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The Wave Chapter 24: The Bacchantes Meet Apollo At Stonehenge And Play The Third Man Theme

The Bacchantes Meet Apollo
At Stonehenge And Play
The Third Man Theme

Now, I want to make some little observations and conjectures. Most of the creation myths speak about some sort of ritual fault that occurred to bring about humankind’s Fall from Grace. These myths mostly attribute this fault to something having to do with sex. We have already talked about the symbology of this in relation to the hemispheres of the brain, but we still have to deal with the out and out sex issue! When it is talked about, it’s always rather vague and mysterious and has seldom made much sense, so I am going to try to sort it out here.

In addition to the Fall from the Edenic state, there is also the Flood of Noah and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, which is blamed on sexual excess. In the Sumerian myths, it is said that humans copulating all over the place kept the gods awake and they could get no rest, so they resolved to destroy the whole kit and caboodle.

Putting this ancient mythology together with some of the things the Cassiopaeans have said has caused me no end of exhausting mental gymnastics. On the one hand, they are agreeing that a sex-based event was definitely involved in the Fall, but then they have also said the whole sexual thing was part of the Control System’s inducement of increased physicality because the fourth density STS beings “feed” on orgasmic energy as part of their nourishment:

Q: (L) Was the story of Noah’s flood the story of the breaking up of Atlantis?

A: Yes. But symbolic.

Q: (L) How many people were on the planet at that time?

A: 6 billion.

Q: (L) Out of this six billion people, how many survived?

A: 119 million.

Q: (L) Was Noah’s flood caused by the close passage of another celestial body?

A: Yes. Martek. Mars.

Q: (L) Was Martek an inhabited planet at that time?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did it have water or other features?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) When it passed close to the Earth did it, in fact, overload our planet with water we did not have prior to that time?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did we, prior to that time, have a water vapor canopy surrounding our planet?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) How was this water vapor canopy suspended?

A: The water vapor canopy was a natural element of the particular composition of your atmosphere at that particular measure point in space-time.

Q: (L) Was the gravity level the same as what it is now?

A: It was somewhat different. But not perceptible to you. That difference is part of the explanation of why that vapor canopy remained suspended.

Q: (L) Did that condition prior to the flood of Noah, the altered gravitational state as well as the water vapor canopy, was that condition more conducive to extended life spans than the conditions that exist on the planet now?

A: Not only those things but all the other conditions that existed on the planet at that particular point in space-time were more conducive to longer life spans. And, by the way, Noah is a symbolic message rather than an historical event.

Q: (L) Do you mean a historical event in the terms of Noah being in an ark or historical event in terms of the flood?

A: First of all, there was no “Noah”. Secondly there was no actual real flood as depicted in that story. Thirdly, the whole story was a symbolic message as opposed to an actual event.

Q: (L) What did actually occur and what does the symbolism have to tell us?

A: It is a very broad representation. It simply means that there was a cataclysmic event that did envelop the whole planet at that time and that those that were ready to experience that as part of their soul development without exiting the body, were warned ahead of time. But not by trying to manipulate events, but by simply allowing faith to let them acquire knowledge and being naturally drawn into position to experience what they needed to experience to survive the event.

Q: (L) What was the event a hundred or so years after the flood of Noah that was described as the confusing of languages, or the tower of Babel?

A: Spiritual confluence.

Q: (L) What purpose did the individuals who came together to build the tower intend for said tower?

A: Electromagnetic concentration of all gravity waves.

Q: (L) And what did they intend to do with these concentrated waves?

A: Mind alteration of masses.

Q: (L) What intention did they have in altering the mind of the masses?

A: Spiritual unification of the masses.

Q: (L) Who were the “gods” that looked down on the tower of Babel, at those who were building it with the intention of unification, and decided to destroy their works?

A: Lizards.

Q: (L) Okay, so the Lizzies blew up the tower of Babel. What else did they do to the minds of mankind; did they do something causing literal disruption of their understanding of language?

A: Close. Brainwashing of masses.

Q: (L) Did they do this through implants and abduction?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) What is the true meaning, the original meaning, of the Hebrew word “shem”?

A: Purity.

Q: (L) Why was this word related to the obelisks or standing stones later called “shems” by the Hebrews?

A: Symbolic of purity: unification. Uniformity.

Q: (L) How were Sodom and Gomorra destroyed and the other cities of the plain? And by whom?

A: Nuclear; EM pulse. Who else?

Q: (L) The Lizzies?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why?

A: To implant fear and obedience.

Q: (L) Weren’t the Sodom and Gomorrans really evil and bad doing sodomy and Gomorrahy?

A: That is a deception of history.

Q: (L) What body were the Sumerians talking about when they described the Planet of the crossing or Nibiru?

A: Comets.

Q: (L) This body of comets you have talked about?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Does this cluster of comets appear to be a single body?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) The planet that was destroyed between Jupiter and Mars, you said was destroyed by psychic energy?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was the source of this psychic energy?

A: Beings inhabiting the planet.

Q: (L) Did any of those beings leave that planet and come to earth?

A: Yes. Blond and blue eyed descendants. Eye pigment was because planet was farther from Sol.

Q: (L) How did the people of that planet come to earth? Did they know it was going to be destroyed?

A: Some knew and were taken by Lizzies and they are the Annunaki.

Q: (L) Is there a planet Nibiru?

A: No.

Q: (L) What does Nibiru mean in the Sumerian language?

A: Slave owner.

Now, let’s have a look at the Cassiopaean remarks about sex in general:

Q: (L) What happens psychically at the moment of orgasm?

A: For whom?

Q: (L) For anybody. In just a general way. Does anything happen to a person psychically when they have sexual climax?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Is it different for each individual?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Is it different for males from females?

A: Usually.

Q: (L) The reason I ask is because a man named Wayne Cook did some work with dowsing and he found out that the human body, after sexual climax, dowses the same pattern as a dead body. Why is this? (T) Draining of energy.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, where does the energy drain?

A: To the ether.

Q: (L) Does the energy go to one or the other partner?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Is it possible, during this activity, for Lizzies or other beings to be hanging around and be drawing this energy?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is that, in a general sense, what often happens?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is this one of the reasons that sex has been promoted and promulgated in our society to such an extent…

A: Yes, yes, yes.

So, on the one hand we have sex bringing us under the control of the alleged Reptoids who supposedly want us to get out there and have sex so they can feed on the orgasmic energy, and on the other hand, we have these stories that tell us that the reptilian gods decided to do away with the whole mess of humanity because they couldn’t get any rest with all the sex going on! What’s the deal here?

Is it possible that there is a kind of sex that is beneficial that might be related to spiritual unification, which would enable them to free themselves from the domination of the Control System?

From the clues above, it seems to me there was something going on prior to the time of the destruction of Atlantis that was dangerous to the Controllers. Not only that, it seems some of the survivors retained this information and were planning on employing it in the Tower of Babel project, the destruction of which has always been presented as an “example” that we should not aspire to be like the gods.

We also recall that the cities of Sodom and Gomorra were presented as being extremely depraved and that they concentrated on sexual excess, which also brought about their destruction.

Well, if it is true that all this sexual stuff is “food of the gods”, so to speak, then what can there be about sex that they don’t want us to know? Why the big whitewash? And why the big push to take over the whole world with the anti-sex monotheistic religions that made it a sin to make love unless the only objective was to reproduce? If you think about it, such an attitude would naturally tend to make a person finish having sex as quickly as possible with a mental left-brain image at the fore. Hmm… are we getting a clue here? And nowadays, of course, it is even worse. Sex is a performance oriented sport. How often, how many times, and how high can you “jump”? The confusion between sex and love has also served to further confuse the issue. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

From all I have been able to determine, the ancient civilizations that were in direct contact with fourth density STO beings were those that were part of the megalithic culture. There are traces of this great age of humankind from China and India to the Atlantic Ocean, and from South America to the middle of the Pacific. According to the most recent research, the very oldest form of religion that can be identified was the worship of the Celestial Mother Goddess by wandering hunter gatherers.

It was thought for a long time that such cultures were very primitive and narrow, but it has since been discovered that this is not the case. New archaeological sites are being excavated at the present time (Jomon in Japan, for example) that show very advanced levels of art and culture among these husbandmen of the Earth. The discernible idea of the religion of these peoples is that of an infinite bounty of the Great Mother. It is thought that they didn’t engage in agriculture because the idea of owning land may have been abhorrent to them. The idea of forcing the Earth to yield rather than accepting the natural abundance the Goddess provided was simply not a part of their philosophy. Their Goddess was a “Star Being” rather than the later transmogrification into the Earth Mother/agriculture goddess, and this Star Being was worshipped in Temples that were laid out along Celestial Archetypes.

And, there is also something very mysterious about these early people — they seemed to have had the super powers of the Golden Age. Morris K. Jessup wrote:

We concern ourselves at the moment only with the gigantic stone masonry which remains in almost all parts of the world. Certain characteristics of some of the stonework bespeak origin in a single, widespread civilization, highly developed in some ways, but not mechanical in the same sense as ours of today. … It can be confidently said that the First Civilization had simple and effective methods of working and moving stone which are unused today, and which were more effective than anything which we of the Second Civilization have developed.

