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George W. Bush: A Cancer on the Body Politic

Well, interesting week, no doubt. As many of you know, there was a flurry of speculation because and ATS’ slander companion site more or less disappeared at the same time. Supposedly, was just being moved to a new server and Bill Ryan has been reported as making this profound remark: “I’ve learned from interesting personal experience to totally disregard much of what one reads on the internet”

You can say that again, though not quite the way Ryan intended it, I’m sure.

In any event, the synchronized timing of the “re-ordering” of things is just more evidence that is highly suggestive of the whole drama being one big CoIntelPro manipulation. As Joe Quinn points out: “Makes ya wonder how many other similar hoaxes in the past such types are responsible for.”

Frankly, I’m bored with and The whole thing has been tracked sufficiently for the pattern to be recognized. If you want to read the details, visit our forum. Bottom line is, the internet is one big playground for agents of disinformation, CoIntelPro, and just plain looneytunes. Very often they mix and match in interesting and entertaining ways. But never doubt the effectiveness of their activity in terms of “noisemaking” that obscures the signal of truth.

Last night a reader sent me a link to another “damage control” I went over to have a look and sure enough, a prime example of how the Pentagon is spending your tax dollars on Propaganda and damage control. I did a whois search on the domain and discovered that it’s one of those “registered by proxy” so you can’t really find out who owns it or who is running it. I poked around a bit and found on THIS PAGE a reference to a “Mike Williams” who seems to have set himself up as the Grand Panjandrum of 911 research, the Pentagon funded superhero masquerading as a regular guy coming to the rescue of George Bush and the Neocons.

Well, I did a google search on Mike Williams and 9/11 and the results are inconclusive. I did archive some pages and made screen shots just in case anything disappears, but the fact is, it’s such a common name that it appears all over the place in a lot of contexts. What it does NOT do is appear strongly in any 911 research context. It is, in fact, a manifestation of a disease. And that’s what I really want to talk about today.

Let me begin by saying that what humanity is involved with at any point in time, is the process of “making history.” Tracking the processes of the history of 911 certainly gave me an uneasy feeling that there was some sort of “pattern” to it. How we view our world and our place in it is entirely dependent on what we know about what went before. What became overwhelmingly apparent as I continued in my research was that the true history of man has been so distorted by “official culture” as to make it almost impossible for the average person to really understand why the world is as it is, and what possible role humanity may play in the grander scheme of things.

In this respect, some observations about history in general might be useful here.

Historians of ancient times face two constant problems that seem to also apply to current events: the scarcity of evidence, and how to fit the evidence that is known into the larger context of other evidence, not to mention the context of the time to which it belongs. Very often historians have to use what could be described as a more or less “legal method” for deciding which bit of evidence has more or less weight than another. For example, most of what we know about ancient times comes to us in polemics written by adversaries of a particular group or idea. These polemics survived because they were “favored” by the elite rulers or conquerors, and the “inside knowledge” of the adversaries in question is lost because the groups may have been destroyed along with their material. In this respect, it is much easier to “refute than confirm”. A difference of emphasis can be as telling as a new discovery of fact.

Fortunately, ancient history is not “static” in the sense that we can say we know all there is to know now simply because the subject is about the “past”. For example, the understanding of ancient history of our own fathers and grandfathers was, of necessity, more limited than our own due to the fact that much material has been discovered and come to light in the past two or three generations through archaeology and other historical sciences.

But more important to this process – and especially important in relation to 9/11 – is the consideration of manipulation of facts. If you are judging history by a kind of legal method, it becomes crucial to know who is or is not likely to be telling the truth. Often, the only way to determine that is to evaluate what Georges Dumezil referred to as the “line of force”. When we have taken a particular text apart and have ascertained, as much as possible from what is exposed to us, the approximate legitimacy of each element, there still remains another question that actually constitutes the essence of the matter: What are the main trends of the whole? What are the lines of force running through the ideological field in which the details are placed? This is often where subjective belief enters the picture, acting as the lens through which we view our past and present, and the scale by which we judge the merits of testimony.

Regarding beliefs, and most particularly the the beliefs about 9/11 that currently dominate our world, we simply cannot overstress the importance of the question of whether or not certain claims are or are not “true”, and if they are not, then why have they spread and persisted? And if they are not true, we need to evaluate a proper response to them.

“It must be remembered that the first job of any conspiracy, whether it be in politics, crime or within a business office, is to convince everyone else that no conspiracy exists. The conspirators’ success will be determined largely by their ability to do this.” [Gary Allen, None Dare Call It Conspiracy]

The truth about 9/11 is obviously of central importance to our reality today. We’re incessantly reminded by prominent politicians and voices in the mass media that “September 11th changed everything”. 9/11 has been used to justify an unprecedented surge in militaristic and repressive policies within the USA and elsewhere. These types of actions are not unknown to us from history. Similar cycles have occurred before, many times in fact. The most recent event of this type that had global repercussions was the militaristic and repressive activity of Nazi Germany. Those individuals that compare the US Neocons to the Nazis and Bush to Hitler are simply noticing the historical similitude.

There are a number of theories about historical cycles and the ambition of most students of cycles is to be able to predict the future. If you want to read a good overview of such theories, have a look at Generational Cycles in Mass Psychology: Implications for the George W. Bush Administration by Ted Goertzel, Rutgers University. You will probably conclude, at the end, that this study is pretty much like the blind men and the elephant: there is some crucial element that all of these analysts are missing. The problem is, I think, a failure to understand that groups, societies, and nations ought to be looked at as more or less “living systems” with all the problems that a living being is heir to, including birth, growth, maturity, old age, death and, most importantly: sickness.

