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The Wave Chapter 19: All There Is Is Lessons, or Dr. Greenbaum and the Soul Hackers

Dr. Greenbaum
And The Soul Hackers…

Now, aside from the bizarre way in which it was depicted (i.e., being raped by a Reptoid) this “changing the program” was something I had heard before. To be more specific, in one of Candy’s numerous sessions focused on regression to the time of purported alien abductions, such a remark was made, though the description of the event was quite different. It almost seemed that this “changing of the program” was a direct response to the interaction of these individuals with yours truly!

I presented Candy’s case in High Strangeness, and in case the reader does not have a copy to refer to, here’s what I wrote about her:

The subject was about 35 years old; the wife of a stockbroker, owner of her own jewelry business, and mother to two girls. She had been born and raised in Colorado in a Mormon family, but had left at an early age and traveled to California to stay with a brother who worked in a jewelry store. There, she also obtained employment in the same business and ended up marrying the owner who subsequently died leaving her with a medium child and a large inheritance.

She moved with her second husband, the stockbroker, her child from her first marriage, and a new baby to Florida. The object was to get away from the unhappy memories of the loss of her first husband and start a new life. The jewelry business she left in the care of her brother in California.

After her youngest child started school, the subject, (and we can call her Candy, though that is not her real name), became bored and decided to go to work for the large brokerage that employed her husband. She took an administrative position and settled into her corporate role with ease, being very intelligent, charming and attractive.

At the same time, she began to attend a Metaphysical/Spiritualist church, probably more out of curiosity than anything else, but soon became deeply involved in the spiritualist beliefs and practices. At this point, strange things began to happen, though she claimed that strange things had happened to her all her life, she just had managed to suppress most of it.

The first thing was that she kept encountering a man in the building where she worked. He was employed by a firm on a different floor, so she only saw him in the elevators, the parking lot, and the local eateries. But, every time she did encounter him, she was conscious of a strange electricity between them and it was not long before they were exchanging brief pleasantries.

One night when she was leaving the building, her husband being away on company business, she encountered the man and engaged in a short, casual conversation. That would have been that except for the fact that he walked her to her car and she discovered that her keys were locked inside. The man “rescued” her by spending an hour or more getting the door open, and then suggested that they needed to have a drink to celebrate success. Not having to go home right away, and feeling gratitude for such kindness, Candy agreed to go next door to a pub for a beer before going home.

At the pub they met another of Candy’s co-workers, and this lady joined them. At the table, over their glasses of beer, the subject turned to metaphysical things, and then to Indian shamanic beliefs. The man said he knew where there was a local Indian mound (there are a number of them in this area) and that it was a place of great power. He offered to show both ladies where it was. Feeling secure with a lady companion, Candy wanted to see this Indian mound, and they all went together in the man’s car. It was late and past dark, and when they arrived at the location, a swampy, wooded area on the Gulf of Mexico, they all got out and proceeded to hike through the underbrush to the purported Indian mound.

At some point, the second woman was left behind and lost and something happened to frighten Candy, but afterward she couldn’t say what it was, only that she was very confused and demanded to be taken home. The man cheerfully obliged, they located her friend wandering in the bushes, and he took them back to their cars and off they went home. The only problem was, when Candy got home, it was almost midnight. She had “lost” over three hours.

At that point her life began to fall apart. She was suddenly so emotional and upset all the time that she couldn’t stay on an even keel from one minute to the next. She became obsessed with the man in the building, and believed that he was her “soulmate” one minute, and that he was a government spy the next. She felt that somehow she must find ways to be with him. At the same time, her husband was in an auto accident with another woman in the car and her marriage began to disintegrate. The series of events becomes very complicated, and is not relevant to our present subject, but it was at this point that I met her [at a Reiki gathering.]

Now, having some idea of Candy’s background, let me explain the circumstances behind the following hypnosis session. This will only touch on certain aspects of the case because it was a long and complicated situation.

The obsession, or “Love Bite” situation, with the man who worked in the office building where Candy’s husband was employed, and where she also had a position, was so out of control that Candy was desperate to find out the source of the almost insane fascination she had with this man.

Candy knew she was behaving in a crazy way. She also knew that the constant fantasies, urges to seek him out under any pretext, to follow him or call him repeatedly on the phone were absolutely out of character for her. The explanation that she came up with was that it was destiny for her to be with him and that could be the only reason for this intense, internal drive she was struggling against. She was sure she knew him deeply, and even though she actually had very little interaction with him, she ascribed almost mystical significance to every word they did exchange. Every glance from his eyes was full of fire and cosmic power. Never mind that most of this occurred in the elevator or the halls or parking lot of the office building. She was certain that there was impossibly deep communication in every instant their eyes made contact!

I listened to her talk about it endlessly, thinking it would eventually run out and she would see how irrational it was, but that didn’t happen. She insisted that the proof of the destined nature of their inevitable union would be found under hypnosis. I privately thought that, if nothing else, it might cure her of the obsession; so I agreed.

After the first incident when this man had taken Candy and her friend out to look for the Indian mound, she had maneuvered to run into him again. They met at a local pub, including her friend, “Eileen”, who was Candy’s source for info at the office. They ended up going for a ride to the woods — another act that was just totally out of character for all of them — and Candy was certain that something significant had happened there because, again, she had “missing time”.

All she remembered was driving out in a wooded area to look for a swimming hole that one of them had heard of, but when they got there, they found nothing and immediately turned around and left. But a lot more time had passed than would have been required to just drive out there, turn around, and come back. The strange thing about this event was that Candy cried almost constantly for two days after this “drive in the woods”, and could not explain to me or anybody why she was crying. All she knew was that she had a “great longing and sadness” for this man who was the object of her unrequited love.

We are going to skip over all the induction process, the setting up of the working environment, and just go right to the first question (and we are going to call this guy Bill).

Q: Now, what is the point in space-time, in this life, that you first met Bill? Where are you and what do you see?

A: I see him walking up the steps at [the brokerage].

Q: Okay. And this is the first involvement, the first meeting between you and Bill in this life?

A: Mmm. It’s almost like I see two children playing together.

Q: Is that in this life or another? Physical or spiritual?

A: Mmm. I think it’s this life.

Q: Is there anything else you can give on that?

A: Um… [Long pause.]

Q: Tell me what you see, what you feel.

A: It’s almost like we’re together in a room.

Q: What kind of room?

A: Kind of like a square silvery room.

Q: And what are you doing in the square, silvery room?

A: We’re playing.

Q: What are you playing?

A: Games.

Q: You are children?

A: Um-hmm. [This answer had a “childish” lilt to the voice.]

Q: Where is this square, silvery room?

A: Umm… [Sigh.] It’s umm… They came and got us.

Q: Who came and got you?

A: I see the, um, they’re little white… They kind of look like children. And they play with us. They make us happy. It’s like they know when we’re sad and they’re here… They’re like playmates.

Q: How old are you?

A: I think I’m like three or four.

Q: All right, take a real deep breath. I’m going to count to three and on the count of three you are going to be at that point in space-time sometime in the first part of May in this year, when you ran into or met Bill and Eileen at a place called the Player’s bar and went for a ride in the woods. Go to the point in space-time when you arrive in the woods and you will be able to easily describe what occurred at that time. On the count of three. [Countdown.] What do you see and what happens?

A: Umm. You know, that’s funny! I don’t remember getting out of the truck! I see us getting out of the truck. For some reason… I see the lights of the truck on. I see something over the top of the truck. I see a flash of light. I see us getting out of the truck. I see us walking in the woods.

Q: Where are you going in the woods?

A: I don’t want to go in there. Umm. [Pause.] I see almost like I’m fighting, like fighting going or something. I’m afraid…

Q: Take a deep breath, let’s go deeper. Begin to describe what happened. You said you are fighting and resisting…

A: Um-hmm.

Q: What are you fighting? Who are you fighting?

A: No, I don’t… I… It’s like I’m… Nobody’s around me but we’re all three like walking into the woods. I’m afraid… I don’t want to go… There’s like a fear somewhere… It’s like I know there’s something there…

Q: Okay, what happens next?

A: It’s like I fall… I’m asleep.

Q: Okay, well the subconscious mind continues to record even when you are asleep. What happens next?

A: I’m being carried.

Q: By who or what?

A: Umm. [Pause.] I see this large hairy thing with huge hands…

Q: Okay. Where is it taking you?

A: It’s taking us to a place. [Pause.] I don’t know how we get there. [Pause.] I don’t know how we get there, but I see this place, and I see… What I see is a cave-like thing but I see at the top of the cave are these yellow lights…

Q: Yellow lights?

A: Big yellow lights. [Pause.] It’s almost like, um, not bright lights… Like covered yellow lights… Like, huge… As big as, um… like medium swimming pools… They’re big. [Pause.] And they are up in the ceiling… And they’re yellow.

Q: Up in the ceiling and they’re yellow?

A: Yeah, they’re in the cave. [Pause.] Boy! This is a strange place!

Q: Okay. Describe everything. What do you see?

A: Um, I’m just going to tell you what I see… This is strange. I see a cart… Almost like a little golf cart…

Q: What is the cart doing?

A: Umm. I see it there… I almost see us, umm… This is like a conveyor belt type thing. It’s almost like we’re put on a silver disk, or like a silver stretcher-type thing…

Q: What happens next and what do you see around you?

A: Umm. I see myself on a table…

Q: Where is Bill and where is Eileen? [Subject shows signs of distress.] What’s the matter?

A: I see this face I don’t like.

Q: What face don’t you like?

A: Umm…

Q: Describe the face.

A: Let me see it… Can’t see it… It flashed and then I can’t see it…

Q: All right, lets back up. On the count of three whatever is preventing you from seeing that face will fall away and crumble, and you will see it clearly and photograph it the instant that it appears, with your mind, so that you can describe it in every detail. On the count of three. [Countdown.]