In many areas we find evidence of stone blocks of unbelievable weight being quarried, more or less casually moved considerable distances, and then lifted into place. … Many investigators and thinkers have proposed methods for moving these quarried and dressed blocks. All of the proposals are based on applications of such simple present-day engineering equipment as block-and-tackle or sand ramps. … No suggestions have been made which really fit all cases, and some of the submissions are so cumbersome and inadequate as to seem ridiculous.

The Fortress (so-called by archaeologists, who admit no types of building other than religious, military, and occasionally residential) of Sacsahuaman is on a mountaintop overlooking modern Cuzco. It is noteworthy as one of the earliest works showing the construction of walls by grinding and fitting the stones in situ. These walls are also noted for the very large stones which make up the lower of three tiers, and it is these in which we are more interested.

The stones making up the corners of the reentrant angles of this lower tier appear to be a dark basalt; heavy, hard, and rugged. They are so large that they dwarf a man on horseback standing beside them. Some of them are about twelve feet square at the base, and eighteen to twenty feet high. They are estimated to weigh about two hundred tons each. Other stones in the same walls range from small ones of only a few hundred pounds, through continuous gradations up to the largest. All of them were crudely rough quarried, and were then ground into their designated niches in the structure by pushing them back and forth, in situ, until they fitted so closely, completely and accurately that a knife blade cannot be inserted between them. This is a logical and practical shortcut to effective stone fitting which we have not equaled in modern engineering.

(It is interesting to note in passing, however, that we use this method in what is probably our operation of highest accuracy and precision: lens and mirror grinding for astronomical telescopes. No substitute has been found for this system of grinding pieces of glass together to obtain perfect curvature, and there is no basic difference in the two operations.)

However, there are some startling inferences in the size and mass of the stones. To place the largest of these corner stones in place, so that others could be worked to fit them, required tremendous force. It is unimaginable that sufficient hand labor and crude tackle could be massed around them so that they could be moved and handled.

The intermediate sizes, some of them weighing ten, twenty, and forty tons, or more, had to be picked up, put approximately into place, and pushed back and forth until they ground themselves into their individually fitting contours. This was no mean chore. It is inferred that means of handling must have existed which made it easy, or at any rate possible, to swing these stones up and around, and to shove them to and fro, against terrific friction, while pinched between their adjacent neighbors. Such power would tax any modern machine or power plant and require an installation of generating equipment sufficient to run a city. It seems plainly obvious that some other source of power existed.

It may be that this tremendous power was limited in its application to articles of stone texture only, but this is a little doubtful. Or, perhaps it was limited to nonmagnetic materials in general. Such a limitation would have sidetracked the development of a mechanized culture such as ours of this day, and would partly account for the strange fact that almost all relics of the profound past are nonmetallic. It does seem possible that the usefulness of that power, whatever it was, may have been limited by its very nature and that it was never developed along industrial lines because of this limitation and even, perhaps, because of a basic difference in values. This writer cannot see his way to believing that such a power was electrical, magnetic, calorific, or strictly mechanical, else it would have led to industrial developments leaving at least a few traces. (Jessup, 1955; emphasis added)

These last remarks of Morris Jessup’s are, to me, the most interesting. It is a fact that the Earth is literally blanketed with megaliths from some sort of ancient civilization. Tens of thousands of them! There are variations in placement and style, but the thing they all have in common is their incredible sizes, and their antiquity. One book on the subject says:

Looming out of the mists from hillside, moor and forest glade, in a great arc around the coasts of Europe, from Sweden and the Shetland Islands in the north to Spain, Portugal and Malta in the south, stand the megaliths — great gray rocks, roughhewn, streaked with age, often imposing, always mysterious. They range from single natural boulders to grandiose structures, which would have demanded complex architectural planning, and the labour of tens of thousands of men for centuries.

There has never been a systematic census of these monuments, but it is estimated that there are at least 50,000 of them. Even that figure amounts to only a fraction of the total number erected, for countless megaliths have been destroyed by the forces of nature or by man.

The known and lost monuments once formed an enormous blanket of stone extending over Western Europe. Today, often only the skeleton of the original can be seen. The bare gray stones were, in many cases, covered by great mounds of green turf and gleaming white quartz pebbles. Spread by the thousands along the coasts they must have been a dazzling and unparalleled sight.

Unparalleled indeed in human history. For there has never been anything like this rage, almost mania, for megalith building, except perhaps during the centuries after A.D. 1000 when much the same part of Europe was covered with what a monk of the time called a ‘white mantle of churches’.
…The megaliths, then, were raised by some of the earliest Europeans. The reason that this simple fact took so long to be accepted was the peculiar inferiority complex which Western Europeans had about their past. Their religions, their laws, their cultural heritage, their very numerals, all come from the East. The inhabitants, before civilization came flooding in from the Mediterranean, were illiterate; they kept no records, they built no cities. It was easy to assume that they were simply bands of howling half-naked savages who painted their bodies, put bear-grease on their hair and ate their cousins. (Reader’s Digest Association, 1977)

The whys and wherefores of this megalith mania are still under debate. The fact is, you can’t date stones. Yes, you can date organic things found around them or near them, or under them, but you can’t date the stones.

The interesting thing is that the peoples who did erect them are still, in most circles, considered to be barbarians because they did not build cities, engage in agriculture, develop the wheel, or writing.

Yet, they did something that clearly cannot and was not done by “civilized” peoples who did all of those “civilized” things. They had some sort of “power” that we cannot replicate and do not understand. Yet, this very power may be the answer to our question about why and how sex was implicated in the fall of man, the flood of Noah, and numerous other events that may lead us to some interesting discoveries.

I would like to speculate here for a moment. The first thing that comes to my mind when I consider the problem of the megaliths is that of what I call “payoff”. That is, nobody who is human ever does anything without a payoff, or to put it more generally, for a reason. What could be the reason for the stones? There were clearly a great deal more of them than would be necessary for simple monumental or worship purposes. They appear to be arranged like the inner workings of some vast machinery whose purpose is an enigma to us.

At the same time, could the overabundant presence of these megaliths have anything to do with the things that are observed to be lacking in these peoples, i.e., the signs of civilization, the wheel, agriculture, writing and cities? Suppose the reason for the stones and the reason for the absence of “civilized standards” are identical?

We have already mentioned the “civilizing influence” of the Consortium and the possible ulterior motives behind it. It is a matter of observation that cities developed in agricultural societies as a central place to manufacture and exchange goods. Agriculture is required to feed stable and static populations. Wheels are needed to both transport people and goods in cities and from agricultural zones to cities and back. Writing is needed to keep records of transactions, as is demonstrated by the clear evidence of the earliest forms of writing: endless lists and tallies of grain and cattle. Writing was also used to record and promulgate the exploits of certain gods and goddesses as well as keeping track of all the goods tithed to the temple and priesthood.

So, suppose none of this was needed? Suppose a civilization existed that did not need cities, agriculture, wheels or writing? That is not to say that they did not produce goods nor that they did not produce food for large groups, or that they did not travel over vast distances or record their exploits. But, suppose they did not do it in the way we would expect? Suppose the stones did it all!

What do I mean? To explain, let me go in a slightly different direction for a moment: one of the things that seems to be almost ubiquitous with these ancient groups and their circles and mighty stone works and “star temples” and all that seems to be the fact that they all just “disappear” with alarming regularity. How many times have you read the following?

“What happened to [ancient group of your choice] is unknown. The site was abandoned and there is no explanation as to what happened or where they went.”

Then, such writers go to great lengths explaining all sorts of possible scenarios: plague, war, climate, whatever. Global cataclysm is almost never proposed because it is too scary, and besides, the structures are intact for the most part. But, the single fact remains: the peoples associated with big piles of rocks or megalithic structures have a habit of disappearing. That’s an unavoidable observation. Frank Joseph, who has been studying ancient sites in the U.S., their circles of which seem to bear resemblance to the more ancient sites, writes:

What, then, was responsible for all the loosely connected ceremonial centers scattered from Wisconsin to Georgia [to Mexico, etc.] winding down at the same time? The answer is simple and comprehensively correct: a calendar.

One of the major elements in common among the various walled ceremonial centers was their concurrent function as astronomical observatories… Above all they worshipped time. They may have felt oppressed by it, or perhaps they strove to live in harmony with its cycles. In either case, their obvious attention to the movements of the heavens clearly defines an obsession with the regular passage of cycles in nature.

Here, too, the mound builders compare closely with Tenochitlan’s own priest-kings, the Tlatoan, who were likewise self-conscious of time, which they envisioned as the figure of a ferocious sun god. In fact, the chief deity of the Aztecs, the solar Huitzlipochtli, was jointly known as ‘the Eagle with Arrows of Fire, the Lord of Time’.

The people of Aztalan [the name of the Wisconsin ceremonial center as handed down orally by the local Native Americans] left their ceremonial enclosure, as did the inhabitants of the rest of the walled settlements throughout the Mississippi valley, because their sacred calendar ordered them to do so. Separated by great distances as they were, their alignment posts of sundial pyramids all told their observers the same thing at the same moment: it was time to go. (Joseph, 1997; emphasis added)

Mr. Joseph is definitely onto something, though it may not be precisely what he is thinking. It is fairly clear, though not precisely proven, that these circles were used as some sort of astronomical observatory. But it is also clear that a simple accounting of time in order to know when to plant the grain, or when to have a ceremony for standard purposes, is all out of proportion to the payoff factor of the megaliths. Smaller and less difficult to build structures would serve the purposes of astronomical observations and ritual activity equally well. It seems as though the circles and other megalithic structures had to be built out of stone for a specific reason, that is, the stones had a function; they did something.

