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The Wave Chapter 39: The Court of Seven

It is important to remember, in the telling of the present story, that what we are talking about here is where the rubber hits the road. That is: our ordinary relationships with other people. It is in the context of human behavior that we either attract or repel higher influences. It is in the reality of our daily lives that we either manifest this archetype or that one, depending on our choices.

There is a very important thing that I am trying to convey, something that I have said before, but which bears repeating: it is in the context of our ordinary lives that the Universe answers our questions. Learning to read the symbols of reality includes examining our experiences and extracting the “juice” from it so as to progress along our path of learning. If we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, can we say we are learning? And we notice that the kinds of mistakes that people make most often, the kinds of mistakes that cause the most suffering at all levels of society, are the mistakes of relationships with others.

In writing about these things, I am trying to describe the events as they unfolded and what the meaning was that I found in them, both at the time (which was sometimes right, sometimes wrong), and in retrospect. The greatest thing a person can do is to give something to another that helps them have a better experience in life. Unfortunately, the human being is not born with an instruction manual, and most of the ones we have at the present time seem to be written to deliberately obscure the matters of most concern to us: how to not suffer over and over again by making the wrong choices in relationships.

But if our energies are truly what is at stake in our relationships, and if it is true that only when we recoup a sufficient amount of energy, are we able to grow, then it becomes of paramount importance who we do or do not interact with in a close, psychologically connected way.

And that just flies in the face of the teachings of our society. We are supposed to forgive and forget, give the benefit of the doubt, compromise – “Let’s all get along,” “I love you, let’s work it out,” and so on and on. But what if all of that is designed to keep us in relationships that make us food? What if that is designed to keep us from having enough energy to grow?

Writing about most of this is very painful. Living many of these experiences was very painful. I know from direct discussions with others that they, too, have had similar painful experiences. Nearly everybody has. But for some reason, it is deemed taboo to discuss it. It is considered to be gossip or petty or “why don’t we all kiss and make up?”

The same people who give such advice are generally the ones who have had half a dozen partners who beat them up, or ran around on them, or spent the grocery money on drugs, or they are the psychiatrists or doctors whose livelihood is dependent upon us being sick either in mind or body.

We are discouraged by our culture from talking about these things. To do a post-mortem on a relationship in order to come to some idea of what kinds of clues or signs we ought to look for in order to keep ourselves from making the same mistakes over and over again; to relate the information about how brain chemicals can – and most of the time do – control our thinking, and thus our choices and consequent experiences, is verboten. And it is most especially forbidden to come to the understanding that our world is embedded in a hyperdimensional reality, and that the chief meaning of our lives seems to lie in the fact that we are not just “strange, dark interludes in the electrical display of God,” but that our relationships and interactions, personally, as individuals, and groups, and cultures, and even globally, may actually represent a projection of a cosmic drama, a drama that is essentially a representation of a battle between forces at higher levels.

In such a case, our ordinary choices take on a whole different meaning.

All alone, Susy Smart’s choice to go back to her abusive boyfriend because the Bible teaches her that forgiveness is all important, and her therapist tells her that compromise is essential, certainly can’t mean much in the Grand Scheme of Cosmic things, can it?

But when it is multiplied millions of times each day, and the end result is that Susy continues to be food in the Matrix, it becomes a matter of some concern in the global sense.

Every human being who continues to make choices based on the lies of the Matrix, continues to interact with others in ways that serve the STS hierarchy by feeding it, contributes to its existence and domination of our reality. The battle between forces for the control of our planet takes place through us! It’s that simple.

So, being able to analyze and identify these things can be thought to be quite important.

The Sufis say that “the words of God are the entities of His existent things. … Meanings, which have no form, assume forms within the reality. … The reality of an existent thing/being is not what we see of it, but its immutable entity which is seen only by God and certain of His friends. … Each creature is a word of God. The life of a single man is a book” (Chittick 1989).

It is in discovering the reality, the deep inner nature of what we experience, including our relationships and the people with whom we interact, that we reach into the realms of pure thought – the awareness that will bind us to the higher levels of being.

As human beings, it seems that an essential part of our nature is to feel that there is more to life than the immediately apparent material world. We don’t like to think that our lives are a game of chance played by the gods. Yet, we can observe that the heartless randomness of the world is at odds with the religious views of a loving, caring God.

The eighteenth century Icelandic mystic, Jon Jonsson said “God plays at Forkjaering with man in this world.” Forkjaering is a dice game. Later, Albert Einstein said “God does not play dice” with the universe. I think the truth is somewhere in between. We are pawns in a game, only the players are, in some sense, ourselves. And we are pawns so long as we don’t know the rules of the game. Once we have served our apprenticeship as playing pieces, we then are able to take our place with the players.

I once read a saying that goes: “A bird doesn’t fly because it has wings; it has wings because it flies.” That is to say: a bird is the incarnation of “Bird-ness,” which includes flight and, in many species, song. Human beings, individually and collectively, are the incarnation of specific ideas as well.

We have a clue then, that we can learn a great deal about ourselves, our reality, our destiny, and our proper response to our environment by studying our relationships and experiences. But, it is not just observation of the outer structure that we are after; it is the discovery of the inner nature, or the Idea of a thing. Here I would like to quote from volume three of this series:

In a general sense, to almost everyone, including yours truly, the very idea of time-traveling, mind-marauding, hyperdimensional beings with full powers to create and maintain a reality of illusion and restriction in which we are confined like sheep, waiting daily to see which of our number will be “taken” for their wool, skins, or flesh, is so horrifying a concept that accepting it as a real possibility, is tantamount to being stripped of all hopes, dreams and comfort.

Like many of you, I began this work full of frustration with teachings that don’t work or don’t make sense when compared with honest observation of reality and experience. There was such a labyrinth of contradictions everywhere I searched, and I knew it was necessary to go beyond everything hitherto known or tried. I did have the idea that this knowledge had been available in ancient times, judging by the evidence of the megaliths and other incomprehensible structures all over the globe, but whether or not it would be possible to rediscover this path was uncertain.

It was very clear that there was a serious discrepancy between the observable reality and some “deeper reality” from which, presumably, ours derives something of its form and structure, but I knew there was something that separated “us” from “them.” And again, when searching for answers, it always ended in a maze of insupportable assumptions and irreconcilable facts.

