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The Wave Chapter 47: Semiotics and The Content Plane

As I have already described, the suicide of Frank’s father opened a door to past-life memories of an extremely unpleasant sort. It was almost as though the old gentleman attempted to give me a warning, and the Cassiopaeans described it as a “steppingstone” or a “milestone,” indicating that my “superconsciousness” was telling me something. Of course, as I also noted, based on standard teachings, put together with my emotional thinking that I needed to “save” Frank, resulted in the interpretation that I was intended to integrate these memories, forgive and forget. I created a wonderful theory that all of Frank’s issues in the present life were designed to act as atonement for this former life of evil depravity. It never occurred to me that he just may have graduated in terms of the evil pathway as a result of that life and was now assigned to re-institute that control in a different way!

And how often do all human beings have warnings that they disregard, explain away, and later pay a heavy price for ignoring the messages of the higher self?

In any event, the effects of this steppingstone were interesting. As I witnessed repeated scenes in my mind of being subjected to mental, emotional and physical torture at his hands, and experienced all the emotional and psychic horror and suffering all over again, I realized that I had been born with a carryover of submissiveness to the predations of others. I could now see that in my current life, I had acquiesced to domination by both my mother and my husband, and that this was very likely a result of a carryover of this program from the previous life with Frank. Of course, I further reasoned that Frank was now in my life to atone for his sins, and was “helping” me to recover from what he had done, and this was why he was so concerned that I should escape from my marriage and the manipulations of my mother. It never occurred to me that he was intent upon helping me out of the frying pan into the fire – that he might be manipulating the removal of others from the picture so that he could resume his own psychological domination which was his own carryover from the previous life!

But, as it turned out, as I came to see this issue as something that needed work and will in order to not perpetuate a karmic burden of allowing myself to be negatively dominated, I also managed to become free of Frank’s domination. All the clues that the Cs gave about a mission and a destiny, I am sure he interpreted as referring specifically to him and myself in some sick fantasy where he was again the master and I was the slave. It was another instance of semantic aphasia, wherein the Cs were delivering clues to me right in front of Frank, which he did not even understand because he was so lost in his wishful thinking, the Achilles heel of STS.

At the point in time when Ark found me as a result of the message posted to Steve Wilson’s email discussion list, I was as close to dead mentally, psychologically, and even physically, as I had ever been. I had been stripped of everything I ever believed in, my life was basically at an end as far as I could see, and all I wanted was peace for whatever time I had left. There had been a partial revival of my interest in the world as a result of the Cs’ hints about gravity waves, and I thought it would be a fairly simple matter of doing some little research, finding the clues, and voila! The Secrets of the Universe would be all laid out for mankind, and then I could die in peace and get some much needed rest. Frank, of course, was happy as a clam that I was getting a divorce. He now had the run of the house, and I was so wounded that it wouldn’t have taken much to push me over the edge. Frank’s plans are quite evident in the following session, and they included getting his hands on S**’s inheritance, and getting Tom French out of the picture. Nevertheless, in spite of the powerful emotional skewing that Frank was producing, the Cs were still able to utilize his agenda to get a message through to me.

May 27, 1996

Q: (L) Is this pool meant to be built here, on this property?

A: Up to you.

Q: (L) Well … (S) Had you planned on moving? (L) Well, I hadn’t planned on it, but that is a strange answer. I guess I will do whatever presents itself as the right thing to do. (S) Well, you have to get the money first …

A: SV, invest now!

Q: (S) What should I invest in?

A: Market.

Q: (S) Penny stocks? Should I sell my gold?

A: No.

Q: (S) I could get advances on my credit cards … What kinds of stocks?

A: All the reference materials you need are at your disposal. Magazines, newsletters, “papers,” etc.

Q: (S) I am getting an investment magazine, but I haven’t really been reading it because of everything else …

A: Is “everything else” earning you money?

Q: (L) OK guys, you gave advice before that SV did not follow, can you be more specific now that her situation is changed?

A: If we did that, she would balk.

Q: (S) I would not balk!

A: Yes you would!

Q: (S) In order to go to Argus tomorrow …

A: We did not say to go to Argus tomorrow. “Now” means without unreasonable delay. The reference materials as well as networking will provide you with all the answers you need. [This was delivered very fast and strong!] Use your mind to find low priced stocks in the areas of conservation, environmental protection and medical, telecommunication and computer technology … Also, information processing, such as software development, etc … Precious metals and related is a good area too.

Q: (S) Well, I was brought up to not borrow money and to keep all the bills paid first … then if there is anything left over …

A: SV, for heaven’s sake, why limit yourself? When you exercise your credit lines and use the capital borrowed, as long as you have a steady income, the worst that can happen is you store your money. The best that can happen is that you become wealthy … So, why sell yourself short?!?

Q: (L) Are you saying that she should extend her credit, use the borrowed capital to invest, and that she will make money?

A: Yes. Now: All three of you are uniquely oriented toward generating unearned income at a meteoric level.

Q: (L) Is this something that requires an interaction between the three of us, or is it individual?

A: Are three gold bars worth more than one? Laura! Turn over stones, sell apples, do whatever you have to do to get your computer refitted to accommodate the Internet, including the online market system, as soon as absolutely possible!!!!!!

Q: (L) Well, I am not really in a position to spend that money right now! And what do you mean to “turn over stones and sell apples?”

A: Figures of speech! Do what you have to do … take care of the mechanics, my Dear, the rest will fall into place …

Q: (L) Well, I don’t know how we got off onto this thing about making money … what is all of this making of money supposed to do for us? (S) Build the pool …

A: And other … […]

Q: (L) OK. What is going on with PZ … I am just completely baffled by this behavior …

A: She thinks you are “out to lunch.”

Q: (L) Well … why?

A: Her conditioning.

Q: (L) Well, she seems to be going down the tubes fast …

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And there is nothing I can do about it … I feel sorry for her.

A: She hoped that you would be a money maker for her, and so, she put up with your “eccentricities … ”

Q: (L) Well, I sort of figured that out finally.

A: Beware! Tom French has a similar thought pattern!

Q: (L) I have been thinking that I ought to write to Tom and ask him to just write me out of the whole project …

A: Suggest you not waste “time” on your suggestion, and make certain it includes all others.

Q: (L) What suggestion? Suggest that I not waste time in contacting Tom?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Then I will just e-mail him …

A: And.

Q: (L) What do you mean by “include all others?”

A: Who else has Tom French met through you?

Obviously, the Universe had other plans. We notice that the Cs sent an urgent message in the midst of Frank’s favorite subject: stock market investing which he firmly believed would make him rich if he could only get his hands on some money to invest with. The Cs said: “Laura! Turn over stones, sell apples, do whatever you have to do to get your computer refitted to accommodate the Internet, including the online market system, as soon as absolutely possible!!!!!! … Do what you have to do … take care of the mechanics, my Dear, the rest will fall into place …”

Well, since Frank was so taken with the idea of the stock market and being in control of an investment portfolio in real time via the Internet, he persuaded S** to pay for the computer upgrade that made it possible for me to do more than just run a mail program. So we see how the Cs utilized Frank’s greed and semantic aphasia to get me online which enabled Ark and me to connect exactly 40 days later.

The initial interaction with Ark was similar in some ways to the interaction with Frank’s dad – it opened a huge door in my psyche, and again I began to remember. But it was quite different in flavor, texture and context. All of the memories of lifetimes with Ark centered around the efforts of outside agents to separate us from each other, to make us suffer for our attempts to be together, and repeating scenarios of being horribly and brutally killed for seeking to work together for the betterment and freedom of others. Hopefully, such lessons will help us to avoid similar traps in this life, though it will become clear that the same types of forces have been activated against us.

There was a strange byproduct of this remembering and integration: I began to cry on that first day of the connection with Ark, and cried almost daily for the next year and a half. It was as though an ocean of grief was locked up inside and every single instance of suffering had to be re-experienced and fully mourned in order to integrate it. As a person who seldom cried, who had always had some measure of control over emotions, this inability to stop this flow of soul-deep grief was disconcerting to say the least. But there was another interesting side-effect of this releasing of the waters of life in such copious production of tears: my eyes began to heal.

But I wasn’t the only one who was “remembering.” This “superhypnotherapist” action of the awakened superconsciousness had also apparently been activated for Ark as well. I am going to skip all the strange instances where this sort of thing manifested with each of us, simultaneously, on opposite sides of the Atlantic for the present. Suffice it to say that these incidents included visions, bilocation, synchronized dreams; effectively, so much strange activation of the inner psyche that Ark once wrote that if we hadn’t lived through these experiences, and someone else had recounted them, we wouldn’t have believed it.

