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The American “Civil Rights Act of 1964” is passed under the authority of the 14th Amendment and the Federal “Interstate Commerce Clause.”

Martin Luther King Jr. wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

United States, Holloman AFB, New Mexico – Possible landing of UFO at base.

Lyndon Johnson is elected President of the US in his own right. Johnson defeats Arizona Senator, Barry Goldwater.

Brazil – A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart. The junta that replaces it will, in the next two decades, become one of the most bloodthirsty in history. General Castelo Branco will create Latin America’s first death squads, or bands of secret police that hunt down “communists” for torture, interrogation and murder. Often these “communists” are no more than Branco’s political opponents. Later it is revealed that the CIA trains the death squads.

Vietnam – On July 30, 1964, a group of planners form the CIA, NSA, and Office of Naval Intelligence coordinated a raid on the North Vietnamese coast, using primarily the U.S. Navy Seals. The plan was to knock out a North Vietnamese radar station, but was unsuccessful, and drew fire from North Vietnamese troops. A more formal retaliation followed on August 2, when two North Vietnamese PT boats attacked the USS Maddox. Not surprisingly, that failed. On August 4, another U.S. destroyer, the Turner Joy, joined the Maddox and reported being attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats. In this instance, however, no evidence of any boats – nor an attack – ever turned up. Nevertheless, on August 7, President Lyndon Baines Johnson told Congress that U.S. ships were twice attacked without provocation. The results was the infamous Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which passed in the Senate by 88-2, in the House by 416-0. This gave Johnson a virtual blank check to wage war.

United States, Socorro, NM – one of the classic UFO-alien sightings occurred.