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Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols Part 11

As I continue with this series, laying the groundwork for some belief shattering revelations that our research has uncovered in the past year or two, I feel a certain “oppositional pressure” building in the outside world. Daily, we notice that the “Powers That Be” are circling the planet, closing off alternatives, and battening down the hatches for their own survival while they consign the majority of humanity to probable death and destruction. As we reported on the Signs page two days ago, Gurdjieff commented:

“There are periods in the life of humanity, which generally coincide with the beginning or the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture. Such periods of mass madness, often coinciding with geological cataclysms, climatic changes, and similar phenomena of a planetary character, release a very great quantity of the matter of knowledge. This, in turn, necessitates the work of collecting this matter of knowledge which would otherwise be lost. Thus the work of collecting scattered matter of knowledge frequently coincides with the beginning of the destruction and fall of cultures and civilizations.”

“It seems that Gurdjieff knew only too well the effect that global upheaval exerts on the illusion seeking majority of humanity. When confronted with the ever widening gap between the reality being presented to them and the facts before their eyes, and at some point unable to reconcile the two, those that attempt to cling to the lie as truth are driven mad. […]

“Yet Gurdjieff also understood the opportunity that such an outpouring of fear and madness presents for those that seek the truth to finally see and know it. We cannot ignore the fact that our own civilization at present appears to be on the edge of a precipice. In a very natural way this may act as a “wake up call” to those that have an inner desire to seek and know the truth. […]

“The Signs page, the articles on the Cassiopaea web site, and the books in print, are a result of the collecting of this knowledge and its presentation for those that understand its application. While we attempt to facilitate an understanding of the application of this knowledge, we can only go so far. […]

“But the acquisition or transmission of true knowledge demands great labor and great effort both of him who receives and of him who gives. And those who possess this knowledge are doing everything they can to transmit and communicate it to the greatest possible number of people, to facilitate people’s approach to it and enable them to prepare themselves to receive the truth.

“He who wants knowledge must himself make the initial efforts to find the source of knowledge and to approach it, taking advantage of the help and indications which are given to all, but which people, as a rule, do not want to see or recognize.

Knowledge cannot come to people without effort on their own part. And yet there are theories which affirm that knowledge can come to people without any effort on their part, that they can acquire it even in sleep. The very existence of such theories constitutes an additional explanation of why knowledge cannot come to people.” […]

“Our goal is to be useful to creation, to create, to align ourselves with that which is real, to reject lies and deceit at every turn, both in the world and within our own beings.

“People that believe in illusion, in lies, are making a statement to life, to the real objective universe, that they do not desire to exist in it. While very often we do not get what we desire in life, we can be sure that, in the end, we will get back that which we give to life. For those people that align themselves with illusion, with that which is not real, they will become just that – “a dream in the past.” Those who pay strict attention to objective reality right and left, become the reality of the “‘Future.”

The conditions of the present day are actually the best possible for acquiring knowledge. But why, you might ask, do we consider discovering the closest approximation of the truth of our past to be a worthy occupation?

It’s quite simple: in a universe where the observer is as important as the observed, the closer they are in alignment, the more order is possible from the side of the universe which – being unimpeded by the barriers of lies – allows creation to manifest unlimited possibilities. When there is great disparity between the observer and the observed, it naturally creates disorder, chaos, destruction due to the conflict. This is why all the efforts of the New Age to have “harmonic convergence” that focus on “peace and brotherhood” – while the true foundation of our civilization is based on lies and greed – has only served to add to the chaos and disorder.

The universe – what is being observed – IS AS IT IS and operates based on certain principles that are little known despite millennia of claims by this or that group to “know the secrets.” When you observe the universe you are, in a certain sense, observing “God.” When you attempt to impose your subjective ideas, notions, beliefs, on this vast primal consciousness, you are acting “in opposition” to what IS, to “God.” You are therefore, not “in alignment” with the observed, and contribute to the chaos.

It is only in purity, with the mind of the child that does not impose beliefs or subjective opinions on the cosmos, that objectivity can be achieved.

From our position of millennia of cultural and religious brainwashing, the only possibility we have of achieving the mind of the child that observes and does not judge is to strip away as many lies and illusions as possible about our reality as a whole. And the only effect we can have on the future is to “allow it to manifest” according to our present “observational state.” That is: objectivity does not limit creation while subjectivity attempts to limit, constrain and inhibit that which is limitless.

Our observational state determines the shape of the future! If it is in alignment with WHAT IS, then order results. If our “observer status” consists in a “belief” that has nothing to do with what IS, chaos results because of the conflict between what IS and what is “believed” that is not true.

It then follows that if our present observational state is based on ideas that have nothing to do with what may have objectively occurred in the past, then our “now” is delusion, and that creates a future of chaos.

The ONLY thing we have to practice this observation on IS THE PAST! We cannot “observe the future” that has not yet manifested. What’s more, we cannot observe the NOW objectively if our observations are based on lies of the past!

Now, in order to stand against the oppositional pressure I am experiencing, I am going to reveal some things in advance of completing this series. I also want to thank our Spanish group for translations of obscure materials and commentary that facilitated certain discoveries and the unknown correspondent who sent in the major clue. I know that none of you wish to have your names revealed, but I would be remiss in not giving credit to those who helped to boost me over the wall!

To begin, I want to present a few excerpts from the C’s transcripts to introduce the subsequent discussion.

[Note that most of the C’s transcript excerpts I am including are from 6 to 8 years ago]

C’s: We have close affiliation with the “Northern Peoples.” Why? Because we were in regular, direct contact with them on Kantek, before they were “lifted” to Earth by Orion STS.
Q: (L) If you were in direct contact with them, how come they were in cahoots with the Orion STS bunch?
A: Who says they are in “kahoots?”
Q: (L) Weren’t they rescued by the Orion STS?
A: Yes. But one need not be in “kahoots” to be rescued!!!
Q: (L) Well, if the Orion STS brought the Celts here, they must have brought them for their own purposes, am I correct?
A: Essentially, but herein lies the reason why you need a review. You see, you have some gaps in your knowledge base which are caused by channeling, absorbing and analyzing information out of sequence with what we have given you and mixing it all together!

Q: …I don’t even know if the path I am following in researching the history and the other things is even worthwhile or useful.
A: Oh, you bet it is!!!!!
Q: Let’s back up here. You said that the Celts came from Kantek. They were transported by [hyperdimensional beings]… brought here, correct?
A: Yes.
Q: When the [hyperdimensional beings] did this, how many Celts were physically brought here?
A: Hundreds of millions.
Q: How long, in our terms, did it take to bring these Celts to this planet? Or, is this ongoing?
A: Well, in the sense that you measure it, let us say about a week.
Q: Did they transport them in ships, that is some sort of structure. That is, did they load them up, move them into 4th density, reemerge here in 3rd density, or something like that?
A: Close.
Q: And they unloaded them in the area of the Caucasus, is that correct?
A: And regions surrounding.
Q: And, that was what, 79 to 80 thousand years ago?
A: Over 80,000.
Q: As I understand it, [the legends say that] Atlantis was already quite a developed civilization at that time, is that correct?
A: Yes, but regions change with waves of immigration, or conquest… witness your own lands. … Atlantis was merely a home base of an advanced civilisation of 3 races of humans occupying different sections of a huge Island empire, which, in itself, underwent 3 incarnations over a 100,000 year period as you would measure it.
Q: The 3 races were the Celts… and who were the second and third?
A: Or Kantekkians.
Q: Are the Kantekkians different from the Celts?
A: Only in the sense of long term racial and genetic blending.
Q: So, Atlantis had the Kantekkians/Celts and who else?
A: Race you would call “Native Americans,” and a third, no longer existing race, somewhat resembling Australian or Guinean aborigines, only lighter in complexion. [These were the Paranthas.]
Q: Was this third group destroyed by the other two?
A: One of the 3 cataclysms. …
Q: So, the Paranthas were the antecedents of the Abos of Australia?
A: Yes, and compare to now existing peoples of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Guinea for similarities, bearing in mind genetic mixing and dilution.
Q: Were the Vedas written by the Paranthas or written by the Celts?
A: Descendants of Parantha, as per “Divine guidance.”
Q: … did the Celts conquer the Atlanteans?
A: No. … They took over the Northern section.
Q: At the same time, there were Celts in the Caucasus, along the Baltic, in Ireland, England and Europe…
A: Ireland, England, etc. was later.
Q: But they were in the Norse lands, as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, they were along the Baltic, and they were in the Caucasus?
A: Some above mentioned areas were ice covered.[…]
Q: When did the Kantekkians, or Celts or whatever arrive on the Canary Islands?
A: 12,000 years ago.
Q: Did they arrive there from Atlantis directly?
A: Close. […]
Q: When did the Celts or Kantekkians first take up residence in the British Isles?
A: Same. 12,000 years ago.
Q: Were the Picts also Celts?
A: No, Atlantean. Remember, “Celt” is latter day moniker.
Q: Were the Picts Kantekkians?
A: Originally. […]
Q: Cayce talks about the division in Atlantis between the “Sons of One” and the “Sons of Belial.” Was this a racial division or a philosophical/ religious division?
A: It was the latter two, and before that, the former one.
Q: When it was a racial division, which group was it?
A: The Sons of Belial were the Kantekkians.
Q: Well! That is not good!
A: Subjective… you are not bodies, you are souls.
Q: You said that there is a group with whom you have been in contact since they were on Kantek. Is this group the Druids?
A: No. We will not as of yet identify. […]
Q: Julius Caesar had a standard policy of religious toleration. The only exception seems to have been the Druids. He was determined to stamp them out. Why?
A: Their mysterious powers.
Q: Where did they get these mysterious powers?
A: Knowledge passed down. […]
Q: Okay, something that has been bothering me: the Celtic/Kantekkian propensity for head hunting. There are several explanations offered for this, but none of them really makes sense to me. It is almost like a genetic thing for them to cut off heads of their enemies and heroes…
A: Why do you clasp hands?
Q: When you meet someone?
A: No. We mean in prayer.
Q: Oh, my! You mean they cut off heads to accrue negative energy to themselves? Power?
A: Foundationally.
Q: So, it is really kind of like that show on television: “The Highlander.” Is that what you mean?
A: Research for answer.