Ark’s physical presence was also obviously very important in the unlocking-of-secrets process. And it wasn’t just the dreams that were stimulated, and the way he was able to assist me in bringing information up, it was also his uncanny ability to select books he thought I might be interested in reading. One of the very first he bought for me contained the key to the “3/5 code” that the Cassiopaeans had brought up on 11-11-95 in response to my questions about the true esoteric significance of the number 33. This book, John Gribbin’s In Search of the Double Helix, about the interface between quantum physics and genetics, actually had a sufficient number of code words given by the Cs that my hair stood up while I was reading it!

When we noticed the strange upsurge in visitors to our little site on the day before the Hale Bopp suicides, and found that one of the repeat visitors was an organization that did genetics research, and the later discovery of the same site while doing the web search on the word “Brana,” we really began to get the idea that the Universe was pointing us in the direction of some deep research into genetics.

So it was that the period of research in Gainesville, and Ark’s presence had opened a huge door and I could barely keep up with the flow of ideas and information that flooded into me. The “Three Dominoes Dream” led to a startling series of discoveries which I have yet to chronicle, though much of the information is included in Secret History, even if without the background of how the Cs gave the hints that I followed, and when I hit a snag, how they would offer a couple more hints that would clarify the sticking point.

Reading the transcripts directly you may be able to see some of these things from an external point of view, but without this background, you can have very little idea of what is behind the questions, or what was discovered between sessions. It is rather like watching a person who is reading hundreds of books from a distance. You can see them devouring the material on the page, and once in awhile they will talk about one or another point that they are reading, but for the most part, the drama between the reader and the book is inaccessible.

It is, of course, possible for an individual who is reading to attempt to follow the same pathway, and make the same discoveries, but not terribly likely. Because, in point of fact, many of the keys were provided by Ark who now made books and journals and papers available to me in unlimited supply. As he worked through the summer in the universities in Bielefeld, at Dijon, Gottingen, and Florence, it seemed that he was always ideally situated to search the libraries for exactly what I needed when a question arose. The synchronicities between his discoveries as he searched for clues, and my own activity thousands of miles away, aren’t always recorded in the transcripts, but are preserved in a series of email exchanges and letters that amount, at the present time, to somewhere around three thousand pages of material that we hope to arrange, edit, and publish at the proper time. This material, correlated to the transcripts is an incredible document of confirmation of not only the clues themselves, but the wisdom of giving the clues as they were delivered: in code.

In some instances, these clues consisted of the use of specific words or phrases that were part of a private discussion between Ark and myself, wherein a certain meaning had already been explored and established, and the Cs would either confirm or expand that meaning by their comments which could seem, to the outside viewer, to be either meaningless, excessively cryptic, or even construed to mean something else. The Cs made it very clear that they used words in a certain way, and that they put in quotes the words that it would help us to further examine. I have an entire notebook full of these word clues and my research findings.

But this story is about the Matrix dynamics, and not the research itself, so except for those issues that will be important in this recapitulation, I won’t go into extensive detail on all of the work we were doing. Suffice it to say, while Ark and I were working on gathering the clues pretty much every day, all day, for the next few years, Frank was merely showing up about once a week for a session, and generally managed to do as little as possible even when I repeatedly asked him for assistance. On one occasion I handed him a printed copy of the transcripts and asked him to just go over it in his spare time and highlight or circle the spelling or typographical errors so that I could go in and correct them. He wouldn’t even do that. So, because of the fact that Frank never participated in any research, any of the work of the mission, he was completely in the dark when the Cs communicated and remains so to this day.

Semiotics is the study of language or any other symbol system that conveys meaning. The Bible tells us that God spoke before all things, and in this way he created both heaven and earth. It was from the Divine Word that the Cosmos came into being.

One of the great themes of esoterica is that of the alphabet giver and namer of things. Adam is, of course, the one we think of when we think of the giving of names to things. In terms of the study of semiotics, the question is: did he name things based on what they were, in essence, or did he simply create a convention, and arbitrarily name them whatever appealed to him?

This is an important issue because conveying things in language is very much like the game in which one person whispers something to another, and on down a line of people, and at the end, the last person announces what was said, and it often bears no relationship whatsoever to the original statement. Being able to communicate the true meaning of something is of paramount importance not only in terms of the thing being said remaining as clear and undefiled as possible, but also in terms of the rapport between the speaker and the listener.

According to the Pythagoreans, the true language was mathematics, and sounds were simply a transformation of mathematical principles into an exchange medium. In this sense, the sound vibration of a word had a mathematical nature that could convey something much higher than just the ordinary understanding of the world as it applied to objects in our reality.

But this leads to a problem because there are many languages, and they utilize sounds in different ways, which then leads to the question of which language is the one that truly conveys the deepest, or widest meaning of a word?

The theories of semiotics propose that there are two levels, or planes of articulation. At the level of any given language, such as Greek, English, Chinese, or whatever, there is what they call the expression plane that consists of a lexicon, a phonology and syntax. In other words, the expression plane is the selection of words that belong to that language, the sounds that the selection of words produce, and the way they are arranged to convey meaning. That is the first plane. The second plane is called the content plane. This is the array of concepts that the language is capable of expressing. This last is rather important because, as we have all heard at least once in our lives, Eskimos have many words for snow while people who do not live in an environment where snow and ice are the dominant features, may only have one or two words for these phenomena.

So it is that the content plane of a language becomes crucial to what can be discussed in that language. Whatever a group of people experience the most becomes part of their awareness, and thus the content plane of their language is accordingly modified. In order for the sounds of speech to be meaningful, the words formed out of these sounds must have a meaning associated with them. In other words, the sounds relate to the content.

This brings us back to the example of the sea slug in which a kind of associative learning could take place when a mild shock was delivered with the puff of water. The slug learned to associate the puff with the shock and when the puff came alone, the slug withdrew. For the slug, the semiotic content of the puff of water was pain. Words are similarly learned. And, as we have also discussed, the pyramidal neurons in the Ammon’s horn gather the input of other sensory neurons and fire if two separate inputs arrive at the same time. Once fired, it is easier to fire by one of the two inputs that originally fired it, but not by another input. In this way, we also learn the meanings of words; we establish the content continuum of our understanding.

The content continuum represents the Universe or reality to which our words relate as we are capable of conceiving it. Thinking about this factor, we begin to get a glimmer of the idea that our ability to associate words, to derive deeper and broader or multilevel meaning from them in our process of understanding, is directly related to how we, ourselves, interact with the cosmos.

The words we use, individually and collectively, and the way we use them, are very deep clues to our perspective and comprehension of the Universe. Our words and the way we use them reveal the totality of our experiences – mental and physical and emotional – our sensations, perceptions, abstractions and so forth. Keeping in mind, of course, that no purely verbal system ever achieves total communication, how do you express in words the scent of a rose? We are always required to supplement words with helpers, which may include expressive gestures, or even producing a metaphoric example, or finding a basis of comparison to convey meaning. Nevertheless, in our reality, language and words are clearly divine, and are the rungs on which we may climb to the Stars.

As noted in the example of Eskimos and snow, there are experiences recognized by other cultures and capable of being expressed in their languages, which we neither recognize nor can we express. The same problem poses an even greater difficulty when we consider realms of pure thought, or the hyperdimensional reality in which our reality is embedded. In dreams we revert to using words in the universal language, a content continuum wherein the sound is still connected to the object it designates. This is a clue to the phonetic cabala, of which Fulcanelli speaks. This is also the language into which I was initiated by the Cassiopaeans.

As the Cs dropped word clues and encouraged me to search for the mosaic meaning, I discovered many amazing things. At one point, I stumbled on a little book by a gentleman named Abraham Abehsera. He points out that there seem to be two universal dictionaries in which words from all languages are grouped according to their meanings (synonyms) and sounds (homonyms). That is to say, whenever the same or a similar sound is given to different objects in two or more languages, a precise relationship between these objects is being indicated by the Universal language. He theorized that the sum total of languages forms a puzzle in which the image – the true meaning – may only be recovered through reassembling words having the same sound.

The fact that in English, for instance, morning and mourning have the same sound could have been just a coincidence. When German and English both reproduce this coincidence by using the same sound to say morgen (morning) and morgue (chamber where the dead are laid), Hebrew the same group of consonants BQR, to say morning and tomb, and Chinese the same syllable mu, to say evening and tomb, we may legitimately ask what lies behind this repetition. What have morning and evening time to do with mourning, tomb and morgue? (Abehsera 1991)

Abehsera then establishes a mathematical model for comparing words, or a “four language unit” that suggests a deep common experience between a certain period of time and death-related themes. And, as it happens, hundreds of other sound-relationships develop these themes, such as dream and drama, traum (German for dream), trauma, bed, bad, mita in Hebrew which means both death and bed, and so on. Words then become the mode of access to the right half of our brain as opposed to the flat and precise use of words typical of the left brain. Speech can then become a synthesis of the “universal content continuum” by a study of the “expression plane.”