Yes, the builders disappeared, group after group. That could imply, as suggested in the previous chapter, an even more interesting phenomenon: the manipulation of space-time. If that is the case, then it is clear why they did not need the accoutrements of so-called civilization. The Stone Movers did not need any of the accoutrements of so-called “civilization” for the simple reason that the stones did everything.

There has been some research regarding “recordings” in stones of buildings — of energy fields, earth grids and all that. Certain stones produce electricity under the right conditions, and if the stones were used to amplify mental energies, then they would power not only transport (eliminating the need for the wheel), communication and recording of information (eliminating the need for writing), and perhaps could even manifest anything that was needed in terms of food and other goods (thereby eliminating the need for cities and agriculture).

Tied in to all of this is the ancient alchemical lore about the Philosopher’s stone (though I am not so naïve as to think that this is the whole cheese in that regard, but it does make you think a bit). The Holy Grail, the head of Bran the Blessed, and the Philosopher’s stone of the alchemists are all connected to the idea of certain powers that have to do with the stopping or manipulating of time, a source of endless abundance (multiplying loaves and fishes), eternal life or the elixir of life, and so forth. Most importantly, they are also connected to the idea of cycles and astronomical placements being necessary to the Work.

It is not entirely out of the question that if such was the case, these stones could have just simply “translated” or transferred the Stone Movers into another dimension at some point when astronomical alignments were right — the “big payoff of going home”, so to speak. Remember?

“The people of Aztalan left their ceremonial enclosure… because their sacred calendar ordered them to do so. … Their alignment posts of sundial pyramids all told their observers the same thing at the same moment: it was time to go.”

Maybe all their careful record keeping in such funny ways (the 19 year moon cycle, for example; the 19th day as a special day of rest for the Assyrians) had to do with the moments in space-time when certain activities were most easily accomplished? Maybe they weren’t a bunch of silly, superstitious savages hauling stones around and sweating like crazy just to dance around in the moonlight and discover when to plant the corn?

Getting back to our ideas about sex, what did these ancient peoples think about sex? Do we have a way of figuring it out? Did it, in fact, play a part in their seemingly magical abilities? Did any of these peoples “move to a different reality” of their own volition, or did the Control System destroy them because they were a threat? Are these the types we are talking about when we find stories of sex that “kept the gods awake all night”?

The remark from the Sumerian legends about all of the night long fornicating made me think of another “all night” party I came across in my research.

And there is also on the island both a magnificent sacred precinct of Apollo and a notable temple, which is adorned with many votive offerings and is spherical in shape. Furthermore, a city is there which is sacred to this god, and the majority of its inhabitants are players on the cithara; and these continually play on this instrument in the temple and sing hymns of praise to the god, glorifying his deeds…

They say also that the moon, as viewed from this island, appears to be but a little distance from the earth and to have upon it prominences, like those of the earth, which are visible to the eye. The account is also given that the god visits the island every nineteen years, the period in which the return of the stars to the same place in the heavens is accomplished, and for this reason the Greeks call the nineteen-year period the year of Meton.

At the time of this appearance of the god he both plays on the cithara and dances continuously the night through from the vernal equinox until the rising of the Pleiades, expressing in this manner his delight in his successes. And the kings of this city and the supervisors of the sacred precinct are called Boreades, since they are the descendants of Boreas, and the succession to these positions is always kept in their family. (Diodorus, Vol. II, 37-41)

Now, aside from the fact that the only temple that could fit the above description is Stonehenge, which of course, pretty much does away with the modern day version of the Druid hocus pocus, we find the description of the ceremonies to be most interesting in terms of our subject.

From what I have been able to piece together, these ancient peoples of the megaliths were in tune with the Celestial Forces. They were a group apart from the serpent oriented agriculturists, or the serpent hating (though still unwittingly controlled by them in the guise of Yahweh/Jehovah), wandering shepherd king monotheists. They worshipped neither the earth with a pantheon of gods nor a single creator god embodied in a concept. They were, in effect the “Third Man”. At some point in my research, I came across the following in Manly Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages:

Jupiter was called Dodonean after the city of Dodona in Epirus. Near this city was a hill thickly covered with oak trees, which from the most ancient times had been sacred to Jupiter. … From the ancient oaks and beeches were hung many chains of tiny bronze bells, which tinkled day and night as the wind swayed the branches. … The oracle of Dodona uttered prophecies through oak trees, birds, and vases of brass. The famous oracular dove of Dodona, alighting upon the branches of the sacred oaks, not only discoursed at length in the Greek tongue upon philosophy and religion, but also answered the queries of those who came from distant places to consult it.

Some assert that the celebrated talking dove of Dodona was in reality a woman, because in Thessaly both prophetesses and doves were called Peleiadas. … Most curious of the oracles of Dodona were the ‘talking vases’, or kettles. These were made of brass and so carefully fashioned that when struck they gave off the sound for hours. Some writers have described a row of these vases and have declared that if one of them was struck its vibrations would be communicated to all the others.

It is supposed that the first temple of Dodona was erected by Deucalion and those who survived the great flood with him. For this reason the oracle at Dodona was considered the oldest in Greece. Many writers have noted the similarities between the rituals of Dodona and those of the Druid priests of Britain and Gaul. … When the original priests of Dodona — the Selloi — mysteriously vanished, the oracle was served for many centuries by three priestesses called Peleiadas, who interpreted the vases and at midnight interrogated the sacred trees. (Hall, 1988; emphasis added)

This written record of a worship that was connected to birds, bells and sounds really struck my curiosity. I had already noted in Marija Gimbutas’ comprehensive survey of prehistoric artifacts that the bird goddesses (with their cosmic eggs) antedated the later snake images, so something that seemed to exclude the serpent element seemed to be very significant. Not only that, but these disappearing folks were starting to really pile up in numbers.

Q: (L) I recently read some things about the Selloi priesthood and the priestesses called Peleiadas. They seem to be involved with urns, birds, tinkling bells, urns that can be struck and which then set up a particular resonance in other urns, oak trees, and some other peculiar references that relate to laurel trees…

A: Siren song. Greek mythology.

Q: (L) What do the sirens represent?

A: Laura, my dear, if you really want to reveal “many beautiful and amazing things”, all you need to do is remember the triad, the trilogy, the trinity, and look always for the triplicative connecting clue profile. Connect the threes… do not rest until you have found three beautifully balancing meanings!! And why? Because it is the realm of the three that you occupy. In order to possess the keys to the next level, just master the Third Man Theme, then move on with grace… Siren song? What of this? What have we alluded to before about sound?

Q: (L) I was thinking that the “siren song” is probably a mythical representation of antigravity.

A: Close.

Q: (L) Can you give me another clue?

A: No, you do not need one.

So, we are getting “close.” But, back to the Third Man, these ancient peoples probably didn’t worship anything in the sense we would understand it. Diodorus put his own spin on what he was telling, and it would have been difficult for his Mediterranean mind to grasp people that just simply loved and studied and observed and utilized the principles of Nature.

On the other hand, if Diodorus’ description is fairly accurate regarding the dedication of the temple to Apollo alone, it is likely that this was a later inversion of the Celestial worship. Apollo, being a twin to Artemis/Diana, is part of the Divine Twins archetype, which leads us again, to the Third Man.

The divinity in the old religion was not a female or a male figure, but was both male and female. This does not mean that the ancient peoples were hermaphrodites, but rather it symbolized the balanced right- and left-brain function state prior to the Fall.

The fact that women were on an equal footing with men, in terms of honor and respect, makes it seem to the modern patriarchal mind that it was a female dominated society. But these were not peoples who were ruled by women. They were cultures in which men and women were in harmony and in which the brain functions were balanced so that they were enabled to “transduce” the cosmic energies into their reality for the purpose of active creation.

Unfortunately, the symbols and their meanings as well as the knowledge of their activation were degenerated into self-serving figments of the prurient imaginations of later redactors. The Matriarchal agriculture oriented societies alongside the Patriarchal Shepherd King societies were the results of the split. Neither of them accurately represented the pre-Fall society that is symbolized by the Androgyne. Mircea Eliade writes:

The androgyne is understood by decadent writers simply as a hermaphrodite in whom both sexes exist anatomically and physiologically. They are concerned not with a wholeness resulting from the fusion of the sexes but with a superabundance of erotic possibilities. Their subject is not the appearance of a new type of humanity in which the fusion of the sexes produces a new unpolarized consciousness, but a self-styled sensual perfection, resulting from the active presence of both sexes in one… The decadent writers did not know that the hermaphrodite represented in antiquity an ideal condition which men endeavoured to achieve spiritually by means of imitative rites; but that if a child showed at birth any signs of hermaphroditism, it was killed by its own parents. In other words, the actual, anatomical hermaphrodite was considered an aberration of Nature or a sign of the gods’ anger and consequently destroyed out of hand. Only the ritual androgyne provided a model, because it implied not an augmentation of anatomical organs but, symbolically, the union of the magico-religious powers belonging to both sexes. (Eliade, 1965)

The principles of Nature and the Cosmos that were studied and honored by these ancient peoples were later embodied as Bacchus/Dionysus, which concealed the true meaning and protected the tradition for a time. The Bacchic culture embraced three general principles that were, in modern terms, celebration, creativity and chivalry. Throughout history, whenever the mystic traditions have been revived, these three themes become dominant in the society.