Q: [I]n this book it says: Diodorus Siculus, writing in the 1st century BC, said that “certain sacred offerings wrapped in wheat straw come from the Hyperboreans into Scythia, whence they are taken over by the neighboring peoples in succession until they get as far west as the Adriatic. From there they are sent south, and the first Greeks to receive them are the Dodonaeans. Then, continuing southward, they reach the Malian gulf, cross to Euboea, and are passed on from town to town as far as Carystus. Then they skip Andros, the Carystians take them to Tenos, and the Tenians to Delos. That is how these things are said to reach Delos at the present time.”

So, from very ancient times, there was this practice of the Hyperboreans sending sacred offerings to the Island of Delos. Now, the Island of Delos is supposedly the birthplace of Phoebus Apollo, whose mother was Leto. Supposedly he was born on Mt. Cynthus. This is a very curious thing. This is contrary to the old view that the cultural flow was from the Mediterranean to the North, that civilization began in the Near East. It implies a cultural flow from the North to the South. What were these ancient Hyperboreans sending to the Island of Delos?
A: Leaves bearing cryptic codes.
Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?
A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilising the Mediterranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.
Q: Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received…
A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system. [Note: Webster defines “rill” as a small stream or a little brook; to flow in or like a rill.]
Q: Was Stonehenge ever complete, with all the stones there? This author suggests that it was never completed because there are missing stones…
A: Of course.
Q: What happened to the stones that are missing? The books suggests that it was never finished because the architect must have died.
A: Nonsense. Multiple shocks registered throughout the ages.

Q: (L) Okay, I am really curious to discover something about the ancient legend of the Hyperboreans?
A: There is a masking there. It is an incorrect description.
Q: (L) What do you mean? There was a race supposedly called the Hyperboreans…
A: That is a masking. … A masking is an incorrect description of an historical event or condition.
Q: (L) What was the true event or condition that is masked as the Hyperboreans?
A: There have been, in your third density environment, at various points in space-time, residing on the surface of your planet, and also within its atmosphere, which structure has changed repeatedly, and, in fact, underneath the surface of your physical environment in 3rd density, a great many types of races of humans, some of whom are currently existing in your environment, and some of whom are not. And, also alternate humans. In other words, human-like 3rd density beings who could not be accurately described as humans as you know them. And, also there has been interaction with 4th density beings who pose as 3rd density beings, and 3rd density beings who have, at times in your history, been able to temporarily and at will interact with 4th density in such a way as to present themselves as 4th density beings. So, we are describing here a virtual potpourri of history involving intelligent life within some realm or condition of your environment. […]
Q: (L) The Hyperboreans were described as a race that lived in the far North, living in a tropical pocket near the North Pole surrounded by mountains of ice. They were supposedly semi-transparent and supposedly something forced them to move among other humans, and they interbred with them. The legend is that every 5th generation, following the maternal line, produces an individual of exceptional beauty and intelligence. So, it is thought in some places that people who are exceptionally beautiful and intelligent are the result of the Hyperborean genetics. Also, the Hyperboreans were supposed to be the predecessors of the Celts.
A: That is such a pleasant story! Mmmmm.
Q: (L) I liked it!
A: Unfortunately, it does not reflect fact. But, fantasy is always fun. …
Q: (L) Okay. Do any secret libraries containing all the secret wisdom of our history exist anywhere on the planet?
A: No. The secrets that you are alluding to are contained within mental structures in psychic realms, some of which you have little or no conception of. There is no need to record anything in any form that could be placed in any library. It is all done verbally and through mental telepathy.

As the reader may surmise, over the past 8 or more years since the above material was delivered, we have been researching and studying and continuing our own Initiation. At this point, I want to introduce what we have learned thus far about the Hyperborean Wisdom that does seem to be based on fact. Notice also that The C’s, as Us in the Future, have given some indications of their own “Hyperborean nature.”

Q: (L) When you were in regular contact with the Kantekkians, what was the nature of this contact?
A: Educational.

One important point about the “Hyperborean Wisdom” is that, like everything else, the truth about it has been twisted and attempts have been made over the past two thousand years to erase it, or at least to associate it with an extremely negative agenda such as the Nazis of Germany.

In the introduction to his French translation of Homer, Lasserre remarks that Homer’s Achaeans were originally an Indo-European people who had invaded Greece from the north, bringing with them their religion in which the main gods were Zeus and an earth-mother goddess. Since we also know from various classical sources that Zeus and other “Greek” gods were worshipped by the Celts, it follows that the invading Achaeans were of Celtic origin. …

But who were the Celts? [Wilkens]

We are taught almost nothing about them in school, though they seem to be considered as the ancestors of most Europeans, thus also Americans. Why is it that the religion and culture of the Mesopotamian region dominates our lives and our culture when it is, in effect, “foreign?”

Celtic vernacular literature, including myths, stories and poems, in its written form, dates mainly from the Middle Ages. It is based on oral transmission that goes far beyond the Christian Era. It is very difficult to get a clear picture of the pre-Christian Celts from the transmitted texts, not only because of the typical mixture of myth and reality, and the lapse of time, but also because the Roman empire sought to stamp it out starting with Caesar and continuing with the Roman church under the influence of Judaic monotheism.

However, studying what is available closely, one gets the impression of a dynamic, somewhat undisciplined people. The Celts were proud, imaginative, artistic, lovers of freedom and adventure, eloquence, poetry, and arts. You can always discern the Celtic influence by the great artistic talents of these peoples.

The Celts were VERY suspicious of any kind of centralized “authority,” and this is, in the end, what brought about their downfall. They could not stand against the hierarchical war machine of the Roman empire. In a sense, you could almost say that this is how Hitler nearly conquered Europe, most especially France which highlights the fact that Hitler was NOT operating on true Hyperborean principles. Gauls take the principles of liberty and equality VERY seriously – right down to the common man on the street who in no way considers himself inferior to the Prime Minister.

One of the principal historians of the Roman era, Julius Caesar, tells us that the Celts were ruled by the Druids. The druids “held all knowledge.” The Druids were charged with ALL intellectual activities, and were not restricted to religion, per se, which suggests to us that “religion” and “knowledge” in a more or less scientific approach, were considered essential to one another – symbiotic.

It is later writers who began to vilify the Celts by accusing them of the usual things that people get accused of when someone wants to demonize them: human sacrifice, homosexuality, and so on. Most of that nonsense goes back to Posidonius, who has been quoted as an “authority” by every other “authority” on the Celts since. Unfortunately, when one checks Posidonius, one finds that he really didn’t have a clue and was probably making stuff up to fulfill an agenda.

The lack of written texts by the Celts has been the greatest problem for historians and students of the Celts. A lot of ideas are “supposed” or ancient sources with agendas have been relied on, and some of them even propose that there was a “taboo” by the Celts on putting things into writing.

Well, I suppose that, if our civilization came to an end and all our records on magnetic media were destroyed, people might say that we didn’t put anything in writing either.

There has been a lot of nonsense written about WHY the Celts didn’t write things down, and the most nonsensical, considering what we do know about their culture, is that this was how the Druids “kept their power” or that they believed something silly like: “if the sacred myths were revealed, they would become profaned and thus lose their mystic virtues.”

What Caesar said was that the reason for the ban on writing was that the Druids were concerned that their pupils should not neglect the training of their memories, i.e. the Frontal Cortex, by relying on written texts. In my book, The Secret History of The World, I discussed the production of ligands and their potential for unlocking DNA by the activity of intense mental exercise or what we call “thinking with a hammer.” It seems to be very interesting that the very things that we have learned from the Cassiopaeans, from alchemical texts, from our own experiences, and from research – that “thinking with a hammer” is the key to transformation – was noted as an integral part of the Druidic initiation.

It is worth noting that, in the nineteenth century, it was observed that the illiterate Yugoslav bards, who were able to recite interminable poems, actually lost their ability to memorize once they had learned to rely on reading and writing.

Although the Druids prohibited certain things from being written down, it’s clear that they DID write. Celtic writings in Ogamic script have been found on many ancient stones. Additionally, Caesar tells us that the Celts were using the Greek alphabet when the Romans arrived in Gaul in the first century BC!

However, the knowledge of the initiates was transmitted entirely orally, and with the information about ligands and receptors, we are beginning to understand WHY. Memorization and holding a vast, objective picture of the reality in the mind, was at the foundation of the unusual powers the Celts were said to have manifested – and for which powers Caesar determined they had to be wiped out.

