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Schwaller de Lubicz and the Fourth Reich Part 2

In examining the work of Schwaller, we have one of the better examples of the subtle way the occult societies attack those who come to bring light, by association and co-opting. The tactic is to find a means of subtly allying their message with that of the truly Positive so as to generate confusion in untrained minds which would tend on surface evidence to accept these actually contrary messages as similar, at least in intent.

The occultists who are promoting the new Control System borrow all their components from what is of truth, and proceed by the method of imitation. They literally will ape the expression of positive teachings, and all the more carefully when they wish to be mistaken altogether for purveyors of truth, so as to subvert the messages.

Their usual strategy is to begin by adhering so closely to the truth as to be virtually indistinguishable to all but heightened, thinking awareness. They install their ideas through the rhythmic lull of entrainment so as to catch the “congregation” totally off guard when they finally diverge slightly or greatly from the truth and so pull the listener along with them. The voice of deception is, of course, all the more ingratiatingly imitative of “goodness” where it is addressing a listener who is truly desirous of seeking truth; those who are lazy to begin with don’t need such careful wording to deceive them as they are already willing to be deceived.

The most difficult problem we face is that of the vast hyperdimensional Cosmic COINTELPRO operation that has been underway for millennia. We have been blinded emotionally by social programming, and kept in the dark by academic limitations. To compound the emotional and analytical challenges we must overcome, there is the present glut of unsubstantiated information, theories, disinformation and purported “evidence” being promulgated through the Internet. Lies and confusion everywhere. And so few people seem to grasp that this is an ingredient, or principle that is part and parcel of the process of social engineering. In order for any of us to be able to arrive at any kind of accurate information and to gain greater insight about the problems we may be facing, we must be prepared to rid ourselves of all past thought patterns and preconceptions, and in a childlike manner ask very simple questions, and keep asking until we penetrate to new, novel and unexpected revelations. There is no other way; we must become Perceval and “ask the question” with no beliefs at all.

One does not need to even believe in a conspiracy, but it is essential to understand that there are many who do believe, who do understand the principles, and who do participate in these conspiracies. In this respect, it is necessary to investigate a full range of information in order to avoid making decisions based on blind emotional faith, peer pressure, imagination or outright manipulation.

It seems clear that it is only at the very deepest level that some of the human “players” are even aware of their status as “game pieces.” And most certainly, they are assured that their cooperation will be rewarded by their hyperdimensional Masters. It is fascinating to notice that, even though they employ Machiavellian tactics and Game Theory, they are curiously blind to one of the rules of such play: those who can be co-opted for use against their own kind are the first to be destroyed when the New “Prince” takes over. Since their ambition leads them to betrayal at one level, it is assumed that it will also lead them to attempt betrayal at the next level above them, and thus they are used until they are no longer useful, and then they are destroyed.

Many people have the erroneous idea that our national leaders and lawmakers are this “economic elite.” That is evidently not the case. They are merely gofers who serve a hidden group of elitists who have seceded from the human race and have joined forces with the ultimate controllers: the hyperdimensional Controllers of the Matrix. This group is the one that holds humanity in bondage while it amasses wealth for the purpose of gathering the reins of control in order to be able to implement its Dark Agenda of total control, body, mind and spirit.

Teddy Roosevelt was quoted as saying:

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of today.”

The Third Reich was an early attempt at creating a “New World Order.” Evidence shows that the Anglo American economic elite was involved with that up to its ears. Economist Robert Brady defined the Nazi state as “a dictatorship of monopoly capitalism. Its ‘fascism’ is that of business enterprise organized on a monopoly basis, and in full command of all the military, police, legal and propaganda power of the state.” (Richard Sasuly, “I.G. Farben,” 1947, p. 128)

Nazi Germany was, in effect, a Game Theory based capitalist paradise. There was a 60-hour workweek, low wages and no unions. Nazi expansionist policies actually represented the global ambitions of German cartels that had begun to prepare for war long before they backed Hitler with big bux. As countries fell to the Nazis, businesses were absorbed at fire sale prices. “For German big business, World War II was a chance to plunder on a scale without precedent in history,” writes Sasuly (p.114).

The key to understanding the elite, and the direction of current world events, based on the model of Fascism, is to understand the psychology of the economic cartel. Cartels are, by definition, a conspiracy. Their purpose – utilizing Game Theory – is to defraud the public by keeping prices high. They do this by controlling competition, markets, raw materials and new technology. They are by definition megalomaniacal, anti-national, and psychopathic.

One of the earliest cartels was J. D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, which eliminated the competition by secretly fixing transportation costs with the railroads. While he professed Christianity, Rockefeller is famous for saying the “only sin is competition.”

The largest German cartel was the chemical, film and pharmaceutical giant I.G. Farben. Farben produced 85% of Germany’s explosives in World War Two. In 1926, Farben and Standard Oil entered into a cartel agreement in which Farben stayed out of synthetic oil in return for Standard representing Farben in the US. The upshot of this agreement was that Standard Oil supplied the Nazis with petroleum in spite of shortages in the US. It supplied a rare lead additive without which the Luftwaffe could not fly. It suppressed the production of synthetic rubber in the US, which almost cost the Allies the war.

In turn, Rockefeller, the man who financed the scientific think tank at Princeton, MIT, and other places, got a cut of Farben’s other business, which included the many factories that employed slave labor from concentration camps like Auschwitz. (Farben-Rockefeller paid the SS for this labor at bargain rates.) Profits also derived from the poison gas that killed the laborers after their usefulness was expended. This is the real reason the rail lines to Auschwitz were not bombed. Allied bombers hit within 14 miles of Auschwitz but the factories and death camp were off limits. In fact, German industry moved there for this reason. After the war, the CIA established its German headquarters in the undamaged Farben skyscraper in Frankfurt.

The holocaust was very good business. Throughout the 1930’s Wall Street investment banks participated in “aryanization” which meant getting Jewish owned breweries, banks, factories, department stores etc. for 30 cents on the dollar. The gold from the teeth of holocaust victims ended up in their vaults. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Nazi war effort was financed by the Bank of England (which, for example, transferred the Czech gold reserves to the Nazis), Wall Street (Prescott Bush, Dubya’s grandfather, was one of the leading Nazi financiers) and Jewish plunder. It was finessed by lawyer John Foster Dulles, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, who later became US Secretary of State. Nazi businessmen remained in positions of power, war criminals were transported to South America, or went to work for the CIA.

In contrast, during the war, the allies deliberately prevented Jews from escaping from Europe. In short, they not only set the house on fire, they blocked the exit.