There are, of course, many so-called “one-way words” that may seem to be sharply defined, and necessarily so for the purpose of describing events in our world. But when dealing with what are called “state vectors” in physics, or all possible events given a certain set of parameters, the phonetic cabala is a similar state vector to thinking multi-dimensionally. Like pieces of a puzzle, words have been inextricably interwoven into our reality since the dawn of human history. To find the living unity behind language, without negating diversity, is like assembling a body with all its different parts, each of which does different things, and without one of which, the body would be lacking. The greater the number of words for any given object, the more precise a definition can be made about it in terms of the content continuum. If there are a thousand ways to say apple, by knowing all the associations, we can access that higher realm of thought from whence the idea of an apple has a deeper meaning for man. In this sense, all languages are necessary because they are all complementary. They all tell us about the extraordinary wealth and diversity and limitless possibilities of the Universe in which we exist. What is more, such study of words enables us to interact dynamically with the surrounding reality itself. Word studies develop hyperdimensional awareness which binds us to higher realities.

For the reader to simply read the Cassiopaean Transcripts and to assume that they have received the information that was intended to be conveyed; to read any part of it and assume that one has a grasp of a principle, or that it means this or that in a one-way sort of context, is to miss the important process. The process of initiation consisted, in part, of the encouragement of the creation of a far vaster system of associations than normally prevails, most especially among those who have followed rigid scholastic or ritualized programs. By expanding the associative memory, the very practical result is that synaptic relationships are created in the Ammon’s Horn, and they are sensitized to perceive the reality in a multidimensional way. At another level, expanding the associations of things that occur together in time, with other things that do likewise, the perception of time changes fundamentally. And we begin to realize why the alchemist Fulcanelli insisted that word studies were the key to unlocking the great secrets.

June 21, 1997

Q: Well, I think that a huge key is in the tracking of the languages …

A: The roots of all languages are identical …

Q: What do you mean?

A: Your origin.

Q: You mean Atlantis?

A: Is that your origin?

Q: You mean Orion?

A: Interesting the word root similarity, yes?

Q: Well, the word root similarities of a lot of things are very interesting! It is amazing the things I have discovered by tracking word roots …

A: The architects of your languages left clues aplenty.

It was from these word studies as well as the above remark that I began to realize that the process of expanding associations of words was literally the process of learning the higher-density language. And it most certainly was not, as some suppose, a process of memetics or “deriving new meanings” from word associations. Oh no! It was the process of assembling words into mosaic structures through which the mind could access the original meaning that was inherent in the structure. It was a process of restoration of the original language of supernatural wisdom that was present in mankind before the Fall. Studying words and myths is a process of archaeologically excavating a marvelously ancient, prehistoric, almost extinct parent language – the language of the gods.

This process began when Ark arrived. It received a major jump start with the “Three Dominoes” dream. And the dreams continued to bring up the keys. On the night of April 15-16, eight days after Ark had returned to Poland, I had a dream. I wrote as soon as I awakened:

Date sent: Wed, 16 Apr 97 16:07:47

To: ajad@physik….”

Had a dream about the Frankenstein monster as depicted on the funny movie … he was drinking whiskey and mowing the grass!!!! It was funny! And when he was done, he hid his whiskey bottle next to another bottle, on a ledge over a window under the eaves of the roof of a bank!!! He told me “I hide it in plain view so no one will find it. This way, after many centuries, I will return and retrieve it.”

The reference to the funny movie we had watched just before Ark had left was Young Frankenstein, one of my favorites. The symbolism of Frankenstein was almost transparent: putting a body together from different parts, reassembling clues. And as we began to assemble the clues, the forces of the Matrix heaved into action like a great juggernaut of destruction. My book Secret History contains the results of putting together these clues. Here’s what I wrote Ark at the time:

Date sent: Thu, 24 Apr 97 06:39:36

[…] Perseus was the slayer of Medusa … and Medusa was mentioned by Cs in the 11-11-95 session about prime numbers and the phi and 3-5 sequence.

Not only that, but Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae … And it was while watching the Perseid meteor shower that the UFO came over the pool … And Perseus married Andromeda, the daughter of Cassiopaea, after rescuing her from a SEA monster …

And this brings me around to my funny Frankenstein dream that is having so much meaning in the past week or so. He was mowing. i.e. mowing down opposition. Making a “level playing field.  “And he was drinking whiskey while he was doing it. And telling me that this was the special fuel that made him able to mow in such a powerful way. That fuel was needed for him as much as for the mower itself.

Okay, then he put the still over half-full bottle away on the ledge over a window, next to a bottle of vodka, and indicated with a big smile that he was putting it there so he could get it when he “came back to mow again.” It was implied that it would be safe and no one would know it was there…. because it was hidden so obviously in the open. And the building that the window was in, the ledge was on, was a bank. And I understood that the period of time was very long and this coming back meant reincarnation and the two liquids were meant to be poured together…

Okay, a few days ago I described money in terms of energy, so that was already in my mind when I had the dream. Whiskey is a Scots-Irish invention, and Vodka is Russian.

The Caucasus Mountains are in Russia. This is considered to be the origin of the Celts. The two places where the Celtic influence was, and may be still, archaeologically strongest were along the Baltic coast and in the Wales…

So, the sources of “life” and “power for mowing” are symbolized by these two items. These two places are represented by these two bottles of liquor. What is liquor often called? Aqua Vitae.

And, that they are stored “in the open,” in plain view, which makes them obscure means what? “The secret is hid in plain sight.”

And why the bank? Well, it was implied in the dream that the bank was a Swiss one. They are considered to be the “bankers of the world.”

And, Switzerland is one of the areas were the Celts developed in Europe for a long time before they began to move outward. They cremated their dead, which was VERY different. They did not believe in the resurrection of the already used body, they believed in getting a new one via reincarnation. This was a far more elegant and abstract idea than any ever held by the Egyptians.

But, the liquor was different from the money in energy terms. What was in the bank was money. It may have just been to symbolize Switzerland, or it may have another meaning having to do with money. But what?

So, trying to understand if there is more to this dream is presently on my mind.

In addition, I think this relates to the issue of prime numbers, “dwellings” of the mystics, primeco, prime rib and primary elections. It has to do with the DNA because that is the “dwelling” of the soul. The more DNA a person has activated, the more of the soul energy is available. The “cellular phone company” refers to the neuron transmission modes and the “orgone” energy and the positive states as we have already discussed. So, the “dwelling” relates to the idea that the neurons are activated in the correct way, which is interrelated with the activation of the DNA, which then causes the suppressor genes to “unplug” because there is “communication” at the “cellular” level. This communication, this neuron stimulation that is similar to “voting,” this activation of DNA then activates “power” centers which are available to those with the proper genes to have them.

The 3-5 sequence was a “marker” for recognition as was the phi spiral… and there may yet be MORE to these. But, the phi spiral may also be related to the double helix configuration of the DNA… the clue about phosphorous was related to the phosphate chain which is the 3-5 sequence.

And, the remark that too much phosphorous could make a person “spontaneously combust” would mean that the person had become super-conducting … So, we can think that a certain amount of additional phosphorous might be useful.

And then we have the Percy-Perseus connection and something else that I thought of…

Did you know that a fellow named Nicolas Poussin painted a famous picture entitled “Et in Arcadia Ego?” I was giving it a lot of thought when you first wrote, which is why it seemed so strange that your name is Arkadia. […]

On May 1st, 1997, I wrote to Ark:

Date sent: Thu, 01 May 97 06:41:19

On the way home, I had a thought…. I was thinking about the 98% of DNA that isn’t used. Then I was thinking about the fact that the pancreas completely replaces itself every 24 hours. And the lining of the stomach every 8 hours or so… And, every cell has the exact same set of DNA as every other one… But, each one replicates only it’s own kind of cell….

Now, the C’s have said that the 4th density STS wanted to create a “breeding ground” for the reintroduction of the Nephilim. And that a special gene was introduced into the Jews, starting with a “symbolic” Abraham who was told he would be the “father of many nations.” The idea being that the Jews were supposed to mix with the other races because they carried a gene that prevented absorption of the Nephilim genes.

But, the bad guys came along and twisted this “specialness” of the Jews around and used it to convince them that they should keep their genes to themselves… made them feel “exclusive.” Old Yahweh and Jehovah were probably 4th density STS guys.

So, the bad guys try throughout history to eliminate the Jews. Hitler almost does it, and even starts the project for the STS in a big way. The “Master Race.”

So, here we are… they failed with Hitler… to create the “breeding ground” for the Nephilim. So, they have become more subversive…moving back and forth in time, and perhaps even manipulating it to some extent, they have created “bloodlines” so that a LOT of people are carrying these Nephilim genes.

