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The Wave Chapter 18: All There Is Is Lessons, or A Trip to “Alligator Alley”

A Trip to “Alligator Alley”!

This now brings us to a most interesting thing. I am jumping over about a year here to get to this incident, but it is directly related and crucial to the understanding of what is going on “out there” in the world of attack/lessons. It will be rather graphic and there are some pictures in this section that are not for the squeamish, so be warned!

First, I would like to remind the reader of the remark made by Terry, a long time member of our group, when he was addressing the MUFON crowd at which we gave the Cassiopaeans a little “test drive” in public:

March 11, 1995

What we have been told on that is that this universe was created as a Free Will Universe. It was created specifically to allow all souls to do whatever they wish to do; they have complete choice about what they wish to do. The Grays, the Lizards — whomever they are who abduct and put implants in people, have the right to do that because it’s their free will to come here and do that to us. And, they have the right to tell us whatever they want to tell us to rationalize their behavior.

Our right is to not believe what abducting entities tell us. We have free will to believe or not believe them.

If they tell us in one lifetime that they have the right to do this to us, and we choose to believe them then, and then, in this lifetime, they try the same tricks and we choose not to believe them, in each case, we are exercising our free will and so are they. This is a Free Will Universe. We can change our mind. They are trying to convince us that we have no choice in that. Whether we believe them or not is our choice.

And that seems to be the crux of the matter. A Free Will Universe. We are being challenged in every moment to choose.

Very early in the Cassiopaean contact, there were suggestions that I connect to the Internet — that some “great opportunity” would transpire after I did.

November 19, 1994

Q: (T) Are different people receiving different pieces of information or are some people receiving as much as they can handle and then it moves to another person to receive more of the information in varying amounts? … Is this information being given out in pieces to different people to be put together?

A: Close.

Q: (T) The information I have would not then be whole unto itself?

A: Network! Use computer net. There are others communicating and piecing together in this way.

Q: (T) How do I retrieve the information?

A: Ask.

Q: (L) Start taking the melatonin?

A: No. On computer Network!

Q: (T) Ask on the computer network how to retrieve the information?

A: No. Others ask.

Q: (L) Ask if others are having dreams of a similar nature?

A: Open dialogue.

November 24, 1994

Q: (L) Is there anything in a few words that you want to tell us before we end tonight?

A: Network but be careful with whom.

December 5, 1994

Q: (L) I had a dream last night, I dreamed about large mechanical flying “V’s” that had flapping wings like metal bat boxes. They scared me. Then, I was with my family and we were going to see my cousin who is deceased and she had just had a baby. The baby was walking and talking and quoting Shakespeare. My Aunt got very upset and said it was unseemly because the baby was illegitimate and she walked out. The baby was only 10 days old. My aunt ran out the door and said it was evil.

A: Suggestion, get on computer net ASAP.

Q: (L) In other words, I really need to take my computer down and get the A: drive fixed, etc., and log onto the network?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) What does that have to do with the dream? (L) I think it relates back to when Terry and Jan were here and we were talking about dreams and the suggestion was given to hook up to the network and discuss and share dreams. Like a dream forum kind of thing. Is there any significance to the ten days in this dream?

A: When you network, your entire life will dramatically improve immediately! See, sometimes we do advise when appropriate.

December 17, 1994

Q: (L) How do we find a horticulturist? Network?

A: Always “Network”. Networking is 4th Density STO concept seeping into 3rd density with upcoming realm border crossing.

Q: (DM) Networking is the way to get things done from third level into fourth level?

A: Coming from 4th level into 3rd because of influence of wave.

Q: (DM) So, each of us has a skill that we develop and help each other. (L) We are all part of a body.

A: This is the way to live in STO!

December 23, 1994

Q: (L) We got the program loaded for the computer net, which you told us once we got online our lives would change suddenly and dramatically. (D) Are we not quite ready for this?

A: Discover. […]

Q: (D) Is there something we can do to help other people?