The celebration of the Bacchants has been redacted to drunken revelry. Nothing could be further from the truth of the original meaning, though it is entirely likely that later, ignorant perversions occurred among the followers.

The original principle was that the celebrants achieved elevated states of consciousness by music, singing and dancing, often in processions or highly stylized spiral movements. The original purpose was to use their bodies as circuitry, or part of the machinery of the megaliths.

Q: (L) In many ancient ruins there are found certain symbols, which interest me, specifically the coil or spiral that seems to be ubiquitous throughout the world. This is also very similar to one of the Reiki symbols. What is the origin and meaning of this symbol?

A: Energy collector translevel; Stonehenge was one. Stonehenge is a coil. The missing stones form a coil arrangement. People have been “zapped” at Stonehenge.

Q: (L) Who built Stonehenge?

A: Druids.

Q: (L) Who were the Druids?

A: Early Aryan group.

Q: (L) How did they move the stones and set them up?

A: Sound wave focusing.

Q: (L) Who taught the Druids to use the sound waves?

A: They knew; handed down.

Q: (L) When was Stonehenge built?

A: 8000 approx. B.C.1

Q: (L) What was Stonehenge built to do or be used for?

A: Energy director.

Q: (L) What was this energy to be directed to do?

A: All things.

Q: (L) Was the energy to be directed outward or inward to the center?

A: Both.

Q: (L) Does this sound come from our bodies?

A: Learn. Laura will find answer through discovery.

Q: (L) We’ve been discussing the crop circles, and would like to know if you have any input on that subject? Do the multiple circles in some of them represent multiple densities?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Are the crop circles themselves like antennae, or like homing devices for energy or thought patterns?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is the chronology of their appearance important?

A: Semi.

Q: (L) Is their location on the planet, in terms of longitude and latitude, significant?

A: Yes and no. Location, not latitude and longitude… Those are merely measure markers.

Q: (L) If the location is significant, what is it about the location that is significant?

A: Magnetic generators of bonding frequency portals at those locations.

Q: (L) Okay, location and chronology…

A: Why have you not brought up Stonehenge?

Q: (L) Was Stonehenge put there because of the location, or did Stonehenge create…

A: Location attracted those spirit types on the proper frequency, who in turn, placed stones in proper location to receive the coded communications in code telepathically, in order not to have to chase around the countryside reading encoded pictographs.

Q: (L) What was the technique used within the circle to receive the information telepathically? [Planchette spiraled in, and spiraled out.]

A: Transcendent focused thought wave separation. The spiral serves to translate message by slowing down the wave and focusing thought wave transference energy. Utilizes/transduces electromagnetic waves, the conduit, by breaking down signal from universal language of intent into language of phonetic profile. This is for multiple user necessity who must hear and feel and understand precisely the same thing. The molecular structure of the rock, when properly sculpted sing to you. Stonehenge is a vector of energy derived from Solar and Cosmic rays. Pyramids focus electromagnetic energy from the atmosphere ambiently.

Q: (L) If it was built in 8000 B.C., and the Pyramids were built 8649 B.C., which is 10,643 years ago, more or less, that means that they were built at almost the same time, or at least within 600 years of each other. If they were built at almost the same time, were they built by the same, or similar groups of people?

A: Atlantean descendants.

Q: (L) Obviously the Great Pyramid is a marvel of engineering — and Stonehenge is as well — yet the two structures are so dissimilar. The Pyramid presents such a finished and sharp and elegant appearance, and Stonehenge might give a person — of course that is based on how it appears today — a more primitive presentation.

A: Was not originally.

Q: (L) Did they work in conjunction with one another and did the two groups that built them communicate with one another?

A: No and yes. Offshoots of same group.

Q: (L) If the flood of Noah, as you have said before, occurred 10,662 B.C., that means that the Pyramid and Stonehenge were built more than 2,000 years after this event.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Did it take 2,000 years for them to develop or create the technology?

A: No.

Q: (L) What were they doing in those 2,000 years?

A: Reassembling.

Q: (L) In that 2,000 years of reassembling do you mean reassembling as a group through reincarnative processes…

A: All. Built using sound wave technology.

Q: (L) When you say that it was built using sound wave technology, were these sound waves produced by human voices or by instruments or mechanical devices of some sort?

A: Mostly latter.

Q: (L) What kind of a device would this be? What would you call it?

A: Something like tuning fork.

Q: (L) It would be something that could be struck and would produce a sound that could then be directed in some way?

A: A sound enhancing collector/focuser.

Q: (L) Can we build such a thing?

A: Must be like a two-way antenna, solidly brass or bronze.

Q: (L) Other than a solid piece of metal, were there any other internal parts such as a mechanism of some sort?

A: Silicon arterial wand.


Q: (L) John Keel’s book Our Haunted Planet says: “The para-human Serpent People of the past are still among us. They were probably worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge and the forgotten ridge-making cultures of South America.” Were the Serpent People worshipped by the builders of Stonehenge?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who was worshipped by the people who built Stonehenge?

A: Complicated, but the terms Spirit, stars, energy, will get you there.


Q: (L) Okay, in this book it says: Diodorus Siculus, writing in the 1st century B.C., said that “certain sacred offerings wrapped in wheat straw come from the Hyperboreans into Scythia, whence they are taken over by the neighboring peoples in succession until they get as far west as the Adriatic. From there they are sent south, and the first Greeks to receive them are the Dodonaeans. Then, continuing southward, they reach the Malian gulf, cross to Euboea, and are passed on from town to town as far as Carystus. Then they skip Andros, the Carystians take them to Tenos, and the Tenians to Delos. That is how these things are said to reach Delos at the present time.”

So, from very ancient times, there was this practice of the Hyperboreans sending sacred offerings to the Island of Delos. Now, the Island of Delos is supposedly the birthplace of Phoebus Apollo, whose mother was Leto. Supposedly he was born on Mt. Cynthus. This is a very curious thing. This is contrary to the old view that the cultural flow was from the Mediterranean to the North, that civilization began in the Near East. It implies a cultural flow from the North to the South. What were these ancient Hyperboreans sending to the Island of Delos?

A: Leaves bearing cryptic codes.

Q: (L) What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?

A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilizing the Mediterranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.


Q: (L) Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received…

A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the otherwise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system. [Note: the word “rill” is new to me. Webster defines it as a small stream or a little brook; to flow in or like a rill.]

Q: (L) Was Stonehenge ever complete, with all the stones there? This author suggests that it was never completed because there are missing stones…

A: Of course.

Q: (L) What happened to the stones that are missing? The books suggest that it was never finished because the architect must have died.

A: Nonsense. Multiple shocks registered through the ages.

Q: (L) Was Stonehenge built in stages as this author suggests? Did it start out as a circular ditch, at the time of the so-called Aubrey holes?

A: No.

Q: (L) Was it built all at once, complete?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What about these multiple shocks. What, in particular?

A: Some were earthquakes, mini-cataclysmic in nature. Some were EM generated smashes, when terran forces clashed with outside “forces”.

Q: (L) Are you suggesting that some of these rocks were vaporized, as it were, by some sort of particle beam weaponry?

A: EM activity.

Q: (L) Was Stonehenge once known as the Cloister of Ambrius?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who was Ambrius?

A: Druid tradition/cloak.

Q: (L) What was Ambrius?

A: They would label as a god. You might say otherwise.

Q: (L) In ancient literature, something called a Merkabah is talked about, but the definition of this extremely mysterious thing has been lost down through the centuries. There have been many “explanations” from such sources as the Midrash — Jewish commentaries — but there is even argument there. It seems that, even then, nobody knew what it was. But now, all of a sudden, we have all these New Age folks coming along who have decided that they know what it is, and it is variously described as rotating double tetrahedrons…

A: If no one knows what it is, that is as good as any other explanation.

Q: (L) Yes, but I want to know what the ancients who wrote about it meant? What is the definition of the word as the ancient writers used it?

A: The original definition predates this.

Q: (L) What is the original definition that predated the ancient writings that we have access to?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L) What? Well, it’s a curious word because it is composed of two words or even three: mer kaba or mer ka ba. If we think of it as three part word, we have first of all, Mer, which is the Cosmic Sea of Infinite Potential. The great celestial mother. Then, we have the Egyptian Ka, which is like the astral body, and the Ba, which is similar to the Ka. I guess you could think of them as the astral body and the genetic body. Then there is the Ab, which is the sort of principle element of the life in man, like the part that is of God or the soul. The Ab was represented as a red stone. It was the part of the man that expressed desire, lust, courage, wisdom, feeling, sense and intelligence. So, all of them together sort of expresses an abstract “wholeness of being” principle. Then, Kaaba is Arabic for cube, and it is the square stone building in which the Black Stone is housed in Mecca. It was supposed to have been built by Ishmael and Abraham. So with Mer, Ka, Ab, and Ba, we have a cube made up of the principle parts of the physical, mental and spiritual self, and housing a stone. Soul stone? Mother stone?

