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The Wave Chapter 26: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. In Him was Life and the Life was the Light of Men. And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it, and is unreceptive to it.” (John 1:1-5)

The word logos means word in Greek. When it was used in archaic, esoteric terms it had a more specific meaning — that “Divine Essence” was concentrated in its Name. This theory of creation was passed from Tantrism to Neoplatonic philosophy, and was later absorbed into Christianity and from there, it was suggested to apply only to Jesus. The Christian enthusiasm for this idea may have been related to the fact that it provided exclusively male gods the means by which to give birth. They could just speak the word and that was that. Thus, it has become a widely known and popular theological construct.

However, the ability to create and destroy with words was originally the domain of the Goddess in all her many manifestations. She created alphabets, languages and secret words of power, or mantras. Every manifestation of life was brought into being by the supreme syllable and mother of all sounds, Ohm.

The Logos idea is actually almost identical to the Oriental concept of the Oversoul, which was supposed to be the essence of the Great Mother. Origen, one of the early fathers of the Christian church, wrote:

As our body while consisting of human members is yet held together by one soul, so the universe is to be thought of as an immense living being which is held together by one soul, the power of the Logos.

The doctrine of the Logos was so widespread in the ancient world that it would have been impossible for Christians to ignore it. However, not only did they appropriate its use to their own ends, they also destroyed the ancient Logoi, the sacred writings of the Orphics, mentioned by Plato and other philosophers. This was a large portion of the wisdom literature which survived in part in the Bible, and was also preserved in fragments in certain Gnostic writings discovered at Nag Hammadi in 1945. The Gospel of Truth says:

When the Word appeared, the Word which is in the hearts of those who pronounced It. … It was not only a sound, but It had taken on a body as well. (Pagels, 1978)

Christians gave the idea a very simplistic interpretation, assuming the “body” was Christ’s. The more perceptive of the ancient writers intended to say that man, the nomothete, creates all his gods from his Word.

And here we find ourselves back in the domain of the Names of God.

Q: (L) Is there only one ultimate creator of the universe?

A: All is one. And one is all.

Q: (L) How does thought become matter?

A: Bilaterally.

Q: (L) What do you mean by “bilaterally”?

A: Dual emergence.

Q: (L) Emergence into what and what?

A: Not “into what and what”, but rather, “from what and to what”.

Q: (L) What emerges from what?

A: The beginning emerges from the end, and vice versa.

Q: (L) And what is the beginning and what is the end?

A: Union with the One.

Q: (L) What is the One?

A: 7th density, i.e., all that is, and is not.

Q: (L) In terms of major STS, this may or may not be related, could you tell us the nature of a Black Hole?

A: Grand Scale STS. Black Holes are a natural force reflection of Free Will consciousness pattern of STS. Notice that Black Holes are located at center of spiral energy forces, all else radiates outward. All in creation is just that: a radiating wave.

Q: (L) Where does the energy go that gets sucked into a black hole?

A: Inward to total nonexistence. Universe is all encompassing. Black holes are final destination of all STS energy. Total nonexistence balances total existence. Guess what is total existence? “God.” Prime Creator. As long as you exist, you are of the Prime Creator.

Q: (L) Now, this stuff that goes into Black Holes, that goes into nonexistence, is that, then, not part of the Prime Creator?

A: Correct.

Q: (L) How can Prime Creator lose any part of him or itself?

A: Prime Creator does not “lose” anything.

Q: (L) Well, then, how would you describe this energy that was in existence and then is no longer in existence because it has become or gone into a Black Hole?

A: Reflection is regenerated at level 1 as primal atoms. 1st density includes all physical matter below the level of consciousness. Seventh density is union with the one… it is timeless in every sense of the word, as its “essence” radiates through all that exists in all possible awareness realms. And, remember, there is only one “God”, and that the creator includes all that is created and vice versa!


Q: (L) Okay, who created the Cassiopaeans?

A: Your super ancient spiritual ancestors.

Q: (L) Do these beings have a name?

A: No. They are Transient passengers.

Q: (L) What is the meaning of this term and who are these beings?

A: Transient passengers are not beings. Transient passengers are unified thought form.

Q: (L) Why are they called Transient Passengers?

A: Because they transit all forms of reality. And they spring forth from the Unified form of existence.

Q: (L) Well, are these Transient Passengers Realms?

A: Yes. So are you.

Q: (L) Are the sixth density Orions, also known as Transient Passengers, are they the same Transient Passengers that have been referred to as the ones who genetically engineered us or put us here?

A: Close. They are Wave riders.

Q: (L) Is “riding The Wave” part of the definition of Transient Passengers?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Do they like to ride this wave?

A: Is it “fun” for you to live on earth?

Q: (L) Well, I like living on earth a great deal, but I don’t like pain and suffering, and I don’t like man’s inhumanity to man and I don’t like to see other people suffer.

A: Do you live on earth for amusement?

Q: (L) I would like to live on Earth for amusement but I haven’t had a whole heck of a lot of laughs since I have been here this time. I would like to have a life on the planet where things were pleasant…

A: You misunderstood.

Q: (L) I see what you are saying. That’s where they live because that’s where they live.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are there Service-to-Self beings at sixth density that some call the sixth density Orions?

A: These are only reflections of individuals, not unified entities. These reflections exist for balance. They are not whole entities, just thought forms.

Q: (L) Are these sixth density beings what the Bible describes as a “gathering” of angels as in the story of Job where “Lucifer” came in before the Lord…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in addition to STO, there are STS at sixth density which balance? And they are just there, they exist?

A: Reflection for balance.

Q: (L) Is there any kind of hierarchy to this thing? Do these beings come before some kind of “Grand Council” and make plans and discuss things, and make decisions and implement them?

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, how do things happen? Do things just sort of happen as a natural interaction of things and energies?

A: Yes.


Q: (L) You say that you are unified thought forms in the realm of knowledge.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Ibn al-’Arabi describes unified thought forms as being the “Names of God”. His explication seems to be so identical to things you tell us that I wonder…

A: We are all the names of God. Remember, this is a conduit. This means that both termination/origination points are of equal value, importance.

Q: (L) What do you mean? Does this mean that we are a part of this?

A: Yes. Don’t deify us. And, be sure all others with which you communicate understand this too! Remember: 1st density includes all physical matter below the level of consciousness. 6th density is uniform in the level pattern of lightness, as there is complete balance on this density level, and the lightness is represented as knowledge. 7th density is union with the one… it is timeless in every sense of the word, as its “essence” radiates through all that exists in all possible awareness realms. The light one sees at the termination of each conscious physical manifestation is the Union, itself. Remember, 4th density is the first that includes variable physicality!! Ponder this carefully!!! And, remember, there is only one “God”, and that the creator includes all that is created and vice versa!

Now, let’s form a little hypothesis here — a working model. Let’s say that Unified Thought Forms at sixth density are the Names of God. This is a level of pure consciousness; the Platonic level of ideas, or essences or noumena.

The sixth density level of knowledge of all would be just “below” the One at seventh density. We would call this the Name of Knowledge; it is the logos or “word” that engenders all existence. It could be symbolized by the ancient yin-yang symbol since it includes all of the Names. It could also be symbolized as the universal hermaphrodite or androgyne. It is the “Two in One” where the work of generation begins. It is the first manifestation of the eternal parent and is a bisexual universal being. It combines within itself the elements and principles of both masculinity and femininity. However, we have to note the distinction between knowledge of all and the Wrathful and Beautiful Names.

In trying to think through this idea, I wanted to have a visual image. I struggled for months to think of a way to present it with little success. Finally, it occurred to me that the Cabalistic Tree of Life might be a useful form to work with. I found an image in a book and it didn’t seem quite the thing, but I thought I could play with it a bit, modify it, and get it to do what I wanted, so I scanned it onto the computer. When I did, the way the scanner was sitting forced me to place the book upside-down. When the image came up on the screen, upside-down, I immediately recognized that this was useful! So here is my little modification of the Tree of Life that represents the cosmos, or body of God.

