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Let The Games Begin

Whitley Strieber writes:

“Nancy Leider, the voice of Zeta-Talk, has been saying for some time that this mythical monster was going to make a close pass on May 15, and wreak holy hell on earth. From her remarks on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, April 25, 2003, my impression is that she’s apparently putting back the date of its arrival and saying that it won’t be as big a deal as she had originally been led to believe. She implied that the aliens she claims to channel have misled her for unknown reasons.

“Nancy Leider has been the victim of a kind of millennialism that strikes many close-encounter witnesses. I know it well: it struck me, too.

“Listen to my first hypnosis tape and you can hear it slamming me literally right between the eyes. However, a problem arises when you associate it with specific dates and events. The attempt to focus it just does not work, and cannot work unless there is specific, physical evidence to focus it on.

“There is no astronomical evidence that a large and destructive body is anywhere near our solar system, let alone moving through it.”

Of course, we have to remember that Whitty’s “Visitors” are the “good aliens…”

And yes, there is NO evidence that a “large and destructive body” is “moving through” our solar system. But there is certainly evidence that there is something out there that is large and may be related to cataclysms at periodic intervals – but that it never enters the solar system itself. It doesn’t have to.

What the evidence does point to is that swarms of comets periodically bombard the earth as a result of a close passage of said “large body,” presumably a dark star.

Nancy Lieder and her “Zetas” is an interesting study, however. Do we think that it is just a simple matter of her “aliens” misleading her as Whitley proposes? (He can’t completely diss aliens, now can he? After all, they talk to him all the time!) Not quite. We asked about it in 1998, over five years ago, and again, the C’s have proven to be correct:

Q: (L) Now, we want to ask about this ‘Zeta Talk’ web material.
A: Specifics.
Q: (L) Okay, we wanted to know if it was a legitimate source but corrupted by a lot of noise, or if it is a major disinformation campaign?
A: Not legitimate.
Q: (L) What is the energy behind this woman who claims to channel these Zetas?
A: Ego.
Q: (L) Well, from what I read, it is pretty much an amalgamation of stuff from other sources… I mean, there was nothing that would validate it as higher density material… there was stuff from Sitchin, Velikovsky, Cayce… there is nothing there she couldn’t have gotten from other sites. Ra, our stuff…
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And it is just a mishmash of all this stuff along with erroneous stuff that must have come right out of her own head.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, there is a huge amount of garbage coming out of her own head…
A: Yes.
Q: (L) But, as Ark pointed out, it is a very well organized site, mirror sites, she obviously has supporters and fans and all of that.
A: Any one seeking this can accomplish it. Do you really believe the “Zetas” would expend energy warning humans about impending earth changes?
Q: (L) Well, if they wanted humans to perceive the gray aliens as the good guys they would! That’s what occurs to me when I think about it.
A: How much energy do you expend warning squirrels about fires?
Q: (L) Okay, point taken.

Whitley, of course, is another issue. In his efforts to distance himself from the Zeta hysteria and his obvious participation in COINTELPRO, he writes the following lame apologia for his complicity in the Hale Bopp disaster:

“However, various websites devoted to drawing people’s attention with scary stories have collected every possible mention of any unusual solar system event or discovery in order to create the impression that any report of anything unusual or new was proof that Planet X was out there. Photographs were breathlessly posted showing the incoming horror getting closer and closer. Ms. Leider evolved a theory that earth was visited by a cataclysmic event every 3,600 years—and never mind the historical record, or the fact that evolutionary biology would be in chaos if catastrophes actually took place so frequently.

“As is usual in these cases, “safety zones” were ballyhooed and, like fear’s camp-followers, food sites appeared selling Planet X survival packs.

“I saw one of these incidents up close during the passage of the mega-comet Hale-Bopp. I was even blamed for some of it, because I went on the Art Bell program with remote viewing teacher Courtney Brown, who announced that his remote viewers had found that the Hale-Bopp comet was being followed by an object that was, in reality, a gigantic alien spaceship. But when he provided photographic proof to me, allegedly given to him by a ‘deep-throat’ astronomer friend who was keeping him informed sub-rosa, there was a crude digital ring drawn around the object, meaning that I could not subject the image to a simple test for authenticity.

“So, instead, Art Bell and I simply published the image, only to be told almost immediately thereafter that it was from an astronomical telescope in Hawaii and had been doctored to show an object. Telescopes around the world than began saying that there was no object.