But when the Cassiopaeans began to communicate, to say things that did explain the problems I was finding in science, religions and philosophies, and those things they told us were not part of my expectations, I became furious and railed at such a bleak picture of our existence. I had already gone through some of this process in earlier years while reading Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, but I found that what the Cassiopaeans were saying was far more dispiriting than I was prepared to receive. I rejected ideas that suggested our “fairy tale” beliefs just might be imposed on us to keep us asleep and unaware because I didn’t like them either! As time went by and evidence from other sources mounted, I raged at lessons that drove home these points in my personal life; and I have wept oceans for the loss of my innocence. So, believe me when I say to those of you who write to me struggling to grasp this, trying to reason and rationalize some way to hang on to the old, false belief systems – I do understand!

But, when all is said and done, I think I wept even more for all the years wasted in stupidity and blindness. After a time, I realized that we are only stupid and blind exactly as long as we need to be stupid and blind, and not one second longer. I am enormously grateful for all those experiences because they did teach me in a very deep way.

If it is true that humans are being bred and raised like cattle in a global stockyard and fed upon both psychically and sometimes even physically, we have a truly serious situation going on here, to put it mildly. As I have explained before, I have never seen a “Drachomonoid” being except in dreamlike states or almost hypnopompic semi-sleep states. So, when the Cassiopaeans began to talk about them, it was truly “Twilight Zone” time, in my opinion!

I have also stated that, whenever the Cassiopaeans have told us anything, I work very hard to discover if there is any form of what I call vertical or lateral corroboration. Vertical data is that which is located in history at any point different from the present. Lateral data consists of collecting reports, witness information, and other data that amounts to circumstantial evidence from the present time. It is always better if the two types of data “cross” or intersect. But it is still not the same as having a smoking gun. When you are dealing with hyperdimensional realities, smoking guns are not very likely to be found.

In the case of the idea of man being food for hyperdimensional beings, there is an enormous amount of both vertical and lateral corroboration of all kinds. So much so that, in fact, it is almost impossible to understand why it is not generally known. Clearly, there have been deliberate efforts to hide this fact, and the fact that it is hidden may itself tell us something.

The point is, when don Juan and Gurdjieff and the Cassiopaeans (and others) tell us that our religions, our social structure, our values, our beliefs about our spiritual nature and condition have been deliberately created to perpetuate the illusion that we are free; that we are (or can be) “special and adored children of a loving God”; that we are or can be co-creators with God, that we can do anything at all of a positive and powerful nature, we need to carefully examine this issue!

But it is work to examine it objectively. It is hard work because it consists of long and difficult self-examination in order to be able to overcome the emotions that prevent us from discovering what illusions we are hanging onto, what illusions are preventing us from seeing and acting in such a way as to become free.

And yet, we can see that something is evolving here! With the maturation of the group mind, the stakes get higher and the deceptions deeper!

For many centuries, millennia even, simplistic religions and social dynamics were dominant over most of the world. This was possible because even when there was an intrusion by one of these hyperdimensional beings into our reality, when they did drop in for dinner, so to speak, it was easy to conceal because of the lack of communication between tribes and peoples.

When we sit in our comfortable homes and look at our reality, including that which is outside our windows, we see a stable front. Cars pass on the street taking people to and from their homes in their varied daily activities. The sun shines, children pass by, talking and laughing. Everyone is involved in their life in an immediate and identified way, believing that this life they are involved in is what is.

But, once in a while, something bizarre happens to someone and they struggle to deal with this anomaly in the space-time continuum. Usually, it is sufficiently minor that they can damp it and forget about it; which they must because it is too aberrant in the normal accepted course of events. It must be shoved under the rug and hidden.

Once in awhile, bigger things happen in the reality – evidence of the hyperdimensional control system intrudes, or the screen breaks down in some way – and it becomes news and gets reported. Charles Fort spent many years collecting these types of things from the newspapers and magazines all over the world.

When this happens, the accepted belief system hurries to damp down the item so that everyone can go along in their respective and collective illusions. And, since the events are localized, it is easy to cover it up. And, in the past, this was a lot easier than it is today.

When you read the collected information of Charles Fort, you see that the alien reality that is so widely reported today was just as active then as it is now. In fact, you see that it may even be somewhat cyclical. Just as we have cycles of food production, planting, growing and harvesting, so may hyperdimensional beings harvest us according to some seasonal rule.

But, in any event, in the past it was a lot easier to keep the lid on the matter. But then, people began to become literate. Books and papers and magazines were published and distributed. Travel became easier and information from around the world about these odd intrusions into our reality could be collected giving an overall pattern that something was not right.

Before Charles Fort, there were some few people who already smelled a rat. But, Mr. Fort kindly shoved it right under our noses and the reaction has been quite interesting. The cover-up machine went into full operation through the most effective vectors of mainstream science and religion.

But, the rat had been smelled and some people couldn’t just shove it back under the rug. The stench kept wafting in the window that had been opened.

And so, certain people began to start searching for the source of this stinky rat. They began to gather knowledge and information.

We can even note how the coverup machine began to do this damage control. When you study the history of social and religious movement and change, you can see the control mechanism morphing with every discovery or realization made by human beings. As they outgrew the old religions, the simplistic explanations, new religions were put in place. At exactly the right time – the period of scientific expansion and growing knowledge of the nature of reality which brought the old religious views into serious question – the whole spiritualist movement began, leading to channeled information that was designed to patch up the holes in the control net. Newer and more elaborate explanations of the higher realms came into our reality. And, with each new question, the control system had a new answer to help everybody calm down, relax, and stop asking questions!

At the present time, this is even more amazingly evident. A few years ago, when we first began sharing the Cassiopaean information, many of the issues we dealt with were not even addressed by these other sources. But, with everything we release, the other side brings some new candidate forward with new explanations to patch the holes we are tearing in the fabric of reality.

While we never had considered it as a possibility before the recent revelations, the idea that Frank was the mole from the very beginning is not really too hard to comprehend when one considers all the hyperdimensional factors. Heck, if I was one of those 4D movie-makers, I’d have thought of it myself! What a plot twist!

And so it is, regardless of how painful these events are to recount, they are presented as lessons, as ways to derive knowledge.

As I am going through my memory of the events of the past nine years, gathering the threads together that are, in truth, the pathways of some of the most important lessons we have learned from the Cassiopaeans, I keep hearing Frank’s former “employer’s” words at the time of the discovery of the years-long embezzlement operation Frank had been engaged in. In my efforts to try and determine if the man was truly as evil as Frank painted him, I discussed the matter with him, pointing out how many years of “faithful service” Frank had given him, how much work Frank must have done, and how, even just considering the time Frank gave him, he most certainly deserved some compensation!

