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Reader’s Comments on “Adventures with Cassiopaeans”

Hello again…

your present series of articles is starting to get very interesting now with all of the connections you are making, and some of these things/connections you are writing about I have not heard anywhere else except in my own ideas.

This is difficult to fully explain, but this “quest” (or whatever it is) that some people seem to be pursuing appears to have certain distinguishing characteristics which I have noticed over the years that I have been investigating them. I’ve sort of come to expect it now, but it still amazes me when I discover that so many of the writers/thinkers etc that I have been interested in the past (in the context of this “quest”) are connected to one another, and it is interesting to trace the influences of such people on the currently pervading paradigms in our culture, and this is where I’d like to just tell you a few ideas/perceptions I have had over the years which may relate…

I have been an avid fan of science fiction for just about as long as I can remember, and I even write the stuff. It seems that there are certain ideas which are being promoted through this medium, and its moved into high gear now with the bombardment of more science fiction on television than ever before. There was once a time when I would probably watch just about any sci fi that would be on TV, but these days there is just so much of it that if I were to do that, I’d have little time for anything else! I am of the opinion that these science fiction genre stories are coming to closely resemble something like a modern day mythology(s), in a time when the traditional religious of the past x-thousand years are finally fading away, I think there is some kind of widening vacuum in the collective minds of humanity that yearns to be filled with something of substance, and in our technologically dependent culture, it makes sense that this “substance” would take on this form. Heck, even this huge conspiracy that you are referring to is being named after a science fiction movie/series! (Unless “Stargate” also has some older point of reference…)

Anyway, what is most interesting to me in some of the concepts you have hinted at in some of these latest articles, is one that I think relates to the “alternative 3” scenario, and its subsequent effect on the future of humanity. Practically every story I have written involves a future in which humanity has been divided into two distinct groups. One group is a kind of primitive culture with no real knowledge of substance, where “the elite” have upped and left. This society of “primitives” live in a world that has suddenly had the cultural cortex ripped out, leaving them confused. The other side of the future culture consists of this elite and their descendants, who have walled themselves away in a high-tech environment of their own design, effectively living in their view “above” nature in a totally sterile technological environment. Usually in my stories, both of these cultures are shown to have very similar problems and end up starting to stagnate. Sometimes the two cultures live separately, with the elite living in an impenetrable city or something, and sometimes they live in the same environment, only in this case the “primitives” are people who have had all sense of history and purpose deleted from their culture and are thus ruled by the elite who have implemented their own kind of techno-religion.

This scenario sounds very similar to certain things you have mentioned as being the possible outcome of some of these “conspiracies” or whatever you want to call them. I only quite recently realised that almost every story I had written had this theme in, I had been expressing this concept unconsciously for years until I had done enough of the “work” to get it to conscious level, and I wonder how it is that I ever even knew about any of this (and I’ve come up with some pretty far out explanations believe me). It seems to me that this recent flurry of activity and the sudden huge popularity of science fiction might be indicative or some kind of mass thought-experiment to kind of “rehearse” the future…. And imagination is the key to the akashic!

On another but related note, this information about psychopaths is also very interesting in relation to a strange phenomena I have observed over the last few years. You mentioned somewhere about certain strange linguistic “glitches” that psychopaths occasionally exhibit. Have you noticed this very same behaviour in speeches and so on by certain presidents?? For a while now I have suspected that there was something more to this phenomenon, and it all makes sense. I’m sure you’ve come across lists of stupid or absurd sounding comments made by various presidents, and the current one seems to have made a lot of these already! Perhaps this is an indicator of their natures? It makes a certain sense to me as I have always wondered what exactly was going on in the minds of people who preach peace, justice and freedom etc in one breath and then authorise the sale of arms to oppressive dictatorships with another. Or who speak of protecting human life whilst condemning thousands to die in poorer countries by their actions which they are SURELY aware of. These two positions just do not make any logical sense….