On the first day of World War Two, His Majesty’s ship “Lorna” fired on the limping overcrowded “Tiger Hill” as she approached Palestine with 1417 Jewish refugees. The first people killed by the British in WWII were not Germans but Jewish escapees from Germany. Other refugee ships (e.g. the “St. Louis”) were sent back to Germany by the US or blown up with all souls on board by British MI-6 (the “Struma”). For the whole story, read The Holocaust Conspiracy (1989) by William R. Perl, a Lt. Colonel with the US Army Intelligence Service.

The list of US corporations that had the equivalent of $8 billion invested in Nazi Germany include Standard Oil, General Motors, IBM, Ford, the Chase and National City Banks, ITT and many others. As a result, Allied soldiers didn’t know that ITT built the airplanes that dropped bombs on them. They didn’t know that Ford and General Motors built the Nazi’s trucks and tanks. They didn’t know that ball bearings crucial to the Nazi war effort were manufactured in Philadelphia, yet were in short supply in the USA. This was all done with the knowledge and permission of the US government. For details, see Charles Higham’s Trading with the Enemy(1983), and Christopher Simpson’s (1993), and Blowback (1988).

Most people assume that cartels owe an allegiance to their native country. But this is not the case. They live in a financial virtual reality. Their fellow men are important only insofar as they cannon fodder for the advancement of their Economic interests.

The question must be asked: if the Economic elite backed the Nazis, why didn’t the Nazis win? They did. It was all about shifting the Control System to another geographic location under cover of war. The objective was to use war and genocide to degrade and demoralize humanity – specifically those with ideas of Freedom – so that they will ultimately accept serfdom under the guidance of Uncle Sam and Big Brother. The purpose of this “globalization” was to institutionalize the political power of the Economic cartels. This was the hidden agenda behind the creation of the scientific “think tank” at Princeton, the luring of the great scientific minds to the service of the Economic cartels, the development of Game Theory, and it is all being implemented in the current “war on terrorism.”

At the levels of which we are aware: heads of state, diplomats, government officials, economic theorists, heads of industry and the military; it is highly unlikely that they have any full awareness of the hyperdimensional nature of the game at all. They operate fully as “automatons,” or “psychopathic alien reaction machines,” in a state of total susceptibility to manipulation with no awareness that they are being manipulated.

As Carlos Castaneda pointed out, the Predator “gave us their mind.

Q: […] (L) Okay, this anthropologist, Michael Harner, was doing some field work, and it says here that Harner went to the Peruvian Amazon to study the culture of the Conibo Indians. After a year or so he had made little headway in understanding their religious system, when the Conibo told him ‘if he really wanted to learn, he had to drink ahayahuasca. Harner accepted, not without fear because the people had warned him that the experience was terrifying. The following evening, under the strict supervision of his indigenous friends, he drank the equivalent of a third of a bottle. After several minutes he found himself flying into a world of true hallucinations. After arriving in a celestial cavern where a supernatural carnival of demons was in full swing, he saw two strange boats floating through the air that combined to form a huge dragon headed prow not unlike that of a Viking ship. On the deck he could make out large numbers of people with the heads of bluejays and the bodies of humans, not unlike the bird-headed gods of ancient Egyptian tomb paintings. Then he saw that his visions emanated from giant reptilian creatures that resided at the lowest depths of his brain. These creatures began projecting scenes in front of his eyes while informing him that this information was reserved for the dying and the dead.

‘First, they showed me the planet Earth as it was aeons ago before there was any life on it. I saw an ocean, barren land, and a bright blue sky. Then black specks dropped from the sky by the hundreds and landed in front of me on the barren landscape. I could see that the specks were actually large, shiny black creatures with stubby pterodactyl-like wings and huge whale-like bodies. They explained to me in a kind of thought language, that they were fleeing from something from out in space. They had come to the planet earth to escape their enemy. The creatures then showed me how they had created life on the planet in order to hide within the multitudinous forms, and thus disguise their presence. Before me, the magnificence of plant and animal creation and speciation and hundreds of millions of years of activity, took place on a scale and with a vividness impossible to describe. I learned that dragon-like creatures were thus inside all forms of life, including man.’

At this point in his account, Harner writes in a footnote at the bottom of the page: ‘in retrospect, one could say that they were almost like DNA, although at that time, in 1961, I knew nothing of DNA.’ […] (C) In these chemically induced trances, why is there the common experience of seeing these bird-headed or serpent-like creatures?
A: While you have physicality, some part of you will maintain the connection to its roots.
Q: (L) Are you saying that all these people who say that human beings have reptilian genetics, are telling the truth? Do we have reptilian genetics?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do we also have bird genetics?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And that is our physical connection or basis?
A: Yes, as third density bioengineered beings, you lead the smorgasbord parade of that which surrounds you in the physical realm.
Q: (A) So, we are 3rd density bioengineered beings. (L) That leads to another question: there is a lot of talk about the Merovingian bloodlines, or the ‘Nordic Covenant’ bloodlines, or whatever label is put on it, being a ‘fresher’ version of the reptilian genetic strain. This is represented in the myths of the god Oannes of Sumerian fame, or the Quinotaur who impregnated the mother of Merovee while she was bathing in the sea, and even the wife of the founder of the Angevins, Melusine, variously described as an aquatic fairy or a mermaid. So, there is this claim that there is a stronger and more virile reptilian strain in these bloodlines. Is that correct?
A: It may be.
Q: (L) Well, is that significant in any way?
A: For those obsessed with materialism.
Q: (L) […] this business about these dragon-like creatures fleeing from something. This story gets repeated a lot. Is that an accurate part of the tale? Were they fleeing from something?
A: Maybe, but so what?
Q: (L) What were they fleeing? I’m curious!
A: Fleeing? All life just fills the voids that exist. It is a natural process; existentialism.

Q: I have this book, this Marcia Schafer thing: “Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist,” and its a bunch of channelled stuff; one thing she says: “the snake is associated with the sign of wisdom and higher learning, and is often regarded quite highly in mystical circles.” She had an interaction with a rattlesnake, for which she felt sympathy, and she also has sympathetic interactions with Lizzies. I would like to have a comment on the idea of the snake as a “sign of wisdom and higher learning.” Does this, in fact, represent what the snake symbolizes?
A: Snake is/was reported in context of the viewpoint of the observer.
Q: Are you saying that when the observer’s viewpoint is that the snake is a symbol of higher learning, maybe…
A: Maybe the observer was just “blown away” by the experience.
Q: Clarify, please.
A: If you were living in the desert, or jungle, about 7,000 years ago, as you measure time, would you not be impressed if these Reptoid “dudes” came down from the heavens in silvery objects and demonstrated techno-wonders from thousands of years in the future, and taught you calculus, geometry and astrophysics to boot?!?
Q: Is that, in fact, what happened?
A: Yup.