A: It switched… It changed… One face came in and then another face came in and I can’t see it…

Q: What feeling do you get from those faces?

A: I don’t like them… They are angry.

Q: Why are they angry?

A: Cause somebody’s snooping around.

Q: Who’s snooping around?

A: They’re mad about the hypnosis.

Q: Which hypnosis?

A: The ones you did.

Q: Okay. What do they propose to do about it? How did they find out about it?

A: They know everything.

Q: Okay. What do they propose to do about it?

A: Change things.

Q: What are they going to change and how?

A: It’s almost like I’m hearing them say that, um, change the programming.

Q: Whose programming are they going to change?

A: I guess, mine.

Q: What else can you tell from what they are saying?

A: Um, it’s almost like they’ve got to Bill. Umm… They feel like they’re safe with Eileen because she’d never believe anything like that.

Q: And what about you?

A: Umm. [Sigh.] I hear, “She’s so damn curious!” They are saying: “Too intense, too fast. Knew something like this was gonna happen,” then I hear them say that they’re behind schedule…running out of time…

Q: Can you tell what they are behind schedule for and what they are running out of time for?

A: Umm. It’s funny, I hear them saying that the cleansing time is almost here… Something like that…

Q: Why do they object to the hypnosis? Do they not want you to know what is going on?

A: Umm. They just don’t want me to be hurt.

Q: So, you sense that there is concern for you?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: Why don’t you like them?

A: They scare me.

Q: Why do they scare you?

A: Umm. [Distress.]

Q: What do you see?

A: It’s almost like they’re pinching me.

Q: Where are they pinching you?

A: My arm.

Q: What are they doing to your arm?

A: Like they are running a tube up my arm… Like at the crease of my arm they’re running a tube… Into my arm.

Q: All right, now what are they doing?

A: I don’t know what the hell they’re doing with my arm. Umm, what was that?

Q: What was it?

A: I see a flash…

Q: And then what?

A: I don’t know, it’s really hard to see.

Q: What color flash? Just a flash of light?

A: Like a green light or something.

Q: Now what? What do you feel? What do you sense?

A: I feel like they’re putting stuff in my veins.

Q: And what is this stuff doing to you?

A: Changing me.

Q: How is it changing you?

A: I don’t know… It’s funny… It’s almost like they’re putting something in my blood. Umm, I’m hearing “ignite the flame.” I don’t know what that means. Umm… It’s almost like… putting receivers on a stereo and then all of a sudden turning the stereo on… Like speakers of a stereo… It’s like you spent all this time putting all these speakers all over and then you turn the stereo on, and it’s almost like, I see when you turn the stereo on I see the energy go to the receivers to make the music.

Q: How many people on this planet have these speakers?

A: Umm. [Pause.] Lot of ’em.

Q: How many times have you been abducted?

A: I think this is absolutely ridiculous but I’m going to say it anyway. They are saying a few hundred.

Q: Okay, have these abductions all been in the body or out of the body?

A: I’m hearing they’re making adjustments all the time.

Q: Did they come because you called for them?

A: No.

Q: [Inaudible.]

A: Umm, I don’t know. I see all these lights in front of me.

Q: What are the lights doing?

A: Circling around… Like I’m seeing different colors spiraling… Purple… Yellow… Making me tired.

Q: Makes you tired. Take a deep breath.

A: My body’s hot.

Q: Okay, let’s go back to your event in the woods; you’re in the cave; you’re on the table; you saw the face; they’re putting something in your veins; they are changing the project; what happens next…

A: Hold on. [Pause.] I feel like there’s… They’re angry…

Q: Why are they angry and who are they angry at?

A: Umm, you know, it’s like they put blocks of fear up, and then I broke through some of those fear blocks that are supposed to keep me from doing things.

Q: And that is why they’re angry?

A: Um-hmm. That I’m strong-willed… I’m… Driven…

Q: Do they see me as an interference?

A: [Laughing.] Yes!

Q: What happens next?

A: [Laughs.] Eileen’s there.

Q: And what is happening to Eileen?

A: I think she’s getting an implant. This is why she hears voices in her head. She thinks it’s Tom, then she thinks it’s Bill.

Q: What happens next? Go through the experience…

A: I don’t know why I’m seeing this… It’s almost like I see… I almost see a Sasquatch… And it’s like he’s turning over a… My nose itches.

Q: Turning over a what?

A: My nose itches. He’s umm, I don’t know what… (Rubbing nose vigorously.) My nose is itching.

Q: What is happening to your nose?

A: My nose is itching. [Rubbing nose.] I don’t know. [Laughing.] I got hair in my nose!

Q: Whose hair is in your nose? Sasquatch?

A: I guess so. It’s like… Eww. [Laughing.]

Q: What does it smell like?

A: [Rubbing nose and giggling.]

Q: What does Sasquatch smell like?

A: It almost smells like a burnt ammonia smell. [Pause.] God! I’ve got hair everywhere… You know… (Brushing herself all over as though trying to brush hair away.)

Q: Now, is Sasquatch carrying you back to the vehicle?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: Okay, now you are back in the vehicle and you are going home…

A: Oh, we, uh… Stopped… I had to go to the bathroom. [Pause.] They turned up my hearing.

Q: They turned up your hearing?

A: Um-hmm. I can hear Eileen talking to Bill inside of the truck and I’m outside…

Q: What’s she saying?

A: She was telling him that… that… It’s like he got upset with her… or he was running away from her… and she said, I just wanted to be friends, I didn’t want… I just wanted to be there… I guess he’s like… You know… She’s chasing him… You know…

Q: Take a deep breath. Move forward to the point in space-time when you became overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Why did this incident cause you such sadness?

A: [Sighs.]

Q: You cried for two days after this event. What made you cry?

A: [Sighing in distress.] There is something really wrong… I don’t know.

Q: Take a deep breath… [Countdown. Suggestions. End of session.]

At this point in time, Candy’s interest in Bill pretty much just turned off. She became obsessed with MF, the “UFO investigator” mentioned in the previous section. I could see that, under the guise of “therapy”, he was pursuing a physical relationship, and she began to behave completely erratically. One clue to this new obsession was that she more or less abandoned her children. On several occasions, the little one called me and asked if her mother was at my house because she had barely been at home for days and there was no food in the house.

I could see and sense that there was this huge, overwhelming, sex thing going on between Candy and MF! (And, we have to remember that he was one of the ones the Cassiopaeans had designated as being a sort of “unconscious mole”.)

Soon after the above session, Candy called me in a state of complete hysteria. The previous night she had gone to dinner with MF. That night, after coming home from this date and going to bed in the normal way, she had a dream about some men coming in her house. She then said that she woke up in the morning feeling drugged and that her legs were sore behind the knees. When she looked, she saw that there were bruises on her legs. And, more than that, they were bruises that showed the clear imprint of a four-fingered hand on the back of each leg!

I had previously suggested to her that we talk to my Private Investigator friend, and now she was pretty desperate to get a handle on all of the things that had been happening. So, we met with the PI.

After listening to the whole story and examining the bruises, the PI said that, in his opinion, the proper way to approach the matter was to treat it as a “crime”, and look for some material evidence. During his questioning, Candy remembered the dress from the first “abduction” that was possibly still on the floor in her closet. The PI privately told me those bruises such as were on Candy’s legs could be “manufactured” by a hysterical woman wanting attention, but it would be hard. He was as puzzled as I was as to what might be the explanation of bruises that clearly depicted a hand that was not human. He was also interested in getting some hard evidence and wanted to be present at the next hypnosis session so as to determine what direction to go with a real investigation. Candy agreed. She wanted it right away and, for some reason, didn’t want MF, the hotshot UFO investigator there! Clearly she was at some level aware that her interactions with him might have had something to do with this latest incident. And, we were both feeling some relief that a professional was taking the whole thing seriously and was willing to devote time, talent and resources to the cause of getting to the bottom of this.

Regarding the dress that Candy thought was still in the closet (never having been sent to the cleaners), the PI was going to try to make arrangements to send it to a forensics lab as possible evidence of a rape. He wasn’t going to mention anything about “aliens” but would leave it to the lab to do the standard work that would be done when trying to gather evidence to identify such an attacker — including such things as DNA profiling. She agreed to pick it up carefully and place it in a zipper bag and deliver it to me and I would convey it to him.

We then scheduled the session for that evening.

Q: Okay, take a deep breath. I want you to just move to that point in space-time, specifically the night before last, and I want you to see yourself just as you are getting ready to go to bed. Tell me what you are doing. You went out to dinner, came home and are getting ready for bed. What happens?

A: I have a terrible headache.

Q: Okay. What happens next?

A: I go to sleep.

Q: You are sleeping. What happens?

A: I see these men.

Q: Where are they? Are they in your room?

A: No. [Distress.]

Q: Back up, you are sleeping, what happens? Do you hear something, see something, have a dream?

A: I don’t know how this is possible but I see men in army fatigues… They’re… They twisted me or something. My back hurts…

Q: Where did they come from? Is this a dream? When did you first become aware of them?

A: [Distress.] I see myself in a truck or something?

Q: How did you get in this truck?

A: [Distress and inability to answer.]

Q: Take a real deep breath and let’s go back to when you were sleeping. You are sleeping in your bed. When do you first become aware that something is different? Even while you are sleeping your subconscious is recording everything happening around you. What does your subconscious see and record?

A: I am just going to tell you what I see and I don’t know where this is coming from. I see men coming into the house.

Q: How do they get into the house?

A: Through the back door.

Q: Through the back door from the pool?

A: Um-hmm! They just come right in my house go right in my bedroom, grab me, take me right out…

Q: Why doesn’t it wake you up?

A: I don’t know.

Q: You had the headache before you went to bed…

A: Um-hmm.