Now, I want you to notice first of all that the vertical axis has seventh density union with the One at the top, and first density matter at the bottom. If I were able to present this in a hyperdimensional manner, the position at the top would include Being and Non-being that serves as a sort of möbius connection between first density and seventh. In other words, they are not really separate — they connect in an endless cycle. “The beginning emerges from the end and vice versa.” It might be useful to think of a tesseract so as to realize this is a three-dimensional representation of something that is not three-dimensional!1

Now, the next thing we want to consider about this vertical axis is the placement of the sixth density level of Knowledge on the vertical axis as a mirror image of the placement of second density as the realm of nature, that is, flora and fauna. There is an important key here that we must realize. If sixth density is “uniform in the level pattern of lightness, as there is complete balance on this density level, and the lightness is represented as knowledge”, then we must think of the realm of nature as being the physical reflection of this principle. That is to say, nature — all of creation — is a reflection of all of consciousness.

We also notice that second density is only able to recycle through fifth density in order to graduate to any of the other densities, and this is reflected in our observations of nature. We do not ever see any creatures from the animal kingdom suddenly developing self-consciousness in the sense of the nature of human consciousness.

Actually, we don’t necessarily have any hard evidence that it is possible for humans to graduate to the higher densities which might be indicated by the lateral axes in the figure that show direct channels between third, fourth and sixth densities. Yet we have been told that this is possible; there is circumstantial evidence in esoteric literature that this has occurred.

We do have some idea that certain divine beings who have appeared throughout history have a more or less human form. So we might assume that, generally speaking, there is not so great a barrier between our third density state and the higher densities as there is between second density and the densities that are reflected in human self-consciousness and awareness.

So, second density is shown without a direct conduit to the higher densities except through fifth, the “recycling zone”.

One thing that occurs to me as I look at this little modification of the Tree of Life is that it sure seems to model and define in pretty simple and precise terms the relationships we are coming to understand about our reality, as well as the potentials for moving from one point on the Tree to another. But, don’t think that I have even begun to analyze and think of all the possibilities. I am hoping that the reader will see things that have not even occurred to me.

It should be understood, again, that the conduits of connection are actually hyperdimensional in nature and not really separated as they appear on the model. Not only that, but the two lateral axes identified as STS and STO represent literally infinite dimensions in number. These dimensions can represent different Names of God and their extensions down through the densities either as single individuals or as groups of individuals. However, there is always balance, so for every STO axis there is an equal and corresponding STS axis.

Another thing that occurs to me as I examine the relationships is that from any of the lateral axes, by accessing nature/knowledge one is also aligning with the vertical axis of Being which could be defined as the axis of gravity within each of us. Perhaps by aligning with this axis, one could theoretically open a doorway into this axis. Once one was in this axis, one could then open a doorway into any of the other positions of either the lateral or vertical axes. Of course, talking about it and doing it are two different things! Apparently this is one of the aspects of the great Work of alchemy. And in studying alchemy we find some warnings that would do us well to heed.

The alchemists wrote that the study and contemplation of the metaphorical philosopher’s stone along with the chemical work was a necessary component to elevate the mind and prepare the soul for transmutation.

By invigorating the Organs the Soul uses for communicating with exterior objects, the Soul must acquire greater powers not only for conception but also for retention, and therefore if we wish to obtain still more knowledge, the organs and secret springs of physical life must be wonderfully strengthened and invigorated. The Soul must acquire new powers for conceiving and retaining. … That this has not been the case with all possessors was their own fault. … Those who study only the material elements can at best discover only half the mystery… alchemy is a mystery in three worlds — the divine, the human and the elemental… alchemy in the hands of the profane becomes perverted…

Man’s quest for gold is often his undoing, for he mistakes the alchemical processes, believing them to be purely material. He does not realize that the Philosopher’s Gold, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Philosopher’s Medicine exist in each of the four worlds and that the consummation of the experiment cannot be realized until it is successfully carried on in four worlds simultaneously according to one formula.

Furthermore, one of the constituents of the alchemical formula exists only within the nature of man himself, without which his chemicals will not combine, and though he spend his life and fortune in chemical experimentation, he will not produce the desired end [which is] the subtle element which comes out of the nature of the illuminated and regenerated alchemist. He must have the magnetic power to attract and coagulate invisible astral elements. (Eugenius Philalethes, quoted in Hall, 1988; emphasis added)

The alchemical literature includes stories of alchemists who blew themselves up, who suffered horrible diseases, who came under the power of demonic influences because their technical abilities surpassed their spiritual development, or who shot to stardom like a meteor, and then crashed and burned in ignominy.

But, we are gathering more clues here. We have a remark that “alchemy is a mystery in three worlds”, and that the work takes place in four worlds simultaneously. The three worlds are defined as “divine, human and elemental”. The Cassiopaeans have also talked about these three worlds:

October 5, 1996

A: Each soul has its own patterning, which is held in place by the three bodies of existence “thought center, spirit center and physical center”. There are specific methodologies for adjusting these, and traveling into or out of other planes of existence. When one does not properly utilize these, one tears the fabric of their trilateral continuum when they seek to travel. This can be very problematic, and may lead to the soul being unable to reconnect with the body, thus causing the physical center to perish!!!

They have also spoken of the “four worlds”.

October 10, 1998

A: And remember, your consciousness operates on four levels, not just one! [They are] Physical body, genetic body, spirit-etheric body, and consciousness. [These are] the four composites of the human manifestation in 3rd and 4th densities.

Now, as I pondered these things, it occurred to me that this modified Tree of Life could be used to represent each individual human being since, as the Cassiopaeans have pointed out, all of creation exists within each and every one of us. When we align with the central axis, we are aligned with seventh density, which is the origin of all other engendered beings, and we thereby have access to all of Creation in very literal terms.

However, since man is a mirror image of God, we now need to reverse the image as the Cabalists constructed it with, again, my little modifications.

Now, look at this Tree. Note that, on the vertical axis, below the level of Union with the One, or seventh density, there are four positions. If this is the relationship we are looking for, then we see that the physical body relates to first density matter, the genetic body relates to second density, the spirit-etheric body relates to fifth density, and consciousness relates to sixth density knowledge. At the same time, we always retain our connection to seventh density, so that must be considered the pivot or “true dimension”.

Q: (L) Physicists talk about multi-dimensional universes. The idea is that our three-dimensional space and one-dimensional time is an illusion of plane beings, while the true universe has more dimensions perpendicular to the above ones. Physicists have different guesses here: 5, 6, 7, 11, 256. How many dimensions does the true universe have?

A: Not correct concept. Should be: How many universes does the “true” dimension have?

Q: (L) All right, then. I think that from a previous session we were told that the number of universes was not countable. Is that correct?

A: Infinite, maybe, but more to the point: variable and selective.

Q: (L) Explain variable and selective, please?

A: For those who know how, universes can be created at will in order to transmodify reality merge.

Q: (L) What is a reality merge?

A: What does it sound like?

Q: (T) Merging of realities from one universe into another? A creating of a new reality which is then merged with the old to create a new universe. (L) Maybe it means the realities of different people merge to create a sort of “mutual universe”? Like the idea “you create your own reality”?

A: T is closer; Laura is playing “left field”.

Q: (T) A structure of the universe that holds the levels together… everything is connected. The consciousness of sixth density is perfectly bonded and balanced with third density, and the quasi-physical level of fourth density, and the totally physical levels three through one, and the total One of seventh, and whatever fifth is. (L) We have four levels of physical expression, so to speak, going from the really solid, minimal consciousness level one to…

A: Yes, but the Terran scientists have been programmed to believe that nothing can exist unless it can be measured, estimated, calculated and represented in some way in the physical material plane. Not true!!!!!!! For example: We are in no way physical.

Q: (L) Well, I also want to know why you refer to a technological device that supposedly transports someone from one density to another, as a “Trans-Dimensional Atomic Remolecularizer”?

A: In order to reconstruct 3rd density into 4th density physical, other dimensions must be utilized in the process. Remember, we are talking about exact duplicates which are merged.

Q: (L) But, a little while ago you said there was a single dimension and many universes, and now you are saying utilizing another dimension, so the terminology is getting to be a little bit confusing… (T) It is like a program loading onto a computer. Some programs just load straight in. Others need to create a space on the hard drive to put files that they need to load the program, but are not part of the program, and when it is finished loading, it erases all the “loading instructions”. The hard drive is still the hard drive, but for a time, the program used a sector of the hard drive, and created a temporary dimension, let’s say. (L) Is this what we are looking at here?

A: Close. And remember, we said “true” dimension!