A: By god, she’s got it!

Q: (L) Okay, we’ve got the soul or mother stone, or the mother of all stones. Now that we have a definition, what was it?

A: The Matriarch Stone. Symbolism reigns supreme here. “Stone” to those you perceive as ancients symbolized communication from “a higher source”.

Q: (L) What is it about a stone that made the ancients associate it with communication?

A: Radio waves. Transmission.

Q: (L) So Stonehenge was a giant transmitter and receiver. The original purpose of Stonehenge was to receive communication and to send communication. It wasn’t all that Druid Hoodoo blood sacrifice or wandering-around-in-white-robes-scaring-people stuff that people do nowadays. It was a machine, so to speak. When we are talking about this Mother Stone, are we talking about something similar to the Atlantean crystals that gathered, dispersed and/or transduced energy?

A: It is more symbolic. But you are on the right track.

Q: (L) So, in talking about Merkabah, we are not talking about spinning tetrahedrons that enable you to ascend or generate some kind of “astral vehicle”. Many people are saying that visualizing yourself inside of one of these enables you to ascend, or something.

A: If you do that, it may help, though. We are going around in circles here. You should use your own abilities to complete the answers to some of these. But, then again, it is one form of “spinning”, is it not?

Q: (T) Everything we have been doing here is all about gaining knowledge and increasing frequency in order to transit from third to fourth density. In ancient times, they would have had to do the same things. But, there may not have been as many experiences available. In order to get experiences, they may have had to travel. So, by going to the stones, they might have increased their frequencies to transit from third to fourth density.

(L) Or they used them as a direct machine or device to do it. Archaeologists say that the people who erected the megaliths were barbarians. They are defined as barbarians because they didn’t build cities, they didn’t have the wheel, they didn’t have organized agriculture, and they left no written records. Those are the defined elements of civilization.

Yet, this group of people, whoever they were, did things that we cannot duplicate today, and they did it all over the globe. The groups who came along after them who did have all the hallmarks of what we call civilization also could not erect these gargantuan stones. I thought about this for a long time.

Archaeologists say they must have erected them as monuments to their gods, or heroes or whatever. Some of them think they were calendars to tell them when to plant the corn. Well, I think that is stretching it a bit. If you can’t cross off the days on the wall and look outside and see that it is time to plant the corn, you’re in pretty sad shape. You hardly need to haul stones as big as buildings across hills and valleys to set them up in special places to tell you to do that!

The psychology of the human being cannot have changed all that much over the many thousands of years from then to now, and it is true that people do not do anything without a powerful motivation; what I call the “payoff”. What could be the payoff to haul these things around on greased logs as they are depicted? To create a monument or to bury their kings? To get naked and dance in the moonlight?

(A) Like they had a lot of time to do this while struggling to live the barbarian existence, too!

(L) Yeah. They are supposed to be howling savages who must constantly hunt to get food, yet they are spending all their time, occupying all their strongest men, to push rocks around! Meanwhile, according to the archaeologists and paleontologists, these folks only live to about forty years at max!

(T) They got a lot of mileage out of those forty years!

(L) Exactly! But, we are supposed to be thinking about the things they didn’t have: cities, wheels, agriculture, and writing.

(F) Maybe they didn’t need it.

(L) And why would that be? Because the stones did it all!

(T) Maybe they were fourth density STO beings who planted all those stones all over the place.

(L) Well, if you think about a group of people who are setting up these massive stones like they were pieces of Styrofoam. The stones collect energy and information. They then transduce the energy or amplify it. These people know things about movement, dances or spinning or something, that enables them to behave in concert with the stones so that they all become part of a grand machine that does things!

All of the legends talk about stylized dances and the oldest things about Stonehenge say that it was the Temple of Apollo and that Apollo danced there all night at certain periods of time. Every 19 years, I believe.

When you think about that, and the other places Apollo appeared, the inversions and redactions of the legends, and we come to these magical stones that produce things. Then we come to the head of Bran the Blessed, which supposedly produced endless supplies of bread and fish or whatever else was desired. Bran’s head was the giver of all good things. But more than that, it was an oracle. It could speak.

And here we have the idea of a similar function for Stonehenge: both an oracle as well as a giver of blessings and bounty. Anything you wanted or needed it provided for you. If you wanted to go somewhere, it transported you as in the legends of the flying carpets. It was magic transportation. All of these things are associated, when you track them back far enough, with a stone. The stones did everything.

This is what I have always thought about these megaliths. They did things. All of the things we think are the “signs” of civilization were done by the stones. Maybe Terry is right; these people were at some level of density where they could make this work. At some point, something happened, the ability was lost, and then people had to build cities, engage in agriculture, invent the wheel, and develop writing — because they could no longer do it the “easy” way.

A: Stones were once utilized to provide for all needs, as the energies transmitted connected directly with the pituitary gland to connect spiritual realities with the material realms of 3rd and 4th densities. So you see, the “stone” was viewed as Matriarchal indeed!

Q: (L) Were the beings involved in this type of activity third density, fourth density or bi-density?

A: Originally 4th when home was in other locators.

Q: (L) Could it be said that the pituitary gland itself is the body’s own “mother stone”?

A: If you prefer.

Q: (J) What exactly is the function of the pituitary gland in your references to Stonehenge?

A: This gland is your uplink.

Q: (L) Is it possible that the pituitary can be stimulated by external sources such as radio waves, waves from a supernova, or other frequencies in the environment?

A: Yes and experiments have ensued.

Q: (L) Would it be beneficial for us to experiment with such things?

A: Not wise. You could fry yourself in your zeal. You can experiment, but not technologically.

We later asked the Cs some questions that further clarified the issue:

July 4, 2009

Q: (A**) I was gonna ask about Chaco Canyon. What was it built for?

A: Gathering place for those of unusual abilities.

Q: (A***) Did anybody actually live there?

A: More like a “conference center.”

Q: (A**) So what happened to the people that used it?

A: Change of cosmic environment followed by earthly difficulties such as famine, climate etc.

Q: (J) What kind of things did those people with unusual abilities do when they gathered together?

A: Well, levitate, for one; direct manifestation for another; and “travel”.

Q: (Allen) So, could they travel from one spot on the planet to another?

A: Yes.

Q: (A***) Could they teleport?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) Teleport… these weren’t your average human beings then. (laughter)

A: No not exactly, but it wasn’t the same environment you currently enjoy either.

Q: (A**) Where did these people come from?

A: Remnant Atlanteans. Descendants for the word sticklers.

Q: (L) I think that’s because once, somebody made a big deal out of them saying “remnants of Atlantis” and they meant descendants. (A***) Do they mean that if our environment wasn’t so polluted that we could have super powers? (L) They said “cosmic environment”.

A: Gravity is different now.

Q: (A***) What happened to gravity? How’d it change?

A: Travels of the solar system through space. You are heading for another such changes soon.

Q: (A***) Are we going to become super again?

A: Some will.

August 5, 2009

Q: (L) Okay, next question: Who built the Hypogeum in Malta?

A: Ancient “circle people”.

Q: (L) And for what purpose?

A: Rebirth, healing, manifestation. See answers previously given about Chaco Canyon.

In addition to the elevated states of consciousness achieved in the spiral dances accompanied by music and singing (not drunkenness with wine), it is thought that preparation or charging for these ceremonies was accomplished via “mystical sexual union”. The redactors have corrupted this to wild orgies, naturally.

Many modern historians have ignorantly interpreted the accoutrements and later accounts of these rites as fertility rituals. They were supposed to have been performed with the intent of eliciting magical reproductive favoritism from nature. The ideas of gaining personal advantages, success, protection or anything else by practicing rites or rituals, spells, prayers, sacrifices and so forth are characteristic of left-brain function, not mystical union. (Yes, many meditators and “stupid saints” as well as practitioners of the Black Arts have in fact managed to access the gateway by “raping the maiden of the well”, but the price is high and very few who do it that way survive long in this world.)

In short, the Bacchanalian celebration was to directly experience an altered state of consciousness, which brought about unification with the Cosmos and Nature, and even had the potential for transcending time and space in a direct, material and experiential manner. In the sensual, physical unification with the Cosmos, we see the profound activation of the right hemisphere of the brain in direct experience of the world via the sensory perceptions as distinct from imagining the world according to supposedly authoritative measurement and description.

In a Bacchic culture, the mutual need and inseparability of the sexes was exemplified by the principles of androgyny and the hermaphrodite, or Apollo and Artemis, the twins. The Androgyne represented the idea that every woman and man have both a male and female aspect and the hermaphrodite represented the idea that each man or woman was merely half of a functioning unit in terms of polarity, or circuitry that could somehow be unified to accomplish creative functions. The hermaphrodite was a macrocosmic symbol of the male/female unified Cosmos, and the androgyne is a microcosmic symbol of the male/female unity that can occur within each individual.

The goal of Bacchic culture and the secret teachings of the mystical traditions were harmony, balance, and unity between men and women and between the male and female aspects within each person.

The mystical literature tells us that the feminine principle corresponds to the intuitive, creative, intimate, immediate, unitive, nourishing, sensuous, spontaneous aspects of our consciousness. The masculine principle reflects logic, labeling, theoretical, legal, boundary consciousness, rule-following, mission-oriented, competitive characteristics. In this categorization, we can easily see that we are not referring to biophysical maleness or femaleness, but rather to the left and right modes of consciousness within all peoples.