And, in relation to my earlier topic of science fiction, you might be interested to know (if you already don’t) about a series I recently became re-aquatinted with and realised it may have some bearing on this subject. Its called “Prey” and deals with the emergence of another type of human being who do not seem to have any regard for the usual “morals” of common humanity. A brief synopsis of the plot I found on a website reads:

“What if global warming was changing our DNA? What if the changes were not good? In this sci-fi series, our questions are answered. Sloan Parker is a bio-anthropologist who has just discovered that Darwin’s theory might be very relevant here. The human race hides an alternate race among its own, a more intelligent breed of serial killers. Their goal: to destroy human-kind in order to let the strong ones survive them… ”

This seems to have many of the characteristics I have noticed in such things, they all exhibit certain concepts which are all part of the overall mosaic, and each one relating the concepts slightly differently and in different combinations… like a rehearsal or preparation for the outcome of events already in progress perhaps?
UK Tue, 9 Apr 2002 03:52:36 +0100

I have been reading with great interest your most recent series, “Adventures With Cassiopaea”. I find pretty much all of your site interesting, but this series in particular so closely mirrors certain events in my own life that I felt I should write to you about them.

The way you have described the whole situation with this associate of yours, Frank, is extremely similar to activities I have experienced with certain people in my own life. What is interesting is that, like yourself and the group you have formed, I and the person I am referring to were once part of a group with very similar interests, or at least that is the way I perceived it at the time. This “group” no longer really exists as it did, but especially during the late 90’s was when we were at the height of our activity. In comparison to what you have been doing, we were nowhere near as coherent or dedicated, and some of the group were, in retrospect, not really all that interested in what I in particular was trying to push forward with, and at the time I may well have been somewhat “preachy” about such matters.

Anyway what is of most interest here is that, like you, I was so completely enamoured with this person, who seemed so innocent and so incredibly similar to me that, that after a few years of association, when he clearly started to “change” and do things which were frankly abhorrent to me (and I dare say, would be to most people), I simply ignored it and let him get on with it, saying that it was all part of an “awakening process” or something like that, because I simply could not believe that this person, who had just seemed to be like a perfect companion for me, could ever act in such a way, despite the clear facts that were plainly there for me to see.

As time went on he became more and more parasitical, and I could clearly feel this energy drain you have been referring to, which was causing me all kinds of personal dilemmas despite the fact that I knew in good conscience I was doing nothing wrong, simply making personal, individual decisions which were really none of his business. However, my concern for offending this person’s sense of ego and concern about his possible reaction caused be all kinds of dilemmas, and for a time caused me to even act in a way which made me sick to my stomach (having to keep secrets and tell little white lies).

Eventually I resolved the matter with him by revealing what I had been hiding all this time, it was a personal matter which I won’t go into the details of here, but suffice to say that after I simply told the truth without fear, either for my own sense of importance or of offending his seemingly delicate ego, he left the scene and I haven’t seen him since.

At the climax of these events, after thinking and worrying so much and for so long about it all, I had weighed up the pros and cons of the situation in my mind to a startling degree of accuracy (I think…). And as a result of this, when I told this person the truth about the whole situation I experienced a revelatory sense of clarity, where I was able to see both the positive and negative aspects of almost everything very clearly. It was like an immense energy release. I told this to him there and then, and his reaction to this information was to claim some sort of personal responsibility for it, as if he was the one who was revealing this amazing information to me, in this sense (and in various other very similar ways over the years) he was attempting to take credit and glory for something that he had very little to do with, which I find very similar to what you have been writing about with Frank and his attempts to take all the credit for your work.

You mentioned somewhere in your series about “other groups” which were working in a similar way. While we were not doing channeling or anything like that, we were all very interested in “The conspiracy” and the changes that were taking place in the world at large, and what we could possibly do personally to make sure it all turned out as good as possible for everyone on the planet. While I can’t say for sure that there was a group of seven at any time, I can say that I did start to write a science fiction story for a local magazine which was loosely based on our “adventures”. In the story, a group of seven individuals were battling against “the conspiracy” who originated from a dark, parallel universe. What is interesting is that one of the main features and most striking images in this story was an enormous tower that existed in various different parallel universes and was located in a specific place in the story, near to where we all lived, and I have recently discovered that there are plans to make a real tower pretty much exactly in the place it was in the story!