The destruction of Celtic culture was so complete that we know very little about their religion. We do know that they celebrated their “rites” in forests and by lakes without erecting any covered temples or statues of divinities. Tacitus tells us:

They do not think it in keeping with the divine majesty to confine gods within walls, or to portray them in the likeness of any human countenance. Their holy places are woods and groves and they apply the names of deities to thathidden presence which is seen only by the eyes of reverence.

In short, they revered the divine spark within all life.

Plato had doubts about the Greek origins of Homer’s work because not only do the physical descriptions in his poems not correspond to the Greek world, but also the Homeric philosophy is very different from the mainstream Greek philosophy we know about today. The latter is based on the dualism of two opposing elements, thesis/ antithesis, good/ evil, life/death, body/soul, etc. omitting the idea of the Third Force. This is also the dualism of Judao-Christianity that leads to such divisive statements as “if you are not with us, you are against us”.

Since Plato’s times, many have sought to derive “synthesis” from these opposing elements, with little success. The “third force” of Gurdjieff has been brought up many times with little satisfaction in the attempts to understand it either, and perhaps it is in what we can derive from the Celtic teachings will help us here to understand the true meaning of the Third Force.

According to Homer, the philosophy of the ancient world was that there was a third element that linked the opposing elements in a specific relationship that determined the nature of each force in a particular context. Between the body and the soul, there is the spirit. Between life and death there is the transformation that is possible to the individual, between father and mother there is the child who takes the characteristics of both father and mother, and between good and evil there is the SPECIFIC SITUATION that determines which is which and what ought to be done.

In other words, there are three simultaneous determinants in any situation that make it impossible to say that any list of things is “good” or “evil” intrinsically, and that the true determinant is the situation.

The symbol of this philosophy is the triskele, representing three waves joined together.

The simultaneous existence of the third element does not mean that the notion of “good” and “evil” did not exist or was not reflected in the Celtic law. What was clear was that it was understood that nothing could be “cut and dried” in terms of law, that each situation was unique and the circumstances had to be carefully weighed – the judgment had to include “Seeing the unseen.”

Aristotle considered Gaul to be the “teacher” of Greece and the Druids to be the “inventors of philosophy.” The Greeks also considered the Druids to be the world’s greatest scholars, whose mathematical knowledge was the source of Pythagoras’ information. All of this seems to be ignored in the many claims that Mesopotamia was the location of the “birth of civilization.”

There is another way to consider the “three forces.” This brings us to “perspicacity” which is a function of knowledge. The ability to “assimilate B influences” as Mouravieff describes it, depends upon the evaluation of the Impression in the specific context in which it is experienced. A very simple way of putting it is: is it Truth or is it a Lie and if either, which has more affinity to the world of the spirit, or Love?

There are those who think that truth or lies are always static, that a lie is a lie is a lie and that to be “good,” one must ALWAYS tell the “truth.” However, it is not always that easy. For example, consider France during the Nazi occupation. Undoubtedly, many of those involved in the resistance lied daily and regularly about their plans and activities. What was different about their lies was the INTENT and the SPECIFIC SITUATION. In such a situation, speaking the truth to a Nazi soldier who would use that truth to destroy one’s fellow resistance fighters would be “evil,” so to say, and lying would be “good.” The greater truth that the lie served was Freedom from Tyranny. The “observer” of the situation knew the objective truth that revealing his plans or betraying his brothers would bring their deaths. The reality of the Nazis was based on subjective lies, and by responding to these lies leading to tyranny with an opposite lie that led to freedom was then an effective cancelling of the subjectivity leaving the field clear for objectivity. This simple example ought to give the reader much to think about in terms of the socialized belief in a “black and white” exposition of “truth or lies” and “good and evil.”

Using an example of baking bread: in some cases, the flour could be “truth” and the water could be “lies” and the fire could be the specific situation in which the two meet and interact. Too little water and the bread will be dry and hard; too little flour and the bread will be soggy; too hot a fire, and the bread will burn; too cold a fire and the bread will never bake.

If Impressions are “food,” then this principle ought to be carefully considered when “taking in Impressions” or “assimilating “A” or “B influences” or Thinking with a Hammer, which we now know to be the process of applying the Law of Three to any given situation or dynamic in our lives. We also begin to understand that Love has many faces in Creation as does God. We realize also why such knowledge is reserved for initiates: how easy to twist and distort and misuse such an understanding.

To make of any issue something that is simply “black or white,” is to follow the plausible lies of the control system, and we begin to understand what Gurdjieff meant when he said: “SINCERITY WITH EVERYONE IN GENERAL IS WEAKNESS, SLAVERY, and even a SIGN OF HYSTERIA.”

“You must be able to be sincere, and you must also know when, where and for what purpose it is necessary to be sincere.”

In practical terms, for me, it was the information the C’s provided about the nature of reality that led me to look at things in a different way. It effectively amounts to “seeing” the hidden dynamics that may not always be manifest, and which most certainly are interpreted by most people according to programming. It amounts to the understanding that there is good and evil and then there is the most important “specific situation” in which events manifest that actually determines which is which, and learning to apply this.

For example, our immediate perception may be that sacrificing ourselves to “give” to another is “good.” But in the specific situation, it may be that we are only fuelling that other person’s descent into SELFishness, or worse, buffering them from lessons they had chosen to learn, which we are preventing them from learning because we keep “rescuing” them.

Taking it to the most basic level, such a perception could be equated to a child, crying to be carried, while the parent knows that if they carry the child forever, the child will not learn to walk and will be deprived of the thrill of mastery of that skill. A parent who is basing all their decsions on “black or white” will only hear the crying child, will only feel pity and the need to sacrifice to carry the child, and will be unable to perceive the long term benefits of allowing the child to cry, to be angry, to fuss and fume, but ultimately, to walk on his own.

In short, it is the perception of love in an entirely different way than what is normally taught to us, programmed into us, etc. And of course, there is no proof that the child will get over the crying and actually take up walking… that is a “future concept.” The proof only comes after the firm determination is taken to allow the child to cry, to resist the pity and refuse to pick him up and carry him when there is no reason to, and by observing the child actually doing the walking. After that happens, one begins to “grow faith” in the concept of a future of unlimited possibilities than the one that is evident at the moment: that of the crying child who cannot walk and who makes us feel terrible for refusing to pick him up and carry him.

This is, of course, the most simplistic of examples. But it can serve for the moment. I’m sure you can all think of better and more complex ones.

The point is: the C’s taught me to think of limitless possibilities that might manifest if I removed my “anticipation” or “subjective judgment” from the picture, and acted based on this “seeing the unseen,” which, in such a case, is that it is NOT love to constantly respond to the crying child and carry him. And of course, that leads to the realization of the lies we tell ourselves about our noble intentions. We don’t want the child to cry, we want to help the child, we don’t want to hurt anyone… and so we find that we have spent our lives acting based on the subjective perception of what is before our eyes: crying child, cannot walk, pick up and carry, never realizing that we are contributing to the SELFishness programming of the child.

It is only after repeated “practice” of “seeing the unseen” and ACTING on it, with “confirmations” that follow (i.e., witnessing the child learning to walk, that he stops crying once he realizes that he CAN walk, and that we have facilitated an accomplishment that brings him joy) that “hope” begins to develop. But I have found that hope ought not to be attached to a specific outcome. It is more of a feeling that the universe is as it should be, and if we act on the unseen principles of limitless possibilities, the universe is then allowed to manifest the most perfect of outcomes, unrestricted by our own limited view of what is possible.

The catch is that love is very often not what we think it is. We might think that it is loving to carry the crying child, but in the end, when we are no longer present to carry him, and no one else is willing to do so, the child hates us for depriving him of the opportunity to learn to walk. If we are attached to the idea that the child will love us for “helping him” and assuaging his pain of the moment, if the “hypothetical object of hope” is distorted, we will experience something quite different.

I hope that the reader can now see how the Hyperborean Wisdom has been deliberately associated with such evil events as the Global Holocaust of WW II. So, what I am going to do from this point on is to “defuse” that automatic knee jerk response about the term “Hyperborean” and replace it with the more scientific term “Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom.” Because, in fact, that is actually more accurate.

According to the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom, in the beginning the Gods came into the Solar System through the “door of Venus” – a hyperdimensional portal – and a group of them, the “Treacherous Gods” associated themselves with the Demiurge’s Plan to later provoke the catastrophe of the captive Spirits known as “The Fall.”

Hyperdimensional Spirits were chained to Matter as a result of a cosmic trap. The effect produced in the evolutionary world of the Demiurge, when all those confounded Spirits were assimilated to the material creation, is what we would today call a collective mutation. To the evil of the Demiurge’s imitative ordering of Matter, it was then added the evil of the mutation of His Work and the enchainment of the Spirits, that is, the modification of the Plan through the hand of the Treacherous Gods.

In order to be able to “control” such evil enterprise the Treacherous Gods decided to found the White Brotherhood, into which all different devic manifestations of the Demiurge must accommodate themselves. We have discussed this on a number of occasions as Cosmic COINTELPRO.

In the Hyperdimensional tradition, we may clearly discern many concepts that bear a lot of resemblance to concepts that the Cassiopaeans, as well as other sources, have mentioned: the idea that a massive process of genetic engineering accompanied the enslavement of the Spirits in the material realm, and the idea that there is an STS – service to self – hierarchy that preside over the Plan of the Demiurge, which has to a great extent created the conditions that we find in today’s world.

Some of the important concepts of the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom are the concepts of the Occupation, the Enclosure and the concept of the Strategic Wall.