So, when it was said that the female energy consorted with the wrong side and lost knowledge and power thereby, we can now see that it was a rewiring of the thinking, by giving dominance to the part of the brain that literally inhibits creativity and access to universal energies that can be accessed by anyone. It was by taking the direct knowledge of the Cosmos via empirical observation, i.e., knowledge and replacing it with the wishful thinking, conceptual, imaginary mode of a Creator God outside of the Cosmos, and thus only accessible via intercession, that we lost our connection. But, we can’t be throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. We have to remember that science is a child of the right hemisphere, but is reared by the left hemisphere. In fact, without both aspects in proper balance, very little can be achieved. The King rules the material realm by virtue of his union with the Queen.

The direct, sensual experience of the world, unclouded by preconceptions or anticipation, is precisely what constitutes scientific empiricism and objectivity. It is at the root of the Cassiopaean motto: “knowledge protects”. But knowledge only protects if it is utilized.

Q: (L) Acquiring knowledge is akin to acquiring energy? Or light? Light energy?

A: Not exactly. That would be like saying that “filling up” at the gas station is akin to acquiring speed.

Q: (L) So, knowledge and light are like the gas for the car, but speed comes from utilization?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And utilization means…

A: Knowledge application, which generates energy, which, in turn, generates light.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that the megalith builders utilized advanced mathematics, geometry and astronomy. Numbers appear to be the language by which we can translate right-brain perception into useful left-brain action. This is why the mystical traditions are written in mathematical codes.

The original splitting of the unity into two is described mathematically as the cosmos contracting infinitely, leaving a void, and everything else. This contraction or split made Divine apperception possible. Using this divine principle of creation, Gottfried Leibniz developed binary arithmetic in the 1700s, and this is the basis of all of our computer communications today. Two figures, 0 and 1 can express everything in the cosmos.

Science is not a fixed body of knowledge, even if many scientists of today wish it to be so. It is a constant observation, experiential interaction, and ever-renewing process of discovery, growth and evolution. By its very nature, it is elusive of definition, never static, and impermanent.

That is also the philosophy of the Cassiopaeans. How many times have they said: “Learn! Discover! Open! Up to you!” And because I didn’t understand, it drove me crazy. I wanted the answers! I wanted the truth! I wanted the bottom line of all existence right there in my lap with ribbons and bells! But it cannot be given in a concept. It must be experienced via knowledge.

Another aspect of science that engages our right hemisphere is art and music. The numerical structure of music is thought to be the direct link between art and science, and is thus a conductor for expression of direct experience into the active left hemisphere. One can experience music directly, without any thinking or imagining or conceptualizing. And, at the same time, one is “experiencing” mathematics! No words can accurately and completely convey what something sounds like. It is an act of direct perception.

Now, what does all this have to do with sex? Well, actually, nothing, but it has everything to do with making love. You see, sex as sex, is left-brain. It is desire and goal oriented. It is loaded with anticipation. When one thinks about having sex, one has an image in the mind’s eye of the end result. Even if it is not a visual image, it is an abstract image or concept of orgasmic repletion. It is a focusing on a physical act without due consideration of the spiritual connections and implications.

Nowadays sex comes in a variety of plans which relate back to specific conceptual purposes. There is the plan of technical performance and variety with the purpose of being a good lover. There is neurotic celibacy or abstinence to avoid guilt. There is masturbation that occurs either alone or with a partner with the purpose of relieving tension. There is submission to a partner for duty. There is just doing it because it has always been done to maintain the status quo or habit. There is keeping up with the modern trends, to avoid shame. One can have brief, promiscuous affairs out of fears of intimacy. One can have sex for reproduction. You can even make love just to enjoy sex, for intimacy and pleasure for the idea of love and affection. In all of these, there is an abstract audience and idea behind the act.

And that is where the full power of the right-brain is short circuited and caused to release its creative potential to a momentary contraction to a void that is uncontrolled, undirected, and unusable. After such an act, one is indeed in a condition where frequency resonances can be used to chemically or physically alter the DNA, or “put out the eyes”. Going after sex in any of the above ways is a raping of the right-brain function. But, we will come back to this further on.

Now, let’s go back for just a bit to our book The Solarion Legacy. Mr. Von Ward makes another interesting observation:

Another constraint on the power of mind appears to be the innate mortality of ordinary matter. … The power of any level of consciousness less than that which created the universe must operate within inherent constraints. Discovery of the constraints operative in this stellar neighborhood would make it possible to infer the degree of power its beings have for conscious co-creation. … Another constraint is the reverse flow of influence of matter on consciousness. … The conscious being has to continually deal with such material influences on its mind and energy… (Von Ward, 2001, emphasis added)

Here is where the Cassiopaeans have given an even more suggestive clue to getting out of the soup, so to speak:

Q: (L) Well, the situation we find ourselves in is the only way of getting out of this time loop, so to speak, to move into another density, or is there a loop in the other density as well?

A: No. Yogis can do it. How they control their own physicality.

Controlling physicality. Right-brain and left-brain unity. How does one learn these things without having to resort to activation of the left-brain imagining which we pretty much have figured out only makes it harder? Well, this brings us back to the remarks made by don Juan to Carlos Castaneda in The Active Side of Infinity:

Don Juan had said that by means of discipline it is possible for anyone to bring the energy body closer to the physical body. Normally, the distance between the two is enormous. Once the energy body is within a certain range, which varies for each of us individually, anyone, through discipline, can forge it into the exact replica of their physical body — that is to say, a three-dimensional, solid being. Hence the sorcerers’ idea of the other or the double. By the same token, through the same process of discipline, anyone can forge their three-dimensional, solid, physical body to be a perfect replica of their energy body — that is to say, an ethereal charge of energy invisible to the human eye, as all energy is…

This sounds almost as though don Juan was describing energy bodies that relate to the separated hemispheres of the brain. The unification of the two sounds like the activation of the Divine androgyne.

Don Juan explained that sorcerers see infant human beings as strange, luminous balls of energy, covered from the top to the bottom with a glowing coat, something like a plastic cover that is adjusted tightly over their cocoon of energy. He said that that glowing coat of awareness was what the predators consumed, and that when a human being reached adulthood, all that was left of that glowing coat of awareness was a narrow fringe that went from the ground to the top of the toes. That fringe permitted mankind to continue living, but only barely. … To his knowledge, man was the only species that had the glowing coat of awareness outside that luminous cocoon. Therefore, man becomes easy prey for an awareness of a different order, such as the heavy awareness of the predator.

Is the “heavy awareness of the predator” the “imaginary beliefs of mankind” that are thrust upon us by our state of reduced knowledge?

…this narrow fringe of awareness was the epicenter of self-reflection, where man is irremediably caught. By playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us, the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion. They give us inane problems that force those flares of awareness to rise, and in this manner they keep us alive in order for them to be fed with the energetic flare of our pseudoconcerns. … what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. … There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, and imbecilic. …

All we can do is discipline ourselves to the point where they will not touch us. How can you ask your fellow men to go through those rigors of discipline? They’ll laugh and make fun of you, and the more aggressive ones will beat the shit out of you. And not so much because they don’t believe it. Down in the depths of every human being, there’s an ancestral, visceral knowledge about the predators’ existence. … Discipline is the only deterrent. But by discipline I don’t mean harsh routines. I don’t mean waking up every morning at five-thirty and throwing cold water on yourself until you’re blue. Sorcerers understand discipline as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations. For them, discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without flinching, not because they are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe.

Sorcerers say that discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the flyer [predator]. The result is that the predators become bewildered. An inedible glowing coat of awareness is not part of their cognition, I suppose. After being bewildered, they don’t have any recourse other than refraining from continuing their nefarious task.

If the predators don’t eat our glowing coat of awareness for a while, it’ll keep on growing. … The sorcerers of ancient Mexico used to say that the glowing coat of awareness is like a tree. If it is not pruned, it grows to its natural size and volume. As awareness reaches levels higher than the toes, tremendous maneuvers of perception become a matter of course.

The grand trick of those sorcerers of ancient times was to burden the flyers’ mind with discipline. They found out that if they taxed the flyers’ mind with inner silence, the foreign installation would flee; giving to any one of the practitioners involved in this maneuver the total certainty of the mind’s foreign origin. The foreign installation comes back, I assure you, but not as strong, and a process begins in which the fleeing of the flyers’ mind becomes routine, until one day if flees permanently. A sad day indeed! That’s the day when you have to rely on your own devices, which are nearly zero. There’s no one to tell you what to do. There’s no mind of foreign origin to dictate the imbecilities you’re accustomed to. This is the toughest day in a sorcerer’s life, for the real mind that belongs to us, the sum total of our experience, after a lifetime of domination has been rendered shy, insecure, and shifty. Personally, I would say that the real battle of sorcerers begins at that moment. The rest is merely preparation.

When one is torn by internal struggle, it is because down in the depths one knows that one is incapable of refusing the agreement that an indispensable part of the self, the glowing coat of awareness, is going to serve as an incomprehensible source of nourishment to incomprehensible entities. And, another part of one will stand against this situation with all its might.

