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Chapter Forty-three: Hungry Aliens, Stinky Demons, and the Return of Keith

All through the early months of 1994 while the dramas of the Reiki crowd were playing out, we had continued our weekly sittings.  Sam had stopped attending – ostensibly because of his contretemps with Frank – but I think that the real reason was that none of the lottery numbers won him any money.

This may have been the basis for his opinion that Frank was “playing” me like a “Stradivarius”.  He didn’t understand that it was a process, and that asking for lottery numbers was the smallest part of it.  We also regularly “tested” various entities with questions about weather, earth changes, politics, news items of various sorts, asked for predictions about this or that person and, admittedly, asked all kinds of snoopy questions just to see what would bounce back.

The point was to establish a “feedback” loop designed to access deep levels of consciousness at the least, or to “tune” the biocosmic receiver, at most.  Candy, Tim and some of the other younger members of the Reiki crowd came and went, but most had neither the patience nor the motivation to continue in anything that did not provide instant gratification.  They wanted to be able to just “turn on, tune in and channel now!”  Working at it was too much like – well – like work!

Sandra sat with us frequently.  The addition of her energy to the mix was always interesting, often resulting in psychokinetic activity around the room that was distracting, to say the least!    After a candelabra flew off a shelf half-way across the room one night, she declined to participate any further and would only sit on the side and watch.


When I had first met Candy, she wanted me to work with her using hypnosis to develop her channeling abilities.  She actually had another agenda going on that she wasn’t telling me about in the beginning – she believed she had been abducted by aliens.

After dealing with Pam the night of the Flying Black Boomerangs, I wasn’t too anxious to dive into that arena without due consideration.  Just because I was a good hypnotist and had good techniques and ideas in the more-or-less normal range of problems, didn’t mean that I knew beans from apple butter about alien abductions.  Reading mass-market books about it wasn’t going to give me the education I needed to handle it, either.

Well, naïve bozo that I sometimes am, I thought it would just be a matter of making some calls to find who to go to for advice or training.  I started at the logical place to begin: call the local psychologists and psychiatrists for guidance.

It wasn’t a very good idea.  Nobody in our semi-backwater area would even consider such an idea, much less touch it with a ten foot pole!

Okay.  I called a couple of people at MUFON.  Some names of psychologists in distant cities weren’t going to do me any good.  There also were MSW’s specializing in “experience counseling,” and even more with diploma mill Ph.D.’s or Th.D.’s offering their services for nice fees.

Didn’t anybody in the legitimate scientific fields think this phenomenon deserved investigation?  Even if the phenomenon was bogus, what about the people claiming such experiences?  Weren’t they human beings deserving of counseling?

As I continued to make calls on Candy’s behalf, the enormity of the problem began to overwhelm me.  From what I could determine, many, many thousands of people – a cross section of humanity – were coming forward and saying that they had experienced contact with aliens from other worlds.  In all my reading of history and social phenomena, I had never encountered anything quite like this.  The general response that they get from others, including professionals who are supposed to be providing help and support, is ridicule.

In reviewing the cases available to me, I noted that the typical victim was almost frantically worried about a “loss of time,” and some vague memory of being restrained or trapped.  The person becomes almost hyperactive in their irritability, suffers from loss of concentration and short-term memory.  An abductee is generally hypersensitive to loud noises, claims to hear things no one else can hear, and to see things no one else can see, including getting feelings about others that are impossible to explain or quantify in normal ways.

One of the more disturbing aspects of the phenomenon is that there are often physical traces – scratches, puncture wounds, bruises – and even missing segments of skin, generally in perfectly round configuration as though removed by a cookie cutter.

This last item, naturally, disturbed me a great deal when I remembered the two missing circles of flesh from my bottom after my surgery some years before.

However, as far as I could tell, I had certainly never suffered as Candy was suffering.  She was almost hysterical in her desperation to find an answer to what was going on in her life.  It was clear that she felt almost abandoned by her husband and friends in this matter, because it was so strange and out of keeping with the other, utterly normal, aspects of her life.  It was clear that she was suffering from severe anxiety, and a very real fear of being alone for even a short while.

No matter what the explanation for their experiences, these people needed to be taken seriously; they needed to be validated; and most of all they needed a support system.

Basically, I had three choices to consider in regards to Candy.

She was creating a hoax, no abduction occurred and she knew it did not occur.

An abduction really occurred by persons or beings unknown.

No abduction occurred, but Candy believed it did.