Q: Okay, they grab you, they take you out and then what do they do?

A: Umm…

Q: How many of them are there?

A: Two, but they are not nice people.

Q: Are they saying anything while they are grabbing you and taking you out?

A: Uh-uh.

Q: Which door do they take you out, the front door or the back door?

A: The back door.

Q: Where do they take you from the back door? Which way do they walk?

A: It’s right outside… This is weird. I wanted to say we got in a black helicopter but it isn’t a helicopter.

Q: What is it? You went right out the back. Which way did you go, right or left?

A: Left, out by the lake.

Q: Okay.

A: They just loaded me on a…

Q: On a what?

A: I want to say a spaceship.

Q: A spaceship? What shape is the spaceship? Where is the spaceship parked?

A: It’s kind of hovering above the ground, above the lake. It’s real quiet.

Q: What shape is it? What color is it?

A: It’s round, I can’t see it… [Sigh.]

Q: Do they load you on there physically?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: Do they climb in after you or is there somebody already in there?

A: They’re in there but my head hurts and my leg hurts.

Q: Are they saying anything?

A: My ears hurt. I feel sick.

Q: Why does your head hurt, your ears hurt and your leg hurt?

A: I don’t know, I just don’t feel very good.

Q: Do you feel sick?

A: I don’t know. I just don’t feel very good at all.

Q: Okay, now what’s happening.

A: I don’t know. I just don’t feel very good.

Q: Go with it. Take a deep breath. Take four or five deep breaths. Are you feeling better?

A: No, my body hurts.

Q: Why does your body hurt?

A: I don’t know. My back hurts… They hurt my back.

Q: Did they do something to your back?

A: I don’t know. [Distress.]

Q: Okay, what’s happening now? Are they saying anything?

A: I’m at a table… They’re talking to me.

Q: What are they saying to you?

A: They are asking me questions.

Q: What are the questions? When they say it repeat it to me.

A: (Sigh, distress.) What have you been doing?

Q: What else are they asking?

A: I don’t know. My head hurts.

Q: What did you tell them when they ask you what have you been doing? Are you giving them answers without your conscious control?

A: Yeah, it’s almost… I am just in a lot of pain now.

Q: What is causing the pain?

A: I don’t know.

Q: What else are they doing, just asking you questions?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: What kind of questions?

A: I don’t know. My head hurts.

Q: Take a deep breath and you won’t feel any pain. What kinds of questions are they asking you? Did they do anything to you before they started asking questions?

A: Um-hmm.

Q: What did they do?

A: I don’t know, this is going to sound really weird. It is almost like they have their own implants in…

Q: Okay. What kind of questions are they asking you?

A: They are showing me a map and they want me to point to things and show them…

Q: What do they want you to show them? What kinds of questions are they asking you?

A: They ask me what, where is that base…

Q: What base do they want to know about?

A: It’s a military base.

Q: What else do they ask you?

A: I don’t know… I don’t know… My head hurts.

Q: Is your head hurting right now?

A: Um-hmm. My head hurts and my neck hurts, my whole body hurts.

Q: Okay, what happens next?

A: I’m tired. I don’t like this. I’m hurting. [Extreme distress.]

Q: Are they hurting you deliberately?

A: Yeah, my whole body is in pain right now. I got to stop this. My head is killing me…

Q: Let’s move forward… [Suggestions, end of session.]

The curious thing to me was that this pain response was exactly what had happened with Pat, my first abduction case, the night of the Black Boomerang sightings over the three county area. Whenever I tried to get to the actual event of what happened that night, she began to experience so much pain that it became clear that, in spite of suggestions for comfort, I should not continue.

It was about a week after this session that Candy came and demanded the dress back because MF told her that he could get it analyzed by a real scientist who was sympathetic to the UFO investigations process. He told her that she shouldn’t trust anybody connected to the authorities because if she turned the dress over to them, it would certainly “disappear” and her chances of ever knowing the truth would vanish with it. And, of course, by association, I was implicated as one of those who could not be trusted.

As I mentioned before, it turned out that his “real scientist” was an undergrad chemistry student who worked part-time at the county sewage treatment plant. There was nothing I could do to dissuade her and, by this time, I knew enough about MF to be thoroughly disgusted with the whole thing. It was clear that he was manipulating her and suggesting to her all kinds of negative things about me, and I learned a long time ago that I couldn’t fight liars and manipulators. You have to be one to outmaneuver them.

Shortly after this period, I began to hear rumors. A friend who knew MF called me and told me that he was telling people that I wanted to “get famous” writing a book about Candy’s case — a “classic abduction with evidence” — and I was thus “using” her and her near psychotic state for my own aggrandizement. He, of course, on the other hand, was only trying to “help her get over the trauma” — never mind that he was seeking personal involvement with a person who was traumatized and, therefore, vulnerable.

Needless to say, I was not only shocked by this, I was hurt. It was pretty clear that MF was the one who had an agenda. Maybe he was driven to have a perfect case on which to ride to fame and glory and because that was his drama, he naturally thought it was everyone else’s. On the other hand, maybe his motivations were inspired from some other source and were a lot more sinister.

At this point, another friend had downloaded some info from a UFO Internet Bulletin board where Candy’s case was the hot topic of discussion. In these exchanges between people who I didn’t even know, nor had I ever met them, I was being described as a “fraud” and “incompetent” and “using the poor abducted victim for my own gain.”

No part of the description of the way the investigation was being handled by me was anywhere near accurate and it was obvious that someone was deliberately lying with the intention of defaming me personally, and thus any work I ever did.

The only one who was in a position to distort the facts in this way was MF. He knew enough about what I was doing to know better, unless of course, Candy was telling him things that were not true.

I couldn’t decide which I thought was most likely, but the end result was that I was furious! I learned that the person who had posted the info was the wife of the sewage treatment plant worker claiming to be a “chemist” and “scientist” and “professional analyst”. My friend told me that Candy had taken up with this woman in much the same way she had taken up with me.

Further information came to me from an authoritative source (a onetime director of a MUFON group) that MF, who Candy was now intimately involved with, had a very bad reputation. He had been a part of a large MUFON organization that, based on his claims to knowledge and expertise (having come to Florida from another state), had placed him in a position of trust and authority in their UFO Field Investigations unit. It soon became clear that he “did not work well with others,” and, in fact, brought a great deal of negative publicity and attention to the organization. The MUFON group asked him to resign, but he refused. Having no alternative at that point, the entire group voted to dissolve their organization rather than continue with this man in their midst!

He then attached himself to this couple who were so busily blackening my name in the local Metaphysical/UFO community (without, I must add, having ever met or talked with me!). Not only that, but this same couple were members of the bigger MUFON group in the Clearwater area and later attached themselves to Dr. Santilli as “research assistants”.

At this point in time, it is my thought that Dr. Santilli’s distancing from our work was a direct result of the influence of this medium group of “bad apples”, so to speak. It is true that, (as I have recently learned), two of this group of individuals later became heads of the Clearwater MUFON after two others took over the publication of the MUFON newsletter from Terry and Jan. Since that time, it is said that the organization has pretty much declined in terms of being a moving force or any kind of hub of information or help to others in the area who may have experienced sightings or abductions.

A funny incident did occur at the last UFO conference I attended in Pensacola. Ark and I had attended a lecture by Whitley Strieber where he made a heartfelt and anguished plea to the world of science to bring all their minds and tools to bear on solving the problem of “the Visitors”, as he coyly refers to them.

Well, since Ark is a scientist with a pretty good reputation in international circles, and many publications in the reputable journals, as well as considered to be an expert in Riemannian Geometry and Kaluza-Klein theories, we thought that he just might fit the category of the kind of scientists Whitley was crying for.

So, we stood in a very long line after the lecture to speak to Mr. Strieber and offer help. As we were standing there, I heard a man speaking to someone behind me. He was saying something to the effect that he was a scientist and he really needed to speak to Mr. Strieber privately. I turned around to see who it was, and — yup! You guessed it! It was our Sewage Water Treatment Expert!

Oh well. Of course, as it turned out, Mr. Strieber wasn’t very interested in real science since he brushed us off with the excuse of how urgent it was to sign the books he was selling, and avoided us for the rest of the conference.

So, there it is. It’s nice to make heartfelt appeals when one is at the podium pretending to be really interested in getting the facts of the matter, but when one is actually faced with scientific scrutiny, it seems to be the last thing one wants to have focused on one’s self! Better to have Sewage Water experts in the lab — they are far more qualified to analyze the BS that goes on in the UFO community.

In retrospect, it is clear that the changing of the program Candy was sensing had to do with getting her away from me and my process of combining both intuitive and scientific analysis. The obvious way to do this was to bring in reinforcements, i.e., MF, and his cohorts. It was also not lost on me that, in both cases, the only information channel about me, to both the Metaphysical Church bunch, and this MUFON bunch, was Candy herself.

Whether it was conscious or unconscious I will never know. I only know that every interaction with her resulted in attack/lessons, lies and obfuscation, confusion and back stabbing They were all busily talking about me and what a wicked person I was, but in fact, none of them knew me or had ever talked to me directly. Funny how that works!

And, of course, Candy’s obsession with Bill just sort of died right then. Remember Bill? The “soul mate”? The “Cosmic Destiny” guy? Ooops! That was yesterday! Today we have a new program to run!

Whether Candy’s “abductions” were real, we will never know. Whether her evidence was real, we will never know either. The evidence was so contaminated by all the incompetent hands it passed through and the primitive analysis conditions it was handled under, that no respectable or legitimate analyst would touch it now.

Of course, the question arises: was this whole drama of “changing the program” a direct result of the fact that there was something that could be exposed, learned, or uncovered through Candy?

And what about Lilly? Here we find another person who, shortly after interacting with the Cassiopaeans and me and my learning/analysis approach to every situation, gets their “program” changed? Just what is the story here?