The sorcerers’ revolution is that they refuse to honor agreements in which they did not participate. Nobody ever asked me if I would consent to be eaten by beings of a different kind of awareness. My parents just brought me into this world to be food, like themselves, and that’s the end of the story.” (Castaneda, 1998, emphasis added)

The Cassiopaeans say that it is awareness that protects, but awareness is only possible with knowledge of the truth of our reality. I am not talking about your reality as opposed to my reality, or your illusion as opposed to my illusion or any such thing. It is that sort of nonsense that is referred to by don Juan as “the epicenter of self-reflection, where man is irremediably caught”. Most of the propagation of the you-create-your-own-reality ideas amount to the Predator “playing on our self-reflection, which is the only point of awareness left to us”. If your reality is significantly different from mine, then one or both of us is not seeing the objective reality. The truth.

What is the objective reality?

Well, we cannot know without a full field of awareness; we cannot have a full field of awareness without bringing to a halt the process of our awareness being devoured; we cannot bring this to an end without knowledge; and we cannot have knowledge without discipline. With discipline, knowledge and awareness, we become unpalatable to the Predator. The Cassiopaeans have said it this way:

Q: (A) There are those who are happy in the STS mode; and there are those who are trying to get out of the STS mode…

A: STO candidate.

Q: (A) These STO candidates cannot just simply BE, even theoretically, because then, STS would eat them.

A: No.

Q: (L) Why not?

A: STS does not eat according to protocol. STS “eats” whatever it wants to, if it is able.

Q: (L) That’s what we said. If you are STO in an STS world, you are basically defenseless and they eat you.

A: No.

Q: (L) Why? What makes STO unavailable or “inedible”?

A: Frequency resonance not in sync.

Don Juan said that discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the flyer. The result is that the predators become bewildered. An inedible glowing coat of awareness is not part of their cognition. That is precisely what the Cassiopaeans have said when they termed it not being in sync. They echoed don Juan’s remark about “grabbing onto the vibrating force that holds us together,” i.e., frequency resonance. The end result is: via knowledge we can learn to use discipline, which then enables us to grow back the awareness. Don Juan said: “As awareness reaches levels higher than the toes, tremendous maneuvers of perception become a matter of course.

It seems that it is here, at this higher level of awareness, that one is able to have some ability to create their own reality. Naturally, everyone who has been hypnotized to believe they are a magician will think, “That’s me, Baby! I’m there already!” And that may be true. But we do have a clue as to what is entailed when one has achieved higher awareness: “Facing odds that are not included in our expectations” and, “facing infinity without flinching … filled with awe.” That suggests some stupendous realizations that might cause a weak-willed person to want very desperately to take the Blue Pill as it was allegorized in the movie, The Matrix.

A concrete example of the many contexts in which the Predator plays on our epicenter of self-reflection is exemplified in the Nexus Seven “Top Secret/Demon” document, which says at the end:

Mommy Goddess and Daddy God are coming into direct contact with us in a new radical fashion — not as physical ETs like the government or evil ETs would have us believe, but as personalized loving, forgiving and powerful spiritual energies and entities from beyond this physical universe. They are returning, big time, in nonphysical terms, to reconnect and co-create with their original soul substance in this universe, located in (guess what?) human hearts.

This Human-Spiritual heart reconnection is feared by the ‘fallen’ Luciferians mindsets — their game is up. Because once the true reconnection happens, it makes individual human beings hundreds of times more powerful than our high yield hydrogen bombs, in terms of potential spiritual influence. Remember the power of our historical Messiahs? They did not show what they were really capable of, despite the wonders they did demonstrate. And remember how all Messiahs claimed that any human was capable of the same as they?

It was all only ever about growing love in the human heart. It was about growing the capacity for caring and intimacy, the incorruptible means for humanity not falling this time for well-laid traps. The alien-human alliance engineered fail-safe awareness traps on the human evolutionary experiment. And they work.

The ETs just hope we humans as a whole species learn our lessons before we get so much power. Since most of us wouldn’t trust anyone we know with too much power, and treat other species on our planet like chattel without feelings, that ought to help explain to you why ETs have us under a form of embargo and quarantine.

The idea presented above makes it seem that love or emotions are the answer rather than direct knowledge of the Cosmos. We are told repeatedly, “You are God!” and “Mommy Goddess and Daddy God are coming … to reconnect and co-create with their original soul substance … located in … human hearts” and on and on. Do we not see a similar pattern here? “You could have this! You could do this!” And the focus is placed on emotion that is stimulated by an idea or a concept, not direct knowledge via observation and experience. By propagating these twisted lie sandwiches, which do include partial truths, and getting people worked up to do things they have no understanding about, “the predators create flares of awareness that they proceed to consume in a ruthless, predatory fashion.”

You see, the thing that they so cleverly leave out of the equation is that, if one would become like God, one must know like God. Or, to put it the other way: “If one would know God, one must become like God.” That means that one must connect the hemispheres of the brain, not the emotions. Yes, it is true that emotions are observed by the right-brain, but they are created by the left-brain through thought—imagination. The Corpus Hermeticum (XI) says:

If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like. To realize this state of being requires a radical transformation of consciousness and perception, a change in the way in which we know and perceive, “for all things which the eye can see are mere phantoms and unsubstantial outlines; but the things which the eye cannot see are the realities…”

Now, of course, there are those who claim that to know God, and to become Godlike, one must access the blissful states of Godlike Love. So they work all their lives to achieve this emotional ecstasy of God using an image or a concept. They have missed the key that becoming Godlike consists of observing and experiencing the Cosmos directly, which results in knowledge. Knowledge leads to awareness of what is out there. Awareness of what is out there gives one the ability to think with the left-brain in concord with what the right-brain observes. This merging of the two halves of the brain — observation and thinking/formulating — is the thing that can discipline emotions so that there is no negative expression that can feed the Predator.

Q: (T) Who talks to me when I am having conversations with myself in my head?

A: You.

Q: (L) Am I talking to other beings?

A: Have.

Q: (T) Can you tell me who they are?

A: Lizards.

Q: (T) Why are they talking to me?

A: Trying to convert you. Remember, T, your chronic depression represents a “battle” zone.

Q: (T) I no longer am depressed and they are talking to me more.

A: Watch out!

Q: (T) Can I turn them off?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Who is “Sing”?

A: Leader of forces assigned to influence you.

Q: (T) Forces, as in many are assigned to me personally?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) How many are in this force?

A: Seven.

Q: (T) Do they do this because of the implants that are in me?

A: All part of process.

Q: (T) These implants are what they use to control my emotions and amplify them so that they can feed off of them?

A: Not control, influence.

Q: (T) No, not to control, influence. But when, say, I get angry, then I’m angry for a short time but then I’m angry for a long time because they have used this technology to amplify and extend this; is this what they do?

A: Yes. Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers.

Q: (T) Can I feed back through their equipment what I choose?

A: Not necessary.

Q: (T) In other words, if I get angry and realize that I am being more angry than I should be, and I change that to something positive, and feed that back to them while they have their amplifiers wide open, will that affect them? Sour their milk, so to speak?

A: Now you are “fighting fire with fire.”

Q: (T) Well, is that something that we are supposed to be doing?

A: Open. But what does phrase imply?

Q: (L) What they are saying is, I think, when you feel yourself getting angry, the only way to stop the whole thing is to stop being angry and be happy or at peace. When you are happy and at peace there is not in you the desire to send anything back.

A: Bingo.

Q: (T) What I am getting at is, is it possible to do that, to change the emotional state to something more positive than what they are expecting and feed that back to them? Is that a possibility?

A: Why? How effective is a light socket without a plug in it? How effective is a motor that is never turned on? Implants are ineffective if not used.

Q: (J) The power source has to be on for the implant to work for them to get the juice and the power is negative thoughts and emotions. (T) But I am still a third density being. I have all the emotions of a third density being, the whole gamut, and that is part of what makes me a third density being. Therefore I can’t turn one emotion off without upsetting the balance of the other emotions, emotions are almost an analogy to the light and the dark.

A: No. If you choose, you may have only positive emotions.

Q: (T) Now, if I have only positive emotions, which is a nice thing to have and I’d like to have that, what does that do to the sensor equipment of the Lizzies?

A: Cancels them.

Q: (T) So they are tuned to negative frequencies?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Having positive feelings cuts off the implants. If I cut off the sensors by having positive feelings, what will the Lizards do?

A: Go elsewhere.

Q: (L) Be aware, though, that when you first start turning this off that they may increase their efforts for a period and then finally they realize that you are really in charge here and then they go away.

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) So, when you first get a clue and you start getting a grip on your emotions and dealing with everything that happens to you with acceptance and knowledge that all is a manifestation of your own creation and for your ultimate good, for a period of time they may try ten times harder to get you back as a food source, but then once they realize they can’t, then they do finally let loose?

A: You and Frank are experiencing this right now.

Q: (L) This is true. (F) We have both been under massive attack. Just doing this work has been a struggle to keep at it with everything coming from every direction. (L) The hardest has been to stay in a frame of mind to do it.

Q: (T) Is the attack I have been under the past few months the first assault?

A: Yes. Only first assault.

Q: (T) So, the more positive I become, the more they are going to continue trying, and I am assuming that because you said I have seven beings of some kind assigned to me, that they find something interesting in me that they want to keep?