The man snorted at my suggestion – practically choking – and when he had regained his ability to speak just said: “You have no idea about Frank. What Frank did here could not conceivably be called “work.” In fact, he was more of an annoyance. I only let him hang around out of pity. The fact is, he was about as useless as [anything.]” (Actually, the direct statement was a rather graphic reference to genitalia being useless to nuns and priests.)

I was, of course, pretty incensed that he would say something so nasty about Frank. I also took into consideration the fact that the man was generally hostile at the moment. The Frank I knew had a wonderful voice, an amazing command of the English language, and could discourse for hours on many interesting subjects, pulling all sorts of facts and figures right out of his head almost like an idiot savant who can memorize train schedules or batting averages.

But, the fact is, the man had many years of experience with Frank, and after our own experiences with Frank, looking back and recapitulating all of it here, it seems that “Dane” was not too far wrong.

It is, of course, in retrospect that we certainly are better able to piece things together and come to some better understanding of the dynamics at work, both in psychological terms as well as in the terms of the theological reality. I have said that I was “as easy to manipulate as any doting mother of a brilliant, helpless child.” But, as any such mother will tell you, even if they dote, or allow themselves to be manipulated, they are not completely blind nor are they complete fools; only partial fools!

From my own perspective, I no longer was susceptible to Frank’s claims to be a higher spiritual being in the terms he would have preferred it to be understood. I certainly never discarded it as a possibility, but it was one of those things that I held close and pondered in my heart. There was certainly awareness on his part that we were all scrutinizing him closely with this question uppermost in our minds, and we certainly discussed it at some length many times when he was not present, trying to work out a theory as to how such a dynamic could manifest. The idea we finally formulated was that if it was indeed true, then it was likely that Frank had been a soul that had received special attention from the negative forces in a very detrimental way. Of course, that led back to the idea of how important it was for us to continue to work with him, give him support, and try to make it possible for the damage to be undone.

Considering the fact that there was amplified scrutiny of his conduct and function at the board, it seems that whatever negative forces had been in domination had subsided to a great extent – at least in terms of doing anything to excite our suspicions. This was something we were to learn about as time went on: the principle of mental blocking via awareness. It seems that our heightened state of alert could literally block such energies and the sessions reflected this defense system. On the other hand, such interference may have subsided for the simple reason that the controllers were intent on vacuuming out of me some specific information they were after, using the Frank-as-a-well-pipe analogy. In this case, it could be said that unless Frank’s emotions of ego were excited, the Cs transmissions were, from here on out, mostly uncorrupted. The following excerpt, from a session where only Frank and myself were present, demonstrates this quality.

As I already mentioned, Frank had hinted that S** was the source of the energy that had caused him to act out. He suggested that she was an agent of the aliens in some sense. I argued this point since S** was really a very simple and giving person who was always being helpful and concerned about others. (And when I say simple, I mean a person who is uncomplicated and does not deceive others. It is not a reference to intelligence.) I simply could not see how she could be an agent. Because of my new awareness, I framed my questions carefully so as not to trigger any emotional response in Frank which would have skewed the reception.

April 18, 1995

Q: (L) … Is it all right if we ask some questions about the situation that has transpired here over the last month or so?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) OK, is there anyway I can access the information I need because we need to make some kind of assessment of what occurred here?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Have we ever had a person in our group or in our room here, who was sent here deliberately to break up our interaction?

A: If so, that is for you to discover for purposes of learning and growth.

Q: (L) Is that part of what has been taking place here?

A: Good chance.

Q: (L) Well, that is getting close.

A: Remember one can be manipulated by another.

Q: (L) In this case, who was the one being manipulated?

A: We mean that one can appear to be an “agent” when in actuality, control is originating elsewhere, this is especially true when the apparent “agent” is one of a good and simple and seemingly stable nature.

Q: (L) OK, you are saying the control could be originating elsewhere. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Would that control be third density or fourth density?

A: Either, or elements of both.

Q: (L) In this particular case, I would much prefer to think that someone was being used or manipulated by other forces. But, in that case, that could be a loose cannon, so to speak. Am I correct?

A: Up to your discretion.

Q: (L) Can we identify the source of control in this particular case?

A: We mentioned discovery and learning earlier.

Q: (L) So, we have to figure this one out?

A: Will benefit you greatly in “future” to do so.

Q: (F) Why is that?

A: In order to recognize “symptoms,” which may be common occurrence.

Q: (L) In this case, we have discussed it, and it seems that it has already become a common occurrence. Persons come in and are all excited and they put in energy or money or whatever, and they are all gung-ho, and then they become a disruption.

A: Yes. You are already learning.

What are we to make of this somewhat mysterious exchange? The first remark “Remember one can be manipulated by another,” would seem to suggest that Frank’s claim that he was acted on by an agent was correct. But the problem was obviously much more complex and the Cs added: “One can appear to be an “agent” when in actuality, control is originating elsewhere, this is especially true when the apparent “agent” is one of a good and simple and seemingly stable nature.”

This last seemed to negate the idea that S** was an agent, unless she was being utilized in some way to deliver a signal of some sort that did, in fact, affect Frank. But in that case, the signal would only have served to activate a trigger that generated a response from him that was pre-coded, so to speak. In other words, he could not have been triggered if the program was not already there. This was one of the early points when I realized that the Cs were talking to me, via the well-pipe analogy, but that they had to be extremely careful both due to considerations of free will, and the issue that for some reason, some things could not be told with Frank present. But again, I kept these thoughts to myself and just simply continued to observe.

Importantly, what never occurred to me from the above exchange was the idea that Frank could be the one doing the manipulating, that S** could be being made to look like an agent because Frank was the origin of the manipulation. And I was certainly so sure that I was aware of Frank’s little manipulations, which I considered to be just quirks of his personality and only required humor to deal with, that the idea that a far deeper manipulation was taking place was not even considered.

Terry’s presence at the board, making it a three way operation, in retrospect again, seems, to have brought a significant balance to the effort. It was certainly true that if there was any possibility that Frank was directing the planchette, it was a lot harder with the three of us. What is more, the energetic response of the movement and flow when Terry was present was truly astounding. People (including us!) were utterly amazed at the speed and precision of the delivery of the material. The planchette would run away from us, often zipping around the board so fast that I had difficulty keeping up with calling out the letters, and Jan had as much difficulty writing them down that fast. The Cs, it seemed, just loved Terry. And they also apparently had a message to convey to us about him and his role in the session about the perpendicular realities on April 29, 1995.