Q: (L) So, it is like one hard drive, many programs, loading instructions for new programs that are then erased, etc. If there is one “true dimension”, and infinite universes within it, does one particular universe exist, of and by itself, at any given time, until it is merged into a new one, or is there within this one true dimension, multiple universes as real as ours is, to which we could go, and could be there alongside ours, so to speak?

A: Yes to the latter.

Q: (L) And, can infinite numbers of “dimensions” exist within each level of density, even if temporary?

A: Yes. If you want to go back and change “history”, either for individuals or for universal perception, you must first create an alternate universe to do it. Your 4th density STS “friends” have been doing this a lot.

Q: (L) If you, being a general term, create an alternate universe, does the former one continue to exist, or does the former one merge into the new one?

A: Both.

Q: (L) If the former one continues to exist, does it exist and evolve on its own, disassociated with the second one, or this offshoot?

A: Clarify.

Q: (T) The universe you are in: you are going along and say, “I think I will create a new Universe”. You do it, and move to it, and you bring your universe with you. That is the merging of realities. But, when you move to the new universe, you are no longer in the original one, which continues along on its own. The pattern of the old universe, you bring into the new one, and when you become part of the new universe you have just created, you are no longer part of the old one you just left which just goes along with everybody else there, only without you. Is this possible?

A: Sort of… remember, one can create all ranges of types of alternate possibilities.

Q: (L) So you could create a new universe with a new “past”, even?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in that way, both actually occur and you can change the whole thing?

A: When merged, the former never existed.

Q: (T) Not for the person creating the new universe, but the former will continue for everybody else.

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, for the person creating a new universe, the former never existed, but the other beings who are satisfied with that old universe, and “go” with it, are still continuing along as though…

A: Your 3rd density mind restrictions limit the scope of your comprehension in this area.

Q: (L) If you decide you don’t like your present universe, and you work like crazy to learn how to create a new one, and you do it, do you, essentially, forget that you did this? And why you did this? And forget the other universe?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) So you can or you can’t… (T) Going by what you just said: “an unhappy universe” exists maybe because you’re perceiving the universe you are in as being unhappy because that is the way you are and where you are at, in terms of learning, and by creating a new universe, you are simply wishing to change the way the universe is around you, and really it’s not the universe that has a problem, but you…

A: Off track. [So much for that version of “you create your own reality”!]

Q: (L) So, the universe you are in, is what it is, and you are in it for some reason… (T) You’re in it to learn lessons… just to change the universe because you don’t want to learn the lessons you’ve chosen to learn… (L) Or, you have learned them and thereby can change the universe… (T) When you learn, you just move on automatically, you don’t have to change the universe. The universe will change for you.

A: Deja vu comes to you compliments of 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Is deja vu a result of some sensation of the universe having changed?

A: Or… some sensation of reality bridging.

Q: (L) What is reality bridging?

A: What does it sound like?

Q: (T) A bridge is something you put between two things…

A: You wish to limit, wait till 4th density, when the word will be obsolete!

Q: (L) That still doesn’t help me to understand deja  vu as a “sensation of reality bridging”. Is deja  vu because something comes into our reality from another?

A: One possibility.

Q: (T) Didn’t we talk about this? That it is a bleed through from other dimensions… that when we think we have been someplace before, it is because in another dimension we have…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you are now in a particular universe that has been created and merged by fourth density STS, and there is still the old universe existing, and you feel a connection, or a bridging, because some alternate self is in that alternate universe, living through some experience… or a similar thing?

A: No limits of possibilities.

Q: (L) So it can be any and all of those things, and bridging realities of “past” and “future”, as well. Is it possible to change the past within a discrete universe, or does every change imply a new or alternate universe?

A: Discrete does not get it.

Q: (L) Well, within a particular, selected one of the universes, can you go back in time, within that universe, change the past, and have it change everything forward, still within that selected universe, like a domino effect?

A: In such a case, yes.

Q: (L) But, you said that if you want to change the past, you have to create an alternate universe… (T) No, you asked about changing the past, and they said you have to create a temporary place to work from, a position from which you can manipulate the reality…

A: That is for specialized activities. What was described is not the same as an “alternate universe”.

Q: (L) It is a temporary file that will go away when you are finished loading the program. And that is not creating an alternate universe, but rather a temporary dimension…

A: Close.

Q: (L) In our particular universe, what is the primary mode? Are we constantly shifting and merging universe to universe, or is our past being changed and reacting like the domino effect… at least in the past few years… (T) But, we wouldn’t know if the past has been changed because we wouldn’t see it…

A: Measurements are inadequate.

Q: (L) Is it that any and all possibilities will and do take place?

A: Closer.

Q: (L) Are the words “universe” and “dimension” synonymous?

A: Yes and no. For you, these are “gray” areas, and no matter how hard you try, until your perception shifts fundamentally, you ain’t gonna get it!

Q: (L) Okay, there are four physical densities…

A: No, three.

Q: (L) Okay, there are three physical densities, and the fourth is…

A: One is variable. Three ethereal.

Q: (L) Okay, three that are physical, three ethereal, and one in between that is both.

A: Close.

Q: (L) Is awareness the only thing that determines what density one exists in?

A: No. Awareness is the bond that unites the reality.

Q: (L) You have said that gravity is the binder of all reality.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And now you talk about perception bonding.

A: Yes. Now, try to picture how gravity is the binder of all reality!!!

Q: (L) If gravity is the binder, is gravity consciousness?

A: Not exactly. Did you know that there is no “right” or “left” in 4th density through 7th density? If you can picture this exactly, then you may be able to understand the responses to all the questions you are asking. If not, best “give it a rest”. Because it will only be productive learning when you ponder and reflect/review “later”.

Regarding the three worlds, divine, human and elemental — or, as the Cassiopaeans put it, the soul’s three bodies of existence: thought center, spirit center, and physical center — we look again at the tree and note that each of the lateral axes has three positions: sixth density, fourth density, and third density. In other words, our third density physical body is directly connected to our spirit center at fourth density, which emerges from the sixth density thought center, which is the level of the Names of God.

However, in keeping with our mirror image of the cosmic tree, we have designated the two axes as STS (entropic) and STO (creative). On the STS axis, beings that graduate become more and more “encapsulated” until, at fifth density, they exist completely in entropic thought with no activity whatsoever. At some point, these contractile energies gain sufficient “weight” to graduate to sixth density, at which point, in contact with knowledge of all, they perceive their true function which is to regenerate at level One as primal atoms. They become matter. This occurs at the same instant that STO energies have gained weight on an opposing axis, and rise to union with the One. In short, a constant cycling.

Q: (T) Now, another force in what we term as the past, defeated you and used the power of the light in order to alter us in different ways, is this correct?

A: Yes. Now understand this: It is all part of natural grand cycle.

Q: (L) You say it is a natural thing or part of a natural grand cycle. Is this natural grand cycle just part of the interaction between light and darkness, which just simply must be?

A: Yes. We are at “front line” of universe’s natural system of balance. That is where one rises to before reaching total union of “The One”. 6th level.

Q: (T) Now, the battle you had with the other side…

A: Are having.

Q: (T) This battle goes on… do you have the light power back?

A: Never lost it, you did.

Q: (T) Okay, I guess that for us the Lizzies are the main force even though they have others on their side…

A: Yes.

Q: (T) They took our light, not yours?

A: Not against you. Currently in union with you.

Q: (T) So we are but one battle in the universe in an overall, ongoing struggle?

A: Yes. Balance is natural. Remember, it’s all just lessons in the grand cycle.

Q: (T) When we put out energy as positive or negative energy, there are beings on other levels that feed on this energy. Is this true?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Okay, and you said that the Lizzies feed on the negative energy?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Who feeds on the positive energy?

A: You do.

Q: (T) How do we feed on the positive energy?

A: Progression toward union with the one, i.e., level 7.

Q: (L) In other words, you fuel your own generator instead of fueling someone else’s. (T) You are at level six, what do you feed on?

A: You have the wrong concept. We give to others and receive from others of the STO. We feed each other.

Q: (L) So, by feeding each other you move forward and grow but those of the STS path do not feed each other so must feed off of others. (T) Now, you are talking to us now. This is considered STO?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) We are providing energy for the channel also, does that provide you with energy?

A: No.

Q: (L) What do you want from us?

A: We don’t want when pure STO. We came because YOU wanted. But that is STS until you share with others.

Q: (S) Why are you choosing Laura and Frank to transmit this information?

A: Because balancing fields are correct.