A: {…]. Here is something for you to digest: Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???
Q: And what is this obvious thing?
A: Even if speed of light travel, or “faster,” were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space “ark,” living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.
Q: Is this, in fact, what has happened, or is happening?
A: It could well be, and maybe now it is the time for you to learn about the details.
Q: Well, would such a race be 3rd or 4th density in orientation?
A: Why not elements of both?
Q: What is the most likely place that such a race would have originated from?
A: Oh, maybe Orion, for example?
Q: Okay. If such a race did, in fact, travel to this location in space/time, how many generations have come and gone on their space ark during this period of travel, assuming, of course, that such a thing has happened?
A: Maybe 12.
Q: Okay, that implies that they have rather extended life ps…
A: Yes…
Q: Assuming this to be the case, what are their lifeps?
A: 2,000 of your years. When in space, that is…
Q: And what is the p when on terra firma?
A: 800 years.
Q: Well, has it not occurred to them that staying in space might not be better?
A: No. Planets are much more “comfortable.”
Q: Okay… imagining that such a group has traveled here…
A: We told you of upcoming conflicts… Maybe we meant the same as your Bible, and other references. Speak of… The “final” battle between “good and evil…” Sounds a bit cosmic, when you think of it, does it not?
Q: Does this mean that there is more than one group that has traveled here in their space arks?
A: Could well be another approaching, as well as “reinforcements” for either/or, as well as non-involved, but interested observers of various types who appreciate history from the sidelines.
Q: Well, SWELL! There goes my peaceful life!
A: You never had one!
Q: Well, I was planning on one! Is this one of those items we should NOT put on the net, or are you addressing it because you want it on the net?
A: We will leave that until a bit later.
Q: Any other comment?
A: You chose to be incarnated now, with some foreknowledge of what was to come. Reference your dreams of space attack.
Q: Okay, what racial types are we talking about relating to these hypothetical aliens?
A: Three basic constructs. Nordic, Reptilian, and Greys. Many variations of type 3, and 3 variations of type 1 and 2.
Q: Well, what racial types are the ‘good guys?’
A: Nordics, in affiliation with 6th density “guides.”
Q: And that’s the only good guys?
A: That’s all you need.
Q: Wonderful! So, if it is a Grey or Lizzie, you know they aren’t the nice guys. But, if it is tall and blond, you need to ask questions!
A: All is subjective when it comes to nice and not nice. Some on 2nd density would think of you as “not nice,” to say the least!!!
Q: That’s for sure! Especially the roaches! Maybe we ought to get in touch with some of these good guys…
A: When the “time” is right.
A: Invasion happens when programming is complete…
Q: What programming?
A: See Bible, “Lucid” book, Matrix Material, “Bringers of the Dawn,” and many other sources, then cross reference...
Q: Well, if something is fairly imminent, we are not gonna have time to do all the things you have suggested that we do!
A: Yes you will, most likely.
Q: Well, we are supposed to build a pool, a maze, a psychomantium, to build a database, get a Nobel Prize… a LOT of things in the works here…. This just sort of takes the heart right out of me!
A: Not so!
Q: Well, are we going to have time to do all these things?
A: All these things were suggested for this reason, among others.
Q: So, all the things you have suggested are to get us ready for this event?
A: Yes.
Q: Well, we better get moving! We don’t have time to mess around!
A: You will proceed as needed, you cannot force these events or alter the Grand Destiny.
Q: I do NOT like the sound of that! I want to go home!
A: The alternative is less appetising.
Q: Sure! I don’t want to be lunch!
A: Reincarnation on a 3rd density earth as a “cave person” amidst rubble and a glowing red sky, as the perpetual cold wind whistles…
Q: Why is the sky glowing red?
A: Contemplate.
Q: Of course! Comet dust! Sure, everybody knows THAT! Wonderful!!! Anything further?
A: Stay tuned for all pertinent information.

Q: (L) I have drawn a sort of conclusion about some of the activities of the Lizzies and their abductions through the Grays and so forth, and it seems to me that these excessive numbers of exams, gynecological, reproductive or whatever exams, might possibly be a screen for a process that is used to extract life force or energy from the human being, through the basal chakra, the sexual chakra, as I understand where the life force enters in. Is this idea correct or on track?
A: Close.
Q: (L) It does seem that the Grays and Lizzies are abnormally interested in sexual activities of human beings, is that correct?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they have tremendous sex drives even though they are in fourth density?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are they interested in sexual energy simply because it is life force?
A: Partly and also desperately to stave off change in order to retain control.
Q: (L) What changes are they desperate to stave off?
A: To 4th level.
Q: (L) They are trying to stave off the 4th level change. Can they do that?
A: No. Also hoping to retain control even if change occurs.
Q: (L) Are these supposed memories people have from their abductions of these exams just screens of procedures used to take life force from them?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When they sample an abductee’s tissue and take the little scoops or chunks out of them, what do they take these chunks of flesh for?
A: Cloning.
Q: (L) If they clone, why do they need such a large chunks?
A: You don’t know all details of cloning process yet.
Q: (L) Do they take twins, or one of a pair of twins, and raise one artificially?
A: Have done so.
Q: (L) Is this done frequently?
A: No.
Q: (L) What is the purpose of taking one of a pair of twins?
A: Study to determine which is best soul receptacle: one of twins or clone. [This raises the question as to why the choice has to be either. Is there some connection between clones and the original body and one twin and another that is vital to the purpose of the Lizzies?]
Q: (L) Do these twins they raise, do they raise them on their ships or in their enclave wherever they are?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And do they treat them well?
A: Open.
Q: (L) Do they teach them a great deal?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Do they do this to test the brain capacity of the human being?
A: And other reasons.
Q: (L) For what purpose are they trying to decide which is the best receptacle, the clone or the twin? Receptacle for what?
A: Future project. [to] Switch physical realities.
Q: (L) And who is going to switch physical realities? Are they going to enter into bodies they have prepared for themselves so that they can switch their reality?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, they are preparing a bunch of soulless bodies into which they can enter in themselves?
A: Will try.