I was rapidly giving up the idea that abduction stories were concocted for fame and glory.  For most, the event was one of great shame and they most certainly didn’t want anybody to know about it.  That they were so desperate for help that they overcame tremendous reluctance indicates how severely they were traumatized.

The question of the lack of sanity of people claiming to have been abducted was also rapidly being answered in the negative.  If millions of people believed that a guy, 2000 years ago, died on a cross and arose three days later, and were considered sane, then people claiming abductions, with far more direct experience and evidence, were undoubtedly sane also. Yes, that’s “relative sanity”, but that’s what you get in our culture!

Each individual case has to be considered separately.  To assume anything from the beginning was not ethical.  To begin an investigation of such an event meant that the only thing I would be dealing with was Candy’s memory – either conscious or unconscious.  Thus, a consideration of her life history was necessary.  I was going to be far more thorough with Candy than I had been with Pam.


Candy was about 35 years old, the wife of a doctor, owner of her own fashion boutique, and mother to two girls.  She had been born and raised in a very strict religious family, but, chafing at the restrictions, had left home at an early age to stay with a brother who worked in a designer clothing shop.  There, she also began working in the same business and ended up marrying the owner.  This man died, leaving her with a small child and a large inheritance.

A beautiful young widow with a baby and a lot of money does not remain on the marriage mart very long.  With her new husband, the doctor (the spitting image of Dudley Do-Right), she moved to Florida where they had a second child together.  The object was to get away from the unhappy memories of the loss of her first husband and start a new life.  The boutique she left in the care of her brother, who managed the business on her behalf.

After her youngest child started school, Candy became bored and decided to go to work for a different doctor in the large medical complex where her husband also had his offices.  She took an administrative position and settled into her role with ease.  She was very intelligent, charming and attractive.

At the same time, Candy began to attend the local Metaphysical/Spiritualist church I’ve already described, probably more out of curiosity than anything else, but soon became deeply involved in the spiritualist beliefs and practices.  At this point, strange things began to happen.  She claimed that strange things had happened to her all her life, but she just had managed to suppress most of it.

First, she kept encountering a man in the building where she worked.  He was employed by a practice on a different floor, so she only saw him in the elevators, the parking lot, and the local eateries.  But, every time she did encounter him, she was conscious of a strange electricity between them.  Soon they were exchanging brief pleasantries.

One evening, Candy and a co-worker, her friend Edith, went out for drinks together when Candy’s husband was at a medical convention.  The man coincidentally appeared in the same bar and stopped by their table.  They invited him to sit down, and soon were involved in a conversation on metaphysical topics.  The man said he knew the location of an old Indian mound, apparently a place of great power.  He offered to show both ladies where it was.  Feeling secure with a female companion, Candy wanted to see this Indian mound, and they all went together in the man’s car.  Keep in mind that it was well past dark when they made this plan.  When they arrived at the location, a swampy, wooded area on the Gulf of Mexico coast, they all got out and proceeded to hike through the underbrush to this purported Indian mound.

Now, aside from the absurdity of the picture presented here, three adults in their business clothing, hiking out in the muddy swamps after dark, there is the consideration of what, in the name of all good sense, would have sent anyone off on such a hike?

Nevertheless, that is, apparently, what they did.  Three professional adults of allegedly impeccable good sense decided to go stomping in the tidal swamps on the Florida coast at night.  At some point, Edith was left behind and lost and something happened to frighten Candy, but afterward she couldn’t say what it was, only that she was very confused.  She demanded to be taken home.  The man cheerfully obliged, they located Edith wandering in the bushes, and he drove them back to their cars and off they went home.

The only problem was, when Candy got home, it was almost midnight.  She had “lost” well over two hours.

I went over this point with her carefully, going over the exact chronology of that night.  She should have been home no later than 9:30 at the outside.  Yet, it was just a few minutes before midnight when she made it home.  She was surprised because her children were already in bed sleeping, and the house was quiet and dark.  When she saw the time, she became almost hysterical at the very thought that she had been gone so long.  What might her children have thought?

At that point Candy’s life began to fall apart.  She was suddenly so emotional that she couldn’t stay on an even keel from one minute to the next.  She became almost uncontrollably obsessed with the man in the building, believing he was her “soul mate” one minute, and that he was a government spy the next.  She felt that somehow she must find ways to be with him.  Then she felt he was watching her and she had better avoid him.