Q: (B) Is this channeling going to go beyond the primitive method of one letter at a time, or is it going to go into the method of writing or typing or direct channeling consciously or unconsciously?

A: Can now, less danger of corruption through this method.

Q: (B) What is the purpose of this contact?

A: To help you to learn, thus gain knowledge, thus gain protection, thus progress.

Q: (B) What do the Cassiopaeans gain from this contact?

A: By helping you, we are moving toward fulfilling of our destiny of union with you and all else, thus completing the Grand cycle.

Q: (B) Is this the only probability open to you or is this the best probability open to you?

A: Both.

Q: (B) Are you a great distance from us in light years?

A: Distance is a 3rd density idea.

Q: (B) Light years is third density?

A: Yes.

Q: (B) What do you mean by traveling on The Wave?

A: Traveling on thoughts.

Q: (L) Whose thoughts are they?

A: Thoughts unify all reality in existence and are all shared.

Q: (S) You travel on a wave of energy created by all thought forms?

A: Thought forms are all that exists!

Q: (B) Have those that are STS acknowledged that those that are STO are going to win in this race or conflict?

A: No, absolutely not! In fact, the STS cannot conceive of “losing” but instinctively feel pressure building upon them, that is the reason for the impending turmoil.

Q: (B) What happens to them when they lose, does this mean that they are degaussed, or does that mean that they have to go back and do the whole evolutionary process all over again on the other polarity?

A: Latter.

Q: (B) So, there is a nexus point coming up?

A: Close. When we said “close” we meant concept was “close” to reality. Not close in terms of time or distance.

Q: (B) At that point do they experience the pain that they have caused?

A: No, that is what happens on 5th level only.

When considering thought centers, a particular remark of the Cassiopaeans may give us another clue for our quest:

August 12, 1995

A: Remember, most all power necessary for altering reality and physicality is contained within the belief center of the mind. This is something you will understand more closely when you reach 4th density reality where physicality is no longer a prison, but is instead, your home, for you to alter as you please. In your current state, you have the misinterpretation of believing that reality is finite and therein lies your difficulty with finite physical existence. We are surprised that you are still not able to completely grasp this concept.

This suggests to us that the way to change our reality is to access something called a thought center or “belief” center. The only problem is, it seems that by aligning ourselves with the fourth density Service-to-Self reality, we have also come under the domination of the STS thought center or control center. Let’s have a look at some of the references to thought centers to determine if we can sort out the matter:

Q: (L) Who created the Lizzies?

A: Ormethion.

Q: (L) And who is this individual?

A: Thought center.

Q: (L) Located where?

A: Everywhere.

Q: (L) Can you give us a little more of a clue?

A: Another sector of reality.

Q: (L) Is this a sentient, self-aware being that created the Lizzies?

A: Yes and no.

Q: (L) And who created this Ormethion?

A: Not being. Thought center.

One thing we notice is that thought centers are slightly different from unified thought forms that are identified as transient passengers. This is another clue that our Tree of Life model is set up correctly, since the unified thought forms would exist at the sixth density level of knowledge, which contains the thought of STS for balance, but no STS unified thought beings, so to say. But, the thought center realm is apparently a sixth density level of being in a relative sense. The difference is easily identified by looking at the tree. The sixth density thought center for STS does not transit all densities and realities — it is restricted to the STS realm. The same is true for the purely STO thought center level — it is restricted to the STO realm. However, the sixth density unified consciousness level is located on the central, vertical axis as the logoic offspring of seventh density.

Q: (L) Where does gravity emanate from?

A: Thought center.

Q: (L) You have mentioned thought centers of many occasions. Is there more than one?

A: All are one and all.

Q: (L) If you have a thought center, how do thought centers relate to seventh density, the One?

A: Exactly!

Q: (L) Are thought centers seventh density?

A: All is.

Q: (L) All is thought centers?

A: No. All is 7th density. We have told you before that gravity is the foundational force of absolutely everything!!! This means at all density levels, all dimensions… It is the “stuff” of all existence. Without it, nothing would exist. Your thoughts are based in gravity, too!!

On the occasion of the board photograph discussed in Riding the Wave and Secret History, thought centers were also mentioned in a way that gives us another clue to their significance:

Q: (L) What is this geometric figure?

A: Was a visual representation of the conduit, indeed!!! The reason for such clear luminescence is that thought centers were clear and open in you at the moment of the photograph. In other words, there was an imbalance of energy coming from 6th density transmission point.

This suggests that I was in a state of total non-anticipation at the moment of the photograph, which allowed a sort of “zero-point energy” function to activate in a psychic way. But, more importantly, it suggests the idea that we are connected via some sort of conduit to these archetypal thought centers as depicted in our Tree of Life image.

Another remark about thought centers demonstrates again that our Tree of Life figure is going to take us somewhere:

A: First of all, confusion abounds here due to incorrect interpretations of the last subject discussed. Dimensions are not densities!!!! Dimensions are strictly the result of the universal consciousness as manifested in the imagination sector of thought. Density means level of development as measured in terms of closeness to union with the one…

We might think, then, that the lateral axes represent dimensions resulting from various thought centers. And, again, we cannot limit them to just two, since they may be infinite even if they do fall under the general categories of STS and STO or the Wrathful and Beautiful Names of God.

In trying to understand the relationships of our given position at the third density level to the vertical lateral axes, or the densities three, four, and six, to which we are connected in a direct way, we might look at this bit of information as a clue:

Q: (A) Which part of a human extends into fourth density?

A: That which is effected by pituitary gland.

Q: (L) And what is that?

A: Psychic.

Q: (A) Are there some particular DNA sequences that facilitate transmission between densities?

A: Addition of strands.

Q: (L) How do you get added strands?

A: You don’t get; you receive.

Q: (L) Where are they received from?

A: Interaction with upcoming wave, if vibration is aligned.

Q: (L) How do you know if this is happening?

A: Psychophysiological changes manifest.

Q: (A) When you speak of an upcoming wave, it is a wave of what?

A: Think of it as a wave of reflection from the beginning and end point.

Q: (A) But what vibrates? Energy? Aether?

A: Energy and aether are directly symbiotic. “Aether” is Terran material science’s attempt to address ether. The trouble is, there is simply no way to physicalize a plane of existence, which is composed entirely of consciousness. It is the union of perfect balance between the two “states” or planes that is the foundation and essence of all creation/reality. You cannot have one without the other!

Q: (L) When you say the two states or planes, you are saying the physical state and the state of consciousness…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And you can’t have one without the other. And the state of consciousness and the state of material existence are so completely connected, that both are infinite? One cannot exist without the other…

A: Yes, connected, intertwined, bonded… Merged.

Q: (A) When this aether-energy-matter vibrates, then in which dimension does it do this?

A: The densities three and four at transition junction.

Q: (A) If not in linear time, then in what?

A: Cyclical “time”.

Q: (A) What measures the distance between one crest and another?

A: Ending/beginning of cycle.

Q: (A) Is DNA acting as a superconductor?

A: Yes!!! But variably.

Q: (A) I am trying to understand the universe in terms of a triad: matter — geometry — information. Is it the right idea?

A: If one thinks of matter as “living” rather than “dead”. And now, when you merge densities, or traverse densities, what you have is the merging of physical reality and ethereal reality, which involves thought form versus physicality. When you can merge those perfectly, what you realize then, is that the reason there is no beginning and no end is merely because there is no need for you to contemplate a beginning or an end after you have completed your development. When you are at union with the One at Seventh density, that is when you have accomplished this and then there is no longer any need for difference between physical and ethereal forms.

This brings us back in a curious way to the study of nature — all of Creation — as a means of drawing closer in alignment with the central, vertical axis.

By invigorating the Organs the Soul uses for communicating with exterior objects, the Soul must a acquire greater powers not only for conception but also for retention, and therefore if we wish to obtain still more knowledge, the organs and secret springs of physical life must be wonderfully strengthened and invigorated.

In a previous segment, the pituitary connection was mentioned, and now, it becomes more significant:

Stones were once utilized to provide for all needs, as the energies transmitted connected directly with the pituitary gland to connect spiritual realities with the material realms of 3rd and 4th densities. So you see, the ‘stone’ was viewed as Matriarchal indeed!

And the alchemists say:

The study and contemplation of the metaphorical “Philosopher’s Stone” along with the chemical work was a necessary component to elevate the mind and prepare the soul for transmutation.