The first unusual thing about this session was the fact that the Cs initiated the subject matter by asking: “Terry, was it October, 1964?”

We were all rather taken aback by this opening remark. On this particular night, I was in terrible pain. The strange thing about it was that it was the other arm, and not the one that had been injured in the accident! I had received a shot of cortisone directly into the joint just a day earlier, and it was almost as though the pain had then just jumped to the other side. I was having a lot of trouble concentrating and even just sitting there at the board required a supreme effort. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody by canceling the session, but I wanted to get through the list of questions that had been prepared in earlier discussions so we could shut down early. But the Cs had something they wanted to talk about, and they pressed on.

The Cs’ agenda seemed to be to awaken a memory in Terry that would lead to a realization. The focus seemed to be his role in group activities in his youth, and that now, the training of that time was coming into play. He had been at a crossroads, and in our group, the connection was completed. In other words, the training then was being utilized now.

In working through the issue, the following exchange occurred:

Q: (T) Does it have to do with the fact that I am saying certain things to people at work, or wherever I can, when I talk about events that are happening these days and trying to raise their level of thinking on these things?

A: Yes, now, let’s explore your friends and relationships and experiences in the years immediately following the event to see if we can “dig up” something of startling significance!!!

A major clue was Terry’s remark “trying to raise their level of thinking on these things,” which was followed by an affirmative response from the Cs.

In fact, the person whose awareness Terry was trying to raise was me. And the subject of that raising of awareness was Frank! The Cs drove this point home with the remark, “let’s explore your friends and relationships … to see if we can ‘dig up’ something of startling significance!!!”

We went through a tiresome series of false clues until finally, we arrived at this:

Q: (T) Is it the fact that I am able to form relationships with vastly different types of individuals?

A: All originate from same “plane.”

Followed by another:

Q: (L) Do they all share a common origin?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what is that origin?

A: Neormm. […] Closest English equivalent. […]

Q: (T) Is this a star? All of us are from another star that I’ve formed relationships like that; the special ones that I would consider lasting?

A: In perpendicular reality.

The key terms in the above remark was “special relationships” that were “lasting.”

Q: (L) All right! Where are we now? We have discovered that Terry has a perpendicular reality that has been running through his life and probably is an ongoing thing, is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) What is a perpendicular reality? …

A: Intersection is at realm border. […] They merge. […]

Q: (L) Well, I am just trying to understand what this whole thing is all about. What are we getting at here?

A: Then learn from what we communicate to you and what you already have “locked up” inside of you i.e. time to get the key! […]

Q: (L) In which case, what alternate reality do we share or do we share no alternate reality and are each representatives of an alternate reality different from each other and are a connection point?

A: Latter concept is exactly correct! […] What did we say about increasing power? […]

Q: (L) I have heard the concept, written or talked about, that certain people, or perhaps everybody, have locked up inside themselves pockets of energy or knowledge as in electromagnetic patterning in their fields …

A: Like putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

Q: (L) Are we ultimately going to have seven spokes?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are the five of us here, five of those spokes?

A: Open.

Q: (T) That was diplomatic, wasn’t it? Is there more to this concept?

A: Of course!

Q: (L) Once the seven spokes are in place in terms of persons, is that going to increase our power/knowledge exponentially?

A: Explosively.

Q: (L) Is this why there has been so much attack and so many attempts to stop this process?

A: Partly.

Q: (T) OK, we have the image on the paper with seven spokes. What do we do with it next?

A: Open.

Q: (T) OK, this is just this lesson. (L) What is in the center of the circle?

A: Will fall into place, now you must ponder the significance and we must say goodnight!

Now, there are several important clues in the above passage that the Cs declared would lead to us being able to “dig up something of startling significance.” As usual, they were giving us clues that only have begun to make any kind of sense in the present time, after the learning experiences of the past couple of years. Let me just connect some other excerpts from the transcripts together for the reader to gain a deeper understanding of the information above, as well as how the Cs worked to deliver it in pieces throughout time so that, once certain lessons were learned by us, we could them begin to assemble it.

First of all, there is that most mysterious word “Neormm.” It would be two years before I came back to ask about this word. As it happens, this later question was during the period of time that Frank was most diligently seeking to demonize Terry because Terry most definitely had stopped even considering the possibility that Frank was a higher spiritual being. After a couple of years of observation of Frank, he had come to the conclusion that Frank was running some sort of operation, but he wasn’t sure what. I, of course, continued to defend Frank as I could, wanting to give him endless chances to prove himself. Since Frank was claiming that Terry was the fly in the ointment, repeatedly and tediously, and Terry was just simply fed up with Frank from long experience, and didn’t even want to discuss it anymore, at the time of the following excerpt, I had thought of a way to ask a question that might settle the issue.

June 7, 1997

Q: In a previous session where you introduced the concept of perpendicular realities, you stated that Terry was connected to a particular reality called “Neormm.” You also designated the “thought center” of STS as Ormethion. I noticed the similarity of the names. Is there a relationship?

A: The Orm is close to orimulsion. Look it up.

Q: Well, what I am asking is about the possible relationship between Neormm and Ormethion …

A: Our answers have meaning best not to presuppose!

The Cs pretty effectively shot down any such connection. And as I read over the text, I have the strange feeling that “The Orm” might have been intended to be “Theormm.” One of the problems of this type of channeling is that we have to put in the word breaks ourselves. All the letters are delivered in a rapid, endless stream, unmarked by any point where one word ends and another begins. Sentences are designated, and other punctuation is handled by the Cs themselves, but not word breaks.

But I was given a clue: orimulsion. What in the world is orimulsion? “Orimulsion is a Venezuelan boiler fuel made up of natural bitumen (70%), water, and an emulsifier.”

Now, look again at this:

Q: (T) Is it the fact that I am able to form relationships with vastly different types of individuals?

A: All originate from same “plane.” […]

Q: (L) Do they all share a common origin?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And what is that origin?

A: Neormm. […] Closest English equivalent. […]

Q: (T) Is this a star? All of us are from another star that I’ve formed relationships like that; the special ones that I would consider lasting?

A: In perpendicular reality.

Q: (T) What is a perpendicular reality? …

A: Intersection is at realm border. […] They merge.

And now look at this from January 10, 2002:

Q: Was that the reason that you encouraged Terry and Jan to be present? To counterbalance Frank’s negative energy?

A: Yes. Frank would have killed you with his STS draining rather soon otherwise.