A: Access instincts, network.

Q: (D) Are you talking about the computer network?

A: In general.

December 27, 1994

Q: (L) You did say that once we got on the network, things would happen suddenly and dramatically.

Now, as you must know, I did have an automobile accident the day after I got hooked up to the network. As you can see. I am put back together now with screws and tape!!!1 I’m sure I look charming!

Now, oddly, as I was driving, just a few minutes prior to the accident, I was thinking very strongly of the fact that you Cassiopaeans were with me and I was saying to you in my mind that I wished you would also go and help my friend, Sandra, who was in the hospital. I was planning on rushing through my Christmas Eve and going to the hospital to give her Reiki. And then, Kowabonga! I got the smasho-smacko in the rear.

Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? Is this what you meant by “sudden and dramatic [change to my life]?”

A: All happens for a reason.

Q: (L) Was there something I was supposed to learn from this smash-up?

A: If so, learn by meditating.

Q: (L) Is there something about our state of being that we can be sitting there thinking loving thoughts about others and then we get smashed?

A: Meditate.

Q: (V) Is her accident directly connected with getting online? (L) Well, they didn’t kill me, though they tried! (V) Back to my question…

A: Not necessary to answer.

Q: (L) Is that because I know the answer?

A: Okay.

Q: (L) And my answer is that there is a definite connection between the accident and getting hooked up to the computer network, is that correct?

A: You explore well.

Q: (L) I think… now, my whole spinal column snapped like a whip on impact and I did have a concussion… and my shoulder is in really bad shape… I am really surprised that they didn’t keep me in the hospital longer…

A: You must be a “Whippersnapper”.

Q: (L) Are there going to be some really positive results from the computer net? I mean, this is a rather painful beginning.

A: What have we told you?

So, there it was: I was just going along in my “love and light bubble” and nearly got killed by an old guy in an Oldsmobile who hit me in the rear at full speed while I was stopped and waiting to make a left turn. The reader might want to go back to the last part of the first section, “The Truth Is Out There”, for a review of the accident itself.

As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, I was subjected to all kinds of medical procedures that I knew were not going to help me get any better and were, in fact, making me worse. In desperation, I thought of Sandy, the member of the Reiki group who did not seem to be “connected” to the Metaphysical Church in any way, so I felt safe in calling on her skills as a massage therapist for pain relief work during my long recovery.

Sandy knew about our channeling work and was very curious about it all, so just to sort of check her out further (I was getting more cautious now!) I invited her to our New Year’s party where we had a sort of “Party Session” with the Cassiopaeans. I hadn’t seen her in about five months, after having cut off any contact with that crowd, and she seemed very happy to attend.

Sandy was so interested in the session we had that night that she asked for any material we had received thus far that she could read, and I gave her a long printout of what had been typed up to that point. She called me a couple of days later just absolutely enthralled with it! It was highly gratifying to have someone who was so enthusiastic about it! (Here comes the downfall through ego!)

As a result of her enthusiastic reception and her willingness to help with the work of getting the material transcribed and printed, Sandy became very close. Not only did she undertake my therapy, she also wanted to attend all the sessions. Whenever I was short of money for computer supplies, she offered money, and often came over with reams of paper and printer cartridges for my computer. I felt that I had a wonderful helper practically sent by God!

Now let’s recap this chain of people: through my mother I met Louise, through Louise I met Candy and Sandy and that whole crew, through Candy I met Marti, a woman who owned a metaphysical book store, who introduced me to Roxane, and who sent Lilly to me. I am just putting this in here to note the connections between all of them.

As soon as I was disconnected from Louise and Candy, Sandy came into the picture seemingly out of both necessity and serendipity and Marti became active and connected me to Roxane.