Immediately following this event, her husband was in an auto accident with another woman in the car.  Candy’s marriage began to disintegrate.  It was at this point that I first met her at the Reiki gathering.  In other words, she must have made her trip to the swamps at almost the exact time my mother received her invitation to attend the home health classes for seniors.

Candy apparently knew the abduction encounter scenario from things people had told her at various local metaphysical meetings.  She thought she had experienced some sort of encounter with “Space Brothers”.  She was convinced that she had been given a message during her encounter and that it was important for her to remember it to share with mankind.

Trying to get the story out of her in a linear way was like pulling teeth.  The subject was so laden with emotion that it was difficult to make anything out of it without stopping her repeatedly, backing her up, and having her describe things in a sequential way.  I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions because I still held out for the possibility of other explanations.  Based on the series of events, I thought it was also possible that she had  been given some kind of “date rape” drug by this man who took her to the Indian mound.

But Candy held firmly to the idea that the man had hypnotized her or in some way, she had been mind-controlled, that he was a government agent, and that the government was watching her because she was “chosen” by the aliens to deliver a message.  Why or how he would be involved in her abduction if he were a government agent wasn’t exactly clear, and certainly didn’t make any sense.  Candy knew it.  She agreed with a rueful laugh that she knew she sounded crazy, and it was clear that she was close to the edge.  She most definitely needed help and if I couldn’t find someone competent to send her to, or to instruct me, we might just be on our own with this one.

It also seemed to me to be important to find out how much Candy had actually read about alien abductions.  She claimed that she had never read anything about it, that what she knew was just gossip and word of mouth, but I wasn’t too sure.  If she had spent a lot of time reading about the subject she was, in my opinion,  “contaminated” as a true “test” subject.   I could help her to deal with the trauma, but I could never consider her statements under hypnosis to be evidence of anything.

After several weeks of putting her off while I tried to find a legitimate psychologist to help her and trying to just let her talk about it to see if that would ease her anxiety, I realized that I wasn’t going to find any real help.  I scheduled a hypnosis session with plans to do the spirit release work first, before considering anything else.  Candy agreed this was the approach she wanted to take as well.

During this session, an attached entity identified himself as “Thomas”.  His “story” was that he had been a practitioner of Voodoo in Haiti and had been killed by a rival Voodoo “doctor” in 1945.  The real shocker was when he claimed that he had been “induced” or “commanded” by a “magician” to attach to Candy as a “control conduit”.

A “Magician?”

He would not identify the “who,” and it was clear that he was terrified of punishment if he betrayed his “master,” but he did say that this had occurred in the previous few weeks and that Candy did know this individual.  Our best guess afterward was connected with Rev.  Rita and her Big Banana doing their Black Magick JuJu number on me.  Candy was very distressed to think that she had been used this way and she was also very apologetic toward me, though I assured her that it most definitely wasn’t her fault.  The question was: had the things I had said about the matter influence her thinking and create this scenario in her mind?

There was another alleged entity that had attached to Candy via marital relations with her husband, but that one was rather glad to be sent “to the light,” and gave no trouble.

There were two suicides who had attached to the first “frequency-available” host, Candy, in their fear of having violated a religious taboo in killing themselves.  This is not uncommon in the spirit release scenarios that people reveal under hypnosis.  Apparently, one of the biggest reasons for spirit attachment is the ignorance of the individual about what really happens after death.  A strong religious belief can be as detrimental as no belief in an afterlife at all.

There was also an automobile accident victim, and a victim of a shooting.  I never did find out if that particular entity was involved in a crime or if it was just an accident because he/she left almost immediately to “go into the light”.  This entity followed the process with the previous ones, learning from what was being exchanged with them.

If there are multiple attachments, they seem to be influenced by the actions of each other in their shared host/home. (And we are keeping in mind that all of these alleged entities may very well be merely psycho-dramas in the person’s mind created to explain or dramatize emotions.)

As might be expected, in Candy’s subconscious mind, there were abductions galore.  Candy was a veritable “chosen child” of the friendly Gray aliens.  However, certain elements came up in her sessions that startled her.  The abduction process was decidedly not as friendly as she’d thought.

Here are some extracts:

Q: Okay.  What’s happening to you next?

A: I see this bright light and I’m alarmed…  I see fingers like suction cups on the end of them…

Q: What do they do?

A: They’re like touching my face…

Q: How many individuals are there with you?