Now, what turns on genes and turns them off? Neurotransmitters and hormones and maybe other factors.

What stimulates hormones?

It has been demonstrated that hormones can be stimulated by “frequencies,” particularly ELF. (The Navy did some strange tests that I read about.)

With the right hormone, thinking runs amok – and then there are combinations of hormones or neurotransmitters.

Okay, what if people get abducted to implant a device that will pick up a signal and stimulate production of a specific hormone? Or a thought pattern? Or, what if genes themselves respond to frequency?

Now, this is being done by getting a LOT of people to turn their free will over, thinking they are going to get saved. Through deception etc… But, on the other hand, those who turn over their free will are simply at that point where that is what they do. Eventually they will decide they don’t like it or they will contract completely for a long time until they have had enough of that… then they will start to grow.

Now, we also have been told that the 4th density STS also want new bodies for themselves because theirs no longer satisfy them. And that they want to lock the earth into 3rd density where it is easier to control… because on 4th density, it is a “level playing field…”

But, as we well know, STS simply do not see anything that they do not wish to see.

So, they are merrily abducting and implanting, the plan being to TURN ON THE NEPHILIM GENES at a certain point.

What if HAARP is being built for this purpose?

Just imagine …. 98% vs 2%. Who knows what that 98% could do. Especially if there is no Jewish suppressor gene.

Okay, genes can be turned on and off in other ways too, via freewill. And the energies of the coming wave can be utilized in a POSITIVE way also. The good guys can transform also. The only thing is, they have to do it themselves. (With help that is ASKED for…) And, it would certainly help to have the Jewish gene….

So, this is what I thought, going back to the idea that the pancreas can replace itself every 24 hours and the lining of the stomach completely replaces itself about every 8 hours – what IF a signal is broadcast that turns on a “master gene” which begins a “transformation” process that is quite literally similar to the transformation of a man into a werewolf in the movies? In other words, what if literal, material transformation of the physical body in terms of just everything about the body, could be coded into the DNA??? If the stomach lining can replace itself every eight hours, if the pancreas can replace itself every 24 hours, considering the 98 percent of DNA that we don’t know anything about at all, there is NO REASON that an entire human body could not be drastically changed in fundamental ways in a period of hours, or days at most!

Well, of course, when that thought occurred to me, I nearly had a heart attack!!

But it also means that it is possible for the “good guys” to transform also!


But, there is a LOT of evidence and stories referring to a central mystery, and to specifics like severed heads, talking heads and skulls, blood as a substance and a symbol, alchemical wonders and, most importantly, some sort of super-secret group of elders or initiates that guide the destiny of the planet. This central mystery is a LOT older than the Christ legend, because the stories in the Gospels were merely the Osirian legends with the names changed just as the Grail stories were built upon the foundation of Bran the Blessed.

Then there is the claim of Lincoln et al claim that there is a secret order that predates other secret orders […] ITS DECLARED OBJECTIVE IS TO GUARD THE LINEAL DESCENDANTS OF CHRIST.

Which may not be too far off… It just isn’t who they think it is, and the Priory of Sion is a red herring.

From the Cassiopaeans: Oct. 5, 1994
Q: Did Jesus have children?
A: Yes.
Q: How many?
A: Three.
Q: Is that, as some people claim, the true meaning of the search for the Holy Grail, that it is not a cup, but the Sang Real, or holy blood line?
A: Yes.
Q: Are there any descendants of Jesus living today?
A: 364, 142

Oct. 16, 1994
Q: I would like to know the origin of the Freemasons?
A: The “Osirians.
Q: Can you tell us when the original freemasons formed as a society?
A: 5633 B.C.
Q: Is Freemasonry, as it is practiced today, the same as then?
A: 33rd degree, yes.
Q: Is this an organization with a plan to take over and rule the world via the “New World Order?”
A: Not exactly.
Q: What is their focus?
A: They are overseers.
Q: Overseers of what?
A: The Status of Quorum.
Q: What is the Quorum?
A: Deeper knowledge organization. Totally secret to your kind as of yet. This is very important with regard to your future.
Q: In what way?
A: Changes.
Q: Changes to us personally?
A: Partly. Earth Changes also.
Q: What is the relationship between the Quorum and the Cassiopaeans?
A: They communicate with us regularly. […]

And then, of course, there were a LOT of other clues that simply blew my mind. But, I will have to do a LOT more work to get it organized so that they can be read sequentially.

What do you think? It is a crazy idea, but it all fits. Itis the most mind boggling series of connections imaginable.

After I had this thought about “turning on” the Nephilim genes, I started to wonder exactly what that would mean… And, by the same token, what would it mean if WE could turn on some specific HELPFUL genes???

So, I think I have found Medusa. Only now we have to figure out how to cut off her head!!!!

From the time Ark came in February of 1997, the session frequency was greatly reduced. There were several reasons for this. One of the first reasons was the fact that the Cs themselves suggested numerous times that I ought to read what had already been delivered already more carefully, contemplate, study and research on my own. As the research progressed, I began to perceive things differently. One of the things I perceived was exactly what they suggested: that I needed to do much more work on my own.

Another factor was that Terry and Jan were becoming quite irritated with Frank’s arrogance, control games, and manipulation. Terry kept telling me that Frank was not the channel, and he wanted to experiment without Frank. I couldn’t bring myself to agree which probably made the two of them irritated with me. I was having some cognitive dissonance of major proportions about this because on the one hand, I was committed to helping Frank, but on the other hand, I couldn’t deny my observations. I flipped and flopped on this issue like a fish on the dock.

Terry and Jan were excusing themselves from many sessions, and I was spending a lot of time doing research and keeping up with Ark’s travels. Frank, meanwhile, was complaining all the time that he was sick or tired from the rigors of his telemarketing job. I certainly had a lot of sympathy because that kind of work is soul killing.

At several points Ark and I offered our support to Frank if he would go back to college to get his degree. He was such a gifted mimic and “incidental linguist” that we were sure that he could have a great career as a professional linguist or translator. Frank flatly refused. He was not going to be embarrassed by going to college at his age!

Meanwhile, Frank began to play some heavy duty games with me. Because of the time difference between the U.S. and Europe, I wanted to adjust my schedule so as to be up and about during the times of the day when Ark and I could communicate either by email or phone. Frank seemed to be equally determined that I should operate on his schedule. He started pushing the envelope on this issue, arriving later and later on the nights we had sessions, making it impossible for us to get started at a reasonable hour so that I could get to bed and be up in time for a few hours with Ark. On a few occasions, I simply announced when he arrived that it was too late to have a session, we would chat for a short time, and then seeing that I really meant it, he would yawn and go home. I noticed that my energy was increasing and Frank’s was diminishing. He was also showing serious signs of jealousy that there were things I shared with Ark that I did not share with him. He would periodically try to plant seeds of dissent by suggesting I was being “controlled” by Ark, simply because I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible – considering the fact that it was so little, and he was so far away.

All of these confusing issues brought me back to the subject of just how our interactions with others might make us vulnerable to attack. What was the significance of agents and moles and who might be the mole in the group, and did it even matter? At one point, V** had been pronounced to be a mole. At another point, several other individuals whom Frank didn’t like were also pronounced to be moles. Just who was on first here? I needed to know! A visit from my brother gave me the opportunity I needed to ask these questions. We discussed the matter and agreed before Frank arrived that we would use my brother’s situation as the question model. He did, indeed, want information about his own concerns, but we agreed that I could slip in a question or two about Frank. But before we moved to that issue, I wanted to cover the issue of monitoring and energy exchange in a more open way to see what would come out.

May 3, 1997

Q: I have quite a number of questions this evening. The first one is: is it possible for a person to be used as a monitor, to monitor other people’s activities through their eyes and ears?

A: Possible, but hardly necessary.

Q: You once said that PZ was like a monitor, that wherever she went, she monitored aural frequencies for whoever had put the implant into her. Was this an unusual situation?

A: Most likely.

Q: Last week we did not have a session, but went through the notes I have been making since I was in Gainesville. Frank became very tired and went home. I was not tired. Usually, Frank is not tired, and I am the one that is exhausted. I would like to ask about this. Is there some sort of energy exchange that takes place during channeling?

A: Not in that way.

Q: Well, both Terry and Jan commented on this, and I would like to know if there is any relationship of this reversal to the fact that we did not do a session?

A: Terry and Jan’s comments in this case should be viewed with caution, as they may be nebulous in their intent.

Q: When you say nebulous … my perception was that they wanted to develop a separate channel, as before.

A: They wanted to pursue their own idea of casting doubts upon Frank.