Getting back to Lilly’s situation. We left her describing the genitalia of her rapist as somewhat resembling the red tail of a cartoon devil. We had a look at the real thing, and saw that it was indeed rather as she described it. We also pretty well know that this information about the nature of alligator genitals would have been hard for her to obtain, but not impossible. So what happened next?

Well, after working through the rape during the hypnosis session, we went through some processing of the emotions. As I was doing this, I had the idea that I should test my hypothesis about the Greenbaum material by asking some of the Greenbaum questions. It was really just an idea and I certainly did not expect to get a positive response from my subject!

Following the Greenbaum program, I set up the ideomotor finger-signals and suggested:

I want the central inner core of you to take control of the finger-signals. And I want that central inner core of you to take control of this hand of these finger-signals and what it has for the yes-finger to float up. I want to ask the inner core of you is there any part of you, any part of Lilly, who knows anything about Alpha, Beta, Delta, or Theta.

I nearly dropped my teeth when I got a “yes” response.

Okay, that was the “red flag”. I was sailing in unfamiliar waters here and really wished I hadn’t started down this path without more training. But, it was like surgery: the patient was open, so I needed to see what I could find, do no damage, and hopefully, fix something before I closed her back up.

After receiving the “yes” answer I said, “I want a part inside who knows something about Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta to come up to a level where you can speak to me, and when you’re here say, ‘I’m here’.”

A voice that was quite different from Lilly’s voice said, “I’m here.” I asked for the name and the response was “Gatekeeper”.

Well, the only thing to do was to press on and identify as much as I could in the time I could do it. I definitely identified seven different programs and one of them was “Delta”. Now, remember what Dr. Hammond said about “Delta”? “Deltas are killers trained in how to kill in ceremonies.”

I went through the programs asking for the “erasure codes”, and was given some of them. On some others, the very mechanical response “Access Denied!” came back.

The freaky thing was, I was getting an almost textbook series of responses from this woman that exactly matched the information in the Greenbaum speech! I was utterly dumbfounded. I mean, what are the odds that a very short time after I became aware of this sort of thing a person would just sort of “enter” my life who had this very situation active in her life? It just boggled the mind.

I went on with my probing, and it was in this process that the most stunning information that I have ever confronted in this work came out.

One of the programs identified itself as “Master Programmer”. I began to inquire what type of program this was.

“Master Programmer” was designed to turn Lilly into a dynamic New Age/Metaphysical teacher whose job was to travel the country, giving classes and seminars in many and various subjects, in order to turn on the already installed programs of other Greenbaum-type victims.

I asked how this could be done. The answer was simple: not only her words, but guided meditations, mantras, tones and symbols incorporated in some of the “Metaphysical jewelry” she carried to sell at her various lectures were used as program triggers. She was also using inaudible frequencies emitted by various gadgets she used in her “healing classes”.

Further, the teachings, even though they were ostensibly of “love and light”, were designed to use certain word sequences that were standard program triggers. Not only that, but some programs were set up in such a way that even if a person were confronted with the logical inconsistency of their belief system, they would be unable to break through the “coded thought loop implant” to understand their own faulty logic! In other words, when a person was confronted with “truth” or obvious factual information, the program would “turn on” and deny them the ability to think anything other than the “pre-coded” thoughts that would go around and around in their head like a “message from God” or their “guides” or whomever.

I asked what would happen if Lilly stopped doing this. The answer was, “Compliance is necessary to the mission; not performing the task is noncompliance.”

I asked what would be the result of noncompliance. The answer was, “Termination of subject by activation of self-destruct program.”

Well, that was pleasant! Definitely not what one would think of as a “loving guide”, “angel”, or “higher self”!

I asked some questions about where, when and how the programming might have been installed. I wanted to see if she had the same information about “Dr. Greenbaum”. It was during this portion of the session that the information was revealed that the real reason Lilly knew Sandy was because they had been in the same “programming set” as children! They had then been brought together in the healing class in Tampa because the teacher of that modality was another such as Lilly: a “Master Programmer”.

Well, that was a surprise! And it also made me think of Candy’s depiction of her relation with Bill as children playing with a little “alien” guy who was “helping them”. Just what is going on here? How many people are talking to “guides” or “angels” who are merely programs?

I was probing to get the code to deactivate some of the programs and suddenly Lilly began to moan and cry, “It hurts! It hurts!” and her hands went to her ears and she was trying to block out a sound that was obviously quite painful. She was twisting and turning in pain.

I kept speaking to her, attempting to get one of the programs or the “core” to come forward when the most horrible voice came out of her repeating over and over, “Access denied! Access denied!”

I was finally able to get the “Gatekeeper” to come back and he stiffly informed me that any further attempts to probe or deactivate would result in immediate destruction of the subject.

Hoo, boy! That was heavy! We were playing with some nasty bullies here!

At this point, Lilly had been under hypnosis for a lot longer than usual for most subjects, so I released the “Gatekeeper” with assurances that no harm would come to Lilly from me, gave her some “feel good” suggestions, and ended the session. There just didn’t seem to be any other option.

So, we have three different cases where attempts to probe resulted in activation of “pain blocks” of such a nature that it was dangerous to continue. The first was Pat, the second was Candy, and now Lilly.

After the session, I didn’t know what to tell Lilly. She obviously didn’t remember anything about the latter part of her session, but she felt a lot better and her rash was definitely calmed down by at least half, so I ventured to broach the subject of her program. I wanted to know what, exactly, was she doing in her classes? What kinds of things were being used to “turn on” other people’s programs? I had the idea that if it was brought to her conscious attention that she could begin to learn about it and to further evaluate exactly what she was doing. I even had hopes that she would be able to combat the influence and recover from her programming.

The only things I can tell you are that as soon as I began to talk to her about it, there was a definite shift in her personality and a fanatical look began to glow in her eyes.

She began to recite all the standard “love and light” philosophy and how she was a “Lightworker” and it went on for a few minutes with my growing awareness that I was actually listening to a program!

It was eerie beyond imagining hearing this “tape” running. Yes, she was saying all the “right things” to inspire confidence and warm and fuzzy feelings! Yes, she was espousing a philosophy that is more or less standard in the “New Age” theatre. But now, I was hearing it in a different way. It was no longer just the content of the words that was significant — it was something between and behind them — something sinister and lurking in wait to jump out at any moment.

I was fully aware that there were other programs in Lilly that could, at a moment’s notice, be turned on and that one of these was a killer. There was nothing to do but agree with her that she was doing a “great work for mankind” and send her home. I remembered what Dr. Hammond said about such individuals being programmed to kill their therapists. I hoped I hadn’t been classified as such and marked for death. Seeing the fanatical fire in her eyes, there was no doubt in my mind that she could kill just as she was programmed to do.

The very next day, Lilly called me and began to chat in a normal way. I asked her how she was feeling, and she said fine! She was bright and sunny in her words and manner. I was listening carefully to her to determine if I was hearing the “real Lilly”. Everything seemed to be okay, and she didn’t sound like she was going to come over and kill me — at least not at that moment — so I relaxed and chatted casually along, staying alert for any signs of a switch to an alternate personality. Nothing was out of line.

I began to think that maybe we had just encountered a particularly crafty entity attached to Lilly who had used all this Greenbaum idea to avoid being sent into the light. Heck, maybe I was imagining things altogether! How could I possibly think that there was anything sinister or bizarre about Lilly?! What a great gal! So bright and easy to talk to! So engaging and funny and charming! Sheesh! This UFO business was really getting to me! I was getting paranoid! I was going off the deep end! That’s it! It was me who needed a therapist!

But then, just as she was getting ready to hang up, she remarked, “We need to get together soon! There are a lot of things I want to talk about since I saw you last on Saturday night.” That was the night of the session with the Cassiopaeans, not Lilly’s hypnosis the very night before.

I said, “You mean something has happened since last night?”

Lilly said, “Last night? What do you mean?”

I reminded her of the previous night’s hypnosis.

Lilly laughed and told me I must be dreaming because she had gone to bed early the previous night — she had been exhausted from her classes that day! She certainly had not been with me doing a hypnosis session!

One of us was missing some time here or one of us was going off the deep end and I was pretty sure it wasn’t me! Not positive, just pretty sure!

I assured her that we had, indeed, done a hypnosis session. I reminded her that she had called me about her dream of the Reptoid rape and that she had come to my house covered with a rash and scratches. I told her to look at her abdomen to see the scratches.

At that point, Lilly became quite angry and screamed that I was crazy and slammed the phone down!!! A sort of “cloud of unreality” descended over me and I really wondered for a moment if I was losing my mind!

I called Frank and he assured me that I had, indeed, done the hypnosis session, that he had been there manning the recorder, and we had the tape and the notes and the photographs.

Even though I was seeing glimpses of this bizarre reality beneath the surface, my mind really did not want to accept it. Of all the many synchronistic events that had been falling fast and furious upon me, this business of receiving the Greenbaum material and then just sort of having a real subject of it more or less drop into my life was pushing the limits of credulity. Just what in the heck was going on? So, naturally, we brought the subject up at the next session.

March 10, 1996

Q: (L) I have a number of questions that I want to get into tonight. The first thing I would like to ask is: I did a hypnosis session with Lilly and utilized some of the Greenbaum techniques. She responded in the affirmative. I was told that she had several alter personalities: “Master Programmer, Gatekeeper, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta, Zero,” and others. Were these responses valid?

A: Validity is subjective. Be careful of data, which originates from sources which may mislead.

Q: (L) Which is the misleading source? Lilly or the Greenbaum text?

A: No it’s the center of origin. This “subject” appears to be fragmented.

Q: (L) Are her fragments caused by abductions? [I was assuming that the Cassiopaeans meant that Lilly was fragmented. In retrospect, I think they meant that the “subject” of Greenbaum programming was “fragmented”.]