As we have discovered in our research, there seems to be Two Races of “human beings.” As I explicated in The Secret History of The World, this is based on alignment with Thought Centers, the “templates of creation” that operate from hyperdimensional realities.

From the point of view of Sheer Being, there is nothing but good. But Infinite Potential to BE includes – by definition of the word “infinite” – the potential to not be. And so, Infinite Potential “splits” immediately into Thought Centers of Creation and Thought Centers of non-being – Service to Others and Service to Self. It can be said that Infinite Potential is fundamentally Binary – on or off – to be or not to be. That is the first “division.”

Since absolute non-being is an impossible paradox in terms of the source of Infinite Potential to BE, the half of the consciousness of Infinite Potential that constitute the IDEA of non-being – for every idea of manifestation, there is a corresponding idea for that item of creation to NOT manifest – “falls asleep” for lack of a better term. Its “self observation” is predicated upon consciousness that can only “mimic” death. Consciousness that mimics death then “falls” and becomes Primal Matter. It’s state of Non-being is only relative. What this means is that the “self observing self” at the level of the Master of the Universe is constituted of this initial division between Being and Non-being which is, again, only the initial division – the on/off, the yes/no – of creation. You could picture this as an open eye observing a closed eye. It has been represented for millennia in the yin-yang symbol, which, even on the black half that represents “sleeping consciousness that is matter,” you can see the small white dot of “being” that represents to us that absolute nonexistence is not possible. There is only “relative nonexistence.”

These “thoughts of being and non-being” interact with one another – the observer and the observed – like a viewer looking into a mirror. Creation manifests between the viewer and the mirror. It is at once real – because it consists of matter informed by consciousness – and unreal because it is ultimately composed of only consciousness acting on consciousness. And it is important to remember that this is a Primal Cosmic condition. Any consciousness unit (being) that seeks to observe the Cosmos in any context other than what IS, has effectively joined his consciousness with the Thought Center of Non-being, That Which is NOT. From the point of view of the Thought Center of Creation, everything is real and potential!

At our level of reality, the teaching that “nothing is real,” as has been promulgated by gurus and teachers down through history, is as useless as saying “gravity isn’t real.” Such considerations are useful only for expansion of perception of the state prior to BEing. As such, to seek this state constitutes alignment with the Thought Center of Non-being, death, darkness, chaos. Even so, such ideas are not useful for practical application since the energies of creation apparently transduce through several “levels” before they meet in the middle, so to say, in our third density reality.

Organic life exists at the “crossroads” of the myriad ideas or thought centers of being and non-being. As such, they have the capacity to transduce energies “up” or “down” depending on the “consciousness energy directors” of that unit. And again, there are two broad divisions: directed toward being/ objectivity, or directed toward non-being/ subjectivity. This division manifests across all levels of organic life, including human beings. Human beings exist to transduce cosmic energies of creation via organic life. Our consciousnesses are the directors of this transducing of cosmic energies, and the direction in which the energy “flows” is determined by the activities of this consciousness. Against the opposition of those forces seeking to “capture” energy of consciousness and induce it to the “sleep of non-being,” which is gravitational in a certain sense, the energies of consciousness seek to “inform” matter via awakening the self-awareness of those organic units on earth that are capable of resistance to the gravity of non-being.

As self-aware “transducing units,” the human being has the potential for going either way – toward intensified being, or toward intensified non-being.

When we choose what we SEE – and here we do NOT mean with the physical eyes or even psychically, but rather a more inclusive term that suggests whether or not we are capable of objectivity or subjectivity – we are receiving impressions. Impressions can become knowledge if assimilated. Knowledge leads to awareness. Knowledge and awareness then direct emotions, which then energize actions in the organic world. This is the transducing of energies of Cosmic Thought Centers.

At the particular stage of existence in which man finds himself, he is equally “receptive” toward the Two primary Faces of God: Being and Non-being. The Shaykh tells us that whatever property, or trait, any human being ultimately “chooses” is what it originally possessed in its state of immutability. And this leads us to the idea of the Two Races.

There are human beings whose intrinsic nature is a manifestation of the Thought Center of Non-being, entropy. As beings of the Material Universe, as examples of the highest evolution of Matter that cycles around and around in the realm of the Thought Center of Non-Being, these human appearing consciousness units have no potential to move out of the cycle of Matter without certain influences acting in their reality that will assist them in developing a “seed of a soul.”

Hyperdimensional Spirits, on the other hand, being consciousness units “belonging” to the Thought Center of Being, are intrinsically linked to a “higher self” that already exists in seed form in “higher dimensions” of the Cosmos. Because of the pre-existing linkage, their potential to activate and develop this hyperdimensional nature is much greater.

In Book III of his Gnosis, Boris Mouravieff discusses what he calls “pre-adamic humanity” and “adamic humanity.”:

In the first volume of Gnosis, we already referred several times to the coexistence of two essentially different races: one of Men, and another of Anthropoids. We must emphasize the fact that from the esoteric point of view the latter term has no derogatory meaning.

.The Scriptures contain more than one reference to the coexistence on our planet of these two humanities – which are now alike in form but unlike in essence. […]

The principal difference between contemporary pre-adamic man and adamic man – a difference which is not perceived by the senses – is that the former does not possess the developed higher centers that exist in the latter which, although they have been cut off from his waking consciousness since the Fall, offer him a real possibility of esoteric evolution. Apart from this, the two races are similar: they have the same lower centers, the same structure of the Personality and the same physical body, although more often than not this is stronger in the pre-adamic man than in the adamic. […]

…contemporary adamic man, having lost contact with his higher centers and therefore with his real ‘I’, appears practically the same as his pre-adamic counterpart. However, unlike the latter, he still has his higher centers, which ensure that he has the possibility of following the way of esoteric evolution. […]

Pre-adamic man was never an Individuality. Created as a Personality on the 6th day (symbolically speaking), he is deprived of every possibility of direct, “individual individuation” – if one may put it thus – for his existence was placed under the law of collective Individuation, which is governed by [the Thought Center of Non-being] with the aid of a whole hierarchy of spirits [hyperdimensional beings AKA aliens] who are subject to its authority. […] The individualization of pre-adamics is collective, and is directed in groups by certain spirits of the hierarchy. […]

When the two humanities were created, they were placed under different authorities. The Fall necessitated special measures and thus the Staircase was provided. From that point on, Adamic man was subjected to the law of birth and death and kept only a dim consciousness of his higher self in spite of the almost complete obstruction of his channel of communication with the higher centers, which still exist in him. This gives him the possibility of a choice. If he hears the Voice of the Master, the higher intellect, and resolutely steps onto the Staircase. […]

We can even say that the whole dramatic history of humanity, from the fall of Adam until today, not excluding the prospect of the new era, is overshadowed by the coexistence of these two human races. The [coming era] has two faces – one of Paradise regained and the other a Deluge of Fire. [Mouravieff, Gnosis III]

The ancient teachings inform us that only human beings of iron will, guided by a higher consciousness, or Noë, will advance into the “New Heaven and New Earth” – a restoration of hyperdimensional awareness in literal terms. In other words, the coming era has Two Faces: One of Paradise Restored, the other a Deluge of Fire. We can choose which Face we behold.

Recall what was noted above: “Hyperdimensional Spirits were chained to Matter as a result of a cosmic trap. The effect produced in the evolutionary world of the Demiurge, when all those confounded Spirits were assimilated to the material creation, is what we would today call a collective mutation.” This means that our genetics, as the interface between the animating spirit of consciousness and matter, seem to be the determinant of which type of human being we are. Rather we should say that “spiritual potential” and genetics are reflections, each on their own plane. As Mouravieff noted, after many tens of thousands of years of intermixing, there is nothing about a person’s outward appearance that can tell us if he has the genetics for the “higher centers” or not. But, as Mouravieff has noted, those with the “soul genes,” which we will call it loosely, have something in their consciousness that other humans do not. As Morpheus in The Matrix put it:

You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. You’re here because you know something. What you know, you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life – that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

The legend of the Liberating Gods – hyperdimensional beings who are intermediary connections between human beings intrinsically aligned with the Thought Centers of Being – tells us that they established a “blood covenant” with some of the peoples in ancient Atlantis. What this legend reflects seems to be simply the fact that consciousness can induce mutations in the genes and a powerful “blood line” was introduced as a means of assisting the Hyperdimensional spirits to return to their origin. These mutated genes can then be passed on to the descendants. Certainly, not enough is known about this matter to discuss it any further than to say that it is “in the blood.”

The legends tell us that the distinctions between the two humanities were known, in former times, as “White Atlanteans,” as opposed to the “Dark Atlanteans.” Apparently, this has been often misunderstood (particularly by those whose intrinsic nature is Entropic) as a difference between skin color. Obviously, this is not the case since we are dealing with matters of higher consciousness. I prefer to use the terms “radiant” and “entropic” for the distinctions. In a sense, Service to Others and Service to Self are also useful terms, but they are not quite expressive of the fundamental nature of being. That which is creative “radiates” and that which is destructive or chaotic is “entropic” or contractile.

The Dark Atlanteans – so called because of their Entropic nature and alignment with Non-being/matter – were said to have made a pact with the Lords of Entropy, hyperdimensional beings AKA “aliens.”