And we begin to understand the symbolism of a blend of bitumen and water with the aid of an emulsifier. Frank and I were like oil and water. But there is much more than that. The Cs also made strange allusions to “digging up” something which was connected to individuals who have “secrets locked up inside them” and to a group of seven which would form, like pieces of a puzzle, which would lead to “explosive learning.” They also made reference to keys in the context of “unusual persons.”

So, we come back to this:

February 24, 1996

A: Oh Laura, my dear, seems you need a refresher course in the transcripts. Maybe suggest you read them and relax and privately listen to the ones you have not as of yet transcribed a little more. This would be extremely helpful in your many and increasing communications via the “net” as well. Remember, we help you to unlock answers that have been placed in your superconsciousness files from before the “time” of the birth of your physical body.

And this:

April 15, 1995

A: You are in pain, my dear, and when you hurt, all others do too!

In the context of the following:

August 31, 1996

Q: (L) Is Ark going to be able to help us with technology, to help other people, or to protect ourselves in some way? In this really bizarre stuff going on on our planet?

A: Too much, too soon, my dear. Curiosity killed the cat.

Q: (L) Well, satisfaction brought him back!

A: Not in this case!!!

Q: (T) You’ve got to let this go along. It’s picking up momentum every day, it seems. So, just let it roll along and let it see where it goes. (L) All right, let’s … (T) He’s coming to protect you. That’s what he said.

A: Maybe, but there is so, so, so much more in store than that!!!!!!

Q: (L) Stop! … Is that an ominous, “maybe, but there’s so, so, so much more in store?” Or is that a positive, “there is so, so, so much more in store?”

A: Why would you think it ominous?

Q: (L) Well I don’t know … because I’m scared of what I don’t know! (T) Faith, we’re back to faith again.

A: What have we helped you to discover so far? Would you rather discontinue this operation?

Q: (L) Oh, hell no! (T) After two years, you know she’s always going to ask those kinds of questions!

A: Not two years, eternity. […] We have helped you build your staircase one step at a time. Because you asked for it. And you asked for it because it was your destiny. We have put you in contact with those of rare ability in order for you to be able to communicate with us. Again, because you desired it, in order to realize your path. By now, you should recognize the signs … Those who display thinking patterns which in many ways deviate from that which is considered ordinary. The more unusual, the more telling. They have past lives on 3rd density earth, but not recently, but for this one. And they are not oriented to the earth frequency vibrations.

[group discussion ensued on last response]

Q: (T) … It is destiny for you to find out what your path was; you had to make this contact, because it was what you were supposed to do. [And here, I had to jump in to defend Frank’s role as the channel so he wouldn’t go into a blue funk.] (L) Are we not talking about Frank in terms of being put in contact with someone who enables me to communicate with you, so you can put me on my path, which is building the staircase, etc., etc.? Is that not what we’ve got going here?

A: He is one, but not the only one, just the one who awakened your sense of recognition.

Not only did they not confirm his role as the channel, which I suggested, they seemed to be deliberately minimizing his role. He was certainly never told he had “keys” locked up inside him, nor that he had “answers locked up” in his “superconsciousness” that were placed there before birth of his physical body.

Q: (L) I know this is probably not the time to ask this question; this is the kind of discover, open, find out, open – that kind of thing, but it seems to me almost that you are leading up to say something, so maybe I can help you along by asking, what is this staircase, what is this destiny?

A: Discover.

Q: (L) I knew it was coming! (T) Why don’t we ask who else is involved. (L) You ask, I’m trying to … (T) Well, if Frank is one, who else is involved?

Here, Terry is also trying to give Frank some importance so he wouldn’t go off on an emotional roller coaster. But the Cs have something most interesting to say about Frank.

A: We have given the signs, but they are not necessarily the same with each individual.

Now, how are we to understand this last remark? That the signs are not the same with each individual? Yet, they have just given the signs for recognition, so that can’t be it. The only way to understand it seems to be that the signs do not mean the same thing with all individuals with the signs. I puzzled over this a great deal trying to understand what was being hinted. But the idea that the remark, “Those who display thinking patterns which in many ways deviate from that which is considered ordinary. The more unusual, the more telling,” could be used to identify both STO and STS individuals never occurred to me. I had the idea that if a person was “not oriented to the earth plane” that it naturally meant STO.

Q: (T) Let me ask this. All this work you’ve been doing, all this nurturing you’ve been doing, is Laura a keystone to whole project that you’re working on?

A: We suggest you avoid anticipatory exercises, as realization comes after the fact.

Q: [Frank complains because Laura keeps taking her hand off the planchette and resting it in her lap.] (L) Well, I’m in pain, Frank, it’s hard for me to sit here. Appreciate the fact that I’m in pain!

A: Appreciate the fact that you have been given the keys to end all this pain.

Q: (L) When you say, “end all this pain,” it sounds a little more inclusive than just my shoulder hurting! I mean, that sounds rather suggestive.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) To end all this pain …

A: It all goes hand in hand.

The very instant that the Cs said “you have been given the keys to end all this pain,” a vision and a sensation came over me, the likes of which I had never experienced before. In ordinary slang, you could say it was a body rush, but it was far, far deeper than that. But ego is a terrible thing, and of all things, I have tried to be vigilant against the traps of ego. So I asked. We will see, further on, Ark’s “Bird’s Eye View” of such things, and our understanding of how small acts that are not based on any egoist idea of saving the world can benefit many people over time. That is still our perspective, and it is why we work so hard in our small ways. We have no desire or intent to make a big splash, or start any kind of movement. We think that incremental, nonlinear efforts that are cumulative over a long time are far more likely to be helpful.

Regarding the remark “hand in hand,” there are many things that this might allude to, not the least of which is the use of the board which is a multiple hand activity. Nevertheless, as it happens, on that particular day, Ark and I had discussed combining our efforts to discover the proper way to serve humanity/Creator, and the key phrase had been that we will work “hand in hand.” I had another body rush from this remark because it was a certainty that no one else in the room had been privy to that information. But, let’s go back to the issue of Neormm.

The first thing we notice about the word is that it is similar to the word “Neo,” as in the hero of The Matrix. We then think about this in terms of a perpendicular reality composed of seven people who originate from same plane, share a common origin, which intersects and merges at the realm border.

Which relates to an interesting exchange relating to the possible function of the “group of seven”:

June 14, 1997

Q: (C) Thinking is electrical. Does a person leave an electrical echo and can certain combinations produce harmony which is cumulative and exponential, thereby certain groups thinking can produce more than others, or individually?