A: She has had abductions and the like, but not the issue here. She is “searching,” and when one is searching…

At this point, the phone rang. It was a long distance call from a researcher in California who wanted to discuss a case, and we had to continue at a later time.

I was frustrated by the interruption and plagued with the questions in my mind. Did the Cassiopaeans mean that the Greenbaum scenario was possibly a screen for alien programming? Was the imagery of the Reptoid rape also a screen? Or was it completely the other way around? Were the images of alien abductions and Reptoid rapes a product of some sinister human experiment on mankind? Or even elements of both?

That then led me back to the idea that the whole Satanic Ritual abuse scenario could also be either of these things: a screen over Greenbaum-type programming, or a screen over alien programming. Further, many so-called “recovered memories” of sexual abuse within families could even be screens of programming activities by various persons or beings unknown.

I was familiar already with much of the material being produced by the psychological community about these subjects, and I had read many sessions from these books and articles that were supposed to prove the existence of Satanists and their wicked agenda because this or that individual had begun to experience flashbacks or bits and pieces of memories of abuse. They would then rush themselves off to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or hypnotherapist who would engage them in non-directive therapy to assist them in the recovery of both their memories and, by default, the “missing parts” of their “soul”.

I would read these accounts and see the clues scattered throughout that the emerging scenarios were, very likely, “created”. And that is not to say that the individual was creating them at all! They were more likely “manufactured” just as the scene of the “benevolent Mantids” who were “teaching the children in a loving way” in the session at the beginning of this series was manufactured. When the screen was directively “removed”, the revealed activity of Mantids eating human children was exposed.1 It was clear that in “non-directive” therapy, this would never have occurred.

The problem was that, in the field of hypnotherapy, there had been such an outcry from skeptics in past years about the suggestibility of the client, and the purported “agendas” of the therapists, that directed therapy had fallen into disfavor. It was now all client-directed. The therapist was more a “sounding board” who merely gave gentle, non-directive suggestions that the client should give him/herself “permission” to “recover” the memory (whatever it was). In this way, it was believed that the client would “recover their truth”. In this sense, “their truth” amounted to little more than another illusion.

The problem with this approach is twofold. In the first place, if we consider for even a moment that there is the possibility that there are beings — whether human or otherwise — who are out there engaged in mind programming efforts (and there is some considerable factual evidence to support this) then we have to consider that they would install blocks to recovery of the memories of their activities as a first line of defense. They would very likely make these blocks or screens interactive with some installed mechanism of severe discomfort so that the subject would either avoid retrieval or be unable to retrieve such memories without serious pain or stress.

The second problem is that I have experimented with suggestibility of subjects to some considerable extent and have found that they are not as malleable as skeptics might wish us to think. Which leads, of course, to the idea of manipulation of opinion regarding directive therapy so that it falls into disrepute as a therapeutic mode, thus adding a layer of protection over such nefarious activities.

There was an experiment done some years ago by a researcher who selected a random sample of individuals who were, ostensibly, not abductees and, under hypnosis or guided imagery techniques, led them into an alien abduction scenario. Because a significant number of them began to describe abductions in the same terms as persons who had claimed to be abductees due to some conscious representations surfacing, it was decided that this proved that the abduction complex of images was more or less archetypal and therefore, false.

It never occurred to the researchers that the non-abducted persons who described accurately the abduction process might really have been abducted, but that their abductions and programming did not have the glitches that cause others to remember or to have clues that lead them to active therapy to recover their memories.

Anyway, this experiment was taken as “proof” that the recovered memories of abductees could very well be suggested to them by literature, movies, and even the therapists. So, “directive therapy” was tossed aside in favor of just allowing the client to let his memories — whatever they might be — sort of “drift to the top”.

I can demonstrate hundreds of instances where this idea of suggestibility is false. An example would be when I say to a client under hypnosis who is describing an alien being, that I want them to tell me what kind of nose they have; is it big or little. Now, right there I have suggested that the being must have a nose and that it is either big or little. If the client were as suggestible as is proposed, they would naturally tell me one or the other or even that it is a “medium sized nose”. But time and again, the answer would come back: “I don’t see a nose. There is a little hole or a dimple-like thing, but no nose.”

Or, I would say, “What are you smelling?” That is a direct suggestion that they must smell something. But the answer might come back “Nothing at all.” Or, if a smell is present, they might have their attention directed to that factor and tell me that there is some sort of smell.

Another example would be when I ask the client: “How did you get out of the room? Did you go out the door or the window?” And they would respond “Neither. I sort of ‘went through the wall’.” On the other hand, if I suggest that they were “carried on a beam of light” as was the case in a different instance they had previously described, they might come back and say “Not this time. I was carried through the door.”

Over and over again I have tried these little directive suggestions to get data, and over and over again I have seen that, even with powerful direction, the client will recover whatever is there to recover with very little fabrication, if any.

And that is where we have to begin to deal with the screening process. If there is a screen, that is what the victim will perceive as the actual memory. And it is in probing the screen that other clues must be noted and followed in order to arrive at what is beneath the screen if possible!

For example, in one of my early abduction cases, the client had a vivid dream that she was sure was more than a dream. She dreamed about our friendly “Mantid beings”, as described by the second subject I discussed in High Strangeness. The subject described in the earlier chapter in High Strangeness was actually a much later case chronologically, and this earlier case that I am now mentioning was the one that had given me the clue that there was something deeper in the situation than was being presented.

This first “Mantid” case was also a description of the beings as kind and loving and friendly — just full of great wisdom and kindness. The subject went through a whole description of how grand and glorious it was to be in their company and care, and after all these glowing praises of the wonderful, consciousness raising experience, I brought the session to an end thinking that it was exactly as presented.

However, the instant the client was awakened, she leaped up from the couch and ran to the bathroom where we could hear her vomiting violently for some minutes. When she returned, she said that her stomach was very upset (obviously!) and that she must have “eaten something” that didn’t agree with her earlier.

But that episode bothered me. It kept coming up in my mind as a clue that ought to be followed.

The next time this particular client scheduled a session, I was determined to get to the bottom of this matter, so I utilized the somatic technique where I asked her “body consciousness” to speak to me and tell me why, at the last session, she had become ill after recovering the memory of the “abduction”. The somatic technique is, again, the ideomotor signals of the fingers where the index finger rises to indicate a “yes” answer and the little finger rises to indicate a “no” answer.

I asked the body consciousness if the description of the abduction that had been given in the previous session had been what actually happened, and the answer came back “no”. I asked if the beings that had been presented as kind and benevolent had, in fact, acted kindly and benevolently toward the subject. Again, the answer was “no”. I then asked if they had done harmful and painful things to the subject. The answer was “yes”. Next, I asked if the memory of the abduction as presented in the earlier session was a screen that had been created and implanted into the subconscious mind, and the answer was “yes”.

So, we had a problem here. The subconscious is not as sacrosanct as we would like to think. The emerging memories that we would all like to think are the “individual truth” of the client could not only be manipulated, they could be entirely false.

How to break through them?

I came up with a little technique that I experimented with and it seemed to work quite effectively — as far as I could tell. I call it the “screen splitter”. In order to make it work properly, the client has to be situated in a safe environment while under hypnosis, which means that the events to be reviewed must be placed at a “remove” and the client must have some directed means of accessing via the ideomotor construct that goes beyond just finger signals. This construct becomes a sort of “internal television” which translates the body information into “television signals” which are then projected onto a screen, which the subject controls with a hand held “remote”.

A further consideration that must be clear in this type of therapy, is that the hypnotherapist must take a more or less dominant role as not only guide, but as a warrior-companion. The therapist must “go in” with the individual and watch for the lurking dangers and defend the client from them so that they can safely make the journey to the truth and back again. It becomes more of a shamanic type of activity than anything else. I was later surprised to learn that what I had developed was pretty close to the techniques of the ancient Siberian shamans who would “journey into the underworld,” and do battle with the forces present there that were controlling, obfuscating, and/or using the client for their own purposes via tricks and deception.

Mircea Eliade writes in Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy:

The principal function of the shaman in Central and North Asia is magical healing. Several conceptions of the cause of illness are found in the area, but that of the ‘rape of the soul’ is by far the most widespread. Disease is attributed to the soul’s having strayed away or been stolen, and treatment is in principle reduced to finding it, capturing it, and obliging it to resume its place in the patient’s body. In some part of Asia the cause of illness can be the intrusion of a magical object into the patient’s body or his ‘possession’ by evil spirits; in this case, cure consists in extracting the harmful object or expelling the demons. Sometimes disease has a twofold cause — theft of the soul aggravated by ‘possession’ by evil spirits — and the shamanic cure includes both searching for the soul and expelling the demons.2

These archaic conceptions of the cause of disease and disorder are startlingly reminiscent of the way the Cassiopaeans have described the abduction process.

June 17, 1995

A: These experiences [abductions] must be known in their entirety as to what they really are.

You are not normally removed as a physical third density being from one locator to another.

What happens is very simple. The time frame is normally frozen, and we use the term “frozen” for lack of a better term. What this means is that your perception of time in your physical locator, third density body, ceases to pass during this period of time that is called “zero time” variously by members of your human race.

What happens is that the soul imprint occupying or of that particular host body is removed forcibly, transported to another locator, and remolecularized as a separate physical entity body for purpose of examination, implantation, and other. The soul imprint is used for the purpose of duplication process; it is then demolecularized and the soul imprint is replaced in the original body at the original locator. That is the process that takes place.

On occasion, the fourth density beings doing the abduction make a mistake in the time referencing points of the third density illusion… Normally, however, that is not a problem.