The Cassiopaeans relate the alchemical transmutation to fourth density:

Q: (L) Were the beings involved in this type of activity third density, fourth density or bi-density?

A: Originally 4th when home was in other locators.

Q: (L) Could it be said that the pituitary gland itself is the body’s own “mother stone”?

A: If you prefer.

Q: (J) What exactly is the function of the pituitary gland in your references to Stonehenge?

A: This gland is your uplink.

Q: (L) Is it possible that the pituitary can be stimulated by external sources such as radio waves, waves from a supernova, or other frequencies in the environment?

A: Yes and experiments have ensued.

Q: (L) Would it be beneficial for us to experiment with such things?

A: Not wise. You could fry yourself in your zeal.

Regarding the strictly physical aspects of our being, we look again at our Tree of Life and note specifically the arrangement of third, fourth and sixth densities on the lateral axes. The third density position is directly connected with fifth density contemplation zone, as are all the other densities. The Cassiopaeans once remarked about the chakras that:

A: First of all, “chakras” are a little understood and nonproven phenomenon. Now, it just so happens they do exist, but in different form than reported by many in the so-called “psychic” community.

Q: (L) What, exactly, is a chakra?

A: An energy field that merges density one, two, three or four with five. You are all connected with level five when you are on a short wave cycle. Chakras are the connection with physical imprint locator.

Getting back to our hypothesis about archetypes, centers, and Names of God, let me propose that fourth density is a realm where the archetypes are embodied in group souls. These group souls then have extensions of themselves into the third density reality in the same way a hand has five fingers. Only in these projections, each finger is a different lifetime of an individual soul, which lifetimes are not limited to sequential experience; and we cannot limit the number of hands or fingers. In this sense, it could be said that third density is a projection of sixth density through the “lens” of fourth density.

Q: (D) When fourth density beings communicate it’s telepathic, right?

A: Yes.

Q: (D) Okay, since time doesn’t exist, how do you communicate about happenings? If you’re communicating telepathically on fourth density, and time doesn’t exist, how do you communicate about events as one happens now, as opposed to later, and the next thing happens, and the next thing happens? (J) How is it sequential?

A: Translate.

Q: (D) Okay, let me explain what I mean. I mean, we talk about 1907 something happened…

A: That is how it is done.

Q: (T) You translate the experience?

A: From 4th density to 3rd density. And vice versa.

Q: (L) So, in other words, it’s almost like making movies. So, in other words, if you’re a fourth density being, everything is more or less happening, excuse the term happening, everything is simultaneous, and if you wish to discuss or communicate or have any focus upon any particular aspect of this unified dimension, then what you do is you kind of extract it out, project it into third density like a movie…

A: Close. But you will not understand fully until you get there.

Now, each of these archetypal qualities or Names of God manifest on fourth density in archetypal dramas. This relates us back to Mircea Eliade’s concept of the archetypal gesture — illud tempus — from the beginning.

Every hero repeated the archetypal gesture, every war rehearsed the struggle between good and evil, every fresh social injustice was identified with the passion of a divine messenger, each new massacre repeated the glorious end of the martyrs. … All religious acts are held to have been founded by gods, civilizing heroes, or mythical ancestors. … Not only do rituals have their mythical models, but any human act whatever acquires effectiveness to the extent to which it exactly repeats an act performed at the beginning of time by a god, a hero, or an ancestor. (Eliade, 1954)

This expresses the idea that the world in which we live is a form, or reflection or double of another cosmic world that exists on a higher level. These were celestial archetypes.

Q: (L) Earlier Eva and I were talking on the phone about mythological figures possibly representing group souls. That is, on our level of third density, groups of individuals who are separated by flesh, might be extensions of group souls at a higher level…

A: Whom does Zeus represent?

Q: (F) The father of the gods?

A: And the implication is…?

Q: (L) Does Zeus represent seventh density?

A: Or does Zeus represent the grasping for 7th density?

Q: (L) Are we saying grasping in ways that are not suitable?

A: No grasping is “not suitable”.

Q: (L) Okay. Are we all pieces of… are there groups and groups and groups that are pieces of a larger whole, or larger wholes, and they can only graduate when they assemble?

A: More to the point would be that that makes the progress speed up for most of those involved in such a process.

Q: (C) Are we part of a group soul or group entity?

A: What do you think?

Q: (C) Yes.

A: And…

Q: (C) I think that we are part of a group soul… whatever that means, we have a purpose; I think we have a similar interest, and that is to discover the truth. And it is also to advance us.

A: And…

Q: (C) When one group advances, then it filters down to others…

A: How does it “filter down”?

Q: (C) Because I believe that all are connected.

A: How so?

Q: (L) I get it! The Zeus thing. The whole Zeus thing, the bearing of children, the moving out in all these various ways, manifestations or patterns as defined by the “children of the gods” through all the various levels, so that it eventually all comes back around to seventh density.

A: and what does it mean when it “comes back around”?

Q: (L) Union with the One. And it all just keeps going around and around.

A: And C*** says…

Q: (C) If we are patterned after the myths of Zeus, and we have gone forth, and there are lots of smatterings of fragments upon the earth having many experiences, and as we grow and advance, we come to the truth and the full meaning, we merge back together again with all of the wisdom of all of these experiences.

A: Yes, but is not just the “Earth”.

Q: (C) They are in the same process.

A: Yes.

Q: (C) Do they have different myths?

A: They have different everything… But, in the final analysis, it is really just the same!

Q: (C) Then I would say that when everyone graduates from their finite, physical existence, then they occupy the same space at a different vibration, and go onto other lessons and experiences and advances that I cannot conceive of at the moment.

A: But what is “the moment”?

Q: (C) The moment? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet!

A: Or have you, but you simply do not perceive it as such?

Q: (C) Probably so. How many people are in this particular group that Laura and I are in, for the purpose of this work?

A: Up to you to discover.

Q: (C) Well, I thought I’d give it a shot! Thinking is electrical. Does a person leave an electrical echo and can certain combinations produce harmony which is cumulative and exponential, thereby certain groups thinking can produce more than others, or individually?

A: Close. Now, Suggestion: Combine frequencies to witness the development of a directed wave effect; packs a potent “punch”.

Q: (LC) I’m really curious. I feel like all of us here have been drawn together for a reason. We had a hell of a time getting here, every one of us, but we did, and I’m just wondering what is this all about? Why did all of us feel so drawn that we just had to be here?

A: You are not wondering so much as you are seeking confirmation.

Q: (LC) I don’t know. I just feel something powerful.

A: Every one here thinks on more than one level. This already puts everyone into a different category than the status quo. You all have quite well developed senses, a more difficult task is learning to trust the messages. Remember, you all have received negative programming at the third density level, which is designed to derail your higher psychic awareness. You by now know that this is false programming, but we realize that the subconscious centers are more difficult for you to overcome. Patience will pay off for you big time!!!

Q: (P) This is my feeling about the whole thing: us coming together, the energy created by each of us being in each other’s presence is a key; it’s unlocking something that we agreed to come together at this time, though it may not be apparent now, it’s going to be. That’s the way I have felt about this whole thing. (LC) Okay, another question, and this is a kind of selfish one I am thinking about…

A: Wait a minute, remember, your plane of existence is STS by its very nature and that is okay, because you’re all where you are for a reason… Now L***, fire away and be just as selfish as you please, dear. [Laughter]

Q: (LC) Well, if that’s the case! I want to ask about past life relations between us. I’m sure there is. Are there any specific past life connections between any of the women in this room?

A: Before we answer that, we wish to hear from you what you perceive a past life circumstance to be. How do you perceive the reincarnation process to be?

Q: (LC) I perceive it as you come back with people you choose to come back with, and that you choose people that you are karmically connected to. (I) I see it a little bit differently than that…

A: Aha! We have a variance!

Q: (I) I think that when we die and go to fifth density, that we make pacts with people in each incarnation, so when you come back, it is coming back to fulfill that pact. (LC) Yes, that is the way my line of thinking is going. But, when they asked that question, I was thinking that you have people you come back with because of closeness. Somebody may be your mother in one life, and there is a love bond, and then there are other people that you come back with because you have to resolve something to let go of that person rather than to get closer.

A: This is partially correct. But, there is more to it than this. For example, one can incarnate on various planes of existence, not just the one you perceive currently. And, one may actually reincarnate on more than one plane concurrently, if one is advanced enough to do this.