“This surprised me very much, because just days before, I’d had a conversation with a spokesperson at Greenwich who had assured me that the object was there. In addition, there was plenty of amateur photography of it that appeared quite authentic. The Japanese National Observatory had even posted a photograph of it on their website weeks before the controversy erupted showing that the object had a gigantic “something” sticking out of it.

“The object was indeed there. In fact, months after, astronomers quietly began to discuss it, and notices were published about it in various places, including science magazines. But what was NEVER true was that there was any suggestion at all that the object was a gigantic alien mothership. This was simply the opinion of some remote viewers.

“Astronomers should have simply told the truth: the object was there, it was probably some sort of plasma associated with the comet, or even a second cometary head, but it was not emitting any signals, it was not showing any signs of independent, guided motion, and in no way appeared to be a spacecraft.”

As it happens, at the time of the hoopla over the Hale Bopp “companion,” few people noted that this had begun as a different story and gradually was “morphed” onto the Hale Bopp affair. This story began, I believe, on Art Bell, with Whitley cheering in the background. At that particular time, (February, 1996), we asked the C’s about the respected scientist who described a ship in orbit around Saturn:

Q: (L) First question: there were rumors on the internet that a respected scientist described a ‘ship’ in orbit around the planet Saturn, which was said to be as large as the planet Earth. And, supposedly, he said that the photographs from the space probe that sent back the pictures of Saturn’s rings, showed this ship clearly with portholes in it. Is this thing seen in orbit around Saturn, described by this NASA scientist on television, which I cannot confirm because I did not see it, is it, in fact, an artificially constructed craft of some sort?
A: No.
Q: (L) What was being seen?
A: It was an artificially constructed tale.

At the time Whitley describes above, we were in contact with several professional astronomers trying to track down the source of the story of the Hale Bopp “companion.” Yes, astronomers were “quietly discussing” their observations about Hale-Bopp, including the fact that it was “reacting” in a number of ways that had not been observed before – including outgassing. What Whitley is implying above – that somebody should have said so right away – is simply not true. He had only to ask and he would have gotten the same answers we did. Instead, he chose to contribute to the Hale-Bopp /Heaven’s Gate disaster.

As we reported on the Signs of the Times in October of 2002:

Whitty Rides Again –

Strieber’s Memory Conveniently Fails Him In Hale-Bopp Tale – Whitley Strieber’s ‘Journal’…an egregious corruption of reality Comment: This is worth a look simply for the disinfo factor. We have reported several times in the past that it really looks like Whitley and the Gang are running COINTELPRO on the public by creating a smoke and mirrors show around the alien reality. This article points out that Whitley is closely associated with Courtney Brown and Prudence Calabrese, two others that we have suspected, the C’s have identified Brown clearly as an “agent” and Whitley and Art Bell as well. Whenever you find connections to that “remote viewing gang,” you can bet there’s some alphabet soup guys under the covers.

Of course, with the recent discoveries of so many new “moons” around Jupiter, put together with the obvious “schedule” being followed by the Bush Reich, and one actually begins to wonder if there IS something really strange out there in the Solar System… Something so strange that a COINTELPRO operation was set up to discredit any such ideas in advance???