On rare occasions, the host, or the subject of the abduction can actually find himself or herself replaced in the time frame illusion in what could appear to be several hours, day, weeks, or even, sadly, years prior to the beginning of the event, which, of course, could cause side effects such as total insanity and other such things. Fortunately that did not occur in your case, but there was some fracturing of the time frame reference illusion. This is why you thought you saw two ships when in actuality you only saw one. [Referring to the Black Boomerang incident.]

Now, it is most important that you understand that this is not a physical, third density experience in its entirety.

There is the soul imprint that all first density, second density, third density, and fourth density beings possess, as you already know; that is extracted. From that soul imprint, a duplicate copy or cloning, if you will, which appears on fourth density, can then be made and studied and the soul imprint is then replaced into the original body at whatever density it was taken. This is normally how the process is done.

Most often, if the third density being is removed in total physicality, there is no return of that being to third density. They are permanently removed to fourth density. Most often that is what takes place although on rare occasions there can be return. However, there is no need for this as complete duplication for all purposes of examination, alteration of sensate, and implanting — need not be done on third density — can be done completely in the fourth density duplication process. Do you understand?

Q: (T) How does the implant come back to the third density body that’s originally still here?

A: The process we are describing, which involves the remolecularization. It is very complex to try and describe how the fourth density is translated into third density, except that once the duplicate, the fourth density cloning, or duplicate, is present, all fourth density realities surrounding that fourth density duplicate will be matched in third density whenever and wherever desired. Because, in effect it is the entire density level, which is being exchanged, not just the object contained within.

Q: (L) So, in other words, just as the soul imprint, when it goes into fourth density, can be used as a template to create a carbon copy, so to speak, then anything that is done to the carbon copy then becomes a template that recreates that same manifestation when it is sent back into the third.

A: Precisely. With the only variance there being that technology is used to make sure that implants, or added material that comes from fourth density, is such that it will also translate equally into third density through the remolecularization process.

Q: (L) Is there any method that we could or should know about to remove or deactivate fourth density implants?

A: No, you are not capable of doing that without causing death of the host. And, by the way, please don’t believe those who claim that they can do such things, as they cannot. [Apparently those “implants” that are claimed to have been removed are third density “decoys”.]

Even though the Cassiopaeans are saying that we cannot remove the fourth density implants, they have said that we can deactivate them by being aware of them and refusing to respond to their machinations.

Nevertheless, over and over again we find this concept expressed in the most archaic shamanic practices: “healing by extraction of the magical object that has brought on the sickness and the search for the soul abducted by evil spirits.” Or “[they] attribute sickness to an object introduced into the body by a god or a spirit, or to possession. And treatment consists in extracting the magical object or expelling the spirit.” Eliade writes:

Only the shaman can undertake a cure of this kind. For only he ‘sees’ the spirits and knows how to exorcise them; only he recognizes that the soul has fled, and is able to overtake it, in ecstasy, and return it to its body. …Everything that concerns the soul and its adventure, here on earth and in the beyond, is the exclusive province of the shaman. Through his own preinitiatory and initiatory experiences, he knows the drama of the human soul, its instability, and its precariousness; in addition, he knows the forces that threaten it and the regions to which it can be carried away. If shamanic cure involves ecstasy, it is precisely because illness is regarded as a corruption or alienation of the soul.

…The struggle against the evil spirits is dangerous and finally exhausts the shaman. ‘We are all destined to fall before the power of the spirits,’ the shaman Tusput told Sieroszewski, ‘The spirits hate us because we defend men…’ And in fact, in order to extract the evil spirits from the patient, the shaman is often obliged to take them into his own body; in doing so, he struggles and suffers more than the patient himself.

…Aside from the rare cases of ‘infernal specialization’ (confined to descents to the underworld), the Siberian shamans are equally capable of celestial ascents and descents to the nether regions… This two-fold technique derives in a manner from their initiation itself, and for the initiatory dreams of future shamans include both descents (ritual sufferings and death) and ascents (resurrection). In this context we can understand that, after battling the evil spirits or descending to the underworld to recover the patient’s soul, the shaman feels the need to reestablish his own spiritual equilibrium by repeating the ascent to the sky.

…The shaman’s power and prestige derive exclusively from his capacity for ecstasy. It is to his mystical capacities that the shaman owes his ability to discover and combat the evil spirits that have seized the patient’s soul; he does not confine himself to exorcising them, he takes them into his own body, ‘possesses’ them, tortures and expels them.

[Shamanism today has deteriorated and lost its focus.] We observe a certain decadence of shamanism, a condition attested almost everywhere. The Tungus compare especially the strength and courage of the ‘old shamans’ with the cowardice of shamans today, who in some districts no longer dare to undertake the dangerous journey to the underworld.”3

I was still somewhat concerned about Lilly’s revelations about Sandy and the remark under hypnosis that she and Sandy had been part of the same “programming set”, which I took to be a group. Not only that, but there was the receipt of the “Elaine and the Sisters of Light” material at precisely the time that Lilly made her revelations to me about Sandy.

Was I looking at another aspect of the “hidden control mechanism”? The whole thing was so unlikely and so crazy that I was really stretching my credulity to even deal with it on a rational basis. But heck! When you talk to “sixth density light beings” via a board on Saturday nights, how unlikely and weird can anything be?

It was a few weeks before we had another session because we were busy helping Sandy straighten out a big mess in her life involving her mother in a nursing home. It was taking a huge amount of my time and energy and I really felt that Sandy ought to be able to manage these things herself like anybody else, but she was so pitiful and seemingly grateful for every minute of my time that I felt guilty for resenting the many demands placed on me.

But, after a time, I started to get the idea that something was not quite right with this scenario. Every interaction with Sandy and her mother resulted in a serious draining of energy. Every interaction with Sandy in the group resulted in an argument or misunderstanding. On several occasions, these disagreements almost led to the giving up of the project altogether!

Of course, my mind was working overtime to explain things in a rational way. I did not want to fall into the trap of “believing and thereby making real” in terms of the Greenbaum and Elaine material, and maybe if I hadn’t been doing that, I would have noticed things sooner!

I sat down with Sandy one day to talk and worked around to the subject of her current associations. I wasn’t going to directly ask her if she was involved with a sort of “coven” up in Hernando County as Lilly had reported, but I was going to try to find out where it was she went several nights a week that she never talked about.

The long and short of it was that she admitted that she had been going up to Trudy and George’s house two nights a week to do “therapy” with both of them. She very innocently wondered why it would even be a problem, since they were simply “bodywork clients” and she needed to make money in her profession.

I was absolutely devastated. Sandy knew what those people had done to me, she had denied any contact or association with them for a long time, and now she was telling me that she was hanging out with them two nights a week?! And then, after working on them (ostensibly) she was coming to do body work on me, bringing that energy directly into my house, and possibly into my very physical structure?! Clearly she was not getting it in regards to the hidden nature of things going on here on the Big Blue Marble.

But, I stayed calm and said nothing to her. I realized, at this point, that it was entirely possible for her to be doing things in an alternate personality of which the Sandy I knew was totally unaware. But Frank and I decided to have a private session to address this issue. The result was quite interesting.

April 24, 1996

Q: (L) Now, some time ago Lilly called me and told me that Sandy was involved in some sort of coven or group that was into rituals and magic or whatever. I just have a very difficult time believing this. How can Sandy seem so innocent and, at the same time, be a part of such activities? The only reason I am asking is because Lilly knew things about Sandy that “clicked” and could not possibly have been said unless she knew something. Is it possible that Sandy could have multiple personalities and one of her other “selves” is doing this? As in Greenbaum?

A: Sure!

Q: (L) If that is the case, then it seems that these “alternate personalities” are so cleverly installed that they can take over, do something, and then “turn off” leaving no trace at all! That makes it possible that anyone can have this programming and no one would even know! Heck, they wouldn’t even know it themselves! We are talking about perfect Manchurian Candidates here! And that brings up the idea that if Sandy can do things she isn’t aware of, is it possible for either Frank or I to be involved in such and not be aware of it?

A: Yes, but it is not that.

Q: (L) Does that mean that there is some other thing that we are involved in, in some other aspects of our selves that we are not aware of?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Is this something that happens in altered states or in sleep states?

A: Not happens, happened.

Q: (L) Something that happened in the past?

A: Laura, you need to consult a powerful, practiced, effective hypnotherapist to unlock these questions for you.

Q: (L) Is this something I could do for Frank in the meantime? Obviously Frank could have a big piece of the puzzle locked up in there…

A: Both of you and others. The locks have been installed in such a way that it is literally impossible for you to unlock them, as they were installed with full knowledge of present circumstances.

Q: (L) Who installed these locks?

A: Supremely powerful STS consortium!!

Q: (L) And what circumstances were they aware of, as you have mentioned, when they installed these locks?

A: All. [That implies time travel capabilities.]

Q: (L) You are the Cassiopaeans, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And you are STO?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And you are telling us that we have locks on knowledge installed in us, installed by supremely powerful STS consortium. Can we not, in our conscious state, simply reject this programming, and ask you to inform us of this information?

A: Not possible! You cannot unlock, and we cannot tell you the details of what, or why.

Q: (L) Why can you not tell us?

A: Free will violation, and endangerment of you if done thusly.

Q: (L) Is there some way to do it that does not endanger us?

A: We have just told you what you must do.

Q: (L) Is it a danger to us to not unlock these things?

A: In a sense.

Q: (L) When you say that things “happened” but are not currently happening, what do you mean? I was abducted or something… Why?

A: To install self-destruct programming.

Q: (L) I find this to be incredible! So, I have a “self-destruct” program. Considering my life, that could be true and a reasonable explanation. And Frank has one also?

A: Similar, but not an exact copy so as to mask.

Q: (L) Was Frank abducted in a similar fashion?

A: Close, but not exactly.

Q: (L) Was Frank’s pneumonia when he was a child, which nearly killed him, part of this self-destruct program?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was Frank’s father also programmed since he was partly responsible for much of Frank’s psychological abuse?