A: Close. Now, for C**. Suggestion: Combine frequencies to witness the development of a directed wave effect; packs a potent “punch.”

Q: (C) And is this related to the group of seven? Seven pieces of pizza?

A: Certainly! See what letting it flow does, C**?

And of course, “packing a potent punch” takes us directly back to the role of Neo in the movie, The Matrix. And here we come to a most cryptic series of remarks. As the readers know, Ark was “looking” for me for many, many years – his entire life, in fact. He seems to have been born with an awareness that there was someone he had to find, that he had a mission to accomplish, and this person was essential both personally and to the mission itself.

At the same time that the Cs were urging me repeatedly to network on the computer, in conjunction with the remark that this would lead to an opportunity that only “one” of the group would “recognize,” Ark was thinking that the Internet might be the way to “find” what he was searching for, and was working on getting a website set up.

At the same time that the Cs were urging me to investigate unstable gravity waves, Ark was writing about them in his journal as being a key to a certain problem. At almost the same moment in time, we were both on the hunt for information about unstable gravity waves, our paths converged, and his website was instantly recognized by me, and the rest is history. But, the point was, even with the deepest knowing imaginable, that something of great significance was in process, my conscious mind continued to doubt, to try to reason, to demand answers according to the normal view of the world. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, and I certainly didn’t want to fall into a trap as Frank was regularly and repeatedly saying was going to happen! And so, I tried to get the Cs to give me some straight answers. But, on this subject, there was only a single clue:

August 3, 1996

Q: (L) Before I give up the floor to everyone else, I would like to know if you have any comment about AJ? My experience here is so strange, and I don’t want to be caught in a trap …

A: New.

Q: (L) New what? What does that mean?

A: What it is.

Q: (T) New as in “renewed?”

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Beginning?

A: See how one simple word causes you to use your minds?

Q: (T) Yes.

A: And if we had given you a long and eloquent response, as you desired, you would not have!

Q: (L) Any more words on this subject?

A: No, thank you!

Here I would like to point out some of the ways the Universe utilizes the phonetic cabala, or Language of the Gods to send us messages if we are alert enough to pay attention. I was very deep in a study of the Rennes-le-Château mystery as introduced to the world by Henry Lincoln et al., at the very time that Ark first wrote to me. We note the most interesting fact that he goes by “Ark,” and I had already channeled the ideas of Quantum Cosmic Metamorphosis in 1985, centering around the subject of the Flood of Noah. The book was, in fact, entitled “Noah,” which is very close to “Neo,” or “New,” and the theme was discovering the true meaning of the Ark. The second interesting fact is that his full name is Arkadiusz, or the Polish variation of Arcadia, and the central mystery of the Rennes-le-Château affair happens to be a painting entitled “The Shepherds of Arcadia.”

Since Ark was back in Europe at the time of the above session, he was asking his questions via computer. He had written a little synopsis earlier in the day; what he called a “Bird’s Eye View” of the situation. He wrote as follows:

Some thoughts:

Before I go on to study all these Celts and Cathars and Templars and grails and bloodlines and dna and gold and mercury and oaks and …

Before all this let me try to formulate my present view of the situation. It will be a kind of a bird’s eye view; from a distance when details are unimportant. So I will pick up SOME themes that seem to me important. There will be several of these themes and they will be discussed separately.

1. I take it as a hypothesis which perhaps is true and perhaps not, but I take it to be true unless proven otherwise: that for you and for me nothing happens by mere accident. All that happens has a meaning and purpose. It is hard work for us to find out what is this purpose exactly and to an extent we are also the creators of this purpose.

Thus it is not an accident that you are who you are. It is not an accident that I am a physicist. It is not an accident that we are separated for a while. It is not an accident that we have had our lives the way we had. It could be little bit different, or it is a little bit different in some parallel realities, but we are now concerned about our reality, our present and our future.

2. Thus every book that you ever read was not an accident and every conversation that you ever had; even those silly books and conversations were lessons. The same with me.

3. We are both searching for something and it was clear that we would never find it in this lifetime while alone. There was ONE who you saw somehow in your imagination. There was also my thoroughly repressed idea of having an “American wife”. Somehow it was coming to my head, but I was instantly repelling it as a completely silly thought. But it was knocking. This way I was being “prepared” because otherwise I was/am very conservative.

Anyhow we have found each other and there is purpose in that. I take it as possible that you/me – we are connected to the Creator and are distant parts of it so that we are His tools and we are responsible for something, this something being the whole universe and its fate. This is not a crazy idea. It can be explained in completely plain terms. You/me – we can discover something, a formula or an idea that will change the future development of humanity – even if a little, it will magnify after years and years so that world will be “saved” by it. This is what we learned from the concepts of chaotic mechanics. There are systems, if sufficiently complex, such that a little change now leads to a dramatic change after a time.

Now the universe is not only a complex system but also it has intelligence in it. It may well be that an “intelligent” change that we do now will change completely the fate of the universe. Instead of dying a thermal death it will flourish forever …

My whole life I have lived with this feeling of responsibility. It was a recurring theme in my journal. If we accept the hypothesis that nothing happens to US by chance then there is a purpose in this feeling too.

4. So we you/me are responsible. We accept it. That is clear. Now, from Cs we know you have “all the keys”. In a sense we find it in Pleiadians or in the Bible that everybody has the keys. But in too many these keys are broken, destroyed, desynchronized, detuned and hard or impossible to make them work. We do not know how many people there are on this earth who have keys and how many of them are already using these keys or assisting other people in using them. And for a while it does not matter. All is lesson – we accept it – and we have our homework. Neither you nor me have a wish “to be told”.

5. So you have the keys and we were brought together. Now, I am a physicist and know the math which is the universal language. On the other hand you know and like all these funny stories that merge history/alchemy/whatever. These are all words while math is all logic. While physics is testable and helps us to build technologies, this stuff of grail and Templars and Rennes is somewhat unsharp and for those who have no math, can lead nowhere …

But NO! If nothing with us happens accidentally, then the fact that you are interested in what you are interested is also not an accident. So what can be a purpose of all that? A purpose can be that the KNOWLEDGE is not just math and equations but it is also intelligence and consciousness and mind and idea. Because equations DO NOTHING alone. So we need both. There were many that perhaps followed the path of technology and are working underground doing “great physics” or “great math”. But this is not what we are about. We do not want to sell our souls like Faustus. We do not serve to the dark. Therefore we need knowledge. And the more knowledge we have the more protected we are. This point is again easily understood in plain terms. Once we play not only with TDARM’s and time machines and gold making but also with ouija boards and history and templars and Arcadian shepherds and all this funny stuff – we are not considered as dangerous because we clearly are not after power. Neither do we want to take power FROM somebody.