Q: (L) Who were the Elohim of the Bible?
A: Transdefinitive. …Transcends definition and variable entities. First manifestation was human, then non-human.
Q: (L) What brought about their transformation from human to non-human?
A: Pact or covenant with 4th density STS.
Q: (L) Who were these STS beings they made a pact with?
A: Rosteem, now manifests as Rosicrucians.

The above exchange emphasizes the teaching of the Hyperdimensional Tradition that “In order to be able to “control” such evil enterprise the Treacherous Gods decided to found the White Brotherhood, into which all different devic manifestations of the Demiurge must accommodate themselves.”

The “White Atlanteans,” by virtue of their genetic make up, could more easily “remember” their Divine Nature – the Origin of their race before the events that chained their spirits to the Material World had occurred, but this was most definitely what the Demiurge did NOT want to happen. And so, a millennia long process of what we call Cosmic COINTELPRO was instituted.

Q: (L) At one point [you said] that time was an illusion that came into being at the “time” of the “Fall” in Eden, and this was said in such a way that I inferred that there were other illusions put into place at that time…
A: Time is an illusion that works for you because of your altered DNA state.
Q: (L) Okay, what other illusions?
A: Monotheism, the belief in one separate, all powerful entity.
Q: (T) Is separate the key word in regard to Monotheism?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is another one of the illusions?
A: The need for physical aggrandizement. Q: (L) The focus on the physical as the thing one needs to hold onto or protect.
Q: (L) What is another of the illusions?
A: Linear focus and Unidimensionality. [The covering up of the existence of hyperdimensional realities.]

It was understood by the Liberating Gods that the release of mankind from the gravitational grip of Entropy was something that could not be accomplished by any means other than a resolute and effective opposition of will. This gave rise to the concepts of hyperdimensional Cosmic Battles that were then, unfortunately, taken as justification for physical battles by the “Dark Atlanteans.”

The Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom, however, states that the condition of absolute freedom can only be accomplished in the state of the “Origin.” That is to say, in the semi-physical hyperdimensional realities. The issue then became, how to be restored to this state?

Clearly, engaging in physical wars or conflicts has little to do with achieving the state of absolute freedom. What then, does?

In the present world, the “real war” is for the awakening of spirit, and the so called Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom can only oppose any Cult which forces men to kneel before external gods that oppose the Spark of the Divine within. As I have noted, those with the Divine Spark within CANNOT worship something outside themselves without denying their Origin, the “Kingdom of Heaven” that is within, as Jesus so clearly explicated.

Thus, the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom becomes a manual to wage a strategic opposition against the designs of the Lords of Entropy who represent the Thought Centers of Non-being. It must be made absolutely clear that this “Strategic Opposition” does NOT include physical war or violence which is the twist that the Lords of Entropy have put on the matter to lead man into karmic traps.

The “blood covenant” of the genetics that bind “souled humans” to the higher realities includes within its terms the mission of awakening the spirit to the true nature of Hyperdimensional Realities and the resolution to return to the Origin – the Hyperdimensional Edenic State, so to say.

The Liberating Gods – which we may understand as “Ourselves in the Future,” taught the people of the Blood Covenant to always remain in a state of alert and, more specifically, they taught them a strategic way of life that would best prepare them to fulfill their mission, a special way of life that would allow them to live as foreigners on the Earth. As the C’s have said repeatedly: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers and Awareness is born of Knowledge.

There were three basic principles that supported this way of life: the principle of Occupation, the Principle of Enclosure, and the principle of the Strategic Wall. These are concepts of consciousness that may or may not require material representation, depending on specific circumstances.

In the first place, the Radiant individual who is in this world as a consequence of the “Fall” should never forget that they only temporarily occupy a territory in the domain of the Lords of Entropy. This sets them apart from all the peoples allied to Thought Centers of Non-being who embrace the concept of ownership of the land. We can see a clear example of the consequence of the Entropic principles of the Thought Center of Non-being in the “this land is my land, God gave it to me” perspective of the Jews. We can also clearly see the material orientation of Jehovah, a “god” that would propose such a “gift.”

The Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom teaches that if man deems himself “owner of the land,” the Powers of Matter can emerge from the land and engulf him, “integrating him to the context and turning him into an object of the Gods”. Attachment to the land and the misguided belief of “freedom” and “peace” within the limits of property render man defenseless against the Power of Illusion of the Thought Center of Non-being. In such a state, man has even greater difficulty conceiving of the necessity to escape from the material prison because he is constantly struggling to preserve those feelings of “freedom” and “peace”. The same principle applies to nationalities and similar attachments to artificial or subjective constructs.

Being fully aware that the land they inhabited was not their own, but instead a territory occupied within the reality of the Lords of Entropy is explicated in the Parable of the Prodigal Son and in many other sayings of Jesus, including “My kingdom is not of this world.”

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. 3:4 Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and be born? 3:5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 3:6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 3:7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

Those who are familiar with the Parable of the Prodigal Son can understand that the realization alone that one is “in the pigsty of the foreign country” would serve to produce the state of alert, the condition for the “journey home.” This is crucial since, in the story of the Prodigal son, we also see that when the son went to the “resident of the foreign land” to ask for help, he was sent to live and feed with the pigs. This exemplifies that principle that the Radiant being must understand at all times that the Lords of Entropy – the Powers That Be in this reality – will always try to reclaim them as servants. Additionally, belief in the ownership of the land, belief in “being at home” in this world, or being “in charge” of this world, can give a false sense of security to the Radiant being leading them to lower their guard and succumb to the Power of Illusion.

With this in mind, the Radiant being should then create an “Enclosure” around their “being.”

The forces of entropy which govern this reality at present, are much stronger than the powers of resistance of the individual Radiant being. This fact leads us to consider the principle of the enclosure as a psychological policy, in relation to ourselves and to the exterior world, which will allow us to compensate for our lack of strength and available reserves by an appropriate strategy.

Because of millennia of cultural and religious conditioning, everything about us is limited, beginning with our nervous resistance. The rule which can be deduced from this is that we must – as much as possible – work silently so as not to draw increased attention and pressure upon ourselves while working on the process of awakening and assimilating knowledge and interior force that can restore us to the Edenic condition. This is true for the average Radiant being, because if he attracts the attention of what Mouravieff calls the General Law that mechanically rules this reality, he will be lost, as the reaction of the ‘World’ against him will be extreme.

What the Radiant being must do is to consciously master the material that is part of his interior world – his Belief Centers – by gaining sufficient knowledge to be able to exercise perspicacity and SEEing. This enables him to divide that which he perceives and to choose that which is assimilated, or “enters within” his “strategic enclosure.” This allows him to accumulate force and put it in reserve. When the false beliefs, the illusions of this world, no longer have any part within the Radiant Being, then he will be able to step out of the flow of Linear Time.

The principle of the strategic enclosure is, then, that the individual or group must initially work silently to create this enclosure, without drawing the attention of the forces of life of this world to himself. These forces are systematically hostile to anyone who persistently searches for the Truth.

There are two parts to the Strategic Enclosure: The first is to shelter oneself physically from the harmful influence of the ‘World’ as much as possible. Gurdjieff referred to this as the activity of the “sly man.” Unfortunately, this has often been twisted to mean the “monastic life” or “withdrawal from the world” which is an essentially useless approach when the thing that needs most to be learned is the objective truth of the reality in which we live.

The second part of the Strategic Enclosure is that the shelter must be built in his inner world. Mouravieff writes that “The picturesque language of the Tradition says that man must build a cage in himself. This must be provided with all means of connection with and direction of the centres. It must also be solid enough to effectively resist all rebellions of the little ‘I’s’, singly or ‘federated’. This construction takes time. To play its role as an organ of direction, it must be continually enlarged, improved and perfected.”

In other words, the Strategic Enclosure is an allegory that refers to an ontological state where the individual basically declares his independence from the Law of Entropy that seems to govern the Material Universe. Using the concepts explained by Mouravieff, this state could also be described as a manifestation of a resolution to shut oneself up to the influences of illusion and instead open only to those influences that lead one to objectivity.

The Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom claimed that once having “enclosed the land occupied,” the people then could cultivate it and make it produce fruits. This, again, must be understood allegorically – even if the end result may be quite material. This is also reflected in alchemical metaphors as well as in one of the most famous examples given by Jesus: the miracle of the loaves and fishes which is merely an example of the fact that Jesus was a master of the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom which had expressed this principle in many other allegories including that of the Head of Bran and the Cauldron of Regeneration.

The principle of the Strategic Wall is, in its more immediate meaning, the practical application of the principle of Enclosure, however the fact that there are different manifestations of this strategic wall depending on the realm to which it is applied is made clear by the fact that there are many worlds where the Spirit remains captive and in each one of them the principle of the Strategic Wall supposes a different manifestation.

It could be said that, in the physical world the correct application might lead to construction of a Stone Wall, but one must understand that the definition of a “Stone Wall”, as manifested in the physical realm, should not be constricted to the idea of aspatially closed wall. There are obviously many principles that belong to “Lithic Wisdom”, which suggest that that a “stone wall” is related to the emplacement of megaliths in very specific layouts for the purpose of creating a grid that may have served, as one of its purposes, to protect the enclosed space from the influence of the Entropic Principle.

The Strategic Enclosure, then, aims at the innermost part of each man, creating a space in which awakening can take place. This awakening calls to them, and through their blood connections it calls to all others who are of the Radiant lineage, to cease their march along the “evolutionary” or “progressive” path of History and to rebel against the Laws of Entropy that reduce all to primal matter. Awakening induces the Radiant ones to take a leap in the opposite direction and transmute man’s “animal tendencies” [the reactive machine programs of Gurdjieff, the Predator of Don Juan, the confluence with the General Law of Mouravieff] and claim back their divine Hyperdimensional nature.