Q: (L) So, in effect, we ARE the new Neanderthals on the eve of extinction. You have said that those who transition into 4th density in the body will go through some kind of rejuvenation process or body regeneration or something. Does that mean that these present “Neanderthal” type bodies that we presently occupy will morph into something more in line with the new model? Is it genetically encoded into some of them to do so?
A: Something like that.
Q: (L) So, that’s why they have been following certain bloodlines for generation after generation; they are tinkering with the DNA and arming genetic time-bombs that are waiting to go off. (A) What is interesting is how do those who are trying to get these people, to abduct them, how do they spot them? How do they get the information? By following the bloodline, or by some kind of monitor you can detect from a long distance – and they can note that “here is somebody of interest” or “here is somebody dangerous” or “let’s abduct this one” or whatever. How do they select? Do they search the genealogies or is it some kind of remote sensing?
A: Now this is interesting Arkadiusz, as it involves the atomic “signature” of the cellular structure of the individual. In concert with this is the etheric body reading and the frequency resonance vibration. All these are interconnected, and can be read from a distance using remote viewing technology/methodology.
Q: (L) Can it be done in a pure mechanical way without using psychic means?
A: At another level of understanding, the two are blended into one.
Q: (T) Computerized psychic remote viewing, maybe. Like artificial intelligence. Maybe a mind connected to a computer?
A: That is close, yes.

A: The concept of a “master race” put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a “trial run” for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.
Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a “vehicle” in 3rd density, so to speak?
A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.
Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are “programmed,” could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density – sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?
A: You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.

Q: Okay, last session you brought up the subject of Frequency Resonance Vibration. You suggested that there are certain STS forces who are developing or creating or managing physical bodies that they are trying to increase the frequency in so that they will have bodies that are wired so that they can manifest directly into 3rd density, since that seems to be the real barrier that prevents an all-out invasion, the fact that we are in 3rd density and they are in 4th. Now, I assume that the same function could be true for STO individuals. It seems that many individuals who have come into this time period from the future, coming back into the past via the incarnational cycle so as not to violate free will, have carefully selected bodies with particular DNA, which they are, little by little, activating so that there 4th density selves, or higher, can manifest in this reality. Is it possible for those energies to manifest into such bodies which have been awakened or tuned in 3rd density?
A: STO tends to do the process within the natural flow of things. STS seeks to alter creation processes to fit their ends.
Q: This Top Secret document and the Anna Hayes material to some extent, both talk about many abductions being “ourselves from the future” who have come back to the past, or what is for us, the present, to abduct their own bodies to make genetic adjustments so that they can advance and not make the mistakes they made in another timeline. Is that, in fact, part of the scenario?
A: Very close to the truth!
Q: Can you abduct yourself in an STO manner and help yourself in this way? Can that be STO?
A: It is not, because that is not STO.
Q: So, when that is happening, and if it is happening, it is occurring in the STS parameter?
A: Yes.
Q: How do the STO manage?
A: They do not concern themselves with such things.
Q: Well, if the STS guys are genetically tweaking themselves to have some kind of different outcome for some reason that we do not perceive, don’t you think there should be a balancing action on the STO side of some sort?
A: You are thinking in STS terms. But that is natural, since human 3rd density is STS.
Q: You say they don’t concern themselves with that. What do STO individuals coming back from the future into the past concern themselves with?
A: Answering calls for assistance with knowledge.
Q: What do these STS individuals coming back into the past hope to do by genetically tweaking their ancestors? What happened that they want to have happen differently?
A: Infinite number of possible answers to that question.
Q: So, they are coming from all different timelines with all different kinds of agendas – all designed to serve themselves.

Q: (L) You have told us through this source, that there is a cluster of comets connected in some interactive way with our solar system, and that this cluster of comets comes into the plane of the ecliptic every 3600 years. Is this correct?
A: Yes. But, this time it is riding realm border wave to 4th level, where all realities are different.
Q: (L) Okay, so the cluster of comets is riding the realm border wave. Does this mean that when it comes into the solar system, that its effect on the solar system, or the planets within the solar system… (J) Or us. (L)… may or may not be mitigated by the fact of this transition? Is this a mitigating factor?
A: Will be mitigated.
Q: (L) Does any of this mean that the earth changes that have been predicted, may not, in fact, occur in physical reality as we understand it?
A: You betcha.
Q: (L) Does this mean that all of this running around and hopping and jumping to go here and go there and do this and do that is…
A: That is strictly 3rd level thinking.
Q: (L) Now, if that is 3rd level thinking, and if a lot of these things are symbolic, I am assuming they are symbolic of movement or changes in energy.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, if these changes in energy occur does this mean that the population of the planet are, perhaps, in groups or special masses of groups, are they defined as the energies that are changing in these descriptions of events and happenings of great cataclysm. Is it like a cataclysm of the soul on an individual and or collective basis?
A: Close.
Q: (L) When the energy changes to 4th density, and you have already told us that people who are moving to 4th density when the transition occurs, that they will move into 4th density, go through some kind of rejuvenation process, grow new teeth, or whatever, what happens to those people who are not moving to 4th density, and who are totally unaware of it? Are they taken along on the wave by, in other words, piggy-backed by the ones who are aware and already changing in frequency, or are they going to be somewhere else doing something else?
A: Step by step.
Q: (T) In other words, we are looking at the fact that what’s coming this time is a wave that’s going to allow the human race to move to 4th density?
A: And the planet and your entire sector of space/time.

Q: (T) Is that what this whole plan is about, then, if I may be so bold as to include all of us here in this. We, of the beings of light who have come here into human form, to anchor the frequency, is this what we are anchoring it for, for this wave, so that when it comes enough of us will be ready, the frequency will be set, so that the change in the planet can take place as it has been planned?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When this happens, will we piggy-back all those who are still unaware?
A: Open.
Q: (T) Okay, when the people are talking about the earth changes, when they talk in literal terms about the survivors, and those who are not going to survive, and the destruction and so forth and so on, in 3rd, 4th, 5th level reality we are not talking about the destruction of the planet on 3rd level physical terms, or the loss of 90 per cent of the population on the 3rd level because they died, but because they are going to move to 4th level?
A: Whoa! You are getting “warm.”
Q: (T) Okay. So, when they talk about 90 per cent of the population not surviving, it is not that they are going to die, but that they are going to transform. We are going to go up a level. This is what the whole light thing is all about?
A: Or another possibility is that the physical cataclysms will occur only for those “left behind” on the remaining 3rd level density earth.
Q: (L) What I am trying to get here, once again, old practical Laura, is trying to get a handle on practical terms here. Does this mean that a 4th density earth and a 3rd density earth will coexist side by side…
A: Not side by side, totally different realms.
Q: (L) Do these realms interpenetrate one another but in different dimensions…
A: Close.
Q: (L) So, in other words, a being from say, 6th density, could look at this planet we call the earth and see it spinning through space and see several dimensions of earth, and yet the point of space/time occupation is the same, in other words, simultaneous. (J) They can look down but we can’t look up.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, in other words, while all of this cataclysmic activity is happening on the 3rd dimensional earth, we will be just on our 4th dimensional earth and this sort of thing won’t be there, and we won’t see the 3rd dimensional people and they won’t see us because we will be in different densities which are not “en rapport”, so to speak?
A: You understand concept, now you must decide if it is factual.