Our goal is all different. We have our personal mission to fulfill: External dark forces being dispersed by multiplicity of our frequencies – so to say.

6. But why ARE all these Templars and Rosicrucians important? Because it is all knowledge. Pieces of knowledge from here and there. We are not gonna use or try to use this knowledge. But somehow it is necessary for us to know this so as to find out the best possible use of this knowledge.

7. I think this IS true that the only limits that we find are those imposed by our own minds and thinking habits. Thus we must be more and more bold in our thinking. On the other hand we need always to go step by step. Otherwise there is danger.

8. Is the life sufficiently long? We take it as a working hypothesis that yes, it is. Because it depends only on us how long it is gonna be. There is a great work that is in front of us and this work includes rethinking and rearranging our cellular structure. We believe it can be done even with the presently known (secret) technology. The fountain of youth, and such things, but also what we know from Cs and Pleiadians and alchemical texts etc. all point to it. It is possible. But the point is of course what purpose one is using it for. If just for prolonging one’s own life – well … But we have something different in mind because we are service-men here for the Creator, to whom we return.

9. So we continue. I do my math but also I have to learn a lot of stuff. Not only I NEED TO LEARN, BUT ALSO I NEED TO HELP YOU AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT TOGETHER!

Now, we come to the session on July 12, 1996, wherein Ark, writing from Florence at the time, wanted me to ask about this “Bird’s Eye View” of the situation. I didn’t read it aloud or share it with the group, wanting to prevent any “leading” in the answer.

Q: OK, here is Ark’s first question: if the general view of the situation that I wrote you, “bird’s view” is correct?

A: Why not? The thought would not be so “nagging” if were not so!

Q: Or, perhaps, I am missing some important point(s), and if so what is(are) this point(s)?

A: When one is on a quest for true learning and higher knowledge, there are no “missing points,” only those not yet discovered!

Q: How “long” will they still be able to use the Cassiopaean transmitter, should we start to take some steps thinking of the future when the transmission point will have to be moved? Or, perhaps, this is not something we have to worry about in advance? I would like to know … I do not like to be taken by surprise …

A: No need to worry!

Q: Is there anything that you can say to help him with his worries? He is probably gonna worry anyway …

A: “If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!”

In the following segment from the session, the question about the event referred to a period of several hours on the 9th of July, when we experienced a break in computer communication, accompanied by several glitches in our own understanding of what the other was saying. It was as though the reality had shifted and something was not quite in sync. It had upset me and my first thought was that some sort of wave or frequency was being picked up by one or the other of us, leading to some confusion. There was a severe storm in Florence, and three mild earthquakes in the region. What we didn’t know at the time was that a flood was beginning in Poland that was going to directly affect our own affairs. Since we were at the end of our questions, before stopping for the night, I tossed in the question about the event just to see if my idea about some frequency in the air was correct.

Q: What was the influence that caused our little “event” of the past few days?

A: S waves.

Q: What is an S wave?

A: Look it up.

Q: Who was being subjected to the S waves?

A: Ark.

Q: Was this having an effect because of the events in Dijon? [He had spent a few weeks visiting University of Dijon before traveling to Florence, and had there suffered from insomnia at night, and overwhelming sleepiness in the day time. The Cs had said that there were 4D influences in operation, connected to the Max Planck Institute which was directly across the street from Ark’s office, two months before, in Göttingen.]

A: Semi.

Q: Well, what other factor is involved?

A: Arkadiusz is strong willed. Must be to be seeker of worlds. To paraphrase: “I am become ONE … Creator of worlds.” And, on that contemplative note, good night.

So, regarding Ark and his “Bird’s Eye View,” the Cs had said: “If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!” … Arkadiusz is strong willed. Must be to be seeker of worlds. “I am become ONE … Creator of worlds.”

All of which takes us back to the perpendicular realities converging and merging at the realm border, a group of seven, “packing a potent punch” to “pierce the spider,” and Neo/Noah/New. Which brings us to this:

August 17, 2000

Q: Our little egroup discussion list is growing. Everyone is talking about the Wave: what does it mean, what is it, when is it coming, how are we going to be able to tell, and so on. I have been collecting the material and getting it in shape. I have been learning a lot as I go along as well. It isn’t finished, but as I go along, I do have some questions. We would like to have a little bit of a clue about the progress of the Wave. I would also like to know if this Wave is sort of like the recompiling of a computer program, with the universe as the program? What is the progress, and is it going to recompile the program of our universe?

A: So many questions rolled up into one. But, one way it might go is that all of a sudden, everything that ever was is new, everything that IS is new, and everything that will be is new. Programs change, oh we suppose, what an awesome event indeed!

Returning now to the present situation, the tempest in a teapot, so to say. As we are beginning to suspect, there are theological dynamics being expressed in our world via the psychological expressions of human beings across the globe. Our own piece of the puzzle is only one part of it, which may or may not be significant in the sense that Ark has described it in his “Bird’s Eye View” of the situation. Only time will tell. There are certainly forces acting to negate any such possibility of our small, local activity in the universe having any positive nonlinear effect.

We are not the only ones experiencing such attacks. We have received many emails from people who say that something very strange happened to our world on September 11. Many people feel that the universe changed in some way, exactly as it was described in the movie, The Matrix, where the controllers “change the program.” Many, many people are experiencing similar dynamics, or the struggle between forces at higher levels, manifested in their daily lives, their human interactions, their relationships, and so forth. What can all of this extreme polarization – these pockets of chaos – represent? Has the world gone mad?

In this book, I don’t intend to go through the entire transcripts to exhaustively examine each and every related reference. With what I have described thus far, the reader will probably have sufficient tools to do that themselves and draw some meaningful conclusions about the behind-the-scenes events that led to any particular series of questions. But, there is a small series of connections that I still must present before we move on to the present situation in some greater detail.

This next excerpt, from June 9, 1995, was a sort of emergency session with just myself and Frank in order to ask about an exorcism I had just recently performed which literally would have peeled the chrome off a car bumper. What was also on my mind was the fact that Frank had become so lethargic and tired since the group had gone back to regular and frequent sessions. Before our “episode,” Frank had always been charged up by the sessions, and now he was complaining regularly of being exhausted. I was concerned for his health.