Q: Well, not only was that going on, but I was sharing the information that I had gathered in response to clues given in the material, and I had the impression that it was not interesting to them. Yet, I thought that the fact that clues in the material had led to such discoveries was extremely important …

A: Interesting to some includes only that which casts the spotlight upon themselves.

In this last question above, the term “them” was employed deliberately with the intent of inquiring about Frank, since, as it happens, it did not apply to Terry and Jan who were, in fact, most interested in the material. Frank, however, didn’t know that since he had left early and was not present for our later discussion. In this way, I was able to ask about Frank himself. Next, I began my approach to the question through the medium of asking about my brother.

Q: Reading through the session of May 23, last year, when Tom was also here, and the issue of his being in O’Brien was addressed, you asked who had begged him to stay there, then there was a remark about an EM vector. The way I understood it is that a person can be an EM vector. Is that possible?

A: Vector means focuser of direction.

Q: Could that mean that EM waves can be vectored by a human being simply by their presence? I also noticed that several of us have been involved with persons and relationships that seem designed to confuse, defuse, and otherwise distort our learning, as well as drain our energy. Basically, keeping us so stressed that we cannot fulfill our potential. Is there some significance to this observation?

A: That is elementary, my dear Knight!

Q: One of the things I have learned is that these individuals seem to attach via some sort of psychic hook that enters through our reactions of pity. Can you comment on the nature of pity?

A: Pity those who pity.

Q: But, the ones who are being pitied, who generate sensations of pity, do not really pity anybody but themselves.

A: Yes … ?

Q: Then, is it true as my son said, when you give pity, when you send love and light to those in darkness, or those who complain and want to be “saved” without effort on their own part, when you are kind in the face of abuse and manipulation, that you essentially are giving power to their further disintegration, or contraction into self-ishness? That you are powering their descent into STS?

A: You know the answer!

Q: Yes. I have seen it over and over again. Were the individuals in our lives selected for the extremely subtle nature of their abilities to evoke pity, or were we programmed to respond to pity so that we were blind to something that was obvious to other people?

A: Neither. You were selected to interact with those who would trigger a hypnotic response that would ultimately lead to a drain of energy.

Q: (T) Well, it is a fact, because my energy is sure drained. (L) What is the purpose of this draining of energy?

A: What do you think?

Q: (T) So you can’t concentrate or do anything. You can’t get anywhere with anything.

A: Or, at least not the important things.

Q: (T) Is that why my concentration is so low?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Is L a robot type?

A: You are dealing with a no-win situation!!

Q: It is a no win situation …

A: As you know.

Q: (T) So, if I don’t get out, I will just keep going down. Is it the area or the person?

A: Both. One is wrapped within the other.

Q: (L) Why is it that it seems to be one of the primary things about us that prevents us from acting against such situations, is our fear of hurting another person? That was the chief thing that kept me in my marriage for so long. And, only when I knew that it was hurting the kids more to stay, did I have the power to get out. Why are we so afraid of hurting someone’s feelings if they are hurting us?

A: Not correct concept. You do not need to “act against them,” you need to act in favor of your destiny.

Q: But, when you do that, these persons make you so completely miserable that there seems to be no other choice but a parting of the ways.

A: Yes, but that is not “acting against.” Quite the contrary. In fact, remember, it takes two to tango, and if you are both tangoing when the dance hall bursts into flames, you both get burned!!!

Q: Why is it that when one tries to extricate from such a “tango,” why is there is such violent resistance to letting you go when it is obvious, clearly obvious, that they do not have any feeling for you as a human being?

A: It is not “they.” We are talking about conduits of attack.

Q: What is it that makes them susceptible to becoming conduits of attack?

A: All STS are candidates for this. There are only about 6 billion of you though.

Q: OK, all people can be conduits of attack. (L) Would just coming down and working with us on Saturdays, on a regular basis, help him to get his concentration back?

A: Making the necessary changes would.

The intent of this last question was to determine if channeling with the group was actually something that was helping Frank. The answer was somewhat ambiguous to me. What did “making the necessary changes” mean? Even though the Cs were giving pretty definitive and clear answers that would have suggested to me that Frank was definitely running the program, the pity-me thing and all that, this last remark gave me the straw to hang onto, allowing me to convince myself that it was a simple matter of Frank making the necessary changes, that he would win that battle with the darkness, and everything would be fine.

Q: Is it true that being in the presence of such people, that one is under the influence of an energy, an emanation from them physically, that befuddles the mind and makes it almost impossible to think one’s way out of the situation?

A: It is the draining of energy that befuddles the mind.

Q: Where does this energy drain to?

A: 4th-density STS.

Q: They drain our energy from us and fourth-density STS harvests it from them?

A: “They” do nothing!!!! 4th-density STS does it all through them!

Q: (T) Well, I would like to know what is it in us that makes us attracted to such people.

A: It was the idea of 4th-density STS.

Q: That means that they can control your thoughts and emotions, put ideas into your head, and you think it is a good idea to “save” someone. You don’t know. It is taught in our religions and culture to give until it hurts, and, in fact, to give because it hurts. The whole situation is designed and controlled from another level. Any further comment on this subject?

A: Once you have truly learned the program, just plug it in.

Q: I guess once you have truly learned what is being said here, just plug it in …

A: No. We mean that all you have to do is learn the patterns of behavior, the subtle signs, and you will always have the ability of avoiding it. Your own as well as others.

Q: So, once you have learned the program from this person, you will be able to avoid getting into another, similar one. (T) But, I should have learned it from H. I did the same thing twice. (L) Well, when you are wounded, it is hard to see clearly.

A: The signs were present, but you did not read them.

Q: You ignored it.

A: No, he did not yet know the program. Anticipate not!

Q: I guess that means that when you are thinking that you can change another person, or that changing something about what you are doing naturally will help them, you are anticipating.

A: Or that it would be different than it turned out to be.

Of course, all of the above was again interpreted by me as justification to continue to work with Frank. Don’t even ask how I managed to distort it that way. I decided that since I was “learning the program” I could deal with it effectively. I could prevent Frank from draining my energy. Ark and I had discussed the growing problem with Frank’s jealousy, and he did not want me to do anything to rock the boat until he was back in the States. He was sure that we would be able to reassure Frank that he had a place in our lives and that we could all work together.

Q: (L to T) Well, you knew that there was a lot wrong in the beginning, but you thought that it would be different. [At this point, I shifted to another subject that was on my mind. Surprisingly, the Cs continued to relate it to the issue of “attack.”] Ark’s mother is sick. Will she be better soon?

A: Wait and see.

Q: He is carrying a very heavy burden just now, and I am concerned for him.

A: Does this surprise you? Unfortunately, Ark still does not completely know this program.

Q: Are you suggesting that this sickness of his mother’s has been caused from fourth-density STS?

A: Lesson number 1: Always expect attack. Lesson number 2: Know the modes of same. Lesson number 3: Know how to counteract same.

Q: When a person is sick, old and one’s mother … the only thing to do is take care of it. But, I guess that it is true that anything that tends to cause interference in doing what one is here to do could be considered attack. Whether it is your mother being sick, or your kid falling off a bicycle and breaking his arm. It is all related to lack of vigilance on the part of the one who is the conduit of attack?

A: When you are under attack, expect the unexpected, if it is going to cause problems …

Q: So, if there is something that can cause problems, expect it to happen.

A: But, if you expect it, you learn how to “head it off,” thus neutralizing it. This is called vigilance, which is rooted in knowledge. And, what does knowledge do?

Q: Protects! Is there anything I can do to help?

A: How so?

Q: Well, I don’t know. I guess that a person just has to come to the full realization that virtually everything that happens on the planet – no exceptions – is a symbol of some interaction of STS versus STO energy at higher levels.

A: Yes, and that is not as of yet realized. It must be part of a natural learning process.

Q: Well, I guess that all of us tend to keep one or another area sacrosanct and think that it is not subject to attack, or that we can use logic and third-density thinking to explain it. Until a person realizes that attack can come through even one’s self, wives and husbands, children and parents, friends, virtually anybody – nobody is exempt.

A: The block is a lack of faith in the concept. Remember, when one has been indoctrinated by religion, culture and/or science, they are predisposed to view all things in the sense of the measurable physical reality exclusively.

Q: Well, in Ark’s case, is something going to happen for him that will give him a view under the surface, so to speak?

A: Please do not anticipate. This is a logjam of “quantum” proportions.

Q: Well, I think he is cured of thinking that certain people can be helped.

A: But he is not cured of his lack of faith in the reality of non-physical attack.

Q: Speaking of non-physical attack, I went through some things this morning that were rather unpleasant. I later discovered that at the same time I was experiencing this, there was communication from the Brana woman. Is there a connection between his correspondence with her and my feeling that an elephant is sitting on my chest? When this happens, I actually feel like my spirit is being compressed in a painful way. Is there a relationship between this and the Brana person.