Now, Roxane had an astrology magazine she wanted to get out from under, having decided to move to Sedona or somewhere out west, and Marti knew I was interested in putting a magazine together as a sort of “organ” for the Cassiopaean Material. She thought that I ought to get together with Roxane and find an agreement that would allow me to take over her magazine subscription list. So, she put us together and we began to work on the transfer of this “abstract entity” which I began to think of as my “Aurora Journal”.

Meanwhile, the work on this magazine idea was producing other interesting effects.

There had been a little print shop a few miles down the road that I had frequented on a number of occasions for various copying needs, and I thought that I might talk to them about printing the magazine since their prices were very reasonable.

I walked in and started to talk to the girl behind the counter about what I wanted to do, and after a minute or two, a woman came out from the back of the shop, stood there and stared at me in amazement. It was Pat of the flying black boomerangs!2

I nearly dropped my teeth!

As it turned out, Pat had recently bought the print shop as a business venture for her kids. She invited me into the back of the shop for coffee and we brought each other up to date on what had been happening in our lives since the “incident” of the UFOs. That event had upset her so badly that she completely retreated into denial and the “normal life” routine.

I told her how that event had done just the opposite for me — I had been catapulted into a series of learning experiences that had completely shattered my previous world, and made it seem like I was on a continual roller coaster ride. I told her about the Cassiopaeans and all that they were saying about aliens. She was very intrigued. She wanted to attend a session.

In the meantime, my communications on the Internet were opening doors of access to the information of other researchers, and one of them sent me the “Greenbaum Speech” and something entitled “Elaine and the Sisters of Light” which was drawn from a book entitled They Came to Set the Captives Free by a “Dr. Rebecca Brown”.

I was pretty upset at the Greenbaum material because it just exemplified how low human beings can go, but my opinion of the Elaine piece was a bit different. I had read a few other things of that type — sworn to and attested by the doctors who worked with the patient recovering the memories, and I had never quite been able to accept that it was anything more than some kind of confabulation. It was just too crazy — even for me — to consider as factual in the real world.

As it turned out, I made a good call on that one: Dr. Brown was discovered to be a fraud, though she certainly was a real doctor. Reading her case was very troubling, however, because what seemed to emerge from it was exactly what was described in the Greenbaum Speech. The poor woman struck me as exactly the kind of victim that the C’s had described as “malfunctioning”.

August 17, 1996

Q: (T) Okay, the question is, is the fellow that just shot three professors in San Diego, I think it was, the University, before they read his thesis, because he was afraid they would throw his thesis away, and make it look bad, and flunk him. Was he a Greenbaum?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why did they turn him “on” at that point?

A: Not correct concept. What if: those programmed in the so called “Greenbaum” projects are preprogrammed to “go off” all at once, and some “malfunction,” and go off early?

Scarier still was the following answer to a question asked by Sandy:

May 25, 1996

Q: (S) I don’t want to sound paranoid, but all the reports about mind programming… is it as widespread as we have been lead to believe? That it could be the guy next door, and a certain color, or word or sound could set them off?

A: Vague.

Q: (L) That’s not exactly vague. What is the percentage of programmed people?

A: 2 out of every 100.

Q: (L) How many are programmed by human means?

A: 12 per cent of the .02 per cent. [This should probably read 2 per cent.]

Q: (L) So, out of every 1,000 people, there are 20 that are programmed, and 2.4 of these are programmed by humans and 17.6 are programmed by aliens, as in fourth density STS?

A: Understand that 4th density is physical, indeed. You are drifting further and further toward an ethereal only perception/theoretical position.

Q: (L) You are saying that the humans working on these kinds of things… and…

A: No, Laura, we are saying that there is really a very strong “nuts and bolts” reality to this phenomenon, and don’t ignore it!

So, of course, the Greenbaum material offered a partial explanation for many strange things. What if the descriptions of satanic ritual abuse that emerged in the memories of various patients was really an implanted memory engineered by the Greenbaum method for the purposes of hiding the real source of the Greenbaum programming?