To achieve this latter Racial purpose, as opposed to the individual one, do have the help of an “external element”.

What, specifically, is this “external element”?

It’s the one thing whose sole description would fill entire volumes and which is often referred to as the Grail.

It has been said, by those who are initiated into the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom, that the Grail is a Stone, a Crystal, a Gem or some other “object.” If we begin to understand that the Strategic Enclosure is not necessarily a physical wall, then we must also understand that if the Grail is a stone or other object, it is certainly not an earthly stone.

Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom suggests that the Grail is something that exists in what we can, today, understand as a more or less hyperdimensional realm. We can even understand that the realm from which it originated, Hyperborea, is not a physical realm just as Jesus pointed out that his “kingdom” was not of this world.

Those whose consciousness fell into this world from the Hyperdimensional Origin have a sort of “Blood Memory” or remembrance of the Origin. Unfortunately, this vague memory hums softly in the blood has led many sleeping men to mistakenly identify it with a disappeared “Nordic” or “polar” continent. There has also been deliberate twisting of the concept, as has been the case with the Racial issue. Again, there are two races: those whose intrinsic nature is affiliated to matter, the principles of the Thought Center of Non-being, and those whose intrinsic nature is affiliated with creative consciousness, the principles of the Thought Center of diversity of Being.

Q: (L) Where did the souls come from that entered into the bodies on the planet earth? Were they in bodies on other planets before they came here?
A: Not this group.
Q: (L) Were they just floating around in the universe somewhere?
A: In union with the One. Have you heard the Super ancient legend of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel?
Q: (L) Who is Lucifer?
A: You. The human race.
Q: (L) Are the souls of individual humans the parts of a larger soul?
A: Yes. Close. The One. All who have fallen must learn “the hard way.”
Q: (L) Are you saying that the act of wanting to experience physical reality is the act of falling?
A: You are members of a fragmented soul unit.
Q: (L) What is it about wanting to be physical is a “fall”?
A: Pleasure for the self. […]
Q: (L) Did, at any time, the human race live for a long time in an Edenic state, where they were able to use bodies and still have a spiritual connection?
A: Yes. But not long. No addiction takes long to close the circle.
Q: (L) So, mankind was addicted to pleasuring the self?
A: Became quickly.
Q: (L) How long from the time of the moving of souls into bodies did the “Fall” in Eden occur?
A: Not measurable. Remember Laura, there is no time when this event occurred. Time passage illusion did not exist at that point as well as many other falsehoods.
Q: (L) So you are saying that the Fall in Eden was also the beginning of time?
A: Yes.

According to Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom the Grail is “a Gem from the Crown of Christos Lucifer, He who is more Pure than the Purest amongst the Loyal Gods, the only one capable of speaking face to face with the Unknowable. Christos Lucifer is him who being in Hell is beyond Hell. Entitled to stay in Hyperborea, under the light of the Unknowable, Christos Lucifer has chosen instead to come to the aid of the captive Spirits enacting the incomprehensible sacrifice of His own self-captivity. He has installed Himself as the Sun of the Spirit, “illuminating” charismatically from “beyond” and into the very blood of the sleeping men.

Q: (L) Who was Jesus of Nazareth?
A: Advanced spirit. …
Q: (L) Was Jesus an individual who had psychic or unusual powers from birth?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Did he have an awareness from the earliest times of his life that he was in some way special or chosen?
A: Yes. …
Q: (L) Was Jesus special, Christed as it is called, in any way?
A: Quick exalted – Yontar – ancient wars – civil entrancement – Zindar council.
Q: (L) What is the Zindar Council?
A: Zendar Council is a sixth level density council which spans both physical and ethereal realms and which oversees dramatic development points at various civilizational sectors in lower density levels.
Q: (L) Now, you say that the father of Jesus was an Aryan. Where did he come from?
A: Palestine.
Q: (L) Were any of the descendants of Jesus famous individuals that we would know.
A: Yes. Yassar Arafat. Churchill.
Q: (L) Was Jesus crucified?
A: No.
Q: (L) Was somebody crucified on a cross and represented to be Jesus?
A: No.
Q: (L) There was no crucifixion, there was no resurrection after three days, is that correct?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Okay, what is the truth on that matter? […]
A: He spent 96 hours in a comatose state in a cave near Jerusalem. When he awoke, he prophesied to his disciples and then exited the cave. 27,000 people had assembled because of mother ship appearance and he was taken up in a beam of light.

This “comatose state” is known in the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom as the “Unibound.” It is a transcendent discipline that leads to being united to the Celestial Goddess and can lead to up to 96 hours of clear channel meditation. Thus, the Unibound is as much an individual as it is a concept.

Q: (L) Is there any special power or advantage in praying in the name of Jesus?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) …how is this power conferred?
A: Prayers go to him [and he] determines their necessity against background of individual soul development. ..
Q: (L) Well, how can he do that when millions of people are praying to him simultaneously?
A: Soul division. …
Q: (L) Do you mean soul division as in cellular mitosis where a cell splits and replicates itself?
A: No.
Q: (L) Does Jesus’ soul divide?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) How many times does it divide?
A: Endlessly as a projection of consciousness.
Q: (L) And what happens to this piece of soul that is divided or projected?
A: Is not a piece of a soul.
Q: (L) What is it?
A: It is a replication.
Q: (L) Is each replication exactly identical to the original?
A: Yes and no.
Q: (L) In what way is the replicated soul different from the original?
A: Not able to give individual attention.
Q: (L) Are any of us able to replicate in this manner if we so desire?
A: Could if in same circumstance. The way the process works is thus: When Jesus left the earth plane, he went into another dimension or density of reality, whereupon all “rules” regarding the awareness of time and space are entirely different from the way they are perceived in your realm. At this point in space time his soul which was/is still in the physical realm, was placed in a state of something akin to suspended animation and a sort of advanced form of unconsciousness. From that point to the present his soul has been replicated from a state of this unconsciousness in order that all who call upon him or need to be with him or need to speak to him can do so on an individual basis. His soul can be replicated ad infinitum–as many times as needed. The replication process produces a state of hyper-consciousness in each and every version of the soul consciousness.
Q: (L) [So] Jesus [is], in fact, in a state of suspension, voluntarily, in another plane of existence, having chosen to give up his life on this plane in order to continuously generate replications of his soul pattern for other people to call upon for assistance?
A: Yes. …
Q: (L) Has any other soul volunteered to perform this work?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) How many souls are doing this work at the present time?
A: 12.
Q: (L) Can you name any of the others?
A: Buddha. Moses. Shintanhilmoon. Nagaillikiga. Varying degrees; Jesus is the strongest currently.

We see in the above transcript excerpts how Christos Lucifer – the “head of the body” – delivers the Grail to men as a token of His compromise, His sacrifice, and also as irrefutable material proof of the Spirit’s Divine Origin. In this sense, the Grail is a reflection of the Divine Origin, which can act as a lighthouse to guide those Spirits that decide to abandon the slavery of Jehovah Satan.

The Grail, being described as “a Gem from the Crown of Christos Lucifer” has an esoteric meaning explicated several places in the New Testament:

I Peter 2:6 Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. 2:7 Unto you therefore which believe he is precious: but unto them which be disobedient, the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, 2:8 And a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed. 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people…

Ephesians 1:22 And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church, 1:23 Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all. 2:1 And you hath he quickened, who were dead in trespasses and sins; 2:2 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 2:3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.

We are also struck by the juxtaposition of the story of the beheading of John the Baptist against the story of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes. This gives a whole new meaning to the exchange that followed the loaves and fishes event:

6:22 The day following, when […] the people therefore saw that Jesus was not there,…they … came to Capernaum, seeking for Jesus. 6:25 And when they had found him on the other side of the sea, they said unto him, Rabbi, when camest thou hither? 6:26 Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.

6:27 Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed. … 6:33 For the bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world. 6:34 Then said they unto him, Lord, evermore give us this bread. 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. […]

6:48 I am that bread of life. 6:49 Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. 6:50 This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. 6:51 I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.

6:52 The Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?

6:53 Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you.

6:54 Whoso eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day. 6:55 For my flesh is meat indeed, and my blood is drink indeed. 6:56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

6:57 As the living Father hath sent me, and I live by the Father: so he that eateth me, even he shall live by me.

6:58 This is that bread which came down from heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna, and are dead: he that eateth of this bread shall live for ever.

We now see how the church has twisted these concepts, leaving out the important principle of the Strategic Enclosure and the necessity for gaining knowledge in order to be perspicacious in assimilating only truth – the Bread of Life. We begin also to understand what the Grail truly represents for the captive Spirits.

Above all the Grail is linked with the incarnation of the Spirits of the Hyperdimensional realities – a shared bloodline – and its meaning can only be understood in relation to that Mystery. This is made clear when we bear in mind that hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the Treacherous Demiurge Jehovah Satan entrapped the Hyperdimensional Spirits in the flesh, Christos Lucifer gave His Gem – the head of the body of the Divine soul unit was cut off and set apart – so that the Truth of the Divine Origin could be seen with mortal eyes by “receiving” its spiritual flesh and blood from the Origin.