A: Close.

Q: (T) Should it make me happy that they think I am important enough to have seven beings assigned to me personally? Should I take that as a compliment?

A: No.

Q: (J) Is T’s level of negativity what makes him attractive to them? His capability for strong negativity?

A: Vice versa.

Q: (J) Please explain. What makes him attractive to them?

A: Not attractive, a threat.

Q: (L) I think there are a lot of people they start working on very early in life because they do like a scan and determine that a person has potential for great light so they start working on them when they are young and defenseless to try and take them out of the game, so to speak. (F) Not only great good, but also potential for knowledge. (L) Is this the case here?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) It isn’t your potential for negativity; it is your potential for good. (F) Right. If you look around you then you will see the mainstream of society, and they just seem to move through life and enjoy wallowing in materiality, these people don’t seem to suffer as much. (L) There seems to be two classes of people the Lizzies like to go after, extremely weak ones and those they haul off and eat or experiment on; and those who have potential strength and positivity. (F) The people they don’t attack are those who they already have and they don’t have to work on them. If you have the potential to rise above the Service-to-Self orientation, then you are a threat. (T) Okay. Where were we? Just by being positive will shut off the Lizzies desire to mess with me?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) That’s all there is to it? But the implants will still be there?

A: So what?

Q: (T) Do the implants do anything besides transmit the frequency?

A: No.

Q: (T) And, as long as I am being negative it is transmitting and they can track me that way?

A: Close.

Q: (T) If I shut them off by being positive, they can’t track me any longer?

A: Can track but not influence.

Q: (T) I am not buying into the victim line. (L) The major point here is that knowledge breeds awareness which gives you the ability to detect it when they try to influence you in very subtle ways so that you can begin to control your mind and resist early on and that is the key.

A: Close enough.

Q: (L) And you have to be disciplined and persist with positive thoughts and feelings sometimes in the face of incredible adversity. No one said it was going to be easy, but it is worth it.

The Cassiopaeans have said that what we are here to do, what we must “be about” in terms of preparation to graduate to the next level, the level of true self-creation is to learn the lessons of this density. This is related to the idea of being able to correctly discern what is in the reality and how it is working and if it is part of the control process. Awareness can help a person avoid situations that will lead to pain and suffering and negative feelings. Awareness of the reality behind events that would ordinarily be perceived as either frightening or painful can greatly facilitate the maintenance of positivity.

A: You see, my dear, when you arrive at 4th density, then you will see.

Q: (L) Well, how in the heck am I supposed to get there if I can’t “get it”?

A: Who says you have to “get it” before you get there?

Q: (L) Well, that leads back to: what is the Wave going to do to expand this awareness? Because, if the Wave is what “gets you there”, what makes this so?

A: No. It is like this: After you have completed all your lessons in “third grade”, where do you go?

Q: (L) So, it is a question of…

A: Answer, please.

Q: (L) You go to fourth grade.

A: Okay, now, do you have to already be in 4th grade in order to be allowed to go there? Answer.

Q: (L) No. But you have to know all the third density things…

A: Yes. More apropos: you have to have learned all of the lessons.

Q: (L) What kind of lessons are we talking about here?

A: Karmic and simple understandings.

Q: (L) What are the key elements of these understandings, and are they fairly universal?

A: They are universal.

Q: (L) What are they?

A: We cannot tell you that.

Q: (L) Do they have to do with discovering the meanings of the symbology of third density existence, seeing behind the veil… and reacting to things according to choice? Giving each thing or person or event its due?

A: Okay. But you cannot force the issue. When you have learned, you have learned!

Q: (L) I just want to make sure that I am doing the most I can do. I don’t want to have to come back to third density. If I can accelerate things a little…

A: You cannot, so just enjoy the ride. Learning is fun!

Notice that I specifically stated the possible answer: “Discovering the meanings of the symbology of third density existence and reacting to things according to choice; giving each thing its due” and the Cassiopaeans responded: “But you cannot force the issue. When you have learned, you have learned!” So, I am not going to force the issue on anyone! Everyone who reads this book is free to accept or reject any or all of what is said here.

Our Nexus Seven guys complain:

We need a language of hyper-dimensional symbols that codify human relationship with nature. Symbols and ritual that codify the elements and forces of nature codify the life processes of nature, from the little insects all the way up to the supposedly angelic and demonic ETs. Without this language there is no means for intelligent contact to have a basis for occurring. And it could be that some symbols from history have their basis in being received alien communications.

I would like to point out that we do have such a language. It is called Nature. Nature is going to teach us quite a bit. The more one contemplates Nature, the more awe one must feel regarding the creation. The problem is, for some people, the more they learn, and the more miserable they are. The person who learns, for the first time, that the cat toys and tortures the mouse before killing and eating it, is stunned that such cruelty exists in Nature. It is seen as evil. Such people then seek to construct imaginary worlds of spirit where no cat ever tortures the mouse before eating it. They quote the scripture where it says, “The lion lies down with the lamb”, assuming that they will all eat grass, I suppose. Well, what about the grass? Isn’t it alive also? So, in creating such fantasies, they cheat themselves of the truth about the natural world, which is the organ of the Prime Creator’s expression.

This distortion grows and extends to all that they learn and consider. When they discover something that is not nice, or of the darkness, or negative, they recoil in fear and horror. What’s more, they immediately begin to plan how to fix it, because obviously in their minds such a reality is broken.

The plain fact is the evil which we read into the world and all the imperfections which we believe we have discovered are simply a result of the limits of our understanding. The narrower the point of view from which we look upon, view or observe things, the more evil and the more imperfections we see.

There are many who have written to me about the “fear based” information in my books and online writings. They assume, automatically, that because we talk about reality in pretty plain terms, including all aspects of it, that I must be sitting here at my desk, quaking and quivering in terror with every word I type. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have to state right here and now that I have never been in a state of fear once I have learned the true nature of what energies are behind the manifestations of our world.

For all the many years that I have studied evil and darkness in an attempt to reconcile its existence to the idea of a perfect, loving God, it was the perception of the darkness as an error or mistake or flaw that made me afraid. What is more terrifying than to think that your soul and life can be subject to either an accident or a trick of temptation? What is more terrifying than to think that an accident or error can exist ontologically in the universe that is supposed to be God’s creation? The only conclusions I could ever come to with that thinking was that humankind was either a sick joke or a plaything of God — and neither of those ideas are conducive to love and faith.

As I gained more and more knowledge about the world, my point of view broadened. And, as my perspective expanded, the more the evils disappeared. Now, don’t get me wrong. When I say they disappeared, that does not mean they went away or were transformed. Not at all. I just stopped seeing them as evil. Not only that, I began to see the incredible humor in the situation. When I became aware of a Control System maneuver in my life, I almost laughed with glee at the challenge of a worthy opponent.

No indeed. I still can see demons in the world and at work; I still see the creeping darkness shadowing the souls of humankind, blotting out their access to their creative potential. I still see war and genocide and famine and plague as part of our reality. Not only that, I see these things as part of the reality that are not going to change into something that we call good by the powers of concentrated love and light. It is not a good idea to send love and light to the negative forces because they don’t want it. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love them! Semantics? No. Subtle but important distinction? Yes.

And even though for convention, I use terms such as dark and light, and good and evil and positive and negative in order to talk about things in a practical way, I no longer see these things as an essential error or that which must be done away with or transformed in order for humankind to grow and ascend from this vale of tears. The fact is, most of humankind is not done with the lessons in this school and to try to change it for those who aren’t finished with the lessons would be to violate their free will, not to mention their whole cosmic plan and purpose.

What I see now is that all of these things exist, the light and the dark, the good and the evil, the positive and the negative, the STS and STO beings, as part of the superb framework of the infinite Creator or Prime Source.

What is more, I see the reason for it to be this way, above and beyond just the simple choice of humankind to experience learning at a faster rate. That issue is not relative to our particular Group Soul only; there are a potentially infinite amount of other souls and Group Souls and beings in the Cosmos who partake of the same conditions as we do, at different levels. There is far more to this state than that.

In one sense, you could say that it is a vast and glorious self-regulating organism that is One; but it is One in Manyness. It is only when we perceive this actual Unity as already existing, and not as something that one has to imagine or pretend will come into being, (which means excluding all that one finds unpleasant or not of love and light), will the literal fact of this state manifest in one’s life.

But, I am getting ahead of myself here. Let’s look at nature in some interesting contexts and discover our spiritual beloved in all the many moods and faces that will be shown to us.

1 After a great deal of research in an effort to discover if the above comment about the dating of Stonehenge could possibly — in any remote configuration — be correct, I came to the startling realization that the “dating of Stonehenge” is based on little more than assumption. Excavations in 1966 and 1988 uncovered burnt bone and charcoal in several substantial pits which were dated to the Mesolithic. The results suggest that timber was used in the area for 300 to 1600 years, between 8500-7650 cal B.C. and 7500-6700 cal B.C. The early date and longevity of activity prompted researchers to question the quality of the charcoal samples (typical!). Researchers say they aren’t related to the Stonehenge monument because they are simply too early, a clear assumption. Material suitable for radiocarbon dating is scarce, and yet evidence of early activity as always rejected as “residual”. (See: and