A: Oh God, this is weird.  (Sigh) It’s almost like I see a dinosaur or something.  With little short arms…  and its, um…  it’s got funny skin…  it’s like, it’s like…  brownish, slickish…  it’s got a real funny face…  it’s  like a skull but the front of the skull is like going out, real far out…

Q: Like a snout?

A: Yeah.

Q: How tall was it?

A: Um…

Q: Taller than you?

A: Oh yeah, it looked bigger than me.  It’s just funny.

Q: What’s funny?

A: Nothing, it’s gone.

Q: Where did it go.

A: I don’t know.  It disappeared.

Q: What do you mean it disappeared?

A: I don’t know, it’s almost like an image.  And then it just vanished.

Q: How many other beings are there with you?

A: Um…  they’re all busy all over.

Q: About how many are there?

A: Um…  five or six

Q: What do they look like?  Do they all look the same?

A: Oh, they’re funny looking…  they’re almost like, um…  they remind me of the baby dinosaur…  how puffy his face was with the eyes were like…  smaller…  not big eyes like him…  like squinty eyes…

Q: What color are their eyes?

A: Um…  I don’t know…  when I look at their eyes I see agreen circle that keeps swirling…


Q: What is happening to you?

A: Um.  (Sigh) it’s hard to breathe.

Q: Do you smell something?

A: No.  I see a little…  it’s almost like a little gold scorpion.  It’s right by my nose…  my face…

Q: What is it doing?

A: I don’t know.  They have it on the end of some tweezers.

Q: Where is the scorpion going?

A: (Signs of distress) Uh, this is weird…  it’s almost like it goes in my mouth…  the back of my…  my, um, throat…

Q: How does it get there?

A: They put it there.

Q: How do they put it there?

A: Um…  it’s almost like I see a machine with an arm on it.  Almost like a dentist’s arm…  I don’t know…

Q: What is it for?

A: I don’t know…  television comes to my mind…

Q: Did they tell you what it was for?

A: No, they don’t tell me.

Q: Is it in place now?

A: Um..  They’re working on it.  They’re moving my head…  I hear ringing in my ears

Q: What happens next?

A: Um…  the back of my neck hurts!

Q: Why does the back of your neck hurt?

A: I don’t know, its like…  I have these headaches…

Q: Where are you now?

A: I’m on the table.

Q: What are they doing to you?

A: They’re rubbing my arms.

Q: Has the scorpion been put in?

A: Um hmm.

Q: Did it hurt?

A: Um hmm.

Q: It did?

A: I don’t know…  it’s just…  I got a headache now…

Q: Where did they put it into.

A: Well, you know, it’s like…  in the back of my neck…  its through my mouth into the back of my neck…  and my  ears…  I hear my ears ringing…  they’re like clogged  up…  and I feel…  I don’t know…  like shh…  shocks or…  I don’t know…

Q: Shocks?

A: Pain shooting through my head.

Q: Pain?  What is the pain from?

A: It’s like nerve something…  I don’t know…

Q: Okay.  You have a small mark above your ear…  where did you get that mark?

A: I don’t know, it’s like, um…  I don’t know…  I see this…  I see a little tiny, um…  metal box…  I’m just gonna say what I see…  I don’t know…

Q: That’s connected to the mark above your ear?

A: Yeah.  It’s almost like I feel like I’m being bit by an ant or something…

Q: Well, were you being bit by an ant?

A: Hm.  When I thought…  When you said that I see uh, um, it’s almost like an ant made out of metal…

Q: Okay.

A: With the stingers.

Q: What does it do?

A: What, the ant?

Q: Um hmm.

A: It has…  I’m seeing a needle on it…

Q: Long needle, short needle…

A: Uh, I see a needle…  its like it connects to something…

Q: What does it do?

A: Goes in and it connects to something…  I don’t know…

Q: Did this happen at the same time that the scorpion was put in your neck through your throat?

A: No…(distress)

Q: Let’s go back to where you are on the table and they have just put the little scorpion in the back of your neck  through your throat…  Now, you said this hurt…  Did it hurt when they put it in?  Or did it begin hurting after they put it in?

A: After they put it in.  I had a headache…  I have a headache…


Q: Okay.  How long have you been connected with this group?

A: Um…  I just see a face in front of me…

Q: What does the face look like?

A: Um…

Q: Is it one of them?

A: Um hmm…  it has real sad eyes…  it doesn’t want me saying anything…


Q: Do they have any future plans?

A: I hear something saying yes.

Q: Do you know when?

A: No.

Q: Do you know what’s in store…  what will happen?  Are you in cooperation with them?