What this means is that the failure of most analysts in this field is that they do not factor in the complexity of human psychology considering that the human being is the primary unit of any sociological system just as a cell is the primary unit in a body. Most social, religious and governmental systems are predicated on a very simplified view of human beings that does not take into account the complexity and variety of human types and how they interact together very much like organs in a body. This applies to any ideology which attempts to over-simplify psychological reality, whether it be one utilized by a totalitarian system or by democracy as well. People are different and whatever is qualitatively different and remains in a state of permanent evolution cannot be equal.

This idea leads to the primary reason for the failure of such systems of analysis: when considering a human population, what is left out of the equation is the fact that, in every society on earth, there is a certain percentage of individuals, that are extremely deviant from the masses of normal people, and this small group is generally very active in ways that can affect hundreds, thousands, even millions of other human beings in negative ways. The analogy of a disease pathogen in a body serves very well to convey the proper perspective.

Deviant personalities, being in a minority and knowing that they are a minority, feel driven to take power over their environment in order to alleviate the stress of this feeling of being abnormal. This drive enables them to easily “rise to the top,” and then to interpenetrate the entire social structure with a ramified network of mutual and multiple pathological conspiracies in a way similar to how a disease takes over a body.

It is said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What this view does not convey is that power attracts deviants and the corruption of everything else is then a result of pathological persons – who are innately attracted to gaining power over others – spreading their corruption and making it easy for other corrupt persons to join them “at the top.” This is the primary motivator for all the so-called “cycles of history.”

Just as a disease organism seeks its own survival and to propagate, pathologically deviant persons want power over others and they are not inhibited by considerations of conscience or feeling for others. An analogy of this is that the disease pathogen is totally uncaring of the damage it may do to the organ systems it invades. It only wants to survive and propagate. The bacteria or virus has evolved many unique characteristics that enable it to take over a body when that body is weak. Thus, when societies are weakened for any of a number of reasons, deviant personalities are able to utilize their specifically evolved methods and means to achieve that power that normal people with normal morals simply cannot comprehend because it is not part of their reality and all human beings tend to assume that everyone else is like themselves.

And so, networks of pathological deviants rise to power again and again, imposing their distortions on the masses of normal people like a disease until the masses wake up and get rid of the deviants, (bring in the therapies), normalize human relations, and begin to take care of the body of society, thus restoring health.

The problem of deviants coming to power again and again is due to the same factor mentioned above: that human beings tend to believe that others that look like them, talk like them, walk like them, are, in fact, like them even inside. They are not. There are vast differences between human beings. All people are not created equal in ability, though they certainly ought to be equal in terms of opportunity and legal rights.

Yeah, I do mean ALL ought to be equal under the law; that includes George W. Bush. No amount of whining and carrying on that we are in a “state of war” and he needs to have extraordinary powers in order to “protect us” abnegates that primary foundation of democracy: equality under the law. The President does not have ANY rights that are not ceded to him by the people and since about 80 some percent of the citizens of the U.S. do NOT approve of what Bush is doing, that means that anything he is doing is without the will of the people and is therefore illegal – it is against the health of the body politic.

If people would begin to look at various social structures as organic systems and analyze them in the context of a “body,” then there would be greater success in establishing proper social hygiene so as to maintain optimum health. It ought not to be considered a Utopian dream for societies to gain and prolong a state of good health since many people do it in their individual lives.

Just as a few disease pathogens of exceptional virulence can take down a human system and incapacitate it, or even kill it, so can a few deviant personalities and their networks of propagated pathogenic cohorts, participate in the genesis of a kind of evil which envelops an entire nation. The psychological substructure of the deviants, like the evolutionary propagating mechanisms of a pathogen, drives them with dreams of obtaining power and imposing their will upon society. What is worse is that such deviants, like germs, do not realize that they, too, will be buried in the earth or tossed into the fire with the very body they have destroyed. That’s another historical fact, repeated many times and there for anyone to see.

It is this problem we are facing today. The United States has been infected for a very long time by a particular species of pathogen that, due to its long-term presence and gradual weakening of the organ systems, has finally generated a cancer that has gone metastatic: George W. Bush and the Neocons.

Just as when a body is weakened in all its defenses by the actions of a disease, so is the society of the US similarly affected. The analogy is exact in almost every respect even to the extreme lethargy and inability to resist the incursions of the disease. At the same time, just as any normal human body has defense mechanisms, cells that fight and resist the disease. The normal system of antibodies in society is mostly composed of the Free Press, since Truth seems to be the proper medicament. Where is the Free Press in the U.S.?

Despite the evident significance of 9/11, there has been an astonishing lack of informed discussion in the mainstream media about what really took place on that fateful day. …

Indeed, the western mass media’s reluctance to question the official version of 9/11 critically – and the key role played by elements of the media in actively propagating this unlikely story – calls for explanation in its own right. Any objective investigation of 9/11 must account for the extraordinary phenomenon of gross media bias and apparent blindness. [Physics 9-11 org]

Does the United States have a disease from which it cannot recover? Is the disease too severe, too virulent, has it gone on too long undetected, for the antibodies of the alternative press to do their work? Is it a cancer where the cure – killing chemo or radical surgery – is almost as deadly as the disease?

These are questions that only time will answer. Will the body politic of America wake up and face the decidedly unpleasant prospect of major surgery to isolate and excise this cancer?

If not, I’m afraid the prognosis looks terminal.

Originally Published 2006_04_05