Here on the Cassiopaea Website, we echo the above sentiment. We do not seek to force any idea down anyone’s throat, or even declare that the C’s ideas are right, or the only right views. What we have done is use these ideas as a jumping off point for thinking, creating a hypothesis, testing this hypothesis, and even experimenting with it.

If it is true that humans are being bred and raised like cattle in a global stockyard and fed upon both psychically and sometimes even physically, we have a truly serious situation going on here, to put it mildly. As I have explained before, I have NEVER seen a Drachomonoid being except in dreamlike states or almost hypnopompic semi-sleep states. So, when the Cassiopaeans began to talk about them, it was truly “Twilight Zone” time, in my opinion!

I have also stated that, whenever the Cassiopaeans have told us anything, I work very hard to discover if there is any form of what I call vertical or lateral corroboration. Vertical data is that which is located in history at any point different from the present. Lateral data consists of collecting reports, witness information, and other data that amounts to circumstantial evidence from the present time. It is always better if the two types of data “cross” or intersect. But it is still not the same as having a “smoking gun.” But, when you are dealing with hyperdimensional realities, “smoking guns” are not very likely to be found.

In the case of the idea of man being “food” for hyperdimensional beings, there is an enormous amount of both vertical and lateral corroboration of ALL kinds. So much so that, in fact, it is almost impossible to understand why it is not generally known. Clearly, there have been deliberate efforts to “hide this fact.” And, the fact that it is hidden may itself tell us something.

The point is, when Don Juan and Gurdjieff and the Cassiopaeans (and others) tell us that our religions, our social structure, our values, our beliefs about our spiritual nature and condition have been deliberately created to perpetuate the illusion that we are free; that we are (or can be) “special and adored children of a loving God;” that we are or can be “co-creators” with God, that we can DO anything at all of a positive and powerful nature, we need to carefully examine this issue!

But it is WORK to examine it objectively. It is HARD WORK because it consists of long and difficult self-examination in order to be able to overcome the emotions that prevent us from discovering what illusions we are hanging onto, what illusions are preventing us from seeing and acting in such a way as to BECOME FREE.

For me, the idea of connecting the dots has always consisted of using everything available to me in terms of peeling that blasted onion right down to the center. If I have to spend weeks buried in books about genetics to verify or disprove something the Cassiopaeans have said, I will do it. Not only that, I will write to known experts in the field using my husband’s cachet in the scientific world to “get in the door” and get the latest, most up-to-date INSIDE information so that I can be sure that what I am sharing is as accurate and balanced as I can make it.

When we sit in our comfortable homes and look at our reality, including that which is outside our windows, we see a “stable” front. Cars pass on the street taking people to and from their homes in their varied daily activities. The sun shines, children pass by talking and laughing. Everyone is involved in their life in an immediate and identified way, believing that this life they are involved in is what IS.

But, once in a while, something bizarre happens to someone and they struggle to deal with this anomaly in the space/time continuum. Usually, it is sufficiently minor that they can “damp it” and forget about it; which they MUST because it is too aberrant in the normal accepted course of events. It must be shoved under the rug and hidden.

Once in awhile, bigger things happen in the reality – evidence of the hyperdimensional control system intrudes, or the “screen” breaks down in some way – and it becomes news and gets reported. Charles Fort spent many years collecting these types of things from the newspapers and magazines all over the world.

When this happens, the “accepted belief system” hurries to “damp down” the item so that everyone can go along in their respective and collective illusions. And, since the events are localized, it is easy to cover it up. And, in the past, this was a LOT easier than it is today.

When you read the collected information of Charles Fort, you see that the “alien reality” that is so widely reported today was just as active then as it is now. In fact, you see that it may even be somewhat “cyclical.” Just as we have cycles of food production, planting, growing and harvesting, so may hyperdimensional beings harvest us according to some “seasonal” rule.

But, in any event, in the past it was a lot easier to keep the lid on the matter. But then, people began to become literate. Books and papers and magazines were published and distributed. Travel became easier and information from around the world about these “odd intrusions” into our reality could be collected giving an overall pattern that something was not right.

Before Charles Fort, there were some few people who already “smelled a rat.” But, Mr. Fort kindly shoved it right under our noses and the reaction has been quite interesting. The “cover up” machine went into FULL operation through the most effective vectors of mainstream science and religion.

But, the rat had been smelled and some people couldn’t just shove it back under the rug. The stench kept wafting in the window that had been opened.

And so, certain people began to start searching for the source of this stinky rat. They began to gather knowledge and information.

At that point, the Control System had to use other options. It is obvious that, on the one hand, the creation of a technological infrastructure was desirable for a future takeover, but on the other hand, it was necessary to rigidly control it. We can even note HOW the “cover-up” machine began to do this “damage control.” When you study the history of social and religious movement and change, you can see the “control mechanism” morphing with every discovery or realization made by human beings. As they outgrew the old religions, the simplistic explanations, new “religions” were put in place. At exactly the right time – the period of scientific expansion and growing knowledge of the nature of reality which brought the old religious views into serious question – the whole spiritualist movement began, leading to channeled information that was designed to patch up the holes in the control net. Newer and more elaborate explanations of the “higher realms” came into our reality. And, with each new question, the control system had a new answer to help everybody calm down, relax, and stop asking questions!

At the present time, this is even more amazingly evident. A few years ago, when we first began sharing the Cassiopaean information, many of the issues we dealt with were not even addressed by these other “sources.” But, with everything we release, the “other side” brings some new candidate forward with new explanations to “patch the holes” we are tearing in the fabric of reality. And, of course, some of these new sources are becoming more educated and articulate as if to counterbalance and damp down what we are presenting here.

To many of you, it may seem that the Cassiopaeans offer nothing but repeated statements that we are “damned no matter what we do,” but, that is not entirely the case. Yes, it is true that, up to this point I have presented mostly the information that relates to these matters, attempting to penetrate and tear the veils of illusion under which mankind has been hidden from his higher nature or potential, but this has only been done with the intention of having a relatively clear view of what possibilities of DOing we may actually have. And, I have been trying to accomplish something else, something deep and essential: for those who are asking, I have been trying to help you find your Free Will by describing the the situations in which we are deprived of our free will by the manipulations of others.