This leads me to The Matrix. In that movie, they mention that there are other rebel “cells”, much like the one the main characters are all a part of, although we never see any of them (maybe in the next part…). This made a great deal of sense to me, especially as that movie also had some astounding parallels with my own life. The idea of these “cells” was one we were already operating with, and has in fact been a theme in my life for quite a while now, but in this particular case it was somewhat inspired by a story called “The Invisibles” (which the author of got rather annoyed when the Matrix first came out, because he thought the writers had ripped him off). If you can bring yourself to read a comic series, I highly recommend reading this. Judging by what I can discern about your taste for fiction from your site, I think you would like it, it deals with a lot of very similar and related subjects to many of your investigations, and the author was inspired to write it after having an encounter with hyperdimensional beings. Most of the issues have been collected into single editions now. The author is called Grant Morrison.

So, I have been on the lookout for this type of activity with other people I know, looking for other “cells”, and it seems that the same archetypes play themselves out whenever a group effort is made to find some kind of truth about reality.

Do you think it is possible that a kind of “program” has been running (I personally would say from around the early 90’s onwards), in the lives of certain people from around the world who had the intent to discover the truth? Like I say, the parallels are pretty startling to me, and I am pretty sure there is something to this, and am interested if the C’s have ever mentioned anything alluding to this.

Keep up the good work. I for one appreciate it. –

Laura, you write: “For people who have a serious interest in the path of awakening and becoming free according to this most ancient teaching that has been hidden for long ages until the present time, there is no clear and explicit source of information.”

Au contrair my dear, YOU are that “clear and explicit source.”

I just finished part 7….it was like church. I had forgotten how much I had learned from Castaneda, and the Ephesians 6:12 just blew me away. It is unbelievable how your writing has drawn together all of the bits and fragments of knowledge that I had accumulated over the years, but never assembled into any kind of cohesive philosophy. Bless you


Dear Laura,

I am learning so much from your latest stuff.In fact I’m finding answers to questions I have been thinking about on the same day.I have experienced many Franks in my life.This is helping me very much.I am delighted you are writing about it.This must be very theraputic for you as well.I love your work.I too have always asked the “WHY”questions. I’ve read Amazing Grace and I am now reading” the wave” chapter 12 part e today as well as your recent work.This has been alot of fun learning.Yes I have been scared from some of the information as well,but when I keep reading iit all seems to balance out somehow.You keep on keeping on Laura Knight. one of your readers,


Dear Ark and Laura:

It has been some time since I have closely followed your joint efforts. I expect to spend a lot more time reviewing the new material in the near future. I should be able to offer some support to both of you in a number of ways in the near future. The main purpose of this message is to give to you now my person best wishes and to encourage you both to fight. I am sure that the C’s have good plans for each of us. Those in 6D tell me that Christ will have to fight his opponents this time and as he progresses towards man-hood he is learning that there is quite a battle ahead. You both have one great advantage over your opponents and that is you have access to the truth on an ongoing basis. Your opponents do not have access to this no matter what they say. They have to lie and every lie can and is eventually found out. I have had my own battles against the agents and their controllers and I have found that increasingly the controllers are destroying their own agents when they are unable t fully complete their mission.

yours truly B. W.


Your “The Taste For Things That Are True” brings to mind the macrocosm of the World and the microcosm of a school. In a school, you have a few of those that love to learn and are good at it, you have a few of those that hate and ridicule those that learn and are good at it (hating), and you have the vast majority of those that “blow with the wind”. Examine the number of hits your site gets, examine the number of positive communications you get. I have found that in any discussion group that is thriving, there is always an element that gets in and under a variety of nicknames they try to draw attention to themselves. They enjoy pulling people’s chains and push the limits of what they can get away with. You see, for these few (that seeem like many) ANY attention is good attention. As in the macrocosm, society has its bad element that necessitates police and security, the same can be said with any smaller organization that begins to thrive.

In short, hang in there.


Hi Laura,

Another insightful series, thank you. Im sure you feel that you have had your share of agents, Petty Tyrants and other Hostile Characters in your life and I commend you for your warrior approach! These individuals or groups may thing they have the upper hand since they typically deal the hand we are forced to play. But you have something they only dream of having even when they are stacking the deck in their favor and hiding what they perceive as “trump cards” up their sleeves. What they dont realize is that even with all their tricks they will never beat your hand. Because in your hand you have the TRUTH.

John <>
USA – Thursday, February 07, 2002 at 20:46:04 (MST)

I am really enjoying the new series, especially the way you explained and integrated in the Castaneda and Gurdjieff material which was very eye opening.