A: Umm…  I don’t know…  I don’t feel good.

Q: What are you feeling right now…

A: I don’t know…  I’m feeling kind of sick to my stomach.

Q:  Take a real deep breath and the nausea will pass.  I am going to count from five to one and on the count of one you will be more deeply relaxed than you have ever been before…  (Countdown)

A: Oh, God!  (Sighs)

Q: Now, Candy I’m here and I’ll take care of you.  You know we discussed beforehand that we want to know at the deepest level we can understand.  Are these beings working with you with your permission?

A: Umm…  No.

Q: Is there action you can take, or that you can perceive in a broad way, to prevent this kind of action or activity?

A: Umm…  I don’t know what this is I’m seeing…  a tunnel…

Q: You’re seeing what, a tunnel?

A: A tunnel with like webs all on it…  I don’t know what it is…  its…  (long pause, signs of distress)

Q: A tunnel with webs in it?

A: Yeah…  it’s not a nice place…  (Signs of extreme nausea and distress) Mmmm…

Q: If the tunnel could speak, what would it say?

A: You don’t want to be here.

Q: Where is here?

A: It’s almost like “where we can put you if we want you”.

Q: What is there?

A: Bad stuff.

Q: What kind of bad stuff.

A: Ah…  this is weird…  it’s almost like see a crayfish eating like a red glob…  but the crayfish has a mouth…

Q: If the crayfish could talk, what would it say?

A: They don’t talk.  (signs of nausea and distress)

Q: What is the red glob?

A: I don’t know…  (gagging)

Q: Alright, take a deep breath now…

A: I don’t like this…

Q: Alright, I am going to count from five to one, and on the count of one you are going to move to your highest level of consciousness…  a place of pure light and knowledge.  (Countdown) How do you feel now?

A: Okay.

Q: Now, do you see the light?

A: Um hmm.

Q: Alright.  I want you to merge with the light and the knowledge that is in the light.  Is there any means by which you can stop these events or protect yourself?  The knowledge will be there, you can access it easily.

A: (Long pause) It’s almost like I’m hearing a voice say that we have something beautiful that they will never ever have.

Q: We as humans?

A: Um hmm.

Q: Is this what they wish to acquire?

A: Um…  I don’t know…  they’re just like, I would guess, parasites, or something like that.


Q: What’s going on around you.

A: I’m just going to tell you what I see…  it’s kind of weird.  Umm…  I see all these little white guys, they’re like children…  they’re running around…  a bunch of ’em…  umm…  I see this woman with gray umm…  I don’t know if I can see her…  (distress) You know, it’s like I’m trying to see and it’s slipping.  She’s there but I can’t see her.

Q: Take a real deep breath.  I am going to count to three and on the count of three any blocks to your memory, any impediments, any distortions will dissolve away and you will see clearly and completely everything that occurred to you at that point in space time and forward (countdown).  What do you see?  Look at this woman.  What does she look like?

A: Umm…  I’m in a different room.  This room is a round room and it has almost like a glass dome over the top of it…  ummm…  I’m, uh…  it’s like a city I’m seeing.  This is strange…

Q: Stop a minute…  stop and take a real deep breath.  Back up.  Back up to the woman you couldn’t see.  On the count of three she will appear on the screen and you will be able to describe her clearly.  (Countdown)

A: Umm…  oooh…  I see this woman…  she’s got long wiry white hair…

Q: What about her eyes?

A: I’m just going to tell you what I see.  When I look in her eyes they are like circle green…  circling green…  spiraling…  on one picture I see her as ugly but then I see a beautiful woman’s face…  I see her one way and when I look there is like a shadow over the face…  it looks like a beautiful woman but when I first looked at her it wasn’t but…  when I look at it again it looks like a beautiful woman….

Q: What sensation do you get from this woman?

A: I just want to say she’s hateful.

Q: Does she say anything to you?

A: No.  It’s like she’s watching me real careful.

Q: What does her body look like?

A: Umm..  real thin and tall…  really thin, thin, thin arms and long fingers.

Q: How many fingers?

A: I want to say four.  She’s real, real tall.  Real skinny.  But this big head with this wiry hair

Q: Describe the head.

A: It’s a triangle but kind of rounded on the edges.

Q: Does she have big ears or little ears?

A: No, I’m seeing little curves on the side of her head.

Q: What about her mouth?

A: Rows of teeth.

Q: What about a nose?

A: I’m seeing two little curves, real small…  two holes, just holes.