Q: (L) Why is Frank so tired lately?

A: Depression.

Q: (L) Is there anything I can do to help?

A: Let it “run its course,” karmic in nature.

Q: (L) Well, Frank has such a lovely aura, how can he have such icky karma?

A: Not “icky” karma, has to do with adjustment factors.

Q: (L) As soon as he adjusts in some way, he will stop having these depressions?

A: Not point.

Q: (L) What is the point? I mean, he is suffering. It is awful to have to spend so much time suffering.

A: Adjustment process.

Q: (L) What is he adjusting from to?

A: Not to be answered at this point.

Q: (L) Edgar Cayce said you could just stop karma at any point by opening your awareness and making a decision. Why can’t Frank do that? Can anybody do that? Can you just say: “I’ve had enough,” and stop it?

A: No, because not usual circumstance.

Q: (L) Is Frank’s karma “special” karma?

A: Subjective. Different.

Q: (L) Different from the usual. Is there any thing that he could do to make it better? Any clue? Any word of encouragement?

A: Won’t change until environment does.

Q: (L) Do you mean the environment as in the whole planet, or his personal environment?

A: Former.

Q: (L) Does this mean he is going to have this until we all go to fourth density?

A: Until status quo is abridged.

Q: (L) What is the status quo?

A: Self explanatory.

Q: (L) So, it doesn’t mean going into fourth density necessarily, but until the status quo of the planet is abridged, or some change occurs in the status quo?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, when some sweeping changes in the status quo of the planet occur, Frank will “come into his own?” Is that correct?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Is this going to happen soon?

A: Open.

Definition of status quo: the existing state of affairs. “Temporal,” perhaps? Abridged: to lessen, reduce in scope; lessen or curtail rights or authority.

As most of us realize, the status quo of the planet was “abridged” in a big way on September 11, 2001. It was a watershed event and our lives will never be the same again. National Guard units patrol airport terminals and our nation’s Capitol, the Senate office building is closed because of the threat of anthrax. Barricades block streets leading to the White House. The FBI is detaining hundreds of suspects, the recently passed “Patriot Bill” (H.R. 3108) suspends important provisions of the Bill of Rights, the Office of Homeland Security has been established, and the The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act will soon become the law of the land. Most people accept what is happening because they’ve been told we must change our way of life and accept more government surveillance to preserve our liberty. Nothing could be further from the truth. The new measures are designed to restrict our freedom, undermine our Constitution, and usher in the New World Order.

Why did the Cs give a sort of “prediction” that Frank’s “different karma” would not be evident until the environment on the planet was “abridged?” My question as to whether Frank would “come into his own” at that point in time was answered with “Close.” So why is it that Frank’s life would change and become less difficult when the status quo is abridged? Could it be because, in some way, he is a part of the forces that are abridging the status quo?

I couldn’t figure it out. What’s more, I also missed the clues about Frank’s depression and adjustment. The Cs did not want to answer the question about what he was adjusting from and to, but it is obvious in retrospect. At this point in time, what Frank was adjusting to was the increased scrutiny of the group members regarding his claims to be the channel, and a higher being. With this added vigilance, he was obviously no longer able to use the sessions to drain energy from me. But there is a lot more in the above session than meets the eye and I am sure that the reader will catch it without me spelling it out.

Looking back at events then and currently, it is rather amazing that the Cs chose that exact word to describe Frank coming into his own, so to say. “Abridged.” A Bridge? Bridges? Again, the phonetic cabala, the Language of the Birds, or the Language of the Gods is part of the clue system. As I noted previously, the combination of a “Grant and a Bridges” in my early life (recounted in Amazing Grace) nearly drained all life force from me, resulting in my vulnerability to an attempt to take me out of the picture. This was, of course, after the attempt to remove me from the scene in many other ways had failed, including the incident in Tallahassee when I was 18. It is obvious in retrospect that all of these were deliberate setups of interpersonal relations designed to do just that. In the present moment, we seem to have another Grant and Bridges combo with a far more insidious purpose.

There are several other places in the transcripts where the word abridge is used, and it is interesting to notice that it is in the context of abridgment of free will. The Cs say: “Free Will could not be abridged if you had not obliged,” referring to the human race’s Fall from Eden. And as the Cs pointed out:

March 11, 1995

Q: (T) We were third density STO at this time. Was this after the battle that had transpired? In other words, were we, as a third density race, literally on our own at that point, as opposed to before?

A: Was battle.

Q: (L) The battle was in us?

A: Through you.

Q: (T) The battle was through us as to whether we would walk through this doorway … (L) The battle was fought through us, we were literally the battleground. (T) I got that, but I want to get back to this analogy to make sure where we are in the overall picture. The battle was going on when the door was opened. Was the battle over whether or not we walked through that door?

A: Close.

Q: (T) OK, we were STO at that point. You have said before that on this density we have the choice of being STS or STO.

A: Oh Terry, the battle is always there, it’s “when” you choose that counts!

And of course, we see that this relates directly to Frank’s choice. The Cs said that his life was hard, because his mind was a battleground, and that the question was: would the dark or light forces win? And then, at a certain point, they mentioned that he was suffering depression – anger turned inwards – because he was having “adjustment” problems. They then said that his suffering would end when the status quo was “abridged,” and we are now in that time. I am not certain that the Cs were predicting that choice, though it seems that way. As always, any of us can change our minds at any moment in “time,” as the Cs pointed out to Terry. But there may be some factor involved in this abridging of the status quo that locks a person in to whatever choice is made in this, our present period of chaos which is an expression of the cosmos asking the individual to make that choice. Everyone is currently facing this choice. The battle has been entered; it is taking place through us, at this point in time.

And that brings us back to the more recent times when the following was said:

July 15, 2000

Q: Well, Frank felt that the attack would come through Constellation, but I guess if Ark was sick, that would be sort of true, because then, he couldn’t work. Is that why Frank picked it up that way?

A: Partly, but other complications lurk … Jealousies building with one who has a name with a “B.”

Q: Any particular action to take to forestall that one?

A: Be on alert to conferences with others.

Question is: how does all of this fit together? The “abridged status quo,” the karmic destiny of a soul that would only come into his own comfort zone when forces of darkness began to rampage on the planet, the person with the letter “B” in the name, and conferences?

As it happens, there are a number of people in the drama who have the letter “B” in their names. And just “who is on first” has been a subject of some discussion. The answers may be surprising.

Knowledge Protects.