Another question was: what if alien abductions and all that were also engineered memories just like the Elaine and other ritual abuse material? Engineered, that is, via the Greenbaum program.

Then, there was another way of thinking about it: what if the Greenbaum program and the Elaine program, both, are “screen memories” of alien abductions?

In any event, I thought that the Greenbaum text deserved wider distribution and I planned to publish it in the first issue of the Aurora Journal along with a commentary giving my ideas as above.

At the time I was putting the first issue together, Marti referred “Lilly” to me. Lilly wanted to talk to me about placing an ad in the magazine.

This woman claimed to be a somewhat well known New Age teacher of many subjects including Reiki, meditation, aura-reading, create your own reality, and a slew of other interesting things. She is quite attractive, and a real “ball of fire” at getting things organized and “on track” for her many classes and seminars. She claims that her lectures draw a big crowd, that she receives great reviews for her work, and is generally quite popular in the New Age communities around the country.

I learned that she also travels to many New Age or UFO Seminars, Expositions and Conferences, making new contacts and connections, and spreading the word. I was also aware that she was occasionally invited to appear on television and radio as a paranormal expert, and the last I heard, she claimed she had gotten a Ph.D. in metaphysics by mail and published a book, though I have never been able to find it at any bookstore or on the Internet.

Lilly called me about placing an ad in our magazine. She wanted a quarter page, which we were selling for $350.00. However, she didn’t have the money to pay for it, so she asked me if I would be willing to do an exchange. I asked her what she had in mind, and she said that she would come to one of our sessions with her Polaroid aura camera and take photos of all the participants as well as the process itself. That sounded completely cool, so I agreed. It also happened to be the same session that Pat was going to attend.

Early on the evening of the session, Lilly arrived early to haul in and set up her equipment. I examined it all as she did so and realized that it was a pretty simple concept. It was pretty much just an ordinary Polaroid camera mounted on a tripod. The truth is that they don’t really photograph your aura. The so-called aura photos are the result of photomontage technique where an illusion of an aura is created. There is a light source inside the camera that illuminates the film directly based on the measured electrical skin resistance. At the same time, the camera is photographing you in an ordinary way. That is why I was so amazed at the “aura photographs” of myself and the board, which pretty much went against the rules of how this setup should work.3 There is absolutely no explanation for why I had disappeared from my photograph, and the presence of the light figure on the board has no precedent either, as far as I can tell.

Sandy arrived late and came in while we were in the middle of all this photography. She was very quiet and soon complained of a headache and declined to participate in the aura photography.

We were soon done with all the pictures and Lilly suddenly announced that, except for my photo and the photos of the process, she expected to be paid for her “services”. She quoted exorbitant prices that she claimed she received for this work, as well as a special “fee” for having brought the equipment to us.

I was, needless to say, a bit surprised with this “bait and switch” routine, but not wanting to engage in a dispute over it, I decided that I would just pay for all the participants since I was the one who had told them that Lilly was bringing the camera as an exchange, and they had all participated believing that there was no additional charge. However, the group, seeing the situation for what it really was, came to my rescue and paid for their photos. In the end, my aura photo and the aura photo of the board were quite expensive: about $175.00 apiece!

After what seemed to be a fleecing of my guests, Lilly declined to stay for the rest of the session. This puzzled me because I thought she had said she wanted to ask specific questions. She packed up her equipment and left.

After Lilly was gone, we resumed our session. Pat was very interested in some health related questions so nothing of a particularly significant nature came through.

The next day Lilly called and hemmed and hawed a bit before saying, “I have a question that I just have to ask you. Where did you meet Sandy? How well do you know her?”

I was a little taken aback by this question, and, of course, I was still a bit put out by her behavior the night before, but told her that I knew Sandy from a Reiki group and that, due to the accident, she had been one of my therapists for almost a year now.

“Are you guys connected with that coven up there in Hernando County?” Lilly next asked.