Q: (L) Are you suggesting that that we are all part of the same soul unit here?

A: Yes, we are! To an extent, but you may not yet understand what exactly a “soul unit” is in that sense. And of course, there is more than one sense for this as well. The “trick” that 3rd density STS life forms will learn, either prior to transition to 4th density, or at the exact juncture, is to think in absolutely limitless terms. The first and most solid step in this process is to not anticipate at all. This is most difficult for you. We understand this, but this is also why we keep reiterating this point. For example, imagine if one of your past lives is also a future life?

Q: (P) Now, I just want to say that I think that we have all of us here traveled back in time to change the way things are now. We inserted ourselves into this time period to wake up and see what is really happening. This is third density thinking, I know, but it is the only way I can describe it. We looked back on the way things happened, the way the world is now, and we have come back to change things. We have come from the future, to wake up now, because we didn’t wake up before. Because the world is going in this direction, and something had to be done. That’s what I see. Not just that, things happen to keep us from waking up period! We’ve all been bombarded with stuff all our lives.

A: That is surprisingly close to the truth. Now just a moment… reflect please.

Q: (L) P*** was saying that we have come back from the future and inserted ourselves into this timeline…

A: Yes. That is close to being totally correct!

Q: (L) In terms of reincarnation, which we were talking about a few minutes before that, we are possibly incarnations of ourselves incarnated at different levels. This just happens to be one of the levels of reality that we are occupying, but there are other selves at other levels thinking and doing other level stuff, and these other levels are perceived by us as the future…

A: Maybe for some of you, but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Q: (P) The Cs say that they are us in the future. So, we, being them in the future, some of who they are in the future, have come back as us, to do what we are doing, to undo what is happening on Earth…

A: Close, but more complex than that. It would be difficult for you to completely understand at this point, but let us just say that you are close. You should reflect upon all that is in the reflection!

Q: (L) What is the reason for the use of the term “reflection”?

A: “Alice through the looking glass.”

Q: (L) When she went through the mirror, she was in an alternate reality. (I) Are we in an alternate reality?

A: Yup. But then again, are not all realities “alternate”?

Q: (P) I think we are creating a possibility that would not have existed if we had not come together here.

A: Yes, but that is generally true in most similar circumstances. The question is the degree to which there is significance.

We encounter in these myths the idea that man only repeats the acts of the gods; his calendar commemorates, in the period of a year or other longer cycles, all the cosmogonic phases which took place in the beginning or which take place repeatedly at another level of reality.

Myths are only a much later formulation of an archaic content that presuppose an absolute reality, or levels of reality that are extra-human. If we begin to think that our reality is but a sort of slide show projected from a hyperdimensional realm, we have to begin to think about the archetypal dramas themselves. If we come to the idea that we are extensions of our higher selves, fulfilling the purposes of the great cosmic dramas, we come up against a couple of important concepts.

The first of these concepts is free will. Going back to what the Shaykh Ibn al-‘Arabi had to say about it:

You should know that the divine call includes believer and unbeliever, obedient and disobedient. … This call derives only from the divine names.

One divine name calls to someone who is governed by the property of a second divine name when it knows that the term of the second name’s property within the person has come to an end.

Then this name which calls to him takes over. So it continues in this world and the next.

Hence everything other than God is called by a divine name to come to an engendered state to which that name seeks to attach it.

If the object of the call responds, he is named ‘obedient’ and becomes ‘felicitous’. If he does not respond, he is named ‘disobedient’ and becomes ‘wretched’.” (Futuhat, II 592.32, Chittick, 1989)

This gives us a clue as to the true extent of our so-called free will. Basically, it amounts to the fact that we can identify which archetypal drama we are living and acknowledge it, witness it in our mind, and accelerate or extend the concluding of it. We accelerate by our obedience to the call or we extend it by our rejection and disobedience. In the first case, the outcome can be felicitous if we are careful to finish the drama within the archetype, even if only symbolically, which is often the wisest choice in the event of being caught in a drama of great negative potential. In the second case, we can refuse to acknowledge the drama, continue to struggle against it like a bug striking a window over and over again, and be wretched as a result.

Of course, the problem many people have is in understanding they don’t have to remember their past lives in order to learn. The soul has a memory of its own.

Q: (L) Okay, let me ask this question. In talking about time, I would like to ask, in relation to time, what is memory? Some understanding of time refers to it as the “now”, the ever-present now. Well, a lot of people remember a lot of other “nows”, some people don’t remember any “nows” at all, and it seems like memory is almost like a reverse function of anticipation. Anticipation being almost like a memory of the “future” and memory being like a reverse anticipation into the past. So, what I would like to know is if time is merely a “now”, what is memory?

A: Conscious and subconscious record of perceptions.

Q: (L) Okay. If memory is subconscious or conscious recording of perceptions, when one accumulates a sufficient amount of memory, does one then become “timeless”?

A: One is always timeless.

Q: (L) Okay, but does one then become aware of one’s timelessness?

A: In 4th density.

Q: (L) Okay. Does an electron have a memory?

A: Electron is borrowed unit of 7th density.

Q: (L) All right, in the picture of the crop circle you designated as being “Atomic Structure”, there was the concentric circles and then these three things on the outside corners of the triangle, one being zigzag, one being plain and round, and the other one kind of like a wheel, it had like little divisions. Would the zig-zaggy one be the electron?

A: Not correct concept atomic structure unifies elemental atoms.

Q: (L) What is an elemental atom, as opposed to an ordinary atom?

A: Elemental defines singular body of structure. Within, as in: “element of”. Electron is element of atomic structure.

Q: (L) Is there anything about an atom that holds memory?

A: Memory is subjective, atom is not.

Q: (L) Well, some atoms seem to be somewhat subjective.

A: No, it is your interpretation.

Q: (L) If memory is conscious and subconscious record of perception, as you have stated, and there occurs a “reality merge”, as you also described previously, some sort of time manipulation, does this automatically change individual perceptions?

A: Perceptions “leap” into place according to markers in the eternally present continuum.

Q: (L) What are these markers?

A: Experiential breaks in the perceptual realm of continuance.

Q: (L) Markers are experiential breaks. So, one experiences breaks and they become markers… perceptions leap into place… Is this saying that, when there is a perception of a break, that some part of the psyche seeks to bridge this break by leaping into some sort of…

A: The definition of the previous responses will become clear for you only after some reflection, my dear!

Q: (L) Okay, you said that memory is subjective and an atom is not. If memory is subjective, what you have just been describing means that each and every person has a slightly different perspective, even if they are involved with the same incident or the same time sequence.

A: Of course! That is the treasury of learning.

Q: (L) Who is the treasurer?

A: The learner.

Q: (L) But still, what you said still implies that an atom has an objective existence. Is this correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Would you please tell us what constitutes objectivity?

A: The effort on the part of the observer to leave prejudice “at the door”.

Q: (L) How does the effort on the part of the observer to leave prejudice at the door relate to the objective existence of an atom?

A: An atom, as with absolutely everything else, cannot exist without an observer.

Q: (L) So, in the case of the objectivity of an atom, if the human observers are not objective, where is the observer who makes the atom objective, or does the atom not exist if there is no observer?

A: Yes to the latter comment.

Q: (L) So there must be an observer. Must the observer be human?

A: The observer must be a consciousness.

Q: (L) If you say that an atom has an objective existence, yet it only exists if it is perceived by a consciousness, then an atom does not have an objective existence, correct?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay, what is the distinction? You say that objectivity is the attempt on the part of the observer to leave prejudice at the door.

A: Without consciousness, there is neither objective nor subjective!!

Q: (L) So the crux is the attempt to leave prejudice at the door in the same manner as one would be non-anticipatory in order to create?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, that is a very tricky… (A) Is consciousness objective?

A: Consciousness is objective, until it has the capacity to choose to be otherwise.

Q: (L) What is the stimulus for the change, for the giving of the capacity to choose?

A: The introduction of prejudice.

Q: (L) In a cosmic sense, cosmic consciousness, in the sense of The One Unified Consciousness, what is the stimulus there for the ability to choose?

A: When the journey has reached union with The One, all such lessons have been completed.

Q: (L) But, that doesn’t answer the question.

A: Yes, it does!