In this way, the Grail is “in the world but not of it” and gives meaning and direction to all the Hyperdimensional bloodlines on earth. Because of “the Head of Bran,” the hyperconsciousness of Jesus in his hyperdimensional sacrifice – the blood of men, though sunk in the most dreadful state of confusion, can always claim back its Divine ancestry of creative consciousness.

In principle, the presence of the Grail keeps the Enemy from being able to negate the Hyperdimensional ancestry entirely. But as much as the Grail gives a cosmic meaning to the History of man, connecting him to the eternal Race of the Origin of Creative Consciousness and giving the Hyperdimensional bloodlines on earth a divine-like quality, in the eyes of the Lords of Entropy, those bloodlines become also, by the very presence of the Grail, an “object of scandal”, liable to justify persecution and scorn, chastisement and pain.

Because of the Grail, then, the Divine Hyperdimensional bloodlines are perceived by the Powers That Be as heretic bloodlines forever condemned by Jehovah Satan.

From the perspective of Jehovah Satan, the Grail has come to awaken undesirable memories, or to exalt man’s past. And so it is that the memories and the past will be targeted by the Synarchic Strategy that will seek to erase and to obfuscate, twist and distort, the truth. Because by knowing the past, knowing the truth, the Strategic Enclosure is strengthened, the Spirit is “fed” and grows and the Radiant souls begin to SEE. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The Hyperdimensional spirits – no matter what their color or nationality across the planet and throughout time – have repeatedly been accused of the supreme crime of negating the supremacy of “God”, that is, Jehovah Satan the Demiurge’s figure, the Lord of Entropy.

Man is currently a miserable creature, immersed in a Hell of Illusion that he foolishly feels content to be in, under a spell that he has no possibility of breaking by himself. The symbol of the Grail is the call to awaken, to rebel against the slavery of Entropy.

Indeed, the Lords of Entropy declare that anything which is capable of assisting man in opening his eyes and awakening to his lost divinity is the most abominable thing in the whole of creation.

But that “thing”, that “abominable object” is not of this world, and man’s captive Spirit has “eaten” of it. It is the rejected cornerstone:

Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious… the stone which the builders disallowed, the same is made the head of the corner, and a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offence, even to them which stumble at the word, being disobedient: whereunto also they were appointed. But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people…

This “green fruit” later to be called “Grail” is the food that nourishes with the primordial gnosis, that is, with the knowledge about the Truth of the origin. Through the Grail, the forbidden fruit par excellence, man can know that he is eternal, that he is a Divine Spirit chained to matter, coming to the earthly Hades from a world impossible to imagine for which he feels nostalgia and a soul deep longing to return.

By the Grail we can remember!

But once a person begins to see, to remember, this becomes their foremost crime. Remembering the Divine Origin has been made a terrible sin and those who have committed it certainly have to pay for it: such is the will of the Demiurge, Jehovah-Satan’s Law.

The Ministers of Entropy, whom the Tradition calls the Demons of Chang Shamballah, are said to be commissioned with the task of exacting retribution in the currency of pain and suffering against all those who seek to awaken.

The means of exacting this payment are many and varied, but it is always masked with the cynical declaration that pain and suffering are for the Spirits’ “own good”, to “facilitate evolution”.

Furthermore, it was seen that this evil potential of awakening “resided in the blood,” then this could be weakened through interracial mixture. Again we point out that this term “racial” has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin or one’s ethnic background. II Corinthians presents a dim reflection of the original idea:

6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Unfortunately, by the time the above was committed to writing, the corruption had already been long in place as we will see further on. This is also the origin of the ideas of the “separateness” and “specialness” of the Jews, though it was adopted by them from a much older source rather late in the game, serving only, in the end, to increase entropy within their ranks.

The result of all these twists and inversions of truth, calling white black and black white, has been the strategic confusion of the Spirit and a thick pall of darkness spread over man’s past by the Lords of Entropy.

“There is nothing worth rescuing in man’s past”, would seem to declare sensible people over millennia, along with a chorus of Demons from the Brotherhood of the Lords of Entropy.

Theology and Mythology have relentlessly expounded on the nature of man’s evil in the same terms borrowed from the language of the Demiurge: the “sin”, the “fall”, the “punishment”.

“Science”, on the other hand, has been led to declare that man descends only from a protosimian called “hominid”, the ancestor of the present asleep man. “Science” has taken man’s past to a most dramatic state of degradation by denying the possibility of Ancient Wisdom and Divine ancestors, relegating all of humanity to being the children ofonly apes and trilobites. The role of consciousness in creation and BEing has been reduced to a by-product of mindless evolution. Our brain cells have evolved to communicate with each other and we think we are conscious and thinking…

Why look into the past? asks the Voice of Science and Technology, when man is definitely “destined for the future”?

Let us look at the future; that is where all the boons and accomplishments reside; the theologian assures us that after a future judgment, the gates of paradise will be thrown wide open for all good people to enter; Rosicrucians, masons and other theosophists or New Age types place in the future that moment when, once partially concluded his “spiritual evolution”, man will identify with his monad, that is, his “Divine Archetype”, and will come to swell the ranks of the Cosmic Hierarchies dependent on the Demiurge; even the materialists, whether atheists or scientists, embrace this highly buoyant image of the future: they show us a hunger-less, disease-free, perfect society where man, a dehumanized technocrat reigns happy over legions of androids and robots.

The fact is: everything has been done to erase man’s past and disconnect the Radiant souls from their Hyperdimensional roots.

It has not been possible, of course, to erase the past completely. So, to compensate for this, religions were invented – a metaphysical fracture between man and his Divine ancestors has been effectively created – so that, at the present moment, he is separated from the knowledge of his origins by blind faith that engenders only a state of absolute confusion.

And yet we find by peering intently and perspicaciously into the past, that the Grail is not only a forbidden fruit, eaten by man in the remote past prior to his becoming a slave, it is also a reality that will be present in the world for as long as the last Hyperdimensional Spirit remains captive.

Through the action of the Grail – the quest to truly know ourselves – it is always possible for man to awaken and remember. However, in order to be able to receive its gnosis, it is indispensable for man to understand that the Grail, as a reflection from the Origin, casts its light directly into the blood and from the past. Its light comes in a direction that is opposite to the flow of time and that’s why no one who has succumbed to the Synarchic Strategy of the Lords of Entropy can receive its influence.

Through a powerful cultural strategy man has been “projected into the future”, with no efforts spared to erase his past and muddle his memories while the truth is that the Grail cannot be sought by looking into the future for it will never be found that way.

Strictly speaking, the Grail should not be sought at all, if by “seeking” we understand an action that implies “movement”.

“Searching” for the Grail is only done by those who have failed to understand its metaphysical meaning, who believe in their ignorance that it is an “object” that can be “found”.

I will call your attention here to one of the medieval stories about the Grail which, though deformed by its Judeo-Christian adaptation, still conserves many of the elements from the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom. In it Parsifal, the pure fool, sets out to “seek” the Grail. His lack of knowledge prompts him to undertake the search as a wandering knight “traveling” to different countries. This “moving” is essentially projected into the future, since there is an immanent and inevitable temporality in all movement, and so, naturally, Parsifal never succeeds in finding the Grail in this world.

Many years of fruitless search ensue until he comes to realize the truth of this fact. Then one day, completely naked, he arrives at a spellbound castle, and once inside, the Grail appears before him (he does not find it) and his eyes are finally opened: he then sees that the throne is vacant and therefore decides to lay claim on it, finally becoming the King.

The salient points in this allegory: Parsifal understands that the Grail shouldn’t be searched for in the world or through time, (the flowing conscience of the Demiurge which equals Entropy), and decides to utilize one of the Hyperdimensional Strategic Ways. For that he places himself “naked” (without any of the preeminent cultural illusions) in a castle (a “stronghold” fortified through the Principle of Strategic Enclosure), desynchronizing himself from the “worldly time” and creating his “own, inverted time”, projected into the past.

The Grail then appears before him and “opens his eyes” (activates de Memory of the Blood). Parsifal realizes that “the throne is empty” (that the Spirit can be recuperated) and decides to lay claim on it (undergo the tests of purity in the Secret Ways of Liberation) and become a King (transmute into a Man of Stone).

Various aspects of this interpretation of the Grail legend are extremely important:

1- The emphasis on the fact that the Grail is not an object that belongs to the material universe, which implies that the most significant corruption to all the Grail material through the influence of Christianity is precisely that identification of the Grail with any material object and, more specifically, with the chalice of the Last Supper. This will have to be regarded as a tactic to completely derail the seeker.

2- The definition of “linear time” as the flowing conscience of the Demiurge, that we could say helps us expand on the definition of the Control Matrix by implying that we, as inhabitants of the present reality, are forced to see how our lives flow within the limits of the conscience of a Demiurge, and can only hope to be released from the Matrix when we break free from the constrictions of this conscience and access a “parallel”, higher conscience.

3- The need to enter a stronghold fortified by the Hyperdimensional principle of the Strategic Enclosure, that is, a place snatched away from the domain of the Powers of Matter, in a state of complete ontological nakedness (divested of the cultural and mental premises that seal our present state of subordination to the Control Matrix) and with complete “desynchronization” of the individual conscience from linear or worldly time.

From the point of view of the Lords of Entropy, the Grail induces Radiant man to commit the crime of awakening; he has sinned, and the ensuing punishment is exacted in the currency of pain and suffering.