If I could ask a favor, one thing I have in common with you (Laura) is the Christian background and experience base. I know how hard it is to, on the one hand, analyze the Bible and Christian Theology objectively (and see the contradictions and other shortcomings) but at the same time, be drawn to the figure of Christ and some of the teachings in the New Testament. I mean, “Paul” was claimed by the Gnostics as one of their own, and with good reason as Freke and Gandy explained in “The Jesus Mysteries”.

Yet very “charismatic” hard-core Christian friends of mine are seeing remarkable miracles and healings taking place, “words of knowledge” and other prophetic/revelatory events, even physically visible manifestations like a sort of lightning-bolt and balls of light that appeared in connection with one person that I know personally. They all want to take it as proof of their beliefs, yet I have a sense that their strong “beliefs” are creating higher-dimensional effects.

Can you please give some comments as to where you personally stand on that issue at the present? What I mean is, sometimes you quote the Bible to great effect, but I know that you don’t see it as a unique revelation (or, the ONLY revelation) from God. So what degree of truth or efficacy or applicability do you ascribe to it, and why? I assume that as the “Wave” begins to impact our time/space locale, it will engender more supernatural effects among Christians whose theologies allow for that…how would you respond to that since they will take it as validation of their beliefs? Or is it one of those things that no amount of logic can overcome, since any manifestations of similar powers (“charismata/gifts”) by any non-Christians are just ascribed to “Satan” or demons acting to deceive??

Thanks a lot for all your efforts. Carpe Diem, and watch your
“Jack” <>
Southwest, USA – Friday, February 08, 2002 at 11:17:42 (MST)

Looong comment here. . .

While reading through “Adventures with the Cassiopeans Pt. 7”, I was delighted to see you republish Castaneda’s chapter on Petty Tyrants.

In the final days of the year of the Snake, during which, according to Chinese astrology, old systems and structures are shattered and ended, all of which seems disastrous and terrible, but which, we are told, is actually a vital thing as it clears the way for the new. The Year of the Horse which follows is all about what I call, New Project Energy, being the wonderful enthusiasm with which new entrepreneurs launch their dreams and inventive schemes upon the world stage. For which no obstacles have yet been met, and so no hopes have yet been dashed. What a time! Very exciting stuff, and the Year of the Snake must prelude this when the old systems are exploded.

The year of the Snake has been likened to the Tower’ from the Tarot deck.

Anyway. . .

Castaneda is one of my favorite writers. If you haven’t already, I recommend you read one of Florinda Donner’s books, “Being in Dreaming,” wherein she interacts with Don Juan and Carlos. Seeing Carlos through her eyes is absolutely fascinating!

Although, I did come across in one of your passages, an email correspondence to you from an anthropologist who declared the high probability of Florinda’s being a conn-artist, by way of friends in the field whom he considered very reliable. This, naturally, was cause for a review. I no longer know exactly where I stand in regard to FD’s material, but I still find that her work resonates with me. Her messages aren’t of the Love & Light quality. (But then perhaps I am just a fool.) No matter. I don’t mind playing the fool so long as I don’t allow myself to invest emotionally in her words. With further learning and an open mind, any false info will surely be annihilated. For the time being, however, I think the book mentioned above is still worth a look if you have not read it. Even if it is full of lies, she writes quite beautifully.

In any case, I have been treading lightly around these final days of the Snake, (which ends, I believe on Feb 12 of 2002). Like other readers who have written in to you, I find myself in the company of people who may not be good for me.

Because I seem to be fairly adroit in avoiding such snares as laid out by Psychic Vampires, I remain in good spirits and good health. But recently, I found myself in the midst of a huge trap setting itself up, and I confess to having had trouble in deciding which way to jump.

I am a writer and cartoonist, and I have produced several light-hearted fantasy adventure books over the last decade. I have taken a great deal of care in crafting my work so as to help as best I can, my readers on their journeys through life. I don’t know how successful I have been, but when I survey the results and the audience reaction, I am cautiously pleased with the results. I want very much to be generous and creative and compassionate and strong and all those things. The more I learn, the more I realize just how careful I must be, stories being as powerful as they are; often times a direct link into the unconscious.

Anyway, I have in the last couple of years become friendly with some very powerful people; those who can see and manipulate energy directly. –Who have helped me to see energy to a limited degree as well. These are the kind of people who create powerful eddies in the social fabric around them.