And this is where the study of nature comes in. In our quotes about nature as a source of knowledge, there was a passage from Psalms:

The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows and proclaims His handiwork. Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth knowledge. There is no speech nor spoken word; their voice is not heard yet their voice goes out through all the earth, their sayings to the end of the world. (Psalm 19: 1-4)

The Alchemists tell us:

In order to respect the principle of hermetism adopted by the Tradition, we must understand that esoteric teachings are given in a sibylline form. St Isaac the Syrian points out that: The Holy Scriptures say many things by using words in a different sense from their original meaning. Sometimes bodily attributes are applied to the soul, and conversely, attributes of the soul are applied to the body. The Scriptures do not make any distinction here. However, enlightened men understand.

This is the point at which we begin to understand our reality. The Celestial myths are the archaic representations of the archetypes. In studying these stories and their characters we can have access to very deep knowledge about any human situation or drama in which we may find ourselves. We can also identify which character, or part, we are being activated to play. Once we have identified the drama of the moment (which may extend over years or even an entire lifetime, or merely be a mini-drama of a few minutes, hours or days’ duration), we can fully activate our participation with some degree of control.

By recognizing the play, by acknowledging our part, we have formed a link between ourselves and the director, producer and writer of the production at higher densities. We are psychically linked to them in a real and symbiotic way. And, by being linked, we can have access to a free will that is not ordinarily accessible.

Joseph Chilton Pearce was aware that there was something deeper and more involved in our reality than many suppose, and he called it the Cosmic Egg. Well, he may have been more right about this than he ever suspected. If thought centers are cosmic eggs laid from sixth density into fourth density via fifth density, and hatched into third density, then we have only one issue to deal with at this density, and that is which egg is ours?

More than that, if we don’t like the present egg, can we crack it and get out?

Well, here we come up against the ever-present problem of the “Catch 22”:

Q: (L) When we are talking about dimensional curtains we are talking about divisions at the same level of density, is that correct?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Can dimensional curtains be between dimensions at the same level of density?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are dimensional curtains also something that occurs between levels of density?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, a dimensional curtain is a point at which some sort of change takes place… what causes this change?

A: Nature.

Q: (L) What defines this change?

A: Experience.

Q: (L) Is it in any way related to atomic or quantum physics or the movement of atoms?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. An atom is in third density. What distinguishes it from an atom in fourth density?

A: Reality.

Q: (L) What distinguishes one realm from another?

A: Assumptions.

Q: (L) Okay, what you assume or expect is what you perceive about that atom depending upon which reality you are in, is that correct?

A: Close.

Q: (L) What determines your assumptions?

A: Experience. Every thing that exists is merely a lesson.

Q: (L) Okay, so once we have learned certain lessons, as in experience of certain things, then our assumptions change?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, is this wave that is coming our direction going to give us an experience that is going to change our assumptions?

A: Catch 22: One half is that you have to change your assumptions in order to experience The Wave in a positive way. All is merely a lesson, and nothing, repeat nothing, more.

How do we get the experiences that will change our assumptions? Well, let’s look at our Tree of Life again. We notice that in both versions, the cosmic and the human mirror, the different densities “recycle” through fifth density on the central axis. There does exist a sort of conduit between the centers, but these conduits do not have an exchange point on the central axis that would facilitate a shift of thought centers or assumptions. From this we can conjecture that it’s somewhat difficult to change polarity without some sort of facilitator. This is why the way of the Monk, the Yogi and the Fakir are so difficult. They attempt to bridge the gap without a facilitator on the Central axis.

We notice that, on the cosmic tree, the position of knowledge is a facilitator for the cycling of sixth density energies to move into union with the one which is, in effect, an instantaneous (or timeless) Being and Non-being. This then initiates a new cycle of consciousness that regenerates as dense matter and consciousness that emerges bilaterally into the Beautiful Names and Wrathful Names of God to initiate the drama all over again.

When we look at the human Tree of Life, which is the mirror image, we see that the position of knowledge is now held by the genetic body, which is on the central axis. We then realize that this is our facilitator.

The genetic body is the control center for the physical body since it transduces the central axis energies, so whichever thought center is dominant will control the physical experience. Not only that, but we can see another possibility — namely, that knowledge and genetics are directly interactive. At the third density level, genes are the logos.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. (John 1:1—3)

Sounds like cosmic chromosomes! It is through our genetics that we have the potential of aligning with the central vertical axis and changing thought centers. And, just as second density nature is a reflection of sixth density Knowledge in the cosmic tree, so is our genetic code the second density reflection of all that exists as potential within us as human beings. It could even be said that all of nature exists within us.

A: As third density bioengineered beings, you lead the smorgasbord parade of that which surrounds you in the physical realm. Each individual possesses all of creation within their minds. Each soul is all powerful and can create or destroy all existence if know how. You may create alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate of the universe within which you dwell. Your mind represents all that exists. It is “fun” to see how much you can access. Challenges are fun. Where do you think the limit of your mind is? If there is no limit, then what is the difference between your own mind and everything else? And when two things each have absolutely no limits, they are precisely the same thing.

Is that so? You see, our genes are more or less encoded copies of all the possible dramas of which we can be participants. Much of this information is like closed books, stored in a room that is never opened. We have the potential, via knowledge and exercising certain functions, to open these books and link up with the central axis and thereby make a shift in the essence or Name by which we are dominated. And in doing this we have the possibility of participating in a different drama, myth or fourth density movie being projected into third density.

Q: (SV) I want to ask one question: If there is no time, there is no past and no future; there are no past lives and no future lives, there is no such thing as reincarnation, then how can you be us…

A: Yes, there is reincarnation. You are getting ahead of yourself there. We never said there is no reincarnation.

Q: (SV) But, if there is no time? (L) It is all happening simultaneously. We are having all of these lifetimes at once. (SV) Is there a way that we can connect ourselves with all our other selves?

A: Picture it this way: we will access some of your memory banks and give you another reference… you know what a slide projector looks like? To give you some feeling of what this expanded nature of reality really is, picture yourself watching a big slide presentation with a big slide wheel on the projector. At any given point along the way you are watching one particular slide. But, all the rest of the slides are present on the wheel, are they not? And, of course, this fits in with the perpendicular reality, which fits in with the circles within circles and cycles within cycles, which also fits in the Grand Cycle, which also fits in with what we have told you before: All there is is lessons. That’s all there is and we ask that you enjoy them as you are watching the slide presentation… and, if you look back at the center of the projector, you see the origin and essence of all creation itself, which, is level seven where you are in union with the One.


Q: (V) Do I feel this despair due to past life issues or due to this life?

A: Both. Like another “slide” in the slide projector carrousel.

Q: (V) What? (L) In the carrousel of many lifetime issues?

A: Close.

Q: (V) One of my biggest despairing things right now is my disgust with humanity and what they are doing, and how nasty it is… but that’s probably just another slide in the carrousel. I don’t think I can hear anymore…

A: Yes you can, and it would be wise if you did. You see, V***, there is nothing preventing you, or anyone else for that matter, from falling into the correct slot of their balanced contentment learning profile, but simply advancing that carrousel until the correct slot aligns, then just falling, or “sliding” into place!

Q: (L) You use this allegory; what would consist of advancing the carrousel?

A: Discover… because learning is fun!

Q: (L) Is there a physiological relationship to this carrousel, or is it just strictly psychic, psychological, or learning related?

A: Hide and seek, locate and retrieve.

Here we have one of the major clues to how it will help us to study nature. If our genetics are the physical interface between us and the vertical axis, if they are the physical manifestation of the thought centers through which our existence is extruded, then we might very much want to examine nature and the creatures within it in order to be able to determine just exactly what potentials we may be enacting, what potentials we can activate that may not be activated, and how to suppress those potentials that belong to thought centers that we do not choose to be the arbiters of our destiny.

By invigorating the Organs the Soul uses for communicating with exterior objects, the Soul must a acquire greater powers not only for conception but also for retention, and therefore if we wish to obtain still more knowledge, the organs and secret springs of physical life must be wonderfully strengthened and invigorated. The Soul must acquire new powers for conceiving and retaining…

We can study nature and discover what archetypes are manifested in our lives and, if we don’t like the script, we can discover the ways and means to change the selection, so to speak. That means that we can create our own reality in the sense of changing channels in terms of which thought center is in control of our lives. It also means that we can have a choice as to which face of God we behold!