And this brings us to that all-important remark made by a member of our group, Terry Rodemerk:

What we have been told on that is that this universe was created as a Free Will Universe. It was created specifically to allow all souls to do whatever they wish to do; they have complete choice about what they wish to do. The Grays, the Lizards, whoever they are who abduct and put implants in people, have the right to do that because it’s their free will to come here and do that to us. And, they have the right to tell us whatever they want to tell us to rationalize their behavior. Our right is to NOT believe what abducting entities tell us. We have free will to believe or not believe them. If they tell us in one lifetime that they have the right to do this to us, and we choose to believe them then, and then, in this lifetime, they try the same tricks and we choose NOT to believe them, in each case, we are exercising our free will and so are they. This is a Free Will universe. We can change our mind. They are trying to convince us that we have no choice in that; whether we believe them or not is OUR choice.

Can we accelerate the awakening?

The Cassiopaeans have indicated that, yes it is possible:

Q: (L) Is there a tool that enhances free will?
A: No tool is needed because all there is is lessons. The learning cycle is variable, and progress along it is determined by events and circumstances as they unfold.
Q: (L) So, when a person is being hypnotized and controlled from outside, because that is the matter of concern we were discussing earlier, they are hypnotized and controlled until they learn to stop it?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, using the analogy of the pig sty, they just have to wallow in it and suffer until they have had enough?
A: Using your analogy of the bicycle: Is there a tool which makes it unnecessary for the child to learn how to ride the bicycle in order to know how to ride it?!?
Q: (MM) Don’t you get more free will by assimilating knowledge?
A: Yes!! Yes!!
Q: (L) So, in other words, knowledge and awareness makes you aware that you have free will, and also makes you aware of what actions actually ARE acts of free will, and therefore, when you know or suspect the difference between the lies and deception and truth, then you are in a position to be in control of your life?
A: Yes. Remember, you learn on an exponential curve, once you have become “tuned in.” This means that you become increasingly able to access the universal consciousness. Please learn to trust your increasing awareness. All who are present here are at one point or another on that cycle of progression, some further along than others. If you properly network without prejudice, you may all wind up at the same point on this cycle.

So, learning, networking with others who are further along on the cycle of progression, and doing this without prejudice CAN make a difference, it seems.

And it is this process that the Control System most desperately wishes to halt. As long as we were just chatting with the C’s in the comfort of our home, as long as we were just sharing it with a few people on a private basis, or not too much of it, we were getting along fine. But the minute the website went up, that was when the concentration of attack against the sharing of this information began. The instant we began to set up a serious website, investing time and money and energy into it in a dedicated way, Mr. Maynerd Most was activated to infiltrate, co-opt, steal, bastardize, and/or destroy.

We have learned in Adventures Chapter 36, the objective in The Secret Games of the Gods: it is nothing less than the total capture of our planet, and the use of human beings as servants and “food” in ways that are not even comprehensible to us. Considering the “payoff” that is being sought by these forces, we can be certain that the deceptions will be deep and wide, and far reaching. As we have seen, the beginnings of this global manipulation began millennia ago, and it is in the present day that it is intended to be brought to fruition. Unfortunately, after so long a time of being subjected to lies and disinformation, the likelihood of humanity being able to overcome the social and cultural programming is remote. And that is where people like Maynerd Most AKA “Dr. Evil,” and other psychopaths come in: they are masters of triggering emotional programs that put people back to sleep. As a student on the subject, Robert Canup, has said, 99% of all of the problems confronting mankind can be traced to a single cause: the problem of the plausible lie. And the plausible lie is what psychopaths are masters at promulgating. Even though he was writing in strictly material and cultural terms, his ideas are presented almost intact with only the context and objects changed. Thus adapting Canup’s reasoning to our present problem – that of psychopaths – let’s look at how psychopaths are the ideal “agents of the Matrix.”

Plausible lies are monstrous things constructed by the Matrix Control System, propagated by evil people for the express purpose of deceiving good people into doing the will of the Dark Forces. It’s that simple. The most powerful of these lies are so plausible that nobody even dreams about questioning their validity.

If there is such a thing as a plausible lie, is it not also possible that there might be such a thing as an implausible truth?

Adapting Canup’s example: Suppose that tomorrow when you walk out of your house, an alien spacecraft lands in front of you. Aliens get out and assault you, leaving physical traces. Next, imagine that this is not a hallucination, it is not dream; it really happens. You are now in possession of an implausible truth. What chance is there of you being able to convince anyone else of what happened to you? You know it is the truth, but no one will believe you. And the root of the problem is the fact that truth generally has a feeling of reality to it. However, that feeling of reality which makes truth generally plausible is NOT the same thing as the truth itself. Others who have not experienced aliens landing and assaulting them do not have the same feeling of reality about what you are telling them. If everyone else had experienced a similar event, with the attendant feeling of reality, the truth of that event would be accepted immediately.

In short, people believe what is “familiar,” or what is part of a careful, long term program of familiarization of lies that become plausible simply because they are familiar.

When science first discovered that solid matter was mostly empty space, many people reacted to this truth – this unfamiliar fact of our reality – with outrage. Debates over the “solidity” of matter and “kicking rocks” raged for years. It took a very long time, and a lot of work to gradually make others aware of this truth in order to make this “implausible” fact part of our awareness.

Much of what we are reporting on this Website is implausible to many people. It is unfamiliar, for the most part, even though there is a lot of evidence presented to support it. We understand that and realize that any new concepts will have a feeling of implausibility to it until it becomes familiar enough to be accepted (assuming it is also checked and tested). Were a new conception of reality to be instantly familiar it would be of very limited value; it would have covered very little new ground. We have, however, presented a great deal of evidence that the material we are publishing has been available for a very long time to very small, very secret esoteric groups, and we are only now making it practically available to humanity at large.

Thousands of years ago the idea of civilization was promulgated by forces who claimed to be setting up a system so that people would “get what they deserved.” Now, just think about that for a moment. Imagine that you are an evil being. You would realize that if you really set up a system where people got what they really deserved, you, yourself, would be instantly rejected – out the door in an instant. But if you are not just evil, but cunning also, you will do everything in your power to insure that you and your kind are in charge of setting up that system, and that you remain in charge of it. You would make certain that evil was blended into the social and cultural concepts so seamlessly that nobody would ever notice.

This is exactly what happened. The forces of the Matrix Control System were deeply involved in the formation of our cultural and social norms, including our legal system.

In the earliest days of this “legal system,” there was a form of “justice” called trial by ordeal. An example of trial by ordeal was holding a red hot iron to a defendant’s tongue. The plausible lie used to justify this behavior was: if the defendant was telling a lie they would have a dry mouth and would be burned by the iron – while a truthful person would have a moist mouth and would be protected. The implausible, unbelievable truth is that the people who thought that up simply enjoyed holding red hot pokers on peoples tongues! Our current legal system is descended from such minds – it is much more clever and simply not as obviously evil as that one was.