One of them is a very talented musician whose company I enjoy very much. He strikes me in nearly every way as being an honest and earnest individual. His music has been on top ten radio play lists a couple of times during the last ten years, and he will be producing a new album shortly. He wants to work collaboratively with me in some aspect. He wants to make an animated video involving characters and scenes from my works.

Now, I normally work on a fairly small stage; I have been comfortable with a limited readership and modest sales which keep me clothed and fed and comfortable, but very little more. I have been approached several times by numerous media companies interested in exploiting my work, among them some of the most recognizable corporate entities in the entire world. I have turned them all away for reasons which seem plainly obvious to me but which sometimes confuse those close to me.

I don’t mind at all working in near obscurity, and as such, I have been able to produce some very clean work. My musician friend’s offer is only the second time I have been seriously tempted to expand beyond my normal creative activities into areas where much larger audiences can be reached. (The reason I am considering it this time is primarily that no corporate money will be involved, and that I know and trust the other people involved.) I ended up working in comics by default, because animation seemed too large and difficult a mountain when I was in my early twenties. I recognized that I could easily spend 10 years fighting a very difficult system of big money and corporate interests before I would be allowed the kind of creative freedom comics offered right then and there. So I jumped into comics. Working in animation, however, was always my original desire. And now, (after nearly ten years of plodding through comics, oddly enough), an offer for creative freedom in animation has come my way.

In any case, working with my musician friend is invigorating and exciting. However, I worry, in that I don’t know, especially now that my own on-going paper based publishing efforts have hit a wonderful new level, if I will have the time to devote to a large project. Particularly something as exhausting, expensive and uncertain as an animated production.

My friend is a dreamer, and I believe he means well, and I have seen him display charismatic powers in groups which are entirely capable of motivating the required components necessary to put a large and expensive project into force. Yet I remain very concerned that my smaller aspirations will go unfinished if I allow my attention to wander now. (I have only about two more years of work remaining before I complete this story upon which I have been toiling for the last decade! I want to complete my work before shifting gears.)

–Especially, since the story I am writing is now beginning to deal with magic and awareness; the kinds of patterns I believe which will be of use to people in the approaching difficult days. I have been deeply moved and inspired by the work you have done, and I believe it will give new force to my writing.

However, the kind of work my friend and I would be doing also deals with these sorts of topics in a musical and animated story telling form. The film, The Matrix, is an example of a useful film project, even if it was rather creepy in other ways. (The Matrix seemed to me a clever way of making people want to choose the blue pill en masse. For instance, I have found waking up, while frightening at the beginning, to be ANYTHING but the equivalent to finding myself in a dreary existence aboard a rusting ship sprung from the heart of some industrial nightmare. It seems almost a way of making people fear enlightenment. Also. . . I just made an odd association a short while ago. Those bizarre sunglasses Neo and Trinity wore. Take a look at them. They always bothered me on some deep level I didn’t understand, but disregarded as being merely a weird looking fashion trend. But I just realized. When you put those things on, it transforms your head into something that looks very much like a Grey’s face. What is that all about?

Perhaps it is nothing; as always, I am proceeding from a deep distrust of all things Hollywood.. In any case, I worry about getting involved in big money, high exposure projects. There is so much room for corruption; the film and television infrastructure being designed almost exculsively around thought-control. And yet. . , film and television retain the elusive promise of having vast potential for doing good.

In short, I don’t know if I am being distracted by STS forces, or offered an opportunity by STO.

Perhaps it is both, and it is up to me to make it what I want. An idea, which does not make the problem any easier.

Anyway. . .

The second of my two powerful friends is a girl who has gone through enormous difficulties in life. Among the warning signs are: her family has had long and tight dealings with and employment in high level government. She has had deep dealings with black magic and extended sex-related STS behavior, the general descriptions of which make my skin crawl. She has described to me a variety of horrible things to me in spurts over the two years I have known her. Indeed, she tells me that she was very concerned that I would be scared away from her if I knew right off some of the things she has been involved with.

She actually used the words “Service to Self” to describe an approach to life which she believes to be valid. And, to my knowledge, she has not read your work! Clearly, to disregard these indicators would be foolish in the extreme.

However. . .