Like attracts like. When a candidate has developed virtue and integrity acceptable to the adepts, they will appear to him and reveal those parts of the secret processes which cannot be discovered without such help.

Those who cannot progress to a certain point with their own intelligence are not qualified to be entrusted with the secrets which can subject to their will the elemental forces of Nature.

In the study of nature, we have been given a tool, a means of assessment that, if used rightly, can lead us to make felicitous decisions that activate our DNA in ways that align the three worlds of our soul centers with the four worlds of our bodies of existence.

In reference to the 353535 code discussed in The Terror of History, I asked the Cs:

Q: (L) What does this code relate to?

A: Infinite power.

Q: (L) How is infinite power acquired by knowing this code? If you don’t know the correspondences, how can you use a numerical code?

A: Lord of Serpent promises its followers infinite power which they must seek infinite knowledge to gain, for which they pledge allegiance infinitely for which they possess for all eternity, so long as they find infinite wisdom, for which they search for all infinity.

Q: (L) And that is the meaning of the number 33? Well, that is a round robin… a circle you can’t get out of!

A: And therein you have the deception! Remember, those who seek to serve self with supreme power, are doomed only to serve others who seek to serve self, and can only see that which they want to see.

Well, that particular session nearly drove me nuts trying to figure it out. We came back to the subject again and this time around it was even stranger:

Q: (L) Okay, let me jump over to this other subject of the number 33 and the number 11. Is there anything beyond what was given on 11-11-95, that you could add at this time, about any of the mathematics or the use of these numbers?

A: Prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics.

Q: (L) What do you mean, “prime numbers are the dwellings of the mystics”?

A: Self-explanatory, if you use the tools given you.

Q: (L) How can a number be a dwelling?

A: Figure of speech. [Planchette spirals several times, vigorously] And how interesting that we have a new “cell” phone company called: “Primeco”.

Q: (L) And how does a cell phone company called “Primeco” relate to prime numbers being dwellings of mystics?

A: Not for us to answer.

We stopped at this point and did a little exercise in word association. Some of the words we came up with were: encryption, cells of monks, prisons, prime number divisible by one or self.

Q: (L) Is encryption the key?

A: Oh, there is so much here. One example is: “Snake eyes” is not so good as 7, 11, eh?

Q: (T) They are all prime numbers, too; seven and eleven. (L) What kinds of documents or writings… or what would be applicable…

A: No, Laura you are trying to focus, or limit the concept, my dear. Think of it, what is the Judaic Christian legend for the creation of a woman?

Q: (L) That woman was taken from the rib of Adam. That Eve was created from the rib of Adam.

A: Ever heard of a “prime rib”?

Q: (L) [Groans] (T) I hate being in kindergarten and not knowing what the subject is. Okay, prime rib. We have a prime rib, so…

A: What happens in a “Primary”.

Q: (L) An election. You narrow down the candidates. What happens in a primary?

A: Who gets “picked” to run?

Q: (L) Okay, keep on…

A: “Prime Directive”? “Prime time”?

Q: (L) The first, the best… and…

A: Not point.

Q: (L) I know that’s not the point! Is what we’re saying here, is that we can use these prime numbers to derive something out of something else?

A: We told you about the mystics.

Q: (L) So, mystics… the mystics, the mystical secrets… dwell in the prime numbers if used as a code.

A: Name the primary mystical organizations for key to clue system.

We named: Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Cabalism, Sufism, Mysticism, Jesuits, Masons, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians…

Q: (L) All right. With our little list that we’re making, are we on to something or are we completely off track?

A: Yes, now check out those crop circles photos… any prime number combos there?

Q: (L) Do you mean in terms of dimension, or do you mean in composition?

A: Composition and dimensions… anything you can find.

We stopped again and discussed sacred geometries and the fact that all the sects listed use prime numbers. We also noted that in Genesis 2:22 it says “rib taken from the man and made woman”. We also noted that 2 is the only even prime number and that it was referred to as “snake eyes”. In Genesis 3:5 (the 3/5 code in mind) it says “your eyes shall be opened and ye shall be as the gods”, referring to the temptation of the serpent in Eden — a serpent that may very well represent the coiling DNA.

Q: (L) Are we thinking in any of the lines of something we ought to follow, or are we drifting?

A: All are lines you ought to follow.

Gurdjieff addressed the issues of this chapter as well, showing that the source of his information was very similar to the “Q source” of Jesus’ alchemical teachings. This is evident in the answer he gave to Ouspensky when the latter asked, “Can it be said that man possesses immortality?” Gurdjieff replied:

“Immortality is one of the qualities we ascribe to people without having a sufficient understanding of their meaning. Other qualities of this kind are ‘individuality’, in the sense of an inner unity, a ‘permanent and unchangeable I’, ‘consciousness’, and ‘will’. All these qualities can belong to man, but this certainly does not mean that they do belong to him or belong to each and every one.

“In order to understand what man is at the present time, that is, at the present level of development, it is necessary to imagine to a certain extent what he can be, that is, what he can attain. Only by understanding the correct sequence of development possible will people cease to ascribe to themselves what, at present, they do not possess, and what, perhaps, they can only acquire after great effort and great labor.

“According to an ancient teaching, traces of which may be found in many systems, old and new, a man who has attained the full development possible for man, a man in the full sense of the word, consists of four bodies. These four bodies are composed of substances which gradually become finer and finer, mutually interpenetrate one another, and form four independent organisms, standing in a definite relationship to one another but capable of independent action.” (Ouspensky, 1949)

Gurdjieff’s idea was that it was possible for these four bodies to exist because the physical human body has such a complex organization that, under certain favorable conditions, a new and independent organism can actually can develop and grow within it. This new system of organs of perception can afford a more convenient and responsive instrument for the activity of an awakened consciousness.

“The consciousness manifested in this new body is capable of governing it, and it has full power and full control over the physical body.

“In this second body, under certain conditions, a third body can grow, again having characteristics of its own. The consciousness manifested in this third body has full power and control over the first two bodies; and the third body possesses the possibility of acquiring knowledge inaccessible either to the first or to the second body.

“In the third body, under certain conditions, a fourth can grow, which differs as much from the third as the third differs from the second, and the second from the first. The consciousness manifested in the fourth body has full control over the first three bodies and itself.

“These four bodies are defined in different teachings in various ways. The first is the physical body, in Christian terminology the ‘carnal’ body; the second, in Christian terminology, is the ‘natural’ body; the third is the ‘spiritual’ body; and the fourth, in the terminology of esoteric Christianity, is the ‘divine’ body. In theosophical terminology the first is the ‘physical’ body, the second is the ‘astral’, the third is the ‘mental’, and the fourth the ‘causal’.

“In the terminology of certain Eastern teachings the first body is the ‘carriage’ (the body), the second is the ‘horse’ (feelings, desires), the third the ‘driver’ (mind), and the fourth the ‘master’ (I, consciousness, will).

“Such comparisons and parallels may be found in most systems and teachings which recognize something more in man than the physical body. But almost all these teachings, while repeating in a more or less familiar form the definitions and divisions of the ancient teaching, have forgotten or omitted its most important feature, which is: that man is not born with the finer bodies. They can only be artificially cultivated in him, provided favorable conditions both internal and external are present.

“The ‘astral body’ is not an indispensable implement for man. It is a great luxury which only a few can afford. A man can live quite well without an ‘astral body’. His physical body possesses all the functions necessary for life. A man without ‘astral body’ may even produce the impression of being a very intellectual or even spiritual man, and may deceive not only others but also himself.

“When the third body has been formed and has acquired all the properties, powers, and knowledge possible for it, there remains the problem of fixing this knowledge and these powers. Because, having been imparted to it by influences of a certain kind, they may be taken away by these same influences or by others. By means of a special kind of work for all three bodies the acquired properties may be made the permanent and inalienable possession of the third body.

“The process of fixing these acquired properties corresponds to the process of the formation of the fourth body.

“And only the man who possesses four fully developed bodies can be called a ‘man’ in the full sense of the word. This man possesses many properties which ordinary man does not possess. One of these properties is immortality. All religions and all ancient teachings contain the idea that, by acquiring the fourth body, man acquires immortality; and they all contain indications of the ways to acquire the fourth body, that is, immortality.” (Ouspensky, 1949; emphasis added)

1 Tesseracts are 4D analogs of cubes and are discussed in Riding the Wave.