Suppose that you are on a team that is engaged in a game and you discover that:

* The other team gets to make up the rules.
* The referee plays for the other team.
* One of the rules is that you are not allowed to score – the other team is at no risk – only you can be scored against. [Canup]

That is precisely how our social, cultural, and legal systems operate. The conditions of our world are designed to create the maximum chance that evil will prevail and the good people will be punished by being good and telling the truth.

Punishing good people involves more than just creating a social system that acts against them. The system is designed to insure that these good people are subjected to as much pain as possible for the simple fact of being good and honest. An obvious example of punishing the innocent may be found in the way the victim in a rape case is treated; their reputations are dragged through the dirt – all in the name of justice of course. A specific example of this is the action of Maynerd Most and Frank Scott regarding that extremely painful episode in my own past described elsewhereon the site here, using the threat of “exposure,” and dragging my reputation through the dirt to force me to remove the Foundation Report about Most from the web. I refused to be blackmailed, I refused to be intimidated. And Lord! they have been determined to see us suffer! For weeks after that blackmail attempt, Most tried daily – sometimes 3, 4 or 5 times a day – to post horrible accusations on our public message board suggesting that I was somehow guilty of a crime because I did not go back to see if my attacker – the man who had nearly killed me – was “okay.” And because we regularly deleted or blocked these posts, he claims that we do not tolerate “dissent” and are therefore a “cult.” Never have I seen a more typical series of “plausible lies” put together by a psychopath who clearly had no conception of the emotion, the fear and terror and condition of being in extremis that any normal woman would experience under such circumstances. There was never a clearer example of the fact that the psychopath has no emotions, and therefore cannot imagine the emotions of those who do have them. He was, effectively, blaming me for resisting being raped and strangled. And millions of other women are treated similarly by the legal and social system in control of our world.

The system that controls our thinking is set up like the legal system. People are taught to assume that, in any conflict, one side is lying one way, and the other is lying the other, and people can just form opinions about which side is telling the truth. They are taught that the truth will lie somewhere between two extremes.

That is a wonderfully plausible lie.

Canup suggests that, to see the evil behind that plausible lie, we must make a different assumption: let us assume that in such cases, one side is innocent, honest, and tells the truth. It is obvious that lying does an innocent defendant no good; what lie can he tell? If he is innocent, the only lie he can tell is to falsely confess “I did it.”

But lying is nothing but good for the liar. He can declare that “I didn’t do it,” and accuse another of doing it, all the while the innocent person is saying “I didn’t do it,” and is telling the truth.

The truth – when twisted by good liars, can always make an innocent person look bad – especially if he is honest and admits that he has faults. If someone is telling the simple truth, and the other side is lying through their teeth, the basic assumption that the truth lies between the testimony of the two sides always shifts the advantage to the lying side and away from the side telling the truth. Under most circumstances, this shift put together with the fact that the truth is going to also be twisted in such a way as to bring detriment to the innocent person, results in the advantage always resting in the hands of evil.

Canup points out that, even the simple act of giving testimony under oath is useless. If a person is a liar, swearing an oath means nothing to that person. However, swearing an oath acts strongly on a serious, truthful witness. Again, the advantage is placed on the side of the Dark Forces.

Proof is a familiar concept to those used to conventional logical thinking. However what passes for proof in cultural, social, and even legal terms often bears only a superficial resemblance to what would be considered proof by those who really use their minds to think.

For example: in formal mathematics, proof rules are established – postulates are set out and a structure is built based on the postulates and the theorem. Mathematical proof is pretty much inarguable: once a proof is accepted as true it is added to the pool of known truths.

In legal proof there is a set of rules and a theory which the prosecution presents, and attempts to prove by clever argument. Truth is not the objective. Getting other people to believe the theory IS the objective. However, the prosecution’s theory is whatever the prosecutor believes that he can get away with based on what is known about the case, or what he can PREVENT from being known. What legal ‘proof’ does is serve as a structure for convincing a group of people of the guilt of a person, about whom they know nothing. What is more, there is a another significant difference: Mathematical proofs are judged by experts in the particular case who are free to study any and all information about the case. Legal ‘proof’ is judged by people who are guaranteed to be ignorant of the case, who are only allowed to study the information presented during the formal trial, and who are not even allowed to consult the texts for what the rules say. [cf. Canup]

Our culture is so permeated with this “legal argument” system, that it extends into our daily experience: the one who is the slickest at using the structure for convincing a group of people of something, is the one who is believed. Very few people take the time to obtain hard facts by carefully studying any and all information about a situation.

Once again we see something here that is set up to deceive people by presenting a familiar structure which, upon examination, is a sham. And again, the advantages fall to the hands of the Matrix Control System.

As Canup points out, in a courtroom, juries are prohibited by law from knowing anyone involved in the trial. If the defendant is a good person who is being set up and framed, people who know him well and who have had much opportunity to interact with him and observe him, would have much more trouble accepting lies told about him. If the jurors knew the prosecutor, and knew him to be a bullying liar, they might have trouble believing the lies he was telling. If the jurors knew the defendant, and know him to be a trouble making villain they might be more likely to convict him.

But, none of those conditions prevail in a courtroom. And these “rules” have permeated our society so that it is confidently proclaimed that we ought to listen to “both sides of the story,” even if we know in advance that the presenter of one of those sides is a certified liar. Not only a liar, but a fraud who has repeatedly savaged other people’s lives with his lies and fraud.

We do have the advantage that people who have known us for years have written statements on our behalf. They are certainly far more likely to know the “truth” about us than Maynerd Most who has met us exactly twice. What is more, there is also the fact that a journalist spent five years with us, interviewing our friends, family, clients, and examining personal materials, diaries, and so forth. Maynerd Most tries to tell a “plausible lie,” by implying that, as a result of information that he, Maynerd Most, has conveyed to Tom, telling Tom that we are megalomaniacs trying to run a cult here, that Tom now has a “different opinion” of us. But, as it happens, what Tom really told him when Most called him to harangue him with lies and slander, was basically, if he wants Tom’s opinion of us, read the article. He wrote what he thought there, and it hasn’t changed. Tom wasn’t born yesterday.

The very fact that Maynerd Most would call Tom and attempt to slander us says a lot about his agenda, by the way.

Nevertheless, by assiduously promoting the idea – common currency in our society – that his “side of the story” has merit, in the face of the testimony of people who have known us for years, Mr. Most is playing on the fact that people form opinions based on who is the slickest liar, and that people will be inclined to think that the truth is “somewhere in between.” Those who aren’t aware that Maynerd Most has a long, long history of lying (to give just one example: he lied to us that he had a registered publishing company, and he tried to trick us into signing a contract with a company that did not exist as stated in the contract; for evidence check Alvin Wiley’s account of his interactions with Maynerd Most), are impressed with his clever rhetoric and smooth emotion laden words. He slyly promotes misunderstanding, and misunderstanding is almost always a plus for evil. Having to look the accused in the eye would make it more difficult to convict an innocent person, and easier to convict a guilty one. And that gives an added advantage to the Dark Forces on the Internet.