“What?!” I was flabbergasted. “What coven? Do you mean Wicca or something like that? Absolutely not! I don’t mess with that Mumbo Jumbo stuff! What in the world made you think that?”

Lilly explained that she recognized Sandy and she knew that she was involved in some sort of group that was deeply into ritual magick.

I was absolutely stunned. I was also a little angry. How dare she say things like that about Sandy!

But, I wanted to understand why this woman would just call me on the phone and tell me that a member of a close knit group like ours was a member of some cultic coven-type thing.

Lilly launched into a history of having been in a healing class of some kind with Sandy. After the class graduated, they all went on a trip to the Yucatan to visit the Mayan ruins. I vaguely remembered Sandy being absent from the Reiki group at one point and that when she reappeared, she talked about her trip to the Yucatan. So, I knew that Lilly must know something since that was a fact.

She went on. Apparently, she had been the one who shared the cabin with Sandy on the cruise and had also been assigned to her on their “buddy system” while they were sightseeing. She explained how Sandy had tried to convert some of the members of this class to some of the ideas of this cult/coven saying that they were able to “really get results” with their rituals and so forth. She had approached Lilly with an invitation, but Lilly had declined, sensing that there was something unsavory about it.

She went on with some more details, many of which coincided with things I did know to be true and as she talked I became sicker and sicker. I realized now that there was an explanation for a lot of strange “absences” and funny behaviors of Sandy’s that I had just “shoved under the rug”. It also explained her quietness the previous evening when Lilly was there — and maybe even why she didn’t want her aura photo taken.

I was completely devastated. I just didn’t see how Sandy could have a whole secret life like that! Yet Lilly cited details about her that I knew were true! And at the same time, all the missing pieces of Sandy’s own puzzle were falling into place.

My mind was racing for an answer. I knew that a well-to-do older couple — pillars of the community — had adopted Sandy in the same area of the country that was the setting for the Elaine story; but that was just too crazy!

I also knew that Sandy had spent many of her early years as a Motorcycle Mama with the Outlaws motorcycle gang. Frank and I had discussed what a great epiphany Sandy must have had to leave that life to go into massage therapy and metaphysical studies. We knew, from things that she had said, that there were some very dark things in her past. Frank had questioned her closely on one occasion and she had admitted to having been involved in covering up a murder, though she made it explicit that she had not participated in the actual murder.

But she was so soft-hearted toward animals, and refused to even kill roaches, that I was assured that her attitudes were certainly from the heart, and whatever reason had driven her out of her home to live with known criminals, she must have been horribly abused! I had nothing but sympathy for her.

So, I explained to Lilly that, even if that was the case a few years ago, Sandy was definitely a reformed person now! There was just no way she could participate in something like that on one night of the week and then sit in on our sessions on another. She had been so devoted to me in helping me to recover from my accident that I simply could not believe that she was still connected to any of those people.

I then told Lilly about the Metaphysical church folks and all that had transpired there, that Sandy knew all about it and was definitely not involved with those people anymore.

Lilly was reassured and asked if she might now attend a session in the future. She had some very definite issues she wanted to deal with involving the many strange things that had been happening to her.

She claimed she was in an abusive marriage, her son had been hospitalized for a minor illness but was nearly killed by the anesthesiologist, and she had recently met a man who demonstrated signs that he might be her “soul mate” and she was desperate to know what to do. All kinds of “synchronous events” were happening between her and this man, she said, and I had just been through that scenario, so I tried to warn her that it can be as much a warning as an indicator that one is going in the right direction.

I was wary of this individual because she had already demonstrated that what she said at one time, could not be relied upon in a consistent way. Nevertheless, against my better judgment, I agreed reluctantly. She then asked if she might bring a friend! I was beginning to think that there was just simply no end to this woman’s presumptuousness, but I made excuses for her in my mind that, perhaps, she just simply was brought up in a family where good manners were not exampled or taught. And, to my way of thinking, just because people don’t know how to conduct themselves socially according to what most people consider etiquette, it does not detract from their souls’ value. Thus, I let another warning go by.