A: Maybe.

Q: Is there any relationship between the Brana correspondence and the fact that Jim also wrote to him and JW, the spook, called me today?

A: Maybe.

Q: Is there any relationship between all of these portals of attack, and the things I have been discovering in the past week or so?

A: Maybe.

Q: Can you tell me anything about this at all?

A: If it does not need to be answered, that may mean that it has already been answered, simply because, though you have much still to learn, you have learned so much already, my dear. And, on that note, goodnight.

As the reader now notes, the issue with Sue Brana continued to run in the background. In the above session, I was trying to deal strictly with the issue of draining of energy or vectoring of direction by an individual who was physically close to the target. But a vague idea that some sort of subtle filament-like threads of consciousness could be strung between individuals like a network, and that this could be used to drain energy, was forming in my mind. I had noticed that shortly before each incident when Ark wrote to me that he had received communication from several individuals, including Sue Brana, I would go through a peculiar experience of feeling compressed and short of breath and even somewhat confused. After several such experiences, I was prompted to ask the above questions about this.

As I thought about it more, and observed things, I realized that when two people have a strong psychic or psychological bond, whatever happens to one of them, affects the other. It may or may not be noticed, depending upon sensitivity. In these instances, I was definitely experiencing sensitivity to those things which drained Ark, even if he wasn’t paying a lot of attention to it.

I wrote to Ark and suggested that some of these people were like psychic vampires and that maybe he ought to just stop “dancing” with them since it seemed to be draining me. He thought I was being a little bit overreactive. But all I could go by was what I observed and felt and then the ongoing confirmation that something of this sort was going on. I began to realize that it was not just who you associate with that can make you vulnerable, but who your associates associate with also!

In any event, Ark decided to put my theory to the test and wrote to the individuals in such a way that the manipulations were blocked. This resulted in a strange phenomenon: no sooner had he attempted to “stop dancing” with them, than they began to try even more intensely to sustain contact! They refused to take “no” for an answer!

May 21, 1997

Q: I have a whole bunch of questions: First, in the past week, Dimi, Jim and SJB contacted Ark. I simultaneously had another of those experiences where I felt that an elephant was sitting on me, or compressing me. I have a theory that there is some sort of frequency wave that activates “agents” and their pre-implanted programs to contact their “target,” and that the frequency is what I perceive as the “compression.” Is this possible?

A: Yes. Notice how contact intensifies post put off?

Q: What? What is “post put off?”

A: After Ark delivered message indicating declining interest.

Q: Oh, I see. Is the sensation I experience strictly related to a frequency? I mean, I was thinking that I was having this feeling because force was being taken by them from me through his bond to me, that his response to them closed the circuit. Would I have suffered whether he responded or not?

A: Waves unify significant events.

Q: Well, what does that mean?

A: It is interrelated.

Q: Would a blank wall, termination of contact, minimize my suffering?

A: Only you can tell.

Q: Well, he knows who and what they are, and there is also the view that by continuing interaction, it prevents other portals from being opened. In other words, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

A: Oh yeah?!?

Q: So, this does not prevent others from coming along?

A: Unless one prevents fires by watching only the matches.

Q: What are the matches?

A: That is not the point. Does one prevent sinking just by looking out for icebergs?

Q: No, one steers away from them. Is that what you mean?

A: Oh … We see … Then you must mean by inference that the only cause of sinking is icebergs, yes??

Q: Oh. So, there is a lot more that can cause one to sink than icebergs. Well, I was just concerned about the fact that there has been repeated events of this kind. It seems that I get the horrible feeling of being compressed even before they contact him … and then it just snowballs. And, it always seems to come at about the time I have my period, when I am most vulnerable and least capable of coping with such things.

A: When your periods cease, the contacts will not. Yes.

Q: Yes to what?

A: It is soon now. […]

Q: OK, some time ago when I had the “Three Dominoes” dream, or experience, I asked you about this, and you said it was not an important dream. Yet, it led to an incredible series of discoveries. Why did you say it was not important?

A: What was important, the dream or the discoveries?

Q: Well, of course the discoveries … and there really were no dominoes … but it gave me a teensy idea that helped with all the rest … and one thing led to another to another …

A: Dream was not important until fulfilled.

The discoveries referred to above fill three notebooks with notes. It would take us too far from the present subject to detail them, but suffice it to say that using phonetic cabala (even if I didn’t know that this was what I was learning) was becoming second nature to me and as my awareness of the hyperdimensional reality expanded, I was just simply stunned at the connections I was seeing.

Q: Does it have anything to do with the Frankenstein dream, which seemed to contain all the basic elements of the following weeks’ discoveries. Does it have something to do with putting something in a particular place in one life to come back for it in another? Or, is it that all the clues …

A: You should know by now that all this will be revealed as appropriate.

Q: OK. Now, the 64,000 dollar question … tunnels, longitude of Oak Island, leading to Pointe Perce, Mont Blanc and the St. Bernard Tunnel, and St. Bernard wrote the rules for the Templars … and then, Tenerife, the Canaries and the latitude of 28:30 connected to the spider in the King James version of Proverbs 30:28 … and that leads directly to New Port Richey. Therefore, is there some connection between the location of this house and something on the Canary Islands?

A: You have made much progress, expect more, if vigilant and persistent!

Q: Well, you know I am that! Well, at the time the question was, “could the position of my house over a tunnel be detrimental?” And the answer was “yes.” Then, the question was “how?” which led to the answer “That is the 64,000 dollar question.” So, is there any further that I can have at this time?

A: Detrimental is subjective, according to unfolding events and choices.

Q: So, it was a question at that time, the big question as to what I was going to choose to do …

A: Close.

Q: At that time, it was also said that there was a vortex here that merges levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 with density 5. And, you said that the primary issue about this was “the physical imprint locator.” What is this?

A: Forces that tune and influence participants on the various above mentioned density levels.

Q: The other night, I guess at the time that the Jim, Dimi, and SJB thing was brewing, I had a terrible dream of a person trying to break into my house … that [my youngest daughter] had followed V** out, and I had to get her back, and this put me in danger … then, I was afraid that he was going to start trying to kill us while we were in the house by shooting through the walls. Ark, Frank and Tom did not seem to be quite as alarmed as I was … I woke up with my heart nearly beating out of my chest and covered with a cold sweat, and somewhat paralyzed. I recognize this sort of dream from before. Was it just a dream, a warning, a screen memory of some other event? It was very frightening.

A: Choose selection two above. Always be aware of your significance as the possessor and potential purveyor of unusually high level knowledge store. And, what that means to those who would prefer that it not be.

Q: Is there more I could do in terms of protecting my children? That is where I am most vulnerable and I am not sure that they understand the seriousness of the situation.

A: What do signs keep telling you? Who took what positions and behaviors in the dream? Well?

Q: Yes … I realize that it was because of going out to do something ordinary … not thinking … while Ark and Tom and Frank were distracted … and I was just concerned about [my daughter] …

A: And what role did V** play?

Q: I see. Like the Pied Piper?

A: Or maybe programmed decoy, due to FRV?

Q: What is FRV?

A: Frequency Resonance Vibration.

Q: Is there any danger to [my son and daughter] with these kids and church people they have been around the past few weeks?

A: What do you think?!? It is a vulnerable age for anyone, much moreso for the children of one on path to superconsciousness, and in contact with those who provide advice and data …

Q: Well, this church group makes me very uneasy. What can I say to them to make them understand how very vulnerable I am through them?

A: Tell them the truth as you would tell others, of more mature stature.

Q: Any other advice where they are concerned? This whole situation absolutely gives me the willies.

Regarding the above dream and the role played by V**, a very important thing to consider is the fact that, as I was learning to interpret my dreams, I discovered that, very often, when there is something I don’t want to look at, the characters playing the different roles are switched in my dream. I also frequently dreamed about a person who represents a type of individual rather than a specific person. This is what the Cs seemed to be indicating; that programmed decoys could lead the children into dangerous situations. As events were later to show, this was indeed the case here. My children were in greater danger than I ever could have imagined. But it wasn’t through V**.

Ark was also in danger. By this time he was at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Göttingen. He had been assigned an office overlooking the Max Planck Institut Fôr Strömungsforschung (fluid dynamics). He was having a terrible time. No sooner would he sit down to work in his office than he would begin to feel absolutely drugged and unable to hold his eyes open or keep his head upright. His brain wouldn’t function, and he was desperate to get his work done. At one point, he decided to go to the basement library just to stretch his legs, and the instant he was in the basement, the sensation just “turned off.” He said it was the strangest thing he had experienced in a long time. It was so strange that he began to experiment and observe the effect. He would go in the office, sit down and wait for the sensation and notice how long it took to initiate. It was almost instantaneous. Then he experimented with going outside for a walk, and to the basement library. In the end, he just took his laptop to the basement and worked there. It seemed to be the only solution because he could not work in that office.