But, as Canups notes, the most difficult thing about our cultural, social, and legal system is the most carefully concealed part of it. Most people know someone who really needs to be incarcerated for life. They have caused so much pain and grief and trouble for other people that society would be much better off if they were simply locked away where they can never hurt anyone again. Maynerd Most is such a person, by all accounts. But, unless they break certain laws, or unless a person has a lot of money to pay slick lawyers, it is impossible to remove such people from destroying more people and more lives and causing more pain and more suffering. Here then we see the worst feature of the law: it is designed to make the world safe for evil people. In effect the law serves to take the horns away from the bulls, while leaving the lions their teeth and claws. Massive, overwhelming, advantage is placed in the hands of the Dark Forces. Indeed, without the legal system insuring their safety, the world would be a much more difficult place for evil people.

Some readers – such as Maynerd Most and his cult following will say “So what? If Most can get away with what he does, if people are stupid enough to believe him, they’re just getting what they deserve.” If this is your reaction, you have just identified yourself as evil. You see, one of the definitions of an evil person is: A person who is indifferent to truth and justice.

Maynerd Most and his gang bandy about that catchall phrase so cherished in academia: “I disagree, and I am entitled to disagree.” They are, indeed, entitled to disagree. But generally we find that when they do so, it is not a matter of disagreement, it is a personal attack consisting of lies. Mr. Most “disagreements” generally amount to sophistry; argument for argument’s sake, and represents nothing but a massive waste of time. In such cases, “I disagree” is a classic example of a plausible lie. It would occur to almost no one that a person using this phrase is attempting to present the appearance of wisdom when in fact none exists. It is a way for people to experience the illusion of power created by stopping someone else from doing something good. This illusion of power is the same one experienced by vandals who throw paint on an existing masterpiece: “See I’m a painter too”.

For example: Mr. Most wrote recently regarding Frank Scott:

I am just glad that I am not the one who spent six years with her on a joint project only to be discredited and maligned after she had finished using me.

He completely ignores the evidence that Frank Scott left the group because he could not turn it into a moneymaking enterprise with himself as the beneficiary; because he could no longer manipulate and control me. He completely ignores the evidence that never was a single negative word written about Frank Scott and all the hassle that the entire group endured dealing with him for that same six years UNTIL he decided to aid and abet Mr. Michael Most in his blackmail attemptto force us to remove the Foundation report. And then, the two of them conspired to pirate the transcripts from a stolen CD – which Maynerd Most obtained from us by fraud and misrepresentation. Most ignores the fact – which he well knew – that we had left the door open for Frank to get over his attitude and return to the group right up to his acts of libel, defamation, and betrayal of trust. He completely ignores the testimony of people who have known us for years, who were present throughout the whole time, who say quite clearly that it was Frank Scott who was using me, it was Frank Scott who saw my work and effort and dedication as his ticket to wealth and glory, the same way he saw his former employer as someone to be used, deceived, and embezzled. Maynerd Most and others, who do not know us, continue to make these libelous and defamatory statements and claims against all the evidence and testimony. Again we see how they apply the rules:

* The other team gets to make up the rules.
* The referee plays for the other team.
* One of the rules is that you are not allowed to score – the other team is at no risk – only you can be scored against. [cf. Canup]

But what is even more amazing is the following remark by Maynerd Most:

I will say to you again, the transcripts would not exist without the other person on the planchette. Note that there are no credible transcripts since the other person’s departure and there won’t be…….ever.

Especially when you juxtapose it against his remarks just a week ago:

Keep in mind that 95% of the raw material in the transcripts is simply garbage, new age maundering and wish- fulfillment of the worst kind,

So, which is it? You can’t have it both ways: Is Mr. Scott the great channel? Or is 95% of the material garbage? What’s all the fuss over if Most and Frank Scott are convinced that 95% of the material is garbage? Why do they want to steal it? Why would Frank Scott even want to be associated with it? Where is the “credible material” produce by Frank Scott solo? Why aren’t they just channeling like crazy and building a Website with all this wonderful new material that Frank Scott is supposedly capable of producing on his own?

There isn’t any and there won’t be any. And they know it.

But Mr. Most was not done when he wrote that the C’s material was 95 percent garbage. He then had to link it to:

For some time now I have had reservations about even defending myself against the deranged ranting of someone so obviously mentally ill. Laura is simply pathetic, and deserving of sympathy and even pity. […] And so, as an anniversary present on the 32nd anniversary of Laura’s unfortunate incarceration, I hereby declare the conflict over.

And we see the real viciousness of the man. But, that is how a plausible liar operates. And the fact is, he is a liar. And he is certainly desperate to discredit the material that will soon be published in the narrative of events being written in the Adventures Series because that is what so clearly exposes him for the liar and fraud he is. And the fact is, the C’s were right again. They provided all the hints that Frank Scott was not what he claimed, and that Maynerd Most was not what he claimed to be. And when all was said and done, the C’s information proved to be correct yet again. It’s all in black and white. When we checked out his credentials, his bio, his educational claims and background, it was ALL a LIE! When he was tempted and baited to join in the attack against us, Frank Scott showed his true colors as well.

Can a liar stop lying? I don’t know. I’ve never known it to be so.

Everyone knows, somewhere deep inside, that there is something not right about our world. In fact, at the present moment, it could hardly be worse. But most people spend their lives avoiding that fact at all cost. The brutal truth is that the our social, cultural, and legal systems are all about making people helpless then hammering without mercy – all the while involving everyone in the illusion that “right prevails.” And the system programs us to believe that we ought not to defend ourselves. A plausible liar might claim that this is evidence that the one who does fight back is “good,” but it is really to insure that the innocent person is not able to take any action. After all – he might object to what is being done to him and fight back.

And so it is that I hope that the readers will spend some considerable time examining the issues and that they will realize that all we are doing here is presenting the results of our combined life’s work. And Maynerd Most and Frank Scott and others are clearly and definitely trying to destroy that, and us along with it. And they are liars – all of them – from the beginning; but plausible liars, agents of the Control System, the massive, global, multi-millennial deception that has been set up like a row of dominoes, to fall into place at the present period of history: the creation of the Fourth Reich by George Bush and the Warmongers aided and abetted by COINTELPRO both cosmic and third density as in the activities of most of the New Age Circus and via such agents as Maynerd Most et al.