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Einstein proposes to take Kaluza’s fifth dimension as REAL. Later retracts.

Estonia, Juminda. Two observers watched a 1-meter long object that was greenish -brown in color until it finally disappeared.

Josef Stalin tries the “Anti-Soviet bloc of rightists and Trotskyites.” The crux of the Stalinist accusation was that Trotskyites were paid agents of international capitalism. K. G. Rakovsky, one of the 1938 defendants, said, or was induced to say, “We were the vanguard of foreign aggression, of international fascism, and not only in the USSR but also in Spain, China, throughout the world.” The summation of the “court” contains the statement, “There is not a single man in the world who brought so much sorrow and misfortune to people as Trotsky. He is the vilest agent of fascism ….” And we are reminded of the strange affair of Trotsky and Woodrow Wilson and the Wall Street Bankers. What we notice, in particular, is that Trotsky was supported by the same gang of international capitalists, who, incidentally, were also supporters of Mussolini and Hitler.