Lilly came to the next session and it was one of the strangest we have ever had. (I have no idea why I describe any of them as being “the strangest”! The whole thing is bizarre as all get-out!) But, anyway, it was a perfect example of what we have been talking about.

January 11, 1997

Q: (L) We have “Lilly” here with us this evening, as well as the usual crew. V is absent. Her parents are visiting. We have been discussing…

A: Discuss prophecy, maybe?

Q: (L) No, we weren’t discussing prophecy… (T) Well, no, maybe they want us to discuss prophecy…

A: Sure, why not?

Q: (T) Well, since they brought it up… Give us a point to start on the subject of prophecy…

A: Well, it is important, you know. You have one here tonight who has been badly misled, controlled and programmed. In grave, grave danger. Another who attempted contact today… likewise. Must change at once!!!!

Q: (L) Change what?

A: Directions

Q: (L) Change directions in what?

A: Studies, life situations, etc. This is one who was recognized as having great potential for ultimate 4th density STO change over at a very early stage, thus attack was instituted then, and has slowly and steadily increased, with ultimate goal of total elimination. Sadly, that goal is on verge of realization.

Q: (T) Is this guy she has just met and is asking about involved?

A: No! What is important is the subject has been programmed to lead a life designed to “open the wrong doors”. And when this transpires, with one of these target subjects, if they don’t get help, or more importantly, do not listen to the guidelines, they are destroyed as part of a grand plan.

[We stopped at this point to discuss Lilly’s husband, marriage partners that can be chosen because of spirit attachment, and close relations, including children, that can drain one’s energy, be used as agents of attack, and so on. I am excluding that part of the discussion due to its personal nature.]

Q: (L) Is this what we are talking about?

A: Close. Those are not the only dangers. You asked about the “visitor”. Well, what about that?? And what about your son’s illness? What about the woman from across the street? What about W___, and her son? And the possible connection between him and your husband? And what if your husband worked for the “secret government?” And what about your father, and whom he worked for? What does it all mean? [Discussion about Lilly’s father and his role in the military.]

Q: (T) Anything more for Lilly?

A: Only if she asks.

But Lilly didn’t want to ask anymore. It was pretty evident that, like Candy had been, she was highly indignant that the Cassiopaeans would suggest that her “spirituality”, her cocoon of love and light, was not sufficient protection. Never mind that she claimed that her son nearly died, her husband, who she claimed was a “trained government assassin”, had recently, while enraged, driven the car through the side of the house, pulled a gun and threatened to kill her; her daughter had been arrested for shoplifting, as well as the fact that she was being “lured” by a stranger she had just met in one of her classes whose primary objective seemed to be to get her alone with him for purposes unknown, but hardly likely to be benevolent!

She did not want to acknowledge the symbolic nature of the Universe and how the events of our lives are mirrors of what is inside us. She was, in fact, just another case of a self-made New Age “teacher”, promulgating the new religion of “you create your own reality” who was unable to demonstrate in any aspect of her personal life that she “walked the walk” she was talking.

Well, all that would have been that except for the next event involving Lilly. She called early one morning shortly after that last session. She was in a panic and quite obviously on the verge of collapse. Apparently she had suffered a terrible nightmare in which a Lizard type being raped her. That was bad enough, but what really sent her plunging over the edge was when she woke up, she was covered with welts and a rash exactly as if she had been exposed to something violently allergenic.

In the dream, she said, the Reptoid had nipped her on the solar plexus, telling her that it was a “love bite” so she would remember him. When she looked at the area after awakening, there were scratches that corresponded exactly to the teeth she remembered in the dream.

She also had another puncture on her leg added to a long series of them that had appeared at various points in her life, and assorted other marks and scratches all over her body.