She has been almost heroic in her dealings with me. Early on, I fell in love with her, and as such, made myself vulnerable to her in numerous ways which she declined to take advantage of, explaining that she would hate herself if she, “snuffed my light out”. –I had no idea what she was talking about until later. I then spent a rather torturous year trying to control my feelings for her, (during which she was very careful not to exacerbate the situation, for which I am endlessly grateful!), and as a result, I have become very strong indeed in a variety of ways, and I have her to thank! I understand that sometimes, in 5th Density, we make agreements to provide adversaries for each other in order that we might learn valuable lessons. I am quite proud of the person I am becoming, and this fills me with respect, and frankly, relief. She could have hurt me very badly indeed, but instead has helped me become what I am today.

My musician friend tells me that after meeting her, he had undone and healed some really ugly energy attachments and blockages within her, (as he is entirely able due to his abilities in manipulating energy, as I can attest from some direct and fascinating personal experiences), and that her behavior and thinking have improved greatly in the time he has been her friend. I definitely see her struggling internally with the battle of STS over STO. My concern, much like yours with Frank, is that abandoning her might send a painful message and thus make her battle more difficult. I dearly do not want to do that. Even though she worries me, I still like her and value her company.

As she is in her very early twenties, she is still at that stage where one is working out exactly who one is and how to proceed in life. She is still making her choices. Of late, however, she has been quite difficult; possessive and immature, and she has caused many problems whenever the musician and I attempt to work on our tentative project.

You wrote the following quote in “Adventures with the Cassiopeans”:

“Master K’ung said, There are three sorts of friend that are profitable, and three sorts that are harmful. Friendship with the upright, with the true-to-death and with those who have knowledge is profitable. Friendship with the obsequious, friendship with those who are good at accommodating their principles, friendship with those who are clever at talk is harmful.”

She may not be upright or true-to-death, but she certainly has knowledge.

However, while she is by no means obsequious, she is good at accommodating her principals, and she is VERY good at talk. Evasive, friendly and clever; sharp as a razor and about as safe. I hope that I will be strong enough to make the right choices if and when things come to the crunch, and moreover, I hope very much that she really is fighting towards the light. If she is fighting in earnest, then I have confidence that she will be successful; she is strong-willed and she has vast and power at her command. If not, then I see truly horrifying depths to which she will be able to sink. She is the sort of person who can lay curses and affect dreams and alter the course of reality. She could be a very, very good person, or she could be an absolute terror. (Please pardon my sense of drama.)

Anyway, I am writing this to share and hopefully provide something useful to you and perhaps others. My difficulties and those of my friends are our own, (and I hope I am not doing harm by sharing some of their story. I said that I would not write about them, but I hate secrets, especially when there is so much here which could benefit others! I hope I have been general enough not to hurt anybody!)

Being tight-lipped has been constantly sold to the world as an upright thing, though I can’t help but see that whenever secrets are shared, people learn and become greater for the sharing. It is only rarely that I see evil benefit when knowledge is put forth honestly and without malice. This is something I fret over endlessly! There are hundreds of wonderful stories I refrain from telling because I don’t want to hurt or embarrass the many people I know personally!

As such, I fully recognize the kind of bravery involved with the way you write. I hold you in deep respect as a writer. (Though, by heaven! You could use an editor! I think you could cut your word density by at least 30% and significantly raise message clarity. For the web, this isn’t really a problem since much of your work takes the form of a web diary, where being rough around the edges is both natural and expected. –But if you ever get things printed in book form, I would suggest getting an editor to help polish things so that print and distribution costs go down, while sales and reader connections go up!)

In any case, your work is friendly and earnest, and it has given me such a wonderful breadth of resources with which to recognize and deal confidently with problems as they arise. I knew almost nothing of the world of expanded awareness only two years ago! I have literally been launched from the McDonald’s version of reality into this one in a very sudden manner. While meeting such powerful people was a primary initiator, discovering your work has been another. A second opinion, so to speak. (Castaneda has been a third.) Your website and your no-nonsense attitude have been ground zero in terms of much of my seemingly endless personal research.

You are doing an excellent job.

While I remain a little fearful, I actually sort of look forward to battles now, because I am much more able to face them. Truly, knowledge protects! (Though, I hope my next lesson is not to show that I am mistaken! Yeesh. But I think I could deal with that now as well.)

Thank you.
Mark <>
– Saturday, February 09, 2002 at 03:46:29 (MST)