Q: Does she say anything to you?

A: No.  She’s watching me though.  Watching me as I’m walking by with these, these…  she dislikes me for some reason.

Q: Okay, you’re walking by, what happens next?

A: We’re sitting down.

Q: We who?

A: I’m sitting down and there is a small woman next to me and there’s a man next to me.  And this woman’s like, right around behind me, standing up.

Q: Which woman is behind you?

A: The one with the, uh, the woman I don’t like.  She’s bossy.

Q: Is she in charge?

A: Unh uh.  But she’s got, I don’t know…  she has a certain function or something…  But, umm…  I don’t know, she’s just not nice.

Q: I want you to try a little experiment.  I am going to count to three and on the count of three I want you to tap into her mind and see what she is thinking.  (Countdown) Connect and describe what she feels and thinks.  How does she perceive what’s going on?

A: (Distress) What I’m feeling right now is really hungry.

Q: Is that how she feels?

A: Um hmm.

Q: Hungry for what?  What is she hungry for?

A: (Sigh)  She feeds off of us.

Q: How does she feed off of us?  What does she do when she feeds?  What is it she is wanting to do?

A: She feeds off of us…  I don’t know.

Q: What does she do physically.  Does she just stand next to someone and breathe the air?

A: It’s like she puts her mouth over you and sucks something…  like your air out or something…  and her eyes, you know what I mean?  It’s, you know…  she drains you.

Q: And she is one of this group that you’re with?

A: She’s like lurking in the back.  She isn’t in charge, but she’s, um, in the background.  She’s watching me.

A: It’s funny because this isn’t the way the dream happened.

Naturally, after reviewing these experiences, Candy had a whole different perspective on the abduction phenomenon.  She became obsessed with reading everything about it she could find.  In this respect, we were certainly on the same path.

When we talked on the phone, there were strange clicks and buzzes on the line.  I laughed at the thought of anybody tapping my line to see what we knew about aliens, because it was a certainty that we knew very little.  But Candy was convinced that she had something they were after – that the objective of any surveillance was herself.  Her conviction that the man who had taken her out to the mounds was a government agent became somehow intertwined with that bizarre conviction that he was also her soul mate.  He was being used to lure her into some kind of government conspiracy and it was her job to rescue him in some way by the strength and purity of her love.

I knew that it was going to take a lot more work to peel away the screens and false memories, not to mention the emotional programs that were still driving Candy.


One night, at about this time, I received a phone call from Tim.  (I was at Candy’s house and he had called my house and found out where I was.)  He was in a complete panic.  He had been trying a particular ritual and something had gone terribly wrong.  He had run hot water in his tiny bathroom to make it like a sauna, and then did some sort of “calling forth” ritual while staring in the mirror.  (Seems to me that he would have had to be constantly wiping the steam off the glass to even do this!) Well, the upshot was that a horrible demonic face had appeared in the mirror and had told him that it was his companion and was now going to have fun tormenting him or feeding on him or something.

Tim had the feeling of pressure on his chest, his heart started beating like crazy and he thought he was going to die.  He was actually calling from the hospital.  They’d given him a sedative and told him that nothing was essentially wrong with him except a stress reaction.  He was terrified to go home because the demon was there.  What should he do?

I tried to calm him down and told him to come right over  and I was sure we could fix him up pretty quick.

It was a long wait before Tim arrived, and when he did, he was in a terrible state.  He told us that on his way over, he had actually been in an accident – another car had sideswiped him and spun his car around and into a ditch.  He was certain that it was the demon doing it, and his terror had practically gone through the roof!

We got him up on Candy’s massage table, and started giving him Reiki just to calm him down.  As we did, there were all kinds of strange things going on with his body.  Muscles would jump and jerk in a way that was definitely not normal.

Tim said he could actually feel something slithery (as he described it) moving around inside him!

Well, we were sort of freaking out too.  A can of hairspray ought to be part of the standard equipment of an exorcist !  But my experience in many spirit release sessions had schooled me to remain calm and in control of the situation.  I asked Tim to recount exactly everything that was done and said.  He began to breathe more normally and calmed down.

As soon as he was stable, I put him under hypnosis and proceeded to begin a differential diagnosis.  It was clear from the start this was not going to be a standard session!    Whoever or whatever was hanging out in Tim’s “space,” it was not happy that I was addressing it and demanding answers.