I was pretty skeptical. It was my thought that the woman had just gone hysterical and maybe had done something to herself for attention. After all, from her own description, she was in a horrible marriage, may have been sexually abused as a child, and had a whole host of issues just waiting to erupt in her life. Her public persona was one thing; her private life was a disaster waiting to happen!

It would not have been at all unusual for a woman in her situation to deliberately manufacture such an event to get attention, create drama and excitement, or to use it as a platform from which to launch other difficulties for those around her. I thought it was a “cry for help”.

I figured that if she was making it up or over-dramatizing it, I would be able to catch it eventually, and gradually she would be able to look at her life in more realistic terms. It was a bit inconvenient to deal with her at that moment, but she was so desperate and insisted over and over again that she needed help now. She didn’t have the money to pay for the hypnosis, but I have never let that be a factor in whom I accepted to work with, so even though I was very pressed for time, I decided to rearrange my schedule to accommodate this sudden eruption of something into her life. She came to my house and I took pictures first, because she wanted proof that she wasn’t just imagining things.

Out of a dozen or more photos, the ones displayed here are the only ones that really show anything of any significance — assuming it wasn’t a hysterical overreaction to a nightmare, nor an attention getting ploy of a frustrated housewife trapped in an unhappy marriage.

The photo above shows the scratches that Lilly claims were made by the Reptoid being with his teeth after he raped her — a sort of “parting gift”, as he said. Again, these marks could easily have been made by Lilly herself in any number of ways. Note also the rash, or hives, all over the abdominal area. It was particularly bad going down toward the groin.

In the photo above, I am pointing to one of over a dozen or so small, semicircular puncture wounds that were present in areas where Lilly claimed the Reptoid beings held her with their hands.

In the next photo, there is the new puncture mark at the bottom, and a series of overlapping scars of similar puncture marks that Lilly said she had had for a long time. She was unclear as to when the first of them appeared, or even any of the subsequent ones. My thoughts upon examining them were that they were similar to the kind of scars that many women get on their legs from careless shaving. If there is an area that is easily scraped, it gets scraped over and over again, so that would account for multiple scars. But, clearly, this last puncture is not a shaving cut. It appeared to be rather deep, and already starting to close, as would be natural if it had occurred several hours earlier.

Shortly after making the pictures, we settled down to do the hypnosis that Lilly requested. She seemed genuinely at a loss to explain what had happened to her, and I was at a loss to explain it either. I had never heard of a Reptilian being raping anyone. In fact, I knew little about so-called “Reptilian aliens” at all other than what the Cassiopaeans had said, and that didn’t tend to make me think that they went around raping women. How does a hyperdimensional being, who is somewhat ephemeral by definition, have the physical solidity necessary to perform rape?

But, Lilly was hyperventilating, having palpitations that terrified her, and every time she tried to talk about the event she would start shaking uncontrollably to the point that her teeth chattered loudly. Serious Post Traumatic Stress indications, for sure.

It took a little while to get her terror under control, to get her to relax, and finally, to get her under hypnosis. As it turned out, she was an excellent subject. When she did go, she went deep. After setting up a safe environment in which to view the event, I asked Lilly to describe what had happened that night.

Apparently, she had had an argument with her husband and Lilly decided to sleep in the living room on the sofa. She went immediately to sleep as though she were drugged. The next thing she was aware of was some sort of disturbance, like a noise or a sudden bump. She was awake, but paralyzed. She could see a glow in the corner of the room she was facing, and saw a shimmering “opening” in the ceiling. This opening of shimmering light began to expand in a columnar way so that it became like a shaft of light coming through the ceiling to the floor. As she watched, she struggled unsuccessfully against the paralysis and her heart started pounding so hard she thought the blood would burst out of her ears.

The light began to have “sparkles” in it — like swirling dust motes in a sunbeam — and these sparkles began to coalesce into a figure. And it was a figure out of a nightmare, for sure! A huge, muscular Lizard man who was soon joined by two others. She was too distressed when trying to describe them accurately, but she did manage to say that they had scales, claws, and lips that were vaguely fish-like.