A: Semi.

Q: (L) And my mother? She seems to have been the most consistent source of “attack” in my life…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well. I think we can safely assume that probably every member of our families have had some sort of program installed, if only to facilitate our destruction. This whole situation is beginning to sound inexpressibly grim.

A: Grim?!? You have lived decades after these episodes! How many brethren? Multiples of millions!

Q: (L) That is why I am saying it is pretty damn grim… think of all those who don’t survive these programs.

A: And it is part of a natural process, do not forget.

Q: (L) Well, we need some help from the good guys. It sounds so dreadful. We need some help here. I am becoming very tired. It is not only the constant battles against forces that we can neither see nor understand, but also even learning about all these things is a huge burden!

A: You only need knowledge.

Q: (L) Well, I want to have a little direction here.

A: Concentrate on your insurance settlement. This can be a problem solver if handled wisely, a curse if not so! Use some of the funds to locate a “superhypnotherapist”.

Q: (L) Who might this person be? A clue?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is there some progress that we can make on our own?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Give me a clue… I want something that produces knowledge that will protect me…

A: Won’t succeed until locks are blown off in proper way.

Q: (L) Well, I hope I survive until then.

A: Refer to previous answer.

Q: (L) If you guys were here, I’d throw something at you!

A: We’d dodge!

Q: (L) Well, you see my problem here… I guess I just want to know that there is someone out there who cares…

A: You should by now.

Q: (L) Then you guys ought to get behind my lawyer and jack him up…

A: We do, through you.

Q: (L) So, we have a lot of stuff locked up inside and all we have to do is find the key…

A: Yes, exactly.

That was not a pleasant thought. But then, it is because of the fact that the programming has “glitches” and is not foolproof that we know about it at all. Apparently it is possible to escape the controls, though whether one has the capacity to really get to the bottom of it and see it for what it truly is remains to be seen. A lot more work needs to be done in this area.

A few days later I received a phone call from Lilly, inquiring how I was doing and I was surprised at the normal, chatty tone of her voice considering the circumstances of the last conversation we had together when she began screaming at me and slammed the phone down. But, by this time, I was accustomed to the idea that some people might have all kinds of “personalities” that can be turned on or off, and perhaps it would only be through constant exposure to the information about these things that could assist in their awakening. I mentioned that I had some material for her to read, and she came by and I gave her a printed copy of the Greenbaum speech. After reading it, she called again and was very anxious to attend another session. Tim, from the old Reiki group had also contacted me and was present.

The session began with some questions about our ability to do research in a free and independent way considering the limitations that we were becoming aware of in the world around us. The Cassiopaeans gave a very significant clue to the process of awakening in their reply:

October 5, 1996

A: There are no limits, just controls… The knowledge gives one all the necessary tools to overcome the controls.

The next question was for Lilly who had experienced a strange event during a Reiki class earlier that day.

Q: (L) Lilly took a particular type of initiation today, and she had an event occur during this… [Lilly described the event as leaving her body and going through a “life review” sort of what is described as happening at the time of death.]

A: She should be careful not to “spread herself too thin.” One does not need to cram learning, “steady as she goes.”

Q: (L) Can you describe what it was that was taking place with her? Or define it?

A: Soul bilocation.

Q: (L) Was this a beneficial event for her?

A: No. She has been ripping open the fabric too much. Each soul has its own patterning, which is held in place by the three main bodies of existence [planchette swirls a few times]… “thought/consciousness center, spirit/etheric center and physical center,” remembering, of course, that your physical center has the “interface genetic body” as well. But we are here dealing with the primary patterns. There are specific methodologies for adjusting these, and traveling into or out of other planes of existence. When one does not properly utilize these, one tears the fabric of their trilateral continuum when they seek to travel. This can be very problematic, and may lead to the soul being unable to reconnect with the body, thus causing the physical center to perish!!!

Q: (L) The man who was facilitating the initiation, was he aware of what was happening, or what he was doing?

A: Aware only of unusual sensates.

Q: (L) Did it have anything to do with the attunement?

A: No. It had to do with previous experiments.

Q: (L) She said that she also experienced a past life review just as if she were in the process of dying.

A: You described it well.

Q: (Lilly) Well, experiments by whom?

A: You. [Meaning Lilly.]

Q: (L) So, what was, what happened with this interaction that caused this to trigger right there and then? At that moment? What was the trigger?

A: Spirit center stimulus. The “initiation”.

So there was another clue about the kinds of things that can activate programs. Different “initiations” offered by Metaphysical—New Age teachers and seminar leaders! Gads! It was beginning to sound very dangerous to become involved with such groups at all!

At this point, Lilly began to talk about an amazing “column of light” that she had photographed in her house. I was aware of the fact that this might relate to the “entry point” of the Reptoids who had raped her, but I didn’t want to rock the boat of her personality alter that was present at the time, so I said nothing. I was hoping that this present part of her would seek the information that could be helpful to enable her to overcome her programming. She identified the column of light as a “portal” and was sure that it indicated her connection to her “guides”.

Q: (Lilly) So, can the portal [in my house] assist me in any way with this [rip in my] aura? Will it do me any good? I mean, what’s it for, anyway?

A: It can assist you in becoming possessed.

Q: (Lilly) Well, that’s just wonderful!!! How did it get there? It’s on the top of my head; it comes right down.

A: No, it is not a part of you.

Q: (T) How about asking where this portal came from? (L) Yes, what was the generative source?

A: More than one.

Q: (L) Okay, there’s more than one generative source. So, it’s a combination of factors. Is it part of the historical site? The space-time location? [Lilly’s house was built on the old site of Florida Southern Methodist College, which had been struck by lightning and destroyed in a fire many years ago.]

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it part of the metaphysical activities taking place in the house itself? [Lilly held many classes in her home.]

A: Yes. Other occupants. More than her. [The “other occupants” could refer to Lilly’s husband who had “mob connections,” or so she said.]

Q: (Lilly) Do they mean live ones or dead ones?

A: Both.

Q: (Lilly) That’s what I thought. (V) How can it be removed?

A: Changes in lifestyle.

Q: (L) The question I have is, she is in a situation where she is somewhat blocked in her directions. It seems that many sorts of sources seek to…

A: Obfuscation is illusion.

At this point, we began to discuss the various illusions that we are presented with that we have to learn about before we can penetrate and overcome them. At this point, the Cassiopaeans just tossed out a term that brought us back to the Greenbaum subject:

A: Mind programming.

Q: (L) What about mind programming?

A: We thought we would just throw that onto the table.

Q: (T) Mind programming! As in programming of one’s mind?

A: Tim received some most recently.

Q: (L) And whom did he receive the mind programming from?

A: Cultists.

Q: (T) What form did it take?

A: Negative.

Q: (T) Not negative or positive, but what form was it presented to him as?

A: Hypnotic.

Q: (T) Was he awake or asleep at the time?

A: Both.

Q: (T) How was it conveyed to him?

A: Lights, fires, chants.

Q: (Tim) I haven’t seen any of the [Wicca or Reiki bunch] since way back when. (L) Way back when, what is that, a couple of years? (Tim) Yes (L) Well, then that’s still “recently” in cosmic terms I guess. Is that what is meant?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) I just wanted to make sure that this was not a long-distance thing… that they did not convey this programming from a distance and… (Tim) Yes, and that they still didn’t have their hooks into me.

A: Close, though.

Q: (L) Close, though to what?

A: Response was to “Hooks”.

Q: (L) Are you suggesting that this programming still has “hooks” in him and that some of the choices he’s been making in his life in the last two years are the results of this programming?

A: Maybe.

Q: (Tim) I want to know; did I get married as a result of this programming?

A: Yes.

Naturally, with the response to Tim’s question being so forthcoming, everybody wanted to know if they had become involved with their respective partners as a result of some type of programming.

Q: (L) Did I get married as a result of some similar programming?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did Lilly?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) Did I?

A: No.

Q: (T) Did I?

A: No.

Q: (T) Did Frank?

A: No.

Q: (L) Frank never got married! (T) Well, I was just making sure that everybody felt like they were in on all this! (Lilly) This Greenbaum program, was it due to my father?

A: Yes.

Q: (Lilly) Thought so! It was his military career and position. Was this programming done to my father?

A: You were “Greenbaumed”.

Q: (L) Was Tim Greenbaumed?

A: No.

Q: (V) What about V?

A: No.

Q: (L) What about Frank?

A: No.

Q: (L) Laura?

A: No.

Q: (L) T?

A: No.

Q: (T) J?

A: No.

Q: (Lilly) So, I’m the only one here that’s been Greenbaumed?

Q: (Tim to Laura) They told you before that you got mental programming of some sort, but now they are saying it wasn’t Greenbaum?

A: Laura had more advanced work done on her.

Q: (V) That opens up a whole new can of worms. (L) And what do you mean by that?

A: Not now.

Q: (L) Is there any possibility, to some extent, that I have overcome this influence at the present time?

A: No. Was partial, then aborted, leaving fragments of trigger response programs that have been in remission.

Q: (L) Why was it aborted?

A: Because STO forces intervened.

Q: (L) And when was this?

A: Mid “fifties”.

Q: (L) So it was when I was three or four years old. (T) I think we should go back to what we were talking about with Tim, because they brought it up. (Tim) Am I still receiving instructions from the programming? Am I still receiving programming from them?

A: Buried for future triggers.

Q: (L) Is there anything he can do to deactivate this programming?

A: Would take powerful hypnotic work. Beware of stresses of a most personal nature.

Q: (L) Do you mean sexual actions; activities might be triggers or connected to this?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Any further clues for him? (T) What was it that they… what was given to Tim in this programming? What was he told to do, or what was the mind control about? (L) What were the instructions?

A: Discover.