May 31, 1997

Q: Change gears: Ark has been having a problem sleeping at night and staying awake in the office. The building is a number 9, but there is also the Max Planck Institute across the street. Is it the number 9, or the Max Planck Institute across the street?

A: Well, we vote for Max!

Q: So, what are they doing over there in that building that is affecting him?

A: Better question: What are “they” doing on 4th density that is affecting him?

Q: Since that is a better question, what are they doing on fourth density that is affecting Ark?

A: Guess.

Q: Is he being abducted from this building?

A: No.

Q: Are they STS or STO?


Q: Are they zapping him with some kind of frequency modulation?

A: Close.

Q: Why is it more effective in that building than in the basement or at his hotel?

A: Because of Max.

Q: OK, they are using whatever is going on in that building to zap Ark. Anything else they are doing there?

A: Yes.

Q: Could you tell me what?

A: No.

Q: Is there anything else they are doing to Ark?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you tell me?

A: Body chemistry alteration.

Q: In what sense is there body chemistry alteration going on?

A: Brain wave factors.

Q: Is there something he can do for protection?

A: He soon will leave the area.

Q: Well, during the time he is there, how much damage can they do?

A: Probably not much.

Q: Is there any other step he can take other than going to the library or staying in his hotel?

A: Good idea!

Q: Anything else?

A: One shot of whiskey per day will help.

Q: Well, that is a bizarre thing to say! A shot of whiskey?! That will help his brain chemistry?

A: Some.

Q: What is this altering of his brain chemistry designed to do?

A: Befuddle.

Q: Well, I think it is working. Any other suggestion? Come on, we are you in the past! Help us out here!

A: Then you will know in the “future.”

Q: Well, then, since I know in the future, why don’t I tell me in the past anything else that will help besides staying in the hotel, or the basement, and drinking a shot of whiskey a day?

A: No need.

Q: And you are not going to tell us what they are doing over there in the Max Planck Institute?

A: As Carlos Allende would say: “If you knew, you would die of shock.”

Q: That is not friendly! I don’t want to know things that are not friendly. Now, you have got me so startled that I don’t even know if the path I am following in researching the history and the other things is even worthwhile or useful.

A: Oh, you bet it is!!!!!

As it turns out, they are doing a lot of curious things in that particular branch of the Max Planck outfit; very interesting work in such things as neural networks, self-organization of neural maps, signal processing, theoretical brain research, spatio-temporal dynamics in the cortex, analysis of neural activity patterns and time series, function of the visual and auditory systems and God only knows what else!

As soon as his work was done in Göttingen, Ark had to rush back to Poland for the divorce hearing described in Chapter 43. On the day of the hearing, he had to leave for Dijon.

Date: Tues, 17 Jun 97 19:43:48

From: “”

Subject: via Belfort

To: “ajad@physik …

Dear Ark,

From Belfort you have, on the 19th: Belfort 17h00 –” (regular train) Besancon 18h06 (could be the same train which takes you to Belfort). then TGV (booking required; buy ticket in advance, possibly in Freiburg) Besancon 18h13 –” Dijon 19h06.

In Dijon you either take a cab or simpler BUS 9 to Campus. The stop is next to the cinemas which you see from the station (it is one end stop), avenue Foch. It costs 5.20 FFR single ticket, and buses run until 21h.

You have a room on Campus and we shall try to get the key in advance. When you arrive we should be in the middle of Reshetikhin’s talk in a room (normally first on your left in the corridor). Get in!

If you miss that connection there is a all-regular-train connection: Belfort 18h02 -” Besancon 19h14/19h30 -” Dijon 20h29. Then you should take a cab to the hotel where we shall have dinner (we should be there around 21h; ask for Flato’s table). It will presumably be restaurant Chateau Bourgogne in Hotel Mercure next to the Palais des Congres. I’ll try to let you know tomorrow.

Have a nice trip!

Since Ark was going to be with his longtime friend and colleague, Moshe Flato, I thought I could relax. But there was a problem. Ark wrote to me:

Date sent: Fri, 20 Jun 97 09:58:04

From: “ajad@physik”

It seems we will have communication problems here and I will not be able to connect with my notebook. But we will see.

These people here close everything on Saturday and Sunday. I do not know whether I will manage to get access to e-mail.

Yesterday there was a dinner – till 2AM, and it was in a VERY FANCY restaurant, 18 people, and Moshe was paying for ALL. Funny. I told him about you, about previous lives, mention of his name, and probable trouble in Israel. He is of course interested as to why his name was being mentioned. Well, I do not remember and did not yet find the file.

Typing this from secretary office computer, and these secretaries here do not speak English so everything is really funny.

Today 5:30 I have a seminar and in fact there are seminars all the day starting 10:30. Moshe and Daniel are normally in Paris and they are scheduled to be here just for two days a week, Thursdays and Fridays.

For us, in our situation, being out of communication was devastating. I suddenly became ill after Ark arrived in Dijon and the pool turned green again against all efforts to kill the algae. Ark wrote to me:

Date sent: Fri, 20 Jun 97 20:32:04

From: “ajad@physik”


Seminar is over. It was OK. Now Moshe wants me to go with him to a Chinese restaurant. I will go. Will take care.

In general all is awful. I am sleeping in a room where the bed is awful. But we will manage.

With the green pool and you being sick … . indeed something is in the air. But we will manage as we did it before. YOU TAKE CARE AND I TAKE CARE. You watch and I watch. We keep 1000 eyes open.


Ark was able to work out the communication problems, though we didn’t have the access we would have liked. We had another session and I announced to the Cs that they had been named as co-respondents in a divorce trial. There was also the most interesting factor that, after Ark had told Sue Brana that he didn’t have time to waste discussing endlessly with her his ideas about crop circles, that he was paid for his time, she suddenly wanted to talk turkey.

June 21, 1997

Q: OK, well I guess you know that you have been named as a co-respondent in a divorce trial! I guess that is one claim to fame that was never expected!

A: Divorce is a concept long since conquered here, as you would measure time, that is.

Q: I was just teasing you! Now, let me get Ark’s questions first so that I am sure that they get done tonight. It seems that SJB has suddenly become willing to finance crop circle research after hearing a guy on the Art Bell show say that one was a “power plant” for a UFO.

A: Really?!? Then we suggest he write back and demand in writing that there be no “strings” attached, and gauge the response accordingly.

Well, we did. Or Ark did, that is. And of course, when he said that he would not do anything if she was going to breathe down his neck, the whole thing fell flat again. But I was curious about this strange business with Moshe in Dijon:

Q: Back in 1995 when we did a session with RC present, I was re-reading this yesterday because Ark is in Dijon where this guy Moshe is, and the night of that session was when I had the vision of his face, and also when I mentioned the dream where I was getting married and this was so bizarre an idea to me at that time. RC was focused on her agenda about female gods and the Elohim, and it seems that she simply shut off any ability for you to communicate to her at all. So, in re-reading this session, it seems that you were talking on a completely different level, to me alone, and that it was almost in code. She wanted to talk about the French Revolution, and you were talking about my past life in Germany … and now Ark is in France … and there was the vision … and that was when you brought up Moshe … and Moshe is in France … is there a connection?

A: Maybe.

Q: Am I correct that you were talking to me on a level that I was not even aware of at the time?

A: Could be!

Q: Can you help me out here? I would like to know about this Moshe thing. You not only brought up the name, but you brought up a lot of other things. And it seems that this was the opening of a door of moving me in a certain direction. I don’t even know how to ask about this because it is so strange …

A: Then it should be shelved.

Q: Is this one of those things you are going to avoid?

A: Alfalfa fields in Rhineland yield as of yet undreamed of treasures.

Q: Where are these alfalfa fields?

A: Near tracks well worn.

Q: Another clue, please?

A: Nope, that is enough for now!!

Q: You guys are gonna drive me crazy! Do you mean Rhineland as in Germany proper?

A: We do not mean Rhinelander, Wisconsin … Or do we?!? Who is to tell?

Q: Who?

A: The searcher, the sepulcher, the one who carries the staff in constant search for greener pastures.

Q: Oh my! You are being very obscure tonight! Just the fun things I like, too! Now, I think I will be pretty busy this week on this, but is there anything that can be expanded, or any additional clues for me or Ark?

A: Last clue for tonight: Look for the vibratory frequency light. Good Night.

Q: Good Night.