As I repeated my questions, poor Tim alternately swelled and diminished by expulsion of the most horrid gas imaginable.  This was definitely not a case of finding a poor lost, departed dead dude who needed to be counseled to “go into the light”.  This critter had no intention of going anywhere!  He had been “invited,” and he liked his new “home,” and there was not gonna be an eviction!

Well, I had a different opinion of the matter and was equally determined that he was going to depart rather quickly, so it was pretty much a matter of who was going to prove to be the strongest in the dispute.

I did the usual calling on the “guides” and “light workers” of the astral planes to come and assist in the freeing of the victim, followed standard procedures and so forth.

No dice.

I did the “in the name of Jesus” routine, which can work depending on the religious affiliation of the victim.

Didn’t work.  The critter actually sneered and laughed at that one.

The entity was making poor Tim jerk and jump on the table, constantly swelling with gas and expelling it in quantities that were simply abnormal by any pathological criteria.  When I directed Tim to join with Candy and myself in visualizing light to encapsulate the entity, it began to complain that it was “hot” and “burned” and for us to just stop and leave it alone.  It started to whine and moan that we ought to have sympathy and compassion because that was the philosophy we were espousing in the “love and light” New Age trend, wasn’t it?  It was actually a caricature of the recent machinations of both Trudy and George and I was not fooled one bit.

Apparently, this approach was weakening the entity.  Finally I told it that I was not going to leave it alone, I was not going to stop harassing it with heat and light, that if I had to, we would stay there all night and all the next day and however many days it took.  That seemed to have an effect because Tim became suddenly very still.  All was quiet for a moment.  I decided that now must be my chance.  I gathered my will together and directed it with intent.

I demanded that the entity leave NOW!

With a last “blow up” of Tim’s abdomen, followed by a particularly noisy expulsion of the most horrible sulfurous stench, the entity left.  Tim was finally peaceful.

This was definitely a whole new level of nastiness, one that, apparently, even Bill Baldwin hadn’t encountered.  If he had, he most definitely hadn’t described them well at all.  His reliance on the Christian approach was clearly misleading.

I knew that already from the demoniac at church, so I was prepared.  I shuddered to think what might happen to other practitioners who did not realize the limitations of Christian beliefs.

I brought Tim out of hypnosis.  Unlike your standard “dead dude,” this entity had been singularly uncommunicative.  I realized that the whining had been an act that was designed to take me in with pity, and that the significant thing about this entity was its inability to respond to questions at all.  This told me something about the nature of the beast, a level of negativity so contractile that the act of communication was impossible.  It could only feed and manipulate.

It was our guess that it had been initially attracted to Tim at one of the coven meetings, where a whole host of such entities might congregate, selecting their prey, and then hang around, waiting for the opportunity to connect in a more permanent way.  Based on the available literature, such entities can actually  influence the individual to perform certain acts that facilitate entry, and even though the individual thinks these ideas are their own, they are not.  Apparently enough mind contact can be made to plant thoughts and ideas to do this or that (including attempts at channeling) that will lead to fuller possession.

Now, I am not saying that is true of Wicca because it is Wicca.  I was hypothesizing at that point based on clinical references.  A later case, even more severe than Tim’s (which I actually refused to handle because the victim was simply not ready to employ her own will to assist), indicated that demonic possession, whether an artifact of consciousness or not, can and does occur in Christian churches.  It seems that religious gatherings of all kinds, if they are based on certain illusions, are literal feasts for discarnate entities.  I shuddered to think of what had been hanging out all those years in the Fundamentalist church we had attended.  Anyone who is a member of the Wiccan path ought not to take this as a criticism of that religion.  It seems to be so that rituals and acts of blind belief are weaknesses in the spiritual armor.

The end result was that Tim was certainly cured of his interest in religion, Wicca or otherwise.

At this point, we had been sitting with our board experiment for almost two years.  We were “chatting” with a lot of interesting and even funny dead dudes, and, for the most part, we used the board to counsel them and send them “into the light”.  But always, before we did, we would ask if they had any messages for us or predictions to make.

One night, as we were getting ready to sit at the board, I had the idea that music might be nice.  For some reason, I wanted to listen to my Puccini tape.  We sat down and began with the usual formula: “Is anyone with us?”  The answer was “yes”.  What is your name?  “The Sea”.

Q:  I don’t understand.  What do you mean you are “the sea?”

A:  Mythic Momma said she felt like she needed a bath after me.  Who am I?

Q:  That’s what I’m asking you.  Who are you?

