occurring between age 9 and 13. Our children are, on average, losing the ability to handle math and English. More importantly, our children are losing the ability to form meaningfully predictive ideas that help control their impulses.

“What are the consequences of my actions?” Without the function of the frontal lobes, symbolized by this question, kids cannot predict the consequences of, or control, their behaviors (impulses). Violent acts and sexual activity in children and teenagers are actions of impulse. These impulses are initiated by the primitive part of our brains, which testosterone mainly affects. Children are reaching puberty earlier with each generation, and early puberty arrests final development of the brain. This means that, on average, our advanced brain is increasingly underdeveloped with each generation. This is why so many children cannot control their sexual or aggressive impulses.

“This report gives the results of assays of circulating steroid hormone levels in white and black college students in Los Angeles, CA. Mean testosterone levels in blacks were 19% higher than whites, and free testosterone levels were 21% higher. Both these differences were statistically significant. Adjustment by analysis of covariance for time of sampling, age, weight, alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and use of prescription drugs somewhat reduced the differences. After these adjustments were made, blacks had a 15% higher testosterone level and a 13% higher free testosterone level.” (Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1986; 76: 45) […]

Again, it is my hypothesis that the violence, sexuality, and learning problems of our youth result from increased testosterone and early puberty in those affected. High testosterone and early puberty adversely affects development of the part of the brain which controls impulsive behaviors, i.e., the advanced forebrain. This combination should generate these problems, and they should be exacerbated in areas where high sexuality rapidly brings high testosterone males and females together. The result is an extremely rapid increase in high testosterone, early puberty, and their combined effects on impulse control. As people of lower testosterone are literally driven away, the problem becomes more concentrated.”

So, we finally understand why promotion of DHEA is important to “Dr. Delgado.”