The beings didn’t talk to her, but simply came over, one took hold of her arms and the other took hold of her legs so as to position her for the third that immediately leaned over her and began to copulate.

I stopped her at this point and backed her up. I wanted to get certain details that might give me an idea if Lilly was making this whole thing up.

Q: When these beings entered your room, were they dressed?

A: I don’t think so.

Q: When this being appeared in the room, did you notice his genitalia?

A: No. He didn’t have any.

Q: If he didn’t have genitalia, how did he have sex with you?

A: It was strange… umm… he started to kneel over me, and it sort of emerged out of his body. It like came out of a slit…

Q: Before he began copulation, as his genitalia emerged, did you have a chance to see what it looked like?

A: That’s strange… I see it very sharp and pointed… you know, like a devil’s tail in a cartoon.

Q: Very sharp and pointed? Was it painful?

A: It burned. It was like so cold that it was burning me.

Q: At any point did you have the feeling that this being was raping you because he lusted for you, in particular? Was he attracted to you or did he feel kindness toward you?

A: No. That’s another funny thing. He was telling me sort of telepathically that he was “changing the program”. I don’t know what that means, but it has something to do with my DNA.

Now, that was a pretty bizarre remark. Her DNA programming was being changed by this act of rape? Hang on to that thought, as we will come back to it in the next section.

Now, as I have been putting these pages together and going over some of this past material, I have been trying to confirm or explain as much as I can. In this particular case, aside from the photographs of the subject which certainly showed something going on, though it is impossible to tell what, the only thing she said that could be used as a point of validation was her description of the Reptoid genitals. Otherwise, her tale falls into the category of a wild fantasy of another New Ager who has gone too far into fantasy, occurring in response to an unhappy marriage, triggered by an argument with her husband. Was she confabulating, or did something really happen to her?

I tried to find another case of reptilian interaction with humans where the genitals were described by other witnesses somewhere on the Internet, but I failed completely. Maybe nobody else has asked this question.

I first thought in terms of snake genitals since the Reptoids are also known as the “serpent race”. But then, I remembered that the Cassiopaeans had described them as biologically like “upright alligators”. So, I thought that I should be looking for alligator genitals to compare to Lilly’s description. I figured that there was always the chance that Lilly had seen a picture of them in a book somewhere and was describing what she remembered. If so, I could just go to the library and have a look myself.

Nope. No book at the library had a picture of alligator genitals. Not even snake genitals! What about the bookstore?

Nope. Nothing at Booksamillion.

How about on the Internet?

Ark and I spent almost an entire day trying to track down a photograph of alligator genitals so that I could satisfy my curiosity as to whether Lilly had described them accurately.


Finally, Ark, using his status as a university professor, wrote to a professor of herpetology and inquired about obtaining a photograph of alligator genitals for my article.

Well, such a photo does exist, but is not generally available to the public. It is for specialists only. But, since inquiring minds want to know, here it is. You be the judge.

The image above is the genitalia of a male alligator, partly everted from the slit opening behind which they are concealed when not in use. Remember how Lilly described it: “That’s strange… I see it very sharp and pointed… you know, like a devil’s tail in a cartoon.”

The image below shows the genitalia fully everted. The large white globular objects at the base of the organ are the muscles used to erect the organ to the outside of the body.

1 I suffered a concussion, a cracked vertebra, and my left arm was nearly torn out of the socket. All the rotator muscles and ligaments in my left shoulder had been torn, and even though I had been released to go home, I was in a brace and was soon to suffer many problems due to having been released too soon. The neck injury was the most serious, and over the next weeks, swelling of the cervical disks caused paralysis on the left side of my body. Nevertheless, I took pain pills and participated in a session, as I was to continue to do through the two years of intense physical therapy that was needed to restore mobility to my arm and leg.

2 See High Strangeness for details.

3 The pictures are reproduced in color in Secret History.