The Thought Centers of Non-Being have entrapped consciousness in matter with the purpose of “copying” the weak reflection received from the Uncreated Spheres of BEing – all potential. But neither the substance was the adequate, nor the Architect was up to the task and, on top of that, one has to bear in mind the underlying perverse intent to reign as king of the created work, in the same way as the Unknowable does.

In keeping with the trademark characteristic of imitation that is explicated in the terms: as above, so below, the Lords of Entropy have intended to imitate, and even surpass, the Hyperdimensional bloodlines by establishing a Holy People to represent them, one that will channel the Will of the Lords of Entropy directly, and by means of which the chief representative of the Entropic principle – Jehovah Satan – can reign supreme above all incarnated Spirits; a “Holy People” that will rise in the midst of all other peoples condemned to the pain and suffering of material life and which, once having triumphed over them, will inflict the ultimate humiliation of bringing them under the yoke of the Demonic Synarchy.

The Tradition tells us that the Demiurge has tried to accomplish this goal on many different occasions. It is said that the “gypsies” are the ethnic remnants of a “Holy People” that prospered in Atlantis, when the Treacherous Gods brought the Hyperdimensional bloodlines under the whip of the Synarchy of Horror. The incarnated Radiant Spirits there saw themselves plunged to the most abject state: the Divine blood was polluted and confused through forced indiscriminate racial interbreeding and, even worse, fertile couplings between men and animals. It is said that countless victims were immolated to quench Jehovah-Satan’s blood thirst, and that he was worshipped in that time under his aspect of “God of the Infernal Armies”.

Cruelty, collective orgy, various forms of drug addiction, and more, were all “customs” that the Hyperdimensional bloodlines had adopted while in the eyes of the “Holy People” could be seen the Demiurge’s gleam of joy as the Synarchy of Horror exerted its tyranny.

In such state of debasement no one was any longer capable of receiving the light of the Grail. It is said that Christos Lucifer decided to manifest himself before the eyes of men accompanied by a guard of Liberating beings and this brought the empire of Atlantis to its end. One suspects that this “appearance of Christ” was the flood itself – the cataclysm that overtook Atlantis in a “single day and night,” but certainly, there was a war: the exemplar of the Trojan war.

The Tradition teaches that, more recently the Demiurge has resolved to repeat once again, in imitation of the Hyperdimensional bloodlines, the creation of a “Holy People” as His representative and to which will be reserved the high Destiny of reigning over all the peoples of the Earth. With the falsified stories of the Bible depicting a blood covenant sealed between Jehovah- Satan and Abraham the founding of the new “Holy People” was established as “truth.” The process of erasing our history and concealing the truth has been in process for the past thousand years or more.

This artificial creation of the “Holy People” as the Jews was undertaken quite recently, probably in the tenth century, by the Khazars and has nothing to do with real Hebrews at all. Nevertheless, in the same way as the Hyperdimensional Spirits, given this divine quality through the presence of the Grail, represent the “heretic bloodline” par excellence (according to the Lords of Entropy), the Hebrews, on the other hand, have been presented as the “purest bloodline on Earth”.

But this people of Israel, so chosen by Jehovah-Satan to be His representatives on Earth, what proof will they exhibit as an irrefutable token to prove that that it is the Will of God?

The Demiurge, once again in keeping with his habitual trait to imitate, reasons thus: “If by the Gem of Christos Lucifer, the Grail, the Hyperdimensional bloodline has become divine, then also by a “Stone from Heaven” will the Jews be consecrated. I will place in the world a Stone on which My Law will be engraved as irrefutable proof that Israel is the Chosen People, before which all other nations shall humble themselves.”

The “Tables of the Law” – the “covenant” – then, are the “Stone” which the Demiurge has placed in the World as metaphysical support of the “Holy People” in imitation of the Hyperdimensional bloodline/Grail relationship. However, as with all imitations by the Demiurge, one should be careful not to see too close an equivalence here.

From the past, the Grail reflects the Divine Origin for each man and constitutes an attempt by Christos Lucifer to come to the aid of all captive Spirits, or, otherwise put, the influence of the Grail aims at the individual and the spiritual, whereas the Tables of the Law aim at the collective, emphasizing the relation between Jehovah-Satan and the Jews. The kabbalistic contents of the Tables reveal the clues that enable the Jews to achieve dominium over all material Sciences which they have certainly done.

As mentioned, the Tradition teaches that the Grail ought not to be sought. The only way to advance towards a deeper understanding of the Mystery consists in expounding on the analogies that link the Grail’s “Origin orienting function” as the external function, with the “secret ways to spiritual liberation” contained in the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom, as the internal function. In this sense, it behooves us to establish a very significant analogy between the “Grail Stone” of the principle of the Strategic Enclosure and the “lapis oppositionis” employed by the way of “Strategic Opposition”.

The Way of Strategic Opposition consists in the use of the archemonic technique, that is, in the availing of an Archemona, or Strategic Enclosure, and a lapis oppositionis outside the enclosure, located in the fenestra infernalis [the window to Hell] that faces the world “out there.”

Applying the Law of Enclosure, it is possible to isolate the interior (and possibly even exterior) stronghold and to liberate an area within the World of the Demiurge. But that is not enough: it is necessary for the Initiates to desynchronize themselves from Worldly Time and generate their own inverted time that may allow them to head towards the Origin. To that end one must practice the Strategic Opposition.

The “fenestra infernalis” is equivalent to a sort of opening in the Strategic Wall that communicates with the Kingdom of the Demiurge. We may assume that the purpose of this “door” or portal is to maintain contact with the captive Spirits whose liberation is intended by the Gods. The Grail is placed outside the Strategic Wall, that is, within the Kingdom of the Demiurge, so that its influence may be able to reach those captive spirits that have any chance of escaping.

It is time now to approach the Biggest Secret, that which explains the method employed by the Liberator Gods to maintain permanently, even eternally if so they wish which involves the Grail as an object in the world. In order to understand this, the question to be asked is: where is the Abode of the Loyal Gods?

Faced with this question we may use two different criteria: one, to resort to elements of the Norse mythology and state, for example, that “Valhalla sits on top of the Yggdrasill ash tree” and that it is that place “where warriors fallen in combat go to reside”, “ruled by Wothan”, etc.

Through a second criterion, the use of symbols from the Creative Hyperdimensional Wisdom, we may state that Valhalla is the stronghold liberated by the Gods somewhere in the Universe of the One – in short, hyperdimensional space.

The Gods have liberated the Valhalla stronghold applying the Law of Enclosure through their Powerful Wills. The conquest of Time places them beyond the Loops and “laws” of the world of the Demiurge. But what could have been the stone, the lapis oppositionis that the Gods used in their Hyperdimensional strategy?

The Tradition teaches that, ever since the conflict of the Origin took place, the Gods practiced the Strategic Opposition against a precious extraterrestrial Gem delivered for that purpose by the Gallant Lord Christos Lucifer. The name of that stone is the Grail: und dieser Stein ist Gral gennant (Wolfram Von Eschenbach).

The analogous relationship between archemona and Valhalla becomes more evident still when we consider that the latter has a “porta infernalis“, equivalent to the “fenestra infernalis” of the former. This porta infernalis is an opening in the wall permanently watched by sentinels. In front of the porta infernalis, but outside the Valhalla, or in other words “in the world”, the Grail is located “above a Rune”.

The Grail, as a lapis oppositionis was placed above a Rune in the Origin and it’s still there: above a Rune in the Origin. The Tradition states clearly that this is no play with words but in effect a property of the Grail that must be examined with care: the Grail, as reflection of the Origin, is not liable to change in time as the material things created by the Demiurge do. In other words, the Grail cannot be in the present.

In short, the Grail is still in the remote past, in that time and place in which it was originally placed, and that’s why it should not be “searched for” through the use of “movement” (or time) with the intention to get to it since that attitude is directed at the future (the opposite direction).

But if the Grail is located in the past, if time doesn’t drag it to the present with its unstoppable flow as it does to all material objects and has always remained there (in the past), how is it that we have come to know of it? More importantly, how can it act in the present, as the Odal Strategy requires, doing away with time?

By virtue of what element does the Grail connects itself “from the past”, with the present, to reach, for example, a Hyperdimensional leader?

From ancient times the answer to this conundrum has implied a dangerous Secret.

The riddle is solved by reasoning in the following manner: if the Grail has always remained in the past, a property of the Gem of Christos Lucifer alone in the whole Universe, the same has not happened to the Rune that holds it and still does. Behold here the Great Secret: while the Grail, a reflection of the Origin, remains as such still located in the Origin, the Rune upon which it sits has undergone millennia to reach to the present.

Returning to the idea of the “fenestra infernalis” – the opening in the Strategic Wall that communicates with the Kingdom of the Demiurge – the purpose of which is to maintain contact with the captive Spirits whose liberation is intended by the Gods, let us just say that our work on this website is just such an act of utilizing the principle of the Strategic Enclosure with the placing of “The Grail” just outside within the Kingdom of the Demiurge, so that its influence may be able to reach those captive spirits that have any chance of escaping.

The C’s described it thus: “Give the Lie what it asks for: the Truth.

And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

The “Grail” in this sense is the “food” that nourishes with the primordial gnosis. With the knowledge about the Truth of the origin, the Grail placed outside the Strategic Enclosure, the forbidden fruit par excellence, man can know that he is eternal, that he is a Divine Spirit chained to matter, coming to the earthly Hades from a world impossible to imagine for which he feels nostalgia and a soul-deep longing to return.

By the Grail we can remember!