Q: (T) Is it something Tim will be able to discover? Does he have enough information to work on?

A: Not by himself.

Q: (L) Is his wife and the new baby part of the hook to keep him in the program?

A: Yes.

Q: (Tim) Is the hook attached to the physical, emotional, spiritual, or what?

A: All. You were particularly vulnerable at the time. Remember, this particular group has an uncanny ability to get to those who have parental influences with a troubled past.

[Phone call interrupted, call was from Tim’s wife demanding that he leave immediately and come home!]

Q: (L) Is Tim’s wife Greenbaumed?

A: Yes.

Q: (Tim) Where did she receive Greenbaum programming?… Oh, I know, her father was in the Navy… (L) Why are we not surprised!!!

A: Yes. And V’s father too, but fortunately in too low level a capacity.

Q: (L) Does the Greenbaum influence, or interaction last indefinitely throughout a person’s life, if something isn’t done to terminate or halt it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Mind programming… Lilly wants to know how extensive the Greenbauming was in her case. Was it extensive?

A: Yes and your husband, too!

Q: (Lilly) That’s just wonderful! More pleasant things this evening! (V) I’ve been sitting in your position, where I’ve gotten a bunch of bad news one night, and I know how you feel! (F) It’s not really bad news, though, because it’s good to know… (V) It protects you to have the knowledge. But, it’s tough to hear. It’s tough to face the fact that you can be controlled. But, if you look at your life, and you see all the lousy choices you make and the problems you have caused yourself, then you have to think that something is getting in the way of being able to see what is really going on! (L) I guess you just have to ask yourself every time you make a choice, why am I really doing what I’m doing? Is it really me doing it, or am I being “directed”. You have to be pretty coldly analytical to do this. You just can’t let emotions influence you to do what you seem to “want”. (Lilly) Is there anything to cure it? Can anything be done? Now we know for Tim, it’s hypnosis. What about me?

A: Awareness is step number one.

Q: (T) Tim’s wife is one of his triggers… (L) Well, Tim finds himself, we all, I mean, jeez! What do we do about these difficult situations that we plant ourselves in the middle of, due to programming? Then we have to extricate ourselves, at great cost and pain? Having done it already myself, I know how much pain…

A: No need to extricate, if necessary work is done, in some cases.

Q: (L) If two people who are married to each other are Greenbaumed, as you are suggesting is the case with Lilly and her husband, is it possible that they could be programmed to kill each other? I mean, he’s been pretty violent toward her lately.

A: Maybe, but not always. The programming is mainly intended to produce erratic behavior, for the purpose of “spooking” the population so that they will welcome, and even demand, a totalitarian government. Think of the persons who have inexplicably entered various public and private domains, and shot large numbers of people… Now, you have “met” some of these Greenbaum subjects…

This little remark followed by the three dots sort of went right over my head. But it was clearly a warning!

Q: (L) So you are saying that their implanted triggers are set to activate at a certain point in future time, to create a mass chaos, in the public domain? What types of activity, specifically?

A: Better to discover that one on your own.

Q: (L) Okay, that’s another one that’s dangerous to know right now…

A: Now, some history… as you know, the CIA and NSA and other agencies are the children of Nazi Gestapo… the SS, which was an experiment influenced by Antareans who were practicing for the eventual reintroduction of the Nephalim on to 3rd and/or 4th density earth. And the Thule Society, which groomed its dupe subject, Adolph Hitler to be the all-time mind-programmed figurehead, initiated the contact with the “Antareans”. Now, in modern times, you have seen, but so far, on a lesser scale: Oswald, Ruby, Demorenschildt, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray, Arthur Bremer, Farakhan, Menendez, Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer, etc.

Q: (L) Is there any particular individual who is currently being programmed to take a more prominent position in terms of this…

A: Later… you must know that Oswald was programmed to be the “patsy”. So that he would say many contradictory things. Demorenschildt was both a programmer and programmed. Ruby was hypnotically programmed to shoot Oswald with an audio prompt, that being the sound of a car horn.

Q: (L) The question has been brought up, is there some way or means that one can distinguish or discern a victim of Greenbaum or other mind programming by some clues?

A: Not until it is too late.

Q: (L) Was Sandy Greenbaumed?

A: Yes. […]

Q: (V) I’d like to know if any Presidents have been Greenbaumed?

A: Yes. Remember, the “Greenbaum method” is one of many in existence. It is a veritable potpourri.

Getting back to our more or less chronological story: we came back to the subject again the following week. Tim was again present, and very upset about many strange events of the intervening days. He was terrified that he had been “kidnapped” and “Greenbaumed”, as we were starting to call it:

October 12, 1996

Q: (L) In an earlier session you mentioned that we ought to discuss the matter of mind control…

A: Programming is the word you need, not “control”.

Q: (L) Tim has had some very strange events happening to him and he would like to know if he has been Greenbaumed?

A: Tim has not been “Greenbaumed,” but mind programmed by those who have ties to a Wiccan organization as we previously described.

Q: (L) How does one determine the signs of someone who has been programmed, whether Greenbaum-type or otherwise? In specific, how could Tim tell?

A: Pay attention to the signs. Difficulty keeping up with the demands and pressures of life both before the programming and after. Feeling like you are losing control because everything is now even more “confusing”.

Q: (T) Any specific signs?

A: We gave you one, now for 2: wife “acting up”. Also, parental problems that have already begun.

Q: (L) How does one overcome or cancel this programming?

A: The same as always: Knowledge protects.

Q: (L) In what ways will knowledge help to cancel programming?

A: In ways directly affecting Tim.

Q: (L) I don’t understand. How can knowledge help to cancel programming?

A: So that the awareness can be the foundation for being able to deal with situations, and possibly rectify some of them.

This obviously means that, unless one has an idea that they could be programmed, they will not learn about the ways and means of deactivation. I guess it is something like being an alcoholic: you have to admit that you have a problem in order to seek help.

Q: (L) Okay, in regards to this Greenbaum programming and the Nazi connection: On a couple of occasions you mentioned a group called the Antareans. Who were these human types or aliens?

A: Antareans were the name given by 4th density groups in contact with the Thule Society on third density Earth, before and during World War One.

Q: (L) What are they called now?

A: There is no one currently labeling themselves as “Antareans,” in contact with anyone now.

Q: (L) So, they are no longer here?

A: No, not this particular group. There are others.

Q: (L) You said once that I was not Greenbaumed, but that something else was done. What was this?

A: The work that was attempted was more intense, but it was aborted because it turned out that your frequency resonance vibration was not proper for that particular type of “experimental” programming.

Q: (L) Does this mean that there was something about my vibrations that caused what they were trying to do to result in positive things?

A: Possibly, in an offhand way.

Q: (L) You also said that STO intervened and stopped this… Does this mean that there is some reason to protect me?

A: Okay… learning is an exploration followed by the affirmation of knowing [through] discovery. One day, you will know this. You are doing just fine. No more on that for this session.

And this last remark brings us back to the subject of the interactions with the Metaphysical Church group and their attempts to kill me and how this was associated with the green pool which was sort of a “symbol system” in my reality that there was something seriously wrong in my personal environment. The responses given to me should be taken to heart by those of you who have written to tell me how similar your lives have been to my own. Remember, according to Ra, there are approximately 65 million Wanderers on the planet. And, according to Ra and the Cassiopaeans, the Wanderers are prime targets for STS interference.

October 28, 1994

Q: (L) Okay, during the period of time I was getting the hassle from the metaphysical church group, my pool was green. Was this symbolic of the attack I was under?

A: Yes, but you left yourself open by association and buying too many concepts without careful examination. Investigate before buying and practicing in future, okay?

Q: (L) Investigate what? Ideas?

A: Yes. And concepts and especially practices.

Q: (L) The ideas of candle burning, salt, sage, shamanistic rituals and so forth? Is all this useless?

A: You are learning; remember when we say “good no ritual”?

Q: (L) In other words, your knowledge and your strength, which comes from your knowledge and knowing, is the point and the protection?

A: Precisely. This is extremely important.

Q: (L) Alexandra David-Neel quoted a lama who said we must beware of the children of our own minds as well as the children of the minds of others, such as thought forms perhaps created by higher negative beings. If we do not acknowledge that such things exist, are we then subject to being devoured by them?

A: Yes. Ritual drains directly to Lizard beings.

Q: (L) Even our saying of the Lord’s Prayer?

A: It is okay to pray. Why do you think organized religion is obsessed with rituals?

Q: (L) Is the same thing true of modern day shamanistic practices and so forth?

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) What occurred to make my pool clear up?

A: You restored your own energy.

Q: (L) And it had nothing to do with rituals?

A: Correct. In spite of rituals but you were lucky could have gone the other way.

Q: (L) What prevented this from happening?

A: Divine intervention. [Energy surge]

Q: (L) Well, my life seems to have been full of incidents of Divine intervention.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the purpose of this intervention?

A: To preserve and prepare you for work.

Q: (L) What is this work?

A: You are extremely valuable to all on your planet.

Q: (L) What particular value? Is this common to all people?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is this something meaningful? What is the mission?

A: Faith in your opening channel; you will learn as you go. We cannot tell you all at once.

Sorry. I tried. We still don’t know what the “mission” is. We only know that there are, apparently, a lot of other people involved!

But we are also aware that the rules of the game seem to necessitate waking up against the obstacles of being prime targets of the STS control faction. And this can be very problematical when considered in the light of that most astounding revelation out of the mouth of one of the very victims of mind programming:

“Master Programmer” was designed to turn Lilly into a dynamic New Age/Metaphysical teacher whose job was to travel the country, giving classes and seminars in many and various subjects, in order to turn on the already installed programs of other greenbaum-type victims.

We might just want to ask how many other prominent teachers and channels and “New Age Metaphysicians” are also “Master Programmers”?

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