A:  I’m the sea.  Laura you are slipping.  The C.

Q:  I’m afraid that I am completely lost and you are making no sense whatsoever.

A:  OK here’s the last clue (pause)  Mortality Drop.

Q:  What the heck does that mean?

A:  Clue.

Q:  Are we supposed to guess who you are?

A:  That’s what I said.

Q:  Does your name begin with “s?”

A:  Wrong.  One more clue (pause)  Coachman Road Meat Purchase.

And I got it.  Keith Laumer.

A:  Finally!

I was completely stunned.  In the twenty years since the incident at the meat market with Keith, not only had I never told anyone about it (just too embarrassing), I had also forgotten it myself.  And now that I was being reminded, I wasn’t even sure of the name of the road the meat market had been on.

(The following day I checked; not only was this the correct name of the road, the meat market was still there!)

The clues now made sense: The Sea was the translation of Keith’s French name into English: Laumer – La Mer.  “Mortality Drop” was a clue to one of the novels Keith had written, of which he had been especially proud: “Deadfall”.  It was, in fact, the only book of his that I still had in my possession.

Well, there was nothing to do but continue the dialogue to find out if I was really “chatting” with Keith.

Q:  Is that really you, Keith?

A:  Yeah, baby!    (typical Keith type answer)

Q:  Are you stuck in the earth plane?

A:  Lighten up!    

Q:  Do you have a message for me?

A:  Yes.  Write book.

Q:  What about?

A:  UFOs.  Larry will give you flak…  jealous.

Q:  Can you give me any advice about that?

A:  Advice is not my place on the board; the board does not answer all life’s problems.

Q:  Keith, when you died you owed me five thousand dollars!    Does it bother you?  

A:  I gave at the office!

(Typical Keith remark!    Keith and I had made a bet and I won – he picked the amount and swore that he really meant it and was going to pay me.  I didn’t push it and he died before we ever talked about it again.)

Q:  Since you are in a different position, do you see things differently?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Can you tell us if the works of Zecharia Sitchin are factual?

A:  Sitchin wrote for money.

Q:  Well, so did you!

A:  At least I did mine as a labor of love.  Sitchin Fiction.  Some truth by coincidence.

Q:  What about UFOs and aliens?  What do you know about them?

A:  I never believed but now I know.

Q:  What do you know?

A:  A lot of things

Q:  When you were alive, you were pretty narrow minded about such things.

A:  Well, that is a little harsh, Laura.  Tired now.

Q:  Well, good night then.  Sleep well.

A:  Yes.

To say that I was startled by this exchange is putting it mildly.  Up to this moment in time, I could say that what we were doing was just an “experiment” that might include the real possibility we were talking to genuine discarnates, but I really hadn’t assigned a really high probability to it.  It was a working hypothesis, following a formula that worked, but it wasn’t necessary to believe in it for it to work.  It was as likely, in my mind, that such encounters were merely an artifact of consciousness.  I tended to assign a higher probability to that than to the idea that an individual consciousness no longer in a body could communicate with the living.

I never really cared if any of the theories about reincarnation or spirit release or aliens or demons were true.  I only cared that the therapies worked.  It was fascinating, a subject of endless experiment and speculation, and here I was looking at a possibility that I had actually communicated with an old friend who was now no longer in the body.  The style and flavor of the communication was entirely characteristic of Keith.

I also had to wonder about the urge I had felt to listen to Keith’s favorite music.  Was this a sign of his presence and intent to communicate?

No one else at the table knew the story but Keith and me.  That eliminated any deliberate movement of the planchette by Frank.  It was also curious that the incident was one I had completely forgotten.  If it was being telepathically read by Frank, it was read from my subconscious mind.  It didn’t occur to me at the time that this was a clue that would later be important.

The name of the road where the meat market was located was another issue.  That was something I never knew consciously at all.  When I’d driven Keith there, twenty years before, I had merely followed his directions to “turn here, turn there”.  The name of the road could have been buried deeply in my subconscious mind.  Perhaps I had noted it on a street sign at the time.  Even so, the event suggested that if this was all coming out of my subconscious mind, then we had, at least, penetrated to a deep level of awareness.

If my theory was correct, we didn’t have far to go to access “Universal Consciousness”.  Again, whatever was being read was in my unconscious mind, not Frank’s.

In any event, I was pleased to communicate with Keith, to know that he was all right, and to think, even if it was only a nice illusion, that he still had his great sense of humor.

Either way, we were making progress.

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