Q: Now, according to some information posted on the Millennium Group site, there are some photographs that seem to indicate that there IS something anomalous in orbit around the Sun… maybe a new “planet, ” or something. Is there a new object in our solar system in a close orbit around the sun?
A: Maybe.
Q: There is conjecture that this object appeared around the time of the passage of the Hale Bopp coment. Is that the case?
A: No.
Q: Is this object that is possibly in orbit around the sun, is it a natural or artificial construction?
A: Latter. Q Who constructed it?
A: Orion STS.
Q: What is it?
A: HQ.
Q: The Orion Headquarters?
A: For your star system.
Q: Okay, you said “maybe” to this being a “new object.” When did it arrive, or when was it placed there?
A: You measure “time” linearly.
Q: Can we give it a “linear” definition, or does it come and go through some sort of portal in terms of time, in a cyclical way, or a variable and selective way?
A: Yes, but it arrived at that coordinate 26730 years ago, sort of.
Q: What is its orbit, or distance from the Sun?
A: 31,230,000 miles.
Q: How large is this object?
A: 1005.6 kilometers diameter.
Q: What is the general configuration or shape of it? (A) A sphere, a ball, a disc, a cylinder?
A: Partial sphere, hexagonal.
Q: (A) Is it in a circular orbit or an elliptical orbit?
A: Circular. Rotation is altered by guidance system, gravitationally powered.
Q: What is its angle to the plane of the ecliptic?
A: 21 degrees.
Q: Okay, you said that it is “headquarters,” so that answers what it does. And, it did not arrive with Hale Bopp. Just off to the side, was there REALLY a Hale Bopp companion – this rumor just won’t die!?
A: No.
Q: Now, what do these Orions DO in this object? I mean, isn’t it a little warm so close to the sun? I know. That’s a stupid question. Space is cold.
A: Yes, and study magnetism for answers.
Q: Do Orions LIVE in this object?
A: Close.
Q: Do they use it as a transfer portal?
A: Yes.
Q: So, it is a doorway, so to speak?
A: Doorway as are many.
Q: How many of these objects are in our solar system?
A: Two.
Q: Where is the other one?
A: Outside, on the fringe of the solar system.
Q: Is the government, or some faction or department, aware of this object?
A: Yes.
Q: Anything else you can tell us about this object?
A: No need.

And then there was this:

C’s: UFOs dramatic increase and Gulf Breeze gets swarmed, becomes massive “Mecca”. Laura sees much more UFO activity. Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning. Just you wait “Henry Higgins,” just you wait! […]
Q: (L) Well, why is all this activity happening now?
A: The grand cycle is about to close presenting a unique opportunity.
Q: (L) Does this mean that this is a unique opportunity to change the future?
A: Future, past and present. […]
Q: (V) I am just concerned about the previously mentioned “convention”…
A: Convention is because of realm border crossing.
Q: (L) And why is there a convention attending this realm border crossing? I mean, is it just a “reely big shew!”
A: It is an opportunity.
Q: (V) As in the windows are all opening at one time so that all these beings can get in at one time?
A: As in an opportunity to affect whole universe. Picture cosmic playing of “Pomp and Circumstance” AKA “Hope and Glory.”
Q: (Laura) How can a convention with slews of different kinds and races of people, converging on a single little pin- point planet on the outer edges of an insignificant galaxy, at the farthest reaches of this enormous universe, affect the whole thing?
A: That is your perception.
Q: (L) Well, what is the correct perception? Is the planet earth and the people thereon, and the things that are going on in this spot, the earth specifically, more important than maybe we would ordinarily have thought?
A: The Earth is a Convergence point. […]
Q: (F) Does this convention or convergence have something to do with the fact that there are living beings on the earth?
A: Yes. And because you are at critical juncture in development. […] Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???
Q: And what is this obvious thing?
A: Even if speed of light travel, or “faster,” were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space “ark,” living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.
Q: Is this, in fact, what has happened, or is happening?
A: It could well be, and maybe now it is the time for you to learn about the details.
Q: Well, would such a race be 3rd or 4th density in orientation?
A: Why not elements of both?
Q: What is the most likely place that such a race would have originated from?
A: Oh, maybe Orion, for example?
Q: Okay. If such a race did, in fact, travel to this location in space/time, how many generations have come and gone on their space ark during this period of travel, assuming, of course, that such a thing has happened?
A: Maybe 12.
Q: Okay, that implies that they have rather extended life spans…
A: Yes…
Q: Assuming this to be the case, what are their lifespans?
A: 2,000 of your years.
Q: Okay, assuming such a bunch have traveled…
A: When in space, that is…
Q: And what is the span when on terra firma?
A: 800 years.
Q: Well, has it not occurred to them that staying in space might not be better?
A: No. Planets are much more “comfortable.”
Q: Okay… imagining that such a group has traveled here…
A: We told you of upcoming conflicts… Maybe we meant the same as your Bible, and other references. Speak of… The “final” battle between “good and evil…” Sounds a bit cosmic, when you think of it, does it not?
Q: Does this mean that there is more than one group that has traveled here in their space arks?
A: Could well be another approaching, as well as “reinforcements” for either/or, as well as non-involved, but interested observers of various types who appreciate history from the sidelines.

This last comment, in view of the sudden “discovery” of the many moons of Jupiter just makes one go “hmmmmm….”

Originally Published 2003_05_16