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FDR makes his “Four Freedoms” speech before Congress on January 6th. They are freedom of speech, of religion, from want, from fear.

In preparation for World War II, President Roosevelt creates the Office of Coordinator of Information (COI). General William “Wild Bill” Donovan heads the new intelligence service.

Pearl Harbor is attacked by Japan. Congress declares war on Japan.

US Army General, Leslie Groves, takes charge of building the Pentagon.

Wilhelm Reich met with Albert Einstein and they talked for five hours. However, this was after Einstein’s 1938 paper in which he proposed to take the fifth mathematical dimension as real. Einstein declined to become involved in Reich’s research which dashed Reich’s hopes. This was actually very strange considering the other efforts Einstein was making “in public” regarding his “search for UFT.”

The Sarnoff Corporation is the successor organization to the David Sarnoff Research Center and the RCA Laboratories in Princeton, New Jersey. General Order S-56 of the Radio Corporation of America, issued March 5, 1941, mandated that “All research, original development and patent and licensing activities of the Corporation and its Associated Companies will be consolidated in RCA Laboratories which will be responsible for all such work in the future.” Six days later the corporation completed purchase of the 260 acres of farmland on Route 1 in Princeton that would serve as the site for the new center. RCA chose Princeton for two primary reasons. It was equidistant from the RCA Victor and RCA Radiotron divisions in Camden and Harrison, New Jersey, where most of the corporation’s manufacturing took place. It was also a relatively short drive on Route 1 from NBC and corporate headquarters at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Construction began August 8, and on September 27, 1942, the laboratories opened with a staff of 125 scientists and engineers.