While many of these clues only made sense recently, and are more fully described in Secret History, at that time I was finding connections between certain place names, like the Weser River (wes being the Indo-European root of “well” and “worn”), Alfeld (i.e. Alfalfa field), Leiden (i.e. light frequency) and their geographic relation to other places according to latitude and longitude. While researching Alfalfa I discovered that growers can get plants to flower at the “wrong” time by adjusting how much light they received and how this may have parallels with humans in terms of genetics and spiritual development. I asked Ark what the Polish word for light was, and he told me that it was swiatlo, from the root swiat, meaning world or universe. The verb, to shine, comes from the same root, which is similar to swiety, meaning holy, saint, or endowed with light. Interestingly, on the same latitude as Leiden was Sweibodzin.

And so we were going along just happily sorting clues and looking for more when the warnings began to come. It turned unseasonably cold in Dijon, and there were thunderstorms here. Communication by Internet was up and down – mostly down. Then it began to rain in Dijon. All the while, Ark was computing, computing, computing.

To: Laura

Date sent: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 01:31:02

So I was trying to send you a message before going to dinner but network was dead. I was worrying if it will work again, but fortunately it does.

Before going out I talked to Moshe and he was funny … He wanted to know what and how Cs were talking and he was repeating that he is “open”. I checked with him that in September 95 he WAS in Israel!

Then I told him about A and the money and that I am looking for a job in Florida … He said that if we had been for some time in the same university we would do together great things, he said several nasty things about the spook in Wroclaw and then he went on that if I will need a recommendation he will write the best possible for me and not only that he will write it but also that he will give me a copy so that I can see if it is good enough.

Then there was restaurant and funny little things there. Again 17 people and Moshe paying for all. 8 Russians including two wives one daughter and an 11 years old daughter of a French guy from the faculty who divorced his Indian wife and has custody of the girl. The children were on and off Moshe’s lap and he was making faces at them and in general the children are loved by the faculty. So this was the story in short.

The weather is awful, it is raining and your honey is rather tired after getting up at six and having seminar and now it is rather late. And tomorrow (that is today) I will discuss with Moshe some physics …


To: Laura

Date sent: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 17:09:12

Okay, Computer works again …

Notice that there are long periods when everything works and THEN there are periods when ALL crashes … even if only for a while. So we are in such a period. I do not like this Dijon anyway. The frequent noise of jet planes does not act in a positive and constructive way on the nervous system. And the base is not far away, perhaps less than two miles.

I am now thinking ONLY about the fact that SOON we are leaving and we will be on the train and we will finally be able TO REST. I am utterly(?) tired.

I am packed and ready. I have some pain in the back since a few days and am in general feeling weaker than usual. Perhaps this is the “aspect”, perhaps it was simply TOO chilly. It will be all better in Florence. It is in fact all better now once we know in three hours we will be leaving this place. […]

And so it went. My mail program crashed, my server suddenly decided to start cutting me off in the middle of sending or receiving mail. We spent days trying to work out those problems so we could continue to communicate. The rain started again in Dijon, and the computer systems were down again and again. But between some few emails and phone calls, we managed and Ark survived the stresses of Dijon. Finally, he was in Florence again.

To: Ark

Date sent: Thu, 03 Jul 97 06:59:39


I so hope that you are feeling better and that Florence works its magic!

But, if you are not feeling well, you need to tell me every little detail. And you must take care of yourself and get rest and exercise and eat properly. Hopefully, Marco will cook some more while you are there and you will have some pleasant “family” type meals in the basement as you did last time!

It is still VERY breezy at night … and I understand that a volcano has erupted in Mexico now, on top of the one that has erupted in the Caribbean (Montserrat.) So, things are happening and moving all over the place! It is certainly an interesting time to be alive! […]


To: Laura

Date sent: Thu, 3 Jul 1997 18:15:47

Although last week the weather was bad here, and it was raining all the night, today is a beautiful and sunny day.

Your HB is however somewhat tired after night on the train. Indeed there were three beds on each side … rather crowdy and I could not sleep well. But now I feel COMPLETELY different than in Dijon.

And now it is okay and alright and we have a VERY nice apartment, with two big beds … in the center of Florence and, well, quite expensive, five times the price in Dijon, but Dijon was VERY cheap. And Marco claims it is impossible to find something cheaper at this period in Florence. Well … it is only slightly more expensive than the Apartment in Gainesville.

Well, it is normal that people in Florence own several apartments and rent them. Not necessarily lawyers do that. It is a good way of investing money. Sure way. And you know these rooms are HUGE rooms with high ceilings.

There is a bus. But if I want to walk it is half an hour walk. Perhaps 300 yards from the station. I though perhaps you could come but then perhaps it would not be wise, we leave it for the next year. Marco wants very much me to come also next year.

And now I am sitting in the office and you know from the photo the view outside. The sky and the hills and the little tower with a bell….

Two days later, we discussed these events with the Cs:

July 5, 1997

Q: (L) This couple of weeks that Ark spent in Dijon were miserable. What was the fundamental reason for these conditions and this misery?

A: Near ELF transmitter. Also the water supply is loaded with fluoride.

Q: (L) OK, I did some research on the Emerald Tablets and discovered …

A: Is this all you want to know about this? We suppose if we told you “Laura, a great big rock is about to fall on your head,” then you would say: “okay, now moving right along, about the Emerald tablets … ”

Q: (L) Well, that was about Dijon. He is gone from Dijon now. Whatever it was in Gottingen, you said he would be gone soon and not to worry. So … he is no longer near the ELF transmitter … he is no longer drinking the water …

A: Fluoride is toxic, and deposits in fatty tissues, and lymph system. Aside from the obvious possible negative consequences, it can make one more susceptible to electromagnetic wave frequencies that are designed to make one open to mind alteration!

Q: (L) OK. You have my undivided attention. How does he get the fluoride out of his system?

A: Recommend daily ingestion of Goldenseal root, as well as vinegar and garlic in moderation, along with up to an hour per every two days of light aerobic exercise.

Q: (L) Would half an hour per day be alright?

A: One hour every other day. Light at first.

Q: (L) Well, this sounds serious. Anything else that will help?

A: This is a good start.

Q: (L) Well, now I am all upset.

A: Arkadiusz, or as we like to call him, Arkady, is the primary target of your trio, for now. Great potential dangers lurk …

Q: (L) So this really is like the Grail hunt. He has to go through a magic forest, chop heads off dragons, keep his eyes open and not be led astray by deceptive images and tricks … the whole thing!

A: Where to get the influence for the inspiration behind that story?

Q: (L) Are you asking me?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I don’t know. What do you mean. Talk about confused thought patterns!

A: No, not so confusing.

Q: (L) Well, that leads to some of my other questions about what we are doing …

A: Imagine how much your cause would be damaged without him? Where would your ambition for the quest go? You must be extremely vigilant when it comes to him and his safety. He still does not completely fathom the depths of the situation. Until he is here, thus more protected, and it will not be easy to get him here, danger awaits the greeting of each new day. Vigilance! Vigilance! Vigilance!!!!!

Q: (L) That is completely depressing. Help me out here!

A: Now … Calm down! No need for depression. Would you rather be left with a lack of knowledge, and in an ever increasing state of false security oriented oblivion, only to be struck by lightning?!? Of course not!!! So remember … Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers!!

Q: (L) Well, you said that it was going to be difficult to get him here. The arrangements have already been made. Are you saying difficult in a general sense, or is there going to be some major move made, some plan going on at other levels, or behind the scenes, to prevent him?

A: There always is that. Have you not seen the evidence already? Must be aware. Think of it as a war. Expect every possible move/or occurrence. Victory comes from being forewarned, and therefore, forearmed.

Q: (L) Is that, as Frank said, the key? To turn up the vigilance volume to maximum?

A: Always. Don’t be like the sentry who fell into a peaceful, pleasure filled, dreamy sleep while on watch! He did not even feel the blade as it pierced his heart!

Q: (L) Well, that is not friendly. Now I really am depressed! Tell me: is what we are doing so important that this kind of energy has to be concentrated on us?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can we quit?

A: No. Too late! Look at it this way: make it your goal to succeed, then you have not to fear.

Q: (L) Is there any connection between the dangers of Dijon, the dangers now, and the interaction with Moshe?

A: Connection? Not exactly, except that Arkadiusz must be made aware that dangers lurk everywhere, potentially. He has spent a lifetime building a strong sense of security, based upon his own natural self assured state of being. But now is the “time” to learn that this is not enough.

Q: (L) Is there any specific danger in Florence that you can point out, or back in Wroclaw?

A: No specific dangers. Just remember: there are forces “out there” that wish to see your project, and you, fail. You two have both previously felt the sting of these forces acutely. He has not so much, until now.

Q: (L) I have the feeling that this has been a recurring drama in other lives, preparing us for this period?

A: Recurrences of this type are usually intermittent in nature.

Q: (L) Anything further on this?

A: We could go on and on. The point is: warn Arkadiusz! Knowledge protects …

They weren’t kidding. And the rain began to fall in earnest.